Double Trails




Chapter 3

-- TRACER --

What a change, only two weeks ago I was sleeping on a couch at a friend's house and working at a coffee house.  No future, no place to go.  Now, I, Tracer Kevin Klein, am living with a wonderful guy and his son on a farm in southwestern Virginia.  I'm stunned that he is as taken with me as he appears to be.

I was more stunned when Erik let me drive the truck to Memphis.  He suggested that Ryan take his place on the trip to get my stuff.  He trusted me with his truck and with his son.  I guess my self-confidence wasn't particularly high.  Two years of living off the generosity of others had been rough; I called myself the `mooch of Memphis'.  The one thing I didn't want was to become the `mooch of Virginia'.

Ryan and I chatted casually as we drove across Tennessee.  While we had gotten to know each other a bit over the nearly two weeks I'd been on the farm, there was a lot that we still didn't know about each other.  Ryan talked about growing up with his Dad.  He spoke of the faint memories of the woman who bore him.  Never once did he call her his mother.  He didn't seem angry or upset about her actions; quite the opposite, he seemed sympathetic.

"Ryan, I'm glad you don't hold a lot of ill will towards her.  Those feelings can really mess up your head."

"Well, I've had over eleven years to deal with it.  Plus, this is the life I know.  I was only four when she left so I really don't know much about a two-parent family.  Dad has been a great parent and I've never felt deprived having only him around.  What about you?  I know you've been gone from home for a couple years.  Are you comfortable talking about it?"

I drove in silence for a mile or two.  "Well I guess I should share.  I have told your Dad some of it, but I can share some of it with you, too, so you can understand me better.  Mom and Dad are good people - loving, caring and devoted to their kids.  But at the same time, they are very narrow-minded when it comes to a lot of things.  Part of it is the small-town mentality that I'm sure you experience."  I could see Ryan nod out of the corner of my eye.  "Part of it is a lack of intelligence.  No, that isn't right.  My parents are smart. Maybe `worldliness' is better.  They see things through a very narrow set of eyes."

Quiet prevailed in the car for a few moments and then I continued. "I grew up in Hollow Rock, a small town about halfway between Nashville and Memphis.  It's a small town, under a thousand people total.  Quiet and rural, it is a nice place to grow up.  We lived in a small house on the edge of town.  I'm the oldest; my brother Patrick is sixteen now, and Will is fifteen.  I'd been a bench warmer on the Central High baseball team my sophomore year and I got average grades."

I continued, "Near the end of my sophomore year a new family moved in down the street.  Their oldest boy Tucker was nearly 18 and really hot.  I didn't think of him as `hot' at first.  Actually, I was just jealous of how masculine and good-looking he was.  He finished his senior year out at Central, but as he started so late in the year he didn't make a lot of friends.  I was the exception, I guess.  We got to be good friends at school and that summer he and I hung out a lot.  He would drive us over to Kentucky Lake to swim or over to Natchez Trace State Park to hike.  We had a lot of fun together."

I paused a few minutes, collected my thoughts and went on, "I realized that I was developing a crush on him.  How I went from a high school boy who thought he was into girls to one that was falling for a guy – well that wasn't an overnight thing.  Even after things with Tucker, I wasn't clear on it all.  That took more time."

"I won't bore you with too many more details.  Let's just say that on one camping trip we ended up fooling around together and that started things.  The stupid part was when he was over one Saturday and we thought nobody was around.  We started messing around in my bedroom.  My Dad walked in on us, Tucker scrammed fast, Dad whipped the tar out of my ass, and then threw me out of the house.

I stayed at Tucker's house a couple nights to let things cool down.  When I tried to approach the house one day, my Dad told me I wasn't welcome.  He didn't want me to corrupt my brothers.  That weekend Tucker drove me over to Memphis and introduced me to Scott.  I got an after-school job at the coffee shop, not that I was going to school, and worked full-time in the summers.  The owner knew my story, but he couldn't risk having me work during school hours.  When I turned eighteen I went full-time at the coffee shop.  That's the story."

Ryan was turned a bit in the passenger's seat looking at me.  I thought I saw tears welling up in his eyes.  He started, "Have you tried to contact your family since?"

