Double Trails




Chapter 63

-- WILL --

"When did Erik say he wanted to leave?" I asked Ryan as he slipped off his shirt.

"Basically they want to get on the road as soon as we're ready to go. It's only thirty-five miles to their house, but with the snow he wants plenty of time to get there."

"Any word on road conditions?"

I finished drying off and grabbed my underwear.

"The radio says they're passable. But it's still coming down pretty hard," Ryan replied. He started singing, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..."

"It's not just a dream," was my retort. "As soon as I'm dressed, I'll going downstairs and figure out how we'll get the presents there without them getting soaked."

"Grab some of those huge contractor sized trash bags," he suggested. "You know the big, heavy, black ones and put the boxes in those. Tie them with cable ties, then we can throw a tarp over the back of Tracer's truck to keep the worst of the weather off the bags."

"That sounds like a good plan," I agreed. "Enjoy your shower."

Once fully dressed, I headed down to the den to pack presents. I walked into the den to find Erik already putting the smaller wrapped presents into trash bags.

"Two great minds..." I said.


"Ryan suggested we do the same thing. Seems like the best way to get things up to Patrick and Tiffany's."

"That it does," Erik agreed. "It'll be good to see your folks."

"I just hope Tiffany isn't panicked at this point," I admitted.

"Why's that?"

"Her first holiday dinner with all the in-laws coming. On top of that, this is the second early snow storm of the season. I'm sure that's probably complicated things. She had... what.. one real day to get her grocery shopping done between storms. Add to that, I doubt the stores were well stocked."

"I feel bad for the road crews," Erik said. "Sunday night to Tuesday they spent plowing. A quiet Christmas Eve and bam, they get to spend Christmas day plowing yet again."

"Well, they'll have to think of the big overtime checks that'll help pay for all the presents they bought!"

"I guess there is that."

Erik and I worked together, quickly getting all the presents into bags to keep them dry.

"What about those two?" I asked, pointing to two rather large boxes tucked between the tree and the wall.

"We can leave them here. One's from me to Tracer. The other is from Tracer to me," Erik explained.

I guess my facial expression posed the unasked question.

"We got each other bikes," Erik said. "Bikes that will be good on trails and such. We decided that biking could be a new form of exercise to keep the love handles to a minimum."

"Neither of you are fat or anything," I said.

"No, but it has taken a good bit of exercise and diet control to keep it off. This is just one more way. While Tracer's only twenty-five, I'm forty-one - hell forty-two in a bit over three months. I need to watch what I eat and exercise to keep in shape."

"Erik, I hope I look half as good as you do when I'm your age," I complimented.

"Just remember, it doesn't come easy. The older you get the more you have to work at it."

With that, Erik and I got the packages into the back of the truck with a tarp over them to keep as much of the snow off as possible. We went back into the house to find Tracer and Ryan getting their coats on.

"Ready?" I asked.

"That we are," Tracer replied.

"Who's driving?" Erik asked.

"I'm up for it," I said.

I got us out onto Trail of the Lonesome Pine and then turned west onto Governor Perry Highway. When I passed the road to Pilgrim's Knob and stayed on the highway towards Grundy, Ryan spoke up. "Where you headed?"

"I'm going up via Grundy. Staying on better roads. It'll take longer, but I'm sure they're plowing the highway. I don't know about those back roads."

"Smart," he admitted.

Instead of one hour, it took nearly two hours to get to Wolford. By the time we got there the roads weren't in the best shape and I was glad the house was only a few hundred feet off the main road. I pulled into the driveway and noticed that neither Patrick's nor Mom and Dad's cars were there.

"I wonder where everyone is?" I said.

"Is that smoke?" Erik's voice was loud and panicked.

"Holy shit!" Tracer exclaimed.

I looked at the house and saw smoke pouring out of two of the side windows. I threw the truck into park and we all jumped out and ran for the house - Erik and Ryan for the front door while I followed Tracer to the back.

