The Man from Swift Current
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Chapter 48: Greg and Felipe

The next morning, Rick seemed to be handling things okay.   At least during breakfast, he was smiling and joking with me.

We had just finished putting the dishes away and wiping down the table when Rick pulled me into his arms.   He looked into my eyes and said, "Glenn, thank you for being there for me last night."

I took his face in my hands and said, "We're in this together.   I will always be there for you because I love you."   I held his gaze, "Don't you ever forget that you are loved.   You have a family who loves you….me, my parents, my grandparents, my brothers and sisters, Keith and Kerry, the Mitchells, my aunts, uncles and cousins.   You are part of a large extended family Mr. Lernier.   Your last name might not be Nielsen or Scarborough but it might as well be!   You belong to our family!"

Rick's eyes were bright with tears as he tried to speak but couldn't.   Seeing this, I continued, "Being part of this family didn't just start with me.   You have known you are an important part of this family since Uncle Stan told you he would help you get through college.   Keith and Roger consider you their brother and have defended you against those who would do you physical harm.   You know that you can talk to Uncle Stan or Grandpa about anything and that they will listen and not judge you.   You know that if you ask their advice that they give you the best they have and tell if they don't know.   You have been adopted into our family whether you like it or not!  Most all, Rick, we all love YOU!   Do you understand?" I asked gazing into his blue eyes.

By this time, the tears were streaming down Rick's face.   I pulled his face down to mine and I gently kissed him.   I wiped away the tears from his face and put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me as I laid my head on his shoulder.   I whispered in his ear, "And most of all you belong to me."

Rick clung to me as if his life depended on it.  I held him tightly in my arms, willing my love for him to cross from the physical contact between us and penetrate deeply into his soul.   I don't know how long we stood that way holding on to each other.   Rick pulled back from me a bit and looked into my eyes.   He didn't say anything at first so I waited patiently until he was ready to speak.

"Glenn, I don't deserve you or your family," he said his voice breaking with emotion.

"Rick Lernier!  I don't want to ever hear you say that, again!   You deserve the best this world has to offer because of who you are.  I will not tolerate hearing you put yourself down!   I promise I will keep after you until you stop thinking and saying such things!  You are a wonderful person with a kind and gentle heart.   We, my family and I, see a great man when we look at you.   You have the potential to be anything you want to be and you've overcome so many things in your life already.   I'm not saying you're perfect because you have your faults but so does everyone else in this world.   Always remember, Rick, you are someone very special.   If I have to keep saying it over and over and over until you get it, I will!"

"Glenn, I didn't mean to make you angry," Rick said, "It's just that I feel so overwhelmed with my emotions right now."

"I know, sweetheart.   I am here to support you and help you in any way I can if you will let me," I said.  "Do we have an understanding that you are special to me and that you are loved?"

Rick nodded his head, "Yes, I got that message loud and clear, sir!"   He tried smiling but he didn't quite pull it off.

I put my hand to his cheek and said, "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, Mr. Lernier."

Rick took my hand in his and brought it to his lips and kissed the back of my hand.   "I love you, Glenn.   Keep telling me that you love me because I really need that reassurance right now."   The deep sadness reflected in his eyes just about broke my heart.    Now, I was the one trying to keep it together.

"You got it!   That's easy for me because it's true!   How many more times do you need to hear it today?" I asked smiling at my lover boy.

"Every minute of every day," Rick smiled back.

"Does saying, "8-3-1-4," count?" I asked.

"You bet it does!" Rick exclaimed laughing.

"Good!   I think I can do that for you."  I glanced at the clock.   "Rick, we need to head to class.   Are you going to be okay today?"

"I'll be better off going to class then staying home stewing about things," Rick said resignedly.

"I agree.   It's better to keep busy," I said.   "I'm ready to go if you are?"

Rick kissed me one more time before releasing me.   "Okay, I guess I'm ready."

We grabbed our backpacks and walked out the door.   I locked it and followed Rick onto the elevator.

We just made it to class on time.   Rick gave me a quick kiss good-bye before heading to his first class.   I walked into class and sat down next to Greg.

Greg looked up, "Hey!  How's it going?"

"Good.   You?" I asked looking at Greg.   He seemed very excited about something.

"Great!   Felipe stayed with me last night," Greg said grinning ear to ear.

