Double Trails




Chapter 44

-- TRACER --

"Stupid. Stupid. Stupid." I muttered under my breath as I hung up the phone.

"Who's so stupid?" Erik asked from behind me.

His question startled me as I hadn't realized he had come into the kitchen.

"Nothing important," I lied. "Will asked my opinion on an issue, and I thought his idea was stupid."

We had agreed back when our little two-couple, two-family relationship started up that there would be things best kept between the two people discussing it. Since I wasn't volunteering anything, Erik knew better than to quiz me for details.

"What time do you plan to leave tomorrow?" I asked.

"I want to be on the road about six a.m. That way I'll be at the Horse Center well before the first program starts at noon."

"Are you coming home Wednesday after the last class; or are you going to stay overnight and come back early Thursday?"

"I'm thinking that coming back on Thursday will be better. The last class doesn't end till seven. That's a long day for me if I drive back that night. Plus, I thought I could get a nice ride in Thursday morning on some of their trails before coming home. Might get a few ideas."

"Sounds great," I replied. I'm jealous!"

"Hey, you're the one that encouraged me to go take these classes. I think it will be really good to hear the ideas of others on farm management, trail ride programs, etcetera."

"I just wish I could have gone, too. Stupid final exam week," I groaned. "Maybe I can go next year."

I tried to put a big smile on my face.

"Tracer, this is it for you. Since I can't convince you to go to UVa at Wise for a bachelors, you're done - once you pass these exams."

"Yep, just two exams and that's it for me and school for a lifetime!"

"Hey, don't say that. You're the one that was just telling me he wanted to go take classes at the Horse Center."

"I don't consider that school. I know the classes are serious education – but it's a fun topic."

"I hope so," Erik answered. "I don't think I can do three, eight-hour days of boring."

"All packed?" I asked.

"Nope, I'm going to head upstairs and deal with clothes and stuff. I've got my saddle, tack and stuff loaded into the truck already."

"OK. I'll get dinner started in a few minutes."

Erik left the den and I could hear his boots clomping up the wooden stairs.

I let my mind go back to the phone conversation with Will. All I could do was hope he got my message. I thought a bit more and grabbed the phone. Will answered on the second ring.

"Hey, it's me," I said. "Look. I know my earlier answers probably seemed harsh, but I wanted to talk a bit more."

"I think I got your point of view," Will said very testily.

"Calm down, Will. I'm not trying to be judgmental. In fact, now that I've had time to think it over in my head, I wanted to point out a few things for you two to think about. It's still up to you and Ryan what you decide to do."


"First, I want you to think about what the impact of doing this will have on your own relationship."

"Why would it impact our relationship? I love him. He loves me. We have sex together all the time."

"Yeah, I know. But not for the world to see… not for the world to comment on. What are you going to do if a classmate comes up to you and says 'I watched you two fuck last night' or 'I think Ryan's so fuckin' hot after watching you two fuck' or 'I wanna fuck you just like Ryan did'?"

"I can handle that. Ryan's not going to cheat on me," Will replied. But I could tell I struck a nerve.

"OK. Next point. What is the impact on you two going to be on down the road? Remember a lot of folks don't deal with porn stars very well. What happens if someone here in the area sees the video, realizes it's you two and word gets out. You think the church groups will come rent here when two of the owners did porn? Hell, we already have to be careful that our relationships don't scare them off. It's not like we live in San Francisco – we're in southwestern Virginia!"

"Ummmm…." Will muttered.

I pressed my attack. "What do you think Erik's gonna say, or Mom and Dad when they find out about it."

"They don't need to know," Will replied defensively.

"So, when you two have your faces plastered on some DVD cover or on the Internet, you don't think word's gonna get back to one of them at least?"


"So, why are you two even considering doing this?" I asked. "It can't be for the money."

"No. It's not the money. We thought it would be fun. You know – showing off a bit."

"Tell you what – enter a jockstrap contest. Show off at the gym or pool. Don't do porn!"

"I'll talk to Ryan about it. He seems so eager to do it. But you're right on some of the points. I really hadn't thought of the impact to the farm business."

