The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 135: Cameron and Skye

Caroline pulled on her clothes, as she stared down at the naked man on the bed.   “I can’t believe a big, tough Marine, like you, can’t keep it up long enough to show a girl a good time.   I wish I had gone with one of your buddies.   Mary Jo and Fanny are surely getting fucked, while I’m here with you, getting nothing.   Are you gay, or something?”   She looked at him with disgust and anger.

Rick met her gaze.   Instead of answering her question, he said, “Go next door.   I’m sure Brian and Gary will be more than willing to give you what you want.”

She grabbed her purse off the table, and slammed the hotel room door on her way out.   He heard her knock on the door of the room across the hall.   He heard Brian invite her in, and the door closed.

Rick looked up at the ceiling.   He knew he had really fucked up.   Brian and Gary had invited him to join them at the bar, since they had finished their training.   He had decided to get some extra training in with the Marine Corps, since they offered it to him.   He and his two friends had signed up.   All three of them were young and single.   Brian had an on-again, off-again, relationship with his girlfriend, and Gary was quite proud of his womanizing.   In fact, he and Rick had a competition going, before Rick met Glenn.  Gary never really understood why Rick had stopped cruising the bars and taking a different girl home to his bed every weekend.   During their training class, Gary had been pushing Rick to join him at the bars.   Gary kept telling him that all he needed was a few drinks and a girl to set things right.

Rick had given it some thought, and decided maybe Gary was right – a few drinks and a night with a woman would cure all of his problems.   He had become very frustrated with Glenn.   His relationship with him had been on a steady decline over the last few weeks, and he wanted to give them both a break from each other.   Now, he felt even worse, because going to the bar and ending up here with a hooker hadn’t been the answer to his problems.   His mind went back over the events of the last few hours.

The training course had been just the thing to get his mind off of his relationship with Glenn.   He had thrown himself into the work, and returned to his room exhausted every night.   He would make his obligatory call to Glenn, then collapse into his bed.   When they had finished their training, he needed to unwind; so, when Brian had invited him to go out for a few drinks, he had readily agreed.  

As soon as they walked in the door of the drinking establishment, Brian and Gary spotted the women sitting at one end of the bar.   Brian turned to Gary, and said, “I’m getting laid tonight.”

Gary laughed.   “So am I.”   He looked at Rick.   “There’s even one for you, Rick.”

Rick grinned, and said, “Let’s go get them.”

They walked over to the bar and sat down.   They ordered their beverages, and asked the bartender to give the women another drink of whatever they were imbibing.

A few moments later, the three girls got up and moved down the bar to join the three men.   After a few more drinks, Brian suggested, “Let’s check into the hotel across the street.”

The women readily agreed.   Rick didn’t see a way out of the situation that wouldn’t raise suspicions about his sexual orientation.   So, rather than excusing himself and catching a cab back to the base, he followed the two other couples across the street to the cheap hotel they had seen when they arrived.  Each of them rented a room, and quickly disappeared with one of the girls.

Caroline had hung on his arm like a limpet.   Once they were inside the room, Rick slipped off his shoes, and he stood mesmerized, as Caroline did a strip tease for him, causing his cock to come to full attention.   He hadn’t been with a woman for nearly six years.   He looked forward to experiencing sex with a woman again.

Seeing he was aroused, she reached over and pulled his shirt off, and undid his zipper.   She kissed him, as she pushed his pants and underwear down past his buttocks.   She released them, letting them fall in a puddle at his feet.   He stepped out of them, and took her into his arms, lifting her onto the bed.

Caroline looked up at him, and asked, “Do you want me to suck your dick?”

She did that and more, but when she wanted him to fuck her, his erection disappeared.   She had tried to help him get it up again, but his sense of guilt at betraying his lover kept him from becoming aroused.  He realized he had violated the trust Glenn had placed in him.  The girl was beautiful, but it didn’t matter, now his conscience pricked him for betraying Glenn.   He finally fell asleep, his tormented mind trying to reconcile his sense of guilt with the fact he really had wanted to fuck the girl just a few moments ago.  

On the long drive back to Atlanta, he had debated whether or not to tell Glenn.   He had convinced himself not to say anything to Glenn by the time he arrived home.   He parked the Corvette, pulled on the cover, and made his way inside.   He opened the door to the condo, and was met by his lover.   Glenn had dressed in black mesh shirt and shorts.   He looked great!   Rick’s dick immediately jumped to attention! 

I threw my arms around his neck, and said, “I’ve missed you.”   I kissed him, deeply.   When I pulled back to look him in the eyes, I said, “Welcome home, Rick.   Peyton and Jonathan have gone to the farm.   They said we needed some time alone, so we have the condo to ourselves.”

Rick smiled, and said, “Wow!   I think I’ll stay away from home more often, if this is the welcome I get when I come home.”

“Come this way,” I said.   Rick left his duffle bag by the door, and followed me into the kitchen.   The table was covered with a white tablecloth, with two candles burning brightly in the center.   I had set the table with our crystal, china, and silver.   I pulled out a chair for him.

Rick sat down, and I began massaging his shoulders.   He leaned back into my hands.   After massaging out the knots in his neck and shoulders, I kissed him, and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Yes, Babe,” Rick responded.

I walked over to the oven and pulled out Rick’s favorites – steak and shrimp.   Fortunately, he had called me as he approached Atlanta, so I was able to time it so that dinner was ready just as he reached the condo.

I plated the steak and shrimp, adding the baked potato loaded with butter, cheese and bacon bits.   I put the steamed broccoli on the side, and served it to my guy.   He met my eyes, and smiled, “I love you.”

I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips, and turned to get my plate, joining him at the table.   “How was the drive home?”

“It was long and boring,” Rick said, between mouthfuls.

