Double Trails




Chapter 66

-- TRACER --

"Good morning," I said to Erik as he walked into the kitchen. He'd still been asleep when I slipped out of our bedroom to get the coffee started.

"Morning," he replied. "Coffee ready?"

"Just about. I was thinking that maybe we should get a new coffee maker with a timer, so it's ready when we come downstairs."

"We could move this one out into the office, put the one in the office in the back of the stables and get a new one."

"Sounds like a plan. I'll ask Christine to order one."

"Good morning," Kirk said as he came through the kitchen door... I was surprised to see him up so early.

"You're up bright and early," Erik commented, beating me to the punch.

"I want to help out more. I feel... I feel like I should be doing more on the weekends to help out."

"It's not necessary," Erik replied.

Before he could go any farther, I glanced at Erik and gave him my ‘drop it' look. "We appreciate anything you want to do to help out. Were you thinking manual labor, office work, or stuff here in the house?"

"I just want to help," he replied. "Use me where you can." His voice had an almost pathetic quality to it that made me wince.

"We're getting ready to do some reorganization of the horses in the stalls," I explained. "You can help Randy out with that."


"We didn't move many of the horses around after we added the new addition to the stable last year, so we're going to do it now. Group all the boarded horses together, consolidate all the rentals in one area, and so forth."

"I'll be glad to help," Kirk said.

"It's mostly going to be cleaning out the stall, putting in the new horse, moving the name plate, things like that."

"That's fine. As I said, I just want to help."

Erik kept quiet throughout the exchange, but I knew he wanted to interject in some way.

"Thanks," I said.

After breakfast, I sent Kirk out to the stable. "Find Randy and let him know you're going to be helping."

Kirk's face looked happier than I'd seen in nearly two months as he went out the back door.

"Spill it," Erik said as he helped me clear the table.

"Remember, I've been in his shoes. I used to call myself the Mooch of Memphis. It gets to you after a while, tears at you, depresses you. Hell, it lowers your self-esteem to the point that you give up. He needs to feel useful, that he's not a mooch."

"I don't want the work to impact his school. I remember us having to lay Ryan and Will off at the end of their senior year. I just don't think he needs this right now."

"This is different. Will wasn't having any problems but Ryan was so wrapped up in his work duties that he let them get in the way. Kirk just wants to help out. I'll make sure he knows that school comes first... helping out when he can."

"That works," Erik admitted. "I thought I was past this point."


"A parent with a kid in high-school," he explained.

I laughed. "Well, it was unexpected. But he's a good kid and needs the help."

"Has he heard anything from his parents to your knowledge?"

"Jacob hears from his mom, then calls Kirk with any details. That's about it."


"Not much we can do about it, but be there and support them both."

"Too true," Erik agreed. "Well, I guess it's time to get to work."

We both went outside; Erik went straight to the office while I went into the stables.

"Thanks for the help," Randy said as I walked up.

"No problem," I replied. I looked around and didn't see Kirk at first. Then a moment later he came through the back door with the wheelbarrow. "Ah, someone to move muck for you."

"Exactly," Randy said with a big grin.

"Need anything?" I asked.

"Naw, we've got everything under control here."

"I'm going to check the rentals for today, then I'll start pulling horses. I'll get them ready and moved out to the first pasture."

"That would be a big help, we could clean those stalls, then move horses as needed."

I walked down the wide hallway. As I passed each stall I gave a good look at each of the horses. I went through the door connecting the stable to the office and found Erik on the phone with his back to me.

"I'll get Tracer to email that to you later today," he said.

I coughed a little to let Erik know I was behind him.

"Speak of the devil," he said into the phone. "I'll let you talk to him and make sure he gets the list of what you need." He put his hand over the mouthpiece and said to me. "It's Will. He needs some things for school."

He put the phone on hold while I sat down at my desk. I picked up line one and said. "Hey, baby brother, you're up bright and early."

"Yeah. I'm working on a project for one of my classes."

"What all do you need?"

"Can you send me the pricing list for our stud fees, the costs for boarding, and the rental fees?"

"Um. Sure. What kinda project are you working on?"

"It's for Horse Production and Management. We've been discussing pricing and I'm doing a short paper on the cost-to-profit ratio. I'm going to use our fee structure as a foundation for part of the project. I've also been looking at a couple of the stud service web sites to get additional information."

"That's cool. All our stud fees are published, so it's not like you're giving secrets away."

"That's what I figured."

"I'll email you the PDFs in a few minutes."

"Thanks. Love you."

"Love you... later!"