"Patrick! Tiffany!" Tracer yelled.

"In here!" came Tiffany's voice.

I followed Tracer through the back door to find Tiffany standing in the kitchen with smoke billowing out of the oven.

"What the hell?" I said.

"I don't know!" she replied. Her voice had a tinge of panic, but seemed on the verge of tears as well. "I can't get the oven to turn off and my pie's in it! On fire!"

By this point Erik and Ryan had joined us.

"Where's your breaker box?" Erik asked.

"I don't know," Tiffany answered.

We all started searching and I found it in the back room. I found the stove's breaker and flipped it to off.

"It's off," I called out loudly.

Back in the kitchen, I found Tracer with hot mitts on pulling the oven rack out. Erik had a small fire extinguisher and doused the fire with it. Tracer then took the pie outside and dumped it in the snow.

"Damn, damn, damn, damn..." Tiffany cut loose. "Sorry guys, but that pissed me off."

"It's fine," I said. "Something like that deserves a few cusses. Figure out what's wrong?" I asked of Erik. He'd been looking at the stove while Tiffany cut loose.

"No. But my guess is the thermostat on the heating element went haywire. You're gonna need a new stove," he explained to Tiffany.

"I'll call the landlord tomorrow. Oh, fun! It wasn't the best of stoves, but it did work."

"He can't blame you for this," Tracer said.

"Oh, she won't. Or at least I don't think she will. She's been nothing but nice since we moved in."

"Where's Patrick?" I asked.

"He drove over to Grundy to get your folks," she explained.

"Well, darn. We coulda picked them up. We came right through Grundy."

"He figured you'd come through Pilgram's Knob."

"Not with this weather," I explained. "I didn't want to risk that road."

"Smart boy. Anyway they should be back in a couple minutes. Now, we just have to enjoy the smell of smoke through the meal."

"You have a crock pot?" Erik asked.

"Sure do. A wonderful wedding gift. I've used that thing so much this fall."

"Pull it out. Put an inch or two of water in it and turn it on high," Erik explained.

"Umm... OK."

Erik rummaged through the fridge and pulled out an orange."Cut this up," he said to Ryan.

"Where are your spices," he asked. "I need things like cloves, nutmeg or the like."

"What are you making?" Tracer asked.



"It should cut the smell quickly."

At that moment I heard car doors closing.

"They're here," I pointed out.

"At least the worst is over," Tiffany said. "Patrick can be a worrywart."

"Why are all the windows open?" Patrick asked as he came in the back door. Mom and Dad were right behind him.

"The oven broke... my pie caught fire... we put the fire out... Tracer put the pie in the snow... and we're airing the house out."

"Are you OK?" Patrick asked.

"I'm fine. Pissed off that my pie is ruined, but otherwise fine."

Tiffany and Patrick continued to chat while the rest of us said hi to Mom and Dad. I offered to help Dad get stuff out of the car. We brought bags of what I assumed were presents into the house and put it all in the living room where everyone else had settled.

"Are we opening presents first or eating?" I asked.

"The food's ready and with no oven it's going to get cold quickly," Tiffany explained. "So let's eat first. We're doing this buffet style, so go into the kitchen and fill a plate. There isn't enough room on the table for the food and us."

One by one we grabbed and filled a plate. Dad said grace and we dug into the food. After a few minutes of silence, I said, "Tiffany, everyone must agree with me that the food is excellent. No conversation!"

"What's on the ham," Erik asked. "It's familiar but different."

"It's my momma's recipe. You use Coca-Cola, mustard powder and ground cloves to make a thick paste which you cover all over the ham. Then you add a can of cola in the pan to keep it moist."

"It's really quite good," Erik complimented. "The potatoes are especially good too."

"Again my momma's recipe. She uses three different types of cheese, heavy cream, and some spices. I'll copy the recipe card if you'd like."

