The Man from Swift Current
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Chapter 134: The Smith’s Honeymoon

Peyton and Jonathan made their way to the baggage claim, after their long flight from San Francisco to Hawaii.   As they were about to leave the baggage claim, they spotted a handsome young man holding a sign saying, “Peyton and Jonathan Smith.”

Peyton looked him over, appreciatively.  He was deeply tanned, with jet black hair and eyes, a generous smile, a wide nose, and the body of a wrestler.  He stood at 183 cm. (6’), and looked to weigh about 82 kg. (180 lbs.).  Peyton took Jonathan’s hand, and walked over to him, pulling their luggage behind them.

Peyton said, “We’re Peyton and Jonathan.”

He responded, “I know.   I recognized you from the photograph Mr. Scarborough sent to me.”   He showed them the photo on his cell phone.

Peyton said, “That’s us.   So, why did Grandpa ask you to meet us at the airport?”

“Before I answer, let me introduce myself.   I’m Kaiko Aola, but my friends call me Kai.  Your Grandpa hired me and my brother, Makaio, to be your tour guides.   We work for a gay travel agency that put your Grandpa in touch with us.   Now, let’s get your bags.”

Peyton asked, “Are you and your brother both gay?”

Kai answered, “No, I’m straight, but Makaio is gay.   He lives with his boyfriend.   You’ll meet them later.   Makaio will meet with you to plan out your itinerary.   Your Grandpa told us to let you guys do whatever you want.”

Peyton looked at his husband, and grinned.   “Does that include staying in our room, fucking each other’s brains out?”

Kai laughed.  “Yes, if that is what you want to do.”

Kai led them outside to their waiting limousine.   He opened the door, indicating they should get in, then took their luggage and stowed it in the trunk.   He climbed into the front seat, next to the driver.

Kai looked over at his brother.   “We’re ready to go.”

Makaio smiled, and said, “Okay.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan took Peyton in his arms and kissed him.   “I’m so happy.”

Peyton smiled at his new husband, and said, “So am I.”

A short while later, they arrived at their hotel.   Kai jumped out to get the door for them, while Makaio retrieved their luggage.   He walked over to Peyton and Jonathan, and said, “I’m Makaio.”

Peyton shook his hand, and said, “Nice to meet you.”

Jonathan said, “You two look like twins.”

Kai said, smiling, “That’s because we are.”

Makaio said, “Let’s get you checked in.   Kai and I will come by in the morning, to map out what you want to do, while you’re in Hawaii.”

Jonathan said, “That sounds great!   I’m exhausted.”

Kai said, “Most tourists suffer from jet lag when they first arrive here.”

Makaio turned over their luggage to the bell boy, while they checked into their room.   The Aola boys left them in the capable hands of the hotel staff.

They were escorted to their room, and Peyton tipped the bell boy.   As soon as the door to their suite closed behind him, Peyton said, “Let’s get a quick shower, before going to bed.”

Jonathan grinned, and said, “Sure.”

Peyton looked around the suite, and said, “This place is great.”

They climbed the stairs to the second floor, and entered the en suite.   Peyton stripped off his clothes, and turned to help Jonathan disrobe.   He turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature.   He stepped under the cascading water, pulling Jonathan into his arms.

“I love you,” he said, kissing Jonathan, passionately.

When they came up for air, Jonathan said, “I know where your thoughts are, Babe.”   He reached down to squeeze Peyton’s very hard steel pole.

Peyton squeezed Jonathan’s bubble butt with both hands.   “Let’s clean each other up, then jump in bed, where I intend to show you how much I love you,” Peyton said.

The newlyweds’ hands roamed over the bare skin of their spouse, exploring each other.   They were still very new to each other (as newlyweds on their wedding day should be).   They finished their shower, and dried each other off.   They soon were in each other’s arms, as the flames of their passion grew into an all-consuming inferno taking them to new heights.   In the aftermath of their lovemaking, they lay with their limbs intertwined, basking in the afterglow of their coupling.

Jonathan looked deeply into Peyton’s eyes, and said, “This has been the best day of my life.”

Peyton smiled, and said, “Yes, it has been the best day of our lives, thus far.   It will only get better from here, because we’re married.”

Jonathan kissed him tenderly, and ran his hands over Peyton’s six pack abs.   “Working out with the guys on Grandpa’s farm has done wonders for your physique.”

Peyton rested his hand on Jonathan’s well defined pectoral muscles, and said, “Just as much as it’s been good for you, Babe.”

Jonathan said, “So far, being married to you has been everything I dreamed it would be.”

Peyton smiled.   “I promise we’ll keep making your dreams come true.”

Changing the subject, Jonathan asked, “What do you want to do while we’re here?”

Peyton thought for a moment, before answering his husband.   “Other than having lots of glorious sex with you, I want to see the volcano, Kilauea, on the big island.”

Jonathan said, “That’s on my list, as well.   I want to go out to the north shore of Oahu, to see the surfer guys do their thing.”

Peyton grinned, and said, “You’re only interested in ogling the surfer dudes!”

Jonathan agreed, unashamedly, “Yes, I want to see their beautiful bodies.   You can’t tell me you don’t want to see them, for the same reason.”

Peyton grinned and said, “Okay, you’re right about that.   I’ve heard there are some fantastic helicopter tours on Kauai.”

Jonathan said, “Me, too.   Let’s talk to Kai and Makaio tomorrow about which would be the best ones to take.”

Peyton said, “That sounds like a plan.”   He gently kissed his husband, and pulled him closer to him.   It wasn’t long before the two lovers drifted off.

The next morning, they were awakened by the ringing of the phone.   Peyton rolled over to answer it.   “Hello,” he said, groggily.

Kai said, “Good morning.   I hope you two slept well last night.”

“We did,” Peyton responded.   “In fact, we’re still in bed.”

“I thought that might be the case.   I’ve asked for room service to be delivered to you in about an hour, to give you time to take care of your needs.”

“Thanks, I think,” Peyton said, yawning widely.

Kai said, “You’ll appreciate it when breakfast arrives.   Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s nearly noon.”

Peyton glanced at the clock on the night table, and said, “Wow!   I didn’t know it was so late.”

“When you’re done with breakfast, or should I say lunch, give me a ring, and we’ll join you,” Kai said.

“Okay,” Peyton said, and hung up the phone.  Jonathan was awake, and looking at him, waiting for an explanation.   Seeing his husband’s expression, he said, “Breakfast will be here in an hour, and the guys will meet us after we’re done eating.”

Jonathan said, “Good, because I’m hungry.”

Peyton said, “Then let’s get our shower.”

He got out of bed, and turned to help Jonathan.   They made their way to the en suite.   A while later, they came downstairs, just in time to hear a soft tap on their door.   Peyton walked over and opened the door, admitting a cart pushed by a gorgeous young man, who smiled at Peyton.   “I hope you are hungry, because Mr. Aola ordered a lot of food.”

