The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 15: Rick and Glenn

I woke up first and left Keith sleeping as I got ready for the day.   I could hear Rick and his girlfriend talking in his room so I quickly got dressed and went out on the balcony to enjoy the coolness of the morning.   I decided to call my grandparents while I waited for Keith to wake up.   I pulled out my cell and hit the speed dial for grandpa's phone.

"Hello, Grandpa."

"Hello, Glenn.   How are things with you and Keith?" Grandpa asked.

"Good.   Keith showed me around campus yesterday and introduced me to some of his friends," I said.

"Good to hear it.   You know we are hoping you'll choose to attend school here in Georgia?" Grandpa asked.

"Yes, I know but I still want to check out some schools in Texas if that's okay with you and Grandma?" I asked.

"You are welcome to visit any school that is of interest to you.   We will honor our commitment to you to pay for your college education no matter where you decide to go," Grandpa said.

"One of Keith's friends, Brett, has offered to show me around the University of Texas in Austin and in El Paso," I said.   "His dad is a professor in Austin and I had made plans with a high school friend to attend UTEP."

"When do you plan to visit these schools?" asked Grandpa.

"Brett is going home in a couple of weeks and invited me to go home with him," I said.   "Is it okay for me to go with him?"

"Yes.   However, we need to get you set up with a bank account and a credit card so you can use it to travel.   We planned to get it set up in time for school anyway so setting it up now will be a time well spent.   Tell Keith you will need to stop back by here in the next couple of days so we can go visit with the bank people," Grandpa said.   "I have your passport and other documents here so I can get the paperwork started."

"Thanks Grandpa!   I really appreciate your willingness to let me do some exploring on my own," I said much relieved that I didn't have to argue with him about going to Texas.

"No problem.   We want you to find the school that will meet your needs," Grandpa said.   "When each grandchild was born, I took care of the paperwork to ensure that you and your siblings all had social security numbers, etc., just in case you wanted to become U.S. citizens since your mother is an American citizen."

"I know.   It hasn't set very well with my dad," I said thinking of how angry Dad always got when Grandpa offered to do things for us.

"You are right it hasn't been a pleasant topic of discussion but your mother agreed with me that we shouldn't close any doors pre-maturely.   I didn't approve of my daughter marrying your dad and giving up a college education.   I especially didn't like the fact that they moved so far away from us.  Your mother has been very happy so I have had to reconcile myself to the fact that she made the right choice.   However, that doesn't mean that all of her children are going to make the same choices she did and I intend to make sure you have every opportunity a good education can provide," Grandpa said.

"Thanks Grandpa.   I will let you know when Brett is going home and I will tell Keith as well," I said.

"Tell me what?" Keith said as he joined me on the balcony.

"Grandpa, here's Keith," I said.

"Hi, Grandpa," Keith said.

"Hello Keith.   You will need to stop back by here before Friday so we can take Glenn down to the bank and get his account set up," Grandpa said.

"Okay, we will head back Thursday morning.   Is that okay?" Keith said.

"Yes, I will see you both on Thursday," Grandpa said.   "Tell Glenn good-bye for me and I will talk to you on Thursday."

"Good-bye Grandpa," Keith said.

Keith handed my cell back to me and said, "Guess we should get busy.  Stopping by Grandpa's place is on the way to the beach so we won't be going out of our way.   Let's get some breakfast and head out for the day."

We ate quickly and left the apartment.   Keith drove us a shopping mall.   After he pulled into the parking lot, I asked, "Why are we here?"

"We need to get you a swimsuit," Keith said.

"I already have one," I said looking at Keith.

"Not like the one we are going to get here," Keith said with a wide grin and mischievous look in his eyes.

Keith led me into the department store and back to the men's section.   He picked out a couple of swimsuits and handed them to me.

"How do those look?" Keith asked.

"Okay, they seem to be the right size," I answered wondering what Keith was up to.

Keith moved to another rack and selected a couple of Speedo swimsuits and handed those to me as well.

"What about those?" he asked with a great big grin.

"No way, dude, am I going to wear these!   They don't leave anything to the imagination!" I responded with some energy.   I was pretty shy about undressing in front of any and wearing one of these swimsuits wasn't much better than being naked!

"I think you should.   It gets everybody's attention," Keith laughed.

