Double Trails




Chapter 50

-- WILL --

Ryan was asleep in the passenger seat of the Jeep as we crossed the Tennessee border on Interstate 81. We were headed to Nashville for Jake's and Gavin's Halloween party. We were supposed to have dinner with Tracer and Erik in Nashville, but that didn't look like it was going to happen. Instead, we'd meet them at the hotel later than first expected.

The last six weeks had been trying, exhausting - just plain ole ROUGH. Ever since Ryan had received the letter from Christian and started corresponding with him, his range of emotions had run the gamut from depressed to furious. Erik's arrival, immediately after the news, had calmed Ryan down. I just wish he'd been able to stay longer. After he left, Ryan became despondent, sullen, and downright bitchy.

About a week after Erik left, we had one big knock-down drag-out fight, and I stormed out of the house. I walked, actually ran, over to Corey and Josh's place and cried on their shoulders for a long time. I ended up sleeping on the sofa at their place that night, letting Ryan stew about things. I went home expecting him to be at class, and figuring we could confront the issues that night. Instead, I found him sitting on the floor in the middle of the living room, his eyes bloodshot - looking like he'd cried all night long.

I didn't say a word.

He just stared at me for the longest time.

Finally, with tears streaming down his face, he spoke – starting with an apology. Then he promised to start seeing one of the counselors at school.

That was the turning point of the situation. No, life didn't become a cake-walk after that, but at least he was trying.

Interstate 81 transitioned to Interstate 40 around Douglas Lake. I pushed the speed up a bit, setting my pace at nine miles over the speed limit - I didn't want to attract attention. As we got to Knoxville, I slipped onto Interstate 640 to avoid the downtown. It was late in the rush hour, but the local radio stations were talking about backups on I-40 where it cut through the downtown. As I got back onto I-40 on the west side of the city, I decided I needed to take a break; so I pulled off and found a McDonald's.

"What's up?" Ryan asked, as I slipped the Jeep into a parking space.

"I need a break. Stretch my legs, piss and buy a soda."

"Sounds like a good idea. Maybe grab a snack?"

"Why don't we go ahead and eat dinner," I suggested. "We've got nearly three hours till we get to Nashville."

"I'll call Dad and let him know our ETA."

"Smart. We just didn't get on the road as early as we'd planned."

"Well, I had that appointment with the counselor. You had some last things to do. Just too much going on right now."

We walked into the restaurant and I hit the bathroom while Ryan called his dad. He was coming into the bathroom as I left.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked.

"Quarter-pounder, fries and a chocolate shake."

"I'll get the order going."

Ryan joined me at a booth and we ate.

"During the session with the counselor today, he suggested that I talk to Christian's dad about you and me before I meet Christian."

"I don't know. You need to meet him regardless. He's been all but begging you for that."

"I know, but not every parent would be comfortable having a thirteen year old meet his gay half-brother."

"Well, talk to your dad first. He might have some ideas. I don't want Christian's dad stopping you from meeting him because you're gay."

"I figured I'd go out there for the first time. Then it wouldn't really matter. I could visit, get to know him, and then decide how to tell his dad and him."

"Well, don't let it worry you – I'm sure it will all work out."

We cleaned up the booth and threw the trash away as we walked out.

"Want me to drive," Ryan asked.

"Either way."

Ryan headed to the driver's door, so I went to the passenger's. He had us back on the Interstate quickly.

It was my turn to drift off to sleep. I woke to find us pulling into the hotel parking lot.

"Damn, it's late," I said.

"It's only nine. But you got nearly three hours of sleep."

"Let's get checked in."

"Dad already took care of that. I'll call them and they'll meet us in the lobby with our keys."

"Adjoining rooms?"

"Of course! You know my dad. He wants to be close."

"Oh, it's fine with me. They respect our privacy. We respect theirs."

We got our bags and as we got into the lobby I saw Tracer coming from the elevators. I sat my bag down and hugged him tight.

"Good to see you," I said quietly into his ear.

"Good to see you."

"Do I get a hug?" Ryan asked.

"Of course!" Tracer replied. He pulled Ryan into a tight bear hug.

"Oafff….." Ryan growled as Tracer squeezed him tighter.

"Let's get your stuff into the room," Tracer suggested.

"Where's Dad?" Ryan asked.

"He's taking a shower."

"Y'all get that dirty coming over?" I asked.

