Double Trails




Chapter 75

-- WILL --

“How was Memphis?” Ryan asked when Erik and Tracer joined us at the table.

“We had a good time,” Erik said with a big smile at Tracer, which made me wonder.

“Did you honestly relax?” I asked.

“Yes…. Yes, we did!” Tracer spoke up again with a sly grin towards Erik.

“OK. What’s up?” Ryan queried with a puzzled tone.

“We just had a very relaxing time,” Erik responded quietly.

“He actually splurged!” Tracer gushed. “And I think he’s a bit uncomfortable about it.”

“You splurged?” Ryan looked at Erik with a bit of disbelief. “Mr. I won’t spend any money on myself? Oh, wait, Tracer was with you…”

“So, how did you splurge?” I cut Ryan off.

“We stayed at the Peabody!” Tracer exclaimed. “But not just a room at the Peabody! He got a suite… it was fuckin amazing!”

Both Ryan and I looked at Erik and Tracer in shock.

“I splurged. OK?” Erik said quietly. I think if Erik could have disappeared, he would have.

“Yeah… splurged! The suite had a spiral staircase that took you up to a loft bedroom. The room downstairs… the ‘parlor’” Tracer used his fingers to make quote marks “was two stories, and had a working fireplace!”

Ryan’s mouth gapped open, but no words came out... he just sputtered a bit.

“How romantic,” I said.

“The only thing that would have been better would have been to have the fireplace in the bedroom, but it was… I’ll say it again amazing!” Tracer continued.

“Did you two ever leave the room?” Ryan asked.

Erik blushed such a deep red that I thought he’d developed an instant sunburn!

“Yes, actually we did,” he said, seeming to gain his composure a bit. “We went to a couple jazz clubs, saw Graceland, walked along the Mississippi, and visited with Scott and Stefan. It was my first visit to Memphis, so we did a lot of exploring.”

“I took him to the Pink Palace, the National Ornamental Metal Museum and the Cotton Museum.”

“We really packed in the sites, and he took me to a few clubs he used to sneak into.”

“Sounds great!” I replied.

“What all did we miss?” Tracer asked.

“Leaves falling, temperatures dropping, horses pooping, stalls being cleaned… you know all the most exciting things of life,” Ryan said with a droll tone.

“Sounds like fun!” Tracer replied. “So, inquiring minds want to know about your costumes!”

“Inquiring minds will find out tomorrow night,” Ryan said quietly. “We’re keeping the surprise a surprise!”

“Not even a hint?” Erik asked.

“No!” Ryan responded.

“I’ll give you one,” I admitted. “We’re both wearing part of our costume already.”

Erik and Tracer looked at the two of us like we were out of our minds. Then they both started looking at us.

“Doesn’t appear to be visible,” Tracer said. “Or you’re going very tame this year.”

“Are we going to get a waiter?” Erik asked, changing the topic.

“It has been a while,” I admitted.

We started looking around and didn’t see anyone. After a minute more, Erik stood up, headed towards the front of the restaurant and returned quickly.

“The host will get someone to help us.”

A few moments passed and a waitress appeared at our table. “Sorry, gentlemen, there was confusion about who had what table. Anyway, what can I get you?”

We placed our orders and continued talking about the week gone by. After eating and a good bit of conversation, I rode back to the hotel with Tracer, while Erik rode with Ryan.

“It sounds like Erik went all out!”

“He really did… the hotel room, the restaurants, the whole nine yards. It was an amazing anniversary vacation. Unlike so many of our trips, it wasn’t a surprise; but there were a lot of surprises during the trip.”

“Cool, cool. Y’all deserved it. I talked to Ryan about a similar trip for us, but we’ve decided to hold off for a few years. For now, our vacations will probably focus on time with Christian.”

“That makes sense. So… you’re really not going to tell us about the costume?”

“Not a chance. It will just work better visually, I think.”

“OK. OK. It’s less than twenty-four hours away. I’m assuming that they will be as provocative as ever?”

“I guess. Ryan’s a bit of an exhibitionist, and this is a good way for him to get it out of his system without too much trouble.”

“Yeah! No videos.”

“At least none on the commercial market,” I admitted.

“You made one?”