I smiled, as I watched him eat.   It was obvious he was ravenous.   I had only finished half of my dinner, when he looked over at me and asked, “Are you going to finish that?”

I laughed.   “No, but you’re welcome to finish it off for me.”

Rick grinned.   “Please, and thank you.”

I exchanged plates with him.   After he finished eating, we cleared the table.   He helped me wash dishes and clean the kitchen.   As I let the water out of the kitchen sink, I felt his arms around my waist.   I leaned back against him, and he kissed the back of my neck.   “I hope you’re ready for a night you’ll never forget.”

I moaned with pleasure as he lifted up my shirt and ran his hands over my nipples.   I turned around in his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him deeply.   A moment later, he picked me up and carried me to our bedroom, placing me on our bed.   He did a strip tease as he disrobed, then he pulled off my clothes.   The lust in his eyes caused a thrill of excitement to run down my spine.   Indeed, it was a night to remember!

The next morning, I woke up feeling warm and secure in Rick’s arms.   I lifted my head off of his chest to find him looking at me, with a troubled expression.   I raised my hand to his face, and caressed his cheek.

“What’s the matter, Babe?” I asked, not knowing he was about to bring my world crashing down around me.

Rick said, “I need to tell you something, but I need you to promise you will hear me out.”

I looked into his eyes, and smiled, “I promise.”   I kissed him, as I caressed his chest.

He took my hand in his, and asked, “Do you remember how we seemed to always be fighting, before I left for training?”

I frowned, and said, “Yes, but that’s all in the past.”

“Yes, well, I took the training opportunity because I felt we needed some time apart.   I know I needed to clear my head, and think things through.”

I nodded my head, wondering where this was all going.   I said, “Okay.   Am I to assume you’ve figured things out?”

Rick said, “You promised to hear me out.”

I said, “Sorry.”

“Well, I went with two guys from my reserve unit, Brian and Gary.   I believe I’ve mentioned them to you before.”

I nodded my head, and said, “Yes, you said they are pretty stand up guys.”

“After the training class was over, Brian and Gary invited me to go to a bar to celebrate,” Rick said.   He saw my look of disapproval, and quickly said, “I haven’t been out drinking with the guys in a long time, Glenn.   Brian and Gary were pretty persuasive about it, and I agreed to go.”

He paused, still uncertain about telling Glenn anything about the hooker.   But, he decided he needed to be totally honest with his partner.   “We met three hookers at the bar.   Brian and Gary wanted to rent rooms at the hotel across the street to get laid.   I couldn’t see any way out of the situation, without giving away the fact I’m gay, so I rented a room, too.   As soon as we were alone, she came onto me, and one thing led to another…”

I interrupted him, “Please don’t say anymore, because I don’t want to know.   My only question is why?   You could’ve come up with some excuse, like I’m not feeling well or something.”

Rick looked away from me.   When he didn’t answer, I got up and walked into our en suite.   I turned on the shower.   I stepped under the water.   As I soaped up, the tears started down my cheeks.   I felt like a grenade had gone off in front of me, ripping my heart to shreds.   I couldn’t believe that Rick had slept with a hooker.

He joined me in the shower.   He attempted to put his arms around me, but I said, “Don’t, please.   I can’t believe you had sex with a hooker.”

“You didn’t let me finish.   I didn’t have sex with her, Glenn.   She only sucked me off.   I couldn’t keep it up when I tried to fuck her.   The only thing I could think of was how hurt you would be.   She was upset with me and asked me if I was gay or something.”

“Okay, so you had oral sex with her, but you didn’t screw her.   It still doesn’t change the fact you would have.   You betrayed me.   You promised you wouldn’t have sex with anyone, oral or otherwise, unless we both agreed it was okay.   Up until now, we’ve messed around with our close friends, but we’ve never gone off and done something without telling the other.   But, what hurts the most is the fact you were going to fuck her.   You promised me you would never fuck anyone but me.   I made the same promise to you, Rick.   I’ve kept that promise.   Why couldn’t you do the same?”

I was really hurting inside, but I didn’t want to talk to him, anymore.  I got out of the shower and dried myself off.   I quickly dressed and went into the kitchen.  I grabbed a banana and a yoghurt.   I threw them into my backpack, and walked out of the door, slamming it behind me.

I pulled my cell phone from my pocket and called Duane.   “Can you guys come get me, now?”

Duane said, “Sure.   We can come now.”

“Thanks.   I’ll be waiting by the guard shack,” I replied, and cut the connection.

I walked over to the guard house and chatted with the guard while I waited for Duane and Mason to show up.   As Duane pulled up, I heard Rick shout across the parking lot, “Glenn!   Wait!”

Ignoring him, I climbed into the car and Duane pulled away from the curb.   I looked over my shoulder to see Rick standing where I had been just a few moments before.

Duane looked in the rearview mirror.   “What’s up?”

I told them everything.   When I finished, Mason said, “Damn!   I knew things weren’t going well, but I didn’t think Rick would stoop so low as to get it on with a woman, and a hooker to boot.”

Duane asked, “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know,” I said.   “I love him too much to leave him, Duane.   But, I don’t know what to do.”

Mason said, “You could just forgive him, and move on.”

Duane said, “That would make the most sense, unless you’re ready to find a new boyfriend.”

I shook my head.   “I don’t want a new boyfriend.   I’ve got a great guy already.   I just need to know he won’t be cheating on me every time he’s away from home.”

My phone beeped, and I pulled it out to see that Rick had sent me a text message.   “Glenn, I love you.   I’m sorry.   Please forgive me.”

I responded, “Love u 2”

I spent the rest of the day, stewing about it.   It didn’t help that our manager, Rene, was being a real bitch.    She had been all over Duane and Mason for insignificant things.   Talk about being a micro manager!   She second guessed everything we did.   It was getting extremely frustrating!  

