The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 46: Georgia Tech

We awoke the next day to Keith knocking on our door.   "Guys, we need to get going.   It's our first day of classes," Keith shouted through the door.

I shouted, "Thanks, Keith!"   I looked into Rick's eyes and then kissed him.   "Good morning, lover boy!"

Rick grinned at me, "Are you ready to start classes today?"

"As ready as I will ever be," I replied.  Rick rolled out of bed and pulled me to my feet.   I immediately melted into his arms.   "I love being in your arms, Babe.   I wish we could stay like this forever."

Rick stroked my hair and then lifted my chin so he could kiss me.   "I love you, Glenn."   I stared into his face trying to memorize every last detail knowing that I was going to give him up so he could be happy, again.

Rick asked, "What are you thinking?   You look so sad this morning.   Are you thinking of Ian, again?"

"No, I am not thinking of Ian.   How could I think of Ian when I have such a wonderful man holding me in his arms?   I am just sad that we have to get up and go to school this morning," I replied hoping Rick wouldn't press me about why I was so melancholy this morning.

We showered in our en suite and dressed each other for our first day of class.   We dressed alike in jeans and tight-fitting dark blue t-shirts and cross-trainers.   We joined Keith and Kerry in the kitchen for breakfast.

Kerry smiled, "Good morning, guys.   You look adorable this morning!"

Rick laughed, "That's the first time I have ever been called "adorable" in my life!"

Kerry laughed, "Okay, you look very handsome today!"

"That's better," Rick responded with a grin.

"I think you are adorable, Rick, and handsome at the same time," I said leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the lips as Kerry put plates of sausage and eggs on the table.

Kerry said, "We need to hurry.   My first class starts in less than hour and I still need to get to the bookstore."

"I think we are all in the same boat," Keith said.   "We will make it with plenty of time, sweetheart."

We said grace and quickly ate.   We thanked Kerry for the meal and we headed out the door for our classes.  Keith and Kerry drove over in their car and Rick drove us over to campus in the corvette.   We walked to the bookstore to buy our textbooks and then Rick and Keith showed me where my classes were.  I had only one class with Rick:   Spanish.   Rick had agreed to take it with me so I felt obligated to help him learn the language.   Spanish was our last class of the day so we walked back to the parking lot together as we talked about our classes.  I liked all of my professors.

We arrived home just as our furniture was being delivered.   I was so excited!   I have never bought new furniture since I have always lived with my parents or with my Uncle Dave.   Rick talked to the furniture guys while I started moving things around until I was satisfied that they were in the right place.   The piano movers called to tell us they were going to bring the new pianos tomorrow.

Rick started laughing at me, "You are like a kid at Christmas, Glenn!  Can you stop prancing around and sit down next to me?"

"I can't.   I'm too excited!" I exclaimed trying not to bounce too much.   Rick was right!   It was better than Christmas!

Rick finally came over and literally picked me up off my feet and carried me over and sat down on the couch with me on his lap.

"There!   Can you sit still for just a minute?" he asked me as he held me still on his lap.

I snuggled deeper into his embrace and buried my head in his t-shirt as I put my arms around his waist.   As I inhaled his masculine scent, my body started to relax.   There is something about Rick's scent that makes me feel safe and warm.  

"I'm okay now," I said, my voice muffled by Rick's shirt thinking about how much I was going to miss him.   I wasn't sure how I was going to tell him that we needed to go our separate ways especially now that we were setting up a house together.   I dreaded having that conversation with him.  Rick loosened his embrace just enough to let me put my arms around his neck.   I leaned forward and kissed him.  

"You know me so well.   I just needed you to hold me and love me," I said looking my lover in the eyes.

"Yes, I do know you pretty well.   I also know that you are plotting something.   You have been acting strangely all day.  Do you want to talk to me about it?"

I ducked my head so he couldn't see my eyes.   I knew if I looked in his eyes I wouldn't be able to resist him and I didn't want to talk about what I had resolved to do last night.

Rick put his hand under my chin and raised my head until he could look me in the eye, "I know you are up to something and it has something to do with my family doesn't it?"   Rick's tone of voice was mild but I knew he wasn't going to let me go until I talked to him about it.