"No. We're planning on going out tonight."

"Oh, cool." I turned to look at Ryan. "You up to going out?"

"Sure. We both got naps on the way here."

"Here's the room," Tracer said as he handed each of us a key. "We're in that one. Knock on the inside door when you've had a chance to clean up."

"I think a good shower is in order," I said.

"See you in a bit," Ryan said as he went into the room.

I unpacked our stuff while Ryan took a quick shower. I had my clothes for the night laid out when he came out of the bathroom.

"You pick out something for me?" he asked.

"No. Figured I'd let you decide. It's not like we brought a lot to choose from."

I slipped into the bathroom and enjoyed the hot shower. I came out of the bathroom towel drying my hair. As I put the towel down, I noticed Ryan staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Just admiring the view, and wishing I had curly hair like you."

"Eh, everyone wants what they don't have it seems. I'd rather have straighter hair like you. Easier to manage."

"I was thinking that with the curls, all I'd have to do is towel it dry and it would look good."

"Well, if my hair was as short as yours, I wouldn't have to towel it dry even."

"OK. I relent. You're right. I'm wishing for things I don't need. I'll focus on keeping you happy, so I'll have your curls to play with!"


We got dressed and knocked on the door between the rooms.

"I was beginning to think you'd fallen asleep or something," Erik said as he opened their door.

"'Or something' is right," Tracer called out from behind Erik.

"Aw, he's blushing," Ryan laughed at my expense.

"So, where are we headed?" I asked, trying to change the subject a bit.

"We were thinking of trying different bars and seeing which one fits," Tracer replied.

"Haven't done much research," Erik admitted.

"Truck or Jeep?" Ryan asked.

"Jeep will be easier to park," I suggested.

"Let's go," Erik said.

We did end up checking out a couple different bars that night. We didn't really do any dancing, though a couple of the places had good music. Instead, the four of us would have a drink or two, and then move on to the next place, checking out the scene.

We got back to the hotel late, well actually early in the morning, and crashed. I was exhausted and barely had the energy to strip down and crawl under the covers.

I awoke to a knocking on a door.

"What time is it?" I asked to anyone that would answer.

I rolled over and looked at the clock beside the bed – ten fifty-two it read. The knocking began again. This time I was awake enough to respond.

"One second," I said.

I climbed out of bed and grabbed my undershorts. Pulling them on, I debated grabbing my T-shirt. The knocking repeated, and I realized it wasn't the hallway door – but the door between our rooms.

"What," I said as I opened the door.

"Well, the sleepy heads are finally up," Tracer teased.

A snore cut through the silence after his comment.

"At least one of us is," I said.

Tracer laughed. "Well, we're going to get food soon – it's been nine hours since we got back, so I figured waking y'all up now wasn't too big a deal. Maybe I assumed wrong."

"With all the stress of late, Ryan's been sleeping a lot more."

"OK. We're gonna go grab food. Open your door when you're ready to socialize."

"Deal," I said quietly, and closed the door.

I pulled off my shorts and climbed back under the covers next to Ryan. His soft snoring continued. His back was to me in the bed, so I curled up next to him – spooning – and wrapped my arm around him. It didn't take long till I started drifting off to sleep.

I woke back up later, and craned my head around to see what time it was – almost one o'clock. I couldn't remember the last time either of us had slept more than eight hours, let alone nearly eleven. I guess my movements woke Ryan, cause a moment later he rolled over facing me.

"Morning," he said.

"More like afternoon," I corrected.

"That late?"

"It's almost one."

"I'm surprised Dad and Tracer didn't wake us up earlier."

"They tried about eleven, but you didn't stir. They were going out for food."

"Food… Food… That sounds like a good thing. Grab the menu and let's order."

"Lunch in bed," I teased.

"Works for me."

I grabbed the room service menu and we sat up in the bed next to each other looking it over. We each decided on a meal and Ryan rolled over, grabbed the phone and placed the order.

"Forty-five minutes," he said, hanging up the phone. "Now what could we do in forty-five minutes?"

I gave my best innocent look, "Why I don't have the slightest idea."

I grabbed hold of the covers and dove under. It took only a second to get to Ryan's crotch, grabbing hold and sucking his dick into my mouth.

"Oh, FUCK!" Ryan groaned, as I manipulated his balls with one hand and sucked his cock at the same time. "I want in on this."