"Doing porn has cost guys their jobs, families, and more. Think it over seriously before you do anything – I really don't want Erik hurt by this."

"OK. OK," Will relented.

"If you do decide to do it, please call me first. That way I can be prepared."

"Will do."

"On to better topics, when are y'all's exams over?"

"My last one is Wednesday afternoon. I think Ryan's is Thursday morning."

"Oh, OK."

"What's wrong?" Will asked.

"Nothing, Erik's going up to the Virginia Horse Center for three days of seminars and classes. He won't be home till Thursday afternoon. I was kinda hoping you two would be home sooner."

"Nope. We'll be home Thursday night probably. When's your last final?"

"I have one Monday and one Tuesday."

"You'll be the first one to get a college degree!"

"It's just an associate's degree."

"Hey. It's more than anyone in our family has ever gotten. You should be proud of yourself."

"I'm just proud that I'm done! At this point, I don't want any more class-work."

"I can understand that. I have three semesters worth of classes done and five more to go."

"I'm not jealous of that!"

"I should run. Ryan's gonna be home soon and I want to work on dinner."

"Me, too. I need to fix dinner for Erik. Love you. Take care."

"I will. And thanks for the input. I'm going to talk to Ryan seriously about this tonight."


I hung up the phone feeling a lot better than I had before.

Erik hit the road after we finished breakfast Monday morning. I knew that this week was going to be very busy with the two exams, work, and everything else going on; but I could handle it.

After cleaning up the kitchen, I headed out to the office, but detoured to check on Empress. Her condition had been deteriorating rapidly of late – old age had set in hard, and it was only a matter of time. I only hoped she held on till Ryan finished his last final exam and could get home. Grand Empress Dowager had been the first horse Ryan ever rode, and until her retirement last summer – the only horse he rode regularly. Her passing would not be easy on him at all.

She brightened up a bit when I got to her stall. I checked her over carefully and stroked her neck. She whinnied back at me quietly.

I left her stall and walked down the row a few to check on Rangly Lil. Her foal was due any day now. She was in the foaling-stall, so I checked the camera and mic in the stall; all seemed to be in working order from this end. I had checked the monitors in the house earlier and would check the ones in the office once I got there. In addition, I made a mental note to have someone clean the stall. We didn't want to risk the foal's health by letting things get dirty. Before I left her stall, I took her temperature and then recorded it on the chart. Her temperature was down another degree from yesterday. I figured the big event could come any moment.

I got to the office about seven and went through the paperwork leftover from Friday. It only took me a few minutes to handle what I needed to; all the rest I set on Christine's desk. I checked the schedule and saw that the only thing planned was the regular Monday afternoon beginners riding class.

I grabbed my walkie-talkie and went back into the stable. I found Randy and Hank already cleaning out stalls, so I grabbed a pitchfork to help out. The three of us followed the pattern – freshening the even-numbered stalls and doing a full replacement on the odds. After the stalls were clean and the horses all fed, I pulled my first horse out to do a health check and basic grooming.

I was moving along well on the second horse when Christine walked up to me.

"Tracer, there's a guy on the phone asking for Erik. I told him that Erik wasn't available, but he's insistent he talk to Erik or one of the owners."

"Who is it?" I asked.

"He claims to be from the bank, but it's not a name I recognize."

"I'll handle it."

I walked over to the extension in the stable and pushed the lit line.

"Hello?" I asked.

"May I speak to Erik Chamberlain, please," a man's voice asked.

"He's unavailable, how may I help you?"

"I'm only permitted to speak to Mr. Chamberlain or one of the owners."

"As you've been told several times, he's unavailable. I am one of the owners, how may I help you?" my voice showed my irritation.

"You're name is?"

"Since you called me," I responded, "you identify yourself first. Then we'll talk."

"My name is Andrew. I'm with the bank."

"And which bank are you with Andrew?" I was getting very suspicious.

"I'm with your bank, we're having an issue with your account."

"OK. Which account?"

"Sir. I need to confirm your identity and get some information before I can discuss it."

"And what information might that be?"

