The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 142: Together, Again!

We left Joey and Tyler’s place and returned to Greg and Cory’s next door.  As we walked in, Greg looked up and grinned.  “I’m winning, guys.”

“Only by 2 points!” Robbie quickly pointed out.

“What are you playing?” Peyton asked.

“Hearts,” Cory said.

Peyton smiled, and said, “Growing up, we played cards as a family.  Dad loved playing hearts, spades, bridge and pinochle.”

Robbie looked at Peyton, with raised eyebrows.  “I thought God-fearing Christians didn’t believe in playing cards.”

Peyton laughed.  “Well, my dad may have claimed to be a Christian; but, he sure didn’t act like it most of the time.  He liked to gamble and play cards, as well as a few other things that would’ve gotten him kicked out of our church.”

Greg said, “I take it he made a big show of being a righteous believer.”

“Yes, he did, to the point of being fanatical,” Peyton said, nodding his head.

“So, why does he hate gays so much?” Adam asked.

Peyton shrugged.  “I can’t really answer that question.  I know I hated gays, because I thought it was expected of me.  I wanted my parents’ approval, and I thought helping dad destroy gays would earn me his praises.”

Jonathan said, “I’m glad you don’t feel that way now.”

Peyton leaned over to kiss his husband.  “So am I.  I would’ve missed out on the most wonderful man in the entire world.”

“Do your parents know you’re gay?” Robbie asked.

“No, they don’t,” Peyton said.  He paused, then said, “They may have heard rumors; but before you ask, no, I don’t intend to ever tell them.”

“Why not?  What if they have a change of heart?” asked Adam.

“It’s not that simple.  They disowned me for not killing my cousin and his boyfriend.  They accused me of screwing everything up.  When dad ended up in jail, my mother blamed me.  After I got out of jail the first time, they told me not to darken their door,” Peyton said, pain and sadness showing on his face.  Jonathan took his hand in his.  Peyton’s eyes were bright, as he blinked back tears.  “It really rocked my world.  I didn’t expect them to reject me.  I was extremely angry and hurt, because I had done everything they asked of me.”  He met Adam’s gaze.  “So, now you know why I will never tell them anything.  I want nothing to do with them, or any of the rest of my family except Rick.  I’m much happier being a Scarborough.”

Greg smiled, and said, “I’m glad you’re part of our family.”

Cory said, “Yes, being a member of the Scarborough family is a good thing.”

Greg said, “We’re thinking of getting married a second time, since we hadn’t adopted the Scarborough name when we were married.”

“It would be a kind of recommitment ceremony for us,” Cory said.

Jonathan asked, “When would you do that?”

“We don’t know,” Greg said.  “We thought maybe after we’re done with college.  We could take a second honeymoon, to celebrate getting out of school.”

“I like the idea of a second honeymoon,” Peyton said, leering at his husband.

Jonathan blushed…then laughed.  “You have a one-track mind, Peyton!”

“Yes, all I want is sex, and more sex with you,” Peyton said, putting his arm around his lover’s waist.

Cory laughed, and said, “You’re not alone there, Peyton.  Greg is like that, too.”

“As if you aren’t just as horny as I am,” Greg said, accusingly.

“I never said I wasn’t,” Cory responded, ruffling Greg’s hair.

Robbie looked at Adam, and then said, “We’re very much addicted to each other’s bodies.  I think it’s the way it should be between spouses.”

I laughed, and said, “I think all gay guys are horny most of the time.  Rick and I are just like you guys; only we aren’t married.”

Greg said, “So, what are you going to do about him, Glenn?”

I shrugged my shoulders.  “I’m not sure.  I’ve asked Duane and Mason to help me find my own place.  Maybe putting some space between us will help us sort things out.  I know I can’t think straight when Rick touches me.”

Robbie said, “We know.  We’ve witnessed that phenomenon.  You’re completely mesmerized by him.”

Greg’s phone buzzed, letting him know he had a text message.  He pulled his phone from his pocket and tapped the screen to read the message from Rick, “I’m on my way.  Will be there between 3 and 4 am.”

He sent back, “Will let the office know you’re coming.  Park in the check-in lot and I’ll leave the key with the guard at the gate.”

He returned the phone to his pocket and looked up to see Cory watching him.  He winked and smiled at his husband, who nodded his understanding.

Peyton yawned widely and said, “I’m ready for bed.”

Jonathan laughed.  “You’re not tired.  You’re just horny.”

Peyton grinned.  “Guilty as charged, sir!”  He took Jonathan by the hand.  “We’ll see you guys in the morning.”  He led his husband to their room, closing the door behind them.

Greg looked around the table, and asked, “Are you willing to concede the game, or do you want another round?”

Robbie laughed.  “We’ll concede this round; but, we definitely want a rematch tomorrow.”

Greg smiled in triumph.  “I’ll gladly play you guys, again, tomorrow!  You already know who’ll win!”

Cory stood up and said, “Come on, Greg, I’m taking you to bed.  I believe we need a victory celebration!”  He took Greg’s hand in his, pulling him to his feet. 

Greg wrapped his arms around his husband, kissing him.  “Let’s go, Babe.”  They disappeared into their room, leaving me with Robbie and Adam.

Robbie asked, “Are you okay with sleeping on the pull out bed, Glenn?  You could go next door and sleep in the 3rd bedroom.  Justin and Brian have the master bedroom, and Duane and Mason have the other big room, but the smaller room is empty.”

I shook my head.  “I’m good.  I just need a pillow and a blanket.”

Robbie and Adam adjourned to their room.  Robbie opened their closet and pulled out sheets, a blanket and a pillow and handed them to me.  “There’s an extra blanket in the corner next to the couch, if you need another one.”

I hugged each of them and said, “Good night, guys.”

I returned to the living room.  I dropped the bedding in an armchair, removed the cushions from the couch, and pulled out the hide-a-bed, unfolding it to its full length.  I sat down on the mattress, to test it out.  It felt okay, unlike other pull outs I’ve slept on!  I quickly made up the bed with sheets, blanket and pillow.  I walked into the bathroom to take care of my toilet, before climbing into bed.  I tried to ignore the sounds of great sex coming from the three bedrooms, where the married guys were making love to each other.

