The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 131: Peyton’s Recovery

Peyton lay, staring up at the ceiling, as he contemplated his changed circumstances.   Six weeks had passed since Peyton had come to live with the Scarborough family.   He went over in his mind the seemingly miraculous things leading to this fortunate state of affairs.

First, Mr. Scarborough (a.k.a. Grandpa) had hired a team of attorneys to represent him.   They had worked hard to improve his circumstances in jail; and had, finally, been successful in convincing the parole board to let him out.   At that time, he had six months left until he would be completely free, with his debt to society paid.     

Mr. Scarborough had arranged to have him live with his family to help him get back on his feet.   Mr. Scarborough had also insisted he become part of his family, and expected Peyton to call him Grandpa.   Peyton was still amazed Grandpa had kept his promise to him.   He did not understand what Grandpa saw in him.   He had told Peyton he would help him re-establish himself, if he paid his debt to society.   Grandpa had done more than that.   He had literally saved his life!   Peyton knew beyond any shadow of a doubt the guards would have killed him, if he had stayed in jail any longer!     

Since arriving at the Scarborough family home, he had become accustomed to sleeping with two other men every night, and had become very close to each of them.   That closeness had pulled him through some very difficult moments, as he tried to recover his mental and emotional equilibrium.   It amazed him how he could feel such a close emotional attachment to another man, especially after the abusive treatment he had suffered at the hands of the other men in prison.   He had wanted nothing to do with men, or women, after he was nearly beaten to death by the prison guards where he had been incarcerated.   That had been the reason for his silence after the attack.

He had come to the conclusion there was only one way to protect himself; and it was to completely withdraw from all human contact.  He didn’t trust anyone, and because of his lack of trust in his fellow men, he wanted nothing to do with them.

His near death experience had shaken him, causing him to look back over his life.   He realized how poorly he had treated people and recognized the need to change the direction of his life.   While he lay in the prison hospital bed, his sense of guilt over his past actions nearly overwhelmed him.   In fact, it scared him so much, he mentally shut down, constructing a mental bunker around his mind and emotions.

From that moment on, he had successfully maintained his silence and his detachment from himself, until he arrived at the Scarborough home.   He hadn’t even spoken to them, at first, until Glenn had told him about being raped by his cousin, John and his friends.    Seeing tears streaming down Glenn’s face and hearing of his struggles to trust people, hit him hard.  In fact, Glenn’s experiences resonated so much within him, he couldn’t stop himself from speaking about how he felt.   He had broken his silence, to articulate in words, what had caused him to stop speaking in the first place.   He hadn’t meant to utter them, but his first words were, “I’m scared.”

He had been relieved to finally speak those words out loud, to acknowledge his weakness, and not be punished for speaking, as had happened to him in prison.    He had been conditioned not to speak.   His role was to serve as a fuck toy for any man who wanted him.   They didn’t want to hear his voice, or even acknowledge he was anything other than their sex slave, to be used at their discretion.

He had raised his eyes until he met Glenn’s gaze.   It had been a long time since he dared to look into another man’s eyes.   He had been beaten many times for being disrespectful of his betters by daring to meet their gaze.   The look passing between them communicated volumes.   He knew beyond any shadow of a doubt Glenn understood exactly what he was going through.  

In that moment, he felt a strong connection to Glenn, one he knew would never be broken.   He knew Glenn saw him as he was and they understood each other.  That moment had been followed by another miraculous event.   His cousin, Rick, had put his arms around him, and said, “I love you.”  

Hearing those three words broke down the last barriers he had built to keep the world out.   He had poured out his heart and soul to Rick and Glenn.   He left nothing out of his narrative.   He saw how shocked they were at hearing of the abuses he had suffered in prison.

He had missed Rick and Glenn when they went to their friends’ graduation in Minneapolis.   When they returned from their trip, they spent every weekend with him.   Over the last six weeks he had grown to love the Scarboroughs, but he felt closest to his cousin and his boyfriend.   He looked forward to seeing them and treasured the time they spent together.  

The four gay couples had set up a rotation schedule, so he wouldn’t be alone at night.  Grandpa had insisted Peyton never be left alone until he was sure Peyton was mentally and emotionally stable.   In addition to accomplishing Grandpa’s goal, it helped him to get to know each of the gay couples in the Scarborough family and broadened his circle of close friends.

Rick and Glenn spent Friday and Saturday nights with him, since they lived in Atlanta and could only visit him on weekends.   He asked the guys to let Rick and Glenn spend two nights with him every weekend.   They agreed and rotated the other nights between the remaining three couples.  

Rick and Glenn were sleeping with him tonight, his first without the casts on his limbs.   He smiled at the memory of the guys helping him earlier in the day.   If there was ever a paradise for a gay man, this was it!  His thoughts went back to the day he got his casts off.

Rick and Glenn walked on either side of Peyton as they left the doctor’s office.   Rick said, “Are you going to be okay?”

Peyton said, “I don’t know, just don’t go very far away.”

They guided him outside.   Grandpa paid the doctor’s fees and followed them outside.   He came up behind the three young men.   “Peyton, would you like to ride with me in the Porsche?”

“Would I?  Yes, I would,” he responded eagerly.

Rick and Glenn helped him into the Porsche and closed the door, while Grandpa climbed into the driver’s seat.   Rick said, “We’ll see you back home.   Don’t forget to meet us in Greg and Cory’s room!”

Peyton grinned, “I won’t forget.”

They walked over to their Land Rover and climbed in.   Mr. Curtis, Grandpa’s chief of security, was already waiting in the van.   They pulled out of the parking lot and caravanned back to the Scarborough peach farm.

On the drive back to the farm, Grandpa asked, “Peyton, what are your feelings about living with us?”

Peyton glanced at Grandpa, unsure of how to reply to his question.   “What do you mean?”

Grandpa clarified his question, “I want to know what you think about living with us?   Are you adjusting to being in our home?”

“I’m getting used to it, but I’m still confused as to the reason why you took me in,” he replied, wondering where this conversation was headed.

Grandpa said, “I took you in because you are Rick’s cousin.”

“Is that the only reason?” Peyton asked, feeling disappointed.   He had thought Grandpa saw something in him worth saving.

“No, I also saw a young man with great potential,” he answered.   “Despite what you might think, Peyton, you and Rick are more alike than you might wish to acknowledge.   He is a great man, and so are you.”

Peyton nodded his head.   Hearing Grandpa’s words was like a salve on an open wound.   They sank deep into his heart.   Grandpa thought he had great potential.   “Over the last few weeks, I’ve come to realize what a wonderful guy my cousin is; however, I’ve never been as successful as Rick.”

“That’s only because you’ve been holding yourself back,” Grandpa said.   “Have you given any thought about where you want to study?”

“Yes, I want to join Greg and Cory at the University of Minnesota.   I’ve decided I want to become a lawyer,” Peyton said.   “I want to protect others from suffering like I did.   Prisoners need someone on the outside to be their advocate, like you were for me.   I want to give back to the community, and help those who are in the most need of help.   Those who are most vulnerable are those in our prisons.”

Grandpa said, “You would make a great advocate for improving conditions in our prisons, since you have experienced those abysmal conditions, yourself.   Have you thought about what you need to do to get registered at the University of Minnesota?”

“Yes,” Peyton replied.   “Greg and Cory helped me draft a checklist of items I need to get done.”

Grandpa said, “Good.   We’ll look over your checklist when we get back home.   I also wanted to talk to you about changing your name.”

