The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 102: A Scarborough Christmas

Rick held me close, after our passion for each other took us to the state of pure bliss, where our love melded us into one.   I softly stroked the light dusting of dark hair on his chest, as I contemplated the change in my uncles.   After a while, Rick asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about my uncles and their boyfriends,” I answered.   “I was pretty sure Uncle Corey was gay, just from how he acted around Dylan; but, I wasn’t sure about Uncle Bob.   I’m happy both of them have finally come out of the closet and can be true to themselves, instead of living a lie.”

“I’m happy for them, as well.   Jasper is totally a military guy.   I hope Uncle Bob knows what he is getting into with him,” Rick said.

“Why do you say that?” I asked, puzzled by his statement.   “Surely, Jasper is in love with Uncle Bob.   I saw it in his eyes.”

“He has been in the Marines so long, they will have ingrained a hatred for gays into his very being.   I should know,” Rick said.   “I’ve been subjected to it and have suffered because of it.”

I lifted my head to look into my lover’s eyes.   “I’ve seen the haunted look you have when you return from your weekend warrior duties.   I worry about you, Rick.   Can’t you just come out to them you’re gay?    They will discharge you and you can be free of their vile methods of treating gays.”

“I can’t, Glenn.   I made a commitment to serve and I intend to finish my commitment,” Rick said, firmly.

We have discussed this many times before, and we’ve always ended up in the same place:   Rick angry and defiant, and me, just as angry and determined.   His tone of voice warned me not to continue down that familiar path.

“If the Marines have inculcated such a strong hatred of gays into Jasper, why has he fallen in love with Uncle Bob?” I asked, steering away from the subject of Rick’s continued service in the Marine Corps.

Rick was silent for a moment.   It was like I could hear his thoughts, as he mulled over my question.   “I think Jasper has always been gay and has suppressed it all these years.   Maybe it inoculated him from the deadly cholera of hatred that permeates the Corps.”

“If they are so prejudiced against gays, why do you insist on serving out your time with them?” I asked.   I felt Rick’s muscles tighten, as he controlled his anger.   I put my hand to his cheek.  “I’m sorry, Rick.   I know you have asked me to stop pestering you about your reserve duty.”  My quick apology seemed to defuse his anger toward me, as his muscles relaxed.   “I worry Uncle Bob will get hurt that’s all.”

Rick sighed and said, “I hope they’ve talked through all of Jaspers issues about being gay.   Suppressing part of himself for so long is bound to have created some deep-seated mental and emotional issues.”

“I think we need to reach out to them and make sure they know we are always willing to listen to them; especially to let them know we understand,” I said.

“I wonder what Grandma said to them tonight,” Rick said.   “Uncle Bob looked pretty shell shocked.”

“But, on the other hand, Uncle Corey looked pretty happy, as did Dylan,” I noted.

“Come to think of it, Jasper looked a little like he had been handed a Christmas present, but didn’t’ know whether to open it, or not,” Rick said.

“I’m pretty sure Grandma wasn’t berating them for being gay.   It had to be something else,” I said.

Rick laughed, and said, “I think I know what it was.   She probably told them to get married.   You know how she is always asking me when I intend to make an honest man of you.   She really doesn’t approve of us just living together.”   He gently brushed the hair out of my eyes.

“I know,” I replied.   “She can be so open to new ideas, yet, at the same time, she can be so old fashioned.   She told me just yesterday she wished we would get married, sooner rather than later.   She knows we love each other; but she fears, without a formal commitment between us, one or the other of us will decide to end our relationship, without so much as a ‘thank you’ for the great sex.   She told me about her cousin who lived with her boyfriend for over 20 years and had several children by him.   Then one day, he came in, packed up his belongings and disappeared.”

“Doesn’t that happen to married couples, too?” Rick asked.

“Yes, it does.   I raised that issue with her, as well,” I replied.

“Well, what did she say?” Rick asked.

“She agreed; but insisted being married has its advantages, because of the legal protections that are available to married couples,” I replied.

Rick smiled, “Grandma has been pretty up front with me about where she stands on the marriage issue.”  He paused, then said, “Glenn, I promise I’ll marry you as soon as I’m out of the military.   I’ve told your Grandma that many times.   I hope you will believe me, Glenn, when I tell you that I’m not going to abandon you.”