I missed Rick and wanted him with me.  I wasn’t sure I was ready to go back to him; but, I knew I wanted to be with him, despite his desire to stay in the military.  I stared up at the ceiling with my hands behind my head.  There was an easy solution to my problem – just let Rick do what he wanted to do.  I blinked away the tears suddenly blurring my vision.  I hated giving up on my dream of being married to him; but it seemed Rick wasn’t ready to take that step.  I didn’t know when he ever would be.

I rolled over and looked out at the full moon through the sliding glass doors, wondering if my love for Rick would carry us through 5 or 6 more years of military service.  I had to ask myself - could I continue in the same situation for 12 years or more – because there was no guarantee Rick wouldn’t want to stay in the military until he could retire.  Could I abandon my dream of being married with children?  Would Rick agree to adopt children without being married?  Could I live with myself if I forced Rick to abandon his dreams of a military career?  There were so many unanswered questions running around in my brain.  Why did things have to be so complicated?  I finally fell into an uneasy slumber, my subconscious mind still in turmoil.

Greg’s alarm woke him an hour later.  Slipping out of bed, he quickly dressed and opened their bedroom door to peek out into the living room.  He could see Glenn sleeping on the hide-a-bed.  Listening for a few moments to reassure himself Glenn was completely asleep, he tiptoed through the condo and quietly slipped out the front door.  He walked through the resort complex to the guard house and tapped on the door.   The guard opened the door.  He was a tall, well-built man with honey colored skin and eyes. 

He smiled and asked, “How can I help you, sir?”

Greg glanced at his name tag, and said, “Eugene, I have a friend who will be here about 3 AM.   May I leave the key to our condo with you?”

Eugene nodded his head.  “Sure.  He’ll have to park next to the office since it’s closed for the night.  He can check-in first thing in the morning.”

“Great!  Thanks for helping me.  His name is Rick Lernier.  He’ll be driving a red Corvette,” Greg said.   Greg wrote down the condo number and gave the key to Eugene.

Eugene smiled and said, “I’ll keep an eye out for him.”

Greg made his way back to the condo and let himself in, gently closing the door to prevent waking anyone up.  As he passed through the living room, he stopped dead in his tracks when Glenn stirred.  After waiting a few moments, Greg completed his journey back to his bedroom and into his husband’s waiting arms. 

Cory snuggled close to him, and whispered, “Is everything all set?”

Greg whispered back, “Yes.  I sent a text message to Rick, letting him know Glenn is sleeping in the living room by himself.  I told him to keep quiet when he comes in, so he doesn’t wake anyone.”

Cory kissed him and laid his head on his chest, savoring the feel of Greg’s body against his.  He loved this giant of a man.  Greg’s arms tightened around him, increasing his sense of warmth and security.  He soon drifted off to sleep to the steady rhythm of Greg’s heart, hoping things would work themselves out between their two friends.

Rick stopped for gas just outside Orlando and checked his phone for messages.  He felt his phone vibrate earlier, but hadn’t taken his attention off the road ahead.  Reading Greg’s message, he smiled.  He was grateful for good friends who cared enough to warn him he needed to be with Glenn, or he would lose him.  He kept going over in his mind how he would slip into bed and hold Glenn in his arms.  He hoped Glenn wouldn’t reject him, but would melt into his embrace and things would return to normal.  He had realized he needed Glenn in his life over the past few days.  He still had desires to be with a woman; but, he also wanted to be with Glenn. 

He thought to himself, “You are one mixed up guy, Rick Lernier.  You can’t have it both ways, buddy.  You know if you stay with Glenn because you love him, girls will be off limits.  Maybe I can convince Glenn to let me have sex with a woman every now and then.”

Rick shook his head.  He knew Glenn wouldn’t go for that.  Glenn had made it clear from the outset he was a one man kind of guy.  Glenn flirted like crazy with all the guys, but he’d never been unfaithful to Rick and expected Rick to be faithful to him.  Rick continued to mull things over as he drove the last few miles to the resort.  Parking his car near the resort office, he walked over to the guard shack. 

As he approached, the guard stepped out.  “Are you Mr. Lernier?”

Rick smiled and responded, “Yes, I’m Rick Lernier.”

“Good.  I’ve been expecting you.  Here is the key card and a map,” he said.  “You are here.”  He pointed to a spot on the map.  “Walk down this sidewalk between the buildings and the condo will be directly in front of you.”

“Thank you,” Rick said, taking the key card and map.  He walked swiftly to the condo building and took the stairs to the second floor.  He found Greg and Cory’s condo and slid the card into the lock and pulled it out again.  The door unlocked and he quietly opened the door.  He slipped inside and gently lowered his back pack to the floor.  He slipped his shoes off, placing them next to his back pack, and walked through the kitchen, his bare feet making no sound on the tile floor.  He could see Glenn’s sleeping form on the pull out bed in the living room.

He walked over to the side of the bed and stood looking down into his lover’s face.  His eyes filled with tears, as he took in the handsome features of Glenn’s boyish face.  He had missed seeing his man.  He missed holding him in his arms.  He missed Glenn’s quirky sense of humor.  In fact, he missed everything about him!  How could he have been so stupid!  He might crave sex with a woman, but not enough to lose the love of his life!  That realization hit him hard, causing a hard lump to form in his throat and his eyes burned with hot tears.  He knew, at that moment, he would do whatever it took to repair the damage he had done to their relationship.  He knew he would have to work hard to regain Glenn’s trust, but he needed Glenn to let him back into his life, and he knew of only one way to do that! 

He quickly stripped out of his clothes as he walked around to the other side of the bed.  He climbed in beside Glenn, taking him in his arms and started kissing him.  He caressed his body, reveling in the smoothness of his lover’s skin.  He loved how Glenn did everything to please him, including shaving his body hair.  He became very hard, as he breathed in the scent of his soul mate.  It always amazed him how Glenn’s scent turned him on.  He leaned down to gently bite his nipples, causing them to harden, as he suckled on them.  He moved up to nibble on Glenn’s earlobe, and whispered, “I love you, Glenn, please forgive me for being such an idiot.”  Glenn smiled and opened his eyes. 