I tried to hold back but looking into his eyes I lost all the will power I had to resist, "Rick, I can't let you continue with so much pain.   Every time we have had any interaction with your family, your wounds get deeper and your misery increases.   I love you too much to let it continue.   I have to do something or I'll go crazy."

"There's nothing you can do about my family, Glenn," he said sadly.

"Yes, there is something I can do.   I'm the cause of all of this.   If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be living with a guy and your family wouldn't have turned against you," I said tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Glenn, stop right there!   I won't have you beating yourself up about my family's problems.   You are not the cause of their issues," Rick said sternly placing his hands on both sides of my head so I couldn't look away from him.   I felt like a kid being scolded by his father.

"You are wrong about that!   I am the cause of everything that has happened to you, Rick!" I insisted continuing to hold Rick's gaze.   "I am the one who wanted you so badly and couldn't resist staring at you and lusting after you.   I am the one who needs you so much.   If I hadn't made my desires for you so apparent, you would still be womanizing and living the life of a single, horny guy looking to get laid every weekend," I said desperately trying to make Rick understand.

Rick replied, "Glenn, I seem to remember that I'm the one who tried to seduce you.   Besides, I wanted you as much as you wanted me.   I won't let you blame yourself for what's going on with my family!"

"Rick, I have to do something to help you.   I love you too much to let them continue to hurt you.   I don't want you to hurt anymore!" I responded letting all the anguish I felt show in my voice.   "If I leave you now, you can return to being what your parents want you to be.   You won't be bereft of your family anymore."

"Glenn, you have already helped me.   Don't you see?   Your love is all I have now.   Don't pull away from me and leave me when I need you most!    I can't afford to lose you," Rick said pleading with me to understand how deeply he loves me, his eyes bright with tears.

"Rick, what can we do?" I asked, "How can we move forward and leave all this behind?"

"First, we can stop talking about it.   I don't want to be reminded of it.   I did my grieving last night.   I've come to terms with the fact that the only family I have now is you.   My family has chosen to reject me and have become my enemies.   I don't need to have any further contact with them," Rick said in a very determined voice.

"Rick, are you sure?   They are still your flesh and blood," I said.   I heard Rick's words but I could see that beneath the surface he was still hurting.   He was trying to put a brave face for me.   His attempts to make me feel better made me love him even more.

"Yes, I'm sure.   Glenn, you help me tremendously by just holding me in your arms and letting me know you are there for me," Rick said rubbing noses with me.   "Mr. Nielsen, you are stuck with me whether you like it or not!"

I love rubbing noses with Rick.   It's the little things that endear him to me.   He shows his love for me in so many little ways.   He is so thoughtful of me and has a very tender heart.   Looking into his eyes, I could see that he needed me to be there for him.   I couldn't hurt him by leaving him.   I just wish there was some way I could get his parents to change their minds!

"You know I will always do my best to be there for you.   Let me take away as much of the hurt as I can," I said.   I gave him a wicked grin as I started moving back and forth on his lap until I could feel him growing under me.   I kissed him and then said in a sultry voice, "Can we try out our new bed now?  You feel so good to me right now I want to be next to you, skin to skin!"

Rick laughed and stood up with me and carried me into our bedroom and placed me gently on the bed.   "You don't have to ask me twice!"

The next few days went by very quickly as we both got into our classes and the homework began to pile up.   I walked into my calculus class and took a seat in the back of the class.   A few minutes later a good looking guy sat next to me.   I tried not to be too obvious as I checked him out.   He was tall and lanky with bright blue eyes and platinum blond hair.   He had a strong square chin and a perfect smile.   He caught me looking at him.  

I started to look away when, he extended his hand to me and introduced himself,   "Hi, my name is Greg Olsen.   What's your name?"   He had a light tenor voice that sent thrills through my body.

"I'm Glenn Nielsen.   Glad to you meet you, Greg.   Where are you from?"

"I'm from Philadelphia.  Where are you from?" Greg asked.

"I'm from Swift Current, Saskatchewan.   Saskatchewan is one of the western provinces of Canada."  I said clarifying where Saskatchewan was located when I saw Greg's questioning look.

"Cool!   I wondered from your accent where you're from.   You don't have the usual "eh" though," Greg said smiling at me.