"No.  My Dad's word is final in the house.  Neither my mother nor my brothers would dare go against what he said.  Actually, until the day he whipped my ass I wouldn't have done it either."

About an hour after we passed through Nashville, I asked Ryan if he'd mind a detour.  He agreed and I headed up to US Route 70 and then west across Kentucky Lake.  A short time later I turned onto Seminary Street and we passed the town sign for Hollow Rock.

"My folks and my brothers still live here as far as I know.  I'm gonna swing by the house and drive by slowly.  I just want to look.  I won't stop."  I made a turn and drove down a quiet street.

"Why don't you stop and talk?" Ryan asked.

"Ryan, my Dad made it perfectly clear that I'm not welcome in his home and that I must stay away from my brothers.  Someday I will contact Patrick and Will, but not today; not till they are old enough to make decisions without Mom and Dad."  I drove very slowly by the house.  Nothing had really changed.  It was a little after three when we drove down the street and I saw Patrick and Will walking home from the bus stop with a group of their friends.

After I'd turned back out onto US 70 and was getting back up to speed, Ryan spoke quietly, "Those were your brothers weren't they?"

Tears were streaming down my face, "Yeah."

Ryan reached over and stroked my shoulder, comfort that I sorely needed.  We drove on in silence for quite a long time.  He never moved his hand.

As we approached Memphis out on I-40, Ryan finally broke the silence.  "So, I never asked where we are staying."

"Your Dad got us a reservation at a Holiday Inn near the airport.  That way we aren't too far from Scott's.  Plus, then we aren't too far from Graceland and all the sights of Memphis."

"I want to see the ducks," Ryan chuckled.  "It just seems funny to have ducks inside a fancy hotel."

"Well, for the Peabody, the ducks are a huge tradition.  Plus the hotel restaurant won't serve duck because of it.  I think I mentioned they've had the ducks there on staff for like sixty years now."

"Yup, still seems weird to me," Ryan finished.

We got checked in about five p.m. and started unpacking.  I turned to Ryan, "You want a shower before dinner?"

"Ya, I feel nasty after nearly nine hours in that truck.  It'll get rid of some of the stink too."

"OK, you first; I'll call Scott while you're in the shower."  I used the hotel phone to call and confirm with Scott that we would be over Saturday morning.  I hadn't told him that Erik hadn't come and Scott told me he was going to fuss with Erik for stealing me away.  I chuckled and kept the change in companions to myself.

Ryan came out of the bathroom with a towel partially over his head.  It was the first time I'd really seen him naked.  He had a great build for a fifteen-year-old – lean, muscular, and nicely developed.  The thing I found odd was that he didn't have a lick of hair on his chest or abs.  He caught me staring.

"What? What did I do?" Ryan asked.

"Nothing, I was just noticing how little hair you have, considering how hairy your Dad is."

"Well, Dad says I took after my Mom's side of the family on that one.  I'm the first Chamberlain man in a long time to be smooth I guess."

"Gotcha.  Well, let me go get my shower.  Then we will head out for some dinner."

I came out a short while later with a towel wrapped around my waist.  Ryan was watching the local news.  He had dressed in a new pair of jeans and a nice dress shirt.  He looked handsome.  I quickly dressed in my new jeans and a flannel shirt.  I thought I cleaned up nicely.  "Ryan, you ready for some of the best barbeque you've ever eaten?"

"Sure, I've never met a rib I didn't like!"

We drove over to Neely's in East Memphis and gorged ourselves on ribs and sides.  I think we both needed a forklift to move us away from the table.  Ryan was definitely lucky the farm kept him so active, because the way he ate he would be huge otherwise.

After dinner I drove Ryan down to the banks of the Mississippi River for a walk.  Then we headed back to the hotel and crashed.  It had been a long day with all the driving.

Saturday morning dawned and we went over to Scott's to pack up my gear.  There wouldn't be much to pack, a few pair of jeans, some shirts, and junk.  I put all my uniform shirts for the coffee shop in a bag; we would drop them by later and give them to a co-worker.

