Double Trails




Chapter 1

-- ERIK --

Ryan Erik Chamberlain was born 13 August 1981.  At 23 inches long and 10 lbs. 13 oz. he was a big baby.  It was a rough delivery for my wife - one she'd brought on herself in many ways.  The proud father was me, Erik Ryan Chamberlain.  Yes, I spared my son the big "IV" at the end of his name.  My father really wanted him to have the name, a family tradition; I wanted to avoid the "IV" as best as possible.

We had been high school sweethearts, dating for three years.  By graduation, I'd earned an athletic scholarship, but college was not in her future.  Our relationship appeared over and at an end as I headed off across the state to Tech!

When I came home for Thanksgiving break, we hooked up and had a good time.  At spring break, I came home to find her waiting for me.  She was pregnant: confirmed.  She wanted us to tell our folks and get married, which is exactly what we did.  Neither set of parents was particularly happy about the situation, but both helped us work out a viable solution that would work both for the short term and the long term.

I transferred to the local state college, with no scholarship, no sports glory -- just class after class.  We, the "happy couple," moved into my in-laws' basement to set up a household.  I worked for my Dad's landscaping company when I wasn't in class.  I took classes year round so that I could graduate early.  This was a far cry from my `plans' when I'd graduated from college.

Ryan Erik was born that summer.  From the day she came home from the hospital, my wife made it clear she had no interest in the boy.  Both grandmothers happily filled the void left by her disinterest.

I finished my degree in Business Administration at the end of the summer semester 1983 and found a promising job with a mid-sized consulting firm locally.  My folks helped with a down payment and my little family moved into a small bungalow on the outskirts of town.

Things seemed idyllic -- a loving couple and a two-year old boy settling into their first home.  On the weekends, I continued to work for my Dad's company to help pay back the loans.

The September after Ryan's fourth birthday he started a pre-kindergarten program at the local elementary school.  He was so excited to be a "big boy" and proudly stood out front each morning waiting for the school bus.  He was adamant that I not stand out front with him; I had to watch from the front door.  I left for work each day after he headed off to school.  As had always been the case, my wife spent no time involved in his life.  She did at least make sure she was home each day when he got home from school at one p.m.

One afternoon, in early October, I was sitting in a client meeting when one of the administrative assistants asked me to step out for a moment.  She had a call from a neighbor that seemed urgent.  Troubled, I ran for the phone.

My neighbor, Gladys, told me that Ryan was sitting on the front steps of the house all alone after coming home from school.  She was keeping an eye on him, but he would not leave the steps and there was no sign of my wife.  The car was gone.  I thanked her for calling me, told my boss about the issue and headed directly home.

About fifteen minutes later, I pulled into the driveway and saw Ryan sitting on the steps.  I waved at Gladys across the street and headed for the front door.  Ryan did not seem concerned, but hugged me and said he was hungry.  I let him into the house and told him to change into his play clothes while I got him some lunch.

I checked around the house for a note, but found nothing.  I quickly fixed Ryan a hot dog and baked beans, sent him out to play in the backyard and took a closer look around the house.  In our bedroom, I found her closet completely cleaned out.  Car gone, clothes gone -- I went from worry to figuring she'd left me.

I grabbed the phone and called her folks.  Had they heard from her?  Any contact?  Nothing.  "If you see her, call me!"  Next I called the bank, figuring the worst.  What I found was better than I had expected.  Our meager savings account was at half its normal balance and our checking account was in the same shape.  Now the doubt was gone, she'd left me.

I called my folks next and told them what had happened.  After much discussion, I hung up.  Mom had offered to pick up Ryan from school each day -- things would change if the situation changed -- it was an offer I greatly appreciated her offer.  I tried to return to a normal life while wondering what had happened.  I knew she had never been truly happy, but I was very surprised she hadn't talked to me first.

Things settled into a routine throughout the rest of the school year.  My wife contacted no one -- not even her folks.

The summer Ryan turned five was a tumultuous time.   Uncle Phil, my mother's brother, died of cancer.  We'd known he was ill, but he had been the black sheep of the family and we'd had little contact with him.  The biggest surprise came when I received a call from his attorney that I was the sole heir of his estate.  Uncle Phil had never married and lived in the southwestern corner of Virginia.  I decided to take some vacation and head to Virginia to see what it was I had inherited.

