Double Trails




Chapter 48

-- ERIK --

"He what?" I heard Tracer say into the phone as I came through the backdoor into the kitchen. "Oh, SHIT!"

"What?" I interjected. "What's wrong?"

Tracer put his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone. "Will broke his wrist."

"Crap. What happened?"

"Let me ask."

I hurried into the den and picked up the handset.

"I'm on the phone," I said.

"Hey, Dad," Ryan said. "So… where was I. Will was playing softball and broke his wrist when he tried to slide into third."

"That boy's a train wreck," I said.

"Ain't it the truth," Ryan replied. "He's in the ER right now getting the cast put on."

"Did you call Mom and Dad?" Tracer asked.

"No, I'm going to let him do that once we get back to the apartment."

"Think you'll need any help?" I asked.

"Naw. We should be fine. He's gonna have to deal with finishing this term and starting the next, one-handed."

"Which wrist?" Tracer inquired.

"I'll give you one guess," Ryan said dryly.

"No!" I exclaimed. "That's horrible. Let's see, the shoulder's been dislocated twice, the elbow once, and now the wrist twice. His right arm's gonna fall off if he keeps it up."

"Yeah. He and I are going to have a talk about the sports thing." Ryan explained. "I want him to back off a bit and be more careful. He claims he never had a broken bone before he moved to Virginia."

"Well, I can testify for the first fifteen years," Tracer interjected. "Not a single broken or sprained item."

"I should go," Ryan said. "Will just walked out to the desk to check out."

"OK. Call us if you need us," Tracer offered.

I hung up the phone and walked back into the kitchen.

"Poor, Will." Tracer said.

"Yeah, poor guy. At least he's a lefty, so he'll be able to write."

"On to better topics, what do you want for dinner tonight?"

"How about we go into town for a nice dinner?" I suggested.

"That's sounds good. I guess we should go get cleaned up."

We headed upstairs and both started stripping down. I had my boxers down below my knees when Tracer walked up behind me and rubbed his body against me.

"Ummm…. if you keep doing that we're not going to get dinner," I warned.

"And that's a bad thing?"

"I am a growing boy!"

"You're growing alright," he laughed as his hand wrapped around my hardening dick. "But from the feel of it, you're all man!"

His hairy chest pressed up against my back felt good. I reached behind me and did my best to stroke his flanks as he continued to work my dick. I felt his body start to inch lower as he continued his attentions. Tracer's tongue started at the top of my spine as he licked his way downward.

I shivered.

His tongue hit the base of my spine and then elicited another shiver when he worked his way along my ass crack. Tracer's hands went to my cheeks and pushed them apart permitting his tongue to slip deeper into my ass trench and finally hit my hole.

I leaned forward, placing my hands on the bed to give him better access. He took advantage of this to push his face in a bit more, letting his tongue fully swipe up and down my hole. Once in a while he'd let the tip working in a bit further.

As he continued rimming out my ass, his right hand returned to my hard cock – stroking it slowly.

Finally, he pulled his mouth off my ass. "Get up on the bed," he ordered. "On your back."

I lay down on my back, my dick pointing towards the ceiling.

"Now that's a great picture," Tracer teased.

"I'm glad you like!"

He crawled between my legs and starting licking my cock like a lollipop. His tongue would tease the tip and then swirl around the cap. Each time he took a swipe at my cock, it sent a deep shudder through me.

"Aw, that feels good," I cooed.

He licked up and down the shaft while moving one hand to cup and play with my balls.

"Flip around so I can get to you, too!"

Tracer quickly moved around so I could get to his cock and ass while taking his dick deep into my throat.

I let his cock rest against my chin as I focused my attention on his ass. My tongue zeroed in quickly on his hole, pushing in and working it open. I was using my tongue to push spit in, lubing his hole for a hard fuck.

As my tongue kept up its mission - lubing his hole - Tracer's mouth was applying an ever thicker coat of spit to my shaft.

He must have decided he was ready to get fucked so he pulled away from me. I started to lift up, but he quickly pushed me back down. He swung his body around and positioned his ass directly over my dick.

My cock slipped between his cheeks and then bumped against his crack. Tracer reached under himself and guided it into his hole. With him sitting on me, I slid into him easily and quickly felt my pubes rubbing against his skin.

Tracer had just started bouncing on my dick when the phone rang.

"Shit," we both exclaimed.

"Ignore it," I said, thrusting up into him.

I could see Tracer staring over at the phone.

"It's Ryan or Will," he said.

With that Tracer lifted off me. I reached over and grabbed the phone.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey, Erik. Can I speak to Tracer," Will asked.

