Double Trails




Chapter 58

-- TRACER --

"Friends of the bride or groom?" I asked, chuckling a bit.

"We know them both. But I guess I'm closer to the groom and his family," Erik teased back.

I looked Erik up and down. He looked fantastic in a dark blue pinstripe suit, and white dress shirt with a multi-tone blue paisley tie. In our lives, suits were a rarity.

Ryan's grey suit fit him perfectly. The cut of the jacket showed off his broad shoulders that tapered down to a narrow waist. The deep-blue dress shirt and grey with blue polka-dot tie set off his deep blue eyes.

"You look sharp in that tux," Ryan complimented. "Sorry we're late. Where's Will?"

"Thanks for the compliment," I said quietly. "I was a bit worried that y'all weren't going to make it. Will's in the church office with Patrick at the moment. He'll come around with the bridal party when it's time to start the ceremony."

"I'm just glad we were able to get everything settled at the farm, and get on the road early this morning."

"How's Ezra?" I asked.

"He's recovering from the surgery just fine. The doctor says he'll recover fully," Ryan explained.

"So, he didn't have a heart attack?" I probed further.

"No, but he had angina and ended up having a coronary bypass," Erik explained. "Unfortunately, he won't be back to work for a couple months, at least. We swung by the hospital last night and checked up on him."

"I'm glad Hank and Marty were able to get back from the delivery faster than expected," I replied.

"Yeah. We didn't have to miss the wedding," Ryan agreed. "Just sad we missed everything else."

While we'd been chatting, David, Tiffany's brother, had been seating the guests that arrived. When he came back to the narthex, I introduced him to Erik and Ryan and then led them down the aisle and seated them in the family section on the right side of the church.

David and I continued to seat folks until moments before two p.m. With the guests in the church, the rest of the bridal party and parents arrived. I offered Mom my arm and we walked down the aisle with Dad following. I seated them and returned to the back. Then David did the same for his mom and returned.

I smiled at Will as we paired up with our bridesmaids. I turned a bit further and saw Tiffany looking radiant. The organist started a new song, and David and his partner proceeded towards the front of the church. Tiffany's friend Sarah and I took our position at the doorway. I looked over the congregation's heads and saw Patrick standing at the front of the church - boy did he look nervous. I saw that David had reached the front of the church and we started down the aisle.

Reaching the front, I took my spot one space over from Patrick and looked back to see Will and Tiffany's sister start towards the front. Will took his place next to Patrick, the organist finished the melody. The organist really opened up the stops as she started the Wedding March. The congregation stood as Tiffany entered on her Father's arm.

About a half-hour later, Patrick kissed his bride, and the entire wedding party reversed the process exiting the church. The congregation joined us out front as we watched Patrick and Tiffany climb into the limo for the ride over to the county civic center for the reception. Once they were gone, Will and I found Ryan and Erik.

"Did you hear the big news?" Will asked, as he drove.

"You mean that Patrick and Tiffany got married?" Ryan teased.

"Funny. Ha ha. Very funny," Will replied. "No. I meant about Tiffany."

"She's not pregnant. Is she?" Erik asked.

"No!" Will sounded exacerbated.

"Spill it!" I told him.

"Tiffany's ready to accept a job offer," Will explained.

"That's great," Ryan replied. "Where?"

"Her teacher's certification came through about two weeks ago and she got a firm offer from Hurley High School," I said.

 "As in Buchanan County, Hurley High School?" Erik asked.

"That's the one," I agreed.

"So if she takes it they'll be about an hour and a half away. Convenient for us - not so for your parents. But I guess that would mean that their trips to visit will be easier- they come to one area and get to see all three sons," Erik continued. "What about Patrick? Has he found anything in that area? I mean, I didn't even know they were looking there."

"He has a lead on a management position at a call center in Grundy," I explained. "He was asking Will and me lot about the area, but I couldn't really answer."

"She's that close to accepting and they haven't been there?" Ryan sounded astounded.

