Double Trails




Chapter 65

-- WILL --

"Thank you for calling Double..." I got out before the voice on the phone cut me off.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I heard Jacob say through the phone.

"Um, Jacob!" I said loudly into the receiver.

"Oh, sorry, Will. Is Ryan there?"

"He's on the back side of the farm with Marty and Ezra working on some damaged fence segments. What's up?"

"Well, I got Kirk to school. Went in and talked to the principal for a few minutes about what was going on in the vaguest of terms. Got onto Front Street and my car died."

"Hold on a second." I hit the hold button on the phone and grabbed my walkie-talkie. "Hey, Erik?"

"Yeah, Will. What's up?" He responded quickly.

"What's the name of the mechanic you use?"

"Dominion over on Third street... something wrong?"

"Uh huh. Jacob's car broke down. Not sure the details. Let me tell him what to do."

I took the phone off hold. "Take the car to Dominion over on Third Street."

"Dude, first, the car won't move. Second, I have like no money, so it's not like I can pay for a tow or repairs."

"Hold on again."

I looked up Dominion's number and gave them a call.

"Hi, this is Will over at Double Trails."

"How can I help you?" A pleasant voice responded.

"We've got a car broke down on Front Street over by Richlands High School. It's a grey Honda Civic. It needs to be towed and fixed," I explained. "The contact number is 276-964-0000, if your driver has any problems."

"We'll have a truck there in about twenty minutes," the woman explained.

"Thanks," I said.

I disconnected and picked up the line with Jacob. "Sorry to keep you on hold."

"Not like there's anything else I can do," he said. "So, can you come help me out?"

"A tow truck will be there in about twenty minutes. I told the lady at the garage to have your car fixed. I'll come pick you up in about an hour."

"Dude, that's way too much. You can't do that."

"So, I'm supposed to leave you broken down on the side of the road forever?"

"Well... OK. But, I'm going to repay you," he said.

"See you in an hour," I replied.

I grabbed my coat, the keys to the Jeep and walked into the barn. I walked down the row of stalls until I saw someone's butt sticking out of a stall door. As I got closer I figured out whose.

"Hey, Randy. I've got to go into town for a bit. If anyone's looking for me, would you let'em know?"

"Sure," he replied. "Any problems?"

I knew Erik had given Randy a highly edited version of what was going on.

"Jacob's car broke down," I replied.

"Shit. One more thing he doesn't need," Randy said. "What are you going to do?"

"Dominion's going to tow the car in and fix it. I'm going to pick him up and bring him home."

"Gotcha. See you in a bit."

I drove into Richlands and found the Dominion garage on Third Street. Jacob was sitting outside the building on a bench. From the look on his face I figured he couldn't get much more depressed. I climbed out of the Jeep and put my best cheerful face on.

"Hey," I said, as I walked up to him. "What did they say it was going to take to get your car fixed?"

"They haven't," he explained. "The mechanic is still looking at it."

"Well, let's see if we need to hang around here or not."

"Dude, I don't have the money to fix it no matter what they find."

"No worries," I said. I opened the door to the garage and went into the office. A woman sat at a desk behind the counter. "Hi, I'm Will. I called earlier from Double Trails. Any word on what it's going to take to get the car fixed?"

"Not yet," she responded.

"Any reason for us to hang around?"

"I just need you to authorize the work, then we can set it up with a limit, and call you if it goes over."

"Just fix it," I replied. I handed her my Visa.

"Will! Y'all can't pay for everything," Jacob interjected.

"Run the card," I told the lady. I turned to face Jacob. "Look, it's not like you can get back to school if your car isn't fixed."

"I'm going to owe Erik so much," he almost whined.

"That card's mine, not Erik's. Although in a way..." I stopped for a second. "Look, I've got the money to pay for your car to be repaired. So get over it and say 'thank you'."

"It's just so much."

The lady handed me back my credit card.

"Let's go," I said.

We walked out of the garage and got into the Jeep. I was waiting for Jacob to start crying based on his look. I drove down the road a bit and then decided that we needed to talk it out. I pulled off into a parking lot and shut the Jeep off.

"What's up?" He asked.

"I can tell the situation has you torn up. You've had a lot dumped on you all at once. Your brother came out to you as gay; your dad's reacting badly; your mom's trying, but not quite there; you and your brother are dependent on the charity of others at the moment. All of that can't be easy."

