Double Trails




Chapter 61

-- RYAN --

"So howís your project coming along?" Will asked as he came into the kitchen.

"Done! Done! Done! Iím finally done," I exclaimed. "I finished it about two this morning."

"Eeek... at least itís done before we leave for Nashville. I guess you wonít be looking at any Ďfuní electives for next semester."

"Nope. Iíve got four classes I have to take to graduate and one elective. Next time, Iím staying in the department for the elective. Seems funny to say five more classes. Then..."

†"Then life on the farm. Life with you," Will finished.

"Aw. How sappy," Josh interjected as he joined us.

"And good morning to you, too," I said.

"Morning chatterboxes," he replied. "Whatís got you two up so early?"

"Six a.m. isnít that early," Will replied. "Have you forgotten farm life in only three months."

"Ummm... Yeah! Well, the evil parts of it anyway," Josh explained.

"Evil parts?" Ryan asked.

"Uh huh. Getting up at five in the morning. Piles and piles of horse shit!"

Will and I started laughing hard.

"Itís not like there werenít good things, too! I mean look at my body," he said. With that he lifted his t-shirt enough to expose a tight midsection. "Itís not like Iíve got a six-pack but...

"But youíre looking hot," Will put in.

"Thanks. Itís amazing what the summer did for me, I ended up losing forty pounds and going from a forty inch waist to a thirty-four," Josh explained.

"And the last two months at the gym have been adding a lot of tone and muscle," I agreed.

"Yeah, I havenít set foot in a gym since my last class in high school and that was a forced activity. Now I enjoy it."

"Thatís great..." I paused when I heard the toilet flush. "Ummm...."

"Oh, sorry," Josh said. "Douglas stayed over last night."

"You two getting serious?" I said.

"Itís weird. Not necessarily serious," Josh replied. "Weíre just spending a lot of time together. Itís very different from when I was with Cory."

"Howís that?" Will asked.

"Letís talk about it later," Josh said. "Heíll be out in a moment."

Before either Will or I could respond, Douglas came into the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of boxers.

"Morning," he said.

"Morning," I replied.

I did a quick appraisal, as it was the first time Iíd seen Douglas not fully dressed. He was older than us, a couple inches shorter than Will or I, and lean, very lean.

"Iíve got to run so Iím not late for work," he said to Josh. "Can I grab a cup of coffee to go?"

"No worries," Josh replied. "I have to head out for class in a few minutes myself. Grab one of the Tech travel mugs on the drying rack and fill it up. Fill one up for me too!"

Josh went back to his room, I assumed to get ready for class. Douglas got the coffee and disappeared. About ten minutes later they both said their goodbyes and left.

"So when are you done with classes today?" Will asked.

"My last class goes till one-thirty. I need to run to the library and pick up some materials, then Iíll head home. Say, three oíclock."

"You canít skip?"

"Naw. I gotta turn in this project! Iíve busted my butt on it. Donít want to flunk cause I skipped."

"What do you need from the library? Maybe I can pick it up after class," Will offered.

"You want to get on the road early, huh? Sure. Iíll give you the list of stuff I need."

"Well, if we wait till after three to leave we wonít be there till after ten. Closer to two means we get there by nine."


"Iíll call Tracer and let him know weíll meet them at the hotel a bit after nine."

"OK. Did they say what their costumes were?" I asked.

"No. But he did promise that they were doing something other than Ďcowboyí."

"Thatís good. But Iíll bet itís gonna be something stupid."

"Yeah, but we can only hope."

"You got everything packed? Both costumes?"

"Nope. But I will before you get home from class."


"OK. Time for me to get ready for class," Will said. He got up, kissed me on the top of my head and headed into our bedroom. I heard the shower running a few minutes later.

I went into our bedroom, made the bed, put away a few things, and got my duffle bag out. By the time Will was done with his shower Iíd made good progress on my share of packing and had my costume laid out on the bed.