"I have tried not to say "eh" so often since I've been here.   You are right.   We do use "eh" a lot where I am from," I said.

"Is this the first time you've taken this class?" Greg asked.

"Yes, it is.   Why?" I asked curiously.   It was kind of a strange question to ask.

"This is my second time.   I failed it the first time," Greg said looking around the class.   "In fact, most of the people in here were in my class last spring.   Dr. Spanos is the math department chair and is pretty tough."

Just then, Dr. Spanos walked into the classroom.   After the class became silent, Dr. Spanos addressed us, "How many of you are engineering students?   Please raise your hands."

Almost every hand went up.   Dr. Spanos asked, "Those who aren't engineering students, what are your majors?"

One of the students at the front of class responded, "We are business majors," he said pointing to himself and the student next to him.

"I would recommend that you two withdraw from this class and enroll in the Business Applied Math course.   I believe it is tailored to suit your needs and will provide you the math skills needed for your degree," he said.   Dr. Spanos looked across the classroom and continued, "I recognize many of you from my spring class.   There are a few of you who to appear to be new so I will give my usual speech."

He paused and then continued, "This class is intended to weed out those students who don't deserve to be in the engineering program.   If you can't pass this class, I strongly urge you to change your major to something that is a better match for your skills.   I rarely have students who pass this class the first time around.   I intentionally make this class a difficult one.    We want only the best and the brightest students in our engineering program.   We can't afford to ruin our reputation by graduating mediocre engineering students.  So, again, if you can't handle this class, change your major today!   Many of the other areas of study on this campus would love to have you!"

I just sat there stunned.   I had never heard of such behavior.   I thought since we were paying for the class that the professor would be more willing to make sure we got our money's worth.   Dr. Spanos seemed to think it was a privilege to be in his class instead of the fact that every student in the class had paid to have him teach them calculus!   I have never encountered such bald-faced arrogance!

Greg whispered to me, "See what I mean?"

"Yes, I do," I responded looking at the professor with disgust.

Dr. Spanos said, "Students, please pull out a piece of blank paper.   We will have our first quiz today.   I hope all of you have already reviewed the first chapter of your calculus textbook."   He walked over and turned on the projector.   A list of ten math problems appeared on the screen at the front of the room.

"You have 20 minutes to complete these ten problems.   When you are finished, turn over your paper so I will know you're done," he instructed.

We all pulled out our paper and pencils and started the quiz.   I looked at the board and wrote down the ten problems on my paper.   I stared at them for a few minutes.   Only one looked familiar to me.   I answered it and sat staring at the rest trying to think of anything that would help me to solve them.

Finally, Dr. Spanos said, "Time's up.   Pass your quiz to your neighbor to your right.   Here are the answers.   Please write the number correct at the top of the page in the right hand corner and circle it.   Pass it back to its owner.   This quiz will not be recorded but every quiz from here on out will be recorded in the grade book.   Each quiz is worth 10 points.   Please work through the 1st and 2nd chapters of your textbook tonight and be ready for your quizzes in the morning.   There will be two quizzes tomorrow:   one for each chapter.   For those who wish to withdraw from the class, I will be in my office from 1 to 3 PM this afternoon."

He walked out of the room and left us in stunned silence.   A few moments later, a buzz broke out in the room as we started comparing scores and discussing what we were going to do.

"So, are you going to stay in the class?" Greg asked, smiling at me.   He had corrected my quiz.

I nodded my head in the affirmative, "I don't have a choice.   I want to be an engineer."

"Good, I'm going to stay as well.   I didn't do much better than you did," Greg said showing me his quiz.   He had gotten two problems correct.

"You only got two correct?   I thought you said you had this class last spring," I said, my amazement apparent in my voice.

"Yeah, I did but as you can see I didn't do very well last time,"   Greg said worry creasing his brow.   "If I don't pass it this time, I will have to switch my major.   My parents will be infuriated.   My dad is a civil engineer and expects me to follow in his footsteps."

"I know the feeling.   I am really worried I won't pass based on this quiz today," I said.

"We have a study group that meets in the library every afternoon.   Would you like to join us?" Greg asked.

"Sure.   What time do you meet?" I asked as we both stood up to leave the classroom.