“It wouldn’t make any difference, because I have to register any name change with the state.   My record will follow me everywhere I go,” Peyton said, his voice full of regret and sadness.

“I agree with you; however, it will give you more control over how and when you discuss your time in prison.   You will always be truthful on any applications or affidavits you complete; but I think it would be wise not have it so readily available to anyone with a few clicks of a mouse,” Grandpa said.

“Maybe after five years, when I can ask the state for a pardon, I’ll change my name at that point,” Peyton said.   “I don’t want my time in prison to define me as a person, any more than I want being a gay man to define who I am.   I’m much more than a prison inmate, and I’m much more than someone who is gay.   Glenn told me his Uncle Dave has this idea labels are dangerous things, and we should avoid them at all costs.”

Grandpa agreed, “That is very true.   Putting a label on someone can be very damaging, in that it limits your perception of who they really are.   If you put labels on yourself, you place limits on what you can become.”

“That is why I want to go into law.   There is a lot of discrimination against ex-convicts.   Ex-convicts need advocates to keep them from suffering from the kinds of discrimination which puts them at risk of returning to prison.   Not everyone who gets out of jail has someone like you to help them.   I want to do everything I can to repay you for what you’re doing for me by giving back to the community.”

“That’s exactly what I had envisioned for you,” Grandpa said, glancing over at the young man seated next him.   “However, I think you should also consider working for our family corporation for a while, before venturing out on your own.   I want you to learn how to operate the farm, first; followed by learning how to manage our rental properties and our security services.   In the months remaining to you as a parolee, I want you to work closely with the twins and their husbands to learn everything there is to know about running a peach farm.”

“I’m okay with that.”   Peyton grinned, and said, “It’s not like I can go anywhere.”

Grandpa laughed.   “That is very true.   I’m glad you can see some humor in the situation.”

“I have to, or I’d go crazy,” Peyton said.   “Being on parole still isn’t the same as being a free man.   I hate having to check in with my parole officer.”

“Well, at least Mr. Diven has been willing to come to the house to see you.   Maybe he will continue to visit you on the farm,” Grandpa said.

“Mr. Diven has been more than accommodating, but he still represents the state,” Peyton said.   “I have no wish to remain in Georgia after I’m free.   I’ve told Mr. Diven, in no uncertain terms, I won’t spend another moment in this state than is absolutely necessary.”

“I understand your sentiments; however, I think you should spend some time with Rick and Glenn in Atlanta, before you go elsewhere.   I think it would be good for all three of you.   So, where are you in your relationship with Rick and Glenn?” Grandpa asked.

Peyton didn’t respond for some time.   Grandpa glanced over at him from time to time, and noticed the tears rolling down Peyton’s cheeks.   He decided not to say anything until Peyton was ready to talk.

Peyton cleared his throat and wiped away his tears with the palms of his hands.   “I love them very much,” Peyton said, still trying to gain control over his emotions.

Grandpa said, “I’ve observed how close to them you’ve become.”

Peyton nodded his head, and said, “I only wish I hadn’t wasted so much time being jealous of Rick.   I’ve missed out on so much, because of my own stupidity.”

“I think you will have the opportunity to make up for some of that lost time,” Grandpa said.

Peyton said, “I hope so.”

“Then, you won’t object to staying with them for a few months.   I want you to ease back into normal society, before you leave the state.   Are you absolutely certain you want to move to Minnesota?”

“Yes, I want to join Greg and Cory in Minneapolis,” Peyton said.  

“I think that is a good idea.   Let’s plan for you to enroll at the university after the winter break.   That should give you a couple of months in Atlanta.” 

Grandpa talked with him about some of the particulars of how the farm was run.   Peyton listened attentively and made a mental note to talk with the twins about it.   There was so much to remember!

They soon arrived at the farm, and Grandpa pulled up to the gate and waited for it to open.   Paul opened the gate and waved them in.   He closed the gate and walked over to where Grandpa had parked the car.   He opened Peyton’s door and gave him a hand out.   He pulled him into his arms and kissed him.

Paul said, “I’ve wanted to do that since the day we met.”

Peyton smiled.   “So have I.”  

Rick and I pulled in behind Grandpa’s car.   We climbed out of the Land Rover and walked over to join Paul and Peyton.   Rick took Peyton in his arms, holding him tight.   “I’m glad you’re finally on your feet.”

I tapped Peyton on the shoulder, and said, “Hey!  When do I get my hug?”

Peyton laughed, as Rick released him from his embrace.   “Come here, handsome.”   Peyton pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply.

Paul wolf whistled.   “Boy, Rick, it looks like you’ve got some competition!”

Rick grinned.   “I’m glad to see Peyton is back to normal.”

Peyton released me, and said, “Thank you for the fantastic kiss.”

“There’s more where it came from,” I said, laughing.   I ran my hands over his arms.   “We need to get you cleaned up.   Come inside.   Greg and Cory are waiting for us.”   I took his hand in mine and walked toward the house.   I looked back over my shoulder and asked, “Rick, are you going to join us?”

For an answer, Rick jogged over to take Peyton’s other hand.   He leaned over and whispered in Peyton’s ear, “I hope you’re ready for some fun.”

Peyton grinned from ear to ear.   “I can’t wait.”

We led him upstairs to Greg and Cory’s room.   We had sent a text message, letting them know we were home.    As soon as we walked into their room, Greg said, “Get naked boys!   It’s time for some fun.”    Peyton looked at the two naked men in front of him and quickly stripped out of his clothes.   We followed his example.  

Greg walked over to Peyton and kissed him.   “Welcome home, Peyton.”

Cory took Peyton’s hand and led him into the en suite.   Peyton’s eyes went round with surprise when he saw the large shower.   “This place is great!”

Greg said, “Grandpa had it built for us when he adopted me as his son.”

Peyton said, “Grandpa never ceases to amaze me.   I’ve never met a man who has so much love and charity for those around him.”

Rick said, “You’re right about that.”   Rick turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature.   Greg turned on a second and a third shower plus the nozzles at waist height.

Rick stepped under the water and reached out to pull his cousin in with him.   I joined them with a bar of soap in my hand.   We spent the next few moments washing him down.   The four of us formed a circle around Peyton, caressing his skin, kissing him and holding him close.   Peyton, in turn, let his hands wander over our well-muscled bodies, tracing the outlines of our muscles under our skin.   

Peyton said, “I’ve only dreamed of being with so many gorgeous men, all of whom want me.”

“That’s right, Peyton.   Today is your day.   We’re here to help you celebrate getting your casts off,” I said.   I kissed him deeply, holding him tight.   I whispered in his ear, “I love you, Peyton Campbell.”

I released him and each of the guys followed my lead, kissing him and repeating the same words to him.   Greg was the last one to kiss Peyton, and when he said, “I love you, Peyton Campbell,” Peyton was so overcome by Greg’s words he put his head on Greg’s chest and clung to him.   His body shook with the strength of the emotions he felt.

We closed our circle around him, enveloping him in a group hug.    After a few moments, he managed to regain his composure.   He lifted his head up and smiled into Greg’s eyes.   “I love you guys so much.”

We stood frozen in place for a few moments, letting the warm water cascade over us.   Peyton had never felt so much love.   He felt the strength in the four men who held him, and knew he would always have their love and support.   

Rick asked, “Are you up for one of our little competitions?”