I leaned over and kissed my lover.   “I know you love me and won’t leave me.”

Rick smiled up at me, then pulled my head down for a much more passionate version of the tender kiss I’d just given him.

The next morning, Corey silently got out of bed and walked into the kitchen.   He looked at the time and decided to cook breakfast.   He cooked bacon and eggs with toast.   He poured two cups of coffee and placed them on a tray along with two plates:   one quite full for Dylan and one with a modest portion for himself.   Corey smiled, as he placed a small wrapped box on the tray, and carried it all into their bedroom.   He set the tray on the nightstand and stood admiring the sleeping younger man.   He still couldn’t believe his good fortune.   He had only dreamed of finding a guy who would want to spend the rest of his life with him.   As he watched, a smile played across Dylan’s face.   Corey leaned over and tenderly kissed Dylan’s lips.   As he drew back, Dylan’s eyes opened and he grinned up at his lover.

“Good morning,” Corey said, smiling.   “I’ve brought you breakfast in bed.   Please sit up so I can bring the tray over.”

Dylan scooted up in the bed and grabbed Corey’s pillow as a back support.   “You’re going to spoil me,” he said with mock seriousness.

Corey’s smiled widened.   “That’s the point.   You’re my prince and I intend to pamper you.”

Dylan asked, “Are you joining me, or is all of this food just for me?”

“Yes, I’m joining you,” Corey replied.   He sat on the edge of the bed and retrieved his plate from the tray, balancing it on his knees as he ate.

Dylan wolfed down his and looked over see what he could filch from Corey’s plate.   Corey, seeing his hungry look, handed over his plate and said, “Here, you can finish off what’s left.”

It never ceased to amaze Corey how much food Dylan could put away.   Corey watched as Dylan finished eating.   Dylan had neatly stacked the dishes on the tray, when he noticed the little wrapped box.

“What’s this?” Dylan asked.

Corey smiled and replied, “It’s for you, sweetheart.”

Dylan picked up the little box and started to unwrap it.   He looked up at Corey and asked, “Is this what I think it is?”

“I don’t know.   Depends on what you think it is,” Corey said with a shrug.

Dylan opened the box and found a simple gold ring inside.   “Is this my engagement ring?”

“Yes and it will double as your wedding ring after we’re married.   I had our names engraved inside.   We can have our wedding date added, after we’re married,” Corey said.

Dylan looked closely at the inside of the ring and read, “Dylan and Corey.”

Corey took the ring from Dylan and slipped it onto Dylan’s finger.   “It’s official now.”   Corey moved the tray to the floor, leaned over and kissed his lover.   “I love you.”

Dylan responded, “I love you, too.”   Dylan couldn’t believe how well things were working out for him.   He had always dreamed of finding a wonderful man who would love him unconditionally.

Corey said, “We should get showered and go over to my parents place.   Mom will want to know we’re engaged.”

“And tell her we want to be married next week,” Dylan said, smiling.

Corey laughed and said, “She won’t be happy about that.   Mom was looking to plan some kind of big party for us.   She won’t be able to do much in a week’s time.”

Dylan grinned, “She did say she wanted us to be married as soon as possible.”

“She did; however, I don’t think she meant next week,” Corey responded, smiling at Dylan.

Dylan got out of bed and pulled Corey up into his embrace.   “Let’s get showered.”

After getting cleaned up, they drove over to Corey’s parents’ home.   As they entered the house, they heard squeals of delight coming from the family room.   Corey looked at Dylan and said, “It sounds like Santa Claus made a visit here, last night.”

Dylan smiled and replied, “Just like he made a visit to our house this morning.”   Dylan stopped Corey in the foyer and kissed him.  

They entered the family room to find Victoria and Samantha opening their gifts, with the rest of the family gathered around to witness their joyful exclamations.

Era spied them and signaled for them to come in and sit by her.   They joined her on the couch.   Corey said, “Mom, I proposed to Dylan last night.”

Era asked, “And?”

Dylan grinned, “I said, ‘yes.’   We want to be married next week.”

Era looked at her son and his fiancé, and smiled.   “I thought you might want to make it a quick wedding.   I called Glenn’s Aunt Hannah this morning to wish her a Merry Christmas and to enlist her help in planning a wedding.”

Corey looked relieved.   “So you aren’t angry with us for wanting to be married as soon as possible?”

