Character Index Page

A Story Note from Greybear:

Below you will find pictures of the important characters in Fork In The Road and is set roughly eight years after the end of The Road Not Taken. The majority of this story will primarily run in the year 2008 and beyond, with the Prologue starting in January 2001, just months after the end of Book II of The Road Not Taken. This list will reflect the cast at the beginning of Chapter 1.

All information presented on these pages for both the fictional and celebrity cast is not meant to reflect upon or imply anything about the person pictured. For the celebrities, the information presented on this page details the fictional version of the celebrity as they appear in this story and are not meant to reflect upon or imply anything about the real people. As for the fictional cast, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All of the pictures were obtained from the internet and I claim no ownership whatsoever to them. It should also be noted that none of the information set forth on these pages is meant to reflect upon the celebrities or anyone else pictured.

The design of these character pages are based on a concept created by Jayson Vascardi.

Dodds-Whitlock Family
Charles Bryant 'Chip' (Dodds) Whitlock
Jasper Alan Whitlock
Justin Lafayette 'Justy' Dodds
Alexander Charles 'Alex' Dodds-Sterling
Chase Michael Chasez Dodds
Connor Matthew Chasez Dodds
Lucas Andrew 'Luke' Sterling
Littrell-Richardson Family
Kevin Scott Richardson
Brian Thomas Littrell
Dylan Jefferson (Martinez) Littrell
Kristin Kay (Willits) Richardson
Anne Frances (Littrell) Richardson
Jackie Marie (Dyson) Littrell
Harold Baker Littrell, Sr.
Cullen Family
Carlisle Cullen
Esme Anne (Platt) Cullen
Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
Mary Alice Brandon Cullen
Emmett McCarty Cullen
Rosalie Lillian Hale
Other Important Characters
Diana Prince
Isabella Marie 'Bella' Swan
Charles 'Charlie' Swan
Jacob Black
Seth Clearwater
William 'Billy' Black, Jr.
Paul Lahote
Veronica Anne (Crane) Sterling
Christian Kane