When we got to the apartment door, Scott answered.  He grabbed me and hugged me hard.  "Dude it's been weird not having you around.  I'm gonna miss you something awful."  His eyes looked up and beyond me.  "Who's the little hottie?"

"That, Scott, is my stud, Ryan."

Scott looked at me puzzled.  Then Ryan and I cracked with laughter.  "Ryan, I'd like to introduce you to Scott.  Scott, meet Ryan Erik Chamberlain.  If you haven't figured it out from the names, Ryan is Erik's son.  Wipe the drool from your chin; he's not legal, yet!"

"Hey, I can appreciate a male beauty even if I can't touch.  Ryan, it's nice to meet you."

"Likewise, Scott, it is nice to meet at least one of Tracer's friends.  Though I wonder how you survived as a friend!"

I gave Ryan an evil look.  Scott and Ryan burst into laughter.

Scott had most of my stuff neatly packed up and was able to help us load everything in the truck.  Scott decided to tag along with us as we went to Graceland.  I think he just wanted to drool over Ryan a few hours longer.  We did the full tour of the house, his airplanes and all the other things.  We all giggled at the comments of the die-hard fans as they looked at the furnishings of the house.  What might have been elegant or fancy when the house was decorated now looked tacky and scary to us.  We dropped Scott off at his place after the tour and I hugged him a lot.  He agreed to hang with us on Sunday afternoon.

We ran back to the hotel to clean up for Saturday evening.  I had contacted a few friends and we were going to head down to Beale Street.  Ryan was too young to hit most of the best gay clubs.  Hell, I was too, but that had never stopped me before.  Instead, we opted for a good place to listen to some good blues and eat a nice dinner.  I passed on an invitation from Erik and myself to all of my friends to visit us on the farm.  Ryan echoed the invitation.  From the looks of a few of my friends I think a visit was assured just so they could drool some more.

Sunday morning, I decided to splurge.  I'd gotten my last pay check from the coffee shop when we dropped off the uniform shirts.  So we dressed in our best jeans and nicest shirts and I took Ryan for brunch at the Peabody.  I made sure we were downstairs in the lobby about ten minutes before eleven.  I wanted us to get a good spot to watch the ducks.  As always, right at eleven the red carpet was rolled out and the ducks waddled from the elevator up to the fountain and went to work.  Their work of course was to entertain the guests by swimming in the fountains.  Ryan was really tickled by the whole scene.

That afternoon, Scott met up with us and we took Ryan to see the Lorraine Motel and the National Civil Rights Museum.  Ryan had put the motel high on his list of sights to see, having studied about the death of Dr. King and the civil rights movement in school.  Sunday night the three of us went to Rendezvous Ribs for more Memphis barbeque.   Even Scott commented on how much Ryan could pack away.  Scott headed home and we returned to the hotel for an early night.  Monday morning we took off before sunrise.

As we passed the exit for Hollow Rock, I started to get a bit knotted up inside.  Ryan must have sensed this and he started, "Tracer, do you want to drive by one more time?  It is early so would your brothers be out at the bus stop?"

"They might be, but as much as I want to see them I don't want to get them into any trouble."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, things will happen in time."

We stopped for lunch a bit before noon at a truck stop west of Knoxville.  We were making good time.  I'd had the cruise control set about five miles over the speed limit as I didn't want a ticket.

After lunch, we continued on into Virginia and towards the farm.  We'd been silent a while, pretty talked out I guess.  I started, "It will be good to be home."

"Tracer," Ryan started quietly "do you realize you called the farm home?  That makes me happy that you consider it home."

"Yeah, I know it has only been two weeks.  The two of you have made me feel so welcome, so loved.  It is the first time I feel like I've had a home in over two years."


We unloaded all my stuff – Erik had made room in his closet for it.  After all my stuff was put away Erik got an odd look on his face.  "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking about something.  I'll explain later."

I decided not to pursue the issue.  Erik had made dinner and I helped him clean up while Ryan caught up on his class work.  Erik filled me in on the weekend.  Mr. Johannessen had selected one of the top mares and paid handsomely for her.  She would have to be delivered to his stables in eastern North Carolina later in the week.

