The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 72: Dr. Nohr

I awoke in Rick’s arms the next morning.   At first, I thought I was dreaming.   I’d dreamed of waking up in Rick’s arms so many times since he left that I was almost afraid to wake up and find myself alone in my bed.   I kept hoping that I was really listening to the steady rhythm of Rick’s heartbeat.   My favorite place to sleep is with my head on Rick’s chest and his arms around me.   I felt his arms tighten around me when I stirred.   That convinced me that it wasn’t a dream.   Usually in my dreams, I’d awaken with my face smashed into my pillow, and no sound of his heartbeat to comfort me; let alone his strong arms to squeeze me tight!

I felt Rick blow my hair away from his face, which made me giggle.   Rick said, “I thought you might be awake.”

He loosened his hold on me so I could roll off of him, and look him in the face, “I was enjoying the comfort of your arms, sweetheart.”

“Oh, I’m sweetheart now, am I?” Rick teased, with a big grin on his face.

“Yes, you’re my sweetheart.   Why?” I asked, as I played with the hair on his chest.

Rick rubbed noses with me.   “It’s just that I love to hear you call me sweetheart.   Before, you always called me lover boy,” Rick said.

“Well, since you’ve been away so long, I decided you’ve graduated to being my sweetheart now, not just my lover boy,” I said, laughing at Rick’s expression.

“I wasn’t gone that long!   It’s been almost 5 months now,” Rick protested.

“I know, but it seems like forever.   I’ve got a calendar where I’ve marked off each day you’ve gone.   I put a great big red circle around the day you are supposed to return to me,” I said, caressing his hard, flat stomach.   My fingertips traced the outline of his six-pack abs

“I’m sorry I have to be away from you so long,” Rick said, looking so much like a little boy who had just been scolded.

I reached over with my hand and turned his head toward me, so I could give him a kiss.  “Rick, it’s not your fault you have to be away from me.   I love you, remember?   Don’t blame yourself for things you can’t control.”

Rick looked really upset about something.   He tried to look away from me, but I gently stopped him from turning his head away.   I lightly stroked his cheek as I looked into his eyes, “What’s wrong, Rick?   I know you’re upset about something.   Don’t try to hide it from me.”

Rick nodded his head, “Yes, I’m upset about something Sgt. Riehle told me I needed to do and I don’t like it all.”

“Why?   What did he tell you?” I asked.   I should have been prepared for the bad news, because Rick wouldn’t have been upset if it weren’t bad news.

“He told me, that for my own safety when I return to duty, we need to stop all communication between us, to prevent anyone from finding out about us,” Rick said, trying to look away from me.

I was stunned.   It was the last thing I had expected.   “Why did he tell you that?”

“When he confiscated my laptop and cell phone, he discovered your blog and my posts there.  He knows about us.   He told me that his son committed suicide when he was kicked out of the Marine Corps because he was gay.   He doesn’t want the same thing to happen to me.   He warned me to make sure we took the proper precautions to keep anyone from being suspicious, or even thinking that I’m in love with you,” Rick said.   His eyes were brimming with tears as he shared this information with me.   I could see he was really suffering because of what Sgt. Riehle had told him he had to do.

“I understand his perspective, but I’m not at all in agreement with him about a total communications blackout,” I said, trying to keep the anger from showing in my voice.

Rick gave me a puzzled look.  “What do you mean?”  

“I think there has to be a way that we can communicate with each other, and still keep anyone from knowing about our relationship.   I know that in my text messages and on my blog, I’ve been pretty open about our relationship.   That is my fault, not yours.   Maybe one of my friends here will have an idea of what we can do.  Don’t give up hope, Rick.   I’m not letting you go back on active duty without some kind of support; especially when you need to know that I love you,” I said, earnestly.   “I’m absolutely certain that keeping your spirits up is much more important than setting you adrift without a support network.”

Rick’s face cleared, somewhat.  “I’m willing to explore other options.   We have to be especially careful now that they’ve arrested Sgt. Massey and his thugs.   They will stop at nothing to avenge themselves as soon as they find out I was the one that brought them down.   Lt. Col. Bachman has asked me to be his assistant when we return.   I’m happy to help him; but I think it’s more to protect me, than it is to help him.”

“I’m glad he’s protecting you, Rick.   I like him already, and I don’t even know him,” I said, smiling at Rick.   “He knows a good man when he sees one, just like me.   You’re my best friend and the best lover in the whole world.   You’ll quickly show him that he has chosen the best man for the job.”

Rick kissed me and said, “We need to get up and get ready for your classes.   I didn’t come home to make you skip classes, buddy boy.”

I laughed, “No, but I can sure try to make a case for staying in bed with you this morning.”   I grabbed his morning wood and started to stroke him.

Rick moaned, “You are a wicked man, Glenn Nielsen.   That is totally not fair!   How can I argue with that?” 

I laughed.   “Don’t argue with me.   Just take me to the shower where we can play some more!”

Rick laughed and got out of bed, pulling me up with him, “You have to promise to finish what you started you wicked, wicked man!   You can’t leave me in this state!”

I grinned mischievously.   “Maybe I should, just to see what you’d do about it.”

Rick said, “This is what I’d do.”   He bent down and picked me up and carried me into the shower.   “That’s how it’s done.”

I didn’t release him right away but wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.   “Let’s have some fun in the shower!”

Rick turned on the water and adjusted the temperature.   He pulled me under the warm cascade of water, kissing me deeply.   I love showers!

A while later we left the bathroom and dried each other off, “I love being at a hotel where we don’t have to worry about running out of hot water,” I said.

“Yes, it sure beats the showers on base.   We have to shower with everyone else and there’s no privacy at all,” Rick said.   “What is your first class today?”

“I’ve got music theory with Dr. Nohr.   We have about an hour before class starts.   Let’s grab some breakfast before we head over to campus,” I said.

“Sounds like a great idea,” Rick agreed, as we gathered our gear and took it out to the Land Rover.   We checked out of the hotel and returned to the house.   We took our stuff upstairs, where we found Ben still in bed.

“Ben, wake up or you’ll be late for class,” I said, shaking his shoulder.

Ben moaned and rolled over.   “Ben, you’ve got to get up.”

Ben opened his eyes and saw us standing above him.   When his eyes focused on Rick, he said, “Good morning, Rick.   Now I know why Glenn is in such a good mood this morning.”

I just smiled and said, “True enough, but that doesn’t change the fact that you and I have class in less than 30 minutes, and you aren’t even out of bed, yet!”

With that, Ben sat up, “Okay, I’m up.   Are you happy now?”   Ben can be quite surly in the morning, especially when he’s tired, which appeared to be the case this morning.

“Yes.   We’ll put together a quick breakfast while you shower.   See you downstairs in a few minutes,” I said, taking Rick’s hand and leading him back downstairs to the kitchen.   I cooked some scrambled eggs while Rick manned the toaster.   When Ben showed up at the table, we said grace and ate quickly.