While I'd been chatting with Will, Erik had left the office. After I got the e-mail sent to Will, I checked the rental spreadsheet and saw that we had two morning groups, both of decent size, and three small groups in the afternoon. Pretty busy for early March. Heck, it wasn't even spring break yet.

I walked back into the stable and started pulling the horses for the first group. I took each horse from the stall, put on a bridle, then attached the lead to a wall ring, so the horse couldn't stray. I grabbed a brush and groomed the horse, put a saddle pad on, then went to the saddle room and grabbed a saddle for the horse and put it on. Once in the right position, I lowered the cinches and pulled the tie strap through the front ring. Finally I got the rear cinch in place and attached. Properly dressed, I then led each horse out to the pasture.

I had the fourteen horses for the first group ready when Erik showed up.

"Need help?"

"That would be nice," I replied. "I've got fourteen horses ready for the nine a.m. group. Now I need to get fifteen horses ready for the 10 a.m. group."

"I'll get the bridles on, you start getting the saddles on, then I'll help with the last few saddles," he offered.

We'd just finished leading the horses out when the first group started to arrive. While Erik talked to the first arrivals and got things sorted out, I ran back and got Night Dancer ready for the ride.

When I came out of the stable with Dancer, Erik had most of the folks up on their horses. He got the last two on their mounts and I led them into the woods on the outer trail. According to the reservation, none of the riders had much experience, so I kept things gentle all the way up to the picnic area.

Once everyone was in the clearing, I got the group fairly close together.

"Everyone having a good time?"

I got a chorus of "yeahs" from the group.


"Can we go faster?" One of the younger boys in the group asked. His voice wavered on whining, but you could easily tell he really wanted more speed.

A couple of the adults looked a bit dubious, but no one objected.

"Sure," I replied. "Everyone ready to get back to riding?"

Another chorus of "yeahs" from the group.

I led the group around the open area, speeding up as we went around. I made two loops in the open, going from a walk to a trot to a canter. I knew the young boy wanted to move to a gallop, but I didn't want to take the group through the woods that fast.

I took them through the inner trail and back to the stables. We got back about five after eleven.

"I hope everyone enjoyed the ride," I said.

A number of them made very positive comments.

I looked over at the younger boy and he wasn't smiling. I moved Night Dancer over till we were sitting side by side.

"Your parents here?" I asked him quietly.

"Yeah. That's my Dad." He pointed at a gentleman on a nearby horse.

"Mind if I take him for a faster ride?" I asked.

The gentleman hesitated.

"It will be in the pasture, so no trees or rocks," I explained.

He thought a minute. "Go ahead."

Just at the right time, Randy came out of the stable. I called over to him. "Could you help the folks dismount? I want to let this kid really cut loose with the horse for a few minutes."


I led the boy away from the group a bit. I knew the horse he was on would follow both direction and pace.

"Got a good grip on the reins?" I asked.


I dug my heals into Dancer's side and spurred him on. Within a moment the two of us were at a full gallop heading across the open pasture.

"Holy shit..." the boy yelled.

"Too fast?" I hollered back.

"Not at all. This is awesome!"

I led us to the far end of the pasture. When we got there the boy was obviously very excited.

"How was that?"

"Fucking awe... oops... I'm sorry. Awesome, Sir."

"Glad you like. Ready to head back?"

"Same speed? Please..."


I spurred Dancer again and we took off across the pasture. I could hear him making noises behind me. I looked once to make sure what I heard were sounds of joy. When we got back to the stable Randy had everyone dismounted.

"Thanks!" he enthused. "That was great."

"The need for speed," I commented.

"Hopefully, I can talk Dad into going riding again real soon." He said as his dad walked up to us.

"We'll see what we can arrange," his dad replied.

Randy took the boy's horse by the reins and helped the boy down. As Randy led the horse off the boy followed.

"We offer riding classes at an affordable price," I commented.

"I wish that was an option. We just can't afford it at the minute," the father explained. "Thanks for not saying that in front of him or I'd be pestered forever."

"Understood. Well, if the two of you want to come back for a ride sometime, give me a call and I'll see what we can work out." I dug out a business card from my wallet. "Ask for me, I'm one of the owners."


The group departed and I started removing the saddles from each horse. I left the bridle on each horse, so that we could easily lead the horse back to the stable later. I had all the horses out in the pasture when Erik rode up with the second group. I walked over and helped the riders dismount, took their horses and tied them to the pasture fence. Once his group departed, the two of us began the process of removing the saddles from each horse.

