The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 82: Spring Break at Quantico Part 1

It was early March and spring break was only a few days away, which meant I would be seeing Rick very soon!   I just had to make it through our orchestra concert!   Dr. Nohr had been running us through our paces, and I was more than a little frustrated with the 1st violin section.   Our rehearsal hadn’t gone well.  

Patty, Irene and I came out of the auditorium carrying our instrument cases.  Patty grimaced, and said, “Dr. Nohr was sure hard on us.”

“But you have to admit he was right,” Irene said.   “We didn’t get it right the first time, or the second.”

Aaron had come to hear us play, and was waiting for us in the foyer.   He smiled, and said, “The orchestra sounded totally awesome!”

“Of course, we sounded awesome,” Patty said, returning Aaron’s smile.   It was obvious that she really liked Aaron.  

Irene put her arm through his, and said, “Are you coming to our party tonight?”

“I wouldn’t miss it!” Aaron said, enthusiastically.

“Good!   We want you to meet all of our friends,” Patty said.

Aaron smiled, and said, “I think I know most of them already.”

“I think you might be surprised,” Patty replied.

Aaron’s eyebrows went up.  “Surprised in what way?”

Patty said, grinning at him, “Oh, I think you will have to wait until tonight to find out.”

I watched Patty closely.   I knew she had been cooking up some kind of a scheme, to get Aaron to go out with her; but he clearly wasn’t interested.   I wondered what she had dreamed up this time!   Since Patty had declared Aaron sufficiently reformed, Aaron had been spending a great deal of time at our house.   He was very charming and witty.   He had become good friends with all of the guys.   I was still somewhat suspicious of his reformation, turning away from being a total jerk to being truly kind and considerate of other people.   It’s just that every once in a while his perfect demeanor seemed to slip, and I would see the old Aaron slip out.   Only last night he had shown his true colors again.

I saw it in my mind’s eye very clearly.

Aaron followed me into the kitchen, and put his arms around me.  I didn’t think anything of it, until he kissed me.   He looked into my eyes, and said, “I love you, Glenn.”

I replied, angrily, “No, you don’t love me, or you would honor my request to stop making passes at me!”

Aaron tightened his embrace and kissed me again.   This time he kissed not only my lips, but the nape of my neck and nibbled on my earlobes.   His masculine scent, together with his bare skin against mine, caused quite a reaction down below!   At first, I had struggled to get free of him; but, as my desire for him grew, I stopped trying to get out of his embrace.

His cock rubbed against mine through the fabric of our gym shorts.   We had just returned from working out with the guys, and I hadn’t been upstairs to change yet.   I had taken off my t-shirt, and so had Aaron.   Now, he was grinding his crotch against mine, as he gently bit my nipples, causing them to stand erect.   I kept thinking that I needed to stop him, before we went any further; but my mind was shutting down in a haze of lust for this gorgeous man, who obviously wanted me as much as I wanted him.   He put his hands down the back of my shorts and he grasped both cheeks with his hands, then started running his fingers up and down my crack, pushing his finger inside me.   He still had my arms pinned to my sides, but not as tightly as before; since he sensed that I was succumbing to his physical assault on my senses.  

Aaron captured my lips and started to push my shorts down, when I managed to free my arms.   I brought my hands up to his face and pushed his head back, so I could see his face.

I looked him straight in the eyes, and said, “Aaron, please stop.   You don’t want to ruin our friendship by continuing down this path.   You know that I would hate you, and I would hate myself, if we go any further.   Is having sex with me one time worth so much to you that you would throw away my friendship?   Do you really think seducing me will get you what you want?”

Aaron held my gaze, as he slowly removed his hands from my shorts; and brought them up to take my hands from his face.   “I thought I had made enough of an impression on you the last few weeks that you would give in to my advances.   Your reaction to my advances tell me I’m right in thinking you want me.   I will honor your request to stop, this time, Glenn.   However, the day will come when you will become my bitch.   Make no mistake about that.   I have always gotten what I want, and I want you.”

Aaron’s words shocked me.   He delivered them with a ferocity that scared me.   I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that he wouldn’t stop, until he completed his quest to make me his.   Sadly, I realized that Aaron was confirming what I had suspected all along – he had been playing along with what we wanted him to do, in order to get closer to me.

“I think you have completely misjudged me, Aaron.   Yes, I want to have sex with you; but I am not so stupid as to think that giving in to my desires to have you fuck my brains out will make me happy.   I have a loving partner, Aaron, who fills my days with happiness, even when he isn’t physically here,” I said.   I gripped his hands in mine, as I looked earnestly into his eyes, “Aaron, I will not let you destroy the happiness I have found with Rick.   You need to find someone else who wants to have a few fleeting moments of euphoria, as you fuck them.   That kind of physical pleasure disappears quickly and leaves you feeling empty inside.   I don’t want that from you, or anyone else.”

Aaron’s expression grew grim.  “Glenn, do you really think Rick will remain faithful to you?   Do you really think that a U.S. Marine will run the risk of ruining his career in the military to stay with you?”

“I do think that, Aaron.   Why?   Because I know Rick loves me,” I replied.   “Aaron have you ever truly been in love with someone?”

Aaron didn’t answer; so, I continued, “Obviously not.   I hope that, someday very soon, you will find that someone special, then you will understand why I can’t throw away what I have with Rick for one night of pure pleasure.”

Aaron snorted his disgust.   Then, he said, “You’re very foolish, Glenn.   I don’t believe in true love.   I only believe in self-gratification.   That is what motivates all human beings, and it is what causes people to act the way they do.   I don’t care how many people I have to destroy to get what I want.   I won’t give up on taking you away from Rick.”

“Aaron, listen to what you’re saying.   You sound like a total jerk.   If this is the real you, I don’t want anything to do with you.   I’m sorry that it has come to this, but I must ask you not to come around here anymore.   I can’t trust you to keep your word,” I said, with an edge to my voice.

“What?   You’re kicking me out of your house?” Aaron sounded incredulous.

“Yes, that is what I am doing,” I replied, seriously.

Aaron removed his hands from my mine, and grabbed his t-shirt from off the back of the kitchen chair, and stomped out of the house to his car.   I stood at the door, and watched him start his car and drive off.   As I made my way upstairs to take a shower, I couldn’t stop trembling from the relief I felt at finally getting Aaron out of my life; or, at least, so I thought.

Later, I called Rick.   He answered his phone, and I said, “Hello, lover boy.”

“Hello, Babe,” Rick replied.

“You won’t believe what happened earlier this evening,” I said.   Then, I related everything that had taken place.

“I am glad you tossed him out of the house,” Rick said.

“So am I,” I said.   “I know Patty is going to be disappointed.”

“I think you should warn her, first thing in the morning.   Aren’t you going to her party tomorrow night?” Rick asked.

“Yes, I am, and so is Aaron,” I answered.

Rick said, “I’m sure there will be some excitement tomorrow night!   I wouldn’t want to be Aaron.”

I laughed, and said, “You are so right about that!”

“Are you ready for spring break?” Rick asked.

“Yes, I have everything ready to go.   I have the Land Rover already packed with supplies, and all I have to do is throw in my gear and I’ll be on the road,” I replied.

“Have you printed out all the directions and outlined them on the map, so you won’t get lost?” Rick asked, his concern showing in his voice.

“Yes, I have done everything you have asked me to do.   Ben has gone over the directions with me, and has pointed out the tolls along the way.   I think I’ll be okay,” I said, trying not to sound impatient with my lover boy’s concerns for my safety.   It was like he didn’t think I was capable of finding my way to Virginia on my own.

Rick said, “I’m sorry for being so particular about everything, but I don’t want my sweetheart to get lost, or worse get into an accident.”

I responded, “I’ll be fine, Rick.   Really, I will!”

“Okay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, then,” Rick said.

“I love you,” I responded.

“I love you, too,” Rick said.

I was brought back to the present, when Patty touched my arm and asked, “Are you all right, Glenn.   I asked you if you are coming to the party tonight.”

“Yes, I’ll be there,” I replied.   I hadn’t had time to tell her about what had happened last night.   Aaron smiled at me and winked; but said nothing.

I must have started to blush, because Patty fixed me with a stare that said, “What are you up to?”   I shrugged my shoulders, and looked back at her, trying not to look guilty.  “I need to get back to the house, so I can get changed and ready for the party.”

Aaron said, “I’ll be glad to drive you home, Glenn.”

I looked at Aaron in amazement!   How could he even think I would ride with him in a car anywhere, after last night?   “I appreciate your offer, Aaron.   Patty and Irene do you need a ride back to your dorms?”

Aaron grinned, as if he had just won a great victory.   “Yes, I would be happy to give you girls a lift.”

Patty looked at Irene, and said, “Sure, let’s go.”

Aaron smiled at Patty.  “Thank you for letting me take you home.”

Patty smiled back and took Aaron’s hand, as they walked out to the parking lot.   Aaron looked over his shoulder at me and Irene, and grinned, like a Cheshire cat.  

Irene looked at me, and asked, “Do you think Aaron really likes Patty, or is he just using her?”

“I think he is using her to get to me, Irene,” I said.

Irene did a double take.  “What?   I thought he said he was attracted to Patty.   He has been dating her for a few weeks now.”

“Let me tell you why,” I said.   I quickly outlined what had happened, before we started to follow Patty and Aaron to the parking lot.

Irene gasped, “You can’t be serious!”

“I’m totally serious,” I replied.

Patty called back to us, “Are you coming, or not?”

I yelled back, “We’ll be there in just a second!”  I took Irene by the hand, and led her down the sidewalk toward Patty and Aaron.   “Get yourself under control, Irene.   You can tell Patty about it, once you are back at the dorm.”

