The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 118: Costa Rica, Here We Come!

Robbie and Adam boarded the Air Canada flight to Toronto.   As they took their seats, Robbie asked, “How long is our flight?”

“It will take us nearly 24 hours to get there, because we have such a long layover in Houston,” Adam said.   They stowed their carry-on luggage, and settled in for the short flight to Toronto.   Adam pulled out their itinerary for their stay in Costa Rica.   “Here’s what we’re going to do for the next two weeks.”

Robbie read through the itinerary.   “Wow!   Parasailing, rock climbing, white water rafting, zip line, bungee jumping, hiking, kayaking and sunbathing on the beach.   We’re going to be exhausted by the time we’re done!”

Adam laughed, “I don’t think so.   You’ve got so much energy, I don’t think you’ll ever get tired.”

“Mom used to call me the Energizer Bunny, because I would go, and go, and go, until I just fell into a deep sleep,” Robbie said, grinning.

Adam said, “I was always very active, but you have got me beat.”  

Robbie pulled out a hair band and pulled his long blond hair into a pony tail.   He liked having long hair, but sometimes, it could be quite annoying.   He looked over at Adam and asked, “Would you care if I cut my hair?”

Adam said, “It’s up to you, Babe.   I like your hair long, but I want you to be comfortable.”   Adam’s blond hair was shoulder length.   Robbie encouraged him to keep his hair long, because it made him look like Thor.   Adam wasn’t sure he really liked having his hair long, because it took so much time to maintain.   However, he couldn’t complain about it, since Robbie loved spending time with him, combing his hair and giving him back rubs, which always ended up with them having fantastic sex!    He wanted Robbie to be happy, so he shrugged off the thought of cutting his own hair. 

A few moments later, he was surprised when Robbie said, “I know you don’t like wearing your hair long, so why don’t we both cut our hair.”  Adam turned his head to look at Robbie, and Robbie captured his lips in a brief, but passionate kiss.   Robbie put his hands on either side of Adam’s head, “Be honest with me.   Do you like having long hair?”

Adam looked into his husband’s eyes and said, “No, I don’t.”

Robbie released him and smiled.   “Okay, we’ll find a barber in Costa Rica to cut our hair.”

Adam sighed and said, “Robbie, I love you.”

Robbie took his hand in his and said, “Why have you let me force you to keep your hair long all of this time?”

“Because I wanted to make you happy,” Adam said, simply.

“From now on, you need to be completely honest with me when I ask you your opinion.   I may not like what you say, but we can work together to come to a common understanding,” Robbie said.

Adam responded, “You sound like Zach and Todd.   Remember the lecture they gave us last week, about being husbands instead of simply boyfriends?”

Robbie replied, with more than a little heat, “Yes, I thought they would never SHUT UP!   It’s not like they’re our parents or anything!   Sometimes, our older brothers just don’t get it!   We don’t need a third set of parents, because we already have two sets!”

Adam put his fingers to Robbie lips, “Calm down!   We’re on an airplane, remember?”

Robbie nodded his head and said, “Sorry, I did forget where I was.”   He looked around to see if anyone had taken offense at his outburst.   He met the eyes of the passenger in the seat across the aisle from him.

The young man looked to be about their own age.   He had blond hair, warm brown eyes, a dark brown unibrow, a broad nose and a generous smile.   His slightly crooked teeth were bright white and he had a dimple in his right cheek.   He said, “I’m Adrian Munteanu.”

Robbie shook the hand he offered.   “Hi, I’m Robbie Anderson-Ingram and this is my husband, Adam.”

Adrian said, “Nice to meet you both.”

Adam said, “Hi.”

Adrian said, “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation.   I hope you’re not offended.”

Adam said, “No, we’re not offended.   We weren’t being exactly quiet.”   He gave Robbie a meaningful look.

Robbie ignored him and turned to Adrian.   “We’re going to Costa Rica for our honeymoon.”

“I know,” Adrian said, smilingly.   “I wish my boyfriend would marry me.   He wants us to wait until we’re out of college.”

Robbie asked, “How long have you been together?”

“We met during our senior year of high school.   Jarrett is going to school at the University of Toronto.   He and his parents left for Toronto two weeks ago and I am flying out to meet them.   Jarrett’s parents paid for my round trip ticket.   They like me and think I’m good for Jarrett,” Adrian said.

“Where are you going to school?” Adam asked.

Adrian looked at the floor and said, “I don’t know.   I don’t have the money to go to college and my foster parents don’t have the money either.”

“What do you plan to do then?” Robbie asked.

Adrian looked up and met Robbie’s gaze.   “I don’t know.   I’ve thought about living in Toronto and finding a job there.   That way, I can be near Jarrett.”

Robbie said, “Have you thought about coming to Minneapolis?   That’s where we live.”

Adam said, “We just graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago.”

“We’re going to attend college at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities,” Robbie said.

Adrian said, “That’s cool.   I haven’t considered going there, because I want to be near Jarrett.”