"Have you had enough traveling lately or do you want to run over to Ahoskie with me on Thursday?  It will take us about seven hours to get there and I'm going to see if we can make it back in one day.  I'm thinking if we head out about five a.m. we can be there by noon.  I figure an hour for drop off and then back here by eight p.m.  Of course, it means taking turns driving and maybe some power naps in the truck."

"That sounds like an aggressive drive," I responded.  "But I'd rather ride with you than clean the stalls."  I grinned big with that.

That night as I lay in bed, Erik was spooned up behind me.  With his arms wrapped around me tightly I felt a sense of security I hadn't felt in several years.  It had been a long day for both of us and I drifted off into pleasant dreams.

Tuesday morning, I got the fun assignment of cleaning out the stalls and putting down fresh hay.  I guess having been away for four days meant I would get all the fun jobs.  That afternoon, Randy called me over to continue my lessons.  He was in charge of teaching me everything I needed to know.  I was really surprised when he led me into the house and sat down in the den.

"OK, let's get all the background out of the way.  The more you understand about horses the easier it will be to teach you."

I just sat quietly and listened.  Randy explained that all the horses on the farm were American Quarter Horses, something Erik explained to me when we met.  Something I hadn't known was that the name was derived from the fact that they were truly an American breed and that at distances of a quarter-mile or less they were the fastest breed around.  He continued telling me that most of the horses that were sold were either for rodeos or ranch work.  Some folks did like them for "English" riding events.  The horses at maturity ranged from fourteen to sixteen hands high; that's fifty-six to sixty-four inches tall.

"Umm... Randy those horses are all taller than me.  That doesn't make sense."

"No Tracer, the height is measured to the withers.  The withers are a point on the shoulder blades of the horse.  I'll show you when we head out to the stable."

Randy continued describing the history and basics of the American Quarter Horse.  He explained how the farm was a member of the American Quarter Horse Association.  This provided the farm, as breeders, access to resources including all sorts of testing, insemination practices and more.  My head was spinning when we were done.  I have to admit though that all the information Randy provided during the "den" sessions Tuesday and Wednesday gave me a lot of background that helped me learn the business.

Thursday morning we were up and out the door early.  Erik and I had attached the trailer to the Dodge Ram dualie the night before.  The wider back axle and double-tire configuration of the dualie made it ideal for pulling the horse trailer.  We loaded the mare and were on the road before six a.m.  I curled up against the passenger's door and was sound asleep in minutes.  As a city boy, I still wasn't completely used to the early night/early morning schedule.  When I woke up, I turned to Erik. "So where are we?"

"Well, good morning again, Sleepyhead.  We are just east of Mount Airy headed for Winston-Salem.  I figured we could stop and get some food once we get near the city."

"Food sounds good.  It was too damn early to eat when we left this morning."

"Well, the thermos is full of coffee if you want some."


"I overheard Ryan telling Randy about the ducks at the Peabody yesterday.  I'm thinking the trip to Memphis is going to rank as one of his favorites for a long time.  Not that there is a lot of competition on that list."

"Ryan mentioned that you two don't travel much at all.  Why not?"

"In the early years, I didn't want to leave the farm because I was afraid something might happen while I was away.  Then over time I guess I got comfortable and didn't want to leave.  I took Ryan to DC for his twelfth birthday and that was about it.  He has never pushed me to go anywhere.  Finally, when he is out of school it is the busiest time of the year for the farm.  Not a good combo.  I do ship him off to his grandparents each summer."

"He mentioned that.  I'm glad he has you, and them, to give him a strong family connection."

"Well, things didn't start out too well for the family bonds.  So I have done my best to strengthen them in any way I can."

The conversation turned to the farm and what I had been learning from Randy.  Erik seemed impressed with what I had absorbed so far and added some additional information.

"Tracer, I don't expect you to become an expert on horses overnight, but the faster you do learn the basics, the faster you'll progress," Erik stated.

"I realize that and I do try to be a good student for Randy."

"Yes, he has told me that you seem very eager to learn all you can."

"Well, you are offering me a big opportunity and I don't want to blow it.  It's been a long time since I felt like someone really thought I could do something with myself and I want to prove you right."

