Double Trails




Chapter 57

-- ERIK --

This year's weather, much drier than last's, permitted work to progress quickly on the addition to the stable. The new section would extend out the back of the building, changing the ‘T' into a cross. The decision was made to reconfigure a few of the items – the foaling stall would move to the new back wall. Next would come a new bathing stall, providing an indoor space – weatherproofing the operations. Finally, there would be six new standard stalls. The design was going to cost us two stalls, opening the new section to the old, but we gained that back by reconfiguring the old foaling stall.

In addition to the work on the stable, we were planning a series of restoration projects for the outer loop trail. Having trails that were beautiful throughout the prime riding season led to repeat customers. I discussed my desire to use native plants to enhance some areas with the guys over Spring Break. A few days after they'd gone back to Tech, Will sent a long e-mail with information on the Virginia Nurseryman's Association over in Christiansburg and the Virginia Native Plants Society up in Boyce. Tracer took the lead in researching the plants and drew up an extensive plan. Once the summer hires started, we'd put the plan in motion.

I was sitting in the office when the phone rang.

"Double Trails, this is Erik. How may I help you?" I answered.

"I'm guessing you didn't look at the caller ID," Ryan's voice said in reply.

"You know I'm the most technophobic of the bunch," I teased.

"Aw, Dad! Anyway, hey."

"Hey, back to you. What's up?"

"Are you fully staffed for the summer?"

"Colleen and Trevor confirmed they're coming back - Marcus isn't. So we put an ad up to see if we can find someone to replace him."

"Would you be willing to hire Josh?"

"I thought he was trying to finish up early by doing summer school."

"Since he broke up with Cory, he doesn't have a place to stay for the summer," Ryan admitted.

"What's he going to do for the fall," I asked.

"I wanted to talk to you about that, too, when we get home."

"Spill it. No reason to wait."

"Will and I talked it over and thought we'd try to find a two bedroom place. We figured we could find something where he could do one-third of the rent and we'd do two-thirds."

"He'd get half the apartment at only a third of the cost?"

"The one we looked at yesterday had a master suite and a smaller second bedroom, so Will and I would get more space. Plus, with the spilt in rent it would still be cheaper than what we're paying now."

"That sounds fair. I'm not unwilling to help Josh. I just wanted to make sure you weren't getting taken. He's been living with you for free since Spring Break."

"He's a really good friend. His family abandoned him. Surely, you can emphasize with that."

"I do. His situation is very similar to what Tracer's was. I'm just trying to make sure you've really thought this out."

"Trust me, Dad, Will and I have spent a lot of time discussing it."

"It's fine with me, Ryan."

"The apartment? The summer job?"

"The apartment is fine. Where's he going to live for the summer, as if I have to ask?"

"We were thinking one of the guest rooms," Ryan replied.

"What about Christian's visit this summer? What about the wedding?"

"There are two guest rooms. We'll just need to make sure no one else comes to visit while Christian is visiting. As for the wedding, I trust him, and while Tracer and Will are going to be gone a week – you and I will only be gone three days."

"That's fine. Just checking. Have you talked to him about a salary?" I asked.

"Not really. Will and I figured it would be closer to what he and Patrick made the summer they first visited."

"That would be my thought. He's going to be getting room and board for the summer, so that reduces his salary a bit."

"He'll be able to save a lot of money for the fall, so I don't think he'll complain," Ryan replied.

"Just remind him that it's farm hours and farm labor."

"We have. Josh said he was excited about that as well. He's hoping to lose some weight and tone up a bit."

"Well, we'll see the three of you next week. Whose exam is last?"

"It seems like it's always me. Will and Josh are done on Thursday. I'm done Friday morning."

"Are you planning to pack everything and turn over the old place at the end of the week?" I asked.

"Yeah. Will thought he'd drive home this weekend, swap the Jeep out for one of the trucks and come back."

"How about I counter that. Let Tracer or me bring the truck out and you have the Jeep full. We'll drive it back and unload it. That way you don't miss any study time."

"That's fine. Call when you're headed over and we'll have the Jeep ready."

"Sounds like a plan. Anything else?"

"Nope. That's about it. Talk to you later. Love you!"

"Love you, too. See you soon. Bye."

I hung up the phone and heard a cough behind me.

"So who do you love?" Tracer asked.

"Ryan. He called to see if Josh could work here this summer."

