The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 108: The Twins’ Wedding

Cory glanced over at Greg, who had fallen asleep.   After they had gotten on the road, they had talked for a while; but Greg had finally resigned himself to riding as a passenger, and had relaxed enough to fall asleep.  Cory noticed the gas gauge showed they had a little under a quarter of a tank left.   He began looking for a gas station.   Seeing one ahead, he signaled and turned off the road.   He pulled into the station and filled up the tank.   As he stood there, he smiled at the guys who gave him envious stares; most of them older guys.   He knew they had to be thinking he was some rich kid whose parents had spoiled him with a new Ferrari for graduation.   It felt good to know he was, indeed, spoiled by his husband’s adopted family.   Grandpa Scarborough had made it very clear he and Greg were to be treated like his own natural-born children.

He finished filling the tank and got back into the car.   He put down a little bit of rubber, as he peeled out of the gas station.   He glanced in his rearview mirror, laughing at the astonished looks on the guys’ faces standing next to their SUV’s and mini-vans.   He definitely could keep his man card, while they should be giving up theirs!   Mini-vans and SUVs were for the unmanly crowd; tied down by their wives and handcuffed to their domestic tranquility!   At least he had married a macho guy who loved sports, working out, and driving very fast cars!   Greg would never tie him down, or prevent him from doing “manly” things.   In fact, Greg had helped him improve himself in so many ways.   Since their marriage, Greg had become Cory’s personal trainer.   They worked out together and ate a healthy diet.   Cory would never match Greg’s strength and endurance; but, he, at least could keep up with him, and enjoy working out alongside his husband.  

Greg had also made it very clear they were equal partners in everything they did.   Greg knew Cory would let him take the alpha male role if he wanted it; but, that wasn’t Greg’s native inclination.   He wanted to be loved and cared for, while at the same time he wanted to love and care for someone in return.   Cory loved Greg for working with him to develop a relationship where both of them could reach their full potential, while providing each of them with the love and support they so desperately needed and wanted.   The beauty of their relationship was it had developed naturally.   Neither of them had sat down and planned it all out in advance.   They had spontaneously thrown out their ideas for the other to consider, and things had come together for them.   That was just the way their relationship worked.  

He continued his ruminations, while at the same time navigating down the highway; continuing their journey north.   He had been driving for nearly 5 hours, now.   He figured they were just past the half-way point.   Cory had planned their route the night before, and he had calculated it would take about 10 hours to cover the 512 miles (824 km.) between Woodbridge, Virginia, and Toronto.   He drove on for another hour, and decided to stop to get something to eat.   He pulled into a McDonalds and parked the car.

Cory reached over and shook Greg’s shoulder.   “Wake up, sleepy head.”

Greg stretched his lithe frame, putting his long arms over his head and cracking his knuckles.   He looked over at Cory and asked, “What time is it?”

“It’s almost 7 PM,” Cory replied.

Greg shook his head.   “I must have been really tired.   I don’t normally sleep during the day; but, I sure feel much better.”

“I think the seizure took a lot out of you,” Cory said.

Greg shook his head.   “I don’t want to admit it, but you were right.   I can’t think of anything else that would cause me to sleep so long.”

Cory grinned and pointed to Greg’s tented jeans.   “I think your subconscious mind knew what you wanted.”

Greg laughed and rubbed his crotch.   “It’s all yours, Babe.”

Cory took his hand and said, “Let’s wait until we get to the hotel.   Then, I want you naked and begging for mercy.”

Greg gave Cory a lecherous look, and said, “Okay, I’ll hold that thought.”

They climbed out of the car and headed inside.   They ordered their food and found a booth.   Greg went back for some ketchup.   Cory couldn’t help admiring Greg’s bubble butt in his very tight jeans.   He sometimes still wondered how he managed to snag such a stud for a husband!   He was still staring at his husband when Greg turned and walked back to their table.

He had a goofy grin on his face.   “You can’t get enough of me, can you?”

Cory blushed and said, “You know I love you.”

Greg laughed.   “Yes, I know you love me; but, I also know you’re addicted to the great sex life we have.”

Cory’s blushed deepened.   He nodded his head.   “I love every inch of your gorgeous body.”

Greg sat down and brushed the hair out of Cory’s eyes.   He cupped his cheek in the palm of his enormous hand, and held Cory’s gaze.   “I’m just as addicted to you, as you are to me.”

Cory put his hand up to cover Greg’s.   Then he took Greg’s hand in both of his.   “I thank God for sending you into my life, Greg.”

“As do I,” Greg said.

Cory released Greg’s hand, and they turned their attention to their food.   It wasn’t long before they cleared their table and returned to the Ferrari.

Cory said, “You can drive if you want.”

Greg shook his head.   “I still feel groggy from sleeping most of the afternoon; but, I’ll stay awake and keep you company.”

They climbed back into car, and Cory got them back on the highway.   Greg pulled out his cell phone and placed a call to Grandpa.

“Hello, Greg,” Grandpa said, answering the phone.

“Hi, Grandpa,” Greg said.   “We’re still about 4 hours away from Toronto.”

“Thanks for calling us.   I was beginning to get worried something had happened to you.   I’ve booked you into a Jacuzzi suite.   Is that alright with you?”

Greg looked over at Cory and grinned.   “It’s more than alright, Grandpa!”

Grandpa laughed.   “I thought you two love birds would enjoy it.”

“I think we’ll put the Jacuzzi tub to good use, tonight,” Greg said.

Hearing there was a Jacuzzi tub in their room, Cory said, “Thanks, Grandpa!”

Grandpa laughed, again, “I heard that.  Tell Cory he’s very welcome.”

Greg turned his head and said, “Grandpa says, ‘You’re welcome.’”

Cory smiled, “I can’t wait to get there, now.”