In my dream, Rick was making love me and it felt so real.  I felt his mouth on my skin, setting every cell in my body on fire.  I even heard Rick’s voice in my ear.  “I love you, Glenn, please forgive me for being such an idiot.”

I opened my eyes and met Rick’s gaze.  He smiled and rubbed noses with me.  It took me a moment to realize this wasn’t a dream.  Rick really was in my bed, holding me in his arms.  Everywhere his hard body touched mine was on fire for him.  My body’s reaction to his touch left me no choice but to melt into him.

I smiled, and said, “I love you, too.”

He captured my lips and I opened my mouth to return his kiss, our tongues battling for supremacy.  His hands roamed my body, scorching my skin everywhere he touched me.  He slipped my speedos off of me and took me in his mouth, causing me to arch my back in pure ecstasy.  He brought me to the edge, then backed off.

“Rick, I need you inside of me,” I begged, looking deeply into his eyes. 

He doubled me almost in half, as he leaned down to kiss me, pushing his throbbing, pulsing cock deep, filling me completely.  Rick was extremely horny and fucked me hard, making sure I knew I belonged to him as he filled me with his seed! 

We lay exhausted in each other’s arms, enjoying the feel of skin against skin.  “I’ve missed you, Babe,” he said, nipping at my earlobe.  He trailed kisses down my face to my chin, before recapturing my lips in a passionate kiss.  I felt him harden again.

“I can tell,” I said, stroking his erect cock.  “I can’t believe you’re up for more sex.”

Rick grinned at me.  “I could fuck you all night.”  He continued kissing me all over.  Making his way back up to my lips, he pulled back and looked into my eyes, brushing my hair back from my face.  “I’m sorry for being such an idiot.  I know I hurt you deeply.  Can you forgive me?”

My eyes filled with tears, as I replied, “As long as you can forgive me for forcing you to choose between me and your career in the military.”

He smiled and said, “I’m just as guilty as you are when comes to that.  I was the one forcing you to give up your dream of being married.  I know how much it means to you.  I’m sorry.  Of course, I forgive you.”  He kissed me, before continuing, “I didn’t start the paperwork to stay in the Marine Corps.”

I looked at him in surprise.  “Why?  What changed your mind?”

“I realized I missed you too much and needed you with me.  You mean everything to me,” he replied, gently kissing my lips.  He repositioned himself between my legs, pushing deep inside me.   “I’m kind of addicted to your body.”  He let the weight of his body settle on mine, pinning me underneath him.

I nodded my head, acknowledging the fact I had given myself to him completely.  Rick made it his mission in life to keep me very well fucked and completely dependent on his wild, rough sex.  He knows exactly what gives me maximum pleasure. 

I caught his head in my hands, meeting his gaze.  I said, “I know.  I’m just as addicted to you as you are to me.”  I pulled his head down to meet my lips in a gentle kiss.  “But the military isn’t the only thing we need to talk about.  I know there’s more to what happened than just your desire to stay in the Marine Corps.”

Rick raised an eyebrow, going completely still, his cock deflating at the thought of what was to come.  He knew what Glenn wanted to discuss; but asked, “What’s that?”

“I think you know, sweetheart,” I said, cupping his cheek with my hand.

Rick looked away from me and sighed.  “Yes, I do.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked with trepidation, not sure I wanted to have this conversation, but knowing it was necessary to put all of our cards on the table.

“I guess we should,” Rick said, his arms tightening around me.  He cleared his throat, and said, “I’m still attracted to women, Glenn.  I don’t know if I’m bi-sexual, but I’m definitely not completely gay.  I’ve been thinking a lot about being with a different woman every weekend, like I was doing when we met,” he said.

“Maybe you’re bi-sexual,” I said, trying not to cringe.  I didn’t want him to be bi or straight.  I wanted him completely gay for me!

He shrugged.  “I don’t know what label to put on what I feel.  I don’t think I’m gay, except where you’re concerned.  I know how horny I am around you.  I can’t get enough of you.”  He paused, before continuing, “I’m pretty confused.  The one thing I do know for certain is I’m deeply in love with you, Glenn, and the sex is fantastic!  But, even with all that, I still have a strong desire to bed a woman.  I keep thinking there is no way I can be gay, because I’m not really attracted to other guys.  I watch how you react to other guys and it’s obvious you’re gay.  I don’t’ react that way to guys.  It’s women who draw my attention.  I don’t understand it, Glenn.  How can I be so attracted to women; but, at the same time, be so turned on by you?”

“I don’t know the answer to your question, Rick.  I’ve seen you admiring the girls,” I said.  “It’s a fact you’ve been doing it since the beginning of our relationship.  I’ve always thought you were straight, except when it comes to me.”  I ran the tips of my fingers along his jaw.  I looked deeply into his blue eyes, “I also know you haven’t completely committed yourself to me and our relationship.  I’ve watched you struggle with your desires for me and what you consider to be ‘normal.’”

Rick didn’t look away.  “I won’t deny it, Glenn.  I’ve been struggling with who I am for months, now.  It’s been more like a major battle going on in my head.  When you left me last week, I was determined to stay in the Marine Corps, and I planned to go out with the guys to the bars to find a woman to fuck.  I thought I knew what I wanted - a woman in my life.  I had to end the inner turmoil I was experiencing.   But, by the time I went to drill, I was missing you so much, it hurt.  I’ve never felt so alone, Glenn.  In my mind’s eye, I kept seeing the pain in your eyes when you left the condo that day.  It sent an arrow straight through my heart.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I hurt you.  When you wouldn’t return my text messages, or phone calls, I didn’t know what to do.  I was so afraid of losing you.”

I said, “I was pretty angry with you, Rick.”

He met my gaze and said, “I know, believe me, I know.”  His eyes filled with tears and one managed to escape, running down his cheek.  I gently brushed it away with my thumb.  His deep blue eyes held mine.  “I don’t want to ever lose you, Glenn.”  His voice cracked with the strength of his emotions. 

