Double Trails




Chapter 51

-- ERIK --

The party had been a lot of fun as usual. I took Ryan's and Will's jabs to heart and on the drive back talked with Tracer about costumes for next year – if we were able to go.

Once back on the farm we fell back into our normal work routines. Tracer got into the office on Monday morning and went through all the messages while I went directly into the stables and started the daily chores. I'd been at it for a while when Tracer walked up.

"We got a sales inquiry," he said.

"Oh? One of the regulars?" I asked.

"No. This guy left his name and number. Said something about being with PRCA."

"Fuck, yeah!"

Tracer's look told me he didn't recognize the acronym. "PRCA?" he asked.

"The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association," I explained. "If we get a sale with someone from PRCA - that could be the mother-lode!" His look remained somewhat puzzled. "Think about it; a rider buys a horse, he wins events, Double Trail's reputation grows as a breeder and other riders buy from us." The puzzled look was replaced with one of happy understanding.

"Wow, that would be great. Anyway, I called the number back but got voicemail. I told Christine to call you on the walkie when he calls back."

"It's your sale. Run with it!"


"Sell him a horse," I told him.

"I've never done a sale on my own before."

"Well, it's time you start."

"Um. Erik, this might not be the best sale to start me out with. Especially if it's so important."

"I can't think of a better one," I replied confidently. "Look. You're twenty-five years old, hold a business degree… and most importantly, I'll lay you long odds that you're close in age to the guy that will be coming to buy."

"But…" he muttered.

I charged on. "You know the horses we have for sale, or are willing to sell, as well as anyone. He's going to want to know lineage and traits, then he's gonna want to ride. When it gets to price negotiation on a horse, no sweat. You know the price we want for each horse and you know the dickering policy."

"Of course you'll go as much as five percent below list for most horses. No more than ten percent if the price is above $10,000. "

"Did his message say who he was looking at?" I asked.

"It just said he'd seen the horses we had listed on the AQHA web site and had followed the links to our site and dug more into each of them."

"See another reason you should be doing the sale. You've been leading the charge on getting all our information up on American Quarter Horse's web site and keeping our site current."

Tracer's and my walkie-talkie both screeched a second before Christine's voice came on. "Erik, I've got a buyer on hold."

I grabbed my walkie off my belt loop and replied. "Tracer will be right there."

"Roger that," Christine answered.

"Go start the process."

"If you say so," Tracer didn't sound convinced, but I had confidence in him.

About an hour later, I was inspecting the fence on the back property line when Tracer rode up on Night Dancer. He'd ridden a lot of different horses, but he always went back to Dancer – the horse Ryan and I had given him his first Christmas on the farm.

"What's up?" I asked.

"It was the guy from PRCA that called. He's coming to visit this Thursday and expects to stay through the weekend to try out some horses. He competes in barrel racing, pole bending and other horse events. He's looking for a fast horse and is interested in Romney Lad and Creole Lady among others."

"He's got good taste," I replied.

"He asked about places to stay and I told him about the local hotels."

"You could have offered him the guest room."

"And how do you explain the sleeping arrangements?" Tracer asked.

"See. That's why I put you in charge of the sale. I didn't think of that."

"I also figured that as soon as Ryan hears a guy from PRCA is coming to the farm, he'll be here this weekend."

"Which means Will, too, and then more explaining. Got it."

"He said up front on the call that he's not worried about price. He's focused on finding the right horse or horses for his needs."

"What's he riding now?"

"He's on a quarter right now. She's a fifteen year old with a good lineage, but her age is starting to slow her down. He figures he's got another year or so and wants to start working with younger horses."

"In that competitive arena, I'm surprised he's gone to fifteen years."

"He mentioned that. He said she was a matched extension of his body in many ways and had ridden her longer than others would have."


Tracer and I discussed the sale process as we rode along the fence line. I had to stop a few times to mark sections that needed repair. I guess my concentration was more on the sale prospects as Tracer had to point out issues I missed.

The week progressed quietly and mid-day Thursday the young gentleman showed up. Christine paged Tracer to the office and I had the strong urge to show up as well. I suppressed the urge and continued with my chores.

About an hour later, I got a beep from Tracer asking me to come to the office. As I rode to the office I noted a new, black Ram dualie pulling a beautiful Bloomer four-horse trailer. This guy must be successful to have that kind of equipment. Tracer was waiting outside the office door when I rode up.

"Everything OK?" I asked.

