The Man from Swift Current
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Chapter 101: Uncle Bob and Uncle Corey

We were still at the dining room table when the rest of the family started to arrive.   We heard Grandma greet Keith and Kerry at the front door.   “Keith and Kerry, I am so happy to see you.   How is my newest great-grandson?”

Grandpa looked around the table and said, “I guess we’ll have to continue our discussion some other time, boys.   Thank you for helping me out today.”

Duane said with a wide grin, “It is us who should be thanking you, Grandpa.”

Keith entered the room.   He looked around the table, and said, with a smile, “Hey guys!   What’s going on?”

“We were just discussing the merits of the different sports cars in Grandpa’s garage,” I answered.

Keith said, “That sounds awesome!   Did you get to drive them?”

“Yes, we did,” Rick said, as he stood up and stretched.   He pulled me to my feet, “Let’s move into the family room.   It’s more comfortable in there.”

I put my arm around his waist, and said, “Sure.   Come on guys!   Keith, come with us.   We want to hear about your trip to your in-laws.”   I briefly touched his arm, as we passed him.

Keith turned and followed us into the family room.   Rick and I got comfortable on the couch, while Keith sat next to us in the armchair.   “We had a great time with Kerry’s family.   We’ll spend Christmas Eve here, with you guys, then we’ll drive back to South Carolina on Christmas Day,” Keith said.

Greg and Cory soon joined us.   Greg looked at Keith, and asked, “How was the drive down?”

“It was uneventful.   Egan was a little fussy.   Kerry sat in the back seat with him and managed to keep him happy.   I’m still adjusting to the fact that we have a baby to take care of 24/7,” Keith said.

Cory said, “He’s almost four months old, now.   Shouldn’t you be used to having a baby around?”

Keith nodded his head.  “You would think so, but every week something changes.   For a while, Egan slept pretty well, and we weren’t up a lot in the night with him.   Now, he wakes up at all hours of the night, and we’re so tired.”

“Have you asked your pediatrician about his change in sleep habits?” I asked.

“Yeah, but she says we shouldn’t worry about it,” Keith said, with resignation.   “I guess we’ll just have to tough it out, and wait until he starts sleeping through the night, again.”

Rick said, “At least you aren’t studying for finals, anymore.”

Keith nodded his head, and said, “It was terrible during finals week.   We were both totally and completely exhausted.   By the way, we never did thank you two for watching Egan for us, so we could take our exams.”

Rick smiled, “Don’t worry about it, Keith.   Glenn absolutely adores the little guy.   In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if I need to worry about getting jealous.”

I laughed.  “You don’t have to worry, big guy.   No one will ever take your place!”  I caressed the inside of Rick’s thigh, as I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.  

Watching us, Greg poked Cory with his elbow.  “See, Cory, they act just like any other newlywed couple.”

I laughed, and asked, “Do you mean we act just like you two?”

Before Greg could answer my question, Keith interjected, “Yes, you do.   Kerry and I were just talking about how you two act like newlyweds.”

Rick smiled, and asked, “Are we really that bad?”

“Bad?   No, Kerry thinks you two make a perfect couple.   I’m just glad you two are happy,” Keith said.   “But, we do wish you’d decide to get married.   Just look at how happy Greg and Cory are!”

Greg smiled, and responded, “Yes, we’re very happy.”

Duane added, “I didn’t think being married would make much of a difference, but it does.”   

Mason snuggled closer to his husband, and said, “It’s because I know I’ve got my man and he isn’t going anywhere.”

“That’s for sure,” Duane said, laughing as he ruffled Mason’s hair.

Kerry entered the room, and joined Keith.   She smiled, as she noticed how cozy we were.   “I wish people could see how happy and contented you guys are.   I think they would stop fighting against gay marriage.”

Rick’s face clouded over.  “Let’s not spoil our holiday together by talking about those who hate us.”

Kerry said, “I’m sorry.   I didn’t mean to dampen your spirits.”

