The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 100: Grandpa’s Cars

We returned home from Cancun well rested, tanned, and ready to enjoy the rest of our winter break.   Greg and Cory joined us on our flight to Atlanta, since they were spending the holidays with my grandparents.   It was like an extension of our vacation, with eight of us on the flight:  Cordell, Michael, Duane, Mason, Greg, Cory, Rick and I.

The flight took off, as we talked about our vacation and the great memories we had created for ourselves.   I had the middle seat between Rick and Greg.   Of course, I don’t mine the close quarters, because it means I get to snuggle up to my guy!  

Greg noted Rick’s arm around my shoulders, and said, “It’s not fair!  You get to cuddle with your boyfriend and I have sit across the aisle from my husband.”

I responded, with a smile, “If you want to sit next to Cory, ask that guy in the middle seat to switch with you.”

Greg looked at the guy in question, then leaned forward, and asked, “Sir, would you mind switching seats?”

The guy looked to be in his early thirties, with long dark brown hair that brushed his shoulders, dark brown eyes under dark brown eyebrows, a smallish button nose and a pleasant smile.   He said, “Sure I’ll switch with you.   I hate middle seats.”

The two guys quickly changed places.   Greg said, “Thank you so much.   I really wanted to be with my husband.”

The guys sat down, and buckled his seatbelt.   He said, “Not a problem.   I’m Mihnea.”

I said, “I’m Glenn.   This is my boyfriend, Rick.”

“Nice to meet you guys,” Mihnea said.

Cory introduced himself, “I’m Cory, and this is Greg.”

Mihnea said, “You guys look pretty tan.   You must have been vacationing at the resorts.”

“Yes, we have spent all week here,” Cory responded.   “Weren’t you here on vacation as well?”

“No, I’m an archeologist.   I came to study some of the ancient Mayan ruins.   I’m working with a team from the University of Georgia,” Mihnea replied.

“Where are you from?” I asked.  “You don’t sound like you’re from Georgia.”

“I’m from Romania,” Mihnea answered.   “My parents brought me to the United States when I was five years old.   I grew up in Michigan, where my Dad worked for General Motors.”

“How do you say your name?” I asked.   “I can’t quite get it right.”

“It’s Mihnea and you say it like “Mick-Nah.”  I have always had trouble with people not being able to pronounce it correctly,” Mihnea said.

We chatted with Mihnea during the entire flight home.   We exchanged phone numbers and promised to stay in touch.   Our flight landed just after 4 PM, right on time!   On our way home from the airport, Greg said, “Did you notice how Mihnea couldn’t keep his eyes off of you guys?”

“Yes, I did notice.   He really got aroused after he put up the armrest and moved closer to me,” I said.  

Rick laughed, “You loved every minute of it, Glenn.   I know you.”

“Yes, I did.   In fact, I encouraged him by rubbing my hand up and down his leg,” I said.

Cory snickered, “I didn’t see that.   No wonder he had a hard on!”

Rick said, “You were totally mean to Mihnea – getting him all worked up, knowing he had no way to relieve all that sexual energy!”

I laughed. “I did get him pretty horny, didn’t I?”

“You sure did.   I’m telling Rick on you.   You’re a bad boy!” Cory guffawed.

Greg grinned, and said, “It was a perfect ending to a perfect vacation.   Cory and I loved watching you mess with Mihnea.   Do you think he will call you guys?”

Rick said, “I think he will, given his reaction to Glenn.”

We arrived at our condo and parked the car.   We unloaded our gear and hauled it upstairs.   Rick opened the door to let us in.   He turned to Greg and Cory, and said, “You know where your room is.”

“Yes, we do,” Greg said, heading down the hallway to their bedroom.   When they were at our place last summer, we had designated one of our bedrooms as their room.   We kept it ready for them, just in case they decided to drop in for a weekend.

Cory followed his husband to their room.   He placed his luggage next to the closet and turned to close the door.   He felt Greg’s arms slip around his waist and he leaned back against his lover.   “I’m so glad to be home.”

Greg murmured his agreement, as he nibbled on Cory’s ear, then his neck.  Greg pushed his hands down the front of Cory’s shorts, causing Cory to arch his back in pleasure.

As Cory and Greg disappeared into their room, Rick looked at me and asked, “Want to bet what they are going to do in their room?”

I laughed.  “Would they be doing the same thing we’re going to do in our room, Mr. Lernier?”

Rick replied, giving me a lecherous grin, “Come with me to our bedroom, Mr. Nielsen.  I think we should follow their example.”

We took a few minutes to unpack our luggage, before Rick put his arms around me, and said, “It’s time.”

Rick performed his magic on me, bringing me to new heights of passion I never thought possible!   Whoever said that guys get tired of having sex was very wrong!

Later, Greg and Cory knocked on our door.   Rick called out, “Come in!”

We scooted over to make space for the two guys to join us in our bed.  I noted how good the two looked together, as they walked over to the bed.   Cory climbed in first and then Greg.   Rick spooned up against me as I lie facing Cory as Greg spooned up next to him.

Cory smiled.  “It is so cool you’re okay with us joining you guys.”

“And it means so much to us that you have given us a room of our own here,” Greg said.

“You will always have a home with us, Greg,” Rick said.

I said, “Not only that, you’re family now UNCLE Greg!”

Greg laughed. “You make it sound like I’m so old!”

“Well, don’t worry about being old, yet, because you just barely graduated from high school a few months ago,” Rick said.   “How do you like college, now that you have finished your first semester?”

“We like it just fine,” Cory responded.   “The classwork isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.”

“The guys are so good with us, especially Robbie and Adam,” Greg said.   “Those two are just plain crazy!”

“I agree they’re goofy; but, at the same time, I’m in awe of them,” Cory said.   “They are so sure of themselves and who they are.   It’s hard to believe they are only seniors in high school.”

Rick laughed, “You make it sound like they are so much younger than you.   They’re only a year behind you.”

Cory said, “I know; but so much has happened over the last year.   It seems like an eternity ago.”

Greg ran his fingers through Cory’s hair, as he said, “We have so much to be thankful for, Cory.”   He looked over at us, and said, “First, we want to thank you two for being our friends.   I know I wouldn’t have made it, if it hadn’t been for you, Rick.   You were there for me, when I so desperately needed someone after my Dad’s attack on us.   Mom tried to be there for me; but she was dealing with her own issues.”