His shoulders sank and he started to sob. "It's not," he finally managed.

"Feel free to let it all out."

"I don't know where to start. There's just so much..."

"How about I tell you a story and you'll see that you and Kirk aren't on your own. Then maybe you'll understand why Tracer, Ryan, Erik, and I are so willing to help."

I knew Tracer had told them some about his life, but this time I told it from my perspective. My big brother disappearing; the anger, no hatred that came from my father; my fears as I realized that I was gay; meeting Ryan and falling head over heels in love; the pain of separation; and Erik's support of Ryan and me.

"So you see, there's a history," I concluded.

"But you're paying to fix my truck. That's gotta be hard on you."

"Not really. I graduated high school with honors; I got two scholarships that pay my tuition; my folks and Erik are splitting the cost on our apartment at school and one other thing I haven't told you, Erik made Tracer and I part owners in the farm."

"Shit, you're rich."

"Not really."

"Huh? That's quite the place."

"Look. The farm is profitable... very profitable. We pay the employees well. Pay the mortgage on the farm. Buy equipment for the farm. But we don't really pay ourselves that much. Really, just enough for living expenses. If I'm a little short when the bill comes in, I'll let Tracer know I need a raise."

Just then Jacob's cell phone rang.

"Hello?" He paused. "Hey, Mom.." "Yes. He's in school today..." "Look. I know it's a big shock for both of you, but he's still your son. He didn't choose to be gay." He stopped short. "Well, I'm glad you understand that. So what next?"

He continued the conversation. It was clear that his mom was torn between her husband and her sons.

"Any progress?" I asked after he hung up.

"Not really. She sounds so confused. Her husband of twenty-seven years on one side and her two sons on the other. I feel bad for her."

"She'll figure things out over time," I assured him. "How are you doing?"

"I'm one fucked up puppy," he explained. "My dad hates me. I'm broke. I'm worried about Kirk. Shit, too much crap."

"Take it one day at a time. Kirk's going to be fine. He's got a safe place to live, finish school, and get ready for the next step. Let's get back to the farm and see what's going on."


I drove back, parked, and Jacob followed me into the office.

"What's your game plan for today?" I asked.

"I want to help out," he replied. "It's the least I can do after all y'all have done."

"Well, I've got a little more paperwork to finish up. Ryan's out on the backside of the farm with Ezra and Marty repairing some damaged fence. Why don't you go help Randy, he's doing a hoof check."

"Hoof check?"

"Yeah, horse feet. We have to go through and replace shoes regularly. In addition, you inspect the hoof for damage, disease, and other issues. He'll explain it, it goes faster if he has help. Why don't you run into the house and change into your old jeans and a t-shirt. You got old shoes with you too?"

"No. I've got junk clothes, but I didn't bring them with me."

"What size are you?"

"Nine and a half."

"OK. That rules anything in the house out. I'll check the staff wall and see if anyone's left an old pair around you could borrow."


Jacob ran into the house and I checked the muck boot wall in the stables. I found an old pair of boots on the wall that looked like they were about to fall apart. I figured one of the summer staff left them. I gave them to Jacob when he came back out and walked him into the stables.

"Hey, Randy, you've met Jacob, haven't you?"

"Yeah. Many times."

"He's volunteering today and I figured you could use some assistance."

"That's great, welcome to all the fun. I can use help. It'll sure move this along faster," Randy said.

I waved and walked off as the two of them got started. I went back to the office and returned to the paperwork.

Once I had that done, I checked out the Virginia Equestrian site to see if anyone was looking to buy or sell. I found a registered mare with a pedigree that appeared substantial, so I started doing some research and found her lineage to be impressive, especially at her listed price. She was on a farm in northern Virginia. I did a bit of research about the place and discovered they focused on Arabians, so it was odd they had a Quarter Horse on site. I decided to call the place and find out more details.

I spoke to the owner of the farm and discovered that the mare had been boarded at the farm... the owner had defaulted on the stabling bills and eventually given up ownership of the horse. The farm, being exclusively focused on Arabians, had put the horse up for sale to cover the bills and boarding expenses plus a small profit. I let the person know that I would call back after I'd discussed the mare with the other owners.

That night after dinner, I provided all the details to Ryan, Erik, and Tracer. We discussed the merits and concerns. Her lineage should make her an excellent choice for breeding, and based on the very low price, at worst we'd have a new horse for the rental service.

