The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
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Chapter 53: Mauricio

I awoke shivering from the cold on the morning of our fourth day in Xapala.  The room was still cloaked in darkness and I could hear the rain pelting the corrugated metal roof.   I snuggled closer to Rick for warmth since our blankets had slipped off during the night.   I couldn't stop shivering from the cold despite clinging to Rick.   Rick whispered in my ear, "Let's get our blankets back on."

I rolled over and reached down over the edge of the bed to grab our blankets and pulled them up to cover both of us.   Rick's arms closed about me as I returned to my previous place still shivering.   I put my head on his chest and relaxed as my body gradually warmed up.   After a while, I stopped shivering from the cold. 

I must have drifted off because the next thing I remember is Rick shaking me awake.   "It's time to get up, sweetheart."  He brought his lips to mine as I raised my face to his.   I love being kissed by my guy!

Oscar and Gary were already up and dressed.   Oscar asked, "Have you seen Felipe?"

"No, we haven't seen him this morning," Rick answered.  

"He didn't sleep in his bed," Gary said.  

"Have you asked Tonio if he has seen Felipe?" I asked.   "Felipe was flirting with him last night."

Oscar laughed, "I'm sure we know were Felipe slept last night!"

I nodded my head, "I'm sure he's in Tonio's room."

I had no sooner said this when the two guys in question walked into the room.   It was obvious that they had slept together.   Tonio smiled and said, "Thank you for bringing Felipe with you."   Tonio's arm was around Felipe's waist.

Felipe grinned, "Tonio kept me warm all night."

"I bet he did," Oscar said, laughing.

Tonio smiled and said, "Felipe has taught me a few things."

We all laughed.   Felipe said, "Tonio is the best man I've ever had in bed."

Tonio blushed.   "I hope you remember me when you are back at the university."

Felipe grinned, "Who could ever forget this?"    Felipe rubbed Tonio's package through the fabric of his white linen pants.

Tonio kissed Felipe and then turned back to the rest of us.   "My Dad has breakfast ready in the kitchen."

Rick said, "Glenn and I will meet you guys in the kitchen after we get a shower."

Oscar nodded his head and said, "There is plenty of hot water."

"That's good because I'm freezing," I said as Rick pulled me to me feet and led me to the shower.   We enjoyed the warm water and our usual morning activities.   After finishing our shower, we quickly dressed and joined our host in the kitchen for breakfast.

"Good morning, boys," Art greeted us.

"Good morning, Art," I replied.

"I talked with the children last night and they would like to accompany you to Puebla.   Would that be acceptable with you guys?" Art asked smiling as he looked over at the twins who both responded with an animated, "We'd love to have them come with us!"

"I thought that would be your answer.   I put the shell on the back of the pickup truck and installed my homemade bench seats so you all can ride with us.    Is that acceptable to you?   If not, I can drop you off at the bus depot and meet you at the other end at the Puebla bus depot," Art said looking around the table at each of us.

The twins, of course, wanted to ride with the girls.   Felipe answered for us, "We'll take our chances and ride with you."

"It's decided then.   We'll leave in about an hour.   We'll meet back here in the kitchen before we leave," Art said.

We finished our breakfast and returned to our room to pack up our stuff and put the beds back the way they were before we moved them together.

We met everyone in the kitchen where Art was making seat assignments.   "The girls will ride with me in the front and Tonio with the guys in the back of the truck."

Tonio smiled and said, "Are you guys ready to witness the best comedy routine you have ever seen?"

We all laughed and nodded our heads in the affirmative.   Rick said, "It had better be good this time!"

Tonio responded with mock seriousness, "Yes, Sir!"and saluted Rick smartly.

Rick cuffed Tonio up the side of his head, "Don't get smart, kid!"   Rick laughed and pulled Tonio into a sideways hug.   "I'm sure you'll do a great job.   I've enjoyed listening to your jokes so far, Tonio."