Rick and I didn’t say anything, as we could see that Greg had become very emotional.   Cory rolled over and put his arms around his husband.   He smoothed his hair, then put his hand to Greg’s cheek.   “It’s okay to cry, Greg.   We need to let our grief out.”

“I know, but it’s so hard to just let my emotions go.   I have been bottling up my grief and anger for so long, now, I don’t know if I can ever let it completely out,” Greg said.   Despite his words, he continued to cling to Cory, as he gave full reign to his emotions.  After a while, Greg seemed to calm down.   He said, “I’m sorry.   I didn’t mean to let go like that.”

Cory said, “There is no need to apologize.   We all know what you’ve been through.”

“But I want to be strong like you, Cory.   You seem to be able to handle what happened to us so much better than I,” Greg said.

“You can’t compare yourself to me in that regard, Greg.   We are two different people, and we have different personalities and abilities,” Cory said softly.   “It takes a long time to overcome some things.   You can’t expect everything to return to normal, just because you want it to be that way.   It’s not even been a year since your Dad attacked us.   Remember how long it took for us to heal from our physical injuries?”

“Yeah, I remember,” Greg said.   “I thought I would never be able to walk again, or have sex with you.”

Cory smiled, “I seem to remember someone got a number of blow jobs, during the time he was bedridden, while I suffered without any kind of sexual relief!”

Greg laughed.  “Okay, I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself!”

Rick said, “It’s hard to believe it’s been only seven months since you two graduated from high school.   Here you are - married and attending college.”

Greg smiled, “Time flies when you are having fun!”

“Yes, it does,” I said.   “What are your plans for the holidays?”

Cory rolled over to face us while Greg placed his arm around him from behind.  

“We plan to spend Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma.   Then, we’ll drive to Virginia to spend the New Year with Cory’s parents,” Greg said.

“Do you need to borrow our car?” Rick asked.

“No, Grandpa offered to let us take one of his cars,” Greg responded.

I asked, “Which one?”

“Grandpa said we could choose any one of his cars,” Greg said with a grin.   Seeing the look on my face, Greg quickly added, “Before you start complaining about us getting special treatment, he said that you and Rick could borrow one of his sports cars for a weekend.”

Rick grinned and said, “Awesome!”

I turned my head to look at him.  “But I get to choose which car.”

Rick looked at me in surprise.  “What?   You don’t get to choose it all by yourself.   I get some say, as well.”

I gave him a sly smile, and said, “I can be bought for a price – one that only you can pay.”

Rick laughed.  “Okay, name your price.”

“I want a weekend alone at the beach with you AND I want you to fuck my brains out the entire weekend,” I said.  I rolled onto my back, and reached down to gently squeeze his package.   I felt his dick stir under my hand, as I continued to massage it.

Rick leaned over and kissed me.   “I think I can pay that price.   We will have to take that weekend trip after we return from Swift Current.”

My stomach rumbled, causing everyone to laugh.   “Are you guys ready to grab something to eat?” I asked.

“Yes,” Greg said.   “I’m starving.”

We got out of bed and ordered out for a pizza to be delivered.   While we waited for the pizza guy, we jumped into the shower to get cleaned up.   Rick chose my clothes for me:   black mesh underwear (the kind that hide nothing), tight fitting black lycra exercise shorts and matching tank top.   After I was dressed, Rick stood behind me as I looked at my image in the mirror.

He grinned, and said, “Nice!”

I returned the grin, and replied, “You look good, too.”   I had chosen the same outfit for him to wear!

We walked into the kitchen and found that Greg and Cory had showered and put on some sexy clothes, as well.   Greg whistled, when he saw us, “Wow!   I’m going to move in here permanently, if this is what I get to see every day!”

I laughed, “You look pretty good yourself.”

The guys had chosen to go shirtless and wore board shorts with their Speedo underwear showing.

Cory said, “I hate to cover up the nice tan we got in Mexico.   I love the fact I don’t look like a doughboy.”

There was a knock on the door and Rick left to answer it.   He returned with the pizza and placed it on the table.   It didn’t take long for four hungry guys to demolish the pizza!

After dinner, we went into the family room, and collapsed on the couch.   Greg asked, “Are you guys interested in playing strip poker?”

I laughed and responded, “Sure.”  

Rick nodded his head, “I’m up for that.   I’ll get the cards out and the poker chips.”

“I’ll get the card table and the folding chairs,” I said.  We quickly had it set up and were ready to start.   I asked, “Are you guys going to put anything else on?   Like a shirt, or something?”

Greg answered, “No, because the whole idea is to get naked!”

“We don’t have to play poker to do that!” I exclaimed.   “We like getting naked.”

“But it’s more fun to play strip poker, because I think that whomever loses has to give the rest of us a blow job,” Greg said.

I looked at Rick to see his reaction.   He returned my gaze and asked, “Are you okay with that?   I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Greg looked at us, and said, “It’s okay if we don’t do it that way.”

“It’s just we usually don’t mess around like that,” I said.   Seeing the look of incredulity on Greg and Cory’s faces, I added, “I know!   We did mess around with some of the guys at the beach; but that isn’t our normal thing.”

Cory said, “It’s not ours either, but I think we can deal with a blow job.”

“Okay, let’s say the loser has to give his husband, or partner a blow job,” Greg said.

Rick said, “Now that you put it that way, Glenn will lose on purpose!”

I grinned and responded, “Absolutely!”

We played poker for about an hour, before Cory lost the last of his clothing.   Greg crowed, “I’m in for a treat!”

Cory acknowledged his excitement, as he knelt down between Greg’s legs and pulled off his underwear.   Greg leaned back in his chair moaning in ecstasy as Cory eagerly worked to give his husband the best blow job of his life!

Greg moved to the couch with Cory after Cory’s stellar performance!   He wrapped his arms around his lover and kissed his neck.  “Thank you for the best blow job ever!”

Cory smiled contentedly, and said, “It was my pleasure.”

Greg looked at us, and asked, “You guys look very sexy in your mesh underwear.”

I looked over at Rick whose steel pole was very erect and clearly visible through the mess, as was mine.   “Yes, I think Rick looks incredibly sexy!”  

