The Lernier Family
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Chapter 21: Mrs. Prebich's Visit

Mrs. Reed sat in front of her computer talking into the microphone and adjusting the webcam so that she was centered in the middle of the screen.   It was nearly the end of November and she had become quite efficient at using the tools Rick had set up for her.   The webcam and the microphone had been well use since they had moved to Long Island at the end of August.  Rick had been very patient with her and had shown her all of the ins and outs of recording her life story.   When Rick had to work in Washington, DC, she enlisted Kyle to help her with any technical difficulties she had run into in Rick's absence.  Kyle's enthusiasm for her project brought a warm feeling to her heart.   Kyle had shown her how to edit her videos and how to add music to them.

Mrs. Reed had been super excited when Rick had purchased a nice scanner to help her digitize her photograph collection.   Rick had set it up and showed her how to use it but Rick had left for Washington the following morning and she was still wasn't sure how everything worked.   She had called out to Glenn to help her.   Hearing Mrs. Reed call out, both Glenn and Kyle walked into the family room to see what she needed.   When she had explained what the problem was, Kyle volunteered to help her.

From that day forward, when Kyle came home from football practice he would spend an hour or so teaching her how to make slide shows of her many digital photographs.   He helped her organize them by subject and created special effects for her to use in the slide shows.    She and Kyle had spent many hours working together despite Kyle's busy schedule.   She watched as the special bond between Glenn and Kyle was strengthened as Glenn helped Kyle get his homework done so he could help her with her project.  

She began work on what she called an illustrated guide to the Reed family.   She was using a genealogy program to help her document all of the important dates, names, facts, stories and photographs she had collected over the years.   She thought about how she had always had an interest in family history but never had the time to dedicate to doing something about it.   More importantly, she had a loving and supportive family who eagerly participated in her new project.   To say they doted on her would be a huge understatement!  

She smiled to herself as she thought about Rick and Glenn.  They had taken the twins out to Chuck E. Cheese's at Josh's request.   She laughed to herself as she remembered how Glenn had rolled his eyes and groaned.    She knew how much Glenn hated the place but the twins always managed to get Rick to agree to take them there when he was home.   Rick had promised Glenn a special night out if he would agree to go with him and the twins to have pizza and play arcade games.   Glenn had acquiesced when Mrs. Reed had volunteered to watch the children while they went out on the town.   She smiled at the memory of the tender look that they had shared.         

Mrs. Reed moved the microphone closer to her and started talking, "Rick and Glenn, I wanted to record a special thank you for everything you have done for me and for the children.   The last few months have been wonderful for me.   Despite the doom and gloom my visits to the doctors bring, this time they have given me good news.   The cancer seems to have stopped spreading and in some areas, it has disappeared.   The only thing I can think of is that I am so happy that my body is learning to fight this thing and is winning."

"Each of the children has expressed their love for you both many times; however, what is more profound is the change I have seen in myself.   I have grown to love you as my own sons.   I never thought that anyone could mean as much to me as my own flesh and blood but I have been proven wrong.   Rick and Glenn, every mother should be as fortunate as I to have two wonderful adopted sons as you are.   I want to leave this message for you to find after I am gone as a reminder that I love you both very much.   JJ and Josh always brighten my day as they share their joy and wonder.   The simplest things make them happy and it helps me to appreciate things I used to take for granted.   Our trip to Canada for Thanksgiving last month gave me a greater understanding of the wonderful family my grandchildren now have to love and support them.   Your new home is perfect and I am sure the children will follow you to Canada when that time comes even if they are already grown and gone.   I was very impressed with your friends in Toronto.   Each of the gay couples has formed happy families just like you two have done.   It does my heart good to know that gay men are able to marry and start families.   Thank you for helping me to see the importance of supporting equal rights for gays in our county."

"Last, I want to reiterate how much I love both of you.   You have made this last part of my life so wonderful that I sometimes wish we had met earlier in life.   But since that is not possible, I must thank you for your love and support.   Remember that I love you very much."