The ice around my heart melted at the sight of his tears.  He had laid bare his soul to me and I could see the love in his eyes.  My big, tough Marine had given me his heart.  I said, “I love you, Rick, and we’ll work through this together.”  I kissed him tenderly, pouring all my love for him into it, willing him to taste my love for him.  “I promise I’ll do my best to talk things out with you.  I can’t live without you, Rick.”

Rick heard the honesty in Glenn’s voice and saw the love in his eyes.  Something moved deep inside of him, clicking into place, removing all of his doubts about his relationship with Glenn.  “Glenn, I’ll make you the same promise.  I’m sorry I didn’t talk things out with you, before making my decision about the military.  I promise to work with you on everything from now on.”

I kissed him again, before snuggling closer to him, resting my head on his chest.  As I drifted off to sleep, I felt Rick’s fingers running through my hair. 

Rick felt at peace with himself, as happiness stole into his heart.  He had his lover back in his arms, when he thought he had lost him because of his own selfish desires.  Glenn had accepted him back and forgiven him.  He had seen Glenn’s love for him reflected in his eyes and felt it with every touch of his hands on his body.  There was no denying he was madly in love with Glenn. 

Sighing contentedly, he tenderly stroked Glenn’s hair.  He felt the dissonance in his mind slip away as he finally came to terms with his love for Glenn, accepting the fact he couldn’t live without him.  He still wasn’t sure about the marriage thing.  Making such a permanent commitment made him nervous; but, he would worry about that later.  At this moment, all he wanted to do was enjoy the feel of his beloved in his arms.  He listened to Glenn’s steady breathing and knew he had gone to sleep.  He tightened his hold on him and kissed the top of his head, before allowing himself to drift off into a deep sleep.

Greg opened their bedroom door and looked into the living room.  Seeing his friends sleeping in each other’s arms brought a smile to his face.  He looked over his shoulder at his husband, and said, “Rick made it in last night.”

Cory smiled and said, “I know.  They woke me up a couple of hours ago.  All I can say is Glenn is going to be very sore this morning!”

Greg laughed.  “I heard them, as well.  I think they kissed and made up.”

Cory walked over to wrap his arms around Greg’s waist, kissing the back of his neck.  “You know the best sex we’ve had is make up sex after an argument.”

“Should we let them sleep a little longer?” Greg asked, leaning back against Cory’s chest.

“Yes, they’ll need it,” Cory responded.  “Let’s get showered, while you show me how much you love me.”

Cory released his husband and took him by the hand, leading him into the en suite.  Cory turned on the various shower heads, adjusting the temperature.  They stripped off their bikini briefs and stepped into the shower.  He couldn’t help admiring Greg’s well-muscled body.  He was glad Greg continued the workout routines he had learned playing football in high school.  He loved his husband’s hard body, knowing Greg belonged to him, both body and soul!

Seeing Cory’s possessive gaze run over his body, Greg’s cock came to full mast.  He said, “I’ll take care of you, then you can take care of me.”

Cory nodded his head in agreement.  “Okay.”

Their shower turned into the full-fledged make out session they had anticipated!  Temporarily sated, they stepped out of the shower and toweled each other dry, taking advantage of the opportunity to maintain skin to skin contact!  As a result, both were extremely aroused, despite their recent sexual release.  Greg maneuvered his husband into their bedroom.

Cory grinned up at him, and asked, “I wonder what you have on your mind?”  He cupped Greg’s very heavy balls, giving them a hard squeeze.  “These seem to be full again.”

Greg’s cock jumped in response.  He pushed Cory down onto their bed, pushing his legs apart.  He gave him a lecherous grin, and said, “I want to make sure you know you belong to me.”

The look of pure lust in Greg’s eyes sent shivers of anticipation down Cory’s spine.  Cory repositioned himself, giving Greg complete access to him.  He reached up to pull Greg’s head down to his, capturing his lips as Greg surged into him.  Their passion for each other consumed them both as the heat in their blood scorched them both with its intensity.

Jonathan awoke to hear Peyton sobbing.  “Please don’t fuck me, anymore” he said, begging for the sexual assault to stop. 

He gently shook his husband’s shoulder.  “Peyton, wake up.  It’s okay, I’m right here with you.  You’re in Orlando, Babe.”  He wrapped his arm around Peyton’s waist, pulling him closer.  He kissed the back of his neck, as he molded his body to Peyton’s.

Peyton’s crying stopped and Jonathan felt his husband’s body relax against him.  “Are you okay?”

A shudder shook Peyton’s and mumbled, “No, I’m not.”

Jonathan released his hold on him and rolled him over so they were facing each other.  “What can I do to help?”  His voice full of concern and worry for his lover.

Peyton’s eyes were still full of tears.  “I was dreaming about the gang rapes and the beatings I suffered in prison.  It felt like it was happening all over again.”

“I heard you begging for them to stop,” Jonathan said.  He smoothed Peyton’s hair, pushing it out of his eyes.  He continued, in a soothing tone of voice, “Everything will be alright, sweetheart.”

Peyton’s lower lip trembled and he raised his hand to cup Jonathan’s cheek.  “I am so broken, Jonathan.  Why did you marry me, when I’m in such bad shape?”

Jonathan put his hand over his husband’s.  “I married you because I love you, Peyton.  I don’t care how broken you are.  When I look into your eyes, I see a wonderful, kind and loving man.  I want to be here for you.  I want to be the one you lean on as we walk through life together.  Don’t ever question your worth, especially to me.  Always remember I love you, and, no matter what, we’ll work together to overcome every obstacle we encounter.”  It made his heart ache, seeing the pain and agony on his husband’s face.  The memory of his suffering reflected in his eyes.  “I wish I could take the pain away, Babe.  I wish those men had never laid a finger on you.”  He leaned into Peyton and kissed him tenderly on the lips, tasting the tears on them.  He took Peyton’s face between his palms and wiped away his tears with his thumbs.

Peyton smiled weakly and blinked, to clear the tears from his eyes.  “I’m so glad I found you, Jonathan Smith.”