Greg said, “We’ll see you in a few hours.”

“Drive safely, Greg,” Grandpa said.   “Please ring our room when you get in.”   He gave Greg their room number.

Greg ended the call and said, “Grandpa is so awesome!”

“We are very fortunate he is such a generous man,” Cory said.

“The twins are very lucky to have parents who support them,” Greg said.  

“And so are you, Greg.   Don’t forget they are your parents, as well,” Cory said.

“I haven’t forgotten,” Greg said.   “They’re your parents, too!”

“Yes, they are,” Cory acknowledged.   “I am very grateful we met Rick when we were in the Boy Scouts; because if we hadn’t met him, we wouldn’t have met Glenn, or his family.”

“I wish Rick would propose to Glenn.   Glenn loves him so much,” Greg said.

“Maybe we can work on him, while we’re in Toronto.   I know he can’t help seeing how happy we are together,” Cory said.

“Even Robbie and Adam are getting married,” Greg said.  “It would be really cool, if we had another double wedding!”

“It would be; but, I don’t think Rick is ready to make that commitment to Glenn,” Cory said.   “He loves being in the military and won’t give it up.”

Greg said, “I wish Rick could see how much it hurts Glenn to see all of our friends getting married, while he has to hope Rick won’t abandon him for a woman.”

“I don’t think Rick will ever do that to Glenn.   I think you’re doing Rick a disservice, because I think he really and truly loves Glenn,” Cory said.

Greg said, “I guess you’re right.   We saw that on our trip to Cancun.”

Cory grinned.   “That was a once in a lifetime trip!   You have to admit you’ve never been as horny as you were on that trip.”

Greg laughed and said, “Not nearly as horny as you!”

“We’ll have to convince Zach and Todd to plan another trip for us, just like it,” Cory said.

“Don’t you love living with other gay couples?” Greg asked.

“I do.   It has made a big difference for me, to see how much they love each other.   It drives home the point that gay couples are just as happy as straight ones.   The one thing I like the most is I can talk openly about things with them and I know they’ll understand,” Cory said.

“You’re right about that.   They aren’t judging you because you’re gay, or pretending they aren’t offended when you talk about your husband,” Greg said.

“Or being harassed or jeered at, for being married to another guy,” Cory said.

“Where do you want to live when we graduate from school?” Greg asked.

“I don’t know.   I guess it will depend on where we find jobs,” Cory said.

“Would you want to move to Canada?” Greg said.

“Sure.   I love Canada.   The people are so friendly, and it’s where Glenn is from,” Cory said.

“I think we should look around Toronto.   I’ve heard it’s a gay friendly city,” Greg said.

“Minneapolis is pretty gay friendly, too,” Cory said.

“Yes, it is; but Minnesota doesn’t recognize our marriage as being legal.   Ontario does,” Greg said.   “I hate being treated as a second class citizen, just because of who I love.”

“Greg, if you want to move to Canada, I’m with you.   We just have to have jobs so we can support ourselves,” Cory said.

They continued to talk about their future together as they travelled.   The time seemed to fly, as it always does with newlyweds!

They arrived at the hotel just before midnight.   They checked into their room.   While Cory unpacked their suitcase, Greg phoned Grandpa.

“Grandpa, we’re here,” Greg said.

“I’m glad you made it safely,” Grandpa said.   “We’ll see you at 8 AM for breakfast.”

“Okay, Good night,” Greg said.

“Good night, son,” Grandpa responded.

Greg hung up the phone, and turned to find his husband had already stripped out of his clothes.   He could hear the water filling the Jacuzzi.   Cory came over and pulled Greg into his arms.   “My dear husband, I require your services.”

Greg grinned, and said, “I am always at your service.”

Greg quickly lost his clothes, and let Cory lead him to the Jacuzzi.   Cory had added some bubble bath to the water, and the suds were just the right touch.   They turned off the water and climbed into the tub.   Greg began caressing Cory’s body.   Cory leaned back against Greg’s chest and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of Greg’s skin next to his.   He was in heaven!   Every gay guy in the entire world should have the experience of sitting in a Jacuzzi tub with their husband!

Greg gently bit Cory’s earlobe.   Cory moaned in pure pleasure, as Greg’s hand grazed his already sensitive member.   He arched his back and thrust against Greg’s hand.  Greg curled his fingers around Cory’s throbbing cock.  

Greg whispered, huskily, into his ear, “Don’t come yet, Babe.”

Cory turned his head and Greg captured his lips in a passionate kiss.

Rick said, “Randy and Shawn are certainly noisy when they fuck.”

I laughed, “We aren’t any better.”

Rick grinned and said, “I’m not the one who moans so much.”

I said, “Yes, but you’re the one who brings me so much pleasure.”

“So it’s my fault you can’t control yourself,” Rick said.   He teasingly ran his tongue over my nipples, then gently bit each one, causing my cock to jump in response.   Rick kissed me deeply.   When he pulled back, “Are you ready to let Randy and Shawn know we’re having as much fun as they are?”  I nodded, as Rick continued his full assault on my senses, pursuing his goal of taking me to new heights of passion!

Rick had fallen asleep after his stellar performance!   I felt safe and warm in his embrace.   I listened to his heartbeat and felt the gentle movement of his lungs.   Most nights, I would have fallen into a deep sleep; but, tonight, I was thinking about Mom and Dad.   It had really bothered me when Gary and Eric had accused us of causing Mom and Dad’s marital problems.   But, what was even more disturbing was Mom’s list of injuries and slights that had been accumulating over the many years our parents had been married.   Many of the things on her list were things I hadn’t noticed as being an issue.   It was just how things were at our house.   In retrospect, I should have known things weren’t right; and I blamed myself for not speaking up on her behalf.  I just don’t understand how my mother could let things go on for so long, without taking some kind of action to change things.

