The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 128: Peyton’s Return

The next morning, we were awakened by Greg and Cory climbing into bed with us.   I opened my eyes to see Cory’s morning wood staring me in the face.   I looked up and met his eyes.   His Cheshire cat smile nearly made me laugh.  

He asked, “Do you like what you see?”

Instead of answering him directly, I reached out and started stroking him.   He moaned softly, “Ahhh…..Don’t stop!”  

Watching me stroke his husband’s cock, Greg asked, “May we join you?” 

I released Cory’s dick, and nodded my head, kicking off the sheets.  Rick moved to the edge of the bed, and I repositioned myself, so Rick was spooning me, his morning wood slipping neatly into its usual place.   He gently bit my neck and said, “Hmmm…You taste good.”  I turned my head and met his lips.   Rick is the best kisser on the planet!  

Our friends climbed into bed with us, and pulled the sheet up over us.   Seeing the marks on my neck, Greg said, “I can tell who got laid last night.”  

Rick’s finger gently outlined the purplish spot on my neck, and said, “You’ve been well marked, Babe.”

I gave Greg a broad smile, and took Rick’s hand in mine.   “At least no one will question whether or not we enjoy having sex.”

Cory chuckled, and said, “That’s for sure!”

I looked closely at Cory’s neck and noticed he’d been marked, as well.  “What about you, Cory?   I can see at least one bruise on your neck.”

Cory laughed.   “I wasn’t the one who commented on yours.   That was Greg, remember?”

Greg grinned, as he gently bit Cory’s neck.   “I love you, Babe.”   A moment later, he gave us a curious look.  “I know we’ve talked about this before, but do you guys flip-flop?   I mean, do you take turns fucking each other?”

“We do on occasion.  I like it when Glenn tops for me,” Rick said, caressing my flat stomach.   I tightened my stomach muscles under his gentle touch.  As his hand moved lower, my dick jumped to full mast.

I looked at them curiously, and asked, “Does Cory do it for you, Greg?”

“Yes, he does.   We flip-flop every time we have sex.   We both like to top, and we both like to bottom.   I guess we’re versatile in that regard,” Greg said.

Rick looked at them with raised eyebrows.   “Why do you ask?”

Cory replied, “We’ve been talking with the guys about what sex positions are best, and what different couples prefer.”

“So, what did you find out?” I asked, curious to know what our former roommates liked to do.

Greg blushed.   “I’m not sure we should share that information without asking their permission, first.”

“That would be wise,” Rick replied, sagely.   “I know I wouldn’t like it if you went around talking about our sexual activities with them.”

I was still curious to know, but refrained from asking specific questions.   “Okay then, tell us what the majority like to do.”

Greg said, “Most flip-flop like we do.   Both partners like to give pleasure to the other, in as many ways as possible.   It was really cool to find out we weren’t the only ones who liked to be a top, or a bottom, depending on our mood.”

I asked, “But did you ask them what positions they liked best?”

Cory said, “Yes, we did.”

“Well, what were their favorites?   Is there something we should try?” Rick asked.

I laughed, “It’s not like we don’t already try different things, Rick.”

Rick said, defensively, “I just want to know.”

Cory explained what their favorite sex positions were.   I said, “We already use those positions, depending on what we feel like doing.”

Rick said, “It’s nice to know that we aren’t that different from other gay couples.”

Greg laughed, and said, “You guys are pretty normal.”  

Cory said, “However, I think you need to know you are held in very high esteem by our ‘band of brothers.’   Every one of the guys told us they looked up to you both.”

“What do we do that is so different?” I asked, puzzled by Cory’s statement.   “I’m flattered they think so highly of us, but why?   Rick and I are just normal people.   I don’t believe that we do anything particularly out of the ordinary.   We love and respect each other, but I know we aren’t the only ones who have a relationship based on trust.”

Rick seconded my statement.   “I’m just as puzzled as Glenn is.   I’m curious to know what the guys are telling you.”

Greg said, “You guys have been an inspiration to all of us, especially our ‘band of brothers.’   Since we moved in with them, we’ve been amazed at the depth of love each of the couples has for each other.”

Cory said, “We thought we loved each other as much as any other couple, until we started watching the married guys who live in our house.   They are all in equal partnerships.   There is so much love and respect between each of them.   We have observed the types of relationships they have with each other, and we want the same for ourselves.   When we asked them about their relationships, and how they had become so close to each other, each couple told us they had been influenced by how you two treat each other.  Robbie and Adam both said they admired Glenn’s loyalty to Rick, despite the fact he was on active duty and wasn’t around much.    Brandon said Glenn really set him straight, and inspired him to build a stable relationship with Mark.”

I smiled, as I remembered that conversation.   “I’m glad Brandon listened to me that day.”

“Zach and Todd have been my role models,” Rick said.   “They have a wonderful relationship with each other.”

“We agree,” Cory said.   “We’re as close to them as we are to you guys.”

“We have to thank you guys for convincing us to attend school in Minneapolis,” Greg said.   “It has been one of the best things to ever happen to us, because we have the best roommates in the entire world.   They have helped us, in so many ways, to become a well-adjusted married gay couple.   We’ve had a couple of rough moments, but we always knew we could turn to them for support, if we needed it.”

“You told us a while ago you were happy you’re there; so, I’m glad you’re still happy with your decision to attend the University of Minnesota,” I said.  “I miss being there with you guys, but I’m happy to be wherever Rick is.”

Rick licked my earlobe, then, gently bit it.   “You had better be happy.”

I grinned and turned my head to kiss him.   I could feel him pushing against my back door, so I relaxed and let him in.   I moaned softly into his mouth, as he ran his hands over my smooth chest, tweaking my nipples as he came to them.   Rick had me exactly where he wanted me!   I could deny him nothing!

Cory, observing us, turned his head to kiss his husband.   Greg murmured in his ear, “Do you want me to fuck you?”  Cory nodded his head and kissed him deeply.  

It was some time later when the two couples stirred from their state of bliss.   Greg’s stomach rumbled, loudly.   Cory laughed, “I guess it’s time for breakfast.”

Rick tightened his arms around my waist.   “I think I want a protein shake for breakfast.”   He loosened his hold on me, and scooted down to position himself between my legs.   I was soon arching my back, thrusting into his mouth.   My eyes rolled back in my head from the intense pleasure I was feeling.   I wasn’t long in coming! 

Afterward, Rick stretched out on top of me, letting me feel his weight.   He kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth.   The feel of his warm skin next to mine only heightened my sense of well-being.    I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him tight against me.   He lifted his head, and looked me in the eyes.   “I love you, Glenn.”

“I love you, too.”

We were interrupted by Cory’s soft moaning as Greg imitated Rick by giving his husband the same gift I had received from my lover.   As we watched, Cory tensed and held Greg’s head in place, as he released his load.   Greg finished his ministrations by sharing his reward with Cory!

I exclaimed, “Wow!   That was hot!”

Cory smiled, his eyes sparkling with happiness.   “It was pretty great!”

“I’ve never disappointed you, have I?” Greg asked, grinning broadly.

“No, you haven’t,” Cory responded, kissing him.   “I’ve got the best husband a guy could ever have.”

Rick rubbed noses with me, and said, “I think we need to get showered.”

Greg grinned, and said, “I agree, as long as we have our usual contest.”

Rick laughed.   “Okay, you’re on.   Let’s see if you’ve improved any.”

We got out of bed and walked into our en suite.   Soon, we were having a great time playing around in the shower!   Rick won the competition, as usual.   He laughed and said, “Greg, you have to admit I’m the best.”

Greg grinned and admitted, “Alright, you can shoot farther than the rest of us.”

We left the shower, and dried each other off.   We walked into our bedroom, and I took one look at our sheets and shook my head.   “You guys will have to help me make up the bed with clean sheets.”

Greg laughed, and said, “Okay, but, remember it’s not our fault your lover boy wanted to have sex with you this morning.”

Rick grinned and put his arm around my shoulders.   “Greg does have a point.”

I reached down and stroked Rick’s partially erect member.   “Maybe we should wait until after I get you off, again!”

Greg and Cory laughed.   “You guys are something else!   Come on, Cory.   Let’s leave these two alone to take care of each other’s needs.”   Greg took Cory’s hand and led him from the room.

I said, shaking my head, “I can’t believe you’re ready to go at it for a third time this morning.”

Rick leered at me, and said, “I’m a Marine, remember?   I need to have sex at least three times a day, if not more!”

Later, there was a soft tap on our door.   Rick called out, “Come in!”

The door opened, admitting Greg and Cory.   “We’ve brought you guys breakfast in bed,” Cory said.

We sat up in bed, and the guys handed each of us a tray, holding a plate filled with eggs, sausage, toast, and a glass of orange juice.   “Thank you for making us breakfast,” I said, smiling at our friends.

“It was Cory’s idea,” Greg said, putting his arm around Cory’s shoulders.

Cory smiled, “It’s the least we can do for you guys.”

They sat down on the foot of our bed.   “Since Zach and Todd are moving to Toronto, we need to find a new roommate,” Greg said.

“Zach and Todd have a friend who is looking for a place to live,” Cory said.   “We haven’t met him yet, but they say he’s a great guy.”

“I’m sure that they wouldn’t invite anyone to live with you guys that wasn’t a decent sort,” I said, reassuringly.

Greg said, “I agree; however, we still want to meet him first, before we agree to let him move in.”

“Mark has a job in Minneapolis, but he and Brandon want to have their own place,” Cory said.   “They have started to look for a house to buy.”

“I wondered when they would decide they needed their own space,” Rick said.   “I hope they’ve talked to Grandpa about what their plans are.”

“They called Grandpa last week,” Greg said.   “He gave them some pointers on what to look for in a house.   Mark wants to start a family, now that he has a full-time job.   Brandon wants to wait another year or two.   He wants more time to be a couple, before they begin raising a family.”

Cory said, “We certainly understand how Brandon feels.   We’re still dealing with the psychological damage we suffered from Greg’s father’s attempt to murder us.   Most of the physical wounds have healed, but the emotional ones have not.”

“Don’t you still have headaches?” I asked, my concern for his well-being showing in my voice.

