Double Trails




Chapter 73

-- RYAN --

“Jacob, this is my little brother, Christian,” I said, introducing them as we climbed out of the truck. Kirk had first called his brother, then his boyfriend, as we got near the campus, arranging in which parking lot we’d meet. They were both waiting when we parked.

“Not so little,” Jacob replied. “We’re eye-to-eye, and he’s still got years of growth to go!”

“Nice to meet you,” Christian said, shaking Jacob’s hand.

“And this is Chet,” Kirk said to Christian.

“I’ve heard quite a bit about you,” Christian said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you,” Chet agreed. “I heard a lot about you during my visits this summer.”

“I’m surprised you’re not in the Jeep,” Jacob said.

“Not enough room for our luggage and all of Kirk’s stuff,” Will explained.

Jacob got a look in his eye. And I quickly realized that he was thinking we’d bought a lot of stuff for Kirk to replace the things that he’d been unable to get out of their folks’ house.

“With Kirk working part-time this spring and full-time this summer, he’s made enough to fill out his wardrobe and get some school supplies,” I said, trying to counter my assumption. It did tone down the look on Jacob’s face.

“Where’s your room?” Will asked Kirk.

“I’m in something called the Botetourt Complex in Gooch Hall...” Kirk stated. “Let me dig out the paper and find the room number.”

“You’re in Gooch 315,” Chet said, with a sly grin on his face.

“How’d you know?” Kirk asked. “I didn’t get the assignment until two weeks ago... and I know I didn’t tell you on the phone.”


“Spill it,” Jacob added, his tone going into protective brother mode.

“Well, I guess an official introduction is in order,” he said with a flourish. “My name is Chet Anglin, one of the resident advisors for Gooch Hall. I’m primarily responsible for the third floor.”

“What!!!” Kirk yelled. “You’re my RA?”

“Well, freshman have to be in freshmen dorms. I was across campus from you, and... I wanted to be closer. Plus, this makes my housing free, so I can cut costs for my folks a bit.”

“And what room are you in?” Will asked.

“I’m in 317. Which, before anyone starts… isn’t next door to 315. It’s down the hall and around the corner. Your room is near the bathroom, which is convenient, and not too near the laundry room… so less noise.”

Jacob was giving Chet a look. I couldn’t decide if it was evil, annoyed, or amused. We all grabbed a load of stuff, and Chet led us towards the Complex.

As we walked toward the nearby buildings, Chet started a narrative. “There are five residence halls in the Complex, each named after a former Virginia governor. The Complex is near the ‘Caf,’ which is the main dining hall. The halls aren’t very big, so you’ll get to know a lot of the other residents. The buildings are about forty years old, but each has a kitchen, air conditioned lounges, and WiFi. There’s a TV and ping-pong in the social lounge; and there’s a study lounge as well.”

We got to the room, and Chet opened the door.

“Here’s your key,” he said, handing it to Kirk.

“Nice room,” Jacob said. “It’s bigger than mine was.”

“Left or right?” I asked.

“Umm...” Kirk paused. “I’d rather have the closet and desk nearer the door, and my bed towards the window... so right.”

We piled a lot of the stuff on Kirk’s bed, and the rest on the floor between the bed and the desk.

“Do you want help unpacking?” I asked.

“Naw. I want to meet my new roommate and make sure he doesn’t want to switch, just in case. I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot. Plus, y’all will need to get on the road for the beach soon; so, let’s go get that early dinner.”

Will, Christian, and I piled into the truck, and I followed Chet’s car to a small, convenient restaurant.

As we walked into the place, Chet explained. “This place is popular with the kids on campus.”

We seated ourselves, and a waiter about our age walked up to the table.

“Hey, Chet! Who are all your friends?”

“Well, this is my boyfriend Kirk,” Chet explained, “his brother Jacob, our friends Ryan and Will, and Ryan’s brother Christian. Ryan and Will are lovers. Jacob and Christian are straight boys.”

“Nice to meet you all. Congrats to you Kirk, you’ve got quite the catch there. Took him back off the market before anyone else had a chance…”

“Umm... thanks!”

“What can I get for you all to drink while you look over the menu?”

A chorus of soda requests came out, and the waiter walked off.