Rick stood up, then pulled me to my feet.   He said, “I think we should take care of this.”   He started massaging my cock through the mesh fabric.   I closed my eyes and leaned against him.  I felt him capture my lips, as he kissed me passionately.

When we came up for air, I opened eyes and said, “Take me to bed, Rick.   I need you now!”

Rick took my hand and led me from the room.  He called out over his shoulder, “Good night guys.   We’ll see you in the morning.”

The next morning, Rick held me in his arms, as we basked in the afterglow of our love making.   He held my gaze, and said, “You’re so handsome, Mr. Nielsen.   I can hardly take my eyes off of you!”

I put my hand behind his head and kissed him.   “You are the one who is the best looking of the two of us.”

Rick replied, “No, I disagree.   We are, to each other, what we desire to have in a mate.   To me, you are the most beautiful guy in the entire world, and it is, also, correct that I am the ideal guy for you.”

“Does this mean you’re still my Prince Charming?” I asked, with a broad grin.

“Yes, it does,” Rick said; his happiness evident in his voice.

“Good!   I was just checking to make sure nothing had changed since we first met,” I said, as I ran my hands over his pecs and abs.   “I love the feel of your hard stomach.   It really turns me on.”

Rick captured my lips, as he rolled on top of me.   I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him close to me.   Our passion for each other blazed hotter than ever before, as Rick continued his assault on my already heightened senses.   It seemed as if we became one person, as we moved in unison to satisfy the desires of the other.   The love I feel for this man adds another dimension to the feelings of euphoria Rick gives me every time he makes love to me.

Later that morning, Greg, Cory, Cordell and Michael were lounging in our family room watching TV.   Rick and I were at the kitchen table, trying to decide what to do for the day, when we heard a knock on our door.  Rick stood up and went to answer the door.   He returned with Duane and Mason.  

Duane said, “I hope you guys don’t mind us crashing at your place.   We were totally bored, so we thought we’d come over here to see what you were doing.”

“We haven’t made up our minds what to do, today,” I said.

“I think that we should drive up to Grandpa and Grandma’s place.   Keith and Kerry have already left for South Carolina to be with her parents,” Rick said.

Duane looked at us and asked, “Where are you guys going to spend the holidays?”

“We are going to spend Christmas with my grandparents, then we will fly home to Swift Current to be with my Mom and Dad for the New Year,” I said.

“We’ll fly from here to Toronto, where we’ll switch planes for one bound for Regina,” Rick said.   “Glenn’s brother, Randy, and his husband, Shawn, will pick us up at the airport and drive us to Swift Current.”

Duane said, “We haven’t decided if we’ll fly home to Spokane, or not.”

Mason’s voice was full of bitterness, as he said, “I don’t want to go anywhere near Spokane, or Post Falls.   I’m glad we left there, and I have no desire to return there.”

I looked at Rick who returned my gaze.   He knew the question that was on the tip of my tongue, because he said, “Go ahead and tell them.”

“We don’t return to Rick’s hometown either,” I said.   I recounted the events of that terrible day when we left Selma, North Carolina.   “My Aunt Sharon and Uncle Stan still live there; but they usually meet us at my grandparents’ home.”

“I guess I can’t complain about what happened to me, after hearing what your family has done to you, Rick,” Mason remarked.  

Duane laughed.  “No, you can’t, at least not to these guys.”

Michael came into the kitchen, and said, “Hey guys!”

“Hello, Michael,” Mason said.   “What are you and Cordell doing, today?”

“We are just hanging out watching some television,” Michael said.   “My parents have invited us over for dinner, tonight.   My sister will be home, as well.   I want them to meet Cordell.”

Cordell entered the kitchen and came up behind Michael.   He wrapped his arms around Michael’s waist, and Michael leaned back against him.  Cordell grinned and said, “Michael thinks I’m good enough to meet his parents.”

Michael responded, “You are more than good enough to meet my parents.   They know I’m gay, but I have never taken anyone home to meet them.   I think they are hoping it is just a phase and that I’m not really gay.”

“Will they let me sleep with you in your room?” Cordell asked, mischievously.   “Or do they believe in no sex before marriage?”

Michael laughed, “It doesn’t matter what they think, because I’m not a virgin.”

Cordell put his hands inside Michael’s shirt and pressed his hands against Michael’s warm skin.  “I can confirm you aren’t a virgin!”  Michael turned his head, and Cordell kissed him.

Duane said, with a smile, “It is pretty obvious you two are in love with each other.”

Cordell laughed, “Yes, we are, and it’s just as obvious you and Mason are still newlyweds.”

“Why do you say that?” Duane asked, curiously.

“You two can’t keep your hands off of each other,” Michael said.   “If we weren’t doing the exact same thing, I’d have asked you guys to get a room!”

“Are we really that way?” Mason asked me, in surprise.

“Yes, you guys are just like me and Rick.   We can’t keep our hands off of each other, any more than you guys.   I love how Rick’s skin feels next to mine,” I said.

Duane said, “That’s why I like hanging out with you guys.   I can be as open about wanting to fuck Mason as I want to be, without worrying about someone overhearing me tell Mason how much he turns me on.”

Mason said, “I’m going to change the subject of this conversation, because I don’t want to be embarrassed.   I want to go drive go-karts.”

Rick said, enthusiastically, “I love driving go-karts.   I know just the right place.  We can drive the go-karts all afternoon.   Then, we can catch dinner at Soleil and later we can go to Swinging Richards.   What do you guys think about that?”

“Did you forget we are supposed to be at Grandpa’s place for dinner tonight?” I asked.

Rick’s face fell, as he remembered our previous engagement.  He said, “I did forget.   I’m sorry guys.”

“How would you guys like to join us at my grandparents’ house for Christmas?” I asked.

Mason looked hopefully at his husband, “May we?”

Duane considered it for a few moments, then said, “It’s okay by me, if it’s alright with your grandparents.”

“Let me call them and check,” I said.   I called them on my cell.  

After outlining what I wanted to do, Grandpa said, “That sounds great.   They are more than welcome to join us for the holidays.   We will have a room made up for them.”

I ended the call and turned to Duane.  “It’s a go.”

Duane nodded his head, and said, “It will be nice to spend Christmas with friends.”  