"That's cool. He was a hard worker when they came to help after the flood last year."

"There's an idea," I put in. "He can be the key person implementing the landscape restoration."

"Makes sense," Tracer agreed. "He doesn't really have horse skills. Plus, we have Colleen and Trevor coming back and they can handle a lot of the riding chores."

I filled Tracer in on the rest of the details and he offered to drive the truck over on Saturday. He seemed kinda excited about doing it, but I decided not to pry.

The rest of the week flew by, and Saturday Tracer took off for Blacksburg after the morning chores were completed. He got back as I was closing up the office just before sunset.

"Give me a hand?" he asked as he got out of the Jeep.


I walked over to the Jeep and grabbed a couple grocery bags full of clothing.

"All clothes?" I asked.

"Yeah, they're going to bring the bigger stuff back in the truck. Will figured they could pack more stuff in plastic bags in the Wrangler."

"Makes sense."

We carried several loads into the house and dumped them in Ryan and Will's room. As we got to the front passenger seat of the Jeep I picked up some heavier bags.

"Those go in the kitchen," Tracer indicated.

He grabbed the last bags and followed me in.

"So what did you buy?"

"I hit two of the specialty grocery stores in Blacksburg. I've been wanting to try some more exotic cooking."


"Just give me a chance. I got some Thai curry, some Chinese sauces, noodles, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, and a lot more."

"What..." was all I got out.

"You know I've been watching a few cooking shows on PBS. I just decided to branch out and really try. I've been printing out recipes from the Internet. Anything you like, I'll keep making. Anything you don't, I toss the recipe."

"I'm game. You've definitely opened my eyes to new things over the years. Gotten me to explore different ethnic foods I'd never tried before. What's first?"

"I was going to do Drunken Noodles. It's supposed to be spicy and flavorful."

"Sounds good. I look forward to it."

Sunday was a busy day with three rental groups in the afternoon. I came into the kitchen after work and found Tracer busy with dinner preparations.

"Can I help?"

"Nope, go get cleaned up, and I'll have dinner ready in about thirty minutes."

I took a quick shower, pulled on a pair of flannel pj bottoms, a t-shirt, and headed downstairs.

"Can I set the table?" I asked, as I walked into the kitchen.

"Sure. That would be great."

I got the table set and Tracer put a large bowl of noodles down in the middle.

"Looks interesting," I admitted. "What's in it?"

"Chicken, soy sauce, fish sauce, oil, garlic, chiles, and more," he explained

"Sounds spicy."

"It is. Hope you like it."

I took my first bite. "Whoa! Spicy!" I took another bite. "But very good."


"The first new recipe is a hit," I told him.

"Good. I hope they all go this well."

I cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, then joined Tracer in the den.

"What's on the agenda for tonight?" I asked.

"I figured Simpsons, King of the Hill, then bed."

"Sounds good."

We curled up together on the couch and watched as Homer doh'ed his way through another episode. When Peggy started her birdwatching group on King of the Hill, I noticed that Tracer was snoring a bit.

"Hey, if you're going to sleep, let's go climb in bed."

"OK," he said in a quiet tone.

I grabbed the remote, shut the television off, and followed him upstairs. We both went through our nightly ritual and climbed under the covers.

I snuggled up to Tracer's back and wrapped my right arm over his body, pulling him against me tightly. Within moments, I noticed that his breathing had slowed and realized he was asleep once again.

I let my mind slow down as quickly as I could, but it was still a bit early for me to go to sleep. I rolled over, turned on the light, grabbed my book off the night stand, and read for a while.

I must have drifted off at some point, because the clock read two a.m. when I woke up with the book wedged awkwardly under my body. I took a moment to put it where it belonged and turned over to snuggle up to Tracer, but he wasn't in bed. I lifted up a bit and noticed the light on in the bathroom.

Before I could do anything, the light went out and Tracer came back to bed.

"Sorry if I woke you," he said.

"I think having my book jammed into my rib cage did that," I admitted.

He climbed in bed and moved over close to me.

"I usually don't wake up in the middle of the night to pee. Guess I drank a lot more liquid with that spicy food tonight," he explained.

"Could be."

I snuggled up to his back and put my arm back around him again. Even though it was the middle of the night, my dick responded.

"Horny?" Tracer teased. "Feels like you're ready for some fun."

"Well, my dick's responding, but it's pretty damn late."