“He didn’t look too happy,” Will said to Chet.

“He’s been trying to get in my pants for three years now. Kept trying to get me to cheat on my ex. Guess he heard I was single through the grapevine, and thought he’d have a chance with fall term starting. I sure hope introducing Kirk put an end to that.”

The drinks delivered, the food ordered; the conversation centered on the upcoming semester for Kirk and Chet, and our trip out west with Christian. After dinner, the guys headed back to campus, while Will got us back on Interstate 64 headed east.

“I didn’t realize we’d be so close to so much history,” Christian said.

“Well, this is the birthplace of the English colonies. Then there are all the Revolutionary War and Civil War sites in the area,” Will explained. “Depending on traffic, we’ll either go over the Monitor-Merrimac Bridge-Tunnel or the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. Either way, we’ll be near the site of the first battle of iron-clad ships.”

“Other than time on the beach, what all do you want to do while we’re there?” I asked Christian.

“I should turn that around on you. What’s there to do?”


“Let’s see,” Will cut in. “The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is there. It focuses on marine life in and around Virginia. There’s a Military Aviation Museum, and a Museum of Contemporary Art. Our hotel is right on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, so that has a lot of opportunities. There are a number of lighthouses in the area to tour. We could go over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel – seventeen miles of the Chesapeake Bay on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.”

“You sound like you memorized the travelogue,” Christian said.

“Will’s all type-A about these things,” I explained. “He likes everything planned and orderly.”

“Hey, at least I can answer!” he countered.

That got a good laugh out of Christian.

Will had been driving about thirty minutes, when we started to hit traffic.

“The sign is saying it’s faster to take Merrimac and Monitor than the Hampton-Roads,” I said to Will.

“Sounds good, let’s avoid some traffic.”

A few minutes later, he exited onto Interstate 664, and headed south through Newport News. As we got onto the bridge, Christian got excited. “I’m a mountain boy, I don’t think I’ve really seen this much water before.”

“This is just the mouth of the James River,” Will explained. “Wait till you see the ocean!”

Traffic was thick, but it kept moving as we looped south through Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and finally into Virginia Beach. Will got us onto Interstate 264, and we headed due east towards our destination.

As we were getting close to the end of the expressway, a pair of jets flew low over us – very low!

“WOW!” Christian exclaimed.

“Yeah! That was close,” I agreed.

“I saw a sign for Oceana Naval Air Station a few minutes ago. I’m guessing they’re going in for a landing,” Will said.

“I wonder what they were,” Christian stated.

“What are they flying…? F16s, F18s, F-somethings? We can do a search when we get to the hotel, if you want,” Will replied.

The interstate came to an end, and we were dumped onto Twenty-First Street.

“What’s the address?” Will asked.

“Go to the end of this street,” I explained. “Turn left on Atlantic Avenue, and the hotel is on the right.”

We got through the next two lights, and Will quickly had us parked at the EconoLodge.

“I can smell the salt water in the air,” Will said, as he climbed out of the truck.

We each grabbed our luggage, checked in, and took the elevator to the ninth floor. I opened the door, and we could see out the floor to ceiling windows on the other side of the room.

“Holy crap ball!” Christian exclaimed. “What a fantastic view!” He dumped his bags on the first bed and ran to the door, opened it, and went onto the balcony. “This is fuckin incredible!”

Will and I followed him at a more leisurely pace. Christian’s head was turning fast, as he tried to take everything in at once.

“That’s the boardwalk,” I said pointing down below us.

“And look at all that beach! I could build a huge sandcastle! I’ve never been to the beach! This is great.” With that he pivoted and gave me a big hug. “I can’t believe how fuckin lucky I am to have a brother like you!”

Will looked at me with a funny expression. I assumed it was because of Christian’s language. Neither of us cussed quite as liberally, and I really hadn’t heard Christian do it much before.

“Sorry, I guess I’ve gotten comfortable around you all, and I’m not keeping my language in check,” he admitted. I thought he must have read my mind.

“Where’d you pick up ‘holy crap ball,’” Will asked.

“Oh, a friend of mine at school says it all the time. I guess it stuck.”

“I’m glad you like the beach,” I said. “Do you want to get into the ocean this evening before the sun goes down, or do you want to just walk along the beach?”

