Double Trails




Chapter 30

-- RYAN --

I was glad I had talked Will into coming to Nashville. After getting the e-mail from Tracer inviting us to meet them for the party, I was ready to accept immediately. Will was concerned about class projects and homework. But college had been a lot of work so far and we needed a break .

I'll admit it; I coasted through high school and got great grades. Now I was paying for it in college where I was a good student, but had to work my ass off to keep my grades up.

Will had the clever idea for us to dress up as James T. West and Artemus Gordon from The Wild Wild West. The recent release of Will Smith's movie version during the summer had brought back a nostalgia wave related to the show.

We'd hit a local thrift store and found suits, vests and dress shirts that fit the feel of the show. Heck, Will even found a hat that looked a lot like the one Robert Conrad wore to complete my outfit. I was psyched that he let me be James T. West. I remembered how cool I thought he was, watching reruns of the show when I was little. We hadn't told Dad or Tracer about our costume choices - we wanted to surprise them.

I was sitting on the bed as Will finished getting ready to go to breakfast.

"Ready to go?" his question snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, sure."

Will rapped on the door separating our two rooms and Tracer soon answered.

"Ready?" Will asked. "I'm getting hungry."

"Yup. But Erik needs another minute."

Will had moved into their room and I had moved to the doorway. I looked beyond Will and Tracer to see Dad tucking in his shirt.

"Get a move on, Old Man," I teased.

"I'll 'Old Man' you," Dad warned back in jest. "Actually, I'm ready."

We all walked out to my truck and took off for the Loveless Café.

"It used to be a motel and café, but they closed the motel back in the eighties," Tracer explained. "Now they use the motel for their mail order business and overflow seating of the café."

"Popular place," Dad commented. "What do they sell mail order?"

"Country hams and their own line of jams," Will answered.

"Just so long as the café fills me full of food," I added.

"Their portions are big enough to fill even your hollow legs," Tracer responded.

"But I'm a growing boy!" I whined.

Everyone broke out in laughter.

Breakfast was a feast and I could see why the Loveless was considered one of the best places in Nashville for the morning meal.

We spent the rest of the morning touring Nashville. We drove around Music Row and I kept hoping to see some star walking out of one of the offices. No such luck.

After lunch, Dad drove us back to the hotel - the goal being for us to relax before the party. I was talking to Dad as we walked into the hotel; Tracer and Will were right behind us.

"What did the guys at the farm say about the rings?" I asked Dad as we entered the lobby.

"Randy asked me what took me so long. Everyone else just offered their congratulations."

"That's cool. I hope everyone else will be as understanding."

"Some probably won't, but it's not something that I plan to flaunt. It's just going to be a fact of life."

We got to the elevator and entered. I looked around and asked, "What happened to Tracer and Will?"

"I guess they are checking out the hotel or something. They both have keys, so why don't we just head up to our rooms?"

We rode up in silence with a few other guests. Dad opened the door to their room and I followed him in, planning to cut through to our room. Dad stopped me and renewed the conversation.

"So, no big surprises in your classes?"

"Lots of work. Lots of studying. No surprises. I've got a couple of great professors and one real jerk. But I guess that's just like any school."

"Sounds like it," Dad replied. "Are you OK with my formalizing my relationship with Tracer?"

"Sure! Tracer's a great guy and who am I to complain," I laughed. "I got Will out of it."

"Good. Good. There's a bit more I wanted to discuss with you," Dad said very seriously.

"Spill it."

"Well, I've made Tracer my partner in every way."

"Yeah, the rings are really neat. Will and I will have to do that at some point."

"Ryan, I made Tracer my business partner as well as my life partner."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I made Tracer my business partner in the farm," Dad explained.

"What exactly does that mean?" I was truly puzzled.

"It means he's my business partner. He now co-owns the farm with me."


"Look. If I'd remarried, wouldn't my new wife, my spouse, be equal owner in everything?" he asked.

