Double Trails




Chapter 5

-- TRACER --

In mid-December I was sitting alone in the living room watching television when Erik walked in.

"Tracer, I want to take you and Ryan shopping tomorrow. Randy and Ezra are coming in to cover the Saturday work load. They each wanted a day to go shopping with their wives next week so it works out well."

"Where are we going," I asked.

"We'll drive over to the Valley View Mall in Roanoke. It's about three hours from here, but it has the best mix of stores in the area. I talked to Ryan before he left for the movies earlier."

"OK. What time are we heading out?"

Erik thought for a moment. "Things open at ten a.m. If we leave about seven we should get there as the stores open and maximize our day's shopping."

"Sounds good. I don't have a lot of people to buy for -- you, Ryan and the guys."

"Well, you can help Ryan and me with our shopping though we don't have a lot more folks to buy for than you do. You don't have to buy anything too elaborate for the guys; I give them each a nice gift each year. I'll add your name to the tag."

"Thanks!" I replied. I started to cry a little bit thinking about the next morning's plans.

Erik wrapped his arms tighter around me and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I was just thinking about Patrick and Will. I miss them at Christmas. Birthdays are hard, but Christmas hits me the most. I really want to get them something, so they know I still love them."

"Why don't you?" Erik asked.

"I tried the first Christmas after I left. I sent packages to them, but they were sent back "return to sender" in my Dad's handwriting."

"How about an end-around play, since your family probably doesn't know you are living in Virginia now?"

I sat up and looked at Erik. "I'm all ears, what's your idea?"

"Simple, we use the farm's mailing labels -- no mention of your name - addressed to your brothers. Then inside we put wrapped presents, still no name. It won't be till they open the actual wrapped presents that they know for sure they are from you."

I got even more teary-eyed. "We can try. I'm sure Dad will be suspicious. Then again, if he's not home when the boxes arrive Mom might let them slip through."

We talked a few moments longer about the plan. Since we were traveling, we decided to turn in early.

I followed Erik up the stairs, rubbing my hands over his jeans-encased ass. Erik filled his Wranglers out well. When we got into the bedroom and closed the door, I reached around and started unbuckling his jeans. As they slipped below his ass, I reached up and pulled down his underwear.

With some access to his ass, I dropped down on my haunches and started licking his crack lightly. I had been rimmed once by a one night stand. His tongue working over my ass had felt incredible and I wanted to give Erik the same pleasure.

His ass was musky and fragrant. It didn't taste bad at all.

"Tracer, I don't know what you're doing, but it feels great!"

Erik let his pants drop to his ankles. As he bent over to push his jockeys down, I pushed my tongue deeper into his crack.

"Man, that's feels wild," Erik moaned.

I reached around and pulled Erik's dick between his legs and sucked on it from time to time, alternating with his ass crack.

"If you keep that up much longer, I'm gonna shoot," Erik warned.

"There's a problem with that?" I countered.

"Well, I'd rather climb in bed and make love to you, then shoot between my legs!"

With that, I abruptly stopped working on him and hurriedly stripped off my clothing. "That's an offer I can't refuse," I said as I climbed onto the bed

Erik stepped out of his jockeys and stripped off the rest of his clothes. He climbed onto the bed beside me and pulled me into his arms.

We kissed passionately, as our bodies rubbed together. The friction of hair on hair causing heat to rise between us.

As we released each other, I flipped over into a sixty-nine position. I put one hand around the base of Erik's dick and held his dick still as I licked the head. Erik reciprocated, using one hand at the base and the other spit-lubed hand on my shaft to add to the sucking motion of his mouth.

We sucked each other for a number of minutes. Erik pulled his mouth off my dick; however, I kept sucking. A moment later, his mouth returned to my dick. I realized quickly what he'd been doing as a spit-lubed finger slid into my ass.

As his finger teased my hole, slipping in and out, I moaned around his dick. A second time his mouth left my dick and this time two fingers soon slipped into my ass.