Erik looked at Tracer for a moment. "I'd like both recipes," Tracer said. "He obviously likes it, but I don't think he'll make it himself."

Dinner continued with pleasant conversation. Ryan and I bussed the table while Patrick scraped the plates and Tracer and Mom washed and dried the dishes. Everyone agreed that Tiffany deserved to rest after such a great dinner.

After everything was put away, we gathered in the living room to exchange gifts. I figured we were done when the last present was unwrapped; however, Patrick and Tiffany handed all of us an envelope.

"We want all of you to open this at the same time," Patrick said.

I opened my envelope and the card inside simply said ‘Hi.' I opened the card and found a fuzzy black and white picture. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but on the card inside was the word "Uncle."

"You're pregnant!" Mom got out before anyone else

"Yup," Patrick replied. "We're due in late June."

"I'm gonna be a grandma," Mom said proudly.

I noticed that the waterworks had started.

"Congratulations," Tracer said.

The conversation got hard to follow as everyone tried to say something at once.

"Boy or girl?" Ryan asked.

"We don't find out for about eight more weeks," Tiffany explained.

"Are you going to find out?" I asked.

"Yes. That way we can plan appropriately," Patrick said.

The rest of the visit centered around the big news. About three in the afternoon, Erik looked out the window.

"Guys, I think we need to be heading home. The roads are OK, but things will probably refreeze pretty quickly after the sun sets."

We loaded our presents into the back of the truck, said our goodbyes, and I got us on the road headed south. I turned on the radio and found a country station out of Lebanon. Reba McEntire was asking Why Haven't I Heard from You?

"Country?" Erik asked.

"Yes. I like country and I've been corrupting Ryan," I explained. "We listen to country about as much as we do pop."

"I knew Tracer liked it. Didn't know you did."

"What do you listen to," I asked.

"Mostly classic rock," Erik replied.

By this point, Reba's lament ended and the new Kenny Chesney song There Goes My Life came on. Kenny's voice lamented, All he could think about was I'm too young for this... I'd heard the song a lot, since it was the number one song on the charts, but I'd never really thought about it. He continued singing Hell I'm just a kid myself, how'm gonna raise one. I looked into the rear view window and asked Erik, "Did you feel like this?"

He was quiet for a few moments. Kenny continued, All he could see were his dreams going up in smoke.

"Just a second," Erik said quietly.

The truck remained quiet as the song continued and the dad switched from there goes my future to his daughter being his life.

 "I'm not going to lie, and I've told Ryan this before," Erik started. "Yes, I thought I'd fucked up my life. I had to transfer schools. I had to get a job. I got married and I wasn't really sure I was in love. But like the dad in the song, from the moment I first saw him I loved him completely and never regretted a thing. I won't lie and say it was always easy, but it was definitely worth it. I think most parents will say that raising their children is rewarding."

I looked over at Ryan and noticed he was a bit misty eyed. He smiled at me and I reached over and squeezed his hand.

"Hopefully, Patrick and Tiffany will," I said. With that the conversation turned to the expectant parents.

When we got home, we finished unloading the truck, and found a message from Brady saying that he and Bryce had checked into the hotel. They were going to go out and get some dinner shortly and they'd see us the next morning. I'd noticed that Shoney's was open in town, so I figured there was at least one place they might find food. Erik and Tracer opened their gifts to each other. I was expecting matching bikes, but they'd each gotten a different model.

With the Christmas festivities out of the way, I thought about tomorrow.

"So with six inches of snow on the ground, how do you sell a horse?" I asked.

"Good question," Tracer replied. He looked at Erik and Ryan.

"It's supposed to be sunny and forty-five tomorrow, so the snow should melt pretty quickly. Why don't we take them out on trail rides tomorrow? The next day, hopefully, the ring will be clear and we can set out the stuff Brady will need to test out his favorites," Ryan answered.

"If we use the tractor to move the snow off the ring tomorrow, it should be dry by Saturday," Tracer added.