Adam said, “It almost sounds like Jarrett is looking to find someone new, Adrian.   That crap about wanting to wait until he’s out of college to marry you sounds like he’s on the prowl for someone better; at least that is how I see it.”

Adrian looked away from Adam’s gaze.   “My foster parents told me that too.   They don’t like Jarrett.   They think he’s been using me as his personal sex slave.”

Robbie reached across the aisle and placed his hand on Adrian’s arm.   “Adrian, why don’t you drive down to visit us when we get back from our honeymoon?   I’d like you to meet our roommates.”

Adam grinned, “They are the best!   We call ourselves a band of brothers.   The guys are all gay.   They all got married before us, though.   Our brothers, Zach and Todd, had a double wedding with our friends Mark and Brandon.   Justin and Brian were married a week before that.   All of us have been married in Thunder Bay, since Minnesota doesn’t allow gay marriage.”

Adrian asked, in amazement, “You mean to say you share a house with six other gay guys?”

Robbie replied, “Yes, we do.   We live with our older brothers.   Mom and Dad let me live with my brother, Zach, and his husband, Todd, while I went to a special high school.   I met Adam at school and he moved in with us a few months later.”

“Todd is my older brother,” Adam said, seeing Adrian’s confused look.

“So, your older brothers are married to each other?” Adrian asked.   He was still trying to fathom the fact that there were eight gay guys in one house!   There had been a couple of gay kids in his school, two of whom were himself and Jarrett.  

Robbie said, “You really need to stay with us for a few weeks.   There are a couple of really great gay bars and dance clubs in Minneapolis, as well as the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus.   Minneapolis is a great place to live.   We really like it.   Our friends at high school even held a wedding shower for us, last month.”

“We were voted the cutest couple by our classmates,” Adam said.

Adrian said, “Most of my friends are girls.   Not many of the guys wanted anything to do with me.”

“I know how that feels,” Robbie said.   “My high school in Duluth wasn’t exactly a great place for me.   My straight friends abandoned me when I came out, and the gay guys looked down on me because I wasn’t as ‘in your face’ as they were about being gay.   I just wanted to continue being a normal teenager, not some gay activist at the school.   I was pretty miserable at school.   I didn’t have any friends and I hated school.”

Adrian nodded his head.   “That’s how I felt about high school.   I was very happy to get out.   I just don’t know what I’m going to do now I’m out of school.”

“I think you need to get away from Thunder Bay for a while, and most of all, you need to get away from Jarrett.   You need some space to figure out who you are and where you’re going,” Adam said.

Robbie grinned and said, teasingly, “Adam, you’re beginning to sound like Zach and Todd.”

Adam blushed and said, “I guess I do.   I’m sorry.   I shouldn’t be preaching to you.”

Adrian said, “I’d love to visit with you guys.   It sounds like you have a lot of fun.”

Robbie said, “Yes, we do.   We’re going to Spain in July for a few weeks.   Our friends have a beach house in Málaga.”

“Now that sounds exciting!” Adrian said, his face lighting up.   “I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe.”

“Why don’t you come with us?   I’m sure our friends won’t mind,” Robbie said, enthusiastically.

Adrian said, “I can’t.   I don’t have any money.   I don’t even have a car.   If I come to see you in Minneapolis, I’ll have to hitch a ride with someone to Duluth and take a bus from there.   There’s no direct bus service between Duluth and Thunder Bay.”

They chatted for the remainder of the flight.   Before they landed, they exchanged cell phone numbers and promised to keep in touch.   They landed in Toronto and went their separate ways.

Robbie and Adam made their way to their connecting flight to Houston, where they would catch their flight to San Jose, Costa Rica.   Once they were settled into their seats, Robbie said, “I wish we could do something to help Adrian.”

“I was thinking the same thing.   It’s pretty obvious to me his boyfriend is looking for someone new,” Adam said.

“But how do you explain the fact his parents are paying for Adrian to fly to Toronto?” Robbie asked.

“Simple, the parents want their son to stay with Adrian, because he’s a known quantity.   I would almost bet they’re afraid their little darling will find a real loser; or worse, he’ll fall hard for someone who will leave him high and dry,” Adam said.

“Adrian didn’t seem to be all that attached to his boyfriend,” Robbie said.

“No, he didn’t,” Adam agreed.   “I bet you we’ll hear from him soon.”

Robbie grinned and said, “How long before we get a call?”

Adam thought for a moment.   “Let’s give him two weeks.   That should be long enough for his boyfriend to show his true colors.”

Robbie’s green eyes sparkled with merriment, as he slipped his hand under the blanket they had spread over themselves, and began running his hand along Adam’s inner thigh.

 Adam leaned over and nibbled Robbie’s ear and whispered, “You had better stop that.”

Robbie laughed and withdrew his hand.   He turned his head and kissed Adam.