"Your name, account number…"

I hung up the phone. I pushed the intercom button and Christine picked up the phone.

"Christine, if he calls back again – hang up on him. Call New Peoples Bank, talk to Phyllis and see if there's anything wrong – otherwise, that was some scam."

"He sounded so serious, I thought something might be really wrong," she replied.

"Well, if it is serious, Phyllis will let us know."

I went back to grooming horses and soon forgot about the annoyance. By lunch-time I had my chores done and swung by the office.

"Any issues?" I asked.

"None," Christine replied. "Phyllis confirmed that all our accounts are fine. Then Andrew did call back – I told him to fuck off!"

"Why, Christine, I didn't know you had it in you!"

"Oh, I can tell a piece of scum to fuck off when I need too!"

"Good. Feel free to tell all the telemarketers to fuck off as well!"

"Well, I have friends that work in some of the call centers around here, so I won't tell them to fuck off unless they harass us."

"Deal," I replied. "I'm going to the house and have lunch, and study for my final. Intercom me if you need me."

"Got it. Good luck on the exam."


I settled down in the den with a big sandwich, chips, and a cola. I had my class notes spread out on the table. Where to start? I decided to review the two mid-term exams first to see what had been covered previously.

I was reading the first question when I heard the intercom buzz. I walked into the kitchen and picked up the handset.

"What's up, Christine?" I asked.

"It's Randy."

"Oh. Sorry," I replied. "What's up?"

"Lil's started foaling."

"OK. I'll be right out. Did Christine get up with Dr. Cranston?"

"She called his office. He's on a call right now. They will notify him that we've starting foaling and that we might need him later."

"Great. I'll be right out," I repeated.

When I got to the stall, Randy, Hank and Ezra were in with Lil while Christine watched from outside.

"Never got to see a foaling?" I asked Christine.

"No. They've either happened when I was gone for the day or on the weekends, etcetera."

"Bets on how long this will take?" I asked the guys.

"An hour," Randy said.

"I'm thinking two," Ezra said.

"Y'all need any help from me?" I asked.

"Not really. I just called to inform you," Randy replied.

"I really need to study, but I'm willing to help."

"I think the three of us can handle it. If this last too long, you can take a shift after you get back from your exam."

"I hope for Lil's sake that doesn't happen. But it's a deal."

My studying had a very distracted feel to it. I kept working on focusing on my studies, and finally did feel like I was at least half prepared for the final.

I looked up at the clock and realized I needed to grab a bite, check with the guys on Lil, and head for school. I packed everything up and headed out to the stall.

"How goes," I started to ask. "Oh! Who's that?"

"We figured that was Pecos Bill, first son of Rangly Lil. Subject to confirmation, that is," Ezra announced.

"How long ago did Mr. Pecos arrive," I asked.

"He was born about twenty minutes ago," Christine announced. "And I should be going, it's way past the time I should have gotten home."

I chatted with the guys a few minutes about the newest addition to our family.

"Would someone call Dr. Cranston's office and get him scheduled to stop by tomorrow, so he can check out Pecos Bill?" I asked. "I need to head to school."

"Good luck!" rang out from all three as I turned and headed off.

The exam was as hard as I'd expected, and I had no clue how I'd done. When I got home, there were no trucks in the parking lot and the only lights were the ones I'd left on in the house. The alarm system beeped as I entered the house and I punched in my code – not wanting to summon the cops by mistake. I set the system to 'home' mode and checked the messages on voicemail. A confirmation from Dr. Cranston's office that he'd be by in the morning, and a message from Erik saying I could call as late as ten p.m. I looked over at the clock and realized I had about fifteen minutes to spare.

The phone rang once and I heard, "EconoLodge. How many I help you?"

"Room 108, Erik Chamberlain," I stated.

The phone buzzed twice. "Hello?" Erik's voice asked.

"Hey, Handsome."

"Hey, Baby, how you doing?"

"I'd be better if exams were over and you were home. But I'm glad one's done."

"How'd you do?" he asked. "Which one was it?"