Peyton said, “Believe me, we’re starving.”

“Do you wish me to serve you?” he asked.

“No, thank you, we’ll help ourselves,” Peyton said, pushing a tip into his hand, and escorted him to the door.   As soon as it was closed, Peyton returned to the cart and lifted the lids off of the various plates.   His mouth watered as the aroma of sausage and eggs rose from one platter.   There was a variety of other dishes that smelled just as appetizing.

Jonathan joined him, and said, “Let’s eat.”   They made quick work of disposing of the victuals that had been provided to them.   Afterward, Jonathan said, “That hit the spot.”

Peyton laughed, rubbing his lover’s full stomach.   “It’s a wonder you can even move.”

Jonathan said, “I’ll be able to move, alright.   I’m more worried about you.”   He leaned over, and kissed Peyton.   They were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Peyton said, “I’ll be that is Kai and Makaio.”

He got up from the sofa, and walked over to open the door.   Sure enough, Kai and Makaio stood in the doorway, waiting to be invited in.   “Come in,” Peyton said.  

Kai and Makaio entered, followed by a tall Asian looking guy.   Makaio turned, and said, “Let me introduce you to my boyfriend, Casey Jian.”

Casey extended his hand to shake Peyton’s.   “Nice to meet you.   I heard Makaio was helping you guys, and asked to come along.   I hope that’s okay with you.”

Peyton smiled, and said, “That’s cool with me.”   He looked Casey over, appreciatively.   He was thin, but wiry.   He had straight, jet black hair that hung down to his shoulders.  He had black eyes sparkling with mischief, as well as a smallish nose, a generous mouth with a pencil thin black moustache on his upper lip.   He had an engaging smile that caused you to smile back at him.   He wore a white tank top, khaki cargo shorts, and flip flops.   He was deeply tanned, showing he spent a lot of time in the sun.   He was exactly the same height as Makaio at 183 cm. (6’), only Makaio was more solidly built, like his brother Kai.

The three guys came in, and Jonathan stood up, and said, “I’m Jonathan.”  

Casey shook Jonathan’s hand.   “Nice to meet you.”

Jonathan said, “Please, sit down.”

Casey said, “Thank you, but I’ll sit on the floor.”

Kai said, “So will we.   We’ve got a lot of things to show you guys.”

Kai and Makaio laid out their stuff on the floor.   Makaio said, “Let me go over some of the things you guys can do.”   He stopped when he saw Peyton’s expression.  Peyton was scowling.   He was trying not to react negatively to Makaio’s statements.   He didn’t take too kindly to being told what he could do, especially on HIS honeymoon.   Makaio quickly said, “Of course, we can do anything you have in mind.”

Peyton’s expression cleared.  He smiled, and said, “We’d like to see the volcano, and take a helicopter ride.”

Jonathan said, “And, we’d like to spend some time on the north shore.”

The twins looked at each other, then back to Peyton and Jonathan.   “Okay, that sounds good.   Would you be interested in doing some clubbing, dancing, or anything like that?”

Jonathan said, “Sure that sounds great!”

Makaio looked at his boyfriend, and said, “That’s why we brought Casey.   He’s an expert on the best clubs.”

They spent the next hour, or so, planning the rest of their time in Hawaii.   When they were done, Peyton said, “Thanks, guys.   I’m pretty excited to do all of the things we’ve got planned.”   He looked over at his husband, and asked, “Are you okay with our plans?”

Jonathan smiled, and said, “Yes, I’m good.”

Makaio stood up, and said, “We’ll get all of the arrangement made, and we’ll see you in a couple of days.”

Kai and Casey joined him, and they left Peyton and Jonathan to enjoy their time together on the beach.

As promised, Casey, Makaio and Kai showed up at the hotel a couple of days later.   Peyton and Jonathan met them in the lobby, with their luggage.   Kai looked them over, and said, approvingly, “You guys sure got a great tan over the last two days.”

Peyton grinned.   “We’re tan all over.   I hate tan lines.”

Casey whistled.   “Hot!   I think we should take them to our own private beach, so we can swim naked.”

Makaio grinned.   “I think that would be perfect.   Then, we can head to the North Shore, tonight.   Are you guys up for another day of swimming?”

Jonathan looked at his husband, who nodded his head in approval.   “Yes, we are.”

Kai said, “The limo is waiting.”

Peyton walked over to the front desk and checked out of their room.   They left the hotel lobby, and found Kai holding open the door of the limo for them.   They climbed in, followed by Kai.

Kai said, “I hope you don’t mind my brother and his partner high jacking your schedule.   I know you wanted to see the North Shore today.”

“That’s okay.   I think swimming naked on the beach sounds like a lot of fun,” Peyton said.

“We’re taking you to a part of the island that haoles (howl-ees) don’t normally get to visit.   Fortunately, our extended family doesn’t have any issues with haoles visiting us; so, we shouldn’t have any trouble taking you there,” Kai said.

Peyton asked, “Where are you taking us?”

“We’re taking you to visit our home.   We live on land set aside for native Hawaiians as part of the Hawaiian Home Commissions Act,” Kai said.

Makaio drove them to their parents’ home, and parked the limo.   He jumped out, and opened the door for Peyton and Jonathan.

“Welcome to our home,” he said, as they got out of the limo.  They looked around in awe at the beautiful home and neatly manicured lawn.   “The beach is this way.”   He led them down a path, past the house, and through a grove of trees.   When they came out of the trees, the beach stretched as far as the eye could see.

“Wow!” Peyton exclaimed.   “There’s nobody on the beach.”

Makaio smiled, and said, “I told you we could swim naked here.   You don’t need a swim suit, just strip down.”

He quickly put his words into action, and the rest of the guys followed him.   Peyton took Jonathan’s hand in his, and led him into the surf.   Casey and Makaio soon joined them.   Kai seemed a little hesitant, but Makaio called out to him, “Come on, Kai.   You were the one who suggested coming here.”

Kai shrugged, and slipped out of his clothes and joined the guys.   After a couple of hours, the guys were resting on the beach from their exertions, when Makaio said, “Let’s have a kissing contest.  Kai, you get to be the judge.”

Kai shook his head.   “You’re just trying to get me to admit I like guys, just like you do.”

Casey said, “Yes, he is, but you have to admit it would be fun.”

Kai laughed, and said, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Peyton grinned, and said, “I get to go first.”

Peyton stood up, and walked over to Kai.   Peyton said, “Are there any rules we have to follow?”

Casey said, “No rules, just kissing.”

Peyton took Kai in his arms, and gave him a very passionate kiss.   Peyton released him, and asked, “Okay, what’s my score.”

Makaio guffawed, “It must be a ten from the looks of things.”   He pointed to Kai’s very erect cock.

Casey said, “I’m next.”   He was followed by Jonathan, and, lastly, by Makaio.

As Makaio kissed his twin, Kai lost his load, spraying his cum between them.