We climbed into the back of the truck and Art closed the tailgate and put down the shell door and latched it.   There were windows in each side of the shell as well as in the back so there was plenty of light.   Art had constructed the bench seats so they would fit over the wheel wells of the truck and had fastened them to the bed and sides of the truck.   He drilled holes in the bench to hold the back of the bench and attached cushions to both the back and the seat to make them more comfortable.

Art opened the window between the truck cab and the truck bed, "Are you guys all settled?"

Tonio said, "Yes, Dad.   We're ready."

Art started the truck and we were off.   Tonio immediately started in with his comedy routine.   We were soon laughing so hard our sides hurt.   Every once in a while, Tonio would stop to kiss Felipe; causing Oscar and Gary to whistle and guffaw.  

Oscar said, half in jest and half in all seriousness, "It's not fair for you to make out with Tonio while me and Gary can't make out with Tonio's sisters."

Felipe laughed and responded, "Don't blame me for your lack of talent with the girls.   Remember, I got laid last night and you two didn't!"  Tonio blushed but grinned as Felipe gave his package a squeeze.  

Gary shook his head in disbelief.   "Oscar, there's something wrong about this picture.   Our gay brother gets laid while we haven't been able to score."

Tonio grinned and started in on the guys.   His jokes poked good-natured fun at them as well as at me and Rick.   The entire trip of 195 kilometers (125 miles) passed quickly.   We arrived at the Puebla bus depot and Felipe placed a call to Mr. Sanchez to let him know we were here to pick up his dad's new car.

We waited for about 30 minutes when we saw Mr. Sanchez drive up driving a brand new Volkswagen Jetta.   Mr. Sanchez parked the car and got out and approached us.

"Hello, I'm Alex Sanchez," he said as he shook Felipe's hand.   "You look just like your dad.   You must be Felipe."

"Yes, I'm Felipe and these are my twin brothers, Gary and Oscar.   And these are my friends, Rick, Glenn, Tonio, Art, Vanesa, and Mari," Felipe said.

Mr. Sanchez acknowledged the introductions, "Glad to meet you all.   Here are the keys to the car.   I filled it up with gas and it's already to go.   Here's my address.   You are all welcome to stay with my family while you are here in Puebla.   My wife, Linda, knows you are coming and will get you settled.   I have to return to work now so I will see you this afternoon."

Mr. Sanchez hailed a taxi cab and gave terse orders to the cabby.   Felipe handed the address to Art, "Do you know where this address is located?"

Art responded, "Yes, it's close to the historic Los Fuertes district.   Why don't you follow me in your car?"

Felipe said, "Sounds like a good idea."

We climbed into the Jetta and the girls returned to the truck with their dad.   Gary and Oscar were about to protest when Tonio said, "I will see what I can do to get my Dad to loosen up about keeping a watchful eye on my sisters."

That seemed to mollify them; at least for the moment.   We followed Art out of downtown Puebla to the Las Fuertes district.   He made a turn off the main road into a side street and pulled up in front of a very nice house.   Just as we were about to knock on the gate, it swung open and a very beautiful woman stood there.   She beckoned to us to pull the cars inside.   She opened the gates wide and moved to the side as we moved the vehicles into the driveway.   She closed and locked the gates behind us.   Felipe pulled the Jetta up behind Art's truck and put the car in park.

Rick asked, "So how do you like your Dad's new car?"

Felipe grinned from ear to ear, "It's a mighty nice ride!   It handles beautifully.   I'm sure he'll be very pleased."

Oscar and Gary both spoke at once, "When do we get to drive it?"

Felipe responded, "You'll have to ask Dad when we get back to Veracruz.   I'm not going to let you drive unless he says you can."

Gary said, "That's not fair!"

"What's not fair about it?" Felipe asked smiling at his little brother.

"Just because you're older doesn't mean you're a better driver," Gary said sarcastically.

"True enough but you need to convince Dad of that, not me," Felipe responded smiling even broader at the look of frustration on his brother's face.   "I'm just teasing, Gary, I'll let you and Oscar try out the car on our way home.   Is that okay?"