"That is if the tractor works," I interjected. "And yes, I'll be in the office figuring out what we can do to replace it. Stupid question..."

"We're used to that from you," Tracer cut me off with a quick retort.

"Funny, very funny," I deadpanned back to Tracer. "Is Bryce thinking about another horse?"

"Hadn't thought about that," Ryan admitted. "We should put him on different horses while he's here and see what happens. A what do they call it... soft sell." With that Ryan gave a long yawn. "I'm thinking it's bed time," he said.

"Sounds like a good idea," Tracer agreed. "We're going to have a busy day tomorrow. See you both in the morning."

With that Tracer, followed by Erik, headed out of the den and soon we heard their footsteps going up the stairs.

"Ready?" Ryan asked.


We turned out all the lights on the main level and went upstairs. Closing the door to our bedroom, Ryan turned a bit towards me.

"I wouldn't mind a hot bath," he said. "Care to join me?"

Something about the tone of his voice made me think that cleanliness wasn't his only plan.

"Sure, I'll wash your back if you wash mine."

"I'll make sure I scrub all the nooks and crannies."

We both shed clothing as we moved through the bedroom and into the bath. Ryan plugged the drain and turned on the faucet. A steamy haze started to rise from the surface of the tub as the hot water met the cool air of the bath.

"Hit the switch and turn on the heater," Ryan said.

I flipped the switch and the small wall heater whirred to life. I adjusted the dimmer switch on the pot lights.

"Romantic," Ryan said.

"Yeah, it is," I agreed.

I climbed into the tub and stretched out. The spray from the spigot was warm on my skin.

"We need bubble bath," Ryan said.

"Hmmm.... why's that."

"Whenever I see a scene like this in a movie, the couple is sitting in a big tub of bubbles."

"That's cause they can't show the woman naked in the tub."

"True, but it does set a scene."

"Just climb in and don't worry about the bubbles."

Ryan stepped over the edge and started to sit down at the other end of the tub.

"This end," I said.

He turned and lowered himself carefully into the space between my legs. I cupped my hands and brought water up to wet his shoulders; then I lathered soap onto a wash cloth and began scrubbing his back. Ryan leaned forward a bit letting me get down to his butt.

With his back covered in soap, I cupped my hands a second time and rinsed the soap off. He lay back and I took the cloth and began rubbing his chest. I let my free hand slip down Ryan's smooth chest. It still amazed me that the son of the hairiest man I'd ever seen was the smoothest guy I'd ever seen. Yeah, he had that treasure trail of hair from his belly button to his pubes, but his chest was so smooth. My fingers hit that line of hair, started to follow it down and almost immediately bumped into Ryan's hard dick.

"You're not relaxing," I teased.

"Ummm.. yeah, I am. Well, in some ways I am and in other ways I'm not."

I stopped soaping him and put my hands on his shoulders. Then I started using my thumbs to massage his muscles.

"Now that will relax me," he admitted.

I worked my hands into his back muscles.

"Mmmm..." he sighed.

After a few minutes, I stopped rubbing his back. Ryan leaned back into my chest and I wrapped my arms around him.

"Now I am relaxed," he admitted.


"Merry Christmas," he said softly. "I love you!"

He grabbed the soap and gently lathered my legs. It was a nice way to end a wonderful Christmas day.

The next morning the four of us were just finishing up the daily chores when I noticed a small car pull up the drive.

"Ryan. Tracer," I hollered into the stable. "The guys are here!"

"Be right out," Tracer yelled back.

The car parked and two guys got out. The driver I recognized as Bryce. The passenger, a tall, lanky, younger guy I assumed was Brady.

"Nice to see you again, Bryce," I said as I walked up to them and extended my hand. "Nice to meet you, Brady."

Before I could provide my name, Bryce spoke up. "You're Tracer's brother... I'm sorry, but I don't remember your name."