“Let’s just walk tonight,” Christian said. “After all the time in the truck, I’m getting a bit run down.”

“Fair enough.”

I grabbed my luggage, pulled out a pair of board shorts and a shirt and changed. I capped off my outfit with a pair of sandals. By the time I was done, Will and Christian had changed as well.

“You look like a beach bum,” I teased Will. “The blonde curls, tan, and that outfit really suits the area.”

We went down to the boardwalk, and then onto the beach. We walked out to the ocean, and I pulled off my sandals. I walked into the edge of the surf and splashed along, Christian and Will following suit.

“The water is warmer than I expected,” Christian admitted.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

We walked a while, before I saw the perfect addition to the evening.

“Let’s get ice cream!” I said pointing to an ice cream shop on the boardwalk.

With cones in hand, the three of us walked down the boardwalk for a while.

“Ready to head back?” Will asked, after we’d walked a good while.

“Sure, but let’s go over to Atlantic Avenue,” I suggested.

We moved over to the street, and started up the sidewalk. I hadn’t realized we’d walked down the beach sixteen blocks. Being on the street, we each noted a few places we wanted to check out while we were there. As we got to the hotel, I saw a sign pointing up the street to a miniature golf place.

“Anyone want to putt-putt?” I asked.

“I think I want to crash,” Christian said with a big yawn. “How about tomorrow?”


Once we got back to the room, I decided to rinse off in the shower. By the time I came out, both Will and Christian were asleep. I left my boxers on and crawled in next to Will. He woke up just enough to kiss me good night as I snuggled up to him.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee and a hint of salt water in the air.

“Morning sleepyhead,” Will said. “Ready for a cup of coffee?”

“Yeah. Thanks, let me pee, and I’ll be right back out.”

I did my business, came back into the room, and found that Will had left a cup of ‘joe’ on the counter next to the little coffee maker. I noticed it had cream in it – a clear sign that the coffee wasn’t very good. I took it and walked out onto the balcony.

“This place is really nice,” Will said. “When you said we had reservations at an EconoLodge, I was a bit worried. I mean, all we really need is a clean space, comfortable bed, and proximity to the ocean; but we got all that, plus a great view on this little balcony, a fridge, and coffee.”

“Well, I wouldn’t put much value in the coffee,” Christian interjected. “But the rest, yeah!”

“We can find a grocery store later today and get a small thing of coffee, some juice, sodas, and the like,” I said.

The three of us sat on the balcony watching the sun rise over the ocean.

“What’s on the agenda today,” Christian asked.

“Umm… beach, swim, and anything else you’d like to do,” I replied.

“Can you really swim in the ocean?”

“Not the way you do in a pool,” Will explained. “More like play in it… move around in it… Unless you go out a good distance and avoid the surf.”

“The hotel has a pool we can do some real swimming in,” I said.

“I wanna build a big sand castle,” Christian said. “All those movies I saw as a kid made it look like fun!”

“Mind some help?” Will asked.

“Not at all…”

“Let’s get some breakfast, then get some time on the beach. It’s not too crowded, yet,” I said.

We all got into our trunks, pulled on shirts and shoes, and headed out. This time we walked north along the boardwalk, and four blocks later we found a pancake house.

After filling our stomachs, we headed back. As we walked, one of the little shops on the boardwalk had just opened. I stopped Will and Christian, went in, and grabbed a couple cheap, plastic beach buckets with little plastic shovels. They both laughed at me.

“How else will we be able to build a sand castle?”

I got no argument to that.

We walked back to the room, got towels and such, and headed down to the beach. Being only eighty-thirty, there weren’t many folks out yet. The morning was hot – in the low eighties already – for us mountain boys where the high often only reached the mid-eighties. We laid out our towels to stake a spot.

I walked out to the surf and stuck my feet into the water… not too cold. I ran out towards the waves and dove into one as it started to crest.

I came up for air about twenty-five feet further out... looked around, and saw Will standing on the beach staring at me. I finally saw Christian about halfway between us, his body upright, trying to push through the surf toward me. I waved, to Will beckoning him to join us. He ran forward and, like me, dove into a wave as it broke over him. A few minutes later, the three of us were treading water.

“This is like being at Assateague,” Will said.


