Double Trails




Chapter 56

-- RYAN --

Saturday afternoonís horseback ride through the trails had been at a comfortable, record-setting seventy-seven degrees. Sunday, Will and I drove Christian and Jackson around the greater Richlands area showing them places I spent time while growing up. It had remained warm on Sunday so Iíd taken the top back off the Jeep to enjoy the weather. Monday morning we awoke to find the weather back to normal with frost on the ground and temperatures expected to make it only into the mid-fifties.

I had debated driving over to Blacksburg to show them the campus and such, but decided against it. I wanted to keep things more local. Instead, Monday morning we loaded up four horses in a trailer and drove down to the Clinch Mountain Wildlife Area. On the twenty-minute drive to the park, Christian and Jackson asked a number of questions about the day ahead.

"So whatís this place youíre taking us?" Jackson asked.

"Hmm... Itís a huge Virginia wildlife area. I donít want to call it a park because it doesnít have the same kinda facilities. Itís more untamed than most parks. The overall area includes Clinch Mountain, and three others - Flattop, Redrock, and Beartown."

"It seems like weíre going up a lot," Christian noted.

"We are," I agreed. "Our farm runs from two-thousand to about twenty-five hundred feet elevations. I know that the highest point is forty-seven hundred on Beartown Mountain; however weíll be riding at elevations between thirty-five hundred and four thousand feet."

"Almost like home," Jackson said.

"How high up is Cow Hollow?" Will asked.

"Casper is just under a mile in elevation and you go up a bit going out east to our house," Christian explained.

"Iíve heard weíre over a mile, but nothing official," Jackson added.

"Iíve never been in the Rocky Mountains," Will replied.

"Officially, weíre in the Laramie Mountains which is on the northeast edge of the Rockies," Jackson explained.


"Youíll have to come visit sometime soon," Christian offered.

"Iíd like that," Will replied.

Once we got to the parking lot, Will and I backed the first two horses out of the trailer and got their tack on. We handed the reins to Jackson and Christian and then got Lady and Cotton out of the trailer. With their tack on, we all mounted and took off down the trail.

"What allís here?" Christian asked.

"Weíre going to ride along Little Tumbling Creek and along the ridges of Flattop Mountain. When you come back this summer, weíll take you deeper into the area and ride around Laurel Bed Lake. Maybe do some camping," I replied.

"Thatíd be cool!"

The trail was only wide enough for one horse for a long distance, so we rode quietly. Weíd been riding for about two hours when I found a clearing large enough to let the horses rest. It was close enough to lunch-time, so I pulled sandwiches out of my saddle bag and Will pulled the thermos full of lemonade out of his. We talked about the forest while we ate.

We rode back to the truck after lunch and got back to the farm a bit after three. Even Will and I were tired after more than four hours riding. We just werenít used to riding that much anymore.

"What do you want to fix for dinner," Will asked, as the four of us walked from the stable to the house.

"Iím gonna show Christian how to make double-dipped buttermilk fried chicken and all the sides," I replied.

"YUM!" I heard over my shoulder. I looked back as Jackson added, "I love fried chicken!"

"Great. Itís a recipe I learned a long time ago and thought I should share."

"That one I wouldnít mind learning as well. I should learn how to cook some too, since itís just the two of us," Jackson explained.

"Itís as easy for me to show two as it is to show one. Why donít we all clean up and Iíll plan on starting about five with the cooking class."

"Deal," Christian said.

The four of us climbed the stairs and Christian and Jackson went into the guest room. Will and I went into our room and stripped down.

"You want the shower first?" I asked.

"How about we shower together?"

"That sounds good to me. Iíll get the water running so things will be ready when you come in."

I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower heads. The room was a little cool for my taste, so I turned on the space heater as well. I went back into the bedroom and laid out my outfit for the evening. Will had done the same and was already in the bathroom. When I went back in, the bathroom was warming up and the shower was steamy.

"Just the way I like my shower," Will commented, as he got into the shower. "Hot and steamy."

"Same way I like my man!" I replied, joining him under the sprays.

"Thatís sweet. Iím hot and steamy, huh?"