“It’s alright.   I’m just very sensitive about how gays are being treated by our elected officials,” Rick said.

Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of more of our family.   This time it was Aunt Sharon and Uncle Stan, along with my cousin, Roger.   Roger joined us in the family room.   He looked around the room, noting the two new guys he didn’t know, and walked over to Duane and Mason.

“Hi!   I’m Roger, Keith’s brother,” he said, by way of introduction.

“Nice to meet you,” Duane said, standing to shake Roger’s hand.   “I’m Duane and this is my husband, Mason.”

Roger said, “I’ve heard about you two.   Keith and Kerry have told us what a nice couple you are.”

Duane looked over at Keith and Kerry.   “Thank you.   We think they are good people, as well.”

Uncle Stan and Aunt Sharon joined us, and introductions were made.   Aunt Sharon said, “I’m still amazed at how Rick and Glenn always seem to collect such wonderful friends.”

Duane blushed at her praises.   “We really aren’t all that wonderful, Ma’am,” he said.

“That’s pure nonsense, Duane.   I know quality people when I meet them, and you and Mason are definitely quality people.   Keith has sung your praises to us since he first met you two,” Aunt Sharon said.   “I’m glad you are able to visit with us.”

She turned to Greg and Cory.   “I believe you owe me a hug and a kiss, little brothers.”

Greg stood up, pulling Cory to his feet, as well.   Aunt Sharon embraced them both and kissed them on the cheek.   “I’m happy Dad decided to adopt you, Greg.   Welcome to our family.”

Uncle Stan said, “Yes, Greg, we are very happy for you.”   He hugged the two boys.   “We have a wedding present for you.   It’s outside.”  Uncle Stan beckoned for all of us to follow him.   He said, “I want Greg and Cory to wait inside with me, until everyone is outside.   Please don’t say anything to spoil the surprise.”

As Duane stepped outside, he couldn’t quite contain his exclamation of surprise, “Oh, my!”

We were gathered together next to the driveway and watched as Greg and Cory came out of the house.   The expressions on their faces were priceless!   They stood there, stupefied!    Their wedding gifts were two cars, a red Ferrari Testarrosa and the other a black Lamborghini Murcielago.

Greg was the first to recover and threw his arms around Uncle Stan, followed by Cory.   Then they hugged Aunt Sharon.

Uncle Stan said, “Here are the keys.    They are registered in both of your names, so you will have to share.”

Greg looked at Cory, and grinned, “It won’t be hard to share these two beautiful cars.   Which one do you want to drive first?”

Cory said, “The Ferrari.”

The two very excited young men climbed into their new car and backed out of the driveway.   Grandpa was smiling and I heard him say to Uncle Stan, “I hope you got a good price for those two beauties.”

“A friend of mine owns a Ferrari dealership.   One of his clients traded in these two for the newest models.   He called me to see if I was interested in buying the two cars, since he knew our family races cars.   He offered me a fair deal, and I thought they would make nice wedding gifts,” Uncle Stan said.

Grandpa said, “Thank you for your gifts to them.”

Uncle Stan said, “It’s the least I can do.   You have helped us out so many times over the years.   It’s my turn to help those two young men.”

“We’ll have to make provisions for paying the insurance on those two vehicles,” Grandpa said.

Uncle Stan laughed, “I already took care of that, as well.”

Grandpa nodded his head, appreciatively.   “You’re always a step ahead of me, Stan.”

Uncle Stan grinned like a schoolboy.   “I try to be.   I can’t let you think I’m getting sloppy in my old age.”

“I’m sure that won’t happen for many years to come,” Grandpa replied.   He turned to the rest of us.   “Please come inside and relax.   I suspect those two won’t be back any time soon.”

Duane said, “I know I would spend as much time as possible in those cars, if it were me.”

“Me, too,” Rick said.   Rick took my hand, and we walked back inside the house.

Uncle Bob and Uncle Corey arrived, about an hour later.   They took seats next to me and Rick, after we introduced them to Duane and Mason.

