Brotherly Love




Chapter 6

The following day...

Sixteen-year-old Andrew "Drew" Sterling grinned as he got off the Sterling Industries corporate jet in Zurich. As much as he loved his grandmother, he couldn’t wait to get up to the Queen Lodge in Zermatt to be with his friends, especially one in particular.

"Now I expect you to behave, young man," a voice came from behind him, and Andrew turned to see his grandmother sitting down in her nineteenth-century antique wheelchair.

The interesting part about that was that Veronica Sterling was perfectly capable of walking unaided, however, she tended to use the wheelchair and an ornate gold-headed cane in order to make people underestimate her. In the thirty-four years that she'd run Sterling Industries, building it into the international powerhouse that it was, many people had underestimated her. First and foremost, because she was a woman. When she'd taken the helm of the company, then called Sterling Communications, in 1962, she was only 26 years old and had only a high-school education. Due to this, many people in the business world figured she'd fail miserably and the board of directors urged her to name someone qualified–and male–to run the company.­­

She was, however, confident in her ability to take her father's company to new heights, so when many of the investors hurried to sell off their stock in the small multi-million-dollar company after Veronica named herself Chairman and CEO, she didn't bat an eyelash. No, she simply used every bit of capital she could muster to buy up those shares, eventually increasing the 51% stake she'd inherited from her father to 100%, effectively taking the company private, before putting her plans into action. Many scoffed at first, at the uneducated woman playing CEO, but they all stopped when the fourth-quarter earnings report for the 1962 fiscal year came out and the profits were more than double what they had been in all four quarters combined of the previous fiscal year.

The next five years marked a period of rapid growth for the company whose influence had previously not spread much past the borders of the state of Louisiana. To say that investors, both old and new alike, were begging Veronica to release some of the stock so that they could get in on the success was an understatement, but she still remembered how quickly the old investors had sold off their shares because they thought a woman couldn't do the job. So, she kept her 100% stake in the company tightly grasped in an iron fist. She did, however, release a few hundred thousand shares of stock that carried no voting rights and while the investors would have preferred having some say in the company, it didn't stop them from buying up the shares, since the company was posting record-breaking profits year after year.

Finally in 1978, after successfully running the company for sixteen years, during which time she took it international and became one of the first female billionaires in the world, Veronica decided that she wanted a college education, so, she enrolled at Harvard in order to get her first of three business degrees. She hadn't originally intended to get a doctoral degree, but she'd always liked challenging herself and decided to go for it. A couple of years later in 1982, while still a student at Harvard, she earned her first Nobel Prize for Economics, which was followed in 1984 by the London School of Economics awarding her an honorary doctorate. By 1994, she’d won a second Nobel Prize for Economics, by which point she was far and away the richest woman in the United States, and possibly the world. And as the sole heir, Andrew stands to inherit every dime, but he knows that won't happen anytime soon because anyone who knows Veronica would tell you that she's simply too stubborn to die.

Giving his grandmother his best smile, Andrew said, "Grandmother, I always behave."

"That Cheshire cat smile of yours isn't going to work on me, young man," Veronica chastised. "You should know that by now."

Much like Clark and Oliver, Andrew was an orphan, only he had lost his parents even earlier than the Queen brothers had when they died in a car crash in Baton Rouge, Louisiana three weeks after their son's fifth birthday. As his only living family, his grandmother then stepped in and took on the job of raising him.

"You say that as if I'm saying something untrue.”

"Oh don't even try it Andrew Dean Sterling," Veronica said. "You're going to be up in Zermatt with those juvenile delinquents you hang out with and there's not going to be any adult supervision. I think I must be crazy to have agreed to let you go."

"They're not delinquents, Grandmother," Andrew protested in his friends' defense.

"I need to get to my meeting," Veronica said, as she looked at her watch, just as the car that she'd hired pulled up. "So, we shall just agree to disagree on that, Andrew. Now, I believe your helicopter is over there," she pointed. "Do try to have fun dear and remember to use protection with the Teague boy."