"I will get one if you do," I said hoping Keith wouldn't do it.

"Okay, you're on.   I will get one as well.   We can wear them under our regular swim suits since they don't have that mesh stuff as a lining," Keith said laughing at the worried look on my face.

"You better not embarrass me by trying to yank my swim trunks down while I'm wearing them.   You'd better believe I will get even with you!"  I exclaimed punching Keith in the shoulder.

"We shall see…..We shall see," Keith responded still laughing at my reaction to the skimpy swim wear.

We paid for our stuff and we headed downtown.   Keith took me to all of the tourist destinations.   Later in the afternoon, we drove out to Stone Mountain.   We hiked to the top where we could see for miles around.   Keith got us tickets for the laser show so we grabbed a bite to eat and hung out until the show started.   The show was excellent.  We were pretty tired from our busy day so we headed back to the apartment and crashed.

Wednesday morning, Keith and I tried on our new Speedos.   We were modeling them for each other when Rick tapped on the door and walked in.   I tried not to stare at him.   He was just as good looking as I remembered only this time I was more prepared to see him stark naked!    Talk about a turn on!   His ruggedly handsome features and excellent physique had things stirring down below!   

"Looks like you guys are trying to get laid!   Those swimsuits don't leave anything to the imagination!" Rick said laughing at our faces as they turned red from embarrassment.

"We planned to wear them under our regular swimming trunks," Keith said as he pulled on his new swimsuit over the top of the Speedos.

"That's much better.   There for a minute I thought you both had turned queer on me and wanted me to fuck you both," Rick joked with us.

I looked over at Keith and tried not to look at Rick.  Keith smiled and joked back, "It's not that you have anything to offer us anyway.   You couldn't even give a women satisfaction with what you got let alone one of us, dude!"

Rick started stroking himself and said, "Okay, guys, let's see who has the biggest one.   I know I have you both beat."

My eyes must have been as big as saucers because Keith took one look at me and quickly responded, "That's okay, Rick, we've seen your meat before!   You don't have to get it all hard for us.   I'll allow that you have the biggest one here but that doesn't mean you could satisfy us with it!"

Keith skipped out the door past Rick and smacked Rick on the back of the head as he passed.   Rick turned quickly and caught Keith and they started wrestling on the front room floor.   After a while, Keith said, "Enough you big prick!   You win!"

Rick said, "Alright, I'll let you up but you have to admit I can take care of the ladies!"

Keith complied, "Okay, you can take care of the ladies!"

After Rick had let him go, we grabbed out towels and headed down to the pool.   We picked a couple of lounge chairs near the pool.   We dropped our gear and dived into the pool.   It felt great getting into the cool water.   When we climbed out, Keith dropped his swim trunks in favor of sun bathing in his Speedo.  

"Glenn, why don't you do the same and I will help you put some sun screen on to keep you from burning," Keith said.

I did as Keith suggested and pulled off the swim trunks.   I put sun screen on him and he did the same for me.   We laid down on our lounge chairs to soak up some sun.   I nearly completely white since I hadn't spent much time outside since last summer.   Keith and I spent the entire morning at the pool.    Around noon, we ran back upstairs to the apartment for lunch.   It was great to just sit back and relax.   We talked and talked and talked about just about anything.   I really felt close to my cousin.

Right after lunch we went back out to the pool.   We jumped in for a few laps before returning to the pool deck to sunbathe some more.    We had just gotten settled when Keith asked, "Why did you decide to be gay?"

I had been anticipating this question would come up sometime after Keith found out I was gay and really didn't have an answer for Keith.  I replied with more than little hostility, "I didn't just decide to be gay!"

"Wait a minute!  Don't get all defensive on me!  I just asked the question because I really want to know.   I just don't understand it that's all," Keith said.   "Why did you start having sex with Ian?"

"Well, Ian was my best friend in the whole world.   We did everything together.   Then one night, Ian asked if I wanted to be him in that way," I said.

"Did you really go all the way?" Keith said in surprise.   "You know like a man is with a woman."

"Yes, we went all the way as you say," I said.   "But it wasn't all about the sex, at least, not for me.   I really loved Ian and I thought he loved me."

"Well, you found out that he didn't love you the hard way didn't you?" Keith asked with a note of sarcasm in his voice.   I sat in stunned silence since I didn't expect Keith to be so sarcastic.

