Brotherly Love




Chapter 5

A Story Note from Jayson:

I really do apologize for the extremely long wait for this chapter.  I never intended to make everyone wait this long, but I got busy with life and other projects and time simply got away from me.  So, here now for all of my loyal readers whose loyalty I probably don't deserve, I give you Chapter Five, along with the promise that Chapter Six will be finished by the end of this month (January 2011).

About a month later...

"This is going to be great," Oliver said, as he got out of the Queen limousine at the Metropolis International Airport.  He couldn't wait to board the jet and fly off for a week of skiing and snowboarding at the Queen family ski lodge in the Swiss Alps.

"Totally," Clark said as he got out of the limo, just as Bernard Hampton, who had been named CEO of Queen Industries upon Robert's death, got off the jet.  He had a business meeting in town, so, since the jet was going to Metropolis anyway, he used it to get there.  If he was at all upset about the fact that he would have to fly commercial to get back to Star City because the corporate jet would be otherwise occupied flying Clark and Oliver Queen and their friends to Switzerland, he wisely kept his mouth shut.

This was because Bernard knew that he was already on shaky ground with all the non-voting shareholders of Queen Industries for his failure to restore the stock price to what it had been seven years ago when Robert Queen died and the stock price fell.  So, he saw no good reason to get on the bad side of Clark and Oliver, considering that they owned all of the company's voting shares.  True, they were all held in trust and they couldn't do anything until they turned twenty-one, but he still saw no reason to antagonize them.

Oliver's smile fell and was replaced with a smirk when he saw Bernard.  "Mr. Hampton," he said in greeting.

"Good morning, Mr. Queen, sir," Bernard said with a fake smile on his face.  He hated having to kiss up to a sixteen-year-old boy.

"Mr. Hampton, my brother and I are deeply concerned about your performance in regards to the stock prices," Clark said, skipping past pleasantries.  "I warn you we will be forced to take steps if you don't do better soon."

"I assure you, Mr. Queen," Bernard said.  "I'm doing everything I possibly can to assure the success of our company."

"Our company?" Oliver said.  "I do hope you're not including yourself in that.  The company is Clark's and mine, it never has been and never will be yours."

"Of course, Mr. Queen," Bernard said.  'Little brat,' he thought.  'These two truly are the bane of my existence, thinking they know anything about anything.'

Little did Bernard Hampton know, Clark and Oliver did know all about the inner workings of the company, as Robert started training them to one day take over when they were five.  As a result, even with their father's untimely death, they understood the company almost as well as he had.  Even being too young to exercise their voting rights, Clark and Oliver still read every single report that came within ten floors of crossing the CEO's desk.  And quite frankly, whether it was Bernard's incompetence or something else, they both had the strong feeling that something was amiss.

"We expect results, Mr. Hampton," Clark said, as the chauffeur and the flight crew loaded his and Oliver's luggage onto the jet.  "Soon."

"Yes, of course, Mr. Queen," Bernard said as he looked at his watch.  "Well, I must be going.  I have a meeting at the Hunter Tech offices."

"Go on then," Oliver said as he waved his hand, dismissing the older man, just as a pair of limousines pulled up next to the Queen limo.  A moment later, Geoffrey Walsh got out of one and Lucas Luthor got out of the other.

"Geoff, Luke, glad you guys could make it," Clark said, as the pair came over and handshakes were exchanged all around.  Bernard Hampton rolled his eyes and left, while Geoffrey and Lucas' chauffeurs opened the trunks to start unloading their luggage.

"Glad we could, too," Geoffrey said, as Lucas nodded and said, "Thanks for inviting me."

Oliver grinned at Lucas and said, "Hey, no problem, man.  You may have a bald freak for a brother, but you're cool."

"Half-brother," Lucas pointed out.  "Sharing that much DNA with him is bad enough."

Everyone grinned and nodded, before Geoffrey asked, "Where are the others?"

"Well, Alden's aunt died, so he can't make it," Clark said.  "Jason should be here soon and Andrew is meeting us in Switzerland in a couple of days."

Oliver nodded.  "Yeah, Old Lady Sterling insisted that Andrew come down to New Orleans and spend a few days with her before she'd let him go."

"Oh man," Geoffrey said.  "Glad she isn't my grandma.  Skiing in Switzerland is way better than spending time with the old lady in that decrepit mausoleum of hers."

Having never seen Sterling Hall, Luke asked, "Mausoleum?"

