The Man from Swift Current
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Chapter 103: Tyler and Joey

A Story Note from Russ:

A review of Chapter 83 is recommended before reading this chapter.

The next morning, Greg held Cory close to him and gazed deeply into his eyes.   “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Cory smiled and said, “And you’re the light of my life, Greg Scarborough.”

Greg returned his smile.   “I think it’s so very cool Bob and Corey finally came out of the closet and are engaged to be married.   I never dreamed I would be part of a family, where I would be accepted for who I am; AND I wouldn’t be the only gay guy at a family party!”

Cory laughed.   Greg loved how Cory’s eyes twinkled with merriment, when he laughed.   Greg rubbed noses with his lover, and gave him a quick kiss.

Cory said, “Well, you had better get used to it, because you not only have two gay brothers, who are soon to married, but two gay nephews, as well.”

“Oh, you forgot my soon to be ex-brother-in-law,” Greg said, with a grin.

Cory’s happy face grew solemn.   “Greg, what are we going to do about your sister, Kathy?”

Greg responded, “What about her?”

“She’s still your sister, even though she’s disowned you and your mother,” Cory said.

“I don’t want anything to do with her, Cory.   She is a vicious, evil woman; and I want to stay as far away from her as possible,” Greg said, his voice reflecting the depth of the antipathy he felt towards his older sibling.

Cory’s face showed his concern, as he responded to Greg.   “Joey is living with my parents, Greg.   How are you going to avoid seeing her when she brings the girls over to visit their father?”

“I don’t have to be present when she’s around.   I already talked to Joey about it,” Greg said.   “He has the girls all week, since it’s the holidays.   Kathy will pick them up on New Year’s Day.”

Cory looked relieved.   “I’m glad you’ve worked it all out with Joey.   I was worried we would have a major blow up, if she showed up while we were at my parents’ house.”

Greg cupped Cory’s cheek with his hand.   “Cory, I want our visit with your parents to go as smoothly as possible.   I am grateful to them for taking good care of Joey, until he can get back on his feet.   He’s a good man.  However, Kathy is taking him for everything he’s worth in the divorce.  She is such an terrible person.”

“I know,” Cory said.   “I wish there was something we could do to help Joey.”

“I think the best way to help him is to show him how happy we are, Cory.   When the divorce is final, Joey will be free to marry Tyler,” Greg said.

Cory said, “Tyler has been a real support for him these last few months.”

Greg laughed and said, “He’s kept Joey well fucked you mean!”

Cory grinned, but shook his head.  “That’s not what I meant.   Did you forget that Tyler is living in Spain, where he is going to school?”

Greg laughed and said, “No, I didn’t forget.   We should get up and get ready to go.   It’s a long drive to Woodbridge from here.”

“Which car did you decide we’re taking?” Cory asked.

“The Ferrari, of course,” Greg said, with a wide smile.   Greg rolled out of bed and pulled Cory to his feet.   He led Cory to the en suite and turned on the shower.   He pulled Cory under the warm cascade of water and kissed him.   “I love you, Cory.”

Rick and I were up early to get in our morning run.   It felt good to exercise, after all of the heavy eating we had done over that last few days.   We walked down the lane to the out buildings, as part of our cool down.   Rick walked over to the garage and opened the side door.   I followed him inside the darkened room.   The faint aroma of oil and gas from the two tractors stored there brought back memories of our first summer together.   I heard Rick laugh and I knew he remembered it, as well.

“Stop laughing,” I said.   “I know what you’re laughing about, Rick.”  I punched him in the shoulder.

Rick caught my arm and pulled me into his embrace.   He said, “I’m sure you do.”  His manly scent and the heat of his body worked its magic on me.   Rick laughed again; but this time for a very different reason.   He kissed me and his hands began wandering over my body.   His passionate kiss left me breathless.   He whispered in my ear, “I’ve dreamed of making love to you in here, since our first summer here.”

We met Dylan as we left the garage.   He was wearing his security guard uniform.   It fit him very well, hugging him in all the right places.   I looked him over and he grinned.   “Do you approve?” he asked.

“Yes, you look great!   I can see why Uncle Corey fell for you,” I replied.

“Thank you, Glenn,” Dylan said.   He gave us an appraising look, then he laughed.   “Let me guess.   You two have been having fun in the garage.”

Rick grinned, widely.  “Yes, we were.”

Dylan nodded his head approvingly.   “Corey and I have done that quite a few times.” 

I shook my head.   I was still trying to picture my Uncle Corey as a horny gay guy.   Visualizing them doing what we were doing in the garage just didn’t square with the image I had of my Uncle Corey.  

Seeing my expression, Dylan continued, “I know it’s hard for you to imagine your uncle as a sex maniac; but believe me, he most certainly is!”

I laughed, and said, “You’re right, Dylan.   I’m still trying to adjust to the fact my uncles are gay.”

“I’m still adjusting to the reality that I’ve fallen in love with Corey myself,” Dylan said, smiling at us.   “All I know is that I’m very happy whenever I’m with him, and the sex is out of this world!”

“Those two things are really all that count,” Rick said.   “The hot sex is always good with Glenn; however, as you say about Uncle Corey, what binds me to Glenn is I know I’m a better person when I’m with him.   He completes me, so to speak.”

Dylan joined us, as we walked towards the house.   “You say it so much better than I do, Rick.   When Corey started flirting with me, I wasn’t sure I wanted to date an older man.   It took him a while to convince me to give him a chance.”

“Aren’t you glad you did?” I asked.

Dylan smiled and said, “Yes, I am.   Corey’s life experiences make him the perfect man for me.   I need someone who makes me feel like I’m the center of his universe; while at the same time knows how to keep me in line.   Corey’s that person for me.”

We saw Mr. Curtis walking toward us, as we approached the house.   Rick greeted him.  “Good morning, Mr. Curtis.”

“Good morning, Mr. Lernier.   Mr. Nielsen,” he replied.   “Dylan volunteered to keep an eye on you two when you disappeared inside the garage, since he’s practically part of family now.”

Rick blushed and said, “I’m sorry if we caused you any inconvenience.”

Mr. Curtis smiled.   “It’s not a problem.   I thought you would rather meet up with Dylan, instead of Dan as you left the garage.”

Rick nodded his head.   “Thank you for your kindness.   I saw Dan monitoring us from a respectful distance.   He does a fine job, Mr. Curtis.”

“He is one of my best,” Mr. Curtis acknowledged.   “Dylan does a good job, as well.”

This time it was Dylan’s turn to blush.   Rick smiled and said, “He’s right, Dylan.”

Dylan said, “Thanks, Rick.”