Peyton turned his head to look at Rick with raised eyebrows and asked, “What might that be?”

“We jerk off in the shower and measure who shoots the farthest,” Rick said.   “So far, I’m undefeated.”

Peyton grinned.   “Okay, let’s see which of us wins.”

All five of us began stroking our man meat.   It wasn’t long before we unloaded!   Greg, Rick and Peyton all shot quite a distance, but tied for the longest shot.

Rick turned to Greg and his cousin.   “I guess I can live with a tie.”

Peyton smiled and took Rick into his arms.   “Thank you for including me in your competition.”

We played around in the shower for a while longer.   We turned off the water and dried each other off.   I said, “You need to be shaved.   Lie down on the bed, and I’ll get the shaving gear.”

The four of us shaved off all of his body hair, leaving his skin baby soft.   As we massaged his muscles, Peyton became extremely aroused.   I reached over and began jerking him off.   He arched his back and moaned in pleasure.   “Don’t stop, Babe.”

I didn’t stop, and was soon rewarded for my efforts.   We cleaned him up and climbed into bed with him.   Peyton sighed contentedly, and said, “I’ve got to be the luckiest guy the world.”

I traced the outline of his nipples and asked, “Why do you say that?”

“I went from the worst of all possible situations to the best one I could have dreamed of, in just over six weeks.   I have four very handsome gay men in my bed, I’ve regained the use of my limbs, and I have found a family who loves me.”

Cory ran his hands over Peyton’s flat stomach, and said, “We’re just as lucky as you.   We found someone who enjoys sex as much as we do.”

Peyton laughed.   It was a deep laugh, one filled with happiness.   “When I got here six weeks ago, I never wanted to be touched by anyone ever again.   Because you guys slept with me and kept me company, I gradually overcame my fears of being intimate with another human being.”

Peyton’s mind returned to the present.   Glenn’s head rested on his chest and Rick’s arms held them both close to him.   The feel of their skin against his and the heat of their bodies comforted him.   He had never felt so close to anyone in his life, as he did to these two men.   He felt like he had been enveloped in a warm cocoon of love and acceptance.   He sighed contentedly and closed his eyes, letting his body completely relax.   He fell asleep with a smile on his lips.

The next morning I woke up to find Rick playing with my hair.   I lifted my head and smiled at my boyfriend.   I whispered, “I think we should give Peyton the best wakeup call he’s ever had.”

Rick grinned and nodded his head.   “I get to give him a blowjob this time, since you gave him one last night.”

I smiled and began kissing Peyton all over.   I gently bit his nipples causing them to become hard.   Then I kissed the base of his neck and kissed my way up to his mouth.   He opened his eyes and opened his lips to allow admittance to my tongue.   He moaned into my mouth as Rick worked his magic on his dick.   Peyton didn’t last long, given Rick’s expertise in giving blowjobs!

Peyton tensed, then went completely limp as he released his load into Rick’s eager mouth.   Rick tapped me on the shoulder.   I turned and kissed Rick deeply, sharing Peyton’s load. 

Peyton watched us kissing, and said, “Save some for me.”  Rick released me and leaned down to kiss him.   “I could get used to waking up to you two.”

I grinned at him, and said, “That’s the whole point.   We want you to come and live with us in Atlanta.”

Peyton said, “I promise I’ll come stay with you, if I can wake up to that every morning.”

Rick said, “I think we can arrange that.”

Peyton kissed Rick again, then kissed me.   “I love you two very much.”

“The feeling is mutual,” Rick said.

“Yes, it is.   However, I saw how you looked at Jonathan yesterday.   I think you’ve got a crush on him,” I said.

Peyton blushed.   “Was I that obvious?”

“Yes, you were,” I replied.

Peyton said, “I really like him.”

Rick asked, “What about Paul?”

“I like Paul and I think he’s cute, but Jonathan is who I’m really interested in.   He’s so good looking.   Plus, he has a wicked sense of humor,” Peyton said.   “I don’t have any hope of getting anywhere with him, because I think he’s straight.”

Rick said, “There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to ask him.”

Peyton looked doubtful.   “I won’t want to lose his friendship.”

“You won’t lose his friendship, Peyton.   I think he’s been around us enough he won’t be offended if we ask him if he’s gay,” I said.

We heard a tap on the door.   Greg asked through the door, “Are you awake, guys?”

I called out, “Come in.”

Greg and Cory walked into the room.   Greg whistled.   “You guys look great!”

Cory added, “I’m still amazed we were adopted into a family with such good looking gay guys.”

“I just have good taste in men,” I said, grinning.

Rick laughed.   “And you taste good.”

Peyton raised his hand and said, “I have to second that statement.”

Greg and Cory sat down on the edge of the bed.   “Are you guys up for swimming this morning?   Peyton needs some serious sun to get rid of those tan lines.”

Peyton laughed.   “I do have some pretty good tan lines, don’t I?”

Cory said, “Yes, you do.”

I said, “We bought new swimsuits just for this special occasion.   I put them in Peyton’s top drawer.”

Greg stood up and walked over to the dresser, opening the top drawer.   He pulled out a package and asked, “Are these it?”

I nodded my head.   “We ordered them on-line.   There’s one in there for each of us, including the twins and their husbands.   I got them from a couple of different sources, but I’m sure you’ll like them.”

Greg opened the package and pulled out the swimsuits.   He spread them out on the bed.   “Does it matter which ones we wear?”

“You’ll have to check the sizes,” I said.

In short order, we had all chosen a swimsuit and had pulled them on.   We looked at each other and grinned.   “I think we’re ready to go swimming,” Greg said.

“Let’s go,” Rick said.   “We can grab breakfast after we swim for a while.”

Greg said, “I’ll tell Grandma not to cook breakfast for us.”   He left the room and soon returned.   “She said she would wait until we’re done swimming.”

“Cool!” Peyton exclaimed.   We made our way outside to the pool.   “I can finally go swimming!”   He did a surface dive that carried him to the opposite end of the pool.   We did surface dives, as well, joining him.

Rick said, “Let’s play tag.”

“Okay,” Peyton said, reaching out to touch Rick on the arm.  “Tag, you’re it!”

We both raced away from him to avoid being tagged.   Rick cornered Greg and tagged him.   Greg immediately tagged Cory.   We played in the pool for quite some time.   We finally climbed out onto the pool deck and pulled some lounge chairs together.   We collapsed onto them and soaked up the intense rays of the mid-morning sun.  

After a while, I said, “Peyton, we need to put some sun screen on you, or you’ll burn.”

Peyton said, “Thanks for thinking of me.”

I reached over and grabbed the sun screen off of the patio table.   I walked over to him and sat on the edge of his lounge chair.   I squirted some sun screen onto my hands and rubbed it into his skin, paying particular attention to his arms and leg, where the casts had been.  

He grinned up at me, and said, “Thank you, Babe.”

That was the first time he had called me, “Babe.”   I met his gaze and smiled.   “Okay, Sweetheart.”

Peyton laughed.   “I wondered what you would do if I called you, Babe, like your boyfriend does.”

“Well, now you know,” I said, standing up and returning to my own lounge chair.

Grandma came out of the house, and asked, “Are you boys hungry?”

Rick said, “Yes, we are.”

She said, “I’ll send breakfast out with Paul and Jonathan.   They just came on duty and were asking where you guys were.”

She left us and the two guys soon appeared, carrying trays of food.   When Paul saw us, he whistled and exclaimed, “What a beautiful sight!”