Uncle Bob said, “We are very happy Dad adopted Greg.   Now Dad will have someone else to look after, rather than harass us about getting married and providing him with grandchildren.”

“Should we tell them?” Uncle Corey said, looking at his twin brother.

“Why not?  It’s about time we told people, anyway.   I’m tired of pretending,” Uncle Bob responded.

“We’re gay.   We have been since we were old enough to have sex with each other.   That’s why we have never married.   Mom and Dad have never suspected, because we have been very careful not to do anything out of the ordinary.   We have dated many different women, but we’ve never had sex with any of them,” Uncle Corey said.

“When Dad adopted Greg, we thought it would be safe for us to come out of the closet,” Uncle Bob said.   “We were afraid Dad would go ballistic, if he ever found out; but, he can’t be upset with us, since he already has an adopted son who is gay.   What difference will it make to have two more gay sons?”   He smiled, and put his arm around his brother’s shoulders.

Rick looked at me, and said, “You were right.”

I grinned, and responded, “Uncle Bob and Uncle Corey, I had you pegged as being gay from the first time I met you two; but, Rick said there was no way, because you didn’t act like you were gay.”

Uncle Bob’s eyebrows shot up in surprise.   “I thought we were pretty good at hiding the fact we’re gay.”

“You were; but to a gay guy, the way you two look at other guys gave you away, especially one of the new guys Mr. Curtis hired for our security detail,” I said, grinning.

Uncle Corey said, “I guess it’s hard to hide the fact you love someone.   Dylan has been so wonderful to me.   He moved in with me a few weeks ago.”

Uncle Bob said, “I’ve been dating Jasper for a couple of months, now.   I met him in Athens, when I went there on business for Dad.”  

“Have you told Grandpa?” Greg asked.

“No.   We haven’t,” Uncle Bob said.

Grandpa walked into the room, and asked, “Told me what?”

“That Corey and I are gay,” Uncle Bob said.

Grandpa said, “I knew that already.   What took you so long to get around to admitting it?”

“You knew?” Uncle Corey said, in astonishment.

“Yes, your mother figured it out a while ago.   After she saw Rick and Glenn acting like newlyweds around each other, she noticed how you and Dylan were acting and put two and two together,” Grandpa explained.   “We decided to wait until you were ready to tell us, rather than confront you about being gay.”

Hearing Grandpa talking to Uncle Bob and Uncle Corey, Grandma stepped into the room.   She said, “It’s about time you two got up the courage to tell us you are gay!   I was beginning to think I was going to have to do something about it myself.”

Uncle Corey smiled, and said, “I’m glad we told you, then.”

Grandma said, “We want you to be happy, Corey.   Hiding the fact you’re gay is not the way to be happy.   We’ve seen how happy Greg and Cory are, as well as Rick and Glenn.   There is no reason for you and Bob not to be just as happy.”

Uncle Corey looked with uncertainty at Grandma, and asked, “You’re not angry with us?”

“No, I’m not,” Grandma said.   “Would it change things if I were?”

“No,” admitted Uncle Corey.   “I love Dylan too much to let him go, now that I’ve found him.”

“How did you know I was gay?” Uncle Bob asked.

“We received a call from a friend in Athens who saw you out with a very handsome young man at a local gay bar,” Grandpa said.   “You forget that we have friends everywhere.”

Uncle Bob looked surprised, then confused.   “Then, you’re sure you aren’t angry that I have a boyfriend?” Uncle Bob asked.

“Let me repeat my question – would it make any difference if we were angry about it?” Grandma asked.

“No, it wouldn’t,” Uncle Bob said.   “I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want your approval.”

Grandpa put his arm around Grandma’s shoulders, and said, “We have already given our approval.   We learned long ago that we can’t impose our will on our children.   Do I wish you had married a woman and had a family?   Yes, I do.   Am I disappointed?   Yes.   Can I accept that you each love your partner and are happy being together?   Yes, I can.   Do we support you in your decision to be together?  Yes, we do.”   Grandpa paused, and looked each of his sons in the eye.   “You are still our sons and we love you.”