“Where’s that?” Christian asked.

“It’s a beach about seventy or eighty miles north of here on the Virginia-Maryland border,” I explained.

We swam around for a while, then back to the beach. Climbing out of the surf, I noted that more folks were arriving.

“It’s gonna be crowded later,” Christian commented.

“Yup, glad we got a space early,” Will agreed.

“Time for that sandcastle?” I asked.


We grabbed the buckets and started dumping sand in a pile. As it got bigger, Christian started forming it into a structure.

“Put a big pile here,” he directed.

Christian’s creation got bigger and bigger, as Will and I kept adding sand. While it wouldn’t win any competition, the over-sized version of a kid’s sand castle was attracting attention.

“That’s cool,” a female voice said from behind me.

I looked and saw an attractive, young lady about Christian’s age.

“Uh… uh… thanks,” Christian stuttered out.

“It’s really nicely done,” she complimented.

“I’ve never got to do this before,” Christian explained.

“Where are you from?” she asked, her tone seemed suspicious.

“I live in Wyoming.”

“Wow! Long ways away. What brought you here?”

“I’m here visiting my brother,” he said pointing to me.

“You go to college here?” she asked. I thought I heard a hint of hope in her voice.

“No. I graduated from Tech in May. We live in Richlands,” I replied.

“Oh, not too far… two hours, right?”

“No, more like seven. We live in RichLANDs not RichMOND.”

“Oh. Not close.”

“No. I’m Ryan by the way. This is Will.”

“Nice to meet you,” Will said, holding out his hand.

“I’m Katie.”

“This is Christian,” I said.

“Nice to meet you all,” she said.

“KATIE!” I heard a loud female voice call.

“Oh, I gotta run,” she said. “That’s my mom.”

“Nice meeting you,” Christian said.

With that, she turned and ran off.

“She was cute,” Will said. “And flirting with you big time!”

Christian blushed a deep red.

“Dude, why are you blushing,” I asked.


“So you’re a stud, and girls are after you. Be proud!”

“OK, OK,” he said, with very little confidence in his voice.

“How much confidence did you have at fifteen?” Will asked me. “How comfortable were you with girls?”

“Well… I wasn’t interested in, comfortable around, or anything related to girls,” I admitted. “Hell, I was just starting to realize what sex really was, and had the first hints that I might be gay.”

“In other words, don’t push Christian!” Will said.

“Sorry, bro.”

“No harm, no foul,” Christian replied. “You’re just being a big brother, and I like that!”

Not much later, we decided to get out of the sun for a bit. We went up to the room, showered off, and got dressed. Will drove us over to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. As we pulled up to the toll plaza, Christian let out a yelp.

“Holy crap ball, that’s a LOT of money!”

I chuckled at his expression. “It’s not too bad,” I replied. “Ten dollars for over seventeen miles isn’t that bad. This thing is considered one of the man-made wonders of the world.”

Will paid the toll, and drove us out onto the bridge. Being at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, once we cleared a small area of land, it was nothing but water as far as the eye could see. Well… water, seagulls, and ships.

“Look at those huge ships!” Christian exclaimed.

“Container ships bringing in cargo, or ships waiting to be loaded,” I explained. “Norfolk is one of the largest ports on the East Coast.”

We’d been on the bridge about four miles when we came to the first man-made island. Will and I had talked about it beforehand, and he drove into the tunnel.

“How far down are we going?” Christian asked.

“Well, the tunnels go under the sea floor, and we have to be deep enough for those big boats to get through. That’s all I really remember. I’ve only been over the bridge one other time,” I admitted.

A mile later, we came out of the tunnel and continued over the bridge for about ten miles till we came to the second tunnel.

“Why two tunnels?”

“I asked the same thing when we went to Chincoteague,” Will said. “First off, there are tunnels on the bridge due to the cold war. The US Navy was afraid the Soviets would be able to bomb the bridge and cause the ships at dock in Norfolk to be stuck. So, the bridge was designed with tunnels. The first tunnel lets ships get to Norfolk, and the second tunnel lets ships get to Baltimore.”

We came out of the second tunnel, and we could now clearly see the shoreline.

“What state is that?”

“Still Virginia,” I said. “It’s called the Eastern Shore, part of the Delmarva Peninsula.”