Gary's face cleared and he smiled at Felipe, "You know I'll get you back for teasing me.   Just you wait and see!"

We climbed out of the car and greeted Mrs. Sanchez.

"Welcome to our home," Mrs. Sanchez said, smiling at all of us.   "I didn't realize so many of you were coming.   I'll have the maids make up a couple of more rooms for you.   If you will follow me inside, we'll have some light refreshments in the kitchen.   I'm sure you're all tired from travelling."

We followed her inside the house and were very grateful for the snacks and hot drinks.   I chose the hot chocolate and Rick took his coffee black.    I've never liked the taste of coffee but hot chocolate is the best, especially Mexican hot chocolate!

Mrs. Sanchez said, "After a short siesta, why don't all of you walk down the street to see the forts.   They have several exhibits there and you can learn more of the history of Puebla."

"That sounds great!" Art said.   "Thank you for being so gracious to us.   I know we didn't let you know we were coming ahead of time.   The refreshments were wonderful.  The girls and I will be leaving shortly for Nealtican to visit my wife's family."

Mrs. Sanchez said, "Your welcome, Art.   Are you sure you won't spend the night with us?"

"Thank you for your kind offer but we need to be going so that our family doesn't worry about us," Art said.   "You boys are welcome to join us in Nealtican after you've toured the sights here in Puebla.   Here's our address and the phone number there."

Tonio asked, "Dad, may I stay with the guys?"

Art looked at his son for a moment and then replied, "Sure, Tonio."

Felipe said, "Thanks, Art, for allowing Tonio to stay.   I'll give you a call before we leave Puebla."

With that, Art and the girls left.   The twins followed them outside to say their goodbyes to the girls and promised to see them in a few days.   Felipe moved the Jetta so Art could get his truck out of the driveway.

After they left, Mrs. Sanchez showed us to our rooms.  Felipe and Tonio grinned at us as they closed the door to their room.   I knew what they were going to do with their siesta!    Rick and I kicked off our shoes and climbed under the covers.   We were soon asleep in each other's arms.  

A little over an hour later, Felipe shook us awake, "Wake up, guys!   Let's go over and tour the forts."   Tonio stood behind him with a wide grin on his face.

Rick stretched luxuriously and yawned widely.   I couldn't resist the temptation and took advantage of his stretching out to tickle Rick!   His reaction was instantaneous as he clamped his arms around mine and pulled me close to him.

"Glenn, are you sure you want to start a war?" Rick asked smiling wickedly from ear to ear as he gently nibbled on my earlobe.

"Yes, as long as you win and make love to me as the price of losing the war," I said laughing at Rick.

Felipe said, "Okay, guys, enough of that stuff.   It's not fair to make us watch you have all the fun."

"You know you two could join us," Rick responded jokingly.

"No, thank you.   You two would gang up on us and then where would we be!" Felipe exclaimed laughing.

I said, "You have to acknowledge that it would be fun though."

"Yes, it would but not right now.   Let's go outside.   It's too nice of a day to stay inside," Felipe said.

Rick released me and we got up and followed Felipe and Tonio outside to where the twins were already waiting.

Felipe asked, "Are we ready to go?"

Oscar replied, "Yes, big bro.   We are."

Gary said, "I get to be the tour guide.   The reason the forts are considered historic is because it is here that the French army suffered a defeat at the hands of the Mexican army on the 5th of May 1862.   Here in Puebla they celebrate the Mexican victory every Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)."

"The Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the United States are in recognition of this victory as well?" Rick asked.

Gary answered, "I don't know about that, maybe so.   I didn't know that you celebrated the Cinco de Mayo there.   Remember, we've been going to school in England not the United States.   Felipe might know."

Felipe looked at us and replied, "I don't know either."  

We walked around the forts and some of the other monuments in the area surrounding the fort.   I really liked the water fountain.   It was nearly dark when we returned to the Sanchez home.   We rang the buzzer on the gate.  