“Dylan, will you take over for Dan?” Mr. Curtis asked.

“Sure,” he replied.   He turned to us and said, “I’ll catch you guys later.”

Mr. Curtis said, “I’ve got to return to my post, as well.”

We went inside the house.   As we closed the door, I looked at Rick and said, “I’d forgotten about the security detail assigned to us, while we’re here.”

“I haven’t forgotten.   I knew we were being watched the entire time we have been out running.   I heard one of the guards calling Dylan when he saw us go into the garage,” Rick said.

“If you knew they were watching, why did you take me into the garage?” I asked.

Rick grinned at me and said, “I wanted to give them something to watch.”

I blushed at the thought of someone watching us making out.   “Rick…”

Rick put his finger to my lips to silence me.   “It’s okay, Glenn.   It’s not like they don’t know we’re gay.”  

He took his finger from my lips and kissed me.   He took my hand and led me to our bedroom.   We showered and got dressed for our trip home.  After packing our suitcases, we went downstairs for breakfast.   Greg and Cory were already there.

Greg looked up, as we entered.   “Good morning.”

“Good morning, guys,” I replied.  

We sat down at the table, and Greg passed the eggs and sausage.   “Do you guys go out running every morning?” he asked.

“We try to get some aerobic exercise every day,” Rick answered.   “Sometimes it’s playing racquetball; others, it’s running, or swimming.”

I added, “We lift weights three days a week.   I love working out with Rick.”   I grinned at my lover.   “His hot body really turns me on when he’s all covered in sweat.”

Cory looked over at Greg and said, “See?   I’m not the only one who likes to see his man all sweaty from working out in the gym!”

We all laughed at Cory’s statement.   I said, “There’s nothing more sensual than seeing a well-muscled guy working out, especially if he’s shirtless and wearing skin-tight shorts!”   I reached over and caressed Rick’s inner thigh.

Rick grinned, as he put his hand over mine.   “If you keep that up, we won’t make our flight.”

Greg said, “We’re leaving as soon as we’re done eating.   We have a long drive ahead of us, just like you have a long flight.”

Rick said, “You’re right.   We’re flying from Atlanta to Toronto.   From there, we catch another flight to Regina.   Glenn’s brother, Randy, will pick us up at the airport.”

Grandma and Grandpa joined us at the dining room table.   “Good morning, boys,” Grandma said.

We chorused “good morning!”

“I’m glad to see you this morning,” Grandpa said.   “We hope you will have a safe journey today.   Call us when you arrive, so we will know you are safe.”

We finished our meal and hugged Grandma and Grandpa, before going upstairs to get our luggage.   We met Greg and Cory at the front door.  

I hugged both of them.   “We’ll see you at the wedding in a few days.”

“That we will,” Greg said.   “Have a safe trip.”

“You guys do the same,” Rick said.

We put our luggage in the back of the car and climbed in.   Rick started the engine and we were on our way.   We made good time and arrived at the airport with ample time to clear security.   Our flights were uneventful.   I enjoyed the time I had to cuddle with my man during the flights!

We got off the plane in Regina and made our way to the baggage claim.   Rick grabbed our luggage, while I called Randy to tell him we had arrived.

“Hey!” Randy said.   “We’re just pulling into the airport, now.”

“We’ll be waiting on the curb then,” I replied.

I ended the call and turned to Rick.   “They are just getting here.   Let’s go outside.”

Rick nodded his head in agreement.   “Zip up your coat.   I don’t want you to catch cold.”

I stuck out my tongue at him, and said, “Yes, Mommy!”

Rick cuffed me alongside the head.   “Don’t give me any back talk.   Just do it!”

I laughed and obeyed him.   “You need to do the same, Babe.   It’s pretty cold out there.”

Rick complied by zipping up his coat.   He handed me my suitcase and we walked through the automatic doors to wait for my brother.   We didn’t have long to wait.   Randy and Shawn pulled up, and Randy jumped out to help us load our luggage in the back of their car.   We climbed into the back seat, and Shawn pulled away from the curb.

Shawn glanced at us in the rearview mirror, and said, “Welcome home, boys!”

I smiled and replied, “Thanks, Shawn.   I’d forgotten how cold it gets here.”

Randy laughed.   “You’ve gone soft on us, Glenn.   Living in Atlanta has taken the Canadian out of you.”

“I’m still Canadian; but, I have to admit I’ve gotten used to living in a much warmer climate,” I said.  

Randy said, “Rick, I thought you were keeping Glenn in shape.   You must be falling down on the job!”

Rick grinned.   “I’ve been working him out pretty hard, lately.   You’ll see when we get to Mom and Dad’s house.”

“I believe you’ve worked on his physical assets.   I’ve got the photos you’ve sent me of him,” Randy said.   “I have to admit Glenn looks pretty good.   I never would have thought my baby brother would turn into such a hot stud.”   Randy saw the color rising in my cheeks and laughed.   “You don’t need to be embarrassed, Glenn.   I’m totally serious when I say that you’ve really filled out, since you’ve been with Rick.”

Rick smiled at me and said, “I can’t claim all of the credit.   Glenn worked out with his roommates at the University of Minnesota; and we’ve kept at the weights since I returned from active duty.”

“Ben insisted I had to work out with the hockey team,” I said.

Randy raised an eyebrow.   “Insisted?”

“Okay, I went voluntarily!   Randy, you would’ve gone, too, if you could watch the entire hockey team working out at the gym!”

Rick said, “I went with the guys when I visited them over the holidays last year.   I have to agree the sight of all those great looking guys got my motor running.”

“Didn’t you say some of them are gay?” Shawn asked.

“Yes, I did.   In fact, some of them were my roommates,” I responded.

“That had to be totally awesome,” Shawn said.

“It was,” I said.   “I really had a great time at school, last year.”

“How’s school this year?” Shawn asked.

“I’m thinking of changing my major again,” I said.   “I love music, but there doesn’t seem to be much earning potential in the musical area.”

“But, you’re pretty good, Glenn,” Randy said.

“Yes; but, if I do the concert thing, I’ll be travelling all of the time.   I don’t want to live like that.   I want to be with Rick and my family.   It’s just not an ideal thing for me.   I’m thinking of going into computers.   A couple of our friends at Georgia Tech think they can get me an internship with their company.   That way, I can see if I like it.”

Rick said, “I’ve encouraged Glenn to explore different career options.   I want him to be happy doing whatever it is he chooses as his life’s profession.”

Shawn glanced in the rearview mirror at us.   He said, “Glenn, you are very fortunate to have such a supportive boyfriend.”

I leaned over and kissed Rick on the lips, before I responded.   “Yes, I found my Prince Charming.”