"This is gonna be so Ďhotí on you," Will said.

"And on you," I complimented. After last year, I figure this is kinda tame."

"Iím sure weíre going to have a few gropes yet again."

"I donít mind a few. Just remember, Iím the only one that gets full access!"


"I put the list of stuff I need from the library on your backpack."

"Iíll get them after class."


Will pulled on a pair of boxers, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Within minutes he was out the door for class.

I put our costumes in a separate bag and went to get cleaned up.

My first class Equine Health and Disease was uneventful. I got to my second class a little early. Originally, Iíd thought that the Equitation Over Fences series of classes would be a piece of cake for me, but my professors quickly showed me that I still had a lot to learn about the fine points of riding a horse. Iíd ended up with an A in the beginning level course and so far I was carrying a B in the intermediate course. The big issue was that the course focused on hunt and saddle seat while my background was in western. It was making the class much more difficult than Iíd expected.

Class met at the Smithfield Horse Center for field exercises. The professor had us going on a long cross-country jumping ride. Weíd been out for about fifteen minutes when the professor rode up beside me.

"Youíre doing fairly well, Mr. Chamberlain," he said. "But remember, in equitation a good rider is in balance with the horse. Youíve got to maintain a correct position over a fence and in every gait."

"Can we do it in Western," I asked teasingly. "Iíll even bring my own horse."

"I donít think so," he responded. "On a more serious note, I saw that your horse did a lead change just before jumping that last fence. When shifting from left to right your horse dropped to a trot making it a simple change. You need to make the lead change while in the air between the strides."

"Yes, Sir."

"Next semester youíll be learning tempi changes. They are more difficult so you need to master the flying change now."

"Understood. Iíll keep practicing."

With that the professor turned his horse and rode back to the next student.

Throughout the rest of the ride I paid careful attention to lead changes. I got what the professor was telling me and kept trying to get the horse to change lead legs while still in a cantor instead of dropping to a trot. It was going to take work.

When we got back to the stable I took the tack off my horse and groomed her. I picked up my stuff from my locker and headed to the apartment.

"Let me get a quick shower and Iíll be ready to go," I told Will as I ran into the apartment.

"OK. Iíll get the stuff into the Jeep. I got your books, do you want me to bring them?"

"Yeah. Maybe I can get some reading done on the drive."

"Guess that means I drive first," Will teased.

I got cleaned up, dressed, and grabbed some sodas from the fridge. Will had things ready to go when I came out.

"All set?" He asked.

"Yup. Up for driving?" I asked.

"Yeah, get reading," he said as we walked out to the Jeep. We were on the road in just a few minutes.

"I appreciate it. All the time I spent on that stupid project took time way from other work."

"From the books I picked up, Iím assuming youíre doing your final paper for Equine Exercise Physiology?"

"Yup. Iím doing an evaluation of nutrition factors in exercise performance. What did you do your project in last semester?"

"I did mine on the medical practices used by professional polo teams, especially in international settings," Will explained.


"Yeah, it took a lot of digging. I got an ĎAí, so I mustía done something right."

"Iím just comparing three different nutrition plans and their published impacts on the performance of horses in their studies."

"What angle are you going for?" He asked.

"I picked three very different plans - one very natural, one very focused on supplements, and one of the basic commercial packages. I want to show which one provides the best performance over the long term."

"You can make it work," Will said, with a tone of encouragement.

"How did you handle the medical practices thing?" I asked. I was intrigued.

"In international competition, polo horses travel a lot. So each team has worked out its own strategy to deal with the fatigue of traveling. Conditioning, supplements, and vitamins are all used with different strategies. I tried to show some of the advantages and disadvantages of each."

"Howíd you think of that?"

"My advisor recommended looking at competitive horses and finding something unique."

"Sounds like it worked," I admitted. "What homework did you bring this weekend?"

"I just have some reading for Reproduction and Neonatal Care."

"Iím sure with your practical experience youíre nailing that."