“I’m going to drive over to my class since we’re running so late.   We’ll drop you off at your class on the way,” I said to Ben.

We piled into the Land Rover.   We dropped Ben off, and we made the quick trip over the bridge to the other side of the campus.  I parked and we sprinted to the classroom.   We arrived just as Dr. Nohr appeared in the hallway outside of class.

Dr. Nohr stopped and looked Rick over from head to toe before he asked, “Who is this handsome young fellow?”

“This is my partner, Rick Lernier.   Rick, this is Dr. Nohr,” I said, making the introductions.

“I’m glad to meet you Mr. Lernier,” Dr. Nohr said.  “Congratulations, Mr. Nielsen, on finding such a good looking man to be your partner!   Let’s get to class before chaos breaks out among the students.   Music students are notorious for disintegrating into anarchy whenever a professor isn’t present to put a curb on such tendencies.”

Rick smiled at Dr. Nohr’s comment and winked at me.   I’m sure I’d hear more about Dr. Nohr’s comment about anarchists and musicians later!

We followed Dr. Nohr into the classroom and took the last two seats in the front row.   I felt, rather than saw, the looks we were getting from my fellow students.   I loved every minute of it!   My partner is the best looking guy on the planet, and I don’t mind that everyone else knows it!  

Patty caught my eye and mouthed, “Is that Rick?”   I nodded quickly and turned my attention to Dr. Nohr, as he began his lecture.

About halfway through the class, I had a hard time concentrating on music theory, since Rick kept rubbing his hand up and down my inner thigh.   I got so hard it’s a wonder my pants didn’t split!   I didn’t dare say anything that would disturb class, so I wrote a quick note, “Mr. Lernier, you are going to get it when we get home!”  

Rick read my note and grinned even wider than he already was.   Why is it that guys are such big teases?   Rick had me so horny that a small wet spot appeared on my jeans.   Rick would have to pick the day I was going commando!   My dick was pretty well outlined against the fabric of my jeans to boot!   How am I going to leave class without embarrassing myself?   At the very least, Patty will notice if no one else!

I finally reached down and took his hand and held it, to stop his activities down below.   Rick squeezed my hand and leaned over and whispered in my ear what his plans were for me when we returned to the house.  

Dr. Nohr paused his lecture and gave us a look that would have withered every living thing in the room.   I refer to it as the “nuclear bomb” look!   I turned to Rick and nodded toward Dr. Nohr.   Rick smiled and gave me a quick kiss before turning around in his seat.   Dr. Nohr continued his lecture.   Time seemed to drag.  I wanted so much for class to end.

Finally, Dr. Nohr finished talking and wrote the assignment on the board for the next class.   Dr. Nohr left the classroom ahead of all the students, as was his custom.  

Patty came over to us with a wide grin on her face and her eyes twinkling “Wow!   You sure had Dr. Nohr upset.   I don’t think he’s ever stopped his lecture for that long before.”   Looking at Rick, she said, “Glenn, are you going to introduce me or not?”

“Rick, this is Patty.   Patty this is my boyfriend, Rick,” I said, introducing them.   Rick put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him, as he held out his hand to shake Patty’s.

 “It’s nice to meet you, Patty.   Glenn has told me a lot about you,” Rick said, grinning at her.

Patty laughed, “I’m sure he has.   Rick, you are very fortunate to have such a faithful partner.   I would like to steal him away from you, but he’s pretty well taken with you charm and good looks!”

Rick agreed, smiling from ear to ear, “Yes, he’s pretty smitten alright!”

Irene joined our little group.  “Hey!   You must be Rick!   I’m Irene.”

Rick shook the hand she offered, and said, “Glad to meet you, Irene.”

Irene looked over at me.  “Glenn, you made quite a catch.   He’s even more handsome than you said he was.”

Rick beamed at Irene.  “Why thank you, Irene.   I certainly hope I measured up to your expectations.”

Irene blushed.  “Well, Glenn’s description of his wonderful boyfriend had me doubting that anyone could be that good looking, or that wonderful.   I’m glad that Glenn was right about you.”

Rick looked at me and said, with mock seriousness, “I’m only wonderful, eh?”

I colored up a bit and replied, “Well, I actually said you were the best lover in the world.”

Irene confirmed my statement, “Yes, Glenn made it pretty clear no one could top your performance in that department!”

Rick laughed.   “Good!   I guess that best lover in the world will have to do for now.   We’ll see what Glenn says after tonight.”   Rick’s statement caused me to blush even more.

Irene looked up at Rick before saying, “Glenn, you are so cute when you blush!”

Before Irene could say anything else, Patty interrupted, “We need to get going, Irene.  We don’t want to be late for our next class.   We’ll see you guys later.”  

Patty took Irene by the arm and practically dragged her out of the room while Irene kept turning around to wave at Rick.   

Rick asked, “Irene really has a crush on me, doesn’t she?”

“Yes.   She saw your photo on the clock you gave me, and fell in love with you,” I said, trying not to sound annoyed.

“It’s a good thing I’m taken already.   I’m afraid Irene doesn’t hold a candle to you, Babe,” Rick said.   Rick kissed me and held my hand as we walked out of the classroom.   Dr. Nohr saw us in the hallway as we passed his office.   He signaled that we should come in.

Dr. Nohr looked over the top of his glasses and said, “Mr. Nielsen, I think that you need to be a little more circumspect in your behavior in the classroom.”

I said, “Yes, sir.”

Dr. Nohr seemed happy with my reply, as he smiled and said, “Mr. Lernier, would you do me the honor of joining us for dinner on Friday evening?   Mr. Nielsen has already agreed to attend, but I think it would be wonderful if you could join us as well.”

Rick smiled, “Thank you for inviting me.   I would be honored to accept your invitation.   What is the dress for the occasion?”

Dr. Nohr said, “Sunday best will be fine.   Your dress uniform would also be appropriate.”

Rick nodded, “Thank you for thinking of us.   I apologize for disturbing your class today, Dr. Nohr.”

Dr. Nohr acknowledged the apology, “Accepted.   I quite understand, having been a soldier myself.   No harm was done.   I look forward to seeing you at dinner.”

I said, “Thanks, Dr. Nohr.”

He nodded and signaled that it was time for us to leave.   Rick and I left the building, and climbed back into the Land Rover.   We returned to the house and Rick got out and walked around the Land Rover.   Rick said, “This is a nice vehicle.   I’m glad Grandpa had you pick one out.”

“It’s registered in both our names,” I said.   “He wanted to make sure we had transportation when you returned from your year overseas.”  

Rick laughed, “Grandpa lectured me about not running the Corvette around all the time.   He insisted that I need to treat it like a baby, and not over use it.   I knew he’d planned to get us a car before I left.   I’m happy with the Land Rover.   Are you happy with how it runs?”