“Well, yeah… sorta. It didn’t really turn out all that well, so we’re gonna try again sometime.”

“Fair enough.”

I could tell by the tone of his voice that Tracer really wanted details, but he wasn’t comfortable asking.

“Putting a single camera in a room, you either play to that camera or don’t catch much. It’s more complex than it seems…”

“Gotcha, well, as I mentioned before… if you figure it out, let me know how.”

I laughed. “Will do, big brother. I wouldn’t want you old farts to get stale!”

“Old farts, huh! I’ll show you an old fart!”

At this point we were laughing hard as Tracer parked the Jeep.

“How was the Jeep for a trip?” I asked as we climbed out.

“Well, it guzzles gas like the trucks, but it is a lot easier to park and maneuver. Maybe we should think about getting one economical car.”

“For the few times we drive that we don’t need carrying or towing capacity, I don’t think it makes sense.”

Erik and Ryan walked up as I said the last.

“What doesn’t make sense,” Ryan asked.

“Buying a car with better gas mileage for trips and such. Between insurance and upkeep, the money saved on gas wouldn’t be that great,” I explained.

“True… usually we are hauling a trailer, or getting supplies, or something like that around town so having a car for our infrequent trips wouldn’t make a lot of sense.”

The four of us walked into the hotel.

“Night!” rang out as we went to our rooms.

Saturday morning, Ryan and I got up at our normal time and I caught him staring at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Just thinking about how much time we need to get into costume tonight.”

“I don’t think it will take that much time. Pants, shirt, boots, hat… pretty straight forward. If we need to make any last minute adjustments, it won’t take long.”

“True, I was just trying to think how much time to tell Dad and Tracer we’d need. So we can plan the day.”

“Oh, let’s say thirty to forty-five minutes.” I grabbed my phone and sent Tracer a quick text that we were up and going to shower.

“Shower together?” Ryan asked.


He went into the bathroom and I gave him a few minutes to take care of things. Then when I heard the water running, I went in. Ryan was already under the water, so I took a moment to do a couple things before joining him.

“Get wet…”

Once I was soaked, he reached over and moved the shower head a bit.

“Not as easy as our shower.”

“No, but I’m gonna make this work.” With that, he grabbed the little bottle of shampoo, put a small amount in his hand, and then started massaging it into my scalp. “I hope you’ll let your hair grow back out after tonight… I know it works better for the costume, but I miss the curls.” He spent a lot of time working up a good lather, even taking some of the suds and working it through my goatee.

“Time to rinse.”

I rinsed my hair quickly, and then started the process on Ryan’s hair. I worked my hands through his hair, deeply massaging his scalp and head. He let out a little groan as I worked my two thumbs up the base of his neck. Then I grabbed a wash cloth, lathered it up, and scrubbed his back.

When I got to his ass, I squatted down, worked the cloth between his cheeks, and then started down his legs. Ryan leaned forward a bit, and the water rinsed the suds down his back. With all the soap gone; Ryan stood straighter, and I spread his ass cheeks. I let my tongue work up and down the crack a bit, and then pushed between his pucker. He spread his feet slightly and pushed back a bit, letting my tongue plunge in deeper.

I worked his hole a while, spreading it more with a finger on each side while fucking him more and more with my tongue.

“I need fucked,” Ryan moaned. “Fucked hard! Fucked deep! Fucked NOW!”

I used his body to help me stand, pushed down on his shoulders until he was holding onto the spigot, and got ready to fuck him. Grabbing the little bottle of hotel conditioner, I lubed up my cock and slid into his ass quickly. Once my cock was buried in his hole, I grabbed his hips and started long dicking his ass.

I would push my dick all the way in, grind around a bit, and then pull back until my head popped out. Plunging in, pulling out stimulated my cock. From the moans, grunts, and groans Ryan made, it was working!

“Fuck me! Harder! FUCKING HARDER!” he yipped as my cock buried hard into his ass.

I picked up the pace, using his body for leverage.

“I’m gonna cum!” Ryan warned. “Oh fuck! FUCK! FUCK…”

His hole clenched down on my dick as he spray cum onto the shower floor. This flipped my trigger – I buried my dick in his ass and flooded it with cum. I started to collapse onto his back but slipped a little and thought better of it. I grabbed hold of the soap holder to keep stable.

