The Lernier Family
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
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Chapter 6: The Wedding Reception and Honeymoon

After lunch, everyone scattered their different ways to relax for the afternoon.   Rick and I went to our suite and got out of our tuxedos and hung them up so we could put them on again for the reception.

Rick picked me up and carried me into the bedroom.   He laid me down gently and climbed on top of me.   He looked me in the eyes and said, "I love you, Glenn."   He didn't give me a chance to respond before he captured my lips with his.   He paused long enough to strip off my boxer shorts before he consummated our marriage.   He made love to me in a way that neither of us will ever forget.   Our love for each other seemed to grow geometrically as our souls became as one.   It seemed as if not only our bodies were joined, but minds and hearts as well.  

We lay exhausted in each other arms with Rick still in me.   Rick said, "Now, you are officially mine."

I looked into my lover's eyes, "Yes, it's official."   I gently caressed his cheek.   "You are so beautiful to me.   I'm the most fortunate man alive to have found the perfect man to be my husband."

Rick took my hand from his cheek and brought to his lips and gave it a gentle kiss.   "No, Glenn, I'm the one who found the perfect mate.   Our wedding was perfect.   I'm looking forward to celebrating with our family and friends tonight."

I kissed Rick before asking, "So when do I get to find out where we're going on our honeymoon?"

Rick laughed, "You never give up do you?"

I grinned, "No, I don't.   I can be quite stubborn when I want to be."

Rick said, "You'll find out when we get on the plane tomorrow and not a moment sooner."

"You really intend it to keep it a secret?" I asked petulantly.

"Now don't pout.   I told you it's a surprise and I know you'll love it," Rick said with much certainty.

"Okay, I'll try to be patient," I said reluctantly.   I laid my head on his chest as he played with my hair.   I love how Rick runs his fingers through my hair!   He pushed back my hair from my face and raised my chin so he could look me in the eyes, again.

Rick asked, "Do you trust me?"

I was a little surprised by the question, "Of course, I trust you.   Why do you ask?"

Rick looked earnestly into my eyes, "Because I want you to be able to relax and not worry about where we're going on our honeymoon.   I want you to trust me when I say you will be very happy with where we are going."

"I'm sorry I've kept asking you about it.   I do trust you, but you know how impatient I get," I said.

Rick grinned, "Yes, I do know how impatient you get.   So that's why I'm asking you to trust me about this, okay?"

"Okay," I said, melting into his embrace as he tightened his hold on me.   I started to play with his nipples as I ran my hand up and down his well muscled chest enjoying the feel of his skin against mine.

Rick began to moan with pleasure as I brought my lips to his.    "Babe, I'm all yours," Rick said in between kisses.   "Take me, Glenn, make me yours."

I didn't need to be asked twice!   Our love-making was just as intense as the first time, our passion for each other burning out of control.

Rick awakened to Glenn's even breathing.   Rick looked into his partner's sleeping face.   It seemed to radiate happiness, joy and contentment.  

Rick thought to himself:

‘Glenn is my angel.   I'm so very happy we found each other.   I'm glad we took those marriage discussions because it has helped Glenn get rid of the demons that have haunted him the entire time I've known him. 

When I first met him and saw that haunted look, it made me want to take him in my arms and protect him from the world.   I didn't know what caused that look, but I knew I had to do what I could to erase it.   All these years I've tried to help Glenn work through his feelings of insecurity.   His self-esteem was so low when I met him I was shocked.   He was so fragile it.   When he told me what had happened to cause him so much pain, it was all I could do to keep from killing the person who was responsible.

I remember Glenn begging me not to do anyone any harm because he needed me to be by his side.   He pointed out that doing harm to John wouldn't help him recover from the emotional and mental injuries.   Yet, when John made his snide remark, I couldn't help myself.   I decked him!   That made me feel better but it upset Glenn and put me on the outs with his family.

I talked with his Mom at length about how to help Glenn.   She suggested that between counseling with a therapist might help.   We did that for two years and nothing seemed to help.   Then the therapist suggested that maybe we try some religious instructions.

It was at that moment that Glenn got this idea that we should have a church wedding.   I argued against it and told him I didn't want religion in my life after what my parents' religion had done to them:   turned them into monsters capable of killing their own son!

Glenn had stopped talking to me about it and he seemed to be slipping away from me.   We still had a wonderful relationship, but that haunted look seemed to appear more and more frequently.   We argued about going to the therapist again, but this time for depression.   Glenn insisted he wasn't suffering from depression.   Even Keith and Kerry notice it and joined me in trying to convince Glenn to go back to see Dr. Jones.  

Keith and I finally physically put him in the car and drove him to the clinic to see her.   Dr. Jones prescribed some anti-depression drugs.   Glenn seemed to do better but he continued to slip away from me.

During our years together, I've always been the top and Glenn the bottom.   I thought maybe we should change roles one night and was shocked by Glenn's response, "I can't, Rick.   I don't want to hurt you like John hurt me."

We talked about why he couldn't switch roles the rest of that evening.   That is when I finally began to understand just how much damage had been done to my boyfriend and why he was so fragile.   It was on that night that I decided that we were going to do whatever was necessary to make Glenn whole, again.

I asked Keith and Kerry what I should do.   They both suggested that maybe I should reconsider Glenn's idea of a church wedding.  They thought maybe that would bring back the Glenn I fell in love with that morning nearly six years ago.