Ryan threw off the covers and started wiggling around until his face was at my crotch. Within seconds, he had my dick fully engulfed and his actions were inflating it quickly.

We settled down to a good ole sixty-nine – mouths working cocks while hands worked everywhere else. I let go of his balls and worked my hands around to his butt cheeks. I gripped them and started to push and pull him a bit – helping to fuck my own face.

While I cranked up the sucking, one of Ryan's hands slipped between my legs and a finger started toying with my asshole. That finger started slipping around more and more and I tried to push back on it a bit. It disappeared for a second. I realized he was getting it wet in his mouth when I felt it brush against my dick as it started to move in. A moment later, it slipped in my ass easily.

I let my suck job get a little slobbery – wetting down Ryan's dick for the fucking I wanted to get. At the same time, I noticed that Ryan's work on my cock was getting equally wet.

I lifted off his dick a second. "You better be planning to fuck me," I warned.

"Hey, I fucked you last time. It's my turn to ride."

"Fuck me first – that will wind me up, and I'll give you a great ride," I offered.

"Deal," he said, starting to move around.

Ryan lifted my legs and got between them. He poked the head of his dick against my hole and started to push.

"Fuck me, Baby," I begged.

"I'm gonna get your motor going with a hard fuck, then you can pound me!"

His dick slipped into me quickly. Once fully buried, Ryan pulled back until his dickhead just lodged in my hole. Then he shoved back in hard.

"That's it," I encouraged.

Ryan repositioned his hands on my legs and used them as leverage to start slamming my ass. His fuck made my dick get harder and harder.

"More," I grunted.

He pushed my knees to my chest, and used the improved access to start pistoning my hole.

"That's it. Come on! Fuck me!"

Ryan let go of one of my legs and grabbed my dick.

"Seems like I've gotten you primed!"

"Aw, shit," I groaned as Ryan pulled his prick out of my hole. He pushed my legs down, straddled me, and slammed his ass down on my cock.

"Fuck, YEAH!" he bellowed.

I had to admit his tight hole wrapped around my shaft felt fuckin great! I started bucking as his ass clamped down on my cock.

"You're milking me good."

"Damn right! I want that load buried deep in me!"

Ryan's actions were starting to churn the cum up in my balls, but I knew he wanted a hard pounding.

"Climb off and get on all fours," I ordered.

Ryan was quick to comply, and I had my dick plunged back in his hole as quickly as possible. I loved fucking him doggie style - grabbing hold of his hips and starting to slap his ass with my body as I fucked.

My thrusts were met by his pushes back, and the pace and pressure intensified.

"I'm gonna shoot," Ryan warned.

"Do it!" I urged.

"Aw, yeah!" He let loose. I figured he was shooting as his ass clamped around my cock.

"Fucker, take it!" I shouted, as I dumped a load in his hole.

I collapsed down on top of him as the last of my cum dripped into his ass.

"WOOF," he grunted. "That was great."

I rolled off him, my cock oozing cum across his ass check and leg as I plopped down onto the bed next to him.

"Oh, shit!" Ryan said, as we heard a knock on the door. He jumped up and hurried into the bathroom. Meanwhile, I grabbed my boxers, slipped them on, and headed for the door.

"Hi," I said as I opened the door.

"Where would you like the tray," the young man asked.

"I'll take it," I offered. I really didn't want him coming into the room. I knew the room reeked of sex.

"I can set it on the desk," he offered.

"That's OK." I tried again.

"You'll need to sign the slip," he countered.

I relented and let him in, pointing to the desk. He sat the tray on the desk and handed me the ticket. I signed it. As I handed the receipt back to him, I caught him grinning. I just ignored his look and escorted him out of the room.

Ryan slipped out of the bathroom as the room door clicked shut.

"Damn," I cussed. "He knew we'd had sex!"

"Yeah, but at least he only knew that two people had sex – not that it was two guys."

"I guess it depends on how observant he was – there's only guys' clothing around." I countered.

"Maybe he thought you'd had a hooker in the room."

"Oh, great! Soil my reputation more!" I pouted.

Ryan let out a loud laugh. "Not sure your reputation can be soiled for someone you'll never see again!"

"We better eat before you dig yourself into a deeper hole."

After we ate, we each grabbed a quick shower. I opened the door between the two rooms and found the other door closed. I wrapped on it lightly. A few seconds later, Erik opened it.