At the end of the day, Duane stormed into my cubicle, and said, “I quit.   We’re moving back west.”

Mason joined us.   “Yes, I think it’s time to move on.”

I looked at them, and asked, “Are you guys really going to do it?”

“Yes, we’re giving our two-week notice, right now,” Duane said.   “We’ll be right back.”

He took Mason by the hand, and they walked down the hallway to Rene’s office.   A few minutes later, they returned.   Both were smiling, and high fived each other, as they approached my desk.

Duane grinned, and said, “That felt good.   We told her off.   We let her know we weren’t going to continue working for someone who hates gays.   You should have seen her face when we told her we weren’t coming back to work here, tomorrow.”

Mason said, “Let’s go clear out our desks.   I’ll call security, so we can turn in our computers and our badges.”

I sat there, in shock.   I had taken the job, because Duane and Mason were working here.   Now that they were leaving, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue working here.   Rene had made things pretty miserable for all of us.   About 30 minutes later, they returned carrying a box with their personal items. 

Duane said, “Let’s go.   Glenn, you can escort us out of the building, after we turn our stuff.”

We walked over to the elevator, and took it down to the ground floor.   We made our way to the security office, where they turned in their laptops and ID badges.   I walked them through the security checkpoint and out to the parking garage. 

As soon as we were in the car, Duane said, “That felt so liberating.   Let’s go home, and give our notice to the apartment manager.   I want us to be out of Atlanta by the end of the month.”

“Where are you going?” I asked.

Mason said, “We have a job offer in Salt Lake City, Utah.   We called and accepted the offer, while we were packing up our stuff.   We have to report to work in three weeks.”

Duane said, “We’ll have to pay another month’s rent on the place here, because we have to give a 30-day notice.   We’re going to call Jeff and Scott to see if we can stay with them for a week or so, while we do some apartment hunting.”

“I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you out,” I said.

“We don’t have much stuff, so we plan to rent a small U-Haul truck.   We’ll rent a storage unit out there, until we have an apartment,” Mason said.

I said, “I’m going to miss you guys.”

Duane met my gaze in the mirror, and said, “Especially with you and Rick not getting along.”

“May I stay over at your place, tonight?” I asked.   “I’m not ready to face Rick right now.”

Mason glanced at Duane, who shrugged.   “Sure, but you need to talk to him, soon.   You can’t hide out at our place forever.”

I said, “I know.   I just need some time to think.”

“Okay, we’ll agree to one night, and one night only,” Duane said.   “We won’t let you play chicken for any longer than that.   We love you guys, but you’ve got to work this stuff out between you.   You can’t keep running from the issues you’ve got with each other.”

I smiled, and said, “Okay.  I’ll let Rick know, so he won’t worry.”

I sent a text to Rick, telling him I would be staying with Duane and Mason for the evening and would see him tomorrow after work.

Peyton held his husband in his arms, and tenderly kissed his lips.   He looked deeply into Jonathan’s eyes, and smiled.   “I love you, Babe.”

Jonathan said, “I love you, too.”

“Can you believe that we’ve been married two months, already?” Peyton asked.

“Yes, I can,” Jonathan responded.   “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Peyton ran his hands over Jonathan’s well-muscled back.   He loved the feel of Jonathan’s skin next to his.   “Working out with Rick and Glenn has really helped both of us.”

Jonathan placed his hand on Peyton’s six-pack abs.   “Yes, especially here.”

Peyton laughed.   “Yes, we both look much better.”

Jonathan’s expression turned solemn.   “I’m worried about them, Peyton.   They seem to be happy, but I get the sense things aren’t as good as they appear to be.”

Peyton said, “I know what you mean.   Something Rick said the other day gave me the impression he thinks Glenn is getting impatient.”

Jonathan said, “Oh, the marriage thing.   I haven’t heard anyone mention it to Rick or Glenn, for weeks now.   I thought things had simmered down a bit.”

Peyton said, “They have, and that is what has Rick worried.   Glenn hasn’t mentioned it to Rick, since we returned from our honeymoon.”

“I know Glenn has been spending a lot more time with Rick, instead playing on his computer or his cell phone,” Jonathan said.   “I’ve enjoyed being around them, and I think they still love each other very much.   However, I still get the feeling things aren’t quite what they used to be.”

Peyton said, “I think we need to give them some space, Jonathan.   I know they would never say anything to us, but I think we need to move to Minneapolis.   I’m afraid we’re not helping them resolve their issues by staying here.”

Jonathan said, “I think you’re right.   They both spend a lot of time with us, but I get the feeling they’re doing it to avoid being alone together.   I’ve found Glenn sleeping on the couch in the family room some mornings.   When I’ve ask him about it, he tells me he couldn’t sleep, and got up so he wouldn’t disturb Rick.”

Peyton said, “That sounds like they’re drifting apart to me.”

“It does to me, too.   I hate to see them split, because they really do love each other,” Jonathan said.   “We should call Greg and Cory to let them know we’re coming.”

Peyton said, “We’ll call them first thing in the morning, before they leave for their classes.   They wanted us to join them for spring break.”

“Their spring break starts in about two weeks,” Jonathan said.

“Then, it’s perfect timing for us to move to Minneapolis.   That will give us time to get settled in, before taking off for spring break with them,” Peyton said.

“Where are they going?” Jonathan asked.

“I think Grandpa is flying them to Orlando,” Peyton said.   “Grandpa asked if we wanted to join them.”

Jonathan said, enthusiastically, “I hope you said yes, because I love going to Universal Studios and Disney World.”

Peyton smiled at his husband’s excitement.   “I said we would love to go with them.”

“I hope it isn’t too late to get on the same flights as Greg and Cory,” Jonathan said.