I packed up Ryan and drove out to meet the attorney.  I knew Uncle Phil had a small farm, but wasn't sure what all I would have to do to sell it all off.

We arrived at the Super 8 in the small town of four thousand at dinner time.  We found a local diner, ate a light meal and crashed for the night.  The next morning, I had a nine a.m. meeting with the attorney.  I found out that I had inherited a one hundred fifty acre farm with house, stable, barn, and equipment.  The farm was operational and profitable and had a good staff, but with Phil dead its future was uncertain.

After a good bit of discussion, Uncle Phil's attorney offered to drive us out to see the place.  Since finding out about the farm, I'd been determined to rid myself of it as quickly as possible.  Those thoughts came to a screeching halt when Ryan jumped out of the truck.  It was obvious to anyone who looked at him that he was the happiest kid on earth.

We took a tour of the place and what I found surprised me.  What I had expected was a small, old, run-down farm house with a broken-down barn and nothing more.  What I found was a beautiful, fully renovated farm house, a modern stable, hay barn and modern equipment all around.  To my amazement, there were nearly fifty American quarter horses either in the stable or out behind it in the pasture.

Ryan was running around so much it was nearly impossible to watch him, but I could sense that all the eyes on the farm were on him.  I met the crew, who were continuing to run the farm, almost as if nothing had happened.  I asked about pay and was told that the bookkeeper had continued making salary until I arrived.  Now things were squarely on my shoulders.

The attorney and I went into the house and called the bookkeeper who arrived quickly.  I called Ryan to the house, but he kept telling me he wanted to run around.  One of the staff came over and told me he'd watch my son while I took care of business.  As the bookkeeper reviewed the finances and the attorney showed me what was going on with the farm legally, a dawning spread over me.  My attitude quickly went from how fast I could sell the farm to how the heck I could keep it.

I found out that the farm was a successful breeding business with a number of horses boarded for good measure.  I could effectively let the business run as it was, hiring a good manager or promoting one of the existing staff and be an absentee owner.  The discussions kept moving in this direction, which with my new state of mind, it did not bother me one bit.  We broke just prior to dinner time and I headed back into town with the attorney to get my car, check out of the hotel and head back out to the house.

It was like pulling teeth to get Ryan to head back to town with me and I only succeeded when I promised that we would be back after dinner.

I had a week off to see what order I could put on things.  After three days at the house, I was beginning to wonder why I was going back.  All that awaited me was a cubicle and lots of pressure.  I called my folks and talked for several hours.  Both of them supported me in my decision to be a hands-on live-on-the- land owner.  I'd take over running the business and learn it from the ground up.  The experienced staff would make things much easier on me.  Instead of going back to my old life, I went back to pack, put the bungalow on the market and start anew.

Well, that's what I thought; of course since the house was in both my wife's and my name; so I couldn't sell it.  But I could rent it.  My folks and hers agreed to help me with managing the rental.  They all were, of course, invited up to the farm any time they wanted.

Things settled down into a routine for the next few years.  Ryan grew like a weed and proved to be an excellent student.  On Ryan's eighth birthday I received a large envelope with no return address.  Opening it I found a letter from my wife offering me a divorce, full ownership of the bungalow and some other paperwork.  No explanation -- nothing more.  She asked that I not contact her directly; she had a new life and didn't want the old one to interfere.  She realized I needed to be freed to move on.  While she was obviously aware of the farm, she also made no claim to the inheritance I'd received.  She truly just wanted her old life over and done.  So the uncontested divorce went through and I sold the bungalow to my tenants for a reasonable price.

Soon after we had moved to the farm, I bought Ryan his first saddle.  From that day on he lived on horseback.  It took him no time to become proficient and he quickly became an expert rider.  Me, I did my best to prove the old adage that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but by twenty-seven, I could ride very well.  The staff had spent a lot of time teaching us both to ride, and then after we got to a good level, I hired a riding instructor to put polish on our riding.

With all the time I had put into the farm over the first few years there, I had put aside most thoughts of dating.  Every woman in the area seemed to find it a crime that a single man be in the community.  The combination of a failed relationship in my recent past and the way gossip spreads so quickly in a small, tight-knit community put me on edge and made it much harder to date.   I put all my efforts into the farm and Ryan and  was as happy as I thought I could be.