Mr. Sanchez opened the gate and let us in, "Did you have a good time in the forts?"

"Yeah, it was very interesting to tour them," Rick said.

"Good.   I'm glad you took some time to see them.   Come inside and let's find you guys something to eat."

Gary said, "That sound great to me."

Rick and I followed the twins inside with Felipe bringing up the rear.   We had a light supper with Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez and then retired for the evening.   The next day we drove to Cholula to tour the pyramids there.   They have tunneled into the center of the hill and allow tourists inside to see the other pyramids that are hidden under the one you can see from the outside.

From there, we made our way to Nealtican to visit with the Zetina family.   Oscar and Gary finally managed to score with the girls.   Tonio arranged for us to go hiking with his dad while the twins spent time playing games and goofing around with the girls.   Nealtican is very pretty and we enjoyed hiking up the side of the volcano from there.   After a couple of days, we drove back to Veracruz.   The three brothers were sad to leaving their lovers behind.  

Oscar said, "I hope we get to see them before we go back to school."

"I'm sure that Art will bring them to Veracruz," Felipe said.   "Tonio wants to see me again before I return to the United States."

That seemed to satisfy the twins.   Of course, Gary and Oscar were very happy since Felipe let them drive the new car most of the way home.  

We arrived at the Gomez home late in the afternoon.   Felipe parked the new car next to the Volkswagen bus and we got out to unload our things.   Mr. Gomez came outside to inspect his new car.   Felipe spent about 15 minutes going over all the particulars of the vehicle with his dad before joining us inside.

Felipe entered the kitchen as Mrs. Martinez brought out a light supper for us.   "Dad has taken the car out for a spin.   He's more excited about the new car than you two were," Felipe said looking over at his brothers who grinned and nodded their heads in agreement.

"We know.   Where do you think we get our interest in cars from?" Oscar asked.

We heard someone in the hallway and were surprised when Mauricio turned the corner in a wheelchair.

Felipe was the first to recover, "Mauricio, how are you?"

Mauricio smiled, "I'm great!   Thanks for helping me out.   Don't look so surprised!   You know how your Mom has been hounding me to use a wheelchair?"

Oscar replied, "Yeah, and we know how much you've resisted the idea, too."

"Well, your Dad finally convinced me that if I wanted to be able to function in my job, I needed to be able to sit on the same level with the clients of our company and look them in the eye.   He told me that he couldn't have them looking down on me or treating me as inferior.   So, I decided I needed to try using a wheelchair."

I asked, "Do you like it better than your moving dolly?"

"No, but I'm still adjusting to it.   The moving dolly is like an old friend to me.   I hate giving it up because it is so familiar to me.   I still can't get used to sitting at the same level as all of you.   It is good to look you each in the eyes and not have you looking down at me," Mauricio said.

Rick asked, "Is your Mom going to move here, too?"

"Yes.   Mr. Gomez has arranged for a small house to be built inside the factory compound just behind this house.   That way, my mother can be close to me.   Mrs. Gomez says she has some work Mom can do to help her with her medical practice, especially since all of you are going back to school and won't be around to help," Mauricio said smiling, his happiness shining from his eyes.

Gary said, "Do you like the job you're doing for Dad?"

"Yes, I do.   He has me taking care of the books and watching over the finances of the business for him.   He is training me to handle what he calls the accounts payable and receivable.   Those terms still don't make sense to me but I will get it eventually," Mauricio responded.   "I'm staying here at the house until the new house can be built.   I'm happy you guys are back.   I really miss being around people of my own age."

Mauricio looked so sad it almost broke my heart thinking about how hard it must be for him.   Up until now, I would be willing to wager that he'd never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend for that matter.

"Have you ever had a girlfriend?" I asked.

Mauricio ducked his head, "No.   There isn't a girl on the planet that would want to go out with me let alone be seen with me."

Oscar and Gary smiled at each other, "We can change that very quickly!" Gary exclaimed.

Mauricio's head popped up and his eyes went wide, "What do you mean you can change that very quickly?"