"Yup. And when youíre naked with me, you get me hot and bothered!"


Will grabbed the bar of soap and started lathering up my body. His hands worked the soapy lather all over, adding to the refreshing feeling of the shower. As his hands slipped down my chest, he pulled me back into him so that his chest rubbed my back. More noticeable was his stiff dick poking at my ass.

"I think someoneís enjoying this." I teased.

His hand slipped down to my crotch and wrapped around my hard cock.

"Iím not the only one enjoying this," he replied.

"As I said, you get me all hot and bothered!"

Willís hand used the lather as lube and stroked my prick. I let my right hand grab a bit of soap suds off my body and reached behind me. I returned the favor, stroking his cock as he did mine.

"Think we have time for you to fuck me?" Will whispered in my ear.

"Well... I could, but not for very long. How about we do something a bit faster."

Having said that, I spun around and ground my dick into his. We humped each other, the soapy lather acting as lube. After a few moments, I reached down and started pumping his cock. He did the same for me.

"Iíd rather have you fuck me," he complained.

"Iíll do that tonight. I promise!"

Will leaned forward slightly and kissed me to seal the deal. I continued kissing Will as we bumped, ground, and humped each other to a climax.

We were drying off when Will reminded me of my promise.

"You fuck me tonight!"

"Just donítí wear yourself out when I do. Iím gonna expect you to fuck me in return."

"Sounds like neither of us is getting much sleep tonight."

"You say that as if itís a bad thing!"

We pulled on some sweats and t-shirts, and padded down to the kitchen.

"Want help?" Will asked.

"Thatís okay," I replied. "You go relax. Iím gonna teach class."

As Will went through the door into the den, Christian and Jackson came into the kitchen.

"Ready for class?" I asked.

"That we are." Jackson answered. "As I said earlier, I love fried chicken."

"OK. Letís start at the beginning. Well, actually, I short-circuited this a bit, youíre supposed to let the chicken marinate in buttermilk for a while. So this morning before we took off for the ride, I coated the chicken pieces in buttermilk and put them in this zipper bag. Put the bag into the fridge and voila."

"How do you get it coated?" Jackson asked. "Remember, Iím no cook."

"Easy. Put buttermilk in a pie pan or other shallow dish and put some of the pieces in it. Then after theyíve sat that way say thirty seconds or so, flip the chicken. Wait the same amount of time. Put the chicken in the bag. You should let them stay in the bag at least two hours and can let them sit up to twenty four hours."

"What happens if we donít have buttermilk? I donít remember ever seeing it in the fridge," Christian said.

"I usually plan for this, so I buy it in advance. But at school, I just keep a container of powered buttermilk in the fridge. Makes life easier."

We went through the process of double dipping the chicken and quickly pulled together a good dinner.

As we finished eating, Dad said, "My compliments to the chefs."

Christian got a big smile on his face. "I canít wait to make this on my own," he said.

"You can always call me with any questions," I offered.

"Yíall cooked. Weíll clean up," Tracer stated.

"Thanks," Jackson said. "My least favorite chore."

Dad and Tracer started cleaning up while the rest of us went into the den to watch television. It was another night of learning more about each other.

The next few days we explored the area, road horseback a lot and spent more time together. With the end of Christianís visit getting close, I got the impression he was getting nervous about something. I chalked it up to wanting to get more done before his departure.

†Friday night, Will talked to me about it as we got ready for bed.

"Dude, somethingís really got Christian twisted," he commented.

"Iíve noticed heís a bit antsy, guess heís getting wound up over leaving."

"I donít think so. I think somethingís eating him."

"As much as he talks, questions, asks... nah. I canít imagine he hasnít covered everything. Hell, heís come just short of asking what positions we fuck in."

Will snorted, then said. "I know one subject he hasnít talked to you about."

"What?" I demanded.

"Your Mom."

"Oh," was all I could say.

"Yeah. He probably wants to talk about her. At the same time, he knows you donít."

"I really donít. Iím enjoying getting to know my baby brother. I donít want to fuck it up."

