Double Trails




Chapter 54

-- TRACER --

I sat in the office getting depressed as I went through the paperwork that had accumulated over the last few days. The bitter cold was destroying the little business we typically have at this time of the year. Most winters we had a number of hardy riders who ventured out while temperatures hovered around freezing, or when the fields were lightly dusted with snow. This January had seen a number of small storms that left us with about half a foot of snow on the ground and business survived. Then as February started, the temperatures plunged with highs in the low teens. Finally, with the President's Day holiday weekend starting the temperatures started to climb; just in time for the next snow storm.

I didn't realize Ezra had come into the office until the arctic blast of wind that whipped by him hit me.

"Tracer, we're pretty much done," he explained.

"That's cool. Y'all heading out then?"


"Anything I need to take care of?"

"Not really," he replied. "Just check Madam Esmeralda later."

"Will do. She's got bad timing, that's for sure."

One of the stallions had covered Madam early in the breeding season and instead of a late spring foaling, we were expecting her to deliver sometime in the next few weeks. Since she wasn't intentionally bred, we didn't have an exact time frame – just a guesstimate.

"She's not showing any signs that the foal's imminent, so I doubt you'll have any worries."

"I'd be happier about it if Erik was back from picking up those colts, instead of being somewhere in western Kentucky."

"Any idea when they'll be back?" He asked.

"Not really. That huge storm front heading this way dumped about a foot of snow in Paducah, so the roads aren't in the best shape for a truck pulling a larger trailer with two horses in it. Plus, if he and Randy head east they'll just run into the backside of the storm."

"Well, if you need any help, give me a holler. You know I'm only fifteen minutes away," he said.

"I'll be fine. Stay warm and drive safely."

"Later!" And with that, he headed back out into the cold.

I finished up the paperwork, checked e-mail, switched the phone system over so it would ring in the house, and shut off the lights. Outside, I checked the stable door to make sure it was closed tightly and ran quickly to the house. As I got into the kitchen the phone was ringing.


"Hey, handsome." Erik's voice was nice to hear.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Just killing time in the wonderful Motel Six of Paducah," he admitted.

"You two getting on each other's nerves?" I asked.

"Not really. How are things on your end?"

"The guys left about an hour ago. I just came into the house. I'll check the stables about five or six I guess."

"How's the Madam?"

I chuckled at how he'd phrased that. "She's doing fine. Ezra seems to think we have some time to go."

"That's good to hear. When is the snow supposed to start there? Any updates on accumulation?"

"They say it will start shortly after midnight and continue into tomorrow afternoon. The big question is whether it will get stuck trying to go over the mountains or move through easily. If it goes through quickly, totals are four to six inches. If it gets stuck, we could see several feet of snow."

"I'm not going to load the horses and head east until the roads are clear. I don't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with two horses in a trailer and the temperatures dropping.

"I can understand that. I miss you."

"I miss you, too," he replied.

There was something spoken in the background.

"Randy says 'Get a room'", Erik explained.

"You already have one," was my best retort.

Erik conveyed my message to Randy and I heard laughter.

"I'm needing to fix some lunch," I said.

"Enjoy. I'll give you a call this evening."

"Love you."

"Love you, too," he responded.

I grabbed some salad greens from the fridge, sliced up a little leftover chicken, added a few other items and poured on the salad dressing. Grabbing a diet Coke from the fridge, I took my meal into the den to watch a little television. What a fun and exciting way to spend a Friday afternoon.

I was about halfway through my salad when I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen. I put my bowl down and started to get up when I heard, "ANYONE HOME?"

I got to the door between the den and kitchen just in time to see Will and Ryan dumping their bags on the floor.

"What are you two doing here?" I demanded.

"Keeping you company!" Will explained.

"Yeah. I talked to Dad last night. He said they were stuck in Kentucky, so we thought we'd come visit and keep you from going crazy."

"You didn't have to do that. But I do appreciate it! Y'all hungry?" I asked.

"We ate on the way here," Ryan said.

"Any more stuff in the Jeep?"

"This is it," Will replied.

"I'm going to finish my lunch, then we can figure out how to keep ourselves from getting bored in this weather."

"Sounds good," Ryan agreed.

By the time they had their stuff up in their room, I'd finished eating. They sat down with me in the den.