Oscar explained, "We know of a couple of girls we can set you up with if you're willing.   If you're more interested in guys, Felipe here can find you a boyfriend."

Mauricio was sitting in stunned silence.   He finally found his voice, "Are you gay, Felipe?"

"Yes, I am; and so are Glenn and Rick," he responded.

Mauricio nodded his head, "I kind of figured out that Glenn and Rick were together.   I wasn't sure but it makes sense now.    I saw how Rick and Glenn looked at each other when they were at our apartment the other day."

Rick smiled, "Yeah, Glenn is my partner.   I guess we didn't hide it very well."

Mauricio replied, "Well, actually you did.   It was Glenn that gave you away."

"Why is it always me?!!   I try not to be obvious about it!" I protested.

"Calm down, Glenn.   It's just your nature, okay," Rick said soothingly.   "You can't help yourself."

"Why is it that everyone knows I'm gay?   I don't go around acting like a "sissy" or anything.   I certainly enjoy cars, planes, trains, and sports as much as the next guy," I said.   "In fact, I hate guys who are flamers.   I don't have any "sissy" friends."

Oscar said, "It's not that you act like a "sissy," because you don't.   You're a pretty good athlete and you look normal.   I mean you act normal just like any other guy.   However, it's the reaction you have towards guys.   It's like I said when we first met.   You gave me the once over from head to toe.   I felt like you were undressing me with your eyes!  You know, just like guys do to really cute girls?"

Rick nodded, "Yeah, like the first time we met!"

I laughed, "But that hardly counts, Rick, because you were totally naked and were putting on quite a show for me."

"I wasn't putting on a show.   I was in my own apartment where I normally don't wear any clothes.   I didn't expect to have company.   Keith didn't tell me he was having company over!" Rick said in protest.

Gary laughed at Rick, "So you were parading around your apartment in the nude giving the gay dude an eyeful!"

"Well, I guess you could say that," Rick acknowledged, "but I didn't know he was gay at the time."

"I certainly enjoyed the show!" I said rubbing the inside of Rick's thigh.   After a moment, Rick put his hand over mine.   I grinned mischievously when Rick gave me the "look."

Mauricio laughed, "Glenn, you are so out there!   It's a wonder that you don't have a neon sign flashing "I'm gay" attached to your forehead!"

"I do not!   I thought I was being pretty discrete about it since we arrived here in Mexico," I looked to Rick for confirmation.

Rick nodded his head, "You've toned it down considerably from your norm.   I know I've had to restrain myself as much as you have because I'm so used to being pretty open about my affection for you, Glenn."

Mauricio said, "Can I share something with you guys?"

"Sure," Gary said.

"You have to promise not to tell anyone though," Mauricio said.

Oscar's raised his eyebrows, "Okay, we promise.   What's so bad that we have to keep it a secret?"

"I think I might be gay like Felipe, Glenn and Rick," Mauricio said.   "I've never been attracted to girls.   I've always felt inferior to them; being crippled like I am.   Most of the guys I've associated with don't seem to care if I'm crippled or not.   The girls are looking for someone to take care of them, someone who can work and provide for them.   Some of the real macho guys are pretty cruel to me but for the most part the guys are easier to deal with once they get to know me."

Oscar asked, "So what makes you think you're gay?"

"I don't know.   I just haven't ever felt a connection to a girl," Mauricio responded.

Gary said, "That doesn't make you gay.   Maybe you just haven't given a girl a chance to get to know you because you're so afraid of being rejected."

I said, "That's true, Mauricio.   You should give yourself every opportunity to figure out who you are without putting artificial limitations on yourself.   I know I was kind of confused for a while but once I met Rick, all doubt left my mind!"  I grinned at Rick and he squeezed my hand.

"Okay," Mauricio said.   "Oscar and Gary, can you set me up on a date with one of your friends?"

Gary grinned widely, "Sure.   I think we should plan a party for tomorrow night and invite all our friends over.   I'll ask Mom if it's okay."