Tears were streaming down both of their faces.   Grandma walked over to them and hugged each of them.   “There is no reason to cry, boys.   You should be happy.”

It seemed really odd to me to hear her call them boys.   These two men were older than my mother!   Thinking about it though brought to my memory the fact that my mother calls my older brothers her boys, as well, even though they are married and have children of their own.

Greg and Cory walked in, at that moment.   Greg, seeing the tears on Uncle Bob and Uncle Corey’s faces, asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong, son.   It’s just that Bob and Corey have finally decided to tell us they are gay,” Grandma said.

Greg smiled, and said, “Cory and I knew you two had to be gay.”

“You knew, too?” Uncle Corey asked, amazement showing in his voice.

“Yes, we did,” Cory said.   “We’ve known since we first met you.”

Uncle Bob looked at Uncle Corey, and said, “It’s a good thing we decided to come out to everyone.   It seems we haven’t been very good at hiding our attraction to guys.”

Grandma said, “I expect you both to invite your boyfriends over for Christmas Eve.   Now you've finally told us, I want to get to know who my future sons-in-law are.”

Uncle Bob grinned, and responded, “Thank you, Mom, for being so understanding.”

They both pulled out their cell phones and called their respective partners to issue the invitation to spend time with our family.  We spent the rest of the day visiting with family and playing board games.   It felt good to be with family and friends.   For Uncle Bob and Uncle Corey, it was a very special evening.   They were finally free to be themselves and not have to worry about keeping the pretense of being straight.   They seemed very happy.

The next evening, Uncle Bob arrived first with Jasper.   Uncle Bob walked into the family room, and said, “Everyone, this is Jasper Jones.”

Jasper smiled, and said, “Howdy!”

As Uncle Bob pointed to each of us as he named us, I got a good look at Jasper.  Jasper had curly brown hair with dark eyes that twinkled and a nose that looked like it had been broken a few times.   He had an engaging grin on his face.   He was about 5’8” (173 cm).   He looked like a weightlifter.   His arms were thick with muscles and his legs looked like tree trunks. 

When they reached us, Jasper reached out his hand and grabbed Rick’s in a firm handshake.   “I’ve heard a lot about you, Rick.   Bob told me you’re in the Marines.   I was in the Marines myself, until recently.   I retired a few months ago, just before I met Bob.”

Rick asked, “Where did you serve?”

“I was deployed to all of the war zones several times over,” Jasper said.   He listed several of them, then said, “I’m just glad to be out of the military.   I never would have met Bob, otherwise.”   He put his arm around Uncle Bob’s waist.  

Uncle Bob smiled, and introduced me.   “This is my nephew, Glenn.”

Jasper shook my hand, with a firm grip.  He said, “I’m happy to meet you, Glenn.”  He didn’t release my hand immediately.   He looked into my eyes, and said, “Thank you for having the courage to be who you are.   Because of you, Bob was able to finally admit to himself, and to others, that he could be gay and still have a family.”

I smiled.  “I’m glad that everything is working out for Uncle Bob and Uncle Corey.”

Jasper released my hand and turned to Uncle Bob.   “Where is your brother and his boyfriend?   I thought they were going to meet us here.”

“He said he’d be here,” Uncle Bob said, shrugging his shoulders.  

As he finished speaking, Uncle Corey and Dylan walked into the room, Uncle Corey said, with a wide grin, “Everyone, this is my boyfriend, Dylan.”

Dylan blushed, but continued to smile.   He looked to be in his mid-thirties.   He had short blond hair, deep blue eyes, an aquiline nose, a bushy blond mustache and a boyish smile.   His deeply tanned face was covered with freckles.   He was tall and lanky.   He was 6’4” (193 cm.) tall and had long, thin arms and slender, delicate fingers.  

Dylan said, “Nice to meet all y’all.   I think I’ve met most of you already, since I work here; but it’s nice to officially meet you.”