"Sure," I replied, handing the phone over to Tracer.

"What's wrong?" Tracer asked.

A few moments of silence ensued.

"Sure, I'll do that tomorrow morning. Anything else?"

More silence. I wrapped my arms around Tracer as he sat on the bed beside me.

"OK. Get a good night's sleep. I'll take care of it. Love you," Tracer said.

He hung up the phone and leaned back into my body.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Oh, it's just Mom. She's really upset about his wrist. He's sure she's gonna drive out to visit and make sure he's OK."

"Your mom's not that overprotective."

"She's been a lot needier, emotional, or whatever you want to call it since they found the cancer. I just promised that I'd call her in the morning and settle her down."

"Where were we?" I asked.

"Hmm…. I was getting my ass filled good."

"Wanna sit back down?"

"Naw; grab the lube. I'm gonna get up on all fours and you can mount me."

I rolled over and grabbed the lube out of the dresser. As I got lubed up, Tracer got into position. I climbed off the bed and lubed up my dick. Once prepared, I pulled Tracer over so his ass was at the edge of the bed and pushed in slowly.

"No more answering phones during sex!" I said as I grabbed his hips and started fucking.

"I promise. No more interruptions."

As I thrust deeper into him, he grabbed a pillow and shoved it under his chest.

"Now fuck me all night long!" he ordered.

I woke up curled up to Tracer a bit before five a.m. Considering it was nearly midnight before we'd gone to sleep, I was surprisingly refreshed. My stomach growled, and it dawned on me that we'd never eaten dinner. I crawled out of bed and padded into the shower.

"Morning," I heard Tracer call to me over the sound of the water spray. My eyes were closed as the soap cascaded over my face.

Once the soap cleared my face, I pulled my face out of the stream of water.

"Morning to you," I replied. "Did you realize we never ate dinner last night?"

"Maybe you. I got up about 1 a.m. and got a sandwich."

"You didn't wake me up?"

"You were snoring, so I decided not to wake you."

"How much sleep did you get?"

"Oh, about four and a half hours. But I feel rested!"

"I do, too, considering I only got five hours myself."

"Sex will do it for ya!"

"Yeah, but sex has left me hungry."

I finished my shower, shaved and got dressed. By the time I was ready to head downstairs Tracer was right behind me. We fixed a quick but filling breakfast and head outside to start the daily chores.

It was eighty-two degrees when we got out to the stable. At six a.m., that's extreme. Heck, even for the middle of August, that's down right hot! In fact, it was five degrees above the average high and the sun had just come up. It was gonna be a scorcher for us mountain folk.

I reminded everyone to keep plenty of water with them as they dispersed to work on different projects. I didn't want any dehydration issues. After everyone got going on the day's work, I went into the office and checked with Christine on a few business issues. Finally, I checked the work schedule and realized that Tracer and I had the weekend off.

By lunch-time, I was out in the middle of the woods helping put in some new rhododendrons. The flood had damaged a lot of the wild plants along the creek's banks and we were trying to do some restoration so that the beauty wouldn't be lost. One of the things riders always commented on was how beautiful our trails were.

We finished up the plantings and I told everyone to head home. The mid-day heat was oppressive – others might enjoy working in ninety-five degree heat, but we weren't used to it. I found Tracer in the office going through some paperwork.

"I sent everyone home," I mentioned.

"That's good," he replied. "We don't have anything scheduled, and it's too damn hot to be out working."

"Agreed. Changing the subject, did you realize we are both off this weekend?"

"Yeah. Want to do something special or just be lazy?"

"What special do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well, we weren't able to get over to Blacksburg Tuesday for Ryan's actual birthday. What say we go over this weekend?"

"That would be nice, odd to think that Ryan's actually twenty-one."

"Hey, I have another idea. Why don't we pick them up and then go somewhere like Greensboro, Winston-Salem or Asheville?"

"Why's that?"

"We could take him to his first gay bar!"

"Just what he would want – going to a bar with his Dad!"

"I think he'd have a blast," Tracer replied. "Hang on a minute."

Tracer grabbed the phone and dialed. As I assumed, he'd called Ryan and Will's apartment and got Will. Tracer checked up on his baby brother first, and then asked him about the weekend plans.

Tracer then explained his idea of picking them up and then heading somewhere for the weekend. I could tell his idea was getting a lukewarm reception until, that is, he mentioned going to a gay club. While he continued to chat with Will about options, Tracer's fingers flew across the keyboard of the computer at his desk.

I was jealous. While I could use a computer, I was nowhere as good a typist as Tracer.