“Yes, I do,” Cory said.  “The doctors say they will diminish over time, but they don’t know how long it will take.”

I followed up with another question, “How bad do they get?”

“They can be quite severe at times,” he admitted.   But, before I could ask additional questions, he added, “Don’t worry about me, Glenn.   I’m okay.”

Greg laughed, and said, “Our roommates said you were like a mother hen, always worrying about them.   Zach said you were worse than his mother sometimes, when it came to eating right and taking his vitamins.”

“He shouldn’t complain, because I never got on him about going to bed on time, or harassed him about keeping his bedroom clean,” I said, indignantly.

Rick said, between mouthfuls, “Zach has Todd to do that.   Todd is a neat freak.

“That’s an understatement, if there ever was one!” Cory exclaimed.  “Todd put up a chore chart, and has appointed himself the cleanliness police.”

Watching Rick wolf down his breakfast, Greg laughed.   “I thought I was the only one who ate like that!”

Rick licked his lips, and said, “I didn’t want my eggs to get cold.   Thank you for bringing us breakfast in bed.”

“Yes, thank you for thinking of us,” I said.

Cory replied, “You’re welcome.   We wanted to know if you guys were up for a game of racquetball, before we leave for Grandpa’s house.”

I looked over at Rick.   “I’m game, if Rick is up to it.”

“Sure, why not?” Rick responded.   “You know I’ll win.”

Greg guffawed, “Don’t be so sure about that!    You have yet to get up and get dressed.   I’m not sure an old man like you can even get himself out of bed without assistance!”

Rick grinned.   “Just keep it up, boy!   You’ll be singing a different tune after I’m done with you.”

Greg laughed, “We shall see.   I’ll call to reserve a court, while your lover helps you get dressed.”

Rick handed his tray to Greg.   “If you’ll take care of this, I’ll get dressed under my own power, thank you very much.”

“Sure,” Greg replied, a wide smile on his face.   Cory took my tray, and the two guys left us to get ready to go.  

We dressed in matching shorts and t-shirts.   We joined Greg and Cory in the foyer and made our way out to the Land Rover.   We drove to the gym, and parked the car.   We played doubles for nearly two hours.   Cory managed to put a few past us, since he’s left-handed.  

Half way through our third match Cory wacked the ball hard against the front wall, expecting it to scream past Rick.     For a big guy, Rick can sure move, and move he did this time!   He smashed it so it hit the front wall, just above the floor, causing Cory to dive for it.   Unfortunately, Cory did a face plant, missing the ball completely.

Rick walked over and gave him a hand up.   “Sorry about that, Cory.”

Cory looked up at Rick with a big grin on his face.   “I got what I deserved for trying to nail you guys.”

Rick laughed.   “Well, I guess you’ll learn not to try the same move two times in a row.”  

Cory shrugged his shoulders.   “I’ve got a few more surprises for you.   I plan to win this round.”

At the two hour mark, we got an extra court, so we could have a single’s tournament between the four of us.    Rick won our friendly competition, with Greg coming in second.   We came off the courts feeling pretty good after our aerobic exercise.   We returned home to get ready to leave for Grandpa’s house.

We piled our gear in the back of the Land Rover and drove to Grandpa’s place.  Rick pulled into their driveway and cut the engine.   Grandma came out to greet us.   “Are you guys hungry?”

I laughed, “Grandma, you already know the answer to that question.”

She smiled up at me.   “I do know that answer.   Lunch is on the table in the kitchen.   Take your things to your rooms and meet us in the kitchen.”

We took our things upstairs.   I hung up our clothes in the closet, while Rick took care of the socks and underwear.   We had purchased a couple of new swimsuits, which Rick held up.   “I love these.”

I grinned.   “Me, too.   I’m glad we’ve spent some time in the sun, or we would look pretty washed out in those.”

They were bright-colored swim trunks that showed us off very well.   We shaved off all of our body hair to show off our muscles.   Of course, Rick is what some people call ‘cut.’   I call it being totally buff, and sexy!   He’s not muscle-bound like some of those guys you see in the weightlifting magazines.   He has nicely defined muscles, and it’s a real turn on to see him in his swimsuit.

Greg and Cory walked into our room.   “Hey, those swimsuits look great!” Greg exclaimed.   “Are you guys going to model them for us?”

“Not right now.  I think Grandma said lunch is waiting for us in the kitchen.   We plan to wear them after lunch when we go swimming,” I said.

“We brought a couple of new swimsuits with us, too, knowing we would get some time in the pool while we’re here,” Cory said.

“Grandpa reopened the pool last week.   Thankfully, he installed a heater, or the water would be too cold,” I said.

We followed Greg and Cory out of our room and downstairs to the kitchen.   Entering the kitchen, we saw our uncles were seated around the table.   We chorused our greetings.   “Hey guys!”

Jasper said, “It’s good to see you guys.   I’m sorry we couldn’t be at your graduation ceremony.”

Rick said, “That’s okay.   We missed you guys, but we did have a lot of family there.”

Corey looked at us, and said, “Are you guys ready to go swimming?   I helped Dad with the pool, so we could spend some time in it while you guys are here.”

Cory said, “We came prepared to do quite a bit of swimming.”

Bob said, “We ordered some new swimsuits from a couple of places on-line.   I have to say that I’m not sure I want to show that much skin.”

We laughed, and Jasper said, “It’s okay, Bob, to show off your gorgeous body for your husband.   I want everyone to know I’m married to the best looking guy on the planet.”

Bob leaned over and kissed him.   “I love you, Babe.”

Corey said, “Dylan isn’t shy about showing off his body.”

Dylan grinned broadly.   “I say if you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

Greg smiled.   “Well, you’ve definitely got it, Dylan.”

“He ordered the skimpiest swimsuit they had,” Corey said.   He looked over at his parents.   “I just hope you guys won’t mind.”   He was afraid his parents might not approve of his husband’s swimwear.

Grandma met his gaze and said, “I’m fine with you guys and your sexy swimwear.   You’re all married and it’s okay for you to show off for your husbands.   I only ask you to remember your nieces and nephews have little ones, so be mindful of what you wear when they’re here.”

“When are they coming?” Bob asked.

“They’ll be here the day after tomorrow, so you had better take advantage of the pool today,” Grandma said, smiling at her son.   “I know how frisky you guys can get.   I know you’re deeply in love, and I’m glad both of you have found wonderful men to be your husbands.”

Bob turned to Jasper, and said, “I think she means you’ve passed the test.   Mom doesn’t say that about just anyone.”

Jasper grinned, leaning over to kiss Bob lightly on the lips.  “She knows a good man when she sees one.”

Corey said, “I’m glad I found Dylan.   He is the light of my life.”

Bob laughed.   “That’s not all he is.”

Corey blushed.   “That’s true, but we won’t talk about that.”

Dylan took Corey’s hand in his.  “You needn’t be embarrassed, Corey.   Bob’s right, I’m more than just the light of your life.”   He put his free hand to Corey’s chin and lifted it, until their eyes met.   “I love you.”

Corey smiled and said, “I’m still amazed you agreed to marry me.”

“I’m not,” Dylan said.   “No one loves me like you do.”

Mom smiled at her brothers.   “It does my heart good to see how happy my twin brothers are, now they’ve finally found their soul mates.   Thank you for making their dreams come true.”

Dad frowned, but didn’t say anything.   It was obvious from his expression he didn’t share my mother’s opinion.   He looked up and met my gaze.   He quickly brought a smile to his face; but, we both knew he wasn’t really comfortable with the fact he had two brothers-in-law who were married to men.   He knew he was still on probation with me, after hurting my mother so badly.   We hadn’t talked to him much, since we found out he had a son by another woman.  We finished eating our lunch, and helped clear the table.  

As we got ready to go upstairs, Grandpa asked us to join him in his study.   Rick and I sat down across from him.   Rick asked, “What’s up?”  

Grandpa said, “I wanted to ask if you two would be willing to help Peyton begin his re-entry into society.”

I looked at Rick to gauge his reaction to Grandpa’s request.   We had had some pretty in-depth discussions about Peyton when we wrote our letters to the parole board a few months ago.   I wasn’t sure what Rick’s feelings would be about actively helping Peyton.  

“When does he get out of jail?” Rick asked.   His voice didn’t show any emotion.   His expression remained neutral, not giving me a clue as to how Rick was feeling.

“He could be out as soon as this week, if the parole board agrees to let him out,” he responded. 

I hadn’t thought about Peyton in a long time.   It had been a couple of months since we had written to him.   We had written regularly to him when he had first gone back to jail, but we hadn’t been very good about writing for quite some time.  

When we didn’t respond, Grandpa continued, “I have been writing to Peyton every week since he went back to prison.   I know you guys wrote to him at first, but Peyton has told me he doesn’t receive mail from you, anymore.  I think you two need to let go of what happened to you.   Peyton has recognized the error of his ways, and wants to try to make amends.   Of course, he has to finish paying restitution for the damage that was done to the apartment he trashed.”

Rick asked, “What are his plans?”

“I’ve offered him a job working here on the farm.   I’ve already worked out the details with the probation officer who will be supervising him.   Peyton is not an evil person, and deserves a chance at living a happy life.   I know what he did was wrong, and caused you both a lot of grief.   However, I think it’s time to let the wounds heal, both the ones he inflicted on you guys, as well as those he has received from being incarcerated.   Several of the other inmates have sexually abused Peyton.   He’s been beaten and repeatedly raped by the prison guards.   I’ve hired a team of lawyers to get him released early, and to continue to press the state to bring the perpetrators of the assaults and gang rapes to justice.   We filed Freedom of Information requests to get the investigation records released to the public, since the prison has refused to deal with the issues.”

I said, “From what you’re telling me, Peyton has paid for his crime many times over.”

“Yes, he has,” Grandpa said.   “Prison officials claim Peyton brought the rape upon himself, by flaunting his sexual orientation.   They have ignored Peyton’s complaints of poor treatment and the threats against his life.   In fact, he was placed in solitary confinement as punishment for accusing the prison guards of beating him.   He is currently in the prison hospital with two broken arms and a broken leg.”