They set the trays on the table, as we crowded around.   We grabbed the plates of food Grandma had placed on the trays.   As we ate, I said, “Guys, have a seat.”  They pulled over a couple of chairs and sat down.   I gave Jonathan the once over.   He had dark brown hair, with dark brown eyes under thick dark brown eyebrows.   He had a generous mouth with perfect teeth, a square jaw and an aquiline nose.   When he smiled, he had a deep dimple in each cheek.   His olive skin was perfectly smooth and without blemish.   His security uniform fit him nicely, showing off his muscular physique.   I could tell from the size of his arms that he worked out on the weights.   He was a little taller than me at 180 cm. (5’11”).         

When I met his gaze, he grinned.   “Now I know how it feels to be undressed by someone when they look me over.”

I smiled, and said, “You’re a real looker, Jonathan.   If you ever decide you want to be with a guy, I think we can find you someone.”

Jonathan blushed.   “Thanks, Glenn.”

Paul said, “I’ve already told him if he decides he’s into guys, I get to be his first date.”

I looked over at Jonathan.   “Is that true?”

“Yes, Paul has made it clear he thinks I’m good looking,” Jonathan said, blushing an even deeper shade of red.

“Jonathan, how old are you?” Peyton asked.

“I’m 22.   I turn 23 next week,” Jonathan said.  

Peyton said, “We should have a joint birthday party.   I’ll be 23 tomorrow.”

I said, “We should make it a big party, because Rick’s is two weeks from now.”

Rick said, “When we were little, we celebrated our birthdays together.   Mom and Uncle George always called us their twins.”

Peyton said, “That’s true.   I always hated sharing birthday parties with you, though.”

“I know,” Rick said.   “I also resented it, at the time.   I used to argue with Mom that I wanted my own birthday party.   Then we moved away.”

“By the time you moved back to North Carolina, my parents had gotten over the sharing birthday party thing,” Peyton.

“Thankfully,” Rick said with heartfelt relief.

I said, “You guys are going to be SO old!”

Rick laughed, and said, “You’re just a baby, Glenn.”

I grinned, and put my arm around his waist.   “I would rather be a baby than an old man.”

Rick kissed me.   “Someone has to be the adult in this relationship.”

I guffawed, “It certainly isn’t you!”

Jonathan laughed.   “You guys are so goofy!”

Greg said, “You haven’t seen goofy, yet.   They get worse!”

Cory seconded that thought.   “Yes, they both get pretty goofy.”

Paul said, “But they’re good looking.”

Cory said, “Yes, they’re hot studs, just like the rest of you guys.”

Peyton looked over at Jonathan, and asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Jonathan met his gaze and said, “No, I’m currently enjoying being an unattached male.   My parents want me to find a wife and settle down.”

Peyton thought to himself, “Maybe there’s a chance for me.”   Out loud, he asked, “You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a girlfriend.   I’d sure like to date you if you decide to go out with a guy.”

Paul said, “Hey, I get the first chance to date him!”

Jonathan was blushing again.   “I’ve never had guys vying for my attention.”

Rick laughed and playfully punched Jonathan’s shoulder, “You had better get used to it around here.   You can’t expect a bunch of gay guys to ignore such a handsome stud as yourself.”

Jonathan said, “I’m flattered you guys think I’m a stud.”

Paul said, “Jonathan, you’re a gay guy’s wet dream.”

Jonathan looked around at us and asked, “Do you guys really think I’m good looking?”

We looked at him in surprise.   Cory recovered first and said, “That was a rhetorical question, right?”

Jonathan replied, “I’m serious.   Do you guys really think I’m good looking?”

From the expression on his face, we could tell he really wanted to know what we thought.   I said, “Jonathan, let me put it this way.   You could be a male model, or a movie star with your good looks.   I think both Peyton and Paul were in earnest when they said they wanted to date you.”

Jonathan said, “I’ve never thought of myself as being particularly good looking.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“During high school, I was a scrawny kid.   It wasn’t until I was in college that I started to fill out.   I spent a lot of time in the gym, working out on the weights; but I never had any close friends,” he said.

“What did you major in?” Greg asked.

“I graduated with a degree in business management and a minor in economics,” he said.

“So, why are you working here as a security guard?” I asked.

“My Dad wants me to join him in the sheriff’s office; however, I really don’t want to be in law enforcement,” Jonathan said.

“But, that doesn’t answer my question,” I said.

“When I told Dad I didn’t want to work with him in the sheriff’s office, he insisted I get a job and Mr. Scarborough needed someone to work here as a security guard.   So, I took the job.   I had the job skills, because my Dad made sure I knew how to handle a gun; plus, I’ve been around law enforcement all of my life, with Dad being the sheriff.”

 Peyton said, “I, for one, am very glad you decided to work for the Scarboroughs.”  

Paul added, “Me, too.”

“Why don’t you two join us for a swim?   We’ve got extra swimsuits,” I said.

Paul said, “We’re supposed to be working.”

Greg said, “I’ll call Mr. Curtis and ask him if you guys can join us for an hour or so.”

Jonathan said, “Please don’t do that.   I don’t want Mr. Curtis to think ill of us.”

“I think he’ll be okay with it, because you’ll be with us,” Greg responded.   He picked up his cell phone.   “Hello, Mr. Curtis.”

“Hello, Greg.   What’s on your mind?” he asked.

Greg said, “I know Paul and Jonathan are supposed to be on duty right now, but I wanted to ask if they could join us for an hour in the pool?”

“I’m fine with that, but they need to talk to the guys they’re replacing.   Derrick and Mark will have to stay on duty while they swim with you guys.   They are welcome to switch hours, as long as we have coverage,” Mr. Curtis said.

Greg said, “Let me put you on speaker so they both can hear what you want them to do.”

He said, “Guys, I understand you want to swim with the boys.   Is that right?”

Paul replied, “Yes, that’s right.”

“Well, you need to walk around to the guard shack and ask Mark if he’ll cover for you until you can replace him.   Jonathan, you’ll need to talk with Derrick about covering for you,” Mr. Curtis explained.   “Paul and Jonathan, I’m willing to allow last minute changes like this only once; next time, you guys need to work out your recreational activities, beforehand.   I don’t like last minute schedule changes.   Do I make myself clear?”

Paul and Jonathan chorused, “Yes, sir!”

“Good.   Now, enjoy your time with the boys, and I’ll talk to you both in an hour,” he said.

Greg ended the call and said, “Guys go talk with Mark and Derrick and meet us back here.  I believe Glenn has a package of new swimsuits you can choose from when you get back.”

The two guys grinned at each other, before turning to go find their co-workers.  A few minutes later, they both returned, their excitement evident on their faces.

Jonathan said, “We’re ready to go swimming!”

I stood up, and said, “Follow me, boys!”   I led them inside the house and down the hallway to Peyton’s room.   I opened the door and pointed to the bed, where the new swimsuits were still laid out.   “You can choose any one of those.”

Paul grinned, and asked, “Do I get to keep it?”

I laughed and said, “Certainly.”

Paul walked over and picked up a bright yellow bikini.   He quickly stripped off his uniform and pulled it on.   “How do I look?”

I looked him over and said, “You look good enough to eat.”

He grinned broadly.   “I’m ready to go.”