Maybe that was why I hadn’t seen anything wrong with how Rick treated me, at first.   It had seemed natural to me Rick would play the dominate role in our relationship. It hadn’t occurred to me things should be different, until Rick was gone on active duty.  Living with gay roommates, who were married to each other, really opened my eyes to how a loving relationship should work.   Each of the married couples talked with me about their relationship.   They were very open about what was working for them, and what wasn’t.

I became a de facto marriage counselor; even though I wasn’t married myself.   It was an interesting situation because all of them would talk about macho stuff with my cousin, Ben; but, when it came to love and relationships, they all turned to me for advice.   I felt totally unqualified to be giving them any advice, or counsel.   Most of the time, I just listened, letting them air their frustrations.    After spending so much time with them, I realized the tough guy image they cultivated was just a cover up for the very vulnerable and sensitive guy who lived inside each of them.

Maybe that was Dad’s problem.   He was trying to project a tough guy image, but was really a softy on the inside and didn’t want anyone to know it.   I needed to talk to Mom about it in the morning.   As much as I didn’t really care for my Dad, on a personal level, I knew Mom loved him very much.   I wanted her to be happy; so that meant trying to help Dad figure out what he needed to do to fix their relationship.

Dad and I had tolerated each other over the years; but, since I didn’t live under his roof, anymore, I felt no compunction to hide my real feelings for him.   I think Mom always knew I didn’t like Dad, because she tried to act as a buffer between us.   Of all of my brothers, I am the one least like my father.   Greg and Eric are almost carbon copies of him.   Randy is a combination of Mom and Dad; but me, I’m the most like my mother.   You would think it would endear me to my father; but, it had the completely opposite effect.   He made his opinion of me pretty clear; and, of course, mine of him was a perfect reflection of his.   But, I was a child and couldn’t really express my opinion, without putting myself in physical danger.   So, as a result, I learned to keep my thoughts to myself.  Like most teenagers, I was very self-absorbed.   It really wasn’t hard to see why I hadn’t seen, or noticed what was happening between my parents.   I finally decided to give myself a break and let go of the guilt I was feeling about my parents’ problems.

I moved on to thoughts about me and Rick and our relationship.   In my mind, I went over the past two and a half years since I met Rick.   Rick had always been protective of me.   He admitted he had wanted to see if he could do to a guy what he did to the women he brought home every weekend.   But he hadn’t been able to carry out his plan, when he overheard how torn up I was about being dumped by Ian.   From day one, Rick had become my protector, my knight in shining armor, my prince charming.   The only problem had been how overprotective Rick was.   I felt smothered, and, at times, isolated.  

Rick’s deployment overseas had seemed like a tragedy, at the time.   I remember feeling so devastated and alone.   But it had been the best thing for us.   That year apart caused both of us to reevaluate where we stood with each other.   In the end, it had strengthened our relationship; and we came out of the experience more committed to each other than before.  

It was during that year, Rick pushed me to start seeing a counselor.   I don’t think Rick truly understands, even now, just how down and depressed I was at times.   The guys tried to keep my spirits up; but sometimes they couldn’t reach me.   Justin was the only one who completely understood the trauma I had experienced and knew how I felt.   Justin was my anchor during those times when I hit bottom.   I tried to reciprocate; but I wasn’t always successful.   I still see a shrink once a month to help me stay on an even keel.   I feel pretty confident I’ve overcome most of my issues from being raped by John; but every once in a while, something triggers a response in my brain and I can’t control my physical response to those memories.   I become nauseated and very sick.  

I must have been reacting to those memories because Rick tightened his embrace and I heard him murmur, “It’s okay, Glenn.   Everything is going to be okay.”

I lifted my head to see if he was awake.   He wasn’t.   It made me smile to think that even in his sleep, Rick still was my protector!   That reassurance was what I needed as I finally drifted off.

I awoke and found I was alone in our bed.   I rolled over and found the room was empty.   I stood up and stretched.   Rick walked into the room.   He grinned as he caught sight of my morning wood.   “You look like you need me to pay some attention to that.”   He held out his hand, taking hold of my cock, and said, “Come with me.”  I smiled at him and let him lead me to the luxurious shower.

Finishing up our shower, Rick said, “I’m glad they have an unlimited supply of hot water.”

“Same here,” I replied, grinning from ear to ear.   Rick, as always, had satisfied my every desire!   Did I ever mention our morning shower together is one of my favorite activities of the day?

We dried each other off, then helped each other dress for the day.   The twins’ wedding was scheduled for this afternoon.   I leaned back against Rick’s chest as we looked at our reflection in the mirror.   Rick wrapped his arms around my waist.   I turned my head for a kiss.   “I love you.”

Rick smiled, “You had better love me, after I let you have your way with me this morning.”

I laughed, and retorted, “You were begging me to fuck you; so don’t even go there!”

Rick grinned, “I wish you would do it more often.”

The smile had slipped from my face, as I gazed into his eyes in the mirror.   I squeezed his arms that held me close.    “You know why I can’t do that right now.”

Rick turned me around in his arms and put his hands on either side of my face.   “I’m here to help you, Glenn.   Please trust me.”

I took his hands in mine and said, “I want to make you happy, Rick.   I really do.   I’ve got to find a way to get rid of the fear that comes over me.   I know it’s irrational and illogical and all of that.   Believe me, I get it!”

Rick said, “I’m not going to give up, Glenn.   I want us to have a completely equal relationship and that includes who fucks who.   I want to give you as much pleasure as you give me.   I want to be everything to you.”

I nodded my head.   “I want the same thing.   I really do.”  Rick kissed me and pulled me closer and held me tight.   I buried my face in his chest.   I snuggled against him.   “I love you so much, Rick.”