The guys helped me prepare lunch.   Then, as we were eating our soup and sandwiches, Duane asked, “How did you do in your Spanish writing class?”

“I did pretty well.   In fact, I got an “A” on the final,” I said, grinning.

Greg said, “Congratulations!”

“What did you have to do?” asked Mason.

“Dr. Khartchner walked into the classroom and placed a stuffed tortoise and an hourglass on the desk at the front of the room, and told us that our final examination was to write an essay or poem about the two items and how they related to each other, if at all.  I sat there staring at them trying to think of something to write, when it hit me I could write a poem about them.”

 “That is so cool!” exclaimed Mason with a smile.   “May we read your poem?”

“Sure,” I said.   “I’ll get it out after we clean up the dishes.”

With eight of us helping out in the kitchen, it took no time at all to clear the dishes and clean up the place.   I went to our bedroom and returned with my final exam.  I handed it to Duane who read it out loud:

La Tortuga y La Arena
La Tortuga del Desierto
La Arena del Reloj
Ambas son Reinas de un Mundo
Paso a paso una Va
Grano a grano otra Baja
Siempre lentas, Siempre precias
Conquistadoras de sus Reinos
Por la Mañana, Por la Tarde
De día, De noche en noche
Siguen sus caminos decretados
Pasan los meses, pasan los años
Viejas ya son, mas no se quejan
Los pasos cesan, los granos no caen
Las Reinas por fin descansan
Ambas felices en su lugar
Ambas terminadas con trabajar

(English Translation)

The Tortoise and The Sand
The Tortoise of the Desert
The Sand of the Hourglass
Both are Queens of their World
Footstep by Footstep one moves
Grain by Grain the other falls
Always slow, Always precise
Conquerors of their Kingdoms
By Morning, By Afternoon
Day after Day, Night after Night
They follow their decreed Paths
The Months Pass, The Years Pass
Old they have become, but they don’t complain
The Footsteps cease, The Grains don’t fall
The Queens finally rest
Both happy in their place
Both finished with their work

When he had finished, Duane handed it back to me.   “Not bad for a gringo.”

“That’s what Dr. Khartchner wrote on my paper,” I said showing them the red ink on the page.   “He suggested that I submit it to be published in the school literary journal.”

Mason laughed. “You were lucky to get that much praise out of Dr. Khartchner.   The best thing about last semester is the fact that it’s over.   I hated being in Dr. Khartchner’s class.   At least, we all passed that Latin American literature class.”

Rick looked over at me, then back at Duane and Mason.  He said, “Thanks to you two studying with us.”

I nodded my head in agreement.  “We would have been toast, if we hadn’t studied with you guys.   I managed to pull good grades out of my other Spanish classes, as well.”

Rick said, “I can’t fit in any more Spanish classes into my schedule, or I will have to stay another year to finish my degree.”

“We can’t do any more Spanish classes either,” Duane paused, and looked at me.   “Glenn, you should reconsider your choice of majors.   A music degree doesn’t pay very well and neither does one in Spanish.”

I replied, with a frown, “I know.   My Dad has argued with me about it every time I speak to him.    Between his nagging me about my choice of majors and his attempts to get me to leave Rick, I have decided I don’t need to speak to him, anymore.   I complained to Mom about it, and she thinks she can get him to mellow out, or at least keep his mouth shut.”

Rick said, “He continues to try and persuade me to leave you, Glenn.   He somehow has it in his head that I will come around to his way of thinking, if he keeps talking about it.”

Mason said, “That’s too bad about your Dad.   I thought your family was more accepting of gays.”

“They are for the most part,” I replied, with bitterness in my voice.   “I thought my father had gotten past his hatred of gays.”

“How are you guys going to handle being at home with him over the New Year?” Duane asked.

I shrugged my shoulders.  “I don’t know.   We’ll have to wait and see what happens.”   I looked at the time, and said, “We need to be leaving soon.”

Rick agreed, “Yes, we should get on the road.”

I turned to Cordell and Michael.  “Are you guys okay?  You’re welcome to hang out here, until you leave for dinner.   Just lock the door, when you leave.”

Cordell smiled, and said, “We’ll be fine, Glenn.   Thank you for offering to let us stay here.   We will go over to my dorm room, until it’s time to meet Michael’s parents.   Tell your grandparents ‘hello’ for us.”

We bid farewell to them.   I said, “Rick, we should pack for our trip to Swift Current, so we can go directly to the airport the day after Christmas.”

Rick said, “That’s a good idea.   Duane, do you think you could drop us off at the airport?”

“Sure.   Why don’t we travel together in your car?   That way, we can drive you directly to the airport from your grandparents’ home.   When are you coming back?”

“January 3rd,” I said.

“We can pick you up from the airport and bring you home,” Duane said.

Rick said, “I like that.   Do you need to pick up some things from your house?”

“Yes, but we can drop by on the way out of town,” Mason said.

Rick and I quickly packed our things.   “Did you get our passports?” I asked.

“Yes, I have them right here.   I’m putting them in our luggage.   Don’t let me forget where I put them,” Rick replied.

“I won’t,” I said, giving him a quick hug before hauling my bags to the front door.

Greg and Cory had their stuff packed and also set their gear by the door.   Greg said, “I can’t wait to see Grandpa.   I’m little nervous at the same time, because it will be the first time I will be able to meet the rest of the family.”

I said, “You’ll like my uncles, aunts and all of the cousins.”

Cory said, “I’ve been trying to get him to relax about it, but he insists that someone will reject him; despite what Grandpa says.”

“The family is fine with your adoption into the family, Greg,” I said, reassuringly.  

I helped Rick check to make sure everything was turned off, then we locked up.   Duane and Mason helped us carry our luggage out to the car.   We climbed in and Rick drove us over to Duane and Mason’s house.   While they went inside to pack a few things, we sat in the car and talked.

“Rick, do you think I should change my major?” I asked, earnestly.

“Yes, I do,” Rick said.   “I think your Dad is right.”

Greg said, “I do, too.   I really think that going into business, or computers, would be a much more useful degree.”  Duane and Mason returned with their gear and threw it in the back.   They climbed in and Rick started the Land Rover.   Greg continued his argument, “Duane and Mason, is there a possibility that Glenn could work as an intern at your company?”

Duane looked puzzled, and said, hesitantly, “Yeah, why?”