"Get out!   He did not!" I exclaimed in disbelief.   Felipe had said he didn't want to have sex with anyone until he met Mr. Right.

"Yes, he sure did!   Remember we decided to head over to my place after we left you and Rick?" Greg asked.

"Yeah, I remember….so?" I asked raising my eyebrows.

"Well, he never went home!" Greg said.

"Seriously?" I asked still amazed at Greg's news.

"Yes, totally!   We started making out on my bed and things went pretty fast," Greg said with a broad grin on his face.

"You don't mean you…" I said.

Greg interrupted me, "Yes, we're a couple now.   Felipe is going to move in with me.   We are going to rent an apartment together.   Turns out Felipe wanted to start dating me but didn't have the courage to ask me.   So when you two started things off last night, it kind of broke down the barriers and we were able to finally connect.   Things went a little further last night than either of us had planned, however."

I laughed, "Wow!  I never would have guessed that you two would get together.   I'm happy for you both.   Do you and Felipe need any help moving?"

"No.   We will get all of his stuff out of his dorm this afternoon before we go over to sign a contract on our new apartment," Greg said.   "I will get my stuff tonight."

We didn't have much time to talk after that since Dr. Chi walked in and started his lecture.

At the end of class, I gave Greg a high five, "Congratulations!   We will see you guys tomorrow then."

I couldn't wait until I went to Spanish class to talk to Felipe!   Time seemed to pass so slowly.   Finally, it was time for that class.   I waited for Rick outside the classroom so I could talk to him before we went into class.   I must have been bouncing with excitement because Rick came up behind me and said, "Are we excited about something or what?"

I turned around and smiled at him, "Yes, I am.   You won't believe what Greg told me earlier this morning!"

"What?" Rick said laughing at me.

"Felipe stayed with Greg last night at his apartment," I said.   "And Felipe is going to move in with Greg this afternoon."

"You can't be serious?" Rick said incredulously.

"I'm going to find out from Felipe in just a few minutes if Greg was telling me the truth," I said smiling from ear to ear.

We walked into class and sat down next to Felipe who looked up at us as we sat down.   I was taken aback by the look on his face.   I had expected he would be happy and excited about moving in with Greg.   Instead, I saw a very troubled look on Felipe's face.

Before either of us could say anything, Felipe spoke up, "I know that Greg has talked to you already about what happened last night.   You guys aren't mad at me or anything are you?"

I was stunned!   "Why would you think we would be mad at you for staying with Greg?" I asked in disbelief.

"Because I had previously told you that I wanted to wait until I found the person I loved.   I feel bad that I lied to you.    When I went to Greg's apartment, it felt so right and I wanted it so badly that I didn't want to stop what was happening between us," Felipe said.

I looked at Rick.   I wasn't sure how to respond.   When I didn't say anything, Rick spoke up, "Felipe, you don't need to worry about us.   What's important is that you are comfortable with what happened and that it's right for you.   Is what happened last night what you wanted?"

Felipe's eyes lit up and he smiled, "Yes, it was.   I'm so happy I've found someone who wants me as much as I want them."

I said, "Then, it's okay.   I was afraid that Greg had forced you somehow to do something you weren't ready to do."

"No, Greg didn't force me into anything.   It's rather more the other way around.   I was pretty aggressive last night and Greg seemed to really like it," Felipe said.   "I'm so relieved that you're not mad at me.   I was afraid you wouldn't want me around you anymore."

Rick laughed, "It's quite the opposite, Felipe.   Now that you and Greg are together, I don't have to worry about you trying to take Glenn away from me."

I laughed at that thought, "As if he could!   No offense, Felipe, but you don't hold a candle to my guy."   I looked over Rick who was smiling broadly.   "I've got him and don't intend to ever let him go!"

The professor began the class cutting off more discussion.   After class, we insisted that Felipe give us more of the details.

"Well, there's not much to tell," Felipe said starting to get a little embarrassed.  

Rick laughed, "I'm sure that there's a lot to tell but we won't embarrass you by telling you what we think happened!"

Felipe grinned, "Yeah…..I'm still not comfortable talking about sex.   But I can tell you I really like it!"

Greg came up behind Felipe and wrapped his arms around his waist causing Felipe to jump.

Greg laughed and said, "Are we just a little bit jumpy?"