Rick nuzzled my hair.   “You are my snuggle bug.”

I lifted my head and kissed him.   “Yes, I am.”

“Let’s get breakfast,” Rick said, releasing me from his embrace.

I took his hand in mine and we walked into the sitting room to find Randy and Shawn watching the news.   Randy looked up at us.   “It looks like someone got some this morning.”

Rick grinned and put his arm around my shoulders.   “Someone needed some extra special attention this morning.”

I blushed and said, “I can’t help being horny in the morning.   If Rick wasn’t such a good looking stud, it wouldn’t be such a problem!”

Shawn guffawed, “I don’t think there’s a problem with Rick.   Do you?”

I laughed.   “No, he is physically well endowed and I love him just the way he is.”

Rick said, “Let’s go eat.”   Rick’s stomach rumbled and we all burst into laughter.

“Come with me, Babe.   We’ll leave these two to watch the news,” I said.

Shawn turned off the television and stood up.   “We’ll join you.”   He reached down and pulled his husband to his feet.  

We made our way down to the hotel restaurant.   As soon as we entered, we saw Grandpa and Grandma sitting at a table with Mom.   They waved us over.   “Good morning, boys,” Grandpa said.   “Please have a seat.   Greg and Cory will be down in a few minutes.”

We took our seats next to them leaving the two on the end for Greg and Cory.   “When did they get in?” Rick asked.

“They arrived just after midnight,” Grandpa replied.

The two guys in question entered the restaurant at that moment.   Rick and I waved them over.   They smiled when they saw us.

They took their seats and Greg looked at us and said, “I can tell you guys had some fun last night.”

Rick gave Greg a wide grin and said, “And, again, this morning.”

Cory laughed and jabbed Greg in the ribs.   “See, we’re no different than anyone else.”

Greg caught his husband’s hand and held it.   “I told Cory only newlyweds had such an appetite for sex.”

Randy snickered and said, “Rick and Glenn are as close to being newlyweds as you are, but they aren’t married.”

Mom smiled and said, “I can see all you guys have on your minds is sex.”

Randy laughed, “Yes, it’s true; but we’re young and in love.   You know our hormones are still running pretty high.”

Grandpa said, “That will be true all of your lives, boys.”

“It’s particularly true for us, because we each have the perfect partner,” Greg said.

“Speaking of partners, where are our soon to be married uncles?” Randy asked.

“They ordered breakfast to be sent up to their rooms,” Grandma said.   “We checked on them before we came down to the restaurant.”

“I’m pretty impressed with Bob and Corey’s fiancés,” Mom said.   “Jasper is the perfect guy for Bob.   They were so cute together last night.”

Grandma said, “Yes, they were really cute.   Jasper has yet to comprehend he has become part of our family and we’re okay with them being married.”

“It did seem like Jasper couldn’t believe he was really going to be married today,” Grandpa said.   “His fear of being outed as a gay man has been so deeply ingrained in him, he is having a very difficult time adjusting to being fully accepted as being gay.”

They were interrupted by the waiter.   They placed their orders and he left them, promising to return with their beverages.  

Grandma said, “Everything is ready for this afternoon.   We’ve done everything we could, to make this a very special event for the boys.   We worked with the wedding planner and came up with a really nice package.”

Knowing how Grandma helped with Keith and Kerry’s wedding, I was sure everything was, indeed, taken care of and well organized.

My cell phone vibrated in my pocket.   I pulled it out to see who had sent me a text message.   Rick asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s Keith.   They’re on their way down.   He says to save him some food,” I said.  

Grandpa chuckled and said, “Tell him to hurry, or there won’t be anything left.”

Greg and Cory stood up and asked the waiter if they could bring over another table.   They helped him bring over another table and chairs.   Greg and Cory had just sat down when Keith and Kerry arrived.   Kerry walked over and gave me a quick kiss and handed me the baby.   “I’m glad you’re here, Glenn.   Thank you for holding Ethan for me.”

“I love the little guy,” I said.

“And he loves both you and Rick,” Kerry said, smiling.   She sat next to me with Keith on her other side.

The waiter reappeared with our beverages.   He put a pot of coffee in the center of the table along with carafes of orange juice and water.   He took Keith and Kerry’s orders and disappeared into the kitchen.

Keith said, “Mom and Dad ordered room service.   Roger, Tina and Jason should be here later this morning.   They stayed overnight in Buffalo.”

Grandpa said, “Roger called me when they reached Buffalo.   I told them to check into a hotel rather than try to drive into Toronto.”

“It’s a good thing the wedding is in the afternoon,” Grandma said.

“Yes, it is.   They had car problems yesterday, delaying them,” Grandpa said.   “Since I have most of you here, I wanted to ask your opinion.”  We looked at Grandpa and waited for him to continue.   “I’m thinking we should help the boys set up new businesses.   The twins have been very faithful to us over the years.   They have helped me on the farm and have never complained.   Neither of them are really farmers at heart, and I know that.   I have already spoken to Stan and Sharon and they are in agreement with me.   However, I wanted to get your thoughts.”

Keith said, “I’m all for it.   You are helping us to get our college education.”

Grandma said, “That’s true; but we helped them get their education, just as we did for Sharon and Eva.   This would be something more.”

Grandpa said, “We have set up the family corporation to help our family move forward with a secure financial future.   Thus far, it has been used mainly for real estate purposes, to ensure everyone has a home.   We have helped Glenn’s friends set up businesses, and it seems to be working out for us and for them.   I guess what I’m trying to say is, I want to make sure no one feels like we’re playing favorites.   Everyone in the family has the same opportunities to receive our assistance, as any other member of the family.”

Randy said, “We know that, Grandpa.   Shawn and I haven’t needed help; so we haven’t asked, and we’re okay with how you’re doing things.”

