Double Trails




Chapter 2

-- ERIK --

Nick and Matt came down to visit once in a while.  A smaller group of guys came down the next two summers for a weekend of riding, horseplay and splashing in the creek.

During all of this, Jake had moved to Nashville.  He had met someone and settled down.  I got a call from him in early October inviting me to a Halloween party at their place.  Ryan was adamant that I go.  I arranged things with the staff so that I could take a long weekend and enjoy.  Ryan would stay by himself at home, but staff would be there late and back early the next day, so I figured a fifteen-year old couldn't do too much damage in a short time.  Of course, I trusted him fully.

I booked a room at the Opryland Hotel on the eastern edge of the city and decided I'd try to enjoy as many of the sights as I could.  I got there late on Friday afternoon and checked in.  I spent most of Saturday going to the Grand Ole Opry and other Nashville points-of-interest.  After a quick bite to eat, I headed over to Jake's place for the party.  Gavin, Jake's partner, met me at the door, showed me where to hang my coat and commented on my "appropriate" costume.  I laughed and told him cowboy was easy for me.

A short time into the evening, I spotted this very striking younger guy across the crowded living room.  Tall, blond and sporting light facial hair he looked like he could be anywhere from sixteen to mid-twenties.  I knew there were no "children" at this party so I guessed he was twenty.  He caught me looking and I smiled.  A little later, I caught him looking and smiled back.  We played eye games from time to time, but both of us stuck to different groups of people for chatting.

The downstairs guest bathroom was occupied so I headed upstairs to find a place.  I finished up and slammed into the tall blond as he rounded the corner headed for the bathroom.  Helping him up, I looked deep into his eyes.  He smiled another killer smile and said, "Excuse me".

I stepped slightly aside, but kept my hand on his arm where it had landed in the collision.  He looked at me and said, "Sorry, I need to get in there or I'm gonna burst."

"Don't mind me," I responded.  "But I'm not letting go till I learn your name and a whole lot more about you."  I followed him into the bathroom and shut the door.  "If you want privacy, I'll face the other wall." With that I turned away from him, my hand never leaving his upper arm.

He laughed quietly and soon I heard piss hitting the bowl.  It was true; he would have burst considering the volume.  He cleaned up and we left of the bathroom.  He headed for the stairs, but I steered him towards the master bedroom.  I'd had the tour earlier and knew there was a small "sleeping porch" off the master.  As he sat down, I finally took my hand off his arm and he looked at me puzzled.

"OK, Handsome, I'm a direct kinda guy.  How about some details!"

Laughter overtook him at first.  "OK, I'm Trace, well actually Tracer, but everyone calls me Trace.  My Momma wanted Tracey, but my Dad wouldn't hear of it.  I'm single, work at a coffee shop and am of legal age.  I live in Memphis and came to the party with friends.  What about you."

I smiled at him, "Nice to meet you Tracer, I'm Erik.  I'm single, own a small horse farm in Virginia, and I am of legal age.  In fact, my son will be of legal age in only three years."

A look of shock spread across Tracer's face.  "You have a fifteen year old son?  You don't look old enough!"

"I was young, nineteen at the time and I'm thirty-four now to be exact."

"Darn, I don't know if I would be ready to be a father next year," he replied.

"Ah, so you're eighteen."

"Yeah, probably way too young for you..." he sped through.

"What insane place did you get that wrong idea from?" I laughed.

Our conversation continued.  I learned that he'd been thrown out of his house by his up-tight parents at sixteen when he came out of the closet.  He lived with a friend's family till he turned eighteen and then started working full time. He never finished high school and was now crashing in a friend's apartment, sleeping on the living room sofa while working at a coffee shop full-time.

I told him about the farm, Ryan and the horses.  We kept talking endlessly.  At one point, Jake showed up at the door.  "There you two are.  We were wondering what shameless, tawdry things you two must be up too."

"Just chatting actually," I responded.

"A shame," came Jake's quick retort.

"Y'all realize it is 1:30 a.m.?  Trace, your friend Scott is looking for you.  He and your friends are getting ready to head back to the hotel."

Tracer started to stand up and I flashed Jake an evil look.

"I'll leave you two be for a minute and tell Scott you are on your way down." Jake retreated quickly.

"Well, I guess I'm going to have to run.  It was great meeting you and getting to know you, Erik." Tracer looked about to cry.  "I'll give you my number so you can call."

I thought fast, "You hungry?  We never did get downstairs for food or drink."

"Yeah, actually, I am.  Guess I'll hit the snack machine at the EconoLodge."

"How about you and I find a twenty-four hour diner and get some real food.  We can chat some more and then I'll drop you off at your motel."

Tracer's face lit up brightly.  "Cool!"

