The Man from Swift Current
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Chapter 109: Spain, Here We Come!

After the twins departed for their honeymoon, the rest of the family met at the Medieval Times for dinner and a show.   Once we were seated and the food arrived, the show began.   Samantha and Victoria were thrilled!   They both exclaimed, “See the horses!”  The girls were too excited to eat!

The show was fantastic!   The food was okay (we were there for the show, anyway).   After dinner, we returned to the hotel.   Tina and Jason took the girls upstairs to their room.   Keith and Kerry did the same with Egan.  The rest of us went into the hotel lounge to visit.   The younger set congregated around one end of the table, while the rest of the family drifted to the other end.

Greg said, “That show was great!” 

Randy said, “I liked it; but knights knocking each other off their horses just doesn’t really get me excited.”

“We already know who gets you excited!   He’s sitting right next to you,” I said, grinning at my older brother.

Randy acknowledged I was right.   “Shawn is my number one squeeze.”   He leaned over and kissed him.

I glanced over at Mom, who was sitting between my grandparents at the other end of the table, with an expression of deep sadness was on her face.   I said, “I wish we could make Mom happy.”

Randy looked over at our mother and said, “Only Dad can do that.   He is so stubborn.  I don’t understand why he treats her so poorly.   He’s been very clear about how he feels about us.”

Cory said, “I’ve heard a lot of negative things about your Dad since we got here.   Isn’t there anything positive you can say about him?   He can’t have been all bad; because you two are wonderful people, and your mother didn’t raise you guys all by herself.”

I looked across the table at Randy for a moment, then said, “I do remember he would chase us around the house with the garden house.”

Randy grinned and said, “I remember that.   We would get the garden house from the front of the house and Dad would get the one from the back.   We would turn on the water full blast and try to squirt each other.    There were two or three hoses hooked together, so they could reach all the way around the house.   I remember getting completely soaked.”

“But we sure had fun!  Do you remember the time Dad took the hose in the back door, through the house, and out the front door to get you and Gary?” I asked.

Randy laughed and said, “I do.   Mom was so mad at him for making a big mess in the house.   And there was the time Gary and I climbed up the ladder and sprayed Dad from the roof!”

“Mom was mad about that, too,” I said.   “Dad is a practical joker.   We never knew when he was going to get us.”

Randy nodded his head in agreement.   “He’s like a big kid in many ways.   We played tag, kick the can, four square and many other games with him.   Dad especially likes playing card games.   He taught us to play poker, black jack, hearts, spades, pinochle, bridge, and many others.   There were many nights Dad would allow us to stay up to play card games with him.   Mom disapproves of card games and didn’t play cards with us.   It is one of the things they never resolved; because Dad loves playing cards so much.   While Mom thinks card games are the root of all evil, Dad’s family plays cards at every family function.   It’s one of the things they do together as a family.   Playing soccer and hockey are the other things they like to do as a family.”

“Mom doesn’t even like chess or backgammon,” I said.   “Dad is an avid chess player.   I don’t think I have ever beaten him at chess.   Have you?”

Randy shook his head.   “No, but I have come pretty close.   I’ve played him to a draw once or twice.”

“Dad loves the outdoors and taught us how to survive in the wilderness.   We’ve done a lot of camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing, and hunting,” I said.

“Dad is also big into sports like hockey, basketball, and soccer,” Randy said.   “It was Mom who pushed us into swimming, tennis and volleyball.   She follows baseball, and used to watch the games on the television.”

Greg asked, “Didn’t your Dad watch football?”

Randy replied, “Not the kind of football you play in the United States.   Dad always said that real men play rugby.”

Rick and Greg looked at each other.   Rick said, “But football requires a lot of physical ability and finesse to get the ball down the field.”

Randy said, “You don’t have to defend football to us.   I like to watch it; but I’ve never played it.”

Rick said, “I know Glenn hasn’t played football, and refuses to play with me.”   Rick grabbed me in a headlock and rubbed my head.   “But one of these days, I’ll get him to at least throw a football around with me.”  