Irene looked at me, and shook her head.  “There is no way I am going to tell her that.   Do you know how angry she will be?   I don’t want to be around, when she finds out.   You will have to be the one to tell her.”

I replied, “I have tried to tell her a couple of times today, but someone has always interrupted us.   Now that Aaron is here; and acting like nothing has happened, I am not sure what to say.   I’m certain if I confront him about it in front of you two, he will just deny anything happened.”

We reached Aaron and Patty.   “Can you drop me off first, Aaron?   I promised Ben I would help him study for his mid-term examination, and I’m running late.”   I hoped that Aaron wouldn’t remember that Ben had already taken his test.

Aaron nodded his head in the affirmative.  “Sure, Glenn.   I’ll be happy to do that.”

We climbed into his car, and he drove me home.   I quickly got out and bid them good-bye, until the party.   I made my way inside.   As I was entering my room, Ben came out of his room.   “Hey, Glenn, what happened last night between you and Aaron?”

“Why do you ask?” I asked.

Ben looked at me, and said, “Aaron asked me this morning if you were still angry with him.”

“Yes, I’m still angry with him,” I answered.

“Tell me what happened,” Ben said.   “Did he make a pass at you, again?”

I nodded my head, and told Ben what occurred in the kitchen last night.   “So, now you know why I was so angry with him.”

Ben shook his head, in disbelief.  “You would think Aaron would know better than to mess with you.   We have all told him to back off, and to turn his attentions elsewhere.    Have you told the rest of the guys?”

“No, I haven’t yet.   I haven’t had time to talk to anyone,” I said.

“We should tell them what has happened,” Ben said.

“Ben, I want to wait until after the party tonight.   I have a feeling that Patty has quite a surprise in mind for Aaron.   At least, that is what she told Aaron this afternoon,” I said.

Ben agreed, “Okay, I’ll wait until after the party.   I’m going over to get Janice.   I’ll be right back.”

He went downstairs, and I heard him leave the house.   I went into my bedroom.   I grabbed my towel and headed for the shower.    Patty’s party was being held at a nightclub downtown, so I wanted to dress appropriately.   I pulled on my Speedo underwear.    I had thought about going commando, but decided against it.   I pulled out a couple of outfits, and laid them out on the bed; but I couldn’t make up my mind what to wear.    There was a knock on my door.   I opened it, to find Robbie and Adam standing there.

“Hey guys!   How was school today?” I asked, smiling at the two teenagers.

They came in and sat down on my bed.  Robbie groaned, and said, “It sucked big time!”  

Adam nodded his agreement.   “We have a big essay to finish writing for Monday, and we haven’t even started it.”

“Well, we have started the research, but we haven’t written anything yet,” Robbie clarified.

“I thought you guys were out for spring break,” I said.

“We are; but we didn’t get the essay done, and our teacher gave us until Monday to submit it on-line,” Adam said.

Robbie was looking really down.   “I don’t know how we’ll get it done.”

“May I suggest that you two work on it tonight, while we’re at Patty’s party?   There won’t be anyone here to distract you, and you can concentrate on getting it done,” I said.

Adam said, “I guess we don’t have any other choice at this point.”

“Guys, will you help me?   I can’t decide what to wear tonight,” I said.

Robbie looked over at the clothes I had placed on the bed.  “I don’t like anything you picked out.    What else do you have?”

Robbie got up and opened my closet door, and started looking through my clothes.   He pulled out a pair of black leather pants and a nice black silk shirt.   He held them up for me to see, and asked, “How about these?”

I shook my head.  “I’d wear that if Rick were going with me.   I tend to get a lot of attention, when I wear that outfit.”

“What’s wrong with everyone knowing how hot you are?” Adam asked, grinning from ear to ear as he gave me the once over.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, except I don’t need to have a bunch of guys hitting on me all night,” I said.

Robbie laughed, and said, “Glenn, just accept the fact that you are every guy’s wet dream!”

I protested, “No, I’m not!”

Adam replied, “Glenn, yes, you are.   You have the perfect bubble butt, a nice package and you have a swimmers’ build.   You have flawless baby smooth skin, sparkling grey-blue eyes, and a perfect smile.   What is there not to like?   If you weren’t taken already, I would be trying to get you into my bed right now!”

Robbie said, “Adam is right, you know. “

I was blushing from their comments.  “Really, guys, I’m just an ordinary guy.”

Adam laughed.  “Glenn, stop!    You know you’re good looking, and so do we.   Here, put these on!”  Adam took the black shirt and pants from Robbie, and handed them to me.  When I hesitated, he asked, “Do you need me and Robbie to dress you?”

I laughed, “No, I’ll put them on, but I won’t promise to wear them to the party.”   I put them on, then modeled for the guys.   “What do you think?”

Robbie came over and undid the first two or three buttons of the shirt, then he turned to look on my dresser for some jewelry to accessorize my outfit.   He found the gold chain Rick had given me.   He picked it up and placed it around my neck.   He stood back and looked at me.   He had me turn around, then he said, “I think this is what you should wear tonight.”

Hearing our voices, Zach and Todd appeared in my doorway.   Zach whistled, “Wow!   I like the outfit very much.”

Todd agreed, “Yes, you look great, Glenn.”

“See, Glenn, I’m right,” Robbie said, grinning.

Adam said, “That’s decided then.”   Adam got up from the bed, and put his arm around my waist.   “I get the first kiss of the evening.”   He kissed me, then signaled Robbie to come over.

Robbie grinned.  “Since Adam got a kiss, I have to have mine!”   Robbie kissed me and held me close.   “Glenn, relax everything will be okay.”

Zach and Todd laughed.    “Glenn, do we get kisses, too?” Zach guffawed.

“No, you two have each other,” I said, grinning.

Todd replied, “But so do Robbie and Adam.   I think we deserve a kiss, just as much as they do.”

Zach grabbed me and pulled me into a three-way hug with Todd.   They each kissed me, then let me go.    Zach said, “Let’s see if Justin and Brian are ready to go.”

Zach and Todd wandered off down the hall to Justin and Brian’s room and knocked on their door.   They disappeared inside their room.   They soon came back out with Justin and Brian right behind them.   Robbie and Adam both whistled.   They were dressed to go out!!   Talk about eye popping!   Man!   They had really gone over the top, as far as sexy and provocative.   Hearing the whistles, Mark and Brandon came down the hall, to see what we were whistling about.

Mark, seeing Justin and Brian, said, “Wowser!”

Brandon said, “You guys out did us this time!”

Justin blushed, as did Brian.   Justin said, “I’m not so sure we did.   You and Mark look great yourselves!”

We all turned to look at Mark and Brandon who grinned and posed for us.   I observed, “It’s a good thing you guys are married.   I think there would be quite a competition among the guys to get your attention!”

Brandon said, “We want everyone to know that they missed out on the two best looking guys around.”

“Make that the six best looking guys around!” Robbie exclaimed, enthusiastically.

“What about me?” Adam asked, punching Robbie in the shoulder.

“And me?” I asked, punching Robbie’s other shoulder.

“Okay!  Okay!   My mistake!   That makes you guys the EIGHT best looking guys around!”   Robbie corrected himself, laughing and putting an arm around each of us.   “You have to admit the married guys are extremely hot!”

Adam and I looked over the three couples standing before us, then we looked at each other.  “I think Robbie is right,” Adam said.

“I agree, Adam,” I said.   I grinned and turned to the guys.  “Why don’t you guys put together a calendar for gay guys?   You know Donica has some connections with a friend, who could shoot the photos; and I have a couple of friends, who are working part time at a local print shop.   It would be so cool to have you guys as pinups for my wall!”

Zach laughed, putting his arm around Todd.   “I think it’s a great idea, Glenn.   What do you guys think?”

Todd thought for a moment, before responding, “I’m okay with it.”

Zach turned to the others.   “I would love to do it, but I think we should get at least six other guys, three of whom are right here,” Brandon said, pointing at Robbie, Adam and I.  

Zach said, “I know of three others we could ask to do it with us.   We could donate the proceeds to the LGBT youth suicide hotline.”

“I think that would be a perfect way to help gay youth,” Justin said.   “I have called the suicide hotline more than a few times in the past.”

Brian put his arm around Justin’s waist, and pulled him close.  “I’m glad they helped you work through things, so you could be here for me.”   Brian kissed Justin, whose eyes were bright with tears.

Zach said, “Then it’s settled.   We’ll talk to Donica tonight at the party about making arrangements for a photo shoot.”

We headed downstairs to the kitchen, where we found Ben and Janice sitting at the table.   Ben looked us over, and looked at Janice.  “What do you think, dear?”

Janice smiled, “I think the best looking guys in the whole world live in this house!   Don’t you agree with me, guys?”

We chorused our agreement.   Janice took Ben’s hand in hers, and said, “And that includes you, sweetheart.”

Ben grinned and squeezed her hand.  “I love you.”

Zach asked, “Are we ready to go downtown?”

“Yes, we’re all ready,” I said.   “Patty said we needed to be there by seven.   There will be a nice buffet for those who want to eat something, and plenty of everyone’s favorite beverages.”

“Are you going to be our designated driver, Glenn?” Todd asked, putting his arm around my shoulders.

I replied, “Yes, I’ll be the designated driver.   However, I don’t clean up messes, so don’t drink so much you get sick!   And one last thing:  No taking a leak in my car!”

The guys all promised they wouldn’t do either of those things.   Janice laughed.  “You guys are too much.   You know you’re going to get plastered, so how can you promise Glenn you won’t get sick?”