We continued talking, as Shawn drove us to Swift Current.   It was pretty late when we pulled into Uncle Dave’s driveway.   The temperature had fallen to -20 C (-4 F).   The temperature in Atlanta had been 12 C (54 F) when we boarded the plane earlier in the day.   The wind was blowing pretty hard, as I climbed out of the car.   We got our luggage out of the back and manhandled it into the house; fighting the wind at every step.  

Randy noticed that I was shivering, despite my heavy winter coat.   He shook his head in disbelief.   “You’ve been away from here too long, Glenn.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Randy.   It was just as cold in Minneapolis, last year,” I replied.   “Maybe I’m coming down with something.   I’ve never had problems dealing with the cold temperatures.”

Rick looked concerned.   He put his hand on my forehead.   “You do feel a little warm to me.”

Aunt Mary came into the hallway and asked, “Did I hear someone is sick?”

She hugged me and helped me take my coat off.   She steered me into the front room and sat me down on the couch.   “I’ll be right back with a thermometer.”

Shawn said, “Rick, we’re sharing Ben’s room, like the last time you were here.   Let’s get your stuff downstairs.”

Rick nodded his agreement and left the room with Shawn.   I heard them take the suitcases down the stairs.   Randy said, “I hope you’re not getting sick.   It would be a dreadful way to spend your holidays, if you end up in bed the entire time.”

“It would pretty much suck,” I agreed.

Uncle Dave followed Aunt Mary into the front room.   “Hello, Glenn.   I’m glad you guys made it in before the storm hits.   It is really cold right now; but, by tomorrow morning, the temperatures will rise.   However, they are predicting blizzard conditions for the entire day.”

I opened my mouth to let Aunt Mary slide the thermometer under my tongue.   I held it there, until she took it out of my mouth.   She read the temperature and said, “Normal.”  

I breathed a sigh of relief.   “Maybe I just got chilled from the wind.”

“I hope that’s all it is,” Aunt Mary said.   “I’ll fix a cup of hot cocoa for you boys, then I suggest you get to bed.   You’ve had a long day.”

We followed her into the kitchen and took seats at the table.   She soon handed each of us a cup of steaming hot cocoa.   Rick and Shawn joined us.   Rick said, “Thank you for the hot cocoa.   It’s just the right thing to warm us up.”

A gust of wind rattled the windows.   Uncle Dave said, “We are in for a long night.   The high winds will continue for a couple more hours.”

Randy said, “If the weather gets as bad as they say it will, we won’t be driving anywhere tomorrow.”

“We will have to see what tomorrow brings,” Aunt Mary said.   She stood up and took her empty cup over to the sink.   “Don’t worry about cleaning up.   We’ll worry about the dishes in the morning.   You boys need to get some sleep.”

Rick said, “I’m beat.”   His voice sounded tired, and he looked really tired.

I said, “Let’s go to bed, Babe.”   I took his hand and pulled him up with me, as I got up from the table.  We put our cups in the sink.

“Good night,” Rick said, looking around the room.

“Good night, Rick,” Aunt Mary said.

Shawn and Randy followed us down the stairs.   We quickly stripped our clothes off and climbed into bed.   Rick pulled the blankets up over us, as I snuggled close to him.   Sleep found us very quickly!

I awoke to Rick nuzzling my hair.   I felt so cozy and warm I didn’t want to move.   Rick ran his hand down my back in a gentle caress, sending a thrill through my body.   I lifted my head from his chest, and looked deep into his eyes.   He smiled at me, and said, “Good morning, Babe.”

I returned his smile, and replied, “Good morning.   I love waking up to your caresses.   There is no better way to start my day.”   I looked across the room to see the empty bed where Shawn and Randy had slept last night.   “What time is it?”

“It’s nearly 10 o’clock.   Aunt Mary looked in on us about an hour ago.   She said to let you sleep,” Rick replied.

“I must have needed the extra sleep,” I said yawning widely.

“Yes, you did.   Are you ready to get showered?” Rick asked.

I nodded my head.   “Yes, as long as you promise to make love to me in the shower.”

Rick gave me a lecherous grin.   “What do you think?”

The look in his eyes left no doubt about the answer to my request!   We made our way to the bathroom and took care of each other’s needs.   Afterward, we dressed and went upstairs to the kitchen.   Aunt Mary looked up from the newspaper she was reading.   “Good morning, boys.”

“Good morning,” I replied.   I looked out the kitchen window to see what the weather was like.   “The sun is coming out.   I thought there was supposed to be a blizzard today.”

“There was,” Aunt Mary responded.   “It already moved past us.   They called it an Alberta Clipper.   I’m glad it’s over.   Ben and Janice will be here tomorrow.”

My cousin, Cynthia, walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table.   “Hey guys!”

“Good morning,” Rick said.

“You must have gotten in really late,” Cynthia said.

“Yes, they arrived a couple of hours after you went to bed,” Aunt Mary said.

“How’s school?” I asked.

“It’s okay,” Cynthia replied.   “I have to finish all of my general education courses next semester, since I won’t have time to work on them after I start the nursing curriculum.”

“When do you have to be back at school?” Rick asked.

“The first day of class is January 7th,” she answered.

“That’s the same day we start classes,” I said.   “We had planned to go back to Atlanta on January 2nd; but my uncles are getting married in St. Catharines on January 5th.”

Aunt Mary said, “Your mother told us they plan to fly out with you for the wedding.”

Cynthia said, “I think it is really cool both of them are getting married to their partners.”

“I’m happy for them, as well,” Aunt Mary said.   “But it makes me sad they felt they had to wait until late in life to find their soul mates.   I can’t imagine spending most of my life alone.   My life has been so much richer because of my relationship with Dave.”

“I don’t think they intentionally waited,” I said.   “Uncle Corey told us he didn’t dare look for a gay partner, until my grandparents adopted Greg as their son.   That’s when he realized they would accept him as a gay son.   Before that, he feared my grandparents would disown him.”

“It’s unfortunate it’s has taken so long for us older people to recognize the fact that it’s okay for two men to love each other,” Aunt Mary said.

“But you and Uncle Dave have been very accepting of me and Randy,” I said.

“Yes, but it hasn’t been easy.   You have to remember it’s a little different for us; because you and Randy are our nephews.   I’m not sure how we would’ve handled Cynthia, or Ben, being gay,” she said, looking over at Cynthia.   “It’s one thing to be accepting of gays, when it isn’t your child; but it’s quite another when your hopes and dreams for your child are destroyed,” Aunt Mary said.   She put a hand to stop my response.   “Please hear me out, Glenn.   Your parents are very heavily invested in your life.   Their hopes for the future are tied to you and your siblings.   Your dad, in particular, is still having a difficult time accepting the fact his dreams for you and Randy won’t be fulfilled in the way he envisioned.”