Clark grinned.  "Ever see any reruns of the gothic soap Dark Shadows on the Sci-Fi Channel?"

"That's the one with the vampire, right?" Lucas asked.  "Named Barnaby or something?"

"Barnabas Collins," Oliver said.  "Yeah, well, everyone thinks that the house they used for the Collinwood mansion on the show is in Rhode Island, but it isn't.  The Rhode Island mansion is actually a smaller copy of Sterling Hall in New Orleans, which is the real Collinwood."

Clark nodded.  "Andrew's grandmother, however, predicted that the show would one day have a big cult following, so she paid everyone involved in the production to keep their mouths shut and paid the owners of the house in Rhode Island to say that their house was Collinwood."

"The common belief is that only the exterior of the house was used in the production of the show," Geoffrey revealed.  "All exterior shots in which the house was visible were done on site, but all of the interior shots were done on soundstages.  However, the interior sets of the Collinwood mansion were all based on the interiors of Sterling Hall, which has the same layout and dιcor as seen on the show, just on a larger and more grand scale."

"Surely someone would have come forward with the truth by now?"  Lucas asked.  "Didn't the show end it's run over twenty years ago?"

"Yeah it did," Oliver confirmed.  "Nobody in the entertainment industry is stupid enough to go against Andrew's grandmother though.  Sterling Industries is the biggest and most powerful name in the business.  They all know that she'd personally make sure they never worked again if they crossed her."

"The title of the biography written about her wasn't kidding, you know," Geoffrey said.  At Lucas' raised eyebrow, he grinned and added, "Merciless."

Clark and Oliver nodded as Clark said, "That was one of the lessons our father always taught us.  He said that no business school would ever teach it, but it was a necessary bit of knowledge to possess if you planned on surviving in the business world.  Never cross Veronica Sterling, because she doesn't show any mercy to those who do."

"She's been called many things over the years," Oliver said.  "Including Empress of Industry, Queen of Business, and the Grand Dame of Hostile Takeovers, something which she is particularly adept at.  Not to mention the fact that she holds a doctorate in business administration, an honorary doctorate in economics, and has won the Nobel Prize for Economics - twice."

"Yeah, she always comes out on top," Jason said, as he came up behind his friends, who had been so wrapped up in their conversation they hadn't noticed the Teague's Rolls Royce pulling up or Jason getting out of it.  "No company has ever survived once she decided to take it down."

"It's one of the main reasons that our father kept our company privately owned," Clark said.  "We've never done anything to cross her and Sterling Industries isn't in the same field as Queen Industries, but it's better to be safe than sorry."

"As if not being in the same field ever stopped Veronica," said Genevieve Teague as she walked up behind her son.  "She took over Carrington Industries last year, after all, and they're in the oil-refining business.  That's not really what could be called a perfect fit for a company that had previously been in the entertainment, fashion, retail, cosmetics and publishing fields."

"True," Oliver conceded, just as a member of the flight crew came over.

"Excuse me, Mr. Queen?"  the woman asked.  "All the luggage is loaded, sir, and the Captain wanted you to know he's ready to take off as soon as you and your friends are aboard."

"Thanks," Oliver said, as he nodded at the woman, before she headed back to the jet.

"Switzerland here we come!" Clark said with a huge smile.

As Clark, Oliver, Lucas, and Geoffrey started walking towards the jet, Genevieve pulled Jason into a hug and kissed him on both cheeks, much to his embarrassment.  "Have fun, dear."

"I will, Mom," Jason said.  Once she had her back turned, he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped off her lipstick before joining his friends.

"Mr. Queen, we'll be landing in Geneva in about ten minutes," the Captain said over the intercom, several hours later.  "Everyone please fasten your seatbelts."

Taking their seats, the five teenagers on the Queen jet fastened their belts, glad that their plane trip was finally coming to an end.  That was the one disadvantage to making such a trip – the time it took to fly from Metropolis, Kansas to Geneva, Switzerland was long and boring.  Of course, the jet didn't have enough fuel to fly non-stop between the two locations, so, they actually flew the 1,265 miles from Metropolis to New York, at which point the jet was refueled for the 3,463 mile journey from New York to London, where they again refueled before finally going the other 465 miles to Geneva, Switzerland, for a grand total of 5,193 miles.  The trip was less boring on the Queen jet, however, then it would have been on a commercial flight, because it had amenities you'd never find on a commercial jet.