On Tuesday I called the farm and attempted a bit of haggling. The guy I spoke to indicated that it was a firm price and since it was fair I conditionally accepted, dependent on an inspection of the horse. As it would be over a six hour drive pulling a trailer, I got information on a few local hotels. We agreed that someone would come up on Thursday to pick up the horse and depart early Friday morning. I figured Ryan and I could make the trip.

Wednesday night as things were settling down for the evening, Ryan approached me about the trip.

"Would you mind if Jacob goes instead of you?" He asked.

"Huh?" Was about all I could muster.

"I think he wants to be gone for a day to see how Kirk handles it before he leaves for school. I'm not sure I follow the logic completely, but he really wants to go."

"Maybe he just wants to talk," I suggested.

"Could be a lot of things. I guess the question is do you want to go?"

"I don't mind. The thought of being on the road for twelve to fourteen hours over the next two days isn't one I was really relishing."

"Cool." He gave me a smooch on the cheek and walked out of the bedroom. I figured he went to tell Jacob.

He was back in just a moment and confirmed my suspicion.

"Jacob appreciates that you're OK with this."

I just grinned. "I'm going to miss you tomorrow night."

"I'll miss you too. But I can make up for it tonight!"

"That sounds like a promise I hope you'll keep!"

We hurriedly got undressed - clothes flying all around the room. I grabbed hold of the covers and threw them back. We climbed onto the bed and kissed deeply. I let this go on for a bit, while I let my hands explore his body. After kissing, groping, and grinding a few minutes, I decided it was time for some sucking. I pinned Ryan to the bed and moved down his body with my tongue. It took only a few seconds to get to Ryan's crotch, grab hold and suck his dick into my mouth.

"Oh, FUCK!" Ryan groaned as I manipulated his balls with one hand and sucked his cock at the same time.

I used my body to thwart his efforts to move. I knew he wanted a chance to get my dick in his mouth, but I wasn't ready for that. I'd swirl my tongue around the head of his dick for a few moments, then plunge down the shaft applying Hoover-class suction. I pulled down on his balls, tightening his sack and stretching the skin on his dick. I let my mouth come up his cock, lick down the shaft, then nuzzled his balls. My five o'clock shadow made him squirm, but when my tongue hit his balls he let out a deep moan.

"DAMN, dude," he said. "That feels fuckin' awesome. I want a chance to return the favor! After all, I thought this was about me making up for being gone."

I lifted up a moment. "You are. You are! Just let me have my fun!"

I pushed his balls up, put my hands under his knees and hoisted his legs into the air. I spread his legs slightly and then plunged my tongue between his ass cheeks.

"SHIT!" He said. After that his moans became much less comprehensible.

I licked and nibbled at his hole, enjoying the musky smell and flavor. I let a finger from each hand slip in with my tongue spreading his hole open. This let my tongue work in even deeper.

"Will, fuck me! Please!" Ryan whined.

I pulled my tongue out of his hole for a moment. "You want what?"

"I want FUCKED!" He commanded.

I pushed two fingers into his hole.

"Will, don't tease me. Fuck me!"

I grabbed the lube off the night stand and squirted a bit on my dick. I pushed the head against his hole and my dick slid in. He started pushing his ass back on my dick, letting it slip in even further.

 "That's it," I encouraged.

I repositioned my hands on his legs and used them as leverage to start slamming his ass. His dick got harder and harder as I fucked him.

 "That's it. Come on! Fuck me!" He encouraged.

I had to admit his tight hole wrapped around my shaft felt fuckin great! I started bucking as his ass clamped down on my cock.

"You're milking me good."

"Damn right! I want that load buried deep in me!"

Ryan's actions were starting to churn the cum up in my balls, but I knew he wanted a hard pounding.

"Get on all fours," I ordered.

Ryan quickly complied and I plunged my dick back in his hole quickly. I loved fucking him doggie style - grabbing hold of his hips and starting to slap his ass with my body as I fucked.

My thrusts were met by his pushes back, and the pace and pressure intensified. Ryan reached up with one hand and started jerking himself. It didn't take long for the combination to affect him.

"I'm gonna shoot," Ryan warned.

"Don't you dare!" I ordered. "You're gonna have to fuck me next."

"But I'm so close..." he almost whined.

I slapped his hand away from his dick and pushed down on his shoulders, so that he was face first in the pillow with his ass in the air.