Mrs. Gomez stepped into the kitchen and caught the end of the conversation.  She asked, "What's okay?"

"We want to have a party here tomorrow night with all of our friends.   Can we do that?" Gary asked.

"Sure.   We'll have to check with your father but I don't see a problem with that," she responded.

"Cool," Gary said.

Oscar said, "I'll make out a list of people to call while you plan what we're going to do, Gary."

"Deal," Gary said.   "We can have lots of food, a dance and games!"

Felipe said, "I want to invite some of my friends, too."

"Okay, give me their names and phone numbers," Oscar said.

We left Oscar and Felipe making a list of people to invite to the party.

Gary led us into the family room where he showed us the games he planned for tomorrow.   Rick sat on the couch and pulled me down next to him.   I leaned my head against his chest and relaxed as we listened to Gary's plans.   I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember was Rick carrying me upstairs.

Rick asked, "Felipe, open the door for me, please."    Felipe opened the door for him and Rick put me down on our bed and started to undress me.   I heard the door close.   I kept my eyes closed; pretending to sleep as Rick continued to strip me down.   Rick started caressing my bare skin.   I couldn't help myself as my body started to respond to his ministrations.

Rick laughed, "I knew you couldn't keep pretending to be asleep!"

I opened my eyes and grinned at my lover boy.   "Please don't stop.   You were doing all the right things."

Rick replied, "Don't I always?"

I nodded and begged, "Pretty please.   You can't leave me like this!"

"What do you want me to do for you?" Rick asked grinning wickedly.

"You're being such a tease!" I exclaimed as Rick continued his assault on my body.

"You still haven't told me what you want, Babe," Rick whispered in my ear as he gently nipped my earlobe.   "You know you have the sexiest ears?"

He was driving me totally insane with his foreplay.   I was practically whimpering with desire I was so out of control.   "Rick, make love to me, please." I begged him.   "I need to feel you inside me!"

Rick, "Your wish is my command, lover boy."

Afterwards, we lay completely exhausted in each other's arms.   It seems that Rick can take me to new heights each and every time he makes love to me.   Everyone should experience the mind-altering sensations that accompany having sex with the one you love the most in the whole world.   No wonder I'm so addicted to Rick!   Now I can understand why my parents tried to tell me not to have sex with just anyone since it is the most intimate act two people can share.

The next morning, we awoke to Gary and Oscar knocking on our door.   Before we had time to cover up, they bounced into our room.

Oscar grinned, "You should have heard you two last night!   Everyone in the house knew you were having sex in here!"

Gary nodded, "Yeah, you guys were pretty loud."

Rick wasn't quite awake, yet, and his morning woody was pointing straight up at the ceiling.   I pulled the sheets up over us.

Gary continued, "Rick is so huge it's amazing you can accommodate him!"

Gary finally stopped long enough for me to say, "He's the best lover in the whole world, Gary."

Rick rolled over and pulled me close to him, "Guys, can't you see we're still tired?"

Oscar laughed, "No, I don't think you're tired.   I think you're horny and that Glenn needs to take care of you."

Gary turned to Oscar, "Let's leave the two love birds alone.   Guys, breakfast will be ready soon so don't take too long."

They bounced out of the room shutting the door behind them.   Of course, I followed Gary suggestion and took care of my guy's needs!

Rick said, "I love you, Glenn," as he pulled me up on top of him and started to kiss me.   I shared some of his cum with him that I still held in my mouth.

"Now that's how I like to start my day," Rick said smiling broadly.   "Let's go get cleaned up."

We quickly showered and made our way down to the kitchen.   Everyone else in the house was already seated at the kitchen table.   I said, "Good morning, everyone."

They chorused back, "Good morning."

Rick and I sat down next to Felipe.   "What's on our agenda for today?" Rick asked.

Felipe answered, "We are going to help get ready for the party tonight.   Mrs. Martinez has made out a list of things we need to get at the market and then we will need to help decorate the house and prepare for all of our guests."