“Not as happy as I am to have found you, Peyton,” Jonathan said.  He rubbed noses with him, then asked, “Do you need me to get you your medicine?”

Peyton shook his head.  “No, it’s almost time to get up, anyway.  We should get a shower.  Maybe it will help me calm down.”

Jonathan smiled.  “I know you hate using drugs to calm you down; but, sometimes they do the job when other things don’t.”  He pulled Peyton closer to him, knowing the close contact would help Peyton.  “Let’s cuddle for just a little longer, Babe.”  He nibbled on Peyton’s earlobe, then kissed his way along Peyton’s neck to the sensitive spot at the base of his neck.  He felt a shudder of pleasure course through Peyton’s body.   “I want to enjoy having you all to myself, before we join the rest of the guys.”

Peyton smiled.  “Okay.”  He snuggled closer to Jonathan, placing his cheek on his chest.  He traced the outline of Jonathan’s sculpted muscles with the tips of his fingers.  “I love the way your body feels.”  His hand slipped under the sheet to find Jonathan’s very erect member and began stroking him, causing Jonathan to moan with pleasure.

“Don’t stop,” Jonathan said, running his hands through Peyton’s hair. 

Peyton lifted his head to meet his gaze, grinning broadly at him.  He stopped stroking him, and slid between Jonathan’s legs to take him in his mouth.  It wasn’t long before he stiffened, providing Peyton with his liquid prize!  Jonathan pulled him up to share a passion filled kissed.

When they came up for air, and Jonathan said, “There’s nothing like great sex to cure all ills.”

Peyton nodded his head in agreement.  “When it’s with you, it always makes me happy.”

Jonathan put his hands on either side of Peyton’s face.  “I want you to always remember I love you.”  Peyton’s eyes grew bright with unshed tears.  “I intend to spend the rest of my life showing you how special you are to me because I love you, Peyton.”

The love Peyton saw in his husband’s eyes nearly overwhelmed him.  The knowledge Jonathan love him unconditionally buoyed him up and pushed away the dark clouds of self-loathing that had swamped him as he awoke from his foul dream.  His therapist had tried to help him understand he wasn’t to blame for the ill treatment he had received in prison.  He had tried to let go of the horrible feelings he had about himself; but, they kept returning, time and again.  Only Jonathan’s love for him could push those feelings out of his mind and leave him with a measure of peace and contentment, knowing someone loved him and cared for him.

Jonathan saw the shadowed look leave Peyton’s face.  He rejoiced at the small victory, knowing how hard Peyton struggled to retain even the slightest shred of self-worth.  Peyton had made so much forward progress since leaving prison; but, it frustrated him sometimes, when Peyton would regress and return to his downtrodden state.  At least, Peyton was coming out of his depressed state much quicker now than before.  Since their wedding day, Peyton’s state of mind had steadily improved and the relapses fewer and fewer.  Jonathan was grateful for every one of Peyton’s good days, because they helped to offset his bad days.  It was on those days Jonathan wished he could wreak vengeance on those who had molested his husband to make them pay for the evil they had brought into his life.

Peyton smiled at his husband, and said, “Thank you for being my protector and guide, Jonathan.  I know you’ll help me through my rough days.  But, most importantly, I know no one will ever hurt me again when I’m with you.”

Jonathan replied, “You’re my life, Babe.”  He heard Greg and Cory in the shower and said, “I think we should get our shower, as well.”

Peyton said, “Let’s go, then.”  He rolled out of bed and turned to pull his husband to his feet.  He encircled his waist, pulling him close for a long, passionate kiss.  Releasing Jonathan, he turned and opened the bedroom door.  He stepped into the hallway and looked into the living room.  He turned back to Jonathan, putting a finger to his lips.  He whispered, “It looks like Rick’s here.”

Jonathan came up alongside his lover, and looked into the sleeping faces of their friends.  He nodded his head.  Both of them looked so peaceful in their sleep.  Jonathan felt a burden lift from his shoulders.  He had half blamed himself and Peyton for the deterioration in their relationship.  Admittedly, the two of them were responsible for their own actions; but, he would always wonder if their presence in their home hadn’t been a contributing factor to how things went down between them.  He smiled and whispered back, “You’re right.”  He took Peyton’s hand and quietly led him into the bathroom, silently closing the door, before turning to start their shower.

Peyton said, “I’m glad Rick came.  Glenn was headed out of his life for good.”

Jonathan nodded his head in agreement.  “Yes, he was.”  He turned to grin at his lover.  “But, from all appearances, it looks like Rick reminded Glenn he loves him very much.  Just like I’m going to do.”  He pulled Peyton into the shower.  Before Peyton could say anything, Jonathan captured his lips in a passionate kiss.  His hands roamed freely, causing Peyton’s body to react to the fire racing through his bloodstream right to his cock!

I felt Rick’s hands playing in my hair as I woke up.  I lifted my head from his chest to look into his eyes.  He smiled and pulled me to him, capturing my lips in a good morning kiss.  He released me and said, “I love you.”

I felt myself drowning in his deep blue eyes.  I saw his love for me shining in them and knew I could never leave him.  “I love you, too.”  I ran my fingers along his jaw, loving the feel of his whiskers.  “You have tied us together with your love, sweetheart.  I don’t think I could ever leave you, now.”

I heard the bathroom door open and turned my head to see two drop dead gorgeous guys walk out with towels wrapped around their waists.  The white towels emphasized the dark tans they had acquired over the last several days in the sun.  I waved them into the living room. 

Peyton grinned at his cousin.  “It’s about time you showed up.  I was beginning to lose faith in you, Rick.”

I looked up at Peyton and asked, “Were you the one who told him we were here?”

Peyton shook his head.  “No, it wasn’t me.  I can’t take the credit for getting your boyfriend to rescue you from making the biggest mistake of your life.”

Overhearing Peyton’s comment, Greg said, “I did it,” as he entered the room with Cory.  “I’m the one who sent Rick a text message, informing him of your plans to move out.”

Rick said, “Thank you, Greg.  I’m glad you did.”

I took Rick’s hand in mine.  “I’m happy you called him, as well.”