"She'd done a lot of research about the school from online. Evidently, the interview came through an on-campus recruiting effort. They both said that they could put up with anywhere for a year. If it doesn't work out, they move on."

"It's a pretty economically challenged area," Erik explained. "I mean, it's not like Tazewell County is an affluent area, but Buchanan's the poorest county in Virginia. I remember a news article about it at one point it was listed as something like one of the hundred poorest places in the country. Plus, the further up in that county you get, the tougher it gets. Hurley's in the north."

"I'm just excited that they're going to be close," Will said enthusiastically. "But I don't remember Hurley High. We never played them, I don't think."

"It wouldn't be a school we'd have played," Ryan replied. "It's a single A instead of AA school. When are they planning to start house hunting?"

"Tiffany needs to go to Hurley next week. She has to do all the paperwork, if she accepts the job," Will explained.

"We can try to juggle it all. Get them in and out before Christian arrives," Erik suggested.

"I did mention that to them yesterday," I replied. "They aren't going on a honeymoon, so they could head east pretty quickly."

"No honeymoon?" Ryan asked.

"Well, our folks offered money towards a honeymoon," Will explained. "They asked for the cash instead. Tiffany won't start work till August and she'll get paid monthly. Patrick hasn't found a job yet..."

"So money's gonna be very tight at first," Erik completed.

"Yeah," I agreed. "They'll have to find a place to live, get moved in, and start a home, all with no income."

"Could they live in Richlands?" Will asked.

"You really want Patrick close by don't you," Ryan said.

"Yeah. I do. I really miss him," Will answered.

"I wouldn't recommend it," Erik replied. "It's over an hour's drive to Hurley. The winter roads wouldn't be fun for Tiffany either. Once you get off Route 460, just before Keen Mountain, you take roads like Swords Creek Road. Not an easy commute on the best of days."

Will pulled us into the parking lot of the civic center.

"This wasn't what I was expecting," Ryan said. "When you hear civic center, you think..."

"You think huge arena or building," Will finished.

"I think it would be better to call it a community center," I admitted.

"Yeah!" Ryan agreed.

"Well, Hollow Rock isn't big enough to have anything to host an indoor reception. Tiffany wasn't willing to take the risks associated with an outdoor reception. Huntingdon is the county seat and is as big as Richlands," I explained.

"Tiffany told me that they did amazing things decorating the inside," Will added.

We climbed out of the truck and made our way inside.

"We'll find you two later," I said. "We need to rejoin the wedding party for the procession."

"Sounds good, Handsome," Erik said, very quietly.

We went into a small room and rejoined the group.

"Congrats!" I said, patting Patrick on the back.

He pulled me into a tight hug.

"I'm a damn lucky guy," he replied.

"Yeah. I don't know what Tiffany sees in you," Will teased.

"A big fat paycheck!" Tiffany interjected, as she walked up to our group.

"Doesn't he need a job for that?" I added.

"Well, hopefully that will come soon enough," she responded.

"We talked to Erik," I explained. "Ya'll can use the guest room for the interviews and house hunt."

"Quite the honeymoon," Will said. "The guest room at Double Trails!"

"Well, the honeymoon is delayed. We need money for so many other things," Tiffany explained. "And as two former college students without paychecks coming in, money's something we don't have a lot of!"

"While you have to delay the official honeymoon, maybe you can have a short one at least," Will said.

"Huh?" Tiffany said.

"We were going to wait till later," I explained, pulling out an envelope. "Here's your wedding present from Will and me."

I handed an envelope to Tiffany and watched her tear into it. She read the card and then looked at the inserted piece of paper.

"Damn!" she muttered.

Patrick leaned in and looked. "Shit! I mean, THANKS!"

"We can go on a honeymoon," Tiffany exclaimed.

"Well, probably not the honeymoon of your dreams. But this should let you squeeze in a romantic weekend," Will explained.

