Double Trails




Chapter 10

-- WILL --

Back on the farm for another summer. More importantly, back with Ryan, my boyfriend, for the summer. I was a very happy young man. The dynamics around the house became a little odd. It was almost like two couples on a permanent double date.

The dynamics outside the house were also a bit different than the summer before. Last summer, Patrick, Ryan and I had been the three amigos. We’d done some things with some of Ryan’s school friends, but mostly the three of us hung out together. This summer, with Patrick back in Tennessee, Ryan and I spent a lot more time with his friends from school.

My primary job this summer would be trail maintenance. Last summer, Patrick and I had spent most of our working hours improving the trails in the newly opened part of the farm. We spent all day back in the woods – pruning, trimming and sometimes cutting down trees. Now I would be working to make sure that nothing had grown into the trails creating a hazard for the riders.

The Monday morning after my arrival, Erik called all the staff together to announce an idea – a Fourth of July festival to be held at the farm. Erik explained that he didn’t have a full plan for this; therefore, with only a few weeks until the Fourth we’d have to move quickly.

“My general idea is to have grills going here and up at the other barn – burgers, chicken and hot dogs plus all the typical picnic sides. Horse rentals should be very popular with all the people coming to the farm.” Erik paused a moment. “I was even trying to figure out if we could hire someone to do fireworks. My goal is to generate interest and make folks realize how much fun horses can be.”

“Erik, are we taking reservations that Saturday?” Randy asked.

“Of course. Otherwise we might end up with too few horses for the riders and that would generate nothing but ill will,” Erik replied.

“How about a petting zoo for the younger tykes?” threw out Ezra. “My kids aren’t really old enough to enjoy horseback riding.”

“Have you thought of renting a moon bounce for the kids?” Hank added.

“Keep the ideas coming guys. I’m going to put them all up on the whiteboard in the stables. I want to have a general plan by the end of the week so we can really advertise this good. I know we’re a little late in the planning, but it will be a good first effort,” Erik concluded.

By Wednesday the list of ideas covered the whiteboard. I walked into the office that afternoon as Erik first wrote them all down on a pad and then relisted them neatly on the board. He put columns after each one.

“What are those for Erik?” I asked.

“I didn’t hear you come in, Will. What are those what for?” Erik sounded confused.

“The columns after the list of ideas.”

“Oh, those. Everyone’s going to get a vote on the ideas. I want the staff fully involved in making this a success.”

With that Erik started placing everyone’s name above the columns. The last name to go up was mine – they were in alphabetical order.

“You’re giving me a vote in this? I don’t know much about the farm.”

“That’s a good thing, Will,” he responded. “Your perspective will be more like our customers than the rest of us. Actually, I should give you two votes!”

I laughed. “I think one vote is fine, Erik. I don’t want to be that responsible for things.”

By the end of the afternoon, all the staff had funneled through the office. The petting zoo and the moon bounce ended with the highest marks.

Thursday morning, Erik ran into town and placed a quarter-page ad in the Sunday paper to advertise the “Open House” as he called it. The ad touted free food, petting zoo and moon bounce. It also listed rental prices for an hour’s time of horseback riding.

The ad ran on Sunday. Fortunately, Erik had not mentioned fireworks in the ad. Erik had been disappointed on Friday when he discovered the lead time necessary to arrange a fireworks display was just too great to be included this year. He admitted that an additional issue was where to set them off without disturbing the horses. One suggestion was to do the display at the old Pittston place.

Monday morning, as Ryan, Tracer and I went through the office on our way to the stables, the phone started ringing.

“Somebody grab that, please,” Erik called from the kitchen.

Ryan grabbed the phone and Tracer and I stopped to wait for him. Ryan started writing down information, thanked the caller and hung up.

“Our first reservation for the Fourth,” Ryan indicated. He put the reservation on the calendar and then we turned to head out of the office again. We didn’t even reach the door before the phone rang again.

Erik walked into the office from the kitchen; however, Ryan had already picked up the phone. Again Ryan wrote down the details, thanked the customer and hung up the phone.

“Two reservations for the Fourth and we’ve been open ten minutes,” Ryan told Erik.

“I’m betting the phones will be very busy today,” Erik commented. “Will, instead of doing trail maintenance today, I’d like you to stay in the office and take reservations.”