Uncle Corey said, “Dylan is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana; but, his family disowned him when he came out.   That’s why he’s living here, now.”

Dylan looked at the floor and wouldn’t meet our gaze.   Rick walked over and put his arm around his shoulders.   “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Dylan.   Being gay is just the way you are.   Your parents should have had the sense to recognize that.”

Dylan looked up and met Rick’s gaze.   “Do you really think so?”

Grandma came up behind Dylan and put her arm around his waist.  “Yes, we think so, Dylan.   You are always welcome in our home, especially now you’re Corey’s boyfriend.”

Dylan smiled, “Thank you, Ma’am.”

Grandma looked up into his face and said, “Stop calling me Ma’am.   I expect you to call me, ‘Mom,’ since I anticipate that you and Corey will be getting married at some point.   You need to get used to calling me Mom.”

Dylan said, “Okay, Mom.”

She released him, and said, “I’m glad to have two new additions to our family.  I expect you two to make yourselves at home.  I know we’re all very excited to meet you, and to get to know you, better.”

We visited with my uncles and their boyfriends.   They both seemed like nice guys and my uncles looked happy.

We gathered in the family room around the huge Christmas tree.   My grandparents always managed to find the biggest pine tree that will fit in their family room.  Grandpa sat in his usual armchair, with the rest of us scattered around the large room.

Grandpa said, “Since tonight is Christmas Eve, we have a tradition of reading the Christmas story from the book of St. Luke.   I will give everyone about ten minutes to gather together an appropriate costume, after we have assigned parts for our Christmas play.”  He smiled, as he looked over at Kerry, who was holding Egan in her arms.  “Egan, by default, gets to be the baby Jesus.”

Kerry smiled, “I’ll get him ready for his part, Grandpa.”

Grandpa nodded his head, “That also means you and Keith will be Mary and Joseph, unless someone else wants the part.”   Grandpa looked around the room and found there was general agreement that Keith and Kerry should be the baby Jesus’ parents.   He continued, “We need some shepherds.”   He looked at me and Rick.  

Rick grinned.  “We’ll be the shepherds as long as Greg, Cory, Duane and Mason will join us.”

Mason said, “We’d love to be shepherds.”

“That’s okay with us, as well,” Greg said, smiling at Cory.

Keith looked over at his sister, Tina, and asked, “Would the girls like to be sheep, or angels?”

Samantha and Victoria chorused, “Sheep!”   They immediately demonstrated their prodigious ability for making sheep sounds!

Grandpa said, “Good.   Now, we need three wise men.”

Uncle Stan said, “I’ll be one of the wise men, if Jason and Roger will join me.”

Grandpa said, “I’ll be the narrator and Grandma will be the innkeeper.   Tina, you will be the angel.   Okay everyone, return with your costumes in ten minutes.”

The room emptied quickly, and a few minutes later, we all returned with our bath robes on, and towels wrapped around our heads like turbans.   Tina found a white sheet in the hall closet to drape over her clothes for an angel costume.   The sheep had found reindeer ears glued to a hair band.   They wore white bath robes and bleated, loudly!  

Rick grinned at me, and said, “I remember doing this as a child.   I never dreamed I’d be doing it as an adult.”

I took his hand and squeezed it, as Grandpa began reading the Christmas story.   We each made our appearance in front of the Christmas tree, when Grandpa directed us to do so.   At the end, Grandpa stood and snapped a photo of all of us, in our costumes in front of the Christmas tree.  

Then, he said, “It’s time for singing Christmas carols.   Glenn, would you accompany us?’

I replied, with a smile, “Sure, Grandpa.”

We sang every carol we knew, and then some!   Uncle Bob and Jasper stood directly behind me, with Uncle Corey and Dylan next to them, with their arms wrapped around each other’s waist for most of the evening.   The four of them had very nice singing voices.

Rick sat next to me on the piano bench, and turned pages for me.   He said, “I love you, Babe.”   He leaned over and kissed me.

Uncle Bob said, laughing, “No making out at the piano.   Rick, stop distracting the pianist!”