"Grandmother!" Andrew exclaimed, as he blushed bright red, unable to believe she had just said that.

Veronica ignored her grandson's blush and horrified expression as she began wheeling her way towards her car, but said over her shoulder, "Actually, make sure to use it with all of them."

To say that Andrew was embarrassed would be the understatement of the century. No teenager wanted to discuss anything even remotely related to their sex lives with their grandmother. So, hearing his grandmother talk about that was mortifying - even more so that she apparently knew about his relationship with Jason. He'd thought they'd been discreet enough that she hadn't noticed, but he was obviously wrong. The comment about the others had thrown him, however, as he'd never done anything with them, not that he'd pass up the opportunity, if it presented itself. Andrew might be many things, but he was no fool.

Back at the Queen Lodge, Clark, Oliver, and the others were sitting around the dining room table eating lunch and making plans for the following day. Andrew would be arriving today, so, tomorrow they definitely planned on hitting the slopes again. The question was, just what should they do? Rich as Clark and Oliver were, they'd had no problems securing all of the necessary passes and tickets for themselves and their friends to do whatever they wanted. That didn't mean they'd do everything that they had passes for, as they just didn't have enough time since they also just wanted to spend some time hanging out at the lodge relaxing, but at least they had a myriad of options.

"Well, we should definitely get up to the Matterhorn glacier paradise," Geoffrey said. "I know we were waiting for Drew to get here to go up there."

Oliver nodded. "Yeah, that'll be fun. I was also thinking about maybe doing something that Clark and I haven't done since we last came up here with our parents."

"What's that?" Lucas asked.

"Ski down to Cervinia in Italy," Clark answered, knowing what his brother was thinking, as they'd discussed this the previous night before they'd gone to bed. "Then we could eat in an authentic Italian restaurant before catching the lift back to Zermatt."

"Well, I'm up for the challenge," Jason said. "I've never done it, but I'm willing to try anything once."

"The main challenge is making sure to get back to the lifts before the last one leaves," Oliver said. "Of course, if we are delayed, we can always charter a helicopter to bring us back here."

Clark grinned. "Yeah, most people couldn't afford that, but then again most people aren't billionaires."

"Well that's certainly true," Geoffrey said. "Heavens knows I'm not. Dad is rich, but I doubt he has much more than a hundred million to his name."

"My dad has won enough high-profile cases," Jason said, "that we're certainly well off, but less than half a billion. I don't really pay attention to it, to be honest. As long as I keep getting my allowance, I could care less."

"And just how much is your allowance, Jase?" Lucas asked.

"My base allowance is a thousand dollars a week."

"Base allowance? You mean you could get more?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah," Jason replied. "At report card time, Mom gives me a bonus for about two weeks following each report card. An extra hundred dollars for every A and fifty for B's. So, if I have a particularly good report card, I can almost double my allowance for two weeks."

"Damn," Lucas said. "Dad is nowhere near that generous with me and he is a billionaire."

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me," Oliver said. "Lionel has never struck me as being the sharing type. He'd probably much prefer to keep all of his money for himself, so I imagine the idea that he should share with his children likely galls him to no end."

"Yeah, you're right," Lucas said. "In fact, over the summer he stops my allowance. If I want money, I either have to save up my allowance from during the school year or go work at LuthorCorp in the mail room, because dear old Dad has insured that nobody will hire me because he wants me to be totally dependent on him and his company. And let me tell you, it really isn't fun working at LuthorCorp when many of the executives look down on you as being the bastard kid that never should have been born."

"Nobody has actually said that to you have they?" Geoffrey asked.

"No, nobody has ever said it to my face," Lucas answered. "But I've heard the whispers behind my back. Dad doesn't trust me to handle anything too important, so I usually end up delivering the mail in the charitable arm of LuthorCorp, where Lex's mother worked before she died. As such, the employees there are very loyal to her and her memory, so since I was the result of one of Dad's many affairs, I'm not looked at too kindly by any of them. They seem to think it's an insult to Lillian Luthor's memory that I'm even allowed to draw breath."