“We know about that part,” I said, with more than a little heat.

“That’s why I’m talking to you, now.   I’ve already talked to Randy and Shawn.   You need to understand where he is coming from, so you can address the source of his problem,” she said.

“I know what his problem is.   He wants grandchildren.   He wants his family line to continue.   It’s all about keeping his family name from disappearing from the face of the earth.   He wants us to be breeding studs for some woman to produce children; to satisfy his desire for an increased number of progeny,” I said, with disgust.   “Dad still keeps telling me being gay is a choice, and I can choose to be straight, and get married to some ‘sweet little girl’ and have a family.”

Aunt Mary nodded her head in agreement.   “He’s expressed those exact sentiments to us.   Uncle Dave has tried to reason with him, and has met with little success.

Randy and Shawn joined us in the kitchen.   Randy sat down next to me.   “We overheard Aunt Mary telling you about Dad.”

I looked at my brother, and asked, “What should we do about him?”

“Shawn and I have talked it over, and we have decided to confront him directly about meddling in our relationship,” Randy replied.   “He’s tried to convince Shawn to leave me for the sake of our family’s need to expand its numbers.”

“He tried the same approach with me,” Rick said.

Randy’s face was grim, as he said, “I’m at a point I will disown him if he continues his attempts to drive us apart.”

Shawn said, “We have been subjected to Dad’s tirades about having a family one too many times.   I’m normally totally against severing family relationships; however, in this case, Dad needs to respect our boundaries, and the fact we aren’t going to get divorced, just to make him happy.”

I looked at Rick and asked, “Are you feeling the same way?”

Rick nodded his head.   “Yes, I am.   Dad called me just before we left for Cancun and tried to persuade me to leave you.”

Aunt Mary said, “We’ve warned Don he’s walking a very fine line.   He thought he was suffering, when he disowned you, Randy.   It’s a lot harder, when you’re the one who has been disowned.”

Randy nodded his head in agreement.   His eyes were suddenly bright with unshed tears at the memory of Dad’s reaction, when he found out he was gay and had a boyfriend.  “Do you think he will listen?”

Aunt Mary said, “I’m not sure.   He hasn’t listened to us, yet.   Maybe he’ll listen to you boys.”

“I think if we confront him together, he will see we are united in our love for each other and in our determination to put a stop to his harassment,” Shawn said.

“I hope it will work, because I have no patience for Dad’s continued anti-gay attitudes.   I suffered too much pain at his hands when he disowned me for being gay,” Randy said.   The bitterness in his voice made it clear there would be fireworks, should Dad continue pursuing his agenda to force us apart.

Shawn stood up and said, “We have a gift for you two.   Come with me.”

We all got up from the table and followed Shawn into the front room, where he pulled out a thin rectangular box.   He lifted it up and brought over to me and Rick.   We sat down on the couch and I looked at the box.

Shawn said, “Let me show how to open this one.”   He reached over and undid the flaps of the box and then he pulled out some of the packing material.

I looked inside and could see the edge of a large picture frame.   Rick helped me pull it out of the box.   It was a beautiful oil painting of a mountain lake.   I looked up at Shawn and said, “Thank you, Shawn.   It will make a perfect addition to our home.”

“This means you have to get married, since we are giving it to both of you,” Randy said.

Rick put his arm around my shoulders, and said, “I promise I’ll make an honest man of your brother.”

Randy laughed.  “Is that possible?”

“Hey!” I protested.

“Just kidding!   I’m sure Rick will keep his promise,” Randy said.

Cynthia said, “That is a really nice painting Shawn.   I need to get you to paint one like that for me.”

Aunt Mary said, “You will need to let us know how much you would charge for several paintings like this one.   I would like to get one for each of my children as well as one to hang over the fireplace downstairs.”

Shawn said, “It depends on the type and size of the frame.   Painting is the easy part for me.   Getting the right frame, now that’s a difficult proposition as well as the most expensive part of the whole deal.”

Randy said, “Shawn got off easy.   He already had all the supplies he needed to paint this picture.   I’m the one who had to shell out the cash to have it framed.”

Shawn looked at us and said, “You can use the box to ship it directly to your condo.   That’s why I helped you open it so you wouldn’t ruin the box.”

“Thanks for everything, guys,” Rick said.

“We’re glad you like it,” Randy said.

We heard the front door open, and Uncle Dave appeared in the doorway.  “Hey, what’s going on?” he asked.

Aunt Mary walked over and put her arm around his waist.   “The boys gave Glenn and Rick a very nice oil painting.”

I held up the painting for Uncle Dave.   “It’s very beautiful.   We should get Shawn to paint one for us.”

Aunt Mary smiled and said, “I’ve already asked him about it.”

Uncle Dave kissed his wife and said, “You are always a step ahead of me.   That’s why I married you.”

Aunt Mary laughed and said, “I thought you married me for my beautiful eyes.”

“That, too, among other things,” Uncle Dave responded, with a grin on his face.

My cell phone rang at that moment.   I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it.   “Hello, Mom.”

“Hello, Glenn,” Mom said.   “When are you boys driving down to the farm?”

I looked over at my brother and said, “Mom wants to know when we are driving down to the farm.”

“I think we should leave here around noon,” Randy said.

“Ben and Janice will be here by then,” Aunt Mary said.   “They stayed overnight in Regina.   Ben wanted to drive straight through the night; but I convinced him he needed to stay somewhere safe until the storm passed.”

Uncle Dave said, “I’m glad they had sense enough not to try to drive through that blizzard.   This way, Ben won’t be tired from driving, as he navigates the roads between here and Regina.”

Rick helped me repack the painting.   “We should take this down to the post office and ship it out, since we are going be here for a few more hours.”

Shawn agreed.   “That’s a good idea.”

The four of us grabbed our winter gear and Shawn drove us to the post office.   When we had finished, I asked, “Shawn, do you mind if we stop by the mall?   We need to pick up some things, since we didn’t bring a lot of gifts with us on the plane.”

Shawn said, “Not a problem.”   He drove us to the mall, and we spent a couple of hours shopping.   It was close to noon when we finished.   Shawn drove us back to the house and pulled into the driveway.   “It looks like Ben’s already here.”

“Yes, that’s his car,” I said.

We went inside, and Ben greeted us in the hallway.   “Hey!   I’m glad to see you guys!”  Ben hugged all of us.

Janice was right behind him.   “I’m happy you made it here for the holidays.   We drove home to Toronto to spend Christmas with my family, before driving west to be here for the New Year.”