Felipe relaxed, "Yes, I didn't know who had grabbed me from behind."

"Hi guys!" Greg greeted us.   "Felipe needs to come with me so we can get his stuff out of his room."

Greg released Felipe as we all headed outside.   Felipe grinned from ear to ear, "See you tomorrow in class."

Rick and I laughed to see the two guys walk off hand in hand.   "It's hard to believe that yesterday they were afraid to touch each other," I said.

"It didn't take them long to figure out that they like each other very much," Rick said.   "I'm glad for them.   I was serious when I said that I was concerned about Felipe stealing you away from me."

"I know," I said taking Rick's hand we walked back to our car.   "I've been aware of the tension in your face whenever Felipe has been flirting with me.   I've tried not to encourage him."

We climbed in the car and Rick took my hand and looked me in the eyes.   "I know you haven't intentionally tried to hurt me by flirting with Felipe.   That's why I've tried not to say anything about it.   I figured that sooner or later Felipe would figure out that you belonged to me no matter how much he tried to get your attention.   You don't know how hard it has been for me not to be jealous!"

I squeezed his hand, "I do know and I appreciate the restraint you've shown the last few weeks.   Felipe has thrown himself at me several times when you haven't been around and I've had to remind him that I'm taken."   I smiled at Rick.   "We need to make sure we talk about these things so we can show a united front against this kind of an assault on our relationship.   I'm sorry I didn't talk to you sooner about it.   Can you forgive me for being so stupid?"

Rick smiled back at me, "You're forgiven as long as you forgive me back for not mentioning my feelings to you."   He paused before continuing on with a more serious note, "I didn't want you to be upset at me for acting so possessive and jealous.  I want us to have friends and I don't want to spoil every friendship we make by being so uncertain of your love for me that I let my feelings of jealousy get out of hand."

"What can I do to help, Rick?" I asked.

"I don't know," Rick replied.   "If I did, I would tell you."

"Maybe we can start by just talking about it and then when we encounter a situation that makes us uncomfortable, we can use our secret sign for help and let the other know that we are starting to cross that line that leads us into uncertain territory."  I said.

"Okay, that sounds fair.   If I get feeling really uncomfortable, I'll give you our sign and then we can go to another room to talk or we can find a way to make the situation less uncomfortable like not flirting so much with the cute guys," Rick said pointedly.

"I'm sorry Rick.   I know I flirted with Felipe and Greg a lot during the last couple of weeks.   It was all in fun but I should've thought more about how you were feeling instead of trying to entertain myself."

Rick smiled, "At least you admit you were flirting with them.   I was afraid to confront you about it."

"I want you to talk to me about this stuff.   I can't change things if we don't communicate with each other about the things that are bothering us," I said.

Rick said, "Okay, I'll try to be more open to talking about things.   I've tried not to say too much because I don't want you to leave me."

Rick's statement rocked my world, "Rick whatever made you think I would leave you just because you aren't comfortable with what I'm doing?"

Rick looked away from me, "I'm still feeling extremely insecure about us.   I know that my feelings of insecurity have a lot to do with my family situation.   I just can't afford to lose you Glenn.   You're all I've got.  If you were to leave me, I don't know where I'd be.   It scares me, Glenn, that I'm so dependent on you right now.   I feel so vulnerable and it's driving me crazy!"

"Rick, remember what I said this morning?" I asked earnestly.

"Yes, I do," Rick answered looking me in the eyes.

"Good.   I will tell you, again, and as many times as it takes:  I LOVE YOU!" I exclaimed.   I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips.

I continued, "You are mine, Mr. Lernier.   You aren't going to go anywhere without me.   Okay?"

Rick smiled, "Okay.   Just keep telling me that and I'll finally get it straight.   I mean that Glenn.   I need you to keep telling me over and over that you love me."

"I promise I'll keep telling you, "I love you," until you get through that thick skull of yours that you are my guy and I'm not going anywhere without you," I said.  "Can we go home now?"

Rick laughed, "Yes, we can go home now."

"Rick, we need to talk to Greg and Felipe how to be good to each other just like you are to me," I said.

Rick nodded his head in agreement and gave my hand another squeeze before starting the car and taking us home.