Mark said, “We can make that promise, because we are going to help each other keep count of how much we’re drinking; so we can last the evening, without getting falling down drunk.”

“Let’s go, then,” Brandon said, smiling at the group.    We headed out the door.   We managed to get all the guys into the Land Rover, with Ben and Janice driving their own car.

We arrived at the nightclub and parked.   We met at the door, and had to show our identification; since we had to be on the list to be admitted to the party.   We had previously paid our cover charge, since it was due last week.

We entered the club, and found our way over to the buffet tables.   I was starving and I’m sure the rest of the guys were, as well.    I loaded up my plate, and found a seat at one of the tables nearby.   I made sure I found a can of soda that was unopened, just to make sure nothing had been added to it.  I was soon joined by the other guys, as they finished loading their plates with food.   It’s a good thing we all work out as much as we do, because these guys sure can put away a lot of food!

After we finished eating, we migrated into the next room, where there was a live band.   The dance floor was crowded.   I scanned the crowd and found Patty on the far side of the room, with Irene sitting next to her.   I made my way across to them, and sat down beside Patty.

Patty greeted me, “Hey, handsome!”

“This is a great party, Patty,” I said, smiling at her.

“I’m glad we convinced our sorority sisters to let us invite everyone we wanted, instead of trying to limit it to the fraternity brothers,” Irene said.

“I am, too,” I said.   “I see that there are a lot of our music department friends.”

“That’s intentional, since we invited everyone from our music classes,” Irene said.

“Where’s Aaron?   Have you seen him tonight?” I asked Patty.

Patty grinned.  “Yes, I’ve seen him.    He’s over there with that group of guys.”

I looked where Patty indicated Aaron was standing, and quickly spotted him.   He turned and looked right at me.   He smiled and nodded his head, before returning to his conversation with a tall dark-haired guy standing next to him.

Patty smiled and said, “He seems to have found someone new to hold his interest, Glenn.”

“I’m glad.   I don’t want him thinking he can still pursue me,” I answered.

Patty agreed, “Yes, I agree.”  Patty stood up and pulled me to my feet.   “Let’s go dancing.”

Patty led me onto the dance floor, and we joined a group of other people we knew from school.   After we danced for a while, I felt a tap on my shoulder and a familiar voice asked, “May I have this dance?”

I turned and looked into the eyes of my lover.   I stood there, speechless, staring at him.  Rick laughed, and pulled me into his arms.   “I guess the answer is yes.”   It was a slow dance and I melted into his embrace.   I buried my face in his chest and inhaled deeply.   How I missed that smell!  I clung to him, hoping that I wasn’t dreaming!

Rick nibbled on my ear and whispered, “Did you miss me?”

I pulled back a bit, so I could look into Rick’s eyes.  “Yes, I missed you.   Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

Rick put his finger to my lips, silencing the many questions I wanted to ask.  “Later, Babe.   Let’s enjoy this dance, first.”

It felt so wonderful being held in Rick’s arms.   I pressed my body as close to his as possible.   I felt his reaction to me through his tight-fitting jeans.   Rick kissed me, then slid his hands further down my back until his hands rested on my butt.   He paused, and laughed.  “I guess I had better stop, before I embarrass anyone.”

The song came to an end, and Rick led me off the floor.   To say I was floating air would be an understatement.   I was so happy that my guy was here with me, in the flesh!   I glanced over at him, wanting to ask a thousand questions.   We sat down next to Patty and Irene, who had just come off the dance floor, as well.

Patty grinned, widely.  “So were you surprised, Glenn?”

“Yes, I was surprised.   How did you know Rick was going to be here?” I asked, grinning as Rick squeezed my knee under the table.

“I’m the one who made the arrangements for him to be here,” Patty said.   “I wanted to give Aaron a little surprise, when his arch rival showed up on the dance floor.”

“Yes, Patty, planned this whole thing out, and I agreed to come; because I knew how much trouble Aaron has been giving you, and because I needed you,” Rick said, as he leaned over and gave me a quick kiss.

I couldn’t help blushing with pleasure.   Rick’s obvious desire for me sent my heart racing into outer space.   I wanted to take him home immediately, strip him out of his clothes and ravage his body.   But I knew we had to wait until the rest of the guys were ready to go home, since I was the designated driver for the evening.

Rick said, “When Patty called and wanted to surprise you, I agreed and scheduled a few days off with Lt. Col. Bachman.   I also arranged for someone to stay with Greg, while I’m gone.”

“I am so glad you came,” I said, beaming.

As we were talking, Aaron approached us, and took a seat across the table from us, next to Irene.   “You must be Rick,” he said, his eyes hard as steel.

Rick looked across the table and said, “Yes, and I assume you’re Aaron.   I have heard quite a lot about you.”

Aaron’s tight smile didn’t reach his eyes, as he said, “Yes, I’m Aaron.”   He turned to Patty and said, “So, is this the little surprise you had for me tonight, Patty?”

Patty grinned, “Yes, it is Aaron.   I wanted you to meet the man that keeps the keys to Glenn’s heart.   Maybe you can observe him and learn a few things.”

“Well, that will be kind of hard to do; since Glenn threw me out of his house last night, and has forbidden me to ever return,” Aaron said, barely masking his disdain for me, as he looked at me from across the table.

I returned his look and smiled, as I leaned over and kissed Rick.   “You have to admit, Rick is the best looking guy in the room,” I said, as Aaron’s lip curled in a sneer. 

Patty turned and stared at me, “Glenn, you didn’t tell me you had kicked Aaron out of your house!  What happened?”

“I tried to tell you earlier, but there was never a good time for us to talk.   Let’s just say that Aaron broke his promise to me; and, as a result, he is not welcome in my home,” I responded.

Patty glared at Aaron.  “I thought you were really starting to see the light, Aaron.”

“You’re right, Patty.   I did see the light.   I saw that you were so desperate to have me date you that you would stop at nothing to achieve that goal.   I saw through your plan to get the guys to befriend me, and try to change who I am; so you could benefit from their efforts.   Well, I haven’t changed who I am; and I won’t be dating you, ever,” Aaron said, with his voice full of venom.   “As for you, Glenn, you are a fool for holding out on me.   You will live to regret that you spurned my advances; and chose to stay with your military guy, who doesn’t even know if he loves you enough to leave the military and marry you.”

Aaron stood up and returned to the dance floor, where he was reunited with the tall, dark-haired guy we had seen him with earlier.   We all looked at each other, and sat in silence for a moment.

Patty broke the silence.  “I guess I was played for the fool.   I’m sorry, Glenn, for putting you through all of that.   I had hoped that Aaron would change, and decide to be less self-centered and arrogant.   It appears I was completely wrong about him.”

Rick put his arm around me, and said, “But I’m glad that Glenn showed how much he loves me throughout the whole ordeal with Aaron.   I can’t tell you how happy I am that I didn’t lose you, Glenn.”   He kissed me, then said, “Let’s go back on the dance floor.”

Rick took me by the hand, leading me out on to the dance floor.  We enjoyed the rest of the evening dancing and visiting with our friends.   It was just after one o’clock in the morning, when we finally rounded everyone up.   Fortunately, Ben had stayed sober, so he was able to give a couple of the guys a ride home, while I took the rest in my car, along with Rick and his luggage.    Rick helped me get everyone inside and into their beds.   I could see from their inebriated state that there would be a need for some very strong coffee and some aspirin in the morning!

Rick and I retired to my room.  As soon as the door was closed, Rick pulled me into his arms.   “I think it’s time to remind you how much I love you, Mr. Nielsen.”   He captured my lips, and began undressing me at the same time.   I lifted his shirt over his head, then ran my hands over his washboard abs.  I started tweaking his nipples, as he leaned forward to capture my lips for another passionate kiss.   Rick’s hands reached behind me to massage my cheeks.    As he slipped his finger into me, I moaned in pleasure, as he played with my very sensitive backdoor.   As we came up for air, Rick picked me up and laid me on the bed, as he continued to prep me for the ride of my life!  

Rick held me in his arms, as we enjoyed the afterglow of our passionate lovemaking.   Rick looked into my eyes, and said, “I love you, Glenn.”

“I love you, too,” I responded, with a smile.   “You never did tell me what motivated you to come tonight.”

Rick explained, “Patty called me last week, and asked if I wanted to fly in for the party; then I could drive down to Virginia with you.   She thought it would be a great way to surprise you, plus she wanted me to meet Aaron.   She thought that if I talked to Aaron that he would either date her, or find someone else to be the object of his desires.”

“Well, he kind of took himself out of the picture tonight,” I said, with a sigh of relief.   “I am very glad he did.   I never felt comfortable around him, since I felt he was being insincere about his supposed change of heart.”

“I’m happy that he’s gone, as well.   I really worried about you,” Rick said, earnestly.   “When the guys called me about Aaron the first time, I was so sick with worry thinking that you had found someone else, and had decided not to wait for me.”   His voice was thick with emotion. 

“I know.   I’m sorry I caused you so much worry.   I have to tell you I wasn’t sure myself, because I did want him very much.   But, my love for you survived the challenge, so I think you are stuck with me, Mr. Lernier,” I said, kissing him gently on the lips.   I reached up and wiped the tears from his face.   Seeing him this way made me realize just how careful I needed to be with my big guy’s feelings.  “Can you ever forgive me?”

He answered me by pulling me closer, and kissing me.   He whispered in my ear, “Yes, I forgive you.”

I said, “You are my forever lover, Rick.   Thank you for being so patient with me.   I know I can be challenging to be around, sometimes.   I love you, because you’re so kind to me.”

“It’s easy to be kind to you, because you are such a wonderful guy,” Rick replied, rubbing noses with me.