We drifted into the front room, after shedding our winter coats.   “How’s school going?” I asked.

Ben laughed, “It’s going!   Janice is doing very well.   I, on the other hand, am just making it through some of my classes.   Between my hockey schedule and keeping up with my wife, I’m constantly running out of time to study.”

Janice nodded her head, “Ben has been travelling a lot with the hockey team.   He’s missed a lot his classes, and has to make up most of the assignments.”

“Have you decided on a career, Ben?” Rick asked.

“No, not yet,” Ben responded, seriously.   “I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, but I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.”

I said, “I’ve been thinking of switching my major again.   This time it will be computer science,” I said.

Ben replied, “I could see you doing computer work, Glenn.   It’s not as fun as playing music; but, the pay is better.”

Janice said, “The guys came home tanned and very frisky from their trip to Cancun.   From their wild stories, it sounds like you guys had a great time.   In fact, Zach and Todd wouldn’t let me stay in the room, when they told Ben about what they did in Mexico.”

Ben looked at Janice, before asking, “Did you guys really do all those things that Zach and Todd told us?”

I looked at Rick who shrugged and gave me a big grin.   I looked back at Ben and Janice’s expectant faces.   I felt the heat in my cheeks and knew I was blushing.   I cleared my throat, and replied, “Depends on what they told you.”

Ben burst out laughing.   “You guys are so crazy!”

Janice looked at Ben and back to me.   “I only heard some of things you guys did.   Is there more?”

“Again, that depends,” I responded.

Aunt Mary said, giving us a stern glance, “Janice, I think you should back away from asking any more questions.   In fact, why don’t you join me in the kitchen?”

Janice looked at her husband and said, “Don’t you get any ideas of trying any crazy stunts with me.”

Randy howled with laughter.   “Ouch!”

Janice looked at Randy and said, “And don’t you be giving him any ideas either!”

Uncle Dave stood up and said, “I have a feeling you’re about to divulge more information than I need to know.”

Rick laughed, “Not if I can help it.   What happened in Cancun; stays in Cancun!   I’m going to give Zach and Todd a piece of my mind for sharing that information.”

Randy looked at us and said, “You know you’re going to have to give us some information, or we’re going to die of curiosity.”   Randy laughed, as I grew more embarrassed by his insistence to know what happened in Cancun.

Ben grinned and said, “Let me start by telling you what Zach and Todd told me.  That will save Glenn from being embarrassed, and they won’t be guilty of breaking a confidence.”

He proceeded to relate everything he knew.   The more he said, the more amazed I was Zach and Todd had shared so much with a straight guy!   Yes, he was my cousin and best friend; but still, there are some things you just don’t talk about!   Randy’s eyes kept getting bigger with each passing moment, as Ben described the events of our week in Cancun with the guys.

At the conclusion, Ben looked over at me and Rick, and asked, “Did I miss anything?”

Rick laughed, “Yes, but we’re not telling you anything.   You already know too much!”

Shawn looked at us with a knowing smile.   “I may have underestimated you guys.”

Rick raised his eyebrows, and asked, ‘“How so?”

“I didn’t think you were quite as crazy as it appears you are.  That trip to Cancun must have been a watershed moment for you guys,” Shawn replied.

“It wasn’t so much a watershed moment as it was a completely carefree and wonderful time for us,” Rick said.   “I’ve never felt so free to express my feelings and affection for Glenn, as I did on that trip.   We grew closer as a couple; and we strengthened our friendship with the guys who went with us.”

Shawn shook his head in disbelief.   “Randy, we need to learn a thing, or two from these guys.   We’ve had some pretty wild times; but nothing like their trip to Cancun.”

I tried not to say anything, but I couldn’t help myself.   I had to say it.   “It’s because you’re getting too old!   It takes us younger guys to show you how to do things properly!”

Shawn snorted his reply to my statement.   Randy guffawed, then said, “I don’t think so!”

“I think we need to show them a thing, or two tonight,” Shawn said, giving me a sly glance.

“We’re not sharing a room with you tonight,” I said.   “We’re going to be in my room and you’re going to be in Randy’s room.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t show you a thing, or two,” Randy said, with a smile that made me wonder what exactly these two had in mind.

Randy said, “Speaking of my room, we need to get on the road, so we won’t be late for dinner.   You know how Dad gets, if you’re late.”

I nodded my head and said, “Yes, I remember.”

We loaded our gear in the back of Shawn’s car, and said our “good byes.”   Uncle Dave said, “We will be down for New Year’s Eve.   I believe the rest of the family will be meeting us there, as well.   Your Dad and I picked up a few fireworks to shoot off at midnight.”

“That sounds great,” I said.   “We’ll see you in a few days.”

We climbed into the back of the car, and Shawn started the engine and backed out of the driveway.    As soon as we were headed south towards Aneroid, Randy turned around in his seat and looked at us.   “Okay, now were alone, spill the rest of the story.”

Rick gave Randy his “I’m innocent” look and asked, “What do you mean?”

Randy burst out laughing and shook his head.   “You guys are so transparent.   I know you didn’t tell us everything you did, and I want to know.”

Rick looked at me and asked, “Should we?”  I nodded my head and Rick proceeded to tell them.    I added to the narrative whenever Rick left something out.   By the time we were done, Randy was laughing so hard his sides hurt.

Shawn looked at us in his mirror and said, “I’m so horny from hearing about your antics I’ve got to have some relief.”

Randy reached over and massaged his husband’s inner thigh.   Shawn moaned and said, “I’ve got to pull over, or we’ll end up in a snow bank.”   He pulled over and stopped, while Randy gave him the needed relief.   Afterward, Shawn turned to us with a satisfied grin and said, “Next time you’re going to tell us something like that, let me know so I can be prepared for what it does to me.”

Rick replied, “I think we can do that for you.”

Shawn started the engine and put the car in gear.   We talked about Shawn’s plans for his newest art project and Randy’s work with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).   We made good time and arrived with plenty of time to spare.  

Mom greeted us at the door.   “Welcome home, boys.   Take your things upstairs to your rooms, then join me in the kitchen.   Your father has gone over to visit Evelyn and Emil over in Hazenmore.”

“How’s Emil doing?” Randy asked.

“He’s not good.   They don’t expect him to live much longer.   In fact, they were surprised he made it to Christmas,” Mom said.   She blinked hard to keep her tears from spilling down her cheeks.   “Emil has been your Dad’s friend his entire life.   It’s hit him pretty hard.”   She stopped and tried to get her emotions under control.   “I sent your Dad over with a loaf of fresh baked bread and a jar of my strawberry jam.   They are Emil’s favorite things:   fresh homemade bread and strawberry jam.”