"I don't know, yet.   We haven't compared our schedules but I'm pretty sure it will be around noon.   We usually grab lunch and then head over to the library.   Give me your cell number and I'll call you later today," he said.

"Okay, its 306-993-9293," I said as he added my number to his contact list in his cell.

"Talk to you later," Greg said as he walked down the hall to his next class.

Rick came up behind me and put his arm around me, "How did class go, Babe?"

I looked up at Rick, "I'm afraid not well.   I just failed the first quiz miserably."

"You're in Dr. Spanos' class.   You may want to transfer into another section with a different teacher.   Dr. Spanos has the reputation of being the worst math teacher on campus.   I don't know how he managed to become the dean of the math department."

"How do I transfer out?" I asked.

"Let's go over to the administrative building to the registrar's office and see if there are any openings in the other classes.   Otherwise, I would withdraw from the class and take it next semester," Rick said.

Rick took my hand as we walked to the registrar's office.   We walked in and the receptionist asked us, "Can I help you?"   There was a disgusted look on her face as she noted that we were holding hands.

Ignoring her look, Rick replied, "Yes, we want to change a class."

"If you'll take a seat, I will get one of the counselors to meet with you," she said.

A few minutes later a short, fat balding gentleman approached us.   His gait was almost a waddle.   I had a hard time not laughing as he swayed from side to side.   I have never seen anything like it in my life.   Rick jabbed me in the ribs as I started to snicker. 

"Shh….don't make fun of him," Rick scolded me.   "It's Mr. Brown and he's very nice.   He's helped me in the past."   We both stood up to greet him.

"Ah!   Mr. Lernier!   Good to see you, again," Mr. Brown said smiling as he shook Rick's hand.   "Who is your friend?"

Rick had released my hand when he reached out to shake Mr. Brown's hand.   "This is my partner, Glenn Nielsen."

Mr. Brown smiled at me and shook my hand, "I'm glad to meet you, Glenn.   How can I help you today?"

Rick answered, "Mr. Brown, Glenn needs to transfer into a different math class.   He's got Dr. Spanos and I don't want Glenn to suffer through his lack of teaching skills."

Mr. Brown chuckled, "Yes, Dr. Spanos does have quite the reputation on campus.   I'm sure I'll be hearing from many more of his students over the next couple of days.   Glenn, what is your major?"

"I am an engineering student, sir," I replied.

"Good, follow me into my office and let's see what we can do for you," Mr. Brown said.   His small beady eyes taking in the fact that Rick was holding my hand, again.   As we entered his office, he asked, "I take it that you two are a couple."   It was statement not a question.

"Yes, we are," Rick said looking at Mr. Brown.   "Do you have a problem with that?" he said with an edge in his voice.

Mr. Brown noted the hardness in Rick's voice and responded quickly, "Please don't take offense.   I'm gay and I am surprised to see you holding hands so openly.   I've been with my partner for nearly 20 years but we have kept it a secret the entire time.   I'm afraid we would both lose our jobs if anyone knew about us."

Mr. Brown smiled at us, "Let me pull up your class schedule.   Glenn, do you have your student identification with you?"

I pulled it out of my wallet and handed it to him.   As he pulled up my course schedule, he continued, "May I offer you some advice?"  He said as he glanced over at us.   We both nodded our heads indicating he should go ahead.

"You both need to be very careful about showing your affection for each other in public.   There are too many crazy people around here who will take it upon themselves to rid the world of what they view as deviant behavior.   I've seen some pretty severe injuries inflicted on gay students who were too flamboyant and flaunted it.   I don't want to see either of you to be hurt."

Rick responded, "Thank you for the advice, Mr. Brown.   We'll be careful."

Mr. Brown changed the subject, "I see that there are two openings in the class taught by Dr. Chi.   It's taught at the same hour a few doors down the hall from your current class.   Do you want me to make the change?"

"Yes, please.   Go ahead and make the change," I said with relief.  "And can you call Greg Olson?   He's in the same class with me and has failed it once already.   Here's his cell number."

Mr. Brown looked at me, "Are you sure Greg will want to switch?"

"No, I'm not but he seemed like a nice guy and is afraid he'll fail the class a second time," I said.