We finished up our shower, got dressed, and met Tracer and Erik in the lobby. We hit IHOP for breakfast, and then decided to explore a part of Nashville called Green Hills. It wasn’t your typical tourist destination, more of a nice neighborhood… we had a good time exploring.

“How about grabbing a burger on the way back to the hotel?” Tracer queried.

“Works for me,” I agreed.

Tracer located a burger place, parked, and the four of us went in. We ordered, found a booth, and sat, waiting for the food to be prepared.

As we sat, I got the impression that I, or possibly we were being watched. I was sitting next to Erik and nudged him, trying to get him to discretely look at the guy. After a moment, the server showed up with our food, so I used the distraction to whisper to him.

“Is that guy staring at us?”

“Yup,” Erik replied. “Has been for a while. He looks familiar, though I can’t imagine why.”

“What are you two whispering about,” Ryan asked quietly from across the table.

“A guy behind you is staring at us,” I explained.

“Oh… be right back,” Ryan said. And with that he got up and headed towards the bathroom.

I was a bit puzzled by his actions. But he came back just a few moments later and sat down.

“Yup,” Ryan said. “He’s staring, and I would say he looks familiar.”

Before anything else could be said, the man got up and walked over to our table.

“Excuse me, but are you four in town for a party?”

“Yes. We are,” Erik replied.

“Gavin and Jake’s?”

“Exactly,” I agreed.

“Sorry for staring. The two of you looked familiar, but I couldn’t really place you. Then I saw him,” he said indicating Ryan, “and I figured it out. You aren’t paired up like you usually are at the party. I’m Leo.”

“Erik, Will, Tracer, and I’m Ryan.”

“You two and your really hot cop costumes last year created quite the buzz around town.”

“That’s us,” I admitted.

“Got something equally titillating planned for this year?”

“They won’t give anything away,” Tracer said. “They keep it a complete secret until the very end.”

“I’m hoping it will be as good as last year,” Ryan admitted. “But we’ll have to see.”

“Last year will be hard to top,” Leo said. “I’m glad I’m able to go again this year. Actually, I need to get home and get into my costume. It was nice running, into you and I look forward to chatting with you tonight.”

“Later,” we call chorused as he walked off.

“Celebrities,” Tracer said as he used his elbow to poke Ryan.

We sat there eating our food as we discussed Ryan and my fame, or in reality the complete lack thereof. We got back to the hotel about an hour before the party.

“OK. What do we need to do to get ready?” Ryan asked after the door swung shut.

“Do you want a shower?”

“I didn’t get dirty or anything, so no need,” he replied as he started stripping down. “It’s not quite like last year…”

“True, true. Well, get your underwear on, then slip into your pants, and I’ll fit them.”

Ryan slipped on a pair of boxer briefs, and then pulled on the camo pants. Once he had them up, I got down on my knees and checked the seams. We’d already altered them so the fabric fit skin tight, a little bit of elastic in key places to pull things just right.

“Looks good,” I said. “Everything fits perfectly…”

He grabbed the drab olive tank top and pulled it on.

“That looks fuckin hot,” I commented. “The tattoo shows perfectly and to be honest, it makes me want to pull the tank top off to see the rest.”


We repeated the process for me, and then each put the finishing touches on the costumes – hat, belt, dog tags, and combat boots.

“I’m glad you convinced me to do the tattoo on the left while yours is on the right. When we stand side-by-side, it looks like they continue from one to the other.”

“That’s the idea.”

There was a knock on our door. I found Tracer and Erik standing in the hall as I opened it.

“What the…” Erik said, looking directly at my shoulder.

“Oh, wow!” Tracer exclaimed. “When did you? Where did you? How…”

Erik and Tracer’s eyes bugged out a bit more when they saw the tattoo on Ryan’s shoulder as well.

“Come in,” I said.

“What do you think?” Ryan asked.

“I’m stunned,” Erik replied. “I didn’t realize that you were going to get tattoos. How long have you been working on them.”

“Erik, look closer,” Tracer said as he started to recognize what was going on.


“They’re henna tattoos. We applied them using a design stencil. They will wear off over time,” I explained.