“We can book our flights right now, if you want,” Peyton said.   He rolled over, and turned on the lamp.

He got up and walked over to the desk.   He opened his laptop, and logged in.   He opened his cell phone, and saw that it was 11 PM.   Knowing his friends, he figured they were still up, so he sent them a text message.   A few minutes later, the phone rang.

“Hey!   What’s up,” Greg said.

“We want to know what flights you’re on from Minneapolis to Orlando,” Peyton said.

Greg said, “Does this mean you’re moving up here before spring break?”

“Yes, it does,” Peyton replied.   “We haven’t told Rick and Glenn yet; but, we plan to be there by early next week.”

“That’s fantastic,” Greg said.   “Your room is ready.   You don’t need to buy any furniture or anything, since the house is already fully furnished.”

“Great!   Now, what is your flight information, so we can book the same flights,” Peyton said.   Peyton wrote down the flight information, as Greg read it to him.

“Thanks, Greg.   We’ll talk to you tomorrow about our final plans, after we talk to Rick and Glenn,” Peyton said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Greg said.

“Bye,” Peyton said.

“Bye,” Greg responded.

Peyton cut the connection, and quickly navigated to the appropriate web site to book their flights.   After completing the task, he closed his laptop, and returned to bed.   Jonathan pulled him close, and kissed him.

The next day, Peyton and Jonathan were watching the evening news when a commentator reported on recently completed prison studies showed thousands of inmates, nationwide, had reported being raped behind bars.   The authors of the study indicated their estimates were low because many prison rapes go unreported.   Their findings were based on in-person interviews with victims, perpetrators, prison guards and administrators from across the nation.  (See Author’s Notes at the end of the chapter.)

As soon as the reporter finish talking, Jonathan turned to Peyton, and said, “Look at me, Peyton.”   He put his hand up to Peyton’s chin, and turned his head until he could look into his husband’s eyes.   “We’re going to contact those researchers to find out how we can help get laws passed to stop prison rape.  There has to be something we can do to get people’s attention.”

Peyton said, “It won’t be easy.   People, in general, want to pretend that prisons don’t exist, or, if they acknowledge that prisons do exist, they insist inmates are only getting their just punishment.   It’s like you become some kind of animal, instead of a human being, once you’re behind bars.   The prison guards and administrators actually encourage rape and sexual assault, as a method of controlling the prison inmates.   They ignore reports of prison rape and sexual assault; and, in many cases, the victim is punished for snitching on those who assaulted him.   Meanwhile, our society doesn’t want to know about what happens behind bars.   They live in their bubble, ignoring everything outside of their little piece of the world.”

Jonathan said, “I know, Babe.   I used to be one of those people, until I met you.   You’ve opened my eyes to the evils infecting our justice system from the prosecutors who pile on as many charges as possible; with the hope of getting a plea bargain, instead of trying to see justice served, to our law enforcement officers who believe themselves to be above the law.”

Peyton added, “And don’t forget the prison guards who get away with raping and sexually assaulting their captives, as well as physically beating them into submission, without fear of repercussions.   I was fortunate they didn’t kill me.   I’ve seen reports of prison guards killing inmates, then blaming other prisoners for the deaths, or stating that they had no choice but to kill them, because they feared for their lives.”

“How can they say they feared for their lives, when the inmates are unarmed and usually behind bars?” Jonathan said.

“One of my friends at the prison was beaten by two sets of guards, because he told them to leave me alone.   They said they needed to teach him to respect their authority.   They broke his back, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down,” Peyton said.   “There was one positive thing that came out of that incident – he was transferred to another prison, since he was paralyzed.”

“Were the guards disciplined for what they did?” Jonathan asked.

“No, they weren’t, because they deleted the surveillance video showing what happened.   They claimed there was a mechanical malfunction with the recording equipment.   They bragged about it, and made sure I knew they were able to do anything to me they wanted,” Peyton said.   “I could’ve written up a complaint, but it would have only made things worse.”

“So how did your lawyers manage to get a hold of the tapes showing you being beaten?” Jonathan asked.

“Grandpa made a few well-placed phones calls, as soon as he heard what had happened.   There were outside investigators on-site within hours of his phone call.   Otherwise, I’m sure the video tapes would have been erased, before anyone could see them,” Peyton said.

They heard the front door open and close, and Rick appeared in the doorway to the family room.   “Hey guys!   Is Glenn home yet?”

Peyton said, “No, he isn’t here.”

Rick said, “I wonder where he went.   He’s usually home by now.”

Jonathan said, “Check your phone.   He probably sent you a text message.”

Rick pulled out his phone, and found nothing.   He decided to send Glenn a text.   He quickly typed in, “Where r u?  Luv U.”

A few seconds later, he received a text.   “w/Duane c/u soon.”

Rick sighed with relief.   He had been arguing with Glenn a lot, lately.   In fact, they hadn’t spoken to each other for nearly a week, since their last argument.   Rick sat down on the couch across from Peyton and Jonathan.  

Peyton asked, “Can we help, Rick?   I know you and Glenn aren’t on the best of terms, right now.”

Rick met his cousin’s gaze, and said, “I wish I knew what to do, Peyton.”

Jonathan said, “Well, you can start by apologizing to Glenn.”

Rick looked at him, in surprise.  “Did Glenn tell you what happened?”

Jonathan said, “Yes, he did.   When you came home from your weekend drill, I found him sleeping in here on the couch.   I asked him why he was in here, and he burst into tears, and poured out his soul to me.”

Rick looked away from Jonathan, and said, “Did he tell you everything.”

“I don’t know.   I know you told him you messed up last weekend.   He said you went out with your fellow Marines to a bar and got drunk.”

Rick nodded his head.   “Yes, that’s true.”

“He said you ended up in some hotel room with a woman from the bar.   He said you had sex with her,” Jonathan said.