I was returning from a horse show in which several of our boarders had competed.  I had pulled our largest trailer up to the show instead of making them each use an individual rental trailer.  I stopped at a truck stop for a break.  My employee Ezra went in first while I fueled the truck.  After he returned, he finished the fueling while I took a quick bio-break.

I walked up to the urinal and started to piss.  A moment later, a guy walked up to the next urinal.  I wasn't paying attention until I realized I was the only one pissing.  I sneaked a peek and realized the guy was staring at my dick.  I looked back at the wall and then quickly glanced over again.  I finished pissing and was about to put my dick away when he reached over and grabbed my dick and started stroking.  I jumped, shoved my dick in my pants and left quickly.  I couldn't say anything to Ezra, but let the situation stew in my brain.

After that day, my brain kept running through different scenarios.  It wasn't something I obsessed about, nor was it something that worried me.  I was in a rural area and there wasn't much I could do about it.  No real opportunities presented themselves -- a bit of Internet exploration, but not much more.  Life continued pretty much normally until we sold off one of our mares.

Two men arrived at our farm one summer afternoon.  They were polite, well mannered and pleasant -- but still there was something I couldn't put my finger on.  Nick, who lived in DC, had called a few weeks earlier asking about purchasing a horse for competition in rodeo events.  I had indicated the best local hotel and detailed my current inventory of horses for sale.

I went into salesperson mode and explained the pluses and minuses of each of the horses.  I asked how long they would be in town.  They looked at each other and then Nick said, "Until I buy a horse.  Could be up to a week."  I told them to take their time looking at the horses.  I asked if they had saddles.  Nick did; his companion Matt did not.  I told them I had a spare saddle and indicated they could go for rides on each horse until he decided.

As things were busy around the farm I called Ryan over and told the guys that Ryan would lead them around the trails on the back part of the farm.  The guys looked pretty skeptical.  I just looked at them and told them I figured Ryan could ride rings around them as his butt had been glued to a horse for the last six years.  "He might be eleven years old, but the boy can ride!"

They spent the next two days riding every one of the horses I was selling and a couple I wasn't.  After each ride, I got a thorough report from Ryan.  He indicated that Nick was a really good rider, but Matt was nowhere near so accomplished.  My response was that Nick better be good if he was going to compete in rodeos.

On their fourth day visiting, Nick came into the office and stated he wanted to buy Abracadabra.  This horse, a beautiful chestnut brown mare with a large white stripe down her nose, was a really fast ride.  I told him he'd made an excellent choice and we started the negotiations.  Once we settled on a price, I asked how he was going to get her home.  He asked if he could board her with me for a few weeks until he could get back down with a trailer he'd rent from the stables where he was going to board her.  I said that would be fine, no worries on cost as a couple weeks wouldn't really cost that much.

Then it struck me, I could take her up to him and get a short vacation for Ryan and me in DC.  It would also serve as a twelfth birthday present for Ryan.  He'd get to see the sights and I'd get paid for driving up.  I pitched the idea -- he'd pay for the gas and hauling charges but not for time, food or lodging.  He quickly agreed and we scheduled delivery for Friday two weeks out.  When he shook my hand, I felt something and looked into his eyes.  There was something there, but I wasn't sure what.

Two weeks later, we were in DC.  We delivered Abracadabra to a small stable southeast of DC in the Maryland suburbs.  Nick was thrilled and took her for a short ride while I talked with the stable's owner.  He and his family ran the stable and offered a "rent-a-nag" service for individuals and groups.  This was something I had been toying with, but had not added.  I wasn't sure our rural area would support the overhead.  We talked in detail about the pros and cons of doing it.

After getting Abracadabra into the stables and set for the day, Nick asked what our plans were.  Ryan was quick to jump in and explain that we were staying at a local motel and going to do sightseeing in DC.  I told Nick that I wanted to show Ryan the monuments, the National Zoo and some of the Smithsonian prior to heading for home late Sunday afternoon.  Nick asked us to join him and Matt for dinner on Saturday night.  He gave me a number to call on Saturday afternoon to confirm and set up a specific time.  I warned Nick that we hadn't brought fancy clothing, just our usual jeans and shirts.  He said it would be no problem.

We headed to the motel, checked in and then took an early evening walking tour of the National Mall.  Ryan was thrilled to finally get to see all the monuments and other historic sites he'd heard about in school.  Saturday we went to the National Zoo early and then hit the Air and Space Museum in the afternoon.