Greg and Cory crossed the room to the loveseat and sat down.  “I figured I needed to intervene since you two weren’t coming to your senses,” Greg said, a frown on his face.  “Both of you were being pigheaded and stubborn.”  The rebuke in his voice letting us know we had worried him.

Blushing slightly, Rick said, “I won’t deny it.”

“You had better not deny it!” Greg said, with a little heat.  “Glenn, you’re just as bad as your blockhead of a boyfriend.”

I replied, “I know.  I’m just as much at fault here as Rick.”

Greg met my gaze and replied, “I hope you didn’t waste my efforts to fix things between you.”

Grinning, Cory said, “Greg, I think they took care of things.”  He looked at us and continued, “I gather you two patched things up between you.”

“You could say that,” I said, blushing, remembering just how Rick had communicated his love to me.

Rick gave me a smug smile, and said, “I believe I managed to convince Glenn to stay with me, using my charm and wit.”

Jonathan winked at me, and said, “I’m sure your physical assets had nothing to do with convincing him to stay.”

I didn’t answer, but blushed even more.

Peyton laughed, crossing the short distance between him and Rick.  He gave Rick a high five, and said, “Way to go, cousin.  There’s no law prohibiting a little physical contact to remind him you love him.”

Despite the heat I felt in my cheeks, I said, “I think it should be outlawed, when we’re having a serious discussion, because I can’t think straight when you touch me.  My body goes into hyper-drive and all coherent thought disappears from my head.”

Rick laughed, and cupped my cheek in his palm.  “Glenn, you’re so cute when you blush.  Everyone knows how much you love my body.  You’ve said so on more than one occasion.  You also have to admit I’m able to use my body to express my feelings for you, when I run out of words to tell you how much I love you.”

Greg covered his eyes with his hands, and said, dramatically, “We know.”

Cory laughed.  “You woke us up with all the noise you guys were making out here.  It’s a wonder the neighbors below us didn’t’ call the office to complain!”

That made me even more embarrassed.  I knew we hadn’t been exactly quiet; but, I never imagined we were so noisy as to wake anyone up at that time of the morning.

Rick said, “Don’t let them bother you, Glenn.  They’re just jealous they weren’t getting any.”

Cory shook his head.  “That’s not true.”  He looked over at Peyton and Jonathan, then at his husband.  “I believe we all got some last night.”

“And, again, this morning,” Peyton confirmed, leaning over to give Jonathan a quick kiss on the lips.

“Well, then, don’t be harassing us about our love fest,” I said, indignantly.

Greg looked contrite as he said, “I’m sorry, Glenn; but, you’re so fun to tease.”

Cory said, “We’re just glad you’re back together.”

“Me, too,” Rick said, in a heart-felt voice.  “I don’t want to ever have a repeat of last week.”  He put his arm around my waist, pulling me into him.

I looked into his eyes, and said, “Me neither!” 

I kissed him.  What I had intended as a quick, reassuring kiss, turned into a passionate one, when Rick put his hand behind my head to prevent me from pulling away from him.  Rick continued kissing me, even when the others started to wolf whistle and cat call.  When he finally released me, I was totally out of breath and thoroughly aroused, as was Rick.

Greg laughed and said, pointedly, “I think you two need to go get a shower.”

Rick grinned up at him and said, “Sounds like an excellent idea.”  He rolled out of bed, pulling me with him.

The guys looked us over appreciatively.  “I’m glad to see you’re both still in good shape,” Greg said, smiling broadly.  His lustful thoughts clearly reflected on his face.

Jonathan said, “Rick’s cock looks like it’s the same size as yours, Peyton.”

Peyton looked at Rick and grinned.  “We’ve never really compared cock sizes.”

Rick laughed.  “True, but we could do that now.”

Peyton laughed and dropped his towel to the floor.  His cock was nearly at full mast as he stepped toward his cousin.  He stroked himself a couple times, causing his cock to stiffen to its full height.

I waved Jonathan over.  “We get to be the judges.”  The guys stood close together.  “They look like twins,” I said, grinning up at the two men.

Jonathan and I wrapped our hands around their cocks, making sure neither of them was cheating.

Jonathan grinned at his husband.  “I think it’s a tie.”

I agreed, “Yes, they’re the same size and length, definitely twins.”

Rick wrapped his arms around his cousin.  “I’m happy to know you’ve got the right size equipment to keep your man happy.”  He kissed Peyton on the lips.  He said, “I love you, Peyton.”

Peyton said, “I love you, too, cousin.”  He met Rick’s gaze and held it.  “I’m glad at least one member of our family hasn’t abandoned me.” 

Rick said, “I feel the same way.”  He hugged Peyton tightly, then released him.

Peyton’s eyes were filled with tears, as he stepped away from Rick to retrieve his towel from the floor.

Rick turned to me, taking my hand in his.  “Let’s get showered.”

Cory said, “I recommend using the shower in our room.  It’s got four shower heads – two at regular height and two at waist height, with a bench set into the wall underneath them.”

We left them to get our shower.  Rick turned on the four shower heads, adjusting the water temperature.  Rick pulled me into his arms under the cascade of warm water.  After kissing me thoroughly, he said, “I think Peyton is having a bad day.”

I looked into Rick’s eyes.  “I thought he might be.  I could tell something was a little off when they came into the room.  I can always tell when Peyton has a bad dream.”

“I noticed how protective Jonathan was acting toward him,” Rick said.  “That’s what tipped me off.”

“We need to let Greg and Cory know, so they can watch out for them.  Jonathan is going to need a lot of support,” I said.  “It’s not easy to help a loved one recover from such a traumatic experience.”

Rick nodded his head.  “I know,” he said, with feeling.  “I’ve been there throughout the entire process of helping you to overcome the damage done to you by your cousin and his friends.”

I kissed him, and said, “Thank you for being there for me.”

Rick said, “You’re welcome.”  He paused to nibble on my earlobe.  “I’ve already talked to Greg about it.”  Before I could respond, he captured my lips, thrusting his tongue into my mouth.  All conversation ceased, as he made love to me, reminding me again how much he loves me!