“Maybe that is the safest place for him,” Rick said.

Grandpa agreed, “Yes, it is.   The state is trying to restrict my access to him, because they’re afraid I’ll discover just how bad things are for Peyton.   I drove down to the prison to visit him last week, before he was attacked.   He told me he was afraid for his life.   He knew the prison guards had it in for him, and were planning to ‘teach’ him a lesson.”

Rick looked at me and said, “I had no idea things were so bad for Peyton.   It’s been a long time since you mentioned you were visiting him.   I have to admit we’ve been pretty wrapped up in our own lives to think about Peyton.”

Grandpa said, “My goal in talking to you about Peyton isn’t to give you a guilt trip or to engender pity.   Peyton is part of this family, despite what he has done to you and Glenn.   If nothing else, I’ve tried to teach my family we take care of each other.”

“Doesn’t he hear from his parents?” Rick said.

“No, he doesn’t, Rick,” he replied.   “They view him as a pariah, because he’s gay.   You, of all people, should understand how your family views homosexuality.   They don’t care if he was forcibly sodomized in prison; he is a homosexual because he’s had sex with other men.   In their eyes, he is an abomination and is worthy of death.   Peyton has told me that no one, other than me and you two have made contact with him, since he went back to prison.   As I said, I’ve hired a team of lawyers to represent him.   The prison system supposedly has a goal to reform convicts under their control, but that is a far from the reality.”

Grandpa pulled some papers out of his desk drawer.   He handed them across the desk to Rick.   “I want you two to read that.   It’s the re-entry handbook that Peyton has been required to use.   Peyton has been to a number of training sessions, but it’s hard to concentrate on getting ready to leave prison, when you fear for your life.   Peyton doesn’t think he’ll survive the rest of his prison term, after what happened to him last week.   If he’s not released on parole, I’ve instructed his lawyers to press to have Peyton transferred to a different prison facility, while he recovers.”

I sat in stunned silence as Grandpa went on to describe other things that had happened to Peyton in prison.   It made my experience with gang rape pale in comparison.   The thought of Peyton being repeatedly gang raped by his fellow prisoners and the prison guards, without any way of escape, made me physically ill.   My heart went out to him.   No one deserves to be treated that way, no matter how heinous the crime they may have committed that got them there in the first place.

Despite what Grandpa said, I still felt guilty for not thinking to write to him.   I looked at Rick and saw from his expression he was feeling the same way.   “What can we do to help Peyton?” I asked.

“You can start by writing to him.   That will go a long ways toward lifting his spirits.   Next, you can write a second letter to the parole board explaining why you want him released and that he has suffered enough for the crime he committed against you.   Supposedly, the parole board listens more to victims and their families than they do to the prisoners and their families.   I’ve found, as a prisoner, Peyton has no one in the prison system who is his advocate.   They give lip service to their commitment to help ex-convicts readjust to being in society, despite the claims made on their web site.   The state is more interested in cutting their costs than helping people, especially prisoners who have served their time and paid their debt to society.”

Grandpa stopped for a few minutes, his hand on his chin.   He seemed to be deep in thought.   We waited for him to continue.   Rick reached over and took my hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze.  

“Those who are most successful in returning to a normal life are those with a strong support network,” Grandpa said, meeting our eyes.  “I want our family to provide that support network for Peyton.   I want you two to become the vanguard of that support network.   Glenn, you know what it’s like to be gang raped from the experience you had with your cousin and his friends.   You are in the best position to help him begin his recovery from the sexual abuse he has suffered while in prison.   He will need someone who understands his pain and suffering, and, more importantly, can help him set his feet on the path to recovering his self-esteem.   He feels he has zero value as a person, other than to be used as a sex toy.   Are you willing to help him?”

I looked at Rick, before answering him.   “I’m willing to try, Grandpa.”

Grandpa smiled and said, “I knew I could count on you.   When he is released from prison, he will live here with us.   He will have his own room, next to Greg and Cory’s.   Hopefully, he will have already begun meeting with a psychologist when he is released.   His lawyers are pressing the prison to meet his mental health needs.   With this latest attack, I believe they will have plenty of ammunition to force the state’s hand.”

“What if they don’t provide him the appropriate care?” Rick asked.

“Then, we will make sure he gets it when he gets out,” Grandpa said, determinedly.   “I used to think the activists were exaggerating the conditions in our prisons, until I witnessed it for myself.”

I smiled at Grandpa.   “Do I sense you’ve found a new cause to champion?”

Grandpa laughed.   “Yes, you’re right.   I can’t stand idly by and let the weak and the downtrodden suffer at the hands of those who have the power to alleviate their suffering.   I agree those who are in prison must pay their debt to society, but it does NOT mean they have to be sexually abused and repeatedly gang raped by their captors and their fellow inmates.   In the outside world, we prosecute those who commit such crimes and they go to prison.   Inside the prison walls, it seems the law of the land doesn’t apply.”

Rick said, “I can see where Glenn gets his passion for righting the wrongs of the world.   He continually rails against organized religion and its leaders who preach hatred and violence from their pulpits.”

Grandpa looked at me, and said, “I feel the same way as you do, Glenn.   Your grandmother and I left our former congregation, because of the lack of Christian love for others.   But, Rick is correct when he says you naturally come by your desire to correct the wrongs of the world.   Just be wise about which causes you choose to champion.”

Rick asked, “Are you going to ask Greg and Cory to help Peyton, as well?”

“Yes, I am.   My long term plan is to have Peyton attend the University of Minnesota.   I think it will take him at least a year, before he’ll be ready to take on a university education.   Until that time, he will work for me.   Your uncles and I have put together a training plan for Peyton.   He will learn how to manage this farm, while he regains his equilibrium.   If you’re willing, he can live with you in Atlanta for a few months before moving north to Minneapolis with Greg and Cory.   That way, he can make a smooth transition from working here on the farm to student life on campus.”

Greg and Cory walked into Grandpa’s study.   Greg saw we were still talking with Grandpa and turned to leave.   Grandpa called him back, “Come in, Greg and Cory.   You need to be a part of this conversation, as well.”

He explained everything he had just told us.   When he had finished, Greg said, “I think Justin could use some help with his company, if Peyton is willing to learn how to write computer programs.”

“Plus, Justin may be able to help him with coping strategies to deal with the mental and emotional wounds he has suffered in prison.   Justin is so amazing.   He and Brian have to be the most positive people I’ve ever been around,” Cory said.

Rick said, “I think we can work with Peyton on developing some programming skills.   I took some courses, and Glenn is working in that field.”

I said, “I’d be happy to help him.   There are a number of on-line courses he can take that will get him started.”

Grandpa’s smile widened.   “I’m very proud of you guys for stepping up to the plate.   I knew I could count on you to help me with Peyton.   I have a feeling Peyton will more than repay us for the efforts we are making on his behalf.   Unfortunately, he has made some poor choices, but has recognized where he went wrong.”

Rick said, “He was brainwashed by my Uncle George.   Between his parents and their preacher, they filled Peyton’s head with hate for all people who don’t believe as they do.   In fact, my mother’s family has been the cause of much pain.   It was at their urging that my father joined Uncle George, Peyton and Angie in destroying our apartment.   As result, they all served time behind bars.”

Grandpa said, “The three of them were released from jail on parole at the same time Peyton was, but he violated his parole and ended up back in jail.   You guys were here when that happened.   They have served their sentences for that offense, and so has Peyton.  However, he has six months left on his jail sentence on the drug related charges.”

“Can’t he get out on parole for the six months that he has left on his sentence, given what has happened to him in jail?” I asked.

“Possibly, but we will have wait and see what the parole board’s decision is this week,” Grandpa said.

Greg said, “I hope he can get out soon.   Since we’re spending the summer here at home, we could use that time to help him.”

Grandpa nodded his head.   “I have already considered that.   I helped Peyton’s lawyers craft their documents for the court, and I included the fact that Peyton would have a safe place to live with guys his own age, while he learned how to manage the farm.”   He gave Greg and Cory a meaningful look.   “That also means you two will be learning how to manage the farm, as well.   As my adopted sons, you have the same responsibility to learn our family business as Bob and Corey.   They have been doing very well.   Their husbands, Jasper and Dylan, have been a big help.   I know neither one of the twins wants to take over the farm, but maybe Peyton will want to be a farmer.”

Greg said, “I know you had hoped Cory and I would take over from you here on the farm.”

Grandpa nodded head.   “I had my hopes, but I also knew you had other ideas, which has proven to be the case.   If Peyton takes an interest in computers, I think working with Justin, or with Glenn, will be a good thing for him.   I want to make sure Peyton has as many options as possible.   His conviction won’t hold him back because he’ll be working for our family business.”

“Have you talked to Uncle Stan and to the Mitchells about Peyton?” I asked.

“Yes, we have discussed him at length.   We’re all in agreement we need to help Peyton,” Grandpa said.   He was interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone.   He pulled it out of his pocket and looked to see who was calling him.   He looked at us.   “This is an important call.   I will talk to you all after I’ve finished.” 

We got up and left the room.   Grandpa answered the call, “Hello, Sheriff.   What may I do for you?”

Sheriff Smith replied, “I don’t know how you managed it, but I just received confirmation Peyton Campbell will be released on parole, effective tomorrow.   He will have to wear an electronic monitoring device, since he violated his parole and was re-incarcerated.   His parole officer, Mr. Divin, will come to your home to check on him once a week.   If everything goes well, he’ll be a free man in six months.”

“Thank you for calling me, Sheriff.   I’m familiar with Mr. Diven as I’ve worked out the details of Peyton’s parole with Mr. Diven via e-mail and by phone.  I’m glad things managed to work themselves out so quickly,” he said.

“All I can say is you must have some pretty high-powered friends.   I’ve never seen things move so quickly.   It was only last week you talked to me about the possibility of petitioning the court to allow Peyton to serve out his parole here.   Normally, someone would have to pick Peyton up from the prison, but given his medical condition, the prison has arranged transportation for him,” Sheriff Smith said.   He paused a moment, before continuing, “I’ve spoken with the prison warden about what happened to Peyton.   They are conducting an internal investigation.   He shared with me some of their findings.   I believe justice will be served.”

