Double Trails




Chapter 52

-- RYAN --

I decided to run over to Hutcheson Hall while Will was taking his last final exam of the semester - Tax Impacts on Decisions, yuck. I wanted to see how I'd done in Agricultural Law as the scores were supposed to be posted that morning. After that, I'd check to see if our professor had posted the scores for the one class we'd taken together - Food and Agribusiness Marketing Management.

I ran into my professor from Agribusiness Marketing that I'd taken last spring. We chatted for a few minutes. He'd been a great professor and asked how I was doing this semester. He seemed truly interested in my progress. After we finished up, I checked the bulletin board outside the department office. I got an A in Agri Law and a B in Marketing. Will'd gotten an A in Marketing. I was psyched as Marketing hadn't been my best class.

Leaving the hall, I was flying! Though one professor hadn't posted scores yet, I'd gotten three As and a B so far. I cut across the drill field, down past Newman Library, and into the Squires Student Center. I grabbed a table in the snack bar to wait for Will. He'd promised to meet me after his exam ended. I ordered a burger, a Coke, and sat back - relaxed.

"RYAN!" a voice said loudly, as a hand pounded my back.

I looked over my shoulder. "Hey, Cory. Hey, Josh. Grab a stool and sit."

"What's up?" Cory asked.

"Just killing time. Will's taking his last exam – he'll be here soon. Have ya'll checked your scores?"

"Four Bs and an A for me," Cory responded.

"Two As, a B and a C," Josh added. "I took a pounding in Numerical Methods. All those non-linear equations, differential equations and methods of least squares. Yikes, I'm glad that's the only time I have to do that stuff."

"You're the one getting a degree in computer science," Cory countered.

"What are you taking next semester," I asked.

"I've got GUI Programming, Human-Computer Interaction, Operating Systems, Probability and Statistics, and Technical Writing," Josh detailed.

"Me, I'm taking Policy Implementation, Legal Foundations of Planning, Geography of Resources, and Land Use," Cory explained.

"Those I can understand," I replied. "Or at least, I can kinda understand the topics. Yours," I looked at Josh, "I'm completely lost."

"Hey, they're not that bad," Josh countered.

"Oh, I understand the names of the classes. I just don't think I could wrap my mind around them. I'm not the technical type."

"So what are you taking?" Josh asked.

"I'm taking Farm, Cooperative and Agribusiness Management; Small Business Management; Food and Agricultural Policy; Elementary Econometrics and Sustainable Development Economics."

"Your course list sounds similar to Cory's," Josh put in.

"I would think Agribusiness Management would be similar to Environmental Policy Planning," I agreed.

"Hey, guys!" Will's voice rang out before the discussion could go any further.

"Hey Will," we all answered back.

As he joined us at the table, the guy behind the counter indicated that my burger was ready.

"Want anything?" I asked the guys, as I got off the stool to retrieve my food.

"Burger, fries and a coke," Will said.

"Hmm… Chili dog and an orange soda," Josh added.

"I'll do the grilled chicken sandwich and a root beer," Cory answered.

I went up to the counter, ordered the food, and grabbed my burger. When I got back to the table, the conversation had shifted to vacation plans.

"So, you're both staying here for the entire holiday?" Will's voice had a hint of disbelief.

"Trying to save a bit of money," Josh admitted.

"What about you two?" Cory asked.

"We're doing Christmas at the farm," I explained.

"Then Tracer and I are going to our folks for a few days while Ryan and his dad fly out to Wyoming."

"That's right, you're gonna meet your brother!" Cory exclaimed.

"Yeah. I'm so nervous about that," I admitted.

"No reason to be," Josh replied.

"Dude, you of all people should know that this isn't easy," I countered.

"What?" Josh asked quizzically.

"I'm meeting a guy who's my brother. What if he doesn't like me? What if something sours? What if he can't deal with my being gay?"

"WHOA. You're gonna come out to the kid?" Josh sounded amazed.

"Well, I want to. At least I need to come out to his dad. Let him know the facts so he can make an informed decision," I replied. "Then if his dad thinks it's wise… who knows. I talked to my counselor about it; he agreed I should tell Christian's dad at a minimum."