“Sounds good, Erik.” I replied. With that Ryan and Tracer told Erik and me they’d see us at lunch and headed out of the office to the stables.

I sat down at the second desk in the office. “What information do I need to capture, Erik?” I asked.

“Name, time and number of people in the group, experience level and ages. We’re going to take only one-hour reservations – make sure that they are clear on that.”

“Certainly, one-hour. No problem.” The phone was already ringing as I answered Erik.

“Good morning, how may I help you?” I took down the pertinent information on the reservation and thanked the caller.

“We need to make sure that we don’t overbook. Let me show you how we keep track of all the reservations.”

Erik pointed to a whiteboard with tape on it to make it look like a sixty-day calendar. Erik explained, “We write all the reservations in the appropriate block for the day of the reservation.”

“Um, Erik, that’s not going to work for this, is it? There are going to be so many reservations that one block will be packed.”

“You’re right. OK. Any reservations for other days go up on this board. We’ll use the other board for the Fourth of July.”

“How many horses are you renting each hour?” I was trying to make sure I didn’t screw up anything.

Erik spent about twenty minutes helping me understand how to schedule the horses. Each horse would be out for one hour and the change in riders would take about fifteen minutes. Normally, horses would not go out immediately after a ride, giving them time to rest; however, for the Fourth, Erik would make some exceptions.

After explaining all the details, Erik went out to the stables. He let me know that he would return in a few minutes.

After thinking a few minutes, I made columns on the second board representing each of the horses we would rent. I created horizontal rows on the board, each row representing fifteen minutes. I put in the three reservations that we had so far.

I turned when I heard the office door open. Erik looked at the board. “Will, I’m impressed. That’s a great system you’ve set up.”

“Thanks. Have you thought of getting a software package to schedule the rides?” I asked.

“No. Not really. I can use a computer, but I’m no computer whiz. What are you thinking?”

“I was just thinking that you could get something like a doctor’s office uses to schedule patients. There should be something out there that could work for scheduling horse rides.”

“I’ll have to look into it,” Erik responded.

By lunchtime the phones had slowed down, so after lunch Erik sent me out to work on the trails. I took the ATV out on the outer loop and worked on trimming branches and watching for poison ivy, sumac and oak. Patrick and I had cleaned all the poison plants out the summer before, but in a few cases the vines had grown back to the trails from the uncleared areas.

I was on the far side of the property when I realized that it was quitting time. By the time I got all my tools loaded, drove back to the barn and unloaded the ATV it was really late. I ran into the kitchen and found Tracer and Ryan putting the finishing touches on a pork chop dinner.

“Damn, Dude, where you been?” Tracer asked.

“I was out by the back fence when I realized it was quitting time. Add to that all the time it took me to get everything back and put away; that made me late. Sorry,” I replied.

“No worries, we are just putting the food out for dinner. Call into the office for Dad, please,” Ryan asked.

I stuck my head into the office and let Erik know that dinner was ready. At the dinner table, Erik started detailing the rest of the plans for the Festival.

“I’ve lined up animals for the petting zoo. I found a company that rents the moon bounce and an inflatable slide,” Erik explained.

“Expensive?” Tracer asked.

“The moon bounce is two hundred a day and the slide is three hundred a day. I talked to Sam Kinson and Marty Schott and they are going to let me have a few baby goats, a calf, some geese, ducklings and more for the petting zoo.”

“Sounds like the plans are coming together well,” I added.

“I’m going to put you and Ryan in charge of getting all the food organized. Burgers, hot dogs, chicken and all the appropriate sides.”

“Sounds good, Dad. What about grills?” Ryan asked.

“We’ll need to rent them I guess. I’ll call around and ask tomorrow.” Erik seemed to have things well in hand.

That night, Ryan and I played a few games on the PlayStation. As it got later Ryan set down his controller. “Time for bed,” he stated.

“OK. It is getting late.”

We went up to Ryan’s room. I stripped down and crawled into the bed with Ryan. He rolled over and took me into his arms. WOOF. One of my favorite things – staring deep into his deep blue eyes.

“I thought you were sleepy.”

“Not sleepy, a bit tired, but more importantly I just wanted to get you into bed!” Ryan responded.

“Ah, the ‘Horny Ryan’ maneuver.”

“Funny, very funny,” he replied. He pulled my face to his and kissed me to end my remarks.

As we kissed, our bodies rubbed against each other. I felt his dick grow hard between us, matching mine.