"How's this sound," Tracer said into the phone. At the same time, he was looking at me with questioning eyes. "It's a club called Warehouse 29 in Greensboro. The club's divided into two areas. One with pool tables, a bar and fireplace; the other has a dance floor and three bars. It also has an outdoor patio with another bar and volleyball court."

"Sounds fine," I said quietly. "We can find an affordable hotel for the night, too."

Trace gave me a huge grin. After he finished working out the details with Will he hung up the phone.

"Is he going to try to surprise Ryan?" I asked.

"No. He's going to tell him when Ryan gets home from school. Ryan's taking his last exam."

"When's Will's?"

"Friday morning."

"Good. We won't be disturbing their schooling."

"Not at all."

The rest of the week went smoothly, and Friday night we packed up the truck after work and drove over to Blacksburg. We parked on the street in front of the house and got to the front door about 9:30 p.m.

"Happy Birthday, a little late," I exclaimed as Ryan opened the door.


"Happy Birthday," Tracer repeated.

Ryan hugged us both and stepped aside so we could go in with our luggage.

"We have the sofa bed in the living room all set up for you two. I have that is. Will's not a lot of help at this point."

"I try!" Will called out from somewhere in the apartment.                         

"He does," Ryan admitted.

"Y'all tired?" Will asked as he came out of the kitchen.

"Not really," I admitted. "I'm a bit wired up from the drive."

"It's a beautiful evening, why don't we walk towards campus and get some fresh air," Ryan suggested.

"Sounds good," Tracer replied.

We dumped our stuff in the living room and headed out.

"It's still awfully warm," Will stated. "I'll be glad when this heat wave ends."

"You and me both," I agreed.

We walked through the neighborhood and made a left turn onto East Roanoke Street. We followed it down a few blocks to North Main Street and turned right. We continued to walk until we got to Alumni Mall and turned onto the campus. We walked back to Drillfield Drive and did the loop around the drillfield itself. With the summer session over and fall semester more than two weeks out, there weren't many folks around at all.

We walked in twos with Ryan and me starting the walk together, and at some point changing so that Will and I were chatting as we followed College Avenue off Drillfield Drive and headed back to Roanoke Street and the apartment.

The four of us queued up for the one bathroom in the apartment. My watch read eleven thirty when Tracer and I climbed onto the sofa bed and pulled the sheet up over us.

"Night," I said.

He rolled over and kissed me lightly. "Night," he replied.

I snuggled up close to him and drifted off to sleep.

Saturday morning I awoke to the smell of coffee. Tracer was still snoring next to me. I slipped out of the sofa bed, grabbed my boxers, and padded into the kitchen as quietly as possible.

"Morning, Will."

"Morning," he replied. "Get a good night's sleep?"

"Not bad. The sofa bed wasn't as uncomfortable as I expected. But most importantly, Tracer curled up beside me lets me sleep well."

"That's good, I know what you mean about being curled up. When I'm snuggled up to Ryan, I sleep like a baby."

"Good," I said with a grin.

Will's skin turned a deep red that stood in stark contrast to his blonde hair. I tried to suppress a chuckle.

"Will, I think by now I have a firm grip on the fact that you sleep with my son… and more! Nothing to be embarrassed about."

"What's Will got to be embarrassed about?" Ryan asked from behind me.

"We were talking about snuggling during sleep and he got a little red-faced."

Ryan laughed loudly at that.

"OK. What's the joke?" Tracer asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"Sex!" Will said loudly.

"I'll explain later," I said to Tracer. "Should we start taking turns in the bathroom?"

"Yeah. Good idea," Ryan agreed. "Why don't you two go first? I'll help Will get his cast ready for a shower."

Tracer and I grabbed our ditty bags and went into the small bathroom. I pulled out my electric razor and started cleaning up the scruff around my goatee while Tracer got the water running and climbed into the shower. I had my morning routine done when Tracer turned off the water. He started lathering his face with shaving cream while I got into the shower.

We finished up in the bathroom and went into the living room to repack our duffle bag while the boys got cleaned up.

"Are we taking the truck or the Jeep?" Will asked from the door of the living room.

"Either's fine," Tracer replied.

"Well, the weather is supposed to be clear and hot for the next few days, so we can take the Wrangler if you like. He's got the top off, so it might get warm."

"No problem, what about locking up our stuff if we stop?" I asked.

"Oh, that's easy if your duffle locks," Will explained.

"No, this is a basic bag," Tracer said.

"Hold on a second," Will ducked out of the room. He returned quickly with a large yellow bag. "Stick your bag inside this one. It's mine. We bought these for this kinda trip. Here's the key. Then we have a bit of chain and a pad-lock we run through the handles."