“Yes, it’s been a good vehicle,” I replied.

Rick put his arm around my waist and pulled me close.   “Grandpa must think we’re going to stay together for a long time since we now jointly own a condo and a car.”

I smiled up at him and said, “He’s not the only one who thinks that.” 

Rick pulled me into his embrace and kissed me deeply.   We were still standing outside the house when Robbie and his parents drove up.   Robbie jumped out of the car and ran over and gave me a big hug and kissed me on the lips.

Rick’s look asked the question, “Who is this?!”   I laughed and introduced Robbie, “Robbie this is my boyfriend, Rick.”

Robbie grinned and grabbed Rick’s hand.   “Rick, I’m so glad to meet you.”  Robbie slowly looked over my boyfriend and let out a low whistle.   “Glenn, you didn’t tell me you found the perfect guy!   Man!   Rick, you’re a really hot stud!”

Rick grinned and said, “I remember who you are now.   You’re the guy who tried to seduce my boyfriend by sleeping with him.”

Robbie beamed.   “Yep!  The very one.   I tried several times to get Glenn to have sex with me.   You are somebody very special, because Glenn didn’t give in to me, and I usually get my way.”

“And Glenn told me you were the world’s biggest flirt,” Rick said.

Robbie’s grin got wider and he said, “That’s also true.   I think it’s only fair to have fun when you can, don’t you?”

Rick laughed and said, “You’re incorrigible.”

Robbie replied, “Why, thank you.   I try to live up to my reputation.”

Robbie’s parents came up behind us.   We turned and I introduced Rick to them, as well.   “Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, this is my boyfriend, Rick Lernier.”

They each shook Rick’s hand.   Mr. Anderson said, “Nice to meet you, Rick.   Glenn has been a very good friend to Robbie.   You’ve made a wise choice in a partner.”

I blushed at his praise.   I’m not used to adults giving me such compliments.   “Thanks, Mr. Anderson.   It’s kind of hard not to be friends with Robbie.   He’s a great kid.”

Mrs. Anderson smiled as she put her arms around Robbie’s waist, and said, “We agree with you, but, of course, we’re kind of biased, as his parents.”

“Would you mind helping us get everything unloaded?” Mr. Anderson asked.

“We’d love to help,” I said.   I quickly dropped my backpack inside the door and returned to help move Robbie into his room upstairs.

Mrs. Anderson said, “Thank you for setting up Robbie’s bed for him.”

“You’re welcome.   It arrived yesterday around noon, so Ben and I decided to go ahead and assemble it and get it ready for Robbie,” I said.

After we finished moving in Robbie’s stuff, we ordered pizza and visited with Robbie’s parents.   Ben, Zach and Mark arrived just as the pizza delivery guy was leaving our door.

We gathered around the kitchen table and chatted about Robbie’s new school.   The pizza disappeared in no time flat.   Mrs. Anderson said, “We’d like to treat you to dinner tonight.   We still need to stop over at the school to get Robbie acquainted with the staff.   After that, we need to pick up a few things for Robbie.   Then, we’ll be back in time for dinner.  Does that sound like a plan?”

We all agreed.   Taka and Frank came in from class as the Andersons were preparing to leave.   We made the introductions and they were also included in the invitation for dinner.

After the Andersons left, I asked Rick, “What do you want to do this afternoon?”

Zach laughed, “Glenn, I know you’re not dumb, so why did you ask that question?   You know full well what Rick wants to do!”   Rick just grinned even wider as I blushed.   I knew Zach was right.   I did know exactly what Rick had on his mind!

Zach continued, “Ben and Mark, let’s get over to hockey practice and let these two love birds enjoy the afternoon.   We’ll see you guys at dinnertime!” 

Ben and Mark laughed and high-fived Rick, as they made their way past us.   Mark said, “Glenn needs you Rick!   He’s been pretty miserable without you.”

Ben grinned and said, “Try not to make a big mess in our room, okay?”

Rick laughed and shot back, “I’m making no promises!   You know how much Glenn loves having sex!”

Ben turned serious for a moment, looked at me, and replied, “At least change the bedding if you use my bed.”

I said, “Sure.   I don’t think we’ll need your bed; but, you never know!”

The guys left for practice, and Taka and Frank left to study at the library.   Rick led me upstairs to show me what his plans were for the afternoon.  Let’s just say that Rick showed me what active duty Marines do when they’ve been away from their lover for an extended period of time!

 Rick held Glenn in his arms, as his lover slept.   The afternoon sunlight played across the room from the window next to Ben’s bed.   As he looked toward the window, Rick noticed a couple of little dust mites floating in the air in the column of light.   He watched them, as a feeling of deep contentment welled up in his heart.   He thought, “It’s so wonderful to have Glenn in my arms.   I’ve missed him so much.   I didn’t realize just how much I loved him until we were apart.   I know, now, that I want to spend the rest of my life with him.  

“He seems so happy here.   He has made many new friends, and finally has decided to pursue a career in music.   We will graduate at the same time now that I’ve had to take a year off from studying.   I was afraid he would move on without me, and create a new world that didn’t include me.   I’m so happy to know that his world still centers on me!  

“All of his friends have made it very clear to me that Glenn loves me very much.   Now that Glenn is settled here, I’m wondering if he’ll want to return to Georgia next summer, or will he want me to transfer here to join him at the University of Minnesota?   I’m not sure I can deal with the cold weather.   I know that Glenn isn’t bothered by the snow and ice, but I’ve never lived anywhere that gets cold during the winter.  

“When I leave in two weeks, I just hope we can find a way for us to still communicate with each other.  I wonder how things will work out with Lt. Col. Bachman.   He seems like a nice guy.   I’ve talked with him a few times when I’ve been on reserve duty.   Since we’ve been deployed, I haven’t had much time to talk to him.   Of course, he’s an officer and I’m not.    The one thing that stands out in my mind is that I still have an obligation to remain in the Marine Corps for four years after I return from active duty and then another two years in the ready reserve after that.   I haven’t had the courage to tell Glenn about the two additional years.   Glenn already hates the fact that I’m in the Marine Corps.   It’s the only thing we’ve ever argued about since we became lovers…..well, other than getting Glenn to accept Keith’s apology.”

Rick’s ruminations about the Marine Corps were interrupted when he heard a light tap on the door.   He looked over at the door and saw the doorknob turn.   He watched as the door slowly opened to reveal Robbie peering inside the room.   Rick met Robbie’s glance and he put a finger to his lips, pointing to Glenn who was still sleeping.   Robbie nodded and silently closed the door.

Rick drifted off, only to be awakened by Ben shaking his shoulder.   Ben said, “Wake up or you’ll be late for dinner.”

Robbie came into the room.   “It’s about time you two love birds woke up.”