"Well, sorta. The teaching assistant is being a prick. Sheís a stickler for doing things by the book and we donít follow the book from what I can tell."

"Of course not," I replied. "Nobody goes by the book when natureís dealing the cards."

"Thatís why I keep up with my reading," Will explained. "You know, I think this is the most weíve spoken about classes in a long time."

"Hey. Youíre the one that wanted to avoid bringing school home all the time."

"I know," he admitted.

We kept chatting about class work as the miles passed. After the conversation dwindled, I pulled out my first book and started reading. We were approaching Knoxville when it got to dark for me to continue reading.

"I couldnít do that," Will said. "Iíd have a headache."

"I guess Iím lucky that I donít."

"How about stopping for a quick bite?" I suggested.

"Sure. Maybe it will let rush hour die down a bit."

Will got off just before the I-40/I-640 split and pulled into the parking lot of a Waffle House. Will ordered steak and eggs while I ordered my favorite, a chocolate chip waffle and smothered hash browns.

When we left the Waffle House I climbed into the driverís seat. Will grabbed something from under the back seat and then got in. I pulled out onto the Asheville Highway, made a right onto Chillhowee Drive, and had us on I-40 quickly. As I got the Jeep up to speed, Will slipped a CD into the player and cranked up the volume. He skipped the first track and a moment later the Bloodhound Gang blasted from the speakers.

"Iíd appreciate your input," I sang along. "Sweat baby sweat...."

When the lyrics got to the key spot, Will joined in, "I want you smothered, want you covered like my Waffle House hashbrowns...."

We both cracked into laughter.

"Hmmmm.... I like the theme here," I said. "Letís do it like they do on the Discovery Channel tonight!"

We butchered a few more of the songs off the CD before Will switched us over to another. We listened to a lot of music which made the time seem to pass by faster. Fortunately, I had us at the hotel a few minutes before nine.

We called Tracerís cell and he met us in the lobby with our key. We went to our room, unpacked a little, and freshened up.

As opposed to the previous year, we decided in advance not to go to the bars on Friday night. Instead after getting settled, the four of us found a set of comfie chairs in the hotelís lounge, ordered a few sodas, and relaxed.

"Did you hear the big news?" Tracer asked? "Patrick got a job!"

"Thatís wonderful," Will replied. "Where?"

"The job at the CSX office over in Haysi. Heís going to be some sort of account rep. related to the coal mines in the area. This will be his last weekend at the farm," Dad explained.

"Thatís great," I said. "Gonna miss him on the farm though."

"Ezraís back part-time for now and hopes to go full time at the beginning of the year. If you mean miss Patrick in person, heís going to be less than an hour away," Dad said.

"Patrick did have one idea," Tracer interjected. "He wants us to take some horses and do a camping trip on the Virginia Creeper Trail next summer."

"That would be awesome," Will enthused. "Tiffany still enjoying her job?"

"So Patrick says," Tracer admitted. "I think sheís so busy she hasnít had time to dislike it."

"Thatís good, I guess," Will said. "Iím the type that likes being busy."

"Howís business going at the farm?" I asked.

"Slowing down for the winter," Tracer said. "Typical and fully expected. We should finish up the year in much better shape than last year. With Ezra back, weíve got things focused on the fall clean-up and winter prep."

"The riding classes are going well," Dad explained. "The beginners are so intense. The advanced class has three teens in it this fall and theyíre doing very well."

"Maybe next year I can add a few things to the class. My equitation course has taught me a lot," I said.

"Howís that going?" Tracer asked.

"Not as easy as I thought itíd be. Too many years riding western saddle has corrupted, me according to my professor. I offered to bring my own horse and saddle for the exam, but he just laughed at me and told me I had to learn English too."

"Going to go all formal on us?" Tracer teased.

"Expect me to be walking around in a tweed blazer and cap from now on," I teased back.

That got a laugh from everyone.