“It’s a very hot look,” Tracer admitted. “How far under the tank top does it go?”

“YES!” Ryan yelped.

Tracer looked a bit puzzled.

“That was the intent, to get folks to wonder how much more there was. Actually it goes about two inches under the shirt,” Ryan detailed.

“Does the design… ummm… are you two part of one design?” Tracer asked.

I stood next to Ryan.

“Very cool,” Erik said.

“I like your lumberjack outfits,” Ryan put in. “Sexy!”

“Thanks, we tried to be creative again this year. But they’re not as provocative as yours,” Tracer said.

“You’re not with an exhibitionist,” I stated. “This is a good way to show off without being too extreme.”

“Very true,” Erik agreed. “You really can’t show off at home. Plus, not many folks know you here, so you can show off with few ramifications.”

“Exactly! Only time we get noticed is in restaurants in Nashville!” Ryan said with a chuckle. His statement elicited a laugh from the rest of us.

As the night was cool, Ryan and I grabbed a hoodie for the ride over. I pulled the Jeep into a space on the street about half a block from Jake and Gavin’s place, and we walked over.

I rang the doorbell, and Gavin appeared almost immediately.

“Gentlemen, great to see you! Love the lumberjack costumes,” he said to Erik and Tracer. As they moved pass him, he got a full look at Ryan and I. “I’ll stop calling you two boys, as you’re obviously not; but dang, hot as always. A little more… hmmm… sultry, and a little less blatant sexually. I’m guessing those are henna?”

We’d made it into the foyer as he asked, and Ryan and I turned to answer.

“Oh!” Gavin said. “I just noticed that your tattoo’s make a single image together. Very creative.”

“Yeah, they are henna,” Ryan answered. We took one stencil and applied it half and half.”

“You look very military, without looking completely military. As I said to Erik and Tracer, great costumes!”

“Thanks! We met one of your guests at dinner,” I explained.


“A guy named Leo. We ran into him at a burger joint in Green Hills. He recognized Ryan and me.”

“He got here about ten minutes ago,” Gavin explained. “He’s wandering around somewhere.”

“Cool,” Ryan said. “Oh, is Peter here?”

“Not yet. When he RSVP’d, he said he had a plus one.”


“He wouldn’t give me any details. Just said he had a plus one.”


“Jake!” I exclaimed as I saw him walk up. He gave first Ryan, and then me a big hug.

“You two just keep getting more handsome. I love the military look, and I love the henna tattoos.” He looked down at our pants. “And as always, a bit form fitting to show off the muscles. I really like the design of the tattoo. It matches up when you two stand side-by-side, doesn’t it?”

We did, and let him see.

“Very nice!” The doorbell rang and Jake started to turn. “Why don’t you get a drink and catch up with folks?”

We started to walk away as Jake opened the door only to hear Jake say ‘hi’ to Peter. Ryan and I stopped and turned to find Peter looking very good in a red dinner jacket with a guy next to him in a black dinner jacket.

“Peter. Welcome,” Jake said.

“Hi. And this is Max.”

“Good to meet you, Max.” Jake said.

I noticed Peter look over Jake’s shoulder.

“Ryan! Will!”

We waved at him while he and Max finished their intros with Jake and Gavin. Once done, they walked over.

“Ryan, Will, I want to introduce you to Max,” Peter said.

“Nice to meet you,” Ryan and I echoed each other as we shook hands.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Remember how you said I’d find someone for those wow kisses. Well, I did,” Peter explained.

“That’s great! We want to hear the details. Let’s grab a drink and find a place to talk some,” I suggested.

We wondered into the kitchen, got our drinks, and then found a quiet corner of the rec room to chat.

“We met just before Thanksgiving last year. He’s been wowing me ever since,” Peter gushed.

“He makes me out to be some huge romantic,” Max laughed.

“You two seem very happy,” Ryan interjected.

“We are,” they agreed.

“Where’d you meet?” I asked.

“I took a class for work, and Max was the trainer. At the end of day three, I got the nerve up to ask him to join me for drinks that evening. We’ve been dating for eleven months now.”

“I hear the two of you have been together a while,” Max said.

“We met during our sophomore year, hooked up the middle of our junior year, and really committed to each other the summer before our senior year,” Ryan explained.