"Well, I guess. But you didn't remarry."

"No, and as you well know, I can't marry Tracer any more than you can marry Will."


"So I found other ways to make Tracer my partner."

"What exactly did you do?" I was upset. The farm was going to be mine one day. It had always been that way.

"I put him on the deed to the farm. He now owns half the farm."

Instead of yelling and screaming like I really wanted to, I just looked at Dad. "What does that mean for me?"

"It means that Tracer owns half the farm. You get my half when I die."

"OK." I said as calmly as I could.

"You OK with this?" Dad asked.

"Yeah," I lied.

"You're not cut out of the farm. In fact, I already mentioned to Tracer that we'd have to figure out what to do when you and Will come back after college."

School. Damn it, I should never have gone to college. If I'd stayed at home this wouldn't have happened. The only reason I was getting a degree was that Dad really wanted me too. I didn't need it to work, run, or own the farm.

"You're awfully quiet," Dad said.

"Just digesting it all," I replied.

"You really OK with this?"

'No,' I wanted to scream. 'The farm is supposed to be mine!' "Yeah," I lied, once again.

I heard noise from the adjoining room and welcoming the distraction, I stood up and walked over to the common door, and opened it.

"Hey," Will said, almost excited. "We lost track of you."

"We just came straight up to the room," I replied.

"We checked out the hotel store and some of the other parts of the hotel. This place is huge!" Tracer explained as he moved into his and Dad's room.


"You OK?" Will asked quietly.

"Yeah," I replied equally as quiet.

"We're gonna snuggle up and nap," Will said. "It's about one-thirty now. Why don't we get together about five for dinner?"

"That works," Dad replied.

"See y'all in a bit," Will answered. He closed the adjoining door. "What's wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

"It doesn't take a psychic to read your emotions. What's got you so pissed?"

"Nothing - I'm going to lie down and get a short nap."

Will surprised me by dropping the subject. I curled up on the bed. I really wasn't sure what I felt. On the one hand, I could see Dad's logic. On the other, the farm was MINE, not Tracer's.

Will crawled into bed and spooned up behind me. He wrapped his arms around me. It wasn't long till I realized he was asleep. I lay there, running thoughts through my head.

I must have finally drifted off to sleep. When I awoke, Will was coming back into the room through the hallway door.

"Where'd you go?" I asked.

"I didn't want to wake you and I heard Erik and Tracer moving about, so I knocked softly on their door and joined them for a few minutes. Erik and I took a short walk while Tracer watched some TV. Wanna talk?"

"About what?" I was trying to avoid the subject.

"About Tracer owning half the farm. I'm sure that's got to be what's bothering you."

"I don't know where to start," I said, sitting up on the bed.

Will sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulder. "Anywhere you want. Or I could tell you my news."

"You have news?" I asked.

"When we got back to the hotel after lunch, Tracer pulled me aside and told me that Erik needed to talk to you privately. He then explained about Erik deeding half the farm to him."

 "Yeah," I muttered a dejected reply. "I get Dad's half when he dies... and I know that this is the right thing. Tracer and Dad are a couple, even though they can't get married. I understand all that. But the farm was supposed to be mine - all mine at some point."

"Hmmm… wouldn't that be 'ours, all ours' now?" Will asked.

"My mind hadn't gotten that far," I admitted.

"Well, one day it may be ours, all ours."


"Tracer's leaving his half of the farm to me."

"Oh," was all I could manage.

"OK. Time for the sledgehammer," Will laughed. "Your dad wanted to make sure Tracer had no doubts about their relationship. How would a guy like your dad do it – half the farm, half the business, half of everything important to him. Except of course he can't give Tracer half of you. Your dad told Tracer that you would get his half of the farm at his death. Tracer made up his mind later that it should all stay in the family. So he's going to leave me his half in his will."

"OK," I said quietly. I was starting to adjust and process all the information bombarding me, but I wasn't processing as fast as things seemed to be changing.