"So, we'll be there soon?" Lucas asked.

"Well, we'll be to Geneva soon," Clark said.  "It'll be a roughly forty-five minute helicopter ride from the airport to the family ski lodge near Zermatt."

Lucas nodded and settled back in his seat.

"You'll love it, Luke," Geoffrey said with a smile.  "I came up with Clark and Oliver last year and trust me, they've got quite the impressive compound.  Indoor heated pool, hot tub, a full arcade, a two-lane bowling alley, and ice skating rink."

"Then there's also the fully-stocked bar," Oliver said with a grin.  "The legal drinking age for beer and wine is sixteen here, but with no adults other than the staff around who won't say anything, I think we can let you sneak a couple, Luke."

Lucas grinned.  "Cool."

"And let's not forget our screening room," Clark said.  "We've got over a thousand titles available."

"Including some that would make our parents turn in their graves," Oliver added with a grin.

"And ground us from now until the end of time if they were still alive," Clark said, returning his brother's grin.

Looking over at Geoffrey and Jason, Lucas asked, "What are they talking about?"

"Probably the porn collection," Jason said with a smile.  "Ah, the joys of being young and rich."

"Yeah, they've got quite the impressive collection," Geoffrey said, as he grinned and remembered his last visit.  "You haven't truly witnessed porn at it's best until you've checked out Clark and Ollie's collection, on a thirty foot wide screen in digital surround sound."

"Wow," Lucas said.  He'd managed to watch a couple of porn movies in his life, but certainly never on a movie screen or in surround sound.  This trip was sounding better and better by the minute and he was so glad he decided to come.

"Glad you decided to come, Luke?"  Oliver asked with a knowing grin.

"Oh hell yeah," Lucas said.  "This'll be so much better than a week hanging around at Luthor Manor hiding from Lex.  I swear he wants to rape me or something, because he gets way too touchy feely when we're alone."

"Well, you don't have to worry," Jason said.  "None of us will try to rape you."

Before anyone could comment further, the jet began it's descent and before long, the five teens could feel the wheels hitting the runway.  Once the jet came to a stop, the Captain's voice came over the intercom and said, "We've arrived in Geneva, Mr. Queen.  I hope both of you and your friends enjoy yourselves."

"Oh, I'm sure we will," Oliver said as he undid his seatbelt and stood up, followed shortly after by the others, as a member of the flight crew opened the door of the jet, and the airport staff wheeled a large stairway up to the plane so the passengers could get off.

Once they were off the jet, the flight crew began unloading the luggage, as Clark led the way over to the helicopter they chartered to take them out to the ski lodge.

"Mr. Queen?"  the pilot asked as the five teens approached.

Clark nodded, "Yeah I'm Clark Queen and behind me is my brother Oliver and some of our friends."

The pilot nodded and said, "You're going out to your family lodge, right?"

"Yeah, that's right," Oliver said.

"A note came in earlier today and the office wanted me to confirm," the pilot said, "we're supposed to pick up someone else in a couple of days?"

"Yeah our friend Andrew Sterling," Clark said.  "He'll be flying into Zurich on Tuesday morning and will be with us when we fly back here Saturday evening."

"Good thing I talked to you," the pilot said.  "The note didn't say that Mr. Sterling was going into Zurich, so, we assumed he'd be coming here."

"Nope," Oliver said.  "He's coming in on his grandmother's jet.  She has a business meeting in Zurich that day, so, they're going straight there instead of stopping in Geneva to let him off."

The pilot nodded.  "Okay, well, if you're ready, we can go then.  Your luggage will be flown in on a second helicopter which will land once I leave after dropping you off and your helipad is free."

"Cool," Clark said, as he and the others boarded the helicopter and strapped themselves in for the ride.

Forty-seven minutes later, after witnessing some truly breathtaking scenery on the way in from Geneva, the helicopter landed at the Queen family's private lodge, which was purchased and built by Robert as a wedding gift for Laura.  It was on a skiing trip to Zermatt when they were teenagers that Robert and Laura met and subsequently fell in love, so, the area had held a very special place in both of their hearts.  Their love of the area only increased as Clark and Oliver got older, bringing them up for the first time when they were four and began teaching them how to ski.

The Queen family came up every year after that until Robert and Laura died, at which point Clark and Oliver stayed away for awhile, but started coming again when they turned fourteen.  Geoffrey and Alden came up with them on that first trip and while there were some moments of sad memories for the Queen boys, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Alden and Geoffrey came with them again the following year, with Andrew and Jason joining the group.