"So how's school?" I asked.

"Killer," Will admitted.

"I'm assuming that's not a good thing." It was half-statement and half-question.

"No. Not really," Will explained. "I've got this professor who seems to think students can't know a thing about farms, livestock, or anything else for that matter."

"I'm assuming you're not the only kid from a farm in the class," I replied.

"In fact, I'm the only one in the class who didn't grow up on a farm. But that doesn't stop him from dismissing every idea, opinion, or concept we bring up. There's only fifteen in the class; we all talked it over and now we sit there quietly, no comments, no questions, and no input. It's got to be the farthest thing from education you can imagine."

"So if the class doesn't participate, he just…" I started.

"Lectures," Will finished, "in a droning monotone voice. Funny thing is that it's evident he hasn't worked on a farm in years. He's spent so long teaching that I think he's out of touch with reality. At this point, I just answer things the way I know he wants to hear them if he calls on me. Easiest way to get a good grade, I guess."

"What a waste of money," I replied. "Thought of talking to the department chair, your advisor, someone like that?"

"I thought about it. Doubt it would do anything," Will explained.

"You should give it a try," I said.

"I'll think about it," he admitted.

"What about you," I asked Ryan.

"Whoever named my one class 'Elementary Econometrics' was smoking crack. There's nothing elementary about it."

"Law of supply and demand too difficult," I asked.

"Well, not the basic parts. But, yeah, I'm not finding economics all that easy to comprehend," he replied. "Too much theory, not enough practicality."

"Before you head back to school, I'll be glad to go over some of the areas where you're having problems with you," I offered. "I aced both micro and macro economics."

"That would be great."

"Do we need to do anything about the horses?" Will interjected.

"We should check everything around dinner time. That's about it." I explained.

The three of us sat and chatted for a while, catching up on all the things that had happened since we'd seen each other over the Christmas holidays.

Just before dinner we took care of the chores in the stable. The basic work done, the three of us moved Madam Esmeralda into the foaling stable and set up the monitoring cameras. Ryan thought Ezra's estimate was off. He figured we only had a couple of days at most.

"Dinner here or do you want to go out?" I asked, as we got back into the house.

"Why don't we go out for something tonight?" Will suggested. "We won't be going out Saturday or Sunday based on the weather forecasts."

"Sounds like a good plan," I agreed. "We can swing by the grocery store and see if there's anything left on the shelves that we need. Bet they are pretty low, but we don't need anything much."

"Probably no bread, milk or toilet paper," Ryan added.

"Too true. Clean up and meet back down here in a few…" I put in.

"Deal," they replied in unison.

Getting up to my room, I turned on the shower to get the hot water up from the basement. Then I stripped down and debated whether I needed to trim the edges of my goatee or not. I'd been letting it get a bit bushier of late – just something different I guess. At this point, my stache just about covered my upper lip. Erik seemed to like it from his comments. I decided not to do anything this evening.

By this point, the shower was ready and I climbed under the hot jets. I got the shampoo into my hair, then grabbed the body wash and lathered up. As I ran the wash cloth over my body, my dick started to rise.

"Fuck," I muttered to myself. I was getting pretty horny with Erik gone. It had been three days since we'd had sex, and now it looked like it might be three or four more till we'd do it again.

I started to rinse off after deciding to take care of matters later and get ready to go now. I slipped into a pair of jeans, t-shirt, flannel shirt, my heaviest wool socks, and my old brown cowboy boots. Even though it was a dress-down outfit, looking in the mirror I thought I looked good.

When I got downstairs Ryan and Will were waiting. We drove into downtown Richlands and grabbed a table at El Mariachi. While our earlier conversation focused on catching up since January, the dinner conversation centered on the next few months. I keyed into the upcoming visit of Christian and his dad.

"Do you have all the travel details?" I asked.

"Yeah, Jackson e-mailed them to me earlier in the week," Ryan answered. "I'll forward it to you when we get back to school."

"Do you remember when they're flying in?" I inquired.

"Yeah, early Saturday morning and flying out the following Sunday morning."

"Were you planning on picking them up and taking them back to the airport? That's going to add a lot of driving to your spring break."

"What's the alternative?" Ryan asked.