I called Nick about three p.m. and we agreed to meet at the DuPont Circle METRO station at seven p.m.  He and Matt would lead us from there to the restaurant.  Ryan and I headed back to the hotel for a quick shower and clean up.

As we got off the escalator from the subway station, I almost tripped over Ryan who had stopped and was staring.

"Dad, something isn't right.  Look at all the guys holding hands."

"Ryan," I whispered back, "we're in the gay district.  Many of the people you see are gay or lesbian".

"Oh!" he responded.  "Cool."

I'd done my best over the years to raise Ryan as an independent and open-minded kid.  That at twelve years old he was comfortable with this was a source of pride for me.

We stood at the agreed-upon corner and within moments Nick and Matt arrived.  After the greetings, Nick stated, "We're eating at a local steak house called Annie's.  It's a few blocks from here."

"Sounds good," I responded.

We set off to the restaurant.  Matt and Ryan were a few steps ahead and Matt was pointing out interesting sights.  Nick turned slightly to me and said, "I hope you don't mind but Annie's is a gay-friendly and primarily gay-oriented steak house.  If that's not OK, we can find another place in the neighborhood."

"No problem, Nick.  Ryan already figured out this wasn't a `normal' area."  I explained to him that it was probably the gay district and his response was `cool'."

"Oh, good," Nick replied.  "I wasn't thinking when we chose our meeting place about whether you'd be comfortable with this or not."

"Not a problem at all.  I assume that you and Matt are a couple?"

"Yes, we've been together about a year now," Nick replied.


"I noticed no Mrs. Chamberlain present when we were down.  Was she out of town?"

"No, she left eight years ago and we haven't seen her since.  The divorce was finalized a while back."

"Oh, sorry, didn't mean to pry." Nick seemed very uncomfortable.

"No problem, it's ancient history for me and I got Ryan out of it all, so I got the best end of the deal!" I replied.

Dinner was good and the clientele kept Ryan's eyes roaming all night long.  At one point he noticed a couple kissing and his jaw dropped.

"Ryan! Close your mouth and stop staring," I commanded.  Dinner, the evening and the entire weekend were pleasant.

Mid-day Sunday, Ryan and I headed home in the truck.  Far before we got close to home, Ryan was curled up asleep against the passenger door.  The weekend of running around had worn him down completely.

After selling Abracadabra, I mulled offering "rent-a-nag" services throughout the fall.  I spoke with some of the staff and most thought it would be a big hit with local youth groups and such.  I decided to move forward with it late in the fall.  We would start the offering the next spring after making some appropriate improvements.

First, we had to improve and extend many of the trails throughout the farm.  We had over one hundred acres of woods with a small stream running through the center.  With the leaves turning and brush dying back, it was much easier to get in and clear things out.  I wouldn't rent any of the prime breeding horses - too much risk.  I couldn't rent any of the boarders.  So I added a few reliable horses bringing the total to fifteen that I could rent out at any time.  We cleaned up the back of the stables which had been used for storage for years and had all the stalls ready.

I mailed out advertisements to local groups, associations, schools and others in an attempt to stir up business.  We put up a large white-board calendar in the office in the stable to keep track of the reservations.

A week after the flyers went out, the phones started to ring.  By the end of the second week, we had groups booked for the first seven weekends.  We weren't booked full each day, but it would keep us busy.

On our first weekend the weather held, ensuring at least a chance for a good first day.  The group showed up about thirty minutes before their ride.  It was a local church's youth group, teens from thirteen to eighteen years old with three adults.  They had reserved all fifteen horses, but as I counted heads I realized they had twenty folks with them.  The group leader apologized; he hadn't realized that we wouldn't have more horses and several of his group members had brought friends along.  I asked for a couple minutes to see what I could work out.  We pulled some of the horses ridden by the farm's staff, and a couple I hadn't planned to use with the rent-a-nag program.  These horses would require a somewhat experienced rider as we hadn't trained them for trail riding.  We gave them to those with some experience and off the group went.

They were scheduled for a two-hour ride.  I sent Ryan and some of the staff out to keep an eye on the group.  At the hour-and-a-half mark, Ryan came riding up and told me that the group's leader was wondering if they could extend one more hour.  Since we had no other riders scheduled that day, I agreed.  Our first day with rent-a-nag was a success.