This trip, Clark and Oliver's third since the death of their parents, also marked a milestone in that it was the first time they came without adult supervision.  Housekeeper Mrs. McCready came with them the first time and former chauffeur turned butler Andrew Forrester the second time.  However, now that Clark and Oliver were sixteen, it was decided that they could be trusted to go up alone without constant adult supervision.  The lodge did have a staff who lived off-site and came in from about seven in the morning until three in the afternoon, but they were just a phone call away if they were needed during their off-hours.  Barring an emergency, Clark and Oliver decided that they wouldn't be calling the staff in because they agreed that after three when the adults left was when the real fun could begin.

"Welcome back, sirs," said the lodge's sixty-year-old housekeeper, Brigitte Haldeman, as she opened the side door for the five teens, so they could enter the mudroom.  Once everyone was inside, Brigitte closed the door and everyone began getting out of their outerwear.  It had been decided that they would just hang around the lodge and relax for the rest of the day, hitting the slopes the following day.

"Thanks Brigitte," Oliver said, as he took off his hat and scarf.  Pausing to take off his gloves, Oliver than pointed at Lucas and said, "Meet Lucas Luthor."

"Mr. Luthor," Brigitte said with a small curtsy.

"I prefer Luke," Lucas said as he unzipped his coat.  "Mr. Luthor is my father."

"As you wish, Master Luke," Brigitte said, as she took the coats from the young men and began hanging them on hooks.  Stowing their hats, scarves, and gloves in bins by the door, the five teens then sat down on the benches around the room and pulled off their boots, which were then placed on a rack, before they headed into the main room of the house.

"Ah, home sweet home away from home," Clark said with a huge smile on his face.  "You know, Ollie, maybe after we get out of school, we should come up here for more than one week a year."

"You won't get any objections from me," Oliver said, as he sprawled out on one of the sofas in front of the massive stone fireplace and looked up at the oak beams visible in the twenty-foot-high cathedral ceiling of the great room.

"This place is so cool," Lucas said as he sat down in one of the large overstuffed chairs near Oliver.  "I wish Dad would buy a place like this, but he seems to prefer ancient and drafty."

"Like the so-called Luthor Castle in Smallville?"  Jason asked, as he sat down in another of the overstuffed chairs and Geoffrey stretched out on the other sofa.

"Yeah," Lucas said.  "I hate staying in that place, especially in winter, because the place is like an ice box."

"Well, that won't be a problem here," Clark said as he walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and grabbed five bottles of Coke.  Handing out the bottles, Clark then lifted Oliver's legs and sat down on the sofa, allowing the blond's legs to come back down so that his feet were again on the sofa's arm rest.  "The entire house is equipped with radiant heating and this room, as well as all the bedrooms, have a gas fireplace."

"And if you still feel a bit cold," Oliver said, pausing to take a sip of his Coke, "there's plenty of afghans in the public rooms and a blanket chest at the foot of every bed.  Mom liked snuggling up in blankets, so, she made sure there were plenty of them."

"Cool," Lucas said, as he too took a sip of his Coke.

At that moment, Brigitte came into the room and said, "Excuse me, Mr. Queen?"

"Yes?"  Oliver and Clark asked in unison.

"My husband just called," Brigitte said.  "Our daughter is in labor and I was wondering if I could leave early today?"

"Of course," Clark said.  "We'll be fine here.  You go and be with your family."

"Thank you, Mr. Queen," Brigitte said, as she turned and left the room.

Oliver grinned, once he heard the back door close behind the housekeeper and said, "Well, that means we're all alone now.  Brigitte is the only staff member who works on weekends – so what should we do?"

Clark grinned and said, "How about we ditch the Cokes, raid the bar and play I've Never?"

"Sounds good to me," Oliver said, as he stood up and pulled a felt tip marker from his pocket.  Writing 'OQ' on his Coke bottle, he handed the marker to Clark, who wrote 'CQ' on his.  Once everyone's bottle was initialed so they'd know whose open bottle was whose, Oliver put them all back in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, Clark went over to the bar and pulled out his key ring, flipping through the various keys for a moment before finding the right one and inserting it into the lock on the liquor cabinet behind the bar.  Scanning the bottles, Clark said, "So, what do you think we should use?  We've got plenty of variety."

Grinning mischievously, Oliver said, "How about a bottle of Dad's that he'd kill us for using in a drinking game?"