"Got it. So if they really want your stuff, someone has to cut the handles off."

"Yeah. There is a risk. But it's not a casual grab and run. And hell, all they'd get from us is some jeans, t-shirts and underwear."

"That's fine. We don't have anything of great value in our bag either," Tracer replied.

"Ready?" Ryan asked as he showed up behind Will in the doorway.

"Yup. All packed," I answered.

Tracer grabbed our bag and Ryan had theirs. We loaded up the Wrangler and Ryan got us out on the road.

"Did y'all wanna stop at McDonald's, Burger King, or Hardee's for breakfast?" Ryan asked as he pulled onto US460.

"Hardee's would be good to me," Tracer answered.

"That's fine," I added.

We pulled through the drive-thru of a Hardee's in Christiansburg and got a bag full of breakfast sandwiches. Minutes later, Ryan had us headed south on Interstate 81. With the top and doors off the Jeep, the wind noise kept conversation to a minimum. Ryan had us in Greensboro before lunch time. As he pulled off Interstate 40, I tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to a Quality Inn up ahead.

I went into the lobby and got us two adjoining rooms, and had Ryan pull us around to the nearest entrance. We unloaded our stuff and got settled quickly. We found a nice little place for lunch, and then drove around the town a short while.

"See anything of interest?" Ryan asked.

"Not really," Tracer answered.

"How about just a swim in the pool, a bit of relaxing, and then dinner later. We can save our energy for going out tonight," I suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Ryan answered.

"I'll just put my feet in the pool," Will said.

"It'll teach you to stop breaking bones," Tracer teased.

We got back to the hotel and changed into swim trunks. Tracer, Ryan and I horsed around in the pool for a short time. Soon enough, all four of us were lying on the chaises next to the pool catching some sun.

Dinner that evening was nice. A local place that the lady at the front desk recommended, and then back to the hotel to get ready for the club.

We got to Warehouse 29 a little after nine and found the place fairly quiet inside. We wandered around and found a good crowd outside on the patio watching a late game of volleyball.

"Who wants what to drink?" I asked.

"Bud for me," Tracer said.

"Coke," Will added.

"Coke for me too," Ryan put in.

"You're finally legal and all you want is a Coke?" I teased.

"I'll have a beer later, but I'm a light-weight on the alcohol so far."

"I'm just teasing, Son. No worries."

I went off to get the drinks and, after buying the round, I rejoined the group.

"How's the game going?" I asked.

"No clue, but it's been fun to watch," Tracer replied.

We stood there and watched the game for about thirty minutes until one team won and the group cleared the court. I looked around and noticed that the crowd on the patio had grown considerably.

"Want to explore more?" Will asked, noticing my glances.

"Yeah!" Ryan answered enthusiastically.

We found a quiet corner bar and refreshed our drinks. I noticed the pool table nearby and nudged Tracer.

"Game?" I asked.

"Sure, how about Kliens versus Chamberlains?"

"Ryan? Will? Pool?" I asked.

"Sure. I'm not too good at it," Will admitted.

"It's not like I've shot pool in the last twenty years," I explained. "Tracer and Will versus Ryan and me?"

"Why not?" Ryan answered.

I put the dollar of quarters into the table and then racked the balls.

"Who's first?" I asked.

"Go ahead," Tracer responded.

The four of us laughed and teased each other as we played what must have been the worst game of pool in history. After the game, I got another round of drinks and we wandered towards the dance floor. I glanced at my watch, noted that it was about ten-thirty, and that the crowd was starting to fill out quite a bit.

"Ready to dance," Tracer asked.

"I've played pool more recently than I've gone dancing!" I replied.

"Aw, Dad! Come on," Ryan urged. He got behind me and pushed as Tracer grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor.

The four of us moved into the middle of the crowd and joined the dancing. I lost track of time, but after a good number of songs, Will and Ryan signaled that they were going to get a drink. I looked at Tracer and he shook his head no – so we danced on.

Two songs later, I leaned close to Tracer.

"I'm getting thirsty; let's take a break."

"The DJ is really spinning good tunes," Tracer commented.

"I don't know most of the songs, but it is keeping the floor full."

We walked over to the bar and ordered drinks. While we stood there, Will and Ryan walked up.

"Having fun?" I asked.

"Yeah. A lot!" Ryan answered.

"Me, too!" Will chimed in.

"More dancing?" Tracer asked.

"I'm ready," I said.

"We're gonna walk around," Ryan explained.

Tracer and I went back to dancing. We'd been on the floor for a while when I noticed Ryan on the edge signaling me. I led Tracer off the floor.