She paused the recording and thought for a moment before continuing, "Oh, I almost forgot, don't forget to take time out for each other.   It is even more important now that you have five children.   I don't want to see you two drifting apart because you are too busy with the children's activities to nurture the love you two have for each other.   Mr. Reed always made time for me.   We had regularly scheduled date nights.   He was a travelling salesman so he wasn't always home a lot but when he was, our date night came first."

As she remembered her deceased husband, her eyes misted over and she had to stop the recording.   She didn't want the children to see her crying.   As soon as she had her emotions under control, she clicked the start button.   "My husband loved me very much and I miss him.   Living with the children these last few years has been wonderful for me and has helped take away the loneliness.   They have filled my life with light but I still miss John being by my side.   Always remember to treasure every moment you have together because you don't know when one of could be taken from this world by some freak accident."

She clicked the stop button and leaned back in her chair.  She closed her eyes and pushed her chair back so she could rest a few minutes.   Lately, her memories of John had been particularly poignant.   Seeing how much Rick and Glenn loved each other reminded her how much she loved John and missed him.   Prior to living in the same house with Rick and Glenn, she hadn't realized the intensity of their love for each other.   It manifested itself in so many small ways – a shared look, a gentle touch, a quick kiss when they thought no one was watching and the sweet little notes they left for each other.   Glenn had shared with her that he had packed Rick's suitcase for him and left little love notes in the pockets of his shirts and in his pants for Rick to find every day he was away.   Rick was just as thoughtful.   She had found Rick's love letters in the form of e-mails printed out and left on Glenn's desk.   Each of them had confided in her at one time or another over the last couple of months.   The common theme of their confidences was their love for the other and their plans to make their spouse happy.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell.   She got up from her chair and went to the door.   She looked out the window and saw Mrs. Prebich standing on the front porch.   She opened the door and smiled at the social worker, "Please come in, Mrs. Prebich.   It is so good to see you."

Mrs. Prebich smiled and said, "How are you, Mrs. Reed?"

"I haven't been better, thank you," Mrs. Reed said.

She stepped back to let Mrs. Prebich come inside.   She said, "Let's sit in the family room.   Would you like some coffee to take the chill away?"

"Yes, thank you.   It is so cold out today," Mrs. Prebich said.

Mrs. Reed went into the kitchen and poured two cups of coffee from the pot she had made after the guys had left with the twins.   She put them on a tray with some sugar and creamer.   She returned to the family room with the tray and sat it on the table.   She asked, "Sugar and creamer?"

"One teaspoon of sugar and no creamer, please," Mrs. Prebich replied.

Mrs. Reed added the sugar and passed the cup of coffee to Mrs. Prebich.   She added sugar and creamer to her cup and then sat down across from Mrs. Prebich.  

"I am here for the last time, Mrs. Reed.   We have seen that the children are well adjusted and well loved by their new parents.   I came alone today because we have documented everything we need for the courts," Mrs. Prebich said.   She pulled out a folder and passed it over to Mrs. Reed.   "These are copies of our final report to the court.   They show that everything is going well and that no further visits are needed by our office."

Mrs. Reed smiled, "Thank you, Mrs. Prebich.   I was just recording my own thoughts about that very subject."

Mrs. Prebich looked puzzled, "What do you mean?"

"I have been recording my life history for my grandchildren.   Rick set up this computer for me and showed me how to use it.   I have completed my own history and have started a history of the Reed family," Mrs. Reed explained enthusiastically.   "Kyle has helped me to put together slide shows and many other things."

Mrs. Prebich smiled at the other woman's excitement, "Rick and Glenn are wonderful people as are your grandchildren."

"I want you to see what I have recorded for them.   I don't want them to see it until after I am gone but I wanted to get my thoughts recorded while they were fresh in my mind," Mrs. Reed said.   She pulled up the recording and played it back for Mrs. Prebich.   When it finished playing, Mrs. Reed looked over to see tears running down Mrs. Prebich's face.