"You donít have to fuck it up," Will pointed out. "Just listen. Maybe you need to give him an opportunity to talk to you alone. Itís either been the three of us, or four if Jackson was with us this week. Never just the two of you."

"Iíll do it tomorrow. Just the two of us on a ride. Then Iíll give him an opening."

"Sounds good."

"Iím not looking forward to this, if youíre right."

"Donít worry about it. Just take it in stride."

"Shit. I donít want to talk about her. Iíll probably say things I shouldnít."

"Just remember to edit your thoughts before you blurt anything out - and breathe!"

"Easier said than done. But Iíll try."

Will came up behind me and put his arms around me.

"Youíll do fine - Ďbig brotherí," he said, holding me tightly.


Willís hands starting running up and down my chest. It felt nice to be held, stroked, loved. He returned his arms to my stomach and squeezed. As he started to loosen up a bit, I took the opportunity to turn around facing him. I moved my head slowly forward and let me lips gently touch his lips. Will pressed forward a bit, deepening the kiss. As it continued, I felt his tongue rub up against me lips. I opened my mouth slightly and let it explore. As his tongue dueled with mine I started sucking on it. Willís right hand moved behind my head, pulling it tight to his. I slipped my hands down Willís back and let one wander under his waistband. I tried to get it down low enough to cup his ass, but his jeans were too tight for that. I tried to work my hands around to his front to undo his jeans, but we were crushed together too tightly.

Finally, I broke the kiss.

"Damn, I need to get you out of those clothes," I panted.

Will stepped back slightly and I unbuttoned his jeans. I knelt as I pushed them down over his ass. I reached up and pulled his boxer briefs down. As they dropped, his hard dick sprang up and bounced against his abs. I put my tongue at the base and let it run up the length of the shaft. Will shivered in response.

"Fuck. Dude, that feels good."

I moved up onto my haunches, and took hold of his legs for balance. This allowed me to lick his dick like a lollipop - from base to tip. Each lick seemed to send shivers through Willís body. After a couple dozen passes, I got a hint of pre-cum as my tongue ran over the head. I continued a few more times until Willís dick was really drooling, then wrapped my lips around his cock and worked my way down until my nose hit pubic hair.

Wrapping my tongue around the shaft as best I could, I worked my way back up until only the head remained in my mouth. I lapped at the head for a moment, before working my way back down to the base. Will put his hands behind my head and started directing the movement, fucking my face to meet his needs. I moved my hands up a bit and started play with Willís butt cheeks as I kept sucking his dick.

"Dude," Will whispered. "Iím gonna cum if you keep this up."

I pulled my mouth off his dick and replied. "Something wrong with that?"

"Well, I think Iíd rather do more!"

He put his hands under my arms and helped me stand. He then led me over to our bed and pushed me onto it.

"My turn," he said forcefully. With that, he started at my feet, rubbing his hands up my legs till they got to my crotch. He wrapped one around the base of my hard dick and the other started toying with my balls. Slowly he lowered his head and started to lick the head.

I let my hands move onto his back. I wasnít trying to control him, just connect to him. He teased and tormented my cock with his tongue and mouth. I started wiggling under his attention.

"Flip around here," I asked.

Without taking his mouth off my dick, Will moved around so I could get to his cock. With his cock dangling above me, I wrapped my lips around it and slid down the shaft. I put my hands on Willís ass cheeks to help control the tempo as I used all my talents in sucking his dick.

Will was doing a good number on my dick. As he kept sucking, he slipped one of his hands under my ass and started working a finger along my crack. I spread my legs slightly to give him better access. As his fingers worked their magic, he pulled his mouth off my dick, working his tongue down the shaft. He momentarily lingered at the base, worked his way around my balls and let his tongue follow his fingers.

I groaned when his tongue found my ass. Will took his hands and placed one under each of my legs, hoisting them up to give him better access. I thought I felt his tongue touching my ass ring, but realized my mistake when I heard him inhale.

"Love that smell," he said. He sniffed around for a few seconds before I felt the wetness of his tongue. "Tastes as good as it smells," he added.

He licked around my crack for a few minutes while I continued to suck his dick. He pulled away for a moment to comment, "Just the way I like it - musky, clean, but earthy." He returned his attention to my hole and I felt his tongue pressing forward, working into my hole, opening me a bit.