"How'd your ride go?" he asked.

"Not bad. Pretty much everyone was a beginning rider, so I kept the pace slow through the first half of the ride. I brought things up to a trot for the ride back. There was this one young guy that really wanted to go faster, so after the ride was done, Randy helped the folks dismount while I took him for a quick ride across the pasture. He was so excited by galloping..."

"Sounds like a typical kid," Erik replied.

"Yeah. I made the pitch to the Dad about riding lessons..."

"I hear a ‘but' in there."

"Didn't sound like they could afford it."

"Well, riding lessons aren't a necessity, and for a lot of folks you only splurge once in a blue moon for a fun ride."

"I guess that's true."

There was something nagging me in the back of my mind, but I couldn't put it into a fully formed thought.

After lunch, I had Kirk help me get the horses ready for our afternoon groups.

"Randy said we were done for today on the stalls," Kirk mentioned. "What can I do next?"

"Want to ride with one of the groups?"

"That's not work."

"Actually, it is," I explained. "We've got three groups, one starting at one-thirty, one starting at two, and one starting at two-thirty. Two of the groups are repeats and don't need us leading them. However, both Erik and I will be out on the trails to monitor them. The third group hasn't been here before and has mostly novice riders. So we need someone to stick close to them."

"What do I need to do? I've only been riding for two months." He sounded very dubious.

"You'll lead them up the trail to the picnic area and then back. You'll have a walkie-talkie, so if anything comes up you radio us. As I said, Erik and I will be out on the trails, so we can get to you quickly. But honestly, I doubt anything will happen."

"I guess I can handle that."

I was glad to hear a bit of confidence creep into his voice.

"I'm sure you can. It's the middle group of the three, so either Erik or I will help get everyone on their horses and get you out onto the trails."

He smiled and I was glad to see him look happy.

The afternoon rides went off without a hitch and by five the three of us had all the horses settled for the night. A few we led into their new stalls, the rest went back into the pasture with a blanket over them.

"Thanks for all your help with grooming," Erik said to Kirk. "It really helped out."

"Looks like you and Randy got a good start on the stalls." I said.

"It was nice to do some real work for once," Kirk explained.

"We appreciate the help," I said. "Time to clean up and then dinner."

"I'll make sure everything is shut down and locked up," Erik said.

Kirk and I went into the house and both headed upstairs. It felt good to strip down and get under the hot shower spray. My body was just starting to really feel clean when Erik walked into the bathroom.

"Want me to leave the shower on?" I asked.

"Yeah. And why don't you stay in it..."

He blocked the stall door so I couldn't get out - not that I was really trying.

"Scrub your back?" I offered.

"That's a start."

I moved a bit and let Erik stand under the water. The spray hit the top of his head and started cascading over his shoulders; drops hung from the hair on his body. I grabbed the shampoo and started massaging his scalp. I built up a good lather working down his body, making sure I got every nook and cranny clean. As I got down to his cock and balls I paid close attention, which got a good response from Erik.

"Seems like I've got your attention," I said.

"Well, you've got my dick's attention, that's for sure."

I cupped my hands between Erik's legs and got enough water to rinse the soap off his privates. Well rinsed, I bent and took his hardening dick into my mouth.

"That's the ticket," Erik muttered.

I got down on my haunches and grabbed his legs for stability. Sucking dick under a shower spray isn't the easiest thing in the world as fun as it sounds. I pulled off Erik's dick for a minute.

"How about we get out of the shower and you fuck me senseless," I suggested.

"You're supposed to be starting dinner, aren't you?"

"So, no fucking?"

Erik shut off the shower and I grabbed his towel and started to towel him off, but he took the towel away from me.

"Dry yourself quick," he said. "I want to get to fuckin!"

I grabbed my towel and gave my body a quick wipe down... I wasn't quite done when Erik grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bedroom.

"You got me too worked up."

He pushed me onto the bed and I landed face down on all fours. I was about to adjust myself a bit when Erik grabbed my hips. His hands spread my cheeks apart and I felt two fingers work into my hole adding lube to it. My hole started to feel very slick as he added more and more lube to it.

Suddenly my ass, my hole, everything was abandoned. Then I felt movement behind me.

Erik's bass voice seemed deeper than ever when it boomed... "One, Two, THREE."

With three, Erik's dick pushed through my ass cheeks, through my ring, and all the way into my hole until I felt his pubic hair scratching my ass.

"HOLY FUCK!" I cried out.

Erik didn't stay buried for more than a second before he pulled all the way out.