Uncle Corey said, “It’s okay, Bob.   I’m sure Glenn knows how to control his boyfriend.”

Rick looked around at Uncle Corey, in surprise.   He asked, “What do you mean, control me?”

Uncle Corey laughed, seeing Rick’s expression.   “It’s obvious he has you wrapped around his little finger.”

I put my hand up to cup Rick’s cheek.   “It’s okay, Rick.   That massive tool between your legs has held me captive, since the day I met you.”

Rick blushed, but laughed at my comment.   “You’re right about that.”

Rather than let the conversation continue, I turned the page to the next song and began playing.   Everyone joined in and sang with gusto.  After we finished singing, Grandma said, “Everyone to the kitchen.   We have hot chocolate and pastries waiting for us there.”

We walked into the kitchen to find cinnamon rolls, gingerbread cookies, muffins, banana bread, chocolate fudge, caramels, popcorn balls, and more, laid out on the table.   The hot chocolate had already been poured into mugs, which were handed around to everyone.

Duane’s eyes went wide with wonder, as he took in the wide variety of sweets.   “This reminds me of my Grandma’s house.   She always had all kinds of treats for us on Christmas Eve.”

Grandma smiled, and announced to the assembled family, “I expect everyone to hang their Christmas stocking over the fireplace, before they retire for the evening.   They are here in this box; and your names are already stitched on the front of them, so you won’t get confused as to which one is yours.”  She held up a stocking to display it for us, and pointed to the name stitched into the fabric of the stocking, with shiny golden thread.   She smiled, and handed it to Greg.  “This one is yours.”   She turned back to the stack of stockings and pulled out two more.   “Dylan and Jasper, these are yours.”

Dylan’s face reflected the happiness he was feeling.   “Thank you for making this my most memorable Christmas Eve.   You don’t know how much it means to me to be part of your family.”

Uncle Corey beamed at his mother for making his boyfriend feel welcome.   He gave her a hug, and said, “Mom, you’re the best!”

Jasper was just as happy.   “Thank you for inviting me to your home, Mom.”

After we had eaten our fill of sweets, Rick and I grabbed our Christmas stockings and took them into the family room.   We placed them on the hooks Grandpa had put on the mantle, for just that purpose.   Rick pulled me into his arms and kissed me.

Duane came up behind us, and said, “Guys, get a room!”

I laughed, and said, “We will, right next to yours!”

Duane replied, “And please keep the noise level down!   It’s hard to sleep when you are so loud!”

 Rick said, “It’s not my fault Glenn can’t contain himself, when I’m pleasuring him.”

Mason said, with mock seriousness, “TMI!   We don’t need to know anything more!”

We all laughed.   We said our good nights and retired to our rooms.   As soon as the door was closed, Rick pinned my arms against the door, as he kissed me and ground his steel pole against me.

He finally let me go, and stripped me out of my clothes.   I helped him out of his, and stood back to admire the perfect form of my lover’s body.   I looked into his eyes and licked my lips in anticipation.   Rick did not disappoint me!   His passion for me matched mine for him, as we made love to each other!

Chris sat in his usual armchair with Era to his right, in her rocking chair.   They had remained in their places, after the rest of the family had retired for the night.   Era looked over at Chris and said, “It has been a wonderful Christmas Eve, dear.”

Chris nodded his head and said, “Yes, it has.”   He sighed and looked over at his wife, and asked, “Did we do the right thing by not pushing the issue of being gay?”

Era asked, “Do you mean Bob and Corey?”

“Yes.   When you first discovered they were gay, should we have confronted them, then?” he asked.

“What good would it have done?   They were grown men when we found out they were homosexuals,” she responded.   “We made our decision to ignore it, to protect them.   Forcing them into the open about their sexuality would have exposed them to too much danger.   They could have easily been murdered by the crazy religious fanatics living around here.   In fact, I still worry for their safety; now they have come out.   I think we should encourage them to move to a location more accepting of their lifestyle; especially now that they have found life partners.”