“How long have you been out of college?

“We graduated in May,” I answered.

“So you’ve been together for about two years?” Max’s voice sounded very puzzled.

“Not college. High school,” Ryan corrected. “It will be six years right around New Years since we first got together. Though it was full time the following June.”

Ryan and I went on to explain the family dynamics, how we’d met, gone to school, etc. I was honestly surprised that Peter hadn’t explained it to Max.

“I love your costumes,” Max said. “I’ve heard you do provocative very well.”

“Yeah, the military look and those tattoos are hot,” Peter said. “Not as hot as last year’s latex police officers, or the wrestling singlets the year before, but… this is still hot, hot, hot.”

“We try,” Ryan said with a smile.

“Are those real?” Max asked.

“No. Henna,” I explained.


“You two look great, I’m guessing Bond. James Bond.”

“Yeah. I’m supposed to be Bond and Max is the equally dashing villain.”

“It really works,” Ryan said. “Where did you find those jackets? They look really nice and expensive!”

“We got them at a vintage clothing store here in town. I wish the red one fit me, but it doesn’t,” Max explained.

Tracer and Erik came into room with Leo.

“Max, let me introduce you to my brother Tracer and Ryan’s father Erik, and a local we met earlier Leo.”

“I know Leo,” he explained. Then said “Hey.” He turned and said “Nice to meet you,” to Tracer and Erik.

Everyone said their hellos, and Leo asked Ryan and I to let him get the full impact of the outfits, giving us two thumbs up. We were still chatting when Scott walked up with Stefan. Our little group kept growing as friends would join in. Ryan and I got a lot of comments on our costumes from the form fitting pants to the large tattoos.

It was getting pretty late when Peter turned to Ryan and me. “What time are you two heading out tomorrow?”

“Well, we figured we’d sleep in tomorrow morning, maybe as late as eight, and then head out,” Ryan said.

“Sleep in?” Max laughed. “Sleeping in is getting up at noon!”

“Well for farm boys, eight’s pretty late,” Tracer interjected.

That garnered a lot of chuckles from the group.

“We were wondering if you’d like to join us for brunch,” Max said.

“Well, we’d like to be home before dark,” I explained. “Can it be an early brunch, say tenish?”

“That works,” Peter said. He turned to Tracer and Erik. “Care to join us?”

“We were planning to hit the Loveless with Scott and Stefan,” Tracer explained.

“How about we get a big table?” Max suggested.

Scott was quickest, “That works for us. We’re leaving for Nashville as soon as we finish eating.”

“Leo?” I asked.

“Sure! Though I’m gonna be the ninth wheel at the table.”

That garnered a lot of chuckles from the group.

“Are you looking? If so, stick around these guys,” Peter exclaimed. “They are good luck charms for finding a guy!”

Ryan and I really laughed at that.

“Why do you say that?” Ryan asked?

“Once I took your advice and stopped worrying about it, I found Max in three weeks. I consider your words my good luck charm.”

“We just told you to be patient,” I replied.

“That’s what I mean. I wasn’t eager, worried, or concerned. Just relaxed and enjoying. Then bamm… MAX!”

“Aw… Well, maybe we should say our thanks to Gavin and Jake and head back to the hotel,” Erik suggested.

“Sounds smart. A good night’s sleep before the drive back would be a good thing.” Tracer agreed.

The four of us found Jake and Gavin, thanked them for another great party, and headed back to the hotel. There we said our goodnights to Tracer and Erik and made our way to our room.

“The costumes seemed to be a hit,” I said as I started stripping down.

“Yeah,” Ryan said with a definite lack of enthusiasm.

“OK, I admit they weren’t as risqué and daring as last years. But you have to admit that the guys really liked them, and they showed off your body well.”

“True… but…”

“But they weren’t as revealing as the latex cop uniforms. And there is something about a cop uniform, whereas this was stylized military - not as authentic, but still as hot.” I could tell Ryan wasn’t convinced, but I wasn’t going to push it. The yearly Halloween party was his real chance to let his exhibitionist side out. “Tell you what, next time we go visit Josh, we can try something a bit on the wild side if you like.”

That got a big grin from him.