We headed downstairs and Tracer went over to talk to Scott.  Scott looked to be mid-twenties and his face was not happy as Tracer told him our plans.  Scott was at my side quickly. "OK, how do we find you?  I'm not real comfortable you running off with Trace."

"Well, Scott.  I'm completely safe, but one sec."  I called Jake over.  "Will you vouch for me with Scott?  Tracer and I want to go find a diner for some food since we missed all your grub."

"He's a serial killer, a thug and a beast," Jake laughed.  "Seriously, Scott, he's a great guy and I've known him a while.  Trust me, Trace is safe with him."

I swapped cell phone numbers with Scott, grabbed Tracer and headed to my truck.  Jake had suggested a small place not too far away.  We ate and then had endless cups of coffee.

Finally, with my bladder about to burst I looked at Tracer and excused myself.

"Don't disappear," I stated.

"Don't leave me stranded," he retorted and grinned.

A few minutes later he took his turn.  I looked at the clock on the wall; it was almost six a.m.

"Getting tired?"  I asked.

"Not really, but I'm gonna have to be back at the motel soon.  Scott and the guys are planning to leave at nine a.m." Tracer shrugged.  "One of the guys has plans for the afternoon."

"Yup, I'm planning to head out after lunch.  Jake and Gavin are having me over and then I head home.  I should be there in time for dinner."

A long pause ensued.

"You like steak?" I asked.

"Yeah," Tracer responded, a puzzled look on his face.  "I haven't had a good steak in a long time."

I grabbed my cell phone and dialed.  "Hey, it's me. Sorry if I woke you, but figured you'd be up.  Yeah, the party was great.  Look can't talk for long.  I'll explain when I get home but prepare another steak for dinner."

With that Tracer's face looked completely confused.

"Yeah, company coming.  You'll see.  I love you, see you around six p.m.  Bye!"

I put the phone away and looked at Tracer, "OK, steak for dinner.  Call in sick for a few days and come visit the farm."

"How, how, how..." He stuttered.  "How do I get back to Memphis?"

"When you are ready to get back, I'll make sure you get there.  Someone can drive you or I can put you on a flight out of Tri-Cities to Memphis." I kept going.  "Ryan's a great cook and can do amazing things with steak.  Plus, I don't want to have to wait till my `next vacation' to learn more about you."

"Ummm. OK – hell if the coffee shop isn't happy, I can find a new one to work at," Tracer responded.  "But I do need to get to the hotel, explain things to Scott and get my stuff."

"Sure, let's head over now," I replied.

Scott was not a happy man when Tracer told him our plans.  Well, OK, "not happy" is an understatement.  Furious would be more like it.  He came storming out of the room and was about to tear into me, but I didn't let him start.

"Slow down," I said quietly.  "I'm not kidnapping him, forcing him or going to hurt him.  I invited him to visit my farm, have some good food, meet my son and have a chance to enjoy life for a few days.  Heaven knows life hasn't been easy for the boy since he came out."

I could see Scott winding down, but I didn't stop.  "I promised him that I would take care of getting him home and I'm a man of my word.  I will drive him, have a staff member drive him or fly him from Tri-Cities to Memphis when he's ready to come home.  Did he tell you about all the sex we had last night?"

The last sentence put a stunned look on Scott's face.  His voice grew to a full yell. "He said you hadn't had sex."

"We haven't - that's what I'm trying to say.  There is no pressure.  I truly like Tracer and want him to be happy.  In the few hours I've known him, he has made me happy and I want to get to know him better.  Living nine hours apart isn't going to make that easy.  This is one way for us to get a chance to know each other better."

Scott's steam was gone.  "OK, but if you hurt him in any way I will find you and kill you slowly."

"Trust me, that won't be necessary.  But I know you mean it and take it to heart.  Nice to know he's got a good friend."

We headed around to the Opryland Hotel, showered, changed and checked me out.  I took Tracer to lunch with Jake and Gavin.   Jake ribbed me during a private moment about moving fast with Tracer, but he smiled and told me he thought I'd made a great catch.  I just smiled in return.

After lunch we climbed into my truck and headed east for the drive to the farm.  As we crossed into Virginia my mind finally thought of one thing and a sense of dread filled me.  What would Ryan think of my bringing someone home?  Not only that – the fact that this someone was only three years older than him.  I guess Tracer sensed something had changed.

"Change your mind about this?" he asked.

"No.  Just thought about it and realized I should have talked to Ryan a lot more before just bringing you home.  But no use in worrying over what I should've done.  I'll just have to deal with whatever comes up."

"Worried that he won't like me?"

"No, more that he'll be mad at me for not telling him what's going on.  That call I made was cryptic and it was six a.m. when I called."

"True, but he sounds like a great guy.  I'm sure he'll trust you."