Grandpa smiled and said, “Yes, but I have some ideas I want to share with you and Shawn at another time.   You aren’t financially independent like you should be, Randy.   No one in our family should be living from pay check to pay check.   That’s not to say you shouldn’t have to work for what you have; but none of you should have to worry about a roof over your heads, or going hungry.   Your Grandmother and I have done our best to ensure our posterity will thrive and prosper.”

Grandma said, “We want to offer the twins an opportunity to make their dreams come true, now they have found their soul mates.   If that dream includes staying on the farm, it would be wonderful; however, I know it is not where their hearts are.”

“So, who will run the farm when you’re gone?” Keith asked.

“When we get too old to run it, we will hire someone to run it for us; just like any other business we invest in, but don’t have the manpower to run ourselves,” Grandpa said.

Our breakfast arrived and our conversation turned to the wedding.   Rick took my hand in his, leaning over to whisper in my ear, “I love you.”

I turned my head and he kissed me.   “I love you, too,” I said.

Greg saw us kissing and grinned.   “You’re right, Randy.   They do act like newlyweds.”

I blushed and said, “What can I say?   We’re in love with each other.”

After breakfast, we returned to our rooms and relaxed.   Grandpa had arranged for a lunch buffet at Il Fornello for us to visit with Bob and Corey before the wedding.   Greg and Cory joined us in our suite.

Greg asked, “Is it true your mom has left your dad?”

Randy answered, “Yes, it is Greg.   It made for a pretty depressing New Year’s celebration.”

Shawn said, “Randy, you’re being a little melodramatic.”

“Alright, we managed to have a good time; but you have to admit it wasn’t what any of us had imagined it would be.”

I said, “No, it wasn’t; but, like you said, Randy, we still had a nice time.   Dad will have to figure out what he’s going to do.”

“Why isn’t Nancy coming to the wedding?” Cory asked.

“She had a project she needed to finish for school.   Gary and Eric are still angry with Mom for leaving Dad, and decided not to come,” I said.

“That’s too bad they decided not to be here.   I was looking forward to being with them,” Greg said.

Randy said, “It’s just as well they didn’t come, Greg.   Despite what Mom told them about why she left Dad, they still blame me and Glenn for their breakup.   I know I, for one, wouldn’t have stayed in the same room with them after what they had to say to us.”

“But I thought they accepted you for being gay?” Greg said.

“They say the words, Greg, but deep down, they really don’t,” Shawn said.   “They don’t want to be the ones who are shown to be anti-gay; but their true colors came out when they confronted us.”

Greg’s shock was apparent in his face.   “But Grandpa and Grandma have always been so supportive of me and Cory.”

“We’re not talking about them, Greg.   We’re talking about my brothers and their wives.   They have never really accepted the fact they have two gay brothers,” Randy said.

“They didn’t seem to mind being around me and Greg,” Cory said.

“That’s because they don’t have to deal with you, like they do Glenn and me,” Randy said.   “You’re our uncles, Greg and Cory, not our siblings.”

“But that shouldn’t matter,” Greg said.

“To us, it doesn’t matter,” Randy said.   “You and Cory are just as much a part of our immediate family, as Glenn and Rick are.   But to Gary and Eric, you’re not, so it doesn’t matter to them that you’re gay.”

Shawn saw Greg’s troubled look.   “Greg, we’re a normal family.   That means we’re not perfect.   Some of us are more accepting of each other; while others are much less so.   Just because Gary and Eric haven’t completely accepted you doesn’t mean the entire family feels that way.”

“I guess I had this image of the Scarborough family as the perfect family for a gay guy,” Greg said.

“It is,” I said.  “We have grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins who love us and accept us for who we are.   They support us and encourage us to reach our full potential.   Yes, we have one or two who aren’t that way; but that’s okay.”

 Rick said, “Greg and Cory, you are part of a large family who loves you.”

Cory said, “Yes, we know that.   Don’t we, Greg?”

Greg said, “Yes, we do.   It’s just I had a run in with my mother and I had a seizure as a result.”

“What happened?” Shawn asked.

Greg and Cory related what had happened.   Cory said, “We need to get Greg in to see a doctor about his seizures.”

“We need to talk to Grandpa about it,” Greg said.   “I don’t want to wait to see a doctor.”

“Maybe you can get in with a specialist here in Toronto,” Randy said.

Shawn said, “Let me do some research.”   He stood up and walked into their bedroom.   He returned with his laptop.   A few minutes later, he had a list of specialists up on the screen.   He handed the laptop to Greg.   “Start calling.”

Greg and Cory spent the next hour talking on the phone.   When they finished, Greg said, “We have an appointment in the morning.   We’ll have to pay cash, but they said they could get us in for a consultation.”

Cory said, “Let’s go talk to Grandpa, and tell him what we’ve done.”

Greg said, “Okay.”

They left our room and walked down the hallway to my grandparents’ suite.   Greg knocked on the door.   Grandpa opened it and said, “Come in, boys.”  Greg and Cory walked in and sat down on the couch next to Grandma.   Eva was seated in the loveseat across from them.   Grandpa took a seat in the armchair next to Grandma.

Greg said, “We’ve arranged to see a neurologist, tomorrow.”

Grandpa said, “How did you manage to do that on such short notice.”

“I called my neurologist in Virginia and asked him to call the doctor here.   Dr. Chandra made the call and arranged for us to see Dr. Rashidi.   Apparently, they knew each other from their days at medical school,” Greg said.

“I’m glad to see my son knows how to get things done,” Grandpa said.

Eva said, “All of your children have done well, and Greg and Cory are no exception to that rule.”

Greg blushed at the praise.   He said, awkwardly, “Thank you, Eva.”