I talked with Glenn's Mom and Dad about it to get their ideas.   They were supportive but cautioned me not to pin all my hopes for Glenn's recovery on a church wedding.   As I approached the end of my time in the Marine Corps, I decided that if I was really committed to this relationship that I needed to do what was necessary to make it work and if that meant a church wedding I'd better be doing something about it.

So I agreed to take the marriage discussions with Glenn.  When Reverend Riegger began talking about forgiving yourself and others for things that had happened in our lives, Glenn seemed to grab onto that concept as if it were a life-preserver that had been thrown to him.  

I was more than a little upset with Reverend Riegger for moving up the meeting with Glenn's family without warning us.   And then when he asked me to go first, I nearly got up and walked out.   Then I looked over at Glenn and saw the fear on his face.   I couldn't leave him and ruin his opportunity to set thing right with his family.  

As things progressed, I couldn't believe the changes that came over Glenn.   Confronting his aggressor and hearing John's sincere remorse for what he'd done worked magic with Glenn.   It's like his countenance changed like when the sun comes out from behind a cloud.  

Despite any misgivings on my part, I'm grateful that we took the marriage discussions because it restored Glenn's sense of self-worth and gave him the power to put those horrible things behind him.  

I thought Glenn loved me before but since that meeting, his love for me knows no bounds.   It's almost overwhelming in its purity and strength.   Even now as he sleeps I can see the happiness and contentment in his face."

Rick stared into the face of his angel and gently kissed his lips, running his tongue over them. 

I woke up to Rick's tongue caressing my lips seeking entry.   I opened my mouth and let him in.   The tenderness of the kiss was one that communicated how much love we have for each.  It was a kiss that eliminated the need to communicate in words.

Rick drew back breaking off the kiss and said, "Babe, we need to get up and get ready for the reception."   He pulled me out of bed and led me to the shower.   Rick gently cleaned me and I did the same for him.   We returned to the bedroom to help each other get dressed.

We left our suite and went downstairs to join our guests.   As we entered the room, everyone stood up and started clapping.   Mom led to where she wanted us to stand.   Most of the family had already arrived and there were many gifts already stacked up on the table by the door.   Our guests started to line up to greet us.   After we'd greeted everyone, we all sat down to a nice dinner.   There were many toasts to our marriage and future.   Since I don't drink alcohol, I drank a lot of sparkling grape juice.   After dinner, Mom announced that it was time for dancing.   Mom and Aunt Hannah had hired a live band to provide music for the evening. 

We requested that they play our song as Rick and I danced together.   It was a good thing we took a couple of ballroom dance classes a while back.   After that, we split up and danced with our guests.  Many of them pinned money to our tuxedos.   To my surprise, all of my uncles danced with both Rick and I.   As I finished dancing with Uncle Dave, Ben tapped me on the shoulder, "Okay, cousin, it's my turn."

"Thanks, Ben, for coming tonight," I said.

"You know I wouldn't have missed being here.   Janice and I are very happy for you and Rick," Ben said.

"How's married life treating you," I asked as he took me around the floor.

Ben smiled, "It's wonderful.   I'm happy you and Rick finally decided to get married.   Now you'll know what I mean when I say there is nothing better."

"When is the baby due?" I asked.

"Almost any day now.   Janice wanted to be here as well so we drove over from Toronto and made arrangements with the hospital here just in case she goes into labor before we return home tomorrow," Ben said.

"Let's us know how things go, okay?"

"Sure.   We know it's a boy, so we've already decorated the nursery and have most of the clothes, etc., that we need," Ben said.

"Great!   Rick and I plan to start the adoption process as soon as we return from our honeymoon," I said.

Ben smiled, "I figured as much.   I know how much you love children."

The dance ended and I was passed to Janice.   "Janice, thank you so much for coming," I said.

Janice smiled, "I know how close you and Ben are.   I couldn't let him miss your wedding because of the baby.   I'm glad we came and I wish you and Rick the best."

"Thank you.   You have made Ben so happy.   I'm glad you found him.   I was worried he would never find the right girl," I said.

"I'm glad I found him, too.   He is a wonderful man and treats me like royalty," Janice said.   "Just like your Rick treats you."

"You're right about that.   Rick is very good to me," I said, looking across the room to see Rick dancing with Ruth.

I looked around the room to see where her husband, Bryan, had ended up.   As the music ended, I returned Janice to Ben's side.  

Ben saw me look over towards Bryan, "You're not going to do what I think you're going to do?"

I looked at Ben innocently, "What?"

"You're not going over to ask Bryan to dance with you," Ben stated.

"Why not?" I responded smiling at Ben.

Ben laughed, "Glenn, you are going to provoke him into causing a scene.   You know homophobic he is.   I can see it from here."

I looked over at Bryan who was trying to stay as far away from the festivities as possible.   "I'm going to invite him to join us," I said.

Ben warned me, "Glenn, don't push him beyond his comfort zone.   This isn't the time or place to force him to show his true colors as a hater and generally nasty person."

"Okay, I won't be obnoxious about it," I said.

I made my way over to Bryan who seemed to shrink from me as I sat down.   He even moved his chair a few inches further away.

"Bryan, please listen to me carefully.   I love Ruth very much.   She was my first and only girlfriend.   I know that it bothers you to know that she tried to rescue me from being gay.   Ruth has a kind and gentle heart and tried to heal the wounds I'd suffered at the hands of others.   She kept me from committing suicide a couple of times in the few weeks we had together.   She helped me to see that I was worthy of having someone love me.   At that point in my life, I needed her desperately.  She's my guardian angel.  