“There are clean towels in the bathroom.   Grab a couple of them,” I said.   I turned to Jonathan, who was fingering a powder blue mesh bikini.   I walked over and put my arm around his waist.   “Jonathan, I would love to see you in that one; but, if you’re not comfortable showing yourself off, you might want to choose something with a solid fabric.”

He turned his head and looked me in the eyes.   “I’m not sure what I want, Glenn.   You guys are so cool to be around.   I think I’ll try it.”  

“I think it’s a good choice,” I said.   “May I kiss you?”   Jonathan looked at me in surprise, but nodded his head.  I put my hands around his neck and kissed him.  At first, he stiffened in my arms.   As I deepened the kiss, he relaxed and put his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.   I felt his steel pole poking me.   When we came up for air, I looked into his eyes, and said, “Thank you.   That was fantastic!”  Jonathan blushed.   “You’re so cute when you blush.”

He laughed, self-consciously.   “I just hope I don’t make Rick jealous.”

“He knows I’m a big flirt,” I said, laughing.   “Besides, you’re so good looking, he won’t begrudge me a good kiss.”

I released him, and said, “You’d better get changed.”  

Jonathan stripped out of his uniform.   His cock popped free of his briefs, as he pulled them off.   He reached over and picked up the swimsuit he had chosen.   He pulled it on and tried to push his cock inside it, but it wouldn’t stay put.   He looked up at me and shrugged.  

“I can take care of that for you, if you want,” I said, grinning broadly.

He said, “I’ve never had anyone give me a blowjob before.   Are you sure Rick won’t get angry?”

I grinned and got on my knees in front of him.   “I’m sure Rick won’t mind.”  

He had lots of curly dark pubic hair surrounding his gorgeous cock.   I reached up to pull on his balls, which were huge.   I swallowed the whole thing, burying it deep in my throat.   I heard Jonathan’s sudden intake of breath, as I began bobbing up and down, paying special attention to the sensitive spot near the tip of his cock!  

Paul walked back into the room, and exclaimed, “Damn!”

I ignored him and concentrated on giving Jonathan the best blowjob he had ever experienced.   It wasn’t long before he gave me what I wanted!

Afterward, Jonathan pulled me up and kissed me.   “That was mind blowing, Glenn.”

I grinned, taking his cock in my hand.  “Now it will fit in your swimsuit.”   I tucked his now deflated cock inside his swimsuit.

He grinned back at me.   “Thanks, Glenn.”

Paul walked over to us and said, “That was quite a show.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Paul.   I’ll have to take care of you, next time,” I said, laughing at the expression on his face.

“You’re sure Rick won’t object?” Paul asked.

“Well, I’m not real sure, but he’s let me give blowjobs to Greg and Cory,” I said.   “I figure he won’t object to me giving you blowjobs.”   I looked Jonathan over and said, “You look great in that swimsuit.   The rest of the guys are going to be SO jealous I got to suck on your cock first.”

Jonathan laughed, nervously.   “Do you really think I’m that good looking?”

Paul said, “Jonathan, how many times do we need to tell you, you’re drop dead gorgeous.”

I took Jonathan’s hand in mine, as we left Peyton’s bedroom and retraced our steps.   We appeared on the pool deck to the appreciative whistles of the guys.  

Peyton motioned them over, and said, “You guys look great.”

Paul said, “Thank you.”   He posed for everyone, as did Jonathan.

However, Peyton only had eyes for Jonathan.   Jonathan noticed and asked, “Now that you get to see the whole package, do you still approve?”

Peyton licked his lips.   “Yes, I could take you to bed and fuck your brains out.   That’s how good you look.”

Jonathan smiled, and said, “Well, you’ll have to wait until I know you better before I’ll let you do that.”

Peyton said, “Does this mean you’ll let me date you?”

Jonathan said, “Yes, it does.”

Paul protested, “Hey!  I thought you said I would get to date you first!”

Jonathan walked over and put his arm around Paul’s waist.   “I did say that, so I guess you’ll have to wait your turn, Peyton.”

Paul smiled and said, “I’m sorry, Peyton.”

Peyton tried to hide his disappointment, but didn’t quite manage it.   Paul walked over to him and sat on the lounge chair with him.   He leaned over and kissed him.   “May I date you, too?”

Peyton said, “Yes, but how does Jonathan feel about that?”

Instead of answering Peyton’s question, Jonathan said, “I need to cool off.”   He surface dived into the pool.

“I think you two have embarrassed him,” Cory said.

Greg laughed, and said, “Peyton and Paul, I think you two have got to figure things out with Jonathan.”   He turned to Cory and said, “Let’s join him in the pool.”   He took Cory by the hand and led him to the edge of the pool.

I walked over to Rick and pulled him to his feet.   I wrapped my arms around his waist.   I looked into his eyes and kissed him.   Then, I whispered, “Just now, I gave Jonathan a blowjob he won’t ever forget.”

Rick laughed, and said, “I wondered what had happened to change his mind about dating Peyton.”

I grinned broadly.   “I figured it was worth trying.   I had a sense Jonathan was really gay, but was scared to come out of the closet.   I just helped him out.”

Rick kissed me, and said, “You’ve always been good at picking out the guys who are gay.”

I said, “Yes, and it was absolutely fantastic!”

Rick’s expression quickly changed to one of concern.   “Was sucking him off better than doing me?”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked deeply into his eyes.   “Rick Lernier, you’re the one and only guy for me.   Just because I sucked him off, doesn’t mean I’m angling to switch boyfriends.   You’re the one I love,” I said.

Rick kissed me and said, “I’m sorry.   I shouldn’t have doubted you.”

“It’s okay,” I said.   I turned toward the pool, and continued, “Let’s join the rest of the guys in the pool,” I said. 

Rick nodded his head in approval.   “I love you, Babe.”

“I love you, too,” I said, as we jumped into the pool.   We raced back and forth across the pool.   We played tag and had a great time with the guys.

After an hour, we got out of the pool and dried off.   Paul said, “We need to get dressed and back on the job before the guys come looking for us.”

Jonathan nodded his head in agreement.   “I don’t want to make them mad at us.” 

We trooped into the house and into Peyton’s room.   Greg said, “Grab your clothes and let’s shower in our room.   It’s a much bigger shower and we’ll all fit in it.”

We agreed and quickly gathered up our clothes.   We followed them upstairs to their room.   We stripped off our wet swimsuits and hung them up over the tub to dry.   Greg and Cory turned on all of the shower heads in their shower, adjusting the temperature, as they did so.

Paul and Jonathan stared in amazement at the shower.   I took Jonathan’s hand and pulled him into one of the showers with me.   I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him deeply.   Rick joined us, taking us both into his arms.   He kissed me, then kissed Jonathan.    Greg and Cory did the same with Paul.  We washed each other and enjoyed the feel of bare skin to bare skin.  

Rick said, “It’s time for our usual competition.”

Jonathan looked at Rick in confusion.   “What competition?”

Greg laughed, and said, “Let me explain.”  When he finished, he asked, “Any questions?”

Paul and Jonathan shook their heads in the negative.   “Then, let’s begin,” Rick said.   After the competition, Rick pumped his fist in the air.   “I’m still undefeated!”

I kissed him, and said, “You’ll always be a winner in my book.”

Jonathan said, “I’ve never had so much fun with a bunch of guys.”

I reached over and took his cock in my hand.   “I think we can guarantee you’ll have a lot more fun, from now on.”   I stroked him, causing him to arch his back and thrust against my hand.   I beckoned to Peyton with my other hand.   He walked over and took over for me.   Peyton kissed him, as he continued stroking him.   He soon went over the edge, spraying his load on Peyton’s chest and stomach.  