“I can be wonderful, because I found you.   You rescued me, and made me a very happy man,” I said, as I ran my fingertips along his jaw and down his neck to his chest.

“I guess I must still be your prince charming,” Rick said, laughing.

“Yes, you’re still my prince charming.   I remember the first time you kissed me, and I thought it was a dream come true,” I said, caressing Rick’s chest.   “Thank you for making all my dreams come true, Babe.”

Rick smiled, and said, “That seems to be my job in life—making your dreams come true.”

“You’re so wonderful to me,” I said, playing with the hair on his chest.   “Thank you for coming to rescue me from driving alone.”

Rick said, “I have already booked a couple of nice hotels for us along the way, sweetheart.   I wanted to make sure we had some time together, before we get to Quantico.   You do realize that we much be perfectly chaste, while we are on base?”

“Yes, I do.   In fact, I’m rather worried about that.   How am I going to hide the fact that I am madly in love with you?”  I asked, running my hands over his six pack abs.

Rick smiled, and said, “You won’t have to, when we are in our room together; but everywhere else, you will have to pretend we are just good friends, and roommates at college.”

Instead of responding, I continued my exploration of my lover’s perfect body, until Rick started moaning with pleasure.   “I hope you are ready for round two,” Rick whispered huskily in my ear.

We were up early the next morning.   After a luxurious shower, we helped each other get dressed.   I checked in on the guys, and found most of them still asleep.   We made our way down to the kitchen, where I made us a quick breakfast.   As we ate, Robbie and Adam joined us in the kitchen.   Upon seeing Rick, Robbie ran over and put his arms around him, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.   “I’m so glad you’re here.   Glenn was so worried about driving by himself that I offered to ride down with him and fly back.”

Rick laughed, looking over at me.  “Thank you for offering to keep him company.”

Adam gave Rick a quick hug, and said, “Welcome back, Rick.”

“Thanks, Adam,” Rick replied.   “I’m afraid I won’t be here for long, since we’re leaving as soon as we finish eating breakfast.”

“We know.   We’re glad you came, even if it was only for a day,” Adam said.

“See Rick, even Robbie and Adam know how special you are,” I said, grinning at my sweetheart.

“He’s right, Rick.   We want to be as good to each other, as you are to Glenn,” Robbie said.

Rick blushed from the boys’ praise.   “I’m not doing anything special.   I’m just doing what is right for my lover boy.”

“Exactly,” Adam said, grinning.   “You do it, because it is the right thing to do.   We want to be boyfriends forever, even after we get married.”

“I’m sure you will do just that, boys,” I said, smiling.

We finished our breakfast, and we bid the boys good bye.   I made one last check on the guys and found them still asleep.   

When I got to Ben’s room, I found him sitting up on his bed.  

Seeing me, Ben asked, “So you’re leaving, are you?”

“Yes, we are off.   Tell Janice I’ll see her after spring break,” I said.

“I will.   We are flying to her parents’ home this afternoon,” Ben said.   “I will probably see you at the airport on the way back.”

I grinned, “Maybe….maybe not.   Depends on whether I decide to stay with Rick or not.”

Ben smiled, “You’ll be back.   You have to finish your classes, and Rick has to finish his tour of duty; so you can both get back to Atlanta.”

“Too true, cousin,” I said  

Rick came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.  “Are we ready to go?” 

“Yes, let’s go,” I said.  

Rick released me, and walked over to give Ben a quick hug.   “Thanks for taking care of my boyfriend.”

Ben smiled, “It’s a real challenge.   You know how he is.”

Rick laughed.   “I do know.   That’s why I know he needs someone to watch over him while I’m gone.”

Ben said, “Travel safely, guys.”

“We will,” Rick said.

Rick took me by the hand, and led me out of Ben’s room.   I handed Rick the car keys, as we left the house.   I climbed into the Land Rover, as Rick started the motor.    We made good time on the freeway, and managed to make our hotel, just before the dinner hour.   We had a nice meal, and spent the evening entertaining each other.   We were up with the sun and drove, until we reached the outskirts of Washington, DC.   Rick checked us into a hotel, and we repeated the events of the previous evening!

The next morning, we drove the rest of the way to Quantico.   As we drove, I contemplated the idyllic two days we had just spent together.   I thought, “If being married to Rick is going to be like this, I can’t wait.”

Rick glanced at me, and said, “A penny for your thoughts.”

I said, “I was thinking how perfect these last two days have been for us.”

Rick agreed.   “Yes, I’ve been able to reassure myself that you’re all mine, forever and for always.”

I reached over to caress the inside of his thigh.   “I’m sorry that I caused you to doubt that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Rick covered my hand with his.   “If you keep that up, we’ll need to pull over.”

I gave a wicked laugh.   “Maybe we should.”

Rick shook his head.   “I’d rather wait until we can take our time and enjoy it.”   His expression grew solemn, and he gave my hand a squeeze.   “I’ve got to learn to trust you more than I do, Glenn.   These past couple of days have made me realize just how much my happiness depends on you, Babe.   I know I shouldn’t be so insecure about your love for me.   You’ve proven it to me many times over.”

“And I’ll keep proving it to you every day,” I said, smiling at him.  “Mom told me that even true love needs to be constantly nurtured and watched over.   She counseled me to be very attentive to your needs.”

Rick asked, “When did she tell you that?”

“Last week,” I said.

“I knew there was a reason why I love your Mom,” Rick said.   “I’ll try to remember to try to do for you what she counseled you to do for me.”

We talked about many other things, as we drove south.   We arrived at Greg’s house and parked the car in the driveway.   Mrs. Hurst opened the door to welcome us.

Rick introduced me, “Mrs. Hurst, this is my roommate, Glenn.”

“I’m pleased to meet you.   Thank you for staying with us for spring break.   I know Greg will be very happy to have more young people to visit with him.   He has been so bored the last few days, Rick.   I have to say we have become very accustomed to you being with us.”

Rick smiled.  “Thank you, Mrs. Hurst.   Is it okay for Glenn to stay in my room?”

“That would be perfect.   There is an air mattress and a sleeping bag in the garage.   I hope you don’t mind sleeping on the floor, Glenn?” Mrs. Hurst asked.

“Not a problem at all.   Thank you for your hospitality,” I replied.

Rick said, “Follow me.”   He led me down the hall to his bedroom, and we put our stuff in his closet.   Rick stole a quick kiss, before leading me back into the hallway.   He tapped lightly on Greg’s door.

“Come in!” Greg called out.

Rick pushed open the door.   Greg’s face lit up, when he saw Rick.   He grinned.  “I’m so glad you are back.   Mom tries to help, but she doesn’t know what a guy needs.”   He paused, when he saw me.   He gave me an appreciative look from head to toe.   “You must be Glenn.   I’m Greg.”

I walked over and shook his hand.   “Yes, I am.   It’s nice to meet you, Greg.   You seem to be getting better.”

Greg grinned, and said, “Yes, finally.   They took the casts off of my arms last week.   I’m sorry I look so scrawny; but, after being in a cast for so long, my arms have shrunk to almost nothing.”

“How long will it be before the casts come off your legs?” I asked.

“Hopefully, next week.   The doctors want to make sure everything has healed, before they let me put any weight on them,” Greg said, ruefully.   “At least, I don’t have to wear the neck brace, unless my neck starts to hurt me too much.   Sometimes, my neck still hurts where they put in the metal plates to repair the vertebrae.   The doctors tell me I’m lucky I’m not paralyzed from the neck down.”   He stopped and look of frustration crossed his face.  “It seems like I have been bedridden forever!”

“It has seemed like a long time hasn’t it?” Rick said.   “At least, you have your hands free.”

Greg laughed.  “Yes, now I can have a good wank if I want, without asking someone else to do it for me.”

Rick looked at me and laughed.  “Glenn, I assure you that he hasn’t asked me to do that for him.”

I grinned and winked at Greg. “If I had been taking care of you, I would have offered to do it; but, alas, it was Rick and not me!”

Greg laughed and said, “I like you, Glenn.   I can see why Rick talks about you so much.”

“I hope he hasn’t told you all of my secrets,” I said, with a smile.

“No, he has been very complimentary of you.   You must be a very good friend indeed, to rate so highly with Rick,” Greg said, seriously.   “I trust Rick’s judgment, and I know that you have to be a fantastic individual to earn Rick’s respect and admiration.”

I was blushing from Greg’s praises.   “I’m afraid that it is Rick, who is the most wonderful person I know.”

Greg agreed, “Yes, he is.   If I didn’t already have a boyfriend, I would try to get Rick to go out with me.”

Rick laughed.  “It’s a good thing you’re already taken, Greg; because you wouldn’t succeed.”

“I would like to think you would, at least, give me a chance if you weren’t in the Marine Corps,” Greg said.

“Well, if there were any chance of that happening, I’m sure you would be the first to know,” Rick said, laughing.

Greg grinned.  “How about you, Glenn?”

“I’m already spoken for, Greg,” I replied.   “Have you seen Cory since it happened?”  I asked, diverting the conversation away from me and Rick.

“No, I haven’t, but I have talked to him on the phone.   He seems to be doing okay.   I miss seeing him something terrible,” Greg said.   He blinked back his tears, and I could see he was struggling not to show us that he was upset.

I sat down on the edge of his bed and took his hand in mine.   “Greg, it’s okay to express your emotions.”  I leaned over, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.   “You have been through a lot, and I know that you need to let some of those feelings come out.   I want you to know that I am here anytime you want to talk.”