Ryan started to move down my body, licking and teasing. He stopped as he got to my stiff dick and took the first few inches into his mouth. I moaned in pleasure. He worked his tongue around the head of my dick. Over the last week we had both gotten to be good cocksuckers.

“Practice time, huh?” I said. Ryan didn’t take my dick out of his mouth, but looked up at me.

After working the head for a short while, Ryan started moving up and down my shaft with his tongue wiggling around it. The feelings were intense.

Without taking his mouth off my dick, he moved around so that his dick was at my mouth. I opened wide and took his seven inches all the way into my mouth. I sucked for a few minutes enjoying the feeling. I could tell we were both getting close, so I pushed Ryan off my dick while letting his out of my mouth.

“Ryan, I want you to fuck me,” I said quietly.

“What? You’re sure?”

“Yeah, I want to feel you inside me,” I replied.

“Do you? Do you want me to wear a condom?” Ryan’s voice showed concern.

“Remember Tracer’s rule?” I asked. “You tell me. Do you need to wear a condom?”

Ryan sat up on his elbows. “Will, until I met you, I was a virgin. I’d jacked off a lot, but nothing more. Since I met you, you are the only one I have, or want to have, sex with.”

“One question?” I asked.


“Do you have lube?”

“Yeah, I swiped some from Dad’s nightstand. He and Tracer have a few bottles in there. It’s good for jacking off. I also grabbed a few condoms – just in case. How do you want to do this?”

“On my back with my legs up. I want to watch you fuck me.” I was adamant.

I took the lube and started rubbing some onto my ass.

“Ummm, Will, I think you need to push some of that into your hole,” Ryan quietly stated. “Take a finger and push it in a little. Want me to do that?”

I handed Ryan the lube without comment. He took it, put a large glob on a finger and started sliding it into my hole.

“Aw, fuck,” I moaned.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No, no, but it feels like when the doctor stuck his finger in me to check things out. You know - for your sports physical,” I replied.

Ryan was working his finger around a bit more.

“Never had one of those, Dude. Another good reason to avoid sports teams.”

“Push a little more in,” I urged.

Instead of pushing his finger in deeper, he pulled it out. He put more lube on his finger tips and returned two fingers to my hole.

Gritting my teeth, I told him, “Better, a bit better. But I don’t want just fingers, I want your dick!”

“You sure? You don’t want me to loosen you up more?”

“No, just fuck me before I lose my nerve.”

Ryan stopped fingering me and coated his dick with a good amount of lube. He moved between my legs and I put my hands under my knees to pull them up some.

I watched as Ryan positioned his cock right against my hole. I really wanted him to slide into my ass, but I was scared it would hurt.

“I read online that you should push out like you’re going to the bathroom as I push in. OK?” Ryan said.

“I’ll try.”

He started pushing his dick against my hole. I grimaced and started pushing down on my ass. Ryan’s dick head slipped in.

“Aw fuck. Go slow, Man,” I moaned through clenched teeth.

“I’m trying; it just slipped in.”

Ryan held steady for a minute to let me adjust.

“OK. Push a little more in.” It hurt, but at the same time it felt good. Ryan slowly slid into me. A few moments later I felt Ryan’s pubic hair scratch my ass.

“I’m all the way in, Will. You OK?”

“Yeah, feels fucking good. I can honestly say I understand the term ‘fucking good’ now!”

“Ready for me to move?”

“Yeah, fuck me!” I squealed.

Ryan started rocking first and then I felt his dick slide part way out of my ass. He started sliding his dick nearly all the way out and then all the way back in.

“Aw, Man, this feels so good. I’m not gonna last too much longer,” Ryan panted.

“Do it. Shoot up my ass! I want to really feel it.”

“Fuck! I’m cumming in your ass!”

As I felt Ryan shoot in my ass, my dick started shooting without my touching it.

“Damn, you’re shooting!” Ryan sounded amazed.

“You’re pushing the cum out of me,” I replied.

As he finished shooting, Ryan started to pull out of my ass.

“No!” I barked. “Don’t pull out; leave it in there.”

Ryan collapsed down on top of my chest. My cum oozed between us. I wrapped my arms around Ryan’s neck, pulling his face to mine for a kiss.

“That was wonderful. I love you, Ryan.”

“I love you!”