"Why don't call him while I make the change for you?" Mr. Brown suggested.

I called Greg, "Hey, Greg, do you want to switch teachers for calculus?

"Is this Glenn?" he asked.

"Yes.   I'm getting out of Dr. Spanos' class and switching to Dr. Chi," I said.

"That sounds like a good idea.   At least, I'll have a chance of passing the course this time.   Tell Mr. Brown I'll be right over to make the change.   Thanks for looking out for me," Greg said.

I ended the call and communicated the information to Mr. Brown. 

Rick looked a question at me, "Who is Greg?"

"He's the kid you saw standing with me when you found me in the hallway outside Spanos' classroom.   He'll be here in a few minutes and I'll introduce you to him," I said.   "I think you'll like him Rick."

Rick said, "Okay.   I have to warn you that Dr. Chi isn't going to be easy.   He's a good teacher but he's hard to understand since his English isn't very good.   He's from China."

"It has to be better than Dr. Spanos' class," I responded.   "I would rather deal with the language barrier than be in class where the teacher wants to fail every student."

Mr. Brown printed out my new course schedule and handed it to me.   "There you go.   I'm glad I got to meet you, Glenn.   You have chosen well.   Rick is a fine man and will treat you well not to mention the fact that I'm sure he's great in bed from the looks of him!"

I blushed as did Rick as we stood up to leave.   "Yes, I did choose wisely when I met Rick.   He's the best thing that has ever happened to me."   I put my arm around Rick's waist.   Rick leaned over and gave me a quick kiss.

"My partner and I will have to invite you over to dinner some evening.   Until then, be careful and good luck in class," Mr. Brown said smiling at us.

Rick and I walked out of Mr. Brown's office.   I said, "Rick, we need hurry.   Our Spanish class starts in 15 minutes."

Just as we passed the receptionist, Greg walked in.   When he saw us, he walked up and stretched out his hand to Rick, "Hi!   I'm Greg.   You must be Glenn's partner?"

Rick shook his hand and said, "Glad to meet you and yes Glenn is my partner."   Rick's face reflected his doubts about whether or not he liked Greg.

Greg responding to Rick's reaction to him said, "I'm sorry if I've made a mistake.   I assumed that Glenn was gay when I saw him giving me the once over in class."

I started blushing.   Rick looked at me and started laughing, "Yes, Glenn, it is very obvious that you're gay."   Rick put his arm around me, "It's okay, Babe.   Yes, Glenn is my life partner."

Greg smiled, "I thought so.   I'm gay as well but hopefully I'm not as obvious as Glenn about it.   I haven't come out to my family, yet.   I'm glad to finally meet someone else who is gay.   I was beginning to think nobody in the entire city of Atlanta was gay!"

Rick said, "You will have to hang out with us sometime."

"I would like that," Greg said.

I looked at the time, "Rick, we need to get going!   Greg, I'll see you in Dr. Chi's class tomorrow."

"Sure thing!   Thanks for looking out for me!" Greg said as he moved towards the receptionist and asked for Mr. Brown. 

Three days later, we were sitting at the kitchen table studying after dinner.   Rick was right.   Dr. Chi was a good teacher but the subject material was still difficult.  The calculus class was kicking my butt!   I looked over at Rick, admiring his beautiful chest through his tight fitting muscle shirt, and said, "Rick, how did you manage to pass the calculus class?"   Watching him do his homework is definitely a turn on for me!

"It was easy.   Why?" Rick responded kind of absent-mindedly still concentrating on his homework.

"Because I'm afraid that I'm going to fail the class," I said dejectedly.   "It's only the third day and I'm already falling behind in class even with going to Greg's study group."

I had Rick's full attention now, "Really?  How is Dr. Chi?"

"He's okay but I'm having a hard time learning the material," I responded.

"Why don't you go into Dr. Chi's office tomorrow and talk to him about the class," Rick suggested.   "He was my professor for that class and was very willing to work with students to help them understand the concepts.   Perhaps he could recommend a tutor you could call or I can try to be your tutor if you want me to do that.   However, I will only do it if you promise not to distract me from doing our homework."

"I don't know if I can keep from distracting you," I said doubtfully, "You're such a stud I can't think straight when I'm around you."  I grinned as I reached over and ran my hand along his inner thigh. 