Greg’s tears began coursing down his cheeks, as he let go of his emotions.   I slid up next to him on the bed and put my arm around his shoulders.   He leaned his head on my chest and let it all out.   I smoothed his hair away from his brow and wiped the tears from his face.   I could see where they had taken the section out of his skull to relieve the pressure from the swelling, and the repair they had made after the swelling had gone down.   After a while, he regained control of himself and pulled back from me.

“I’m sorry I lost it,” Greg said, pushing weakly against me.   I helped him sit up against the pillows in his bed.  

I looked into his eyes.  “You have every right to lose it, Greg.   There are not many people who can go through what you did and survive.”   Greg held my gaze and tried to smile.   “I want you to know, Greg, that I admire the courage you displayed in telling your parents you are gay.   I think you are everything a guy could ever want in a life partner.”

Greg blushed and said, “Thank you, Glenn.   Do you think Cory will want me back after what happened?   I mean, I look so terribly ugly.”

Rick said, “I know Cory is anxious to see you.   He misses you.   Maybe we can take you over to see him while Glenn is here.”

Greg said, “I am not sure I want Cory to see me like this.   I’m scheduled for reconstructive surgery in a couple of weeks to repair my nose and cheeks.   Maybe we should wait until after the surgery.”  

“I think Cory needs you, and you need him.   You shouldn’t wait,” I said.

“I talk to him practically all day, now,” Greg said.   “He got his casts off his arms the same time I did.   His legs are in better shape than mine, though.   The doctors are going to take his casts off in a couple of days.   We are both doing physical therapy on our arms to get them back in shape.”

Rick laughed.  “I know.   Whenever I called, your mother told me you were busy talking, and not to worry about you.   She says, as long as you can talk, you will be okay!”

Greg laughed, self-consciously.  “Mom is right about that.   I do talk a lot.   But you have to admit there isn’t much else I can do right now.”

I said, with a wide grin, “There is something you could be doing, now that the casts are off your arms.”

Greg look of puzzlement set me to laughing.   “Come on, Greg!   What does every guy do?”  Greg continued to stare at me, until comprehension finally began to illuminate his mind.   He started to blush.   “Greg, I know you’re gay, so I am absolutely sure you know how to get your rocks off!”

Greg laughed, and said, “Yes, I do know how to do that.”

Rick smiled. “Good!   Now, we know you’re beginning to heal.   I was worried you had forgotten how to jerk off!”

Greg laughed, and replied, “I doubt I’ll ever forget how to do that!”

Greg’s Mom came to the door.   She stepped inside Greg’s room, and said, “It is so good to hear you laughing again, Greg.”   She turned to me and Rick.  “Thank you for helping Greg.”

Rick grinned and looked at Greg.  “Should we tell her why you were laughing?”

Greg shook his head vigorously.  “No way!”

We all laughed, and Mrs. Hurst asked, “Are you boys hungry?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Rick answered.

“I’ll order pizza, then.   Do you have any preferences?” she asked.

I winked at Greg.  “Yes, but they don’t deliver them from pizza places.”

Greg laughed and said, “Glenn, you’re so bad!”

I said, “Actually, Greg, I am very, very good!   Mrs. Hurst, pepperoni is good for me.”

Rick said, “Combination is fine for me.”

Mrs. Hurst said, “Okay, I’ll order one pepperoni, one combination and one ham and pineapple.”

Greg smiled, “Thanks, Mom!”

She left the room.  We heard her return to the kitchen, and call the pizza place.   Meanwhile, Rick sat down on at the foot of Greg’s bed.   We chatted with him until the pizza arrived.   Rick brought in a card table from the garage and some folding chairs, so we could eat in Greg’s room.   After dinner, we could see that Greg was tiring, so we left him to rest.

Rick said, “Come help me get the sleeping bag and air mattress from the garage.”

I followed him into the garage.   Rick shut the door behind him, after turning on the light.   He pulled me into his embrace, and gave me a kiss.   “Thank you for cheering him up.   You were just what he needed,” Rick said.

“I like Greg.   He seems like a nice kid,” I said.

Rick released me, and turned to where the camping gear was stored.   “Help me pull this box down off of the shelf.”

I reached up, and we lowered the heavy box to the floor.   Rick retrieved the air mattress and pump from the box.   I looked inside the box, and said, “Why did they put so much heavy stuff in one box?”

Rick shrugged his shoulders.  “I don’t know.   It was that way when I helped them move into this house.”

We put the box back, and returned to Rick’s room.   I unpacked the air mattress, and Rick attached the air pump and turned it on.   It sounded like a mini-plane engine, as it whirred into action.   The air mattress was a queen-sized one.   I looked up at Rick from my seat on the floor, and said, “I think you should join me on the floor tonight.”

Rick grinned, giving me a lecherous look.  “I think I will do just that.   Let me get some sheets, a couple of blankets and another pillow.”

He left the room, and returned with the clean bedding.   Rick helped me make up my bed.   He reached over and grabbed his pillow from off of his twin bed, tossing it onto the air mattress.   “I think we’ll be just fine, as long as we lock the door.”

“Yes, I agree.   I promise not to forget to lock it this time,” I said, remembering what had happened at his parents’ house, when I had forgotten to lock the door.

A shadow quickly passed over Rick’s face, as the same memory flitted across his mind, and just as quickly disappeared.   “I’m sure we’ll be fine, even if you forget.   I think that Greg knows you’re gay and if he doesn’t, he will know by the end of the week.”   Rick laughed and squeezed my buttocks.  “For some reason, you just can’t hide it!”

I grinned at my lover boy.  “No, you are right about that.   I’ll be extra careful not to show my affection for you, when we are out and about; so I don’t cause problems for you.”

Rick smiled.  “I’m sure you will be just fine, since most of the time we’ll be here, or at the Stetsons.”

“I know you told me what happened to Greg and Cory; but seeing him in person, and the emotional trauma he is obviously trying to hide, tears me up inside,” I said.   I was having a hard time not becoming emotional myself, after seeing the mental and emotional state Greg is in, at the moment.

With a ferocity that surprised me, Rick said, “The religious zealots’ fight against gays seems to have infected so many people that it’s like a plague that is driving normally civil people to behave like the Nazis did during World War II, when they gathered Jews and gays into concentration camps and massacred them en masse.   The Nazis battle cry was, ‘Purify the nation, purge the fatherland of the hated menace of the Jews and homosexuals.’  The religionists’ battle cry today is very similar, ‘Stop the homosexuals from destroying the family and molesting our children, purge them from our midst.   Save the nation from this devastating assault on our moral values!   The very fabric of our nation is disintegrating before our eyes!’   Some even advocate violence, quoting the bible as their justification for murder, just as the Nazis did.   After World War II was over, we found out that the real danger wasn’t the Jews and homosexuals, as the Nazis had claimed.  It was the Nazis themselves that were the real threat.   The same parallelism exists today.   It isn’t the homosexuals that are the danger to our society, it is the religious zealots themselves, who are the real menace to civilized society.”

“I have heard the platitudes so many preachers have put out in the media, trying to diffuse the public outcry against their inflammatory sermons and news releases stating, ‘We don’t hate gays.   We just hate the sin they are committing.   We have no ill will towards gay and lesbian people.’  No, they just incite their followers to attack, demean and persecute anyone who happens to be gay, or lesbian.   In their view, the laws of the land can be violated, if it means stopping the infection of homosexuality from spreading across the land; and that includes murder if that is what it takes.”  

“No wonder bullying in the schools has increased!   I have read recent news articles in the local paper where even teachers are encouraging students to gang up on their peers, who are gay to teach them a lesson!   One article quoted school administrators, in some areas, who had decided to take matters into their own hands to ‘out’ students to their parents and the public at large in an effort to ‘protect’ them from bullying.   With that kind of protection, who needs to fear being bullied?   Who, or what, would prevent them from being attacked on the city streets; while bystanders watch and say, ‘They are getting what they deserve for being gay!’  When my parents rejected me, and my family tried to kill us, any religious sentiments I had were completely annihilated.   With this attack on Greg and Cory by the one who should have been their protector and role model, it just solidifies my anti-religious views even more.   I hope you never ask me to enter a church, or attend a religious service, Glenn.”

I listened to Rick very carefully.   I have seen him upset about things before, but this time I could see he had done some research on the subject, and had determined that all religions had one thing in common – a tendency to persecute those who didn’t believe as they do.   I wasn’t sure where I stood on the subject of religion, but Rick had just made it clear he wanted nothing to do with any kind of organized religion or church.

“I understand what you are saying Rick.   After seeing Greg, I have to agree with you that the religious animus that possesses the so called ‘Christians’ in the United States today is more akin to the religious fervor of the Salem witch trials.”

Rick’s face looked grim, as he said, “I still don’t understand why they think we are such a threat to them.”

“Maybe it’s has something to do with the fact that Christians were persecuted by the Romans and many others, in the early years of Christianity.   Maybe they think they have to lash out in revenge for something that happened nearly 2,000 years ago,” I said.

“I don’t think so, Glenn.   This time it’s about power and controlling the masses much like Karl Marx said in his works.   Just like Hitler used religious fervor to solidify his power base.   I’m afraid we are headed towards an authoritarian society in the United States, given the many freedoms we have lost due to the politicians playing on the fears of the masses.   Gays have been turned into the boogey men that will cause the fall of society as we know it.   Some of our leading political figures have claimed they are afraid we will take over the country and turn everyone into a homosexual,” Rick said.

I put my arms around my lover boy, and said, “Rick, I’m sorry you have had to witness such a tragedy, as what happened to Greg and Cory.   I understand your anger and your bitterness towards those who incited Mr. Hurst to inflict such violence on them.   I think you need to withhold passing judgment on all religious movements.   There are some that are championing our cause, and we don’t want to write them off; because we need their help to combat the rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth types who are spewing such hateful things from their mouths.”