“I hope so,” Grandpa said.   “Knowing the perpetrators of the evil that has been done to Peyton will be brought to justice should be a great comfort to him.   I know it will be for me.”

Sheriff Smith said, “I hope he knows just how fortunate he is that you’re his advocate.  ”

“I think he knows.   You were here when I made him a promise to help him become a productive citizen of society, after he paid his debt to society,” Grandpa said.

“Yes, I remember.   I also told him not to ever doubt your word,” Sheriff Smith said.   “Thank you for keeping your promises.   I’m proud to count you as one of my friends.”

“Thank you for your kind words, Sheriff.   When will Peyton be transferred here?”

“Tomorrow morning.   I will call you when he arrives,” Sheriff Smith said.

“I look forward to receiving that call,” Grandpa said.   He ended the call.   He sat back in his chair and smiled with satisfaction.   He was very happy his plans for this young man were coming together.   He called Peyton’s legal team.

A receptionist answered the call.   “Hello, Stephanie,” he said.   “This is Mr. Scarborough.”

“Hello, Mr. Scarborough.   I’ll put you right through.”

He waited a moment before another voice came on the line.   “Hello, Christian.   I take it you’ve heard the good news.”

“Yes, I have.   I wanted to congratulate you and your team.   Thank you for everything you’ve done for Peyton.”

“You’re welcome, but don’t thank me.   You pay us very well to do our jobs, and we always deliver for our clients.”

“That is true.   However, you and your team have earned every penny, and I’m grateful for your hard work.”

“Thank you for your kind words.   We’ll keep working to make things right for Mr. Campell.   We’ll be in touch as things move forward.”

“I look forward to hearing more good news.”

Grandpa ended the call and stood up from his desk.   He walked to the door and opened it.   He made his way to the family room.   Most of the family was already gathered there.   He looked around and saw Don and Eva were missing.  “Where are Don and Eva?”

“They are outside in the gazebo,” Grandma answered.  

“Greg, please ask them to join us.   I need to speak to everyone,” he said.

Greg left and soon returned with Mom and Dad.   Once they had found their seats, Grandpa said, “I just received a call from Sheriff Smith.   Peyton will be arriving here tomorrow.   He will be on parole for the last six months of his sentence.   That means we will be caring for him while his body heals from the injuries he sustained in prison last week.”

Mom looked at him in surprise.   “What injuries?”

Grandpa explained everything that had happened since Peyton had returned to prison, ending with the gang rape and beating that resulted in his broken limbs.   “That is why I instructed his lawyers to take the necessary actions to get him out of there.”

Bob said, “I’m glad he is coming here.   No one knows how to care for an invalid better than Mom.”

Grandma smiled.   “Thank you for the vote of confidence, my son.   However, I think Peyton needs more than I can give him.   He has many wounds that are unseen.”

“I anticipated that we might need some professional services, so I’ve arranged for a doctor to make a house call once a week to monitor Peyton’s progress.  I’ve also arranged for physical therapists to work with him several times a week, after his casts are removed.   But the most important visit will be from a team of psychologists.   They will conduct an initial assessment, then, they will provide us with a course of treatment to help Peyton recover from the trauma he has experienced in jail.”

Dad looked at Grandpa with a new respect.   It seems Grandpa’s willingness to help Peyton made quite an impact on him.   “You are truly a great man, Christian.”

Grandpa looked into my Dad’s eyes, and said, “No, I am doing what I would do for any member of our family who stands in need of succor, and I have the power to do something to ease their suffering.   Peyton is Rick’s cousin.   That makes him part of our family.”

I looked over at Rick, and saw the tears running down his cheeks.   I reached over and squeezed his hand.   Rick met my gaze and smiled through his tears.   “I’m okay.”

I nodded my head, and said, “I know.”

We spent another hour talking about our preparations for Peyton’s arrival.   Grandma said, “Okay, enough talking about Peyton.   Boys, go get on your swimsuits and jump in the pool.”

We stood up and grinned at each other.   “Okay, Grandma,” I said.   We quickly made our exit, taking the stairs two at a time.   We changed into our new swimsuits, and met Greg and Cory in the hallway as we came out of our room.   Greg and Cory looked super hot!   “Wow!   You guys are such studs!”

Rick said, “I agree with Glenn’s assessment.   Those swimsuits really show you guys off.”

Greg, grinning, said, “Your new swimsuits are just as good looking on you guys, as ours are on us.”

We made our way outside to the swimming pool.   My uncles soon appeared in their Speedo bikini swimsuits.   We were soon horsing around, having a great time.   I was lounging on the deck of the pool when Rick came over with a bottle of sunscreen.  “You need some of this,” he said.   He squeezed some of it into his hands, and applied it to my back and the back of my neck.   “I think you may already be burned, Babe.”

“That’s okay, Rick.   It will turn into a tan by tomorrow,” I said, leaning over to kiss him on the lips.  

Greg wolf whistled.   “None of that in the pool!”

“We’re not in the pool,” Rick said, laughing.   “We’re sitting on the deck.”

Cory punched Greg in the shoulder.   “Stop giving them a hard time, Greg.”

Greg grinned and said, “Okay, Babe.”   He put his arm around Cory and kissed him deeply.

Jasper said, “It’s feels good to have you guys home for the summer.   I’ve missed seeing you guys.”

Bob said, “I agree.   I’m especially happy you’ll be here to help with Peyton.   From the letters Dad has shared with us, Peyton still harbors a lot of anger toward Rick and Glenn.   In part, he blames them for what has happened to him in jail.”

Rick said, “I know he does.   It came out in the letters he wrote to us.   I thought he would begin to realize our family’s extremist interpretation of the Bible and our Christian Fundamentalist upbringing is really the source of all of our problems.   Our parents and our pastor brainwashed us into thinking it’s okay to murder people who don’t agree with us, which is a direct contradiction to the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ.   They discount nearly all the teachings of Jesus Christ in favor of the Old Testament strictures of an eye for an eye, and murdering those who don’t subscribe to the same religious principles as they do.”

Greg said, “That sounds like the same kind of church my parents attended for many years.   I know for a fact it was the teachings of Dad’s church that motivated him to attack Cory and me.”

Rick said, “Remember Jeb couldn’t believe good Christian people could be so hateful.   He argued with me about the reason for my family’s attack on our apartment.   He tried to say I had provoked them to anger by living in sin.   The more he talked, the more he proved my point.”   

“But he’s changed a lot since then,” Greg said.

“Yes, he has.   He argued with his father about his attitude toward gays and found him to be filled with hatred toward them.   Then, when he found Larry, his parents disowned him, as well.   Now, he agrees with me in placing blame for my family’s violent behavior directly on the shoulders of the preachers at our church.   His parents provided a living example of the hatred many people have toward gays,” Rick said.

Greg said, “That’s the main reason Cory and I want to go into law.   We need to protect our nation from the religious fundamentalists and other religious extremists who would turn our country into a theocracy.   They are trying to claim they should have special privileges and be exempt from all anti-discrimination laws.”

Rick said, “I agree with you.   However, we need to get back to our discussion about how to help Peyton.   I think he hasn’t been able to place the blame where it belongs for two reasons.   First, he can’t handle the fact that he, himself, is to blame for his own actions.   Blaming someone else is much easier.   Second, he hasn’t been able to admit to himself he was brainwashed by his church and his family.   I’ve been trying to deal with that myself.   I really didn’t think my own family would actually turn on me like they did.   I can understand how he feels, now they’ve betrayed him, as well.”

“I think we can overcome those bad feelings over the course of the summer,” I said.   “We aren’t as hateful as he thinks we are.   Maybe once he is free of the unhealthy environment of prison life, he can begin to heal.”

Cory said, “Anyone would start to go crazy being shut up in prison.   I think the way we treat our prison population is cruel and inhumane.”

“There are many who will disagree with you, Cory,” I said.  “There are a lot of people in our country who would just as soon put everyone to death who commits a crime rather than spend the money to incarcerate them.   In their eyes, that solves two problems.   First, it eliminates the problem of building and maintaining prisons, and, second, it gets rid of the criminal element in our society.   Their position is that the death penalty would become a major deterrent to crime.”

“Grandpa thinks the best way we can fight against those who would take our freedoms away is to become lawyers, so we can use the law to stop them,” Cory said.   “But we digress, yet again.   We need to concentrate on helping Peyton.”

“I agree,” I said.   “But let’s talk about our plans tonight after we finish swimming.   I want to get as much sun as possible.”   I stood up and walked over to a lounge chair.  I stretched out on my stomach.  

Rick joined me.   He reached over and slipped his thumbs inside the waistband of my swimsuit.   I lifted myself up as he pulled it off.   I looked over my shoulder at him.   He winked at me, and said, “I want you to be tanned all over, Babe.”   He put some sunscreen on his hands and massaged it into my buttocks.   “I don’t want you to get burned here, either.”  I laid my head on my arms, enjoying the feel of his hands on my butt.   I moaned with pleasure as he ran his fingers over my back door.   “It’s too bad we don’t have a privacy fence.   Your butt is so sexy, I can hardly keep myself from ravaging you right here and now!”

I lifted up my head, turning to look at him.   I grinned and said, “Hold that thought.   I promise I’ll take good care of you later.”

Rick said, “You better!”

I laughed.   “I could just imagine how our grandparents would react to seeing you fuck me.”

Rick grinned wickedly.   “But it would sure be fun!”

Bob overhead our conversation.   “We could go over to our place.   We have a small swimming pool and a tall privacy fence around it.”

Jasper said, “We’d love to have all of you come to our place for dinner and a skinny dip in the pool.   We do it all the time.   Our place backs to the woods and our nearest neighbors are several blocks away.”

Greg said, “Let’s plan on going over there, tonight.   We’ll need to let Grandma know before she puts dinner on.”

The guys grabbed their own lounge chairs and joined us in the sun.   I laid my head on my arms and enjoyed the sun.   I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember was Rick shaking my shoulder. “Glenn, it’s time to turn over.”  I lifted myself up and started to roll over, when I remembered I didn’t have my swimsuit on.   Rick laughed and handed me a towel.   “Use this to cover your dick.”