Mrs. Prebich pulled out a handkerchief from her hand bag and dabbed at her eyes.   "Thank you for sharing the message you have prepared for them."

Mrs. Reed also wiped her eyes, "I love Rick and Glenn very much.   You do not know how happy they have made me."

Mrs. Prebich replied, "I think I do, Mrs. Reed.   It shows in your face."

Mrs. Reed nodded her head, "I think being loved and wanted has made all the difference in the world for me."

At that moment, the two women heard the front door open and two very excited little boys ran into the family room.   JJ said, "Grandma, you won't believe it!   We won a stuffed animal at Chuck E. Cheeses!   See?"

JJ handed a stuffed teddy bear to her.   "This is a wonderful toy, JJ," she said and handed it back.

Josh said, "Dad and Daddy had a competition going on the skee-ball and got lots and lots of tickets for us."

Rick and I closed the door and took off our winter coats.   We entered the family room and saw Mrs. Reed surrounded by the twins each of them talking at the same time.   Mrs. Reed smiled at us and said, "The twins tell me you two helped them win this teddy bear."

Rick laughed, "Yes, we did.   We love playing skee-ball and had a great time competing against each other."

I grinned, "Rick couldn't accept the fact that I beat him so we kept having rematches so he could attempt to redeem himself!"

Rick put his arm around my shoulders and said, "Glenn was gracious enough to let me win the last game so we could come home or else we would still be there!"   He leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

JJ turned around and looked at Rick, "Do you know why Daddy let you win?"

"No, why?" Rick asked in return.

"It's because he loves you so much," JJ said.

"JJ, you are right about that.   Daddy loves me very much and I love him but most of all, we both love you and Josh very much," Rick said smiling at this little boy.

Josh looked up at Rick and said, "That makes us a family, Dad."

Mrs. Prebich watched the two men interact with each other and with their twin boys and realized that Mrs. Reed was right – these two had a deep love for each other and for their children.   She said, "I am glad you returned before I left because I wanted to let you know that we won't be visiting you anymore.   We have determined that the children are well adjusted and are very happy.   I left copies of the documents showing that we have finished our evaluation of the children in their new environment with their new parents."

Rick smiled and said, "Thank you for everything you have done to help us, Mrs. Prebich."

"I wish every adoption went as smoothly as this one has gone," Mrs. Prebich said with a smile.

Mrs. Reed said, "We were enjoying a cup of coffee.   Would you like to join us?"

Rick said, "Thank you but no.   We need to get these two out of their winter coats and ready for their music lessons."

JJ looked at me and said, "I forgot, Daddy?"

"What did you forget, JJ?" I asked.

"To practice," JJ replied looking really worried.

"That's okay, JJ.   Boys, you need to take off your coats and hang them up and then you may go practice for a few minutes," I said.

The twins chorused, "Yes, Daddy!"   They ran out of the room racing each other to the front door.   We heard JJ shout, "I won!"

I shook my head and smiled, "They are always racing each other."

Rick said, "If you will excuse us, we will attend to the boys."

Mrs. Reed said, "I will catch up with you later."

We left the room and walked up the stairs to our bedroom.   Rick closed the door and then pulled me into a warm embrace.   His hungry lips found mine and for a few long passionate moments I was transported off the planet!   When he released me, he said, "That is just a prelude to what is to come tonight, Babe!"

I replied, "Maybe we can convince Mrs. Reed to watch the children overnight so we can stay in town tonight.   What do you think?"

Rick gave me a lecherous grin and said, "I think we should go down and ask her before you begin the boys music lessons."

After picking up Ashley from swim practice, I packed an overnight bag for the two of us and then I turned to look into the mirror.   Rick came up behind me and slipped his arms around my waist.   He nibbled on my ear and then smiled, "You look good enough to eat!"

I grinned and turned my head to kiss him.   "You will have to wait until later to have your dessert, Mr. Lernier.   We haven't had dinner yet."