Ryan finally pulled out of my ass. I snuggled up against him, putting my head on his chest and closing my eyes. Within moments I was sound asleep.

Getting fucked got easier over the next few nights, but I admit it made horseback riding a bit more interesting. About a week later, I noticed that it was all pleasurable – no pain remaining.

As the Festival approached, the rentals were solidly booked and we’d had a lot of folks call to ask about the petting zoo and the moon bounce. Ryan and I spent more and more time planning for the food. Erik had found a place that rented six-foot grills that were on trailers. He had one planned for each house.

We agreed on a ‘typical serving’ per person of food and then ordered all the ingredients from a local grocery. Ryan told me this was the same store where they got all the food for the staff’s Thanksgiving banquet. The store had everything ready for us when we showed up with the truck on the second.

I’d never formed so many hamburger patties in all my life. Add to that cooking, chopping and otherwise preparing potato salad, baked beans and more. Randy’s wife came out to the house on the third and spent the entire day helping Ryan and me cook. Mrs. Wright rode to work with Randy and left when he finished for the day. Tracer came in after work and continued to help us late into the evening.

Saturday morning, we were outside early to finish up the preparations.

I hadn’t really left the house on the third, so I was stunned when I walked around that morning. The driveway from the road to the stable was marked off with roping. Arrows pointed to a portion of one field for parking. The moon bounce and inflatable slide were positioned on the far side of the barn – farthest away from the stables so that the noise wouldn’t spook the horses. The petting zoo was in the field between the parking area and the barn.

Ryan walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist. “What do you think? Pretty awesome setup? I can’t believe we got everything done in time.”

“I’m amazed. The place looks fantastic. How soon does the rest of the staff show up?” I asked.

“They are due here in about fifteen minutes. Want to help me load up the food to take up to the other house?”


Mrs. Hansen, Erik’s bookkeeper and Mrs. Wright were going to staff the grill at the house. Tracer and I would handle the grill at the old Pittston place.

To say that the Fourth of July was a success would be a huge understatement. The folks started arriving about nine a.m. The first groups set out riding, while parents with smaller children walked over to the petting zoo and the moon bounce.

Tracer and I moved up to the Pittston house about ten a.m. and got things started on the grill. Things were quiet this early in the morning and it gave my big brother and me a lot of time to talk privately.

“How are things going between you and Ryan?” Tracer asked.

“Good, maybe too good at this point.” I answered

“Why would you call it too good?”

“It’s all going to end on August 30th and then I might get to see him maybe twice before next summer.”

“If you want to see him more than that, I’m sure it can be arranged. Remember he does have a truck and I’m sure Erik would let him drive down for a weekend here and there. You two would have to behave yourselves, but at least you could be together. Just cross that bridge when August ends.” Tracer was pointing out some positives.

“We will. I know that at our age these things come and go. I just hope that if things change we are able to remain friends.”

“Just don’t do anything that might cause hard feelings and I’m sure it will all work out.”

“How about you and Erik? Almost two years together now – things still feel good?” I asked.

“If anything, things are better now than they were when we first met. I’ve got a lot more confidence. I’ve got my family back and I don’t feel like the ‘Mooch of Memphis’ anymore.”

“Who called you that?” I asked. I was surprised at the nickname.

“That was my name for myself. I felt like a mooch when I lived in Memphis. Earning coffee house money didn’t give me much to contribute towards food or rent. Changing the subject, how did you do on your PSATs? Are you thinking about college?” Tracer wasn’t willing to let the conversation focus on him, I could tell.

“Funny you should ask. I found out that Ryan and I got the same score. Plus I pulled my overall GPA up to 3.84 with my straight A’s this year. Between grades, scores and other activities I should be able to get into most schools that I’m interested in.”

“Where are you thinking about?” Tracer asked.

I know I looked very sheepish before responding. “Virginia Tech is first on my list. Tennessee and Memphis are second and third.”

“Hmmm. I guess Virginia Tech moved up high on your list when you found out Ryan was thinking of going there. I guess that I’d find Tennessee and Memphis moved up on his list?”

“Yeah, OK, I admit it. We are talking about going to college together.”

“Can I be honest with you?” Tracer asked seriously.


“Plan for your future first – decide on a major and a good school. Then think about matching it up with Ryan.”

“Virginia Tech is a great school and has a lot of opportunities for me,” I replied.