"Bryan, I love her very much and hope that you love her even more that I do.   Ruth and I will never be anything more than good friends and we have reconciled ourselves to that fact.   You, on the other hand, have won her heart as her lover and husband.   Please don't disappoint her by continuing to display your distaste for two guys that get married because they are in love with each other.   I'm not evil incarnate, nor do I bear you any ill will.   I'm not going to try to attack you, or make you gay just because you associate with me."

Bryan said, "I know that I won't become gay by being here.   I just can't deal with two guys being married."

I replied, "Does your prejudice against gays stop you from seeing how much Rick and I love each other?"

Bryan sat for a moment thinking, "No, I can see that you love each other very much."

"Is it wrong for us to want to be with the one we love?" I asked.

"No, I guess not," Bryan reluctantly responded.

"Will you come and join me in celebrating the love Rick and I share?" I asked hoping that Bryan's homophobia wouldn't rear its ugly head.

We sat in silence for what seemed forever.   Bryan wouldn't look at me.   He looked around the room and finally mumbled, "I guess I could."

"What did you say?" I asked hoping I'd heard right.

Bryan raised his eyes to mine and said, "I guess I could join in the celebrating with you."

"Thank you, Bryan.   I know that took a lot of courage to say," I said extending my hand out to him.

Bryan took it and I led him out on the dance floor.   I put my arms around him and we started to dance.

"Thank you for coming with Ruth," I said.

Bryan replied, "She wouldn't let me stay home and insisted that I had to come.   She made me promise to behave myself."   He laughed self-consciously.

"I'm glad you came, Bryan.   You are a very handsome man and I'm glad you came.   Ruth chose well!"  I looked up at Bryan to see him smiling.

"I'm glad you think so.   Ruth was worried that you wouldn't approve of me.  That's part of the reason I've been so standoffish.   I hated the thought of having to pass your inspection.   I felt just as nervous as the first time I met Ruth's parents," Bryan said with a laugh.

"Well, Bryan, I will tell your beautiful bride that you passed with flying colors!   You know you're family now?" I asked.

Bryan looked puzzled, "How's that?"

"Your sister-in-law is married to my cousin, did you forget?" I replied smiling up at him.

Bryan finally made the connection, "So that makes you my cousin-in-law.   I'm glad you came over and talked to me, Glenn.   I apologize for being so boorish."

"Not a problem, Bryan," I replied as the music ended and I found Ruth at my elbow.

Ruth said, "It's my turn now."

As the music began, I saw that Rick had taken Bryan out on the floor.   Looking them, I said, ‘I'd give a quarter to know what they are talking about."

Ruth laughed, "You don't need to worry.   Bryan was so nervous about meeting you that he almost didn't come with me to the wedding."

"I know.   He told me," I said, smiling at Ruth.   "Thank you for being such a good friend, Ruth.   You came through for me at a very difficult time in my life and I will never forget what you did for me."

Ruth smiled, "I fell in love with you that summer, Glenn.   I still love you but I also love Bryan.   Isn't it amazing how we can be in love with two people at the same time?"

"Yes, it is.   I still you, too, Ruth, but like you, I've found my soul mate," I said.

"Yes, I have.   We are both very lucky.   Glenn, I'm happy for you both.   I'm glad that Rick finally decided to marry you," Ruth said.

"So am I," I replied.

I felt a tug on my trousers and looked down to see Egan.  "Hello, my little buddy."

Egan looked up and said, "Glenn, when do I get a turn to dance with you and Rick?'

I looked Ruth who shrugged her shoulders.

"How about the next dance?" I asked.

Egan nodded, "Okay."

The music ended and I stooped down to pick up Egan.   He said, "You dance funny, Glenn."

"I do?" I asked.

"Yes, I watched you dancing and I think you dance funny," he said.

"How am I supposed to dance?" I asked smiling at the young man.

"Put me down and I'll show you," Egan said.

I put him down and he proceeded to show me.   It was hilarious to watch Egan do his little dance.

"Okay, Egan, I can dance like that, too," I said.  I proceed to imitate Egan's dance movements.   We laughed at each other.

Egan said, "I love you, Glenn.   Can I dance with Rick now?"

I nodded and took Egan by the hand and led him to Rick.

"Sir, this young gentleman requests the honor of dancing with you," I said very formally.

Rick smiled, "He does, does he?"

Egan giggled, "Yes.   Can I dance with you Rick?"

Rick took Egan's hand and started dancing with him.   I watched them as Rick led Egan around the floor.   I couldn't but think what a wonderful man I married.

The rest of the evening went swiftly as Rick and I continued to celebrate our union with our family and friends.   As the hour grew late, I sought out Grandma Nielsen.

"Thank you for coming, Grandma.   I'm so glad you were able to be here with us," I said giving her a hug.

"I promised you I'd be here and here I am," she said.

Rick came up beside me and leaned over to hug Grandma as well.

"Rick, take care of your man and he will always make you happy," she said.   "I want you to remember that I love you both.   I'm honored to have two wonderful grandsons such as you two.   Thank you for coming to visit me every afternoon for the last few weeks.   I've enjoyed your company and I know that you've brought joy to the hearts of many of my friends at the center.   I will never forget the great kindness you two have shown me.   Now you must do the same for everyone else who crosses your path."

Rick replied, "We will, Grandma.   We promise."

