Double Trails




Chapter 67

-- RYAN --

“This is a lot of fun,” Kirk said. “I’ve never gotten to drive a Jeep, or ride in one with the top off.”

“Glad you like it,” I said. “I figured it would be fun when I bought it.”

“You bought it?” Kirk asked. I could tell from the tone in his voice he was stunned.

“I had a Dodge Ram that was a birthday present from Dad,” I explained. “It was officially part of the farm’s equipment, but I got to drive it. After it got totaled, I used the insurance and some of the settlement money to get the Jeep.”

“Settlement? Totaled?” Kirk sounded a bit distressed.

“Will and I were coming back from Tech two falls ago when a tractor-trailer t-boned our truck. We spent a good bit of time in the hospital and a lot of time recuperating. The truck owner’s insurance gave us a nice settlement since we both lost a semester of school.”

“Wow, I’m glad everything turned out OK.”

“Well, we should have graduated last semester. But in the end, life is good,” I admitted.

“How about scheduling a bio-break soon,” Will called from the back seat.

“Can you hold it till we get to Waynesboro? I asked. “We can find a place for a break and get some lunch.”

A few minutes later, Kirk hit the turn indicator and moved the Jeep off of I-81 onto the ramp leading to I-64. About ten minutes later, I pointed to an exit and Kirk got off the Interstate.

“So, which place - Ruby Tuesday, KFC, Wendy’s, Waffle House?” Kirk inquired.

“Yum, waffles!” Will said. “Waffles! Waffles! Waffles!”

“I guess we’re going to Waffle House?” Kirk laughed. He turned on the turn indicator and slipped over into the left turn lane.

“I want you smothered, want you covered like my Waffle House hash browns.” Will sang as Kirk pulled into the parking lot.

“Huh?” Kirk replied.

“It’s a song by the Bloodhound Gang called Bad Touch,” I explained.

We climbed out of the Jeep and I checked to make sure the locks were on the chains on the bags.

“I’ve never heard of it,” Kirk said.

“We’ll play it for you after we get back on the road. Suffice it to say, there’s a line talking about the hash browns at Waffle House.” Will explained. “Smothered and covered.”

“I’ve never eaten at a Waffle House.”

“Hmmm... Can’t say you’ve missed much...”

“Waffles! Hash browns... that’s a lot to miss,” Will interjected. “Don’t disparage the HOUSE!”

I laughed hard at that. We got inside and grabbed a booth.

“So, what’s the deal about... covered and...”

Will started explaining, “The HOUSE offers hash browns a number of different ways. First, there’s scattered. Then they have a name for each topping... smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, topped, or country.” He grabbed a menu and showed Kirk the list. “My favorite is smothered and covered, meaning they add sautéed onions covered in melted cheese. Just like the line in Bad Touch!”

“How do you like them?” Kirk asked me.

“Peppered, topped and covered - spicy jalapeno peppers, chili, and melted cheese, they become a meal! It’s one of the best things about this place.”

The waitress walked up to our booth. “What are you three having, Hons?”

“Coke, chocolate chip waffle, and hash browns smothered and covered,” Will ordered.

“Sprite, pecan waffle, and hash browns peppered, topped, and covered.”

The waitress looked at Kirk.

“Ummm.... chocolate milk, plain waffle, and hash browns, ummm.... chunked, smothered, capped, and covered.”

The waitress looked at the three of us, “Sounds good, boys. I’m jealous, if I ate that much I’d weigh a ton!” With that, she walked off.

While we waited for food, Kirk started asking us about college life. It was the first time we’d had a long conversation about school since he’d been accepted at William & Mary.

“Since Will and I didn't live on campus, our experience won't be quite the same as yours.” I explained. “Plus, I’ll admit I was more focused on getting done with school than school life.”

“What do you mean?”

Before I could respond, Will started. “Ryan didn’t want to leave the farm, so for him, the priority was to get done with school as fast as possible; and as we mentioned earlier, we would have been done a semester early, if not for the accident. Plus, living off campus and living together, we didn’t experience dorm life. You know, show up and meet a roommate; get involved in the social activities of the dorms. Finally, we both avoided the frats, just not for us.” I guess Will saw the concern on my face after his comments. He looked at me and continued, “Ryan, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I don’t feel I missed anything, cause I did it all with you!”