"We barely met last time," I said. "I'm Will." We had just finished the basic greeting when Tracer and Ryan walked up. "Brady, this is Tracer - as Bryce mentioned, he's my brother. And this is Ryan."

The four of them went through the greetings and I disengaged from the group - letting Tracer and Ryan get to the business of selling horses.

I went into the office and started pulling up tractor manufacturer web sites. I then started pulling up local dealers and looking to see if they provided inventory with pricing. I also looked at any used tractors, if they offered them.

I quickly realized I didn't know enough about tractors to make an informed decision, so I grabbed a walkie talkie and pushed the button. "Erik, when you have a minute, please stop by the office. No rush."

Within moments, he replied, "Roger that."

I decided to handle this project the way I'd done with others - make a list. I put together a list of key features that the different sites were claiming. I also noted that there were a lot of optional equipment that could be ordered for any tractor. The list had gotten fairly long when the door to the office opened. I looked up, expecting to see Erik, instead it was Tracer.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Just getting some coffee," Tracer said. "The wind is pretty sharp and biting, and I'm getting cold!"

"How's the sales pitch going?"

"Fine. We walked through the stables and looked at each of the horses up for sale. Ryan and I talked up each of the strong points of the horses. Ryan really is good at this."

"Good to hear."

Before Tracer could say anything else Erik came through the door.

"All good?" he asked.

"Yup. Just getting coffee." Tracer explained.

"That's good," Erik replied. "You needed help?" he asked me.

"Yeah. I'm finding I don't know enough about tractors."

"See y'all later," Tracer said as he walked out.

"What do you need to know?"

"How big? How powerful? What options do you want? And the list goes on..." I said.

"About the same size as we have," he replied. "I figured we could use the attachments we have now on the new tractor."

"Well, we have an Allis Chalmers right now and they are out of business. From what I can tell they are now part of AGCO, so maybe one of their brands. I can ask the dealers."

Before I could ask any more questions the office door opened again. This time Ryan came in.

"Too cold?" I asked.

"Not at all," he replied. "Just want to get some stuff out of my desk."

I turned back to Erik. "Anything else I should know?"

Erik and I discussed how the tractor was used and what additional uses we might get out of a newer unit. He left after that and I started calling local dealers. I spent the rest of the morning exploring the world of tractors.

As noon approached I figured it was time to think about food. I went over to the house and pulled out a variety of sandwich fixings, bread, and chips. I grabbed the fruit that was in the fridge and filled a bowl, then I put out a stack of plates, glasses, and napkins on the island. Looking everything over, I pulled my walkie talkie off my belt.

"I've got lunch ready if anyone's hungry."

"Be right there," Erik's reply came quickly.

A few moments later a static filled "We're on the other side of the farm, be there soon" came over the speaker. I couldn't quite make out if it was Tracer or Ryan that replied, but figured the four of them would be heading back to the stable soon.

Erik came in about five minutes later.

"Heard anything from Ryan and Tracer?" he asked.

"They're heading back from the far side of the farm."

"Any word on the sale?"

"Not a thing," I admitted.

"I figure we should avoid that topic during lunch," Erik suggested.


About twenty minutes later the foursome joined Erik and me in the kitchen. A few minutes later everyone was sitting around the table munching on sandwiches and chips.

"Thanks for feeding us," Bryce said. "It saves us the hassle of trying to find a place to eat."

"No worries," Erik replied.

"Dad always says the way I eat, another mouth or two won't be noticed," Ryan stated.

"You obviously haven't tried to feed Bryce before," Brady interjected.

That got him a nasty look from Bryce and a few chuckles from the rest of the table.

"So, other than having some damn fine horses, tell me about the farm," Bryce said.

"What would you like to know?" Erik asked.

"History, size, services?" Bryce replied.