Jonathan sagged against Peyton, who wrapped his arms around him and held him close.   Paul came up behind them and hugged Jonathan from behind.   Peyton kissed Paul.  

Greg said, “Guys, I hate to break up this party, but my cell phone is ringing.   I will almost be willing to bet it’s Mr. Curtis, calling to find out where you are.”

The three guys separated and quickly washed up.   We turned off the showers and dried each other off.   We got dressed and headed back downstairs.   We met Grandpa and Mr. Curtis at the foot of the stairs.  

Mr. Curtis looked at us and smiled.   “I had an idea you were still enjoying yourselves.”

Grandpa said, “I can see they were doing just that.”   He noted Paul was holding Jonathan’s hand as they came down the stairs.   Sheriff Smith had already told him his son might be gay, so he wasn’t surprised to see him holding hands with Paul.

Mr. Curtis said, “Paul, I need you to replace Derrick.   He’s long overdue for a break.   Jonathan, you need to find Mark and get a report from him.   He’s been patrolling the perimeter of the farm.”

Both of them chorused, “Yes, sir.”   They passed Mr. Curtis and Grandpa on their way to the front door.   They kissed each other and went their separate ways.

Grandpa said, “Peyton, are you ready to begin your training?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” Peyton said.   “I need to get the monitor.”   He went down the hallway to his room and returned with his ankle monitor on, and a back pack. 

Mr. Curtis pointed to the back pack, and asked, “Is that the battery pack for the monitor?”

“Yes,” Peyton said.   “I made sure it was charged last night.”

“Good.   The boys will be here shortly, to take you out on the farm,” Grandpa said.

As if they had heard Grandpa talking about them, Bob, Jasper, Corey and Dylan walked in the door.   They walked over and surrounded Peyton in a group hug.  

They pulled back, and Bob asked, “Are you ready to begin working?   You’ve been on vacation for the last six weeks.   It’s time to get you up and about.”

Peyton smiled, and replied, “I’m ready.   I want to learn as much as I can.   You and your family have done so much for me, it’s the least I can do.”

Corey said, “Correction, Peyton.   It’s OUR family, not YOUR family.   Remember, you’re part of this family, too.”

Peyton’s eyes were bright with tears.   “I’m sorry.   I do remember, but it just came out that way.”

Corey kissed him gently on the lips.   “You’re forgiven, but you’ve got to get it through your head YOU’RE FAMILY!”

When Corey released him, I asked, “Do I get to train him on how to run the tractor?”

Rick laughed.   “No, you don’t.   Last time you were on the tractor you nearly got us both killed.”

I looked up at Rick and said, in protest, “I did not!”

Bob said, “Well, you did give us all a scare.”

Rick put his arm around my shoulders.   “Let’s just say that Bob and Corey would be better teachers.”

I folded my arms across my chest and put a pout on my face.   Peyton laughed.   “Glenn, you can show me how to run the tractor, but it sounds like I’ll need supplemental instructions from Bob and Corey.”

Grandpa said, “Well said, Peyton.   I think you’ll make an excellent lawyer after all.   Let’s move this meeting outside.   We have a lot of work to do to get ready to begin harvesting the peaches.”

We spent the rest of the day working in the peach orchards surrounding my grandparents’ home.   Later that evening, Rick and I were in our room getting ready for bed when we heard a knock on the door.

I walked over and opened the door to see Peyton standing there.   “Please come in.”  I stood back to let him into the room.  I closed the door and turned to face him.    “What’s up?”

Rick, who was already in bed, sat up and said, “Sit down, Peyton.”

Peyton had a troubled expression on his face as he sat next to Rick.   I sat next to him on the other side.   “I’m worried I’ll let Grandpa down.”

“Why do you think that?” I asked, wondering what had brought this on.

“I don’t think I did as well today as he thought I would,” he replied.

“I don’t think Grandpa was disappointed in you, if that’s what had you worried,” I said.

“No, it was just a feeling I got,” he said, still frowning.

“I think you’re just being paranoid,” I said.   “If Grandpa thought you were slacking, he would have said something to you.   Did he pull you aside, or something?”

“No, he didn’t, but I did overhear him talking to Mr. Curtis about doing something about the monitoring device,” he said.

“What about it?” Rick asked.

“Grandpa said he didn’t see the need for it, anymore.   He was talking to Mr. Curtis about working out some other arrangement with my parole officer,” Peyton said.

“Well, that doesn’t sound like it’s a problem.   I thought you didn’t like wearing it,” Rick said.

“I don’t, but I’m not sure what the alternative would be.   It might be something worse,” Peyton said.

I thought for a moment.   “You can always talk with Mr. Diven about it.   I can’t imagine he’ll agree to remove the electronic tracking device at this point.   When you had your casts on, it really didn’t make sense to me to have such a device.   However, now, that your mobile, it makes much more sense.”

“I just don’t want to let Grandpa down, after all he has done for me,” Peyton said.

There was another knock on the door.   I stood up from the bed and walked over to open the door.   Greg and Cory walked in and sat down on our bed.   Greg said, “We thought we would find you here.”

Peyton smiled at him.   “I needed to talk to Rick and Glenn.”

“We wanted to make sure you made it to our bedroom.   It’s our turn to sleep with you,” Cory said.

Smiling at them, Peyton said, “I haven’t forgotten.”

“He isn’t sure Grandpa is happy with his work,” Rick said.

Peyton nodded his head.   “I’m afraid of disappointing him.”

Greg put his arm around Peyton’s shoulders.   “Don’t worry about that.   Grandpa has made it clear you’re part of the family.”

“I know.   He talked to me about changing my name to Scarborough.   He offered to adopt me as he has you, Greg.   I told him I didn’t want to bring dishonor to his name, because of my prison record,” Peyton said.   “He said the only dishonor that could result from changing my name would be if I ended up back in jail.”

“Which isn’t going to happen,” Greg said.

Peyton said, with feeling, “Not if I can help it.”

Greg said, “Grandpa has talked to me about helping you get back on your feet.   Cory and I have promised him we’ll do what we can to help you be successful in whatever career choice you make.”

Peyton ducked his head and looked down at the floor.   Greg reached over and put his hand under his chin.   He raised it up, until Peyton met his gaze.   “Peyton, we love you.”

Tears were flowing down his cheeks, as he tried to speak.   He cleared his throat and managed to say, “I know.”

Greg wiped the tears from his cheeks, and said, “Come to bed, Babe.”   He stood up and took Peyton by the hand.   Cory took his other hand, and led him out of our bedroom, closing the door behind themselves.

I climbed into bed and turned off the light.   Rick pulled me into his arms and kissed me tenderly.   “I love you, Babe.”

“I love you, too,” I replied.   “Rick, is there something we can do to help build Peyton’s confidence in himself?”

“I don’t know, but I’m still worried about his mental and emotional state.   He seems extremely fragile right now,” Rick said.

“I agree with your assessment.   I’m wondering if Jonathan can help him,” I said.

Rick said, “I’m not sure.   I’m almost afraid of involving Paul and Jonathan in Peyton’s recovery; because, if anything were to ever go wrong between one of them and Peyton, he would be completely devastated.   He is just beginning to feel confident enough to hope to have a normal relationship with someone.”

“Do you think we should speak to Paul and Jonathan about it?” I asked.