"Just seems like a big step," Cory countered.

"Big step is an understatement! This whole thing seems huge, but I'm gonna get through it one way or another."

The conversation got interrupted when the guy at the counter called out that the order for the guys was ready. They went up and grabbed their food.

"Why don't the two of you plan on visiting the farm after New Years?" Will asked. "The semester won't start for a couple of weeks after that."

"That sounds great. We can get away from Blacksburg for a few days that way, " Josh agreed.

We started making general plans for their visit as everyone finished eating. Once done, I grabbed the trays and bused the table. We hugged each other goodbye and wished each other happy holidays.

Will and I walked down Alumni Mall Drive to North Main Street and then headed up Kabrich Street into our neighborhood.

As we got to the apartment, I looked at Will. "Ready to start packing?"

"Naw," he said. "Let's just worry about it tomorrow morning."

"Fine. TV?"

"Actually, I'd like to run over to the mall. I want to pick up some last presents for Christmas."

"Who you need to buy for? I thought you were done."

"I want to get a couple more things for Patrick, Tiffany and Mom. I'm done with everyone else," he admitted.

"OK. So if you're not shopping for me, mind if I tag along?"

"No. If you want to go you're welcome!"

We dropped our stuff in the apartment and climbed into the Jeep. It didn't take us long to get over to the New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg. Will picked up a few nick-nacks for his mom; a few cute blouses for Tiffany at Belk, and a DVD player for Patrick at Sears. I didn't see anything worth wasting money on.

It was early evening when we got home. Will put the bags in a pile by the door.

"I'll pack them up tomorrow with the rest of the presents," he explained.

"Wanna watch some TV before bed?" I asked.

"Not really. I'm gonna read. Care to join me in bed?"

"When have I ever refused to join you in bed?"

"Hmmmmm…. Well, there was that time when we both were covered with casts."

"That wasn't by choice!" I argued.


Will grabbed his book off the dresser and put it on the nightstand next to the bed. He stripped down and climbed under the covers. I followed suit, pushing my pillow up against the headboard so I could sit propped up beside him. I started reading where I'd left off in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I looked over at Will's book to discover he was reading Foundation and Earth. It made me laugh a bit. When we'd met, Will wouldn't touch Sci-Fi books and now he was reading a lot of my recommendations.

As I dug into the book, Will scooted over in the bed and cuddled up next to me. He laid his head against my shoulder, holding his paperback in one hand. We lay like this for about an hour when I noticed that Will's book had dropped a bit and his breathing was shallow and steady. I laid my book down on my nightstand and tried to turn off the light without disturbing him.

"Huh?" he muttered.

"You fell asleep reading," I told him.

"Oh," was his groggy response.

I put his book on top of mine and shifted my pillow into its normal position. Will rolled over onto his side facing away from me.

"Night," I said quietly, as I kissed him on the back of his neck.

"Night," he replied. He pushed his body back a bit spooning into me as I got into position. I wrapped my arm over him and pulled him tight.

It didn't take many minutes till we both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke with Will spooned behind me. He was still breathing quietly and I figured he was still asleep. The other thing I figured that he was having one hell of a good dream as his dick was hard and poking me in the ass. He was humping me in his sleep.

"Why let a stiff dick go to waste," I said to myself.

I carefully reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube. I squirted a good amount in my hand and reached behind me, first coating his dick and then working as much as I could along my ass crack. I put the lube down beside me and reached behind me a second time, guiding his stiffy into my hole. His humping motions pushed him in somewhat, but it was a bit awkward. I started grinding back a little – trying to get him in deeper.

"What a fuckin' nice way to wake up," Will said quietly.

"Well, I didn't want to waste that hard dick of yours! It was poking me in the ass too much to let the opportunity go by."

Will put his arm over me and pulled my body tightly to his as he trust in deeper.

"That's it, Baby," I cooed. "Fuck me good!"

As he slowly slid his dick in and out of my hole, Will started nibbling on my neck. He hadn't shaved in a while and his stubble was getting long enough to be soft. I wasn't sure if he was trying to grow a beard, goatee or just being lazy. His fuck was a lazy, methodical pace. He worked his other arm under me –using both arms to control my body's position and give him better leverage.