"The obvious one is you and Will pick them up and Erik and I take them back, while you two head back to school."

"I don't know how Christian will feel about that," Ryan admitted. "He's pretty protective of his time with me. But it does make the most sense."

"I'm sure after a full week, Christian can part with you for the three hours down to Tri-Cities," Will suggested.

"You haven't met him," Ryan countered. "Trust me, he wants one hundred percent of my time."

"Well, I'd hate to disappoint him, but I think it would be best. That's six extra hours of driving for the two of you otherwise," I explained.

"Agreed," Ryan said. "He's just so intense about learning everything about me. I'm guessing, based on his recent e-mails, that his visit to the farm won't be any different. He hasn't stopped quizzing me about everything since I was out there."

Our food arrived and our chatter petered out as we ate. I paid the bill and we walked out of the restaurant.

"Crap. It's snowing," Will said as he cleared the door.

"We can get home before it gets too bad," Ryan indicated.

I climbed into the backseat of the Jeep while the guys got up front. By the time Ryan pulled us into the parking space at the farm, the grass was covered and the back roads were showing a light coating of snow. We'd decided to skip grocery shopping as we had enough to survive.

"This isn't gonna be good," Will warned.

"Not at all," I agreed. "I'm betting the storm gets stuck and we end up with at least a foot of snow."

"Well, at least folks know how to deal with it around here," Ryan reminded us. "Even a foot of snow shouldn't take too long to clean up!"

We'd gotten into the kitchen by this point.

"What next?" Ryan asked.

"I was thinking about bed," I admitted. "But I should check on Madam."

"The cameras are rigged," Will reminded me. "We can check her from here."

"I'll take care of it," Ryan offered.

"OK. Then goodnight," I said.

I stripped down once I got into the bedroom and got ready for bed. I climbed under the covers and tried to get to sleep; however, it didn't take many moments before I realized it was futile. My dick got stiff and I knew I had to take matters into my own hands, so to speak. It'd been a good while since I'd had to jack off – solo at least. With Erik around, my sexual drive was well taken care of. He might be forty to my twenty-four, but he certainly satisfied all my needs.

Hmmm… what to do about my current needs.

I threw off the covers, grabbed the bottle of Wet and got ready to lube up. I stopped before I slicked up and thought. Finally, the light bulb went off over my head. I got out of bed and went digging through the laundry basket.

"Found it," I muttered to myself. I took the nearly worn-out jock of Erik's with me back to the bed.

I grabbed the lube and put a small amount on my right hand. Wrapping my hand firmly around my cock, I let it slip up and down the shaft, teasing the head as it slipped off.

Getting my stroking motion going, I took the jock in my left hand and raised it to my nose. I took a few good sniffs – Erik funk! Just what I needed. It wasn't raunchy - just smelled strongly of Erik.

I let my right hand continue to glide up and down my shaft, my thumb stroking over the ridge where the shaft meets the head.

I left the jock over my nose and moved my free hand down to play with my tits. My nails flicking the tips of them causing light shivers throughout my body. It just didn't seem like enough to get my juices pumping well.

I stopped jacking for a minute and grabbed the lube. I squirted another small amount on my right and ran two fingers from my left hand through the glob. I started the up and down motions once again and let the two fingers work their way around my hole. Once I had the outside lubed I slipped first one and then the other in.

That elicited a low groan and I started working the two fingers in and out of my ass. I thought about Erik really fucking me. Harder! Deeper! I kept stroking, my hand firmly gripping my cock. Fucking myself with my fingers was doing the trick and my cock started leaking precum. I increased the speed of my jacking. I visualized Erik on top of me, pounding his dick into me.

"Oh, FUCK!" I moaned, as cum shot onto my chest. Spurt after spurt landed on me.

I lay back a moment and caught my breath. I didn't wait too many moments till I went into the bathroom and washed up. I didn't want the cum drying in my chest hair.

Clean, I slipped back under the covers and quickly fell asleep.

Saturday morning I got up at my usual five a.m. and started the shower. It didn't take long for the steam to fill the stall and I got under the spray. The hot water felt good and really helped wake me.

After drying off, I got dressed for the day. Knowing it was both cold and snowy, I put on some of my warmest socks, a thermal t-shirt, a flannel shirt and my Carhartt quilt-lined overalls. Erik called it my redneck, wet-dream outfit. I'd top the outfit off with my matching black quilt-lined jacket once I got ready to go out the back door.