"Fine," he replied. "I just wanted to introduce you as one of the other owners of the farm. I get the impression that he's a little surprised that a twenty-five year old can be part owner of this place."

We went into the office and went through the introductions. He was a polite guy, maybe thirty at the most. Once the introductions were done, I made my excuses and let Tracer get back to the sale.

Randy and I were working on fence repairs that we'd marked earlier in the week when I saw the guy ride by on Creole Lady. He must have seen us as he passed - he pulled up on the reins and Lady stopped quickly. They doubled back to us.

"She's a sweet horse," he complimented.

"That she is," I responded. "She doesn't have a lineage that commands respect, but sometimes a horse of quality comes out of the blue."

"Definitely quality," he agreed. "I was wondering if you have a place I could set up some barrels and ride a figure?"

"Just let Tracer know when you get back to the stable; he can take care of it for you. My son had the dream of competing at one point and set up a course."

"What happened to the dream?"

"He's in college at the moment – that's delaying the dream."

"Smart boy."

"Sometimes he is," I cracked. "I think he'll be here tomorrow evening. He seemed eager to meet you."

"That's cool. Well, I don't want you to delay your work, and I do want to get back to riding."


That evening at dinner Tracer reported that he'd ridden Creole Lady all afternoon. I'd seen the barrels out in the riding ring and the sand showed it had been well used.

"He's going to ride Romney Lad tomorrow," Tracer explained.

"Is he interested in any of the other horses?"

"Oh, he plans on riding a few more on Saturday – but he seems very focused on those two."

"Works for me."

I saw the guy riding around on Romney Lad several times on Friday. That afternoon as things started to wrap up, he was doing patterns in the ring.

I stopped and watched him ride. It was obvious within moments that he was an extremely skilled and extremely demanding rider.

To Ryan's disappointment, he and Will arrived too late on Friday to meet the cowboy that evening. Tracer and I were on the couch in the den watching television when we heard the Jeep pull up.

"I wish we had TiVo," Tracer said. "I don't want to miss the end of this show."

"I'll go help them with their bags," I offered. "You stay and watch…"

"HELLO!" I heard Ryan's voice call from the kitchen before I could get up off the couch.

I saw the television transition from show to advertisement, so I yelled back. "In the den!"

Moments later Ryan strolled into the room with Will right behind him. I did a double take when I saw Will.

"What the…" I started.

"Yeah, I got it cut real short," Will replied.

"Man, I don't think I've ever seen you with hair that short," Tracer interjected. "It's shorter than Ryan's!"

"The guy at the barber shop used a two-guard on it," Will explained.

"All those curls!" Ryan said. "Gone!"

"I wanted a change," Will explained. "It's funny – Ryan loves my curls and I want short, straight hair like Ryan's! Anyway, it will grow back when I'm ready for it."

It really was odd seeing Will without his mop of blonde curls. He'd never had it extremely long around me, but the two to three inch hair had been replaced by uniform quarter inch length hair.

"It'll be much easier to maintain," Tracer admitted.

"I think he should have at least gotten a bit more style to it," Ryan said.

"Well, as he said, it will grow out," I replied. "Y'all need help with bags?"

"They're in the kitchen. Just brought a small duffle each as we're only here for two days," Will explained.

We all settled back down on the couch, and I realized that the conversation had stopped Tracer from watching the end of the show anyway.

"How's the sale going?" Ryan asked.

"He's tried out Creole Lady and Romney Lad extensively. He asked about other horses, and I suggested a few for him to try tomorrow," Tracer explained.

"What all is he doing to test them?" Will asked.

"He took each of them for a long ride. We set up a barrel pattern for him and he ran them through that for quite a while," Tracer replied.

"I can't wait to meet him," Ryan said.

"You'll be impressed," I said. "He's a very talented rider."

"He'll be here about seven tomorrow morning," Tracer said.

"Speaking of which," I interjected. "It's getting to be bed time. Five a.m. comes early."

"Sounds good," Tracer replied. "We'll see y'all in the morning."

Tracer and I went up to the bedroom, and he went into the bathroom to do his nighttime routine. I did a few things, then headed for the bathroom myself. I passed him in the doorway to the bathroom as I went in to wash my face and brush my teeth. After finishing up, I stripped down, crawled under the covers, and curled up with Tracer. He was already snoring lightly.

I woke up and looked at the clock. It read five after five. I rolled over and realized I was alone in the bed. My mind woke up enough for me to realize that the shower was running in the bathroom. I climbed out of bed and walked in.

"Morning," Tracer said.

"Morning yourself."