He released me and I punched him in the shoulder.   I said, “There’s no chance of it happening anytime soon.   Besides, Greg played football in high school just like you did.   You can get him to go out with you to play football.”

Greg smiled.   “I’ll be glad to throw a ball around with you, Rick.   Cory doesn’t like to play football; but he likes to watch me play.”

Cory laughed and said, “I like watching his bubble butt.   I could care less about what’s happening on the football field so long as I get to see my guy in his uniform.”

Greg grinned.   “I knew he was watching me when I played; so I would make sure I gave him a good view!   Cory sometimes would come into the locker room after the games were over.   He’d wait until all the guys were gone, so we could shower together.”

Cory blushed crimson.   “You weren’t supposed to tell them about that.”

“What’s wrong with telling them about our little adventures?” Greg said, smiling at his husband.

“It’s just that I really don’t want everyone to know how horny I was,” Cory said, still blushing.

“You’re a normal teenage guy,” Greg said.   “I know most of my teammates were getting laid at least as often as I was.”

Cory’s eyes widened in surprise, “No wonder so many of them ended up having to get married.”

Greg laughed.   “At least I didn’t have to worry about you getting pregnant.   I think we were having sex almost every night by that time.   Remember?”

Cory nodded his head.   “Yes, I remember.   At first, I was pretty sore; because you didn’t just fuck me once, but two or three times a night.”

Greg smiled.   “Yes, but you loved every minute of it.”

Cory said, “I did love it; but it was a good thing you didn’t do that to me every night!”

“I was trying to get you pregnant!   I couldn’t let Chris get the better of me.   As it was, Chris was the first one to get his girlfriend pregnant,” Greg said, putting his arm around Cory’s shoulders.

Cory blushed, and this time he didn’t say anything.   I said, “Greg, I think you’ve managed to embarrass your husband beyond words.”

Greg looked at Cory and immediately gave him a contrite look.  “I’m sorry, Cory.   I didn’t mean to…”

Cory interrupted him, “Greg, you know I don’t like to talk about our sex lives with other people.”

“It’s okay, Cory,” I said.   “I don’t like it either; but you’re with friends and family so don’t worry about it.”

Shawn said, “I don’t like to talk about our sex life with straight people because they get really weird about it.   However, I don’t mind talking with you guys; because you know exactly what I mean and can relate.”

Randy said, “The bad thing about gay sex is nobody will talk about it.   It leaves guys like me in the dark.   I had to experiment with several guys who didn’t know anything about gay sex either.   Nothing is more embarrassing as to be having sex with someone who hasn’t cleaned themselves out really well.”

Cory nodded his head.   “Greg and I had a few embarrassing moments like that.   I think there should be a gay sex guidebook to help young guys know what to do.   I did some research online about it.   Of course, Greg and I watched some of the videos you can find out there; but they don’t tell you about the preparations the actors have to go through before they go in front of the cameras.” 

Shawn said, “My motto is if I expect to have sex, I make sure I’ve exercised the proper hygiene needed to prepare myself to enjoy sex with my husband.”

“They teach heterosexual sex in the schools; but there’s nothing to help gay guys understand the ins and outs of gay sex.   Most schools try to ignore the fact there are gays in the schools,” Randy said.

“They are afraid they will create more gays by talking about gay sex.   They just don’t get it that we’re born gay,” I said.   “I can’t stop being gay by turning off a gay switch somewhere in my head.”

“I’ve heard some of my fellow Marines tell me gays are out recruiting people.   It’s as if like they think, just because someone is gay, they are going to convert everyone else to gay sex.   They equate being gay to being part of a religious cult that is out to recruit everyone to their beliefs; just like their Christian religion teaches them to recruit others to their faith,” Rick said.   “I think they are out of their minds.”

Randy asked, “Since when does having sex with another guy mean I belong to a religious movement?”

“Maybe your friends believe heterosexual sex is tied to their religion; so it means gay sex must be tied to some religious tenant they have imagined we are following,” I said.  “Does it mean Christians think the human race will become extinct if their religion ceases to exist?   Like sex is totally dependent on religion?”