"What's up?" I asked.

"This is Kevin," Ryan introduced me to the young man next to him. "We met him playing pool."

"Howdy, Kevin," I said. "I'm Erik. This is my partner Tracer."

"Hi!" Kevin said. "So, Ryan says you're his Dad and that Tracer is Will's brother."

"Yup," I replied.

"OK. Y'all are pulling my leg," Kevin challenged.

I dug out my wallet. "See. It reads Erik Ryan Chamberlain."

Ryan had his wallet out and showed Kevin his license. "See. Ryan Erik Chamberlain."

"Wild," Kevin said. "You really are Father and Son!"

"OK. Here's mine," Tracer offered.

Kevin took a look.

"And here's mine," Will said.

"OK. Now I believe. Dad and Son, and two Brothers. Wild! How'd this all happen?"

Ryan took a few minutes to explain things to Kevin. Tracer and I downed another soda and then headed back out to the dance floor. A short while later Will and Ryan joined us.

A little before two a.m., the DJ made the last call and we decided to head back to the hotel. As Ryan drove us back, I asked about the Kevin incident.

"Oh, that," Ryan answered. "Will had gone to the bathroom and I was standing alone. That's when Kevin hit on me. I turned him down, but that didn't seem to discourage him. Then Will came back and I figured he'd give up. Instead, he just started asking a lot of questions."

"And that led to the revelation that your gay dad and Will's gay brother were here too?" I asked.


"Gotcha," I finished.

Ryan pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and we all said our goodnights before going into our rooms.

Alone with Tracer in our room, I turned to him. "Shower?"

"Yeah. That's one thing I don't miss about going to clubs - smelling like cigarette smoke," he replied.


We stripped down and Tracer got the water running. He climbed in and started his shower. I decided to join him. I grabbed a wash cloth, lathered it up with soap and started scrubbing his back. We spent the next few minutes slowly washing each other.

After Tracer finished rinsing the soap off his body, I dropped down onto my haunches and took his dick into my mouth. I could feel the spray of the shower on his back and ass as my hands held onto him.

"Fuck yeah," he moaned. "That feels damn good."

I toyed with his ass cheeks, played with his balls, and otherwise let my hands move around his body while I continued to suck his cock.

"You better let up," Tracer finally warned. "I'm gonna cum real soon."

I had originally figured quick sex would be good at two a.m., instead Tracer's comment let me know he was as wound up as I was. I stood up and turned the water off – our hard cocks hitting each other.

"Looks like you're ready for some fun, too!" he commented.

"Damn right."

We quickly dried off, went into the room, and climbed on the bed. Tracer lay down on his stomach and I got on top of him.

My tongue started at his ear, licking. I nibbled on his lobes, making him squirm. While I continued teasing him at the top, I ground my hard dick between his ass cheeks. I ran my goatee down his spine, periodically stopping to nip at his skin. I could feel his body shiver as I went.

Getting down to his ass, I spread his cheeks and pushed my face between them. My tongue zeroed in on his freshly cleaned ass, slipping in easily. Tracer moaned as he pushed his ass back a bit on my tongue. I had him skewered on my tongue as I worked his ass open. I kept pushing my spit into his ass while I let two fingers help me spread his hole open.

Tracer's ass relaxed very quickly under my assault, and I lifted up and teased his hole with my dripping cock.

"That's it!" he said. "Push that dick on in my hole!"

I looked down and saw that his hole was glistening with my precum. I leaned forward and let the head slip in.

"Ummph," Tracer grunted into the pillow as my cock slowly slid further in.

I grabbed his hips and pulled on them, lifting him into a half-doggie position – his face still buried in the pillow.

I pulled my dick nearly all the way out and then slid it slowly back in. This elicited more grunts from Tracer.

"Really fuck me, Erik!"

"You asked for it," I warned.

I pulled my dick nearly out again, and then slammed into him hard. He grabbed onto the bed as I started slamming my dick in and out of his hole.

"Oh, fuck!" he yelled.

"Not too loud," I said. "We don't want the neighbors calling the management."

"It's Will and Ryan through that wall," he said pointed towards the headboard. "They'll be making their own noise!"

"They're behind us, not in front of us," I corrected. I slapped his ass before pushing my dick back deep into his hole.

"Ride'm Cowboy," Tracer teased.

I tightened my grip on his ass and proceeded to pound it. As he started bucking backwards to meet my thrusts, I heard the headboard whack the wall. But I didn't care. At that point, I was so deep into the fuck, I stopped worrying if there were folks in the next room that would complain.

To be continued . . .

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