“No, I’m not angry in the least.   In fact, I’m absolutely thrilled!   My only concern is to make sure you’re not getting married just to please this old woman,” Era said, with smile.

Dylan quickly set her mind at ease.   “I’m absolutely certain Corey is the right man for me.   I would have proposed marriage to him if he hadn’t proposed to me, first.   Besides, Corey was already thinking about it.   He even bought a ring.”  Dylan put out his hand and showed her the gold ring on his finger.

Era nodded her head in approval.   “I’m glad I was right about you two.   You have made me very happy, Corey.   Just make sure you take good care of each other.   I won’t tolerate a divorce in this family, especially if it is caused by selfishness on either party’s part.”   She cast a hard-eyed glance at both of them, just to ensure they both understood there would be no exceptions.

Corey swallowed audibly and looked at Dylan.   He looked back at Era and replied, “Yes, Mother.”

Era waited for Dylan’s response.   When it didn’t come, she asked, “Dylan?”

Dylan looked at Era and said, “I understand.   There won’t be any problems here.”

Era looked at Dylan through narrowed eyes.   “Young man, I believe the answer is ‘Yes, Mother.’”

Dylan looked appropriately chastened.   He looked at the floor and said, “Yes, Mother.”

Era smiled and said, “That’s much better.   Since you are soon to be my son-in-law, you had better get used to calling me Mom.”

During this entire exchange, Chris had sat silently watching.   Now, he joined the conversation.   “I expect you to call me ‘Dad,’ as well.”

Dylan nodded his head, his eyes bright with tears.   “Thank you for making me part of your family.   You don’t know how happy it makes me to know you accept me for who I am.”

Chris replied, “I’m glad you feel comfortable with us.”

Era said, “We will need to sit down with you and Corey to work out the details of your wedding.”

“You had better run boys, before you can’t escape,” Chris said, laughing.

Era responded, with a wide grin, “You can run, but you can’t hide from me!”

Corey laughed and said, “Dylan, she’s right.   Bob and I could never out smart Mom.”  Dylan wisely chose to remain silent!

Era said, “We will get together tonight after dinner.   Meanwhile, Dad and I have gifts for you both under the Christmas tree.”

Bob gazed upon the sleeping face of his lover.   A smile played at the corners of Jasper’s mouth.   Bob could only imagine the pleasant dreams he was having.  He thought back over the last 24 hours, and marveled at how quickly things had changed.   He had gone from being so deep in the closet to being engaged to be married to another guy.   He had never had a lover other than Jasper.   His mind went back to the night he met Jasper.

He had debated about going out to a gay club but had finally decided to go.   When he entered the club, he was so nervous about being seen by someone he knew he hadn’t noticed Jasper sitting at the other end of the bar.   He’d ordered a drink, but had decided to leave after finishing it.

He had been completely caught off guard, when he heard Jasper’s voice in his ear.   “What’s a great looking guy like you doing in a place like this?” Jasper asked. 

He turned in surprise and looked Jasper over from head to toe.   He liked what he saw.   Jasper’s hair cut was high and tight, giving him the look of the former Marine that he was.   His well-muscled chest rippled under the tight red muscle shirt he wore.   The outline of Jasper’s package was plainly visible through the skin tight jeans he wore.   His dark brown eyes twinkled with the excitement he felt at seeing Bob.   His lopsided grin and broken nose added to his charm.   Bob really liked what he saw, and so did his lower regions.   In fact, he was so hard, it hurt!

When he didn’t respond immediately, Jasper asked, “What’s the matter?   The cat got your tongue?”

Bob’s mind finally took itself out of park and he managed to respond.   “That’s got to be the worst pick up line I’ve ever heard.”

Jasper laughed and said, “It was wasn’t it; but at least it got you to talk to me.”

Conscious of his hard pole tenting his pants, Bob nodded and said, “That it did.   I’m Bob Scarborough.”

Jasper shook his hand and said, “I’m Jasper Jones.   Is this your first time in a gay club?”

“Yes, it is.   Am I that obvious?” Bob asked, laughing self-consciously.

“Yes.   You look like you’re about to bolt out of the place.   I can smell the fear on you, Bob,” Jasper said.   “I can also see you’re extremely horny.”   He pointed to Bob’s crotch where a little wet patch had appeared.