Chris nodded his head in agreement.   “You’re right about that, dear.   I have been thinking we could have them open up a travel business, or something of that nature.   They have helped me on the farm all these years; but neither of them is really a farmer.   Corey has always been bookish and Bob is really into sports.   What do you think would be the best job for them?”

Era leaned her head to one side and thoughtfully said, “I believe we should encourage them to go back to school to get some background in business.   We could suggest to them that they look into the hotel industry, or into entertainment.”

“I’ll ask them to join us for a little private conversation, when they come over tomorrow.   I think we should get the ball rolling, as soon as possible,” Grandpa said.   He sat in silence for a moment, before continuing, “Mr. Curtis won’t be happy about losing Dylan.”

“I’m sure he will find someone else who will do just as well as Dylan,” Era responded.

“I’m happy the boys have finally found life partners,” Chris said.   “I was beginning to think they would always be alone.”

“They have never really been alone, Chris.   They have been inseparable since birth,” Era replied.

“You’re right, dear,” Chris said, sighing.

“Now, we just need to get them married,” Era said.   “I have already spoken to the boys about a double wedding in St. Catharines.   I also told them not to keep me waiting.”

Chris laughed.   “I’m sure that things will move along pretty swiftly, since you put the fear of your wrath in them.”

Era smiled at her husband.   “Yes, I did.”   Era went on to discuss the wedding plans she had in mind.   She concluded, “I’m sure the boys have not a clue what to do about a wedding.”

“It’s a good thing their mother has everything under control,” Chris replied.

Corey and Dylan had returned home, and were sitting in their family room.   Corey took Dylan’s hands in his own and said, “I’ve been meaning to ask you a question for some time now.”   He paused, and looked into Dylan’s eyes.   “Will you marry me?”

Dylan grinned, and replied, “Of course, I’ll marry you.”

Corey leaned over and kissed his lover.   “I knew you would say, ‘Yes.’”

“I overheard your mother chastising you for not making an honest man of me,” Dylan said, laughing.

Corey blushed, a little embarrassed that Dylan had heard his mother’s tirade.   “She didn’t mince words.   That’s for sure.”

“No, she didn’t.   However, I would have proposed to you sooner, or later, anyway.   You don’t have to be embarrassed, Corey.   I love you,” Dylan said.

“I want to be married as soon as possible,” Corey said.   “I’ve waited far too long and I don’t want to wait any longer.”

Dylan said, “Agreed.   But let’s talk about it, tomorrow.   Right now, I want you in my bed!”

The two lovers made their way to their bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Meanwhile, Bob and Jasper were at Bob’s home, sitting at the kitchen table.   Bob looked over at Jasper, and asked, “You heard what my mother had to say to me?”

Jasper nodded his head.   “Yes, I heard her.   What are you planning to do about it?”   Jasper’s eyes followed Bob, as he stood up and came around the table.  

Bob pulled Jasper to his feet and embraced him.   “Jasper, will you marry me?”

Jasper looked deep into Bob’s eyes.   “Before I answer, I need to know.   Would you have proposed to me without your mother’s prompting?”

Bob looked away from Jasper’s searching gaze.   Jasper put his hand under Bob’s chin and turned his head until Bob met his eyes.   “Your silence answers my question.”

Bob sighed and said, “Jasper, I love you very much; but I’m scared.  Getting married and returning to live here would not be a good idea.”

“I agree with you.   We could move to a gay friendly city.   We don’t have to stay here,” Jasper pointed out.

Bob hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Would you be willing to leave your family and move to another state?”

Jasper replied, “Yes, I would, if it meant we could be together.   I’ve been alone my entire life, Bob.   You are my first and only lover.   I’m not about to let you get away from me!”

Bob grinned, “Okay, but will you marry me?”

“Yes, I will marry you, Bob,” Jasper answered.   They kissed for a very long time.   “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Bob replied.

“I think we should celebrate our engagement.   Come with me,” Jasper said, giving Bob a lecherous grin.

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