“Is Larkin with them?” Randy asked.

“Yes.   He and his family arrived yesterday from Saskatoon.   Larkin is doing well.   He’s teaching at the University and Jodi is a nurse at the hospital.   They’ve invited Evelyn to live with them after Emil passes, but she doesn’t want to move,” Mom said.   “It’s really sad because none of their children want to live on the farm.   Perry has moved to the States.   He’s become one of the top heart surgeons in the world, and Lindsay and her husband live in Toronto.”

“You and Dad won’t have the same problem, since Gary and Jessica live on the neighboring farm,” I said.

Mom nodded her head.   “Yes, we are fortunate Gary wants to take over the farm from us.   Eric and Laura haven’t decided where they will settle down; but I’m sure it will be close to home, since Laura’s family lives not far from here.”

Randy said, “Mom, we need to talk to Dad about his ongoing harassment.   We’ve tried to tell him to back off but he won’t listen.”

Mom stopped mid-way between the fridge and the table.   She turned around to face Randy.   “What do you propose to do?”

“All four of us are at the point of disowning him, if he won’t stop trying to meddle in our affairs.   He’s been trying to get Shawn and Rick to leave us, so we can marry a girl.   He wants more grandkids to expand his posterity.   I’ve had enough of his blatant attempts to break up my marriage,” Randy said, heatedly.

Mom blanched at the ferocity in Randy’s voice.   “I’m sorry, Randy.”

“It’s not you who needs to be apologizing to me,” Randy said.

Mom looked over at me and asked, “Do you feel the same way?”

“Yes, I do.  Dad has been badgering Rick to leave me with promises that Rick will still be a part of our family; even if he is no longer my boyfriend,” I said.   “He has kept asking me if I’m really certain I’m gay.   He’s even had the audacity to tell me I haven’t given myself the chance to fall in love with a woman.”

My mother’s expression was grim.   Her eyes were like flint and her mouth was set in a thin, hard line.   “I think we need to have a meeting of the minds.”   She looked around the table at us and said, “Let me arrange it so we can discuss his behavior with him.   I think it’s time we got all of his issues out on the table, and address them once and for all.   I can’t stand this hypocrisy.   It makes my blood boil, just thinking about it.”

Randy looked over at me, and I nodded my head.   When my mother gets angry, you had better watch out!   There was no doubt she was angry!

“Please set the table for me, boys,” Mom said.

“Sure, Mom,” Randy said.   We quickly made ourselves scarce.   In the dining room, I took the plates and silverware out of the china hutch.   Randy said, “I wouldn’t want to be in Dad’s shoes right now.”

“Me neither,” I agreed.

The four of us had the table set in no time, and we made our way into the family room.   Rick and I took a seat on the couch; while Randy and Shawn chose to cuddle on the floor in front of the fireplace.   The fire added a cheery glow to the room, as well as making it nice and cozy.

Rick said, “Guys, I don’t think we should threaten to disown your Dad.”

I looked up into his eyes, and asked, “Why?”

“I’m completely cut off from my family at the moment.   I don’t want you to cut yourself off from your family, too, Glenn,” Rick said.   “We need their love and support.   It would be better to work things out, instead running away from the problem.”

“You’re right about trying to work it out with my Dad; however, I will not permit him to continually harass my husband.   We do NOT need his interference in our marriage.   If he can’t honor our boundaries as a couple, then I will NOT have contact with him,” Randy said.

 Shawn said, in soothing tones, “It will be okay, Randy.   I’m sure your father will see the error of his ways.”

We heard the front door open and footsteps in the hallway.   We heard Mom’s voice, “Don, we need to talk.”

A few minutes later, they appeared in the family room.   Dad’s face reflected his confusion at her tone of voice.   “What do we need to talk about?”   Dad’s voice trailed off, when he saw the four of us.  

“I think you know what we need to discuss,” Mom said.   Her tightly controlled voice communicating the fierce anger she felt.

Dad swallowed and sat down in an armchair.   Mom moved to the center of the room and began.   “Let’s start with your stealth campaign to create a rift between our boys and their partners.”

Dad looked at Rick, then at Shawn.   “I don’t….”

Mom cut him off.   “Don’t you dare try to deny it!   I know for a fact that you have been waging a war against my sons.   You have taken every possible opportunity to drive a wedge between them.   Are you so desperate to add to you tally of grandchildren you would have the boys sacrifice their happiness to satisfy your pride?   Do you really think your desires and wishes are superior to their own?   What kind of a selfish, arrogant man are you?   Have you completely taken leave of your senses?”   Here she paused and gathered her breath.   “STOP trying to ruin their lives!   They are not you, and never will be.   They are not farmers.  They are not carbon copies of their father.”   She stopped and placed her hands on her hips.

Dad’s expression had changed from one of concern to one of anger.   He started to speak, when Randy interrupted him.   “Dad, you will stop trying to convince my husband to leave me.   I will not tolerate your continued interference in my marriage.   If you can’t honor my request, we will be forced to cut off all communication with you.   I seem to remember you threw me out of your house once.   This time I will leave it voluntarily and you will never hear from me, or see me again, as long as I live.”

Dad held Randy’s gaze in silence.   When he didn’t respond, Randy continued, “If we ever decide to adopt children, I won’t be bringing them here to be contaminated by your hatred and small-mindedness.”

Dad still didn’t respond to Randy.   I watched his face as a series of emotions appeared there.   My mother was also watching him very closely, because she said, “Don, if you can’t honor Randy’s request, I’ll be leaving with them, when they go.  I will not give up my sons to gratify your pride.   We’ve had this conversation before, and I have not changed my mind.   For too many years, I listened to you, and let you drive our children away from us.   I will not allow you to continue to alienate them.   If you won’t change, then I WILL leave you, make no mistake about that fact.”

Dad had the look of a cornered animal.   I said, “Dad, all we ask is that you stay out of our relationships.   I love Rick and he loves me.   You do not have a place in our relationship.   You need to face the fact I am in love with a man, and we have an intimate relationship.   That is not going to change no matter how hard you try to drive us apart.   You may not agree; but it does not give you the right to dictate to me who should be my partner, or who I want to marry.   More importantly, I expected better from you, Dad.   You have always taught us to act with integrity and honesty.   Going behind my back to persuade Rick not to return to me after he completed his active duty tour was about as dirty a trick as I can imagine.”   I paused, to control my anger.  