“Aw... how mushy,” Kirk teased. “I hear that college classes are nothing like high school - harder, more stressful, more challenging.”

“For me, the biggest change was the independent learning parts. Read the first chapter, section, whatever of each book before your first class as most professors don’t really introduce things, they just get started. Lectures are more about the key points, but tests cover any and all material that you’re supposed to have covered,” I explained.

“Projects and papers are harder. My profs expected more independent thought, analytical reasoning it’s all about my position or my thoughts, not the here are the facts about an event papers I wrote in high school,” Will added.

I just nodded in agreement.

“It’s an adjustment. But from what I hear, you’ve got the chops to succeed.”

“Thanks,” Kirk said quietly. I think he was starting to blush a bit.

Before we could go on, the waitress delivered our food and the table got quiet. Then in between bites, we continued the conversation. I paid the bill when we were done and left a generous tip. I think I surprised Will when I climbed into the driver’s seat to drive. As promised, Will slipped in the Bloodhound Gang CD into the player and cranked up Bad Touch. Will started singing loudly... “Sweat baby, sweat...”

As the song ended, Kirk leaned forward from the backseat, “That’s quite the song.”

“I love it,” admitted Will.

We talked about the album a bit, then cranked the volume back up, playing the rest of the album. As we got near Richmond, I turned my head a bit and asked Will, “Should we go through Richmond on I-64 or bypass it on 295?”

“It’s only two, just go on through. We’ve got time till things get too congested.”

Once we got through Richmond, I-64 opened up through pretty empty country until we got to the outskirts of Williamsburg. Will gave me directions to the Days Inn. Once I had us parked, Will turned around and unlocked the baggage.

“Doesn’t look like much,” Will said. “But Tracer said it has decent ratings and is less than a third of a mile to campus.”

“Which is really good, I don’t wanna have to deal with parking in the colonial part of town.”

We checked in and got our stuff into the room. After everyone had a chance to freshen up, Will asked, “So, are you ready to go explore the campus?”

“The tour isn’t until 10 tomorrow morning,” Kirk replied.

“I know, dude, but I thought you’d like to walk through the place in an unofficial tour. Plus, I have a surprise planned,” Will said.

“Um. OK...”

We left the hotel and started walking down Richmond Road. Compared to Blacksburg, this part of Williamsburg was very developed, the contrast was amazing.

“So much more going on around here,” I commented to Will. “I always thought of Williamsburg as smaller than Blacksburg.”

“Well, remember the quoted population of Blacksburg usually includes the students at Tech. Otherwise, the two towns would be more similar in size. Plus, Williamsburg has the colonial section attracting tourists, Busch Gardens theme park, and it’s close to Yorktown and Jamestown for more tourism.”

“You’ve been doing your research,” I responded.

“That I have.”

We’d reached the campus by this point and were walking pass Zable Stadium headed into the heart of the campus. It was lucky that, unlike Tech, W&M wasn’t on spring break. This would give Kirk the best chance to see the school alive and active. Will dropped back a little and made a phone call. Knowing about Will’s surprise, I was keeping Kirk distracted by pointing out different things as we continued looking at the sights. We were up to Sadler Center when I noticed that Will was off the phone. He nodded to me as he caught back up with us.

“Wanna grab something to drink?” Will asked. He pointed to a building ahead of us with the sign Daily Grind.

“Sure,” I responded.

Will and I had been getting looks as we walked along, as both of us had Tech t-shirts on. We walked over and each ordered a drink. As I finished paying, a guy walked up to us.

“Will? Ryan? Kirk?” he asked.

“Will,” I said pointing to him. “I’m Ryan and that’s Kirk.”

“I’m Chet,” he replied.

I could see the confused and very puzzled look in Kirk’s eyes.

“Chet’s the current president of the Lambda Alliance here,” Will explained. “I thought you’d like to have a chance for an informal tour, and who better to give it.”

“Will contacted me last week, and I’m very happy to give you a tour,” he said.

“That’s great!” Kirk enthused. “Y’all keep doing so much for me.”

“It’s nothing,” Will replied.

“Ready to see the school?” Chet asked.

“Want a drink before we leave?” Will asked.

“Naw, I’m good.”

With that, we headed out. Over the next two hours, Chet showed us a lot of the school. I assumed the biggest difference between his tour and the formal tour that was scheduled for the next day was the more intimate details. Chet took us into his dorm and showed Kirk his room. He also took us into class buildings and let him see the settings.