I stretched, as Rick gently rolled me off of him.   I felt rejuvenated.   We both were physically exhausted from our lovemaking; but, I think, mentally and emotionally, I’ve never felt more invigorated!   There is just something about being skin to skin with the one I love that seems to lift my spirits!   Oh, yes, let’s not diminish the benefits of having a very skillful lover.   Rick is very good in bed!

I watched, as Rick stood up and stretched, showing off his gorgeous body to everyone in the room.   Robbie’s eyes about popped out of his head at the sight of Rick’s fully erect penis.  I laughed as I saw Robbie’s expression.   “Rick, I can’t believe that you’ve managed to leave Robbie speechless.”

Rick grinned and said, “I tend to have that effect on people.”

Robbie finally found his voice, but he still couldn’t tear his eyes away from my lover boy.   “Wow!   Rick, you’re huge!   No wonder Glenn brags about what a great lover you are!”

Rick said, “I’m just the right size for Glenn.   I can guarantee you that I keep him very satisfied.”

I had to agree, “He makes me very happy.”   I stood up next to my lover boy and wrapped my arms around him.   Rick leaned down to kiss me and pulled me close to him.   I felt some of Rick’s cum slide out of me as Robbie watched.

Robbie commented, “With that much of Rick’s cum in you, you should be pregnant by now, Glenn!”

Rick smiled and teased me, “That’s the goal isn’t it, Glenn, to keep you barefoot and pregnant?”

 I didn’t respond, but kissed Rick.   I turned to grin at Robbie.   Robbie was blushing and speechless!   “Wow!   Rick you’ve done the impossible twice today.   You’ve left Robbie speechless, again!”

I took Rick’s hand, “We need to get cleaned up.   I don’t want to offend Robbie’s Mom and Dad by smelling like this.”

Rick laughed and said, “At least they would know that you’re well loved!”

Robbie laughed, having finally recovered from his embarrassment.   “I think they will know anyway, because Rick marked you good, Glenn.”

Rick smiled, angelically.   “Yes, I did do a good job of making sure everyone knows that Glenn’s lover boy is back in town.”

Robbie moved aside to let us out of the bedroom.   Robbie asked Ben, “Are they always like that?”

Ben laughed and said, “Yes, they are very open about their relationship.   I stayed with them for a few weeks in Atlanta, and they were just like you saw them just now.   Rick is the perfect mate for Glenn, and Glenn is the perfect mate for Rick.   I don’t think I’ve ever met a couple more suited for each other than those two.”

Robbie asked, with longing in his voice, “Do you think I will ever find someone like that?”

“I hope we both can find a perfect mate, just like Rick and Glenn are for each other.   I think I may have found mine, Robbie.   We’ll see how things work out over the next few months,” Ben said.   “We need to get ready, too.”

Robbie replied, “I’m going, I’m going.”   Robbie crossed the landing to his room to get ready for dinner as well.

We took a quick shower (well, a quick shower for us, anyway…..remember, I had to take care of Rick!) and returned to our bedroom to throw on matching outfits:   deep blue golf shirts with khaki pants and penny loafers.   Ben had dressed up as well, wearing khaki pants and a tight fitting sweater that showed off his excellent physique.

Rick looked Ben over and remarked, “Wow!  Ben!   Who are we trying to impress tonight?”

Ben blushed and replied, “Janice.”

I came to Ben’s rescue, “Rick, Janice and Ben met this week, and they just started dating.   Ben thinks that Janice might be his perfect mate, like you’re mine.”

Rick smiled and said, “I wish you the best, then, in your quest to win her heart.”

Ben returned Rick’s smile.  “Thanks, Rick.”

Robbie entered the room.   We saw that Robbie had changed out of his jeans and t-shirt into dark slacks and a vivid pink dress shirt.   He had also sprayed on enough cologne to cover dozens of men.  

Rick coughed and said, “Robbie, go wash some of that stuff off.   You smell so strong we won’t be able to taste our food.”

Robbie grinned, self-consciously.   “Sorry, Rick.   I was daydreaming of you while I was getting dressed.”

Rick laughed, “Well, I’m already spoken for, so you can daydream all you like; just don’t do it while you are spraying on cologne, okay?”

I put my arms around Rick’s waist and looked into his eyes, “I’m glad to know that you’re still wet dream material for other gay guys.   I was afraid you had started to lose your good looks!”  

Rick gave me a quick kiss as Robbie laughed, then, returned to the bathroom, where we heard the water running.   He came back into the bedroom and we both sniffed the air.   “That’s much better,” I said.

We all went downstairs to join the rest of the guys and Robbie parents.   Apparently, Ben had convinced the Andersons to invite the girls along, since they were all here, in addition to Jimmy and Devon.  

I asked, “Ben how did you manage to convince the Andersons to take us all out to dinner?”

Ben replied, “It didn’t take much.   I told them that we have a great group of friends that we hang out with here on campus.   We got to talking about them, and Mr. Anderson suggested that I invite them all to dinner, so they could meet them.   They want to make sure that Robbie has a support network here that they can count on, if need be.    So, that’s how I managed to get everyone invited out to dinner with us.”  

I introduced Rick to everyone.   Rick seemed to like everyone except Devon.   He bristled at Devon’s comment.   “If you ever decide you don’t want Glenn, please let me know.  I’d love to be his boyfriend.”

Rick responded civilly enough, but I could hear the steel in voice, “I don’t think that will ever happen, so I strongly suggest that you look elsewhere to gratify your sexual urges.”

Devon recognized the not so veiled threat in Rick’s body language.   He unconsciously stepped back, but then responded, with a not so jovial laugh, “I just want Glenn to know that I’m here, should he need someone.”

Ben stepped between Rick and Devon at that moment, and asked Devon if he knew of a good restaurant in the area.   Devon suggested several.   We discussed with the Andersons their choices of restaurants in the area, and finally settled on Caspers Cherokee Sirloin Room.   We managed to scrounge up enough vehicles, so we didn’t have to make a second trip for anyone.  

Fortunately, Mr. Anderson called ahead, so the restaurant was ready for us.  Ben and Janice sat at a table with the Andersons, Frank, Rick and me.   I watched as Jimmy and Donica sat next to each other.   Jimmy was smiling and laughing at what Donica was saying to him.   Next to them were Mark and Patty.   Mark didn’t seem as comfortable with Patty, as Jimmy was with Donica.   It was obvious that Patty liked Mark, but Mark looked like a deer caught in the headlights.   Watching him almost made me burst out laughing. 

Zach was sitting next me on my left, so I turned to Zach, “Poor Mark doesn’t quite know what to do about Patty.”

Zach looked over at this friend and said, “Mark likes Patty a lot; but Patty scares Mark to death, because she comes on so strong.   I told Mark last night not to worry about it, and to let things work out by themselves.”

My attention was diverted to Irene, as she pulled Devon along with her to the same table.   For someone who seemed to want to have sex with anything that walked on two legs, Devon sure didn’t seem to want to be Irene’s next conquest.   Watching them, I had to smother a giggle.   Rick leaned over and asked, “What’s so funny?”