“Telling Rick I needed to have a wife and kids, and I would never be happy without them was an outright lie.   I have never felt that way nor shall I ever want a wife.   Then, you added insult to injury by telling Rick the kindest way to let me start my life over with a woman was to never return to me.   You tried to persuade Rick it was okay to dump me.   You reassured him he would still be part of this family, even if he left me.   That statement alone was one of the most devious things I’ve ever heard.   Did you actually think Rick would fall for your deceit?  That he would be beloved by our entire family for dumping me and causing me pain and suffering?   The only one who would have celebrated that outcome is you.   I still can’t imagine how much lower you would be willing to go in order to achieve your desire for me to marry a woman and produce grandchildren for you.”

Dad looked at us and said, “I guess I must be the devil himself, since I’ve already been condemned by all of you.   However, it’s my duty as your father to point out the error of your ways.   It’s the natural order of things for a man to be with a woman and to have children.”

Randy’s face convulsed with anger.   “We’ve been over this ground before, Father.”

“Yes, we have,” Dad said, glaring at Randy.

“Then, we have nothing more to say to each other,” Randy said, standing up and reaching down to help Shawn to his feet.   “Mom, we will be staying in Swift Current, if you want to see us.”

They left the room.   Dad looked over at me, and asked, “Are you going to leave as well?”

I looked at Rick.   Rick asked, “Do you intend to continue to harass us about our relationship?”

“Yes, I do,” Dad said with finality.

“Then, this will be the last time you will see us, as well,” Rick said.   He stood and pulled me to my feet.  

As we left the room, we heard my mother say, “I will be leaving with them.   I will file for divorce tomorrow.   I intend to stay in Canada, until the divorce is final.   After that, I will return to Georgia.”

We continued upstairs and grabbed our luggage.   Randy and Shawn met us in the hallway with their gear.   Randy said, grimly, “Let’s go.”

Mom came out of her room with a suitcase in her hand.   “I’m leaving with you.”

Randy nodded.   “Okay, if you’re ready, we need to be on the road.”

Mom said, “I’m ready.”

We walked down the stairs and out the front door.   We loaded our things into the trunk and climbed into the car.   Mom sat in the front seat with Shawn while Randy sat in the back with me and Rick.   The ride back to Swift Current was mostly silent.   Each of us was lost in our own thoughts.   When we pulled into the driveway, Uncle Dave came to the door to see who had come to visit. 

Seeing us, he asked, “Why are you back here?   Has something gone wrong?”  Then he caught sight of my mother.   “Eva, what’s going on?”

Mom replied, “Let’s go inside, and I will explain everything.”

He turned around and held the door for us, as we hauled our luggage into the house.  

Aunt Mary said, “Come into the kitchen and sit down.   You look like you need something to eat.   I have some leftover turkey and ham in the fridge we can make into sandwiches.”

We all sat down at the table and Mom started to narrate the events of the last few hours.   She finished her narrative, and said, “I’m leaving Don.   I will be filing the divorce papers in the morning.   I have already talked to a lawyer about it; and it shouldn’t take long to get the appropriate paperwork together.”

I was surprised to learn she had already seen a lawyer.   I looked at Randy.   He seemed just as surprised as I was.   Mom saw the look that passed between us.   “Boys, I’ve been thinking about leaving your father for several years now.   Today was the last straw.”

Uncle Dave nodded his head and said, “We’ve been expecting this for a while now.”

Aunt Mary confirmed what he said.   “Dave and I wondered how much longer you would put up with Don’s increasingly extreme views.   We have seen Don become more and more intolerant of other people; starting with Don’s rejection of Randy and Shawn.”

“No, Mary, it started long before that incident.   He’s been that way, since I met him.   I was just too blinded by love to see it.   I should have seen him for what he was, and run as far away as I could.   When I did realize what was going on between him and our children, I tried to act as a buffer to lessen the impact on them.   I tried to help Don see the error of his ways, and persuade him to change; but he’s too stubborn to admit he is in the wrong,” Mom said.

“You are welcome to stay with us, until you can get on your feet,” Aunt Mary said.

We talked about our plans for the rest of the week.   It was decided we would stay at Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary’s place, while we helped Mom get her affairs in order.

After we went to bed, I kissed Rick and said, “Thank you for supporting me, today.   I’m sorry we didn’t take your advice.   I know you wanted to avoid disowning my father.”

Rick caressed my cheek with his fingertips.   “It’s okay, Glenn.   I understand why we need to set boundaries for Dad.   He made it clear he wasn’t going to stop trying to ruin our relationship.   However, I think things will work out for the best.”

I looked deeply into his eyes and said, “I hope you’re right.  I’m a little worried about Mom.”

Rick laughed.   “I don’t think you have to worry about her, Glenn.   She already has prepared in advance for this situation.   It sounds like she has a very well thought out plan, and has taken steps to ensure things will work out for her.”

I nodded my head.   “I know you’re right; but I still worry.”

“Glenn, your mother has a good support network here.   Besides Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary, she has your brothers and their families,” Rick pointed out.

“She did say she was planning to return to Georgia,” I said.   “Do you think she is going to try to skip the one year waiting period for the divorce to be final?”

“No, I don’t,” Rick responded.   “She still loves your Dad, Glenn.  I don’t think she wants to leave him, but feels compelled to do so because of his ongoing interference in our lives.”

“What surprised me the most, Rick, is the fact he didn’t try to stop her,” I said.

Rick thought for a moment, before answering.   “I think Dad didn’t really think she would follow through with her threat to leave him.”

“We did hear Mom say that when she called my brothers and sister to tell them she left Dad,” I said.

Rick said, “Sweetheart, we need to get some rest.   We can talk more in the morning.”

I smiled and nodded my head in agreement.   He kissed me and wrapped his arms around me.   I said, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he responded.

I laid my head on his chest, and fell asleep listening to the steady beat of his heart.

Earlier that evening, Greg and Cory were sitting in the Stetson’s family room with Joey and Tyler.   Tyler said, “You both look very happy.”

“We are,” Cory replied.

“I wish Joey and I could be married, just like you guys,” Tyler said.

“We can,” Joey said.   “But, we have to wait until my divorce goes through.   Not only that, you’re still working on your master’s degree in Spain.”

Tyler said, “I’ll be finished in July.”

“But you’re still planning to study in Chile for your doctorate,” Joey said.

“Yes, but we can still be married, and you can move with me to Chile,” Tyler said.

Joey said, thoughtfully, “We will need to figure out what we will do with my girls during that time.   I’m hoping to gain full custody of them.”

Tyler smiled, “We can rent a house complete with a maid and a housekeeper.   I’m sure we can find a nanny for them, so you could work during the day.   I am hoping to get a stipend that will cover our living expenses, so you won’t have to work.”

Joey leaned over and kissed his boyfriend.   “I love you, Tyler.”

Tyler grinned.   “I know.”