The lady in the seat next to Robbie coughed and Robbie turned to look at her.   She glared at him.   He smiled and said, “I’m sorry if we have offended you.   We were married a few hours ago, and we’re heading to Costa Rica for our honeymoon.”

Her expression softened and she smiled.   “Congratulations.   I’m sorry for glaring at you.   I thought you were kissing just to be offensive.   I didn’t know you were newlyweds, leaving for your honeymoon.”

Robbie said, “We’re used to it.   We’re not exactly shy about letting people know we’re very much in love with each other.”

She said, “That much I already knew.   My husband and I were much the same way, when we got married.   I’m Clarissa.   What’s your name?”

“I’m Robbie and this is my husband, Adam,” Robbie replied.

Adam said, “Hi.”

Robbie asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to a conference in Houston,” she replied.   “I know you just got married, but how long have you been together?”

Adam said, “We’ve been together since our junior year in high school, so I guess that makes it a little over a year and a half.”

Clarissa nodded her head and smiled.   “That’s about how long we dated before we got married.   So you waited until you graduated from high school to get married?”

“Yes, we thought it would be better for us to wait.   We live with our brothers, who are also married to each other,” Robbie said.

Clarissa raised her eyebrows in surprise.   “Do you mean to tell me your brothers are gay, as well, and they are married to each other?”

“Yes,” Adam said.   “That’s how we met.   My brother, Todd, married Robbie’s brother, Zach.”

“How do your parents feel about having two gay sons?” she asked.

“They’re really cool about it,” Robbie said.   “They have been very supportive of us.   We live with three married gay couples.   They are all students at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.”

“Is that where you plan to go to school, as well?” she asked.

“Yes, we are already registered for the fall semester,” Adam said.

Clarissa asked, “How do you handle living with three other couples?   I would think it would be hard to have any privacy.”

Robbie laughed and said, “It’s true that it’s hard to have much privacy; but they are like brothers to us.   Since they’re married, they understand the need for each couple to have alone time.   We’ve reserved every Friday night as date night, and we go our separate ways to spend one-on-one time with our husbands.   Saturdays, we do things with the guys, because during the week, we’re busy studying.”

“That sounds like a good system to help everyone maintain their relationships with their spouses,” she said.

Adam said, “It’s worked out pretty well so far, even though we weren’t married yet.   The guys treated us like we were.   Since we’ve been living together, we shouldn’t have too much trouble adjusting to being married.”

Clarissa shook her head and said, “That’s not always true.   I lived with my husband before we got married, and I thought the same way you do.   I was sure wrong.   It was like we started our relationship from scratch the day we got married.   It took us a while to figure out we each had different expectations of a spouse, than we did when we were just living together.”

Robbie looked at Adam and said, “Well, there is that aspect to think about.   We haven’t really talked about what we expect of each other, as husbands.   I just assumed we would continue pretty much the same as before we got married.”

“Well, if you want some advice, take some time to talk about your expectations now that you’re married.   I think you will find it to be time well spent.”

Robbie said, “Thank you for your suggestion.”   His tone of voice indicated he was being polite, but had his own thoughts about the subject.

Clarissa laughed.   “I’m sure you have gotten a lot of unsolicited advice lately.”

Adam said, sarcastically, “You’ve got that right.”

Clarissa smiled and said, “It happened to us, as well.   Every married couple tried to tell us what pitfalls to avoid.   The thing is, we never encountered those same pitfalls, because we were different people in different circumstances than they were.   I'll try not to preach at you, then.   But, I will make one last suggestion, as you called it.   Do take the time to talk about your future together.   Make a list of goals and priorities, and share them with each other.   Decide which ones will be family goals and which ones will be individual ones.   That way, you can help each to achieve your goals.”

Adam said, “I think that’s a good idea.   We’ve got two weeks of just ‘us’ time.   Maybe we can spend some time talking about our future together while we’re at the beach.”

Robbie agreed.   “That way we can think about things before we talk.”

Clarissa said, “I’d like to get to know you two a little better.   You seem like you know what you want, and are headed in the right direction.”

They shared with her their experiences together, and she shared her experiences with her family.  By the time they reached Houston, they had become friends and exchanged cell numbers.   After landing in Houston, they stood in the boarding area for moment with Clarissa.

“Enjoy your honeymoon,” she said.

“Thanks,” Robbie said.

Adam said, “It’s been nice, getting to know you.”

They watched her disappear into the crowd.   Adam said, “We have a long layover here, so I’ve booked us into a hotel for the night.  We have to be back here early tomorrow to catch our flight to Costa Rica.”

Robbie grinned and said, “Let’s go.”

They made their way out of the terminal and took a taxi to their hotel.   Adam checked them in, and they were soon alone in the honeymoon suite.   Adam smiled and said, “I think we should relax in the hot tub.   What do you think?”