Downstairs, I grabbed the coffee pot and poured myself a nice mug full. I was glad we'd bought the new maker with a timer – no waiting for the caffeine to start. I pulled two of the big cast iron skillets out of the cabinet and put them on the burners, then I pulled a bag of pre-shredded potatoes out of the fridge and dropped a big pile into one of the skillets. The hash browns cooking, I took the scrapple out of the fridge and sliced six pieces off the loaf. Once the second pan was nice and hot I dropped the meat into it. The stuff on the stove cooking, I took six slices of bread and put them into the toaster.

"That smells good," I heard Ryan say, as he entered the kitchen. "You looked outside?"

"No. Didn't want to depress myself without some coffee and breakfast first."

"Then it's good you didn't."

"Crap! How bad?"

"Will's guess was about eight inches. I said it was closer to ten. Won't know for sure till we get outside and measure."

"Did y'all listen to the weather yet?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. The storm hasn't budged – stuck between the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains. They say the area should expect twelve to eighteen inches of snow."

"Shit! Erik will never get home. Doubt you'll get back to school on Monday either."

"Well, missing a day of classes won't kill us," Ryan admitted.

"Speak for yourself," Will said, as he appeared around the corner. "While true it won't kill us, I've got the jackass on Monday."

"That's a late class," Ryan put in. "Maybe we can make it home by then."

"Trust me, I won't feel too bad missing it. But I don't want him upset with me."

"Worry about it tomorrow," I suggested. "I've got breakfast just about ready. Then we can go take care of the horses. Will, when we get out to the office, can you update the website to tell folks we're closed. Also, put a note that boarders are advised not to try to come out and to call the office if they have any questions."

"I'll do better than that," he said. With that, he turned around and disappeared down the hallway. He was gone a couple minutes when he showed up with his laptop computer. "I'll log into the server from here and get it updated while we eat."

"Thanks," I replied.

I put the food onto plates and set it all on the island in front of Ryan and Will. True to his word, he had the site updated before we finished eating. The three of us got the kitchen cleaned up and then went out to the stable.

"I'll take care of the slop detail," I offered. "You two do the feeding and such."

"Deal," Ryan agreed.

I started on the even stalls and went through pulling one horse out at a time and clearing out down to dry straw. Instead of the usual method of using the bigger cart, I dumped piles onto plastic sheets in the corridor. Once I had the stalls cleaned, we could pull the sheets outside and pile up the crap till the snow was gone.

I was about a third of the way through when Will and Ryan both appeared with pitch forks.

"Need help?" Will asked.

"You two made quick work of feeding," I said.

"Well, we only did the odd numbered stalls and the horses in the stalls you'd cleaned," Ryan admitted. "We'll get the rest once their stalls are cleaned."

"Smart," I agreed.

With the three of us working together, it didn't take long to finish up. We chatted as we pulled the waste out to a pile near the rear door. We'd have to move it out to the compost pile after the snow went down.

"I was thinking," Ryan started. "With the two new colts and Madam's little one, we're not going to have room for any more horses."

"Yeah. Erik mentioned that to me," I said.

"Time to expand?" Will asked.

"That was my response, but I think Erik's a bit concerned about costs," I admitted. "We've had a lot of expenses over the last two years and while business is much better, we did just go through some lean times. Anyway, we probably won't need the space too soon."

"What are the breeding plans," Will asked.

"Madam is due any day. Swirly Girl and Delta Dawn are due in late March," I explained.

"Where do you plan to put the foals?" Will inquired.

"They'll stay with their mothers for a few weeks," I answered. "But we have buyers for both of them already. So we're good on space, unless someone wants to board with us. The four of us can discuss it more when you two come back for spring break."

"We could build the addition ourselves to cut labor costs," Ryan suggested.

"That's a possibility," I admitted. "But we'd need a licensed plumber and electrician for some of the work."

"As you said, we can discuss it later," Ryan agreed.

 "Now what?" Will asked.

"That's really it for chores," I replied. "It's not like we can go anywhere. Want to go in and watch a movie? I got three new ones from Netflix."