Greg pulled the bedding off the hide-away bed and folded it into the sofa, replacing the cushions.  He sat down and Cory joined him.  Meeting Peyton’s gaze, he said, “You had a bad night, last night.”  His brow was furrowed with concern for his adopted brother.

Peyton nodded his head, confirming Greg’s statement.  “It was one of the worst nightmares I’ve ever had.”

“What triggered it?” Cory asked.

“I don’t know,” Peyton replied.  “I wish I knew.”

Greg asked, “Have you been seeing a therapist?”

Peyton answered, “Not yet.  I’ve got an appointment to see Dr. Hansen when we return.”

Greg looked over at Jonathan with a raised eyebrow.  Seeing Greg’s questioning look, Jonathan said, “We couldn’t get an appointment any sooner.”

Greg said, “Just wanted to make sure you’re taking good care of my brother.”

Jonathan smiled.  “You can count on me.”

“I know we can.  I thought the bad dreams had stopped,” Greg said.

Peyton said, “They had.  I don’t know what caused me to have such a bad nightmare.”  The memory of it made him shudder and he moved closer to his husband.  Jonathan wrapped his arm around his waist, as he leaned his head on his shoulder.

Robbie and Adam appeared in the kitchen.  Their matching bright blue Speedos showed off their deeply tanned skin, while leaving very little to the imagination.  Both men were well built. 

Cory looked at them and smiled.  “I’m happy all of our friends are gay, because I love looking at their gorgeous bodies.”

Robbie’s green eye sparkled with merriment.  He grinned broadly, and took a bow.  “I’m glad you recognize my greatness and glory.”

Adam laughed, and smacked Robbie’s butt.  “I’m the best looking of the two of us.”

Robbie grinned and retorted, “Only when your clothes off.  I can’t think straight when I’m faced with your fantastic cock.”

Adam put his arm around his husband’s waist, pulling him for a kiss.  “Of course, you can’t think straight.”

Robbie guffawed, “I’m gay.  How else would I think?”

Greg shook his head.  “I can’t believe I just heard that.”

“Well, you can blame Adam, since he set himself up for that response,” Robbie responded, grinning impishly at his husband.

Adam shook his head.  “Oh no, you don’t get to blame me for your sick sense of humor!”

Robbie gave him the most injured look he could muster.  “You’ve wounded me deeply by inferring my sense of humor is anything but one of my most endearing qualities.”

Adam leaned over and kissed his husband.  “I love you.  All of you, including your twisted sense of humor.”

Robbie smiled, mollified by his husband’s words.  “I’m glad you love me just the way I am.”

Rick and I entered the living room with towels wrapped around our waists.  Dropping our towels, we grabbed our clothes from our back packs and pulled them on, causing Robbie to wolf whistle. 

“I’d forgotten what good looking studs you two are,” Robbie said, winking at me.

I laughed.  “Thank you for including me in the compliment.”

Rick put his arm around my shoulders.  “He included you because you’re just as handsome as I am.”

Robbie nodded his head.  “You’re both awesome; but, in different ways.  Rick’s smoldering looks and bedroom eyes draw people to him, plus his sculpted muscles and perfectly shaped male body can’t be beaten.  You, on the other hand, have a quirky personality and stunning good looks.  Men are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.  I’ve had more than one guy ask me to introduce them to you.”

I blushed at his praise.  Rick said, “He’s right, Glenn.  You put men under an enchantment when they’re around you, including me.”

I laughed, and asked, “So…are you telling me the reason you’re my boyfriend is because I’ve put a spell on you?”

Rick’s eyes sparkled with mischief.  “Of course, you put a spell on me when we first met and I haven’t been able to break your enchantment.”

“Well, I do consider you my Prince Charming,” I said, taking his hand in mine.

Peyton groaned.  “Stop!  Anymore of that kind of talk and I’m going to be sick!”

Rick laughed as we joined Greg and Cory on the sofa.  “Then how else do you explain how Glenn managed to ensnare me, when I was having the time of my life, bedding every woman in Atlanta.”

Peyton thought about it for a moment.  “I don’t know how it happened.  Given your propensity for womanizing, I’m still baffled it came about.”  He stopped, before continuing, “What was it about Glenn that drew you to him?”

Rick said, “It was the expression on his face when we first met.  I had never seen a guy totally blown away by my perfect body.  His look was so hot, I couldn’t help myself.  I was determined to fuck him, just to prove I could do men, too.”

“But he didn’t expect to fall in love with me,” I said, smiling at him.

Rick said, “You’re right.  I didn’t expect to fall for you.  My plans to seduce you and leave you, just like I did to every woman I took to my bed, failed miserably.”

“What he hasn’t told you is he has a very kind heart.  I was in pretty bad shape, emotionally, when he tried to seduce me.  He ended up comforting me by holding me in his arms and trying to cheer me.”

Jonathan asked, “Why were you so upset?”

“My boyfriend had just dumped me and I was pretty distraught,” I said.

Peyton looked at me in surprise.  “Distraught…do you mean you were extremely upset?”  I nodded my head. “Then, why didn’t you just say it that way?”

I grinned at him, then put a look of superiority on my face.  “I like to use big words, especially since I took the trouble to learn what those big words mean.”

Peyton said, “I know what they mean, as well, but I don’t use them because I don’t want to sound like I’m stuck up.”

I laughed.  “I suppose you’re trying to tell me I’m stuck up.”

Peyton shook his head.  “No, because I know you’re not; but, I was just surprised.  That’s all.”

Jonathan asked, “Where did you learn such big words?  Did you just decide one day you would read the dictionary?”

“No, my brother, Gary, brought home a copy of an old gothic fantasy novel, Titus Groan, from college.  He found it in a used bookstore near campus.  He liked it so much he bought the other two books in the trilogy, Gormenghast and Titus Alone.”

Jonathan said, “I’ve never heard of them.”

“I wouldn’t have known about them, either, if Gary hadn’t brought them home.  I was bored one day and picked up Titus Groan.  I started to read it and found I didn’t know half of the words the author used.  I had to grab a dictionary to find out what they meant.  I wrote down the words I didn’t know in a notebook, so I could look them up later.  Some of the new words were:  miasmic, lugubrious, and mendicant.  Words I hadn’t seen or heard before.”