"Yes, Grandma we promise," I added.

"Good.   Now off with you two.   Go and enjoy each other.   I won't tell anyone you've slipped off to your room," Grandma said with a laugh.   "Don't look so surprised.   I was once young and in love just as you two are.   Now off with you!"

We looked at each other and laughed.   We did just as she told us to do and slipped off to our room.

As we entered the room, Rick started to undress me.   "Let's get out of these tuxedos and into something a little more comfortable."

I nodded my head as I followed his lead and stripped out of my clothes.   It wasn't long until we were both back in our bed.  We began where we had left off earlier that afternoon, being two newlyweds who needed to express their love for each other.

The next morning we were up early packing our bags.   We had just finished when we heard a soft tap on the door.   I looked out the little peephole in the door to see who it was.   I immediately opened the door to let Mom and Dad come in.

Mom embraced me, "We came to see you off on your honeymoon."

Rick joined us, "Hi Mom and Dad."

Mom hugged Rick as well.   "Grandpa said he has everything set up for you, Rick.   You just have to show up at the Hamilton International Airport to pick up your tickets."

Rick smiled at me, "No, I'm not going to tell you where we are going.   It's a surprise, remember?"

Mom and Dad laughed.   Dad said, "Good for you, Rick.   I'm glad to see that you found a way to tame Glenn's penchant for wanting to know everything.   Enjoy your trip and we'll see you next week.   We plan to stay with Carl and Hannah for the week.   We have some business we need to attend to here."

Mom glanced over at Dad who shook his head, "Enjoy your trip, boys!  I'm so excited for you both."

With that, my parents left us.   We carried our luggage out to the Land Rover.   Rick went back into to check us out.   He soon returned and we were on our way to the airport.   It took us about an hour and a half to get from Stratford to Hamilton.   Rick parked the Land Rover in long-term parking and we unloaded our stuff.

We check our bags and showed our identification to get our tickets.   Rick wouldn't even let me see them!   He is so bad!

"You have to let me see the tickets when we go through security," I said smiling.

Rick looked at me, smiling, "That's true, okay, here's your ticket."

He handed me the boarding pass.   It read, "Hamilton to Toronto."

I looked up at Rick, "You don't mean to say we're flying to Toronto!"

"Yes, we are.   From there we'll catch a flight to our destination," Rick smiled.   "See for all your curiosity, you still don't know where we're going.   So just relax."

He took my hand and led me to the security checkpoint.   We made it through without mishap and found our gate.

A little while later, we boarded our flight to Toronto.   We deplaned and Rick, again, took my hand and led me to the International section of the airport.   Rick showed them our passports and the tickets.   We were selected for a random security check.   I find it most annoying.   I know it's to keep us all safe but it's still annoying!

This time Rick handed me my ticket and it said, "Toronto to Miami"

Rick smiled and answered my unspoken question, "No, Miami is not our final destination."

We boarded our plane and I asked for a blanket and a pillow.   I spread the blanket over the two of us and proceeded to tease Rick by running my hand up down his inner thigh. Rick soon put his hand over mine.

"Now, play fair, Glenn," Rick said as he leaned over and kissed me.   He whispered in my ear, "I love you."

"I love you, too," I replied with a wicked grin on my face.

Rick said, smiling back at me, "Remember, two can play that game."   He moved his hand over to massage my inner thigh.   It wasn't long before he had me squirming in my seat.

"Okay, I give," I said.   "I won't tease you anymore, at least not right now."

Rick laughed, "I know you so well, Babe.   Why don't you relax and enjoy the flight?"

"Okay," I said and put my head on his shoulder.  

Rick held my hand and kept playing with the ring he had placed there yesterday.   "It's amazing what a little gold ring can symbolize."

"Yes, I was thinking that yesterday when you placed the ring on my finger during the wedding ceremony.   I'm so glad that you're officially my husband in the eyes of the law and everyone else.   I know that a little piece of paper like a marriage license shouldn't mean so much, but it gives me so much security knowing we're legally married," I said.

Rick agreed, "I agree with you.   I didn't think it would make that much of a difference about how I feel about you.   You know that I love you so it shouldn't be such a big deal, but it is.   Somehow, I feel so much closer to you, tied to you as it were."     

I said, "Plus there are so many things that are provided for married couples in the laws of both our countries that it only makes sense that we should have the right to be married and receive those same benefits."

Rick said, "But gay marriages aren't universally recognized, yet.   We will have to keep after our elected officials to stop discriminating against us.   Hopefully, the courts will help us as well, because our laws don't allow discrimination."

I wanted to say more, but Rick put his finger to my lips, "Let's talk about us.   What do you think about finding a surrogate to have our child?"

"I don't know.   I guess it depends on who it is.   Things could get really bad for us if things fall apart," I said.   "I've heard horror stories about the surrogate changing her mind at the last moment.   Then there is the cost."

Rick replied, "I talked to Grandpa about the cost.   He said he'd be able to help us if that is what we decide we want to do.   We've saved up enough money to pay the adoption fees, etc., but using a surrogate could cost over $100,000."

We talked for the rest of the flight about how we'd go about starting the adoption process.   We soon landed in Miami.   We deplaned and moved through the terminal to our next gate.   Rick handed me my ticket, it said, "Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico."

I smiled at Rick, "We're going to San Juan."

Rick shook his head, "No, that's just another stop on our way."   Rick laughed at the look on my face.  "You're just going to have to wait until we get there."