Clark nodded and grinned at his brother.  "Sounds good, so, let's see rare and expensive," as he went back to scanning the bottles.  Coming across one bottle in particular, Clark's grin got even bigger, as he grabbed a bottle and asked, "How about this one?"

Coming over behind the bar and looking at the bottle Clark was holding, Oliver grinned and said, "Perfect."

"What is it?"  Geoffrey asked.

Turning around to face the others, Clark held up the bottle and said, "Scotch.  Dad bought two or three bottles of this stuff, though only one of them is here, the rest are back in Star City – a 1926 bottle of The Macallan Fine and Rare."

Jason nodded, impressed.  "That's $38,000 a bottle isn't it?"

Oliver nodded.  "Yeah, it is.  If Dad were alive, he'd definitely kill us for using it to play I've Never."

"And then Mom would probably resurrect us, just to kill us again for drinking at all at our age," Clark added with a devilish grin.  "We're actually all underage for this stuff – here in Switzerland you have to be 18 to legally drink liquor and spirits."

"Sounds good to me then," Geoffrey said, returning Clark's grin.

"Let's do this," Oliver said as he grabbed five one-eighth ounce shot glasses, and the five teens went over to the dining room table and sat down.  Handing out the shot glasses, Oliver said, "Okay guys, here's the rules.  Tell the group something you've never done and anyone who has done it, must drink and explain.  Game is over when we've either all passed out or the bottle is empty, whichever comes first."

Once the others had all agreed, Clark opened the bottle and poured everyone their first shot, grinning as he said, "You know there's a hotel in Atlantic City that sells this stuff in shots this size for $3,300 a piece."

Everyone grinned and then Oliver said, "I'll go first.  Then Clark, then Jason, Geoffrey, Luke, and around in that order."  Waiting for everyone to nod, Oliver then said, "I've never shoplifted."

Clark waited for a moment to see if anyone would take a drink and when nobody did, he took his turn, "I've never broken a bone."

At this one, Oliver, Jason, and Lucas all drank their first shot.  Once they'd set their glasses down, Clark pointed at Jason, who said, "Riding lessons when I was ten, broke my right leg."

"Broke two fingers when I was six," Lucas said, as Clark refilled the empty shot glasses.  "Lex slammed the car door on my hand."

"Skiing accident when I was seven," Oliver said.  "Broke my left wrist.  Okay, your turn Jason."

"I've never smoked a cigar," Jason said, after a moment of thought.

Nobody drank, so now it was Geoffrey's turn, who got a devilish grin on his face, before he said, "I've never drank $38,000 scotch."

"Good one, Geoff," Clark said with a grin, as Oliver, Jason, and Lucas all drank a second shot.  "I think we can skip the explanations for this one, unless any of you have drunk it before tonight?"

When everyone who drank a second shot indicated that they hadn't drank any before tonight, Clark refilled the three empty shot glasses and said, "Well, then it's your turn, Luke."

'I think it's time to make things more interesting,' Luke thought to himself, before he said, "I've never had sex."

Sighing, Jason lifted his glass and drank his third shot, followed shortly after by Geoffrey drinking his first.

'Well, this should be good,' Oliver thought, as he pointed at Jason.

"Suffice it to say that sharing a dorm room isn't all Drew and I have shared," Jason said, his cheeks turning slightly red at the admission.

Oliver nodded and then pointed at Geoffrey, who blushed deeper than Jason, before he said, "Liz, my father's secretary."

"Geoff," Clark said, "isn't she like ten years older than you?  And married?  To your father?"

"She's only five years older," Geoffrey said.  "And yes, she did marry my father.  We only did it once though, a couple of weeks before my father proposed to her."

"Damn," Jason said.  "That must be awkward.  Does your Dad know?"

"Hell no!"  Geoffrey exclaimed.

Everyone laughed, well, everyone except Geoffrey, anyway.  Once the laughter died down, Oliver cleared his throat and said, "I've never taken it up the ass."

'Oh God, not again!' Jason thought, as he picked up his glass and downed his fourth shot.  Before anyone could say anything, he said, "Drew – several times."

"So you're a bottom?"  Clark asked.

Jason shook his head, "No, we alternate."

Clark then said, "I've never kissed a man."

"You guys are going to get me totally wasted, aren't you?" Jason asked, as he sighed and downed his fifth shot.  "Drew, obviously."