"So, the fact that your Dad married your mother hasn't helped?" Clark asked.

"Are you kidding me?" Lucas asked in response. "If anything, I think that made it worse. Remember, my dad was a widower for less than two months, considering that Lillian died in October and my Dad remarried in December, two weeks before the two-month anniversary of Lillian’s death. It should go without saying that there’s several people who have a problem with that, as they think Lillian was barely cold when Dad remarried and that it was extremely insensitive of him to do that. And more than a few people have decided to blame me for that, as if their choices are somehow my fault, never mind the fact that I was only two years old at the time."

"Man that sucks," Geoffrey said, as the others nodded their heads in agreement.

Before anyone else could comment further, however, the unmistakable sound of an incoming helicopter could be heard.

"Sounds like Drew is here," Oliver said, as he stood up. Turning to look at Jason, he grinned and asked, "I bet you can't wait to get on all fours for him, huh?"

"Man, shut up!" Jason exclaimed, as he balled up his napkin and threw it at Oliver's head, all the while hoping that the blush he knew was there wasn't too visible.

Following Drew's arrival, the group decided to stay at the lodge and relax for the rest of the day, giving Drew some time to rest from his long flight from New Orleans. While the Sterling Industries jet was equipped so that Drew could have slept on the plane, he had never been able to do that. He's tried a few times to fall asleep on the plane but it just never worked. Once Brigitte and the rest of the staff left for the day, it took all of about ten seconds for them to decide to head into the screening room, where they decided to forego more traditional movies in favor of raiding the porn collection again.

Much like the last time, they started with a straight porn flick. This was not only because of the fact that Geoffrey was straight, because Clark, Oliver, and Jason were all bisexual, so they had no problems watching it. Drew and Lucas were gay, but they could handle watching a guy have sex with a girl because they still got to see a hot naked guy on the screen.

About twenty minutes into the second movie, which was bisexual porn this time, Lucas got up and said he was going to the bathroom. Which was true, but it wasn't because he had to use it. No, he had a more pressing issue to deal with. Clark suspected the real reason Lucas had gone and making a similar excuse, he headed out to find the younger man.

Upon leaving the screening room, Clark scanned the house with his x-ray vision and quickly found Lucas in the downstairs half-bath. He was sitting on the toilet, but Clark could clearly see that the lid was down and that Lucas was in the midst of pleasuring himself. Walking over to the door, Clark x-rayed the knob and confirmed that Lucas had locked the door. Clark wasn't going to let a little thing like a lock stop him, however, and was thus grinning as he pulled his keys from his pocket, found the right key, and let himself in.

A startled Lucas jumped when he heard a key in the lock before the door opened and Clark walked in, who closed the door behind him, making sure to relock it.

"Clark," Lucas said, as he blushed several shades of red at being caught in the act by the person he had just been fantasizing about.

"I just had a funny feeling that you didn't have to use the bathroom," Clark said as he came closer and then dropped onto his knees in front of Lucas. Raising an eyebrow and giving the younger man a lascivious grin, he asked, "Would you like some help with that?"

Lucas' eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as he gulped and asked, "You mean?"

"Sure why not?" Clark asked. "Unless you don't want me to help you?"

"No, no, I want you to," Lucas answered quickly, as Clark moved as if to stand up. "I just wasn't expecting you to offer."

"Why?" Clark asked. "You're a good looking kid."

Scowling, Lucas said, "I'm not a kid."

"As long as you're a year younger than me, I can call you whatever I want," Clark said. "Now, would you like to continue talking or move on to doing more interesting things?"

"Definitely move on," Lucas said without any hesitation.

"Alright then," Clark said with a grin, before he leaned down and licked the tip of Lucas' cock, which elicited a pleased moan from him.

After teasing and licking the head a couple of times, Clark ran his tongue up and down the length of the seven-inch shaft a few times, before moving a bit further down and giving the same treatment to the twin orbs hanging beneath it. Unsurprisingly, Lucas was loving every moment of this. He had leaned back against the toilet tank and spread his legs as far as he could with his pants and underwear pooled at his ankles to give Clark as much access as possible.