Keith realizing he was out of line said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"Yeah, you shouldn't have said that to me but you are right.   I should have listened to my Uncle Dave and pushed Ian on the subject of our relationship instead of hoping everything would work out if I just ignored those kinds of questions."

"Have you ever had a girlfriend?" Keith asked; his curiosity showing in his voice.

"No, not in that way," I said hoping Keith would just drop the subject.

"Would you consider having a girlfriend?" Keith asked.

"Sure, after being hurt so badly by a guy, I guess I could try having a relationship with a girl.   I have just not ever really been attracted to a girl like I am to guys.   Maybe I just haven't met the right girl?   I've many friends who are girls.   I find them really easy to talk to but I've never been sexually attracted to them like other guys seem to be," I said.

"I think you will really like Kerry's sister, Ruth Ann.   She is very pretty and has a winning personality to go with her looks.   Ruth Ann spent the last year in Rome going to school," Keith said.

"I thought Kerry said she had just graduated from high school," I said.

"She did.   Ruth Ann went to an all girls' school in Rome.   Her parents have been living in Italy for the last two years so Ruth Ann attended school in Rome," Keith explained.

"So are you and Kerry really close?" I asked.

"Yes, we plan to get married in the fall if her parents approve," Keith said.

"Why are you asking her parents for their approval?" I asked.

"Because that is what Kerry wants me to do.   I don't really care if they approve or not but Kerry really wants their approval before we decide to get married," Keith said.

"So have you slept with her?" I asked.

Keith blushed a little bit and said, "Yes, but she's on the pill so we don't have to worry about producing any babies before we get married."

"Do her parents know?" I asked.

"No, so we will not be sleeping together while we are at the beach.   Her parents wouldn't approve if they found out," Keith said.

Just at that moment, I looked up to see Keith's roommate, Rick coming towards us.   He was dressed in a tight fitting swim suit that showed off his assets very well.   I must have been staring at him because Keith said, "You can stop drooling over him!   He's straight, remember?"

I swallowed really hard and pulled my eyes off him and looked over at Keith a little sheepishly.  "Sorry, Cousin, I can't help admiring him.   He is so attractive and very hot," I said.   "I'll try not to be so obvious about, I promise."

Rick pulled up a lounge chair next to me and said, "Hey, guys, mind if I join you?"   Rick thought to himself, "Glenn must be gay.   The way he looks at me is just like the women I've at the bars look at me who are looking to get laid.   I wonder if having sex with a guy is as satisfying as it is with a girl?   Maybe Glenn would be willing to let me fuck him.   The way he keeps staring at me I'm sure I could get him into my bed in a heartbeat!   I think I'll give it a try!"

Keith said, "Sure thing."

"Keith your cell has been ringing and ringing.   I checked to see who it was.   Kerry has been calling you.   Do you need to call her?"  Rick asked smiling at Keith as he thought, "Keith's so pussy whipped it's not even funny!   His woman calls and he jumps to do her bidding.   I'll never be that way!"

I could see Keith thinking for minute and then he suddenly jumped up and said, "Sorry, guys, I promised to meet Kerry for lunch.   I totally forgot!  I bet she is NOT a happy camper!   Glenn, do you mind if I leave you here at the pool while I try to patch things up with Kerry?"

"No problem, Cuz'.  You go and take care of Kerry.   I'm sure Rick can keep me company," I said hoping that Rick would do more than just keep me company!  I want Rick in the worst way!

"Don't forget we are going to the Mellow Mushroom for trivia night!   We can't let those old guys win, again!   Rick you are invited to join us if you don't have plans already," Keith said.

Rick acknowledged the invitation, "Thanks for the invite but I think I'll pass this time.   I don't care for the pizza there.   Maybe I can join you guys another time Keith."

Keith practically ran back to the apartment.   I could tell he was pretty upset that he'd forgotten his lunch date.   I hope Kerry doesn't get too mad at him.  Keith is such a cool guy to hang around.  I looked over at Rick and met those sparkling blue eyes.   Rick's smile lit up his face with his perfectly white teeth.   He could have modeled for a tooth paste commercial! 

"Hey, Glenn, can you help put some sun screen on my back?" Rick asked holding out a tube of sun screen.