"We just wanted to make sure you did have some fun!" I added. "Once school starts you're not going to get a lot of time off for lavish trips."

There were tears on Tiffany's cheek. "With a teacher's salary, I doubt we'll save a lot of money for a honeymoon very fast. This is a big help. Thanks!"

"Stop that," Will said. "You can't mess up your makeup now!"

We all laughed.

"I need to remember to tell Erik and Ryan thanks as well," Tiffany said. "I'll be writing lots of thank you notes. But the personal touch is important too."

"That's from Tracer and me," Will explained. "Erik and Ryan got you something else."

"Y'all did too much," Patrick replied. He paused a second. "Thanks."

Our conversation got interrupted as Tiffany's aunt, who was serving as Mistress of Ceremonies, told us it was time for the wedding party to be presented.

About two hours later, Will, Ryan, Erik and I were sitting at a table on one side of the hall watching the folks who remained dance.

"Quite the party," Ryan commented.

"Yup," I replied. "I hope they live happily ever after."

"I'm sure they will," Erik agreed. "Lots of good role models for them to follow."

"What time are y'all heading back tomorrow?" I asked.

"We'll head out first thing in the morning," Erik replied.

"Can you wait a couple hours?" Will asked.

"What's up?" Erik replied.

"We're going to head out too, but we'll need a few hours," Will explained.

"That's fine. Wanna ride with me," Erik asked me directly.

"Actually, I do!"

Monday morning, Will and I tied up the loose ends that remained. We'd both agreed that we wanted some private time with our hubbies, so it was great that Erik and Ryan waited for us. Will and Ryan left about thirty minutes ahead of us, but somehow Erik and I got back to the farm first. We found out later that Ryan stopped at a nice restaurant in Knoxville for a fancy dinner with Will.

Tiffany and Patrick arrived late Tuesday afternoon and we set them up in the guest room. Wednesday morning they drove up to the county seat Grundy, and Tiffany met with the folks at the school board. They detailed everything at dinner that night.

"So, I've got this folder full of paperwork to fill out," Tiffany sounded very excited.

"You're accepting the job?" Will sounded even more excited.

"Well..." she teased. You could see Will's face contort as she drew it out. "Yes. I am."

"I dropped Tiffany off at the school board about nine a.m. and then I drove over to the call center. I got an interview for a manager position. In addition, I found a couple other places that were hiring and I dropped off my resume with them. I'm hoping I can get a few interviews before we leave," Patrick explained. "I picked her up about eleven and we drove around Grundy for a bit, then went north through some small communities and into Hurley."

"It's a beautiful area," she enthused. "But very poor. I guess I'm being the idealistic new teacher. Thinking I can make a difference!"

"I'm sure you can," Erik agreed. "Just don't get your hopes that you can succeed every single time."

"I grabbed a paper, so we can do a little rental shopping over the next few days," Patrick explained.

"Looked at what's available yet?" Josh asked.

"Actually, no. We'll go through the ads tonight," Tiffany admitted. "Enough about us, how's the landscape restoration going?"

"It's going really well," Josh said. "We completed the work around the first bridge the other day. Planted all the new rhododendrons, some wild blueberry, and a few other plants. Plus, we got the tree damage cleaned up. We left some downed trunks and such for that ‘natural' look. But we did clear away two truckloads of material. Shouldn't say it that way, we used the gator to haul it over to the compost pile. We need to get a chipper for some of the bigger logs."

"Sounds like you've been really busy," Patrick said.

"Darn right," Josh replied. "A month of this and I've already lost fifteen pounds, and I'm starting to see muscles in places I didn't know I could grow them."

"You've definitely trimmed down," Will complimented.

"If I keep it up this summer," Josh said. "I might actually have a body like yours and Ryan's."

"Probably," Ryan agreed.

The conversation continued through the kitchen clean up and into the den.

Friday night at dinner, Tiffany and Patrick announced that they had found a small house in Wolford - half way between Grundy and Hurley.