"No, you don't!"

I pulled my dick all the way out of his hole and paused a moment, which elicited a pillow-muffled moan from Ryan. I waited a few more seconds, then plunged my cock in till my pubes hit his ass.

"Umph..." Ryan grunted.

I repeated the process a number of times, getting the same "Umph" out of him. My balls started to churn and I knew it was time to finish my fuck so he could fuck me. I pulled out completely, pushed Ryan over onto his back, shoved his legs into the air and thrust back into him. I grabbed him by the hips and began pounding his hole in jack-rabbit, quick thrusts.

"Oh, FUCK!" he bellowed.

I grabbed the pillow and threw it over his face. "Not so loud! We've got company!"

I could feel my balls contracting... my body started tensing... my thrusts kept getting faster and faster. I nearly went rigid as my cock shot blast after blast of cum deep into Ryan's ass.

"Damn, dude," he said. "That was intense."

I collapsed on top of him.

"I thought you wanted me to fuck you," he said with a teasing tone.

"I do! But let me catch my breath first."


With that Ryan pushed me off him, pushed my legs into my chest and spit on my hole. Then worked more and more spit into my ass with his fingers.

I was too wiped out to resist. I did work up the energy to find and hand him the bottle of lube off the bed.

"Nice," he said.

I heard him squirt some on his dick and felt him quickly push into my hole. In only a moment he was buried in my ass.

"Now it's my turn," he said with an evil sounding chuckle.

"Bring it on!"

Ryan started fucking my hole hard and deep. Several long strokes where he'd almost pull out of my hole would be followed by a few short thrusts. The long fuck I'd given him plus me working my ass muscles to milk his dick had him ready rather quickly.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck..." he groaned.

I felt him shooting squirt after squirt of cum into my hole.

As his breathing returned to normal he grinned down at me. "Did that make up for tomorrow night?"

"Not at all," I teased him.

He started trying to tickle me. I stuck my tongue out at him. "I'm not ticklish," I reminded him.

Then I reached up and tickled him a bit, making him laugh.

"Stop that," he said.

"Then don't start it next time," I giggled back at him.

We lay there chatting for a bit before going to clean up.

Thursday morning, Ryan and I got the trailer hitched to the big Ram dualie before breakfast. After breakfast, he and Jacob grabbed their duffle bags and started to head out the door. I grabbed Ryan and gave him a quick kiss. He smiled at me and left. I turned to find Kirk staring at me.

I looked at him, figuring he would say something. After a long pause, I finally asked him, "Problem?"

"I've never seen two guys kiss," he finally said.


"Well, it's not like I've had lots of opportunities."

"What time do I need to drive you to school?" I asked.

"I have to be there at seven forty-five, so we should leave soon."

"I'm ready when you are."

"Let me get my backpack," he replied.

As we left the farm, Kirk was very quiet. After we'd been on the road a few minutes he finally asked a question.

"Your brother said you and Ryan had been together for five years, did you meet him here?"

"Yeah. It was on my third visit to the farm that Ryan and I finally figured each other out. Hell, we figured ourselves out together."

"You mean you hadn't had sex with anyone else when you met Ryan?"

"Yup, all virginal and such," I admitted.

"What about since then," he asked.

"I've never had sex with anyone else."

"Oh, wow. Doesn't that get boring?"

"Not at all."

"Just seems..."

"Seems what?"

"Hmm..." he started. "Monotonous."

"It really doesn't have to be."

"I guess I haven't gotten far enough along."

"Are you dating?" I asked.

"In Richlands??? Not a chance."

"I take it though you've had sex?"

"Yeah. But no dates. Hook ups."

"How does that work?" I asked.

"I found this site on the web that had places to meet guys. You know, cruising."

My face must have had a blank look.

"OK. You go to one of these sites; other guys are there; you use looks, signals, whatever to figure out that you're interested in each other..."

"Ummm... I'm not following. Sorry, I have a lot of experience with Ryan, but not with this."

"It seems a bit dirty compared to you, but there's this restroom at the Claypool Hill Mall. You go into one of the booths and sit down. Someone comes into the booth next to you. He sits, taps his foot... you tap your foot. After a few minutes of footsie, you determine you're both truly interested."

"OK," I was a bit stunned. "So then you go somewhere? Have a date?"