“The classes all seem so small,” Will commented at one point.

“That’s one of the best things about the school,” Chet admitted. “To keep the academic excellence up, they keep class sizes down. The student-teacher ratio is something like twelve to one.”

“Damn, that’s small. I’ve had classes with four hundred in them. Really, until I got into my core course work, I don’t think I had a class with less than thirty.”

“You could always transfer,” Chet teased.

“Actually, it’s too late, we both graduate in two months,” Will said. “Plus, we wanted to stay closer to home.”

“Shame,” Chet replied.

“I don’t think William and Mary has a big agricultural program like Tech,” I added.

As we finished up, I wanted to thank Chet for his help.

“Do you have dinner plans?”

“Just hitting the dining hall.”

“Care to join us? Our treat.”

“Sure, that would be nice.”

“You’ll have to recommend a good place,” I admitted. “And one that doesn’t mind what we’re wearing.”

“Because of the tourists, most places don’t care,” he explained. “There are some good places along Richmond Road.”

“We’re at the Days Inn. We can walk back, grab the Jeep, and head out.”

We followed my plan and arrived at a nice restaurant fairly quickly. After ordering, Chet let Kirk ask a lot of questions... we were well into dinner before Kirk’s queries dwindled. Chet took the opportunity to ask us some questions.

“So, I know the three of you are from the Western part of the state based on Will’s e-mail, but I don’t know much else. How do you three know each other?”

“Ryan and my brother Jacob went to high school together,” Kirk explained. “Over Christmas I came out to my folks with, umm.... disastrous results. Jacob contacted Ryan, and I ended up living with Ryan’s dad and his lover ever since.”


“What part didn’t you get?” I asked. I knew his questions weren’t about Kirk, but about Dad and Tracer.

“Your dad and his lover?”

“My dad’s gay, and he’s been with Tracer for nearly seven years. I should also mention that Tracer is Will’s brother.”

“What? What? What?” Chet’s voice was getting loud.

“Ryan’s dad and my brother hooked up at a party in Nashville... they’ve been together ever since. I met Ryan about six months later, but we didn’t hook up for nearly a year.”

“Wait... Wait.. Wait.. Now, I’m really confused. So, you two are dating? And your dad and your brother are dating?”

“Well, I’d say we were lovers... not just dating. Otherwise, you got it right,” Will said. “Ryan and I have been together for five years.”

You could tell Chet had lots of questions.

“Ask away,” I said.

“How old’s your brother?” he asked Will.

“He’s three years older than me.”

“And he’s dating your Dad... that must be quite the age gap.”

“They’re more than dating. Anyway, Dad was nineteen when I was born, so there’s only a fifteen year difference between him and Tracer.”

“This is just so wild,” Chet admitted. “So you and your brother lived near Ryan and his dad?”

“Tracer’d been thrown out of the house at sixteen when my dad caught him with another guy,” Will explained. “He’d lived in Memphis for several years before he met Erik at a Halloween party. He reconnected with the family a bit after he moved in with Erik and Ryan. I met Ryan when I visited Tracer for the first time at the farm the next spring. We both figured out we were gay together, explored, fell in love, and things went from there.”

“So, Ryan’s been your only guy?”

“And Will mine, as well,” I added.

“That’s something I’ve never heard before - gay high school sweethearts.”

“I guess you could call us that. However, we didn’t go to high school together until Will moved to the farm at the start of our senior year, but it‘s a fairly accurate description.”

“You lived together while going to high school?”

“Yeah. Will spent the summer at the farm working, and after three months together we both got droopy after he went back to Tennessee for school. Our folks got together and figured out that it was better to have us live together than deal with the emotions.”

“All I can say is WOW! Talk about accommodating parents, but I thought your brother got thrown out for being gay.”

“After Tracer moved to the farm, he sent my brother Patrick and I a Christmas present. Mom hid it and made sure we got it. My dad had a fit when he figured out who it was from. But that fit wasn’t nothing compared to Mom’s! She went off on him big time. Suffice it to say, it took about a year of pounding from my mom until Dad started to really accept things. By the time I got outted, Dad was... well, I wouldn’t say onboard, but he wasn’t a complete mess either.”

“So, what are you two doing after you graduate?”