"How about a ride?" Ryan suggested. "The snow isn't coming down too bad and it's not too deep for the horses."

"I guess a slow pace wouldn't be too bad," I agreed.

I saddled up Night Dancer while Will and Ryan got their mounts ready. We took a slow leisurely pace through the fields up to the tree-line. Once in the woods the snow fall levels were much lower and we were able to pick up the pace. We came up to the creek and enjoyed the idyllic scene. Snow on the branches of the trees, on rocks sticking out of the running water, and on the banks.

Will stopped Cotton-Eyed Joe and dismounted. Ryan and I did the same and joined him along the edge of the water.

"Now this is a beautiful sight," Will admitted.

"Peaceful. Quiet. Calming," Ryan agreed.

"You know," Will started, "I'll be glad when school is done. I really do miss this place."

"SEE!" Ryan said. "Now you know why I want to make college as short as possible!"

"Well, three more semesters and you're done," I reminded them. "Are you upset you're not going to do classes this summer?"

"Nope," Will answered quickly. "Even if we did, we wouldn't be able to finish until next spring. There are some classes we just can't get in summer or fall sessions. We didn't have the prerequisites to take them this spring, so we're stuck"

"Yeah, much as I hoped to finish next December, it just wouldn't work," Ryan explained. "Plus, with Christian coming this summer we need to have a freer schedule."

"Makes sense," I agreed. "I'm getting a bit cold standing here. Shall we move on?"

The guys agreed and we mounted our horses. Ryan took the lead on the trail riding Lucky Lady. We rode out to the far end of the farm and then came back on the inner trail. It was a really nice ride.

When we got back to the barn and finished taking care of the horses, I check the answering machine. There was a message from Erik, but nothing else. After we got into the house, I returned his call.

"Hey, handsome," I said.

"How goes?" He asked.

"Not bad, the guys and I went for a ride. It was really pretty back by the creek."

"Take any pictures?"

"No. No one had a camera."

"If you get the opportunity to go back out there, take some. Would be nice to add to the web site – might stir up a little more winter time business."

"I'll do it later today or tomorrow."

"No worries if you don't," he replied. "How's the weather?"

"We have a foot of snow so far and they say the storm has about five to six more hours of life left in it. I'd guess we'll get fifteen to eighteen inches at the end."

"Damn!" Erik cussed.

I could hear Randy in the background asking what was wrong. Erik explained the weather issues.

"I agree, Baby. I miss you and want you home. But don't start back yet. I'm thinking you could get the truck and trailer in here on Tuesday at the earliest."

"Two more days in a motel room. I'm gonna go crazy. Plus poor Randy's getting tired of my snoring," Erik explained.

"Tell him to roll you onto your side," I replied. "That's how I get you to stop."

Erik took a moment to convey my message.

"He says that means he'll have to keep getting up from his bed to move me."

"Better than your buzz-saw snore."

"True! How are the boys?" Erik asked.

"Good. They went upstairs to clean up, change, and do some homework. We're going to watch a DVD later."

"Which one are you planning to watch?" Erik asked.

"Not sure yet," I replied. "I figure we'll pick when we're ready to watch."

"Makes sense. Well, you take care of yourself. Hopefully, I'll see you Tuesday."

"Love you," I said.

"Love you, too. Bye!"

I hung up, went upstairs, and cleaned up.

Saturday night we watched the movie and crashed at a reasonable time. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, except the snow wasn't coming down. With anywhere from fourteen to eighteen inches on the ground in the region, the highway crews had their work cut out for them. Ryan and Will got on the road mid-day Monday, and Ryan called when they got home. He'd dropped Will off at his class. Since I'd had their help Monday morning, none of the staff had come in – everyone was scheduled for Tuesday to help catch up on some of the work we hadn't done while the farm was closed.

I checked on Madam before going to bed and she seemed antsy. I made sure the monitors were working and turned the volume up high so I'd hear if there were any issues.

I woke up with a start – not sure what had disturbed me. I looked over at the clock – two in the morning. I waited for a moment and then I heard a noise from the monitors. I went over to the screen and looked.

"SHIT," I muttered to myself. Madam was obviously starting to foal.

I debated calling Ezra that moment or going to check her first. I decided to check – this could be a long process and I didn't want to wake him unnecessarily. He'd be at the farm at six anyway.