We chatted quietly about Ryan for the next two hours till I turned onto the road that led to the farm.  Then I got real quiet.  As I pulled the truck onto the dirt road leading back to the house, I finally had a thought.

"Tell you what; you walk around the farm a few minutes.  Let me go in and talk to Ryan; I'll call you in and introduce you - quickly I promise."

"No worries, Erik.  It will be fine from both sides," he reassured.

I walked into the house and Ryan was at the stove prepping dinner.

"So where's our guest?" he queried somewhat quietly.

"He's outside walking around.  I wanted to talk to you.  First and foremost, I wanted to apologize for not giving you more details.  I was just enjoying the morning, didn't want it to end and didn't think about you when I called."

"No problems, Dad.  It's not like I expect you to be celibate for the rest of your life.  If you want to bring a guy home that's your right."

"Well, I just want you to be comfortable too.  I love you too much to screw things up."

"So go get the guy and let's meet my Dad's new interest."

"One thing, Ryan.  He's a bit younger than me.  He's a great guy and I really like him."

"OK, Dad, no worries."

"Well, he's not much older than you and I wanted to prepare you so it's not a shock."

"Robbing the cradle, Dad?"

"Well, Ryan, his name is Tracer and he's eighteen.  So yeah, I guess I could be.  That is if we had done anything.  All we have done is chatted - a lot!"

A shocked look spread over Ryan's face.  "Thanks for the warning, Dad.  I think my jaw would have hit the floor if you hadn't warned me that he's only three years older.  Hey, I won't judge till I get to know him.  Call him in."

I walked over to the door and saw Tracer hovering around the truck looking a bit worried.  "Tracer, come on in."

He ambled over and walked in.  "Hi, I'm Tracer, I've heard a lot about you, Ryan."

"Howdy, Tracer, neat name.  It's nice to meet you.  I look forward to getting to know you better."

Ryan was piling on all the charm as he greeted Tracer and it made me happy.

"Dinner will be ready in a few.  Now that you two are home I'll get the steaks on and finish up the rest.  How do you like your steak, Tracer?"

"Medium sounds good, Ryan.  Thanks."

Ryan padded out of the house to get the steaks on the grill.

"See, all that worry for nothing, Erik.  He's really nice and very fuckin' hot like his Dad."

"Uh, oh.  Didn't think about losing you to my son."

"Not going to happen, Guy.  First, he's not legal.  Second, you're more my type.  So, no worries."

Dinner was nice with a good conversation going among the three of us.  Tracer and I explained our meeting, the night-long talk and the decision to come back to Virginia for a visit.  We finally pushed away from the table about nine p.m.  We all started yawning as we cleared the dishes.

"OK, Guys, I think it is time we all hit bed.  Ryan, you have school tomorrow.  I have to be up early for work.  Tracer, you can sleep in until you're rested and then I'll show you around.  Ryan, did you finish all your homework?"

"Of course, Dad.  I did it Friday night."

"OK, just checking."

As we headed upstairs, Ryan ducked into his room.  I turned to Tracer, "You know, we haven't chatted about this.  Do you want to stay in the guest room or my room?"

"As if you have to ask!  Of course I want to stay in the guest room.  I hear it's the height of luxury!"

Ryan who was now standing in his bedroom doorway burst into hysterics.

"No comments from the peanut gallery."

Ryan turned back into his bedroom, muttered, "Night guys" and closed his door.

"Night," we both echoed.  "Well?"

"You have to ask?  I've been looking forward to curling up next to you," Tracer replied.

Monday morning dawned way too early for me, but the life of someone living on a farm follows the old `early to bed' adage.  We don't have cows to milk or anything of that nature; however, there is a lot of work to maintaining horses and it seems to take more hours of a given day than are available.

Ryan was in the kitchen fixing breakfast.  I walked behind him and hugged him.  "Morning."

"Morning yourself, Dad.  You look a bit worn down from the weekend.  Don't overdo it today and get sick."

"I won't.  I promise.  But I do have a lot of things to catch up on.  I'm not used to being away from the place for more than a few hours.  You need a lift in to school today?"

"Naw, Jacob is going to swing by and pick me up on his way in."

"That's nice of him."

"Well, he's been trying to talk me into trying out for the baseball team next spring.  I keep saying no, but I'm willing to let him drive me to school for the price of listening to how great it would be if I did."

"Why don't you want to try out?  You're darn good at baseball and you know it."

"Dad, I don't want to have to deal with all the practices, games and other time involved.  I like playing, but that's fun.  Too many people get too caught up in the `winning' and stop having fun."

"Well, it is up to you.  We can make it work if you want."