Not every day would end up being as successful, but we definitely had a money maker on our hands.  The other advantage of the service was that many of the folks then wanted to learn to ride well.  I worked with a couple of my staff to get them training certifications and then started offering riding classes.  The combination led to rapid growth -- riders wanted to learn, class members wanted to ride for practice.

Nick called early that summer.  He wanted to see if he and some friends could come down for a long weekend of riding.  I found a few timeslots that had no bookings and told him to pick one.  He called back the next day, selecting a weekend and told me that twelve guys would be coming down.  I asked if they would be staying at the Super 8.  Nick asked if they could pitch a few tents along the edge of the woods and I said that would be fine.

I had arranged with a local restaurant to cater meals for the guys.  Nick and his friends dealt directly with the owner in setting up times, menus and such prior to arrival.  This feature had put my mind into over-drive as to how I could offer picnics or such to future groups.

Nick and his friends arrived during one of the hottest weekends in August.  I made sure that the pasture near the woods was freshly mowed and cleared.  The guys set up their tents and came over to the stables to pick out horses for their rides.  Nick and one other had brought their own horses, so we found empty stalls for them to use.  The guys ranged in age from early twenties to late forties and represented just about every type of guy you could imagine.

All the guys were friendly and a lot of fun to be around.  Beyond Nick and Matt, two guys stood out -- Tom and Jake.  Tom was an affable, bearish guy, who looked to be in his mid-forties.  He had a presence that you couldn't miss, a live-out-loud kinda guy.  Jake was a quiet, tall, handsome guy with a bushy goatee.  Like Tom, he seemed to be a very up-front and personable guy.

After a full day of riding on Saturday and a big dinner, several of the guys wanted to go to the creek for a swim.  Tom came up to me to ask if it was OK.

"Tom, I wouldn't call it swimming, but you can go splash around in the water all you want."

"That's great.  Would you and Ryan care to join us?"  Tom queried.

"Ryan's sound asleep. Trying to keep up with y'all all day wore him out.  But a cool splash in the creek sounds good."

"Super, since it's OK, we'll go ahead and walk down to the creek."

"Tell you what, Tom.  I'll load a couple coolers of drinks onto the back of an ATV and pull it down to the creek."


I put a note on the back door in case Ryan woke up.  Tom helped me load the coolers onto the ATV's trailer and off we went.  I had changed into a pair of swim trunks, but when I got down to the creek I realized that none of the others had anything to wear.  Most were stripping down to their underwear.

"Guys, it's all men here. Skinny-dipping is permitted!"

That started a general chaotic party.  Horseplay abounded.

Later, Jake came over and sat next to me on a large rock at the edge of the creek.

"Wild bunch," I started.

"Yeah, and they are being tame since you are around," Jake replied.

"Why's that?"

"Well, some of the guys would be more sexually playful.  Nick told everyone to keep it clean so we didn't outstay our welcome."

"Gotcha, but I'm no prude. As long as you guys keep it clean in front of my staff, other customers and Ryan, don't worry too much about me."

Jake turned to me and smiled.  "So, Nick said there's no Mrs. Chamberlain around.  Any hot new prospects?"

I smiled, "No, I haven't even dated since she left me.  First it was the hurt, then the move up here, learning the business.  Now, no real excuses, just not doing it."

A long quiet period followed. I commented, "Looks like guys are heading back."

Jake grinned, "Yeah, some of the tents are going to be real loud for a while."

In the dark, Jake couldn't see me blush.  I answered, "I bet.  So you're single I take it?

Jake laughed, "Yeah, I date from time to time, but never met Mr. Right.  Not sure if he's out there.  So once in a while, I settle for Mr. Right-Now."

My turn to laugh, "Well, I'm sure Mr. Right-Now is a lot better than Rosy Palm."

Jake snorted, "Well, she visits my place a lot too!  But, yeah, Mr. Right-Now is usually more fun."

My turn to snort, "Just usually?"

Jake quieted down for a second, "Yes, just usually.  There are a lot of assholes out there that make one-night stands worthless.  Plus, after enough of them you get tired of it all."

"That I can understand completely," I replied.  "No matter whom you are dating."

I looked around the area.  "Well, either everyone went back to the tents, or there are some guys hidden in the woods being very quiet."