Bob blushed and stuttered, “I-I am-“

Jasper came to his rescue, “Don’t worry, Bob.   I’m just as horny and I think you are the hottest looking guy I’ve ever met.”

Bob couldn’t help but notice Jasper’s steel pole straining to break free of his jeans.   Bob raised his eyes to meet Jasper’s and grinned.

Jasper asked, “Why don’t we go over to my place?”  He paused for a moment, but continued when Bob remained silent, “You can relax there and we can talk.”  Bob looked doubtful but Jasper pressed him, “I won’t rape you or any such thing.   We can have a beer or two, while we relax.   We can watch a movie, or we can just sit and talk.”

Bob agreed and they paid their bill.   Bob followed Jasper’s Ford pickup over to his home.   During the short drive to Jasper’s house, Bob decided tonight he was going to lose his virginity to this handsome guy.   He knew Jasper wanted to have sex with him.   Jasper pulled into the driveway of his home with Bob pulling right behind his truck.   The house was a small bungalow.  

Jasper unlocked the door and invited Bob inside.   “Welcome to my humble abode.”

Bob looked around the sparsely furnished front room.   There was an orange plaid couch and loveseat that looked like they had been rescued from the set of some seventies show.   There was an entertainment center with all the electronic gadgets a guy could want!   The walls were bare, and the parquet floor was partially covered by an oval shaped rag rug.

Jasper saw Bob looking at the rug and said, “My Grandma made that rug for me, just before she passed.   Mom kept it for me, while I was stationed overseas.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your Grandma,” Bob said.

“Don’t be.   She was in her late nineties and was more than ready to meet her maker.   She made a rag rug for each of her grandchildren before she died,” Jasper said.   “Please take a seat while I get us a cold beer.”

Jasper walked into the kitchen, thinking he might get lucky tonight.   He’d never imagined a great looking guy would fall out of the sky, but that is what had happened.   He had gone to the bar, hoping he’d meet someone.  Then Bob walked in looking like a rabbit, ready to bolt at the slightest sign of anyone paying him any attention.   He figured if anyone was going to cause the guy to take to his heels, it might as well be him.   He threw out his pick up line and was surprised when Bob didn’t respond; but looked him over from head to toe.   He became aroused when he saw Bob’s sizable tool tenting his pants.   That was when he decided to invite Bob over to his place.   His excitement at the prospect of finally finding a guy who might become his lover had him completely wound up.

Bob sat down on the couch and stretched out his legs.   He was still pretty anxious about being in some stranger’s house.   He had only known Jasper for less than an hour; and here he was sitting in his front room waiting, for him to return with a beer.   Jasper returned with a beer in each hand.   He handed one to Bob and took a seat next to him.  

Jasper said, “Bottom’s up.”   He practically drained the bottle.   He tried to calm himself, as he turned to Bob, and said, “I have a confession to make.   I’m nervous as hell about having you here.   I’m gay, but I’m just peeking out of the closet for the first time, tonight.   I’ve never had sex with anyone.”  Seeing Bob’s look of surprise, Jasper quickly explained, “I’ve been in the Marines my entire life.   I’ve never dared breathe a word about being gay to anyone for fear of being physically abused and eventually removed from the Corps.   I have been so far in the closet most of my life I can’t really believe I’m sitting here telling you that I’m gay.”

Jasper looked away and fell silent.   His heart was racing and his fear of rejection was written on his face.   Hearing Bob’s voice, he turned to look into Bob’s eyes hoping that Bob wouldn’t tell him to get lost.

Bob held his gaze and said, “I know how you feel.   My twin brother and I have known we are gay since we were teenagers.   Like you, we have never acted on our attraction to guys.   We’ve dated many different women over the years to keep anyone from suspecting that we’re gay.   Recently, my parents adopted a gay son, Greg.   Greg married his husband a few months ago.”

Bob stopped for a moment to reflect on his parents’ recent behavior.   He continued, “I still can’t believe my parents are as accepting of Greg and Cory as a gay couple as they are.   Then, my twin brother, Corey, started dating one of the security guards at my Dad’s place.   Corey hasn’t been exactly hiding his love for Dylan.   They seem so happy together.   Dylan is a really nice guy and I’m happy for my brother.   I have been thinking a lot about trying to find someone like Corey has found in Dylan; however, it’s hard for me to admit I’m gay.   I’ve never been an outgoing person, and just walking into that bar tonight took all the courage I could muster.”