"I'm sure I passed; but I honestly don't have a clue. Business law is not the easiest class I've had, that's for sure. Either I nailed it or I scraped by – I don't think there's an in-between on this one."

"I'm sure you did fine. Ready for tomorrow night's?"

"The guys are going to cover the stuff tomorrow afternoon, so I can get some last minute studying in. I've been doing fine in accounting, so that one shouldn't be so bad."

"That's good."

"We have a new addition to the farm."


"Rangly Lil had a colt – the guys suggested Pecos Bill for a name and I concurred. What do you think?"

"Pecos Bill it is. How's he doing?"

"He was twenty minutes old when I left for school. No one was here when I got back from school, so I'm assuming he's OK. Let me check the monitor."

I walked over to the display in the kitchen and flipped it on. The camera caught Lil and Bill at a great angle.

"He looks fine. He's standing right beside his momma."

"That's good. Everything else OK?"

"Well, yeah."

"That didn't sound enthusiastic," Erik commented.

"I'm really getting concerned about Empress. She's not good at all."

"Did y'all schedule Doc Cranston to come out tomorrow to check the colt?"


"Have him check her out, too. Follow his guidance. Don't make her suffer."

"I don't think she's suffering. It's just hard watching any of the horses in their last few days."

"And you're just as soft-hearted about this one as I am. I know Ryan's gonna be devastated when she dies, but he knows it's coming."

"I know. I know. I'm worried that it will screw him up in exams if she dies before he's done."

"Then we just don't tell him."

"Erik, there's no way I'm holding back on him. That wouldn't be right."

"Well, it's your call. My best advice is that you tell Will if she does. He can decide the right time to tell Ryan."

"How were the classes today?"


Erik went on to discuss some of the interesting material from the class. I listened and commented, but I kept my eyes on Pecos Bill. We talked for a short while longer and both started yawning on the phone. We said our 'I love you's' and 'goodnights' and hung up.

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday, except for Dr. Cranston's visit. He confirmed that Pecos Bill was 'healthy as a horse,' which got a groan from all of us. He also confirmed that Empress was in her last days but did not appear to be in any significant pain.

My accounting exam went by easily, and I did the nightly call with Erik. Two days down, a day and a half to go!

Wednesday morning, after the typical stable chores, I focused on all the paperwork I'd let slide on Monday and Tuesday. After lunch, I joined Randy riding along the perimeter fence. We stopped a couple times to make repairs, but generally found no major issues.

After all the staff left on Wednesday, I remained in the office as two of our boarders were out riding. Once they came back in, I locked things up and walked through the stable to check things out.

I got to watch Pecos Bill nurse for a few minutes. He was a handsome colt, chestnut brown with a frosting of white over the top. He had his mother's wide, white strip down his face. His mane was much lighter than his body hair, a trait he got from his sire.

I walked to the other end of the row and checked on Empress. My concern deepened as I stood in the stall with her. Her breathing was shallow and her eyes were closed.

I heard the phone ringing as I left her stall.

"Hello," I answered.

"Hey," Will's voice came booming through. "I'm done! I'm done! I'm done!"

"You and me both!" I replied. "In fact, I'm completely done – no more school!"

"Don't rub it in!"

"What's up?"

"Well, how did your exams go?" Will asked.

"Good. The grades should be posted on Friday. What about yours and Ryan's?"

"All good for me. Ryan's last one is tomorrow, eight to eleven. He's at the library reviewing material with some classmates for that one."

"What time are you leaving tomorrow," I asked.

"Ryan and I talked about it. We're gonna pack tomorrow afternoon and hit the road first thing Friday morning."


"What?" Will asked in a pensive tone.

"Will, I don't know if Empress will hold on that long. I'd suggest y'all head over here as soon as Ryan's done."

"She's that bad?"

"Doc Cranston gave her no more than a week. Her breathing is shallow and she's really quiet."

"Damn. I don't know what to do. Ryan really wants to stay till Friday so he's fresher for the drive. If I say something to him now he's gonna get suspicious."

"Pack while he's in the exam," I suggested.