“True, but financially can you swing it?”

“That’s the biggest issue for me. I am working on a few scholarships,” I explained.

“Smart boy. Wish I was half as smart as you.”

“You’re smart. You just sell yourself short. You have a GED. Why don’t you take the SATs and see what happens?”

“Because I’m not leaving for college. I’m staying here with Erik.” Tracer seemed almost defensive.

“I’m sure you could work something out with him. Who was just telling me to put ‘my’ future first?”

We heard the sounds of the first guests arriving at our end of the trail and ended the conversation abruptly. We stayed busy with guests for the rest of the day and never got to pursue the conversation. Ezra arrived, late afternoon, in a truck to help us haul the stuff back down to the main farm.

By dusk most everyone had left – probably heading for the fireworks at county park. All of us pitched in to put things away, check on all the horses and otherwise clean up. It was nearly midnight when Ryan and I collapsed into bed with no more than a quick kiss goodnight.

Sunday morning, I woke up tangled up with Ryan. I disengaged without waking him, grabbed my shorts and quietly went downstairs. I followed the aroma of coffee to the kitchen and found Tracer sitting alone.

“Morning!” I said.

“Morning, Mr. Perky. What’s got you so happy this morning?”

“Ummm. We won’t talk about that.” I walked over and poured myself a cup of coffee, added a lot of cream and sugar and sat down at the table.

“Well, probably the same reason I enjoy my nights,” Tracer answered. “I have big news.”

“What?” I asked.

“Patrick isn’t the only one who will be starting college in the fall if things work out.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” I was getting confused.

“In bed last night, Erik convinced me to apply to Southwest Virginia Community College and get my Associate’s Degree.”

“That’s wonderful,” I said. I got up walked around the table to Tracer and hugged him.


“I also talked things over with Erik. He’s already agreed to let Ryan drive down to visit you from time to time. We just have to make sure it’s OK with Mom and Dad. Plus, you two will have to be on your best behavior at the house.”

“Understood,” I responded.

Midweek, Tracer announced that he’d applied at SwVCC. He had completed everything except their required admissions test. Ryan and I offered to help him study; however, as the test was simply a knowledge evaluation there was no specific material to cover.

“Tracer, you can pass the test and you know it.” Ryan sounded very confident.

“Agreed. Look how easily you passed the GED,” Erik added.

Early the next week, Tracer came home with wonderful news. He’d passed the admissions test and was now scheduled to take English and math in the fall. Each class would meet one night a week.

As August approached, I cornered Tracer one afternoon asking what he was getting Ryan for his birthday. Tracer indicated a few CDs, a PlayStation game and a book from things Ryan had mentioned he wanted.

“What are you getting him?” Tracer asked.

“I’m stumped. I really have no clue. Stuff – things - none of it seems right. I want the gift to have meaning!”

“It’s not like you should get him a wedding band. But I take it you want something somewhat romantic?” Tracer asked.

“Yeah, exactly. Nothing mushy or too far out there. Just something that shows I care.”

“How about a romantic dinner for two?”

“Funny. Where would I take him that we could be comfortable?”

“How about right here? You could cook dinner and Erik and I can be out of the house for the evening.”

“That sounds good. But I’m not a very good cook. I didn’t follow in your footsteps for that skill. I can cut, chop, clean and otherwise prep the food, but you saw that while we were getting ready on the third – Ryan did all the real cooking.”

“Tell you what. The afternoon of Ryan’s birthday – I’ll help you prepare a nice meal. We’ll set the dining room table and make it look nice. Erik and I will disappear and not come home till, say ten p.m.? Then we will go to our bedroom and hide till the morning.”

“Cool. You sure Erik won’t mind?”


The day before Ryan’s birthday, Tracer and I did the shopping together. The next evening he helped me set the table and put candles and such out. We cooked together while Erik kept Ryan busy outside. As things were down to the final crunch, Tracer gave me the instructions for final plating of the food and told me I was ready to fly solo.

Erik and Ryan came in the back door and Tracer told Ryan to run upstairs and get cleaned up for dinner. He looked at me puzzled but followed directions. Erik and Tracer took off for the night.

I ran into the front hall bathroom and changed into a nice polo shirt and a pair of khakis. I heard Ryan coming down the stairs and I greeted him at the bottom with a single long-stem rose. I leaned up a bit and kissed him on his lips. “Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks,” he replied. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply.