 "It sounds like a great place," I agreed, as Tiffany finished her description of the house. "When to you move in?"

"Our lease starts July first. It will give us a year to figure out if it's the right area for us," Patrick said. "If it is, we can start to think more long range. The other good news is I got a call as we were driving back this evening. I've got an interview at that call center in Grundy on Monday."

"So you'll be staying till Tuesday or later?" Ryan asked.

I could tell there was a bit of concern in his voice. Before he could continue, Tiffany interjected. "If it's OK with y'all, can we move to the sofa bed in the den for Sunday and Monday night? We know Christian is arriving on Sunday. Plus, it will give us a chance to meet Ryan's brother and finally, it lets us avoid the cost of a hotel room for two nights."

"No worries," Erik said. "That will work well."

"I'll clean up the room, change the linens and such Sunday," Tiffany continued.

"Thanks," Ryan said. "That'll be a big help."

"When do you start work?" Will asked Tiffany.

"Not until August. We have new teacher orientation and such early, then the returning staff joins in for planning and work days to get the school set up," she explained.

"So you have a month to get the new place set up," Ryan said.

"And another month to build up debt," Patrick said. "Make that two, as she only gets paid once a month on the last day of the month."

"Ouch," Will said.

"Yeah. Big ouch," Patrick agreed. "We're going to hold on to our honeymoon money and other cash gifts until a good bit after the paychecks start rolling in."

I thought I heard Erik start to say something, but when I looked at him he just had a funny expression.

Later, as we were getting ready for bed, I could tell that Erik had something on his mind.

"Tracer, what do you think about Patrick working for us until he finds a job?" Erik asked.

"Um... It would help them out a lot. But..."

"OK. He's your brother, so let's get that into the discussion up front. He doesn't have a lot of horse experience, but he did learn how to do a lot of the chores that summer he was here. Additionally, we're a man down right now with Ezra out, and we don't know how long that's going to last."

"Wow. You've already thought this out."

"I was about to say something at dinner, but I held back. I wanted to talk with the other owners first. Plus, I didn't want to discuss it in front of them or Josh."

 "I'm for it. We can talk this over with Ryan and Will in the morning."

"I doubt either of them will have a problem with it; however, we need to give them a chance to comment."

"Will's going to be thrilled!" I said.

"I've noticed how happy he is to have Patrick around," Erik commented.

"They've always been very close. I'm two years older than Patrick and almost three for Will. They're only nine and a half months apart. They always acted more like twins than just brothers. I got the impression talking to Patrick before the wedding, that after I left home the bond became even closer. In fact, Patrick took me aside and told me he'd figured out that Will was gay before Will did."

"Any impacts from Will hooking up with Ryan, or Patrick with Tiffany?"

"I don't think so. But them being closer will be a good thing."

"I like the idea of closer," Erik whispered in my ear. He pulled me tightly to him and rubbed his hands up and down my body a bit, then he started working his way down my body kissing, nibbling, and otherwise teasing as he went. His tongue hit one of my many sensitive spots making me squirm.

"Hold still," he said. "You're one ticklish boy!"

He put his fingers under the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down, spending a number of minutes making me squirm. It was especially hard since I was standing. Finally, he moved past my dick and down under my balls.

After him nuzzling under them for a while, I took two steps backward and flopped down on the edge of the bed. Erik scooted forward and continued his assault. He licked and nibbled around my crotch for a few more minutes before putting a hand under each thigh and pushing my legs up. With that, my ass was exposed for a deep tongue attack. Over the years, I learned just how much Erik enjoyed eating my ass. He always commented that he'd be a millionaire if he could somehow package Tracer musk. He pushed my cheeks apart and paid close attention to my hole with his strong tongue probing deeply.

I figured he'd continue until he had me loosened up good, but as I felt my pucker yield he didn't stop.

 "OK, Stud, you've opened me up good. Now, fuck me!" I ordered.

"Not yet, I've got more to do!"