"Oh Clark," Lucas moaned, as Clark ran his tongue up the underside of the younger man's cock, pausing to swirl his tongue around on the head, before licking down from the head to the base again. Clark was slightly nervous due to the fact that he had never actually done this before. He'd seen it done in porn movies obviously, but seeing something and doing something are oftentimes very different things. Just because you've seen something done doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be able to do it yourself. Although if Lucas' moans of pleasure were anything to go by, Clark wasn't doing that bad of a job for his first time giving a blowjob. Of course, then again, he wasn't sure it could be called a blowjob since he hadn't actually taken Lucas' cock into his mouth yet.

After a few more minutes of teasing, Lucas groaned and said, "Clark, please, stop teasing."

Grinning at Lucas, Clark asked, "What you're not enjoying this?"

"No, I'm enjoying but, I came in here for a reason and I'd very much like to get on with it."

"Patience is a virtue you know.”

"Fuck patience!" Lucas exclaimed. "I want my dick in your mouth yesterday!"

"Language, Luke," Clark said with a grin, as he wagged his finger at the younger man. Then after a moment, he got a devilish grin on his face and said, "Hmm, I tell you what Luke. I'll stop teasing you and give you what you want, if you'll agree to give me what I want."

"Anything, Clark. I'll do anything, just please suck me already!" Lucas said, the desperation in his tone quite evident.

"I'd be careful there, Luke," Clark warned. "Since you had to say that word and give me ideas, that's what I want."

It took a moment for Lucas, in his pleasure-induced haze, to realize exactly what Clark was saying, but after a moment he said, "Clark, if you stop teasing and suck me, then fine my ass is yours. Just please!"

"Good enough," Clark said with a grin before lowering his head again, briefly swirling his tongue around on the swollen purple head of Lucas' cock, before opening his mouth wide and taking it into his mouth. Being careful to keep his lips covering his teeth, Clark slowly worked his way down the shaft, allowing himself to get used to having a cock in his mouth. After a few moments, he found his nose buried in the light brown patch of hair at the base of Lucas' cock and he paused to inhale the scent which he found he rather liked. Then after another moment, he began going back up until just the head remained inside his mouth, before going back down, as Lucas moaned.

Meanwhile, back in the screening room, Oliver, Drew, and Jason were watching a particularly hot gay porn scene. Geoffrey had, of course, left when the gay porn started, heading upstairs to his bedroom, which he had all to himself this trip. If Alden had been able to come, then they would have been sharing, but Geoffrey certainly wasn't going to complain about getting a room of his own for the week. Of the other occupants of the lodge, Lucas also had his own room. Everyone else, however, was sharing. Clark with Oliver and Jason with Drew.

This left one bedroom in the lodge unoccupied, but even if there were more people on the trip, that room would always be unoccupied. It was the master bedroom – Robert’s and Laura's room - and much like their room at the mansion in Star City, it hadn't been used since they'd died. The staffs of both properties kept them clean, but otherwise the rooms were basically museums to Robert and Laura, with everything left exactly as they’d left them.

Drew left the screening room saying he was tired from his flight, but Jason knew better. He had intimate knowledge of his friend, after all, and recognized all of his body language. The real reason for Drew's departure was not tiredness, but a desire to go take a shower and put on clean clothes - specifically clean underwear. It had always amazed Jason and he still didn't understand it, but Drew had the ability to orgasm without touching himself. And just from the way he was walking when he left, Jason knew immediately that watching the two guys on screen going at it had made his friend cream his pants and now he wanted to change because sitting around in come soaked clothes wasn't very comfortable.

After watching the movie silently for another few minutes, Oliver cleared his throat and said, "Hey Jase?"

"Yeah Ollie?"

"How about we shut this down," Oliver said. "And have some fun?"

"You mean that kind of fun?" Jason asked, as he motioned towards the screen.

Even in the darkened room, Jason, who was sitting right next to the blond, had no trouble seeing the slight blush that came over his cheeks, as he nodded and said, "Yeah, that kind of fun."