Robbie didn’t answer his husband in words.   Instead, he gave him a lecherous grin and began a slow strip tease.   Adam waited for Robbie to finish stripping out of his clothes to begin his own version.   By the time they were ready to climb into the hot tub, they were so amped up, Adam said, “The hot tub can wait.”   He took Robbie’s hand and pulled him down onto the king-sized bed.   Robbie kissed him deeply, loving the feel of his husband’s bare skin next to his.   Adam wrapped his arms around Robbie, lifting him on top of him.   He released him and Robbie straddled his husband, deep green eyes meeting brilliant blue ones.   Adam said, huskily, “I love you, Robbie.”  Robbie recaptured Adam’s lips, letting his hands roam freely; their passion for each other increasing geometrically from one moment to the next.

The next morning Adam was awakened by the ringing of the phone.   Adam answered the wake-up call.   The computerized voice said, “This is your requested wake up call.”   He hung up the phone and glanced down at his naked body.   He was quite proud of his well-muscled physique.   Zach and Todd had insisted he and Robbie work out with them; and, as a result, he had built up as much muscle as his brother.   Robbie liked running his hands over his six-pack abs.   He glanced over at his sleeping husband, as his thoughts went back to the mind-blowing sex they had had last night.   He had no idea being married to Robbie would increase the passion and the intensity of their lovemaking!  Being bound together as one had removed barriers he hadn’t known existed between them.   He had always felt close to Robbie, but last night they had joined as one; mentally, emotionally, and physically.   In all of the discussions with his brother about marriage, Zach had made no mention of the exhilaration he had felt at the metaphysical merging of two souls.   He knew Zach and Todd were very much in love, and there was no doubt in his mind they had experienced it, as well.   He understood how highly personal and private such an occurrence was, now he had experienced it for himself.   The memories of last night stirred his passions, and had an immediate impact on his physical body, drawing him to his husband.    

He wasn’t sure Robbie was awake; but figured he would give him a nice surprise to help him wake up.   He rolled over and ran his tongue over Robbie’s nipples.   Robbie opened his eyes in surprise and let out a low moan of pleasure.   He reached for his lover, pulling him up to capture his lips.

Adam pulled back, and his sapphire eyes met Robbie’s emerald ones.   Adam saw Robbie’s love for him reflected there.   Adam smiled and murmured, “I want you to make me yours.”

Robbie put his hands up, pulling his head down until Adam’s lips met his.   He pushed his tongue between Adam’s open lips and proceeded to honor Adam’s request.

The newlyweds collapsed in a mass of tangled limbs, enjoying the euphoria resulting from their passionate lovemaking.   Adam tenderly traced designs on Robbie’s chest with his fingertips.   Robbie said, “I love it when you do that.”

Adam’s eyes sparkled with happiness.   “I love doing it.”

Robbie said, “We should get dressed.”

Adam agreed.   “Let’s get a quick shower.”   He stood up and pulled Robbie up.   They cleaned themselves up, and were dressed and on their way to the airport in no time.   They made it through security and to their boarding gate without incident.

They sat down and Robbie said, “I’m hungry.   Do you want something to eat?”

“Sure, let’s grab a breakfast burrito.   I saw a McDonald’s just past the next gate,” Adam said.

They purchased their meal and returned to their boarding gate to wait.   As they ate, Adam said, “That lady we met yesterday seemed nice enough.”

“Yeah, she did.   She wasn’t very friendly at first, though,” Robbie said.

Adam said, “Well, that was your fault for kissing me.   I know it shouldn’t matter to people, but they get really upset seeing two guys kissing in public.”

“That’s so prejudiced!   No one says anything when a straight couple kisses in public, or holds hands.   We shouldn’t have to always be afraid of offending someone’s sensibilities.   It’s like there is a double standard for what is acceptable behavior in the public square,” Robbie said.

“That’s because there is a double standard.   Homophobic people are scared we might convert them, if they see us as being happy and well adjusted.   They have tried to portray us as sick and unbalanced, a menace to society.   If we behave like normal people who are in love and have families, their propaganda of hatred and lies will be shown for what it truly is.   That’s why they react so negatively to us when we show them they’re wrong,” Adam said.   “The more gay couples are open about their relationships and their families, the more likely it is rational people will reject what the hate merchants have been selling them.”

Robbie said, “That’s one more reason I never intend to hide the fact I’m happily married to the man of my dreams.”

They finished their sandwiches, just as their flight began boarding.   They joined the queue and were soon seated next to each other.   Adam had grabbed a couple of pillows and blankets as he passed them.   He stowed their carry-on luggage and took his seat next to the window.  

As Robbie took the middle seat, he said, “Thank you for letting me take the window seat.”

Robbie grinned and said, “It only makes sense since you’re quite a bit bigger than I am.   It also gives me a reason to get close to you.”   He sat down and put on his seat belt.   They made themselves comfortable.   “I’m tired, Babe.”

“You can sleep as soon as we’re in the air,” Adam said.

Robbie said, “I hope no one sits in the aisle seat, so I can get comfortable.”

“We’ll wait and see,” Adam said.