Bob stopped and finished his beer.   He set the empty bottle on the floor, then turned to Jasper.   “I want to have a boyfriend, someday.   You know - someone who loves me and wants to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Jasper stood up and walked back into the kitchen to get more beer.   He knew if he went through with his plan to seduce Bob, he was going to need to get both of them to relax.   He could feel how uptight he was and knew that Bob was just as wound up.   He returned to the front room and handed Bob his second beer.   They sat in silence as they finished off the second beer of the night.   Each of them was lost in their own thoughts.

After a long period of silence, Jasper asked, “I want to be your boyfriend, Bob.”

Bob turned to Jasper and asked, “Why?”

“Because I’m too scared to try and find someone else,” Jasper admitted.   “You are about the same age as I am.   You’ve never been with a guy before and neither have I.   I want to be your first.”

Bob thought about it for a moment and said, “Okay, I’m willing to give it a try.   I’m clueless as to where to start.”

“I feel the same way as you do.   I admit I’m inexperienced and have no idea how to be a good boyfriend,” Jasper said.

“How about starting with a first date?” Bob asked, with a smile.

“I’m good with that.   What movie do you want to watch?” Jasper asked.

Bob said, “Whatever you’re watching.”

Jasper grinned, “Okay, I’ll choose the movie.   Let’s order out for pizza, then we’ll make a night of it.”

They watched the movie, then talked late into the night.   After satisfying their passion for each other, they slept in each other’s arms that night.   The memory of that night brought a smile to Bob’s face.

Jasper’s eyes opened and he looked into Bob’s eyes.   “Good morning, Babe.”

Bob leaned over and kissed his lover.  “Good morning to you, my hot stud.”

Jasper smiled and said, “I love waking up to you.”

“You’d better say that since you are going to be waking up to me for the rest of your life,” Bob said, nibbling on Jasper ears, then moving to capture Jasper’s lips.   They kissed with a passion, igniting a raging inferno that soon consumed them both.

The exhausted lovers drifted into a blissful sleep that was rudely interrupted by the sound of their alarm clock.   Bob reached over and turned off the alarm, then rolled over, spooning up against Jasper.

Jasper murmured sleepily, “What time is it?

 Bob replied, “It’s 8 o’clock, Babe.   It’s time to get up and showered.   Mom wanted us to stop by for breakfast.”

Jasper rolled over and pulled Bob into his embrace.   “I’m glad your Mom forced the issue of marriage; otherwise, we might have drifted along as friends with benefits for too long.   I was beginning to feel that our relationship was going nowhere, fast.”

Bob responded, “You’re right.   I guess I thought we could continue as we were, as if we were in suspended animation.   The long distance relationship we have needed to either coalesce into a permanent spousal arrangement, or disappear altogether.   I’m glad we were pushed into re-evaluating where we stood in our relationship with each other, and to consider what would make us both happy.”

“Do you think we are making a big mistake by rushing into marriage?” Jasper asked, earnestly.

Bob placed his hands on either side of Jasper’s head.   He gazed deeply into Jasper’s eyes, and said, “Jasper Jones, you are going to marry me sooner or later; so it might as well be sooner rather than later.   We are going to make this work for us, Jasper.   We are both adults and have a wealth of experience between us that should help us to successfully navigate the uncharted waters that lay ahead of us.”

Jasper smiled up at his lover and replied, “I just wanted to make sure we’re on the right track.”

“We are doing the right thing, Babe,” Bob said.   He gently kissed Jasper, then said, “We need to get up and showered.”  Bob rolled off of his lover’s body and stood up, turning back to pull Jasper into his arms.   Bob grinned and said, “Let’s see if you can still satisfy me in the shower!”

Jasper tweaked Bob’s nipples before he picked Bob up and carried him bodily into the shower.   He grinned, as he set Bob on his feet.   “Your wish is my command!’’

They arrived at Bob’s parents’ house to find everyone gathered in the dining room.   Era saw them enter the room and waved them over to the breakfast buffet.   “Grab a plate and help yourselves.”

They did as they were told, then joined Era and Chris.   Bob looked across the table at his parents.   “Mom and Dad, we’re engaged to be married.”

“Congratulations!   When do you plan to be married?” Era asked, looking extremely pleased.