Greg asked, “When do you have to return to Spain?”

“January 8th.   Classes begin on January 9th,” Tyler responded.

Greg asked, “How have you handled being apart?”

“Tyler’s absence has been a blessing for me, because I’m not sure I could keep from letting everyone know I love him,” Joey said.   “Of course, I wish he was going to school here in Virginia.”

“Being apart has made me appreciate Joey so much more,” Tyler said.

“There are days when I get really depressed and Ray and Darla have done their best to help me,” Joey said.

Cory smiled, and said, “Mom and Dad are great people for that.”

Joey nodded his head.   “Yes, they are.   You are very lucky to have such wonderful parents, Cory.”

Ray came into the family room, and said, “Dinner is ready, boys.”

Greg said, “It smells good.”

The guys followed Ray into the kitchen.   Darla said, “Take a seat and we’ll say grace.”

With the prayer said, they soon were enjoying a very delicious meal of chicken cordon bleu, au gratin potatoes, steamed asparagus and a green salad.   “Thanks, Mom, for making my favorite meal,” Cory said.

“You’re most welcome,” she said.   “I’ve made an apple pie for dessert.”

Greg said, “That’s my favorite!”

After dinner, they played board games and enjoyed listening to Tyler’s stories of his travels in Europe.   It was just past ten o’clock, when Tyler stood up and said, “I need to be going.”

Joey looked crestfallen.   “Can’t you stay?”

Tyler answered, “Joey, you know I can’t stay with you if we want to make sure no one finds out about us.”

Joey nodded his head in acknowledgment.   “I know, but I want you so much.”   He looked so forlorn, Tyler pulled Joey into his embrace.   Tyler said, “I’m willing to risk being discovered, if you’re sure you want me to stay.”

Joey started to answer, but Tyler put his finger to Joey’s lips.   “Joey, we are putting you at risk in your custody battle, if I stay.   If things go wrong, I don’t want you to be angry with me for staying.”   He paused to look deeply into Joey’s eyes.   “You were the one who decided I couldn’t stay with you while I’m home, remember?   I wanted to be here with you and I still want that.”

Joey said, “Kathy is in Florida with the girls.   She is staying with Andrew’s parents.”

Greg asked, “Who is Andrew?”

“He’s Kathy’s new boyfriend.   She has been through four different guys.   This is number five,” Joey replied.

“Doesn’t it bother you that she’s seeing other guys?” Cory asked.

“No, it doesn’t because I’ve already got someone else,” Joey said, smiling at Tyler.   “Call your parents to let them know you won’t be coming home tonight.”

Tyler released his lover, and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.   He made his call, then turned to Joey.   “That’s been taken care of, now I want you naked!”

Joey grinned and said, “Good night, guys.”

Greg laughed, “Good night, Joey.”

The two guys left the family room, and climbed the stairs to Joey bedroom.   As soon as the door was closed, Joey had his clothes off and turned to help Tyler.   Their passion blazed in their eyes, as their lips met.   Joey moved them over to his bed and pushed Tyler down on the mattress, pinning his arms over his head as their lips met, again.   He released Tyler’s arms and ran his hands over Tyler’s hairless chest.   They soon were lost in the fire of their desires, as their months of separation culminated in this moment of reunion and renewal.

Tyler looked deeply into Joey’s eyes and said, “Joey, I want you to move to Spain with me.”

Joey looked at Tyler in surprise.   “How can I do that?”

“Easy.   You pack your suitcase.   We buy you a ticket to Madrid, and we leave together,” Tyler said.

“What about the custody battle for the girls?” Joey asked.

“We’ll make sure you’re here for the court date.   Your lawyer can handle everything in the meantime.”   Tyler saw Joey was about to object.   “Joey, are you interacting with Kathy now?”

“No, but I get to see the girls every other weekend,” Joey said.

“Why don’t you take your visitation time with girls during their holidays and summer vacation?   That way you don’t interrupt their schooling and you will get to spend extended periods of time with them, instead of two days out of every 14,” Tyler said.

“What if I get full custody of the girls?” Joey asked.

“They will come to live with us, and Kathy will get them on holidays and during the summer, just like you would if she has full custody,” Tyler responded.

“But right now we have joint custody,” Joey said.

“That doesn’t mean it will continue,” Tyler said.   “You, yourself, said that Kathy is trying to take you completely out of her life, and out of the girls’ lives as well.”

“I want to keep the girls in my life, Tyler,” Joey said.

“I know that, Joey,” Tyler responded.   “I’m just saying I need you, Joey.   I need you with me in Spain.   I’m so lonely, Joey.   I want you to be with me.”

Joey saw the deep sadness in his lover’s eyes and responded by kissing Tyler.   “I know, Babe.   I feel the same way.   The court date to finalize my divorce has been set for April.   What am I going to do about a job if I go with you?”

“You don’t have to work at all.   I’ve got my stipend that pays for a house with a housekeeper and a maid,” Tyler said.

“But I’ll have to pay child support.   How am I going to do that if I’m not working?” Joey asked.

“We can find you something,” Tyler said.   The university has all kinds of odd jobs,” Tyler said.

“But I don’t speak Spanish,” protested Joey.

“You will, if you come with me to Spain,” Tyler said, with a wide grin on his face.

Joey shook his head in disbelief.   “Do you have an answer for everything?”

Tyler’s bright smile gleamed in the dim light of the digital clock.   “Yes, I have given it a lot of thought.  I want you in Spain with me; not here wasting away, worrying about the divorce.”

Joey sighed.   “I guess it will work.”

“Of course, it will work.   I will make a few phone calls tomorrow.   I think my Dad can help us find you a job,” Tyler said.

“Won’t your Dad figure out you’re gay?” Joey said.

“I came out to them this morning, before coming here,” Tyler said.

“You didn’t tell me you were going to out yourself to them!” Joey exclaimed.

“Well, I did, and they are fine with me being gay.   In fact, Dad said he’s known for years I was attracted to guys,” Tyler said.   He put his hand to Joey’s chin and closed his mouth.   “They want to meet you.   I told them I was in love with the most wonderful man on the planet, and I want to get married to him.”

Joey’s mind was whirling.   He didn’t know what to think.   Seeing Tyler’s jubilant face brought his mind back into focus.   “I’m happy they have accepted you for who you are.   When am I going to meet them?”

“Tomorrow night at dinner,” Tyler said.

Joey kissed Tyler and said, “You are the best!”

“No, Joey, you are.   I’m so happy I met you,” Tyler said.   He put his arms around Joey and pulled him close.  

Joey said, “I love you, Tyler.”

“I love you, Joey,” replied Tyler.

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