"You've never done it before, have you?" Jason asked, noticing that Oliver seemed as if he genuinely wanted to do it, but at the same time was nervous about it.

"No, Jase, you'd be my first," Oliver said. "So can we?"

"I don't see why not," Jason responded with a grin. "So, my room or yours?"

"Mine, it's closer," Oliver said as he reached over to the control panel and pressed the button to shut down the movie, before standing up and heading out of the room, with Jason hot on his heels.

Just before they reached the door to the room Oliver was sharing with Clark, Jason grabbed him around the waist and pushed him against a nearby wall. The blond billionaire was just about to ask what was going on when Jason's lips on his cut him off. ‘He's definitely a good kisser - way better than Andrew,’ Oliver thought.

At the time, he had certainly enjoyed the kiss with Andrew, so he didn’t feel like he’d missed out on anything by having Andrew be his first kiss. However, looking back on it, Oliver couldn’t help but find it to be more than a little weird, due to the fact that Oliver knew that before Andrew became the chauffer at the age of nineteen, he had babysat for an infant Oliver on more than one occasion while Robert and Laura were attending a charity event.

So, knowing that Andrew had changed his diapers several times added a certain level of weirdness to the whole situation. And that was without even considering the fact that Oliver and Andrew had a common relative in their great-great-great-grandfather, Michael Queen, who’d had an illegitimate son named Kellen Forrester with the housemaid back in the 1800’s. Andrew was a direct descendant, which meant that Andrew and Oliver were fourth cousins.

Deepening the kiss, Jason pushed Oliver against the wall more fully as he ground their hips together, both of them uncomfortably hard. Of course, at their age, that was a state they found themselves in quite often since just about everything was enough to set off their hormones and make them want sex. They were guys after all, and teenagers, so it would be totally accurate to say that they spent large amounts of their time thinking about sex. Oliver was well acquainted with his hand, but he had never actually had sex before. Despite some nagging feelings of nervousness, however, Oliver was determined to enjoy himself with Jason tonight and finally lose his virginity.

As they parted for air, Oliver said, "Shall we move this into my room?"

Jason, his tone a bit breathless, nodded and said, "Yeah, let's."

Releasing Oliver, Jason grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the door to Oliver's bedroom, which he promptly opened and stepped inside before he stopped dead in his tracks. Oliver walked right into Jason's back and took a moment to recover, before he looked over at the bed and saw what had caused Jason to stop so abruptly. Lucas was naked on Clark's bed - with Clark's manhood buried to the hilt inside of him.

Oliver groaned and quickly turned away. That was the last thing he wanted to see. Sure, he'd seen Clark naked before. They'd been roommates at Excelsior during their freshman and sophomore years and their room had only one bathroom. They also shared a bedroom at home, even though there were more than enough spare rooms at the mansion that they wouldn't have had to. So it was only natural that they'd seen each other in every stage of dress. Oliver didn't mind seeing his brother naked, but seeing his brother fucking a guy was taking things a little too far.

The groan drew Lucas' and Clark's attention, as they paused in what they were doing and looked over towards the doorway. Lucas blushed and Clark said, "Damn it, I thought I locked that."

A lascivious grin plastered on his face, Jason said, "I am so glad you didn't, Clark. Damn you two are hot together."

"Well that makes one of us," Oliver said. "I think I'm going to be scarred for life."

"Am I that bad looking?" Lucas asked.

"No, Luke, you're fine," Oliver said. "Really fine. It's not you that's the problem."

"Ollie, we share a bedroom," Clark said. "You've seen me naked before."

"Yeah but I've never seen you having sex before," Oliver said. "And I so wish I could go back to not having seen it."

"Why?" Jason asked. "How is this any different than watching a porn flick?"

"Would you really want to watch a porn flick starring your brother?" Oliver asked.

"I don't have a brother," Jason pointed out with a grin. He was enjoying this, the little bastard.

"I know that you dolt," Oliver said. "But, if you did would you want to watch?"

"Sure why not?" Jason asked.