As the passengers continued to board, it soon became apparent that the aisle was, indeed, unclaimed.   Robbie grinned and said, “Looks like we have a little extra room.”   He put up the arm rest separating him from the aisle seat, and stretched his legs out, leaning his head on Adam’s shoulder.

The plane soon was in the air and Robbie was out cold.   Adam pulled the window shade down and placed a pillow against the wall of the plane and drifted off as well.

Rick and I met Greg and Cory poolside at the hotel.   The two younger men looked stunning in their Andrew Christian bikini swimming suits.   Rick saw me giving them the once over from head to toe and said, “You can stop drooling now.”

They noticed us and walked over to join us.   Greg grinned and said, “I’m glad we still can turn you on, Glenn.”

Rick reached over to massage my barely contained erection.   I closed my eyes and gave a low moan of pleasure.   He stopped and I opened my eyes as he lifted me out the lounge chair and carried me over to the Jacuzzi tub.   He put me down and we sat down on the tiled shelf, with the hot jets of water massaging our backs.   Greg and Cory followed.  

Cory said, “Wow!   Rick sure knows how to take care of you, Glenn.”

I grinned and said, “Rick is the best man for me.”

Rick agreed.   “Yes, I’m the only man for you.”   He leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

Greg said, “I’m glad you two are still together.   I’ll never forget how you came into my room that day during spring break.   I still get horny just thinking about it.”

I laughed, “I think we did a pretty good job of entertaining a very depressed young man.   Don’t you think so, Rick?”

Rick grinned, “Yes, we did.”

Cory said, “I’m glad you did.   It helped Greg to begin his recovery.”

“Yes, it did, in a very physical way.   I just wish we could get over the mental issues as easily.   I hate going to therapists who think they have the answers to all of our problems.”

Cory said, “We had a very rough session last week.   Dr. Hansen is a good therapist.   It’s just she pushed us pretty hard this last time.”

Greg put his arm around Cory’s shoulders.   “Cory is being very good to me.   She specifically said I needed to move past the hatred I feel toward my Dad before I can begin to heal.   Cory seems to have moved past it already, but, of course, it wasn’t his father who tried to murder him, it was mine.”

Cory put a finger to Greg’s lips.   “Shh!   Let’s save this discussion for another time, Babe.”

Greg looked as if he wanted to keep going, but reached up to take his husband’s hand and smiled.   “Okay.   I’ll wait for a more appropriate time.”   He looked across the hot tub at me and Rick.   “I promise to talk to you about it, later.”

I nodded my head.   “Not a problem.   We’re not going anywhere, and we’ll always be willing to lend you a listening ear.   Besides, who else would listen to you?”

Greg laughed and punched me in the shoulder.   “You’re such a wise ass!”

I gave him my best erudite look and said, in a deep voice, “It’s about time you figured out that my superior intellect is just what you need to help you solve your problems.”

Greg splashed water at me and said, “Just remember, nephew dearest, I know where you’re sleeping tonight.”

Rick said, “He’s got you there, Glenn.”   I leaned back as he finished massaging my back.   He placed his hands on my shoulders.   “Let’s get in the pool.  I think you need to cool down.”

I laughed.  “Okay, I get it.”   Rick stood and gave me a hand up, pulling me out of the hot tub.   He put his arm around my waist to support me as I leaned against him.

Greg and Cory followed us over to the pool.   Cory said, “Race you to the other side.”

We lined up and did surface dives to begin our race across the pool.  Of course, Rick was in the lead by about a yard.   The rest of us tied for second place.   Cory said, “I think Rick had the advantage on us that time.   We need to start from inside the pool.   Let’s race back to see who is the real winner.”

We lined up as before, but this time we were already in the pool and pushed off from the pool wall.   Again, Rick won.   Rick said, “Just face it, Cory.   I’m the faster swimmer.”

Cory grinned and said, “Okay, but I beat these two.”

Greg said, “I think we need a rematch, because I think I swim faster than you do.”

We played around in the water for a while longer, before climbing out onto the pool deck.   Rick took my hand and pulled me into the hot tub with him.   I said, “Turn around, so I can massage your back for you.”   He did as I asked.   I love running my hands over the muscles in his back and shoulders.   I kneaded his muscles with my fingertips and worked on the muscles in the back of his neck.   I ran my hands along his broad shoulders and down his sides to his narrow hips, working out the tension in his muscles as I went.  He leaned forward to give me better access to his lower back.   Finishing there, I said, “Okay, turn around and let me at your legs and feet.”   He obeyed, bringing his legs up and placed them across my knees.   I massaged his feet and worked my way up his calves to his thighs.   As I approached his groin, I noticed his growing erection.   I glanced up, grinning widely.   “I think we need to go up to our room.   I believe someone needs some relief.”

Rick met my eyes and returned my grin.   “The sooner, the better, Babe,” he said.

“We’ll see you guys upstairs,” I said.

Greg said, “We’ll give you some time alone, before we come upstairs.”