I did as I was instructed.   Rick handed me the sunscreen, which I rubbed on my skin where my swimsuit had been.   I looked over at him and asked, “Aren’t you going to do the same?”

“I am, and so are the rest of the guys,” Rick said, nodding in their direction.

I looked around and saw he was right.    Each of the couples was talking in low tones to each other.   It was obvious they were deeply in love with each other.

“It will be good for Peyton to see how much love these guys have for each other.   After what he’s been through, he will need us to reassure him not all guys are evil,” I said.

Rick nodded his head in agreement.   “Hopefully, he hasn’t been so traumatized he’ll never trust anyone.”

“We’ll have to work hard to help him overcome his hatred toward us,” I said.

“It might not be as hard as you think,” Rick responded.   “I think the reason he expressed those feelings in his letters is that he wasn’t doing well in jail.”

“I hope you’re right,” I said.

We spent another hour or so sunning ourselves, before returning to play in the water.   It was getting late in the afternoon, when we climbed out of the pool.   Rick came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him.   His very hard dick pressed against me.   “Babe, I need some relief.”

I turned my head to kiss him.   “Take me upstairs, and I’m all yours.”

Seeing Rick’s state of arousal, Greg said, “You’d better go before Rick loses control.”

I laughed, and took my lover by the hand.   “Let’s go.”

We made our way upstairs to our bedroom.   As soon as the door was closed behind us, we were out of our swimsuits.   Rick pushed me onto my back on the bed.   He looked down at me and asked, “Are you ready?”

In response to his question, I reached up and pulled him to me, kissing him deeply.   Rick’s touch awakened every fiber of my being, as he caressed my bare skin.   He pulled back, his eyes blazing with his passion for me.   He uttered a low guttural sound, sending a thrill of anticipation down my spine.  

Later, we lay in each other’s arms, enjoying the special closeness that comes from having sex with the one you love, and who loves you back.   My fingers gently traced circles around his nipples, then, I traced the outline of his washboard abs.   I looked up at him, as he ran his fingertips through my hair.   He pulled me closer to him, and whispered in my ear, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”   I kissed him, then put my head on his chest, letting my body relax.  

As Glenn drifted off, Rick stared up at the ceiling, thinking about his cousin, Peyton.   He wasn’t sure how Peyton was going to react to seeing them tomorrow.   When they had last seen him, Peyton had apologized for what he had done and asked for Rick and Glenn to forgive him.   A few months later, they had been surprised to read Peyton’s letter accusing them of being the source of all of his misery and suffering.   They had written a letter asking Peyton to explain why he had changed his mind, but hadn’t received an answer.   When they talked to Grandpa Scarborough about it, he had encouraged them to overlook it, and to keep writing to him.   They honored his request, but had fallen off writing to Peyton during their trip to Spain.   They had sent him a letter and a card at Christmas, but that had been the last time they had written.

His mind brought back memories of spending holidays with his mother’s family.   He and Peyton had never been close, as there seemed to be a barrier between them.   Peyton was very competitive and bragged about his accomplishments whenever Rick was around.   It seemed Peyton needed to prove he was better than Rick.  He never understood why Peyton felt so threatened by him.   Rick was still thinking about Peyton, when Glenn stirred.

“Babe, we need to get dressed,” Rick said.

“Okay,” I replied, yawning widely.

I rolled off of him, and got to my feet.   I turned and extended a hand to Rick.   I pulled him up into my arms, giving him a quick kiss.   I led him into the en suite, where we enjoyed a nice long shower together.

After getting dressed, we joined Mom and Dad in the family room.   We walked over and sat down on the couch.   Mom looked up from the book she was reading, and said, “I’m glad to have some time to alone with you two.   Your Dad and I would like to talk to you for a few minutes.”

Rick said, “Okay.”

Dad said, “I wanted to know how you guys felt about the situation with your half-brother.”

“There isn’t much we can say about it, because what is done is done.   I’m glad you’re taking responsibility for your child,” Rick said.

Dad looked over at me and I shrugged.   “I’m not sure how I feel, Dad.   Like Rick, I’m glad you’re willing to pay child support.   I feel bad for the little guy, being stuck between two families.   He already carries a heavy burden, and he’s just a little baby.”

Mom said, “That’s why we wanted to talk to you about Johnny.   He’s going to have a difficult time.   We want to make sure he is treated with kindness and respect when he comes to visit us.”

“Mom, I don’t think you have to worry,” I said.   “You’ve taught us to be respectful of other people, even when we don’t agree with them.”   He refrained from adding, “We’re not like Dad.”

Grandma walked into the room and sat down in her favorite armchair.   She looked over at us.   “I understand you’ll be going over to Bob and Jasper’s place for dinner.”

I nodded my head.   “Yes, they invited over to their house tonight.”

She smiled and said, “Good.   They need to be more social.   They don’t get out much.”

Rick laughed and said, “They don’t seem to really need much company, since they have each other.”

Grandma nodded her head.   “It’s the same with Corey and Dylan.”

Grandpa joined us, taking his usual place.   “Before you go, Glenn, would you play for me?”

“Sure, Grandpa,” I said.   I stood up and walked over to the piano.   I sat down on the piano bench.   “What do you want me to play for you?”

“I’d like to hear you play Saint Saens’ Piano Concerto Number 2,” he said.   “Eva, will you play the orchestral reduction to accompany him?”

Mom said, “Yes, I’ll play with Glenn.   Is the music still in its usual place?”

“Yes, dear, it’s still in the cabinet,” Grandma replied, pointing to the large cabinet next to the piano.   It was made of cherry wood, with glass doors that revealed its contents.  

Mom walked over and pulled out the music, handing me the piano solo part.   She took her seat at the second baby grand piano in the room.   At her signal, we began playing.   I soon lost myself in the music.   When we finished, there was loud applause.  I turned to find that the rest of the guys had joined us.

Greg said, “Wow!  That was great!”

Cory said, “I liked it, too.   Can you play Grieg’s Piano Concerto?”

I looked at Cory in surprise.   “I didn’t know you listened to classical music.”

Cory smiled.   “I don’t, but I have a friend at school who plays the piano.   He is always playing the Grieg Concerto, and I’ve come to like it.”

I looked over at Mom.   “Are you up to playing it?”

She smiled.   “Yes, I’ll play the orchestral reduction for you.   The music should be there in the cabinet.”  

I stood up and walked over to the cabinet.   I located the music and pulled it out.   I handed Mom her copy of the music, and sat back down at the piano.   Again, Mom gave me the signal to begin.   This concerto was one of my very favorites.   While I was growing up, Mom and I had played it often, alternating parts each time we played it.   My brothers used to complain we played it too much.   Nancy never complained, but she did tell me she had every note memorized.   We were met with enthusiastic applause when we finished, even Grandpa had stayed awake to hear us play.   He normally fell asleep when one of us was playing the piano or the violin. 

Grandma said, “Thank you for playing for us.   Now, off you go to Bob and Jaspers.”

Bob said, “Don’t forget to bring your swimsuits.”

Rick and I went upstairs to grab our swimming gear.   We met Greg and Cory in the hallway, returning from their room with their swimsuits.   They grinned at us.   Greg said, “We have to at least pretend that we’re going to wear them.”

Rick laughed.   “I guess so, even though they’ll not see a drop of water tonight.”

We rejoined my uncles in the family room.   “We’re ready to go,” Greg said.

They stood up and we followed them outside to our vehicles.   We climbed into the Land Rover, and Rick drove us over to Bob and Jasper’s home.   We pulled into the driveway and parked.   Bob and Jasper jumped out of their car and motioned for us to follow them into their house.

Their house was a two-story colonial style home.   We entered the house to find the central staircase directly in front of us, with the formal sitting room to the left and the dining room to the right.   There was a narrow hallway that led past the staircase into the back of the house where the kitchen and recreation room were located.    I admired the beautiful hardwood floors and the rich furnishings.   Bob and Jasper had very good taste.

We joined them in the kitchen.  Bob said, “We have steaks and shrimp to throw on the grill.   How does that sound?”

Rick smiled his approval.   “That sounds wonderful!”   His stomach growled.  We all laughed.   “I think that proves my point,” he said, laughing with us.

Jasper said, “I’m the grill master here, so how do you want your steaks cooked.”

“I want mine medium rare,” I said.

Rick said, “Same here.”

Greg and Cory chimed in, “Medium rare for us, too.”

“I’ll get the shrimp out of the freezer,” Corey said.  

A little while later, we sat down at the patio table to eat steaks and shrimp with a tossed green salad.   Rick said, “The steaks are perfect.   Thank you.”

Jasper smiled, “You’re welcome.” 

“We’ll relax for a bit, before getting into the pool,” Bob said.   “Anyone want another beer?”

Rick said, “Sure, I’ll have one.”

Bob said, “Me, too.”

Greg said, “Not for us.   Just some water will be fine.”

Jasper went inside and returned with three bottles of beer.   He handed them out.   “I think it’s time we got naked.”   He stripped off his clothes and sat down to enjoy his beer.

We followed his lead and stripped out of our clothes, as well.   I said, “Thanks for inviting us over.   Rick and I don’t wear clothes at home, unless there’s company.”

Rick said, “We always keep a pair of shorts near the door when we have someone visit us.”

Jasper said, “You guys sound a lot like us.   Bob and I aren’t very fond of wearing clothes, either.”

I admired Jasper’s trim physique.   Jasper caught me looking him over, and grinned.   “I’m not too bad off for a middle-aged guy.”

 I blushed.  “You’re in pretty good, Jasper.”

Bob reached over and ran his hand over Jasper’s bare chest.   “I like his hairy chest.”

Jasper leered at him, and said, “That’s not all you like.”

Bob’s hand wandered down over Jasper’s stomach to his partially erect dick.   He started stroking it, bringing it to full mast.   “Have you guys ever had sex in the pool?”

I shook my head.   “No, we haven’t, but we’ve come pretty close.”