We boarded the flight to San Juan.   I was getting so anxious to know where we were going that Rick said, "Give me that blanket."   I handed it to him and he put blanket over our laps and grabbed my packaged and started jerking me off.   To say he had my complete and undivided attention would be an understatement.

"Rick, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm helping take your mind off of where we're going," Rick said.  

His wicked grin made my heart stop.   I knew that he'd get me off if I didn't say something to stop him.  "You're not going to jerk me off here in the airplane," I said.

"Then stop worrying about where we're going.   We will get there soon enough," Rick said.

I nodded my head, "Okay, I'll stop worrying about it."

Rick stopped jerking me off but left his hand on my leg just to remind me what he'd do if I didn't stop being so hyper about it.

We landed in San Juan where we caught a taxi to the waterfront.   Rick directed the cabby to drop us off at the terminal for our cruise ship.

Rick smiled at me, "Now I can tell you where we're going.   We are going on an all gay cruise of the Caribbean.   We'll be making stops at several islands but mostly we'll be at sea enjoying all the sights and sounds on the ship."

I hugged my husband and gave him a great big kiss, "I love you."

"I know you do and I know you'll love the cruise," Rick said smiling as he looked into my eyes.   He knows that look makes we want to melt into his arms every time!  He gently brushed his hand against my cheek before taking my hand in his.

Rick led me to onto the ship and to our cabin.   We unpacked our stuff and then went exploring.   I've never been a cruise ship before.   I was amazed at everything I saw, especially all of the great looking guys.   Everywhere I looked there were guys like Rick and I holding hands and kissing each other!  

"Rick, I can't believe there are so many gay couples on this ship," I said in amazement.

"I told you this is and all gay cruise so everyone here is gay.   It shouldn't surprise you that the guys are pretty open about showing their affection for each other," Rick said as he put his arms around me and kissed me.

"Come, let's go check out the swimming pools," Rick said.   He led me down a couple of decks.   "Remember, Glenn, you're a married man now.   You can look at the eye candy but no tasting it."

I laughed at Rick, "I'm going to enjoy this cruise very much because I get to have you all to myself all week long."   I pulled Rick close to me as we walked past a couple of real hot guys.

One of them said, "Hey, guys, why don't you stop and visit for a minute."   I looked him over.   He was very deeply tanned with blond hair and deep blue eyes.   His Speedo swimsuit showed that he was very well endowed.   He smiled as he saw me admiring him.

"Please do sit down.   My name is Adrian and this is my husband, Derrick," he said.   I shook the hand he offered. 

"I'm Glenn and this is my husband, Rick," I said as I reached for Derrick's outstretched hand.   I liked the sound of that!    Rick's my husband!   Derrick was very tan as well but he had jet black hair and the most interesting grey eyes.   Both of them were very well muscled and it was obvious that they worked out a lot.

We sat down on the chairs Adrian had indicated.     Rick asked, "Where are you guys from?"

Derrick answered, "We're from Boston.   We were married yesterday and this is our honeymoon trip."

Rick replied, "We were married yesterday as well.   Where were you married?"

Adrian said, "We were married in Boston.   Where did you guys get married?"

I answered, "We were married in St. Catharines, Ontario, in the same church as my parents."

Derrick looked surprised, "You had a church wedding?"

Rick smiled as he replied, "Yes, it's what we wanted."

Adrian smiled, "That is so cool.   I didn't think getting married would change how we feel towards each other but it seems to have added a new dimension to our relationship.   Have you found that to be true for you as well?'

I looked at Rick who answered, "Yes, it is true that it has added a sense of security and permanency to our relationship."

Derrick asked, "Do you live in Ontario?   I can tell Glenn is Canadian from his accent but you sound like you're from the South."

Rick grinned, "I'm from North Carolina.   We just moved to Washington, DC.   We haven't found a place, yet.   So we are staying with some family friends while we keep looking for a place."

Derrick said, "We're both from Boston.   We met at the university and waited until we graduated to get married.   I'm working for a law firm in Boston and Adrian is a chef.   We plan to open a restaurant of our own with Adrian running the whole place."

Adrian smiled at his spouse, "Yes, I want my own place.   I'm just grateful that Derrick is willing to let me follow my dream of having my own restaurant. "

"It's the least I can do for my sweetheart," Derrick said.  

As I watched the interaction between them, I could see that they were deeply in love with each other.

Adrian asked, "Where do you guys live?"

I responded, "We just moved to Washington, DC.   We haven't started job hunting, yet.   We will do that when we get back from our honeymoon."

Adrian said, "Wow!   That's a lot of changes to make all at once!   I guess there's nothing like starting over from scratch is there?"

"You're right, Adrian.   It's a big change for both of us.   I just got out of the Marines and thought it was time for us to start a family.   I proposed to Glenn and convinced him to move from Atlanta to DC with me.  We've been together for six years now," Rick said.

Derrick face displayed a keen interest when he heard Rick say he was an ex-Marine.   He said, "It sounds like there is much more to your story than you've shared with us so far.   I would like to get to know you two better.   It's so great to meet newlyweds like ourselves!   Would you two like to join us for dinner?"

Rick looked to see what I wanted to do, "I would like that," I said.   "We'll meet you around six here by the pool."

"That sounds good.   We'll see you in little while then," Adrian said.   "We'd best go change so we won't be late."

I looked surprised, "Dinner is over two hours from now."