"I'm sure you will.  I'm sure Scott supported you."

"He supported me and he was there for me in a lot of ways.  I guess the issue with Scott was that he didn't expect a lot of himself, so he didn't expect a lot of me."

"I only expect you to be the best at what you want to be – nothing more and nothing less."

Erik pulled us off the highway and into the parking lot of a McDonald's.  He sent me into the restaurant to get food while he checked on the mare.  After I came out with food, he went in to use the restroom.  After that we pulled across the street to gas up and then hit the road.

We made it to Mr. Johannessen's farm about noon; however, unloading and dealing with the customer took a lot longer than expected.  He wanted to show Erik all the changes that had been made to the farm and that included a thorough tour of the stable.  We didn't get on the road until nearly four p.m.  Erik decided that we shouldn't try to get home that night as we had been up since five a.m.

About nine p.m. I pulled the truck into the parking lot of a motel on the outskirts of Winston-Salem.  I think we were both beyond exhausted at that point.  We had switched off driving a couple times and had run out of things to talk about.  After we got into the room, Erik called home to let Ryan know we wouldn't be back until between nine and ten a.m. the next morning.

I stripped down and crawled under the covers.  I vaguely remember Erik curling up next to me.  Next thing I knew it was six a.m.  Erik had rolled away from me at some point during the night.  I knew he wanted to get on the road by seven a.m., so I rolled over to wake him up.  I decided to wake him in a more creative manner.  I pushed the covers down slowly and then ran my tongue slowly up and down his dick.  It stirred as I continued to pay attention to it.  Eventually, Erik was at full mast and I slipped my mouth over and down the shaft.  With that, Erik placed his hands on my head pushing me down further.

"What a fucking nice way to wake up."

I couldn't respond with his dick deep in my throat, so instead I twirled my tongue around the shaft more.  That got the response I was seeking; Erik bucked deeper into my mouth.  I used my hands to lightly rub his balls as I continued to work his hard piece of meat.  I felt Erik's balls tighten in my hand and knew he was about to blow.  I redoubled my efforts and took his load down my throat.

"Fuck, that's a fucking nice way to start my day.  Damn, you know how to suck dick!"

I moved up beside Erik and he rolled over on top of me.  I was so hard from getting him off that as soon as he wrapped his mouth around my dick I shot.

"Damn, that was quick!"

"Well, getting you up and off had me ready to go!"

We started kissing, swapping cum-covered tongues.  We rubbed, stroked and hugged each other a few more minutes.

"Shower?" Erik asked.

"Definitely," I responded.

I padded into the bathroom and Erik followed close behind.  I started the shower and climbed in.  Erik climbed in with me and we wasted about twenty minutes soaping and shampooing each other.  As we progressed, Erik's dick sprang back to life.  I dropped down and sucked him again.  I was rewarded with a second load down my throat that morning.

"You sure recharged fast!" I stated.

"Yup and looks like you're ready for round two yourself."

With that Erik pulled me up and dropped down.  His blow job this time took more time.  He teased the tip of my dick and then worked up and down the shaft.  Finally, he buried my dick deep in his throat and `hoovered' me down.  I shot my second load down his throat.

We finished our shower and dried off.  I didn't like getting into dirty clothing, but there was little choice.  We hit the road and pulled into the farm just before ten a.m.  We unhitched the trailer and parked the truck.  After a quick run into the house, I went looking for Randy.

"So how was the trip," Randy asked as he saw me approach.

"Long, but not bad otherwise.  The Johannessen place is very nice," I replied.

"I've heard it is.  I've never been there myself.  Erik usually likes to make deliveries and then takes one of the junior guys.  He doesn't like it if he and I are both away at the same time."

"That does make sense.  You know your way around this place well enough to handle any problems."

"Well, I've been working here for seventeen years now.  I worked for Erik's uncle Phil for six years before Erik took over.  I was glad when Erik decided to take over after Phil's death.  I was worried the farm would close or worse be sold to some idiot."

"Glad to hear you don't think Erik's an idiot!" I almost burst into laughter.