Rick grabbed my hand and raised it to his lips, "I love you but you have to let me do my homework."

I said, "I love you, too.   I think I'd better ask about a tutor.     Thanks for talking to me about it, Rick.   I'm totally freaked out about it!   I hate to waste Grandpa's money by failing to get good grades in my classes," I said letting my frustration show in my voice.

"I know how you feel.   I'm the same way about my grades since your uncle is paying my tuition.   Spanish is the class that's got me worried.   I've never been any good at English let alone a foreign language," Rick said looking me in the eyes, "I don't know how you managed to convince me to take it."

"You are taking it because you love me!" I exclaimed leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the lips.

"You're right about that sweetheart," Rick replied, "And that means you'll have to help me learn it so I don't fail the class."

"Okay, I'll help both of us master the vocabulary words.   I will make up little post-it notes to put on everything in the condo in both English and Spanish to help us learn them," I said.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Rick responded and returned to his homework leaving me to think about doing the rest of my assignments from the math class.  

After a few minutes of staring at the textbook, I shut the book and opened our Spanish textbook and wrote the Spanish vocabulary words on some post-it notes with their English translation.   I took my stack of yellow post-it notes and began wandering around the condo sticking them on different items of furniture, etc.  At least I felt like I was accomplishing something despite my feelings of inadequacy at the moment.  

Entering the spare bedroom, I placed my post-it note on the electric piano.   I sat down and turned it on and plugged in the headphones so I wouldn't disturb Rick at his studies.   My fingers glided smoothly over the keys.   I made a few adjustments to the settings and then started to play some of my favorite pieces.   After running through a few of them, I looked at my watch and realized I needed to get back to my studies.    I got up reluctantly, turning off the power to the keyboard.   I wondered into our bedroom placing more yellow post-it notes on pieces of furniture.   Then I sat down on the bed thinking about my classes.   I ended up stretching out on the bed staring up at the ceiling trying to get the motivation to work on my calculus homework.

My thoughts wandered as I remembered today's events:

The first image to come to my mind was that of our new friend, Felipe (Phillip).   We met him our first day in Spanish class.   He is from Mexico.   Rick and I took an instant liking to him from the start.   Felipe's sense of humor is outrageous!    He had us laughing so hard our sides started hurting!   During class today, Rick and I sat behind Felipe.   I couldn't help but notice how good looking he is.   He wore a tank top and the tightest fitting jeans I've ever seen on a guy.   By the end of the class, I was leaking all over in my shorts I was so turned on!  

Rick noticed and started laughing at me as I tried to hide the wet spot on my shorts by holding my books in front of me, "I guess we can't sit behind Felipe anymore or you could have an accident!"

I punched Rick in the shoulder, "You were the one who said we should sit behind him today!"   Damn!   Why can't I control my reaction to hot looking guys?   I hate it sometimes.   Rick was still laughing at me when Felipe came up to us in the hallway.

"Hey, guys!   Do you want to play some racquetball with me?" Felipe asked flashing us a brilliantly white smile.

"Sure, why not?   How about you, Glenn?   Are you up for some racquetball?" Rick asked smiling at me.

"I am but it's been a while since I played," I responded.

"Good!   I will reserve us a court for this afternoon.   Does 2 PM sound okay to you?" he asked us.

"Yes," Rick responded for us.   "We'll meet you there."

"See you then," Felipe said and took off down the hallway to his next class.

"Let's head back to our place and get our gym clothes and our racquets," Rick said.

"I don't have a racquet.   Mine is still in my room back home in Saskatchewan," I said.   "I'll need to pick one up before we meet Felipe."

"Okay, let's stop on the way home at the sports store and pick one up and some balls," Rick said smiling at me and putting his arm around my shoulders.   "I can't wait to see you on the court in your gym shorts.   And remember, hands off the merchandise!"

"What do you mean?" I asked puzzled by his statement.

"I mean, you can look at Felipe but no touching," Rick replied laughing at my embarrassment.   "Felipe is very good looking and he seems to like you, too."

"What?   Do you think he's gay?" I asked in surprise.

"I do and he was sure checking you out just like you were checking him out.   Didn't you notice?" Rick said.