Adrian grinned, "Shame on you, Glenn.   What do newlyweds do the most on their honeymoon?"

I blushed as I laughed.   "Okay, it will take you a while to get ready!"

We all got up and went our separate ways.   Rick led me back to our cabin.   He closed the door and took me in his arms.

"I think we should get naked and have some fun," Rick said as he stripped me out of my clothes.   "Glenn do you know what newlyweds do the most on their honeymoon?"   Rick gave me his most captivating look!  

"No, dear husband, I don't know what newlyweds do the most on their honeymoon," I said coyly.   "Why don't you show me?"

Rick's clothes came off in a flash before he picked me up and carried me over to the bed.   He gently laid me down.   He was smiling like a Cheshire cat, "I'll be glad to show you everything you ever wanted to know about being a newlywed and more!"

He captured my lips as he began preparing me for the most fantastic event of our married lives!

Later, as we basked in the warm afterglow of our lovemaking, I reflected on how wonderful it made me feel knowing that we're married and that we will enjoy each other for many years to come just like we had today.   In fact, I was so happy I was almost purring as I snuggled against my husband's chest with his arms holding me close.  

I looked into his eyes and asked, "What are you thinking?"

"I was just thinking how happy I am.   I didn't think things could ever be any better than they were when you said you would marry me.   I was wrong!   Actually being your husband means a lot to me and it's made me realize how important being married really is.    I never thought marriage would bring me so much happiness," Rick said smiling at me.

I said, "I agree with you, Rick.   I think we were happy before but it seems to me that getting married cemented for me the fact that we're a couple and that you will always be there for me.   I feel like dancing and singing and shouting out to the whole world that I've married the most wonderful guy in the world!" 

Rick leaned down and started kissing me, bringing our conversation to a halt.   This time, Rick kissed me all over.   I was so turned on by his gentle caresses I was begging him for more.   Time seemed to stop for us as we continued our first afternoon together as a married couple.

In fact, we were so engrossed in each other we almost didn't make it for our appointment with Adrian and Derrick for dinner!

We arrived poolside a few minutes past six to find our new friends waiting for us.   Adrian and Derrick were dressed in matching khaki shorts and tight fitting blue muscle shirts.   They looked great together.

Adrian greeted us, "Hey, guys.  It looks like you did the same thing we did this afternoon!"

I looked over at Rick who grinned, "Rick marked me didn't he?"

Derrick laughed, "Yes, he did.   If you look closely, you'll see that Adrian did the same to me."

Rick pulled me close and put his arm around my waist, "Yes, I love Glenn very much."

Adrian laughed, "Yes, we know.   You have that newlywed glow about you.   I commented on it to Derrick when we first saw you.   That's why I spoke to you earlier today.  It was so obvious that you two are in love I just had to get to know you."

Derrick agreed, "Adrian is a people watcher.   He can usually guess what's going on with someone by watching them for few minutes.   With you guys, he told me you were newlyweds within seconds of seeing the two of you walking towards us and he was right."

Adrian said, "Let's go get something to eat.   All the physical activity has given me an appetite."

Derrick asked, "What kind of food are you interested in tonight?"

I said, "Chinese."

Both Rick and Adrian agreed.   Derrick said, "Then Chinese it is.   I believe there is a Chinese restaurant next to the main eatery."

We left the pool deck and made our way down a level to Chinese restaurant.   We were seated by a drop dead gorgeous guy.   He looked like he stepped off the cover of GQ magazine.   Rick whispered in my ear, "You can stop staring now!"

I laughed as I turned towards my partner, "Where do they find all these great looking guys!"

The waiter heard me ask the question because he answered my question, "I answered a help wanted ad in the newspaper."

His smooth baritone voice matched his beautiful face.   I looked at the name tag he wore.   It said, "Robin."  I was thinking, "Robin, you can wait on ME anytime."  

Robin smiled, "I've gotten that same question several times over the last few hours."

He seated us at a table for four.   "My name is Robin and I will be your server tonight.   What can I get for you in the way of beverages?"

We each placed our order.   Robin raised his eyebrows when everyone ordered mixed drinks and I ordered a glass of water.  

I responded to his unspoken question, "I don't drink alcoholic beverages."

Robin smiled, "I was going ask if I could bring you a sparkling grape juice."

"Sure, that would be great!" I replied.

Robin left to get our orders.   Adrian playfully punched Derrick in the shoulder.   "It's a good thing you married me before you brought me on this cruise!"

Derrick laughed, "True!   I don't think I have ever seen so many great looking guys all in one spot before!"

Rick smiled, "Yes, I agree with you, Derrick.   I've already told Glenn he doesn't' get to taste any of the eye candy!"

I blushed and said defensively, "But you said I could look all I wanted!"

Rick put his arm around my shoulders, "Yes, Babe, you can look but I'm the only one you get to taste!"

Robin returned at that moment with our beverages.   "Have you had time to look at the menu?" he asked.

Derrick grinned slowly looking Robin over from head to toe, "No, Robin, we haven't even looked at it!"

Robin blushed and laughed, "That's happened a lot tonight.   I've been propositioned several times already!"

Rick said, "You don't have to worry about getting propositioned by one of us since we're all newlyweds."

Robin asked, "Really!  When did you guys get married?"

 "We were married yesterday and so were they," Adrian said pointing across the table at Rick and me.

"That's really cool!   Where were you married?" Robin asked.

Derrick responded, "We got married in Boston."

"We were married in St. Catharines, Ontario," I said.