“I don’t get it,” Christian admitted.

“The Delmarva Peninsula is wedged between the Chesapeake Bay and the ocean. The north…” Will stopped speaking for a moment. “The northeastern part of the peninsula is the state of Delaware. The northwestern part is a large part of Maryland, and the most southern portion is this little tiny part of Virginia. Thus, the Del Mar Va Peninsula.”

“Why isn’t it part of Maryland or Delaware?”

“Well, it’s not attached to Delaware, and as for Maryland… I guess it’s historical,” I explained. “This area was colonized not long after Jamestown, so I guess it stuck. I don’t really remember them explaining it any further in history class.”

By this point, we’d almost reached the toll plaza at the other end. Before going through, Will found a turnaround area and headed back south.

“We’re not going on?” Christian asked.

“Naw, it’s mostly farm land up that way, unless we were to go to one of the state parks or the Assateague National Seashore. That can be another trip,” I said.


We were just about to cross from the shore back onto the first bridge span when Will pulled over into an overlook area. We all got out of the truck and enjoyed the view of the bay and a small island across the channel.

Finally, we got back in the truck and headed south – back across the bridge.

“Getting hungry?” Will asked.

“Yeah!” we both agreed.

As we came out of the second tunnel, Will made a hard right turn onto the tunnel-island’s service road.

“There’s the restaurant and gift shop,” I said pointing to a small building on the edge of the man-made island. There’s a fishing pier behind it that goes out over the bay.”

We went in, got a table, and quickly ordered lunch. Our food had just been delivered when Christian pointed out a ship coming out of the harbor.

“That doesn’t look like a freighter,” he indicated.

My back to the window, I turned in my seat and looked where he was pointing.

“Agreed. It looks like a navy ship...”

“It’s kinda flat,” Will added.

“An aircraft carrier?” I asked.

“Could be.”

We continued to eat as the ship sailed onward towards the bridge. By the time we’d finished and paid the bill, it was clear that it was an aircraft carrier, and we were going to get an up close and personal view of it.

We walked out of the restaurant, and headed to the part of the island that faced the channel. Christian pulled out his camera and started clicking pics as the carrier went through the channel.

“CVN-71,” Will said. “I wonder what ship that is.”

“We’ll have to see what we can find out,” I said.

“It’s the Teddy Roosevelt,” a gentleman that was nearby, said to us. “Didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I heard your question. I’d heard she was sailing today, that’s why I’m out here.”

“Thanks!” we all said to him.

As the carrier headed beyond the tunnel’s island, we turned and walked back to the truck.

We got back to the hotel, and decided on more beach time.

Later, as we came back into the hotel, Will walked over to the front desk… and asked the lady for recommendations on a restaurant for dinner. She provided a couple within a reasonable walk.

Getting back to the room, Christian got his shower first, while Will and I sat out on the balcony watching the folks on the beach. Christian came out to the balcony dressed in jeans and a polo shirt.

“Who’s next?”

I looked at Will, and he looked at me.

“Well, one of you go, ‘cause… I’m getting hungry!”

We both stood, stopped, looked at each other and laughed.

“We’ll go get ready together,” I said.

We left Christian on the balcony and stripped down in the room. Will and I each grabbed our ditty bags and headed into the bathroom. I reached in and turned on the water, working to find the right temp for the shower.

“Me or you first,” he asked.

“Both at the same time!”

“Even better.”

We climbed in, and he grabbed the shampoo and lathered up my scalp. I rinsed my head, then returned the favor. I grabbed a rag, the bar of soap, and started scrubbing him down. As I got below his waistline, I squatted down. His body blocked most of the spray. I got his butt and legs cleaned, then used my hand to push him gently back into the water more, so the soap would start rinsing off. As the water ran down the front of his body, I took the rag and washed his cock and balls. He started getting hard as I handled his equipment.

The water quickly rinsed the suds off, and I leaned forward a bit more… letting my tongue lap over the head of his cock. Then I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and balls. Before Will’s dick was able to harden fully, I slipped my tongue under the foreskin… I licked under the skin and teased the slit.

“Oh, FUCK!” he groaned.

I hoped Christian had stayed outside, or he was going to hear Will.