"Look. Tracer told me that Erik was already talking about what they'd do when we came back from college."

"Why does our being at school matter?" I whined. "I don't want to be at college anyway!"

"Huh? Wait. Hold that thought. First, school matters. Your dad, Erik, freaked out after we left. He didn't think we'd be coming back."


"Tracer told me that your dad figured you and I would graduate and move on. In fact, Erik even figured Tracer would be leaving him after we took off."

"Why the hell…"

"More of that sledgehammer? Your mom of course. She left him. You left him – for school. He figured everyone would leave him."

"Oh, shit," I replied quietly. I'd never realized how bad it hurt Dad when she left.

"Yeah. Shit. After a blowup, Tracer got it through Erik's head that we would be coming back after school and that he wasn't leaving. And giving Tracer the ring and the farm was your Dad's reaction to it all. Now, what's this about your not wanting to be at college? I thought your dream was to go to Tech."

"I could care fucking less about college. I know the 'value of a good education' and 'all the reasons I should go to school' and all the other lectures about going to college. The only reason I wanted to go to Tech was to be close to home. I didn't want to leave the farm and don't want to be there."

"Whoa, I never realized."

"No... I'm a good boy that follows his Dad's wishes - for the most part. Going to college was pretty much a requirement. So I made my plans to survive by going to a school close by and studying something useful for when I returned to the farm."

"Trust me; our degrees will help both of us with the farm. Yes, the lectures are right – the education will make us better prepared to handle what life throws at us. Look at Erik. He uses his business degree to expand the farm and make it profitable."

"It's not like I'm going to flunk out, or leave college. I've got you there and that's a big help," I explained. "I just don't like being away from the farm."

"I guess you'll have to look at it as 'absence makes the heart grow fonder!'"

"Yeah. I guess so."

"Did your Dad talk to you about what happens when we move back to the farm?" Will asked.

"He mentioned something about figuring out things then."

"Yeah. Tracer said he wants to talk to Erik when we get back. Turn the farm into a limited something company. It means that the owners of the company would own the farm."

My face showed my confusion.

"Hey, Tracer's the one taking the business classes. Talk to him about it. But basically, this limited company thingy would own the farm and the four of us would own the company. Four partners – even and equal."

"Wow," was all I could manage.

"Feeling better now?"

"It's all a big adjustment, but yeah," I answered. "I think I need more snuggle time though."

"Well, we're supposed to meet the guys for dinner in an hour," Will reminded me.

"OK. I'll take thirty minutes!"

Will stretched out and I followed suit. Cuddled up next to him with his arms wrapped around me, I felt secure.

I was startled back awake by pounding on the door .

"Time for dinner," Dad bellowed through the door.

"Just a second," Will called back.

I stood up and looked at Will. He looked back at me and we both burst into laughter. Our clothes definitely showed we'd slept in them a bit too much.

I walked over to the door and opened it to find Dad standing there.

"Well, the dead have awoken!" he said.

"Funny, but partially true," I replied. "We need to change into something that doesn't look slept in. What restaurant are we going too?"

"I thought the steakhouse sounded good," Tracer answered. "But we could try the sports bar and grill."

"The bar and grill sounds lighter," Will said. "Why don't you two go get a table. We'll be there in five minutes. OK?"

"Deal," Dad answered.

Dad closed the door and Will went into the bathroom. I dug out a fresh polo shirt and jeans from my duffle bag.

"Your turn," Will said to me as he exited the bathroom naked and moved towards his bag. His hair was damp, but looked good.

I went into the bathroom, stripped down and stuck my head under the sink faucet. I grabbed the little bottle of shampoo, lathered up, rinsed off and ran a towel over my hair. Nice thing about short hair is it doesn't take much to refresh it.

Going back into the room I saw that Will was buttoning his jeans. I got dressed quickly.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yeah," Will replied.

We walked down to the grill and found the guys. Dinner was filling and the conversation focused on the party.