"One, Two, THREE," he repeated. Once again, he plowed his dick in hard and deep.

This time it knocked the wind out of me.

My hole started to throb. At the same time, Erik started pulling almost all the way out of my ass and then thrusting all the way back in quickly. It was one of the most amazing deep, power fucks he'd given me in a long time... it was wonderful!

I worked my ass muscles to try to milk his cock. The effect was to slow the plunge and pull a bit; but Erik only grunted louder and returned to full speed.

"Milk it. Pull the cum outta me," Erik ordered.

I started to say "I'm trying" as he slammed back into me, but it came out more like a grunted mumble.

Erik's pace picked up, but the length of his strokes didn't shorten. He was a man possessed to flood my ass full of cum... I was in heaven! On one powerful stroke, he buried himself deep and let out a loud, deep, guttural moan. I felt his dick throb as cum was injected deep in my ass. As my hole clenched, my cock started shooting onto the sheets below.

He collapsed on my back and nibbled at my neck. "That was wonderful," I said. "I hate to say this, but I'm supposed to be fixing dinner, and we do have a guest."

He climbed off me so I could clean up. Freshened and freshly fucked, I padded downstairs to make dinner. It was a wonderful way to end a work day.

Monday morning, I was out in the office getting a few orders written up for Christine to call in when Kirk walked in.

"Ready to go?" I asked.


I grabbed the mic for the base unit. "Erik, I'm heading into town. I should be back by eight-thirty."

"Roger that." His reply came quickly.

I grabbed the keys to the truck and we drove into town. As I turned onto Front Street, Kirk gasped.

"That's my mom's car," he said.

It was a standard beige sedan, nothing remarkable with no bumper stickers or other unique marks.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I know it's just a Ford Taurus, but I'm sure it's hers. I wonder where she's headed. She should be going the other way to get to work."

We came around the big bend in the road and she took the left fork headed for the high school.

"Looks like she's either going to Gateway Shopping Center, the school complex, or out onto the highway," I said.

Traffic slowed as we came up on the school. Whoever thought putting both the middle school and the high school in the same complex was a brilliant idea didn't think about traffic. The turn lane was nowhere near long enough to accommodate all the cars going to the two schools.

We got up to Learning Lane and Kirk's mom was able to make the left before the traffic officer stopped vehicles from making the turn.

"I guess she's going to school," he said. I could feel the tension creeping into his voice.

"Yup. How do you want to handle this?"

"Not much choice. I need to go to class, so if she's there I'll have to deal with her."

"Want me to hang around?"

"Would you?" His voice sounded almost desperate.


Instead of pulling down the lane in front of the school as part of the drop-off line, I pulled into one of the visitor parking spaces. As we got out of the truck, Kirk stood on the tube step and scanned the parking lot.

"There she is," he said, pointing toward the front door. "Mom!"

I figured a lot of moms in the area would turn and look, fortunately, his was one of them. She didn't really smile, but she changed course and walked toward the truck.

"How do you want to handle this?" He asked.

"Dude, I'm here to support you, you'll need to do the talking. I've never met your mom."

I walked around the front of the truck and stood next to him.

"Hi, Mom," he said.

"Kirk, you're looking good," she said with a tight smile. "You must be Ryan."

"No, ma'am," I replied. "I'm Tracer."

"Oh, sorry. When I've talked to Jacob he keeps talking about Ryan."

"Ryan's at Tech at the moment," I explained. "Kirk's been living at the farm with us." I decided to keep things general and vague, so she didn't piece too much together.

"Thanks for taking care of my boys."

"Always glad to help," I replied.

"What's up, Mom?" Kirk said. His tone hovered between exacerbation and panic.

"I wanted to see you and I didn't know where to find you. I figured I could track you down here. I know I could have called Jacob and asked how to get you, but..."

"I got it," he replied tersely. "So, what's up?"

"Honey, can we go somewhere and talk alone?"

"No." Kirk's voice had firmed up a lot. "You can say what you want in front of Tracer. He knows the whole story, or at least my and Jacob's side. He's been here for us throughout."

"Is he your..."

"No, Mom. I'm not dating him or anything like that. He's just a good person that's been helping me through this."

"OK. OK." I wasn't sure if she was about to run or not.

"Kirk, I'm really sorry how I reacted and how I've acted. It was very hard to have you just blurt out you're gay in the middle of one of your dad's speeches."

"You mean his fucked-up, queer-hating, color-hating, pig-headed rant?"

"Now, Kirk, he's your dad, you should be more respectful - and watch your language."