“Thanks, guys,” I said, taking Rick’s hand and leading him to our room.

Entering our room, Rick pinned me against the door and captured my lips in a deep kiss; his steel pole grinding against me.   He pushed his hands into my bikini swimsuit and pushed it to the floor, freeing my equally hard dick.   I stepped out of it, as I hooked my thumbs in his waist band of his swim suit, pulling it off of him.  He picked me up and carried me to the bed.   The look in his eyes made me shiver in anticipation.   This was not going to be a gentle ride!

Greg and Cory tapped on the door before they entered the hotel room.   Greg could see we were still coming down from the heights of our passionate lovemaking.   The guys stripped off their swim suits and climbed on the bed next to us.

Rick said, “Thanks, guys.   I needed that.”

Greg laughed and said, “I knew you were in dire need!”

Rick grinned and said, “It WAS pretty obvious.”

Cory said, “Even I figured that out, and I’m the one who usually has to have Greg point things out to me.”

I said, “I love it when Rick gets really horny like that.”

Cory said, “I bet you do!   I like it when Greg gets like that, as well.”

Rick said, “It was pretty obvious this morning Robbie and Adam have a healthy libido, as well.   I’m glad they’re married now.   They have wanted to be married, ever since Zach and Todd were married.”   Before I could say anything, he added, “Yes, I know you want to be married, as well, Glenn, and our time will come.”    He pulled me close to him.

Cory said, “I’m glad we’re going to Spain early.   I’ve read over your itinerary for the guys, and they will have a whirlwind tour of Europe.   I’d much rather take my time and enjoy one or two places.”

“Joey and Tyler are pretty excited to see us,” Greg said.   I talked with Joey last night.   They’ll be waiting at the airport when we land in Madrid, the day after tomorrow.”

“It will be the first time I’ve been to Europe,” I said.

“I flew to Germany, while I was on active duty last year,” Rick said.

Cory asked, “How much longer do you have in the Marine Corps?”

“I have three years to go,” Rick said. 

“We both graduate next spring,” I said.   “I’ll have just enough credits to graduate with a degree in Spanish, with a business management minor.”

“I’ll have my degree in electrical and computer engineering, with a minor in computer science,” Rick said.

Greg said, “Joey wants to start taking classes in computer science.   He is really feeling bad about not being able to help support his family.   Right now, he is staying at home with the girls and taking Spanish language lessons.”

“Is there something we can do?” I asked.

“We could talk to Grandpa about helping Joey and Tyler set up a business; one that would allow Joey to work from home,” Greg said.

“I think that’s a great idea.   I think we could also set up a scholarship fund for Joey, like we did for the rest of the guys when they got married.   We didn’t do it before, because Joey hadn’t indicated an interest in going to college.   Now that he wants to take classes, I think we should provide him with the means to do so,” I said.

Cory said, “Let’s call Grandpa and ask him what he thinks would be the best way to help them.”

Greg grabbed his cell phone and dialed Grandpa’s number.   He put his phone on speaker, so we could all hear the conversation.   Grandpa picked up on the second ring.

“Hello, Greg,” Grandpa said.

“Hi, Grandpa,” Greg said.   “We want to bounce an idea off of you to see what you think.”   He outlined what we proposed, then waited for Grandpa’s response.

Grandpa said, “I think it would be a good idea to give Joey a scholarship if he desires to attend college.   I will have to think about what kind of business deal we could offer them.   Maybe, after you’ve spent some time with them, you can call me with more information.”

Greg said, “Joey also said there has been some tension between him and his in-laws; because they paid for both of their homes.   He wants to pay them back, so they won’t feel entitled to interfere in their relationship.”

Grandpa said, “Let’s provide them the funds to pay Tyler’s parents back their money, thus, taking away that issue.   We will give them the same terms as the rest of our family, for whom we have purchased homes.   Doesn’t Tyler want to become an international business consultant?”

“Yes, he does,” Greg said.   “He plans to get his doctorate from a university in Chile when he finishes in Spain.”

“We are already an international company since we own businesses in Canada and the United States.   Maybe we can add Spain and Chile to the list.   I’ll make some inquiries about doing business in those countries, and I’ll get back to you.   Thank you for presenting me with a new challenge.   I was beginning to get bored,” Grandpa said, with a laugh.

Greg said, “Thank you for listening to us.   May we share the news of the scholarship with them?”

“Sure.   Joey will need to get things set up, so he can attend college,” Grandpa said.

“We’ll call them in the morning, before we leave for the airport,” Greg said.

“Travel safely, and call me when you arrive in Spain,” Grandpa said.

“We will,” Greg said.   “Goodbye, Grandpa.”

“Goodbye,” he replied.

Greg ended the call and grinned at us.   “Grandpa is the best!”