When I got out to the stall, I found Madam down and in position. "FUCK," I cussed loudly. She was already through stage one and starting to deliver. How the hell had I slept through this. I guessed she wasn't making enough noise during stage one.

I gambled that I'd have time to run and call Ezra. I grabbed the nearest cordless handset and dialed his number as I ran back to the stall.

"Hello," Ezra's wife's groggy voice answered.

"Sorry to call you so early, Caroline. It's Tracer. I need Ezra at the farm ASAP. Tell him Madam's foaling and she's in stage two. I'm the only one here and I've never done this alone."

"OK. OK. I'll have him high-tail it over as soon as he can get dressed."

"Thanks! Bye."

I tossed the phone out into the aisle as I checked Madam over carefully. Everything looked and felt fine, but I was scared. I rubbed her neck. "Go slowly. Please!" I begged her quietly. She just looked at me.

A contraction moved through her body and I could see the nose coming out.

"Damn, damn, damn!" I cussed. "You were quick last time and you're even quicker this time. You're a trouble maker, Madam!"

I could tell that the contraction had ended as she whinnied softly.

I stroked her and checked everything one more time. A few minutes later another contraction and the little nose poked out further.

"You're gonna be a momma again real soon," I told her.

The contractions got closer together and the foal's head and neck appeared.

"We're gonna do it," I told her. "Just you and me!"

With the next contraction the body started to come out. I took hold of the foal's neck to ensure it stayed in a good position as Madam pushed. With my help the foal finally came out. I wanted to cry. I patted Madam and started to check out the foal when I heard a noise behind me.

"And I thought you wanted help…" Ezra said.

"You know how Madam is. Always in a hurry."

"Yeah, both her births have probably set speed records. Congratulations on your first solo delivery."


We worked together to take care of the filly. We were just finishing up with the tasks when Hank and Marty arrived. The four of us made short work of the stall clean up and feeding. The stable chores well under control, I went into the office to check for messages. I updated the website to show we were open, but cautioned everyone that the roads weren't in the best shape.

I was about to go back to the stables when the phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey," Erik's voice was clear and chipper. "How you doing?"


"What's wrong?"

"Nothing really. Madam started foaling and woke me about two…"

"Oh, shit!"

"Well, I now have my first solo delivery under my belt. Ezra got here a few minutes after the little filly arrived."

"Congrats!" he said. I heard a muffled conversation and assumed that Erik was telling Randy.

"When are you two leaving?" I asked.

"How are the roads?"

"Barely passable," I admitted.

"Then we'll head east tomorrow. We'll take off as early as we can so we can make it to the farm before sunset. I don't want to be on icy roads tomorrow night."

"I can't blame you there."

"Send Ezra home early. Let Marty and Hank handle things, and get some sleep," Erik ordered.

"I'll be fine. We're about half done with things as it is."

"OK. I'll stop being a worry-wart. Love you!"

"Take care! Love you, too."

Hanging up the phone, I grabbed my coat and went back to the stable.

"You look like you need a huge mug of coffee," Marty said.

"Ain't that the truth," I agreed. "I'll go put a pot on."

"I'll take care of it. You relax and go check on Madam. Have you decided on a name for the filly?"

"I hadn't thought about it," I admitted.

"Well, since you did this one solo - I think you get to decide."

"I'll ponder on it."

I walked back to the birthing stall and checked on mother and daughter. Both were doing well. I bumped into Ezra as I headed back toward the office.

"Go on home," I told him.

"That's OK. I'm not really tired."

"At least go home early today and get some rest," I suggested.

"Will do. You should head back to the house soon, too."

"I plan on it."

I was able to get back to the house about noon. Ezra had left by then and Marty and Hank took care of the remainder of the chores. Hank signaled me about three that they were done and going home. That evening I walked through the stables just to check everything out. Standing at the birthing stall, I just stared at the little filly. My mind wandered a moment and then it struck me. "Lady Guinevere," I muttered.

Wednesday was a busy day. The roads were pretty clear and many of the boarders came by to check on their horses. Marty and Hank went over to the feed store, bringing back two truckloads of supplies. When they got back, I helped unload everything and then took off into town for grocery shopping.