"Yeah, I'll pack enough for our two weeks at home, get it all loaded in the Jeep and be ready to go when he gets home. We can hit the road by noon, and since I don't have the stress of any more exams, I'll be ready to drive us home."

"Sounds smart."

"Thanks for the heads up."

"I feel bad for Ryan. This is gonna hit him hard."

"Yeah. He won't talk about it at all."

"Well, we never had pets, so I don't know how it is to be attached to this extreme."

"I can only imagine. I've only been riding Cotton for three years, and I can't imagine how I'd feel if he died."

"I think that's why I tend to ride different horses. I haven't really gotten attached to just one."

"Hey, I hear Ryan coming in. I'll talk with you later. Thanks for the heads up!"



I hung up the phone, put the lights on night configuration and locked up the stables. In the house, I heated up some leftovers and ate quietly.

Erik called about eight-thirty.

"Hey, Baby. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow," I said.

"Me, too. I figure I'll be home about four. I talked to Ryan earlier and they aren't coming home till Friday – so I figured I'd get more time on the trails here before I headed home."

"They're coming home immediately after Ryan's exam ends," I told Erik. "I talked to Will about two hours ago."

"That's a change," Erik sounded puzzled.

"I told Will he needed to get Ryan home to see Empress ASAP. She's not gonna last much longer."

"What time are they planning to leave?"

"Will's not going to tell Ryan tonight so he doesn't screw up his last final. He'll have the Jeep packed and ready to go, and they should be on the road by noon. I figure they'll be here about three."

"Then I'll hit the road by ten, that way I'm home at two."

"You don't have to cut things short. I just figure Ryan wants some time with her."

"And I want to be there for him."


The conversation drifted on to the classes he'd taken that day, how business had been, and the other details of life.

"Love you," I said as I hung up.

I took a quick rinse off and got to bed on time. I really missed not being able to snuggle up to Erik.

Thursday morning dawned clear and chilly. I opened up the stable and then turned on the equipment in the office. I decided to get all the paperwork done first since I was outside an hour earlier than normal.

By the time Hank stuck his head through the door, I had things in order and was able to amble out with him to get started cleaning the stalls. Randy and Ezra arrived a little later and the four of us made quick work of the basic chores.

"Hey, Tracer," Ezra called as I was headed out of the stables.

"Yeah?" I stopped and turned to face him.

"I was gonna suggest we move Grand Empress over to the foaling stall. It will isolate her from the other horses. Keep them from hearing things if she gets any worse. Plus, y'all can monitor her from the house at night."

"That's a great idea. It's clean, but there's no bedding in it. Let me help you get a good, fresh layer down."

We got the stall set up and then moved her over. She didn't seem too happy to be moved.

"When do the boys get home?" Ezra asked.

"About three."


I returned to my chores and soon lost track of time. I was out by the picnic area on the far side of the property when the walkie-talkie squawked.

"I didn't get that," I responded.

"How about greeting me properly!" Erik's voice came through clearly the second time.

"I'll be back in fifteen minutes," I replied.

I finished up the work I was doing on the shelter and then got on the ATV. I was back to the office in ten minutes. I found Erik at his desk going through his mail.

"Welcome home, Stranger," I said.

He stood up and pulled me tightly to him. I kissed him deeply.

"Now that's a welcome home," he said after breaking the kiss.

"I'm glad you're back!"

"Help me carry my stuff into the house?"


I followed Erik to his truck, grabbed his stuff, and we carried it up to our bedroom. After he sat his stuff down, I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him.

"Hmm…," he said. "I think someone's happy to see me."

"How can you tell?"

He reached his hand back and rubbed my crotch.

"That's how," he replied.

"Well, it has been four days…"

"Time for a quickie?"

"You don't have to twist my arm, or get my dick hard for that matter," I answered.

With my arms still wrapped around him, I started undoing Erik's belt.

"It's probably faster if we strip ourselves," he said.

I dropped my hands and started undoing my belt. It was less than 30 seconds and both of us were naked.

"Race you to the bed," Erik kidded.