Back in our room, Will and I dressed for the party. Dad and Tracer were doing their usual cowboy thing so they simply had to add a hat to their outfits. Once ready, we walked into their room.

"Hmmm… not The Church Ladies," Dad teased.

"Maybe they're vampires from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer," Tracer added.

"Funny, very funny," I answered. "Such wit!"

"Actually, you two look a lot like younger versions of Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. I'd say you two make The Wild, Wild West look good," Dad admitted.

"Thanks," Will responded.

"Where'd you get the costumes?" Tracer asked.

"We hit a couple thrift stores around town," I explained.

"Very well done," Tracer added.

"Ready?" I asked.

We took off for Gavin's and Jake's. I parked the truck on the street and the four of us walked up to the front door - Dad and Tracer in front, Will and I right behind.

Someone other than Jake opened the door. I hadn't seen Jake in over five years, but I knew this wasn't him .

"Gavin, good to see you!" Dad exclaimed.

"Good to see you, Erik, Tracer," he replied. "And who is this?"

"You said I could bring additional guests, if I wanted. So we brought along Ryan and Will," Tracer said.

"Welcome gentlemen…" Gavin paused. "Ryan? As in your son Ryan?"

"The one and only," I replied.

"And Will's my brother," Tracer explained.

"Nice of you two to come along. I hope our little party doesn't bore you."

"Why would it bore us?" I asked.

"Well, all of our guests are gay men and gay couples. Not sure how much fun you two will have," Gavin replied.

"I think we'll have lots of fun," Will answered. With that, he pulled me over and started one hell of a kiss.

"Oh!" Gavin exclaimed.

"Yeah, what the two stinkers haven't mentioned is that they are gay, and lovers," Dad explained. "They met almost two years ago and have spent, what… the last seventeen months together. They are both freshmen at Virginia Tech."

"I'd like to hear more. Come on in and I'll introduce you to everyone."

As we walked into the living room, I recognized one of the guests from his profile. I worked my way around and walked up behind him. I wrapped my hands over his eyes and whispered, "Guess-who?"

"Hmmm…" he muttered. He reached his left hand back and started rubbing up my leg. He got to my crotch and squeezed a bit. "Nope, not him…" Scott, Tracer's old roommate, continued reaching behind him and working his hands up my torso. "OK. I give!"

"Hehehehe, I'm not letting you off that easy!"

Scott tried to turn, but I prevented his efforts.

"Tracer?" he finally asked.




"Tom? Dick? Harry?" he teased.

"Nope. Nope. Nope."

"Come on, I give up!"

I let go of him and he turned around. "Oh! Ryan! Long time no see!"

"Yup, all grown up and legal," I teased.

"Yeah, I remember losing a few gallons of drool one weekend."

"Thanks for the compliment," I replied. "But before you drool too much, I want to introduce you to someone. Hey, Will, come here." Will walked over from where he was standing with Dad and Tracer. "Scott, this is Will. Will, this is Scott."

"Scott, nice to meet you," Will said. "I've heard a lot about you."

"You have?" Scott seemed puzzled. By this point Tracer and Dad had walked over as well.

"Good to see you, Scott," Dad said.

Tracer gave Scott a big hug. "I see you've met my baby brother."

Scott's face went from confused to downright baffled. "OK. Time for someone to explain this to me with little pictures."

"Well, I can't draw worth a damn. But pictures aren't really necessary," I said.

"You know my dad," I said pointing to Dad. "You know Tracer," I said pointing to Tracer. "You've met me," I pointed to myself. "So the only new face is Will's. And it is a nice face to look at!"

"Yes. Yes. I know the names. But I'm sure I'm missing something here," Scott admitted.

"Guys, you two are going to frustrate everyone all night, aren't you?" Dad asked.

"It's fun!" Will said.

"We're big teases," I added.

"Before Scott dies of frustration," Tracer interrupted. "Scott, Ryan's gay. He came out of the closet almost two years ago."