"Care to join me?" he asked with a bit of a mischievous grin on his face.

"One sec," I replied. I went over and used the bathroom quickly and then opened the shower stall door.

"Scrub your back?" I offered.

"Sounds good."

I grabbed the soap and lathered up a wash cloth. I moved the sudsy rag over his back forming patterns in his hair. I moved down his back slowly till I got to his ass cheeks. I let the cloth move down and ran it up and down his crack. I dropped the cloth and let my fingers rub lightly over his ass.

I dropped down on my haunches, spread his cheeks a bit more and let my goatee nuzzle into him a bit. The tickling hair caused a shiver to run down his back, and I pushed my face in a bit more.

I let my tongue run up and down his freshly washed hole. After a bit of teasing, I let it plunge in as far as possible. This elicited a groan from Tracer.

My hands spread his cheeks a bit further allowing my tongue pretty much unrestricted access to his pucker. I started fucking his hole with my tongue. Tracer started pushing back on me as his ass opened up good.

"Fuck me!" Tracer moaned.

I just kept up working on his ass.

"I said, FUCK ME!" he said forcefully.

I leaned back a bit. "That's an offer I can't refuse."

My tongue work had opened him up a good bit and I was hard as a rock. I grabbed a bottle of conditioner off the floor of the shower stall and squirted a good amount in my hand. I lubed up quickly and started pushing into him.

While I'd been rimming him, his body had mostly shielded me from the spray. But standing up fucking him I felt the spray full force.

"That's it, Baby. Work it in nice and deep!" Tracer coached.

He leaned forward a bit more and let his arms brace himself against the shower wall. This let the water cascade down his back.

Buried fully in Tracer's ass, I paused for a minute. I put my hands on his hips for stability and then pull back till only the head remained in his hole. I stayed that way a second and then plunged back in deep.

"Aw, yeah!" he groaned.

I repeated the long, hard thrusts – garnering a series of grunts and groans each time I hit bottom.

"You're giving my prostate a real work out!" Tracer complimented.

"You're really milking my dick," I replied.

"I want your cum!"

"You'll get it real soon."

His ass was doing a good number on my dick, squeezing and gripping as I pounded him.

"Come on," he urged. "Fill me up!"

Tracer moved one of his arms from the wall and reached under himself. I figured out quickly he was jacking his cock to match my pounding.

I continued to target his prostate, angling my dick to best rub it as I continued to fuck him.

"Oh, SHIT!" Tracer yelped.

Tracer's body convulsed as he pumped cum onto the shower stall floor and his ass spasmed as he shot.

"Aw, YEAH!" I moaned as I shot my load into Tracer's hole.

I grabbed his hips and pushed in a bit deeper, letting my load get fully deposited.

Tracer stopped leaning against the wall and pushed his back into my chest. I wrapped my arms around him with my dick still buried in deep.

"What a way to start a morning," he crooned as he twisted his neck a bit.

I met his twist and kissed him on the lips.

"Agreed," I responded after breaking the kiss.

My dick had deflated and plopped out of his ass.

"We better rinse off and get moving," Tracer said.

"Hey, the boss can be late!"

We both rinsed off and finished our morning routine. When we got down to the kitchen we found Ryan and Will with coffee ready and breakfast cooking.

"Smells good," I complimented.

"Morning," Will replied from in front of the cooktop.

"Morning," Tracer put in.

I walked over to Ryan and gave him a big hug. "Good to have both of you home."

"Good to be home. Y'all slept in a bit."

"Just not moving as fast, getting ready on a Saturday morning," I replied.

"No worries," Will responded. "Breakfast will be on the table in just a moment."

"Worked out for the best," Tracer said, giving me a wink.

The oven timer went off and I realized that someone had been baking. This was going to be quite the breakfast as I could smell the bacon Will was cooking. Ryan pulled a pan of biscuits out and quickly had them sliced and buttered. Will put a couple pieces of bacon on each one and then topped them with an egg covered in melted cheese.

I ate three!

"That was great, boys," I said.

"We'll clean up," Tracer offered. "And you two can head out to the stable."

"Deal," Ryan agreed.

The guys got up from the table, grabbed their coats and headed out the back door.

"It really is nice to have them home," Tracer said.

"Agreed. Though I do enjoy our alone time."

We worked quickly to put the pans and dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the table and countertop. Once the kitchen was cleaned up, we grabbed our coats and joined the guys in the stables for the morning chores.