"Cool!" I said.   "I'm excited to meet your friends."

Rick agreed, "I'm looking forward to meeting everyone as well."

We spent the rest of the time at breakfast discussing our plans for the evening.   The day went by quickly and it was soon time for the party.

Gary and Oscar acted as hosts as their guests arrived.   There were about 40 people who came.   Gary and Oscar introduced us to everyone.

Oscar made sure that Mauricio was center of attention.   By the end of the evening, two of the hottest looking girls were vying for Mauricio's attention.   I caught Mauricio's eye and smiled.   He grinned back and gave me the thumbs up sign.   The crowd started to thin as the time passed.   The two girls were the last two to leave.   Both of them kissed Mauricio at the door as they left.   Mauricio had turned about three shades of red.

Oscar came up behind Mauricio's wheelchair, "So what do you think?"

Mauricio's enthusiastic response was, "Yeah!!!"

Gary said, "I take that to mean you had a great time."

"Yes, I loved it guys.   Thanks so much for the party.   I really like those two girls:  Marisol and Maria," Mauricio said grinning from ear to ear.

Rick said, "I think the party was a success!   Come on, Glenn; let's help clean up the place so we can get to bed."

We all pitched in to help clean up.   It didn't take long with so many helping hands.   Rick and I collapsed in our bed and were asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Our time in Mexico came to an end much too soon for us.   Everyone we met there was very hospitable and very friendly.   Rick and I said our good-byes to the twins and Felipe's parents at the airport.

I pulled Felipe into a warm embrace, "Thank you for inviting us to stay with your family during the holidays."   I looked into Felipe's eyes and saw the tears there.   I whispered to him, "I love you," and kissed him lightly on the lips.  

I released him and Rick gave him a hug as well, "Felipe, this has been the best vacation I've ever had.   Thank you for sharing your family with us."

Our flight home was uneventful.   We arrived back in Atlanta and retrieved Rick's car from long-term parking and drove back to our condo.   As we cruised down the freeway towards home, I turned to Felipe and asked, "Why don't you stay with us until classes start?"

Felipe replied enthusiastically, "I'd love to do that."

I looked over to see Rick scowling in disapproval.   I reached over and caressed the inside of his thigh.   "Is that alright with you, Rick?"

Rick's scowl turned into a sigh of resignation.   "It's okay."

I realized too late that Rick wanted us to be alone.   I tried to recover by apologizing.   "I'm sorry I didn't consult with you before issuing the invitation to Felipe."   Rick's expression hardened and I saw I wasn't getting anywhere fast.   I cringed to think of the discussion we were going to have when we were alone.  

There was silence in the car for the remainder of the trip home.   When we arrived, we unloaded our luggage and hauled it up to our condo.   Rick unlocked the door to let us in.   I turned to Felipe and said, "You know where the spare bedroom is."

Felipe smiled and replied, "Yes, I do.   Are you sure you two wouldn't prefer to be alone?   I can go to my dorm room instead."

Rick looked over at me and then turned to Felipe.   "It's fine, Felipe.   Please put your things in the spare bedroom."

Felipe made his way down the hallway and into the bedroom.   Rick grabbed our suitcases and took them to our bedroom.  I followed him inside.   I closed the door and confronted him.   "What is going on Rick?"

"I wanted us to spend some time alone," Rick said.

"Then let's send Felipe to his dorm room," I said in exasperation.

"It too late now," Rick said.  

"Is there more to this than just wanting to be alone with me," I asked.

Rick gave me a long look before he replied, "Yes, there is.   Felipe has made it pretty clear that he wants you."

I objected to this statement.   "If that's so, why did he bed Tonio?   If he really wanted me, why hasn't he made himself more of a nuisance? "

Rick looked down at the floor and wouldn't meet my gaze.   Finally, I put my hand under his chin and raised it until he met my eyes.   "Rick, I love you.   I'm sorry for pushing back at you.   You don't have to hide your feelings from me."