"I'm willing to have some fun!"

"You're always up for fun!"

"True! I'm an American Horn Dog!"

"That's an understatement," I teased. I reached my arm over Tracer and found that his dick was rock solid. "Let's take care of both of our 'dogs'."

With that Tracer flipped over so he was facing me and ground his dick into mine. We kissed deeply for a few minutes as his body rubbed up against me.

After a bit, he broke the kiss and licked his way down my chest. I always wondered how many hairs got caught in his teeth when he did that. He moved very quickly this time, and started sucking my cock as soon as he reached it.

I grabbed hold of his legs and pulled him into a better position so I could suck his, too. Once he realized what I was doing, he scooted a bit to make it easier for me. I licked at the head of his dick for a few seconds, enjoying the taste of the precum he was starting to ooze.

Having cleaned his piss slit, I wrapped my lips around the head and slid down the shaft slowly. I started giving him what I hoped was a passable suck job – even after six years of practice I was no expert. In contrast, Tracer's expert technique was getting me extremely excited.

I lifted off his dick for a second. "I'm about to cum," I warned.

He pulled off my dick to reply. "I'd rather have you blast in my ass."

With that, he pushed me onto my back and quickly straddled me. He reached under himself and positioned the head of my dick at his hole. In one smooth motion, he lowered his ass onto my spit lubed dick.

"FUCK!" I groaned.

"You can say that again," he replied. "Or better yet…"

I was about to ask what was better, but he started bouncing his butt up and down – rabbit fucking his ass. His muscles were doing a good job of milking me as he slid rapidly up and down my shaft.

"That's it," I encouraged. "Fuck that hole on my dick!"

I was definitely enjoying this fuck, even though Tracer was doing all the work. I'd always thought I had to be driving to enjoy it, he was teaching me something new this morning.

"Thrust up," he said.

I paid attention to his bounces and started pushing up as his ass slammed down.

"That's it," he coached. "That feels great."

"It's not going to take long…" I warned.

Heeding my warning, Tracer spit into his hand and grabbed his dick. He started working his dick rapidly as he continued to fuck himself on my cock.

"Oh, YEAH!" I yelled, as my dick started spurting in his ass. I'd pumped two squirts into his ass when he let fly. His first spurt splashed across my face with some landing in my mouth, my nose and my left eye. The second spurt hit the bottom of my chin.

He sat down fully on my dick as his piss slit started dribbling a few drops of cum just below my belly button.

"That was a real late night treat," I admitted.

"I need a snack," he said with a bit of a mischievous tone. He leaned down and started licking his cum off my body.

"Good clean up skills!" I teased.

"Damn right!"

He laid his chest down on mine and kissed me.

"Want to clean up for real?" I quietly asked.

"Naw. I'll change the sheets tomorrow."

With that Tracer rolled off and snuggled up to me. He was snoring a few minutes later. Unfortunately, I was wound up after the sex. I untangled myself from Tracer and slipped out of bed. I grabbed my boxers and went down to the den, I built a small fire, turned on the television, and curled up under a blanket on the sofa.

I watched a couple late night/early morning programs off the satellite and I must have fallen asleep, 'cause the next thing I knew Tracer was shaking me awake.

"Morning, handsome."


"Time to rise and shine."

"I'm awake."

"Coffee is ready. Grab a mug, run upstairs, get a shower and I'll have breakfast ready when you come back down," he offered.

"That's a deal I can't refuse."

I got cleaned up and went downstairs in time to enjoy a hearty breakfast with Tracer. We were out in the stables doing chores when the staff started showing up. It was a busy Sunday thanks to the warm May weather.

The next five days went by slowly. Steady rain on Monday through Wednesday kept riders away and anything but the basic chores impossible to do. We were supposed to be off on Thursday; however, Tracer convinced me to go into town for supplies. We hitched up the trailer to the big truck and drove over to the Southern States in Honaker.

"What all do we need?" I asked, as we walked into the store.

"We need some fly control, feed, foal feed, shoes and nails," he started. "We need mats, waterers, and feeders for the new stalls. Oh, we also need clipper blades. I faxed over the list earlier so most of it should be ready to load."

"That's all?" I teased.

"Well… if they have a field feeder, we could replace the one out in the pasture. It's falling apart."

"Always love the big spring stock up."

That got a laugh out of Tracer.