He laughed. "No. Usually one guy sticks his dick under the stall and the other sucks him off. At best, if things move along, you might end up in a guy's car exchanging blow jobs in a back corner of the parking lot."


"Pretty stupid, huh?"

"I don't know if stupid's the word I'd use. It's just a shame you can't just find other guys and date."

"Well. Not everyone's as lucky as you were I guess."

At that point, I pulled up in front of the school. "What time do I need to pick you up?"

"I've got a club meeting after school," he explained. "Can I call you when I'm ready?"

"Sure." I wrote down my cell phone number. "Call me on this number."

"Will do."

Kirk hopped out of the Jeep and headed off into the school. Since I was in town, I decided to drive over to Janet's office and visit for a minute. When I got there she was alone. We talked about school, the farm, and Ryan and my plans for our return. In addition we discussed her and Tracer going to cooking classes in Abingdon the next day. After my discussion with Kirk, the time with Janet brightened my mood a bit.

I was about to head back to the farm when my cell phone rang.

"Hello," I said.

"You still in town?" Tracer asked.

"Yeah, I just got into the Jeep. I'm leaving Janet's office."

"Can you run over to Southern States and pick up a few things. I sent in an order already, so you just need to pick it up."

"I'm in the Jeep," I reminded him.

"All the stuff should fit," he replied.


It was a twenty minute drive down to Lebanon. They had the stuff ready at the desk when I walked in and we got it loaded into the Jeep quickly. I was ready for lunch when I got home. I unloaded the order into a cart and pulled it into the stables. I left it just inside the door and went into the house to find some grub.

I was eating my sandwich when Tracer came in. As he started fixing a sandwich we started talking.

"How's your day going?" He asked.

"Not bad," I admitted. "Had an unusual discussion with Kirk earlier."


"Have you ever heard of cruising?"

"Yeah. Sure. Why?"

"I'm not really familiar with it," I explained.

"How did it come up?"

"Kirk was explaining the concept to me. He was telling me about some restroom at the Claypool Hill Mall. I just don't get it..."

"Get what? Not everyone meets the love of their life on the first try."

"But aren't there better ways to meet a guy?"

"Will, think about it. Kirk's eighteen; he lives in a rural county with a fairly religious, conservative leaning population. It's not like he can date someone at school. Where else would he find sex?"

"I guess I'm not comfortable with the idea of sex without a relationship."

"Consider yourself lucky. A lot of guys go through a lot of random experiences before they find someone."

"I've always considered myself lucky," I admitted.

"Maybe when Kirk goes to college he can find guys to date."

"Do you think he'll get to go to college?" I asked.

"I'm bound and determined he will. Hopefully, things will work out with his family."

"I'll keep my fingers crossed."

I'd finished my sandwich, put the plate in the dishwasher, then told Tracer I'd see him later. I went outside and checked the work board. No one had policed the trails yet, so I marked the board, grabbed the tools and loaded up the Gator.

There wasn't any trash on the trail and only a small amount of manure. It took about an hour to check both trails and clean up the picnic area. I had gotten a few other tasks completed when my cell phone rang. Looking at the number I figured it was Kirk.


"Hey, Will. Can you come pick me up?" He asked.

"Sure, I'll be there in a little bit."

I put the tools away, walked through the stables and found no one. I stuck my head into the office and saw Erik.

"I'm going into town to pick up Kirk. Need anything?" I asked.

"Not that I can think of," he replied.

"I'll be back in a bit."

I hopped into the Jeep and drove into town. I'd just pulled up in front of the high school when my cell rang.


"Hey." It was Tracer's voice. "You in the Jeep or a truck?"


"Drats. Never mind."

"What's up?"

"There's some stuff over at Tractor Supply Company that just arrived. I was hoping you could pick it up."

"Will it all fit in the back of the Jeep?" As I asked, Kirk climbed into the passenger's seat.

"Nope," he replied. "No worries. Erik and I can go get it."


"Maybe I can convince him to have dinner in town. Just the two of us."

"Sounds like a good idea. I can fix dinner for Kirk and me."

"OK. See you later."

I disconnected the call and turned to Kirk.

"Anything you need in town before we head back out to the farm?"

"Not really."

"How was school?"

"Not bad."

"It'll just be you and me for dinner tonight. Burgers and fries for dinner sound good?"

"Yeah, that will be great."

When we got back to the house the parking lot was empty.

"Where's everyone?" Kirk asked.