Jasper said, “I highly recommend it.   The same goes for having sex in the Jacuzzi.”

Bob said, “You’re welcome to give it a try tonight.”

Corey said, “You’ll love it, I promise.   Dylan gets really turned on in the Jacuzzi tub.”

Dylan was blushing furiously.   I laughed and said, “There’s no need to be embarrassed, Dylan.   You’re a married man and you’re entitled to have sex with your husband.”

“I know, but I’m still a little shy about it,” Dylan said.

“I don’t think you have to be shy about anything,” I said, giving him the once over.   “You look pretty good to me.”

Dylan laughed.   “It’s a good thing I’m married, or I’d be tempted to show you a thing or two in the swimming pool.”

It was very obvious Dylan was extremely aroused.   Corey reached over and stroked his husband’s dick, causing him to moan with pleasure.   He stood up and took Dylan’s hand, pulling him to his feet.   “Let’s get in the pool.”

They turned and jumped into the pool.   They swam to the far side of the pool.   Watching Dylan showing his love for Corey got my motor running.   I turned to Rick and said, “I need you to fuck me in the pool.”

Rick stood and took a slight bow.   “Your wish is my command.”   He took my hand and led me to the pool.   Soon there were four couples in the pool, each oblivious to the others.

Later, the four couples relaxed in the heat of the hot tub.   Bob looked around the circle of men, and said, “I’m glad we installed the larger hot tub, Jasper.   Otherwise, we wouldn’t all fit in here.”

Cory was sitting on the edge of the hot tub, with Greg sitting between his knees.   His hands were busily massaging his husband’s neck and shoulders.   Greg gave a contented sigh, and leaned his head back.  “This is the life.”

Cory leaned down and kissed him, tenderly.   “I think we need to buy a house with a swimming pool and a hot tub, Babe.”

Greg nodded his head in agreement.   “Definitely!”

Dylan said, “I wish we had thought to buy one with a pool and hot tub.”

Corey said, “We still can.   No one said we have to stay in the house we have, now.”

“You’re right, but it’s such a pain to have to move,” Dylan said.

“Why don’t you build a new house next door to us?   There is some land for sale down the lane.   You could build your dream home on it,” Bob said.

“I saw the ‘for sale’ sign.   It’s a 5-acre lot,” Corey said.

Dylan said, “But I thought you wanted to move north to a gay-friendly state.”

“I do, but we could still have a winter home here.   That way, we could spend our summers up north and our winters here,” Corey said.

I asked, “Where would you live up north?”

Dylan said, “I want to go back to school.   When Grandpa told us that Greg and Cory were thinking of going to law school, I thought that law school might be something I could do, as well.   I started college, but ran out of money.   Grandpa offered to pay for my college education, if I decide to go back and finish my degree.”

Corey said, “We’re looking at moving to Boston.   Massachusetts recognizes our marriage, and there is a large LGBT community there.   Isn’t that where you guys were thinking of going to law school?”   He looked across the hot tub at Greg and Cory.

Greg said, “Yes, we’ve considered it.   However, the law school at the University of Minnesota is a good one, so we might just stay put.   As for where we’ll live after we graduate, we still haven’t decided.   It won’t be in a state that treats us as second class citizens, that’s for sure.”

Corey said, “We could buy a house in Boston, and you two could live with us while you go to school.   That way, you could live in Boston for a while, before deciding where to make your permanent home.”

Greg said, “We’ll think about that.   Grandpa has encouraged me to keep my options open.”   Here he stopped, unable to go on.  

Cory, sensing his partner’s distress, slipped back into the hot tub.   He put his arm around Greg’s shoulders.   Greg leaned against him, accepting Cory’s comforting presence.   “It’s okay, Babe.”

Greg nodded his head.   “I’m okay.   It’s just that I wish my own father was like Grandpa.”

Bob said, “But you wouldn’t be our adopted brother if he had had been.   It’s true Dad has always been there for us.   He can be stern at times, but he has always been supportive of us.   I know he was deeply disappointed when we didn’t get married when we were still in college.   He didn’t show it, but we knew he wanted us to marry and have a family.   When we returned home after spending time at school, he welcomed our help on the farm and didn’t harass us about getting married.”

Corey said, “Dad is worried we’ll move away, leaving no one to take over the farm after he’s gone.”

Bob said, “That’s a real danger, Corey.   I don’t want to live the rest of my life here, and neither do you.”

Jasper said, “Guys, I’m turning into a prune.   I’m getting out.”  

He climbed out of the hot tub, and dived into the pool.   He swam across the pool and climbed out on the other side.   The rest of us followed his example.   The pool felt good after sitting in the hot tub.  I raced Rick across the pool.   He won, of course!

Rick laughed and pulled me into his arms.   He kissed me passionately, causing an immediate reaction down below.   Rick released my lips, and whispered in my ear, “I want you to fuck me.”

His words were like throwing gasoline on a bonfire.   I pulled back and met his gaze.   I said, “Your wish is my command.”   I grinned at him lecherously, turning him around.   I surrendered myself to the inferno burning in my blood.

It wasn’t until I began to come down from the heights of glory that I noticed that the other couples had joined us and were experiencing their own taste of nirvana.   I wrapped my arms tightly around Rick’s waist to keep myself from collapsing into the pool.   I gently nibbled on his earlobes, and he turned his head to meet my lips.  

He murmured, “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Babe.”

He turned around in my arms.   He lifted me out of the water, and carried me up the pool steps.   He set me down on a lounge chair and sat next to me.   He grinned broadly.   “Thank you for making me yours.”

I leaned my head against shoulder, thinking everything was right with the world, as long as my guy held me in his arms.

Dylan and Corey joined us.   Dylan exclaimed, enthusiastically, “Wow!   I’ve never seen anything as hot as watching you fuck Rick!”

Corey added, “You got us so aroused, we had to join you guys.”

Rick said, “I’m glad we provided you a good reason to enjoy each other.”

“That you did!” Dylan acknowledged.

After chatting for a while longer, Rick said, “I think we’d better get back.   We have a busy day tomorrow.”

“Yes, we do,” Bob said.  “We’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

We drove back to Grandpa’s house.   When we entered the house, we found everyone had retired for the evening.   There was a note from Grandma in the kitchen.   It read, “There are some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in the cookie jar and plenty of milk in the fridge.   Please help yourselves.”

Greg said, “Sounds like a perfect bedtime snack to me.” 

He grabbed the cookie jar off of the counter, while I got the milk out of the fridge.  We sat around the kitchen table with our cookies and milk.

I looked around the table and said, “Tonight was a night I’ll always remember.”

Cory nodded his head in agreement.   “It felt good to just let go and be ourselves, without worrying about what other people think.   I can’t tell you how grateful I am to belong to a family where being gay is okay.”

Greg added, grinning widely, “And it helps that I have such hot studs for brothers and cousins.”

Cory punched his shoulder, playfully.   “Now, don’t go perving on your family.”

Greg responded, defensively, “I can’t help it if I enjoying looking at handsome men.   You have to admit every single one of them is a gay guy’s wet dream.”

“Well, you do have a point there,” Cory had to admit.  “I guess you can enjoy the eye candy without being weird about it.”

“Exactly!   I think we have a duty to let them know we appreciate their male beauty.   You know it’s important to every one of us to receive positive feedback,” Greg said.

I grinned, and said, “I agree with that statement.   I need all of the positive reinforcement I can get.”

Greg smiled at his husband.   “So, you see, I’m not being perverted when I tell my nephews they’re studs and extremely sexy.”

Cory laughed, “Okay, I’ll stop calling you a pervert.”

We finished our cookies and made our way upstairs to our respective rooms.   After a quick shower, Rick and I climbed into bed.   Rick pulled me close and kissed me.   “Good night, Glenn.”

“Good night, Babe.”

The next morning, Rick awoke with a start.   He had been dreaming about Peyton.   In the dream, Peyton had found his soul mate and married him.   Rick remembered feeling very honored to be Peyton’s best man at his wedding.   He wondered if his dream was something that was going to come to pass.  

At this moment in time, he had no way of knowing what kind of a reception he was going to get from Peyton.   He hoped they could become friends, despite the long history of bad blood between them.   If, by some miracle, they managed to repair their relationship, Peyton would be the only family member to accept him as a gay man.

Rick was brought out of his reverie by the sound of Glenn’s voice.  “Babe, are you okay?”  I looked into his eyes and put my hand to his cheek.  “You seemed to be so far away.”

“I was just thinking about how Peyton is going to react to seeing us,” Rick said.

“Please don’t worry about it, Babe.   Everything will turn out for the best,” I said.   “He is going to need our support, even if he’s not happy to see us.”

Rick gave a deep sigh, and said, “I guess you’re right.”

There was a light knock on the door.   I shouted, “Come in!”

Greg and Cory walked into the room.   They closed the door behind them and joined us in bed.   As usual, Rick moved over and spooned up against me.   He pulled me close to him, his strong arm encircling my waist.   I molded my body to his.   I love the feel of his well-muscled body against mine!

Greg said, “Good morning, boys.”

Rick responded for both of us.   “Good morning to you.”

“We were thinking we should take turns sleeping with Peyton.   I don’t think he should be left alone.   We thought each couple could take a turn sleeping with him, not in a sexual way, but to comfort him,” Greg said.   “I know how discouraged and alone I felt after coming home from the hospital.”   He put up his hand to forestall any comments from us.   “I know Rick was in the room next to me, but it wasn’t the same as having Cory sleeping next to me.   Believe me, I was very grateful to have you stay with us, Rick.   You kept me from going completely crazy.”   He stopped and wiped the tears from his eyes, clearing his throat.   We waited in silence as he regained control of his emotions.  “If I could have ended my life that first week after I came home, I would have.   I was so messed up, both mentally and emotionally.”

“Grandpa has asked us to participate in therapy sessions with Peyton, if he’ll agree to have them,” Cory said.

“I think he’ll agree to have them, because it’s part of the terms of his release from prison.   From what Grandpa said, it isn’t going to be easy for Peyton to adjust to being on the outside, because he has to wear an electronic monitor around his ankle,” I said.