"I figured we'd swing by Save-A-Lot and get groceries when we get back to Richlands."

"A day full of shopping, how… fun."

"Just think of it as a day spent with me!"

"Now that's a much better idea," I replied with a mischievous tone.

"Behave yourself," he whispered back.

We were at the feed store over an hour loading the truck and deciding on a field feeder. In the end, we decided to order a bale feeder instead of making do with the one at the store. With the trailer loaded down we headed back to Richlands and swung by the grocery store.

We got back to the farm in time for a late lunch. I put all the groceries away while Tracer made sandwiches and heated up some leftover soup. We cleaned up the kitchen and went outside to unload the trailer only to find that the guys had already put everything away.

"So what do you want to do with our afternoon off?" I asked.

"Movie? Horseback ride? Laundry?"

"Hmm… let's do laundry and scrub floors," I deadpanned.

"Funny, haha… Why don't we go for a quiet ride? I doubt there's anyone out on the trails," Tracer offered.


We went out to the stables, saddled up Night Dancer and Sir Galahad, and headed out on the outer trail.

"We haven't ridden like this in a long time," Tracer commented.

"Yeah. Between weather and work, we rarely get quiet, personal ride time."

"Have you thought about taking a vacation?"

"Actually, I have. But every time I think about scheduling one something else comes up."

"Yeah. I guess the wedding is knocking it out of the schedule for now."

"Yup. But it's an important occasion. You and Will can't let Patrick down."

"Never; just want some vacation time too."

"We'll find it soon enough," I promised.


We rode on quietly for a while. After a bit, Tracer turned Night Dancer and led us off the main trail. He led us through the woods and up to Sugar Run. We rode along the creek and periodically the horses would drift into the water.

"Remember last year about this time? We'd be underwater right now."

"Yeah. I was looking at the damage."

"Thinking we need to do more than the plan?"

"Not really. We can let nature do some of it, and take our time restoring other things."

"I guess. Most riders never see this part of the farm do they?"

"Boarders will. They're more forgiving of how the trails look. The rent-a-nag riders stick to the trails."

"Maybe we can…" Tracer started.

I spurred Sir Galahad a bit and came up beside Tracer. "Baby, don't worry about it. Why don't you just have Josh and someone come through and cut back a few of the downed trees a bit? You know, keep it looking natural – just not torn to bits."

"That we can do!"

I pulled the reins lightly and Galahad came to a halt. Tracer didn't react initially, and he was about two horse lengths ahead of me when he realized I'd stopped. He circled Night Dancer back around and came up beside me.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. It's just nice, quiet, peaceful. It's going to be mayhem around here starting tomorrow."

"Ryan and Will aren't mayhem."

"I guess not mayhem, but, there's going to be a lack of privacy again."

"We're going to have to figure that out. It's not like this is going to be temporary. They only have one more year of school."

"I know. It's just been nice to be alone with you."

"Sweet. Very sweet. Ready to head back?"

"Sure. We can spend a quiet remainder of the day in the house."

Late Friday afternoon I was walking from the barn back to the stable when I noticed the truck coming up the driveway. I changed course and walked towards the parking lot. I was surprised to find Will at the wheel of the truck.

"Welcome home!"

"Glad to be home," Will replied, as he climbed out of the truck.

"Welcome," I said to Josh, as he got out of the back door on the other side of the truck.

"Thanks for letting me come," he said.

"You may regret it after the first few days. Your muscles are going to be sore. But it will be good to be out in the fresh air!"

"I'm really looking forward to it," Josh admitted. "One last chance to do something fun in the outdoors before I start my career, living in a cubicle in some office building."

"HEY, DAD," Ryan called out loudly.

I looked up and saw him over the cab of the truck. I guessed he was standing on the truck's tube steps.

"Well, hey," I replied. "I wondered where you were."

"What? Thought I wasn't coming home?"

"Actually, I was surprised you weren't driving."

"I let Will drive these days," he replied.

I glanced at Will and his face's expression made me wonder. I'd chat with him in private later.

"Let me help y'all carry some of the stuff into the house. It looks like the truck is sitting about six inches lower than normal."

"It's loaded down," Will admitted. "I figured we'd take the stuff we want into the house and put the rest in a corner of the barn."

"Actually, it might be better to put it all in the basement. Tracer filled up what free space we had in the barn with stuff for the new stalls. We won't really have space in the barn till Burt finishes next week."