"Well, the guys have gone home for the night. Erik and Tracer went to Tractor Supply and then they're going out to dinner. Jacob's car's in the shop. The only other vehicle would be the truck that Ryan and Jacob are in."



"Not yet. I'm going to go do my homework."


After Kirk went upstairs, I cleaned up the kitchen, put the dishes away from the dishwasher, then got the ground beef out of the fridge and formed some patties. I did a few more chores and then decided to get a quick shower.

I climbed the stairs, walked down the hall, and stopped short. I was confused that the door to our room was open. I knew I'd shut it this morning since the room was a mess. I walked into the room and stopped short again.

"What the hell?" I was staring at Kirk lying naked on the bed. His dick was pointing straight up and he was stroking.

"I'm horny," he replied.

"So you got naked and came in here?" I was just shy of yelling.

"I'm sorry. I thought... I thought you liked me," Kirk said as he started to cry.

"I do like you," I explained. "But I'm in love with Ryan."

"You can fuck me," he said in a tone approaching a whine.

I turned to the closet and grabbed my robe. "Here, put this on please."


"Kirk, you're a nice guy, but we aren't going to have sex. I love Ryan. He's the only one that I'm going to have sex with."

He put on the robe and sat on the edge of the bed. Unfortunately the tears didn't stop. I did notice that his dick was deflating fast, so I sat next to him.

"Kirk, a sweet guy like you will find someone. You just need the right opportunity. I bet once you get to college, you'll meet lots of guys to date."

"Yeah. Sure." His tone told me he didn't believe me. "But what about now?"

"I can be your friend."

"I need to be with someone. I want to be with someone."

I put my arm around him and hugged him. "I can't be that someone. It'll happen. It really will." He sat quietly beside me. The tears slowed, but they didn't stop. "How about you get dressed and we have dinner. We can talk more, if you want."

"I'd like that," he said quietly.

"I'll meet you downstairs."

We ate dinner and talked about his predicament. He spent a lot of time talking about how he felt cruising; the thrill, the fun. The biggest thing he described was the nerves that developed wondering if he'd get caught, arrested, or harmed while cruising.

We'd moved to the den and were still talking when the driveway signal indicated that Tracer and Erik were home. Kirk ended the conversation very quickly, saying he needed to finish homework and disappeared upstairs. I guessed he was embarrassed about what had happened.

I talked to Tracer and Erik a bit before heading upstairs for bed. I tapped on Kirk's door, he said, "Come in" and I stuck my head in.

"Same time tomorrow for me to drive you to school?"

"Yes, thanks. I'm really sorry about earlier, Will. I made a mistake."

"It's forgiven and forgotten. No harm, no foul."

"Thanks," he said with a weak smile.

In my room, I finally got around to taking a shower. After that, I curled up in bed and tossed and turned a while before finally getting to sleep.

Friday was an uneventful day. Ryan and Jacob got home just as I was getting ready to pick up Kirk.

"Trip go well?" I asked.

"Yeah. She's a beautiful horse. I can't wait to get to ride her," Ryan said.

"So I did good?" I asked.

"Damn good."

"I need to go pick up Kirk."

"I'll do it. Can I use the Jeep?" Jacob asked.

"Sure," Ryan said.

I threw the keys to Jacob.

As he walked off, Ryan turned to me.

"Help me get her into a stall?" He asked.


I pulled the pins on the back of the trailer and lowered the ramp, then Ryan carefully worked his way inside to the front of the trailer. Watching from the back, I saw him stroke her mane, take her bridle and help her back out of the trailer.

"Will, may I introduce you to Dressage Diva."

"Nice to formally meet you," I said to her. "I'm still not a fan of the name."

"Me either," he admitted. "I guess we'll call here Diva."

"She is a beautiful horse."

We walked her into the stable and put her into an empty stall. I made sure the waterer was full.

"Does she need feed?" I asked.

"Probably be a good thing to give her some."

We got Diva settled in her stall and then walked down the row checking each of the horses. I wanted to tell Ryan about what happened with Kirk, but didn't think it was the right time. Once things were settled, we grabbed Ryan's bag from the back seat of the truck and went up to our room.

After we got his clothes in the hamper and the bag put away he gave me a deep kiss.

"Sex?" He asked.

"Now? Or after dinner when we have more time?"


"A quickie?"