I didn’t respond, but I nodded my head in their direction.   Rick looked over and watched them for a moment.   I watched as a grin spread across Rick’s face.   He turned back to me.  “I hope Irene manages to net him.   She seems to be doing a good job of it, so far.   That will keep his hands off of you; since he’ll be too busy trying to shake her off!”

Taka and Midori arrived a little after the rest of us were seated, and ended up with the other three couples at the table next to us.    The wait staff took our orders and quickly returned with our beverage choices.   

Mrs. Anderson said, “Thank you, everyone, for coming tonight.   We wanted to get to know Zach’s friends, since Robbie will be staying with Ben and Glenn, while he attends the Arts High School just over the river from here.”

Mr. Anderson seconded her words, “Yes, we are very grateful to know that Robbie will be welcome among such wonderful friends.”

Robbie spoke up, “I don’t know everyone yet, but I hope that we will become good friends.”

I watched as Devon’s eyes lit up with desire, as he took in Robbie’s good looks.   It was the same look he had given me, when he made a pass at me in the locker room.   I made a note to talk to Ben, Zach and Mark to keep an eye on Devon, and to warn Robbie to be careful around him.

Irene noticed that Devon was staring at Robbie, and pulled on his arm as she leaned over to say something in his ear.   Devon laughed, and turned to answer her.   I wondered what Irene said that made Devon laugh.   I didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling about it, as I watched the two of them.

Rick also was watching them.   He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “There’s trouble brewing there, Glenn.   I think we’d better take some precautions to make sure Robbie doesn’t get hurt.”

I nodded and took Rick’s hand and squeezed it.   “You’re right.   I think we’d better do some talking tonight with a certain young man.”

Ben caught my eye and nodded towards the restrooms.  Ben said, “Please excuse me.   I’ll be right back.”

I said, “If you’ll excuse me, as well.”

Rick looked surprised that we both were leaving the table.   I leaned over and whispered, “It’s okay Rick.”

I followed Ben into the men’s room.   As we finished up and washed our hands, Ben said, “Did you see the look Devon gave Robbie?”

“Yes, I did and so did Rick.   I think we need to set up a plan to protect Robbie from Devon.   I don’t want to see Robbie get hurt by the likes of Devon,” I said.

“Agreed,” Ben said.   “I’m glad you and Rick saw it, too.   I wanted to make sure I wasn’t imaging things when I saw that look on Devon’s face.”

We returned to the table and took our seats.   Robbie was excitedly relating his first impressions of his new school.

“Todd’s brother, Adam, is in three of my classes.   He gave me a tour of the school, while my parents talked with the school officials.   I’m really excited to be going to school there,” Robbie said.

Zach said, “Todd will be here tomorrow to stay the weekend.   We’ve already got permission to have Adam stay at Ben’s house over the weekend, so we can show Robbie around town.”

Janice said, “That’s sound like a lot of fun.   Ben, do you think we could join the boys?  I’d love to see some of the sights, too.”

Ben smiled and answered, “Sure, that is if Zach and Robbie don’t mind?”

Zach replied, “We’d be happy to have some company.   In fact, Rick and Glenn, you’re welcome to join us, as well, since this is Rick’s first time to Minneapolis, and I know that Glenn hasn’t had much time to do any touring.”

Mrs. Anderson said, “That’s sound wonderful, Zach.   What do you think, Robbie?”

Robbie was all smiles.  “I’m good, Mom.   Adam told me about their plans today.   I really like Adam, Mom.   I think I’m going to have the best year ever.”

Mrs. Anderson put her arm around Robbie and said, “Good.   I’m glad you feel that way.   Just remember there are still rules at Ben’s house.”

“I haven’t forgotten, Mom,” Robbie answered his Mom.

The wait staff appeared with our food, and, for a few minutes, everything was silent, as everyone sampled what was on their plates.

Mr. Anderson said, “This is pretty good.   I’m glad we came here.”

We all nodded our agreement.   Janice said, “Thank you for inviting us.   Robbie, what instrument do you play?”

Robbie replied, “The violin.   I want to learn to play the piano, too.”

Janice asked, “Do you have a violin teacher here?”

“No.   At least not yet, I was hoping Glenn, or one of his friends, could help me find another violin teacher,” Robbie said.

“Patty is probably the best one to help you.   She’s from this area and knows many of the music people here,” Janice said.

“I’ll help you, Robbie.   I have to find a teacher as well.   Dr. Nohr wants me to start violin lessons by next week.   He said he has someone in mind and will introduce me to them tomorrow at the recital,” I said.

Robbie grinned, “Thanks, Glenn.  I knew I could count on you to help me.   Do you think Dr. Nohr would mind if I came along for the recital?”

Mrs. Anderson scolded him, “Robbie, we don’t just invite ourselves to other peoples’ parties.”

“It’s okay, Mrs. Anderson.   I’ll send Dr. Nohr an e-mail when we get back to the house, to see if there is a possibility Robbie could attend,” I said.

Robbie beamed at me, “Mom, Glenn is already keeping his promise to look out for me.   You don’t have to worry about me staying here in Minneapolis with the guys.”

Mrs. Anderson looked a little dubious.  “Son, just because you want to attend a recital with Glenn doesn’t constitute him trying to look out for your best interests.”

“Mom!   I will be just fine, okay?” Robbie replied.

We all laughed at the exchange between Robbie and his mother.   Rick said, “Robbie, you need to realize that all mothers are very protective of their children.”

When I heard Rick say this, I was stunned.   After everything his mother had tried to do to us, I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly. 

Rick saw the look on my face and added, “Well, most mothers will do that.”   He left unsaid, “Every mother except mine.”

Robbie blushed.  “I’m not a little kid anymore.   I hate being treated like one.”

Mrs. Anderson soothed her son’s hurt feelings.  “I’m just making sure that everyone knows that we care about you.”

Robbie seemed somewhat mollified.  “Okay, Mom.”

We laughed at his tone of voice.  “Robbie, we all have experienced the same thing you’re experiencing, at some point in our lives,” I said.   “It’s part of growing up, and our parents have to learn to let us learn to be independent; while, at the same time, trying to prevent us from making huge mistakes that we would regret for the rest of our lives.”   Rick smiled and put his arm around my shoulders.  “My Mom told me that Rick is the best thing that has ever happened to me.   She’s even told Rick that,” I said.

Rick said, “Yes, that’s true, and she said that you had to do everything I tell you to do, because I’m the one with the level head on my shoulders!”

I grinned and said, “Am I doing a good job of listening to you, Ricky, Dearest?”

“Ricky, Dearest?” Ben laughed.   “That’s the first time I’ve heard Glenn call you Ricky, Dearest!”