With that, I heard a vehicle door slam shut out back.  I walked over to the back door and saw Jacob headed for the house.  I opened up and called out, "Jacob, you want some breakfast."

"No thanks, Mr. Chamberlain.  Mom fixed us a big breakfast this morning.  Thanks for asking."

"OK, well, come on in.  Ryan should be finished with breakfast in a minute or two."

"Did you play sports in school, Mr. Chamberlain," Jacob asked.

I could see where this was going.  "Yes, I played football all four years and my first year of college."

"Just your first year, Sir?" Jacob seemed surprised.

"Yes, I was at Tech my freshman year.  However, I transferred back home after my first year and did not play any longer."

Jacob looked puzzled and before I could continue, Ryan took over.  "Jacob my Dad transferred because my Mom was pregnant with me."

"Oh." Jacob continued, "Would you talk to Ryan about playing baseball?  Let him know how great it would be."

"Actually, Jacob, we did talk just before you got here.  I'll be glad to tell him more about my time on the team, but we've talked about it a lot.  Most importantly, it is his decision whether or not to play."

"OK, I'm ready," Ryan said as he grabbed his books and headed out the door.  "See you this afternoon, Dad."

"Later, Mr. Chamberlain!" Jacob hollered as he ran out the door.

The boys gone, I turned on the coffee maker and grabbed the pan Ryan had left.  I started a few strips of bacon and thought about the last seventy-two hours.  I had stood at this stove on Friday morning before heading out to Nashville.  Now, on Monday morning I had met someone who had started to change my world.  Only time would tell.

"Is that coffee I smell?" I heard from behind me.

"Yup, but I don't know if it will be up to the high standards set by your employer," I replied.

"You've never had our sludge.  I can't see how anyone would buy that crap.  Of course, most of the folks add so much sweet crap to their drinks that the taste of coffee-sludge is hidden."

I laughed, "OK, so no coffee from that store."  I handed Tracer a mug of coffee. "Cream is in the fridge; sugar is in that dish."

"I drink mine black and strong."

"You're up awfully early for someone that could sleep in all day."

"Well, I rolled over and you weren't there.  Realized I was in a strange bed.  That all got my brain rolling and it wouldn't stop.  Finally, I smelled coffee and that ended all thoughts of more sleep."

"Would you like some bacon, eggs, cereal?"

"No thanks, I'm a coffee guy in the morning.  Never have been big on breakfast in the morning."

"You stick around here long and that will change.  You need a lot of energy to get going and stay going all day long."

Tracer smile and moved over to the back windows.  "Wow, what a difference.  Memphis isn't a huge city, but it is a city.  How close is your nearest neighbor?"

"Well, the Pittston's place is about a mile to the left out of the driveway.  The Samuel's place is about two miles the other direction."

"Wow, you have that much land?" Tracer seemed impressed.

"Well, it's not all our land.  The farm is roughly three-quarters of a mile wide and a little less than a third of a mile deep.  The house sits on the middle of the farm.  The rest of the distance is their land and the position of their homes on their land."

"I knew one hundred fifty acres was a lot when you described it, but that makes it sound huge."

"It's a good bit of land, but horses need a lot of land to graze and run."

After breakfast we cleaned up and went out to the stables.  I'd promised Tracer a tour.

"The stable houses all the horses.  We expanded about three years ago when we started the rent-a-nag service.  The barn has been here a long time and takes a bit to maintain, but it houses all the feed and a lot of the equipment.  Other than those two buildings and the house, it's all just land.  Trails run out in each direction behind the buildings and weave through the land.  We have a large loop and a small loop, plus a few short-cuts.  There's a riding ring over there and we hope to add some other features later."

As we spoke, a pair of trucks started down the driveway.  As two guys got out of each truck, I spoke loudly, "Here are the lazy bums that work for me.  Tracer Klein, meet Hank Woodrow, Marty Neilson, Randy Wright and Ezra Smith.  Guys this is Tracer, he is going to be visiting for a while."  The introductions went around and I led Tracer to the office as the guys got to work.  "I also have a weekend crew that does most of the rent-a-nag work.  In the summer we have more folks coming through for riding, so I have more part-timers in to cover the work."

"I didn't realize you'd have so many people around."

"Well, it takes a lot to keep a place running smoothly.  In addition to all the stable hands, I have a part time bookkeeper/office manager that comes out a few times a week to keep my finances going and my paperwork to a minimum."

"It's a good life and it keeps me healthy and busy.  Fresh air, hard work – you know the drill."

"I do need to get a little work done.  If you want to wander around feel free, the house stays unlocked pretty much all the time.  I never added a kitchen out here so everyone goes in there for coffee, soda, lunch, etc.  So stay decent on the main floor."

"Um, Erik, I need to do some laundry.  I'm wearing what I wore when we drove out on Saturday and the I only change of clothing  I have is what I wore yesterday."