“However, I must say that I hate the fact that people here in the states are so backward when it comes to gays.   Can’t they just let us live our lives in peace?   Why do they have to harass us?   They pass laws everywhere to prevent gays from getting married, to prevent us from adopting children and deny us our basic human rights, at every turn.   I wish we didn’t have to worry about having your government persecute us for who we love, or try to limit our access to the same privileges under the law as straight people,” I said, with more than a little acrimony.

Rick said, “You are correct that the laws in the United States are discriminatory and that our government is controlled by the religious right.   We claim to have a separation of church and state; however, it seems there isn’t any separation, when it comes to persecuting gays.   You would think our religious organizations and our government are one and the same.   I thought that the United States was founded on religious freedom, and that the founding fathers tried to remove the influence of religion from the government.   Apparently, it only means it is separate as long as you belong to an ‘acceptable’ Christian denomination and conform to the religious right’s views.”

Before Rick could say anything more, I put my arms around his waist.  “Sweetheart, let’s leave this subject for another time,” I said, kissing him lightly on the lips.   I ran my hands over his arms and chest.  Eventually, Rick started to relax under my caresses.   I pushed him down on his bed, and stripped off his shirt.   I rolled him onto his stomach and began massaging his broad shoulders.   I straddled him to get better leverage, as I helped his muscles relax.   I moved down to his lower back, and eventually I pulled his pants and boxers off; so I could massage his glutes.   I pushed his legs apart, so I could rim him.   He started moaning and I soon had him where I wanted him.   I rolled him over and started massaging his pecs and abs, then moved to his legs intentionally leaving my favorite part of his anatomy for last.   After prepping him, I stood up and stripped off my clothes and straddled my lover boy.   Rick grinned up at me.   “We’re rather aggressive tonight, aren’t we?”

I returned his grin.   “I intend to have you begging for more, before I’m done with you, my beautiful lover.”

The next morning, Rick left me sleeping on his bed when he got up for work.   I remember Rick giving me a quick kiss when he left, but I went back to sleep.   I awoke to a light tapping on the door.   I pulled the blankets over me and said, “Come in.”

Mrs. Hurst entered.  “I’m sorry to wake you, Glenn.   I have to run some errands, and wanted to let you know I was leaving.   Greg has had his breakfast.   Would you help Greg get bathed and dressed?   Rick said you would be willing to do it, if I asked you.”

“I would be happy to help, Mrs. Hurst,” I replied.

“I have put everything you will need on Greg’s dresser.   Greg’s tutor will be here in about an hour to help him get caught up on his studies,” Mrs. Hurst said.

“Thanks for telling me.   I’ll have Greg ready,” I said.

“I’ll see you later,” Mrs. Hurst said, and left the room closing the door behind her.

I got up and stretched.   I moved towards the door, and remembered I needed to pull on some boxers.   I leaned down to retrieve my boxers and pulled them on.   I grabbed my toiletries and a towel, and hit the shower.   As I stood under the cascade of hot water, I could feel how sore I was from our nocturnal activities.   The memory of Rick’s lips on mine, as his steel pole filled me with his baby batter caused a minor reaction down below.   I would have to be careful where my thoughts took me, or I would have major problems!

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist.   I skipped across the hall to Rick’s bedroom.   I dressed in a tight-fitting t-shirt that showed off my chest and abs and a pair of khaki cargo shorts.   I slipped on my trainers and walked out into the hall.   I knocked on Greg’s door.

I heard him say, “Come in, Glenn.”

I opened the door, and walked in to see Greg sitting up in his bed with his shirt off and his blankets on the floor.   I looked him over appreciatively.   I started at his groin and moved up to meet his eyes.   He grinned.   “You’re gay, aren’t you, Glenn?”

I returned his grin.  “Yes, I am and proud of it.”

Greg said, “I had a feeling about you last night, but this morning your reaction to seeing me naked confirmed it!”

I laughed.  “You’re so right!   You are a very handsome man, Greg.”

“I think my tutor, Michael, is gay, too,” Greg said.   “He tries to hide it; but every now and then, I catch him looking me over, just like you just did.”

“Why don’t you ask him, when he comes today?” I asked.

Greg grinned.  “I think I will.   He’s a cute Asian guy.   I think he is Vietnamese.”

“Well, let’s get you bathed and dressed for the day,” I said.

“You will need to give me a sponge bath.   The little tub is there on the dresser, along with the soap and a wash cloth,” Greg said.

I walked over and picked up the necessary items.   I left his bedroom and filled the tub with warm water and returned to Greg’s room.   I set up all of my stuff, then started washing Greg down.   When I came to his groin, I washed his package which grew under my hands.   I looked up at Greg and grinned, “Are you ready?”

Greg met my gaze and nodded.   I began jerking him off.   He started moaning, then soon went off, hitting himself in the face.   “Wow!   Thank you, Glenn!   I sure needed that!”

“You’re most welcome, Greg,” I replied, and proceeded to finish bathing him.   I dumped the water in the bathroom sink, and returned to help him get dressed.  

“I don’t wear any underwear, but there are some button up sports shorts in the top drawer of the dresser and a t-shirt in the next drawer down,” Greg said.

I held up the shorts and shirt I found for Greg’s approval.   He nodded and I walked over and helped him put on his t-shirt, then snapped the shorts on him.   We had just finished, when the doorbell rang.   I went to the front door, and opened it to find Michael standing there. 

Michael looked me over very slowly.   His gaze lingered on my crotch, before moving up to meet my eyes.   I grinned.  “Come inside, Michael.   I’m Glenn.   Greg told me about you.”

Michael extended his hand to shake mine.   “It’s nice to meet you, Glenn.   You are absolutely stunning, Glenn.”

“Thanks, Michael.   You are pretty ‘hot’ yourself.   Greg wondered if you are gay.   I am guessing that the answer is yes,” I said.

“Yes, I’m gay.   I know Greg is gay, as well.   That is why I volunteered to tutor him.   I thought I could help him recover from the tragedy that has ruined his life,” Michael said.

“I think you can do a great deal to help him,” I said.

We walked into Greg’s room.   Greg smiled, “Hello, Michael.   How do you like Glenn?”

Michael said, “He is just as good looking as you said he was.”

I looked over at Greg in surprise.   Greg laughed, “I called Michael last night and told him all about you.   I told him I thought you were gay.”

“Well, Michael, I guess you already knew I am gay, then,” I said.

Michael grinned, “I knew the moment I saw you.”

“I am not very good at hiding that fact,” I said, laughing. 

“No, you were pretty obvious when you looked me over just now,” Michael said grinning.

“You were just as obvious, Michael,” I responded.

Greg smiled, “Michael, are you gay?”                                                                    

“Yes, I am.  I was afraid to tell you at first,” Michael replied.

Greg said, “You should have told me right away.   You are so damn cute!   I told Cory I wanted to have sex with you if he didn’t hurry up and get better, so we can be together again.”

Michael blushed, and said, “I am not supposed to have sex with my students.”

Greg grinned, wickedly, “I am over 18, and I wouldn’t tell anyone if you did.”

Michael turned another shade of red.   I laughed.  “Greg, stop teasing the young man.   He is here to help you study academics, and not human sexuality!”

“Why not?   I am sure Michael could teach me a few things I could try out on Cory,” Greg said, looking at Michael.

Michael didn’t respond, but returned Greg’s gaze.   It was obvious that Michael really liked Greg.

I laughed and repeated what I said, “Michael is here to help you study.”

Greg pouted, and said, “Spoil sport!”

Michael grinned.  “I think we can have some fun, while we study.   Let’s start with you English assignments for this week.”

Greg groaned, “Why do we always have to start with English?   Can’t we start with history, or something easier?”

Michael pulled up a chair from Greg’s desk, and pulled out some papers and a textbook.   “We start with English, because it’s your hardest subject.”

I left the two of them to work on Greg’s school work.   I walked into the front room, and walked around looking at the family photos that Mrs. Hurst had placed on the piano.   I could see that Greg looked like a carbon copy of his father.   It was too bad Mr. Hurst had gone off the deep end.   I looked at the time, and decided I needed to straighten our bedroom, before Mrs. Hurst returned.   It didn’t take me long to make Rick’s bed and to move the air mattress, so I could navigate around the room without stepping on it.

Next, I went into the kitchen looking for something to snack on.   Mrs. Hurst had left a note on the fridge that said, “Help yourself to the sandwiches in the fridge.   If you want some soup, there are several varieties in the pantry.”

I opened the fridge to see a plate of ham and cheese sandwiches, covered in plastic wrap to keep them from drying out.   I pulled them out of the fridge and put them on the counter, then went to the pantry to see what kinds of soup I could find there.   I chose two different ones – chicken noodle and tomato-basil.   I opened the cans, and heated the soup in a couple of saucepans.   I walked down the hall to see how Greg was doing with his studies.

I went to open the bedroom door, and heard Greg moaning in ecstasy.   Realizing what was happening, I quietly tiptoed back to the kitchen.   I waited until I heard Greg exclaim, “Wow!” then I walked down the hall and knocked on the door.   “Time for lunch,” I said through the door.  

I heard Michael say, “That was close.”    Then, the door opened, and Michael stood there with a big grin on his face.   “I won’t be staying for lunch, Glenn.”

Greg laughed, “That’s because you had yours already!”

Michael blushed, as he pushed past me into the hallway.  “I’ll be back tomorrow, about the same time.”

I followed Michael to the front door, “It’s okay, Michael.   Greg needs to know that he is okay, and part of that is letting him know he is still attractive.   He is very self-conscious about how he looks; and is afraid no one will want to be around him, because of his face.”