I tried not to seem too eager as I reached for the sun screen and said, "Sure, Rick, just turn around a bit."

I hope he didn't notice that my hands were trembling as I squeezed some sun screen onto my hand and started to apply it liberally to his well muscled back.   I love the feel of his broad shoulders under my hands.   I really like rubbing my hands all over his back.   I almost didn't want to stop.   Rick seemed to like what I was doing as since I heard him sigh and he leaned forward a little bit so I could get to his lower back.   I was having some trouble down below and I didn't want Rick to see how turned on I was by him.   He turned around as I finished and looked me over.   My dick was practically jumping out of my Speedos I was so horny.  To my relief, Rick just grinned at me and jumped in the swimming pool.

Rick swam across the pool thinking, "This is going to be too easy!   I was right! Glenn is gay and wants me pretty badly.   He's so turned on by me he's almost falling out of his swimsuit.   It won't be hard to get him into bed with me!"

I couldn't believe the reaction I was having to Rick.   I was still in a major recovery mode from being dumped by Ian and here I was practically pouncing on Keith's roommate.   I'm such an idiot!   I needed to get myself under control and start using my brain.   I mentally shook myself.   Glenn, you don't need to get into another relationship with a guy who is really into girls and uses you as a substitute for a woman!  I jumped in the pool and swam laps trying to get my brain functioning properly.   I pulled myself out of the pool and collapsed on the deck chair totally exhausted.   Rick got out the pool shortly thereafter and joined me soaking up the sun.

After about an hour, Rick said, "Let's go back to the apartment.   It's getting too hot out here!"

"You're right.   Let's go!" I said.   The sun had already done its work on my white skin.  

Rick commented, "Wow!   You tan pretty easily, Glenn!   You look pretty good in that Speedo now that you're nicely tanned!

I blushed at his compliment, "Thanks Rick.   You look pretty good yourself!"

Rick didn't say anything more but he grinned and put his arm around my shoulders as we climbed the stairs.

Rick opened the door to the apartment and we both went inside.   We were already dry from lying in the sun so we decided not to change out of our swimsuits.   Rick pulled out a cold beer from the refrigerator and offered me one.

I shook my head, "No thanks.  I don't drink alcohol."

"How about a can of soda?" Rick offered.

"Sure," I said.

He handed me a soda and I followed him back into the front room to relax for a while.   Rick spread himself out on the couch showing off his package for me to see.   He adjusted himself as I stared at his crotch.   Rick grinned at me knowing his affect on me.   I sat across from him in the arm chair trying to keep myself under control and not succeeding very well.   My dick kept popping up from the desire I had for this stud who seemed to be interested in me as well.

"So, Glenn, tell me about yourself," Rick said as he stroke himself through the cloth of his swimsuit.   His growing erection had my complete attention.

I was so distracted by what Rick was doing I didn't respond.   Rick repeated his question, "Glenn, tell me about yourself."

I brought my gaze up to his eyes.   We both knew I was very attracted to him.  "I grew up in Saskatchewan on dry farm.   We grow wheat.   I graduated from high school this year and I am 18 years old.  I play both the piano and the violin.  How about you?   Where are you from?" I asked.

"I'm from Selma, North Carolina.   I went to school with Keith.  I'm 20 years old and I am in the marine reserves," Rick replied.

"Why did you join the marine reserves?" I asked curious to know why anyone would want to go into the military.

"I needed to have some way to help pay for college.   I didn't want to go active duty so I joined the reserves," Rick said smiling has he continued his provocative behavior.   "I am studying mechanical engineering.  So where is Saskatchewan?"

"It's a western province of Canada located between Alberta and Manitoba," I said not taking my eyes off of his.

"So, if you are from Canada, how are you related to Keith?" Rick asked.

"My mom and Keith's mom are sisters.  My mom and dad met at college," I said.

At that moment, my cell phone started to ring.  I got up from the arm chair and went into Keith's bedroom to retrieve my phone.   I flipped it open and saw that it was my Uncle Dave calling me.

Rick thought, "Damn!  I almost had him drooling all over my dick.   I hope I can still get him to let me fuck him.   I'm so horny right now!  I need some relief and soon!"

"Hi, Uncle Dave," I said.

"How is my favorite nephew?" Uncle Dave asked.