“That’s totally absurd,” Randy said, in disgust.   “I don’t think they believe that at all.   I mean, Christianity is only one of the world’s religions, and there seems to be plenty of people having sex who aren’t Christians.”

“Just like there are plenty of gays who aren’t Christians,” I said.

Rick said, “I think we should change the topic, before Glenn starts on one of his anti-religion rants.”

I protested, “Hey!  I don’t rant!”

Rick put his arm around my shoulders.  “Yes, you do!”

I glared at him.  “Just because I won’t sit quietly and let religious people try to deceive everyone…”

Randy laughed and put his hand up.   “Glenn, it’s okay.  We know how you feel and most of us agree with you.  So, let’s talk about what our plans are for the next couple of days.   When do you guys fly back to Atlanta?”

“The day after tomorrow,” I said.   “We told Mom we would go with her to visit Aunt Hannah and Uncle Carl in St. Catharines, tomorrow.”

Randy looked at his husband.   “Do you want to go with them, tomorrow?”

“Only if we make it a sightseeing trip,” Shawn responded.   “I want to go to Niagara Falls.   I love seeing all of that water going over the edge.”

Greg asked, “Cory, do you want to go to the falls?”

Cory said, “Sure.   However, we need to be planning our trip back to Minneapolis.”

Greg nodded his head, “I think we should drive back to Minneapolis from here instead of driving back to Georgia.”

Cory said, “I agree.  I think we can convince Grandpa and Grandma to send our stuff from home, if we need it.”

“We left some clothes there; but if we need something, we can pick it up in Minneapolis,” Greg said.   “My classes don’t start until the middle of the week, so we have a couple of more days before we have to get there.”

Cory said, “I don’t remember my schedule.   I’ll have to check it on-line when we go back to our room.”

“Let’s plan on leaving tomorrow.   We can drive to the falls with the guys, and continue on from there.   We can make Chicago by tomorrow night, and then on to Minneapolis the next morning,” Greg said.   Greg got up and walked around the table to where Grandpa and Grandma were sitting.  

Grandpa looked up and smiled.   “Have you decided when you are leaving for school, son?”

Hearing Grandpa call him his son, warmed Greg’s heart.   “Yes, Grandpa, we have.   We are planning to drive from here to Minneapolis.   We will leave first thing in the morning.”

Grandma smiled and squeezed her husband’s hand.  “I was right, dear.   I knew Greg would want to keep his new car with him at school.”

Grandpa patted her hand and said, “Yes, you were right, sweetheart.”   He looked Greg in the eyes and said, “You must promise me you will drive safely, and when you arrive in Minneapolis, you must find a place to store the Ferrari where it is out of the weather.   You don’t want to ruin the paint job by letting it sit outside.   Also, you need to get the salt washed off of it to keep it from rusting.”

Greg smiled at Grandpa.   “I’ve already thought about where we can store the car.   Ben and Janice have a garage at their new place.   I was thinking of asking them if I could store the Ferrari there.  I haven’t forgotten about the salt.   We will wash the car down, as soon as we get to Minneapolis.   I’d do it now, but we are going to be running into some snow on the way to Chicago.”

Grandpa said, “It sounds like you’ve got things pretty well thought out.   I want you to check in with us every few hours until you’re out of the snowstorm.   Of course, call us when you arrive at school.   What time are you leaving in the morning?”

“We plan to drive down to the falls with the guys, then we’ll cross the border into the United States and drive Interstate 90 over to Chicago,” Greg said.

“Then we’ll see you in the morning for breakfast,” Grandpa said.

“Yes, we’ll be there,” Greg said.

Eva said, “I’m glad you are driving down to the falls with the guys.   I know the boys wanted to do some sightseeing while I visit with my sister-in-law.”

Greg smiled and said, “The guys were just discussing their plans and invited us to go along with them.”