“Maybe we can hit that leather club Josh mentioned. You know wear jeans, chaps, boots and a tank… really let you show off!”

“That’d be cool,” he said as he finished stripping down. Naked, he walked over and took me in his arms. His hug was for thanks, but both of us started plumping up quickly.

Ryan started running his tongue along my neck, and then down my shoulder to the tattoo. He nipped and nibbled a bit as he worked down to my tit. Each little bite elicited a moan from me. Suddenly he started pushing me until I hit the bed and went down. He climbed on top of me and continued his assault on my chest.

I started to shift, but Ryan grabbed both my wrists and pushed my arms over my head, pinning me to the bed. Ryan’s aggressiveness startled me a bit, but it excited me more.

His mouth moved to my left pit, where he licked and sniffed a bit, then I felt his teeth… not biting, more gnawing. It didn’t hurt and it was turning me on. My dick was getting harder and harder. After paying thorough attention to the left pit, he repeated the process on the right one.

He moved lower on my body, and as he did, he pulled my wrists down till they were just above my head. Ryan worked his tongue around my nips, alternating between the two. My dick had been between his legs, but he shifted once again, and it was trapped between our bodies… smashed into his.

“Ry…” I started.


He continued his assault on my tits as I lay there.

Ryan repositioned himself again, this time using his knee to spread my legs, then pushing one knee against my balls. He released my hands, grabbed my legs under the knees, and quickly lifted them – exposing my ass completely. It was only a moment later that I felt his moustache push between my ass cheeks and his tongue start to burrow toward my hole.

With my legs pushed against my chest, his tongue already invading my hole, Ryan moved his hands to my buns and spread them – letting him get in deeper.

It felt amazing, as always… Ryan was fucking great at eating my hole and opening me up. He pulled out a moment and said, “I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna fuck you hard. I’m gonna fuck you deep! I’m gonna own that ass!”

With that, his tongue speared back into my hole and I felt him working spit into me good. He worked a finger in on either side and really worked to get my ass opened wide.

He must have judged me ready, as he pulled out, put his hands on the backs of my knees once again, and started pressing his hard dick into my hole.

“Oh, FUCK!” I moaned as he slid in all the way with one swift and powerful lunge. “FUCK!” I groaned as his pubes hit my body. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK…!”

I didn’t really have any time to adjust as he pulled back until only the head of his dick was in my hole. He took a breath and pushed all the way back in.

My hole adjusted and opened fully for him.

“That’s it! MY ASS!” he yelled.

He started long dicking my ass. His strokes bored in, then he’d pull either all the way out, or nearly out, and repeat.

“FUCK,” I yelped as his dick started rubbing my prostate. His strokes started my dick leaking, and splattered a pattern of precum across my abs as my dick bounced around with each thrust.

“Damn right, I’m fuckin this ass!” his voice was forceful. He shifted a bit, grabbed my legs, and buried his cock in my hole. Ryan shifted his grip a bit lower on my legs and started quick jabs… rabbit fucking me he called it. I just called it orgasmic!

“Fucking your ass! Whose ass is it?” He asked with a snarl.

“Your ass, baby! Fuckin fill me up! Come on fucker, make me cum with no hands, and fill my ass too!”

“Fuck! A challenge I like!” He leered at me.

Ryan’s strokes grew a bit longer, and his tempo quickened. He was like a man possessed with his cock now slamming into my prostate with every jab.

My dick continued to belch precum.

“Oh, FUCK!” I screamed as my cock sprayed cum everywhere.

“That’s it fucker! Cum for me!”

The cum just wouldn’t stop. His dick kept hitting my love nut, and it loved every minute.

“Damn! Damn! DAMN!” Ryan yelled as he buried his dick deep in me and filled my hole with cum.

“That’s it baby! Cum in me!” I encouraged.

I could feel his cock throb as it put more and more cum in my ass.

“Damn!” I complimented. “You were a man on a mission!”

He collapsed on top of me, gluing our bodies together with my cum.

“Fuck, yeah,” he moaned quietly into my ear.

He lifted up and kissed me gently, but filled with passion.

“You haven’t nailed me like that in a while,” I said.

“Hehehehe,” he chuckled.

“What got into you?”


“Spill it.”