Rick laughed, "I like having my dessert first, Babe."

I nodded my head and replied, "I know you do and so do I!   However, I think we should at least make it to the hotel before we decide to have our dessert together!"

Rick laughed and nibbled on my other ear, "But you taste so good."

I smiled and looked at our reflection in the mirror.   We were both dressed to hit the dance clubs.   We intended to stay out pretty late so it was a good thing we were staying in town.   "You look so sexy dressed like that," I said leaning back against Rick's chest as he continued to kiss my neck.

"I thought that was what you wanted," Rick murmured against my skin.  Rick was getting me so horny I didn't think we would make it out of our bedroom door before I stripped him out of his clothes and pushed him down on our bed for some very rough, raw sex!   Rick looked into the mirror and met my eyes.   He grinned and asked, "Are you ready?"

I smiled, "Yes, I am ready."   I turned around in his embrace and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.   I could feel him growing hard as he tightened his embrace.   We broke the kiss and I breathed in his masculine scent.   "Do you mind if we have dessert first?   I don't think I can wait until after dinner!"

Rick laughed, "Dessert it is!"    He released me and walked over and locked our door.   He returned to me and stripped off my clothes.   He picked me up and placed me on the bed.   While I made myself comfortable, I watched Rick do his usual striptease routine.   I never tire of seeing my hot stud without his clothes on!   The fire in his eyes and his very erect steel pole told me I was in for a great time!

Later, we showered together and enjoyed our usual recreational activities!   We finished our shower and then dried each other off.   I looked at Rick and asked, "Should we go commando tonight?"

Rick grinned, "We could if you want to give everyone an eyeful!"

I nodded, "I want everyone to know that married gay guys are just as good looking and have just as much fun as single gay guys!"

Rick laughed, "You don't need to show off your body to convince them of that, Glenn.   You are a hot stud with or without your clothes on!   Let's wear our Speedo bikini briefs for now and we can change at the hotel if we decide to go commando to dance clubs."

I nodded my agreement, "Okay but I want to wear the tightest fitting jeans I own."

Rick shook his head, "I want you to wear your black leather pants that make you look so sexy with the black mesh shirt."

"Okay, but I will wear a long sleeve black t-shirt under it until we get to the club; otherwise, I will freeze to death from the cold," I said with a smile.   "I want you to wear a matching outfit.   You know how that seems to get everyone's attention when we go out on the dance floor."

Rick laughed, "The last time we went out we were propositioned at least six or seven times."

I laughed, "Let's see if we can break that record tonight!"

We finished getting ready and made our way downstairs.   Ashley and Kyle were just finishing up their homework as we entered the kitchen.   Kyle saw us first and whistled, "Wow!   You guys look great!"

"Thank you, Kyle," I said with a smile.   I turned to Ashley, "What do you think, Ashley?"

She smiled and said, "I think you look great, Daddy."

"How about me?   Don't I look great, too?" Rick asked with a smile.

Ashley grinned, "Of course, Dad.   I was getting to you when you interrupted me."

Rick laughed, "You are very sweet!"

"Yes, I am aren't I?" Ashley asked as she looked us both over.   "You both look absolutely stunning."

I looked at Rick, "That is very high praise coming from our resident fashion critic."

Rick smiled and said, "Thank you, Ashley.   We hope to make quite an impression on the guys at the dance clubs tonight."

"I ordered out pizza since we are going out tonight," I said.   I checked my watch and said, "It should be delivered any moment now."

The doorbell rang and Kyle went to answer it.   He returned with the pizza.   "Here's the pizza.   I will go get everyone else."   He left the room and then returned with David and the twins following behind him.   Mrs. Reed also came into the kitchen.   We sat down around the table with the children and Mrs. Reed.   Mrs. Reed said grace and the children attacked the pizza.

We gave each child a hug and a kiss and told them we would see them tomorrow.   We thanked Mrs. Reed to watching them so we could have a night out.  