"I'm good.   What's up?" I asked as I opened the screen door to the balcony and sat down in on a patio chair oblivious to the fact that Rick was standing in the kitchen listening to my conversation.

"I was just calling to see how things were going," Uncle Dave said.

"I'm sorry. I know I should have called you sooner," I said.

"So….have you heard from Ian?" he asked.

After a long pause, I finally responded, "No, but I did talk to his mother.  Ian is engaged to be married to his Norwegian girlfriend, Sonja."

I heard Uncle Dave swearing on the other end of the line, "So how are you handling that?" he asked.

When he asked me that question, I completely broke down and started crying.  I had tried to bury my grief over losing Ian but hearing my Uncle voice and his concern for me pushed me over the edge and I just let it all out.

Between sobs, I managed to say, "I'm not doing very well.   I wish I would have listened to you and talked to Ian about our relationship.   Ian told me he loved me and wanted to be with me and I believed him.  I never dreamed he would go back home and get married without even talking to me.   I don't think he intended for me to find out.   I would have gone out to UTEP in the fall expecting him to be my roommate in the dorms not suspecting that Ian would never show up.   I am so angry and hurt.   How could Ian do such a thing to me?   I trusted him.  I gave myself to him.   I loved him."   I was still sobbing as the hurt and anger come pouring out of my soul.

Uncle Dave said, "I'm sorry this had to happen.   Ian is not a bad person.   I don't agree with what he did and he should have had the courage to tell you what his plans were instead of leading you on the way he did.   You need to let the anger go and don't let yourself become bitter because of what has happened.  Remember, you have a family that loves you.   We are all here to help you be a success.   You are never alone!   I know that may not be very comforting right now but you must remember that you are part of a large extended family and no matter where in the world you are, we will always be there for you.   I know your Grandparents and your cousins there in Georgia will help you as well."

"I know they will help me but it's just hard to talk to them about Ian," I said.   "I'm not sure how they will react to the news that I'm gay.   Keith has warned me about how violent some people can get around here."

"Don't get discouraged and keep your chin up.   Have you decided to still go to UTEP?" he asked.

"No.   I haven't decided for sure, yet, where I want to attend college.   I am going out to Austin, Texas, to visit the University of Texas at Austin and then on to El Paso to visit UTEP in a couple of weeks," I said.

"Good.   Just let us know what you finally decide to do," Uncle Dave said.

"Okay," I replied.

"I've got to go now, Glenn.   Make sure you call us often, okay?"

"Sure, I love you," I said.

"I love you, too," Uncle Dave said.

As I got up to go inside, I noticed that Rick was sitting at the kitchen table.   I wasn't prepared to see him there.   I wondered if he had heard me talking about Ian.   I nervously closed the screen door behind me and sat down at the table.

Rick looked me in the eyes and asked, "So who is Ian?"  Rick smiled at me encouragingly.   His smile held me mesmerized for a moment.

I pulled my eyes from his gaze and looked down at my hands.   I wasn't sure how to react to Rick's question.   I didn't want him to hate me or treat me badly if he found out I was gay.   When I didn't respond right away, Rick reached across the table and took my hand in his and said, "It's okay.  You can tell me.   I know you're gay.   I'm not going to start calling you names or do you any bodily harm.   You look so upset and I want to help you."

I looked down at this hand holding mine and I completely lost it.   I started crying, again.  I couldn't believe how out of control I was.   Rick got up from his chair and pulled me up into his arms and hugged me tight.   That was all it took.   I buried my face in his chest and let all the pent up grief come out. 

Rick held Glenn in a tight embrace as he tried to sort out his feelings for this beautiful young man.   Rick thought, "There's no way I can follow through with my planned seduction after hearing what Glenn has been through.   He seems so fragile to me.   It makes me want to hold him and protect him from the world."

After a few minutes Rick lifted my face up and wiped away my tears.   He didn't say anything but led me into his bedroom and pushed me down on his bed and climbed in beside me.   He pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me.   I was still trembling trying to control my sobbing as he brushed my hair out of my eyes and gave me a kiss on the lips and said, "It will be alright.   Just relax and let it all out.   You don't have to talk about it if you aren't ready to discuss Ian with me."