"Knowing this crew, I doubt any of them are that quiet!"

That made me laugh.  "So, who is Mr. Right?"

Jake appeared to think for a minute, "That is part of the problem, I have no idea.  Oh, I'm attracted to masculine, rugged, `manly' guys, but that is only part of it.  I never seem to click with them.  It's probably just me."

"I don't know, you're an awfully nice guy.  Good looking, intelligent, what more could Mr. Right want?"

In the darkness I heard Jake mumble something. "What was that?" I asked.

"Nothing, nothing," he responded.

"Aw, come on, tell me," I asked.

"I said, you'd make a damn fine Mr. Right.  Satisfied?" he almost yelled.

"Complimented is more like it," I said softly. "Thanks.  I really meant what I said; you'll make some guy a great catch."

"So why can't I find a great catch like you, Erik?"

"I don't know how good a catch I'd make Jake.  One failed marriage to the only person I've ever been with isn't a good track record."

"The bitch didn't know what she was giving up," Jake almost chuckled as he responded and with that I felt him move much closer.  Suddenly, he kissed me.  "Ummm... Sorry about that.  I shouldn't have done that.  I'm gonna head back to the tents."

He started to get up, but I grabbed his arm.  "Maybe you shouldn't have done it without asking, but I'm not sorry you did it."  I grabbed his head and kissed him hard.

"Wow, now that's a kiss."

"So the novice is good at it, huh?"

"You are no novice.  Maybe a novice with guys, but not a novice."  Jake grabbed me and kissed me hard again.

At this point, I was fully erect and his body brushed my dick.

"Damn, Erik, a bit excited?" Jake asked quickly.

"Just a bit. What's say you and I move all the stuff back up to the barn and take this indoors?  That is if you don't mind letting a novice explore a bit."

"I've been told I'm a pretty good teacher."

We loaded the coolers onto the ATV trailer and headed back to the barn.  About fifteen minutes later, he and I were standing at the entrance to my bedroom.  Jake looked nervous.  "Um...should we do this someplace else; I don't want to disturb Ryan."

"Don't worry about him; his room is on the other side of the house," I replied.  "How about a quick shower, I don't feel particularly fresh after being out in that heat.  You wanna go first?"

"Why don't we shower together," Jake responded. "Give you time to explore more."

I pulled Jake into the master bathroom and turned on the water.  "Give it a second; it takes a while for the hot water to get up here from the basement."  I pulled him to me and kissed him deeply while the water heated up.  Then he pulled me into the shower stall and we started soaping each other up.  At one point he dropped the soap and I burst out laughing as he stooped to pick it up.  He just smiled up at me, took his hands and filled them with water and used the water to rinse off my crotch.  He sank to his knees and started licking my freshly washed crotch.  He licked at my balls; he worked around the base of my dick.  Moments later I groaned as he took my dick all the way down to the base.  He worked my dick with his throat muscles and twirled his tongue around the head.  I quickly reached a point where my cum was about to rush down his throat.  I pulled him off my dick and up to me.  I hugged him tight.

"How about we slow this down a bit and move to the bed.  I'd like to experience things less rushed," I panted.

Jake grabbed a towel and started to dry himself and I pulled the towel away from him and did the honor.  I used the towel to explore his body slowly.  Once dry, he returned the favor.

I led him to the bed and kissed him deeply as our bodies dropped onto the covers.  We tangled our legs with one another as our hands explored each other fully.

"I don't know much about sex with men, but I'm a good student," I quipped.

"I'll do my best to be a good teacher," Jake replied.

He ran his tongue down my neck and circled my left tit.  He teased it, nibbled at it and otherwise made me lose my mind as he played with it.  He moved down to my bellybutton and ran his tongue in and out.  He was a master at turning me on by teasing my body parts.

I pushed up and flipped him onto his back.  I followed his lead and worked my tongue down his neck and onto his tit.  I nibbled at it, but I guess I was a bit too hard as Jake yelped a bit.  I eased back a bit and worked on his tit a bit more.  Finally, I moved my tongue down his body slowly playing here and there as I made progress to his cock.  When my tongue reached the base of his dick, I worked my tongue around it.  I was a bit apprehensive about moving up.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to," Jake softly stated.

"I want to, just going to take a bit of time getting there I guess."