As the kiss ended, I looked up into his eyes. WOOF, I could stare into those eyes all night long. “You go into the dining room and I’ll be in with food in a minute.”

Ryan looked at me puzzled, but walked towards the dining room. I hurried into the kitchen and grabbed the salads from the fridge.

“Dinner for two? Where are Tracer and Dad?”

“They went out for burgers. Tonight it’s just you and me,” I replied.

“You cooked dinner?”

“With a lot of help from Tracer, so don’t worry. You won’t die of food poisoning.”

“Man, you set one nice table. I don’t think I’ve ever seen things this fancy,” Ryan commented.

“Tracer dug out your Dad’s wedding china, the silver and this linen table cloth. He even did the flower arrangement. He mentioned something about doing the flowers at the coffee shop once in a while. He’s got the eye for it,” I replied.

After we finished our salads, I picked up the plates. “Be right back.”

I went into the kitchen and plated the main course. Tracer had really outdone himself in helping me pull together the meal. I placed a baked chicken breast on each plate. They were deboned and stuffed with mushrooms and herbs. I pulled the green beans out of the steamer and sprinkled freshly sliced almonds on top. Finally, I put a generous portion of risotto on each plate. As directed, I added a small garnish to each plate. Tracer would be proud.

I set the plate in front of Ryan and then sat down with mine.

“My favorite! You made me the perfect meal. What’s for desert?”

“That’s a surprise. I’m sure you have a good guess though.”

“Will, this is wonderful. You surely did more than you had too. I would have been happy with cold hot dogs and baked beans – I’m just happy to be having dinner with you. Alone!”

We made quiet conversation while we ate dinner. Near the end I thought Ryan was going to pick up the plate and lick it clean.

“Yum. That was delicious!”

“Thanks,” I replied. “Sit still and give me a few minutes to finish up dessert.”

I took the two plates into the kitchen. I took the two individual-sized cakes that Tracer had helped me bake earlier and set them in the warm oven. While they heated up for a few minutes I grabbed the chocolate ganache we’d made and heated it in the microwave.

I put one cake on the center of each dessert plate, drizzled some chocolate sauce over it and then added a dollop of whipped cream to each. Finally I added a garnish of red raspberries.

“Warm, flourless chocolate cake with chocolate sauce! I can smell it before you even put it down in front of me!”

“Well, I tried to surprise you. Told you, you had a good guess what dessert was,” I replied.

“Will, you did way too much.”


We sat quietly and enjoyed our desserts. This time Ryan actually did pick up the plate and licked the last drops of chocolate ganache off.

“I can see I won’t be able to take you to the finest restaurants,” I said with a bit of a grin.

“I doubt the finest restaurants serve anything this good! I will mind my manners if you take me to one though,” Ryan replied.

Ryan helped me put all the dishes in the sink and run some water over them. Otherwise Tracer and I had cleaned up a majority of the stuff. I put a few things in the dishwasher and set it to run.

“What time are Tracer and Dad due home?” Ryan asked.

“Not for at least two more hours,” I answered after glancing at the kitchen clock.

“Cool. What’s next on your evening plan?” Ryan seemed anxious.

“I thought we would have a second dessert.”

“A second dessert? How do you top my favorite cake?”

“I was thinking about chocolate and whipped cream-covered Ryan,” I almost laughed.

“I think I would prefer chocolate and whipped cream-covered Will. I’m sure we can take turns!”

I grabbed the whipped cream and chocolate and we ran for the bedroom. It seemed like we were naked and in bed before the bedroom door closed. I took the squirt bottle of chocolate ganache and poured a small line from Ryan’s chin to his belly button. I took my tongue and followed the line down his body.

Then I took the squirt bottle and put a good amount on each of his balls. I grabbed the bowl with the whipped cream and put a small spoonful on each nut.

“That feels funny,” Ryan giggled.

“But it tastes wonderful,” I said. I worked first my tongue then my entire mouth over his balls. Finally, all the chocolate and whipped cream was gone.

“My turn!” Ryan stated. “That felt fucking amazing and I want to return the favor!”

He took my hard dick in one hand and the squirt bottle in the other. He drizzled chocolate over the tip of my dick – making it run down the shaft. Then he added a good amount of whipped cream to the top.