"Obviously I didn't!   I was too busy looking at his great looking body!" I exclaimed.

"Well, don't be surprised if he makes a pass at you today," Rick said seriously.   "I'm sure you know how I feel about sharing you with anyone."

Boy did I know about that!  I nodded my head in agreement, "I do know that much, lover boy."   I reached over and held his hand as we walked back to his car.

I called Greg to let him know I wouldn't be joining the study group today and to ask if he wanted to join us for some racquetball.   He said he couldn't today but would join us another day.

We met Felipe at the gym at the appointed hour.   He was waiting for us in the lobby dressed in his usual tank top and in the shortest shorts I've ever seen on a guy.   They didn't leave much to the imagination.  As he stood up to greet us my eyes about popped out of my head when I saw his package plainly outlined against the cloth of his shorts.   I was going to have a hard time concentrating on playing racquetball today.  

I looked over at Rick who grinned and said, "I was right!"    Rick was so infuriating sometimes.   Why is he always right?

 "What were you right about?" Felipe asked as he approached us. 

"Oh, it's nothing important.   Which court are we playing on?" Rick asked. 

"I reserved court number two for two hours," Felipe replied.

We took the stairs down one level to the where the courts were.   We entered the court and started playing.   Felipe is left-handed and he managed to beat us several times before we were able to figure out a strategy to overcome his advantage.   Of course, I got an eyeful of his gorgeous body!

Just the thought of seeing Felipe's bare chest had me all horned up.   When he stripped off his shirt about halfway through our time on the court, I nearly blew a wad right then.   My balls hurt so bad I just stood there for moment trying to refocus on the game.   Just then, Rick came up behind me and grabbed my butt and kissed me on my neck.

"Are we getting just a wee bit excited?" Rick whispered in my ear.   He glanced over at Felipe and asked, "Should we put on a show for our friend?"

I turned my face towards Rick.   He had a wicked grin on his face.   I returned his grin and leaned in for a kiss.    It's a good thing there aren't any windows in here, I thought as Rick's kiss grew more passionate.

"Hey guys!   I hate to interrupt but are we still going to play?" Felipe asked watching us with wide eyes.

We broke our kiss.   We looked to see what Felipe's reaction was to our kissing on the court.   I could see from the bulge in his shorts that we'd hit a gold mine.

"Yeah, we are," Rick responded and released me.

"Are you a couple," Felipe asked as he got ready to serve.

"Yes, Glenn is my life partner," Rick replied

Felipe smiled at me, "I'm gay as well.   Glenn, I knew you were gay from the first time I saw you but I didn't know that Rick was your partner until today on the court."

"How did you know I was gay," I asked, puzzled by the fact that he so easily saw that I was gay.   I didn't think that I was especially obvious about it.

"I just knew by the way you looked at me.   I caught you checking me out on the first day of class!" Felipe said laughing at me as the color rose in my face.

"You shouldn't feel embarrassed.   I can usually pick out gay guys pretty easily.   However, I missed it with Rick.   He didn't give me any hints at all," Felipe said.

Rick took my hand and pulled me over to him.   "See, I was right."

"Yes, you were right about Felipe," I acknowledged grudgingly.   "Felipe, Rick has this habit of always being right.   I haven't quite gotten used to it, yet."

"How long have you two been together?" Felipe asked.

"A couple of months now," Rick answered for us.   "Are we ready play?"

Felipe and I nodded that we were ready to begin playing, again.   We played hard the rest of the time, each of us trying to out-perform the others.   The exercise was great and the eye-candy even better!   Rick stripped off his shirt and showed off his well developed six pack abs.   Between the two of them, I had a difficult time concentrating on playing racquetball!  

"Are you guys interested in playing racquetball every other week day and lifting weights on the other days?" Felipe asked us as we exited the court.  "I like to get a good work out every day either lifting weights or doing some form of aerobic exercise."

"I would like that," Rick responded looking over at me for my concurrence.

"Yes, I would like that, too," I said.   "Our friend, Greg, would be interested in joining us as well."

"Okay, I will reserve the court and I'll see you guys in the weight room tomorrow afternoon at 2 PM," Felipe said as he turned to go back up stairs to make the reservations.  Rick pulled me into a quick embrace and kissed me briefly before we followed Felipe.