I lifted my mouth off his dick. "A seventy-one," I laughed.

His mouth still wrapped around my cock, Erik grunted, "Huh?"

"A friend of mine calls that, a seventy-one -- a sixty-nine with two fingers in the ass!"

Erik started to laugh with his mouth over my dick. He started to cough and choke a bit as he did and finally let my dick slip free.

"I've never heard that one," he chuckled and looked at me coyly. "You wanna get fucked, Young Man?"

"Sure, Daddy," I replied in jest. Erik usually fucked with me on my back, but I wanted something different tonight. I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. He suited up and lubed his dick and started working a bit of lube into my hole.

"Oh, fuck yeah man. I've been thinking about fucking this nice tight ass all day!" Erik grunted.

He grabbed my hips and started working his dick in and out of my hole hard. Our sex was usually high-energy, but in this position Erik was taking things to a new level. I reached under myself and stroked a bit.

Each of his thrusts pushed me forward. I grabbed a pillow to push my head into. With my shoulders lower and my ass sticking up in the air Erik started hitting my prostate. The feeling was sending wild sensations up and down my body.

"Erik, you're gonna make me shoot!" I panted. Cum splattered out of my dick and all over the comforter below.

I felt Erik's dick throb in my ass.

"Pull out and shoot on me, Erik," I begged.

His dick emptied out of my ass and moments later I felt a hot stream of cum landing on my spine. I stayed on all fours, panting and out of breath from a strong orgasm.

Unexpectedly, I felt Erik's tongue licking up my spine from my ass. It was so erotic having him lick his cum off my body. As he got to my neck, he nuzzled his goatee against my ear. His tongue licking into it tickled and made me shiver.

"You cold?" his voice showed concern.

"No, your tongue tickled," I replied.

"Oh, you are one ticklish guy!"

"Unfortunately, that is a major weakness of mine."


"Yeah, with two brothers, they always used tickling me as a way of winning battles with their older brother."

I rolled onto my side and Erik lay next to me, facing me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

"We will figure out a way for you to communicate with your brothers. I promise." He sounded so sure.

"That would mean a lot to me, Erik. It's the one part of my life that doesn't seem complete now. I miss both of them so much."

We climbed under the covers. Erik spooned up behind me, his body fur felt great against my back.

The next day, we left early and were standing outside the Leggetts store at the mall. Erik wanted time to shop alone so Ryan and I decided to pair up. We agreed to meet Erik at the food court at noon and he took off.

"What are you getting your Dad," I asked Ryan.

"Clothing, a new wallet, some belts, you know -- the typical Dad presents. What about you?"

"I'm stumped. I don't have a clue on what to get him. For once in my life I've got money to spend and no idea how to spend it," I replied.

"How much do you want to spend?"

"I hadn't really thought about it. I've got a lot of money in my checking account now. Erik's not letting me pay rent or for food, so my check just keeps getting deposited."

"Dad's like that -- `save your money, Young Man' - I'm sure is what he keeps telling you."

I nodded my head `yes'.

Ryan continued, "How about a new pair of boots or possibly a new harness? You could go over to the tack shop and pick up something nice."

"That's a great idea. OK, I'll do that one day next week. So on to the next victim. What do you want for Christmas?"

Ryan smiled, "You better check with Dad. I gave him a list and I'm sure he's out eliminating items fast. What about your brothers?"

"Well, I figured I would pick out some nice clothing."

"Aw, OK. That's practical."

"I know, but I really don't know what else to do. I'm just not used to shopping for anyone at Christmas."

"Do they like video games?" Ryan asked.

"Well, they did two years ago. I'm sure they still do. Probably play something at friends' houses from time to time. I doubt Dad would let them get a console."

"Why don't you get them a PlayStation and a few games to go with it? It can be one large gift for both of them. Plus, if they see it, I'm sure they will stand up to your Dad to keep it!"

"That's a great idea. Let's find a store and I'll buy them one."