"Oh! Hmmmm…" Scott muttered.

"Before you go there," Tracer continued. "He came out of the closet after having sex with Will."


"It gets better. They've been involved for the last seventeen months. They now live together in Blacksburg while going to college."

"Well, I'll be fucked," Scott said.

"Not likely," Tracer's retort came quickly.

"Now, now. I meant, here I was drooling over Ryan and he goes and finds someone without giving me a chance! And Will, you never offered yourself to me either! Life's just not fair," Scott whined in a sarcastic tone.

All four of us burst into laughter. A moment later Scott joined us in communal laughter.

"Honestly," Scott continued. "Congrats to both of you on finding each other."

"Thanks," Will said.

"Long time, no see," Jake's voice came from behind me.

"Hey, Jake," I replied.

"You've grown into a mighty fine-looking young man."


"Will, nice to meet you," Jake said. "Any brother of Tracer, and son-in-law of Erik's is always welcome in my home."

"I guess Gavin explained the situation to you before this duo got to play their mind games on you," Dad said.

"Fortunately," Jake replied. "Ready to meet lots of folks?"

With that Jake took Will and me in tow, introducing us to the guests.

About two hours into the party, Will and I had snuck away and were sitting on the sleeping porch off the master bedroom. The door from inside opened and Dad and Tracer walked out.

"Wondered where you two were hiding," Dad said.

"We were sitting in the place it all started," I replied. "We've both heard the stories of you two meeting here, so we decided to check it out."

"We wanted to find out if this place was a magical as it sounded in your stories," Will chimed in.

"Yeah, this house and this porch have both played a big role in our lives," Tracer said. "I met Erik here, and because of that you two met later on."

The door opened again and Scott and a guy I had not met walked out.

"Ooops… sorry – didn't mean to interrupt," Scott said.

"You're not interrupting," Dad replied. "The four of us were just talking about that fateful night a few years ago."

"Ummmm… Dad, I think we might be interrupting," I said.

The guy with Scott turned beet red.

"Yup," Will said. "Guys why don't we abandon the porch and let these two be alone."

The four of us went downstairs to rejoin the party. I don't remember seeing Scott any more that night.

"Hope you boys had a good time," Jake said as we were leaving.

"We had a blast," Will answered.

"It was a lot of fun," I added. "If you'll have us, we'll keep our calendars open for future parties."

"Sounds good," Gavin replied.

"When are you two coming up to the farm for a visit," Dad asked.

"We'll give you a call soon and set something up," Jake replied.

"We've got plenty of space with these two," Dad pointed to Will and me, "off at college."

"Sounds good," Gavin said. "We'll check our calendars and send you an e-mail with some possible dates."

"Deal," Tracer replied.

"Night!" we said as a chorus.

I drove us back to the hotel, each of us taking turns yawning.

"Night," I said to Dad and Tracer as Will put the card in the door's reader lock.

"Night," they responded as they went into their room.

"I'm bushed!" Will said.

"It was a great party," I said. "Some of those costumes were wild!"

"I think my favorite was Velveeta Peron."

"She - he - she was good. I liked how the microphones all came out of an oversized Velveeta box."

"I loved it when she stopped and sang out, 'Don't eat that cheese, it's Velveeta!' She even sounded a bit like Madonna."

"Did you see that one guy who was dressed as a vampire?"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"He kept staring at us," I said. "Creepy."

"Well, I think he wanted to suck – but not your blood!"

"The only one sucking me is you!"

By this point we had both stripped out of our costumes and climbed into bed.

"That's a deal," Will said.

With that he got up on his knees and presented me with his stiffening dick.

"I vant to suck your kock," I said with my best vampire accent. I moved my lips around Will's dick and started working down his shaft.

Will started thrusting as I worked on his cock. I bobbed my head in rhythm with his movements. My face was getting slammed by the impact.