“We’re moving back to the farm,” Will explained.

“Going to get a place near your Dad’s?”

“No,” I said. “We’re moving back into the house.”

“Kinky,” Chet said with a hearty laugh.

“Ewwww... bad images... bad images... not like that...” Will said. “We’re going to share the house and run the farm together.”

“And one day you’ll inherit it, I guess.”

“Actually, the farm was reincorporated into a limited liability corporation with each of the four of us as equal partners.”

“That’s incredible. Why’d you bother to go to college?”

“One - Dad pretty much required it. Two - as Will pointed out to me many times over the last four years, the education we’re getting will help us do a better job managing the farm. Three - and this isn’t a why as much as a result, I think I’ve grown a lot in the four years away and my maturity will help me be better at it.”

“What are your majors?”

“We’re both in agriculture and applied economics. Will took the management track while I did finance.”

“Sounds like you two have it all planned out.”

Before I could say anything, Will let out a snort-laugh.

“What?” I asked him. I guess my face showed a bit of hurt.

“Sorry,” he said. “But you have to admit you ‘HAD’ your life all planned out.”

“Yeah, well,. I did,” I said quietly.

“So what happened,” Chet asked. His question reminded me there were two others at the table.

“I met this stinker, fell in love, and had to learn to adjust my plans.”

“Sounds like you found a guy worth adjusting for...”

“That I did. I really did. It took a few, umm.... baseball bats to the head and a lot of growth in my maturity over the last few years, but I finally figured that out.”

“What about you,” Chet turned to Kirk. “Dating someone?”

Kirk had just taken a swig of his sweet tea and just about spewed it across the table. He composed himself a bit before answering. “Richlands isn’t much more than a map dot. What maybe five, six thousand people. Plus, it’s too conservative for guys to be out and open about things. So, to answer your question, no, I’m not dating anyone.”

“What do you look for in a guy?”

Kirk thought hard about it. “Can I get back to you on that? I really haven’t thought about who, what, or anything about a guy to date. At this point, my experience is fairly limited. Make that extremely limited and not really related to dating.”

“Are you dating?” I asked Chet.

“Not at the moment. The guy I was seriously dating graduated last May and got a job in Oregon, so poof...”

“What do you look for in a guy?” Kirk asked.

“Witty, fun, cute, playful, someone that makes my heart beat a bit faster when he’s around, you know all those sappy things. Oh, and a BIG DICK!”

Will and I burst into laughter at that. Kirk just looked stunned.

“Kidding,” Chet followed up. “But I’ll admit, I’m a big old bottom when it comes to sex. Anyway, yeah I guess I want a guy that makes me happy and who I could make happy.”

“I guess you’ll be out of here after next year, so you can focus on settling down, then.”

“Actually, if all goes to plan, I’ll be here for three to five more years. I’m hoping to get my masters and doctorate here.”

I noticed that got a look from Kirk, but I wasn’t sure what the look meant.

After we finished dinner, Chet recommended we go for ice cream... his treat. We started walking through the colonial section of town toward the ice cream shop. We’d been walking for a few minutes when I noticed that Chet and Kirk were dropping further and further back.”

“Do you sense an attraction building?” I asked Will very quietly.

“Those two have been staring at each other since Chet introduced himself at the coffee shop.”

“Should we make sure Kirk goes back to the motel tonight?”

“I don’t think we have any control, after all he is an adult. And there’s Chet’s roommate to contend with, so I think it’s not likely a hookup is in the cards this trip. They can figure out how to keep in touch, if they want.”

“Too true.”

The ice cream was good and we sat around the table outside the shop for a while chatting more. Finally, the yawns started.

“You’ve got classes tomorrow and we’ve got an official tour tomorrow,” I said.

“I doubt tomorrow’s tour will be anywhere as thorough,” Kirk said. His tone showed how enamored he was.

“Well, it will include a few things I didn’t think important and leave out some I put in, I’m sure,” Chet said. “What time are you heading back tomorrow?”

“Since it’s more than six hours home and we don’t finish up till two tomorrow, we’re staying one more night,” I explained. “Plus, it will give us a bit more time to drive around Williamsburg and let Kirk explore a bit.”

“If you need a tour guide,” Chet said. “My last class ends at noon, so I’d be glad to show you the sights.”

“That would be great,” Kirk answered before Will or I could respond.