Rick squeezed my shoulders and grinned at me.   “It’s the first time I’ve heard it, as well.   Mr. Nielsen, I think we need to have a very serious talk about this Ricky, Dearest, thing!”

“I made it up just now.   Don’t you like it?” I asked, looking at Rick with the most innocent expression I could muster.

The whole table burst out laughing, “Glenn, you’re such a clown!” Rick said.   “No, you may not call me Ricky, Dearest!”

Mr. Anderson said, “It’s nice to know that there is at least one of you who has a level head on their shoulders.   I assume that Ben is pretty sane, as well.”   He looked over at Ben for confirmation.

Ben nodded his head, “Yes, Rick charged me with keeping Glenn out of trouble while he’s gone.   I think I’ve managed to do okay, given Glenn’s excitable nature.”

“Excitable!   I’m not excitable!” I exclaimed, in protest.

Rick put his finger to my lips, “Shh!   You are excitable, high strung and very, very high maintenance!   You know I’m right, so don’t argue.”

I started to disagree, when Ben said, “Glenn, Rick’s right about being excitable and high strung.   I don’t find you high maintenance, but then I’m not your boyfriend.”

Rick saw that I was getting upset.  “Glenn, calm down.   I love you the way you are, so don’t get angry with me.   I’m not trying to change you or suggesting anything negative.”

He took my hand and raised it to his lips.  “I love you, Babe.”   He looked at me and waited for me to respond.

How could I remain angry with such a wonderful man?   “Okay, as long as you didn’t mean anything negative by it,” I said, pouting.   “I still disagree about the high maintenance part, though.   I think I’ve been pretty good since you’ve been gone.”   I looked across the table for Ben’s support, “Isn’t that right, Ben?”

Ben grinned and said, “I’ll say yes to that part.   Glenn’s been pretty close to sainthood, given the circumstances.   Wouldn’t you agree, Robbie?”

Robbie blushed.  “Yes, Rick, you have to give Glenn a lot of credit for remaining faithful to you.”

Zach said, “I’ll attest to that fact, as well.   Rick, you are a very lucky man.   Robbie, if you can’t go to the recital tomorrow, you can hang out with Todd and Adam at our dorm.   We have a game room and a pretty nice common room.”

Robbie thought for a moment, before he said, “Glenn, on second thought, I don’t want to go to the recital.   I’d rather hang out with Adam.   Adam is just as hot as his brother, Todd!”

Mrs. Anderson spoke up, “Zach, is Adam gay, like his brother?”

Zach responded, “Yes, he is.   I think that Robbie and Adam will be great friends.   I promise to watch over them, Mom.”

Mrs. Anderson still had a worried look on her face.   Mr. Anderson said, “Don’t worry, dear.   Zach and Robbie will be just fine.”

The waiter returned with the check, which Mr. Anderson paid.   We all thanked him for dinner before we left the restaurant, since we were taking most of the gang back to their dorms.   After dropping off Zach, Mark, Jimmy and Devon, we returned to the house.  

The Andersons had already returned with Robbie.   Ben came in just after we did, since he took the girls to their dorms.

The Andersons bid us good night and left for their hotel room.   I turned to Robbie and asked, “Do you mind switching places with us for the next little while?   That way we won’t be disturbing anyone.”

Robbie grinned and said, “Sure, I don’t mind.   I would like to watch you two have sex sometime.”

I looked at Robbie in surprise.  “Don’t you get enough of that on the internet?”

Robbie laughed and said, “Yes and no.   Yes, I’ve been to the porn sites, but since I don’t have a credit card, I can’t see anything but previews.   So, no, I haven’t gotten to see much on the internet.”

Rick looked at me and asked, “Are you comfortable doing something like that?”

“No, I’m not.   I’m sorry Robbie.   I can’t agree to that,” I answered.

Robbie looked very disappointed.   “Don’t look so sad, Robbie.   You’ll understand better when you have a boyfriend of your own,” I said.

We all went upstairs.   I quickly changed the bed clothes on my bed.   Robbie brought his alarm clock over, and I moved mine into his room.   We bid Ben and Robbie good night, and retired to Robbie’s room.

We quickly undressed and climbed into bed.   Rick pulled me close and kissed me.   “Glenn, I love you.   I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

I smiled at my lover boy, “I feel the same way, Rick.   I want to be with you forever.”

The Andersons came over in the morning to say good-bye to Robbie.   They left for home, and Robbie’s brother, Zach, took Robbie to school.   Ben and I had class, so we left shortly after they did.   I left Rick at the house this time.   He said he didn’t want to risk offending Dr. Nohr by disturbing his class, again.   I took my violin to class, as I had an appointment with Dr. Nohr’s paid piano accompanist.   We rehearsed the numbers I would be playing at the recital this evening.   Patty was there, as were several other music students.   I was surprised to see Jimmy was there, also.   I was glad I had the first appointment, so I could leave for my last class of the day.

I went over to Patty and Jimmy.   “Hey, Jimmy, I didn’t know you played an instrument.   What do you play?”

Jimmy said, “I play the trumpet and the oboe.   The trumpet is my main instrument, but I love the oboe as well.   I’m playing at the recital tonight.    I take it both you and Patty will be there, as well?”

Patty answered for us, “Yes, we are both playing tonight.   We are playing the violin.   Then I’ll play the recorder, and Glenn will be playing the piano.   Who is playing with you?   I heard you are in a trio.”

Jimmy smiled.  “You heard correctly.   Henry and Joey are joining me to play the Beethoven oboe trio variations on a theme from Mozart’s Don Giovanni.   We’re pretty excited to be performing at Dr. Nohr’s home.   I hear it’s a very beautiful home.”

Patty said, “It is very nice.   He has a large music salon where he holds his recitals.   He usually hires a chamber orchestra to accompany the soloist when they play concertos.   Otherwise, he hires Mrs. Watson to accompany us.   This will be my third recital.   I’ve very excited to be invited back.   Most students are invited only once, during the four years they study here.”

Jimmy looked at me in admiration.  “You must be pretty good to get an invitation to Dr. Nohr’s, and you just got here.”

I blushed and looked at my feet.   Statements like Jimmy’s made me really nervous, especially since I’ve mostly played for my own pleasure.   Sure I’ve played for church or community functions, but never for musical competitions, or school orchestras.   “I’m not really as good as that.  Dr. Nohr had me play for him a few days ago, before he would sign the paperwork to let me into the music department.”

Patty spoke up, “Glenn you don’t have to be modest.   I heard you playing, and you are a much better violinist than I am.”

Her praise made me more embarrassed.  “I’m not so sure about that.”   I tried to change the subject, “I’m looking forward to hearing both of you play.   Is Irene coming, as well?”

Patty shook her head and said, “No, she wasn’t invited.   She’s a little miffed that I’ve been invited for a third time.”

Jimmy said, “Dr. Nohr said we could bring a companion to the recital, so I’ve asked Donica to come.”