She smiled and said, “You can call me Mom if you want to, since you still call our parents, Grandpa and Grandma, like Rick and Glenn do.”

Cory said, “I think that would be easier for us.”

Eva smiled, “Rick and Glenn seem to always find the highest quality friends and you guys are two of the finest.”

“What time is the appointment tomorrow,” Grandma asked.

“It’s at 10 AM,” Greg answered.

“Do you want us to accompany you?” she asked.

Greg shook his head, “No.   As long as Cory is with me, I’ll be fine.”

Cory put his arms around Greg shoulders and said, “We’ll be fine.   We will let you know what the doctor tells us as soon as we return from our appointment.”

Hearing Cory refer to the doctor’s appointment as “their” appointment brought a smile to Eva’s face.   She looked at the two young men and said, “It does my heart good to see how much you love each other.   It gives me hope that maybe I can still salvage my marriage; because Don and I weren’t much different than you boys when we were first married.”

“Have you spoken with Don?” Grandpa asked.

“Yes, we talked for a few minutes last night,” Eva said.

“Well?” he asked.

“We agreed on a date for our first mediation session,” Eva said.

“So he’s not going to try marriage counseling?” Grandma asked.

Eva’s face reflected her deep sadness.   Her eyes were bright with unshed tears as she shook her head.   “No, I don’t think he will.”

“Is he really so full of pride he won’t try to work things out?” Cory asked.

Eva looked at Cory and replied, “I’m afraid so.   Unfortunately, I think he will wait until we’re already divorced, before he will finally admit to himself that he’s wrong.   By that time, it will be too late for him to remedy what’s wrong with our relationship.”

“From what you’ve told us, Gary and Eric have sided with him,” Grandpa said.

“Yes, they have.   I’m not surprised, since they have always been close to their father,” Eva said.   “I will be returning to Swift Current with Randy and Shawn the day after tomorrow.”

Grandma said, “I wish you would reconsider our offer, Eva.”

“Mom, I would love to come home with you; but I need to give Don one more chance to figure things out.   I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t give our marriage every chance to be rescued.”   She raised her hand to forestall Grandpa’s comments.   “Yes, Dad, I know how you feel about Don.   At this point, I’m beginning to think you were right all along.   Please let me deal with this in my own way.   I’m grateful you’ve offered to let me live with you when it’s all over.”

Grandpa signed, resignedly.  He turned his attention to the boys, and asked, “Greg and Cory, have you decided what you will do at school?”

The conversation moved to safer topics, as they continued talking until it was time to go.   The phone rang and Grandpa picked up the hotel phone.

“Hello,” he said into the receiver.

“Dad, it’s time to go.   We’re waiting downstairs for you,” Bob said.

“We’ll be right down,” Grandpa responded.   He hung up the phone and said, “That was Bob.   They are waiting for us downstairs.”   He looked at Greg and Cory.   “You two will need to grab your tuxedos from our closet.   We picked them up yesterday for you.”

“And don’t forget to pick up the shoes.   They are directly under the tuxedos,” Grandma said.

Greg stood up and walked into the bedroom Grandpa had indicated and opened the closet.   He saw the two black tuxedos hanging there in their bags.   He grabbed them and the shoes sitting on the floor underneath them.   He walked back into the sitting room and grinned at Cory.   “Let’s go, Babe.”

They went downstairs and met the rest of the family.   En masse, they moved toward the exit to retrieve their vehicles and drive over to the restaurant.

We were seated in the private dining room at Il Fornello.   Bob, Jasper, Corey and Dylan were seated at a table with Grandpa, Grandma, and Mom.   We were seated next to them with Randy, Shawn, Greg, Cory and Roger at our table and next to us were Keith, Kerry, Uncle Stan, Aunt Sharon, Tina, Jason, Samantha and Victoria.   The wait staff did a fantastic job and the food was very good.   My cousin’s daughters were very well behaved and managed to eat without making a mess.   Tina kept reminding them to use their best manners.

Grandma said, “Eva, your sister-in-law, Hannah, has been a Godsend.   I originally thought about having the wedding at a church in St. Catharines; but the twins decided against a religious wedding.   When I told Hannah the twins wanted to use a wedding chapel instead, she did some checking around for me and found Pride Weddings.   She has several friends who held weddings there for their gay children and highly recommended their services.   I have found them to be absolutely wonderful to work with.”

Eva smiled and said, “Hannah is a miracle worker.   I’m glad she was able to help.”

Grandma said, “The wedding plans are complete and we just have to show up with the grooms.”   She smiled at her sons and their fiancés.      

Jasper said, “I can’t believe we’re going to be married in just a couple of hours.”

Bob said, “You had better believe it.”

Dylan said, “I can’t wait to start our honeymoon.”

Corey asked, “When do we get to know where we’re going?”

Grandpa said, “When your husbands decide to tell you.”

“Can you at least tell us if we’re going together?” Corey asked, impatiently.

Dylan looked across the table at Jasper and said, “I don’t know if we should divulge that information.”

Bob grinned and said, “If we guess, will you confirm if we’re right?”

Jasper turned to Bob and said, “No, because that would spoil the surprise.”

Grandpa said, “Boys, you will find out soon enough where the guys have decided to take you for your honeymoon.”

Jasper looked at Dylan and winked.   “I think we can tell you that we plan to honeymoon together.”

Corey’s face lit up with excitement.   “I’m glad we’re going together.”

Bob said, “We’ve always done everything together since we were born.”

Jasper said, “We know.   Mom and Dad told us that when we were planning our honeymoon.”

Corey asked, looking at his parents, “What else did you tell them?”

Grandma laughed, “Everything we could remember about when you were children."

Corey looked at Bob and grimaced.   “That’s not good.”

Jasper grinned.   “I have a lot of new blackmail material”

Bob said, “You won’t need it, sweetheart.   I already love you so much I’d do anything to make you happy.”