I moaned around his dick as he started fucking my ass with his tongue. It felt great! Actually, thatís an understatement - it felt phenomenal. I slowed my efforts on his dick as he made my ass feel fine.

The more he worked his tongue in and out, the more I knew that I needed to be fucked. I finally let his dick slip out of my mouth.

"Baby, fuck me now," I begged.

"Yeah? You want me to fuck that hole?"

"Damn right! Pound it!"

"Up on all fours then!"

I scrambled out from under him, pulled a pillow under my chest and pushed my knees under me a bit so my ass was up in the air. At the same time, Will had lubed up his dick and slid in nice and slow. He kept pushing in until I felt his pubic hair against my ass cheeks. Damn, it felt good to have him in me; it had been almost a week since heíd fucked me last.

He pulled nearly out and then slid back in slowly, repeating the motion a few times. After that, he must have felt my hole was ready for a hard fucking because he slammed in to the base of his shaft and then started a deep, rapid-thrust fuck. The short, hard jabs kept hitting my prostate. Each time he slammed into me, my cock belched a little pre-cum.

Will grabbed my hips and used them to give him better control as his sawing motion lengthened into long, deep thrusts.

"Awww..." I groaned.

"Like that?" he cooed.

"Damn right. You can pound my ass all night long!"

"As tight as you are, fifteen minutes will be a stretch."

Heíd kept fucking me throughout the short conversation. But with the word Ďstretchí, he pulled all the way out. He didnít give verbal commands, instead he used his hands and body to flip me onto my back, hoisted my legs over his shoulders and slid back in.

As he got into a new fuck rhythm, he placed his hands on either side of my body. He leaned in and started kissing me deeply. Our tongues dueled - pushing from my mouth to his and back - as the kiss extended, his fuck tempo picked up.

I squeezed my ass ring to slow him down a bit; however, it just seemed to spur him on. Willís grunts became louder, more insistent as he fucked. His eyes started to glaze over and I realized he was going to shoot.

"Shit...," he groaned as his dick spasmed in my hole.

As he finished unloading in my ass, shuddering a bit, he leaned back over and kissed me lightly on the lips. He partially lay on top of me a few more minutes, until his dick plopped out of my ass.

"That was good," he whispered.

"Ready for more?" I asked, with excitement in my voice.

"Sure, if I can lay here and have you fuck me good!"


I crawled around and positioned myself between Willís legs. I reached over, grabbed the lube, and started working it into his ass with a couple fingers. I took my time making sure his ass was opened nicely before I put the head of my slick dick against his hole.

I slid in slowly, but didnít go deep - instead, I pulled all the way out and then punched back in. With that, Will let out an "Umph" just as Iíd wanted. Heíd been tender and a bit rough at the same time throughout his fuck. With him having cum and me on the edge, I just wanted to SHOOT.

Iíd been pumping Willís ass hard for a couple minutes when I felt his dick bump into my abs.

"Youíre a horn dog," I teased.

"Getting fucked turns me on... almost as much as fucking."

Knowing Will was in a groove with me, I changed my pace to longer, deeper thrusts.

"Shit, yeah," he groaned. "Fuck me deep!"

"Itís not gonna take long," I admitted.

Will spit into his hand and started pumping.

"Fill me up." he begged.

I picked up the pace and brought myself to the edge. "Iím gonna. Iím gonna..."

"Cum!" he yelled. As he shot across his chest, his ass clamped down on my dick, causing me to slip over the edge and shoot deep in his hole.

Exhausted, I placed a hand on either side of Will, bent down and kissed him gently. It was a great way to end the day.

Saturday morning, Jackson and I were the first two in the kitchen.

"Jackson," I started quietly. "I was thinking it would be good for Christian and me to have a little time alone to talk."


"Weíve talked alone before, I know. But, well... I... um..."

"Youíre going to talk about Kaitlynn, arenít you?"

"I get the impression that Christian really wants to talk about her."

"You donít... and I can understand that," Jackson replied. "But itís really good of you to let Christian talk about her. Can you say her name?"