"Oh, fuck!" Will moaned.

"Mmmrph…" was all I could get out.

I reached one hand under him a bit and played with his ass. My fingers slipped into his crack and started digging for his hole. As my fingertips reached his pucker, Will pulled his dick out of my mouth, flopped down on the bed in a sixty-nine position and pulled my dick towards him.

"Now, I vant to zuck your kuck," Will said with a really bad vampire accent.

But his efforts to suck my dick were really good. After seventeen months of practice, Will knew what I liked. He licked my shaft and then wrapped his lips around it and sucked it for a while. He'd alternate sucking my cock and sucking my balls .

While he was paying such nice attention to my dick, I had returned to sucking his cock and letting my fingers play with his ass. I took my mouth off his cock and pushed his legs apart a bit. I stretched out and worked my mouth towards his asscrack. Using my hands I separated his cheeks and got my tongue up against his hole.

"Mmmmmm…" Will moaned around my cock as my tongue pushed against his hole.

I lifted up a bit, "Mmmm…. is right!" I pushed my tongue back against his hole and started rimming out his ass. My tongue worked around his hole in circles, then plunged into the depths. I kept doing my best to tease his ass open.

I started getting a bit of a cramp from my position so I disengaged myself completely from Will. "Up on all fours," I commanded .

Will moved quickly into position and I got behind him. Will pushed two pillows under his chest, freeing his hands to reach back and spread his ass apart.

I returned my tongue to his hole and worked it in and out. I made my tongue as rigid as possible and started fucking his hole with it while letting my drool slip in.

"Fuck me!" Will begged.

I kept pushing my tongue in and out.

"Fuck me!" Will urged.

I kept rimming his ass.

"Get your fucking cock buried in my ass!" Will snapped.

"Yes, Sir!"

I spit on my dick and slicked it up. I started sliding my dick into his chute.

"That's it, Baby. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Will groaned.

I started sliding my dick all the way into Will's hole, my pubes scratching his ass. Then I'd slide nearly all the way out before plunging back in. I found a pace that was just right – exciting my dick without making me want to cum too fast.

I grabbed Will's hips and used them as leverage as I continued to pound his hole. Will grunted each time I hit bottom. He started pushing back to meet my thrusts.

"Fuck yeah!" I yelled.

Will started squeezing my dick with his ass as I tried to continue with the same pace. His compression made it hard for me to keep up the fast strokes. So I compensated by staying deeper in his ass and doing more quick, short, rabbit thrusts.

"Ummph…." Will groaned as my thrusts kept hitting bottom. "Ummmph… Ummph…"

"Fuck, your ass is going to make me cum if you keep that up!" I warned him.

"It's ready and willing to accept all donations," Will shot back.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, Fuck. FUCK!" I moaned as I shot into Will's hole. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck."

"Cream it, Baby. My ass needs it!"

I collapsed on Will's back as the last of my cum dripped into his hole. I started to pull out, but Will reached back and held me still.

"Stay right where you are."

Will spit into his hand and took his dick in hand. He started stroking himself while my dick slowly softened in his ass. Will started squeezing my cock with his ass as he brought himself closer. I started working my dick around in his hole a bit more.

"Fuck!" Will exclaimed. I felt his hole spasm around my dick.

Spent, Will collapsed down on the bed. I landed on top of him.

"Night," he muttered.

"Oh no, I'm not sleeping in a pile of cummy sheets."

"Mrph…" he muttered.

I got out of bed and padded into the bathroom. I washed up quickly and grabbed a wet rag. By the time I got back to the bed, Will was asleep face down. I wiped up his ass and then rolled him over and cleaned up his dick. That's when I noticed his cum puddled on the sheet.

"Up, Will," I nudged.


I moved over to the other bed and pulled the covers back. "Clean sheets over here."

"OK. OK," Will said. He stumbled over to the other bed and was asleep before his head hit the pillows.

I snuggled up to him and was out soon after.

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