Randy and Erik arrived just before sunset on Wednesday. It was all I could do not to smother him. Instead, I contained my emotion… my desire… and helped get the two colts into their stalls, settled, and bedded down for the night. Randy and Erik wanted to meet Lady Guinevere and then Randy took off for home.

As soon as Randy's truck started down the driveway, I grabbed Erik and hugged him tightly. I leaned forward slightly and kissed him gently.

"Missed you," I admitted.

"You did?" he said with a teasing tone. "I thought you were throwing wild parties while I was gone."

"Well, true. There were those booze-fests where the horses all came to the house and lived it up all night," I explained with a dead-pan expression. "But I tried to sleep through them all. TEASE!"

"I think Randy was about to kill me by late yesterday. Hell, I don't think I want to see him for a few days. We finally did get on each other's nerves in that room."

"Well, he's off for three days, so that will help!"

"Miss me?" I asked.

"Damn right I did!"

"Gonna show me how much?"

"Damn right I am!" he replied.

I released Erik from the hug, took his hand and pulled him down the aisle in the stable. We locked up quickly and ran for the house. Once inside, we left a trail of clothing from the back door all the way to the bedroom.

As I got the last piece of my clothing off I saw Erik standing at the foot of our bed naked and erect! I walked over to him, pushed him back, forcing him to sit down on the bed, dropped to my knees on the floor in front of him and engulfed his dick with my mouth.

"Fuck. That feels good," Erik said. "But you should let me grab a quick shower."

I pulled off his dick long enough to respond. "Forget the shower. You just taste more you!"

I returned my attention to his crotch and took his prick in my hand. I pushed it towards his belly and then let my tongue run up and down his ball sack. I licked around for a few moments, then used my tongue to push one ball into my mouth. I sucked on it a little while and then pulled its mate in with it.

I let my hands roam around Erik's legs, chest and abs – playing with the fur all over. As I had for years, I enjoyed the feeling of his thick covering of hair and really let my fingers work through it.

As my hands enjoyed their exploration, I returned my attentions to Erik's cock. I moved my tongue slowly up the shaft and swirled it around the tip. I worked my tongue into his piss slit, then twirled it around the head. Erik let out a soft groan.

I wrapped my lips around the end and worked my mouth down his dick. When I got to the bottom, I sucked, worked my tongue around it, and otherwise tried to make Erik squirm. From the motion of his body, I was doing a good job.

"Baby," Erik finally said. "It's time for you to get up here on the bed with me."

"I'm having fun!"

"Me, too," Erik admitted. "But I want more!" Erik put his hands under my pits and pulled me up. "Get up here!"

He kept pulling as I let my legs push me up. I toppled a bit and ended up falling on him.

"Umph," he grunted.

"You wanted me up here," I teased, as I looked down on him. I propped myself up a bit and then rolled off him.

Erik quickly rolled on top of me, pinning me to the bed. He leaned down and kissed me passionately. "Love you," he whispered.

"Fuck me!" I said, looking up at him.

I reached over to the nightstand, grabbed the lube and handed it to him. He squirted a spot on his palm and started slicking up his dick. He put a little more on my fingers and I rubbed it onto my hole.

Erik put his dick against my ass and started pushing in slowly. He leaned over and started to kiss me as his cock slipped into me. He bottomed out and stayed there.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Absolutely nothing," he admitted. "In fact, it feels perfect."

He held still for a few more moments, then started pulling out. It didn't take long for Erik to get a good pace going, gently, but definitely fucking my ass!

"Damn, Baby. That feels great!" I cooed.

I reached up and teased his tits as he continued to fuck my hole.

"It's been too long," Erik said.


"I haven't fucked. I haven't jacked off. I haven't anything in eight days. Your ass feels so fuckin good! I'm gonna cum!"

"Shoot then! Fill me up!"

Erik bent down a bit a second time and kissed me again. As the kiss continued, he grunted loudly. I felt his dick twitch in my ass as the cum flowed. Erik broke the kiss and sighed.

"That was nice," he said.

He started to pull out of me.

"Your still hard?" I asked.

"Yeah! I'm surprised, but I'm still so horny," he admitted.

"Leave it in me then!" I urged him. He pushed his dick slowly back into me. It was gonna be a wonderful night!

Prev To be continued . . .

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