Kirk was silent for a moment. "Sorry. You mean dad's screwed up, homophobic, racist, foul-mouthed tirade?" I almost burst into laughter at that. He continue, "I'll drop my cuss words and pretty up the language to make you happy, not that he ever does, but I'll call a spade a spade. His speeches aren't anything more than him trying to blame any... how did my history teacher put it... scapegoat for all his own problems."

Kirk's mom looked like she was about to burst into tears.

"I love you, Mom. But I can't deal with that anymore. If every time something went wrong for me I blamed it on women. Screaming, yelling, ranting and more about how it was all women's fault, you wouldn't take it one moment. So, why should I? I'm sorry I didn't have time to talk to you; explain things to you; let you deal with it on your own terms."

"I... I... I... I need to go," she stuttered.

She turned to walk off.

"Oh," she said and stopped. She turned back to Kirk and dug through her purse. "Here's your mail."

With that, she hurried off.

"Was I wrong?" He asked with tears streaming down his face.

"I see your side of it," I admitted. "But you can tell she's trying."

"Yeah. I guess so, but she makes so many excuses for him."

"How long have they been married?"

"Twenty-seven years."

"She's used to him, to his behavior, everything, or she would've left him long ago."

"I guess."

"Get back in the truck a minute. You need to calm down before going into school."

We both got into the truck.

"Dig in the glove box and get some wet-wipes," I suggested.

He got them and wiped up his face a bit.

"Look better?" He asked.

"A little. Give it a few more minutes for your eyes to look better."

"I need to be in there before first bell."

"You've got what, ten minutes?"


As we sat there he started looking at the mail his mom had handed him... a couple magazines and two envelopes.

"Shit," he said.


"This ones from James Madison."

"What do they have to say?"

He started reading aloud. When he got to the ‘am glad to announce that your application...' part I let out a loud whoop. "Congrats!"

"I got accepted!" The tears turned back on. He finished reading the entire letter. "Shit, I've got to get paperwork into them by the weekend. This is dated a month ago."

"You have time. No worries. What about the other letter?"

He'd forgotten that there was a second.

"It's from William and Mary."

Again he started reading aloud; however, this time it didn't take but a second. "Congratulations," Kirk said. "I got accepted to William and Mary! Holy Shit!"

"That's fantastic," I said.

"Shit. How can I afford it?" he sounded dejected.

"One thing at a time. First, figure out which one you want to attend. You've applied for four different scholarships, I'm sure at least one will come through for you. Then figure out how to pay for the rest, if required.."

"OK. OK. Now you sound like Jacob."

"Speaking of Jacob. Call him and tell him the good news," I said as I grabbed my cell phone out of my jacket pocket and handed it to him.

He called Jacob's cell and got his voicemail. He left a brief message.

"At least now I can run into school and explain why I cried." Kirk said.

"Definitely! Have a great day."

He climbed out of the truck and took off towards the school.

When I got back to the farm I saw Erik walking towards the barn.

"Erik!" I called out to him.

He stopped and I walked over to join him.

"Great news. Kirk got accepted to both JMU and William and Mary!"

"That's wonderful. How did he find out?"

"That's the other news. His mom was waiting for him at school this morning."

"How did that go?" His voice sounded dubious.

"Eh. So so... I guess. You could tell she wanted to support Kirk; but in the end, she's still wed to her husband and that's pretty much it."

"How did Kirk handle things?"

"Well, I learned he does have a decent command of the English language."


I explained to Erik how Kirk had first described his dad's behavior, then changed his description based on his mom's complaint. It got a chuckle from him.

"I want so bad to take care of everything for him," I admitted.

"I know," Erik said. "But don't promise things at this point."


"But you really want to make sure things work out for him, and we'll do our best. Just remember, we don't know how things will play out in all this. A commitment you make today may overwhelm us later. If he chooses William and Mary and nothing pans out on the scholarship front, it would be very costly to pay for it all. However, we could probably help him through two years of community college and hope that he could get a scholarship eventually or go to a more affordable school for the last two years."

"I get it, and in my mind I know that... but in my heart..."

"In your heart, you don't want him in the pain you went through for several years."


"We'll get through this," Erik said. With that he gave me a big hug and a kiss. "Trust me."

"I know. I know..."

We talked about a few farm issues for a moment, then I went to the office to check in with Christine. Finding no real issues in the office, I checked the job board and found that no one had gone to the picnic area to clean up. I marked off the job, saddled up Cotton-Eyed Joe and took a leisurely ride up the inner trails. I could see what Will liked about riding Joe.