Kyle said, "Have a good time!"

Rick laughed, "I am sure we will, Kyle.   We'll see you tomorrow."   Rick took my hand and said, "Come on, Babe.   It's time to go."   Rick led me out the door and we jumped in the Land Rover and headed downtown.  "I have reservations for us for dinner at "One If By Land Two If By Sea" and then we will make our way to some of the dance clubs."

We checked into our hotel and then took a cab to the restaurant.   As soon we were seated and the waiter taken our order Rick reached across the table and said, "Kyle called me last night."

I looked at him in surprise, "Really?   I didn't know that."

Rick said with a grin.   "John asked Kyle to call me with a message - you needed to get laid and soon!"

I blushed as I laughed and asked, "So exactly how did I become the subject of their conversation?"

"Kyle related to me how you seemed to be getting uptight about things," Rick said.   He raised his hand to forestall my next question, "No, Kyle didn't explain what that meant but that he had complained to John about it and John's response was that you needed to get laid!"

I looked into Rick's eyes and said, "John is right about one thing – I do need you to fuck my brains out tonight.   I have missed you something fierce, Rick.   I didn't realize that the children had noticed it as much as they apparently did.   I don't do well when you are gone, Rick.   I try to put on a brave face about it because I know you need to be in the office sometimes but I miss you terribly every time you leave."

Rick raised my hand to his lips, "I know you do, Babe.   I'm sorry I had to be gone for so long this time."   He held my gaze and rubbed his leg against mine under the table.   "I promise I will make it up to you tonight."   The intensity of his gaze and his physical touch really had an effect on me.  

After a moment of unspoken communication, I smiled and said, "Kyle and John have been good about going running with me most mornings and lifting weights every other day.   It has helped me keep up our exercise routine.  John is starting to slim down now that he's been running with us nearly every day.   Mrs. Reed seems to be rebounding well from her latest round of chemotherapy.   I am glad Mrs. Prebich came by today.   It's a relief to have social services off of our backs."

Rick agreed, "Yes, it is a relief.   How is Ashley doing on her swim team?"

"She has really improved her time in the butterfly and her backstroke.   I think she is going to be able to compete in those two events next week.   I took the kids to the open swim night at the pool.   Kyle really put his foot in his mouth though," I said laughing.

"How so?" Rick asked.

I replied, "I don't think he saw me and Mahea's Dad, Kai, standing behind him when he told Ashley and her friend, Mahea, that girls are slow.   I was going to say something to Kyle when Kai stopped me.   Mahea challenged Kyle to a race across the pool and back.   Kyle was soundly beaten by both girls!"

Rick laughed and said, "I don't think he will make those kinds of statements anymore!"

I smiled, "I hope not for his sake.   He was pretty embarrassed.   He apologized to both girls.   I haven't talked to Kyle about it since he seemed to learn his lesson.   Kyle and David are going to play a duet for the Thanksgiving program at Mrs. Reed's church on Sunday.   They are pretty excited about it.   Both boys get extra credit for their orchestra classes for outside performances so they were willing to perform for the church services at St. Mark's.   Kyle wants to show his new viola."

Rick replied, "He should be proud of that instrument.   We spent enough for it!"

"It really wasn't that much money for a quality string instrument, Babe.   We got a really good price for it," I reminded him.

"I don't call $6,000 a good deal when Kyle really hasn't indicated any desire to continue playing after he graduates from high school," Rick protested.   He had been appalled at the cost of a new viola.   They had tried out several other instruments – all of them over $10,000.   "When he leaves home, I don't want to see it stashed in our attic because he has grown bored with it."

"Why does it matter whether or not he plays after high school?   I want him to learn to enjoy making music.   It will be something he will learn to treasure later on even if he decides not to continue playing the viola.   As for the cost, Rick, Grandpa paid $30,000 for my violin and other violins are more expensive.   Kyle needs a good instrument since he is playing with West Islip Symphony Orchestra.   David wants to audition to play with them next year," I said.