We piled onto the bed and I flipped around into a sixty-nine. Erik's tongue began working up and down my stiff shaft. I took his soft dick in my mouth and started licking and sucking. It didn't take long till his cock reached full mast.

"Mmmm…" Erik groaned.

I kept his dick buried deep in my throat and started teasing it with my tongue. I was slobbering all over the shaft – getting it primed and slicked for my ass. Erik kept up his efforts on my dick and started teasing my hole with a finger.

I pulled off his cock for a moment. "Slick up my hole, Baby!"

His finger left my hole for a moment and returned covered in spit. He worked it in slowly, pulling it out every few moments to add more spit.

His mouth popped off my dick. "Fuck it!" he exclaimed. I was trying to figure out what he meant when I felt his tongue plunge into my hole.

"Mmmph…" I groaned around his cock. I worked harder to slick up his dick while he worked my ass open.

I separated from him once I figured my hole was ready. I pushed Erik onto his back, grabbed his dick, and positioned my hole over it. I lowered my ass down on it as fast as I could.

"That's it. All the way!" Erik encouraged.

I pushed my ass down hard until I felt his hair scratching my ass. "Fuck, yeah!"

I started pushing my ass up and down Erik's prick – using my legs to bounce.

"Ride'em, Cowboy!" Erik teased. He started matching my thrusts, pushing up as I pushed down. It was fuckin' intense!

After a few more minutes, Erik grabbed me and kept me fully seated on his cock.

He reached up and pushed me back as he sat forward. A moment later, I was on my back with my knees against my chest and Erik's dick still buried deep in my ass.

"I warned you it would be a quickie," he chuckled.

He pulled almost out and started long, fast strokes in and out. I spit in my hand and wrapped it around my dick.

"Two can play at that game," I teased back.

I pumped my dick as he continued to pump my ass hard. With a four day load built up it wasn't going to take long.

"Fuck!" Erik yelled as I felt his dick throb in my hole. His load started filling my ass.

"Damn right!" I screamed as my dick started shooting a load across my chest.

"Pump it out! Pump it all out!"

"Fill me up, Baby!"

Erik collapsed on top of me gluing us together with my cum.

"That was just what I needed," I whispered in his ear.

"Me, too," he replied quietly.

We cleaned up and went back out to the office. We'd been sitting there a few minutes when I noticed Ryan hurry by. Before I could say anything to Erik, Will came through the office door.

"Hey, welcome home," I said.


"Good drive?" Erik asked.

"Yeah. I drove. I think Ryan was a bit pissed at me at first. He was mad I didn't tell him last night, but he got over it. At least I didn't get a speeding ticket."

I raised an eyebrow.

"I wasn't that far over the speed limit, but if I hadn't pushed it…"

"Yeah," Erik interrupted. "If you hadn't pushed it, Ryan would have demanded to drive, and then he WOULD have gotten a speeding ticket."


"Want help getting your stuff into the house?" I asked.


Will and I started lugging bags into the house and up to their room. Once we had everything in their room, we walked back out to the stable and I led us down to the foaling stall. Grand Empress Dowager was lying down in the stall and Ryan was sitting down next to her stroking her. Erik was standing quietly beside him.

"How's she doing?" Will asked.

"Not good," Erik answered.

We stood around and talked for a few minutes. Throughout it all, Ryan kept quiet. I motioned to Erik and we left Will and Ryan alone.

"I'll fix some dinner," I said.

"That would be great. Make something we can carry out to the boys."

"Will do."

I fixed some pizza and took a tray out to Will and Ryan.

"Need anything else?" I asked.

"Naw, we're fine," Will answered.

After eating dinner, Erik and I watched some television and then went up to our room to get ready for bed. I was about to climb under the covers when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," I called.

"Hey, do you know where the sleeping bags are?" Will asked.

"Huh?" I was puzzled.

"Ryan's planning to sleep out there. I'm not leaving him alone."

"They're in the basement. On the shelf in the back corner in a Rubbermaid tub marked 'camping supplies'," Erik explained.

"Thanks. Have a good night," Will said. He closed the door.

"It's gonna be a long night for them," I said.


To be continued . . .

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