"Ollie, you're wasting your time with him," Clark pointed out. "Considering his fantasies about you and me getting it on, I really don't think he'd have a problem with watching his brother have sex with someone if he had one."

"Yeah, he'd probably want to join in," Lucas said. He wasn't quite as flushed with embarrassment as he had been mere moments ago, but he was still a bit red. He was one of the few students at Excelsior who was in a single room, so up until recently, he'd never been naked in front of anyone other than himself. Yes, he'd skinny-dipped in the pool with the other guys, but a total of two experiences of being naked in front of others did not equate to total comfort with the situation. He thought he looked good, but that didn't mean that he wanted everyone and their mother to see him naked. And the fact that he was on all fours with Clark's dick shoved up his ass didn't really help matters either.

"Hey you know, Luke, that's a great idea," Jason said before turning towards Oliver and asking, "How about it?"

"How about what?" Oliver asked, still pointedly not looking in the direction of the bed.

"How about we join Clark and Luke?" Jason asked, his tone clearly indicating that he thought what he'd meant should have been obvious.

Oliver shook his head and said, "No way, Jason," at the same time that Clark said, "Hell no, Jase."

"Spoilsports," Jason said.

"Can we get out of here now, please?" Oliver asked. "We can go to your room, Jase, but let's please get out of here."

"Okay, okay," Jason said, before he grinned as he looked at Clark and Lucas and said, "You two can go back to what you were doing."

"Thanks," Clark said as he pulled out of Lucas until just the head of his cock remained, before pushing himself back in, causing the younger teen to moan in a wanton fashion, "but just so you know, nobody was asking for your permission."

"Details, details," Jason said in a dismissive tone with a wave of his hand before he left the room and led Oliver down to his room.

Once there, Oliver felt the need to sit down, so he sat down on the nearest bed to the door and said, "I feel like gouging my eyes out."

"Oh honestly, Ollie, it wasn't that bad."

"Yes it was," Oliver said. "I gave a bad example earlier, so new one: would you want to walk in and see your parents having sex?"

At this Jason groaned, before whining "Ah man, don't put sick thoughts in my head please."

"You do that fine all on your own, Jase," Oliver commented. "Anyway, walking in on Clark," and here Oliver visibly shivered, "doing it is not something I ever wanted to see. Just as I imagine you really don't want to see..."

"Don't say it, please!" Jason interrupted. "Okay. I get it. You're traumatized now."

"Yes, I am," Oliver agreed.

"Still up for some fun though?"

"Are you kidding?" Oliver asked. "Seeing Clark and Luke totally killed the mood for me... although, we might be able to get it back if you shut up and get over here."

"I can do that," Jason said as he came over to the bed, pushed Oliver back a bit and proceeded to give him a lap dance, as he pulled the green sweater the blond was wearing over his head. Continuing to gyrate his hips against Oliver's, Jason leaned down and kissed him while he unbuckled the other's belt. Oliver meanwhile, desperate to get the images he'd just seen out of his head, threw himself into what was happening, as he wrapped his arms around Jason's torso and massaged the flesh briefly before he dipped his hands lower until he could shove them down the back of Jason's pants. It was then that Oliver realized, much to his delight, that Jason wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Going commando are we?" Oliver asked as he squeezed Jason's cheeks.

"Well, we weren't planning on going out today," Jason said, as he finished unbuckling Oliver's belt and began working on the buttons of his button-fly jeans, "so, I figured I wouldn't need them."

"And I'm sure the hope that you'd get lucky had nothing to do with it," Oliver said with a knowing grin.

"Oh it may have," Jason said. "Although I've already gotten lucky once today, so, this is icing."

"Really?" Oliver asked, as he squeezed Jason's cheeks again before pulling his hands out and moving around to unbuckle his friend's belt. "So was it Drew? Or your hand?"

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that second option," Jason said, as he leaned down and lightly bit the blond's earlobe, before whispering, "Of course it was Drew you dolt. We do share a room after all."

"So you two do it often?"

"Practically every day," Jason said.