The sun came up about seven a.m. and we had the horses fed and ready for the day. The cowboy showed up shortly after sun rise. Tracer made the introductions to Will and Ryan, and I could tell Ryan was eager to ask lots of questions.

"Ryan, got a minute," I asked.

"Yeah. What's up?"

I pulled him aside – letting Tracer get to the sales pitch.

"I know you really want to find out about competing in the rodeo, ride with him, etc. Just remember, Tracer's working on selling him a horse. So let him ride, evaluate, and most of all think."

"Understood. I won't get in his way."

I patted Ryan on the back. "Good."

Ryan rejoined Tracer and the cowboy.

Going into the stables I found Will putting a saddle on Cotton Eye Joe.

"Going for a ride," I asked.

"I was hoping Ryan and I could ride a bit. Though he seems eager to spend time learning about the rodeo."

"Mind a different riding partner?"

"That'd be great! But don't you have other things to do?"

"Not really. It's a Saturday in November. No riding groups coming. We might have some boarders show up – but I wouldn't expect many. Ezra will be in the stables till noon, and Tracer will probably stay around the office till he wraps things up. Let me get ready to ride."

I put the tack on Shadow Dancer with Will's help. We were about done when Ryan walked up. "What's up?"

"We're going for a ride."

"Not waiting for me?" Ryan asked.

"We figured you'd be riding with the cowboy, Bryce wasn't it?" Will said.

"Yeah. But I'm being a good boy and letting Tracer do what he needs to do to sell a horse."

I just smiled.

"What's Tracer doing?" Will asked.

"They were going to discuss horses in the office," Ryan explained.

"That's great to hear," I responded.

While we chatted, Ryan saddled up and the three of us rode out of the stable. Once we cleared the main yard, I spurred Shadow to a canter. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Will and Ryan were keeping up.

We entered the woods on the outer trail and slowed our gait.

Over the last few years we'd widened the trail so that two horses would easily fit the width in most places. For a while Ryan and Will rode together with me leading. After we crossed the creek, Ryan came up alongside me.

"It's good to be home and it's good to be on a horse!" Ryan said.

"I can understand that completely," I replied.

"Dad…" Ryan started. He stopped and was quite a moment. "Dad, I was thinking…"

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I want to fly out to Wyoming after Christmas and meet Christian."

"Sounds fine."

"Would you… be willing to go with me?"

"Of course, Ryan. I'll go. This is important."

"I wanted to take Will, but that might be awkward. I was also worried about asking you to leave Tracer behind."

"Since we're doing it after Christmas, I'm sure he'll understand. It might be a great time for Will and him to go visit their folks."

"I hadn't thought of that," Ryan's voice sounded a bit more chipper.

"Have you looked into flights?"

"Yeah. It's pretty ugly."

"How bad?"

"From TriCities to some place like Chicago or Charlotte, then from there to Denver, then Denver to Cheyenne."

"What about Roanoke?"

"Same difference, just through DC instead."

"How far is Cheyenne from Denver?"

"About two hours," he replied.

"Rent a car?"

"I thought about it. I'm afraid of December weather and figured it would be easier to fly. Plus, it's about the same time."

"OK. Well, we can book tickets once you confirm dates with Christian and his dad."


The conversation drifted to how Ryan was doing at school and other topics. As we reached the far end of the trail, Ryan dropped back to ride with Will. I rode solo until we cleared the trees and entered the clearing where the house once stood. I looked at the landscaping and was pleased that all signs that a house once stood there were gone. At this point, our picnic structure and the old barn were all that were left.

Will came up on one side of me while Ryan came up on the other.

"Whatcha thinking?" Will asked.

"I'm thinking that old barn needs to be replaced. It didn't get the maintenance it needed early on, and now it's just too far gone."

"Why do you want a barn up here?" Ryan said. "It's not like it's safe to really store anything here."

"That's true. We should sit down and discuss what we want to do in improvements for next year while you two are home."

"Let's do it after dinner tonight," Will suggested.

"Sounds good," I replied.

All three of our heads turned as we heard a horse coming at what sounded to be a full gallop. Moments later Tracer burst through the end of the inner trail on Night Dancer. He stopped quickly as he came up on us.

"What's up?" Will asked.

Tracer's face broke into the biggest grin I'd ever seen. "He bought Romney's Lad!"

"Congrats!" Ryan exclaimed.

Tracer looked at me. "He didn't even try to dicker. He paid the asking price!"

"Damn!" I said quietly.

"Which one's Romney Lad," Will asked. "I still get confused not being around all the horses as much."