Makaio released his brother, and grinned.   “So, who is the best kisser?”

Kai met his brother’s eyes, and said, “I think you all win.   I’ve never got off that much with a girl.”

Makaio laughed, and said, “That’s because you’re gay, just like me.   Guys are so much better than girls.”

Kai said, “Okay, I’m willing to date a guy, but we have to find someone decent.”

Casey said, “My cousin, Ryan, is gay.   Would you consider dating him?”

Kai asked, “Isn’t he the goofy kid you brought over to our house a few weeks ago?’

“Yeah, that’s the one.   He’s 19, and doesn’t have a boyfriend.   In fact, he may still be a virgin,” Casey said.   “He didn’t come out until after he graduated from high school, and he hasn’t met anyone he’s interested in.   I think he’s being too particular, because there are lots of great guys out there.”

Kai said, “Call him, and invite him to join us, here on the beach.”

Casey grinned.   “Sure.”

He ran over to where we had left our clothes, and pulled out his cell.   He made the call.   He gave us the thumbs up sign, and returned his cell to his pants pocket.

“He’ll be here in about 30 minutes.”

Peyton asked, “Kai, are you really ready to date a guy?”

Kai sat down on the sand, next to Peyton.   He replied, “I don’t know.   I’ve been attracted to guys, before, but I never could get up the nerve to approach them.   Makaio is the one who is outgoing and adventurous.   I’ve always been really shy.”

Jonathan said, “If it helps, I was a lot like you, before I met Peyton and his family.”

Peyton laughed, and said, “Yeah, my cousin’s partner, Glenn, gave Jonathan his first blowjob.”

“Yes, he did; but, the important thing is, Peyton’s family provided a safe environment, where I could come out of the closet,” Jonathan said.   “I think my Dad knew I was gay, before I came out; because he arranged for me to work at the Scarborough home, where I met Peyton.”

“Makaio has been out since high school,” Kai said.

Casey said, “I knew Makaio in high school, but never dreamed he was gay.   I had a huge crush on him, during our senior year.   I was afraid he thought I was a real creep.”

Makaio said, “I noticed Casey, and knew he liked me.   However, I was scared to even let him know I was attracted to him.   I didn’t want to get beat up, like one of my gay friends.   He came out in our junior year.   The harassment and the death threats got so bad, they ended up moving to the mainland.”

Peyton asked, “How about your family?”

“My parents have been very supportive of us, as is the rest of our extended family,” Makaio.   “We aren’t as prejudiced against gays, as haole religion and culture has taught you to be.”

Kai nodded his head in agreement.   “The kids who beat up my friend in school were all haoles, who claimed they were only protecting themselves from sin.   They claimed my friend would turn them all into homosexuals, just by being at our school.”

Casey said, “Here’s my cousin, now.   He must have broken every speed limit to get here.”

Ryan trotted across the sand to where they were seated.  He stood in front of them, and said, “I guess I’m a little over dressed.”

Casey laughed, and said, “Lose the clothes, Ryan.   Let me introduce you to Peyton and Jonathan Smith.   They just got married, and are here on their honeymoon.”

Ryan shook Peyton and Jonathan’s hands, giving them the once over, and said, “Congratulations!   I like what I see.”   He grinned, and stripped off his clothes.

Jonathan looked him over, in return, and said, “You look pretty good yourself!”

Casey said, “This is Makaio’s twin brother, Kai.”

Ryan walked over to Kai, and pulled him into his arms, giving him a kiss on the lips.   At first, Kai didn’t respond; but, after a moment, he kissed Ryan back.

Ryan pulled back, and looked into Kai’s eyes, saying, “If that’s a sign of things to come, count me in!”

Kai laughed, and said, “I think it’s only the beginning.”

Ryan asked, “Have you ever had a boyfriend, before?”

Kai said, “No, I’ve always had a girlfriend, but these guys convinced me to try dating a guy.”

Ryan grinned, and said, “I’ve never had a real boyfriend, either; so, we’re even in that department.”

Kai asked, “If that’s true, where did you learn to kiss like that?”

Ryan responded, with a wicked grin on his face, “I didn’t say I’ve never been kissed, now did I?”

Kai laughed.   “I like you already, and we’ve only just met.”

Ryan took Kai by the hand, and led him toward the water’s edge.   “Let’s have some fun in the surf.”

The guys played in the water until it was time for lunch.   They pulled on their clothes, and made their way back through the trees to the house.   Makaio and Kai put together a light lunch.   They decided to move on to the Turtle Bay Resort.

That night, after they had gone to bed, Peyton held Jonathan in his arms.   He looked into his eyes, and asked, “What did you like best about today?”

Jonathan smiled, and said, “Being fucked by you.”

Peyton kissed his husband.   “I feel the same.   I love it when you take control, and top for me, as well.   I thought I would never let a man fuck me again, after what happened to me in prison; but, the way you make love to me, lets me know I’m your sweetheart, your only true love.”

Jonathan said, “That’s because you are the light of my life, Babe.   When I top for you, I want you to feel how much I love you.   That’s why I like to see your face, as I fuck you.   I want to be able to kiss you, and express my deepest feelings for you, as we make love to each other.”

Peyton smiled, as he caressed his husband’s body.   “I’ve married the hottest stud in Hawaii.”

Jonathan nibbled on his earlobe, and whispered, “No, I married the hottest stud in Hawaii.”   He captured Peyton’s lips, and kissed him deeply, as he positioned himself to show Peyton how much he loved him!

The day after Peyton and Jonathan’s wedding, we met Zach and Todd for lunch in the hotel restaurant.   We were standing in the lobby, when they came through the lobby entrance.

Zach embraced me, and kissed me on the lips, as did Todd.   They turned to Rick, and greeted him in a similar manner.

Todd said, “We’ve missed you guys.”

Zach said, “We’ve missed the guys in Minneapolis, too.”

I said, “But Ben and Janice aren’t very far away in Uxbridge, and Uncle Carl and Aunt Hannah are in St. Catharines.”

Zach said, “We’ve visited with your family, Glenn, but it’s not the same as living with you guys.”

Rick said, “We understand what you’re saying, and we miss being around all of the guys, as well.”

Zach said, “I’m starving.   Let’s eat.”

We moved out of the lobby, and down the hall to the restaurant entrance.   The hostess showed us to a booth, and left us with the menu.   Our waitress showed up soon after that to take our beverage order.  

She said, “My name is Valerie, and I’ll be your server today.   May I bring you something to drink?”

The guys ordered a beer, and I ordered my usual soda.   She returned with the beverages, and took our food order.   After she had gone, I asked, “Did you guys find a house?”

Zach said, “Yes, we did.   We actually found two homes for sale in The Annex neighborhood, and we bought both of them.   They are what they call ‘bay and gable’ homes.”