I moved my tongue up his shaft and across the tip tasting a bit of his pre-cum.  Having gotten past it, I took the head of his dick into my mouth.  I worked slowly down the shaft, but I couldn't get too far down it.  I worked my mouth around the top of his shaft attempting to improve my skill.  Jake finally put his hands on my shoulders and lifted me off.

"Pretty good for a first time," he stated.


"Now, let me show you something else."

With that he flipped me over and put me onto my stomach.  He moved behind me and spread my ass cheeks.

"Um, Jake," I started.

"No worries, Dude, I'm not going to fuck you," he replied.

He slowly lowered his face to my ass and I felt his tongue move up and down the crack.  To say that it made me feel amazing is an understatement.  I was writhing from the feel of his tongue.

"Oh, fuck," I moaned.  "I can't believe the feeling."

With that Jake plunged his tongue deeper into my hole.  After a number of minutes, I pushed Jake off me and positioned him as he had me.  I worked my tongue tentatively over the top of his ass crack.  I spread his ass cheeks and worked my tongue down some.  Then I lifted up, spread his cheeks more and looked closely at his hole.  I rubbed my finger up and down his ass.

I pulled up and rolled him back over.

"So, Big Guy, you ready to try fucking a guy," Jake asked.

"Ummmm, well, ummm." To say I was flustered would be an understatement.  "I don't want to hurt you."

"Trust me, you've got a great sized dick, but I can handle it," Jake replied.

"Umm, I don't have a condom or lube," I stuttered.

Jake rolled over and grabbed his pants.  "Here ya go, Stud," he said as he handed me a condom and a small package of lube.  "`Always travel prepared' is my motto."

I unrolled the condom over my dick as Jake worked a finger with lube into his ass.  After my dick was covered and lubed, I took the lube back and worked more in with two fingers.  His ass was hot and tight.  I finally put the head of my dick against his hole and slowly pushed in, stopping as the full head was inside.  Jake looked up at me and smiled.  I slowly eased into his ass, amazed at the heat and tight fit.

"Fuck, that's one hot hole."

"Yeah, and it's ready for a royal fucking," Jake replied.

I bottomed out in his ass and stayed there to adjust.

"Come on, Stud, and let my ass have it."

I started pumping in and out, harder and harder.  I couldn't believe the feeling.  I fucked into his ass harder and harder.  I started edging towards cumming.

"Oh, fuck yeah," Jake moaned, "shoot that load deep in my ass."  He was jacking his dick as I pumped harder and hard into his hole.

"Fuck yeah," I howled as I shot into the condom and his hole.  Jake shot spurt after spurt of cum onto his chest.

I collapsed on top of him, cum matting to both our hairy chests.  My tongue traced his lips and then he opened up to kiss me.  We cuddled up and soon were snuggled up dropping off to sleep.  I woke up at about four a.m. and rolled over, waking Jake.

"I'd better head out to my tent," he stated.  "I don't want you to have to explain anything to Ryan or the other guys."

I smiled at him.  "Thanks, I will eventually talk to Ryan about this.  I'm just not prepared to talk to him this morning."

My experience with Jake changed me.  But more than the experience with Jake, it was the experience with all the guys that weekend.  I realized that a gay man wasn't the stereotype that media and people portrayed.  There were all sorts of gay men, just like there were of straight men.

I guess there are many ways that people come out to their family.  In my case, I was very straightforward with Ryan.  I sat him down one Sunday afternoon when the staff was gone and things were unusually quiet.  I told him that I loved him and wanted him to know some things about me that I had been keeping secret.  He looked worried.

"Ryan, you know I haven't been dating since your Mom left me."

He nodded, but kept quiet.

"Well, I have discovered over the last year that I'm gay.  I prefer men to women."

A look came over his face, not shock, no fear, just a weird look.

"OK, Dad.  I wondered.  After Nick and the guys were down last summer you seemed different.  You sure hit it off with that guy Jake.  Cool. "

Now I was shocked.  I'd expected more of a reaction.

"Any questions for me?"

"No, not really," he replied.  "Well, are you gonna tell anyone else?"

"Not at this time, I don't think.  I really don't think it is their business," I responded.

"True. I'll keep my mouth shut.  Probably easier -- no teasing at school about it or such."

"Yup, very true."

Other than that revelation moment, life stayed in its normal course.  I may have been out to my son, but to the rest of the world I was not.

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