Upon arriving, I unlocked the old barn; grabbed some trash bags, a shovel and a few other tools and set about my business. I got the area cleaned up; the trash barrels empty; the trash in the barn; and the tools put away in short order.

I decided I deserved a nice ride back on the outer trail. Being early March, nothing had really started to sprout, bud, or bloom. The warm spell was nice, but it could easily be followed by heavy snows.

When I got back to the stable, I got Joe back in his stall and spent a few extra minutes grooming him.

I looked at the clock and decided I wanted some lunch. I checked in with Christine in the office, then went into the house to fix a quick bite.

I'd been sitting at the island eating a meatloaf sandwich and reading the latest issue of America's Horse that had come in yesterday's mail for about ten minutes when Erik walked in.

"Hungry?" I asked.


"There's meatloaf and cheddar cheese sliced," I said. "A loaf of bread in the box and a few different chips to choose from in the pantry."

"Thanks. Anything good in the latest issue?"

"There's an interesting article on trail rides," I explained. "It goes into what most places do and don't do."

"Anything significantly different from us? Truly novel?"

"Not really. Let's see... most don't permit anything faster than a trot and only on rare occasions trotting."

"Well, we judge the experience of our riders to determine speeds."

"Most places require a guide on the ride."

"Again, we're flexible there - guide with novice groups. But we always have someone keeping an eye on any group."

"Many require helmets for all riders - but a lot are like us, helmets required for riders under 18 and optional for adults."

"I was hoping the article would cover ways to make rides more interesting. You know, attract more customers."

"Have you ever thought of writing an article?" I asked.

"HUH?" His voice... the look on his face... everything told me the idea stunned him.

"You know," I explained. "Write something about an area you're knowledgeable in and submit it for publication. Get a little exposure."

"Not sure I'm good enough to write an article."

"Think about it, maybe we could work on a draft, get Will and Ryan involved and put Double Trails on the map a bit more."

"I don't think publicity will help that much with the rentals, we're too remote for most; but it'd help our breeding and stud business. Let's all talk it out after they graduate and decide how to proceed."

"Sounds like a plan," I agreed.

After lunch I worked on chores until it was time to pick up Kirk. He was bouncing with excitement.

"What's got you so excited," I asked as he climbed into the truck.

"Good day... two acceptance letters... great text message from Jacob... and you know, the more I thought about it the more I was happy I got to talk to Mom."

"I'm glad everything made you so happy," I said.

"I'm not mad at Mom. I know she's in a really hard spot... she loves Dad, even though he's one big fucking bigot; and she's trying to figure out if she can support me - her gay son. But whatever she chooses, I'm just happy to be me."

"That's a great attitude."

We drove home chatting about scholarships and his thoughts on the two colleges. After I parked the truck, he went into the house to do homework while I checked to make sure there were no more tasks that needed completion.

The job board was clear, so I shut off the lights in the office and went inside to fix dinner. It was a quiet night on the farm.

Tuesday was busy and flew by for me. I was scheduled off on Friday, so Wednesday night I sat down in the den to talk to Erik about a project I wanted to work on.

"Erik, I want to start a garden this year," I explained.

"Flowers or vegetables?" he asked. His voice made me realize he was very puzzled.

"Neither. I want to have an herb garden."


"After the different cooking classes, I'd like to have some fresh herbs to play with. I was thinking I could put a small raised bed over on the south side of the barn where it'd get plenty of sun. I can use a hose from the spigot at the barn to water things, if we hit a dry spell."

"When we hit a dry spell," Erik interjected.

"OK. When we hit a dry spell."

"It's a little early to plant things, isn't it?"

"Yeah. But I want to get things prepared. Get the lumber; fill the bed with dirt; amend the soil; you know, get everything ready."

"Why amend the soil?"

"Well, the soil around here isn't that great. Instead of buying dirt, I figured I'd use a good bit of the compost to improve the quality."

"What are you planning to plant?"

"Well, I want to get a lot of perennial plants in the bed - mint, rosemary, thyme, sage, tarragon, chives - and then add some annuals like basil. I'd also like to plant a few root vegetables like horseradish and spring onions."

"Sounds like I'm going to be eating well."

"Well, over time I can add things that we can't get in the stores around here, so I can try different things."


I went on to explain my plans in more detail and Erik seemed agreeable.