"Well, the dead have risen," he said.

"We rose a bit ago and ate a late lunch," I explained.

"I'm sure that's all it was," Tracer commented.

"What do y'all want to do this afternoon," I asked.

"Well, since it is three - not sure I want to get into too much," Erik said. "We're supposed to be at the party about seven."

"Why don't we go down to the lounge, sit in some comfie chairs and talk for a while," Tracer offered.

"Sounds fine," Ryan said as he came around the corner from the bathroom.

The four of us tramped down to the lounge and grabbed some club chairs around a coffee table. A waiter appeared a few moments later, and I was horrified to see it was the same young man who had delivered our food earlier. After we ordered our drinks, I let Ryan know this was the same young man who'd delivered the food while he hid in the bathroom. "So much for never seeing the person I ruined my reputation with."

Ryan whooped it up for a moment. He then explained the situation to Erik and Tracer, who in turn started to laugh as well.

After the guy served our drinks, we started generic chit-chat for a few minutes. Then the conversation turned to more serious topics.

"So what are your plans relating to Christian?" Erik asked.

"I want to meet him, but I also think I need to tell his Dad that I'm gay," Ryan explained.

"Do you think that's a good idea on the first visit?" Tracer inquired.

"I was planning to do it before I visited."

"What if his dad reacts badly?" Erik said.

"That's why I'm not sure what to do," Ryan explained.

"When were you thinking of going?" Erik asked.

"I'm not sure. Thanksgiving… After Christmas… I don't know. Christian really wants to meet me, and I thought it might be better to go to him the first time."

Erik sat quietly for a second.

"Do you want company?" he finally asked.

"I'm not sure," Ryan replied. "I was thinking about Will going with me, but then again that leads to other issues."

"What about if I went with you?"

"I hadn't thought about that. Let me think about it some."

"Deal. How are you dealing with all of it?"

Ryan looked at me and dropped his eyes a bit. "It was rough at first, but I'm doing better now. I've been going through counseling and it's starting to help."


I figured it was time to change the subject.

"So, what're your costumes for tonight," I asked.

"What do you think," Tracer replied sarcastically.

"Aw. You two cheap out every year!" Ryan complained. "It's time you two be something other than cowboys!"

"What are you going to be," Erik asked – obviously trying to deflect Ryan's criticism.

"We borrowed some uniforms from school," Ryan explained.

"What kinda uniforms," Tracer asked.

"Wrestling singlets," I admitted.

"You two are going to have some tongues dragging on the floor," Tracer commented.

"You're going to have guys chasing you all night long, too," Erik chimed in.

"We can handle ourselves," Ryan replied.

"I'm sure you can," Tracer added.

The waiter showed up and refreshed our drinks a couple of times, and the conversation drifted from topic to topic as we caught up on other recent activities. Eventually, we ordered a couple of appetizers to tide us over until we got to the party.

We all went back to the rooms and got dressed for the party. Ryan and I pulled on jeans and sweatshirts over the singlets. Erik and Tracer looked nice in their cowboy garb, but I agreed with Ryan that they were slacking.

We all rode over in Erik's truck, and Ryan and I stripped off the excess clothing and left it in the truck. Gavin greeted us at the door. Erik and Tracer were ahead of us and when Gavin got a good look at Ryan in his wrestling costume, he let out a wolf whistle.

"You like?" Ryan asked.

"I could lie to make your dad happy, but yeah – I like!" Gavin replied.

Gavin turned to welcome me. "WOOF!" he growled. "The two of you are going to be popular tonight!"

"Thanks," I said.

"You're so cute," Gavin added. "Blushing deep red."

Gavin led us into the living room and introduced us to some of the other guests. Several he chose to introduce us to we had met previously. After a brief chat, Ryan and I walked into the kitchen to grab a drink.

"Beer?" Ryan asked.

"Not yet. I think I'll start with a soda and pace myself tonight."

"Sounds smart."

"Those costumes look good on you two," I heard from behind me as Ryan handed me a Dr Pepper.

"Thanks," I said turning to address the young man who made the comment. "I'm Will. This is Ryan."

"Peter," he said. He was wearing an Austin Powers outfit complete with the wig and glasses.

"Nice to meet you," Ryan answered.

"You two known Gavin and Jake long?" Peter asked.

"I've known Jake for about eight years," Ryan responded. "I met Gavin two years ago."