I was essentially pinned to him as he continued to fuck me on our sides. My arms were wrapped under his and I had little opportunity to do anything but let him fuck me.

Will moved his mouth off my neck and started licking and nipping at my ear. That caused me to squirm.

"That's it," he encouraged.

"You're driving me crazy with your tongue."

"I like it! Your ass is dancing on my dick!"

His hands started sliding up and down my chest. The tips of his fingers found my tits and he started flicking his fingernails over the very tips. Between that and his tongue on my ear the sensations were almost too much.

"FUCK!" I moaned. "You're driving me crazy."


Suddenly, he pulled out of me. He quickly moved up onto his knees and forcefully rolled me onto my back. He pushed my legs up to my chest, leaving my ass very exposed. He lined his dick up with my ass and plunged back in.

I reached up to play with his tits as he started fucking me with vigor. Unlike the first ten or so minutes of the fuck, this was faster – pounding me good.

"That's it, Will. Really fuck my hole!"

He leaned forward as he fucked me and wrapped his lips around my left tit. He sucked it in slightly and let his tongue work the tip. The rough end of his tongue stimulated my tit – which like many men's, is directly connected to my dick.

My cock started throbbing – trapped between us. Our bodies grinding together, his tongue on my tit, his cock jabbing at my prostate - it was just too much!

"CUMMING!" I screamed. My cock pumped volley after volley of cum between our stomachs, creating a sticky mess.

"FUCK!" Will groaned as his mouth came off my tit. I felt his cock throbbing in my ass. The telltale sign that my hole was being filled with cum. "Your ass is milking me dry."

I just looked deep into his eyes and smiled. Will bent forward and kissed me deeply. I let my tongue get sucked into his mouth as he took total control.

Finally, he collapsed on top of me. His dick, still buried in my ass, started to soften.

"What a way to start a vacation!" he exclaimed.

"Agreed," I said quietly.

His dick plopped out and he rolled off me. He lay next to me on his side.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing," I lied.

"I can hear it in your voice."

"Just thinking about leaving you after Christmas. I haven't been away from you since…"

"Look, you're only gonna be gone a week. About the same time I was gone when Mom was sick."

"I know… I know… But add that to the fact that I'm stressed about meeting Christian and…"

"I want to say something about that," he started.

"What?" I asked as I rolled over on my side to face him.

"You keep saying you're stressed about meeting Christian. >From the e-mails, phone calls and everything else I've heard – it's obvious that he's simply excited about meeting you. There's nothing to be stressed about. So spill it, what's really wrong?"

"Nothing," I lied again.

"Ryan, it's me you're talking to. You've said before I have a built-in bullshit detector when it comes to you. And the detector is going off full tilt. So give up on the lying and talk."

"I'm not really worried about meeting Christian. Like you said, he's nothing but excited to meet me."

"So why the stress? Her?"

"Yeah. I'm sure he'll want to talk about her and I…"

"You really don't want to. I don't blame you, but remember he's lost his mom. Yes. I know. You've got a lot of anger. A lot of hurt built up inside you. But he's got a lot of loss. You're going to give him something – a brother he never knew he had – to help fill a little bit of that void."

"So what do I do?"

"Be there for him. Love him. He's your brother. You used to say you were envious of me – I have Tracer and Patrick. Now you have nothing to be envious of – you have Christian."

"I've got more than Christian now. I've got you! I've got Tracer. And to a lesser extent, I've got Patrick."

"True. So now, you've got a huge family!"

I started to laugh.

"What?" he asked.

"It was really just Dad and I for so long. Now – hell, I've even got a mother-in-law and father-in-law. And the family will officially grow more this summer."

"Yeah. The big wedding. Though I think Tiffany's been a part of the family for years now, too."

"Yup. We should get up, get dressed, and get on the road."

"Sure. You want the shower first?"

"How about a shower together?"

"We might not ever get on the road…."

"We don't have to be at the farm at any specific time." I reminded him.