"I'm afraid of losing you to Felipe," Rick admitted.

I caressed his cheek and said, "Rick, I love you and only you.   You don't have to fear that Felipe will turn my head."   Rick looked doubtful so I added, "Okay, he can turn my head but only to look at and appreciate his male beauty."  Rick's expression still didn't clear.   When he didn't say anything in response to my statement, I continued, "Alright, he might get me to have sex with him but I would never leave you unless you decided you didn't want to be with me."

Rick expression darkened and his voice was hard.   "I thought we had agreed that we were going to have a monogamous relationship.   I think that means that we have an exclusive relationship between us."

"Yes, we did.   But we had sex with Keith and you didn't seem to mind that," I stated with some heat.

"That was different and you know it.   Keith wasn't trying to take you away from me," Rick said.

"Yes, he was; only in a different way," I responded.

Rick said, "Okay, he wanted to separate us but it's still not the same as Felipe trying to replace me in your affections."

I replied earnestly, "Rick, Felipe will never take your place.   Even if I agreed to have sex with him, it would be only a matter of curiosity; to see what it would be like but never to let him take your place.   You are my Prince Charming, remember?   I'm not letting you go."

Rick nodded his head and said, "I remember.   But please remember that I don't want you to have a physical relationship with anyone else but me.   I might have been pretty fast and loose with the women before we met; however, they didn't mean anything to me.   You are my life partner, Glenn, and I won't share you with anyone else.   I hope you still feel the same way about me."

"I only want you, Rick," I said, looking deeply into his eyes.   "I love you."   I tenderly kissed him and then cupped his cheek with my hand.   "I'm sorry I've given you cause to think otherwise."

Rick's eyes were bright with unshed tears.   "I love you, Glenn.   I can't bear to think that you would ever leave me for another man," Rick replied.

"I will never betray you, Rick," I said.   "Are we good?"

Rick nodded his head in ascent.   "Yes, we're good."   He put his hand behind my head and kissed me passionately.   When he released me, I was weak in the knees from the intensity of my physical reaction to Rick.   I clung to him to keep from collapsing in a heap at his feet.   Rick grinned and said, "That's just a preview of what's to come later!"

I responded, "I can't wait!"

We spent the rest of the day unpacking and relaxing.   We ordered out pizza and watched DVDs until bedtime.   Rick and I enjoyed some cuddle time as we watched movies.   Every once in a while, I would catch Felipe staring at us but he would quickly look away.   I thought Felipe was acting a little weird but I attributed it to the fact that his boyfriend wasn't around.

At breakfast the next morning, Felipe and Rick were up early talking in the kitchen.   I had stayed in bed luxuriating in the warmth of our bed while Rick fixed breakfast for us.   I was rather startled to hear the conversation become much, much louder.   I couldn't believe they were arguing so I pulled myself out of bed and walked out into the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about.  

I overheard Felipe say, "I love Glenn as much or more than you do."

Rick responded, "Just keep your distance, Felipe.   Glenn belongs to me and no matter how much you love him he will never EVER be yours!"

As I entered the room, the conversation came to an abrupt halt.   I looked from Rick to Felipe and back again, "What going on guys?" I asked.

Rick's face was rather flushed and I could see he was upset.   Felipe seemed as calm as a summer's morning.   He spoke first, "It's nothing you need to worry about, Glenn.   Rick and I were just having an energetic discussion."   Felipe smiled at Rick.

Rick's face contorted into a grimace before he too tried to smile, "Yeah, you could say we were little bit too loud."

I went over and wrapped my arms around my lover boy and gave him a deep kiss.   "I love you, Rick."

"I know you do, Babe," Rick said grinning as he pulled me into an even tighter embrace.

Felipe looked at us with envy in his eyes, "You know I wish I had someone to love me like you two love each other."

Rick responded, "Be patient.   Mr. Right will find his way to you.   I had to wait for Glenn.   Now that I've found him, I'm never letting him go."

Prev To be continued . . .