"I met them both two years ago," I added.

"Cool. I met Gavin about a year and a half ago," Peter explained. "I guess I know them well enough now to get an invite. You've known Jake a long time," he said, directed at Ryan.

"Jake came to our farm and I met him then."

"Cool, that must have been before he moved to Tennessee," Peter added.


"How'd you meet them?" Peter asked me.

"I'm a tag-along. We came to the party two years ago – Ryan and his dad have known Jake for a while. Erik and my brother Tracer met here at a previous party," I filled in.

"Now I've got it," Peter enthused. "I've heard a lot about y'all."

"We're famous," Ryan said to me.

"I guess so," I responded.

"OK. So your dad is Erik," he said to Ryan. "And Erik is the partner of your brother?" he asked me.

"Correct," I replied.

"And you two have been together how long?" he asked.

"Since the Christmas break of our junior year in high school," I finished.

"We're in our junior year of college now," Ryan added.

"Where are you at school?" Peter inquired.

"We're at Virginia Tech," I explained.

"I'm a senior at Vandie," he said.

I noticed the puzzled look on Ryan's face. "Vanderbilt," I clarified.

"Ah, wasn't familiar with the nickname," Ryan replied.

"Nice to have someone here closer to our age," I said.

"Yeah, I agree. So you two have been together a long time… longer than I've been out of the closet."

"Well," I started. "We kinda came out together and figured out things at the same time."

"You mean you were each other's first? Like virgins and such?" Peter asked.

"Yeah," Ryan said quietly.

"Wow. You two make me look like the whore of Babylon. I haven't been with that many guys, but… WOW. Only each other from the start?"

"Yeah." I responded more firmly. "He's the love of my life and the only guy I want to be with."

"I'm impressed," Peter replied. "You so rarely hear of guys that are monogamous. Let alone hearing of guys that have only been with each other!"

"I guess that makes us special," I added.

"That it does," Peter answered.

I looked at Ryan, who was a bit quiet at this point, and cocked one eyebrow. He just smiled back at me.

Our conversation with Peter continued – the three of us looking for a more comfortable place to chat than standing in front of the cooler in the kitchen. We discussed schools, majors, and life on the farm. We told Peter he should visit sometime when we would be home and ride his first horse.

"I need to go take a piss," Peter explained. "I'll catch you two in a bit."

After he left, I looked at Ryan. "OK. Out with it," I demanded.

"Out with what?"

"Your response to Peter earlier, and the looks you made afterwards. What's wrong?"


"When he asked about us being the only ones ever."

"Oh, that. It made me think about the fact that we have never had sex with anyone else. Not that it bothers me. But you know…"

"I know what?" I asked.

"Look, I'm not going to get trapped in this discussion. I love you Will, and I don't want to say anything to make you think otherwise. I'm very happy with the decisions I've made and wouldn't change them if I could go back and do it. But I have to admit that I wonder what it would be like to be with someone else from time to time. Then I remind myself that I'm a very lucky guy to have you – and like many couples, I married my high school love and the only person I've ever been with. So, yeah… when he made that comment, it hit me again. I processed it, filed it away as always, and moved on. I love you."

He put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him. Since I'd met Ryan, we'd both finished our growth spurts. When we first met, he'd been about two inches taller than me, now he was only about an inch taller. As always, he tipped his head down a bit. Ryan planted a kiss on me that turned away all the worries that had been welling up inside me. In fact, his kiss was so aggressive and so passionate that I sprang a boner. He wrapped his arms around me and grabbed my butt as he continued to show me just how much he really did love me!

As the kiss broke, I said, "Umm….. Ryan, don't move. I'm not going to be presentable for the next few minutes."


I took his hand and placed it on my stiff dick. He stepped back just enough to see my crotch in the wrestling singlet and chuckled.

"I guess I made it clear how I feel about you. And 'that' is making it clear that you understand!"

Peter took this moment to reappear.

"Either of you need a…" his question stalled.

I looked at him and noticed that his wide eyes were staring directly at my crotch.

"I could really use a soda," Ryan answered quickly.

"Umm…. Yeah, I'll get both of you sodas," Peter said as he walked off.

"Now THAT was embarrassing," I said.

I moved around behind Ryan so that his body blocked the view of mine while we continued to stand in the corner. As much as I tried, I just couldn't will my dick to go down fast enough.