Friday I took the truck into town, dropped off Kirk at school, then went to the hardware store to get the lumber, bolts, and other items to create the bed framework. I spent a good chunk of the morning getting everything the way I wanted. I grabbed an early lunch and the checked the job board. Seeing as no jobs required the tractor, I used it to get a load of compost. I spent much of the afternoon tilling the soil to get it well incorporated. It was almost time for me to drive into town to pick up Kirk when Erik walked up.

"You look a mess and you smell ripe!" He said. "Must like playing in dirt."

"I'm just a dirty, dirty, boy. But I need to get cleaned up and go get Kirk."

"You done?"

"Not quite," I admitted.

"How about I pick him up. You finish up, get cleaned up, then the three of us can go get barbeque at Cuz's."

"Sounds great."

"You going to form the rows now?"

"I'm not doing rows," I explained. "Most of the stuff will just spread around, so I'm going to plant things in clumps."

"OK. Well, let me get going, so Kirk doesn't have to stand around and wait."

"See you in a bit."

I finished getting the plot ready; went in the house, cleaned up, and started some laundry. I had a few chores done when Erik and Kirk got home. I was upstairs putting clean linens in the closet when I heard Kirk's voice yelling from downstairs. "Tracer! TRACER!"

I went to the top of the stairs and called down. "I'm up here."

He came running through the hallway and starting running up the stairs. "I got my financial aid packets today! I got my financial aid packets!"

"I take it, it was good news."

"Yeah! Yeah! You were right. You were right."

"Take a deep breath and tell me what you found out..."

By this point Erik had joined us.

"He's got great packages from both schools," Erik explained. "Why don't you get cleaned up," he said to Kirk. "And we can talk about it on the way to the restaurant."

As Erik drove us over to Pounding Mill for dinner, Kirk explained that JMU was offering a package which would cover all costs with no loan. William and Mary's offer wasn't quite as good, it included a small loan.

We got to Cuz's and had a short wait to be seated.

"What's good?" Kirk asked as we were seated at a table.

"You've never been here?" I asked.

"We never go... never went out to dinner. Dad had a reason for everything." Kirk explained. He used his fingers to put quote marks around reason. His voice dripped with sarcasm.

"I'd recommend the ribs," Erik said. "They also do a good filet, but I think Tracer can do better at home."

"Thanks for the compliment," I said. "My recommendation is the deep fried catfish."

The waitress showed up shortly and we all ordered. The dinner conversation focused on the pros and cons of both schools.

By the time the waitress showed up to take our desert orders - three slices of French silk chocolate pie - I could tell Kirk really wanted to go to William and Mary.

 "So what's holding you back?" Erik asked. "It's obvious you want to go to William and Mary."

"I need someone to co-sign the loan; I need a way to get to school; I..."

"Don't worry about a co-signer, and don't worry about getting to school. Those are easy things to work out. Where do you really want to go to school?"

"Like you said, William and Mary."

"So fill out the paperwork and go. I'll co-sign the loan and we'll get you to school."

"Oh my God! Thanks! Thanks! How am I going too..."

"Stop right there," Erik said. "Co-signing a loan isn't going to cost me anything as long as you pay it back when you're done with school. Driving you over to Williamsburg, well, we'll do that as a long weekend and enjoy a short vacation. Or maybe Will and Ryan will take you. It'll work out. You can repay me by getting great grades and doing well."

"You don't know how much this means to me," Kirk said.

"Yes. Yes, we do," I replied. "Been there, done that, we're trying to help out. Have you been to the campus?"

"No. We were supposed to go look at schools this spring. Things are so screwed up."

"We went a few years ago," Erik explained. "Took Ryan and Will to see it."

"What did they think?" Kirk asked. I'm sure he was concerned since they ended up at Tech.

"The campus is great," I said. "Quaint might be a good word for it. It's set right against the colonial portion of Williamsburg. I think both Will and Ryan liked it; but you should know that Ryan was set on Virginia Tech come hell or high water."

"I have an idea," Erik said. "Excuse me for a moment."

Both Kirk and I were a bit confused as Erik left the table and walked away. I assumed he was going to the restroom, but his exit seemed odd. Kirk and I talked a bit about what I'd seen while we were in Williamsburg.

The waitress dropped off the pie.

"Don't wait for him," I said. "It's too good!"

We started eating. Erik came back to the table about five minutes after he'd left.

"I see you two waited like one pig waits for another. Anyway, it's all set," Erik said. I'm sure the look on my face showed as much confusion as Kirk's did. "I called Ryan. Their spring break starts next weekend and he and Will don't have any plans, so they're going to drive you over to Williamsburg during the week for a couple days. Give you a chance to see the place, get a tour, all the things you should do."