"I donít see you going around in tweed," Dad said.

"Probably not," I admitted.

"How are classes in general?" Dad asked.

"Remind me not to take any more Ďfuní electives," I said.

"I donít think thatís too much of an issue," Tracer replied. "Only one more semester to go."

"Speaking of which, I figured weíd invite your folks to stay with us the night before graduation," Dad said to Will. "The four of us can drive over early that morning for the ceremonies, then go back afterwards."

"Planned out already?" I teased.

"Sorta," he admitted. "Figured you two would be busy as things got close."

"Then all we have to do is move back," Will said.

"True, true..." Tracer said. "But not that much to take. Maybe two trucks worth?"

"Thatís about it," I agreed.

Will let out a big yawn.

"Itís getting late and weíve all had a long day," Dad said. "Time for bed?"

"Yeah. I think it is," Will replied.

Dad paid the bill and then the four of us walked over to the elevators. Once we got to our rooms we said our good nights.

Will and I stripped down and each took a turn in the bathroom for our nightly routine. Will was under the covers when I got to the bed. I climbed under the covers next to him and snuggled up close. Willís hands starting running up and down my chest. After doing this for a bit, he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed tightly. When he let go, I flipped over in the bed to face him. I moved my head forward and let my lips gently touch his lips. Will pressed into the kiss, deepening it. His tongue rubbed my lips and I opened my mouth, letting it inside. Once I had his tongue in my mouth, I started sucking on it, periodically wrapping mine around his as best I could. As our kissing continued, I slipped my hands down Willís back and let my fingers run along his ass crack. Will squirmed a bit at my touch.

I felt his hard dick rub against me. I broke the kiss and dove under the covers. As I reached my target, I opened wide taking his cock to the base.

"Aw, fuck!" Will groaned.

With his cock buried, I worked my tongue around it as best I could and tried to do a good job stimulating it.

"Damn, dude. Thatís fucking sweet!"

I moved one of my hands around and started lightly tugging on his balls. I let my other hand work its way back around to Willís ass and began to tease his hole.

Willís hands rested on my head, not really controlling the pace of my blow job but definitely ensuring it didnít stop!

"Suck it, baby," he said softly. "Iím gonna cum if you keep this up."

I changed my pace and tactics and his body seemed to relax a bit. I varied my efforts to keep Will on the edge, but not let him over it. While his moans, groans, and comments showed he was definitely enjoying it, eventually he put his hands under my arms and pulled me back up.

"My turn," he said forcefully. With that he dove under the covers and wrapped a hand around my dick. Slowly he lowered his head and started to lick the head. He teased and tormented my cock with his tongue and mouth until I was under his attention.

"Flip around here," I said.

Without taking his mouth off my dick, Will moved around so I could get to his cock. He straddled me, positioning his prick above me, I wrapped my lips around it and slid down the shaft. I put my hands on Willís ass cheeks to help control the tempo as I used all my talents in sucking his dick.

As Will kept sucking, he slipped one of his hands under my ass and started working a finger along my crack. I spread my legs to give him full access. His fingers worked like a charm, opening me up a bit at a time. He pulled his mouth off my dick, working his tongue down the shaft, around my balls and then to my ass.

"Fuck!" I groaned when his tongue found my ass. Will pulled my legs back to give him more access. I felt his tongue touching my ass ring and groaned again. He licked around my crack for a few minutes while I continued to suck his dick. He pulled away for a moment to comment, "Just the way I like it Ė musky, clean, earthy." He returned his attention to my hole and I felt his tongue pressing forward, working into my hole, opening me a bit.

I moaned around his dick as he started fucking my ass with his tongue. Heíd started doing this a while back and it was always a big turn on for me. The more he worked his tongue in and out, the more I wanted to be fucked. I came off his dick.

"Fuck me now," I urged.

"Yeah? Stud Boy needs to be fucked?"

"Damn right, I do!"

"Up on all fours then!"