"Yeah. I can. But you do realize how much anger I have about her."

"From what your dad and I discussed back in December, I think I have a pretty good idea. The woman that I married and who raised Christian with me..." he seemed to tear up at this. "Well, all I can say is that it seems like they were two entirely different people."

"I think thatís how Iím going to deal with it. On the one hand thereís Ďherí, and on the other thereís Christianís mom. Two very different and totally separate people. If I donít..."

"If you donít, the anger would come out."


"Exactly, what?" Will asked, as he entered the kitchen.

"I was telling Jackson that I wanted to spend at least a part of the day alone with Christian."

"Cool," Will replied.

"I take it Will already knew your plans?" Jackson said.

"Yeah. We talked about it last night," Will filled in.

"Talked about what?" Christian asked as he entered.

"You and me spending some time alone together today," I explained.

"Cool!" Christian answered with enthusiasm.

Before the discussion could go any farther, Dad and Tracer came in from outside.

"Morning, sleepyheads!" Tracer teased.

"Itís barely six a.m.," Christian defended.

"As I said, sleepyheads!" Tracer replied.

"Ready for breakfast?" Dad asked.

"I was getting ready to start making something," I admitted.

"Why donít we go into town and hit the diner," Dad said. I was about to object when he continued. "Yíall take the Jeep and Tracer and Iíll take a truck. After breakfast, we need to hit the feed store."

We grabbed our stuff and were out the door in quick order. We got lucky in that one of the larger booths was open when we arrived. Like most diners, the food was hearty and good. Our conversation matched the food. We paid our bill as we headed out the front door.

"Weíll see yíall later," Dad said.

"Mind if I join you?" Jackson asked. "Be nice to explore all the odd things the store has."

"Sure. No problem," Dad replied.

"Iím going to tag along, too," Will put in. That drew a raised eyebrow from Tracer. "Weíre giving Christian and Ryan some time alone."

"Cool," Tracer responded.

Christian and I walked over to the Jeep and climbed in. I quickly had us on the road.

"What did you want to do today?" Christian asked.

"Honestly, I donít know. I hadnít really thought that far."

I could tell Christian was a little puzzled.

"Why donít we just drive around and talk," I offered.

"Thatís cool."

Unfortunately, at this point the conversation died. We drove along silently for a few minutes. I saw the Shoneyís in front of me and pulled into the parking lot.

"Come on," I said, climbing out of the Jeep.

"We just ate!" Christian said in confusion.

"I know. Weíll just get something to drink."

The hostess set us in a quiet corner booth at my request. The waitress brought me coffee and Christian a soda. We returned to silence, but I was determined to get through this.

"So... tell me about her," I finally managed to say.

"You mean Mom?"

"Yeah. Tell me about your mom."

It was obvious that Christian caught my meaning - your mom versus our mom.

"I miss her so much," he admitted. And with that, the floodgates of emotions opened. He cried as he told me about a loving woman that he missed deeply. His words were hard for me to hear, but I let him spill it all to me. I truly felt sorry for him. I couldnít imagine losing Dad at his age.

The waitress interrupted us from time to time refreshing our drinks. At one such point, I ordered each of us a slice of pie. After she delivered it to the table, Christian finished telling me about her.

"Do you remember her?" He asked.

"Not at all," I admitted.

"You werenít very old... thatís true."

"Four years, two months, and four days." Based on the look on his face, my response caught him by surprise.

"I canít... I canít understand it."

"You know. Since you contacted me, Iíve tried and tried to figure this all out. I guess Iíll never know."

"It couldnít have been because of you," Christian offered. "Youíre a great guy and... and..."

"Well, maybe at that time it was all just too much for her," I said.

"What do you mean?"

"She and Dad were high school sweethearts. They had me when they were nineteen. Maybe she had to grow up too fast and it was just too tough to deal with," I admitted.

Now the tears were flowing on both sides of the booth.

"You donít blame yourself, do you?" he asked.

"I have at times. But I donít any longer."

"Do you hate her?"

"You know. I did. I despised her. Loathed her. Hated her with a passion so deep."