Todd said, “They are side by side.   We’re living in one of them, and Robbie and Adam will live in the other one.   They won’t graduate from the University of Minnesota for a few more years yet, so we’ve rented it out to some students.   They are a married couple with a couple of little kids.   Both of them are working on master’s degrees at the University of Toronto.”

Zach said, “We’re perfectly located for my job at the Ricoh Coliseum, and for Todd’s classes at the University of Toronto.”

Todd said, “We aren’t as close to campus, as we were in Minneapolis, but we’re still close enough it doesn’t take long to get there.”

Rick asked, “When are your twins due?”

Zach said, “Not until the end of May.”

“It took us a while to find a surrogate,” Todd said.   “We will fly to Los Angeles, when it gets close to the babies’ due date.”

“Won’t they come early, because they’re twins?” I asked.  

Todd said, “Yes, so we’re expecting to fly out in April.   Mark and Brandon took a little longer to find a surrogate than we did, so their baby isn’t due until September 2nd.”   Todd gave me an appraising look.   “How do you know so much about having twins?”

I looked over at Rick, and grinned.   “I’ve been doing some research about surrogacy and multiple birth pregnancies.”

Zach met Rick’s gaze, and asked, “Does this mean you’ve proposed to Glenn?”

Rick shook his head, “No, it doesn’t.   Glenn has been hinting about starting a family, since he heard you guys were looking into finding a surrogate.”

Todd asked, “Why are you holding out on him, Rick?”

Rick said, defensively, “I’m not holding out on Glenn.   I’m just not ready to start a family.   I think we need to get married, first.”

Zach said, “Exactly!   So, when are you getting married?”

I could see Rick was getting upset, so I interceded.   “Zach and Todd, it’s a very sensitive subject between us, at the moment.   Please let it alone, for now.”

Zach said, “We’re sorry, Rick.   We didn’t mean to upset you.”

Rick said, “It’s okay.”   He looked only slightly mollified, and I thought to myself, “I’m sure I’ll hear about it later.”  

In an attempt to redirect the conversation, I asked, “Zach, how do you like playing for the Marlies?”

Zach enthused, “I love it.   The Marlies belong to the American Hockey League (AHL).”   He launched into an animated discussion of the Marlies’ hockey season, narrating his part in their games.   I was very appreciative of Zach’s willingness to move the conversation away from the topic of marriage.

Todd winked at me, as Zach engaged Rick in a debate about which hockey team was the best one in the AHL.   He said, “I’m glad you two are here.   We want you to come over to the house for dinner.   We’ve invited Grandpa and Grandma Scarborough.   I want to discuss a business venture with Grandpa, since I’m nearly done with my course work for my master’s degree in computer science.”

“What kind of business are you thinking of starting?” I asked.

Todd said, “I want to start a software engineering firm.   I think there’s a niche for me and a couple of my classmates to consult with large companies, and help them upgrade their computer systems.”

“I’m sure Grandpa will approve,” I said.

“I hope so.   I’ve drawn up a prospectus, outlining our business model, and what it would take to get us up and running.   Zach and I would be the sole owners, but we’re waiting to hear what Grandpa’s thoughts are about MST, Inc., helping us set up the company.  We are hoping we can have a similar arrangement to the one Justin has,” Todd said.

Zach halted his enthusiastic narration of his game winning goal, and looked over at us.   “We’re really excited about setting up Todd’s business.   If it works as planned, he should be able to work from home.   That way, he can take care of the twins, at the same time he is running his business.”

“We’re thinking of hiring a nanny to care for the children, when I have to travel, or have deadlines to meet,” Todd said.

Rick said, “That’s sounds like a great plan, since Zach has to travel so much with his job.”

Zach nodded his head in agreement.   “The only reason I’m in Toronto, today, is because tomorrow is a home game.”

I asked, “Zach, did your parents buy that big place in Clarington they were looking at?”

“Yes, they did, and Todd’s parents bought a place just down the road from them,” Zach said.

“I thought they didn’t want a big place,” Rick said.

Todd said, “That’s true.   They didn’t want 40 acres, but they still bought a house with 20 acres of land with it.”

“That’s still a lot of ground.  When do they plan to move here?” I asked.

Zach said, “Our parents won’t move here, permanently, until Robbie and Adam have graduated from the University of Minnesota.”

I asked, “They have three years left, don’t they?”

“Yes,” Todd said.   “Robbie and Adam want to transfer to the University of Toronto to finish their undergraduate degrees; but, our parents want them to finish at the University of Minnesota.”

“Are they unhappy with the school?” I asked, in surprise.

Zach said, “No, it’s just that they want to be near Todd and me.   I told them to finish up at the University of Minnesota, since they’ve already started there.   They have great roommates in Greg and Cory.   Justin and Brian are looking for a place, but they’re still living with Robbie and Adam, for the moment.”

Rick said, “Peyton and Jonathan will be moving in with them in a couple of weeks.”

Zach said, “That’s true.   I think having another newlywed couple living with them, will help.”

Todd said, “I think the real reason they want to move here is because Justin and Brian are looking to move.   Robbie and Adam are very close to Justin.   So far, Brian has been very supportive of their relationship with his husband; but I’ve gotten the feeling he’s been a little less so, of late.”

Rick said, “That’s unfortunate.   I know how much Justin loves those two guys.”

Zach nodded his head, in agreement.   “I hope Brian doesn’t push them away, because I’m afraid of what it will do to Justin.   He’s been pretty stable the last couple of years, but it wouldn’t take much to send him into a major fit of depression.”

I said, “I remember the last time he got super depressed.”   I shuddered at the memory of opening Justin’s bedroom door to find him standing on a chair, with a rope around his neck.  

Rick said, “Maybe they’ll change their minds about finding a new place, now Peyton and Jonathan are moving in.”

Zach said, “Maybe.   I’m thinking Brian wants to have Justin all to himself; so, having two more guys in the house will only make him all the more anxious to move out.”

The waitress brought our food, and there was silence at our table, as we concentrated on our lunch.   After a few minutes, Rick asked, “Do you need us to bring anything for dinner, tonight?”

Todd said, “No, we’ve got it covered.   Just bring yourselves.”

I asked, “Do you know if it will be boys or girls?”

Todd said, “We’re having twin boys.   We decided to name them Cameron and Skye.”

Rick asked, “Have you decided on middle names for them, as well?”

Todd said, “Yes, their full names will be Cameron Todd Anderson-Ingram and Skye Zachary Anderson-Ingram.”

I smiled, and said, “I like those names.   I’m glad I have a middle name, because I don’t like my first name.”

Zach looked at me, in surprise.   “Why don’t you like your first name?”

“I’ve never liked being called Russell or Russ.   I got teased a lot at school about my name.   I remember coming home from school one day, when I was in elementary school, and asking my mother if I could change my name.   After I told her what was happening at school, she talked it over with my Dad.   Dad thought I was being wimpy and should just fight back.   Dad had no sympathy for me.   He said the kids who were harassing me at school would still do it, anyway, no matter what I did.   He told me I needed to become less sensitive.   He even suggested I confront the kids after school and beat them up.”