“Sweet!   Did Donica accept?” I asked.

Jimmy grinned.   “What do you think?”

Patty said, “Of course she said yes.   She’s very much in love with you, Jimmy.   She talks about you constantly!”

Jimmy’s grin became even wider.  “I know.   Janice told me that yesterday, as well.   Ben and Janice are really hitting off, too, Glenn.   Has Ben said anything about Janice?”

“No, well, a little bit,” I said.   “He does like her a lot.”

Patty laughed, “I’d say so.   They have been practically inseparable since they met.   I invited Mark to come with me.   He acted like he would just about faint, though.   I know he likes me, but he gets so nervous around me, it drives me crazy!”

Jimmy said, “Just give him time.   Mark will settle down, as you two spend more time together.”

I agreed, “I think Jimmy’s right about that, Patty.   Just be patient with him, okay?”

Patty didn’t look convinced, but said, “Okay.”

The door opened to the practice room, and an elderly lady, with completely white hair appeared in the doorway and asked, “Who’s first?”

I stood up.  “I am, Ma’am.”

“Let’s get started.   We have quite a few here today, so we can’t afford to waste time,” she said, as she moved aside to let me enter the room.

The rehearsal went very well.   When we finished, Mrs. Watson said, “Mr. Nielsen, I want you to know that I’ve never heard anyone play as well as you do.   I don’t say that to flatter you, because it’s not part of my personality to flatter people.   I think you should seriously consider a career as a solo violinist, and go on the concert circuit.   It would be difficult, to always be travelling, but it is also very rewarding.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Watson.   I will think about what you’ve said,” I replied, politely.   There was no way I’d ever get up on stage in front of hundreds of strangers!

I was home by lunch time, and found Rick lounging in his jockey shorts in the front room.   He looked up from the newspaper he was reading.   “I’m glad you’re back.   I was just getting worried that you had forgotten I was here,” Rick said, grinning at me.

I grinned back, liking the lewd look he was giving me.   “How could I ever forget that my lover boy is home on leave?”

Rick got up and pulled me into his arms.   “How much time do we have before we need to get ready for your recital?” Rick asked; his thoughts and desires clearly reflected in his eyes.

“Well, its 12 noon now; and we don’t have to be there until 6 PM for dinner, and the recital will follow that.   Dr. Nohr gave us directions to his home this morning.   It’s about a 45 minute drive from here.   So, I would suggest that we give ourselves a little extra time to find the place.   How about we get ready around four o’clock?”

Rick grinned and said, “I think four hours would be just about right for the kind of activities I have in mind for you today.”   He kissed me, before taking me by the hand, and leading me upstairs to Robbie’s bedroom.

We started getting ready for our night out a little after 4 PM.   It took us a while, since no one was home, and we really like showering together!   I helped Rick put on his dress uniform, and he helped me get dressed in my suit.   I looked over my handsome young Marine to make sure his uniform fit him perfectly.   “I love a man in uniform!” I exclaimed.   “It’s too bad we’re heading out for the evening, because I could really get turned on helping you out of that uniform!”

Rick pulled me into his arms and said, “You’ll have to wait your turn, Mr. Lernier.   I’ve got a waiting list, already.   Would like to take a number?”

I laughed and replied, “Yes, I’ll take numbers 1 through 10.   I want to make sure no one gets in line ahead of me!”

We went downstairs, and met Robbie and Zach in the front room.   Robbie whistled, “Look at you, Rick!   All decked out in your uniform.   Glenn, can I get a photo of you two.   You both look really great!”

I nodded my head and said, “Sure, Robbie, but make it quick.”

Robbie ran upstairs and returned with his camera.   He snapped a couple of photographs of the two of us.   Robbie turned to his friend.  “Adam, this is Glenn and his boyfriend, Rick.”

I looked at Adam, and noticed that he looked a lot like his brother, Todd.  “Nice to meet you Adam.   When is Todd supposed to arrive?”

Adam answered, “It’s nice to meet you, as well.   Todd should be here anytime now.”

Just as Adam finished speaking, we heard a knock on the door.   Zach opened it and let Todd in.   Zach pulled Todd into an embrace and gave him a passionate kiss, before letting him go.

Zach pulled him over to where Rick and I were standing and said, “Todd, I want you to meet Glenn’s boyfriend, Rick.”

Todd shook Rick’s hand.  “It’s nice to meet you, Rick.   Glenn has told us a lot about you.   It’s great to finally meet you in person.”

Rick grinned.  “I hope he didn’t brag about me too much, Todd.”

Todd laughed and said, “Glenn hardly talks about anything else, but you.   You’re a very lucky man to have Glenn.”

I blushed a little, as Rick put his arm around my shoulder.   “I’m the lucky one Todd.   Rick is the best.”

Todd smiled in agreement.  “Yes, I agree with that statement.   Rick, you sure make the rest of us look pretty dull.”

Rick laughed.  “It’s only the uniform.   Believe me!   I’m pretty ordinary most of the time.”

Robbie interrupted, “No he’s not, Todd.   Glenn, forgot to tell us how good he looks with no clothes on!”

Todd turned to Robbie.  “You think every guy looks great naked!”

Robbie laughed and said, “Yes, that’s true, but Rick really does look great!”

Adam, who had been listening to this exchange between Todd and Robbie, asked, “Robbie, how do you know what Rick looks like naked?”

“Because I saw him that way yesterday,” Robbie said, grinning broadly.

Adam looked to us for confirmation.  “It’s true, Adam.   He saw both of us that way, yesterday,” I said.

Adam smiled and said, “I can see that I need to spend more time around here.   Todd, you didn’t tell me you had a lot of really hot studs for friends.”

Todd laughed.  “Well, Adam, I’m telling you now, okay?”

Robbie interjected, “Wait until you meet Zach’s teammates.   They are all great looking guys!”

Zach laughed.  “I can tell we will have to keep an eye on you two, when my teammates come around.   I’ll have to warn them to watch out for two horny teenage boys!”

Robbie and Adam laughed and said at the same time, “Not just any teenage boys, but two horny gay teenage boys!”

We left Todd and Zach to deal with the younger set.   Rick drove, and I acted as navigator.   We didn’t have any difficulty finding Dr. Nohr’s home.   We were a little early, so we drove around the neighborhood, checking out his neighbors’ homes.   At the appointed hour, we pulled into the long driveway, and Rick parked us next to Patty’s car.   She was just getting out of her car.

We got out and joined her and Mark.   Patty commented on Rick’s uniform, “Rick, you look awesome in your dress uniform.   You’ll be a hit with all the people here tonight.”

Patty was right.   From the moment we entered the house, Rick and I were treated like royalty.   Everyone wanted to hear where Rick had served, and where he was going to, next.   A couple of elderly gentlemen approached Rick, and congratulated him for serving in the Marine Corps.   Dr. Nohr made sure that Rick and I were seated at the head table with him and several of the leading businessmen from the community.  