Greg said, “Unfortunately, that’s true.   I hope they convict those prison guards, and, at a minimum, sue the state for as much money as possible for allowing the attacks to happen in the first place.   Just because someone is in prison, doesn’t mean they deserve to be sexually assaulted and repeatedly raped.   The state has a responsibility to ensure prisoners’ safety while they are behind bars.”

Cory asked, “So, are you guys willing to take a turn keeping Peyton company?”

I felt the tension in Rick’s body, while I waited for him to respond to Cory’s question.   He finally answered, “Yes, we’ll help you keep him company.”

I smiled and I squeezed his arm.   “I knew you’d say yes.”

Rick bit the back of my neck.   “How did you know that?

“Because you are a kind and gentle soul,” I replied.   “That’s part of what makes you so attractive to me.”

Rick nibbled on my earlobe.   “I thought it was my great looking body that kept you coming back to me.”

I laughed.   “That, together with your charming personality keeps me coming back!”

Rick nuzzled my hair.   “I love your hair.”   He ran his fingers through my hair, making it stand on end.

Cory laughed.   “You look like you stuck your finger in a light socket.”

Greg snickered, “I think you look like one of those bottle brushes.”

Rick smoothed my hair, and said, “Don’t pay any attention to them.   I love how you look, even if your hair stands straight up.”

“How long are you going to let your hair grow before you cut it?” Cory asked.

I turned my head to look at Rick.   “I don’t know.   I’ve never had long hair before.”

“I think you should let it grow down your back,” Greg said.   “I think guys with long hair are sexy.”

“But you like muscle-builder looking guys, too,” Cory said.

“Yes, I do,” Greg.   “But I’m in love with you, Cory.   You’re the only one for me.”

“But we both like to look at good looking guys,” Cory said.

“I think every gay guy likes looking at other guys,” Greg said.  “We’ve even worked out a rating system when we’re watching guys.”

Rick laughed.   “So what rating would you give me and Glenn?”

Cory said, “We rate you at a 10 and Glenn as a 9.   I’m sorry, Glenn, Rick edges you out in the looks department.”

“I won’t argue about that, since I think Rick is the best looking man in the world,” I said, turning my head to kiss him.   “In my book, he is a perfect 10.”

Greg said, “Zach, Todd, and Brandon rate perfect 10’s as well.”

“Robbie, Mark, Adam, Justin and Brian are 9’s,” Cory said.   “So you’re in good company, Glenn.”

“In other words, all of our friends are hot and sexy studs,” Rick said.

“Yes, they are, and that includes us, as well,” Cory said.

“You gave yourselves a rating?” I asked, surprised.

“Yes, we did.   We put ourselves with you in the 9 category,” Cory said.

“So, have you seen anyone who isn’t a 9 or a 10?” Rick asked.

“Yes,” Greg said.   “At the gym we’ve seen some pretty ugly looking guys, with balding heads, missing teeth, and beer bellies hanging over their belts.   There are others, whose faces would crack a mirror.”

“I’m glad we don’t fall into that category,” I laughed.   “I hope we never will.   Rick has us following a pretty rigorous physical training plan.”

Rick ran his hand over my flat stomach.   “I like you just the way you are.   If we keep up our exercise program, we won’t have to worry about becoming fat and ugly.”

“But we will get old,” I said.   “We can’t stop that from happening, but we can at least age with grace.”

“How old is old?” Rick asked.

“We think anyone over 30 is old,” Cory said.

Rick laughed, “Then almost everyone in the world is old, then.”

Greg said, “I guess they must be.”

“So, Bob, Jasper and Corey are ancient, according to you,” I said.

Cory giggled.   “Yes, they are, but they have taken good care of themselves.   I think they’re good looking, despite being so much older than we are.”

“What makes them so attractive is their love for each other,” I said.   “That love makes them beautiful.”

Cory said, “You’re right about that.   I guess you could say that is what makes all of our friends so beautiful, as well.   Every one of them is in a stable, loving relationship.”

“I wish our enemies could see what real, happy gay families are really like.   They claim we can’t possibly be happily married, or have families.   How little they really know about us,” Greg said.

I laughed.   “We seem to get into these discussions a lot lately.”

“Well, it’s because we’ve been thinking about the discrimination we’ve experienced.   We’ve learned if we don’t stand up for our rights, no one else will,” Cory said.

We were interrupted by another knock on our door.   I shouted out, “Come in.”

The door opened, admitting Bob and Jasper.   Seeing us in bed together, Jasper laughed.   “I think we now know why you guys are so close.”

We looked at each other, then back at Jasper.   I said, “We’re just four normal guys who happen to love each other very much.”

Bob said, “Don’t let Jasper bother you.   I’m glad you guys have a strong enough relationship with your partner you feel comfortable sharing a bed with another couple.”   He turned and kissed his husband.   Turning back to us, he said, “Dad sent us up to let you know Peyton will be here in about 30 minutes.   Sheriff Smith called him a while ago to make sure we’re ready.  Corey and Dylan are on their way over, as well.   While you sleepy heads have been snug in your bed, we’ve been busy helping Mom and Dad.”

I said, “I guess that means we need to get up.”

Bob said, “Yes, it does.”

Jasper smiled, and said, “Let’s leave the love birds to get ready.”

They left us and we climbed out of bed, heading to the shower.   We made it downstairs in record time!   Grandpa was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for us.

 “Good morning, boys.   I’m glad you made it down in time to grab a bite to eat before Peyton arrives.   We’ve made up a room for Peyton next to ours, here on the main floor where he’ll stay until he’s physically able to climb the stairs to his permanent bedroom.”

Corey and Dylan walked into the kitchen, with Grandma directly behind them.   Corey asked, “From what we saw outside, you’ve been busy this morning.”

Bob said, “Yes, we have.”

Grandma said, “We’re going to have a special celebration for Peyton later today.”

Grandpa’s cell phone rang.   He retrieved it from the table and answered it.   “Hello.”

“They’re here,” Mr. Curtis said.

Grandpa said, “We’ll be right out.”   He ended the call, and said, “Let’s go out to greet the newest member of our family.”

 We followed him outside.   We saw Sheriff Smith’s squad car pull into the driveway, followed by the Georgia State Department of Corrections van.  Two more squad cars followed the van.   Mr. Curtis and his guards closed the gate behind them.   Sheriff Smith got out of his car as did another tall, thin man that had accompanied him.   The prison guards that had been sent to deliver Peyton got out of the van.  There were three of them, in addition to the driver of the van.

They went around to the back of the van and opened the doors.   They climbed inside and unlocked the wheelchair that held Peyton.   They wheeled it forward and used the lift to slowly lower his wheelchair to the ground.   He leg was in a cast and it was strapped in place, sticking straight out in front of him.   Both of his arms were in casts, his left one from the elbow down to his wrist and his right from the shoulder down to his wrist.   He was clad in a hospital gown.  

As they wheeled his chair towards us, I gasped.   Both of his eyes were nearly swollen shut and the skin around them was black and dark purple.   His nose was twice its normal size.   His bottom lip was split open and I could see he was missing a couple of his front teeth.   There was a bandage wrapped around his head.

One of the prison guards walked up to us and asked, with disdain in his voice, “Which one of you is Mr. Scarborough.”

Before Grandpa could answer, Sheriff Smith said, “You will address Mr. Scarborough with a respectful tone, or I’ll have your ass put in jail so fast you won’t know what happened to you.   You’re not in the Georgia State prison and you need to remember that.   I’m the law around here, and I won’t have you being disrespectful to the citizens of my county.”

The guard looked at Sheriff Smith in dismay.   “I’m sorry, sir.”

“You had better be sorry.   What has happened to Mr. Campbell while he has been in your custody is beyond despicable.   You should be ashamed that something as heinous as gang rape, or a severe beating, could happen while you were on guard,” Sheriff Smith said, his contempt for the prison guard on full display.

The second prison guard spoke up.   “We’re sorry for what happened to Mr. Campbell.”

Sheriff Smith said, “Apparently, not sorry enough.   You’re both under arrest for sexual assault.”

The first prison guard said, “You can’t prove that.”

“Yes, I can,” Sheriff Smith said.   “Would you like to hear the recording of your conversation with one of my deputies just before we came out here?”

The guard’s face went completely white.   “You can’t use that recording against us.”

“Yes we can, since we went before a judge to get a court order to do so; however, Deputy Tischler will be more than happy to testify to what you told him about your activities at the prison that resulted in Mr. Campbell’s rape and subsequent assault,” Sheriff Smith said.   “The prison warden alerted us to the fact you two organized the beating of Mr. Campbell along with several other guards.   Your co-conspirators confessed this morning, shortly after you left the prison.”

The third guard said, “We suspected you two were involved in the incident.   I was sent with you to ensure Mr. Campbell’s safety and to record our conversations.”  

Two deputies handcuffed the guards and put them into separate squad cars.   Mr. Curtis signaled his security guards to open the gate to let them out.   Meanwhile, the third prison guard walked over to us.   “I’m sorry you had to witness that scene.”   He turned to Peyton, “Mr. Campbell, I’ve been instructed to offer you an apology from the prison warden.   He knows he failed to protect you, and will do the best he can to correct the situation at the prison.   I’m deeply ashamed for what happened to you.   Those who are responsible for what occurred will be brought to justice.”

Grandpa stepped forward and said, “I’m sure they will be.   I’m Mr. Scarborough.”   He stretched forth his hand.   The prison guard shook it and said, “It’s nice to meet you.   I’m Raoul Chance.”   He handed an envelope to Grandpa.   “Those are the care instructions from the medical staff at the prison.   Mr. Campbell will need quite a bit of medical care, before he will be able to return to his normal activities.”

“We’re very aware of that,” Grandpa said, his voice full of barely controlled anger.

Office Chance flinched.   “I am deeply sorry, Mr. Scarborough.   Mr. Campbell is very fortunate to have you as his advocate.   I only wish all of our prisoners had such advocates, then, maybe, things like this would never happen.”

Sheriff Smith said, “Mr. Scarborough, I would like you to meet Mr. Campbell’s parole officer.   This is Michael Diven.”