I glanced at Will and we smiled at each other. We said our goodnights and went back to the motel. Kirk couldn’t stop talking about Chet until Will reached over and turned the light out.

The following day’s official tour was interesting, informative, and I think Kirk got a lot out of it. The guide put a lot of emphasis on the history of the school, social life opportunities, and the strengths of key programs. Included in the tour was lunch in one of the dining halls - typical college food. After we finished eating, the guide answered questions from the small group of students and parents. Will stayed with Kirk and I slipped out and walked back to the motel to get the Jeep. I contacted, then picked up Chet, and was outside the building when Kirk and Will came out.

Chet gave us a great tour of the colonial section of the town, pointing out interesting places. We couldn’t really go into anything, as we didn’t have tickets, but it did give Kirk a good ‘flavor’ of the town. He showed us the shopping district, which included outlets and other stores west of the town.

For dinner that night, Chet suggested we go to Pierce’s in a small nearby town called Lightfoot for barbeque. Unlike the food at Cuz’s, which I was used to, or the Memphis-style that Will grew up with, the restaurant served a Carolina-style minced, vinegar based barbeque; very different, but very good.

As things wound down, Chet stepped away to use the restroom.

“He’s really nice,” Kirk said.

“Have you traded e-mail address with him?” Will asked.

“No. I... I figured... I thought...”

“Dude, it’s easy to see you two are both interested. Get his e-mail. You’ll be here in five months, so if it works, it works.”

Unsurprisingly, Chet asked for Kirk’s e-mail before Kirk could do so. We dropped Chet off at his dorm and crashed at the motel. The drive back home the next day was long and uneventful.

We had a couple days at home to enjoy some horseback riding, help out with chores, and generally goof off. Then we headed back to school on Saturday, so we could work on homework and papers.

Back at school, the next eight weeks were a blur with class projects, senior papers, and of course prepping for final exams. The Friday before finals, Josh came running through the front door! “Ryan! Will! I got a job! I got a JOB!”

“Congrats dude,” Will said. “Details?”

“One of the places that did on-campus interviewing last month finally made an offer. It’s a mid-sized IT company in a town called Reston up in Northern Virginia. It sounds like a dream job, developing a new system to deploy for the government.”

“So, you’ll be a contractor?” I asked.

“Not really, that’s the beauty of this company. I’ll be an employee working on the project, but not tied to any one contract. They may use me for several different development projects.”

“Good salary?” I wasn’t trying to pry, just wanted to make sure he could live on it. “I understand that area isn’t cheap.”

“Yeah, pretty darn good.”


“What about Chris?” Will asked.

“What about him?” Josh said. “We both knew when I graduated this would end.”

“Do you want it to?”

“Well, I enjoy hanging out with him. I enjoy the sex. Damn, do I enjoy the sex. Hell, I really enjoy the sex! But I don’t think we’re in love. Heavy lust? Great fuck buddies? But I don’t know if I’d call it love.”


“It’s really hard with him being in the closet, dealing with him on the sly... that’s not for me. I’m not sure how a long distance relationship would work over a three year period either.”

“Makes sense,” I admitted.

Josh didn’t seem too upset about it, so I let it drop. We spent a while discussing the new job, Reston, and the opportunities that lay ahead for Josh. You could tell he was getting a little sad about leaving.

“I’ll only be seven hours away, plus it gives you a great place near DC to crash if you come up and visit! Hint.. hint... hint...” he said.

“You know we’ll be visiting, but you gotta plan to come to the farm too.”

“I will, you know I will. Last summer was a real turning point for me - I went from lumpy, nerdy geek to buff, nerdy geek!”

Will and I burst into laughter.

“I want to find a place with a gym instead of having to join one.”


The three of us chatted about Josh’s options while getting dinner ready. After dinner, Will and I retired to our bedroom to start studying for finals.

About ten p.m. I let out a big yawn, put my textbook on the nightstand ,and turned the light off. I yawned again and turned to kiss Will good night.

“Night,” I said quietly, as I kissed him on the back of his neck.

“Night,” he replied. He pushed his body back a bit spooning into me as I got into position. I wrapped my arm over him and pulled him tight.

A few seconds of Will’s ass rubbing my cock and I was boned... he noticed it quickly.

“I’d say sleep isn’t going to happen for a while,” he chuckled.