"No problem, laundry room is in the basement.  After Ryan gets home from school, I'll send you two over to Belks to get a few more outfits.  I don't want you to have to do wash every day.  Plus, I don't think you want to be wearing those party clothes every other day either."

"Erik, I really don't have the cash to go buy a lot of clothing."

"No worries.  I inconvenienced you by not letting you go home.  Least I can do is dress you well while you're here."

"Feed me, dress me, snuggle with me, what all do you get out of this?"

"Well, I do enjoy the snuggling part.  But most importantly, I enjoy being around you.  Relax and enjoy your vacation.  Don't worry about it.  I'm going to be busy until lunch time.  Then maybe we can see about getting you up on a horse if you want.  Do your laundry and watch some TV or feel free to walk around the farm.  Not a whole lot else to do around here - sorry."

"No problems, I'm used to making my own fun and watching TV works for me.  I'll get my laundry done.  What time is lunch and I'll fix some stuff for you."

"We usually stop around noon and eat.  The guys bring their own lunch, which they stuffed in the bottom of the fridge.  I usually just eat whatever leftovers we have."

"OK, I'll make sure there's some food out at noon then."

I smiled at him and he turned to head back into the house.  The `what do I get out of this' worried me.  I knew that the age and money difference could raise an issue.  It was just one thing I'd have to work out as time went by.

Having been gone for three days, I needed to resolve more than a few things.  My staff was very competent and in most cases needed me for little, but as the owner there were some things only I could decide.  Focused on work, I put all other concerns out of my mind and stayed busy.  A little before noon Hank called to me while I was in the hay loft reminding me it was time for lunch.  As I got to the barn, door I noticed all the guys headed for the house.  When I got to the door, the guys were all standing in front of me blocking the view of the kitchen.  The view might be blocked, but the smells weren't.

On a cold November day, the spread Tracer had put out on the table was welcome.  A big pot of soup and steaming hot grilled sandwiches sat on the table while I whiffed a fresh pot of coffee.

"Damn, Erik, you should have visitors more often if they are going to have lunches ready for us like this," Marty stated.

"Dig in, Guys, don't let the food get cold," Tracer said as he motioned us to the table.  "Coffee everyone?"  A series of grunted "Yes" responded to him over the sounds of five hungry guys chowing down.  Tracer presented a series of five mugs of piping hot coffee to us.  "Cream and sugar are there on the table."

After the last bite of food was cleaned off the plates and the pot was completely empty, the guys thanked Tracer for the great food and headed back outside.

"You didn't really have to do that," I stated.

"I know and I know you probably don't feed the guys lunch, but I wanted to do something to feel useful around here.  More than just keeping you happy in bed!"

I chuckled, "Well, you do that well, but I do appreciate what you did.  There is nothing better to get in good with the guys than feeding them.  Their lunches can sit in the fridge till tomorrow.  Changing the subject, ready to go riding?  I'm going out to the back of the property to check out the fencing and survey the trails a bit."

"I told you, I've never been on a horse before."

"No problems, I've got the perfect mare for you.  Remember, we run a rental so I've got horses available for all skill sets from first time rider to experienced professional."

I led Tracer out to the stable, got the tack on my horse and then demonstrated how everything went on for him.  I took the time to explain everything to him so he could learn.  If he was going to stick around for very long he would need to learn everything about horses.  "Keep hold of the reins, but leave them loose.  She's a good horse and knows to follow the leader.  You shouldn't have to do anything this time."

We rode out and headed up the west trail.  The day was clear and cold.  We got to the back of the property and I led us along the fence line.  I stopped after a while and circled back to Tracer.  "Well, how are you doing?"

"Good, no nerves," Tracer giggled.  "Well, maybe a little nerves.  But she is a gentle horse to ride.  So what's got your attention?  You have been staring at the fence for the last five minutes."

"We have nearly three miles of fencing on the property, about six miles of trails and other features that need maintenance.  During the fall and winter, we survey everything and make notes where we need to make repairs or improvements.  Depending on the weather, we do it now or in the early spring.  The rental business is slow now, so I can keep my weekend staff busy on maintenance."

"Sounds smart and efficient.  Then you don't have to lay off folks during the winter."

"Correct.  I like to keep my staff on all the time.  Some of the younger ones go part-time and the ones that leave for college only work in the summer.  Works out for the best for everyone involved."

After checking the section of the fence, we headed back to the stable and took care of the horses.  Ryan came in and I asked him to ride over to Belks with Tracer to get some clothing.  "Feel free to pick up a few things for yourself if you need," I added.  "Tracer can drive y'all over in the red truck."