Jasper leaned over and lightly kissed his fiancé.   “I still can’t believe I’ve found the love of my life.   I had given up on ever finding Mr. Right when you walked into my life.”

Eva said, “Jasper, I am so glad you found Bob.   Dylan, I am very happy Corey managed to find you, as well.”

Bob smiled at his sister.   “Jasper is truly my Prince Charming.”

Jasper blushed, “I’ve never thought of myself as Prince Charming.   In fact, I’ve spent most of my life cultivating a tough guy image to keep anyone from guessing I am really into guys.”

Bob said, “Don’t let him fool you.   He really can be very charming when he wants to be.”

Jasper smiled.   It was a contagious smile, beaming the happiness Jasper felt throughout the room.   He said, “Bob’s right about that.   I managed to persuade him to come home with me.”

Eva said, “Tell me how you guys met.”

Jasper and Bob related their story to her.   When they were finished, she turned to Corey and Dylan.   “It’s your turn.   How did you guys get together?”

Dylan laughed.   “Corey basically kept chasing me until I finally gave up and let him catch me!”

Corey grinned.   “Let me tell you what really happened.”

When he finished, Corey said, “And that’s the truth!”

Eva laughed and said, “I’m sure however it happened, things worked out for you to end up together, and that’s what is important.”

Jasper looked over at the other tables and said, “I never would’ve thought I would have so many family members come to my wedding.”

“You are an important part of our family, Jasper,” Eva said.   “Mom and Dad have always been supportive of us; even when they don’t approve of who you’re marrying.”

Jasper looked at her in surprise.   “What do you mean?”

Eva looked over at her father.   “Do you want to tell him, or should I?”

Grandpa said, “You should do the telling since you married the man.”   Grandpa’s expression was neutral; but his tone of voice left no doubt about how he felt.

Eva said, “At first, things went well between Don and my parents.   However, there was an argument between Dad and Don, and things went downhill from there.   They tried to convince me not to marry him after that; but I wouldn’t listen to them.   We went ahead with the wedding.   It was everything I had ever dreamed it would be.   Everything went well until the next day.   That’s when Don told me he was quitting school and wanted to move back to the family farm.   At that point, we were already married.”

Bob said, “She went with him and we haven’t had much contact with them since that time.   It wasn’t until Glenn decided to study at Georgia Tech that we had any dealings with Eva and her family.”

“We would meet them in St. Catharines sometimes; but Don made sure he wasn’t around and limited the time we could spend with Eva,” Grandma said.

“We made a point to be present for our grandchildren’s graduation ceremonies; but Don refused to see us.   We were at the graduation ceremonies for Gary and Randy.   We offered to pay for their college education; but Don flat out refused to let them accept our offer,” Grandpa said.

“When Glenn graduated was the first time we really got to visit with the grandchildren,” Grandma said.

Eva said, “And I threatened to leave him if he didn’t let Glenn accept Dad’s offer to pay for his college education.”

Corey said, “But you finally carried through on your threat to leave him.   I’m glad you left him, Eva.   Don has treated you pretty poorly.”

Eva protested, “It’s not as bad as you make it sound.”

“Really?   Then why did you leave him?” Corey asked.   “He cut you off from your family and forced you to live in near complete isolation on that farm of his.   You could have died and we never would have known.   It was like you had disappeared into a black hole.”

Eva said, “I went willingly, Corey.   He didn’t force me to go.   I went because I loved him, and I still do.”

“What Corey is trying to say, Eva, is that we missed you,” Bob said.   “Growing up, we had always been close; because we are twins, just as you and Sharon are twins.   It was like you and Sharon were mirror images of me and Corey.   We did everything together.   When you got married and moved away, we thought we would hear from you more often.   It really hurt that you didn’t call us or write to us.   You barely kept in contact with Mom and Dad; and, at that, communication was sporadic at best.”

Eva looked at her twin brothers.   She hadn’t realized how much she had hurt them.   She had only thought of making Don happy, and had done everything in her power to avoid upsetting him.   “I’m sorry.   I didn’t know I was causing you so much pain.   I was doing what I thought was best.”

Grandma said, “That is all water under the bridge now.   We need to leave the past in the past, where it belongs.   Today is a wonderful day for Bob and Corey.   They have found wonderful men who love them; and we are going to celebrate their happiness today with them.”

Eva smiled at her brothers.   “I’m sorry I brought a dark cloud over your special day.   Please forgive me.”

Corey said, “It’s okay, Eva.   You’re here, now, to help us celebrate.   Promise me you won’t disappear on us again.”

“I promise.   I won’t make that mistake again,” Eva said.

Jasper said, “I’m sure Bob will insist you come to visit us.”

Bob said, “Yes, we will.”

 “Have you decided where you will live?” Eva asked.

“Not for sure.   Dad has told us he’ll help us set up a business of our own; so, we can live anywhere we want,” Bob said.   “We don’t know what we want; but, I’m sure something will pop into our heads sooner, or later.”

She looked at Corey and asked, “And you guys?”

“Dad has given us the same offer.   Dylan wants to go back to school and I’m thinking we will go wherever Dylan gets accepted,” Corey said.   “I can work to support us both while he gets his education.”   He smiled at his fiancé.

Dylan said, “I love you, Corey.”

Corey leaned over and stole a kiss.   “I love you, too.”

By this time, they had finished their meal.   Grandpa looked over at the other tables and could see they were finished, as well.   “I think it’s time we were on our way.”

The twins and their fiancés stood in the parking lot of Pride Weddings in their white tuxedos.  A young guy in his early twenties introduced himself to them.   “Hi, I’m Tony Degarlais.   I’m your photographer today.”