“Maybe.   Let’s think on it and we’ll talk about it tomorrow, when we are both fresh,” Rick said.   “Right now, I need you to fuck me.”  

Rick began caressing my body and kissing me all over.   After a while, I said, “On your back, Babe.”

He complied with my request.   I looked down into his eyes as I moved into position.   I saw his love for me reflected there.   I leaned down and kissed him passionately.   When we surfaced for air, I whispered, huskily, “I love you.”  

He nibbled on my earlobe and said, “Show me how much you love me.”  That was all the encouragement I needed!

Jonathan lay awake, staring at the ceiling.   He had returned home from work and had gone straight to his room.   He had a lot to think about.   The experiences he had today with the guys at the Scarborough place had his mind reeling.   He had never had sex with a guy before, but, after this morning, he wanted to have sex with several of the guys.   Glenn had given him a blowjob that made him hard just thinking about it.   Then, there was Peyton.  

He was worried what his father would think if he found out he wanted to date an ex-convict.  He knew he wouldn’t countenance it while he was still on parole.   However, Peyton would be a free man in a few months.   He could date Paul, in the meantime.   He had been very frank with Paul that he was mainly interested in dating Peyton.   Paul had thanked him for being honest with him, but it was obvious he was hurt.  Jonathan had tried to soften the blow to Paul’s ego; but, everything he said only made things worse.   He had finally given up and kept his mouth shut.  

During the course of the day, he had overheard Mr. Curtis talking with Grandpa about him and his Dad.   That was when he realized his Dad suspected he was gay.   He had wondered if Dad knew when he had suggested he take the security job at the Scarborough place.   Jonathan had known the Scarboroughs had several gay family members.   Everyone in the county knew that.   The news of the twin’s marriage to their husbands had been the gossip of the county.   Jonathan had also known about Rick and Glenn.   His Dad had helped Grandpa hire Mr. Curtis and his security team.

He wondered if he should come out to his parents, or wait until Peyton was free.   Waiting would give him time to get to know Peyton better, before he announced he was gay to his parents.   With that decided in his mind, he rolled onto his side and went to sleep.

A few weeks later, Peyton returned from his weekly therapy session.   Grandpa had driven him in the Porsche.   Peyton had grown to love the time he spent alone with Grandpa.   They talked about many things.   It seemed to Peyton Grandpa had done everything, or, at least, knew something about everything in the world.

It was during one of their trips into town when Grandpa said, “I want you to seriously consider changing your name as soon as you’re off parole.”

Peyton looked over at Grandpa, and asked, “Why do you feel so strongly about it, Grandpa?”

“I think it’s important for you to start fresh.   It’s not that you’re trying to hide from your record, Peyton.   It has to do with your mental and emotional state.   I think changing your name will assist in your recovery.   I know you’re making a strong recovery, but I think it will be even better if we can get you set up in a new life where you can begin anew,” Grandpa said.

“Grandpa, I don’t want to run from my past.   It’s part of me and I’m part of it,” Peyton said.   “It’s who I am.”

Grandpa said, “I understand that, Peyton.   I’m not asking you to run from what you’ve done.   I’m more concerned about your mental and emotional condition.   I need you to be completely healed from the trauma you’ve suffered.   I’ve talked with your therapist about what it will take to get you to where you need to be.   One of the suggestions he made was to change your name and move to an area where you are completely free of anything that will trigger memories of what happened to you in prison.”

“I can’t just leave everything behind.   For one thing, I love Rick and Glenn very much, and I’ll be reminded of what happened every time I see them.   I know you’re not going to ask me to abandon them,” Peyton responded.

Grandpa was silent for a few minutes.   “Okay, you’re right about Rick and Glenn.   I won’t push you to change your name anymore.   Thank you for at least listening to me.   I want what is best for you, Peyton.”

Peyton smiled.   “I am the one who should be thanking you, Grandpa.   No one has believed in me more than you.”

“So, now that’s settled, talk to me about Paul and Jonathan,” Grandpa said.

Peyton turned his head and looked out the window.   He didn’t know what to tell Grandpa.   Paul had been dating Jonathan.   He had tried not to be jealous of Paul, but it pained him to see the two of them together.  

He said, “Grandpa, I think I’m in love with Jonathan; but, he made a commitment to Paul to date him, first, if he decided to date a guy.”

“Have you talked to Jonathan about your feelings for him?” Grandpa asked.

“No, I haven’t.   We’ve never been alone together long enough for me to talk to him,” Peyton said.  

“Well, I think I can arrange for that to happen,” Grandpa said.

Peyton said, “Please don’t interfere, Grandpa.  I want Jonathan, but I don’t want Paul to be hurt in the process.”

After that, they talked of other things.   It wasn’t long before they arrived back at the farm.   Peyton climbed out of the car and was met by Paul.   Paul pulled him into an embrace and kissed him.   This didn’t seem out of the ordinary to him, because Paul was always affectionate with him. 

However, he looked over Paul’s shoulder and met Jonathan’s eyes.   A look of jealously was on his face.   Peyton waved him over.   He shook his head.  Peyton was surprised at the intensity of emotion displayed on Jonathan’s face.   He was confused, as well.   Peyton was certain Jonathan knew he was interested in dating him, and didn’t have any romantic designs on Paul.   He had made it very clear Paul was just a friend, and nothing more.   He had also made his desire to date Jonathan known to everyone.

Seeing the look on Peyton’s face, Paul turned to see who was behind him.   He saw Jonathan standing in the shadow of the garage.   He turned back to Peyton.   “You know he’s in love with you.”

Peyton looked at him in shock and surprise.   “You’re joking!   How can the Sheriff’s son be in love with me?   Sheriff Smith would never let his son have anything to do with an ex-con.   Besides, he’s been dating you.”

“That doesn’t change the fact Jonathan has fallen hard for you,” Paul said.   “I’ve tried to discourage him, because I want him for myself.   However, he only has eyes for you, Peyton.   I’ve done my best to win him over to me, but it hasn’t been enough.”

Peyton asked, “Are you sure?”

Paul met Peyton’s gaze.   “I’m absolutely certain.   Believe me, I don’t have a reason to tell you otherwise.   I think you should go over and talk to him.”

Following Paul’s advice, Peyton walked over to where Jonathan was standing and said, “Jonathan, can we talk?”

Jonathan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Sure.”

“Let’s go inside,” Peyton said.  Jonathan followed Peyton inside the house.   They walked down the hall to Peyton’s room.   As soon as the door was closed, Peyton turned and wrapped his arms around Jonathan.   “May I kiss you?”

Jonathan grinned.   “Yes.”  They kissed deeply, as Peyton molded his body to Jonathan’s.  When they surfaced for air, Jonathan said, “Wow! You’re a much better kisser than Paul!”

Peyton smiled and said, “I’ve had a lot more practice.   Let’s talk.”

They walked over to the Peyton’s bed and sat down.   Peyton took Jonathan’s hand in his.   “Jonathan, before we go any further, do you realize who I am.”

Jonathan said, “You’re a member of the Scarborough family.”

Peyton said, “Yes, that’s true; but, I’m an ex-con, or will be in a few months.   Do you know what that means?”

“Yes, it means you need someone to care for you and love you, even more than anyone else,” Jonathan said, squeezing Peyton’s hand.

“What about your dad?” Peyton asked.   “What will he do?”

“Nothing.   He knows I’m gay,” he replied.

“But he’s the sheriff,” Peyton said.