"I inherited the farm from my Uncle Phil almost eighteen years ago. He left me about 150 acres and fifty fine quarter horses. In the early nineties I added a rent-a-nag service. I got the opportunity to buy the farm next to ours back in 1997 and added nearly 130 more acres. Tracer and Will bought into the farm four years ago," Erik explained.

I glanced very quickly at Tracer when Erik said we'd bought into the farm. The look on Bryce's face told me he wondered how we'd done it, but he didn't say anything.

"Once we added the old Pittson farm, we worked hard to expand the two trails letting them meander through the land." Ryan explained. "The outer trail crosses back and forth over Sugar Run. The creek cuts the back third of the property off from the rest. Fortunately, the property slopes down towards the creek, so when it floods we're safe."

"We're one of the largest horse farms in this part of Virginia," Tracer added. "This area is mostly hollers..."

"Hollers?" Brady asked.

"Hollows," I clarified. "Tracer's picked up a lot of Appalachia, living around here."

"Getting enough land to really graze horses, ride trails, and build structures is difficult. The terrain just isn't open enough in general. Most farms in this area are under fifty acres," Tracer continued.

"Where are you two from?" Bryce asked me.

"About two and a half hours east of Memphis," I replied.

"I'm from Corinth," Brady explained.

"About two hours south of our home town," Tracer said.

The three of us monopolized the conversation for the rest of the meal. We talked about all the familiar places that we had in common. As lunch wound down, I could tell Ryan was keying up a bit.

"So you spent the morning on Quick Split," he said. "Would you like to try Zephyr or Kodiak Moment next?"

"I really like the looks of Kodiak. Let's try him next."

"Good old typo," I teased.

That earned me a sharp look from Ryan.

 "I just pick on Ryan for the name. I keep telling him he typoed the name when he set him up in the registry."

"I kinda like the play on the phrase," Bryce laughed. "I looked over his specs online, but refresh my memory."

Before I could suggest that they move out of the kitchen to a more business like setting, Tracer spoke up.

"Why don't we go out to the office and review his pedigree?" Tracer said.

With that, the guys grabbed their coats and left the house. Erik helped me clean up the kitchen.

"What's on your agenda for the afternoon," he asked as we put the last of the dishes away.

"I've got things narrowed down on what tractor to get based on what we have already, but I want to make a few more calls. I should have a couple options by the end of the day."

"You're moving along on this really well," he complimented.

"Thanks. Ready to go back out?"

"Yeah. I think I'm going to work on ordering today, so I can stay out of the cold for a while."

We walked out to the office and Erik went to his desk and started going through supply information while I started making calls to a few different tractor dealers. Periodically, Erik would look up at me as a call progressed; however, he never said a word. I was happy to see that he was letting me go through the process on my own.

Bryce and Brady departed just before dinner. Ryan came into the kitchen as I was getting dinner started.

"How'd it go?" I asked.

"Really well. Brady liked Quick Split and Zephyr, but man did he rave about Kodiak. He really seemed to bond with that horse faster than anything I've ever seen. What can I do to help with dinner?"

"Clean the green beans," I replied. "What's the game plan for tomorrow?"

"With the snow melted, Tracer and I set up a couple blowers on the ring trying to dry it out a bit. It would be nice if we had an indoor riding area."

"Going to run them all night?" I asked. Ryan shook his head no. "But couldn't we use an indoor ring for classes too?"

"Yes. But I think the cost is prohibitive at the moment, based on all the other things we've done of late"

"Very true. What happens if he buys? They flew in didn't they?"

"We discussed that in the office after lunch. One option is that he picks up the horse in mid to late-January. The second option would be for the farm to deliver the horse to his folk's farm in Mississippi."

"Has Bryce shown any interest?"

"Not really. Oh, he likes the horses he's riding, but I don't think he's got the urge to buy. One thing that's going for us though is, he and Brady both mentioned telling a couple of other guys about our horses. Of course, only after Brady makes his purchase."

"Word of mouth can be great advertising."