I got up, pivoted, and put my ass up in the air. I positioned myself at the edge of the bed. Will grabbed the lubed out of the duffle bag next to the bed and slicked up his dick. He positioned himself behind me and started sliding in nice and slow. He kept up a steady pace and continued pushing in until I felt his pubic hair.

It didnít take him long to decide that my hole was ready and he pulled almost all the way out, and then slammed back into the base. Once buried, he started short, hard jabs that kept hitting my prostate. My dick started oozing pre-cum.

Will grabbed me by the hips and used them to give him control as he lengthened his strokes into long, deep thrusts.

"AwwwÖ" I groaned.

"Like that?" He cooed.

"Damn right. You can pound my ass all weekend long!"

"Weíll miss the party if I do. I doubt I can last that long anyway."

"Well, weíll stop for the party and then restart," I teased.

Will rammed into me deep to show he wasnít amused. He pulled all the way out and tapped me on the side.

"On your back," he said.

He quickly got into a new fuck rhythm, placing his hands on either side of my body. Will leaned in and started kissing me deeply. Our tongues dueled Ė pushing from my mouth to his and back. As the kiss extended, he slowed his strokes.

I started squeezing his dick with my ass, trying to milk him. Even with the slower pace, Willís grunts became louder, more insistent as he fucked. From the look in his eyes, I could tell he was getting close.

†"ShitÖ," he groaned as his dick spasmed in my hole.

His dick twitched and pumped, unloading cum deep into me. He leaned over kissing me lightly on the lips. As he finished shooting, he lay on top of me.

"That was good," he whispered.

"Ready for more?" I asked.

"You gonna fuck me?"

"Damn right. Flip over, prop up that ass and Iíll fuck ya good!"

Will flipped onto his stomach, grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under himself. I grabbed the lube off the edge of the bed, slicked up and slid on in.

I started pumping Willís ass good. He started pushing his ass up to meet my thrusts.

"Fuck me, Baby!"He urged.

"What do you think Iím doing?"

"OK. Fuck me HARDER!"

I put my hands on either side of Will and started doing pushups into him.

"You horn dog," I said.

"Thatís Ďyour horn dogí," he corrected me.

"WOOF," I replied.

It was after midnight before we got to sleep. What a wonderful way to wear yourself down!

The next morning, I was in the shower when Will came in.

"We need clean sheets," he told me.

"You made a mess?" I tried to sound surprised.

"WE made a mess," he corrected.

"Well, just make sure the ĎDo Not Disturbí sign isnít on the door when we leave."

We met Tracer and Dad in the lobby and drove over to a nice restaurant called Ellendaleís for brunch. After a good meal, we decided to do the typical tourist sites, taking tours of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

We got back to the hotel in time to change for the party. Will parked the Jeep in the parking lot of the hotel and we walked into the hotel. Dad hadnít been able to get adjoining rooms for some reason, so we were across the hall from each other.

"Forty-five minutes?" Dad asked. He and Tracer were standing in the doorway of their room

"Weíll be ready," I replied.

I closed the door behind us. Will had already started to strip down.

"Grab the talc from the bag," he asked.

"Got it," I said. "Ready?"

"Let me towel down to make sure Iím really dry."

Will grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wiped himself all over. I walked up behind him and sprinkled talcum powder down his back. I handed Will the container as I started to spread the powder all over his back, shoulders, butt, and legs.

"Gonna wear your jock?" I asked.

"Yeah. I forgot about it."

He stepped into his jock and then I handed him the bottom of his costume.

"Shit. Itís sticking," he said as he tried to pull the shorts up.

I squatted down beside him and started rubbing talc on his lower legs.

He pulled the shorts up and they slid up nicely. He pulled the shirt on and I helped him snap it up.

We repeated the process so that I could get into my outfit. We each got our hats and ties on and stood next to each other.

"Pretty damn hot, if I do say so myself," Will said.