His cock got harder as I kept teasing the end of it, causing the skin to retract. I licked over the head a few times, tasting his salty-sweet precum. I lapped my tongue over the head a few more times, enjoying the taste, then worked my mouth down the shaft.

Will’s cock buried in my throat, I put my hands on the back of his legs for stability. Will moaned as I worked up and down his shaft. I slipped my right hand off his leg and started rubbing his balls. I repositioned myself a bit, so I was down on my knees – no slip hazard – and kept sucking his dick.

I grabbed the little bottle of conditioner, used it to slick up my dick and started jacking as I worked hard to get Will to blow.

“Damn, dude!” Will groaned.

I took my free hand, swiped some of the conditioner off my dick, and slipped a lubed finger between Will’s cheeks, found his hole, and worked it in.

“OH, FUCK!” Will yelled, as he pumped cum into my mouth. His orgasm triggered mine – my cock pumping cum across the tub floor.

Our orgasms subsided, Will helped me stand, so we could finish cleaning up.

“I hope we weren’t too loud,” I said quietly.

“Shit! I didn’t think of that,” Will said sheepishly. “Maybe he stayed on the balcony.”


We finished, walked out into the room, and I breathed a sigh of relief seeing Christian leaning against the railing of the balcony looking out at the ocean. We got dressed, and I walked out onto the balcony.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

“Yeah! I’m really hungry!”

The three of us had a great dinner, then a long walk on the beach.

We spent two more nights at the beach having a blast. Instead of following the Interstates back, Will and I decided to take a more rural route across the bottom of the state. We followed Interstate 664 over to Suffolk and got onto US 460.

“It’s so flat,” Christian said.

“We’re still in the coastal area,” I explained. “Let’s see if I remember my Virginia geography… coastal, Piedmont… hmmm…. Blue Ridge, valley, and then Appalachian are the regions. Richlands is in the Appalachian, so you’ve gotten to see them all.”

As we drove along, Christian started reading the road signs aloud, commenting on different names, familiar and unfamiliar.

“Hmm… Smithfield thataway…,” he commented as we went through the small town of Windsor. “Sounds like pork!”

“It is pork!” I laughed. “Home of the biggest pork producer in the world.”

“You’re kidding. Out here in the middle of nowhere?”

“Think about it, we’re not that far from the cities. Plus, where would you going to start a meat processing plant but in the middle of fields of pigs.”

“True. True...”

We’d driven on a while longer, when Christian saw a sign for the Wakefield Peanut Company.

“Man, Dad loves peanuts. Could we stop, so I can get him something?”


I pulled into the parking lot, and we walked into the store.

“I always think of Georgia when I think peanuts,” Christian commented as we walked through the door.

“Georgia produces the most peanuts of any US state,” a woman standing behind the counter, next to the door, said. “However, the common US variety is the Virginia peanut, so named because Virginia produced the first peanuts in the new world.”

“Cool,” Christian replied. He quickly zeroed in on the display of canned peanut products; grabbing cans of chocolate cover peanuts, peanut brittle, and shelled peanuts.

“Hey, don’t forget you’ve got to get that in your suitcase,” Will commented.

“We can ship it back,” I said. “Or put some of it in our luggage.”

“True that…” Will agreed.

By the time we’d finished in the shop, we’d put together quite the pile of peanut products.

About two hours later, we started seeing signs that we were approaching Appomattox.

“That’s where the Civil War ended,” Christian enthused.

“Not quite,” Will said.

“Huh?” I grunted. “That’s what I remember from history too!”

“Well, y’all Virginians get it wrong every time! Lee surrendered his troops to Grant after Appomattox. What were they called... hmmm…”

“The Army of Virginia, or something like that,” I replied. “And that was the end.”

“Nope. He was trying to get his troops south to meet General Johnston’s Army of Tennessee, which was somewhere in North Carolina at the time. General Johnston’s force was bigger than Lee’s. When he lost at Appomattox that signaled the start of the end, but Johnston’s forces didn’t surrender till two weeks later. In fact, there was fighting going on until two months after that. They didn’t have radios and TVs to broadcast surrender, so troops had to find out the hard way.”

“I stand corrected!” I said to Will.

“Want to see the battlefields?” I asked Christian.

“I’m sure it’s nice, but let’s get home.”