Rick looked at the floor, and nodded his head.   He raised his eyes to meet Jonathan’s.   “I didn’t mean to cheat on Glenn.   I told him that.   I’ve been faithful to him for nearly six years, when I could have easily cheated on him while I was on active duty.   I asked him to forgive me for making a huge mistake.”

Peyton asked, “Why did you tell him?   If you hadn’t said anything, Glenn never would have been the wiser.”

“But, I would’ve known.   Glenn and I have always been completely honest with each other.   I felt I owed it to him to tell him the truth,” Rick said.

“Are you sure that is why you told him?” Jonathan asked.   “Are you trying to drive him away from you, so you won’t have to be the one to end your relationship?”

Peyton raised his hand, and said, “I don’t think that what Rick is up to, Jonathan.”   He looked at his cousin, and continued, “There’s something here that’s not right.” He met Rick’s gaze, and asked, “Rick, did you really have sex with a woman?”

“Yes, and no,” Rick said.   “Yes, because she gave me a blowjob; but when I tried to fuck her, I felt so guilty about being with her I couldn’t keep it up.”

“So, you didn’t really have sex with her.   I mean sexual intercourse,” Peyton said.

“No, I didn’t,” Rick admitted.

Peyton looked at Jonathan.   “So, what is the big deal?   He didn’t actually cheat on Glenn, since he didn’t fuck her.”

Jonathan shook his head, and said, “Peyton, just because Rick didn’t screw her, doesn’t mean he didn’t cheat on Glenn.   How would you feel if I went with some guy I met at a bar and sucked them off and spent the night with them?   Would you be okay with that, as long as I didn’t fuck him, or get fucked by him?”

Peyton said, “No, I wouldn’t be okay with that, at all.”

At that moment, they heard the front door open.   I shouted, “Honey, I’m home!”

Rick grinned, and shouted back, “I’m in here, Babe!”   He was relieved Glenn had come home.

I walked into the family room, and walked over to join Rick on the couch.   I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips.   “I love you.”

Rick said, “I love you, too; especially, now that you’re talking to me.”

I said, “Duane and Mason convinced me I needed to forgive you for your indiscretion.   They said I was making myself miserable for no reason, and I needed to be willing to forgive you, since you had the courage to tell me about it in the first place.”

Peyton looked over at Jonathan, and said, “I think we need to leave these two alone for a while.”

Peyton stood up, and turned to help Jonathan up.   They left the room, and we heard their bedroom door close.

Rick said, “Can you forgive me?  I know I shouldn’t have gone with my friends to that hotel.”

I said, “Yes, I forgive you.   I was so mad at you, when you told me that you’d gone with your buddies to fuck a whore.”

“I promise never to do that again,” Rick said.

“We’re you thinking maybe you could return to your womanizing?” I asked, bringing my hand to his face.   “I know you’ve been having some doubts about marrying me.”

He nodded his head, and said, “I’ve been wondering if I could go back to being with a woman.”

“Were you turned on by being with a girl?” I asked, curiously.

“I was at first, but when it came time to fuck her, I couldn’t do it,” Rick said.   He raised his eyes to mine.   “You’ve spoiled me, Glenn.   You’ve got the best looking ass in town, and I love fucking you.”

I leaned over, kissing me passionately.   We continued to make out on the couch for a while.   Rick said, “I think we need to take this to our room.”  I nodded my head in agreement.   He stood up, turning around to help me up.   He took my hand, and led me into our bedroom.

Zach and Todd stood in the delivery room beside the bed of their surrogate.   She looked up at them, and smiled.   Her name was Maria.   She had carried their twins for over eight months, with part of that time spent on bed rest to prevent them from coming too early.   The day had finally arrived, and she was excited to see her babies come into the world.   She had made it through until the first week of May, which was the week her doctors had set for delivering the babies.   The Anderson-Ingrams had arrived the week before, along with both sets of future grandparents.   They had spent the week visiting with her family.  

She was very proud to help this wonderful couple have a family of their own.   She had three children of her own, and felt very strongly about helping other couples have children.   Her husband, Cliff, had initially been opposed to letting her be a surrogate mother for a gay couple, until his brother, Tyler, had come out of the closet.   Tyler, not only came out of the closet, but he also presented his boyfriend to the family at the same time.   When Zach and Todd had contacted her about being their surrogate, she had asked Cliff if he was okay with it.   He had insisted on meeting them, first.   The guys had spent a week getting to know Cliff and Maria.   At the end of that week, Cliff had given his consent, as long as they used donor eggs, so that the children wouldn’t be genetically related to Maria.

Zach and Todd and readily agreed to his terms.   Zack and Todd had already thought about who they would ask to help them, and had made contact with Patty, their friend from college.   Patty had readily agreed to help them.   A few weeks later, Patty flew to California to meet Cliff and Maria, and to begin the process that led to this moment.

Dr. Dombrinski delivered the first baby boy, handing him to the nurse.   He clamped the umbilical cord close to the newborn’s stomach, and put a second clamp in place a short distance away from the first.   He turned to Zach.   “Would you like to cut the umbilical cord?”

Zach nodded his head, and took the scissors from the doctor’s hands, making the final cut, severing the umbilical cord.   Zach said, as the infant let out a wail.   “That’s definitely Cameron.   He’s got a good set of lungs on him.”

Dr. Dombrinski said, “Yes, he’s a healthy boy.”

Then, he delivered the second baby boy, handing him to a second nurse.   He turned to Todd, handing him the scissors.   Todd followed Zach’s example, and cut the cord.  

Todd said, “Skye seems to a much calmer baby.”   But, then, Skye began crying.

Zach laughed.   “No, he was just waiting for his Daddy to say something.”