“I was just thinking that Glenn could work as intern there to see if likes working with computers,” Greg said.

Duane responded, “I think that would be a great idea.   What do you think, Glenn?”

“I already know I like working with computers.   That’s how I kept in touch with Rick while he was on active duty.   I have a blog where I post things I write and I like going on-line to talk to my friends,” I responded.

“That’s not what I mean,” Duane said.   “I mean you would be writing programs for other people to use.”

I shrugged.  “I don’t know.   If it’s like writing essays, poems and things, I guess it would be okay.”

Mason said, “It’s like writing a story, but in a new language; one that computers understand.”

“Is it really that simple?” I asked.

“It can be for some of us in the industry,” Duane said.   “You won’t know if it’s for you, unless you try it.”

I looked at Rick and asked, “What do you think, Rick?”

Rick glanced at me as he concentrated on the road.   He said, “I think you should think about it and decide for yourself.   This isn’t a decision anyone can make for you.  Working an internship would be a good way to find out if you like it.”

“If I decide to go into computers, it would mean changing my major, again.   I don’t want to extend the time it takes to graduate,” I said.

Mason said, “You should meet with a counselor, and discuss your options.   There may be a way to make it work so you don’t have to stay another year to get your degree.”

Duane said, “We are database programmers.   We don’t like messing around with the front end of things.   I’m not into computer graphics and trying to make things look good on the screen.”

“But you might like programming applications for the web,” Mason said.   “I don’t mind doing that part of the user interface.”

“Our office is very gay friendly.   There are three gay couples who work with us, and another one in the office next door,” Duane said.   “Our company’s gay friendly policies are what attracted us to them, in the first place.”

Duane and Mason continued to talk to me about their jobs and what kinds of things they did at the office on a daily basis.

As we drew closer to our destination, I asked Greg, “What car are you guys thinking of borrowing?”

Greg grinned, “I want to take the Lamborghini.”

Rick said, “That’s my favorite as well; however, the Porshes are nice, too.”

“You will have to take Grandpa’s.   I don’t think Grandma will let you take hers,” I said.

Cory agreed, “She has already told us it’s off limits.”

I laughed, “She is very particular about her car.   She is still racing and doesn’t want anyone driving her car.”

Duane looked at me in surprise.  “Your Grandma drives a race car?”

“Yeah, she does,” I said.   “She placed second in last year’s race.”

Duane said, “That is so totally awesome!”

We talked about Grandpa’s cars the rest of the trip.   We arrived just before dinnertime.   Rick pulled the Land Rover into the driveway, and shut the engine off.   Rick leaned over, gave me a quick kiss, and said, “We’re here.”

I laughed.  “I can see that.”

Rick grinned, and said, “Let’s get our stuff inside.”

We unloaded our gear and headed for the front door.   It opened before we could knock.   Grandma said, “It’s about time boys.   I was beginning to think you weren’t going to make it.”

Rick and I gave her a hug and kiss.   Then, she said, “Now introduce me to your friends.”

“This is Duane and his partner, Mason,” I said.

Duane said, “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Scarborough.”

Grandma smiled in welcome.  “I’m glad to meet you both.   From now on, you are to call me Grandma.”

Duane smiled, and said, “Okay, Grandma.”

Smiling also, Mason said, “We have heard a lot about you Grandma.”

“I’m sure the boys have regaled you with all kinds of fantastic stories,” Grandma replied, with a smile.   “Please come in.   Glenn and Rick, please show your friends to their room.   They will be staying in the room on the other side of yours.”   She turned to Greg and Cory and gave them both a hug and kiss.  “Welcome home, my sons.”

There were tears in Greg’s eyes as the significance of what she said hit him.   She was making it clear this was his home and he was, indeed, her son.   He hugged her, and said, “I love you, Grandma.”

“And I you,” she responded, taking him by the hand.   “Come with me.”   She led Greg and Cory upstairs, following in the wake of the other boys who had gone ahead of them.   “Your Grandpa and I decided you needed a special room of your own; now that you’re married.”   She led them to the end of the hallway and opened the door to their new bedroom.  

The boys walked in and looked around.   In the center of the room was a king-size four-poster bed with a bright blue canopy that matched the comforter and pillows on the bed.   Matching carpets had been placed on either side of the bed to add warmth to the beautiful hardwood floors.   Their matching dressers were set against the wall to the right, in between the three windows that gave the room a bright and cheery glow.   All of the furnishings were made of dark cherry wood with gold accessories.   They stepped into the room and noticed the double closets with cherry wood doors.   Grandma opened them to reveal the closet organizers she had placed there, to help them maintain order in their closet.   She, being a highly organized person herself, found them very useful in her own closet.

Grandma said, “I hope you don’t mind the closet organizer.   I thought you might find it useful.   If you don’t, we can have it removed.”

Cory said, “It’s too beautiful to remove it.”   He ran his hands over the cherry wood of the dividers and the variety of cubby holes, drawers, etc.

She turned and pointed to the en suite door.  “You need to see what we added for you in your bathroom.”

Greg and Cory walked into the bathroom and stood there for a moment taking it all in.   There were two sinks under a wide mirror.   On one side was a huge walk in shower with showerheads at a variety of levels and a seat built into the wall.   On the opposite side from the sinks and mirror was a huge Jacuzzi tub.

The boys looked at each other, then Greg grinned and said in whisper, “I think we will be making frequent use of the Jacuzzi tub.”

He heard Grandma laugh, and he turned to see her standing directly behind them.   With a twinkle in her eyes, she said, “Yes, I heard you, Greg, and no I’m not surprised that a newlywed couple such as yourselves would very much like a tub big enough for two!   Don’t forget I was once young, and very much in love just like you two are now.   I might be old; but I haven’t forgotten what’s it’s like to be a newlywed.   I will leave you two to freshen up.”

She left the room and the two boys looked at each, then at the tub.   A wide grin covered Cory’s face.   “Shall we?”

Greg responded, “We shall.”   He gave Cory a lecherous grin!

A while later the boys made their way downstairs.  They found Grandma and Grandpa in the family room.   Greg immediately went over and gave each of them a hug.   “Thank you for the beautiful room.”

Cory echoed his gratitude, “Yes, thank you so much.   It is wonderful!”