They were gone about two hours by which time the staff had left and I had pretty much closed things down for the evening.  I was prepping some dinner when they walked in with a few bags.  "So, what all did you get?"

Ryan answered, "I got a new pair of jeans, a couple flannel shirts and some socks."

"I got a couple pair of jeans, a few shirts, some underwear and socks."

"I'm sure you both look great in them.  You want some dinner?"

The week continued fairly uneventfully.  Tracer started helping out around the farm, winning friends among my staff.  He bonded with Ryan like a brother.  Ryan actually started calling him "Bro".  Of course, I was falling for him.  I really didn't want the week to come to an end.

Thursday night, I was curled up next to Tracer; his right hand was rubbing up and down my chest.  "So, do you want me to take you back to Memphis on Saturday or Sunday?"

"Well, I guess Saturday would be better – that way you can drive back on Sunday."

Tracer rolled over slightly and rose up on one arm.  He wasn't smiling.

"What's wrong, Tracer?"  I asked.  "You don't seem too happy."

"I've really had a great time and don't want it to end."

I sat up and faced him.  "You don't want it to end?  Meaning you don't want to go back to Memphis?"

"Well, yeah.  More importantly - I don't want to lose you and Ryan."

"OK."  I lay back down on the bed.  I rolled over and snuggled up with him.

"Ummm... Erik, what did you mean by that?"

"I meant, OK."

This time Tracer sat up and faced me directly.  "Erik, you need to explain what you mean better."

"I meant, OK, you don't want to go back to Memphis – then you'll stay here.  Instead of taking you back to Memphis to live, I'll take you back to Memphis to get your stuff and move you here."

A tear welled up in Tracer's eye.  I moved my hand up to wipe it away.  With that electric touch, Tracer bent down and kissed me deeply.  He rubbed his hands over my chest, playing with both the hair and my nipples.  He lowered his head a bit and took my left nipple into his mouth, sucking lightly then nibbling on it a bit.  It was one of the most erotic moments in my life I think.  Not from what was being done, but from who was doing it.  He moved over me more and up on all fours, worked his tongue around my chest and stomach.  Tracer pushed my right arm up and started devouring my pit.  "Fuck, Erik, you taste great."

"I'm sure I'm a bit rank, I don't use a lot of deodorant and I haven't showered since this morning."

"Naw, you taste great.  That's the thing; I taste you, not some other fragrance.  All I taste is one-hundred-percent Erik musk!"

After cleaning my right pit with his tongue, Tracer moved over to my left and swabbed it thoroughly with his tongue.  After a few minutes he moved slowly down my chest; his tongue darted from one place to another.  During all this I was able to rub his back, stroke his head, but he was moving too much for me to do much more.  After lingering at my belly button a moment he moved down and ran his tongue around the base of my dick.  As his tongue traveled up my shaft I moaned deeply.

"Feels good, huh.  Well hold on, Mister," Tracer paused to say.  Next thing I know his lips were at the base of my dick and his throat muscles were milking my dick.  I was amazed at how fast he deep-throated my seven inches.  As I felt my balls tighten and my dick about to explode, I reached down and pulled him off.  "OK Stud, I don't want to cum that fast.  My turn to do some things to you, though I'm sure I don't have your skill."

I laid him out flat on his back and matched his tongue workout on my nipples to his nipples.  I spent a lot of time working through the dense blonde fur around them to really make them feel good.  From the grunts and squirms I could tell I was doing something right.  As I shifted, I bumped into his rock hard dick and knew his nips must be directly wired to his dick.  I moved over and licked on his left pit a bit; the taste of his musk drove me wild.  My hands worked up and down his chest as I moved back and forth from one pit to the other making sure I cleaned up every ounce of that musk.

I did my own personal variation and rolled him over onto his stomach.  I licked down his hairy back and made it to his ass crack.  When I had been with Jake I'd been very timid about licking his crack.  As my tongue pushed into Tracer's crack the flavor drove me deeper and deeper.  Very quickly, my tongue was working up and down his hole.

I lifted my head from his ass crack.  "Talk about one-hundred percent Tracer musk; fuck if I could bottle and sell this stuff I'd be rich."  With that I drove my tongue back into his ass crack and worked up and down vigorously.  Tracer started pushing back on my tongue and it would periodically slip into him more.  I could feel his ass opening for me.

"Erik, fuck me, NOW!"

I didn't respond.  I lifted up and reached over to the nightstand.  Earlier in the week I'd bought a small box of condoms and some lube hoping this night might come.  I pushed on Tracer's arm, trying to roll him over.  "I want to stare into your eyes while we fuck, Tracer."  I rolled the condom onto my rock-solid dick and worked some lube over it fully.  Tracer took the lube bottle and used some fingers to work lube into his hole.  I looked down at him. "Ready lover?"