"Naw, he has put his heart and soul into learning the business.  You couldn't ask for a better replacement for Phil."

"That's good to hear!" I said seriously. "I hope to be working for him for a long time."

"Do you mind if I ask a personal question," Randy's tone was suddenly much more serious.

"No, I may decline to answer if it is too personal.  It's a free world so ask away," I replied.

"Are you and Erik involved?  Lovers?" he asked quietly.

I sputtered and coughed a couple times.

"Look, it isn't really any of my business.  But I am curious.  Ole Phil was gay and I get that vibe from Erik of late.  Not that Erik's funny like the gays you see in movies or such.  Just a different vibe when an attractive woman is at the farm.  Most of the guys stare; Erik notices but it is different, more like Phil would look.  Plus, I've noticed the way you two look at each other.  So if you are - no worries.  The information won't go any further than this.  I'm just curious."

"Since you asked politely and explained, I'll do the same.  You have put me in a kind of awkward position; I'm not a good liar.  Yes, Erik and I are involved.  Lovers, well, it is a bit soon for that.  I wish you had asked Erik instead of me.  I really don't like having to out your boss to you."

"Look, Tracer, as I said this is between you and me.  I worked for Phil for six years and the entire staff knew he was gay.  It didn't make a difference to any of us as he was a fair and honest boss.  Erik has continued that tradition and no one here is going to care."

"Thanks for that Randy.  I'm really glad to hear it.  I will let Erik know you asked; just to be fair to him."

"That's fine.  As I said, I've worked for Erik long enough to know he's a good man.  I'm not going to change just because you confirmed my suspicions."


After dinner that evening, Jacob stopped by and picked up Ryan.  The two of them were meeting a group of friends and heading to the movies.  Erik and I were curled up on the couch watching television when I finally had the nerve to tell him about the conversation with Randy.

"Ummm... Erik, something happened this afternoon that I need to tell you about."

"Oh, what's that?"

"Randy and I were chatting and he asked if you and I were lovers." I decided fast and to the point was the best.


 I figured they heard Erik in the next state.

"Look, before you go off.  Randy was telling me about your gay Uncle; how the staff knew all about him and was fine with it.  Randy was just curious."

"My gay Uncle?" he exclaimed.  "Phil was gay?"

"I figured you knew that," I replied.

"No, Uncle Phil was always the black sheep in the family and now I know why.  So what did you tell Randy?"

"Erik, I'm no liar.  I told him we were involved and that beyond that it was too early to say.  I also told him I would talk to you about our conversation.  He put me in an awkward spot.  Randy also said that this wouldn't change a thing for him and that he would keep it to himself."

"Well, that's good to know.  I'd rather tell folks myself though, Tracer."

"I know, but what was I supposed to do?  I couldn't lie and I couldn't avoid answering."

"I'm not mad, just a bit flustered.  I'll talk to Randy tomorrow when I get a chance.  I'd like to hold off announcing things to the entire staff till we give things more time.  What do you think?"

"I think that's smart.  How about on our one-month anniversary!" I laughed.

Erik started tickling me after that comment.  Since I was curled up in his arms, Erik had me at a distinct disadvantage.  I started to squirm, which led to us wrestling on the couch.   Erik used his greater height and weight to pin me to the sofa.  I pushed my head up a bit and kissed him. 

Erik kept me down, one of his hands holding both my hands up over my head.  He used his other hand to tickle my sides.  I kept wiggling, trying to get free.  I was laughing hard.

Straddling me on the sofa, Erik's weight kept me down.  He stopped tickling me and bent down to kiss me gently.   His hands finally released mine and moved to the buttons of my shirt and worked quickly.  Within moments my chest was exposed.  Erik let his tongue roam from my mouth down my neck to my chest.

My composure restored from the tickling, I started to writhe from his tongue instead.  He teased my skin as he licked.  Periodically, he lightly nipped at my chest with his teeth. 

I reached down and tugged at his polo shirt, untucking it and pulling it up over his head.  This interrupted his attention to my chest.  I placed my hands under his arms and pulled him back up towards my face.  Erik laid his furry chest against mine and moved his face down to kiss me once again. 