Eva smiled and said, “Thank you for going with them.   It’s been a very difficult time for them the last few days.   I feel badly things haven’t been as pleasant for them this time.   We don’t see each other very often and I would rather we had created fond memories over the New Year instead of how things turned out.”

Greg said, “They are handling it okay.”

Eva said, “I know they’re handling it; but I am still sad things haven’t been what we would have liked them to be.”

Greg returned to his seat next to Cory, and we continued to talk about our plans for school.   Randy and Shawn shared their latest projects with us.   It was pretty late when we decided to retire for the night.

As we entered our suite, Randy said, “Please keep it down in there tonight.   We’d like to get some sleep!”

I laughed and said, “We weren’t any noisier than you two were last night.”

Shawn grinned and said, “Yes, Randy does get pretty loud when he gets fucked.”

Randy’s face grew red; but he laughed and said, “And so do you, sweetheart.”

Shawn replied, “That’s true.   Tell the boys good night, Randy.”

“Good night, boys,” Randy said, as his husband led him into their bedroom and closed the door.

We went into our room and Rick quickly stripped out of his clothes and turned to help me out of mine.   He led me into the en suite and turned on the shower.   He pulled me in with him.   We stood under the warm cascade of water as we kissed, and our hands roamed each other’s bodies.   When we came up for air, Rick said, “I love you.”

I could feel his hardness against me and reached down to caress it.   “I love you, too.”

Joey snuggled closer to Tyler.   They were sitting on the couch in the basement of Tyler’s parents’ home.   Tyler had turned on the gas fireplace and they were enjoying some time alone.   His parents had retired to their bedroom long ago.   The girls were fast asleep, as well.   Joey had turned on the baby monitor so they could hear the girls if they woke up in the night.

Joey pulled up Tyler’s t-shirt and ran his hands over Tyler’s bare skin.   He pulled the t-shirt up over Tyler’s head and threw it on the floor.   He stared into his lover’s eyes as he unzipped his jeans and pulled them off.   Tyler had gone commando today; so his steel pole was directly in front of Joey’s face.   Joey started servicing his lover.   Joey enjoyed this part of their foreplay.   He felt Tyler was beginning to go over the edge; so he pulled off of him and moved up to kiss him.  Tyler hungrily returned his kiss.  

He helped Joey out of his clothes, then pushed him down on the couch; leaving Joey with no doubt as to what were his intentions!  A while later they switched roles.   Joey made love to Tyler in a way that stoked the fire of their passion to new levels of intensity.   If Tyler ever had any questions about whether Joey loved him, they evaporated in the heat of their desires for each other.  

Sated, Joey lay on top of Tyler, enjoying the feel of his skin next to his.   He molded his body to Tyler’s to maximize the intimate contact he so loved.   He rested his head on Tyler’s shoulder and gently nibbled on his earlobe.   Then, he ran the tip of his tongue along Tyler’s jawline down to his chin.   Joey gently kissed him, pushing his tongue against his lips.   Tyler parted his lips, allowing Joey’s tongue access to his mouth.   The gentle kiss deepened, leaving them both breathless.

Joey raised himself up on his elbows and looked deeply into Tyler’s eyes.   “Tyler, I want you to marry me as soon as we can get to somewhere where it’s legal.”

Tyler smiled and said, “I think that can be arranged.”   He wrapped his arms around Joey, pulling him back down for another passionate kiss.

Joey stirred in Tyler’s arms and opened his eyes.   They lay with their limbs intertwined on the couch where they had fallen asleep.   He shivered, as a cold draft of air swept across his bare back.   Tyler murmured in his sleep.   Joey carefully disentangled himself and padded across the carpet to the bathroom to relieve himself.   He returned and grabbed his underwear.   He slipped them on before turning to wake his lover.  

Tyler opened his eyes and asked, groggily, “What?”

“We need to go up to bed.   We don’t want your parents to find us sleeping naked on their couch,” Joey said.   “It’s a good thing we put down a blanket on the couch.   Otherwise, we would need to clean the upholstery.”   Joey crouched down beside the couch and rubbed his hands lovingly over Tyler’s chest and stomach.