I started stroking my dick, but Erik knocked my hand away. He moved his mouth up and bent over taking just the tip into his mouth. His tongue teased my piss slit and licked the head. He finally let his mouth slide down over the entire shaft until his goatee was scratching my pubes. His tongue worked around my shaft with his mouth firmly planted. As he lifted off my dick, he applied hard suction; it felt like he'd pull my dick off my body.

As the suction continued, I raised my ass off the bed a bit. I moaned deeply as two of his fingers slid into my hole.

"Damn, that's feels good," I moaned.

 "I think my ass is wide open," I said after a few minutes of his combined finger and mouth work.

"Really?" Erik asked.

"Spit on your dick and fuck me till I feel cum deep in my ass! How's THAT sound?"

"Sounds damn good to me!" He laughed back at me.

Erik hawked up some spit and slicked up his dick. The heat from his dick as it entered my hole was amazing!

"This is the way fucking was meant to be!" Erik moaned.

"Fuck yeah!" I groaned in reply.

I wrapped my legs around Erik's ass, keeping him buried in my hole. I loved this feeling. This showed me I belonged to him and that I wanted him to mark me good!

"If I'm going to fuck you, you'll have to let go," Erik chided.

 "I want to prolong this as much as I can."

Finally, I relented and let Erik start fucking my ass. He used a series of long strokes which rubbed my prostate good. My dick remained rock hard without touching it. He was staring down at me, his eyes locked on mine as he fucked me.

Erik pushed his dick into my ass deeper. He was still standing with my ass at the edge of the bed.

"Hot fucking ass," he said. "I love this fucking ass! Almost as much as I love you!"

 "Love you too, Stud."

After a few minutes in this position, Erik pulled all the way out, and lay on the bed with his dick pointing to the ceiling. I rolled over, got into position, and slipped my ass down on his pole. I started milking his cock with my ass muscles.

"Ohh... Fuck.... Yeah.... Oh FUCK!" He groaned.

"More!" I begged

"I'm giving you more!"

I pulled off him and flipped over onto all fours. "Drive it in and fuck me till you shoot."

He pushed his dick into my ass fully - right where it belonged. I squeezed my ass muscles around his shaft, trying to milk it in place.

"Damn, that hole of yours knows how to treat my dick."

"That dick of yours knows how to fill my hole."

He kept his dick fully implanted in me for just a moment longer. Then he pulled back until only the head of his dick remained. He then slid all the way back in and immediately pulled all the way back out.

"Get that big dick back in me!" I commanded.

He started short-dicking my hole, popping the head in and out.

"OH, FUCK!" I screamed. "That's wonderful!"

He kept up the short strokes a few moments longer and then plunged back full into my ass. With his dick buried, he started humping - never pulling back far, but definitely scratching the itch in the back of my ass.

"Still want more?" Erik asked, as a wicked grin spread across his face.

"Damn right!"

With that, Erik started pulling his dick all the way out and then slamming it back in to the hilt!

"I've always said I'm a total bottom. This is what I need!"

 "I'm gonna shoot… such a fuckin load!" Erik panted.

"Do it!"

I hawked up some spit and grabbed my dick. I was close enough already just from Erik's hard fuck. A few strokes and my dick started shooting across my chest. My ass clamped down around Erik's cock.

"FUCK!" He yelled as he shot his load deep in me.

Saturday, as the business day started the four of us sat in the office and talked over hiring Patrick until he could find a permanent job.

 "Where are they going to live?" Ryan asked.

"In their new place," Erik replied. "The idea is to have him start after they move into their place. It's a bit of a commute, but it would give them at least one salary until Tiffany's starts and then until Patrick can find a full-time job up that way."

"How long were you thinking this would last?" Will asked.

"I'd hope Patrick could find something quickly, but I'm open. Ezra won't be back until the fall and even then he won't be able to go full tilt right away," Erik explained.