Oliver, Geoffrey, and Lucas all drank another shot though as well.  Looking a bit shocked, Clark asked, "Ollie?"

"Andrew," Oliver said, and then clarified, "the one who works for us."

"You kissed Andrew?"  Clark asked.  "When?"

"The day after my fifteenth birthday," Oliver answered.  "You were having your piano lesson with Mrs. McCready and I was complaining that I was fifteen and had never been kissed.  Finally, I guess Andrew had enough and kissed me, tongue and all, just to shut me up."

"Damn, never knew Andrew swung that way," Clark said.

"Then you're blind, Clark," Oliver said and before the brunet could retort, Oliver asked, "What about you, Geoffrey?"

"Alden," Geoffrey answered.  "We were fourteen and had seen a gay couple kissing at the mall one day.  We were curious, so, we experimented.  I didn't much care for it, personally.  Don't know what Alden thought, he never told me."

"Luke?"  Oliver asked.

"It was about two years ago," Lucas answered.  "We were at Luthor Castle over the holidays and my Mom took me shopping at some department store in Smallville.  She left me looking at the Christmas decorations while she went off to another part of the store.  Anyway, I ended up standing under a sprig of mistletoe and this blond-haired guy, he was probably sixteen at least, was standing nearby stocking the shelves and saw me standing there, at which point he leaned down and kissed me."

"Just like that?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, just like that," Lucas said.  "I'm not sure, but I think the guy's family owned the place.  Didn't catch his name, he just grinned and walked off without a word."

"Interesting," Clark said.  "Okay, Jase your turn."

"Hmm," Jason said, as he took a moment to think.  "I've never had an STD."

Here, thankfully, no one drank, so Geoffrey said, "I've never had a wet dream about someone sitting at this table."

At this point, Oliver, Clark, Jason, and Luke all downed a shot, causing Geoffrey's mouth to drop open, "You've all – oh good God.  Who?"

"Jason," Oliver answered.

"Geoff and Luke," Clark admitted.

"Sorry, Clark, I don't swing that way," Geoffrey said, although he didn't sound angry.  Actually, he was smiling when he said it, almost as if he was flattered by it, even if he wasn't interested.  "And even if I did, I'm so not into being kissing cousins."

Clark grinned and said, "Ah come on Geoff, I'm adopted, remember?  Technically, we're only related on paper."

Geoffrey just grinned and shook his head, "Sorry, Clark, still not interested, besides, I'm straight."

"Killjoy," Clark said.

"You guys are cousins?"  Luke asked.  He'd been friends with them for a few months, but, there were still things he didn't know about them, this obviously being one of them.

Oliver nodded.  "Yeah, Geoffrey's dad is our mom's older brother.  Anyway, Jase, your turn – who here have you had a wet dream about?"

"You and Clark," Jason said, "together."

"As in me and Clark with you?"  Oliver asked.

"Yeah," Jason answered, before he grinned and added, "Also the two of you together, though, with me just watching."

"Me and Ollie?"  Clark asked.  "Yuck, that's gross."

"You have a sick and twisted mind, Jase," Oliver said.  "I'm so not into incest."

"As Clark just pointed out, he's adopted, so, in the strictest definition, it's not incest," Jason said, a totally unrepentant grin on his face, as he sat back in his chair a bit, one arm slung over the back.  "You're not blood relatives."

Clark and Oliver looked at each other for a moment, before they turned twin gazes on Jason and Clark said, "Jase, come on, blood relatives or not.  We're brothers.  We've been raised as such since we were three."

"Yeah, Jase," Oliver said.  "I mean, okay, I'll admit, Clark isn't bad looking and if he wasn't my brother, then maybe I'd be interested, but he is my brother and I just can't see him in that light."

"You two would look good together," Lucas said, mirroring the grin on Jason's face.

Giving them both an appraising gaze from his place across the table from them, even Geoffrey nodded and said, "Yeah, actually, you two would look cute together."

"Et tu, Geoffrey?"  Clark asked as Oliver said, "All of you guys are sick."

At this point, Jason grinned even bigger as he said, "Of course we're sick – we're friends with you two aren't we?"  This prompted everyone, other than Clark and Oliver, of course, to burst out laughing.

Once the laughter died down, both Clark and Oliver just shook their heads and said nothing.  Geoffrey just grinned at them, before he turned to look at Lucas and asked, "Okay, Luke, who was your wet dream about?"