It had the desired effect on Tyler.   His steel pole responded immediately, rising to full mast.   Tyler grinned and said, “I’ll follow you anywhere, as long as I get to fuck you before we go back to sleep.”

Joey grinned and said, “Okay, let’s take this to our bedroom.”   He reached over and grabbed Tyler’s clothes, as well as his own.   He stood up and walked over to switch off the fireplace.   Without the firelight, the room was thrown into pitch blackness.  Luckily, he knew where Tyler was.   He turned and walked back across the room.   He reached out and said, “Give me your hand.”   He felt Tyler’s hand touch his and he grasped it firmly.   He pulled Tyler to his feet and led him up the stairs to their bedroom.

As soon as their door was closed, Joey dropped their clothes into the clothes hamper.   He stripped off his boxer shorts and joined Tyler in bed.   Tyler pulled Joey close and began a full scale assault on his senses, leaving no doubt about how much he loved him!  

The next morning, they were awakened by a wee voice, “Daddy.”   Next, Joey felt his little girl pull on his arm.   He opened his eyes and looked into Rachel’s hazel eyes.

“Good morning, Rachel,” Joey said.   Tyler was spooned up against him with his arm holding him close.

Rachel said, “Good morning, Daddy.   I’m hungry.”

“Okay, we’ll get breakfast as soon as Dad is awake,” Joey responded.

She pointed to Tyler and said, “Dad is awake now.”

Tyler nibbled Joey’s ear and said, “Yes, I’m awake, Rachel.”

Joey caressed Tyler’s arm and snuggled against Tyler’s chest.   He smiled at Rachel and asked, “Is Sarah awake?”

Rachel nodded her head.   “Yes, she is.”

“Will you go talk to her while Dad and Daddy get dressed?” Joey asked.

“Okay,” Rachel replied.   She turned and walked across the room and out the door.   They could hear her voice as she started talking to her sister.   “Daddy said to talk to you while he gets dressed.”

Joey rolled out of bed and grabbed his boxer shorts.   He pulled them on and shrugged himself into his bathrobe.   He turned around and walked over to their bed.   Tyler grinned up at him and asked, “Can Daddy please take care of me?”

Joey laughed and said, “Absolutely!”   He leaned down and kissed Tyler on the lips.  Tyler grabbed Joey’s arms and pulled him down on top of him.   He wrapped his arms around Joey and held him close as they kissed.   Tyler released him and Joey squeezed his lover’s package and said, “Hold that thought!  I’ll be right back.”   Joey got up and walked across the landing to the girls’ room.  “Who wants some breakfast?”

Rachel exclaimed, excitedly, “I do.”

Joey leaned over and retrieved Sarah from her crib.   Seeing her sister in her Daddy’s arms, Rachel raised her arms and said, “Me, too, Daddy, me, too!”

He said, “Hang on Sarah.   We’re going to pick up Rachel, too.”   He reached down and picked up Rachel.   He carried the two girls down the stairs to the kitchen.  

Entering the kitchen, he found Louise was already there.   She smiled at him and said, “Good morning.   If the girls are ready to eat, I have a good breakfast for them.”  He put Rachel down first and she climbed onto her booster seat and helped Louise buckle her in.   Rachel was growing up and wanted to show Louise she knew how to buckle herself into her booster seat.  Next, he put Sarah in her high chair and buckled her in.   Louise placed a plate with apple slices in front of the two girls.  

Rachel said, “We have to say grace, Nana.”

Louise said, “You’re right, Rachel.   Will you say grace for us?”

Rachel beamed and nodded her head.   She loved Nana because she treated her like a grown up and not a baby, like Sarah.  She held out her hands to Joey and Louise.   They took her hands in theirs, then, they took Sarah’s hand.   Rachel said grace and they all said, “Amen.”

The girls finished their apples while Louise served them pancakes.   She had poured syrup over them and placed the plates next to their apples.   Louise began cutting up Sarah’s pancake for her.   She nodded at Joey and said, “You get to help Rachel with her pancake.”