Rick asked, “Did you do that?”

I shook my head.   “I was too wimpy to do that.   I kept complaining about the problems at school; so, finally, Mom suggested I use my middle name, instead.   Mom wrote a note to the teacher, explaining what was going on, and asking her to call me Glenn.”

Rick said, “I didn’t know that.   I just assumed Mom and Dad had always used your middle name.”

I laughed, and said, “They did up until that day.   It took Dad a while to come around, but he finally made the change.   Sometimes, when he would call me Russell, I wouldn’t respond, or I would remind him my name was ‘Glenn.’   That would make him mad and he would give me a lecture about the fact my name was not just ‘Glenn,’ but ‘Russell Glenn Nielsen.’   My brothers, Gary and Eric, teased me about using my middle name for quite a while, but Nancy told me she thought it was great I was using my middle name.”

“Did the kids at school stop teasing you?” Rick asked.

“Unfortunately, no, they didn’t.   I finally got up enough courage to do something about it, though.   I was in the 7th grade, and a group of kids was harassing me after school, while we waited to board the buses that took us home.   I got so angry, I took down the ringleader, Gregory Habermiller.   I bloodied his nose and gave him a black eye.”

Todd asked, “Didn’t his friends beat you up?”

“No, they just formed a circle around us, and kept encouraging him to get up and fight me.   When I had him pinned to the ground, one of the bus drivers pulled me off of him.   Otherwise, I wouldn’t have stopped.   It was like the frustration and anger I had felt toward him all of those years were balled up in my fists, and found release every time I managed to hit him.”

Zach asked, “Didn’t you get in trouble?”

“Yes, because we both got suspended from school for a week for fighting on school grounds; and no, because my father was happy I had finally stood up for myself.   In fact, he was so proud of me he drove us into Swift Current to celebrate.   Dad didn’t like spending money, unless he had to; but, that time, he splurged by taking us all out to eat at his favorite Chinese restaurant.”

Rick said, “I didn’t know Dad liked Chinese food.”

I laughed, and said, “He loves it; but, Mom doesn’t like it, and won’t cook it.   So, the only time he can eat Chinese food is when he goes out to a restaurant.”

“After my fight with Gregory, Dad started calling me ‘Glenn,’ too.   Since then, the only time they call me by my first name is when I’m in trouble.”   I put my hands on my hips, and said, imitating my mother’s voice, “Russell Glenn Nielsen.”

Zach grinned, and said, “I’m sure she gave you that look, too.”

I nodded my head.   “Yes, she always did.   When Dad used my full name, I knew it was time to run and hide; because I knew Dad was going to inflict corporeal punishment upon my backside.”

Zach looked at me in disbelief.   “Weren’t you too old to be spanked by then?”

I shook my head.   “Dad still tried to administer corporeal punishment all the way through high school, if he could catch us.”   I laughed, and continued, “But, he didn’t catch us very often.   Usually, by the time he caught up to us, he would give us one of his lectures, which was worse in some ways; because we had to sit and listen to him drone on, and on, for what seemed an eternity.”

Todd laughed, and asked, “Does Rick spank you when you’re naughty?”

I shook my head, vigorously.   “No, he doesn’t.”

Rick laughed, and put his arm around my shoulders.   “Maybe I should.”

I glared at him, making sure he knew he wasn’t funny.   “Don’t you even think of trying it!”  

Rick is such stud and I love his big dick, but I won’t let him physically abuse me in any way, given what I went through with my cousin.   Rick knows it would really freak me out, if he attempted any kind of bondage play, or anything kinky I didn’t agree to, ahead of time.

Rick laughed, even harder.   “I think I should try it, at least once.   I think it would be really sexy to beat your butt, until you beg me to fuck you.   It would teach you who is boss.”

I reached over and squeezed his package.   “This is all I need, right here, to teach me who is boss.”   I massaged his dick, feeling it harden under my fingers.

Rick put his hand over mine, and said, “If you keep that up, I won’t be held responsible for what happens.”   He leaned over and kissed me.

Todd laughed.   “I guess Glenn is the real boss.   He’ll just withhold having sex with you, and you’ll be begging him to let you fuck him.”

I held Rick’s hand in mine.   “We’re both the boss, because we always make the other happy.   I like to get fucked, and Rick likes to fuck me.”

Zach said, “But I know Rick likes to be fucked, too.   We’ve witnessed that.”

 Rick smiled, and leaned over to kiss me.   “I love it when Glenn takes control and makes love to me.”

I said, “It’s the same for me.   I love it when he makes love to me, so we switch off.   That way, we both get what we want.”

Rick looked over at our friends.   “You guys are the same.   We’ve watched you making out.”

Zach nodded his head in agreement.   “Yes, we’re pretty versatile.   We do whatever makes us feel good, at that moment in time.”

Todd said, “All of this talk about having sex has made me very horny.   I think you guys should come home with us, and we should have a sex orgy this afternoon.”

Rick laughed.   “I wondered when you would get around to asking us to play with you guys”

Zach grinned, and said, “Well, you’ve been asked.   Let’s finish lunch, so we can get to the important stuff!”

We quickly ate what was left of our food, and paid our bill.   Zach and Todd led us out to their car, and drove to their new home.   Zach parked the car, and we piled out.  

I said, “I love the bay windows.”

Zach said, “That is the one feature of these homes that drew us to them.   You’ll love the inside, as well.”

Zach unlocked the door and invited us inside.   Zach said, “Please follow me.   Todd, do you want to narrate the house tour?”

Todd grinned, and said, “Sure, babe.   I love showing off our new home.”

We followed Zach from room to room, while Todd told us about each room.   When we entered the nursery, I said, “You don’t need to tell me – this is the nursery.”

Todd laughed.   “Yes, it is.   As soon as we found out we were having twin boys, we painted the room powder blue.   Zach wanted to put up crown molding, so we put that up, as well as a chair rail.”

Zach said, “We found all of the baby furniture at Mother Hubbard’s.”

I looked around the room at the two baby cribs, the diaper changing station, and the two chest of drawers, and an armoire.   “I really like the cherry wood.   It feels nice and cozy.   It looks great in here, guys; but, you’re missing a couple of rocking chairs.   You’ll need them to rock the boys to sleep.”

Zach looked at Todd, and said, “I like that idea.”

Todd said, “But I don’t think we’ll have enough room for two in here.   We already have two cribs and two dressers.”

“Move one of the dressers into your room.   You won’t need it, at first, because baby clothes don’t take up that much room,” I said.   “You can move it back when they’re a little older, and need the space for their clothes.   Hopefully, by that time, they won’t need to be rocked to sleep, anymore.”

“We’ll give it some thought,” Todd said.

Zach put his arm around Todd’s waist, and said, “Let’s get a shower.”

Todd looked at us, and asked, “Will you be joining us?”