"I've had them about both Clark and Oliver," Lucas said.  "Never together before, but thanks for the image Jase, I might have some cool new material soon."

Jason just smiled and said, "No problem, Luke, glad to help."  Clark and Oliver just groaned, as the other three giggled for a few minutes, before finally, Jason said, "Okay, Luke, I think it's your turn now."

The game continued on for another hour or so, until they'd managed to drain the bottle of scotch.  Jason was the tipsiest of the group, having drunk twelve more shots.  Lucas and Oliver both drank seven more shots, whereas Geoffrey drank five and Clark four.

Bright and early the next morning, after eating the hearty breakfast that Brigitte had made them and everyone congratulated her on the birth of her grandson, the group headed for the slopes for their first day of skiing and snowboarding.  Oliver, Clark, and Geoffrey, who had all been skiing since they were four and had plenty of experience skiing at resorts all over the world, took to the difficult pistes easily, whereas Jason and Lucas, who did not have as much experience, stuck with the easier ones, although they did venture onto the more intermediate ones, as well.

Returning to the Queen lodge at around two in the afternoon, the boys ate the late lunch that Brigitte prepared for them and decided to spend the rest of the day in the private screening room.  They watched Jumanji, Star Trek: Generations, and the Power Rangers movie.  After that, as the staff had gone home, Oliver made them a quick dinner of soup and sandwiches, before they headed back into the screening room, only this time their viewing choices were of a more adult nature.  Geoffrey stayed for the first two movies, one being straight porn and the other bisexual porn, but once the gay porn started, he left because he had no desire to watch if there were no naked women for him to look at.

All five young men slept in the next day, finally getting up and ready for the day around ten.  They found a brunch buffet waiting for them on the dining room sideboard with a note from Brigitte saying that she'd be back at one.  She had gone to help her husband and son-in-law put the finishing touches on her grandson's nursery, as he would be coming home soon.  After eating, everyone headed into the room that housed the indoor pool.

"I didn't pack a suit," Lucas said, as he eyed the pool.  "I didn't know that you guys had a pool up here when I was packing, so, a swimsuit wasn't something I thought to bring along on a skiing trip."

"That's okay, Luke," Clark said as he clapped the younger boy on the shoulder.  "We've got extras that you can borrow."  And then after a moment of silence, in which he got a devilish grin on his face, Clark said, "Of course, seeing as how there are no adults around, we could always go au natural."

"You mean skinny-dipping?"  Oliver asked with a grin.

"Sure, why not?"  Clark said.  "We're all guys here, so, it's not like we haven't seen the equipment before."

"True," Oliver said, before he rubbed his hands together and said, "Well, I'm game."

"I've got no problems swimming nude," Jason said with a grin.  "I've certainly done it with Drew enough times - at both of our houses."  After a moment, he grinned and said, "We've also snuck into the gym at Excelsior after dark a few times and done it in their pool, too."

"I suppose it won't kill me to see all of you naked," Lucas said with a grin.  "At least the scenery should be good."

"Hmm," Geoffrey said.  "Decisions, decisions.  Should I let four gay and or bisexual guys see me naked?"

"Oh come on, Geoff," Oliver said.  "We're not gonna molest you or anything.  Besides, two of us our your cousins, so, it should be okay."

"You know, Ollie," Geoffrey said as he returned the blond's grin, "that would have been a far more convincing argument if Clark hadn't revealed during our game of I've Never that he's had wet dreams about me.  That's not exactly cousin-like behavior."

"Actually, from what I've read," Jason said, "it's perfectly normal behavior.  Male cousins are supposed to experiment with each other as teenagers to determine their sexual preferences or at least to have some fun."

"No thanks," Geoffrey said.  "I'm perfectly comfortable with the fact that I'm straight, I don't need any experimentation to make sure, and my girlfriend back home takes care of all of my needs in the fun department."

"Girlfriend, huh?"  Lucas asked, as he grinned.  "Would that be your step-mother?"

Spluttering for a moment, Geoffrey finally regained the power of speech and asked, "You guys are never going to let me live that down, are you?"

Shaking their heads, Clark said what everyone else was undoubtedly thinking, "Nope, Geoff, we're definitely not going to let you live that one down.  Sleeping with your father's wife?  You gave us a goldmine in the ribbing department with that one."

"They weren't married yet when we did it!"  Geoffrey protested.  "Hell, they weren't even engaged."

"True, but they must have been dating," Oliver said.  "Uncle Ethan has never struck me as the type to rush into something as serious as marriage."