The nurses weighed the two newborns, cleaned them up, swaddled each of them tightly in a blanket, and handed them to their mother.   Maria beamed with pride, as she held the newborns in her arms.  

“They are so beautiful.”  

She kissed each them on the top of their heads, then looked up at Zach and Todd.   “You have two beautiful sons.   Please take them.”

Zach and Todd each took a newborn boy into their arms.   Zach looked into the face of his tiny son.   “Hello, Cameron.”

Todd did the same with the baby boy he held in his arms.   “Hello, Skye.”

There were tears of joy in their eyes, as they held the twins in their arms.   After a few minutes, the nurses walked over to them.   One of them said, “We need to take them to the nursery.”

They handed the newborns over to the nurses.   After they left, they took Maria’s hands in theirs.   “Thank you so much,” Zach said.

Maria said, “You’re welcome.”

The doctor had finished delivering the placentas, and turned to the third nurse.   “Please finish cleaning her up.”

He turned to the guys, and said, “Congratulations!   I’m very happy we have two very healthy baby boys.”

He pulled off his surgical gloves, and shook their hands.   He turned to Maria, with a smile.   “Congratulations, Maria!”

Cliff, who had been waiting in the background, came forward to congratulate the happy couple.   “Congratulations, guys!”   He put his hand out to shake Zach’s.

Zach ignored his outstretched hand, and pulled him into a tight embrace.   “Thank you so much for helping us, Cliff.   We know how difficult it was for you and the children.”

Zach released him, with tears rolling down his cheeks.   He wiped his tears away with the back of his hand.   “I’m sorry.”

Cliff smiled up at the giant of a man standing in front of him.   “Don’t apologize.   I know how much you and Todd wanted to have children.”   He turned to Todd, who embraced him.  

“Thank you, Cliff, for making our dreams come true,” Todd said.   His voice was choked with emotion.

Cliff held him for a moment, then said, “I’m glad you came into our lives, Todd.  The children and I have come to consider you guys as part of our family.”  He released Todd, and continued, “Go see your boys, while I stay with Maria.”

Todd asked, “Are you sure?   We don’t want to abandon Maria.   She has done so much for us.”

Cliff laughed.   “I’ll take care of Maria.   You and Zach need to be with your parents.   Take them to see the twins in the nursery.   Come to Maria’s room after you’re done.”

Zach said, “Thank you both for all you’ve done for us.”

Maria smiled, and said, “Todd, take Zach to see the boys.”

Todd took Zach’s hand in his and led his husband out of the delivery room, and out into the hallway.   They walked hand in hand to the waiting room, where they found both sets of parents waiting anxiously.

As soon as they appeared, Vickie and Melissa were on their feet.   Melissa asked, “Is everything okay?”

Zach said, “Mom, the twins are in the nursery, and they’re doing fine.   If you want to see them, come with us.”

Zach’s mother threw her arms around her son.   “I’m so happy for you, Zach.”

He kissed her on the cheek, and said, “You’re grandmother now, Mom.”

She smiled up at her son.   “Yes, I am, and so is Vickie.”

Vickie hugged Todd, and said, “I’m so happy.”

Zach and Todd’s Dads waited patiently for their wives to release their sons.   Both of them gave their sons a hug.   Sam said, “Congratulations, boys!   Let’s go see our grandsons.”

Brad asked, “Who do they look like?”

Zach said, “You’ll have to see for yourself.”

Zach and Todd led their parents down the hallway to the nursery, where they looked through the windows, trying to locate the twins.   Zach saw the two boys in their hospital bassinettes, with their names written on two blue cards – C. Anderson-Ingram and S. Anderson-Ingram.   He pointed to where they were, and said, “There they are.   Do you see them?”

One of the nurses saw them pointing to the twins, and rolled them closer the window, so they could see them better.   She smiled, and waved to them.

Brad said, “They both look like Zach.”

Melissa laughed, and said, “Well, what did you expect?   He’s their father.”

Zach grinned, and said, “They are very handsome boys.”

Todd put his arm around his husband’s waist, pulling him close to him.   He gave Zach a quick kiss, and said, “Yes, they’re very good looking, just like their Dad.”

Sam said, “I’m glad I’ve got two grandsons.”

Vickie said, “They’re beautiful.”

After they had finished looking at the babies, they went to Maria’s room.   She had a private room, and Cliff and their three children (Michael - age 8, Jamie – age 7, and Veronica - age 5) were with her.

She smiled, when she saw Zach and Todd standing in the doorway.   “Please, come in.”

Veronica ran over to them and raised her arms to Zach.   “Uncle Zach, did you know that Momma had your babies?”

Zach scooped the little girl into his arms.   He smiled at her.   “Yes, I did.   I just came from the nursery, where Cameron and Skye are sleeping.”

She asked, “When can I see them?”

Zach looked over at her parents, and said, “That depends on your Mommy and Daddy.”

Cliff responded, “We’ll go see the babies in a few minutes, Veronica.”

The Andersons and the Ingrams joined Zach and Todd in Maria’s room.   Melissa walked over to Maria’s bed, and took her hand in hers.   “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our boys.”

Maria smiled up at her.   “You’re welcome.   We’ve adopted them as our own.”

Cliff said, “Yes, we’ve come to love your sons over the last few months.   They are wonderful people.”

Michael said, “We love Uncle Zach and Uncle Todd.   We want them to move to California, to be near us.”

Jamie said, “I love watching Uncle Zach play hockey.   I want to be a hockey play just like Uncle Zach.”

Brad said, “If you play a lot of hockey like Zach did when he was your age, then you should be in good shape.”

Michael asked, “Grandpa Brad, did you play hockey when you were my age?”

Brad shook his head.   “No, I played basketball.   I didn’t like hockey much.”

Zach laughed.   “Dad tried to convince me to play basketball, but I didn’t want anything to do with the sport.”