The rest of the ride through Lynchburg, Roanoke, Blacksburg and such was quiet. It wasn’t until Will gestured for me to be quieter that I realized Christian was asleep in the backseat.

We got home late and unloaded the truck. Will took all the dirty clothes to the laundry and got that started. I took the empty suitcases upstairs, so we could start packing for our trip out west.

The next morning, I went downstairs and grabbed a cup of coffee. “My schedule is so off,” I said to myself.

“Well, you never were a morning person,” Dad’s voice said from behind me. “Where’s Will?” I turned to find him walking in from the hallway.

“He’s still asleep. I figured you were already hard at work.”

“I was, but I had to come in for something. So, for once in how many years you are up before Will.” He chuckled at that. “Have a good trip?”

“Yeah! It was a lot of fun. How were things while we were gone?”

“Quiet. I mean really, really, quiet! Tracer and I kept commenting to each other how empty the house felt without you, Will, Christian, and Kirk.”

“Well, you get one more week of that,” I reminded him.

“I know. When does your flight leave?”

“The flight is at seven-thirty-five tomorrow morning, and we get to Casper at seven that evening.”

“That’s worse than when we went. Long layovers?”

“Mostly about two hours… Tri-Cities to Charlotte, then to Omaha via Chicago, change planes in Omaha, go to Denver, layover in Denver, then a hop to Casper. The last is in a little plane, like a twenty seater; fortunately, it’s only a forty-five minute flight.”

“Then five days later, you do it in reverse.”

“Not quite. We don’t go to Omaha or Chicago; we fly through Houston.”

“Amazing how hard it is to get from one place to another.”

“Well, it’s not like we’re talking New York to Chicago. It’s Richlands to Cow Hollow,” Dad let out a laugh at that. “Will and I will be able to help in a little while.”

“Don’t bother. Tracer doesn’t have you on the schedule. Get your laundry done, get packed, then we can all spend some quality time together tonight.”


“Maybe the three of you can get a good ride in this afternoon. The weather is supposed to be very nice.”

“Thanks!” I gave Dad a big hug, before he headed out the door.

I flipped the wash to the dryer, and started the next load. Then I grabbed a second cup of coffee and went back to our bedroom. I was surprised to find Will still asleep; like Dad said I’m not a morning person, and almost always Will was up first.

I looked at the bed and noticed that Will was the first up in one respect, tenting the bed. I set both mugs of coffee down on the nightstand, reached up and pulled the sheet back, then bent over and took Will’s dick down my throat to the root.

I worked my way back up the shaft, then swirled my tongue around the head a few times. I lingered at the piss slit, lapping up the initial pre-cum Will was oozing. Getting all he’d made to that point, I worked my way back down his dick and started sucking.

“Damn, what a way to wake up,” Will said with a groggy voice.

As my lips hit his pubes, his hands started rubbing my hair. I climbed onto the bed, never letting Will’s dick out of my mouth. I was getting the shaft good and wet!

I wrapped my fingers around the base and worked up, coating them well with saliva. I moved my wet fingers back to my ass and worked them in, opening myself up. I soon had three fingers working in, while I continued to deep throat Will.

Once I thought my ass was ready, and had Will’s prick all slicked up, I pulled my mouth off and scooted up a bit. I took hold of his cock, put my ass over it, and started to slide down.

“I’ll repeat myself, ‘damn nice way to wake up!’”

“Glad you like it! I’ll have to do it more often!”

I started bouncing a bit, using my legs to lift my ass up to the head of his cock, then release and slam back down. I did this for a while, letting my ass open up for a pounding.

“Time for you to drive!” I said, as I pulled off Will’s dick.

“Stand up,” Will directed.

I stood next to the bed, and Will climbed off as well. He pushed on my shoulder, turning me to face the bed, while moving around behind me. With his hand still on my shoulder, he pushed me over; his slick dick pushed against my ass cheeks, sliding through them and right to my hole. Within seconds, he was buried in my ass.

His hands grabbed my shoulders and used them to pull me back harder onto his cock. As his paced picked up, the thrusts became shorter and harder. Will’s grip on my shoulders tightened, and he pulled me back, causing me to arch my back. As my head got close to his, I turned it; he leaned in and kissed me as he fucked harder.