He scooted away from me a bit and rolled over. I took him into my arms and we kissed. I licked his lips lightly and then let my tongue slide between his lips. Our bodies ground together as the kiss lingered.

I rolled over on top of Will and humped him as we continued to kiss. Our staches brushed together as we kissed again. This time, I felt Will’s tongue pushing between my lips. I opened and sucked on his tongue as it probed around my mouth.

Both our dicks were rock hard as we humped and kissed; a puddle of precum forming between us.

I lifted up a bit and slid down his body. I licked my tongue down his throat to his nips. I let my teeth lightly bite each little nub making Will squirm. His tits got rock hard as I continued to lick and nibble at them.

I moved down his abs and started licking our precum off his stomach.

“Yum, tasty,” I said.

I kept licking till I’d gotten all I could find, then I moved down to his dick and started licking the tip. I dug my tongue into Will’s piss slit getting all the juice I could out of it. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock before working my way down the shaft. I kept swallowing until my nose hit his pubes.

“Aw, FUCK!” he moaned.

I kept him buried in my throat and worked my tongue around the base of his shaft.

“Spin around, dude,” I wanna suck you too.

Without removing his dick from my mouth, I spun around till my dick was at his lips. Will opened up and my cock slipped down his throat. The two of us moaned as we worked each other’s dick.

While Will continued to suck my dick, I pulled off his cock and slipped my head between his legs. I pulled his legs up and worked my tongue between his ass cheeks. I kept pushing until my tongue worked its way into his hole.

Will let out a deep moan as I worked deeper and deeper into his ass. I worked my tongue around his musky hole getting it ready for a hard fuck. I pulled my dick out of Will’s ass and flipped around so I could get into his hole better. I pushed his legs towards his chest, he grabbed them and I used my hands to spread his cheeks. This gave me much better and, more importantly, much deeper access to his hole. I licked and spit, working more and more homemade lube into that sweet fucking ass.

“You need to fuck me good,” Will said.

I pulled out. “Yeah?” I plunged my tongue back in.

“YEAH! Fuck me, NOW!”

Will dropped his legs and rolled over, his ass sticking up in the air, I spit-lubed my dick and pushed the head into his hole. I grabbed hold of his hips and started sawing in and out.

“I love you! And I love your ass!”

“I love you fucking my ass,” Will replied. “Come on, Ryan, let me know you’re fucking my ass!”

I took his challenge seriously and started pulling my dick nearly all the way out, then slamming it back in!

“That’s it, Fucker! Ram my ass! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

The head of my dick popped out on one stroke, and when I pushed back in, Will moaned loudly.

After a series of deep, long strokes, I buried my dick in his ass and started using his hips to pull him back onto it. I started trying to thrust into his hole in different angles.

“Damn! You’re making my ass feel good!”

“You’re making my cock feel real good!”

Will’s ass started to spasm around my dick.

“Don’t you dare cum,” I warned him.

“Why not, you’re making me feel damn good!”

“Cause you’re going to fuck me next and shoot that load in me deep!”

“You’re gonna make me cum!” Will warned. “Just means I’ll fuck you longer!”

“Do it!”

Will started shooting, which caused his ass to grasp my dick. “Oh, fuck!” I yelled as I started to shoot into Will’s ass! I collapsed on top of him after dumping a big load in him.

After catching my breath, I sat up slightly and started licking the strands of cum off Will’s chest and abs. “Yum!” His body cleaned of cum, I started licking his dick to get the last drops. This, of course, had the desired effect - Will’s dick started getting hard again.

“Ready to fuck me?” I asked.

“Damn right. Get up on all fours!”

Will ate my hole for a few minutes, his moustache, tongue, and spit opening me up good. He stopped, spit lubed his dick, and plunged it in deep.

“Unh...” I grunted as he bottomed out.

“My ass to fuck,” he said forcefully.

“Prove it,” I goaded.

With that, Will grabbed my hips and started slamming in and out of my hole. His cock would pull all the way out, he’d wait for my ass ring to start to tighten back up and then plunge back in hard. His deep thrusts had me gasping for breath.

I felt him lean onto my back and soon felt him nibbling my neck. Will moved his mouth off my neck and started licking and nipping at my ear. That caused me to squirm.

“That’s it,” he encouraged.

“You’re driving me crazy with your tongue.”

“I like it! Your ass is dancing on my dick!”