Veronica asked, “Did you know I have eight grandparents?”

Zach shook his head, and said, “No, I didn’t know that.”

She pointed at the Andersons and Ingrams, as she named them, “There’s Grandpa Brad, Grandpa Sam, Grandma Melissa, and Grandma Vickie.   Plus, I have Nana, Grandpa Bill, Granny, and Grandpa Cliff.”

“You must be pretty special to have so many grandparents,” Zach said.

Veronica nodded her head.   She had a very serious look on her face, as she said, “Yes, I am special.   My Daddy says so.”

Zach looked over at Cliff, for confirmation.   Cliff grinned, and said, “Veronica is special, because she’s the only girl.”

Zach sat her down on her feet, and she ran to her Daddy, hugging him around the legs.

Sam said, “We don’t want to overwhelm you with visitors, but we wanted to express our appreciation for what you’ve done for Zach and Todd.”

Maria said, “I’m not overwhelmed yet.   I’m just a little tired, that’s all.”

Vickie walked over to Maria’s hospital bed, and leaned over to give her a kiss and a hug.   “Rest while you can, dear.   We’ll come back a little later.”

Brad said, “We’re going out to grab a bite to eat.   We’ll be back before visiting hours are over.”  

Zach and Todd’s parents left the room, and Zach and Todd sat down to visit with Maria and her family.   Seeing Maria had dropped off to sleep, Zach looked over at Cliff, and asked, “Would it be alright for us to take the children out to eat?”

Cliff smiled, and said, “That would be great.   I’ll stay with Maria.”

Jamie took Zach’s hand, “Can we go to Wendy’s?”

“Sure,” Zach said.

“I want a frosty,” Jamie said.

Veronica and Michael both said, “Me, too.”

Veronica took Zach’s other hand, while Michael took Todd’s.   They led them out of the hospital, and out to their rented vehicle.   They returned a while later to find Maria and Cliff engaged in conversation.

The children ran to their mother, and hugged her.   She smiled at her children, as they talked excitedly about seeing the new babies.   Even the boys were exited, despite Michael’s attempts to hide his excitement.   A few minutes later, two nurses rolled the hospital bassinettes into her room.   Veronica immediately climbed down from her mother’s bed, and ran over to see the babies.

She turned to her mother, and said, “Why are they so red?”

Maria answered her, “That’s just the way babies are when they’re first born.”

Veronica turned back to look at the twins, and said, “Cameron is wide awake.   May I hold him?”

The nurse looked at her mother, who nodded her approval.   She said, “If you’ll sit down in that chair, I’ll help you hold the baby.”

Veronica did as she was directed.   She placed Cameron in her arms, and said, “You need to support his head in the crook of your arm, and put the rest of your arm like this.”

Veronica beamed, as she held the infant in her arms.   Zach took out his camera and snapped a couple of photos.   The other nurse picked up Skye and started to hand him to Maria.  

Maria shook her head, and said, “Give him to his father.”   She pointed to Zach.  

Zach handed his camera to Todd, and took Skye from the nurse, holding him as if he were made of glass.   The nurse smiled, and said, “You have two very beautiful boys.”

Zach said, “Thank you.”   It was obvious he was a very proud father.

The nurse turned to retrieve a baby bottle filled with infant formula.   “He is due for a feeding, as is his twin.”   She handed the bottle to Zach, who sat down in a chair next to Veronica.   The nurse handed a baby bottle to Veronica, and showed her how to hold it.

“Now, remember to stop and burp him after he drinks about 2 ounces,” she said.  

Maria said, “I’ll show her how to burp the baby, when he’s ready.”

The nurse smiled, and said, “Okay, I’ll leave you to enjoy your newborns.   Just push the call button, when you’re ready for us to take them back to the nursery.”  The nurses left the room, commenting on how wonderful it was to see the whole family welcoming the new babies.

Veronica kept pulling the bottle out of Cameron’s mouth to check how much formula he had drank.   Each time, he would begin to cry, until she returned the bottle to his mouth.

Todd said, “I think I know who will be the loudest of the two boys.”

Zach laughed, “I’m sure it’ll be Cameron, but I think Skye will have him beat in the eating department.   He’s already downed two ounces.”

He removed the bottle from his son’s mouth and lifted him to his shoulder, gently rubbing the baby’s back, until he heard him burp.   He returned him to the crook of his arm, and continued to feed him his formula.

Veronica watched Zach burp Skye, then did the same thing for Cameron.   When Cameron’s hunger was satisfied, Veronica looked up at Todd, and asked, “Do you want to hold Cameron?”

Todd said, “Sure.”  

Todd walked over, and took Cameron from Veronica’s arms.  She immediately jumped down, and ran to her mother’s beside, while Todd took her place in the chair.

She said, excitedly, “Mommy I got to feed the baby.”

Maria smiled at her daughter, and responded, “You did a great job, Veronica.   I’m proud of you.”

Veronica ran over to her father, and climbed up on his lap.   She wrapped her arms around his neck, and said, “I love you, Daddy.   You’re the best.”

Cliff smiled, and said, “Thank you, Veronica.   I think you’re pretty special yourself.”

After a while, Cliff said, “Children, it’s time for us to go home.   Your mother needs some rest.   Give her a hug and a kiss.”

After they were finished, Cliff did the same.   He smiled at her, and said, “I love you, Maria.   I’m glad I married such a wonderful woman.”

She said, “I love you, too.   Thank you for supporting me during the pregnancy.   I’m so happy we were able to help Zach and Todd.”  

He turned to the guys, and said, “Thank you for your patience with me.   I know I wasn’t very kind toward you guys, when we first met.”

Zach smiled, and said, “But, the important thing is you gave your permission for Maria to be our surrogate.”