We lay there for a few moments, hands roving over each other's bodies as our tongues played with each other.  Our pace was much less frantic than our previous sex.

Erik lifted off me and stood; then he reached down and pulled me up.  Holding my hand he led me to the stairs and up to the bedroom, our bedroom.  Once there we shed our pants and lay side-by-side on the bed.

Erik resumed his tongue exploration of my body.  He started at the base of my neck and slowly worked down my chest.  It was sensual, erotic and ticklish.  At times his touch caused moans – at other times a muffled laugh.

As he moved down to my crotch, he worked his tongue around my dick without touching it.  He licked a few swipes at my balls and then he moved down my legs.  I never knew a tongue on my knee caps would be so torturously ticklish!

My dick had hardened as he tongued my balls, but the tickling of my knees made it deflate a bit.  Erik moved back up my thighs and licked my balls a bit.  His hands started moving up my chest.

"Tracer, I love the feel of your blonde fur.  It's so soft and light."

"I love the feel of your fur on me Erik.  I kinda wish I was as furry as you are!  That dark brown hair is everywhere!" I replied.

"You're perfect the way you are!"

Erik returned to licking my balls and then finally moved his tongue up my hard shaft.  As he reached the tip of my dick, his tongue played with the piss slit.   Erik moved his lips over the head of my dick and slowly sucked on the first few inches.

Erik started taking a bit more of my dick into his mouth with each downward movement.  The slow steady pace of his blow job was incredible.  I had blown two loads quickly that morning at the motel.  This time it was going to take a while!

"Damn, Erik, that's amazing," I moaned.

He kept his mouth on my dick and looked up at me with his deep, brown eyes.  He started humming around my dick, the vibrations making me shiver. 

"Oh, Fuck!  You keep that up and I'm gonna cum!" I warned.

He did keep it up, but only for a few more moments.  He released my dick from his mouth and moved back up to my face.  He took my head in his hands and pulled me into a deep, passionate kiss. 

As the kiss continued, I wrapped my arms around his body and twisted slightly.  I pushed until we were on our sides – lips locked.  Erik broke the kiss and I pushed him onto his back.  His hard dick pushed against my ass as I straddled him.

I ran my hands across his chest, his abdomen, his sides and started massaging him the best I could.  I used deep strokes, feeling his body under me.

I reached over and opened the nightstand drawer.  Pulling out the lube and a condom, I ripped open the package, squirted a little lube into it and worked it down his shaft.   I rubbed a lot more lube over his dick and then pushed some into my hole. 

Lifting up, I placed his cock at my hole and slowly lowered myself onto him. 

Returning my hands to his chest, I started a gentle fucking motion – lifting up and sliding down his dick.

Erik periodically thrust up as I slid down him.  The feeling sent shivers up my spine.  As I continued to ride his dick, I took my own dick in my left hand and started jacking. 

"Your ass is doing great things to my dick!" Erik whispered.  "It's milking me so good."

"Your dick is doing great things to my ass!  It's hitting all the right spots!"

Erik started thrusting up more frequently and more forcefully.

"I'm getting close, Baby."

"Me too," I replied.

A moment later I started shooting cum across his chest.  My ass clenched his dick and I felt Erik start filling the condom inside me.  I collapsed on his chest, his dick still up my hole.

I kissed him lightly.

"Fuck!" I moaned.  "I want to feel you shoot in me someday soon."

"You will, Tracer.  Give it time."

I nuzzled against him.  His softened dick slipped out of my ass.  We lay there quietly for a while.  My cum on Erik's chest matted into his hair.

"I need to clean up a bit," Erik mentioned.

I got up and Erik headed into the bathroom to clean up.  I ran downstairs and picked up our shirts.  When I returned, I called for Erik.

"In here," he responded from the bathroom.

I went in to find him in the tub.

"Care to join me?" he asked.

I didn't respond other than to climb into the small tub with him.  I sat between his legs and he wrapped his arms around me.  He soaped up my chest and let the wash cloth work down between my legs, his gentle motions slowly cleaning my crotch.  I leaned back a bit more into his chest, content.

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