His hands reached around me and started sliding up and down my chest. The tips of his fingers found my tits and he started flicking his fingernails over the very tips. Between that and his tongue on my ear the sensations were almost too much.

“FUCK!” I moaned. “You’re driving me crazy.”


He pulled out of me very suddenly and moved up onto his knees. Then he forcefully rolled me onto my back, pushed my legs up to my chest, and lined his dick up with my ass - plunging back in.

I reached up to play with his tits as he started fucking me with vigor.

“That’s it, Will. Fuck my hole!”

He leaned forward as he fucked me and wrapped his lips around my left tit. He sucked it in slightly and let his tongue work the tip. The rough end of his tongue stimulated my tit – which is directly connected to my dick.

My cock started throbbing – trapped between us. Our bodies grinding together, his tongue on my tit, his cock jabbing at my prostate - it was just too much!

“CUMMING!” I screamed. My cock pumped volley after volley of cum between our stomachs, creating a sticky mess.

“FUCK!” Will groaned as his mouth came off my tit. I felt his cock throbbing in my ass. The telltale sign that my hole was being filled with cum. “Your ass is milking me dry.”

I just looked deep into his eyes and smiled. Will bent forward and kissed me deeply. I let my tongue get sucked into his mouth as he took total control.

Finally, he collapsed on top of me. His dick, still buried in my ass, started to soften.

What a way to end the evening.

Tracer showed up at lunch time on Sunday with the big Ram dualie. We had the Jeep loaded and he took off with it after joining us for a quick bite to eat, not wanting to impact our study time. Almost a third of our life at school headed home.

I had two exams on Monday, one on Tuesday, and two on Wednesday; Will had two on Monday, two on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday. Josh finished up Thursday morning, so we all went out to dinner that night to celebrate.

Friday morning, the three of us walked over to campus to check grades

“Together or separately?” Will asked, as we got near the first building.

“Hell, I’ve got nothing else to do,” Josh said. “Let’s do it together.”

We got to McBryde Hall first, so we went from office to office checking Josh’s grades.

“The tension’s mounting,” I teased. “Two A’s and a B so far...”

That earned me a look from Will.

We walked over to Torgersen Hall to get his last grades.

“Congrats, dude, three A’s and two B’s,” Will said. “Nice way to end it all”

“Damn right,” Josh said. “I’m really happy!”

We cut across the drill field and walked into Hutcheson Hall.

“One building, ten grades...” I teased.

We went from office to office. With one class left, I had three A’s and a B while Will had four A’s.

“So what do you think we got in Horse Production?”

“If I didn’t get an A, I’m gonna have a talk with that professor!”

“Let’s see... Chamberlin, Ryan - 99! Congrats!” Will said.

I watched as his finger drifted down the page.

“Well, I’ll be!” I exclaimed as his finger move across. “Klein, William -100! You beat me!”

“I don’t know how!”

“I do, you studied harder!”

“Congrats, man,” Josh said. “Straight A’s.”

We walked out of the building and Josh started to turn left.

“Where’re you going?” Will asked.

“I figure it’s one of my last chances to go over to the Duck Pond.”

“Sounds like a great idea!”

We walked quietly over and sat down on a few rocks along the edge of the pond.

“I’m gonna miss this,” I admitted.

We sat there quietly a long while, reminiscing about different events. Finally, I looked at my watch.

“We should be getting back. We need to pack.” I explained.

“I’ll be glad to help,” Josh offered.

As we walked back to the apartment, Josh explained his plans.

“I’m driving up to Reston on Monday to fill out more paperwork for the job and hopefully find a place to stay. I’ll come back down on Tuesday and pack.”

“Hey, the rent’s paid on the place till the end of May,” Will said.

“Yeah. But I start the following Monday.”


“I’m going to get a U-Haul trailer and take my stuff up. Not like I have much.”

I looked at Will and before I could say anything, he started. “Don’t worry about the U-Haul. Ryan and I can come over with a truck and a trailer if you need it, and we’ll take the stuff up.”

“That’s really nice of you. Won’t mess up your work plans?”

“Naw. I don’t think they have us on the schedule next week. Plus, I know the owner, so we can get vacation pretty easily.”

 “Thanks, guys. When do your folks arrive?”

“They should be here about seven a.m. tomorrow. We’re all going to breakfast, then head over to the Lane Stadium for the commencement ceremony. You should come with...”