Michael turned to face me.   “I will do my best to let Greg know that it doesn’t matter what he looks like on the outside, because he is a beautiful person on the inside.  I hope you will do the same.”

“I will.   Michael, do you have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“Not right at the moment.   My ex-boyfriend just returned from overseas, and we got together for an evening; but there is nothing there anymore,” Michael said, sadly.   “I thought we were a couple, and we seemed to be getting along just fine, until he decided he wanted to try to find someone new.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.   You are so cute and adorable.   He must be crazy to be looking for someone else,” I said.

“Since you asked the question, do you have a boyfriend?” Michael asked, in return.

“Yes, I do.   I am very much spoken for at the moment,” I said.   “But believe me, if I were unattached, I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better.   You know what I mean?”

Michael grinned.  “I do know what you mean.   It’s too bad though that you aren’t free to experience the world with me.”

I laughed, and said, “I think I can still have that experience without being your boyfriend, because I like you.   Do you have to work tomorrow afternoon?”

“No, I’m off after I finish tutoring Greg.  Why?” Michael said, wondering what had prompted the question.

“I would like to try to take Greg out in his wheelchair tomorrow.   I could use your help getting Greg into his wheelchair,” I said.   “He hasn’t been outside for a few days.”

Michael grinned.  “I would love to hang out with you guys!”  

“Okay, it’s settled then.   I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said.

Michael opened the front door, and walked down the steps.   I couldn’t help but notice how nicely his jeans showed off his tight bubble butt.   When Michael reached the bottom of the stairs, he turned and smiled at me.  “I hope you enjoyed the view!”

I grinned, and nodded. “Yes, I did!”

Michael laughed, and pushed his jet black hair out of his eyes.   “I will see you later.”   He opened the door to his white Honda Civic and climbed in.   He started the motor and revved up the engine, so I could hear it purr.   I gave him the thumbs up, and closed the door.   I returned to the kitchen.  I loaded up a tray with soup and sandwiches, and carried it into Greg’s room.   I sat the tray down on the card table that was still set up next to Greg’s bed. 

Greg grinned at me.  “Michael is a very fine man.”

“Is that so,” I said, trying not to laugh as Greg adjusted his shorts to hide his woody.
Greg nodded, “Yes, he is indeed.”

I looked pointedly at his crotch.  “I thought Michael took care of that already.”

“He did, but just thinking about it makes me horny,” Greg said.

“Well, don’t get any ideas about me giving you a blow job,” I said, laughing.

“I won’t.   I’ll save that for Michael.   He said he would give me blow job anytime I wanted one,” Greg replied.

I handed Greg a sandwich.   “Here, eat this,” I said.   “What kind of soup do you want?”

“May I have chicken noodle, please,” Greg responded.

“Sure,” I replied, and shifted the bowl of chicken noodle soup to his side of the table so he could reach it.   I took the tomato-basil soup, and started dipping my sandwich in it, as I ate.

“Do you think Cory will be upset that I let Michael give me a blow job?” Greg said, worriedly.

“I don’t know.   If you think he will be upset, don’t tell him about Michael.   I have asked Michael to help take you over to Cory’s house tomorrow.   Is that okay with you?” I asked.

Greg smiled.  “That sounds wonderful!”

We heard the front door open, and soon Mrs. Hurst appeared in Greg’s doorway.   She looked in, and saw us eating lunch.  “Thank you for getting lunch together for Greg.”

“You’re welcome.   Do you think it would be okay to take Greg over to see Cory tomorrow?” I asked.

Mrs. Hurst smiled.  “Yes, I think it would be wonderful.   But how are you going to get Greg into the car?”

“I have asked Greg’s tutor to help me.   He agreed to spend the afternoon with us, after he is finished working with Greg on his school work,” I explained.

Mrs. Hurst, “I never thought to ask him to help move Greg.   It’s settled then.   I will call the Stetsons, to let them know to expect us for lunch tomorrow.   I know that Cory will be absolutely wild with excitement.”

She left the room.   Soon, we could hear her talking to Mrs. Stetson.   She returned a few minutes later.  “Everything is all set.   We will take over the fixings for a green salad, and the Stetsons will provide sandwiches and chips.”

 At that moment, someone rang the doorbell.   Mrs. Hurst went to answer the door, while I cleared up the dishes from our lunch.   I carried everything back into the kitchen.   I heard a baritone voice speaking to Mrs. Hurst, “May I come in Mrs. Hurst?”

Mrs. Hurst replied, “I would rather not speak to you Reverend Talbot.”

“Please, Mrs. Hurst,” Rev. Talbot pleaded.

She apparently relented, because I heard them walk into the front room.   I walked into the hallway, intent on returning to Greg’s room, when Mrs. Hurst saw me and beckoned me to join her.   I walked into the front room; and saw a thin weasel-faced man, dressed in a black suit, holding a black fedora in his hand.   His shifty blue eyes looked me over, and a sneer appeared on his face, as it registered in his mind that I was gay.  His short cropped brown hair only added to the man’s weasel-like appearance.

Mrs. Hurst introduced me, “Glenn Nielsen, this is Reverend Talbot from my ‘former’ church.”

Hearing her emphasis on the word “former,” Rev. Talbot winced, as if he had been stuck with a needle.   He nodded his head, in greeting.   I didn’t say a word, since I didn’t trust myself to be civil to this poor excuse for human.  

“Please sit down,” Mrs. Hurst said.

I took a seat in the armchair opposite Rev. Talbot, while Mrs. Hurst sat on the couch.

“Rev. Talbot, before you try to convince me to return to your congregation, I would like to repeat what I told you the last time you came.    I will not be part of a Christian church that preaches hatred and violence towards our fellow human beings.   My reading of the scriptures informs me that you, and all the other Christian denominations that preach hatred toward sinners, are all in error.   I, especially, have no intentions of subjecting my son to your vile and vicious sermons, or to your attempts to rid him of his supposedly evil ways.   I will not let you subject Greg to electric shock therapy, or any other form of torture you have dreamed up to ‘heal’ him of his disease.   You and your kind have done enough damage to my family, with your hateful speeches and your rants against gays that incite feeble-minded people to acts of violence against innocent people.   If you wish to speak to my husband, you may find him in his jail cell.   And just so you don’t hear it somewhere else, I am, indeed, divorcing the man who followed your directions to rid the earth of homosexuals, by attempting to murder my son and his partner.   He not only tried to kill them, he tried to do the same thing to me.   I think that I have made it very clear, Rev. Talbot, that I hold you just as responsible for what happened in my home, as I do the man who committed such a heinous crime.”

I watched Mrs. Hurst’s face, as she delivered her little speech to the Reverend.   I waited in silence, as Rev. Talbot stared at her with a look of pure hatred on his face.   I was shocked that so much ill will would come from someone who professed to be a representative of a Christian church.

“Are you sure you won’t change your mind and return to the fold?” Rev. Talbot asked.   His menacing tone hit me, like someone had thrown a hammer at me.

Mrs. Hurst responded, with a voice that was hard as steel, “I will never cross the threshold of your church, again, Rev. Talbot.   Not only that, I will be writing to your church officials, demanding your removal.   You are unfit to lead a congregation of believers in Christ.   Your actions are those of the devil himself; and you should be run out of the church, before you cause any more damage to the rest of your flock.”

“I guess that we nothing more to discuss,” Rev. Talbot said.

“That is correct,” Mrs. Hurst said.

Reverend Talbot stood up, as did Mrs. Hurst.   “I can see my way out,” Reverend Talbot said, as he stomped angrily out of the room and out the front door, slamming it behind him, like a child having a temper tantrum.

Mrs. Hurst turned, and looked at me.  “Thank you for staying with me.   I have told him before that he is not welcome here, but he won’t stop harassing me.”

“I am glad you stood up to him.   He seems like quite the bully, trying to make you do as he wants,” I said.

“Yes, he is very much a mean-spirited man.   I have never liked him,” Mrs. Hurst said.   “But my soon to be ex-husband loved his sermons.   Steve worshipped the ground the man walked on.”

“Are you going to find another church?” I asked.                                                               

“Yes, I have been looking for a gay affirming church where I can take my son.   I have a strong belief in God and I want Greg to have that, as well, despite what his father did to him.   I want Greg to heal both physically and emotionally.   His body has begun to heal, but the emotional and psychological wounds are not.”

“I saw that last night, when I met him for the first time, Mrs. Hurst.   He needs to be able to learn to love himself for who he is.   I think he blames himself for what happened,” I said.

Mrs. Hurst’s eyes were bright with tears.  “I wish I had stood my ground, when we first started attending that church.   If I had, none of this would have happened.”

“Don’t blame yourself for what has happened.   It doesn’t do any good – not for you, or for Greg,” I said.   “You need to be strong for him.”

Mrs. Hurst nodded her head.  “I know, but it’s hard to keep going every day when I see Greg hurting so badly.   I have invited the pastor from the Church of Christ of Fredericksburg to join us for dinner tonight.   One of my friends recommended that we try going there, so I wanted to know more about the pastor first.”

Greg called from his room.  “What’s going on out there?”

We both stood up, and we walked down the hall to Greg’s room.   We recounted what had happened.   When we were finished, Greg said, “I hope that he never comes back here again!”

“He won’t; because I am going to call the base commander, and complain that he won’t leave me alone, after I have repeatedly asked him to cease and desist in his efforts to get me back into his congregation,” Mrs. Hurst said.   “I think he should be completely banned from the base.”

Mrs. Hurst left Greg’s room.   We heard her in the kitchen making her phone call to the base commander.   I looked at Greg, and asked, “Greg, may I speak bluntly?”