"What?" Oliver asked. "Man I'm clearly in the wrong room. Why'd I end up getting stuck with a straight guy as my roommate?"

"Just unlucky I guess," Jason said as he ground his hips into Oliver's again, before he stood up.

"Where do you think you're going?" Oliver asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not going anywhere," Jason answered. "Just thought it would be easier to get our pants off if we separated for a minute."

"True enough," Oliver said, before standing up and pushing his jeans down, followed by the hunter green boxers that he wore beneath. Oliver's manhood stood at attention, having gone back up during the lap dance. "So, do you like what you see?"

Jason licked his lips and nodded. "Yeah, I definitely like."

"So how do I measure up to Drew?" Oliver asked, unable to help from asking.

Studying Oliver's cock for a moment, Jason said, "I think you're about half-an-inch shorter than he is, but you're still nicely hung."

Jason then let go of his pants, which he'd been holding up until now as Oliver had undone the belt and buttons, allowing them to pool at his ankles. Grinning at Oliver, Jason asked, "You like?"

Oliver nodded as he laid back down on the bed and said, "I'd like even more if it was touching mine."

"That can be arranged," Jason said, as he moved to lay down on top of Oliver. Both of them moaned slightly as their cocks met for the first time without any clothes covering them up. Lying down fully on top of Oliver, Jason reveled at the skin to skin contact for a moment, something which he always enjoyed with Drew and found no less enjoyable with Oliver, before capturing the blond's lips in a passionate kiss.

Concentrating on the kiss, neither one of them saw the door to the ensuite bathroom opening until someone cleared their throat. Breaking their kiss and turning in the direction of the noise, they spotted Drew standing there wearing nothing but a towel. Robert had made sure that all of the bedrooms and bathrooms in the house were completely soundproof to insure complete privacy for guests, so Oliver wasn't surprised that Drew had apparently been in the shower and he hadn't heard it running.

"Hey Drew," Jason said.

"Hey Jase," Drew said. "Decided to have a bit of fun I see."

"Yeah," Jason confirmed.

"That's okay, right?" Oliver asked, unsure. He didn't know exactly what Jason and Drew's relationship was. Were they simply friends with benefits? Or was it something more than that?

"Course it’s okay, Ollie," Drew said. "Jase and I aren't exclusive. Although, if you're going to do it on my bed, I do hope you plan to include me in your fun."

Jason grinned. "Fine by me. Ollie?"

Oliver grinned. "Drop the towel and get over here Sterling."

Drew smiled, as he dropped his towel to reveal his own naked body, his cock in a half-flaccid state. He'd already come in the screening room and had then jacked off in the shower, but watching Oliver and Jason was making him hard again. Joining the other two men on his bed, Drew pulled Jason into a passionate kiss, with obvious tongue action. Oliver just laid back and watched for a moment, before he began feeling left out and cleared his throat. "Um, guys, don't forget about me."

Breaking the kiss, Drew grinned at Oliver and said, "Oh you needn't worry about that Queen. You're pretty unforgettable." Dragging his eyes over Oliver's body, lingering on his cock for a moment, he then added, "And not all that far from how I imagined you."

"Imagined me?"

Jason grinned at that and said, "Yeah, when Drew and I aren't having sex, we like to people watch. Otherwise known as undressing them with our eyes and comparing notes on what we think they look like naked."

"And whether we want to fuck them or not," Drew added with a grin. "Of course, Jase is bi, so he fantasizes about quite a few girls as well as guys. Can't say I'm very interested in the girls, but the guys, well, bring 'em on."

"Less talking, more action," Jason said, prompting Drew to shake his head as he looked at Oliver and said, "In case you didn't already notice, which is unlikely, Jase is a total horn dog."

Oliver laughed and said, "Yeah, I'd noticed."

Moving into a more comfortable position, Drew then leaned down and kissed Oliver, gently at first, but getting more passionate after a few minutes. Jason, meanwhile, began sucking on the blond's neck, determined to make it so that Oliver would have to wear turtlenecks for a few days if he didn't want anyone to see the hickey.

Prev To be continued . . .

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