“Are you two going to the Agri department’s ceremony?” he asked, changing the topic.

“That’s a requirement,” Will said. “My mom and Erik wouldn’t hear of us not going across the stage to get our diploma.”

“It’s at Cassell at one. When’s yours?” I added.

“It’s at Cassel at four. So I assume it’s right after yours finishes.”

“Cool. We’ll be there to cheer.”


With Josh helping us, we had everything pretty much packed by early evening.

Saturday morning dawned clear and crisp. About six forty-five there was pounding on the door... Will went to answer it.

“WAKE UP!” Patrick yelled as he came in the door. “WAKE UP!”

“Funny, har har,” Will responded. “We’ve been up since five.”

As Patrick cleared the door, Tiffany came in. I hadn’t seen her since Christmas and she was HUGE. I guess my eyes bugged out a bit.

“Yes, I’m huge! I’m also eight months pregnant,” she teased.

“Quite a change!” I replied.

“At least it’s all baby,” Will interjected. “It doesn’t look like you’ve gained much weight otherwise.”

“No. My doctor is a traditionalist. He doesn’t want me to gain more than two or three pounds a month. He also wants his pregnant women to exercise regularly. It’s been a plus, I’ll admit.”

By this point, Will’s folks, Dad, and Tracer had joined us.

“Ready for breakfast?” Dad asked.


Josh came out of his room at that point, already dressed and heading for the kitchen.

“Congratulations, Josh,” Tracer said. “You joining us for breakfast?”


“Dude, get it through your head... you’re part of the family,” I said.

That brought a tear to his eye. It hadn’t occurred to me how hard graduating from college with no family around would impact him.

“Don’t forget your cap and gown,” Will reminded Josh, as we all started to file out of the apartment.

Breakfast was quick, and by eight thirty Will and I were lined up with our department for procession. The commencement was fine.

We got in line about twelve-thirty, unfortunately Will was quite a ways behind me. I’d really wanted to sit with him, but the diplomas were to be handed out in alphabetical order by last name.

After the speeches and the other mundane talk, they started calling names and people started streaming across the stage. About fifteen minutes in, I got to walk across the stage and a cheer went up from some corner in the coliseum. About twenty minutes later, I let out a whoop with that same distant cheer as Will got his diploma. By three p.m., we were standing outside looking for the folks. We found them, got lots of hugs, and then as we got ready to head back into the coliseum I got a surprise as Chris, Josh’s beau, walked up.

“Hey, Chris,” I said.

“Hey. Congratulations to you both he said.”

“Thanks,” Will and I echoed.

We took a moment to introduce Chris to everyone.

“You here for Josh’s ceremony?” Will asked.

“Yeah. I figured he’d need someone to cheer for him.”

“Care to join us?” I asked.

“Umm... sure.”

More speeches, more boring talk, and finally we did our best to make noise when Josh got his diploma. At the end of the ceremony, we filed outside and met Josh at the appointed spot. He had a stunned look when he saw Chris standing there.

After our gang congratulated him, I kinda shooed everyone to start walking back to our apartment.

“We’ll see you back at the place later,” I said to Josh.

We’d just gotten back to the apartment when my cell phone started to ring. I looked at the number and answered.

“Hey, baby brother!”

“Congratulations!” Christian said loudly. “I’m proud of you.”


“I can’t wait to see you next month,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to it as well.”

I had gone into the bedroom to be able to take the call while everyone else celebrated in the main room. I heard the front door close and then Josh’s and Chris’s voices, so I knew they’d gotten back. I was about to wrap up the call with Christian when I heard Will gasp.

“Oh, SHIT!” Tiffany yelled.

“Honey, you’re water just broke,” Shirley said loudly.

“He’s early! It’s only been eight months!” she cried.

“Everything’s gonna be fine,” Shirley coached.

“Ryan!” Will called. “We gotta go to the hospital.”

“I gotta run,” I told Christian. “My sister-in-law’s going into labor.”

“Wow. OK. Later!”

I hung up, put the phone in my pocket, and ran into the living room just as Patrick was leading Tiffany out the front door.

“Since Will and I know where the hospital is, one of us needs to be with the mom-to-be!”

We all headed to vehicles and Will drove Patrick’s car while I drove the truck with the grandparents and uncles.

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