Rick looked at me in surprise, "Are you telling me that David needs a new instrument, too?"

"No, Babe, his violin is just fine.   Kyle's instrument was a starter viola, remember?   We didn't pay much for it because we didn't know if he would even continue playing past the first year.   It's okay, Rick.   Kyle has learned the value of a good quality instrument," I said.

We were interrupted by the arrival of our meal.   As we ate, Rick picked up our conversation where we had left off, "The good thing is that we aren't paying for music lessons for the children.   Just think how much we would be paying for all five of them to receive private instruction like you give them every week."

I smiled and said, "I love teaching them."

Rick said, "We have David and Ashley on violin, Kyle and JJ on viola and Josh on the cello."

"And don't forget that they are also learning to play the piano," I added.   "JJ and Josh are in the recorder orchestra at their school.   Rick, Reverend Degen from St. Mark's has asked me to direct their bell choir.   I know this is an attempt to get us to attend their church so I wanted to talk to you about it before giving him an answer."

Rick gave me his "I can't believe you are asking me that" look before he responded, "Glenn, I won't stand in your way if you want to take on the additional work of directing their bell choir.   However, have you considered how much of a time commitment it will be?"

"I have.   It would be two nights a week for an hour with two hour rehearsals before performances.   I am leaning towards declining the position.   I want to minimize the amount of time I spend away from the children during the evening hours since they are away at school all day," I said.

"Another thing to consider is the fact that we are moving back to Virginia at the end of the school year," Rick said.

"I hadn't thought about it that way but you are right as always, sweetheart," I said as I squeezed his hand across the table.  

We finished eating our meal and paid our bill.   We took a cab to the nearest dance club.   We walked in and sat down at the bar.   I ordered a diet coke and Rick got his usual beer.   I looked around the bar and found several young guys checking us out.   I smiled at one of them as he got up and walked over to sit next to me.   I checked him out – he wore tight fitting jeans that showed off his nice package and a white muscle shirt that made a nice contrast to his deep tan.   I thought he must have been on vacation lately.   He had coal black hair, deep brown eyes and generous smile and Romanesque nose.  He walked with the casual grace of an athlete.   He introduced himself, "Hi!   I'm Phil Magnacca.   You"

Rick did a double take when he heard the guy's name and he looked at Phil and asked, "Do you work for the Pentagon as a contractor?"

Phil grinned, "Yes, I do.   You are Rick Lernier.   I have seen you several times in the office.   I have checked you out each time but I didn't dare approach you.   I saw you wearing a wedding band and thought you were straight."

Rick smiled and introduced me, "Phil, this is my husband, Glenn."

Phil responded, "Nice to meet you, Glenn.   I am happy for you two being married and all.   I am sad for me because I had hoped for a threesome later tonight.   Are you guys here on vacation?"

"No, we live out on the Island in Hauppauge," I replied.   "Do you live near here?"

"No.   I live out on the Island as well.   I still live with my parents in Patchogue.   They are both in poor health.   I work from home most of the time.   I only travel to Washington once or twice a year.   When I am gone, I have to hire someone to stay with my parents," Phil said.

"Who is with them now?" Rick asked.

"My sister is staying overnight with them to give me a break," Phil said.   "Let's go out on the dance floor.   Do you mind if I join you?"

Rick said, "Sure."   We went out on the dance floor.   Phil shouted over the music, "I love your matching mesh shirts!"   As we danced, he ran his hands over my chest and then did the same to Rick.   He grinned, "I hope you don't mind me touching you guys.   You are both so "hot" I can't help myself."

I laughed, "It's okay with me as long as it's okay with Rick."

Rick grinned and pulled Phil into a group hug with the three of us.   He kissed me and then we both kissed Phil.   Rick released us and said, "You are pretty good looking yourself, Phil."