“So, that won’t stop him from accepting you as my boyfriend,” Jonathan said.

“Do you want me to be your boyfriend?”

“Yes, I do.   I don’t want to share you with anyone else,” Jonathan said.

“What about Paul?” Peyton asked, worried that Jonathan would still feel obligated to date Paul.

“Paul knows I’ve fallen in love with you,” Jonathan said.   “I told him I was going to tell you how I felt about you.”

“Well, he told me, few minutes ago, you had fallen in love with me,” Peyton said.

Jonathan said, “I thought that’s what had happened, when you walked over to me.”

Peyton said, “We need to talk about Rick and Glenn.   I’m very close to them, and to Greg and Cory.”

“I know they have been sleeping with you every night since you got out of prison,” Jonathan said.   “I want you to continue to do that until you’re off parole.   That way, my Dad can’t complain I’m sleeping with a parolee.   I thought we could unofficially date, between now and then.   You know, like the old fashioned kind of dating.”

“You mean like courting?” Peyton asked, surprised.

“Yes, that’s it.   I think it would be best for both of us.  We need to get to know each other better; and it will provide us the time to do that, without the pressure of a sexual relationship,” Jonathan said.

Peyton nodded his head in agreement.   “It will also give me time to fix what’s wrong with my head.   I’m still pretty messed up.  I’m not sure you want to be involved with me, Jonathan.”

Jonathan said, “That sounds like something my Dad would say.   Honestly, Peyton, I don’t know either, but I’m willing to explore our feelings for each other.   I’ve never had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, before.”

Peyton said, “Well, let’s start by going on a date, tonight.   I can’t go anywhere, so you’ll have to come here.”

Jonathan grinned.   “I know.   I was thinking we could have a game night with the guys.   I love playing board games.”

Peyton rolled his eyes.   “I can’t believe you like board games.”

Jonathan said, “Well, start believing, Peyton.   You’re going to like playing them, too.”

Peyton gave a sigh of resignation.   “Okay.   Is there anything else I need to know?”

“Yes.   I’m a virgin.   I’ve been saving myself for that special someone who will become my spouse.   I wanted to make it clear I won’t have casual sex with you.”  

Peyton said, “So, I can’t get you into my bed unless I marry you.   Is that it?”

Jonathan nodded and stood up, and said, “That’s right.   You might be able to convince me to share your bed if we’re engaged; but I won’t just hop in the sack with you.   I need to get back to work so we can have that date tonight.”

Peyton stood up and pulled him into his arms.   “I want a kiss to tide me over until you’re off work.”

They kissed passionately, letting their hands roam over each other’s bodies.   When they parted, Peyton said, “Damn!  You’ve got me all horny.”

Jonathan laughed, and guided Peyton’s hand to his very hard steel pole.   “You’ve got no room to complain.”

Peyton squeezed Jonathan’s package and kissed him, again.   “Alright, I won’t complain.”

They adjusted themselves before leaving Peyton’s room.   Jonathan went out the front door, to return to his post; while Peyton went in search of Grandpa.   He found him in his study.   He tapped on the door and asked, “May I come in?”

Grandpa looked up and motioned for Peyton to join him.   “Please, have a seat.”

Peyton said, “Grandpa, Jonathan and I are now boyfriends.”

Grandpa smiled.   “I figured that was going to be the case, when you went into the house with him.”

“We decided we’re going to just date, until I’m off parole.   After that, I want to marry Jonathan,” Peyton said.

“Does Jonathan know this?” Grandpa asked.  

“No, he doesn’t.   But, I hope that, by the time I’m free, he’ll say ‘yes’ when I propose marriage to him.   I wanted to get your approval, Grandpa,” Peyton said.

Grandpa said, “Well, I’ve known Jonathan’s family for a long time.   They are a very fine family.   I will support you in your efforts to convince Jonathan to marry you.   As I promised, I have begun paying you for your work on the farm.   I’ve set up a bank account in your name; and when you’re ready to buy a ring, we’ll go into town to pull the money you need.”

Hearing Grandpa had already set up a bank account for him and had been paying him for his work, caused Peyton to choke up with emotion.   He had thought he was working to earn his room and board.   He had forgotten Grandpa had promised to pay him for his labor on the farm.   He finally managed to swallow the lump in his throat.   “Thank you, Grandpa.”

“Don’t thank me, Peyton.   You’ve earned every penny of the money I’ve paid into your account,” he responded.   He pulled out a folder and passed it over to Peyton.  “That is an accounting of the hours you’ve worked and how much I’ve paid you.   There is also a bank statement, showing the current balance in your account.”

Peyton looked over the papers and whistled when he saw how much money was in his bank account.   “You’re paying me too much money, Grandpa.”

“I’ll be the judge of that, Peyton.   You need to remember I’m the employer here, and I set the wages,” Grandpa said, pinning Peyton with a meaningful gaze.   “I’ll not have you arguing with me over your pay.”

Peyton nodded his head and said, “I’m sorry, Grandpa.   I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Grandpa said, “You didn’t offend me, Peyton.   I wanted to make it clear I see the wages you’re being paid as just compensation for your work here on the farm.”

Peyton said, “Thank you, Grandpa.   You’ve been more than generous with me.”

“Stop right there, Peyton.   You’re family and I’m paying you the same wages I pay any other member of my family who works on the farm,” Grandpa said.   With that statement, Peyton finally understood he was on equal footing with the rest of the guys who were working with him on the farm.   Seeing Peyton understood, Grandpa continued, “Yes, I’m paying Greg, Cory, Bob, Jasper, Corey and Dylan the same wages I’m paying you.   Of course, I expect you’ll continue to do your best.”

Peyton nodded his head and said, “I’ll do that, Grandpa.” 

Grandpa said, “Speaking of work, aren’t you needed down in the south orchard?”

Peyton nodded his head.   “Yes, I’d forgotten about that.   I’m on my way.”

Grandpa smiled and said, “We’ll talk more, later, about how we’re going to finance your college education.   For now, you had better join the rest of the guys; before they send someone looking for you.”

Peyton stood up and handed the folder back to Grandpa.   He said, “Thank you, Grandpa.”

He walked out of Grandpa’s study and walked down the hallway to the front door.   He was in a little bit of a daze from what he had just learned about the state of his personal finances.   He stumbled as he turned toward the orchard.   Jonathan saw him stumble and ran over to Peyton.

“Are you alright?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes, I’m okay.   Just a little stunned by what I just learned,” Peyton said.

Jonathan looked at him in confusion.   “What did you just learn?”

“Grandpa has been paying me an outrageous sum of money for working on the farm,” Peyton said.

“So why are you upset about that?” Jonathan said.   “Grandpa has always said he would pay you, and pay you generously.”

Peyton nodded his head.   “I guess I didn’t believe him.”

Jonathan asked, “Haven’t you learned to trust Grandpa?”

Peyton shook his head.   “I guess I haven’t.”

Jonathan laughed.   “Well, you had better start.   My Dad says you can always trust Grandpa to be a man of his word.”

Peyton said, “I understand that now.”

Jonathan gave Peyton a quick kiss.   “Aren’t you supposed to be helping in the south orchard?”

Peyton said, “Yes.   I’m headed there now.”

He left Jonathan and walked between the rows of peach trees toward the south orchard.   He still was having difficulty believing he wasn’t living a dream.   He was afraid he would wake up and find it wasn’t real!

Prev To be continued . . .

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