"The sixteen-hand palomino stallion – you know, the brother of Romney Lass. He's in the stall on the right side near the back," Ryan explained.

"Ah, got it," Will said. "How much?"

"Thirty-seven thousand five hundred!"

"What?" Will sounded very surprised.

"You haven't dealt with sales much," I put in. "Romney's sire and dam were both champion show horses we bought a number of years back. Based on lineage, capabilities, and his potential for stud fees later – we were asking much more than our normal range."

"Yeah." Tracer interjected. "We were testing the waters to see if we could move into a higher price point market."

"Sounds like it worked," Will replied.

"It gets better," Tracer added.

"Oh?" I looked at Tracer seriously.

"He's buying Creole Lady, too!" Tracer looked at Will and noticed the blank look on his face. "The sorrel colored mare that's in the last stall in the left wing near the back corner of the stable."

Ryan must have noticed Will's look and took pity on him. "She's the one next to Patches. Her coat is kinda light-brownish orange – that's called sorrel in horse talk."

"Hey, I'm still learning and I'm not here full time," Will defended.

"How much?" Ryan asked.

"I sold her for seventy-five hundred. I gave him a discount since he was taking Romney for full price."

"Your first sale and you set the farm record for the biggest sale," I said.

"Huh?" Tracer sounded surprised.

"You just made a sale of forty-five thousand dollars. Normally it would take about seven horses to make that amount and we've never sold that many at once before."

Tracer looked so happy he might burst. The four of us sat there and chatted for a bit while Tracer gave all the details of the sale.

"When's he leaving?" Ryan asked.

"He'll pick up the horses tomorrow morning and head home," Tracer explained.

"Cool. Did he leave?"

"No, he's on the outer trail with Romney Lad right now."

Ryan looked at me, asking for permission with his eyes.

"Sales done. Just don't mess it up!" I teased.

"Wanna join me?" Ryan asked Will.

"Naw. You go ahead. I'm going to ride back with Erik and Tracer. I'll be in our room when you get back," Will explained.

With that Ryan turned Lucky Lady and headed towards the outer trail.

After dinner that night we discussed plans for the farm during the next year. We all agreed to tear down the barn at the other end of the farm and work on landscaping the area into a recreation area – a destination for our riders. We decided to put a small shed up at the edge of the property along the tree line to store a few items, nothing of significant value.

We discussed putting a connecting trail between the outer and inner trail that would make the paths more like a ragged figure eight. Ryan seemed a bit edgy about it, and I figured out why. I told him we'd let him and Will mark the path with a grin.

Tracer and I made our excuses early and went upstairs to bed.

"I can't believe I made that sale!" Tracer said, still giddy with glee.

"How about a celebration."

"What'd you have in mind, Big Boy?"

"A long night of hot, hard sex!"

I pulled Tracer to me tightly and wrapped my arms around him. I put my hands on his ass and squeezed firmly. I let my hands run up his ass and slip into the back of his jeans. My hands ran over his firm, tight skin.

"Let's get you out of all those clothes and onto the bed." I said.

We stripped down quickly, clothes discarded on the floor by the door and hurried to the bed. We lay down in the classic sixty-nine position, and I wrapped my hand around the base of his dick and started sucking.

I licked the head of his cock and teased it. I let my tongue work around the piss slit for a while and then worked my mouth around the shaft, then I sucked his prick all the way into my mouth.

Tracer let out a moan as my mouth worked his shaft. I moaned around his dick as his attention to my cock made me feel great. Tracer knew all the right buttons to push and he was pushing them well!

I ran the fingers of my free hand along Tracer's ass crack, sending a shiver through his body. He took his mouth off my cock.

"Erik, you know what I want… you know what I need... fuck me," he begged.

I ran my hands over his ass as he rolled onto his stomach. I ran my fingers across his ass cheeks and let them slip long his crack. He shivered again.

 "Come on, Erik, fuck me," he begged.

"Get up on all fours! I want to be able to drive in hard!"

He moved up onto his hands and knees, pushing his ass up into the air. I rubbed my dick up against his hole. I hawked a bit more spit onto the shaft and let it start slipping in.

"All the way in! Buried in my ass!" he moaned.

I started a fuck rhythm that was hard and fast.

 "Fuck yeah!" he groaned. "Fuck me!"

"I love this ass! I love the body it's part of! And I love you!" I yelled, as I thrust my dick into his hole harder, deeper.

I knew I'd be tired in the morning, but I planned on being up all night making love to Tracer!

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