“Absolutely!” Rick responded, enthusiastically.   “I believe I’m still the unbeaten champion of our little competition.”

Zach said, “I think a rematch is needed to verify you still have what it takes to win!”

We migrated to their en suite.   We quickly disrobed, and jumped in the shower!   The usual horseplay ensued, and the competition held!   Zach crowed with delight, as he managed to tie Rick’s mark.   He guffawed, “You’ve lost your touch, old man!”

Rick said, “I decided to be merciful this time.”

Zach slapped Rick on the back.   “At least, I didn’t pass you up.”

Rick laughed, and said, “It’s a good thing, because I don’t know if my ego could handle knowing you could shoot further than I.”

We toweled each other dry, and climbed into Zach and Todd’s king-sized bed.   Zach looked at Rick, and asked, “Are you recovered enough to show our men how much we love them?”

Rick pointed to his very erect steel pole, and asked, “What do you think?”

Zach laughed, and said, “Well, then, let’s do it.”   They put their words into action, showing us in many ways how much they loved us!  Afterward, Todd and I took control, to show them what real men do to please their soul mates!  

Later, I awoke sandwiched between Rick and Todd.   Rick was spooned up against me, and I could feel his manhood pushing at my back door.   He might have been asleep, but he was definitely still aroused.   As I watched Todd’s face, his eyes opened and looked into mine.   He smiled, then kissed me.  

He said, softly, “I love you, Glenn.”

I said, “I love you, too.”

I heard Rick’s voice in my ear, “You’re so loveable, Babe.   How could anyone not love you?”

Zach propped himself up on his arm, so I could see him.   His gaze met mine, and said, “That true, Glenn.   Todd and I love you and Rick very much.”

Todd said, “We consider you two our closest friends, besides Robbie and Adam, that is.”

Rick said, “We feel very much the same way.   It’s almost like we’ve always known each other.”

Zach agreed, “That’s exactly how we feel.”

I said, “We’re very close to you guys and Peyton.”

Rick agreed, “Yes, we’re very close to Peyton, as well.”

Todd asked, half-jokingly, “Should we be jealous of him?”

Rick said, “No, Peyton holds a special place in our hearts, but he hasn’t taken your place.   We’ve found we can love him, and still love you guys at the same time.”

I put my hand to Todd’s face, cupping his cheek in the palm of my hand.   I kissed him tenderly, and said, “Don’t worry, Todd.   No one is going to take your place, or Zach’s, in our hearts.”

Todd nodded his head, in understanding.   “It’s just you’re so far away.”

I said, “I know.   Rick and I have talked about moving to St. Catharines, someday.”

“That would be really cool,” Zach said.   “Then, we could get together every weekend.”

“I would like that very much,” I said.

Rick said, “We’ve talked about this before…”

I cut him off, “I know, but it doesn’t change how I feel.”

Todd said, “It’s okay, guys.   I didn’t mean to start an argument.   We need to get up and ready for your grandparents.”

Rick rolled out of bed, and turned to help me to my feet.   Rick led me to the en suite, and turned on the shower.   With mock seriousness, he said, “No playing around, just business.”

I laughed, and said, “Yes, master.”

Rick grinned.   “I’m glad we’ve worked that out.”

We were joined by Zach and Todd.   We made quick work of cleaning up, and were dressed in no time.   We adjourned to the kitchen, where I helped Todd with the cooking.

Rick came up behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist.   He gently bit the back of my neck.  I leaned back against him, and turned my head to meet his lips.

Todd said, “Hey!   None of that, until we get dinner on.”

Rick laughed, and said, “Alright, I’ll wait until later.”

A while later, we heard the doorbell ring.   Zach went to answer, and returned with Grandpa and Grandma.   They joined us at the kitchen table.  

Grandpa said, “This is a nice place, Zach and Todd.   I’m glad you found it.”

Zach said, “Thank you.   We only did what you told us to do.”

Todd said, “We should be thanking you.”

Grandpa said, “Nonsense, boys, you did all of the hard work of doing your research before looking at these homes.   I’ve looked into the real estate market here, and I think you got a great price for these homes.”

Grandma said, “I like what I’ve seen of the house, so far.   It’s very cozy and welcoming.”

Todd asked, “Would you like a tour of the place?”

Grandpa said, “Yes, we would.   That’s why we came early.   I wanted to take some time to go over the house with you.”

Zach and Todd led my grandparents on a tour of the house, while Rick and I waited in the kitchen.

I put my arm around Rick’s shoulder, and said, “I’m sorry Zach and Todd were on your case about marrying me, earlier today.   I promise I didn’t put them up to it.”

“I know,” Rick said.   “I know they are concerned about us, and want us to be married, like they are.   I also know they don’t understand why I’m so set on staying in the Marine Corps, after what happened to Sam.”

“We’ve talked about it a lot, because I want you to get out of the Marine Corps,” I said.   Rick started to interrupt me, but I held up my hand.   “Rick, you don’t have to convince me.   I’ve accepted the fact you want to finish what you started.   I get that.   Plus, I also know how much you like being in the military.”

Rick grinned.   “I like playing with guns.”

I reached over, and squeezed his package.   “So do I, and I have a particular affinity for this one.”

Rick leaned over and kissed me.   I felt him react to my hand on his dick.   He grinned at me, and covered my hand with his.   “Patience, Glenn.”

“I’ll try.   You’re just so sexy, I can’t keep my hands off of you,” I said, as he took my hand in his.

Rick said, “I wish our family and friends understood why I want to stay in the military, because I’m getting a little annoyed with the constant pressure to get out, and make an honest man of you.   It’s not that I don’t love you, Babe, because I do; but I really like the military.”

We were surprised to hear Grandpa’s voice.   “Have you considered working as a military contractor?   That way you could marry Glenn, and still have the military affiliation you desire.”

“I’ve actually thought about that.   My commanding officer is thinking about doing just that.   He’s planning to retire this coming July,” Rick said.

Grandpa asked, “So, when are you going to marry Glenn?”

Rick looked at Grandpa, in surprise.   “I can’t marry him, until I’m out of the Marine Corps.”

“Isn’t that going to be happening soon?” he asked.

“My commitment to the Marine Corps will be complete in August,” Rick responded. 

Grandpa said, “Then, you had better decide whether or not you’re going to marry Glenn.   It’s about time you made up your mind what you want to do with the rest of your life.   Keeping Glenn hanging onto a hope you’ll propose marriage to him, when you aren’t sure you want to spend the rest of your life with him, isn’t fair to him, or to you.”

Rick flinched, as if he had been slapped.   He hadn’t expected Grandpa to be so direct.

Seeing Rick’s reaction, I decided to step into the conversation.   “Grandpa, you know the subject of marriage is a very sensitive one for us.”