The shower was a long, slow and pleasurable process. Both of us having cum recently, it wasn't so much about getting off as just continuing the sensual high of the morning. After drying off, I pulled on my flannel pajama bottoms and padded into the kitchen to make coffee.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, as I looked out the kitchen window.

"What's wrong?" Will called out from the bedroom.

"Fuckin' SNOW!"

"Well, it is December. Turn on the TV and see what they say on the morning news."

I finished getting the coffee brewing and went into the living room. I turned on the TV and set it to channel 7. WDBJ had The Early Show and the local Roanoke feed would provide the best weather for us. I cranked up the volume and went back into the bedroom.

I found Will stuffing clothes into a duffle bag. I started pulling things out of the closet, laying them on the bed.

"That's quite the pile," Will said.

"I'm not taking it all. Just trying to put together a few ideas and then I'll pack what I want."

"I'm just throwing stuff in the bag. I figure I've got enough things to wear back at the farm that I just have a few key things to add."

"Just taking the good stuff, huh?"

Will finished up his bag, zipped it closed, and went into the kitchen. He came back in promptly with a big mug of coffee. "I still don't see how you can drink it black," he commented, handing the mug to me.

"It jolts me awake!"

"I like my coffee like I like my men!" Will replied. "Hot, strong and sweet!"


Before I could go on, Will bolted for the living room. "Weather's on…" he called.

I finished up my packing and joined Will in the living room.

"Well?" I asked.

"Snow squalls this morning with light accumulation around Roanoke, Blacksburg and Christiansburg."

"I hear a ‘but' in there."

"Yeah, going west the accumulations grow into the four to eight inch range. Sounds like Norton, Wise and Clintwood might get a foot of snow."

"Damn, December 18th and already getting heavy snows."

"If we get going and take it easy we should be fine. You know they'll keep Route 460 clean."

"What if we go down I-81 to Marion and take Route 16 up," I countered.

"That's not as good a road," Will reminded me. "We'd be on the Interstate more, but Route 16 – yuck. Plus you end up driving through Hungry Mother State Park."

I just looked at him.

"You don't wanna drive on 460 do you."

"Not in this weather. Not…"

"How about if I drive. I know you're still skittish about the accident area."

"I can do it," I replied.

"Naw. I'll drive, at least till we get to Tazewell. It will give you a break."

"OK." I relented. "What about breakfast?"

"The fridge is empty. Let's just pick up something on the way out of town. Go start the Jeep, get it cleaned up. I'll make sure everything is shut down for the vacation period and bring out the bags in a couple minutes."


Will swung through a drive-thru on the way out of town and we were out on Route 460 quickly. He made good time and like he said the highway department had kept the road clean and clear. We stopped for gas in Tazewell and I drove the rest of the way home.

As we got to the driveway, I was unsurprised to see the closed sign out front. The snow was getting heavier and there was about three inches on the ground already. I pulled the Jeep into a parking space and noticed that most of the trucks were gone.

We didn't find anyone in the house as we dropped our stuff in the kitchen. We found Christine was in the office when we checked there.

"Good to see you both," she greeted us.

"It has been a while," I admitted.


"Where is everyone?" Will asked.

"Erik and Randy are at the feed store getting supplies. Tracer took off about an hour ago – he's going to the grocery store. Said the house was short on supplies and he didn't want to call Erik and add to his list. Ezra and Marty are off making a delivery – they won't be back till tomorrow. Uncle Hank's off today."

"So they left you holding down the fort." I said.

"Yup and I'm leaving at noon. Sooner if someone gets back. I don't want to get stuck here, and I'm not sure how my old car will do in the snow."

"Well, you can head out now if you want," I replied. "We'll cover the office."

"If you're not comfortable driving home, I can take you home," Will offered.

"That's very nice of you. I'm just a bit worried about getting that old Citation up to the top of the hollow."

"You can ride in to work with Hank tomorrow, can't you?" Will added.


"I'll take care of the office," I said. "You two get on the road now."

"Back soon," Will said.

Christine grabbed her coat and purse and they were gone.

I'd been in the office alone about thirty minutes when Dad walk through the door.

"Well, I admit I'm surprised! Welcome home!"