"Plus, he's getting older. He mentioned to me a while back that he was thinking about retiring. I wouldn't be surprised if he chooses to slow down after this," I interjected.

"And the two of you have another year of school before you're back to the ranks of full-time staff," Erik explained. "So we can probably keep him employed for quite a while without issue."

"Sounds good to me," Will agreed.

"Fine with me," Ryan said. "Who asks Patrick?""

"Let's agree on a salary and then any of us can," Erik said.

The conversation went to what to pay him based on experience, or the lack thereof. We finally came to an agreement, and Will offered to talk it over with Patrick. I caught a grin on Erik's face when Will offered; however, he wiped it quickly and I don't think either Will or Ryan noticed.

Will announced that Patrick accepted the offer at dinner, and we all welcomed him to the staff effective July first. That got amended as Tiffany reminded everyone that they needed to move into their place on the first.

Sunday morning, I helped Tiffany and Patrick move their stuff down to the den. Then Tiffany went back up and cleaned up the room as promised. I brought her a change of sheets and towels.

"I appreciate you're helping get the room ready," I said.

"We appreciate all that you guys are doing for us. I mean, giving Patrick a job; the wedding gifts; y'all have been very generous."

"It's all about family."

"I don't think it's just family," she replied. "You're helping Josh out too."

"Erik and I talked about that the other day. It just feels good to help out."

"I've heard a lot about Christian, I'm looking forward to meeting him," She said changing the stubject.

"Will filled you in?"

"Will and Patrick," she agreed. "Those two must send dozens of e-mail messages to each other every day."

"They are close," I admitted.

"Frick and Frack, from what Patrick's said," she agreed.

"Ain't that the truth. What do you think Patrick's chances of finding something up in Grundy are?"

"We're both a bit concerned about it. He's confident that he can get something. You know, a freshly minted business degree should give him some leverage - at least that's our hope."

"I'll keep my fingers crossed. How flexible is he on where he works?"

"Sounds like he's very flexible. He knows I want to teach. He knows I want to teach in a less than advantaged area. He's willing to find something to let me pursue my dreams. Maybe in a few years I'll want to work in an affluent area, but not now."

"That's cool," I commended.

"Back to Christian, how's Ryan handling all this?"

"Will hasn't communicated that to Patrick?" I teased.

"Trust me, I've heard a lot."

"From my discussions with Will and Erik and my observations," I explained, "it was rough at first; however, he's had counseling and a lot of time to deal with it. He seems to have gotten to a happy place at this point."

"That's good to hear," she replied.

By this point we had the guest room ready for Christian.

"Want help getting things settled in the den?" I asked.

"No. It's all good. What are the rest of the plans for the day?"

"Will and Ryan should have left for the airport. I would assume Erik's still out in the stable dealing with the rental groups. Patrick was out there helping out last I saw."

"Do you need to go help?" She asked.

"Nope, I'm off today. We shifted our staffing a bit after Ezra had his heart issues, but we're still trying to take time off."

"I'm surprised you're not off on the same days as Erik."

"We are about seventy-five percent of the time, but having some days off alone gives each of us time to do things without the other. Since we work together, live together, live at work, etcetera; sometimes alone time is a good thing."

"Am I keeping you from doing something?" She asked.

"Yeah. Well all those exciting chores - grocery shopping and the like."

"I'll be glad to help."

"I'd love the company."

We grabbed our stuff and I drove us into town. It was nice getting to know my sister-in-law better.

Sunday evening, Will and Ryan got back from Bristol with Christian. Dinner was a low-key affair with a table full of people.

"Worn out?" I asked Christian.

"Yeah. Dad drove us down to Denver, so that I'd only have one plane change instead of two," he explained. "I didn't sleep well at the hotel last night and the flight left at six a.m. it might be six p.m. to you, but it's only four in the afternoon. It's been a long, long day."

"Well, after dinner you can hit the sack early," Erik said. "We'll have plenty of time to catch up over the next few weeks."

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