Grandpa joined us at the kitchen table.   “I know that, boys; but it’s time to stop avoiding the issue.”   He looked directly into Rick’s eyes, and continued, “You are very aware of what I’m talking about, Rick.   There isn’t a single reason in the world why you can’t propose marriage to Glenn, with a wedding date in August, or September.   Your continued use of the excuse you’re in the military no longer holds water with me.   Your relationship with Glenn can’t stay static.   It needs to either grow into a full-fledged marriage relationship between equals, or you both need to move on with your lives, to find the person who will fulfill your dreams.   You need to make up your minds.”

Rick swallowed hard, before answering.   “I know, Grandpa.”  

Grandpa turned to me, and said, “And you’re just as bad, Glenn.   You need to make up your mind whether or not Rick is the man for you.   If he’s the one, you need to stop flirting so much with other guys.   I watched you flirting with the guys every weekend you spent with Peyton over the last six months.   While it may seem like it’s okay with Rick, it really isn’t.   It sends the wrong message.   It’s like you’re hanging on to Rick, while you’re on the lookout for the next guy to come your way.   Rick has stood by you over the years, despite your flirtations with other guys.   It’s nearly ended your relationship a couple of times, already, if memory serves me.”

I couldn’t meet Grandpa’s gaze, because I knew he was right.   Since Rick wouldn’t commit to marrying me, I had been keeping my eye out for someone who would.   I wanted to be married and to have a family.   I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life hoping Rick would finally decide he wanted to be with me for the rest of our lives.

Grandpa waited in silence; and, when we didn’t say anything, he said, “Please look at me, boys.”  We both looked at him.   When he was sure he had our attention, he said, “I won’t speak of this again, but I expect a resolution to this situation, soon.   Do I make myself clear?”

We both nodded our heads.   Rick said, “Yes, sir!”

Grandpa gave Rick a hard look.   “I expect more than a, ‘yes, sir,’ Rick.   I want a commitment from both of you to get serious about fixing what needs fixing between you two, or end it.   You’ve both graduated from college, and are working at good jobs.   I’m very proud of both of you.   Now, it’s time to move on to the next stage of your lives.”

I finally looked at Grandpa and held his gaze, and said, “I promise we’ll work things out between us.”

Grandpa said, “Good.”

Zach, Todd, and Grandma returned to the kitchen from their tour of the house.   Grandma looked at the three of us, and said, “Do you need us to come back, Dearest?”

Grandpa said, “No, I’ve said my piece.   It’s up to the boys to execute on their promises to me.”

Todd walked over to check on dinner, while Grandma and Zach joined us at the kitchen table.   Todd looked over at us, and said, “Dinner’s ready.”

Zach said, “Let’s move into the dining room.”

I said, “I’ll help Todd with the food.”

We had a nice meal; and, afterward, Grandpa retired to Zach and Todd’s office to discuss Todd’s business proposal.   While they were sequestered, Rick and I talked with Grandma.

Grandma asked, “Did Grandpa talk to you about getting married?”

Rick said, “Yes, he did.”

She nodded her head.   “I was afraid he was going to do that.   While I agree with him that it’s time for you two to decide where you’re headed with your relationship, I wasn’t quite in agreement with his approach.   He told me he was going to speak to you two about it today.”

“That he did,” I said.

She smiled, and said, “Please don’t take offense at his interference in your relationship.   He means well, but I think he needs to let you two work things out between you, without outside pressures to force you to reach a solution, that may, or may not, be the right one for you boys.”

Rick said, “I’m very frustrated with all of the pressure I’m getting to marry Glenn.   It’s not that I don’t love him, because I do; but I don’t like being pushed into anything.”

Grandma said, “You’re not alone in feeling that way.   I’m like that, as is your Grandpa.   We love both of you very much, and we don’t want to see either of you hurt.   I understand you need more time to get to where you feel comfortable making a permanent commitment to each other; however, you’ve been together long enough to know whether or not you’re suited for each other.”

Rick nodded his head in agreement.   “Yes, we know that much about each other, or we would’ve parted ways a long time ago.   We just need to push past a couple of more roadblocks.”

He leaned over, and kissed me.   I leaned against him, and said, “I think we’ll get there, because we really do love each other.”

We spent the better part of an hour talking with her about a variety of subjects, when Grandpa entered the room, followed by Zach and Todd.   Todd was smiling, and gave me a double thumbs up sign.

Grandpa said, “I think we’ve the makings of a good business venture.”

Todd said, “Thank you for believing in us, Grandpa.”

Grandpa smiled, and said, “It’s what I do.”   He turned to Grandma, and said, “We need to be getting back to the hotel, dear.”

Grandma stood up, and took Grandpa’s arm.   “Let’s go, then.”

We bid them farewell, and saw them off in a taxi.   Zach looked at us, and asked, “Are you guys staying with us, tonight?”

Rick shook his head.   “No, I think we need to spend some time alone, after hearing what Grandpa had to say to us, tonight.”

Zach looked at us in surprise.   “What did he say?”

Rick related the basics of our conversation with Grandpa.   Zach whistled.   “Wow!   I had no idea Grandpa would step into your relationship like that.   I know we overstepped our bounds today with you about that subject.   I’m sorry, Rick.  We shouldn’t have pushed you about marrying Glenn.”

Rick said, “It’s alright.   It seems everyone has something to say about the subject, today.”

Zach said, “I’ll drive you over to the hotel.”   He grabbed his keys, and we walked outside to his car.   They dropped us off at the hotel, and we made our way up to our room.

As soon as the door closed to our room, Rick locked it, and stripped off his clothes, heading to the en suite.    I followed suit, joining him in the shower.   I worked over his taut muscles in his back and neck.   He was really stressed out.   After drying him off, I escorted him back into the bedroom and pushed him down on the bed.  

He looked up at me, and said, “I need you to fuck me, tonight, Glenn.”

I smiled, and said, “It will be my pleasure.”   I made love to him, trying to communicate with every touch the love I felt for him.

Later, we lay in each other arms, while Rick played with my hair.   He looked into my eyes, and asked, “Why is everyone pushing me so hard to marry you?”

“I don’t know, Babe.   I promise I’ve not said anything to any of them.   Grandpa was the worst, though.”

“Yeah, he was.   He hit the nail on the head, so to speak, for both of us.   I’ve been undecided about committing to marry you, and I admit it,” Rick said.

“I know; and, lately, I’m aware you’re not very happy about my flirting with other guys,” I said.

Rick said, “It didn’t use to bother me, because I knew you weren’t looking for another man.   However, I’ve noticed you’ve been chatting with guys on-line, and spending less time with me.   It’s like your on-line friends are more important to you than I am.”

I looked searchingly into his eyes.   “I haven’t gone behind your back to meet any of them, but I’ll admit I’m looking for someone who is willing to make a commitment to me.   You’ve been putting me off for a long time, now, Rick.   Yes, I’ve flirted with the guys, but it’s always been more of a game to me, rather than something serious.   We talked about this before, and you seemed okay with it.”

“I was okay with your flirting, until I found an e-mail conversation between you and some guy named Mark,” Rick said.