"Gays can't get married in Florida where I'm from," Robin said sadly.   "In fact, I'm not out to any of my family or friends.   I took this job so I could meet other gay guys and not worry about being discovered by anyone who might know me."

Rick said, "I understand why you don't want your family and friends to know you're gay.   I'm from North Carolina.   When my parents found out I was gay they not only disowned me they tried to have me killed for being a sinner and an abomination."

"Wow!   That's terrible.   I've had nightmares about coming out to my family but never did I think that they would ever try to kill me!" Robin said, his facing showing the horror he felt.

 Both Adrian and Derrick's faces showed their shock.   "I thought that people were starting to get used to the idea that two guys can be happy together," Derrick said.

"From what I've seen, I think the persecution and attacks on gay people have gotten worse since we are standing up for our rights and aren't backing down," Rick said.   "In fact, I've heard rumors of vigilante groups in some of the smaller communities taking God's justice into their own hands to purge the land of the sin of homosexuality like what my family tried to do to me," Rick said.

Rick looked at me saw that I was getting ready to go off on Americans and their prejudices and tried to head me off by saying, "Glenn, please don't start ragging on Americans.   We are just getting to know Adrian and Derrick.   Maybe later you can express your opinions about how poorly Americans treat gays, okay?"

Rick took my hand and squeezed it.   I was all set to say a thing or two but decided against it since I knew that Rick was right.   I didn't need to offend our new friends.   So instead I said, "Okay, Rick, but I will tell them if they ask.   You know how I feel about American politics and Americans in general when it comes to gay rights."

Rick breathed a sigh of relief.   Rick remembered the last time Glenn went off on one of their friends.   The poor guy didn't have a chance to even get a word in edgewise and was begging Rick to intervene on his behalf.   I'm pretty passionate about gay rights!

Derrick said, "I'm pretty active in standing up for gay rights.   That's why I decided to become a lawyer so I could beat our opponents at their own game.   My area of expertise is in family law.   I've worked extensively with gay and lesbian couples to secure their right to adopt children and to fight prejudice against gays in the social services agencies around the country."

That definitely caught my attention, "Wow!   That's great!   Do you and Adrian plan to adopt children?" I asked.

Adrian responded, "Not for a while.   I want to get my restaurant started and Derrick wants to get well established in his own law practice.   We want to adopt at some time in the future but we aren't ready to take on the responsibility of raising a family."

Derrick agreed, "I promised Adrian that I would help him get his restaurant going after he helped put me through law school.   We both want children but at the right time.   From what I've been seeing in the social services area as well as dealing with adoption agencies, I'm not positive that we will be able to adopt.   There is a lot of homophobia out there.   In recent months, the hatred towards gays has grown.   I'm working more and more discrimination cases than I have ever before."

"I hope we don't have problems adopting," I said.

Adrian asked, "What do you do Glenn?"

"Before we moved to Washington, DC, I worked as a business analyst for a computer software development company.   We moved from Atlanta about a month ago and have spent the last few weeks in St. Catharines getting ready for our wedding.   I plan to try to get on with one of the local symphony orchestras since I play the violin.   I played with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and taught violin lessons to bring in some extra money."

Derrick asked, "How long have you played the violin?"

"I've played since I was old enough to hold a violin.   My mother plays the violin and started teaching me how to play when I showed some interest in it," I replied.

Rick said, "I worked a few odd jobs around Atlanta.   I graduated in mechanical engineering.   I worked with some of the companies around Atlanta but left the after finding out that they discriminated against gay.   I'm thinking of going back to school for master's degree.   I think I'd like to go into teaching at the college level."

Derrick commented, "It really sounds like you are both starting over with your careers."

"Yes, we are starting over in many ways," Rick said.   "Getting married, buying a new house, getting a new job and starting a family are all part of the process.   We were both ready to move on to the next stage of our lives and moving to DC was a good way to do that."

Adrian said, "That's the same thing with us.   We felt it was time to move on.   Our relationship had become stale and we were starting to get on each other's nerves."

"It was Adrian's idea that we finally tie the knot and acknowledge the fact that we're a couple and are committed to each other," Derrick said.   "It's put new life into our relationship."

Adrian agreed, "Derrick is the best lover in the whole world."

Our food arrived as Adrian made this last statement.   Robin placed our orders on the table and looked at Adrian, "I'm glad to hear that getting married doesn't change your sex lives."

Adrian laughed, "I disagree, Robin.   It's changed it for the better!   Believe me, Derrick has always been a great lover but getting married has added another dimension to our lovemaking."

By this time Derrick was blushing, "Adrian, you're going to embarrass the young man!"

Robin laughed, "He won't embarrass me, not after some of the things I've heard tonight from other patrons!"

I said, "Robin, getting married is the best thing we've ever done.   I highly recommend it.   I agree with Adrian's assessment that things are even better now than before we got married."

Robin said, "Thank you for talking with me.   Enjoy your meal.   I'll check back in a bit to see if you need anything."

Robin left to attend to his other customers.   Rick observed, "It won't be long before Robin gets laid on this boat."

"I'd lay odds that it happens tonight after he gets off work," Adrian said laughing.   "He's so horny it won't take him long.    Did you see the tent in his pants?   He was close to losing it just standing here talking about having sex!"

We all laughed.   I'd noticed how turned on Robin was getting but was afraid to say anything for fear of embarrassing the young man.