We stripped of clothing and jumped onto the bed. Ryan swung around into a sixty-nine and I swallowed his soft cock to the root. I started using my throat muscles to bring him to rock hard quickly. He started licking my shaft, which got me wound up just as fast.

With a dick down each of our throats there wasn't any talking, just a lot of moaning. I started rubbing my fingers over his balls and down his ass crack, eliciting deeper groans. He followed suit and it wasn't very long till I was ready to blast. I shot my cum into his mouth and was shortly rewarded with his cream in mine.

He pivoted around and held me. I kissed him and our tongues swapped the last tastes of each other's cum. I was so content lying there, but then the driveway alarm buzzed.

"I'm guessing Jacob's back from picking up Kirk," he said.


"Kirk seems like a good kid," Ryan said.

"He is. He's got a lot to go through and a lot to learn, but at the core he is good."

Ryan gave me an odd look after my comment, but didn't pursue it. Instead he got up and padded into the bathroom. I followed suit and we cleaned up, got dressed and went down to the kitchen to start on dinner.

Saturday, Janet showed up early and picked up Tracer. They had to get over to Abingdon early to take the cooking class. Just after they left, I took Jacob into town to pick up his car. Even I was taken aback by how much it cost to fix it - over eleven hundred dollars.

"Shit. Shit. Shit," he cussed. "I'll be in debt the rest of my life."

"No. No you won't. Don't worry about this at all."

"Dude, it's way too much."

"Jacob, stop! More worry isn't anything you need right now. You're going to get through this. Kirk's going to get through this. Just accept the help, be grateful, and pass it on when you're in the position to help someone."

A tear formed in the corner of his eye. "I do appreciate it greatly. I also need to thank you for how you handled Kirk."

My jaw dropped. "He told you what happened?"

"Yeah. That's why it took me so long to pick him up yesterday. I reamed him a new hole and warned him not to try anything like that again."

"He's just confused, hurt, scared, and I think he needs comfort. But I did have a good long talk to him during and after dinner on Thursday."

"He told me. What did you tell Ryan?"

"I haven't. I don't want him to freak out."

Jacob gave me a look. The look changed as he thought.

"Fair enough, you handle it how you want. Do you want me to talk to him with you?"

"Let me think about it. My biggest concern is for Kirk to be out of reach till I get Ryan calmed down."

"Well, let me know what you want to do."

I followed Jacob back to the farm and things were quiet the rest of the day.

Sunday morning Jacob was up and on the road early. He had a long drive back to school. Ryan and I had things down by the back door by lunch time. After we ate, we got the Jeep loaded and hugged everyone goodbye.

I got us out onto US Route 460 before I worked up the nerve to tell Ryan.

"I need to talk to you about something that happened while you and Jacob were gone," I said.

I explained what I'd walked in on and Ryan blew his stack.

"He WHAT? And you didn't tell me. That FUCKING little shit. I'm gonna kill him. Turn this thing around. Why didn't you tell me when I got home?"

"Ryan, STOP. Calm down. I handled it. Nothing happened in the end, except he's very embarrassed. He told Jacob and evidently Jacob reamed him a new one. Do you trust me?"

"Yes," he said quietly.

I could tell he was still working to control his emotions.

"Then trust me that absolutely nothing happened. He's scared, he's lonely, and he wanted someone to comfort him. He made a mistake, I corrected him and then that evening we spent a lot of time talking about things. It's over and done with."

"I'm still not happy," Ryan said.

"I can accept that. I understand if you're mad at me for not telling you sooner. But understand that I didn't want you blowing up at Kirk. He just made a mistake."

We talked quietly for a bit longer about what happened and how I handled it. By the time I was finished, Ryan had calmed down a lot.

We got back to the apartment mid-afternoon. Ryan and I were carrying our first load in and found Josh on the couch making out with a guy.

"Oh, sorry," Ryan said. "Didn't mean to interrupt."

"Hey," Josh said.

The guy he was with had a deer in the headlights look.

"We'll get our stuff into the room and leave you two be," I said.

"No worries," Josh said. "Chris, these are my roommates Ryan and Will. They're a couple. How long have you two been together?"

"We just celebrated five years together," I replied.

"Wow," Chris said. "Nice to meet you both." He stood up to greet us, offering each of us his hand and I was struck with how tall he was. My eyes were looking straight into his Adam's apple. "I should be going."

"Don't let us run you off," Ryan said. "We're going to be unpacking in our room anyway."