"Hey, Dad."

"Where's Christine? Where's your Jeep? Where's Will?"

"There's one answer for all of that. Will is driving Christine home in the Jeep. He should be back soon. She plans on riding in with Hank tomorrow after this snow is done with."

"Sounds good. Glad you're home safe and sound."

"Me, too."

"Where's Randy?" I asked.

"We unloaded the supplies in the barn and I sent him home. We're not going to be doing anything more today. Did Christine say where Tracer is?"

"He's at the store picking up groceries. Evidently, the kitchen isn't well stocked."

Dad let out a hearty laugh. "He's insane. The pantry is about to burst and the fridge and freezer are full. He must want to make something special and needed supplies."

"He does like to cook! Just like his brother."

"Just like whose brother?" Will asked, as he walked into the office.

"Tracer likes to cook as much as you do," I replied.

"True. We got that from our momma. You cook well, too."

"Yeah, but you two seem to really enjoy it."


"What's say we close up the office, check the stables, and head into the house," Dad suggested.

"Sounds good," I agreed.

We shut down all the computers and turned out the lights. The three of us walked through the stables and checked to make sure all was in order. We were just starting across the yard to the house when we saw Tracer turn the truck into the driveway. We waited for him to park, then helped him get all the groceries into the house. We spent the afternoon decorating the Christmas tree. It was good to be home.

The snow melted when the sun came out the next morning and was gone by the afternoon. The next few days were busy, without feeling hectic. The farm took a lot of our time as the crew had time off – with all four of us planning to be gone they would be working from the day after Christmas to New Years this year.

Christmas Eve morning I woke up and found Tracer already hard at work in the kitchen.

"Dude, how much are you cooking?" I asked.

"We're gonna smoke a turkey, plus, we're doing all the sides."

"It's just the four of us," I reminded him.

"Yeah. I know. Dinner tonight for four, then lunch and dinner tomorrow. Then sandwiches for the road on Thursday. Any leftovers can go in the freezer."

"OK. Just wanted to make sure you weren't going to end up with way too much food."

"We've got it covered," he said, with a big smile.

"Can I do anything to help?"

"Want to form the rolls?"

"Sure. Let me grab a mug of coffee."

I was half way through my first mug when Will and Dad showed up.

"Y'all are moving fast," Dad commented.

"Well, I figured we needed to get things going here, then do the chores, then spend the rest of the day cooking and enjoying."

We followed that plan and about seven p.m. we sat down to an incredible dinner. After cleaning up the kitchen, we ended up in the den. Dad and Tracer curled up on the sofa and Will sat down on the big chair beside them. I crawled behind the Christmas tree and flipped the switch to turn on the lights.

"TV?" I asked.

"Naw. Nothing's on," Will replied.

I crawled onto the chair with him, snuggling up close.

"How about some music?" Tracer asked.

"That sounds good," Will responded.

Dad grabbed the stereo remote and fiddled with it a moment. Soon the room was filled with Christmas carols. Dad turned the volume down just a bit and we all just sat and listened quietly for a while.

"You know the only thing missing from this?" Tracer said. "Snow! The snow from last week melted too fast!"

"Bite your tongue," I replied. "You're driving to Tennessee and we're flying to Wyoming in about thirty-six hours."

"Aw. A pretty dusting of snow coming tonight so that we have a white Christmas would be great!" Will agreed. "We didn't have a lot of snow at Christmas time growing up. In fact, I'd say we've had more snow in the time I've lived here than before I moved here."

"We do get a lot of snow," I admitted. "Living in the western Appalachian mountains has its advantages!"

"Has anyone heard the weather forecast?" Dad asked.

"Sunny and cold for the next few days," I replied. "No sign of snow."

I laid my head against Will's chest and enjoyed the quiet music and conversation. What a way to spend Christmas Eve.

Christmas was more of the same. The day was quiet with just enough work to keep the horses happy. We ate leftovers, but what leftovers – homemade rolls, smoked turkey and all the trimmings. As Tracer had said, after dinner Christmas night we had only a few bites of food left.