As hard as Will was pulling and thrusting, I was pushing and slamming back. It’d been too long since we’d gotten to fuck! Will’s cock was rubbing my prostate, hitting it on the in stroke and massaging it on the out.

“Fuck!” I moaned. “I’m gonna shoot!”

My cock started spraying cum all over the sheets.

“Oh, FUCK!” Will moaned, as my ass milked his cock of cum.

As my cock finished shooting and the last cum dribbled from my dick, I clenched my ass hard to drain Will’s cum into me.

“Damn! Don’t break my cock off.”

“Just making sure it knows how much I like it there!”

“It knows, it knows!”

Will lifted off me, and I rolled onto the bed. He laid down on top of me, and we started kissing again.

“Can’t…” kiss… “get…” kiss… “enough…” kiss… “of you!” Will said.

I put my hands on either side of his head and pulled him into a very deep kiss.

“With you, there is no such thing as too much!” I replied.

“Love you!”

“Love you, too!”

“Should we get up, clean up, and check on Christian?” he asked.

“I guess… though I’d rather start round two…”

“Round two can be tonight! I promise.”


We got cleaned up, found Christian in the kitchen eating a breakfast sandwich, and started making ourselves some grub.

“I went downstairs and moved the laundry along,” Christian explained.

“Thanks,” Will and I echoed.

“The sooner it’s done, the sooner we can get one last ride in.”

“Are you taking more lessons this fall,” Will asked.

“I want to, but…”

“But what?” I asked.

“I didn’t want to cause Dad more trouble. He’s been so busy, and running me around…”

“Dude, before you drop it; talk to him. What activities do you have that keep him so busy?”

“Nothing really. It’s just that since Mom’s been gone, he seems to never have free time.”

“Is his work so busy?” Will asked.


“And you do the cooking and cleaning,” I interjected.

“Well, yeah.”

“So what is it really,” I asked.

“He won’t…”

“Got it,” Will said. “You think he isn’t dating because he’s too busy with you!”


I walked over to the table and sat next to Christian. “You’re not stopping him from dating… the pain is.”


“Yeah! Dad explained it to me. Look, while she left Dad, it still hurt him. The first few years we were up here, he was gun shy from the pain. I’m sure it’s the same kinda situation, just a different cause… she died.”

“He’ll recover, and one day he’ll be ready to date again. But don’t stop your life, because you think it will help him. At least talk to him about it first!”

“Ok. Ok.”

“It’s not like you’re one of those over-scheduled kids with six different after-school activities, sports, and more going on. You’re talking a riding class each week.”

“I got it,” he admitted.

“Well, you’ll have a lot of things to show off in class,” Will said.

“Yeah. You two have put a lot of polish on my riding.”

“Well, the equitation courses helped us both a lot!” I explained.

“Maybe I can take that in college.”

“Depends on where you end up.”

“I figured I’d go to UW.”

“UW? University of Wisconsin?” Will asked.

“No! University of Wyoming! It’s in Laramie.”

“Thinking of majors?” Will inquired.

“Dad still suggests engineering. But I’ve started to think about other options… UW has some great programs.”

“What are they known for?” I asked.

“Agriculture, botany, geography, business, and engineering. I was looking into the agriculture and applied economics program a bit, but it’s early.”

“Gonna follow your big brother?” Will asked.

“I’ve thought about it.” He paused a moment. “But I honestly don’t know what I want to do, yet.”

“I wanted to be a teacher,” Will explained.

“HUH?” I turned to him.

“I think you just surprised Ryan,” Christian interjected.

“Damn right you did. I didn’t know that.”

“Well, you know, as a kid I always wanted to be a teacher. But as I got older, I realized that while I wanted to teach, I really only wanted to teach someone who wanted to learn. In reality, that isn’t most of the students you get. Some are willing to learn, some are forced to learn, some refuse to learn, then there are the rare ones that WANT to learn. SO I was trying to think of a new career path when one fell into my lap.”

“Goofing off?” I teased him.

“Funny! Very funny!”

“Let me go put the last load of clothes in the dryer,” Christian said. “Then maybe we can go for a ride.”

“Sounds good! We’ll clean up the kitchen.”

Prev To be continued . . .

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