"That we do, Officer," I agreed.

"Ready to go?"

"Yup. Letís see what they chose as a costume."

"Do you want to cover up for the trip?"

"Naw," I replied. "Letís be brazen. Itís Halloween after all."

"OK," Will answered, sounding a bit dubious.

I put my arm around him and tried to give him a bit of encouragement.

"Let me grab my license and the room key," Will said. "Hopefully, Erik or Tracer can keep them in a pocket."

"Sounds good."

We walked out of the room and before I could knock on their door I heard some giggling. I looked to my left and saw two teenage girls two doors down. I looked at Will and saw that he was turning beet red. Instead of commenting or responding, I simply knocked on the door and hoped theyíd open it quickly. The girls said something quietly to each other and I turned to look yet again. As I did, the door opened.

"Holy..." I heard Trace say.

I turned to see him standing in the doorway.

"Doctor Watson?" I asked as Will quickly moved around me into their room.

"WHOA!" I heard Dadís voice.

"I think very few folks would mind being stopped by a pair of police officers who look like that!" Tracer said.

"What the heck is the material?" Dad asked.

"Latex," I explained.

"They fit like a glove," Tracer said. "How the hell did you get it on?"

"Lots of talcum powder," Will explained.

"Whereíd you get it?" Dad asked.

"We found them on the internet. The company sent us the shirt, shorts, hat, tie, and badge. We found the handcuffs to top off the outfit."

"Thatís a deep dark blue. It really sets off your eyes, Ryan," Tracer said.

"Thanks. You two look good as Holmes and Watson," I complimented. "Iím glad to see you really tried."

"Thanks," Tracer said.

"Ready to go?" Dad asked.

"You two want to cover up any?" Tracer asked.

"Nope," I replied quickly. "Brazen and bold!"

The four of us headed out to the Jeep and Will drove us over to the party.

I got to the door first and rang the bell. Jake opened the door. The look on his face was priceless. "Damn, boys. Where do you two find these costumes? It looks like both of you have been poured into them."

"Latex does that," Will admitted.

"That it does," Jake agreed. "You two have been working out a bit more too, havenít you?"

"That and growing out of their boy years and into their man years," Dad interjected.

"Well, Iím really impressed, actual costumes on Erik and Tracer!" Jake said.

"We finally twisted their arms," Will said.

"Wonderful. Welcome to you all. Yíall know where everything is. Enjoy yourselves!"

Weíd been wandering around for about fifteen minutes when we found Scott.

"Hey, Scott," Will said.

"FUCK!" He exclaimed, catching site of us in our costumes. "You two are going to be powering a few wet dreams tonight walking around like that."

"I take it you like the costumes?" I asked.

"Well, the costumes and the bodies underneath. Very sexy. Iíd let either of you arrest me! Or both," Scott admitted.

With that the guy standing next to him punched his arm, hard.

"Oh, sorry. Guys, meet Stefan. Stefan, this is Will and Ryan. Youíve heard me talk about Tracer, this is Tracerís brother," Scott said, indicating Will. "And this is Tracerís lover Erikís son Ryan."

"Nice to meet you," Stefan said. His voice was a very deep bass.

"Nice to meet you," we said back.

"I met Stefan last November and weíve been an item ever since," Scott explained.

"Congrats," I said.

"How long have you two been together?" Stefan asked.

"Over five years," I said.

"Wow. You donít look old enough," he replied.

"We fell for each other over Christmas break during our junior year of high school. We kinda cemented the relationship that summer," Will explained.

"Wild," he commented. "And congrats."

"Thanks," Will replied.

"You two seen Erik and Tracer?" Scott asked.

"Look for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson," I explained.

"Theyíre in costume? Iím stunned!"

"Finally!" I agreed.

"Come on," Scott said to Stefan. "I want you to meet his brother and his father."

They walked off and Will and I headed to the kitchen to find drinks.