Cliff nodded his head.   “Yes, that is true.   It’s been an eye opening experience for me.  I’ve had to re-evaluate my opinion about gay couples several times over the last few months.   You’ve smashed into oblivion all of my pre-conceived notions of gays.   I wish everyone could meet you two, then they would know gay couples are loving, wonderful people.”  Cliff walked over to Zach and Todd and kissed each one on the cheek.   He left them to follow his children down the corridor to the elevators.

Zach looked at Todd, and saw the tears streaming down his cheeks.   “Are you okay, Babe?”

Todd said, “I never expected Cliff to admit he had a lot of prejudices against gays.”

Maria said, “Cliff is really a good guy.   It just took him a while to see past all of the bad things being said about gays, to see the reality of who you are.”

Zach said, “I don’t think it had so much to do with us, Maria.   I think he was able to see past his prejudices, because he married a wonderful woman, who has a big heart.”

Maria smiled, but didn’t respond to his statement.   They sat in companionable silence, as the twins slept in their fathers’ arms.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see Zach had sent me a message.   I opened it.

“Dads and twins doing fine!”

I opened the pics to see Zach and Todd holding their baby boys.

I texted them back, “Congratulations!”

I showed Rick the photo.   He grinned.   “I’m happy for them.”

I said, “Now, we just have to wait for Mark and Brandon’s baby to be born,” I said.

“That won’t be until September,” Rick said.

There was a knock on the door, and Rick went to answer it.   He returned with Keith and Egan.

“Can you watch Egan for us?” Keith asked.   “Kerry is craving a hamburger.   He’s in bed already, so you’ll have to come downstairs, while I take Kerry to get her burger.”

I laughed, and said, “Sure, we’ll come down.   At least Kerry isn’t craving pickles and ice cream like she was last week.”

Keith shook his head in amazement.   “It’s always something different.   Dad told me Mom had some pretty strange cravings when she was pregnant with me.”

Rick said, “Let’s go.”

I said, “I’ll get the lights.”   I made a quick trip through the condo, turning out the lights.   I met Keith and Rick at the front door, and we made our way downstairs to Keith and Kerry’s place.

Kerry smiled, when she saw us.   “Thanks for coming downstairs to babysit Egan.   He’s just gone to sleep, and we didn’t want to wake him up.   I really want a big juicy hamburger.”

Rick said, “So we heard.   You two go get the burger, and we’ll wait here for you to get back.”

They left, and we took a seat on the couch.   I sat between Rick legs and leaned back against his chest.   He wrapped his arms around me pulling me close.   He kissed the back of my neck.

“I love you, Babe,” Rick said.

“I love you, too,” I replied.   “Would you care if I quit my job?”

Rick said, “No.   Why do you ask?”

“Things have gotten so bad at work I hate going there.   In the beginning, it was fun.   Duane and Mason were there, and our boss was gay, as well.   Now, that Robb has moved to a new job, and Duane and Mason have moved away, there isn’t anyone left.”

“Aren’t there a couple of gay guys working in a different department?” Rick asked.

“No, they quit a couple of months ago, because the work environment has become so hostile,” I said.

“Why don’t you talk to Rene about what’s going on.   Maybe she’ll make some changes.” Rick said.

I said, “I’ll try that, but I’m not sure it will work.”

Rick said, “Well, you won’t know until you talk to her.   I think everyone deserves a chance to change things, after they’ve been told about something they’re doing wrong.”

His statement struck home, since he had asked me for a second chance after messing up by picking up a hooker at a bar.   I said, “Okay, I’ll give her an opportunity to make things better.”

“Grandpa keeps asking me what our plans are, after I get out of the Marine Corps,” Rick said.  I didn’t say anything, because we’ve argued a lot about his insistence on staying in the military.   “I’m thinking of re-enlisting for another six years.”

I said, “You need to make the decision that is best for you, Babe.   You already know how I feel about it.”    I hoped he would decide to get out of the Marine Corps, so we could get married and start a family.

“I know,” Rick said.   “But, I’m glad you’re not flipping out every time I mention re-enlisting.”

“It wouldn’t do me any good to pull a temper tantrum about it.   You need to decide what you’re doing,” I said.

He said, “I love you for being willing to let me decide what I want.”

“Well, I’ve argued with you enough about it already, so continuing to argue just makes things unpleasant.   I want us to enjoy our time together.   We’ve both been pretty miserable, because of our arguments, and I don’t want that to be what you remember about me, if you decide to find someone else.   I want you to look back and remember how wonderful things were between us.   Not only that, I can’t force you to get out of the military.   You have to decide for yourself what you want to do.   If it’s meant for us to be together for the rest of our live, things will work out so that happens.   Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy being with you.”

Rick said, “Thank you, Babe.   I read somewhere a saying about love that went something like this:   Love is meant to be shared.   Let it go, and it will come and softly sit on your shoulder.   I think that by just loving each other, things will work out.”

I nodded my head, and relaxed in his arms.   After a few moments, he turned me around, so I was straddling him.   I could feel his cock swelling beneath me.   I grinned at him.

“I wonder what you have on your mind,” I said.

“You know what I have on my mind, but we’ll need to wait until Keith and Kerry return.   However, I intend to make out with you, while we wait.”

When they returned, we were both extremely amped up.   Keith took one look at us, and laughed.   “I know what you guys were up to while we were gone.   I think we need to let these two lovebirds go back upstairs, and quickly.”

Kerry smiled, and said, “Thank you for babysitting.”

We left them, and ran up the stairs to our condo.   Rick opened the door, and led me to our bedroom.   We lost our clothes along the way, so when he closed the bedroom door, we both completely naked.   Rick pushed me down on the bed.   The look of lust in his eyes let me know I was in for a wild ride!  

Prev To be continued . . .

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