After a few more dances, Phil disappeared from the dance floor.   Rick took me in his arms for a slow dance and he whispered into my ear, "I think our friend is getting a blow job."

"I think you are right about that," I said with a grin.   "I also think that we won't be seeing him the rest of the evening.   I saw the guy he walked out with and I am pretty sure they were making plans for the rest of the evening."

When the music stopped, I said, "Let's move on to another dance club."

Rick agreed and we caught a cab to a different place.   We danced and had a great time the rest of the evening.   We hit two more clubs before we called it a night.   When we arrived at the hotel, it was nearly 4 AM.   Rick stripped me out of my clothes and I returned the favor.   It wasn't long before Rick's command performance had me begging for more!   It was a perfect ending to a perfect evening with my beloved!

We returned home late in the afternoon to find a "Welcome Home" sign hanging across the garage door.   I looked at Rick and smiled, "I think we have some children who missed us."

Rick smiled, "Let's see who our welcoming committee is this time."

We walked into the house and found everyone crowded around the kitchen table.   When the twins caught sight of us, they ran to us shouting, "Dad and Daddy, you are home!"

Rick picked up JJ and gave him a hug while I did the same with Josh.   Then we traded boys and gave the other twin a hug.   JJ looked me in the eyes and said, "I am glad you are home."

I replied, "So am I, JJ."

We put down the twins as Kyle, David and Ashley hugged us each in turn.   Kyle examined my neck and started to laugh.   "It looks like Dad took care of you last night!"

I blushed and turned to Rick, "You marked me again!"

Rick laughed, "I sure did.   I wanted everyone to know that you are well loved.   Besides that you taste good."  Rick put his arm around my shoulders and kissed me.

Mrs. Reed smiled and said, "I am glad to see you smiling, again, Glenn.   You were getting pretty glum without Rick."

"Was I that bad?" I asked in disbelief.   "I thought I was handling Rick's absence pretty well considering he was gone for two weeks solid."

Mrs. Reed laughed, "You did okay for the first week, dear; however, by the end of the second week it was obvious that you needed your husband to come home."

Rick turned me around and pulled me close.   "It's okay to miss me, Glenn.   In fact, it makes me feel pretty special!"

I put my arms around his waist and pulled him close as I hid my face in his chest.   I inhaled his masculine scent before I lifted my head and held Rick's gaze, "I love you, sweetheart."

"I love you, too," Rick replied.

Ashley said, "You do remember that I have a swim meet tonight, Dad."

Rick smiled at her, "I haven't forgotten.   We came home so we would have time to spend with all of you before we have to leave for the pool."

Mrs. Reed said, "The boys have cooked a special dinner for us."

Kyle smiled and said proudly, "We have steak and shrimp with baked potatoes and steamed broccoli."

"It's sounds good," I said.   "When do we eat?"

"In a few minutes, Daddy.   We need to set the table," Kyle responded.

In short order, we had the table set and were sitting down to a nice meal prepared by the four boys.   After we said grace, Kyle said, "JJ and Josh helped wash the potatoes and wrap them in foil.  David steamed the broccoli and the shrimp while I cooked the steaks."

Rick said, "The food is delicious boys.   Thank you for cooking for us."

Kyle grinned, "It was fun Dad.   I think we should cook more often."

"I agree.   Maybe you should work out a schedule so that everyone gets a chance to cook dinner for the family," Rick suggested.

Kyle nodded his head, "Okay.   I will do it right after dinner."

We enjoyed the rest of our meal and then spent time with each child before leaving for Ashley's swim meet.   Rick and I had set up an appointment with each one to talk to them one on one about anything they wanted to talk about.   It has turned out to be one of the best things we have ever done.   They know that they have our undivided attention during that time and it has fostered good communication between all of us.   I have to admit that it was Rick's idea and that I wasn't sure what it would accomplish but as he explained how it would work, I quickly became a big fan of the idea.   He is a very good father and I am glad I married him.   He has been a great blessing in the lives of our children.  

Prev To be continued . . .

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