I grabbed a beer and Will got a soda. We were just about to leave the kitchen when I heard, "Oh, my God!" I turned to see a familiar face.

"Peter? Isnít it?" Will asked. I was glad he did, cause Iíd forgotten his name.

"Yup. You two fueled a few wet dreams last year and now... this tops last year!"

"Thanks," I said. "How you been doing?"

"Not too bad, just getting through life."

The three of us stood and chatted about our lives in general since weíd met the year before. Weíd been talking about fifteen minutes when Peter asked, "Do you two mind kissing like last year? I told you Iím a voyeur and it really got me going watching you."

"Umm..." I started. I didnít want to put Will on the spot. Before I could think of what to say, Will grabbed me and started one hell of a kiss.

"Shit," Peter muttered as the kiss continued.

A few minutes later, Will finally let go.

"Iíd give that a nine point five," Peter said.

I looked at him with one brow raised in question.

"Well, you canít get a perfect ten standing up!" He explained.

The three of us cracked up in laughter at that.

"If yíall ever make a video or want an audience, please let me know," Peter stressed.

"I think our bedroom antics are going to stay private," I replied.

"Shucks," Peter said with mock disappointment.

"Youíll find a guy for a perfect ten," Will responded. "It just takes time."

"Well, Iím a year older than you two and I havenít found anyone yet!"

"Weíre just an odd case," I said.

"Iíd say youíre an exceptional case," Peter replied. "Highly exceptional!"

Will and I thanked him for the compliment, told him weíd chat more later and then headed back into the main room to mingle.

Just after midnight Will leaned close and whispered, "Iíve been groped about a dozen times in the last hour. Swap places with me please."

"Sure," I replied. "Same or different guy?"

"I donít know."

I worked around Will while continuing in the conversation with the group we were with. This placed his back to the wall and me with my back to the traffic flow going from the den to the kitchen.

Within two minutes someone groped my butt. I gave Will a look and he glanced at the guy going by. A few minutes later, I got groped again and looked quickly at Will. From his face, I could tell heíd figured out who it was.

He leaned over again and whispered, "Itís the same guy every time. The one in that X-Men costume. You know, Cyclops."

"Got it. If you see him coming, signal me," I whispered back.

A few minutes later Will caught my eye. I turned quickly and glared at him as he walked by. He kept his hands to himself this time. I turned to the group and returned to the conversation. The gropes ended for the evening.

It was about two a.m. when we got back to the hotel. Will and I took turns helping each other out of our costumes and Will got the shower started. He climbed in, pulling the shower curtain closed. I pulled it back enough to slip in with him.

I picked up a wash cloth, soaped it up, and started scrubbing Willís back. I worked my way down to his ass and soaped up along the crack. I slipped the rag under him a bit and washed his cock and balls. Next, I knelt down to focus my efforts on his already hard dick.

After a bit more teasing, Will turned around and presented me with his stiff dick. I cupped my hands behind him to get a bit of water in them and rinsed the soap off. Once clean, I deep throated him.

"Yum..." Will moaned as I milked his cock with my throat. I worked my tongue around his shaft while continuing my sucking motion. I backed off a bit on my sucking, changing so that I was bobbing up and down on his shaft. This elicited more moans and groans.

He started thrusting into my mouth, pushing his dick down my throat deeper and deeper.

I picked up the bar of soap from the tub bottom and lathered up both hands. One hand I wrapped around my dick and started stroking. The other, I slipped between Willís legs and started slipping a sudsy finger into his asshole.

"Oh, damn!" He groaned.

I picked up the pace, working my mouth over his dick faster and faster while working my finger in and out of his hole at a faster clip as well.

I felt his cock stiffen and I worked my own cock harder with my other hand.

My efforts were rewarded by a blast of cum in my mouth. As Will continued to unload in my mouth, I shot into the tub. I licked the last drops of cum from Willís slowly deflating dick and then stood to face him. He pulled me into a deep kiss; his cum flavored it well.

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