"That's fine," Ryan agreed.

We each grabbed a load and carried it into the house. As I came out, I almost ran into Tracer who could barely see over the stack of boxes in his arms.

"Want some help?" I offered.

"Just holding the door open would be great!"


After he disappeared into the house, I returned to the truck for another load. With five guys at it, we quickly emptied the truck.

The guys took Saturday to get all their stuff settled into the house. Sunday they pitched in with the daily chores and then took a long ride.

Monday morning, I was alone in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to finish brewing when Josh walked in.

"Morning," he said.

"Morning to you," I replied. I glanced at his outfit. "Looks like you're ready for day one of mud and muck!"

"Well, Will and Ryan both warned me not to wear anything that I valued for work."

"Very true. Old jeans, shirts that have passed their prime and dingy boots are best. One thing to remember as the summer progresses – make sure you either stick to long sleeve shirts or deal with lot's of sunblock."

"Ick. Long sleeves in the summer?"

"The summers here aren't beastly. But best to wear older, thin, light, long sleeve shirts to avoid sunburn."

"Not sure I have anything like that."

"Have Will or Ryan run you into town and take you to the thrift shop. We get a lot of work clothes there. Someone's cast off old button-down shirts can make good work clothes."

"Hadn't thought of that. Thanks!"

"No worries. Cup of coffee?" I offered, as the pot finished brewing.

"That would be great. Any cream? Half-and-half?"

"Check the fridge. There should be something in there. Tracer keeps it well stocked."

Josh got his coffee to his liking and joined me at the counter. Sitting on the stools, we chatted for a bit.

"Hungry?" he asked.

"Yeah, but one of the guys will be down soon. They don't like it when I start cooking."

"How about I start it?"

"Sure. What can I do to help?"

"Griddle? Skillet? Bowl? Flour? Sugar?"

I pointed Josh to the cabinet for the staples while I pulled a skillet out of another. He grabbed all the things he wanted and started mixing up some batter.

"No recipe?" I asked.

"As often as I mix up pancakes, I've got it right here," Josh explained, pointing to his head. "Can you start setting the table?"


By the time Tracer, Will and Ryan showed up downstairs, Josh had a huge stack of pancakes and sausage patties piled onto platters. From a cooking and appetite standpoint, Josh was going to fit in well this summer.

After breakfast, Tracer had Josh start out with Ezra on muck patrol. That would give him a chance to learn how to drive the ATV, plus refresh his knowledge of where things were. The four of us went into the office to plan out a few things. While Tracer and I had a game plan set for this week, we wanted to include Ryan and Will in the long term planning.

"With you two home, Josh here, and Trevor and Colleen back from college, we have five additional staff and not that much more work – as yet," Tracer said.

"Yeah. Things don't really get too busy till the local schools let out," Ryan agreed.

"What all needs to get done?" Will asked.

"The biggest project is the creek restoration project," Tracer explained. "The trails need to be trimmed. The outdoor riding rink needs some work. And finally, the new stalls need to be fitted out."

"The stalls aren't a priority are they?" Ryan asked. "I mean the trails and rink need to be done before business kicks up. The restoration work needs to be done so the plants have time to get established before the weather turns. And we don't have any horses to go into the stalls – yet."

"Makes sense," I agreed. "Focus on the trails and rink and then the restoration?"

"How about we divide the work into two groups," Tracer suggested. "One team on trails and riding rink; one on restoration. I want to get some of that in the ground soon. Like Ryan said, the plants need time, but it's not just the cold in the fall, it's the heat of summer we need to beat."

"OK. We've got Josh as a dedicated resource to restoration. And for the next - say - three weeks Colleen, Trevor, Ryan and Will," I said.

"Add me," Tracer suggested.

"That's six people. Three for each?" Will put in.

"I'd say four for restoration and two for trails and rink. I don't think the trails need that much work – outside the area slated for restoration. So maybe a week for that part of the project," I explained.

"How do we divide up?" Ryan asked.

"Josh, plus three of us on the restoration would be good," Tracer said. "One of us on the trails and rink with say Trevor?"

"I'll do the trails and rink," Will offered. "I've got practice from past years."

"Deal," Ryan said.

"OK. I'll go find Trevor and we'll get started," Will said.

"Where do we start?" Ryan asked.

"Picking up the plants. Marking the planting areas. Prepping the soil," Tracer started.