Tears started streaming down Kirk's face. "Thanks," he said very quietly.

"You're welcome." Erik replied.

I handed Kirk a handkerchief to dry his eyes. After regaining his composure, Kirk was rather animated the rest of the evening.

As we got ready for bed that night, I turned to Erik. "You were right all along."


"You kept telling me that things would work out. I'm really amazed that they did, but in the end, Kirk's going to go to the college of his choice without a huge impact to us."

"Co-signing his loan does come with some risk, but considering the dollar value, I'm not too concerned... we'll just have to sell a horse. He could still get one of the scholarships. From what I can tell he's a good student."

"Erik, he's a fucking fantastic student. I was talking to him about grades - he's got a 4.0 average. He's carrying a full load this year and is still pulling all A's, even with all the stress."


I started to strip down for bed.

 "You're wearing your jock," Erik's statement came out as half question and half statement.

"I hadn't done laundry until this afternoon and I'm out of clean underwear," I admitted.

I bent over to pick up my pants before slipping off my jock.

"WOOF!" Erik's deep bass made it sound like a growl.

Without straightening up I looked back at him. He was naked and getting hard.

"Seems like someone likes what he sees," I teased.

"Damn right about that." He took two long strides and reached me. He put his hands on my hips and his rigid dick rubbed my ass crack. "Both my head and my dick likes what it sees."

Keeping his hands on my hips I felt movement, then his breath on my ass; and finally his goatee pushing between my cheeks.

"Aw, that feels good," I cooed as Erik's tongue hit my hole.

He pulled back slightly. "Tastes good too." His hands spread my cheeks a bit more and his hair tickled as he pushed in deeper.

"Can I turn a bit?" I asked.

Erik must have understood what I was asking, as he started push-steering me around until I was able to put my hands on the bed for support. His tongue never slipped out of my hole. I squirmed as Erik's tongue slipped in and out; worked around the outside, and swiped up and down my entire crack.

My hole was twitching as his tongue plunged in yet again. He slipped a finger in on each side and started pushing spit in with his tongue.

"That's it, get me ready for a good fuck!"

He didn't respond verbally, his tongue just continued its work on my hole.

"Fuck me," I said.

Erik's grip on my thighs was firm as he continued to eat out my ass.

"Erik, FUCK ME!" I begged.

A few minutes more passed.

"Come on, Erik. I need to get fucked!"

Still no response, except that he worked his tongue in and out faster and harder.

 "Erik, I wanna get fucked. NOW!"

That finally got a response. Erik pulled his face out of my crack. I felt movement behind me and assumed that he stood, because his cock started piercing my ass. With a tight grip on my hips he thrust in deeply.

 "Fuck yeah!" I groaned as I felt his pubic hairs hit my balls. "That's what I needed! Your cock deep in my ass."

 "It likes it there. Wanna get up on the bed?"

"WOOF, WOOF," I said as I moved myself onto all fours on the bed.

"Good, doggie."

Erik grabbed my hips and started fucking my ass. While I liked any position he wanted to fuck me in, this was my absolute favorite. The hard, driving, nearly animalistic fuck is what I like the most!

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I grunted as his cock reamed out my hole.

"I'm glad Will and Ryan aren't here," Erik teased.

"Kirk's here and his room is closer."

"Bury your face in that pillow," he ordered.

"I'll keep the moaning down."

Erik moved his hands from my hips to my shoulders and really started slamming his cock deeper into my ass.

"That's it, Baby. Fuck me!" I moaned. "Push that dick in my hole deep!"

"You got that right! This ass is mine and I'm burying my flag pole in it as far as I can!"

I started working my ass muscles to really tease Erik's dick.

"Oh fuck," he groaned. "FUCK!"

Erik's chest landed on my back as I felt his cock spasm in my hole.

"FUCK!" he yelled.

"Come on, fucker. Cream my ass!"

Erik's cock continued to twitch and squirt up my hole for a while. He wrapped his arms around my chest as he continued to lie on top of me.

Finally his dick slipped out of me. I flipped over onto my back and looked up at him. His dick was still fairly hard.

"Push back into my hole!" I ordered.

Erik slid his slowly deflating dick back in and I grabbed hold of my cock. He started gentle fucking motions, his cum re-lubing my ass while I pounded my cock.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck, yeah. Cumming!!!!" I yelled.

Cum splattered up my chest, even hitting me in the chin. As the last of the cum dribbled out of my cock, Erik slipped his shaft out of my hole. He lay down on top of me, my cum gluing our chests together.

Prev To be continued . . .

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