“You went to the bathroom at one point, and Max went to get us drinks. Peter and I were talking, and he mentioned the infamous kisses and how many loads he shot from replaying that in his mind and picturing us fucking. The more we talked, the more turned on I got.”

“I’ll have to thank him tomorrow for his part in this performance!”

Ryan turned red thinking about it…

Sunday morning’s brunch at the Loveless was a lot of fun. I’d ridden over with Tracer in the Jeep while Ryan and Erik took the truck, which gave us a bit more time to chat. The four of us agreed to spread out around the table to get more opportunity to talk to the others, and it really worked out well. I got to spend time getting to know Scott, Stefan, and Max. I did find a private moment to thank Peter for getting Ryan’s engine revved up – he turned deep red.

On the ride back to the farm, Ryan and I talked a lot about the different guys we were getting to know through Gavin and Jake’s parties.

“We need to invite some of the guys to visit,” Ryan suggested.

“Well, I know Tracer has invited Scott, and he’s extended that to Stefan. We invited Peter and Max… and we finally got Gavin and Jake to visit - that took a lot of teeth pulling.”

“I guess a lot of folks don’t see a visit to the farm as an ideal vacation.”

“Probably not. But maybe we can get some long weekends out of them. I mean it is nearly six hours from Nashville and ten from Memphis, so it is a big commitment.”

“Yeah, we’re not the most convenient place to visit. But we could make it a lot of fun!”

“What have you got in your devious little mind,” I asked.

“Nothing devious. I was thinking maybe we could get some of the guys to come visit at the same time one weekend when things weren’t busy. Put some tents along the tree line… big grill for food… horseback riding… kinda like what Dad did for the rodeo group years ago, but this time for friends.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun,” I admitted. “Let’s talk to Erik and Tracer when we get home and set something up. If we start planning now for a weekend in say late May…”

“Yeah, good weather, but not the busy season.”


“School would be out, so Kirk and Chet could come.”


“I’m glad you like the idea. I was a little worried…”

“Worried about what?”

“It’s stupid. Worried that you’d get bored in Richlands…”

“What brought this on?”

“You have to admit, it’s not the most exciting place for a gay boy.”

“No. No, it’s not. But it’s a place I love. I’m with the man I love. Hell, I grew up in a place like Richlands, so it’s not like you took me from the big city and deprived me of all my fun.”

“I know, but…”

“Look, we don’t have to be like Erik and Tracer. We can travel, see and visit when we can afford it… we just have to make the time and save the money. We can do some of the deliveries together and extend them into a nearby city, if that’s an option. To be honest, I think you want the excitement of the city more than I do…”

“Huh? I have always wanted to live on the farm, and I still do!”

“Maybe the excitement of the city is the wrong term… you seem to like… to like crowds and a bit of showing off. I think that’s why the rodeo thing caught you, and the Halloween party, of course, the costumes are important…”

“Yeah. I do like that a lot.”

“And you can’t do it in Richlands. In fact, we have to be very careful not to be noticed for anything but a great horse farm. So, let’s make sure we plan some time to do those things. Hey, did you ever do that personality test in class?”

“Personality test?” Ryan sounded puzzled.

“Yeah, I know I took it in some class. Myers something. Maybe it was one of my electives that you didn’t do. Anyway, they ask you all these questions, and then based on your answers you are shown your personality type. One of the factors is whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert…”

“I’ve never had problems talking to folks, so I guess I’m an extrovert.”

“Yeah, but it’s more than that,” I explained. “I remember it’s about where you get your energy. Do you recharge in quiet, private alone times, or when you are in a crowd? I remember this, because I scored as an extrovert, but just barely. One of the guys in my class said something about being a Big Ole ‘E’! Everyone laughed, but he was saying how there was nothing better for him than to be in a group. You might just be more of an extrovert than me.”

“I don’t think I’m a Big Ole ‘E’ though. I do need my alone time… my quiet time, you know my time out in the clearing. But I can see where I do need some time with others to reenergize me too.”

“Well, that’s what I’m saying. Let’s just make sure that we plan times to reenergize. But remember, I’m not leaving you.”

I reached over and put my hand on his knee as we crossed the state line – only a couple hours to home.

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