Greg led Felipe to his car and then drove to Felipe's dorm.   They entered the building and Felipe took Greg to the dorm apartment he shared with three other guys.  No one was at home sparing Felipe any explanations about why he was moving out.   He unlocked the door to his room and then closed it behind Greg.   Greg asked, "Are you sure you won't get into trouble by moving in with me?"

"I will be fine, Greg.   I called my Dad and he was okay with me moving in with you.   He said it would be good for me to have an American roommate to help me with my English.   He also said he would contact the school about cancelling my contract for the dorm room," Felipe said.

"Don't you want to wait until we see how things will work out between us before you let the dorm room go?" Greg asked.

Felipe looked searchingly at Greg, "Do think we are moving too fast?"

"No, I am okay with us moving in together because I want you so much but I worry about you," Greg said.   "My parents would absolutely go ape if they ever found out I was having sex with a guy.   Do your parents know that you are gay?"

"Yes, they know but they are hoping that I am just going through a phase and that it will go away," Felipe said.

Greg took Felipe in his arms, "I promise not to go away, Felipe.   I love you."   Greg kissed Felipe.   Their passionate kisses soon led them to the bed where they satisfied their hunger for each other.

Greg looked around the Felipe's dorm room and noted the posters of several soccer players.   He like what he saw – each player was shirtless and were glistening with sweat.   Just looking at them made him get a hard on.   Felipe stirred in his arms.   Felipe's dark eyes opened and looked into Greg's light blue ones.   He grinned and said, "That was the best sex I have ever had."

Greg smiled, "Yes, it was pretty good because we were both virgins before last night."   He paused and then asked, pointing to the posters, "Which one of these guys is the best soccer player?"

"Diego Forlan is my favorite one.   He is a good player and he has an absolutely gorgeous body," Felipe said.   He ran his hands over Greg's flat stomach.   Greg didn't have six-pack abs but he was in good physical shape.   He tightened his muscles at Felipe's touch.   Felipe smiled at Greg, "Can we do it, again."

Greg laughed, "Sure but are you ready to be fucked again so soon?"

Felipe nodded his head.   "I like it when you fuck me.   It feels so good!"

Greg smiled, "Then, I must do what I can to make you happy!"

That was the last either of them said for some time.

Felipe looked at his new lover as he slept.   This was only their second day together but it felt wonderful.   The only regret he had is that he had made a promise to himself that he wouldn't have sex with anyone until he had found Mr. Right.   He wasn't sure that Greg was his Mr. Right.   He reflected on the hot sex they had last night and again this afternoon.   He had enjoyed it and Greg did as well.   He knew he was highly attracted to this blond-haired God who had swept him off his feet.   They hadn't really discussed their plans for school or shared much about each other.   Their decision to move in together was based solely on having really good sex.   In the back of his mind, Felipe knew that this was not a good way to start a relationship.  He kept fighting within himself because he really wanted to have a permanent relationship with someone but at the same time he wanted to have the experience of having an intimate relationship with another guy.   Greg had taken him to new heights of pleasure he never knew existed.   He wanted that very much and was willing to take a chance that their current relationship based on mutual sexual gratification would morph, over time, into one based on mutual respect and admiration.

As he watched Greg's sleeping face, Greg opened his eyes and met his gaze.   Greg smiled, "Hey, handsome!   Are you ready for another round?"

Felipe laughed and responded, "Yes, I am ready for another round but not right now.   We need to get my stuff moved out of here and over to our apartment."

Greg continued smiling, "Okay, let's get you packed and moved in.   I can't wait to get you back in bed with me!"   Greg pulled Felipe closer to him and kissed him on the lips.

Felipe brought his hands up to cup Greg's face as he deepened the kiss.   When Felipe released him, Greg exclaimed, "Wow! Babe!   That was some kind of kiss!"

Felipe grinned, "That is just a taste of what you will get later."

Greg responded, "I think we had better move quickly because I don't want to miss out on that!"

Felipe got up and helped Greg to his feet.   They quickly dressed and then set about packing up the few things Felipe had in his room.   As they were about to leave, Greg looked at the walls and asked, "What about your posters?"

Felipe glanced at them and said, "They can stay here.   They don't compare to having the real thing."   He put his arms around Greg's neck and pulled him close for another passionate kiss. 

Greg grinned and said, "Okay, the posters stay."