Joey asked, “May I help you with your pancake?”

Rachel said, “Yes, Daddy.   I want it cut into triangles, please.”

Joey obediently complied with his daughter’s request.   When he was done, he said, “There you go.”

Rachel said, “Thank you, Daddy.”

Louise looked over at Joey and said, “I think you need to take care of your fiancé, Joey.”

Joey smiled.   “I know I do, but I needed to make sure the girls were taken care of first.”

Louise said, “You are a good father to the girls, Joey.   I will watch them for you.  Now, go back upstairs and see to Tyler’s needs.”

Joey didn’t need any further encouragement.   He smiled at Louise, and said, “Thank you for all you do for me.”  He left the kitchen and took the stairs two at a time.  He entered their bedroom to find Tyler stretched out on top of the blankets with his hands behind his head.   He was completely naked and obviously very horny.  He looked Tyler over from head to toe, lingering for a moment to admire his lover’s steel pole!  

Tyler grinned at Joey and said, “I need your loving care this morning.”

Joey laughed and said, “I can see that.”   He quickly stripped off his clothes and joined Tyler.

Later, they heard a gentle knock on their door.   Joey said, “I think it’s time for us to get up, Babe.”  

He heard Rachel’s voice through the door.  “Daddy?”

Tyler smiled and said, “Yes, I think we’re being paged.”

Joey got up and pulled Tyler to his feet.   They embraced and shared a kiss before they both pulled on their shorts.   Joey walked over and opened the door.  

Rachel grabbed him around the legs.   She looked up at him and said, “Daddy, Grandma says it’s time to get up.”

Joey laughed.   “She does, does she?   What do you think Rachel?   Is it time for us to get up?”

Rachel released his legs and nodded her head.   Her expression was very serious.   She repeated her message, “Grandma says it’s time to get up.”

Tyler knelt down and took Rachel in his arms.   He kissed her on the cheek and said, “Please tell Grandma we are getting in the shower and we’ll be down in a little bit.”

Rachel put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.  She leaned back and looked him in the eyes.  “Yes, I’ll tell Grandma.”

He put her down.   She scampered out of the room and started down the stairs, shouting, “Grandma!”

Joey took Tyler by the hand and said, “I think we’d better get moving.”

They quickly showered and helped each other dress for the day.   They had purchased matching outfits for themselves and for the girls the day before.   Louise had dressed the girls in their new outfits and was waiting with them in the front room, when the guys entered the room.

Louise smiled, appreciatively, at her sons.   “That’s much better.   I’ve never seen such handsome men!”   Louise had noticed they were holding hands, and had a certain glow about them.   She had seen that look before and knew they were deeply in love with each other.   She approved of Joey and witnessed how much stronger their relationship had become over the last couple of days.   She said, “You two are positively radiating happiness this morning!”

They looked at each other, then back to Louise.   “It’s because we’re happy,” Tyler responded.   “Thank you for dressing the girls for us.   I think we are ready to drive over to the post office to get our photos taken for our passports.”

Louise said, “I want you to stop at the portrait studio and get a family photo taken as soon as you’re done at the post office.”   She handed Tyler a coupon for a free sitting fee.

Tyler smiled at his mother.   “You just want to make sure you get your family photos before I change my mind.”   He laughed at her expression.   “It’s okay, Mom.”

Louise smiled and said, “Do you blame me?”

“No, I don’t.  I want photos for us, as well,” Tyler said.   “Let’s go girls.”

Each of them scooped up one of the girls and they helped them get their coats on.   Sarah was safely strapped into her car seat.   They left the house and loaded the girls into the car.   They stopped by a Mail Boxes, Etc., store to get the girls’ passport photos taken.   Then, they dropped by the post office to submit their documents and photos to get the girls’ passports.   They were informed it would take four to six weeks for the passports to arrive.  

From there, they drove over to the department store and entered the portrait studio.   The girls were very cooperative and their family portraits turned out perfect.   In fact, they had a hard time deciding which poses to choose.   In the end, they bought all of them!