It was about nine p.m. when Will and I decided to turn in for the night. While we got ready for bed we chatted about the days to come.

"All packed," Will said.

"Yeah. One big bag, one small bag and a backpack. What about you?"

"I'm set. You checking two bags and carrying one on?"

"Uh huh. I figured my laptop and some snacks in my backpack."

"One spare outfit in your carry-on?"


"Make sure you put an outfit in your carry-on bag. That way if the airline loses your bags you have something for the first day."

"Smart. I'll shift a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and underwear."

"Smart boy. Still nervous?"

"Yup. Terrified! In less than twenty-four hours I meet my brother."

"You'll be fine. He's so excited, I doubt you can do anything wrong when you meet."

I finished my prep and crawled under the covers.

"I know, but I'm still nervous. Plus, a lot of underlying tension in trying to deal with her."

"Sounds like you've been listening to your counselor – underlying tension."

"I was a good boy! I went regularly and he really helped me!"

"I know. I saw the progress. You're going back when we go back to the school aren't you?"

"Yes, Sir!"

Will finished his pre-bed activities and got in bed next to me. I rolled over and snuggled up to him. Will shifted around and faced me. He pulled me to him and kissed me gently. I melted into him – enjoying his lips against mine.

"I love you," he whispered.

I grinned and felt myself starting to tear up. I really didn't want to leave him.

"No reason to cry, Baby," he said quietly. "It's gonna be fine. You'll be gone a week. He'll love you – almost as much as I do!"

I kissed him softly. "I don't want to leave you."

"How about a goodbye gift from me to you?"


Will put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me onto my back. He climbed on top of me and leaned his head down to me. He kissed my forehead and progressed down my face kissing as he went. As he reached my neck, he started nibbling, licking and otherwise teasing my skin. He continued down my body letting his hands caress and stroke. It was extremely passionate and highly erotic.

By the time his attention turned to my belly-button, my dick was hard as a brick. He ignored it, focusing on stimulating me everywhere else. He moved past my now dripping dick and worked his way down to my feet. This slow progress head to toes had me aroused and squirming. Each time I tried to move, he pushed me back down.

"Will, let me do something," I begged.


He crawled up between my legs and started licking my balls. He sucked first one and then the other into his mouth – rolling it with his tongue and toying with them. His hand wrapped around my dick and started jacking.

"Oh, FUCK!" I groaned.

He chuckled with his mouth still around my balls.

"You're driving me crazy!"

"That's the idea," he replied with a wicked grin.

Finally, his tongue started at the bottom of my prick and he licked his way up. Reaching the top he swirled his tongue around the tip before wrapping his lips over the head sucking me deep. He worked up and down my shaft slathering it with his spit.

"Baby, I'm getting close," I warned him.

He came up off my cock. "Not so fast!" he warned.

"You're the one driving me crazy!"

Will repositioned himself, putting his ass right over my dick. He reached under himself and worked the head into his hole. He slid his ass down my cock.

It took him only a few minutes to work his way to the base of my dick. He ground his hole into my crotch.

"Aw, fuck!" I groaned.

I thrust up and started fucking Will as he bounced.

"Damn!" he moaned. "That feels fucking great!"

Fucking Will wasn't taking a lot of effort on my part – he was doing all the work. But damn if it didn't feel great! His ass kept milking my cock as he worked up and down in it.

"It's not gonna take long!" I warned him.

"Cream my hole!" he urged. "Come on! Shoot fucker!"

I started thrusting up into him as my balls tightened. "FUCK!" I yelled as I shot up his hole.

As my cock spurt into Will, he coated my chest with his cum.

We both were panting a bit as we came down off the fuck-high.

"That's what I needed to calm my nerves," I admitted.

"Nothing a little sex can't help!"

"Amen to that," I agreed.

"Clean up?"

"Yeah. How about a soak in the tub for a while?"


We went into the bathroom and Will drew a tub full of water for us. I got in on one side, he got in the other and our feet met at the corner.

"I'm always thankful Tracer picked these two people tubs for the master baths," Will said.

"You and me both!"

We sat in the tub quietly, washing ourselves and each other. It was a nice way to settle my mood before the trip.

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