"You're not running me off," he said. The look on his face made me think otherwise. "I need to get back to the dorm and get things ready for tomorrow's start of classes."

Ryan and I carried our stuff into our room to give Chris and Josh some privacy. A few minutes later Josh knocked on our door.

"So, what did you think of Chris?" Josh asked.

"Tall!" I replied. "Where'd you meet him?"

"Yeah. He's six foot seven inches," Josh explained. "He's a freshman on the basketball team."

"What happened to Douglas?" Ryan asked.

"We broke up a few weeks ago. Or should I say I dumped him when I found out he was cheating on me. I sure know how to pick'em, don't I?"

"Hey, sometimes you make mistakes. It's an easy area to get wrong," I admitted. "Judging people isn't easy."

"Chris is closeted. We met at the coffee shop. Today was our third ummm.... date."

"I would imagine it's going to be hard to date him," I said.

"Well, yeah. But the sex is good!"

Both Ryan and I snickered at that.

"Look, I was in a relationship for a while. I tried to start a second one... both of them failed. So, this time I admit that this is just for fun and sex. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. I'll be graduated and gone in four months. He's new to all this and, unlike you two, I seriously doubt he's ready to settle down."

The three of us talked about Josh's plans while Ryan and I finished putting our stuff away. We had dinner together that evening catching up on the holiday before pulling things together for our first classes.

Monday morning I work up first and slipped into the bathroom to shower. I was toweling off when Ryan came in.

"Morning," he groused.

"Morning, sleepyhead."

"I have to be up early on the farm. There's no reason I have to do it here."

"Class," I reminded him.

"I know. I know."

I went back into our room to get dressed while Ryan got his shower. I was in the kitchen wrapping up two breakfast sandwiches when Ryan came out dressed for class.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Yup. Here's your coffee, sandwich, and books."

"Very efficient," he said. "Nice to have you around!"

As we walked over to campus, Ryan said, "I can't believe we got through a year of high school and three and a half years of college and this is only our third class together."

"Well, with all its pre-requisites it took both of us all this time to get ready for Horse Production and Management so this is our only chance to take it."

"Stupid name," Ryan said.

"Yeah, but what would you call it?"

"Eh. Don't care. Just five more classes and I'm done with this place!"

 "At least this class should add something to our knowledge."

"I guess. It'll be interesting to see what the professor has to offer."

By this point we'd passed the farmer's market and were cutting through the grounds by Grad Life Center. We still had to get pretty much across campus.

"You gotta admit that you've learned some stuff. Eventually, you'll be running the farm."

"You mean, eventually, 'we'll' be running the farm."

"True. But we need to know how to do it right. Your dad has a business degree to fall back on."

"I know. I know."

We got to class and took seats next to each other three rows back. I usually sat in the front row of a class, but there weren't any seats left. A few moments later the professor walked in.

"Good morning," he said. "Welcome to ASPC4424, Horse Production and Management. Over the next four months we'll be bringing together all the knowledge you've gathered during the last four years. Your final project for this class is to follow a mare through her late pregnancy and work with her newborn foal."

He paused a moment.

"How many of you have worked on horse farms?"

About half the class raised their hands.

"How many of you have watched a foaling?"

About half the hands went down.

"Have any of you gotten to participate in a foaling?"

Only three hands remained up - Ryan's, a classmate's, and mine.

"Mr...?" our professor asked of me.

"Klein, Sir. Will Klein."

"How many times?"

"I watched my first about four years ago." I stopped and looked at Ryan. "Sir Arthur wasn't it? Since then I've been involved in... about a dozen."

"Very nice. I take it you two know each other?"

"Yes, Sir." I responded.

"And you, Mr...?"

"Chamberlain, Sir. Ryan Chamberlain. About one hundred, I'd guess."

"You've seen or been involved in over a hundred?" He questioned.

"In the early years I just watched. Over the last few years I've been heavily involved in five to ten each year."

"Great," one of the guys in the front row said. "He'll wreck the curve."

That caused the entire class to laugh.

"Sorry," Ryan said. "I grew up on a breeding farm."

"What does the farm breed?" The professor asked.

"American Quarter horses," Ryan said.

"Told you... curve wrecker," the same guy said.

"I guess I'm not going to make lots of friends in this class," Ryan whispered to me.

All I could think was 'only four more months'...

Prev To be continued . . .

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