Ryan and I located a small electronics store and bought the PlayStation. I got my brothers `3D Baseball', `Alien Trilogy' and `Descent'. I figured they would love the games.

We went back into Leggetts where Ryan got some clothing for his Dad and both his Grandfathers. We walked down to Hecht's and he found some nice items for his Grandmothers. As we shopped we talked about what to get the guys. We decided to pool our money and get each one of the permanent staff a present from the two of us. That would let us make the presents a bit nicer.

By the time we met up with Erik at lunchtime we had finished our shopping, or so I thought. After lunch, I paired up with Erik and Ryan took off saying he needed to finish his shopping alone. I looked puzzled as Ryan headed off and Erik noticed.

"He's shopping for you." Erik's comment jolted me to reality.

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that. He said I had to talk to you about what to get him."

"Well, I knocked off all the clothing and parental-type gifts already. I ordered him a new saddle that should arrive just before Christmas. Did you have any thoughts?"

"Actually, one came to me earlier. Do you think he'd like a video game system?" I asked.

"That's a lot of money to spend on him, Tracer." Erik wasn't smiling.

"I bought a system and three games for my brothers, why not one for Ryan?" I replied.

"Well, they are your brothers -- this is a bit different."

"No, it isn't. Ryan's becoming a brother -- he treats me like a brother. Why shouldn't I treat him like one?"

"OK, OK, it's up to you."

I led Erik to the electronics shop and purchased another system and picked out a few games in which Ryan had shown interest. After that was done we walked out to the truck and loaded my bags. We each took a corner of the truck's bed with the raised cap providing plenty of room and of course security.

We walked back into the mall and I asked Erik about the rest of his shopping. He got a mischievous look on his face as he steered me into a suit shop. He started browsing the racks asking me my thoughts on each of them. He found a beautiful dark blue, wool suit and I commented that I thought he'd look very nice in it.

He placed it back on the rack and called a salesperson over.

"Yes, Sir, how may I assist you?" the salesperson inquired.

"Would you measure this lug for a suit please?" Erik responded.

My jaw dropped.

"Certainly Sir. Please step up onto the platform there," the salesperson responded.

The gentleman was efficient in measuring and soon had my size down. Once he did, Erik quickly appeared with the dark blue suit in the appropriate size. A tailor was called over and the suit was marked for some minor alterations. Erik paid for the suit and arranged for it to be shipped to the farm.

After we left the shop I decided not to protest the purchase and simply thanked Erik for the Christmas gift. Erik just laughed and directed us into Hecht's. We walked through the men's department and it quickly became obvious that Erik was planning to outfit me fully. He pulled jeans, shirts, khakis and more, piling them onto my arms. I spent half the afternoon in a dressing room booth trying things on.

After this was all done we met Ryan at the designated point. I noticed that Ryan was empty-handed, but quickly realized that just meant he'd found a corner of the truck bed to load all his stuff under a blanket. I wondered if he peaked under the other blankets but decided it was his choice to spoil the surprises.

Speaking of surprises, the biggest one came when we got home. Erik took the bags from Hecht's and put them in our bedroom. I told him I'd be a pretty sharp dresser after Christmas. He responded that those weren't Christmas gifts -- just him finally upgrading my wardrobe a bit.

"Erik, that's ridiculous. You spent a LOT of money on me today and they should be my Christmas gifts." I was quiet but forceful.

"Bullshit, I simply did for you what needed to be done. Get it through your head; you're part of the family now. Yes, I know it's a warped little family, but you are part of it."

In a few short weeks I had already learned not to fight Erik when he set his mind to it. He was a stubborn man and while I could be stubborn myself I could not match his level. I'm not sure a mule could match his level.

Shortly before Christmas Ryan helped wrap the PlayStation and the games for my brothers. He was a great gift wrapper and then we put the package into a larger shipping box. He placed a farm label on it and we loaded it into a truck and dropped it off at a UPS shipping center in town. We figured that it would have the least chance to be returned if Dad couldn't simply mark it return to sender.