"I've got it. I've got it," Ryan replied with a smirk. "Lots of work."

"I'll leave it to the two of you to divide up the work," I said, and beat a retreat as they started reviewing Tracer's plans and mapping what to do.

Late in the day, I ran into Will as he and Trevor pulled the ATV up to the barn with a load of tools in the back of the trailer.

"Trevor, would you mind unloading these alone? I want to chat with Will for a few minutes."

"No problem," Trevor replied.

Will and I walked away from the barn, heading back towards the woods.

"So, why were you driving back from college? I don't think it was simply because you wanted to," I inquired.

"It's nothing too serious," Will replied. "He's just not comfortable driving the stretch of road where we had the accident, yet."

"It's been almost two years," I countered.

"Erik, I really don't think it's that big a deal. He drives a lot, so he's not avoiding driving completely. Just Route 460. Considering what happened and what he's gone through since, I really think he's doing fine."

"I just wanted to make sure. You'll let me know if you think he's not getting over it, won't you?"

"I will. Plus, he says he's enjoying watching the scenery."

"If you say so," I laughed. "How's he doing with the entire Christian saga?"

"Actually, pretty good. Evidently they had a long talk about their mom. It was good for both of them. Christian got to tell Ryan about her, and Ryan listened, really listened. Christian was pretty mature about things from what Ryan said. He asked Ryan a lot of questions about how he felt and they cried a lot together."

"Damn. That's great!"

"Since Spring Break, Ryan's been a lot more his old self. He's more like the guy I first met."

"Too much stress?" I asked. I hoped my concern was evident without being pushy.

"Since the day that letter arrived, he's been one big stressball. There were times when things were very rocky. But we've worked through each issue and I hope… actually, I'm sure it's strengthened our relationship."

"That's good," I agreed.

We continued both our talk and walk, making a loop that led us back to the office.

By the end of the week, I felt lucky that I wasn't working on the landscaping projects. All four of the guys were complaining of sore muscles and a variety of aches. Tracer's complaints weren't too bad, but being at college had really softened Will and Ryan. Even though they worked out regularly at the gym, it was obvious they hadn't been working out the same muscles.

Friday night as things were winding down, I pulled Ryan into the office privately.

"What's up, Dad?" he asked.

"I want to take Tracer away for a couple days. We're supposed to be off Sunday and Monday. I was thinking we'd leave Saturday afternoon and get back Monday night. Can you and Will cover for us while we're gone?" I asked.

"Where y'all going?"

"I thought we'd go up to Pipestem Park again. Mountain Creek Lodge is open and they have rooms available."

"I should take Will up there sometime soon, too" Ryan said.

"We had a good time the last time we were there," I admitted.

"Going to leave the room this time?"


Ryan started laughing hard. "I get it. Maybe…" Ryan replied.

"Well, we're going to have a view of the river, and be deep in the gorge. So, yeah, probably. Plus, we're not newly partnered horn dogs this time."

"Old farts!" Ryan teased. "Y'all couldn't do the air tram or anything last time because of the weather anyway."

"Yeah, that will be something new for Tracer. Going up to the lodge on the tram."

"Cool. Sure, Will and I can cover it. We're supposed to work the weekend anyway. I think we get next Wednesday and Thursday off. Maybe I can talk Will into doing something fun."

"Sounds good."

After dinner that night, I told Tracer about my plans and we went online making reservations. Saturday wasn't too difficult a day and we were on the road shortly after three.

"So what do you want to do while we're there?" Tracer asked, once we got out of Richlands.

"There are all sorts of options," I explained.

"I kinda looked at the list, but I didn't pay that much attention last night."

"Hmm… horseback riding…"

Tracer burst into laughter. "I bet it's a guided ride."

"Probably," I admitted. "Swimming - indoor, canoeing, hiking, fishing, and bike riding."

"I wouldn't mind going swimming or canoeing, we could hike around a bit. I'm just glad to be alone with you and not have any work stuff to interrupt."


We got to the park about four-thirty, unloaded our stuff and made our way to the Canyon Rim Center to board the tram. After boarding the tram we sat and waited for departure. Soon we were heading down the gorge.

"Excuse me," Tracer said to one of the park staff members who happened to be riding with us. "Can you tell me a bit about the trip?"