Grandpa said, “I’m glad you like it.   Your Grandma designed it, then hired the contractors to put it all together.”

Greg looked at Grandma, and said, “Thank for making it so nice for us.”

Grandma replied, smiling at him, “It’s the least we could do for the newest members of our family.   The rest of the boys are in the garage looking over the cars.”   She glanced over at Grandpa, and said, in a voice that made it clear she didn’t approve, “It seems someone promised to lend a couple of sports cars out.”

Greg looked at Cory, then over at Grandpa.   This was the first time he had ever seen them disagree.   Grandpa held Greg’s gaze for a moment, before he said, “Greg has promised to drive responsibly.   He is on our car insurance, so he will be covered, if anything happens while he is driving.   I believe we should give him the opportunity to show us that he will live up to his promises.”

Grandma looked at Grandpa.  “I seem to remember we had a very similar conversation about this a few years ago, when you let your brother take your Ferrari out for a spin.   It wasn’t 15 minutes later that he was pulled over for speeding and your car was impounded.”

Grandpa nodded his head, and answered, “But that was my brother.   This is our son.”

Grandma nodded her head, and said, “Yes, Greg is our son, but that doesn’t mean we should send him to Virginia in a sports car.”

Greg didn’t know what to say, so he wisely decided to stay silent.   Cory reached over and squeezed Greg’s hand in reassurance.   Grandpa said, “I still think we can trust Greg and Cory to make their trip to Virginia and back in safety.”

Grandma turned her gaze on the two boys who had stood silently observing this exchange.   In a kindly tone of voice, she asked, “What do you have to say for yourselves?”

Greg went to speak, but was surprised when Cory spoke up first, “I believe Grandpa is right to trust us.   We have much to be thankful for; and it would be foolish on our part to risk your anger, after all you have done for us.”

Grandma said, “Well said, Cory.   What about you Greg?”

Greg swallowed hard, before he said, “I can promise you I won’t do anything stupid while driving Grandpa’s car.   I know we will be a target for the police, if we even so much as go one mile an hour over the speed limit.”

Grandma nodded her head, and said, “That is very true.   Okay, I will go along with it, this time.”   She smiled, and said, “I want you to be safe and I hope that you two will make sure that nothing happens to either one of you.”

Cory said, “I promise to make sure we both stay safe.”

“Good.   You should probably go out to the garage and choose which car you plan to drive to Cory’s parents’ place,” Grandma said.

Greg grinned.  “Thank you, Grandma.”   Greg led Cory from the room.   As they walked across the yard to the garage, Greg looked at Cory, and said, “I thought for sure that Grandma was going to say ‘No’ to us taking one of Grandpa’s sports cars.”

“I think she wanted to emphasize the fact that we need to be careful,” Cory said.   “I’m sure she never intended to deny us the opportunity to drive one of Grandpa’s cars.”

Greg squeezed Cory’s hand in excitement, “I can’t wait to drive the Ferrari.”

Cory said, “But I think we should take the Lamborghini.”

“Let’s check them both out; then we can toss a coin to decide which one to take to Virginia,” Greg said.

They opened the side door of the garage.   They saw the other four boys standing next to Grandpa’s two Lamborghini’s; a sleek, black Murcielago and a bright red Countach.   Greg and Cory walked over to them.  

Greg asked, with a big smile on his face, “Which one are you guys going to drive?”

Rick turned to Greg, with a serious expression.  “We can’t make up our minds.   We want to drive both of the Lamborghini’s, but can’t decide between them.”

Cory laughed, “I don’t think there’s a choice.   I like the Murcielago the best.”

I nodded my head.  “That’s the one I want to take down to the beach for a weekend.   Rick wants to drive the Countach.”

“Why don’t you ask to take both of them?” Greg asked.

Rick looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders, and said, “It can’t hurt to ask.”

Duane and Mason were walking around the two cars.   They both had star-struck expressions on their faces.   It was obvious that they had fallen in love with the two sports cars.   Duane walked over to us, and asked, “Do you think your Grandpa would let us take one of them out for a spin, while we’re here?”

I laughed, and said, “I’m sure he would.   We will have to ask him at dinner.   Grandpa loves his sports cars and likes to show them off.”

Duane nodded his head in understanding.   “I’d show them off, too, if I had these two cars sitting in my garage!”   As he was speaking, Duane’s eyes never left the two cars. 

Rick said, teasingly, “I think you’ve fallen in love, Duane.”

Mason put his arm around Duane’s waist, “Yes, he has.   I just can’t compete with Duane’s love of sports cars.”

Duane acknowledged, “You’re right, Mason.   However, they don’t make me as happy as you do.”   He put his arms around Mason and kissed him.

I walked over to the Porsches parked on the other side of the Lamborghinis.   “These are my grandparents’ run around cars,” I said.

Duane and Mason walked over to admire the beautiful vehicles.   “I wish I could afford to have one of these as a run around car,” Duane said.

Mason laughed, “If you had one of these cars, you would never take it out of the garage.   You should see him with his Dodge Charger.   He treats it like it’s his baby.   It never goes outside unless the weather is perfect.   He keeps it perfectly polished and in perfect condition.”

Duane said, “I know Rick feels the same way about his Corvette.”

Rick said, “Yes, that’s true.   I do keep it covered, unless I’m out driving it.   We drive the Land Rover most of the time.  I still have my Jeep Wrangler, but we don’t drive it as often as the Land Rover.”

Duane moved past the Porshes to the Ferrari Testarrosa.   “This is a real classic.   I think I like this one better than both of the Lamborghinis,” he said.

“Grandpa doesn’t take that one out much.   It’s in mint condition; but he tends to baby it.   Grandma told me that it is the first sports car Grandpa bought,” I said.

Duane moved onto the car next to the Ferrari – a white Maserati Quattroporte.   He said, “I like this one, too.”

Rick said, “Grandpa has let us drive the Maserati as well as the Lotus Esprit.”   He pointed to the silver Lotus Esprit.   “The Esprit handles really well.   I like driving it.”

Duane asked, with obvious excitement in his voice, “Do you really think we can drive some these cars?”

I laughed, “Yes, I do.   Like I said a few minutes ago, Grandpa loves driving his sports cars, and if you ask, I’m sure he will be willing to go out for a spin in a couple of them.”