The farm closed Tuesday mid-day for the holidays and didn't re-open until the day after New Years. It was a quiet Christmas Eve and this let the staff go home to be with family. The thing about a farm is that `closing' doesn't mean the work goes away. It just means that external customers aren't able to use it. Boarders could still come and go to take care of their horses. Staff still had to come in to work as needed, but with things quieter we needed fewer folks to run the place each day. With Ryan out of school the three of us took care of the necessary business most days. Randy and Marty took turns coming in and helping, except for Christmas day. Hank and Ezra had the time off for travel.

Christmas Eve, Erik and I were snuggled in bed. I hadn't felt so safe and content in a long time. I rolled over so I was facing Erik and kissed him deeply.

"Thanks for everything. I don't know if Will and Patrick will get their present, but we tried." Tears were forming in my eyes.

Erik reached up and wiped the tears from my eyes. "Baby, don't cry. It will all work out -- maybe not this Christmas, but soon."

I lay my head against his chest and could hear his heart beating. I was horny and on edge, but more than release -- I wanted comfort and security. Erik held me as I drifted off to sleep.

Christmas morning we went out to the barn early to take care of the necessary chores. When we came back in, Ryan and I fixed a hearty breakfast. Erik disappeared for a bit, returning just in time for food. After eating, Erik volunteered to clean up so that we could go take care of things. It finally got through my head that I needed to go get the wrapped packages. I grabbed them out of a corner in the basement and brought them up to the den. I thought about the last Christmas I'd spent with my family. The tree, the presents - yup this was a happy home for me now.

We made three distinct piles for the gifts; gifts for Ryan on one side, gifts for me on the other, gifts for Erik in front of the tree. It made sorting out gifts easier. When I looked at the huge pile that Erik indicated was for me, I almost cried -- I had never seen a pile so large.

"Why don't you two start with those matching boxes on either side of the tree," Erik suggested.

Ryan pulled his box to him as I just sat down next to mine. We each ripped off the wrapping to find a box from Texas Tack. It dawned on me from the conversation Erik and I had at the mall what these boxes probably contained. As Ryan pulled out his caramel-colored saddle, I knew what I'd be pulling out. My saddle was in black. Ryan and I worked through a series of matching boxes that held bits, cinches, saddle pads, reins and a saddle bag. With the new tack we would look mighty fine on our mounts.

After we had gone through that, I pushed a large box at Ryan. When he opened the PlayStation he started to cry.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"It's what you got your brothers!" he replied.

"Yeah, all three of them," I answered. With that he came over and hugged me and we both teared up.

Erik opened up different pieces of clothing from Ryan and then got to my large box. He looked puzzled as he unwrapped another Texas Tack box.

"Tracer, you shouldn't have," he whispered as he looked into the box and saw the dark brown saddle and accessories.

"It's the least I could do for all you have given me," I retorted.

Ryan handed Erik a few more boxes which contained more accessories that he had purchased to match the saddle. With all the boxes open and the den looking more like a trash heap I figured everything was over. Ryan handed me an envelope. I opened it and pulled out a small sheet of paper. I must have looked completely baffled.

"It's the ownership documentation for Night Dancer. She's all yours now," Ryan explained.

I was too stunned to speak. I knew what a horse like Night Dancer cost. I had been riding her pretty much exclusively over the last weeks. I was overwhelmed.

"Guys, this is way too much," I finally managed.

"Actually, this was all Ryan's idea. He said he wanted you to truly know you are part of the family," Erik explained.

I walked over to Ryan and hugged him so tight I think he had problems breathing. While I was still holding on to Ryan, the phone started ringing.

"Bet that's Gran and Pop-Pop," Erik stated.

I let go of Ryan so he could go over and answer the phone. Ryan listened for a moment and then looked directly at me and smiled. "It's for you, Tracer," Ryan said in a very soft voice.

"Is it Scott?" I was truly puzzled as I seriously doubted he would call.