"Yes, lover, I want your dick in me deep!"

I pressed in slowly, and Tracer's ass yielded.  My dick slid into him easily, but his ass gripped me tightly.  I knew I wasn't his first, but I was amazed at how well he took my dick.  When I reached bottom I stopped for a moment and felt his feet on the small of my back struggling to pull me into him deeper.

"You're gonna have to let those feet loose if you want me to really fuck you."  I was staring deep into his eyes.  His feet went loose and I pulled nearly all the way out.

"Oh, fuck yeah man; long dick my hole.  That hole is yours to fuck, Erik."

"I'm moving in, Boy."

"Come on, Erik, fuck me hard.  I'm built for it Man.  Fuck me!" Tracer was getting loud.

I started really pounding his hole while our shared passion was getting louder.  "Damn, Tracer, I'm gonna shoot."

"Do it, Man, I'm gonna shoot with you."

Cum shot out of Tracer's dick and covered his chest, his face and the pillow behind his head.  As he shot, his ass spasmed around my dick and I shot.

Tracer called Scott Friday morning and let him know he was moving.  As protective as Scott was of Tracer, I was surprised how well he took it.  I didn't listen to the call and Tracer was on the phone for over an hour.  He let Scott know that we would be coming to pick up his stuff the following weekend.  Finally, he called the coffee house and let them know he wasn't coming back.

The next Monday morning, I contacted the high school principal regarding GED testing.  He put me in contact with a local preparation center as well as the place that held the test.  When I told Tracer my plans he gave me a funny look.

"Look, I know things were rough.  I know you claim you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but having a high school diploma or equivalent is important for getting ahead in the world.  Just humor me and do it."

"Just what I wanted to do, study and take a test," Tracer replied a bit sarcastically.

Ryan walked in on us just in time to hear Tracer whine.  "Hey, at least you only have to finish a short course and one test.  I have two more years to go."

"Well, there is that."

"I'll help you study if you want, Tracer," Ryan continued.

I was glad to see them getting along so well.  I had been concerned that Ryan would be jealous or that in some way they wouldn't click.  Ryan did help Tracer with his studies and as the spring continued he took the lead on teaching Tracer to ride a horse.

Tracer was concerned about working on the farm and what the staff might think.  I looked at him and was blunt.  "You have fit in well so far and kicking off their experience with you by feeding them so well was a great start."

"Well, there is that, but that doesn't translate to `Welcome to the team!' all that easily.  I know, we explained things as a working vacation to date.  Now that I'm not leaving how do you explain things?"

"I don't.  I'm the boss and what I say goes.  If any of them have a problem with your working here they can go find a new job.  But these are good folks and they aren't going to say a word."

"Well, how do we explain me to them?  I mean, how are they gonna feel about the boss' new boy-toy working with them."

"First off, you're not my boy-toy; you're my boyfriend.  Second, we don't have to mention any of that to them.  They know you're a visitor at my – our - house and they haven't dug any deeper than that."

"I don't want to cause you any trouble or lose you any employees," Tracer sounded really concerned.

"I'm not worried about it.  You're a hard worker and I find plenty of work to keep you busy.  Trust me, they will see it as a positive, having more help around here full time."

"OK, so how does this work between you and me?  I mean boyfriends and boss/employee - that's going to be difficult."

"There is that, but I doubt it will be any harder than Ryan and I.  Now as to how much you get paid."

Tracer looked startled, "Umm... I'm living with you, eating your food, you're buying my clothing; don't you think that is enough?"

"There is that; however, I think we can work something out like I do with Ryan.  I'll pay you like I pay him during the summer when he works full-time.  Let's say $350 a week for starters.  As you gain experience, we will see about increasing that.  I'll have Mary add you to the health insurance, but that won't take effect until December 1st."

"Erik, $350 is a lot of money.  Hell, that is almost four times my salary at the coffee shop, although with tips it's probably only double what I make."

"One downside is that this is a much more physical job and of course you get to help clean out the stalls!" I laughed.

Tracer looked startled again, "Just want I always wanted to do; shovel shit!" and laughed.

Monday morning, I talked to Randy who managed the stables and assigned the work each day.  "Look, I know you want a newbie like you want an extra leg on your horse.  I'm sure he'll do his best to do whatever work you assign him.  Don't go easy on him just because he's my friend."

"No worries on that, Boss," he replied.  "I'll let him do all the work.  Seriously, he was pretty helpful last week.  If nothing else, I'll put him in the kitchen to make lunch each day!" A huge grin spread over Randy's face.

"Yup, I figured that," I teased back.  "You'll put up a hammock and sleep all day except when he calls you for lunch, won't you."