His kiss was so tender and loving.   I relaxed in his arms and laid my head on his chest.   How could I even talk to Rick after breaking down so completely in front of him?   Being held in his arms made me feel warm all over, it was nothing like being held by Ian.  Rick was so gentle and kind.   I looked up into his eyes and saw tears glistening there.  Before long, I started pouring out my soul to Rick.   I told him all about Ian and the wonderful times we had together.   I told him my whole life story – about growing up on the farm trying to hide my attraction to guys, how I didn't get along with my Dad, how loved to cook, play the violin and piano.   I even told him about my crush on him and how he turned me on so much that I'd fantasized about being in his arms just like I was now.  He held me tighter as I gently stroked his back with my fingers.

Finally, I fell silent.   I felt so relieved to finally be able to talk to someone about being gay and everything I'd gone through with Ian.   Rick held me in his arms the entire time, brushing my hair out of my eyes from time to time so he could look into my eyes.   Rick didn't interrupt or show any indication of being revolted by the fact that I was gay or that I was attracted to him.   In fact, he seemed very attracted to me!   I could only hope!     

I felt so emotionally drained and physically tired by the time I'd ran out of things to say that I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember opening my eyes and realizing that Rick still held me in his arms.   Rick was asleep.  I stared at his chest and at his face.   I couldn't get enough of him.   I couldn't believe that this big, tough marine had comforted me and tried to make me feel better.  I've never met anyone like him before in my life.   It felt so right to me to be held in his arms with my skin touching his.  Rick's eyes opened at that moment and he stared into mine.

"Are you okay now?" Rick asked smiling as he brought his hand to my cheek and gently caressed it.

"Yes, thanks to you.   I feel like such a cry baby.   I've never cried like that before.  You must think I'm such an idiot," I said hoping that Rick didn't think I was too immature.

"Stop thinking like that right now, Glenn!   You have had a very traumatic experience.   Anyone would feel angry and hurt.   It's better to let your feelings out instead of keeping them bottled up inside.  So do you still love Ian?" he asked hoping that Glenn would say, "No!"

"Yes, does that bother you?" I asked looking Rick in the eyes willing him to understand.

"Yes and no.   Yes, it bothers me because Ian had no right to treat you that way and he doesn't deserve your love.  And no, because I know that you can't stop loving someone just because someone says you shouldn't.   I wish I could get my hands on Ian to teach him a lesson or two," Rick said as his eyes flashed with his anger towards Ian.   I could just imagine Rick's large hands delivering some pretty good punishment to poor Ian.   I felt sorry for anyone who made Rick mad!   They wouldn't stand a chance if he were coming after them!

"Glenn, your cousin, Keith, is like a brother to me.   We have been friends since kindergarten.   Keith befriended me when all the other kids were picking on me in class.   He told the other kids to leave me alone or he would beat them up.   I remember he hugged me and told me he was my friend and wouldn't let anyone bother me anymore.   Keith has kept that promise.   We've have been almost inseparable since that day.   Keith is the best friend anyone could ever have.   His parents have treated me like one of their own sons.   Keith has truly blessed my life.  His parents are helping me with college since my parents can't afford to send me to college.   Keith's dad set up a scholarship fund in my name.   After I graduate, the scholarship fund will be used to sponsor engineering students from low income families.   I decided to go into the marine reserves so I could earn a little money to support myself.   Keith's parents are paying for the apartment here," Rick said.   He paused for moment then continued, "When I heard that someone had done poorly by you, it just made me mad.   Because I consider you part of my family just like Keith is.  No one takes advantage of my family and gets away with it."

How did Keith get so lucky to find such a loyal friend?   Rick is truly a beautiful human being.   He hasn't said he was okay with me being gay.   I think he's okay with it but I just had to hear him say it so I asked, "Rick, are you okay with me being gay?"  I looked into his eyes as he thought for moment before answering my question.

Finally, he said, "Yes, as long as you don't expect me to be your boyfriend or anything like that.   I don't hate gays but I don't necessary love them either.   I am really into girls."   Rick thought, "Why did I just say that?   I was going to seduce him just a little while ago.   I guess I'm not ready to admit that I want to have sex with guy even if I want to fuck Glenn!"

I smiled at him despite my feelings of disappointment.   I wanted Rick so much it almost hurt!  I said, "Yeah, I know.  Keith has told me about your tendency to bring home a different girl every night!"