Rick said, “I haven’t heard you use those words.”

“That’s because I’ve never had a real need to use them, except to show off every once in a while,” I said, grinning at him.

Rick leaned over to kiss me.  “I’m glad you don’t use them on me.”

There was a knock on the door.  As Robbie got up to answer it, Peyton and Jonathan slipped into their room to get dress.  A few minutes later, twin hurricanes ran through the condo and threw themselves into their uncles’ arms.  Greg and Cory each held a very excited little girl in their arms.

Rachel looked up at Greg and said, “Uncle Greg, Daddy told me you were taking us on the rides today at the park.”

Sarah nodded her head, enthusiastically, from her perch on Cory’s lap.  “Uncle Cory, will you go with me?”

Cory kissed the top of her head, and replied, “Of course, I’ll go with you and Uncle Greg will go with Rachel.  Is that okay with you?”

She nodded her head again.  “Yes, that’s okay.”

Joey and Tyler joined us, each carrying one of the twins.  Joey greeted us, “Good morning, everyone.”

Tyler said, “Good morning.”  His eyes met mine, then rested on Rick.  A long slow smile came to his face.  He gently elbowed Joey.  “Look who is here.”

Joey looked around the room, taking in the fact Rick was sitting next to me with his hand in mine.  He gave us a smile and said, “I’m glad you’re here, Rick.”

Rick met Joey’s gaze, and returned his smile.  “I’m glad I came.”

Joey said, “I was afraid things were going to end up the same way they did with Angie, like when we were in high school.”

Rick replied, “I was, too; but, Greg sent me a text message last night, telling me to get my ass down here and fix things with Glenn.”

Joey looked over at Greg and said, “Everyone needs a good friend like Greg, especially when you’re as stubborn as you are.”

Rick gave him a look of wounded pride.  “You must be talking about someone else, Joey, because I’m not in the least bit stubborn or difficult.”  His comment had all of us laughing at him.  He finally admitted, “Okay, maybe I’m just a bit stubborn.”

I said, “It’s okay, Babe.  We love you just the way you are.” 

He leaned over and kissed me.  He whispered against my lips, “Remind me to give you your reward later.”  To make sure I didn’t misunderstand him, he gently squeezed my package.  Feeling my immediate response, he grinned and kissed me again.

Rick turned to Joey and Tyler.  “Do I get to hold my new nephews?”

Tyler said, “Of course.  This is Martin.”  He settled the infant in his arms.

Joey handed Rafael into my keeping.  He looked at Rick and said, “This is Rafael.  When you’re ready to switch, Glenn will help you.”

Meanwhile, Tyler pulled two kitchen chairs into the living room.  He sat them next to us.  He and Joey sat next to each other, holding hands.  They were obviously very much in love with each other, and their two infant sons!

Tyler looked at us and asked, “Are you planning to go with us to the amusement park, or are you two staying here?”

I looked at Rick, who shrugged.  “I think we need some alone time.”

Rick said, “I concur with that statement.”

I laughed, and said, “Now who is using big words.”

Rick grinned.  “You’re not the only one who likes to throw out ten dollar words.”

Greg rolled his eyes and said, “Please don’t get them started, or we’ll be here all day.”

Joey said, “No, we won’t, because your nieces wouldn’t allow it.”

Greg looked down at Rachel and asked, “Is that right, Rachel?”

“Yes, we want to go on the rides at the park,” she responded.

Joey said, “See, I think we’re ready to go, if you guys are ready.”

Greg nodded his head and replied, “Yes, we’re all set.”

Cory looked over at us and said, “We’ll be back around dinner time.”

“Okay, we’ll plan to go out for dinner with you,” Rick said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Cory said.

Joey looked around the room at the rest of the guys.  “What are you guys going to do today?”

Robbie looked at Adam, then back to Joey.  “We’re hitting Universal Studios today.”

Peyton and Jonathan rejoined us and Peyton said, “We’re going with them to Universal Studios.”

Greg said, “We’ll be in one of the Disney parks.”

Tyler said, “The girls want to go on the kiddie rides.  So, I think we’ll spend most of the day in the Magic Kingdom.”

Sarah said, “I want to see Ariel.”

“We’ll see,” Joey said.  “We might see Snow White or Cinderella.”

Rachel said, “And don’t forget Mickey Mouse.”

Greg said, “Do you want to help me get ready?”

Rachel nodded her head, as she jumped down from his lap.  Greg stood up and took her hand.  He led her into their bedroom where he grabbed his sunglasses and baseball cap.  He pointed to Cory’s and asked, “Rachel, do you want to take those to Uncle Cory?”

Rachel nodded her head.  She picked up Cory’s matching sunglasses and baseball cap and ran into the living room.  “Here Uncle Cory!”

He took them from her and leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek.  “Thank you, Rachel.”

Rachel beamed up at him.  “You’re welcome, Uncle Cory.”

Joey smiled, and said, “Now that you’re ready, I guess we’ll have to take back the twins from you.”

Joey and Tyler collected their infant sons, and left the condo with Gary, Cory and the girls.  Robbie turned to Adam, and said, “I think that’s our cue to leave as well.”

Adam said, “Let’s go, then.”

They got up and went to their room to get their stuff, while Peyton turned to us.  “Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”

Rick said, “I’m sure.  Glenn and I need to spend some time together.  If we decide to join you later in the day, we’ll call you to arrange a place to meet.”

Jonathan looked at me, and asked, “Is that what you want to do, Glenn?”

I nodded my head and grinned.  “I need to be alone with Rick.  I want him to show me how much he loves me.”

Jonathan laughed.  “Okay, I’m sorry I was so dense.  We’ll go and leave you two alone.”

The two men left us, and I turned to Rick.  “I expect you to be on top of your game.”

He gave me a lecherous look, and answered me with a passionate kiss, leaving no doubts in my mind I was in for a fantastic day with my boyfriend!

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This chapter previously published as Our Band of Brothers Chapter Seven

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