“Yum. Chocolate-covered banana with whipped cream,” he stated. With that he worked his mouth over my shaft. His tongue did an amazing job running around my dick cleaning chocolate and whipped cream off. He bobbed his head up and down for quite a while.

He rolled me over and used the squirt bottle to run chocolate from the base of my neck down my spine and right over my ass. He pulled my cheeks apart and squirted a lot of chocolate right onto my hole. I felt his tongue working down my spine, lapping up all the chocolate.

When he got to my ass, I felt him work his tongue up and down my hole. The teasing made me open up a lot. I felt another squirt of chocolate being added and then more tonguing. I started to squirm - it felt so good.

“Damn, Ryan, that feels amazing. My ass is twitching a lot.”

“It tastes as amazing as it must feel,” he responded.

He lay beside me and I got up on my knees. I grabbed the squirt bottle. “Roll over and let me do the same to you!”

Ryan flipped onto his stomach and I squeezed a thick line of chocolate down his spine. I started licking it all up the same way he’d done to me. As I finished getting his back clean, I spread his legs and his cheeks and squirted a big dollop of chocolate onto his asshole. I plunged my tongue down his cheeks and started licking up and down his hole.

I felt Ryan squirming beneath me. I kept up my tongue work on his hole, periodically adding a bit more chocolate. His ass was really twitching and I had my mouth completely covering his ass. My tongue worked inside his hole with the addition of more chocolate.

Deep, loud moans started coming from Ryan. I kept working my tongue in, but stopped adding chocolate. Now I was tasting nothing but pure Ryan.

“You taste better than the chocolate.”

“Your tongue has my hole on fire, Will. I’ve never felt this way.”

“Glad you like it. I could eat your hole all night long.”

“I’d almost let you,” he replied.

“Almost?” I asked.

“Well, I want you to fuck me, Will. Lube up my ass and stick that dick of yours in me. That tongue of yours has me wanting to get fucked.”

I grabbed the lube and pushed a liberal amount into Ryan’s ass. I coated my dick with another good amount. I worked a finger into Ryan’s hole and played for a couple minutes. When he’d loosened up a bit, I added a bit more lube and then another finger.

“Roll over,” I said.

He rolled onto his back and I pushed his legs up. I put the head of my dick against his hole. “Remember what you told me. Push down to let me in easier!” I reminded him.

As the head of my dick started to slip in I felt him push down. I slid in a lot easier than I’d expected.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck,” Ryan moaned.

“I’ll stop,” I replied.

“No, don’t. It feels incredible. Keep sliding in slowly.”

I kept pushing forward. He had his eyes clenched shut at this point. I kept staring at him as I slid in. Suddenly he opened his eyes. WOOF! I knew this was love. I slid in deeper till my balls smacked against his ass.

“You’ve got all of me, Baby.”

“I’m not letting you out of me ever!” he exclaimed.

“I wish it were possible, but you have to fuck me too!”

“Finish fucking me first, Will. Start that dick moving and fuck me!” he commanded.

I started working my dick in and out of his ass. I found his prostrate and started angling to make sure it got rubbed good.

“What the fuck was that?” he asked.

“I hit your prostate. Remember the first night you fucked me. I came without touching myself – it was because you hit it so many times. I asked Tracer about it one day.”

“Damn, that’s fantastic. Hit it again. I’m hooked!”

I started working his ass good, moving my strokes to rub or bump his prostate as much as possible.

Ryan started wiggling under me. “Damn, Will, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum and I haven’t even been jacking myself.”

As Ryan started shooting his ass went wild. His hole clenched and spasmed while he bucked.

“Fuck, Ryan, I’m shooting.”

Ryan’s ass milked a big load out of my dick as he continued to cover my chest with cum. The drops of cum fell off my chest and down onto his body. As I finished shooting I collapsed on top of him.

“Happy Fucking Birthday, Ryan.”

“Thanks, Lover.”

I lifted up a bit. Those fucking blue eyes of his. There was a hint of tears in them.

“I’ve wanted to call you Lover ever since you got here, and now I’m sure. After that, I know I want you to be my Lover.” Ryan seemed adamant.

“I am and I always will be Ryan. I’m just concerned about leaving you at the end of the summer.”

“It’s a hump we’ll have to get over. But it’s only nine months and then we can have the rest of our lives together.” Ryan sounded serious.

“OK. In the mean time, I want you to fuck me now.”


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