"I think you don't know him as well as you might think, Ollie," Geoffrey said.  "I doubt he married Liz because he loves her - they don't even sleep in the same bed at home.  Hell, they don't even sleep in the same room.  I think he just got tired of all of his associates flaunting their trophy wives and decided to get one of his own.  Trust me, Liz fits that description to a T.  Oh she might be a passable secretary, but in every other way she takes the term dumb blonde to an extreme."

"I've never met her, so I wouldn't know," Clark commented, not really finding it all that strange that he'd never met the woman that his uncle married almost a year ago now, seeing as how he could count the number of times he'd seen his uncle in the seven years since his parents died on one hand.

There were probably some people who would have found it very odd indeed that Clark and Oliver had an uncle and yet, their parents had named their butler and cook as the legal guardians of their two children.  Of course, anyone who knew Ethan Walsh would understand why Robert and Laura had done it, because Ethan was consumed with his own business, which was nowhere near as successful as Queen Industries, much to his chagrin, and barely spent any time whatsoever with his son.  Truth be told, Geoffrey would not be lying if he said that he barely knew his own father, because he rarely ever saw the man.

Geoffrey had been much closer with his mother and she had often tried to bring her husband and son closer together without much success.  It seemed Ethan really had no interest in being a father other than having an heir to pass on his fortune to when he eventually died, which if he had his way, would be never.   Once Geoffrey's mother lost her battle with lung cancer, Ethan and Geoffrey became veritable strangers.  In fact, Geoffrey technically no longer lived under the same roof as his father, because after his mother died, fourteen-year-old Geoffrey moved out of the main house and into the pool house.  Ethan Walsh presented the appearance of being fearless, but those who knew him really well knew that he was hydrophobic, so he stayed as far away from the swimming pool as possible and by extension his son, not that Geoffrey minded, because he still thought that his father had not done enough to save his mother's life.

"So are we doing this or not?"  Jason asked after several moments of silence.  "Or are we just going to stand around here doing nothing until Brigitte gets back at one?"

They all shuddered at the thought of the sixty-year-old new grandmother seeing them skinny-dipping.  Looking at his watch, Oliver said, "Well, if we're going to do this, we should do it now.  We've got about two hours before she gets back."

"Well, then, let's get down to business then," Clark said with a grin, as he pulled his cardigan and the t-shirt under it off, before toeing off his shoes and socks.  Looking around at the others, who hadn't started stripping yet he said, "Are you guys going to do anything or are you just going to stand there and watch me?"

"Watching you seems like a good idea," Lucas said with a grin, as Jason nodded his head in agreement.  Oliver and Geoffrey, meanwhile, stuck their fingers in their mouths and made gagging noises.  They weren't gagging for long though, as they both ducked after Clark chucked his shoes at their heads.  A moment later, there was a loud splash as Clark's shoes landed in the pool.

"You two are going to buy me a new pair of shoes you know," Clark said.

"Why?"  Geoffrey said.  "We're not the ones who threw them in the pool, cuz."

"No, you just ducked."

"So, we were supposed to stand there and let you chuck your shoes at our heads?"  Oliver asked.

"Yes," Clark said, in a tone that made it clear he thought that was perfectly obvious.

"Um, no thanks," Geoffrey said, before he pulled off his own cardigan.  "Anyway, let's get swimming.  You guys just keep your hands to yourselves.  Y'all can look all you want, but no touching the merchandise."

"You do realize that we outnumber you right?"  Jason asked.

"You do remember that I'm the star member of the wrestling team right?"  Geoffrey shot back with a smug grin.

"Point taken," Jason said, as he too began getting undressed.

Moments later, the floor surrounding the pool was littered with discarded clothing and four pairs of shoes, as four of the five boys began splashing each other.  Meanwhile, Clark, with a devious grin on his face, splashed some water out of the pool in the direction of Oliver and Geoffrey's shoes.

"Hey!" Lucas exclaimed when he saw it.  "Clark, you're getting my clothes all wet!"

"Mine too," Jason added.

"This means war!" Oliver said, as he dove under the water and swam over to Clark, at which point he grabbed his brother's ankles and pulled him under the water, as Jason, Geoffrey and Luke swam over to help hold Clark under the water, with Jason and Geoffrey both pushing down on one of his shoulders and Luke pushing down on his head.  Needless to say, they were all having a grand time.

Prev To be continued . . .

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