Rick scowled and replied, "I'm going to have to hurt Keith for ruining my reputation!   I only have a different girl every weekend NOT every night!"

"Why do you do that?" I asked.   I just couldn't fathom having sex with someone new every weekend.

"Well, when I was in high school, I got my girlfriend pregnant.   When she found out, she sent her brothers to beat me up.   I was totally clueless as to why they wanted to hurt me.   The only thing that saved me from being beaten to death was Keith and his brother.   They heard the commotion and came to my rescue."  

"Later, I called my girlfriend to ask why her brothers attached me, her dad told me I had gotten her pregnant and that I wasn't to call there anymore or show my face around there as he promised he would shoot me on sight.   At school, she told all her friends what jerk I was and how she hated me for ruining her life.   Her parents took her to get an abortion.   Her friends told me she couldn't stomach the thought of having a kid that looked like me.   She really hurt me bad and I guess I haven't ever recovered from her betrayal.   I'm afraid to get close to another girl because I don't want to ever hurt like that again.    So, I use them to get my rocks off.   I've never had a complaint about my performance in bed and the girls I bring home seem to understand that it's just a one night stand for me.   In fact, they enjoy it as much as I do!"  Rick said laughing.

I was really enjoying being close to Rick.   I felt so safe with him.   Could I really feel close to someone else after everything I'd been through with Ian?  Would Rick ever be able to return any feelings I might have for him?  

Despite Rick's statements about wanting girls only, he leaned over and kissed me on the lips.   This time it was a passionate kiss.   I opened my mouth as Rick ran his tongue along my lips.   He pulled me closer to him as he began caressing my bare back with his huge hands. 

We didn't have time to really to get much further than a kiss as we heard the apartment door open and Keith call out, "Is anybody home?"

Both Rick and I got up quickly and moved into the kitchen.   We both were very horny and sported woodies that were plainly visible.   We both sat down at the table and looked at each other and smiled.   Keith appeared a moment later and said, "Hi guys," Keith said.  "Glenn you need to get ready.   We need to leave soon for the pizza place."

Fortunately, my cock was flaccid enough I could stand up without causing Keith to notice.   I went directly into the bathroom and showered.   I walked naked across the hall to Keith room put on clean clothes letting Rick get a good look at me in the process.   Rick smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign.

After I got ready, Keith drove us over to the pizza joint and joined his friends who had already ordered pizza and signed us up for the trivia game.  This time I sat between Keith and Brett.  

After greeting everyone, I turned to Brett and said, "I talked to my Grandpa this morning and he said it was okay for me to go home with you to Austin."

Brett smiled and said, "Sweet!   My parents said it was okay for me to bring a friend home and that we could fly over to see my friends at UTEP as we planned.   My dad didn't want us to drive so I've book flights for us.   Is that okay?"

"Sure.   Thanks for setting up the flights.   How much do I owe you?" I asked.

"I don't know.   You will have to settle up with my Dad when we get to Austin," Brett responded.  "Hey, Keith, do you want to come with us to Austin?"

"I don't know.   I will have to check with Kerry first," replied Keith.

"Since when do you have to check with Kerry?" Brett said with a voice heavy with sarcasm.

"I don't really but I want to spend as much time with her as I can.   I plan to ask her to marry me soon," Keith said.

There was a sudden hush at the table as the other guys gave Keith a hard stare.

"What?   Can't a guy get married?" Keith asked.

"You know how we feel, Keith.   We just don't want to see you get hurt," Brett said.

Mike said, "Yes, we want you to find a nice girl but Kerry just seems to be so controlling and we have watched you change since you started dating her."

"Look, guys, I really do love her and I plan to ask her to marry me very soon," Keith said defensively.

Brett said, "Okay, we accept that.   Just remember we are here for you if things don't work out as you have planned."

"Thanks, guys!   But I am sure that everything will work out just great!" Keith exclaimed.

Mike interrupted with, "Okay, pay attention guys we need to be on top of our game.   Listen up!"

The trivia game began just as our pizza arrived.    We ate lots of pizza and answered lots of trivia questions.   Our team won!   We high-fived each other and collected our prize.   The table of old guys next to us congratulated us on our win and challenged us to a rematch the following week.   We accepted their challenge and we all headed home for the night.

Prev To be continued . . .