Rick looked at his watch, and said, “We’d better go back inside.   Grandma said dinner would be ready in an hour.”

Greg said to Cory, as they followed the four older guys back to the house, “I want to take the Ferrari on our trip; but I don’t think Grandpa will let us take it, so I think we should ask to borrow the Murcielago.   What do you think?”

Cory agreed, “You know l like the Murcielago.   Thank you for letting me have my way.   I know how much you wanted to drive the Ferrari.   I agree with you that Grandpa probably won’t let us take it to Virginia; but you could ask him to let you drive around here.   That way he could go with you.   You need to spend some time with Grandpa.”

Greg said, “You are the best, Cory.”   He kissed his husband as they entered the house.   They washed up, then joined the rest of their family and friends in the dining room.   After dinner, everyone helped clear the table and cleaned up the kitchen.   Then, they went into the family room to relax.  

“Please play for us, Glenn,” Grandpa asked.

“Sure, Grandpa,” I replied.   I pulled out the Mozart Complete Sonata collection and started playing Grandpa’s favorites.

When I finished, I glanced over to see Grandpa had dozed off, as usual.   Grandma beckoned to me to take the blanket she had on her lap.   She said, “Tuck this around him and we will let him take a nap, while we talk.”

After covering Grandpa with the blanket, I walked over and joined Rick on the couch.   He put his arm around my shoulders, as I snuggled up to him.   Greg and Cory sat next to us on the couch, with Duane and Mason sharing the loveseat on the other side of Grandpa.   Grandpa had turned on the gas fireplace to take the chill out of the room.  

Grandma looked around the room, and said, “I’m glad you boys came today, so we could visit without all the rest of the family being here.”

“When are they coming, Grandma?” I asked.

“They will start arriving tomorrow afternoon.   Everyone will be here, except your parents and siblings,” Grandma said.   “We will have a houseful of people, but it will be wonderful to see everyone.   We have already cooked most of the food for the few days everyone will be here together.   I always cook it a few days before, so that I can enjoy my family, rather than slaving away in the kitchen.”

Duane said, “You have a very nice home, Grandma.   Thank you for letting us stay with you for the holidays.”

Grandma smiled, “Thank you, Duane.   We have learned that Rick and Glenn’s friends are people of good character.   I trust you and Mason are the same kind of people as the rest of their friends.”

Duane looked at us, and said, “I hope I can live up to your expectations.”

“I have watched how you treat Mason, Duane.   I can tell what type of person you are by how you treat the most important person in your life,” she said.

Duane met Mason’s gaze, then grinned.   “Have I passed the test?” he asked, turning back to Grandma.

She responded, “Yes, you have.   You have treated Mason with kindness and respect.   Your love for him has been very evident to me from the moment you walked through the door of my home.”   She turned her attention to Mason, “Mason, you have also shown how much you love Duane.”  The color rose in Mason’s cheeks.   Grandma said, “There is no need to be embarrassed.   I am very happy Rick and Glenn have surrounded themselves with good friends in Atlanta, like they did in Minneapolis.”

Rick said, “Yes, we have Cordell and Michael, as well as Keith and Kerry.”

Grandma nodded.  “It’s important to have a good support network, no matter where you live.”

“We have been very fortunate in that we have found good friends wherever we have lived,” I said.

Grandpa stirred, then opened his eyes.   “Have I been asleep?” he asked.

“Yes, dear, you have been asleep,” Grandma said, smiling at her husband.

He looked around the room, and apologized, “I’m sorry.   I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.”

“It’s okay, Grandpa,” I said.   “We’ve been talking to Grandma.”

He smiled at her, and said, “Thank you for keeping them entertained for me, dear.”

She reached over, and patted his arm.   “You know I will always take care of you.”

“You have always been my little princess,” he said.

She blushed, and said, “Now stop that!   You’re embarrassing me!”

It was so cute to watch them.   I grinned at Rick and he gave me a quick kiss on the lips.   Grandpa saw us and smiled, “Rick, when are you going to marry my grandson?”

Rick smiled back and responded, “As soon as I’m out of the Marine Corps, I promise.”

Grandpa nodded his head and replied, “Just making sure you haven’t changed your mind, young man.”

Greg asked, “Grandpa, may we drive your Ferrari tomorrow?”

Grandpa smiled.  “Yes, you may.   I think we should take several of the other sports cars out on the road tomorrow.   They need to be driven and I haven’t been able to get around to driving them all.”

Greg high fived Cory.  “Yes!”

Grandma said, “But remember, boys, you are to drive safely, at all times.”

Greg responded, still grinning, “We’ll remember.”

Duane asked, “Does that mean we each get to drive one of the sports cars?”   His voice showed his excitement.

“Yes, it does,” Grandpa said.

Mason laughed.  “Grandpa, I think you have just given Duane the best Christmas present ever!”

Grandpa smiled.  “I thought so.   I have this sixth sense that lets me know when I meet a fellow enthusiast for sports cars.”

Duane nodded his head, and said, “You are correct.  I love cars, Grandpa.”

Grandpa said, “Good.   It’s settled.   I suggest that we get an early start, so everyone gets a chance to drive as many of the sports cars as they desire.   Is that acceptable?”

Rick said, “I think so.”  He was grinning from ear to ear, just like Duane.

Grandpa turned to Grandma, and said, “I’m going up to bed, dear.”

Grandma stood up, then helped Grandpa out of his chair.   The two of them bid us good night and made their way to their bedroom.   The six of us stayed in the family room to make our plans for the next day.

Greg said, “I think we should make up a list of the different cars; then put together a schedule so each of us gets to drive each car.”

Duane nodded his head in agreement.  “I’ll help make the schedule.”

Greg and Duane left the family room, returning a short while later.   Greg passed around the schedule they had made.   Greg asked, “What do you guys think?”

Mason said, “It looks good to me.”

The rest of us agreed with Mason’s assessment.   Rick said, “I think we should follow Grandpa’s example and hit the sack.”

Duane laughed, “You mean you want to fuck your boyfriend.   We know you, Rick!”

Rick grinned broadly, and said, “As if you aren’t going to do the same to your husband.”

Duane responded, “Touché!”

Greg and Cory both laughed.   Cory said, “It’s good to know that you guys are just as horny as we are.   It means we won’t lose our sex drive, as we get older.”