“As soon as possible,” Jasper replied.

Era looked at Chris and said, “It looks like a double wedding to me.”

Bob looked at his mother in surprise.   “Do you mean that Corey proposed to Dylan last night?”

Corey, who had entered the dining room, answered his twin’s question, before his mother could answer, “Yes, she does.   Congratulations on your engagement, Bob and Jasper.”

Jasper grinned and responded, “Congratulations to you, as well.   Are you okay with sharing your wedding day with us?”

Corey smiled and said, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.   We’ve been together since birth, so why would we not be together on our wedding day.”

Bob looked at his brother and nodded his head.  “It certainly will be great to both be married to the men of our dreams on the same day.”

They spent the remainder of the morning making wedding plans.   The rest of the family congratulated the two happy couples, and made sure that Dylan and Jasper were included in all of their activities.  

At the end of the day, Rick pulled me aside and asked, “What are we going to do about our travel plans?”

 “We’re going to fly home as planned.   We’ll fly to Toronto on the way back; so instead of switching to the flight to Atlanta, we’ll rent a car at the airport and we’ll stay a day or two in St. Catharines, before catching a flight to Atlanta,” I said.   “That way we can attend the twins’ wedding and visit with Uncle Carl and Aunt Hannah.”

“Won’t your parents be flying out to Toronto for the weddings, as well?” Rick asked.

“I’m sure they will be; but I haven’t talked to them about it.   I’m sure they will try to get on the same flight with us from Regina to Toronto.   For now, will plan on joining them on the farm for the New Year,” I said.   “After the New Year, Greg and Cory, I imagine, will return here, after their visit with Cory’s parents.   Then they will fly to Toronto with Grandpa and Grandma.”

Rick smiled at me and said, “I’m glad Bob and Corey are getting married.”

“Me, too,” I said.   I turned to Uncle Corey and Dylan as they approached us in the hallway.   “I’m so happy for you both.”

Uncle Corey responded, “Thank you, Glenn.”   He put his arm around Dylan’s waist.   “I have you and Rick to thank for helping my parents to understand that being gay is okay.   Before you came to stay with them, they did not approve of gay men.   Dad had some pretty negative things to say about homosexuals.   You should have heard him after he heard Randy was gay.”

I looked at Uncle Corey in surprise.   “I thought Grandpa and Grandma had always been more accepting of gays than my Dad.”

Uncle Corey shook his head.   “No, it wasn’t until your mother told us how horrible things were when your father disowned Randy that Dad and Mom started to reconsider their position on homosexuality.   When you came to stay with them, they were still grappling with the fact their grandson had married a guy.   Mom told me and Bob Dad’s opinion of gays changed completely after you and Rick stayed here that summer before you started school.   Dad saw how much in love you were and how you treated each other.   He admitted to Mom he could see you were both very happy, and he couldn’t deny the fact you belonged together.”

Rick put his arms around my shoulders and said, “I’m glad we were able to help.   Now, I just have to hold onto Glenn long enough to get him married to me.”

Corey laughed and said, “I don’t think that will be a problem, Rick.   Glenn loves you so much he won’t ever let you go.”

I nodded my head.   “That’s right, Mr. Lernier.”

Dylan asked, “Why can’t you get married at the same time as we are?”

Rick’s smile faded, as he replied, “I’m in the Marines and I can’t marry Glenn until I can get out of the military.”

Seeing the look on my face, Dylan realized he’d hit a nerve and apologized.   “I’m sorry.   I didn’t mean to bring up a thorny subject between you two.   I had forgotten you were in the military, Rick.”

“That’s alright, Dylan.   There nothing we can do about it, right now.  Since they haven’t repealed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ we will have to wait to get married,” Rick replied.

I said, “We’ve discussed this issue many times.   Rick has asked me to be patient and let him finish his commitment to the Marines.”

Dylan nodded his head in understanding.   “Glenn, you will be much happier if you help Rick keep his word, because you will always be able to trust him to do the right thing.   You have found a real gem in Rick, just like I’ve found my own diamond in the rough.”   Dylan grinned at Corey, who pulled Dylan’s head down for a quick kiss.

Corey said, “We’re heading home.   We will see you two, tomorrow.”

“Good night,” I said, as the two of them turned and went out the front door.