I checked in on Tracer a couple times the first day and as expected I found him cleaning out stalls early in the morning.  Later in the day I found him and Randy inspecting the horses' shoes.

Mid-afternoon, Ryan started to blow through my office heading out for the beginning riding class.  He and one other employee taught ten youngsters how to ride three days a week.

"How was school?"

"Good, same ole stuff, different day."

"Any major homework?" I queried.

"Naw, usual stuff," he replied.

He was half out the door at that point.  About fifteen minutes after that, I heard the door to the offices open.  I looked up to see Randy and Tracer walking in.  They were laughing heartily as they entered.  I looked them up and down and my initial thought was they'd been fighting.

"What the hell happened to you two," I asked, somewhat concerned.

"Well, we were putting a new shoe on Scout.  Things were going along as usual when something spooked him.  He kicked and threw me one direction while slamming Tracer into the stall wall.  Next thing I knew we were both down and Scout was thrashing about."

"That's pretty serious Guys.  Why the laughter?" I was puzzled.

"Well, you had to be there for the whole thing," Tracer interjected.  "Let's just say that it was an unusual item that spooked poor Scout."

I looked puzzled but decided not to inquire further. "Nothing broken I hope."

"Naw, we're fine," Randy answered.

"Who cares about you two?  Is Scout OK?" I said grinning widely.

Both guys burst into laughter again.  After that first day, Tracer never had any real problems fitting in with the staff.  His hard work and naturally pleasant personality helped him fit in well.

That Friday, I was supposed to leave with Tracer to pick up his belongings in Memphis and bring them back.  With a nine-hour drive each way, Saturday was to be the day of packing and saying goodbye to friends.  As Friday approached, I could tell Tracer was a bit down about leaving Memphis.

"Are you comfortable with the move, Tracer?  I'm not trying to push you into something you don't want to do."

"It's not that at all, Erik.  It's just saying goodbye to all my friends.  You know, leaving folks behind and such."

"Well, don't think of it as goodbye.  Think of it as see you soon.  Or come visit me at the farm.  Or I'll be back in Memphis soon to visit.  All of those are viable options."

"I can invite them to come to your place?" Tracer seemed concerned.

"You can invite them to come to our place," I replied.  "Get this through your head; this is your home if you want it to be."

"I want it to be!"

"Good, then remember this is OUR place."

"OK, OK, I'll insert it into that dense place!"

Thursday evening, I got a call from one of my regular customers.  He had previously purchased a number of different horses from us and paid top dollar for top quality.  He was going to be "in the neighborhood" and wanted to come around Saturday to select a new mare.  As we worked out the details, I forgot about my trip plans.  Once I had hung up the phone it hit me like a ton of bricks.  As quickly as the predicament hit me, I realized the solution.  I called both Ryan and Tracer into the kitchen.

"OK guys, here's the deal.  Mr. Johannessen will be here Saturday to review and hopefully purchase a mare.  If we're lucky, he may pick up more than one horse.  I can dream at least.  Tracer, you've probably never heard us mention him, but Mr. Johannessen is one of our all-time best customers.  The problem is that I can't go with you this weekend to Memphis." With that said, Tracer's face dropped.  "But, I have a plan.  Instead of you and me going, you and Ryan will go.  I'll call in for Ryan on Friday, you two can head out early.  Saturday and Sunday you can pack up and show Ryan the sights.  Then drive back on Monday.  Ryan, call Jacob and tell him you'll need to get all the assignments you are going to miss so you can catch up when you return."

"Cool," was Ryan's only comment.

"I hope that's OK with you, Tracer," I added.

"Yeah, that will be cool.  Instead of introducing my `old man' to everyone I can introduce my `young stud' to everyone.  I'll be `jail-baiting'!"  That said, Tracer threw his arm around Ryan's shoulders and pulled him tight.

Ryan looked only a bit uncomfortable.  But he smiled bravely.  I laughed.

"Yeah, now who is the `chicken hawk'?"

"Hey, at least he's only three years younger.  Seriously Ryan, I'll show you around and let you meet my buddies.  Shame we can't sneak you into the clubs the way they did for me.  But I'm sure we'd get into huge trouble if we tried.  I'll take you to Graceland and to see the ducks at the Peabody."

"Ducks?" Ryan was obviously as puzzled as I was.

"The Peabody Hotel in downtown has these ducks which are historic.   Generations of ducks have lived on the hotel roof and each day they come down and swim in the fountain of the hotel lobby to entertain the guests.  They have been there for like 60 years."

Ryan grinned, "Cool."

Friday morning, the boys headed west in the Dodge Ram with the Leer truck cap on the back.  I figured if it rained on their way back the cap would keep Tracer's stuff dry.  After that weekend, Tracer and Ryan truly became brothers at least to themselves.

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