I looked at Cory and laughed, “We aren’t that much older than you!”

Cory replied, “But you’re still older than we are!”

I looked at Rick, then we looked at Duane and Mason.   A slow, broad grin crossed our faces.   Greg noted the change of expression on our faces and grabbed Cory’s hand.   He yelled, “Run for it!”

The two took off at a dead run for the stairs with the four of us in hot pursuit.   They managed to gain the safety of their room; but didn’t get the door locked, before I had turned the door handle preventing them from turning the lock.

I said, through the door, “You might as well let us in because there are four of us and only two of you.”

Greg replied, “Not by the hair of your chinny, chin, chin!”

Rick came up behind me and whispered, “Let them go for tonight.   We will get them in the morning when they least expect it.”

I nodded my head and said, “Good night, little pigs!   We will be waiting for you in the morning!”

We heard them laughing, and I howled like a wolf.   Greg said, “Go away, you big, bad wolf!”

I released the door knob and I heard the lock click.  Rick laughed and said, “We will have to think of something to get even with them.”

Duane said, “I’m not worried about it.   I’m sure that when the opportunity arrives to exact our revenge, we’ll know it.   The fun will be in watching them, because they won’t know when we will spring on them!”

I agreed, “Yes, let’s bide our time so we can make them sweat a little.”

Rick smiled, and said, “Okay.”   He took my hand and led me to our room.   “Good night, guys.   We’ll see you in the morning.”

Mason said, “Good night.”

Duane opened the door to their room, then closed it behind Mason.   He said, “I really like Glenn’s grandparents.   It is amazing to me that someone their age is so accepting of gays.   Most of the people their age I’ve met are very much offended by gays.”

Mason replied, “You’re right.   It is pretty amazing.   They have made us feel very comfortable in their home.   The fact that they didn’t seem to mind in the least that Rick and Glenn were cuddling on the couch, or that Greg and Cory couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.”

“Now that you mention it, it’s time for me to follow their example,” Duane said, as he pulled his husband into his arms.   They kissed passionately, as they helped each other out of their clothes.   They broke off their kiss long enough to climb into bed, where Duane recaptured Mason’s lips as his hands roamed all over his body.

Rick said, “I’m excited for tomorrow.   Grandpa has let us drive his cars in the past, but never all of them in a single day.”

We undressed, and Rick led me into the en suite.   He turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature.   Pulling me under the water, he pushed me up against the tiled wall and kissed me.   He pulled back and said, “We’re going to have wild, raw, rough sex tonight.”

The look in his eyes confirmed the truthfulness of his statement.   His hands caressed my skin, as he soaped me up.  I moaned into his mouth as his tongue battled mine.    By the time we finished showering, we were more than ready for a fantastic night!

The next morning dawned bright and beautiful.   I awoke to Rick’s gentle snoring.   I like to tease Rick about his snoring!   He claims he doesn’t snore!   Fortunately, he doesn’t snore very loudly, and it doesn’t happen very often!   I lifted my head off of his chest to look into his face.   His is a very handsome face, and at this moment, it reflects his happiness and contentment.   I grinned as my eyes found the mark on his neck from our love making last evening.   Rick’s arms tightened around me, and I laid my head down on his chest.   As I thought about last night, I was becoming more aroused than normal than just a morning hard on.

Rick’s voice reached my ears, “You must be thinking of last night.”

I lifted my head up and met his gaze, “Yes, I am.”

“So am I.   I think we need to take a shower together,” Rick said.

I got up and helped him to his feet.   We took care of our bodily needs, then jumped into the shower.   After our shower, we climbed back into our bed instead of getting dressed.   Rick pulled me into his arms and kissed me.   He said, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I replied.

We must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is someone knocking on our door.   We heard Greg say through the door, “It’s time to get up, guys.   Grandpa is ready to take us out driving.”

Rick yelled, “Okay!   We’ll be down in a few minutes!”

Rick kissed me and said, “Let’s hurry, Babe.   I don’t want to miss driving Grandpa’s sports cars.”

We quickly dressed and joined the rest of the guys in the kitchen.   We grabbed plates of sausage and eggs with toast.   We had just finished eating, when Grandpa entered the kitchen and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

Duane pulled out our driving schedule and showed it to Grandpa.   Grandpa looked it over and nodded his approval.  “I like it.   I’m glad you included me in the rotation.   Let’s get going.”

We followed him out to the garage, and he said, “Okay, here are the keys to the cars each of you will be driving for our first round.”   First, Grandpa led us inside, and we went from vehicle to vehicle as he gave us the specifications of each one, pointing out the superior qualities that made the car highly desirable.  He, then, explained our route, and asked, “Are you ready?”

We chorused an enthusiastic, “Yes, Grandpa!”

We spent the entire morning driving around the countryside; switching off to different cars at appointed times.   When we arrived back at the house, after the final rotation, we gathered in front of the garage and waited for Grandpa to join us.

Duane looked like he’d just won a million dollars and didn’t know where to spend it!   Duane said, “I have always dreamed of driving these cars, but never expected to realize that dream.”

Grandpa came up behind him, and said, “Duane, I’m glad that we made one of your dreams come true today.   I thoroughly enjoyed myself this morning.   I hope that all of you did the same.”

Greg said, “I know I did.  I liked driving the other cars, but my favorite is still the Ferrari.”

Grandpa said, “It’s mine as well.   Let’s go inside for lunch.   I want to know what you liked, or disliked, about each car.”

We went inside and after washing up, we sat down to lunch with Grandma.   Grandpa led the discussion, as he quizzed us on each car’s performance, our likes and dislikes, as well as pushing us to justify why we favored one car over another.  

After an hour of this discussion, Grandma said, “I’m leaving you boys to talk cars, while I get ready for our company.” 

We talked for another two hours.   It was a wonderful experience to hear Grandpa talking about one of his favorite subjects.   I was surprised at just how much Grandpa knew about the manufacturing of each of the vehicles, the materials used and the engineering process to design each one.   He and Duane even got into a debate over which year the best ever Ferrari was made.   Looking around the table, each of the guys was highly engaged in the conversation and their enthusiasm for the subject was evident in their faces.   Grandpa had turned this day into a memory that none of us will ever forget.

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