We walked into the kitchen where Uncle Bob and Jasper were seated with Keith and Kerry.   Kerry stood up and handed me Egan.   “Here is your favorite cousin.”

I laughed, “Thank you, Kerry.   I haven’t held my little guy all day.”

Kerry smiled.  “He’s had so many people wanting to hold him we’ve haven’t had a chance to give him to you.”

“At least I get to see him before we go to bed,” I said.

Kerry handed me his baby bottle.   “You can feed him if he is still hungry.”

I put the bottle to Egan’s lips and he opened his mouth.   Egan soon drained the bottle.   I put him on my shoulder to burp him.   Having accomplished that task, I laid him back down in the crook of my arm.   Egan’s eyes were half closed and with a few minutes he was asleep.

Kerry smiled.  “You’re a natural, Glenn.   I hope you and Rick will start a family soon.”

I looked at Rick who smiled at me.   “We will start one as soon as we’re married, Kerry.”

Uncle Bob said, “Jasper and I want children, but I’m not sure if they will let us adopt.”

Keith said, “You can always try.   I have heard of single people adopting children, so I can’t imagine why you two couldn’t adopt a child.”

Jasper said, “I don’t want to waste our time and money, attempting to adopt a child only to have some government bureaucrat tell us we can’t adopt because we’re gay.”

Uncle Bob agreed.   “We will have to do some serious investigation, before we make an attempt to adopt a child.”

I said, “Canada allows gay couple to adopt children, just like they allow gays to be married.”

Uncle Bob said, “You’re right, Glenn.   I’m glad that the Canadian government has seen fit to treat all of its citizens equally.   We are still working on it here in the United States.   Jasper and I have talked about moving to Canada where we will be treated with dignity and respect, unlike how gays are treated here.”

“Yes, we discussed it, but we aren’t ready to make the move, just yet,” Jasper said.

I said, “Maybe your government will see the wisdom of treating gays equally.   I know that it took some time to achieve marriage equality in Canada.”

Uncle Bob said, “We’re grateful we can be married in Canada, even though our marriage won’t be recognized here in Georgia.”

Kerry said, “We are happy, too.   It’s time to put Egan to bed.”  I handed the sleeping infant back to his mother.   Kerry stood up and said, “Good night, everyone.”

Rick looked at me and said, “We should be getting to bed, too.   We need to get an early start tomorrow.   We have a plane to catch.”

Uncle Bob said, “Good night, boys.   We’ll see you in St. Catharines after the New Year.”

I walked around and hugged both Uncle Bob and Jasper.   “I’m so happy for you.   Good night.”

Rick took my hand, as we followed Keith and Kerry out of the kitchen.   Keith turned and said, “Have a good night, guys.”

“Good night, Keith,” I replied.

Rick opened our bedroom door, then closed it behind me.   He pinned me against the door and ground his crotch against mine, as his tongue forced its way into my mouth.   I moaned in pleasure as his hands roamed over my body.   He soon had me stripped out of my clothes, as he nibbled on my ear lobe.

Rick’s husky voice whispered in my ear.   “You taste so good, Babe.”

He leaned down to run his tongue over my nipples.   The sensation raised me up on the balls of my feet, as I arched my back in pleasure.   Rick captured my lips with a hunger that left no doubt about his desire for me.  He picked me up in his arms and carried me over to our bed.  

Rick grinned, as he did his sexy striptease routine.   Watching him unveil his perfectly sculpted body with its light dusting of dark brown hair had me practically bouncing off the bed with excitement and anticipation.   Rick’s eyes met mine, as he licked his lips and moved towards our bed.

Rick’s look reminded me of wolf about to devour its prey.   It sent a thrill down mine spine, as I positioned myself to accommodate him.   Rick gave one of his best performances ever, leaving me totally satisfied!  

Afterwards Rick held me tight in his arms, as I rested my head on his chest.   Rick lifted my chin, so he could look into my eyes, and said, “This has been the best Christmas ever, Babe.   I love you.”

“I love you, too, my Christmas elf,” I replied, kissing him as I caressed his chest and abs.

When we surfaced for air, Rick grinned and asked, “Are you ready for a second round?”

I returned his grin.   “I’m ready, if you are.   You’re the best Christmas present I’ve ever had!”

Rick proceeded to make tonight a night that will live in my memory for a very long time!

Prev To be continued . . .