“That he is,” Rick agreed.   “I can understand Joey’s frustration.   I would feel the same way if Glenn’s parents felt emboldened to interfere in our relationship, because of the financial support they were giving us.   Fortunately, Grandpa doesn’t try to tell us what to do, or interfere in our relationship.   And before that, Uncle Stan and Aunt Sharon didn’t dictate what I should do.   Their only condition was that I go to school and do well in whatever major I wanted to pursue.”

“It’s just after 10 PM in Madrid,” Cory said.   “They will probably still be up if you want to call them now.”

Greg nodded his head and picked up his cell phone, dialing Joey’s number.   Joey answered, “Hello, Greg.”

“Hey, Joey!   I’m going to put you on speaker phone.   Rick, Glenn and Cory are here with me,” Greg said.

“Hey guys!   Let me get Tyler,” Joey said.   

A minute later, Tyler said, “Hello everyone.   We’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

“We’re excited too.   Listen, guys.   We wanted to talk to you about a couple of things,” Greg said.   “Joey, did you tell Tyler you talked to me?”

Joey answered, “No, but he knows how I feel about the situation.”

Greg said, “Okay, I didn’t want to start a fight between you guys if you hadn’t already been talking about things.   We talked to Grandpa Scarborough tonight about what we could do to help.   Please hear us out, before you say anything.”

I said, “We want to help both of you with your college education.   We will fund two scholarships at the school of your choice.   You will use them to pay the costs of tuition and books.   When you’ve finished, the scholarships will be awarded to two outstanding gay students.  The scholarships will be called the Tyler and Joey Damasiewicz scholarships.”

Tyler said, “I don’t know what to say.”   He looked over at Joey, who looked like he was just as surprised as he was.

Greg said, “Thank you, I think, is all you have to say.   In addition, Grandpa has authorized us to tell you we will give you the funds to pay back your parents, Tyler.   You will become part of our family corporation and will manage the properties; either by living in them, or renting them out, until you decide to sell them.   Grandpa wants to create a situation where you can both flourish and grow.   He also is looking into setting you up with businesses of your own.   He will contact you when he’s finished researching the business possibilities.   We would put up the venture capital to start your business, and you two would be the brains behind the operation.”

Tyler sat in stunned silence after hearing Greg’s proposal.   His mind was reeling from all the possibilities it opened up for them.   His parents would be ecstatic to get their nest egg back.   They hadn’t complained about sacrificing their retirement to get Tyler and Joey started out right; but it had put a strain on the relationship between the two couples.

Tyler finally asked, “What’s the catch?”

Greg laughed.   “The catch is this - you’re now part of the Scarborough family, and you’ll be expected to live up to some pretty high standards.   Grandpa doesn’t put up with slothfulness or laziness of any sort.   We’ll be there for you and you’ll be there for us, as part of our extended family.   Joey is still my brother-in-law, Tyler, and you’re married to him; so that makes you my brother-in-law, as well.”

I said, “Think things over tonight, and we’ll talk more about it when we arrive there tomorrow.”

Greg said, “Knowing Grandpa, he’ll be expecting a phone call tomorrow to talk about getting your homes taken care of.   He doesn’t like to leave things hanging for very long.”

Tyler said, “Thanks guys.   You’ve given us a lot to think about.   We’ll see you at the airport tomorrow.”

“Good night,” Greg said.

“Good night,” Joey said.

Greg looked over at me and Rick.   “Tyler sounded a little shell shocked.”

I agreed, “We didn’t give him much warning.”

Cory said, “I think they’ll be alright.”

Rick’s stomach rumbled.   Greg laughed, “I guess that means we need to find something to eat.”

Rick grinned.   “Yes, it does.   Let’s get showered.   I think the Andersons and the Ingrams were planning to try out a new restaurant tonight.   They invited us to join them.”

“Cool,” Greg said.

Tyler sat on the bed next to Joey and said, “I didn’t know you had talked to Joey about how things were going.”

Joey looked down at his hands, feeling like he had violated Tyler’s trust by talking about their relationship with his brother-in-law.   Tyler reached over and put his hand under Joey’s chin and raised it up until his eyes met Joey’s.

“It’s okay, Joey.   I’m not angry with you.   I only wish you had talked to me first, before you talked to Greg,” Tyler said.   “I know things haven’t changed as quickly as we’d like; but Mom and Dad are moving next week, and I’ve made an effort to make sure I spend more time with you and the girls.”

“I know you have,” Joey said.   “I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you first.   I was feeling really down when Greg called, and, when he asked how things were going, I couldn’t hold back.”   There were tears in his eyes, but he managed to blink them away and keep himself under control.

Tyler asked, “Do you want to be part of the extended Scarborough family?”

Joey said, “I don’t know how I feel about that.   What they have offered us is pretty amazing.   I know Greg and Cory are very happy.   Since Greg was adopted by Grandpa Scarborough, things have worked out for him.   I watched him struggle to put what happened to him out of his life, Tyler.   Do you remember Greg’s suicide attempts?”

“Yes, I do.   I went with you to the hospital to visit Greg each time,” Tyler said.