Grandpa shook Mr. Diven’s hand.   “It’s nice to meet you, in person.”

Mr. Diven said, “We’ve put an electronic tracking device on Mr. Campbell.   We will monitor him from our office.   You will need to coordinate with me, before taking him outside the county.   I understand Mr. Campbell will have many medical needs over the next few months, and I’ll work closely with you to make sure those needs are met.   Please don’t hesitate to call me.”   Here he looked at Peyton, and then back at Grandpa.   “Let me reassure you that my goal is to ensure that Mr. Campbell has everything he needs to successfully re-integrate into society.”  

He turned to Peyton.   “Mr. Campbell, I’m glad they have caught the men who assaulted you.   I hope knowing they won’t be able to do to others what they did to you will, in some small way, make it easier for you to recover.   I add my apologies to those of Mr. Chance.   Trust me, I will do everything in my power to help you.”

Grandpa said, “I appreciate the sentiments you have expressed on Mr. Campbell’s behalf.   Sheriff Smith has told me you are a man of your word.   I just hope our state and county officials don’t get in your way, as you work with us.   I think it’s time we moved him inside.”  

Mr. Chance pushed Peyton’s wheelchair up the driveway.     Yesterday, Grandpa, with the help of some of our security guards, built a temporary wooden ramp made of two by fours and plywood.  They had put up a railing on either side to keep the wheelchair from falling off of the ramp.   It wasn’t pretty, but it was functional.  

When they reached the ramp, Rick stepped up and said, “Let me push him up the ramp.”

Mr. Chanced relinquished his position behind Peyton’s chair.   Rick pushed his cousin’s wheelchair up the ramp and maneuvered it through the front door.   Grandma said, “Let’s get him settled in his room, first.”   She led the way down the hallway to the room she had prepared for him.

Rick followed pushing the wheelchair.   We entered the room behind them.   Grandma said, “Let’s get him transferred out of that chair.”

Rick leaned over and looked into Peyton’s eyes.   “Are you ready to be moved, cousin?”

Peyton nodded his head, but spoke no words.   Rick unbelted him and signaled for Greg, Cory and I to help lift him.   Each of us took a limb and gently lifted him out of the wheelchair and into his new bed.   I was shocked at how thin he was.   He was all skin and bones.   He was nothing like the man I had met here a few years ago.  

Grandma adjusted the pillows behind him and asked, “Are you comfortable?”

Again, Peyton nodded his head, but did not speak.   Mr. Chance said, “When you read the medical instructions, you’ll find Mr. Campbell hasn’t spoken since he was attacked.   There’s a form in there for Mr. Campbell to sign, giving you permission to see his medical records.   You can fax it to the prison hospital, and they will send you his records.”   He turned to Peyton and said, “Good bye, Mr. Campbell.”   He turned and left the room.  

Sheriff Smith said, “Thank you for assisting us.”

Mr. Chance said, “It was an honor to work with you, Sheriff.   We’ve got to be on our way now.”

Grandpa escorted the two men out of the house.   He soon returned to Peyton’s room, where the rest of us were still gathered around Peyton’s bed.   Rick and I were sitting at the foot of his bed, while the others were standing around Peyton’s bed.  

Grandma said, “Peyton, I want you to know that if any one of these boys gets out of line, you’re to tell me.”

Peyton tried to smile, but his lips were too swollen.   Instead, he nodded his head.  Grandpa entered the room and said, “Boys, will you leave us for a moment.”

Rick and I started to stand up, but Grandpa said, “Not you two.   You guys are to stay.”

When the room had emptied, Grandpa said, “Peyton, I want you to know I’m keeping my promise to you.   I said I would help you get re-established in society, if you would keep your end of the bargain.   I don’t know what they have told you, but I want to outline what I’ve managed to set up for you.”

Grandpa outlined his plans for Peyton to work on the farm.   In return for his labor, Grandpa would pay off his fines, court costs and the restitution that was still outstanding.   Subsequent to his completing his time on parole, he would be sent to the college of his choice.   He ended by saying, “I will also cover all of your medical and dental costs.   In order for you to recover fully, you need to be physically and emotionally fit.   Is the plan I’ve outlined agreeable to you?”

Peyton nodded his head.   Seeing his nod of agreement, Grandpa said, “Now, we need to take care of what has happened between you and Rick and Glenn.   I’m going to leave you guys to talk.”   He walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

I looked over at Rick, and waited for him to start talking.   Rick met my gaze and smiled at me.   He reached over and took my hand.   He turned back to look at Peyton.   “Peyton, I know you still blame us for what has happened to you.   I hope one day, you will come to see Glenn and I love each other very much, and that we also love you.   We have promised Grandpa to do everything we can to help you recover.”

I moved from the foot of the bed and sat next to him, taking his hand in mine.  “First, I want to tell you I know what you’re going through,” I said.   Peyton shook his head, in disbelief.   “Before you rush to judgment, let me explain why I can say that.”   I narrated to him what my cousin, John, and his friends did to me.   With tears streaming down my face, I said, “Believe me, I know how traumatic it is to be forcibly and repeatedly raped.”

Peyton’s face was wet with tears.   He squeezed my hand, and managed to say, “I’m scared.”

I said, “I know.”

Rick moved around to the other side of the bed from me.   He sat down and took Peyton’s other hand in his.  “Peyton, we’re not going to let anyone or anything ever hurt you again.”   Rick leaned forward and embraced Peyton.   “I love you, Peyton.”

It was like a dam had broken inside of him, as he narrated for us everything that had happened to him.   We were both horrified and sickened by the vile and evil things done to him in that hellhole they called a prison.   I had thought what little I knew about what happened was bad, until he recounted everything in vivid detail, as he relived each terrifying experience.   How he managed to survive amazed me.   When he finished, there was a heavy silence in the room, as I tried to process the enormity of the atrocities he had lived through while in prison.

I looked over at Rick, and knew from the grim expression on his face how angry he was.   “Peyton, I owe you an apology.  After hearing what you’ve been through, I can’t even come close to understanding the pain and suffering you must feel.”

Peyton met my gaze.   “I don’t know what I feel, Glenn.   I feel so numb inside.   It’s like I have no feelings anymore.   Today is the first time I’ve been able to talk about what was done to me.   I’ve cried more tears in the last hour than I have in my entire life.   I’m afraid to feel anything, Glenn.   I’m scared I won’t be able to handle the pain.   I used to blame you and Rick for my situation, but after last week, I can’t do that anymore.   I’ve had a lot of time to think, since I’ve become bed-ridden.   I’ve had to face the fact that I’m the only one I can really blame for where I’m at.   However, with that admission came more pain than I’m capable of handling at the moment.   That is part of the reason I stopped talking.   I just shut down completely.   I thought, if I stopped thinking about it, and tried to remain in a semi-comatose state, I could hide from myself.   Talking to you about everything has opened the door to that pain.”

Rick said, “We’re here to help you, Peyton.”

Peyton said, “I’m glad at least I have one family member who hasn’t shunned me.   Thank you for being here for me, Rick.”

“No, it is I who must thank you, Peyton.   You’re the only member of our family who has even spoken to me over these last few years,” Rick said.

“I can relate to that,” Peyton said.   “I’ve been subjected to the same treatment.”

“Are we good?” Rick asked.

“Yes, we’re good, now,” he responded.

“Now, we need to get you better,” Rick said.

“Just being out of that terrible place is enough to make me feel better,” Peyton said.

There was a knock on the door, and Grandma walked in, carrying a tray of food.  “It’s time to eat.   Rick and Glenn, move that table over here, please.”  We stood and did as she asked.   “Now, Peyton, how are we going to get you fed?”

“The nurses put a tube down my throat and fed me some kind of liquid stuff,” Peyton said.

Grandma smiled, “I’m glad to hear you are speaking, again.   We’ll feed you until you can do it for yourself.   I’ve brought you some chicken broth to start you off on regular food.   I read the instructions from the prison medical staff.   We’re to start off with clear liquids, before we attempt giving you solid foods.”   She turned to us, “You two go get your lunch, while I feed your cousin.   If I need anything, I’ll give you a shout.”

Rick said, “Okay, Grandma.”

We left the room and walked toward the kitchen.   Rick put his arm around my shoulders.   “I think he’s going to be okay.”

I put my arm around his waist, and said, “I agree.”

We spent the rest of the day in Peyton’s room, getting to know him.   We brought in a few more chairs, so the other guys could join us.   Peyton recounted his experiences, but this time he left out many of the graphic details he had shared with us, earlier in the day.   After the adults retired for the evening, the four gay couples gathered around Peyton’s bed.

Greg said, “We have a proposal for you.   We’ve decided you’re not to be left alone at night.   Our plan is to have one of us couples sleep with you each night.   We’ll rotate between each of us, so you won’t get bored with us.”

Peyton said, “That sounds great!   But can I make one request?”

Greg nodded his head.   “Sure, go ahead.”

“You have to sleep naked with me,” Peyton said.   “I don’t want anything sexual from you.   I only want to feel that you love me for me, and not because you want to fuck me.”

Greg said, “We’re good with that.”

Rick said, “We want to be the first ones to keep you company.”

Peyton’s face was soon wet with his tears.   He nodded his head in agreement.   “That would be the best thing you could do for me right now.”

The rest of the guys bid us good night.   We returned to our bedroom to take care of our needs and returned to Peyton’s room.   We climbed into bed with him, one of us on either side.

Peyton said, “I’m sorry these casts are getting in the way.”

“It’s not a problem,” Rick said.   “It’s a good thing this is a king-sized bed, though.”

Rick reached across Peyton’s chest and took my hand.   Both of us leaned in to kiss Peyton.   “We love you, cousin,” Rick said.

“Yes, we love you very much,” I said.

Peyton didn’t respond.   I looked closely at his face and found he was already asleep.   I leaned across his sleeping body and kissed Rick.   “Good night, lover.”

“Good night, Babe,” he responded.

Prev To be continued . . .

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Christians and Mass Incarceration -

Georgia Reentry Skills Building Handbook -  Please note the section regarding the Georgia Department of Corrections advice about getting signed up for HIV medications after leaving prison (page 114).

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