I had wondered if Rick had been reading my e-mails.   We’ve never kept secrets from each other; but we hadn’t made a practice of reading each other’s e-mail.   I had left my laptop on the kitchen table, while I ran and took a quick nature break.   When I came back, Rick was sitting at the table staring at the computer screen.

“I wondered if you had read my e-mail that day,” I said.   “You started acting weird after that.”

“Wouldn’t you, if you read an e-mail like that one?” Rick asked, earnestly.

“Probably, but I would have asked you about it, instead of keeping things bottled up inside,” I said.   “If you had asked me about Mark, I would have told you there was nothing between us.   We’re e-mail friends, and nothing more.”

“But you told him some pretty personal things about us,” Rick said, accusingly.

“Yes, but nothing I haven’t said to your face, or shared with our close friends,” I said.  

“I wish you wouldn’t share so much of our private lives with your on-line friends,” Rick said.   “It really bothers me to know perfect strangers know so much about us.”

“I’ll stop sharing so much, but I like letting other gay guys know there are successful gay couples around them.   I want to encourage them to seek out their own Mr. Right, and form families of their own,” I said.

“You’ve told me that before, but I’m not comfortable sharing so much information about us,” Rick said.   “There are too many crazies in the world, who don’t like gays.   I don’t want to be so readily identifiable, just in case someone takes it into their head to stalk us, or attack us.”

“Why would they want to do that?” I asked.   “The guys I’ve met on-line seem like decent guys.”

Rick said, “Face it, Glenn, we are two very fortunate guys to have such a supportive family; one that also provides financial support to us and many of our friends.   Don’t you think some guy may take it into his head that he wants the same financial support?   People will do almost anything to get money, especially if all they have to do is become your boyfriend.   Also, don’t forget there are many people who hate gays.   Don’t you think they would try to do us in, just like my family attempted to do?   I want us to be able to lead normal lives, Glenn.   I don’t want the life of a celebrity, who has to always hide from the public and the press, or from crazy people who want what we have.”

“I don’ see how chatting on-line with someone makes me or you a celebrity,” I said.   “It’s how most people communicate with each other.”

Rick said, “I think you know what I mean, Glenn.   I don’t want our private lives shared with anyone, not even with our own family, unless it’s necessary.   I know we’ve been pretty open with our close friends, but they’re closer to us, even more than Grandpa and Grandma, or our parents.”

“You’re really serious about this, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, I am,” Rick responded.

“Okay, I’ll cut down on the on-line chats, but I still want to continue to be friends with some of them,” I said.   “I promise not to disclose too much information to them.   Is that okay?”

Rick said, “Yes, and I’ll try to stop being so paranoid.”

I put my hands up to his face, and kissed him.   “I love you, Babe.”

Rick said, “I love you, too.”

Two weeks later, I heard a knock on the door.   I got up from the kitchen table, and went to answer it.   I opened it to find two very happy guys standing there.   “Well, don’t just stand there!   Come inside,” I said.

I hugged and kissed both of them.   Rick came into the foyer, and did the same, as I grabbed their luggage and pulled it inside the condo, closing the door as I did so.

I looked them over, and said, “You guys look great!”

Peyton said, “We feel great!”

We led them into the family room, and they cuddled on the loveseat, while Rick and I did the same on the couch.   Rick said, “Alright, tell us all about your honeymoon!”

Between Peyton and Jonathan, they managed to narrate all the events that occurred on their honeymoon.   Peyton ended by saying, “Jonathan has made me the happiest man on earth.”

Jonathan kissed his husband, and said, “And, Peyton has done the same for me.”

“Grandpa arranged for a couple of gay guys to act as our tour guides,” Peyton said.   “They were totally awesome!   They made sure everything went smoothly for us.”

Jonathan pulled out his cell.   “Here are some pics of them.”   He pointed the guys, as he named them.   “This is Makaio and Casey.   This is Kai, Makaio’s twin brother, and Ryan, Casey’s cousin.”

I wolf whistled.   “Wow!   They are great looking guys.   How did you manage to get them to pose naked for you?”

Peyton said, “Actually, it wasn’t a problem.   We went swimming nude at the beach near their home.”

“It sounds like you guys did some of the same things we did on our vacation to Cancun with all of the guys,” I said.

Peyton laughed, and said, “Greg and Cory told us about that trip.   You guys were really crazy.”

Jonathan said, “And they told us about your trip to Spain, as well.”

I looked at Rick, and said, “I guess there’s no way we can keep secrets from you guys, with everyone blabbing about our vacations.”

Rick said, “Well, as long as it doesn’t reach the wrong ears, I’m okay if our friends know.”

Peyton guffawed, “I don’t’ see why you wouldn’t want your military buddies to know, since you figure so prominently in most to the competitions you guys had!”

Rick grimaced.   “That’s it exactly.   I’d be booted from the military in no time flat.”

“Well, you have only a few months to go, anyway,” I observed.

Rick gave me that “look,” and I quickly followed up with, “But we don’t need to hasten your departure at this point.”

Peyton picked up on the tension between us, and said, “I’m sorry if I’ve touched on a sore point between you guys.   I didn’t mean to start anything.”

Rick said, “You’re okay, Peyton.   It’s just that, since your wedding, it seems everyone I know has been putting pressure on me to get out of the military and marry Glenn.   It’s been very frustrating for me, and I’ve become overly sensitive about it.”

I took Rick’s hand in mine.   “I’ve been trying to get our friends and family to back off a bit, because it’s not helping us.”

Rick said, “Even Grandpa read me the riot act.   I wasn’t expecting it from him, as well.”

Peyton said, “Wow!   I didn’t realize things had gotten so bad for you, Rick.   I wouldn’t have even joked about it, had I known.   I’m sorry.”

Rick said, “You didn’t know, so don’t worry about it.   Let’s talk about you guys.   What are your plans now that you’re back?”

Jonathan said, “We plan to move in with Robbie and Adam.   We told them we would move our stuff up there in a couple of weeks, but we would be splitting our time between Atlanta and Minneapolis.”

I said, “I thought you wanted out of Georgia as soon as possible.”

Peyton laughed.   “I do, but I still want to be close to you guys and the rest of the family.   I’ve become very accustomed to having lots of gorgeous gay men around me.”

Rick said, “And it will be the same in Minneapolis.   Greg, Cory, Robbie and Adam are super-hot studs, and so are the rest of the guys.”

“That’s true,” Peyton said.   “Well, we intend to enjoy our time with you over the next couple of weeks.”

I laughed, and said, “I can just imagine what that means!”

Jonathan gave me a lecherous grin, as did Peyton.   “I think we should begin right now.”

Rick and I laughed at their enthusiasm, and stood up from the couch.   Rick took my hand, and turned to them.   “Okay, studs, let’s go.”

The next two weeks were very memorable ones for all four of us!

Prev To be continued . . .

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