“Greg told me last week the only thing keeping him from trying it again is the love Cory and Grandpa Scarborough have for him,” Joey said.   “His last therapy session was a pretty bad; one that left him really depressed.”

Tyler moved over and put his arm around his husband’s shoulders.   “Joey, I’m not suggesting we reject their offer.   I’m only making sure it is what we both want.   We’ve already had one experience dealing with family in a business deal, and it’s not been a good thing for us.”

Joey said, “It will be different this time; because Grandpa Scarborough won’t be living with us, nor will Greg and Cory.”

“True; but, is this something we really want to do?” Tyler asked.

Joey’s cell phone rang at that moment.   He looked at the number, but didn’t recognize it.   He decided to answer it.   “Hello.”

“Is this Joey?” a voice asked.

“Yes, who is this?” Joey asked.

“I am Chris Scarborough.   I adopted your brother-in-law, Greg, as my son,” Grandpa said.

Joey said, “Hello.   I’m going to put you on speaker phone, so my husband, Tyler can hear you as well.”  

“Hello, Tyler,” Grandpa said.

“Hello,” Tyler responded.

“I’m calling about our proposal to buy your homes, and to set up a business you two would run there in Madrid.   Let me explain how things work,” Grandpa said.   He explained, in detail, about MST, Inc.   He told them about its origins, and how the family had bought homes for their family members and friends.   He outlined the terms and conditions, then answered their questions.   He went on to explain how a business venture would work, if they decided to participate in such an activity.   When he was finished, he said, “I’ve kept you up late, and I apologize.”

Tyler said, “It’s okay.   We needed to have answers to our questions, which you have provided.”

“Good.   I hope to hear from you soon,” Grandpa said.

Joey said, “Good night.”

“Good night, boys,” Grandpa said.

They broke the connection and looked at each other.   Joey said, “I feel good about working with him.”

Tyler nodded his head in agreement.   “He sounds a lot like Papá Nájera.   I think we should introduce them to each other.   I think the two of them would be able to come up with some fantastic business deals for us.”

“I agree,” Joey said.   “Let’s sleep on it, tonight.   We can figure it all out in the morning.”

Tyler agreed.   “I’m still a little overwhelmed by it all.”

“Me, too,” Joey said, kissing his husband on the lips.   “Let’s go to bed.”

They showered and quickly climbed into bed.   Joey snuggled close to Tyler and asked, “Are you angry with me?”

Tyler said, “No, I’m not angry with you.   I’m a little preoccupied, trying to look at Mr. Scarborough’s proposal from all angles.   He sounds like a man who knows how to make money.   I know from Greg’s experience with him that he’s a good, honest man, and it makes me want to trust him.   However, I’m leery of getting entangled in a family business.   Mom and Dad ‘gave’ us the money for our homes, but we saw where that led.   I’m not too eager to enter into a situation where the Scarboroughs feel they can intervene in our lives, whenever they feel like it.”

“I don’t think they are like that, from what I’ve heard from Greg and Cory.   I know Rick wouldn’t stand for it, and I’ve known him since high school,” Joey said.   “Mr. Scarborough outlined how things would work, and told us we would sign a contract, just like any other business arrangement.   The terms would be very favorable to us, and, most importantly, we could buy the homes back from the company, if we decided we didn’t like the arrangements.   He also made it clear the scholarship funds were a wedding gift to us, and we were to go as far with our academics as needed to achieve our goals.”

Tyler said, “That is the one thing that makes me think this proposal is all for real.   At first, it seemed too good to be true.   Nobody just gives away money to total strangers.   It just doesn’t happen.   Neither one of us has met Mr. Scarborough.   We know his grandson, Glenn, and we know Greg, his adopted son.   But is that enough to motivate him to offer us such generous terms to help us start a business, buy our homes, and basically make us a partner in his family business?”

Joey said, “I think I remember Rick and Glenn gave scholarships to Glenn’s roommates when they got married.”

“But they were his roommates,” Tyler countered.   “We’ve never been anything more than casual acquaintances.”

“That’s true, but Mr. Scarborough adopted Greg; and Greg is our brother-in-law and our daughters’ uncle,” Joey said.

“You’ve said that before, but is it a strong enough relationship to merit the kind of generosity being shown to us?” Tyler asked.

“I think so; at least that’s how the Scarborough family seems to function.   I don’t know of any other family like them,” Joey said.

Tyler said, “I’ve never seen, or heard, of anything like them.   If what Mr. Scarborough said is really true, then we sure are very fortunate.”

Joey smiled and rubbed noses with Tyler.   “It’s about time we had some good fortune.”

Tyler kissed his husband, and pulled him closer to him.   Tyler lie awake for some time after Joey’s breathing slowed and he felt him completely relax in his arms.   His mind was racing, as he tried to work through his feelings as well as mentally build a picture of where this proposed business arrangement could lead them.   It was nearly morning when he finally succumbed to his body’s need for sleep.

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