He had jet black hair and a razor thin mustache gracing his upper lip.   His black eyes seemed to twinkle when he smiled.   His smile was one of those megawatt smiles you see on male models.   He had a slender build and thin artistic hands.   He was dressed in a suit that showed off his wiry build to perfection.     

Bob took an instant liking to him.   “I’m Bob Scarborough and this is my fiancé Jasper Jones.”

Corey said, “I’m Bob’s twin brother, Corey, and this is my fiancé, Dylan St. Jean.”

Tony said, “I’m glad to meet you.   Let’s get some good photographs, then get you back inside.”

He took photographs of the two couples with the CN Tower in the background.   First, he took photographs of each couple by themselves, then together.   He took photos of the two brothers, then of the two fiancés.

“I’m done.   Let’s move inside,” Tony said.

He led them into the chapel and had them pose for him.   He had the rest of us join them and took many more photos.   At last, the magic moment arrived.   The two couples left the chapel and we took our places.   The wedding music began and we rose to our feet, as the two couples came up the aisle.   The wedding celebrant, Mark Gillen, stood at the front of the chapel, waiting for them.   The twins had spoken with him the day before, about their wedding vows and they had rehearsed the ceremony with him.   Mark was a tall, handsome man in his early thirties.   He had a huge smile, bright green eyes, and a large hawkish nose.   It was obvious he had tried to tame his curly, dark brown hair.   He was dressed in a black tuxedo and smiled, as Greg and Corey walked up the aisle and took their places as the best men.   They were followed by the twins and their fiancés.

Bob and Jasper stood to his right and Corey and Dylan to his left.   He said, “Everyone may be seated.”   He waited for us to return to our seats, then he said, “We are here today to celebrate the marriage of these two wonderful couples.”   He turned to Uncle Bob and said, “Robert Glenn Scarborough, please take Jasper James Jones by the right hand.   You may exchange vows.”

Uncle Bob smiled at his fiancé and began, “ I, Robert Glenn Scarborough, take thee, Jasper James Jones, to be my wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.”

Mark turned to Jasper and said, “You may make your vow.”

Jasper said,  “I, Jasper James Jones, take thee, Robert Glenn Scarborough, to be my wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.”

Mark said, “By the authority vested in me, I pronounce you Robert Glenn Scarborough and Jasper James Jones, legally and lawfully wedded.   You may exchange rings.”  Cory held out the rings for them.   Each of them took a ring and placed on the left hand of his new husband.   Mark said, “You may kiss the groom.”  Uncle Bob and Jasper kissed each other.   

Mark turned to Corey and said, “Corey Milner Scarborough, please take Dylan Pierre St. Jean by the right hand.   You may make your vow.”

Corey looked deeply into Dylan’s eyes and said, “I, Corey Milner Scarborough, take thee, Dylan Pierre St. Jean, to be my wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.”

Mark turned to Dylan and said, “You may make your vow.”

Dylan said, “I, Dylan Pierre St. Jean, take thee, Corey Milner Scarborough, to be my wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.”

Mark said, “By the authority vested in me, I pronounce you Corey Milner Scarborough and Dylan Pierre St. Jean, legally and lawfully wedded.   You may exchange rings.”  Greg held out the rings for them.   Each of them took a ring and placed on the left hand of his new husband.   Mark said, “You may kiss the groom.”  Uncle Corey and Dylan kissed each other.

Mark said, “Please join me in congratulating the newlyweds.”

Greg and Cory were the first to congratulate them.   Greg said, “I’m glad Cory and I aren’t the only married gay guys in the family, anymore.”

Uncle Corey smiled and said, “So am I.”

“I guess I’ll have to start calling you Uncle Dylan,” Greg said.

Dylan laughed and said, “I guess you will, now it’s official.   But Corey isn’t really your uncle, he’s your adopted brother; so I think you should call me Dylan.”

Greg smiled, “You’re right about that.   Uncle Corey, what do you think?”

Uncle Corey said, “You can call me Corey; but I think it helps avoid confusion to call me Uncle Corey because you’re married to Cory.”

Cory embraced Uncle Bob and said, “I’m so happy for you.”

Uncle Bob said, “Thank you.   You and Greg along with Rick and Glenn are the reason Corey and I finally had the courage to come out of the closet.   I am very grateful for you four for showing us the way.”

Cory said, “We didn’t necessarily set out to show anyone what to do.   We are just being ourselves.”

Jasper said, “But that is what inspired us.   We want to have the kind of relationship you and Greg have.”

“Then always remember to think of your husband’s needs before your own,” Cory said.   “That is what has worked for us.”

Jasper hugged Cory and said, “I’ll remember that.”

The rest of the family came forward to congratulation the two newlywed couples.   Afterward, we moved into another room for the buffet dinner.   It was a little early for dinner, but we didn’t care; because we were celebrating such a momentous event.

Later that evening, the twins were seated in the airport terminal with their husbands.   Bob asked, “Jasper, when are you going to tell us where we’re going?”

Corey chimed in, “Yes, when are you two finally going to let us in on the secret?”

Jasper looked at Dylan, who nodded his head in approval.   “We’re going to Hawaii.   We are flying to Seattle, then on to Honolulu.   We will be spending two weeks touring the islands.”

Bob and Corey looked at each other.   Corey grinned and said, “I’ve always wanted to see Hawaii.”

“Me, too,” Bob said.

“Your Mom and Dad told us you both wanted to visit Hawaii; so we booked a two-week stay,” Jasper said.   “I spent some time in Hawaii many years ago, and I still have friends living there.   I’ve arranged for us to do and see things that are not part of the usual tourist fare.”

The two couples excitedly talked about their honeymoon.   Jasper and Dylan shared their plans and outlined their itinerary.   For the four of them, it was the perfect beginning to a wonderful life together.

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