We finished our meal.   We tipped Robin generously and told him to make sure he had safe sex tonight.   He blushed but didn't deny that he was destined to lose his virginity tonight.

We took a walk along the promenade and then bid our new friends good night.   Rick and I retired to our cabin.   As soon door closed, Rick pulled me into his arms and started kissing me passionately. 

"You taste so good," Rick said huskily as he pulled my shirt off.   He continued kissing me as he continued his quest to get me completely naked.   I moved to take his shirt off but he stopped me by taking my hands and holding them over my head as he kissed my neck and then let them fall to my sides as he moved down my body kissing me everywhere.   Rick picked me up and laid me on the bed and then began his strip tease routine.

He had me laughing so hard with his antics that my sides hurt!   Rick finally joined me and pulled me close as he renewed his kissing attack!   Yes, I said attack!   No one knows how to make love to me like my guy!

As our first full day as newlyweds came to an end, we lay exhausted in each other's arms enjoying the closeness that comes from being totally and completely in love with your partner.  

The rest of the cruise was just as wonderful as the first day.   We became great friends with Adrian and Derrick.   Robin did find someone special on the cruise.   We check back with him our last night on the boat.

Rick asked, "Hey Robin!   How did things go the other night?"

Robin blushed as he seated us at a table.   "It was great, Rick."

Rick high-fived Robin.   "Way to go, dude!"

Robin smiled, "I met this wonderful guy who lives not too far from me.   We've been together all week!   I think he's a keeper."

I asked, "Do we get to meet him?"

Robin replied, "Yes, he's right over there waiting for me to get off of work."   Robin pointed across the restaurant where a very handsome, young guy sat nursing a soda.   He looked up as Robin pointed him out.   Robin motioned for him to come over to our table.

Robin put his arm around him as he introduced him, "This is Gary Jordan.   I'd like to meet Rick and Glenn Lernier.   They're newlyweds and this is their honeymoon trip."

I looked Gary over for a minute.   He is slightly taller than Robin and had the look of a runner.   Gary has dark brown hair, brown eyes, a strong square chin and a five o'clock shadow that made him extremely sexy looking.   I extended my hand which he took in a firm handshake.

"It's nice to meet you, Gary.   I hope you will take good care of our Robin," I said smiling at Robin.

Gary's face lit up with a megawatt smile, "I plan to do just that.   Robin has told me about you.   He says that you live in DC."

Rick shook Gary's hand, "Yes, we just moved there.   We would love to have you and Robin visit us."

"That would be really cool," Robin said as Rick pulled a business card out of his wallet and wrote our temporary address on the back.

"You can reach us on either of the cell phone numbers listed on the front of the card.   We are staying with friends for now and I wrote down their address just in case you decide to come up to DC sometime soon," Rick said.

Gary said, "I think we could break away for a couple of weeks next month if Robin doesn't have to be onboard one of these cruise ships."

Robin shook his head, "I don't have to sail, again, for about 6 weeks."

"It looks like we'll be seeing you soon then," I said.   "Gary you are welcome to join us since you're going to have to wait until Robin gets off."

Gary looked uncertain, "I don't want to intrude.   It's your honeymoon after all."

Rick smiled, "You're not intruding.   In fact, our friends, Adrian and Derrick will be joining us shortly."   Rick looked across the restaurant to see them approaching our table.

"Adrian and Derrick I'd like you to meet Gary," Rick said making the introductions.

I explained, "Gary is Robin's new boyfriend."

Both men smiled.   Adrian said, "Glad to meet you Gary.   So you're the one Robin has been seeing all week!"

Again, Gary blushed, "Yes that's true."

Derrick laughed, "You don't need to be embarrassed around us.   We know what it's like to be in love, don't we guys?"

We all agreed.   Gary looked at Adrian and Derrick, "So you are married, too?"

"Yes, we were married the same day as Rick and Glenn," Derrick replied.

"Don't tell Robin but I think I'm in love him and I want to marry him," Gary said earnestly.

I said, "Congratulations, Gary!   We won't say a word to Robin but I think he already knows."

Gary looked surprised, "How do you know?"

Rick laughed, "Just look at how he is always looking at you.   He's definitely in love with you, Gary."

"Do you really think so?" he asked.

Adrian answered, "Only you can be sure.   We can only observe his behavior towards you which can be deceiving to someone looking in from the outside.   That being said, I think he definitely has strong feelings for you."

"Do you think I'm rushing things?" Gary asked earnestly.

Derrick responded, "It all depends on the strength of your relationship.   For some people, it may be too much too soon.  The best thing to do is talk about your relationship with Robin.   That way you both know where you stand and can work together to form a lasting relationship based on trust and mutual respect."

Robin approached our table with our beverages.   He had already asked Derrick and Adrian for their orders and he brought a fresh soda for Gary.

"Are you ready to order?" Robin asked.

"Sure," I answered.   We gave him our orders.   As he turned to leave, Gary grabbed his hand and gave it a quick kiss.   Robin smiled and said, "I think I've found the perfect guy."   Gary released his hand and Robin made his way back to the kitchen.

Gary received a lot of advice throughout the course of the evening about how to be the perfect husband and lover.   We finished our meal.   We congratulated Gary and Robin on their new relationship and bid them good-bye reiterating our invitation to come visit us in DC.

As we left the restaurant, Derrick and Rick exchanged business cards.   We promised to keep in touch as we parted ways and returned to our cabin for our last night aboard ship.

Prev To be continued . . .