"You said Ďdidí not Ďdoí."

"When I saw the picture of her in the hospital bed with you lying beside her, all I could feel was sympathy. I felt sad that her life was cut short. I felt sad that you lost your mother. I felt sad that your Dad lost her..." I paused and could sense Christian was about to interject, so I continued quickly. "But most of all, I felt sad that she never knew me. Iíve turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself."

Christian sat there silently for a moment.

"Iíll always wonder..." he started. He stopped a moment. "At least I got a big brother out of it."

"Now thatís something good to focus on," I said happily.

"Actually, I feel like Iíve won the lottery for big brothers. Between you and Will. I mean, I know heís not really my brother... but..."

"Itís kinda like me and Tracer. Heís Dadís partner, but heís been more like a brother to me. And you havenít met Patrick, heís a cool guy, too."

"Hopefully, I will." Christian replied.

"Well, maybe. Heís getting married this summer. Might depend on where they settle after college."

"Thatís cool. Getting you and Will is more than I could have ever expected."

We finished eating our pie, and when I looked at the time, I realized weíd monopolized the booth for way too long. I dropped a twenty on the table to make up for lost tips and paid the bill as we went out the door.

We went back to the farm and rejoined the gang for the afternoon. Sunday morning was filled with goodbyes - Tracer got Christian and Jackson loaded up in the truck and headed south to the airport. Will and I loaded our stuff in the Jeep and headed back to Blacksburg.

We got to town early afternoon and pulled up in front of the apartment to find Josh sitting on the front steps.

"Hey, Josh," I called from the street. I didnít really get a response. As we got close, I could see heíd been crying.

"Whatís wrong," Will asked first.

"I caught Cory cheating on me!"

"Oh, SHIT!" was all I could manage.

"Yeah. I donít know what Iím going to do."

My mind whirled around a moment. "Letís get all our stuff. Weíll all go inside and weíll figure something out," I offered.

Once inside, Josh detailed what had happened. Cory had left his cell phone at the apartment that morning when heíd gone to run errands. The phone started beeping as text messages started coming in. After so many had arrived, Josh figured he needed to make sure something wasnít wrong. Instead, he found love notes from some unknown person.

"What did Cory have to say?" Will asked.

"Nothing. I left before he got back," Josh explained.

"So you donít know for sure..." I started.

"The fucking messages told me for sure. Messages about how good a fuck Cory was. Iím so pissed off," Josh said, cutting me off.

"Has he tried to find you?" I finally asked.

"I turned my cell phone off after he called a couple times and I havenít seen him drive by while I was on the stoop - I figure he assumes youíre still out of town."

"Did you bring any of your stuff?" Will asked.

"No, I just got the hell out of the place before he came back."

"Iím going to check our answering machine," I said.

I left the front room while Will and Josh kept talking. There were a number of messages on the machine - mostly friends saying Ďhií. The last message was from Cory, asking if weíd seen Josh.

"He did call," I said loudly, so they could hear me.

Will came into the kitchen.

"Josh is a wreck," he said quietly. "What can we do? He doesnít have any family. Without Cory where will he live?"

"What about the couch?" I suggested. "We can make do for the rest of the semester."

"Itíll be tight," Will warned. "But heís a good friend and needs help. Where do we put his stuff?"

"Thatís the big question. We can make it work."

We walked back into the front room together.

"Josh, why donít you plan on staying here with us until something else comes up." I suggested.

"Guys, thatís really nice of you. But I donít want to put you out."

"Itís a sofa bed," Will said. "Not a palatial suite!"

"I need to get my stuff," Josh said.

"You want us to go help?" Will asked.

"Naw. I need to face him and then get out."

"You sure?" I said, concerned.

"Tell you what," Josh countered. "If Iím not back in two hours, come over and check."

"Will do." I replied.

With that, Josh headed out.

"You OK with this?" I asked.

"Yeah... Well, no... Yes, Iím OK with Josh crashing with us. No, Iím not OK that Cory cheated on him."

"We need to keep an open mind and hear both sides of the story," I pointed out.


I hugged Will tightly, glad I had someone I trusted completely.

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