Ryan simply held out the phone without answering me.

"Hello." It came out almost as a question.

"You're the greatest." Patrick's voice boomed out of the phone. In the background I could hear Will saying the same thing.

I was speechless.

"Trace, say something," Patrick said to me.

"I'm, I'm, I'm glad you like it," I stuttered. "I wanted to give y'all something really nice."

"We love it!" Will added over whatever Patrick was trying to say.

"Great. I wasn't sure you'd get it; everything else I've sent you has been returned," I commented.

"Yeah, we found that out this morning. Evidently Dad didn't think much about the label, just something Mom ordered. Then Mom hid the box from Dad after he started asking questions. It got to us this time," Will stated.

"Dad blew his top the moment he realized who the PlayStation was from," Patrick added.

"Yeah, but that was nothing compared to the explosion that came from Mom," Will countered.

"What? Mom went off on Dad?" I asked.

Both my brothers laughed. Finally, Patrick started, "Mom went off on Dad for at least a half hour. I didn't know Mom knew how to cuss. But she blistered him with cuss words in high chant for a long, long time. Will and I just cleared out of the living room after the first couple of minutes. Funniest thing was that as we left, Dad was just sitting there unable to respond. I don't think I've ever seen Dad lose control of a situation like that."

Will cut in, "When Mom finally slowed down, we heard Dad start to say something and then we heard the front door slam shut."

"Mom came back to the bedrooms and asked if we wanted to talk to you. We were so excited. So we called the number on your card," Patrick added.

"I'm really glad you did call. I've missed you guys," I responded.

"We've missed you too `fag'," Patrick responded.

"So Dad told you?"

"Dad told us the weekend you disappeared. He was `concerned you would return and corrupt us' I think is how he put it," Will put in.

"We told him that you wouldn't do anything of the sort. But you know how stubborn Dad can be. So where are you? What are you doing that you can afford a PlayStation?" The questions came in rapid fire from both boys.

I proceeded to tell them about the farm, about Erik and about their new step-brother Ryan. We talked about the high-lights and some of the low-lights of the past two years. As we got to the present I asked, "Is Mom around?"

"Yeah, she's in the kitchen working on lunch," Patrick answered.

"Can you get her on the phone?" I asked.

"Mom, phone!" Will yelled.

I heard a receiver pick up and then two others click off. "I love you, Mom," was all I said.

"I love you too, Tracer Klein. I want to apologize that it took me this long to stand up to your Dad. I know that can't make up for the last two years; but I told him you are welcome in this house anytime you can make it here."

I started crying; Erik and Ryan sat on the couch on either side of me and hugged me as I continued. "That's the best thing to hear Mom. I have missed all of you, even Dad."

"You won't believe how much your brothers have grown since, since you left."

"Actually, I saw them back in November," I answered truthfully.

"What? How? When? Where?"

"They were walking home from the school bus when I drove through town on my way to Memphis," I replied.

I explained, once again, about the recent changes in my life and my trip to get the stuff from Memphis and finally about this being home. Mom said she would want to talk to this `Erik guy,' but indicated she needed to hang up or the lunch would burn. As we wrapped up the conversation, Mom invited me to call when I could. In turn I invited them all to the farm; as I did I got nods from both Erik and Ryan.

After I hung up the phone, I just sat there and sobbed. Getting to talk to Mom and the boys for the first time in over two years was emotional for me. Erik and Ryan were quiet and just sat on either side of me until I got my emotions under control.

"Thank you, thank you, and thank you to both of you. Thank you, Erik, for thinking of a way to get the present to the boys without my Dad catching on. Thank you, Ryan, for thinking of the perfect gift. Thank you both for helping fill a giant void in my life."

"We're just happy it all worked out for the best," Erik replied calmly.

"How about some lunch," Ryan threw out. "I'm getting hungry."

"You could eat twenty-four hours a day," I laughingly replied.

We went into the kitchen for lunch, but my mind was in Tennessee for the first time in over a month.

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