"That it is."

"How's the tractor hunt going?"

"Fine. I have three options to present after dinner. I'm hoping that we can make a decision, then Erik and I can go and negotiate a purchase."

"New or used?" Ryan asked.

"I have one new and two used options. Each has distinct advantages."

"Cost versus a warranty?"

"Those are the two biggest factors, but there are others."

Before I could say anything else, Erik and Tracer walked in from outside.

"Dinner smells good," Tracer said. "Can I help within anything?"

"Set the table," Ryan said.

The four of us got dinner on the table quickly. After dinner, I presented the three options for a replacement tractor after everyone gathered in the den.

"Which one do you think we should go with," Erik asked. "You've done all the research."

"I think buying the new one makes the most sense. We don't know what problems we're inheriting with a used unit. Unlike cars, the dealers don't certify the used stuff they sell."

"Ryan?" Erik said.

"I agree with Will. It's going to be more financially up front, but should be less over the long term."

"Here, here," Tracer said. "I'm tired of keeping the old one running and I don't want to start doing repair runs constantly on the replacement."

"Sounds like we have a consensus," Erik said. "You going to go negotiate the purchase tomorrow, then?"

I must have had a ‘deer in the headlights' look on my face as Erik started chuckling.

"I figured you'd do it with me along," I explained.

"You've done all the work so far," Erik nudged.

"Remember when Ryan bought the Jeep?" I asked. Erik nodded. "Remember how the sales folk treated him? I think it would be better to have you along at least."

"Makes sense," Erik said. "But I want you to lead the negotiations."

"Fair enough," I agreed.

Ryan grabbed the remote. "Enough work, let's relax a while."

"Be right back," Tracer said. "I'm going to get my pajamas on."

"Sounds like a great idea," I said.

We left the den and I followed Tracer up the stairs. When we reached the top, I touched Tracer's shoulder and put my finger to my mouth.

"What's going on with Erik?" I said in a very soft voice.

"I think he's going out of his way to make sure you and Ryan feel like a part of the farm's management. You are both owners, even if you aren't here all the time. And in however many days Ryan's got it calculated to, you'll both be here full time. After all the rocky spots in setting this little company up, I think he wants to avoid any more mistakes."

"You mean like when he added you to the farm?"

"Yeah. All that weighs on him. He's really trying to make sure you and Ryan feel included."


With that, we each went into our own bedrooms and changed. Tracer was already in the den when I got back downstairs. We watched a few programs and by nine-thirty I started yawning.

"Bed time for bonzo," I admitted.

"Good night, bonzo," Tracer said.

"Night, Will," Erik said.

I looked at Ryan... before I could ask him if he was joining me, he said. "Probably best if I get to bed too. Night, guys."

"Night," Tracer and Erik said together.

Ryan followed me upstairs and I pulled the covers back on the bed as he closed the bedroom door.

"Sleepy, huh?" he said.

"Actually, I am."

"Real sleepy?"


"Too sleepy to fuck me senseless?" he asked.

"I'd have to be dead to turn down that offer," I replied.

That got a chuckle from Ryan.

He climbed onto the bed, lying face up. His dick was already hardening and started to spring towards his abs.

I climbed over him, putting my dick right by his lips. I grasped his dick, bent over and licked my tongue over the tip. As I swirled my tongue over the head a second time, I felt Ryan wrap his lips around my cock. He let the entire shaft slide quickly into his throat

"Fuck," I moaned.

Ryan used his throat muscles to milk my cock. I kept teasing his dick with my tongue and got just what I wanted. The tip of his dick started oozing precum. I lapped it up. After getting a good dose of his cock honey, I let the head of his dick slip into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head and then started working my way down his shaft.

Ryan moaned as I slipped lower and lower. I let my lips massage his pole prior to inhaling a bit to really suck it in. I let my fingers play with his balls, gently rubbing them. This move didn't elicit a big response, so I slipped them under his balls and down his ass crack.