They arrived home just in time for lunch.   Louise welcomed them home with warm soup, sandwiches and cookies.   The girls were happy because Louise made them grilled cheese sandwiches and, of course, the cookies were a big hit with them!

Over lunch, Tyler and Joey decided, since they already had their passports, they would travel to Washington, DC, to the Spanish Consulate; to fill out the paperwork for Joey’s visa.   They had extra copies of the girl’s birth certificates, so they could get the visa process started for them, as well.

When they finished eating, they drove into Washington and managed to find their way to the Spanish Embassy.   They entered the building and were greeted by a petite woman who looked to be in her late thirties.   She had blond hair and bright blue eyes.   She smiled at the two men and their little girls.  “Buenos Dias, Señores.   How are you doing today?”

“We are here to apply for a visa to visit Spain.   I’m a student there at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid,” Tyler said.   “I want to bring my family over to stay with me while I finish school.”

She said, “Have you brought your passports with you?”

“Yes, I have mine; but we don’t have them for the girls, yet.   They will arrive in four to six weeks.   Do we have to wait for them or can we start the visa application now?”   Joey asked.

She said, “I think we can work with you.   Here are the papers you need to complete.”   She handed them a clipboard with several sheets of paper.   She pointed at an alcove.  “You can sit over there while you complete the paperwork.”

They walked over and sat down.   Joey and Tyler started filling in the answers to the questions on the visa application.   They soon returned to the receptionist and turned over their clipboard.   She looked over their paperwork, then handed it back to them.   “Please take your visa applications to this office.”   She handed them a map of the embassy and circled the office where they were to go.   She pointed them down the hallway.

They found the appropriate office and entered.   They found a tall, gaunt man behind a desk.   He had dark hair, dark eyes and a heavy dark unibrow.   His hawk-like nose protruded over his upper lip.   He had a pencil thin black mustache.   He smiled at them and stood up to shake their hands.   He spoke in perfect English, “How do you do?   I’m Mr. Zaragoza.”  Joey and Tyler introduced themselves and the girls.   He smiled at the girls and said, “I’m very glad to meet you.   Please come in and sit down. 

They handed him their visa applications.   He looked them over, then said, “Mr. Damasiewicz, you already have a student visa.”

“Yes, I do,” Tyler said.

“Mr. Malone, you are Mr. Damasiewicz’ partner?” he asked.

“Yes, we are engaged to be married,” Joey said.

Mr. Zaragoza smiled.   “Congratulations!   I’m happy to say that you can be married in Spain; but one of you must become a legal resident.”

Tyler asked, “How can I do that?”

He pulled out some papers and handed them to Tyler.   “You will need to apply for residency.”

Tyler read over the paperwork and asked, “How long does it take?”

“It depends,” Mr. Zaragoza said.  “In your case, it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks since you are already living in Spain.”

Tyler filled out the paperwork and handed it back to Mr. Zaragoza.   He looked over the forms and asked, “Are you sure this is what you want to do?”

Tyler nodded his head.   “We want to be married as soon as possible.”

He nodded his head.   “I have to make sure.   I need to inform you of some of the issues that may arise with the United States, before I submit these forms.”

He enumerated several legal issues, then, said, “I would advise you to contact a lawyer before I submit these forms.   I will hold them here until you call me and authorize me to send them forward.   I will process the visa applications now.   I’m pretty certain we will get them back to you very soon.”

They stood, and Mr. Zaragoza said, “Thank you for coming to see us.   We are always happy to welcome new families to our great country.”

They left the embassy and returned to their car.   Tyler asked, “Joey, are you sure you want to become a Spanish citizen?”

Joey thought for a moment and said, “Yes, I want to live in a country where my marriage is recognized as being legal; where my children don’t have to worry about being harassed for having gay parents.”

“We could be married in Canada and you wouldn’t have to become a legal resident of Spain,” Tyler said.