Peter returned with the drinks.

"Sorry about that," he said.

"Not your fault," I replied. "I kinda got aroused when Ryan kissed me."

"Now that's something I wouldn't have minded seeing," Peter said.

"WHAT?" I asked.

"I guess I have a bit of a voyeuristic streak in me. I kinda like watching," he explained.

Before I could say anything, Ryan spun around grabbed me and proceeded to give me a kiss that made the last one look like a quick peck. After several minutes passed, Ryan let go and I stood there panting a bit.

"Holy fuck," Peter said.

I looked beyond Ryan, right at Peter. I let my eyes travel down and noticed that his crotch was bulging in response.

"No fuckin wonder you had a boner dude," Peter added.

"Well this time, there are two," Ryan said, still facing me.

"Um… I think you stimulated a third," I explained.

Ryan turned his head and looked at Peter.

"Guess I did. Hope you enjoyed," Ryan answered.

"I just wish it was me that was the target of that kiss," Peter replied.

"Sorry. All those kisses are for Will! One day you'll find your guy – I'm sure."

It really seemed odd to stand there and chat with a guy while the three of us had hard-ons, but over time, we all deflated and I chalked it up to the atmosphere of the party. As things continued, we invited Peter to the farm again and moved on to mingle with others.

At one point, I bumped into Tracer as I was returning to the living room from a bathroom break.

"Y'all were putting on quite the show," he commented.


"Those were two serious kisses Ryan laid on you."

"Yeah," I replied coyly.

"What?" he asked. He seemed puzzled by my reaction.


"OK. If you say so," he answered, giving me a look that said he didn't believe me.

I rejoined Ryan and we spent the rest of the evening chatting with a variety of folks. Many guys simply stopped us to comment on our costumes. In a couple of cases, we were propositioned. In a moment of quiet, I told Ryan, "I'm not sure I like all this attention."

"I guess I'm a bit of an exhibitionist," he admitted. "It doesn't bother me in the least."

That reminded me of the time he really pushed for us to do the video. I'll have to figure out ways to play into that a bit more for him.

I drove us all back to the hotel after the party wound down, and we said our good nights.

"I didn't tell you earlier, but Peter stopped by when you were in the bathroom."

"Oh? What did he say?" I asked.

"He admitted to me that he planned to jack-off tonight to what he saw. You know, us kissing and getting hard! After your comment about the attention, I let it drop."

"Well, if he enjoyed the show that much – more power to him."

"Would you ever let someone watch?" Ryan asked.

"I don't know? I honestly don't know. But I did think about it a little."


"So you like to be the exhibitionist – okay, show off for me," I said.


"You know. Do a strip tease. Maybe a little dance. I'll sit in the chair here and watch."

Ryan grabbed his laptop and opened it. I was a bit puzzled at first, but he pulled up media player and started one of his play lists. As the music filled the room, he started a very seductive strip dance. His dick got rock hard in his jock quickly and the bulge in the wrestling suit was obscene. As he worked the singlet down over his shoulders, I freed my dick out one of the leg openings and started to stroke.

He continued to sway and bounce for a while, and then pushed the uniform down until his jock was exposed. The outfit finally dropped to his ankles and he stepped out of it. I was stroking at full speed as he turned and grabbed his ankles. His jock-framed ass looked mighty appetizing, but this was about showing off.

He stayed bent over and reached one hand up and ran fingers up and down his ass crack. As he pulled them away, he spun around and sniffed them. The song changed, and the new tune had a faster beat. He pushed his jock off and stood in front of me naked. His dick bounced against his abs as he continued to gyrate to the rhythm.

I'd never realized how seductive something like this could be. My stroking had me on edge, and as I watched him, his dick was dribbling a steady stream of pre-cum.

Ryan put his hands on his tits and tweaked them a bit as his hips bucked. Then he slid his right hand down his rippled stomach and wrapped it around his cock. He hawked up a little spit, and stopped his movement as he let it drop from his mouth onto his prick.

Lubed up, Ryan started fisting his dick.

That was it for me. I moaned as cum shot out of my cock. It left a trail from my nose down to my belly button. Before I could do or say anything, Ryan was between my legs. His tongue started at my navel and worked its way up, cleaning up my cum. When he got to the cum on my lips and kissed me, I felt his cum spray my thighs.

More than ever, I realized without a doubt that Ryan was the man of my dreams.

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