The kiss in my daydream soon became a reality as Rick gently kissed my lips as he joined me on our bed.  "You're so sexy I can't resist you," he whispered huskily into my ear as he started kissing my neck.   "May I ask what you were thinking about that has gotten you so worked up?"

"I was thinking of our friend, Felipe," I replied smiling at the memory.  

"I thought that might be it.   It's so obvious that he turns you on," Rick said.

"I know he does.   I'm sorry, Rick.   I know I shouldn't be looking at other guys the way I do when I am in love with you.   I just can't help checking out the good looking studs in our classes," I said.   "I know I shouldn't let myself get so out of control.   I love you so much but I can't seem to control my reaction to really good looking guys!"

"I understand your appreciation of good looking men.   That is how I used to look at women and still do even though I have the best guy in the world as my partner.   It's okay as long as you don't do anything other than look," Rick told me seriously.   "Now that I have found you, I won't share you with anyone.   You know that don't you?"

I nodded my head, "Yes, I do know that and it makes me happy to know that you love me so much.   Thank you for being so patient with me."

Rick and I continued our make out session and eventually gave ourselves over to our passions.

Rick helped me through a couple of calculus problems before returning to his own studies.   I got stuck, again, so I got up from the kitchen table and wondered into our front room and called Greg.

"Hey, Greg," I said.

"Hello, Glenn," he replied.

"I am having trouble with today's assignment.   How are you doing with it?" I asked.

Greg said, "I have completed the first 15 problems.   How about you?"

"I am on problem number nine.   Can you walk me through the steps you took to solve it?" I asked.

"Sure," Greg responded.   He walked me through it and the next one as well.

After we had gotten through most of the remaining problems together, I asked, "Greg, do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, I don't.   Why do you ask?" Greg asked.

"We met a really great looking guy in our Spanish class who is gay and single," I said.

Greg laughed, "And you want to line us up for a date."

"Yes, I had thought of doing just that if it is okay with you," I said.

"Sure, why not?   I haven't been out on a date in quite a while.   Why don't we make it a double date?   That way we won't be so uncomfortable around each other," Greg said.

"Okay, I will talk to Rick about it.   The guy's name is Felipe and he is from Mexico," I said.   "I think you will like him.   We played racquetball with him today."

"I will walk with you to your Spanish class tomorrow and you can introduce us," Greg said.

"Deal!   Talk to you tomorrow," I said.

"Bye," Greg replied.

I walked back into the kitchen and sat down next to Rick who looked up at me from his textbook, "What was all that about?"

"I was talking to Greg about Felipe," I said grinning.   "I got Greg to agree to going out on a date with him."

Rick laughed, "Don't tell me you are trying to play matchmaker now!"

I blushed, "Well, only a little bit."

Rick said, "Just be careful who you are lining up with whom.   I don't want you to get yourself in trouble if things don't work out."

I nodded, "I will be careful.   Besides, I think Greg and Felipe will hit it off!"

"Maybe, but don't be too disappointed if they don't," Rick replied.   "Just because they are both gay doesn't mean they will be attracted to each other."

Rick closed his book and pulled me onto his lap.   "I think we need to call it a night.   My brain has done all it can do for one day."

I grinned and said, "Let's get in the Jacuzzi bathtub.   I think that will be just the thing to rejuvenate us."

Rick picked me up and carried me into our en suite and set me down on my feet.   He turned on the water and adjusted the temperature and then added some bubble bath to the water.   Rick turned back to me and helped me out of my clothes.   I returned the favor.   Rick pulled me close and started kissing me passionately while his hands roamed my body.   His touch heightened my passion for him.   He released me and turned off the water and then assisted me into the tub.   He turned on the jets and climbed in behind me.   I leaned back against his chest as he nibbled at my ears and neck.   We enjoyed each other very much.   Later, we dried each other off and climbed into bed.   Rick pulled me close and whispered, "I love you," in a husky voice that sent a thrill down my spine.

I whispered back, "I love you, too."

Rick proceeded to show me how much he loved me in a very physical way and left me with no doubts about how much he wanted me!

Prev To be continued . . .