They drove to the apartment Greg had found for them.   They went into the apartment manager's office and sat down.  Soon they were shown into the manager's office.   After filling out an application, they waited for the manager to read over it.   He asked, "Do you have the deposit?"

Greg said, "Yes," and handed him a check for the required deposit and the first month's rent.

"Okay, here is the rental agreement.   I need both of you to sign here and here," he said indicating where they were to sign.

Once the paperwork was signed, the apartment manager handed them the keys to the apartment.   "Please go over the apartment and let me know if anything is amiss."

Greg and Felipe left his office and drove around to the other side of the complex and parked in their appointed place.   They carried Felipe's stuff from the car to the door.   Greg unlocked the door and started taking Felipe's things inside.   They walked around the apartment.  

Greg said, "I like it.   It is so much better than the dorms."

"I like it, too," Felipe said grinning.   "Let's go get your stuff and then we need to get a bed and some other furniture."

They left the apartment hand in hand.   Greg drove to his dorm and they quickly loaded Greg things into the back of the car.    They returned and unloaded his stuff and took it into their apartment.

Greg said, "Let's go find a bed.   We can get all the rest of the furniture later."

"Okay.   My Dad said I could have an extra allowance this month so I can buy the bed," Felipe said.

"Cool!   Let's go," Greg said.   He kissed Felipe and then led him back outside to his car.   They found a furniture store and bought their new bed.   They tied the mattress and box to the roof of the car and put the bed frame in the trunk and tied it shut.  

Felipe asked, "Are you sure we will make it back to the apartment?"

Greg grinned, "Of course we will!"   Greg drove carefully despite his bravado just to make sure they didn't lose anything on the trip to the apartment.

They arrived at the apartment and Felipe jumped out to see if the mattress was still there.   He laughed, "I guess you were right."

Greg said, "Of course I was right."   He untied the mattress and box springs and they carried them into their apartment.   They brought in the bed frame and started to set up the bed.   It didn't take them long before it was set up.

Greg looked at it and said, "We didn't get any sheets or blankets.   We need to find a WalMart or Target where we can get some cheap ones."

He used his cell to locate the nearest store.   He grinned at Felipe.   "We are in luck.   It's not far from here."

They left the apartment and jumped in the car.   They picked up sheets, blankets, and some things for the kitchen.   Greg asked, "Felipe, do you know how to cook?"

Felipe looked at Greg in surprise.   "No, do you?"

"No.   I guess we need to buy a microwave and that will have to be it.   There is no sense in buying a bunch of pots and pans if we don't know how to cook," Greg said.

Felipe laughed, "Maybe we should learn."

Greg looked at Felipe in disbelief, "Me?   Cook?   You have got to be crazy!"

Felipe grinned, "I will ask my Mom how to do it.   I think that we will be okay."

The guys went back into the store and found a cheap microwave and a couple of pots and pans.   They loaded their stuff into the car and headed back to the apartment.   They set up the kitchen and then walked into the bedroom.

Greg said, "Let's get the bed made."   They worked together to make the bed.  

Felipe sat down on the bed and looked around at their stuff that was scattered around the room.

Felipe sat on Greg's bed and looked around the room.   He saw the family photo on the top of one of Greg's boxes and asked, "Is this your family?"   He picked up the picture to take a closer look.

Greg walked over and wrapped his arms around Felipe's waist and nibbled on his ear.   He pointed to the people in the photo, "This is my sister, Sarah.  She is junior in high school.   This is my big brother, Phoenix.   He is in the military – Army.   This is my Mom and Dad."

"They look like a nice family," Felipe said.

"They are but they are very anti-gay," Greg said.   "I am afraid that they will disown me if they find out that I am gay."

Felipe said, "Then we shall make sure they don't find out until you are ready to tell them."

Greg said, "That will probably be never."

Felipe said, "Maybe they will change over time."

"I doubt it," Greg responded sadly.   "My parents are the most devout people I know.   They will never change their minds.   I will become a pariah to them."

Felipe said, "Let's get a shower together.   I have always dreamed of taking a shower with another guy."

Greg's smile returned to his face as he threw off his melancholy thoughts, "That sounds great!"

They quickly stripped down and jumped into the shower together.   They enjoyed the rest of their evening together despite their lack of furnishing.   Neither one was sure where their relationship was headed but that didn't stop them from letting their passions rule them.

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