As two fingers worked up and down Ryan's crack pushing deeper towards his hole he started to squirm. Once my index finger reached his pucker, I rubbed the tip around several times. I withdrew my finger, slipped it into my mouth and then returned it to his hole.

Lubed and ready, I started pushing my finger into his hole. Ryan's squirming kicked up a notch as I teased my finger around inside him.

Ryan pulled off my dick. "FUCK me!" he pleaded.

"How bad do you want it?" I teased.

Ryan pushed up on me and flipped me onto my back. I hadn't seen him this forceful in quite a while.

"I want it bad," he growled. With that, he spit into his hands, wiped it on my dick, and started lowering himself on my cock. "I'm gonna take what I want. And I want to get FUCKED!"

As he said "FUCKED," he slammed his ass down hard. The pressure actually made me ‘umph' as the breath was forced out of me. Ryan ground his ass into my crotch for a second and then lifted up till just the head remained in him.

I decided to surprise him and thrust up with my hips as he slammed back down.

"WOHA!" he groaned.

I started doing my best to thrust up into his bounces.

"I'm more than willing to pound your ass," I explained.

I let him bounce a few more times, as I formulated a plan. As he ground his ass into my crotch again, I pushed up, forcing him back. I grabbed his legs, keeping him impaled as I swung around. Within a few moments, I had us in the missionary position. I pulled my dick out of Ryan's ass and quickly punched it back in.

"Umph," he groaned.

I repeated this over and over, each time eliciting another groan. I settled into a rhythm, working my dick deep into his hole and then pulling back until only the head stayed in. I gave each thrust as much power as I could.

"Now that's what I call getting fucked!" Ryan complimented.

Ryan grabbed his dick, but I swatted his hand away. "Oh, no you don't," I warned. "You're not going to cum that easily."

"Aw," he whined. "It feels so good!"

I grabbed his right ankle and lifted it while pushing him over onto his side. I'd seen this position in a porn video once and thought it worth a try. I kept thrusting, but found the angle awkward for me. I'd decided to change positions again when Ryan interrupted my train of thought.

"Fuckin great position," Ryan said. "It feels like you're getting deeper than you ever have. Damn, that feels good!"

"Glad you like it."

"Damn right I do!"

I continued to work at refining my position and finally found a spot where I could keep him in position and not feel uncomfortable. In fact, I found I kinda liked it. I put a note in the back of my mind to watch a few more videos online and see if I could perfect the position.

Ryan kept trying to stroke his dick and I kept swatting his hand away.

"Let me," he whined at one point.

"NO! You wanted to get fucked and I'm gonna make this last!"


"No!" I reiterated.

Ryan decided to do something else with his hands. He reached up and started tweaking my tits.

"Fuck," I groaned.

"Hehehe," he chuckled. "I can stroke my dick or play with your tits."

"Tits it is."

His flicking and twisting was really getting me going. Like many guys, my tits were hard wired to my dick. It didn't take long till I was nearing orgasm. I decided to slow things back down and pulled my dick out of his ass.

"Up on all fours!" I ordered.

Ryan rolled over and pushed his ass up in the air. I lined my dick up with his hole, pushed forward, and buried myself back in his ass. I grabbed his hips and started using long strokes to really fuck his ass.

"Deeper!" he begged. "DEEPER!"

I kept the long, hard strokes going as I really opened him up. Ryan started using his ass muscles to clamp down on my cock as it pushed in; releasing his muscles on my out strokes.

"I've said that was a talented ass before, but DAMN, boy, it's doing amazing things tonight."

"Only for you!"

Ryan clamped down tightly on me as I plunged in.

"DAMN!" I yelled as I shot in his ass.

I kept pumping for a few moments before I collapsed on his back. My weight pushed him onto the covers below.

"Ick..." he said.


"I landed in my cold cum," he explained.

Prev To be continued . . .

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