I was a little nervous about sitting with so many powerful people, but Dr. Nohr soon had everyone talking to each other, and made sure we were comfortable.   He was the perfect host.   Rick, of course, was the center of attention for most of the evening, which suited me fine.   The ladies fawned over him, and the guys listened to him talk about how things were going with the war, where he was stationed.   Rick loved every minute of it, which made me very happy.   I was afraid he would be totally bored.  

During a lull in the conversation, I leaned over to Dr. Nohr and said, “Thank you so much for making this a special night for Rick.”

Dr. Nohr smiled, and said, “Nothing is too much for my star pupil and his partner.”

Rick overheard Dr. Nohr’s comment and said, “Thank you, Dr. Nohr, for helping Glenn.   I’ve tried to tell him he has a special gift for music, but he doesn’t believe me.”

Dr. Nohr said, “Well, tonight, the rest of the world will know what we know, Rick.   I’m sure that Glenn will not disappoint us.”

I blushed from all the praise.   I was starting to get really nervous about performing in front of all these strangers.   Rick took my hand and squeezed it, trying to reassure me.

Following dinner, we moved to Dr. Nohr’s music salon.   Patty was right about the room being huge.   It had a small stage at one end and theater seating for the audience.   We, of course, were seated down in front, as we were to perform.

Patty went first, followed by a couple of our fellow students, whom I didn’t know.   Then Jimmy performed.   I was totally overwhelmed by the talent my classmates demonstrated on stage tonight.   In fact, it intimidated me more than a little bit.   I was the last one to perform.   I went over to the stage, where the butler had placed my violin case, and pulled out my instrument (my mother’s, actually).   I tuned it to the piano with Mrs. Watson’s help.   We started to play the first piece, and I managed not to mess up the tempo.   I closed my eyes, so I could pretend that no one else was in the room, except Rick.   I finished the piece, and the whole room exploded into applause.   I opened my eyes and smiled at Rick, before taking a bow, and turning to Mrs. Watson, bowing to her.  We played the next piece, which had the same reaction from the audience.   I, then, took my place at the piano and played my final number.   The applause was deafening at the end of my performance.   Again, I only had eyes for Rick, as I took my bows and left the stage.

Dr. Nohr asked all of us to come back onstage and we all took a bow.   Dr. Nohr shook hands with us, giving each of us an envelope.   I returned to my seat, while Dr. Nohr thanked everyone for coming and invited them to join him for an evening cocktail.  

Rick asked, “What’s in the envelope?”

“I don’t know,” I responded, as I opened the envelope.   We found it contained a special thank you note from Dr. Nohr, along with a couple of gift cards.   I also found a business card with the name of Joseph Mann, Concert Master, Minnesota Orchestra, with a note on the back that said, “Please call me.”

Rick looked up at me and asked, “I wonder what that means?”

I shook my head. “I’m sure I don’t know.”

Patty, Mark, Jimmy and Donica joined us.   “Wow!   Was that awesome or what?” Jimmy exclaimed.

We all agreed.   Jimmy continued, “Glenn, you are way too modest.   Your performance brought the house down!   You cannot ever tell me again that you’re not the best violinist at our school!”

Patty said, “See Glenn.   You just have to accept the fact that I’m always right!”

Rick laughed. “Glenn, I think you’ve met your match.”

Patty smiled.  “Admit it, Glenn.   I’m right, aren’t I?”

I blushed, but finally nodded my head in reluctant agreement.  “I guess so.”

Mark spoke up, “Dude!   I’m not even close to being an expert in music, and I could tell you out performed everyone else tonight!”

“Okay, okay, so I can play a little.   I don’t understand why it’s a big deal,” I said, semi-jokingly.

Rick said, “It’s because you’re so self-deprecating that it’s a big deal.   We need to give you a shot of self-confidence, and pump up that self-esteem, so you can at least acknowledge to yourself that you’ve got talent.”

Jimmy and Patty chorused, “Well said!”

I smiled at my friends.  “Okay, I’ll work on the self-image bit, if you’ll stop harassing me about it.”

Donica said, “No deal.   We’re in this with you, so you need to get used to the fact that we are your biggest fans, and will always be there for you.   And…I’m putting you on notice that we aren’t taking second best for an answer….You are the best violinist I’ve ever heard!”

Rick put his arm around me and said, “Thanks Donica.   That’s exactly what I’ve been telling him for some time now.”

Donica said, “Maybe he’ll listen to me about some fashion sense, as well!”

Rick laughed, “I’d love to see you give Glenn a makeover!”

I shook my head and protested, “No way!   I don’t need the fashionista to give me a makeover!”

Donica winked at Rick.  “I’ll get him before you leave, Rick.”

Thankfully, Dr. Nohr rescued me from further embarrassment.   He handed us sparkling apple cider, as he said, “My apologies for not serving you alcohol.   I must abide by state laws regarding the consumption of alcohol.   However, I hope you take the time to visit with some of my other guests.”

We thanked him for his hospitality, and said we’d be leaving, after drinking the beverage he’d provided.  

Rick and I made our way home and quietly made our way upstairs, as all of the lights were out when we entered the house.   We helped undress each other and climbed into bed.

Rick said, “Glenn, your friends are right about your musical talent.”

“I know Rick.   I’ve known since I was very little that I could play very well, but I’m so nervous when I get in front of people.   It got even worse for me after what happened between me and John.   I just don’t see myself the same way you all see me.”

“Have you thought of getting some counseling?” Rick asked, earnestly.

“Yes, I have.   Mom and Dad arranged for some therapy sessions, but Dad thought I just needed to grow up and be a man.   He forced me to join different sports teams, which I hated.   I’ve never been very good at sports.   Dad has always wanted all of us boys to be super athletes, like he is.   My brothers all fit that mold, but not me.”

Rick asked, “Didn’t the therapist help?”

“No, he was of the same opinion as my Dad.   It was a total waste of time and money,” I replied.

“Do you think that seeing a therapist would help you, now?” Rick asked.

I replied, “Maybe.   Can we talk about this later, sweetheart.   I want to enjoy my lover boy while he’s here.   We can talk about my insecurities after you show me what a stud you are!”

To my relief, Rick dropped the subject and proceeded to show me just how much he loves me!  Boy!   I’m glad my guy loves to have sex!

Prev To be continued . . .

A Note from Russ:

Links to the music Glenn played at the Recital: 

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2. Paganini Caprice #24 -

3. Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #2 -

Patty’s recital pieces: 

1. Schubert Violin Sonata #3 -

2. Ravel Violin Sonata -

3. Vivaldi Recorder Concerto 443 -

Jimmy’s Recital pieces:

1. Telemann Concerto in D -

2. Haydn Trumpet Concerto -

3. Beethoven Oboe Trio -