The lady smiled; I figured they got asked this all the time. "Certainly," she replied sweetly. "The tram ride is six minutes and takes us from an elevation of 2600 feet at the Canyon Rim Center to 1520 feet at the lodge. The tram is the only public access to the lodge."

"Very cool," Tracer replied. "I was here a few years ago in the winter, but only got to see the area around McKeever Lodge."

"When we get near the bottom," she continued. "We'll cross the Bluestone River just prior to arriving at the lodge. Are you going to be horseback riding while you're here?"

"I doubt it," Tracer replied.

"That's a shame," she indicated. "I give the guided rides through the park. It's a great way to see all the sights."

"We own a horse farm," I explained. "I think the last thing we want to do is go horseback riding."

"Aw, OK," she replied. "It's a great ride, but I can understand if you're not up for riding. This is a vacation for you."

"We'll think about it," Tracer said. "Oh, wow…"

At his exclamation, I changed my attention to the view outside. The tram was going over the Bluestone River and the view was amazing!

Moments later we climbed out of the tram, checked into our room, and got settled.

"Very different from the last time we were here," Tracer stated.

"Well, let's see – we've seen more of the park than we did last time. We're in a different lodge. It's not snowing. And we're not hibernating in the room ninety-nine percent of the visit."

"Not the newlyweds anymore?"

"Well.. I do still enjoy all the sex. But…"

"In a mature relationship way." Tracer finished.

"I guess that's one way to put it."

"What time are the dinner reservations?" he asked.

"I couldn't get anything until seven-thirty. The restaurant in this lodge is small, gourmet, and very popular both with guests and locals."

"So we have about two hours free."


"Hmmmm… what to do, what to do," Tracer said, as he came over and started unbuttoning my shirt.

Once he had my shirt off, I started working on his. We soon were naked and Tracer was pulling me toward the bed.

"Let me grab the lube," I said.

I grabbed the duffle bag, opened it up, and looked in.

"Those rascals," I muttered.

"What?" Tracer asked.

"They did it again," I replied, as I pulled out a small package wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a bit of ribbon.

"What's in it?"

I pulled the ribbon to find our jockstraps.

"Same thing as last time," I said, as I showed Tracer the straps.

"Well as I recall, it did spice things up last time!"

"I do like your ass framed by the straps. Pull yours on."

"You, too."

With our straps on, we dove on the bed and started wrestling around a bit on the big king-sized platform. After a few minutes I had Tracer pinned face down with his ass sticking up. Unfortunately, he was still squirming a bit and I couldn't take advantage of his position. Eventually, he got free and started trying to pin me. This time I got his legs locked in my arms and had him down on his back in almost a fetal position.

"Give," I teased.

"Sure! I lose! Fuck me!" Tracer teased right back.

Keeping hold of Tracer's legs, I spread them a bit and got my face between his buns. Tracer wiggled as my goatee slid along his crack. I let my tongue lead the way and tickled his hole.

"Mmmm..." he groaned, as I tried to open him up.

I pulled my mouth away from his butt, wrapped my arms around his waist and flipped him onto his knees. I spread his cheeks and worked my tongue back in. With his chest buried in the pillow, Tracer was able to reach back and pull his cheeks apart giving me better access.

I pulled away for a moment and looked at the picture in front of me. "WOOF!"

"Don't just bark, Big Dog. Fuck me!" he urged.

I hawked a bit of spit and pushed it into Tracer's hole. I grabbed the lube off the nightstand, slicked up my dick and teased his hole with the head of my dick.

"Aw, come on Erik!"

I pushed the head against his hole and it slid in easily.

"That's it, Baby," he moaned.

I grabbed the straps on his jock and pulled him back onto my dick. I loved it when his ass was sticking up in the air for me to fuck. I'd forgotten how hot it was having it framed in the jockstrap. Will and Ryan had given them to us the last time we were at Pipestem, and they were used heavily that weekend. I made a mental note to store them with the lube, not with the underwear from now on.

"Come on, Erik. Really fuck me!" Tracer urged. I guess my thoughts had led to a decrease in effort.

I started thrusting in and out, working to angle my dick and hit different spots deep in his hole with each push. I let go of the straps since they didn't give enough traction, and just took a firm grip on his waist.

I started slamming my dick into his ass. Tracer in turn bucked back on it to add to the pressure. It sounded like I was smacking his ass.

This was gonna be one good fuck! One of many on this trip.

Prev To be continued . . .

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