“I know we could do that,” Joey said.   “But I’m thinking we need to live where we have all the rights and privileges every married couple has.   I don’t want to live as a second class citizen just because I married a man.   I want my girls to grow up in a society that treats all of its citizens equally.”

“What if gay marriage becomes legal in the United States?” Tyler asked.   “Would you want to return home?”

“Only if we had equal rights with all other married couples,” Joey said.   “I’ve seen the ugly side of the Christian movement with what happened to Greg and Cory.   I don’t want to live where the government participates in and encourages religious bigotry against gays.”

Joey drove them home.   They entered the house to find Louise was baking pies in the kitchen.   She smiled as the four of them filed into the kitchen.   “Does anyone want chocolate chip cookies?”

They chorused, “We do!”

Rachel looked in surprise at her Dads.   She shook her head and said, “You don’t like cookies, Daddy.   Cookies are for kids!”

“And for Daddies, too,” Joey said.   “Your Dad and I love cookies just as much as you and Sarah.”

Tyler lifted Sarah into her high chair and buckled the seat belt; while Joey did the same for Rachel.   They sat down next to each other and waited.   Louise placed a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on the table, then poured each of them a glass of milk.   She put Sarah’s milk in a Sippy cup and handed it to her with a cookie.

Joey bit into the soft, warm cookie.   The chocolate chips were still gooey and melted in his mouth.   He took a drink of milk and said, “The cookies are wonderful, Mom.”

Louise smiled.   “I’ve always been able to turn out some pretty good cookies.   I’m baking pies – two pumpkin, an apple and a cherry.”

Tyler said, “Thank you, Mom, for the cookies.   I can’t wait to taste the pies!”

She looked at Tyler.   “I’m making the pies for you; since you are leaving for Spain in the morning.”

At the mention of his imminent departure, Tyler said, “We took care of the visa applications today.   I also applied for permanent residency.”

Louise looked at her son in surprise.   “Why did you do that?   I thought you were returning home after you graduate.”

Tyler looked over at Joey before he answered her.   “We’ve decided we want to live in Spain after we are married.   We want to live where our marriage is legally recognized and we have the same rights and privileges under that law as all other married couples.”

Louise nodded her head in understanding.   “I just wish we would get our act together here in the United States with regards to gay marriage.   Maybe someday things will change.”

“In the meantime, we will raise our family in Spain,” Tyler said.  There were tears in her eyes at the thought of her son moving so far away.   Tyler got up and walked around the table to hug his mother.   “I’m sorry, Mom.   I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.   “It’s okay, Tyler.   It just means your Dad and I need to move to Spain to be near our grandchildren.”

Tyler smiled, “We would love to have you live near us.”

Joey said, “It would be even better if you bought a place near the ocean.   That way, you could stay with us in the city and we could stay with you at the beach.”

Tyler laughed.   “Joey wants to see me in my bikini swimsuit!”

Joey grinned.   “Yes, I do!   And I’ll wear mine, as well.”

Louise laughed at the two boys.   “You two are incorrigible.   I will have to talk to your Dad about it; but I think we’ll make the move pretty soon.   The housing market here is pretty good right now; so we could get a decent price for our townhome.”

Tyler said, “I’ll send you all the information I can find on homes in Madrid and on the coast.   There are several really nice coastal towns in southern Spain I think we should check out.”

Harry walked into the kitchen at that moment and asked, “What’s this about homes in Madrid or on the coast of Spain?”  They explained to him their plans and their desire to have them live nearby.   Harry smiled.   “I think that’s a wonderful idea.   Your Mom and I will look into it.   When we come for your wedding, we can do some house hunting.”

Tyler asked, “What about learning to speak Spanish?”

“We’ll figure it out,” Harry responded.   “We both took Spanish in high school; but we don’t remember any of it.   I’m up for the challenge.   We need something to keep us young and engaged with life.”

Tyler was grinning from ear to ear.   He couldn’t think of a better gift than to have his parents living near him in Spain.   Everything seemed to be working out for him.   First, he got his guy and the girls.   Now, he had his parents who had just agreed to move to be near him and his family.   Life couldn’t be better!

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