Greg looked at me in surprise.  “Sure.”

“I need to tell you something very important, and I want you to listen very carefully to me.   Greg, you need to stop blaming yourself for what happened.   You are not evil.   You did not cause your Dad to go off on you and Cory,” I said.

“I know that, but I can’t help it.   I can’t forgive myself for what happened to Cory, because of my Dad’s hatred,” Greg said.   “It is because of me that Cory was hurt so badly.”

“Greg, you need to learn to forgive yourself, so you can love Cory.   Don’t let the guilt you feel ruin your love for him,” I said.

Greg looked at me, with tears running down his cheeks.   He wiped his eyes with the back of his hands.  “You must think I am a cry baby.”

“No, I don’t.   You need to grieve, and let your pain and suffering come out.   You have been keeping it bottled up inside, which is not good.   You need to move past the anger and the hurt, so you can learn to forgive and to love again,” I said.

“I have been so lonely, Glenn.   Spending all day in this hospital bed has been pure torture for me.   I’m used to being very active, and able to do things for myself.   I hate the fact that I have to ask people to take care of me.   You don’t know how embarrassing it is to have to ask my Mom to help me go to the bathroom,” Greg said.

Picturing Greg asking his mother to clean him up almost caused me to laugh; but, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or not, for fear of hurting Greg’s feelings.   I decided not to and was glad I didn’t, because Greg was in tears again.   I walked over and sat down on his bed, taking him in my arms.   We stayed that way, until I felt him relax and his breathing slowed.   He had fallen asleep.   I gently laid him back against his pillows and silently walked out of the room, closing the door behind me.

I walked into the kitchen just, as Rick got home from work.   Rick took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom.   As soon as the door was closed, he pulled me into his strong embrace and kissed me passionately.   He reached behind me and locked the door, before he lifted me off my feet and carried me to his bed.   He stripped down and did the same to me, as he climbed in bed and made me his.

We were enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies, when we heard a knock on our door.   Mrs. Hurst said through the door, “It’s time for dinner, boys.”

“We’ll be right there,” Rick said.

We quickly dressed and went into the kitchen.   Mrs. Hurst asked, “Do you think you can manage to get Greg into his wheelchair?   We haven’t tried it, since we brought it home last week.”

Rick grinned, and said, “I think we can manage to do that.”

We walked into Greg’s room.   Rick got the wheelchair, and set the breaks.   It has special attachments that keep Greg’s legs elevated, and supports his casts.   Greg looked at us in surprise.  “Are you going to try to get me into that thing?”

“Yes, we are; so just decide you’re going to cooperate, okay?” Rick said, looking Greg in the eyes.

Greg shrugged his shoulders, and finally nodded his agreement.   Rick and I moved him into the wheelchair; and secured his legs to the supports, so they wouldn’t move.   The chair was motorized, so he could move around the house, unassisted.

Rick said, “Greg, no speeding, and please do not run into anything.”

Greg grinned and turned on the chair, using the joystick to move the chair forward.   Fortunately, the hallway was wide enough to accommodate his legs being stretched out in front of him like they were with the casts on them.   He managed not to hit anything between his bedroom and the kitchen.   His chair didn’t fit under the table, so he brought the chair parallel with the table.  Rick and I sat on either side of him, so we could assist him, when he needed help.

While we had been getting Greg into his wheelchair, Pastor Wilson had arrived.   Mrs. Hurst introduced us, “Pastor Wilson, this is my son, Greg, and his friends, Rick and Glenn.”

Pastor Wilson smiled and said, “I’m so glad to meet you.”   He came around the table to shake our hands.   He held Greg’s hand for a bit longer than was necessary, and looked him in the eyes.  “I want you to know that God loves you, Greg.”   He released Greg’s hand, and resumed his seat next to Mrs. Hurst.

Greg eyes glistened with unshed tears.   I could see that he was very touched by what Pastor Wilson had said.   I looked over at Mrs. Hurst to see her reaction, and saw that she was crying.   Greg said, “Thank you.   I needed to hear that.”

Pastor Wilson smiled.  “Everyone needs to hear that message.   God loves all of his children.   When your mother told me everything that has happened to you, I was deeply touched that she called me, and asked me to share my thoughts about God with you; but we can speak more about that later.   Your mother has prepared a lovely meal for us, and we shouldn’t let it get cold.”

Mrs. Hurst said, “Thank you.   Pastor, will you offer grace?”

“Gladly,” he responded.   When he finished, we dug in with gusto!   Mrs. Hurst cooked a beef roast with potatoes and carrots.   Her gravy was heavenly!   Of course, there were fresh greens and pecan pie for dessert.   We made small talk, as we devoured the meal.  

Mrs. Hurst laughed.  “I am so glad to see you eating normally again, Greg.   I was beginning to think you didn’t like my cooking, anymore.”

Greg grinned.  “I have to build up my strength, so I can beat Rick in an arm wrestle!”

Rick smiled. “I don’t think that is possible!”

“I think I can do it.   You just wait and see,” Greg said.   He looked so much happier than last night, when I first laid eyes on him.

Rick and I helped clear the table.   Pastor Wilson asked, “May I help with the dishes, Ma’am?   I so hate to be waited on.”

Mrs. Hurst declined his help at first, “No, I can do them just fine.”

“No, Mrs. Hurst, you did all the hard work, already.   Please join Greg in the front room, while we take care of the cleanup,” he said, smiling at her.

She relented and nodded her head.   “Thank you for helping out.”

Pastor Wilson rolled up his sleeves, and filled the sink with warm soapy water.  He began to tackle the dishes, while Rick and I dried them and put them away.   As we were finishing up, he said, “I’m glad to see a happy gay couple.”

Rick stopped in his tracks, and stood very still.   I wasn’t sure how Rick was going to react.   Pastor Wilson, seeing Rick’s reaction, acted quickly to reassure him, “You have nothing to fear from me, Rick.   I can see that you two love each other deeply, and I would never do anything to endanger either one of you.”

I asked, “How did you know?”

“I have this sixth sense about these things.   Being gay also helps.   My husband and I live in Fredericksburg.   We were married last year,” Pastor Wilson said.

Rick looked at Pastor Wilson, and asked, “How long have you and your husband known each other?”

“We have been together for nearly 27 years now.   We decided that after 26 years of living together that we would tie the knot,” Pastor Wilson replied, smiling at our surprised reaction.   “What?  Did you think that gays just appeared on the scene after you were born?   Gays have been around for a very long time.   It’s just that we had to be very, very careful, until recently; because of the laws against being gay.”

I put my arm around Rick’s waist, and looked up at him.  “Relax, sweetheart.   I think we can trust him.”

Rick smiled, and said, “We haven’t told Greg or his mother, yet.”

“Mrs. Hurst already knows.   She told me, just before I came into the kitchen for dinner,” he replied.   Again, we were both surprised.   “You can’t hide how much you love each other, boys.   It is readily apparent in how you look at each other, in how you talk to each other and in how you touch each other.”  Pastor Wilson dried his hands and said, “Let’s join Greg and Mrs. Hurst in the front room.”

I looked up at Rick, “Since they already know, I don’t see any sense in trying to hide that we are life partners.   Do you?”

Rick thought for a moment.  “No, I agree we don’t need to hide it from the Hursts, anymore; but, this means we have to be extra careful when we’re in public.”

“I agree,” I said.   I took his hand, and led him into the front room.   Greg looked over, as we came into the room.   His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open in shock.   I grinned at him, and said, “Greg, you can close your mouth now.   You don’t want to catch any flying insects, you know.”

Greg snapped his mouth shut.   We sat down on the couch and I cuddled up to my lover boy.   Rick put his arm around my shoulders, meeting Greg’s gaze.   Greg’s look of surprise was soon replaced by a smile.   “I wondered if you were gay, Rick, when I heard you talking to Glenn on the phone.   But then, I thought, there was no way a tough Marine like you could be gay!”

Rick grinned.  “I’m still a tough Marine, but I am very much in love with Glenn.”

I looked over to see Mrs. Hurst smiling.   She said, “I told Pastor Wilson that I thought you two were a couple.   I’m happy to say I was right.   I believe that God has sent you two to help Greg recover.”

Greg said, “I think you’re right.   Did you know that Michael is gay, too?”

Mrs. Hurst looked surprised. “No, I didn’t.”

“Michael told me today that he is gay.   Unfortunately, he told me that it doesn’t change the fact that he is my tutor, and expects me to do my studies,” Greg said, glumly.

His dejected expression made us all laugh.   Mrs. Hurst said, “I’m sorry, Greg.  I’m glad to hear you have someone else you can talk to, without fear of rejection.   However, I’m also very happy to hear that Michael intends to keep you moving ahead with your academics.”

Pastor Wilson said, “Mrs. Hurst, I want to assure you that God is aware of you and your needs.   He knows each one of us as individuals, and is always looking out for us.”

“Then why did He allow my father to hurt me?” Greg asked, angrily.

“It is important to remember that we all are free to choose our own actions.   Your father made a choice, a poor one, but it was still a choice to act the way he did.   You shouldn’t blame God for giving your father the freedom to choose, just like he has given everyone of His children that same freedom,” Pastor Wilson replied.

Greg looked at his mother, who said, “I’m just as angry and hurt as you are, my son.   I blamed God at first, then I decided that I needed to change my attitude, and let go of my anger.   That doesn’t mean I have forgiven your father for what he did.   I’m afraid it will be a long time before I can do that.”

Pastor Wilson said, “If you will allow God back into your lives, He will help you heal from the deep wounds that you have received as a result of what happened.”

Greg said, “I’m not sure I’m ready to do that Pastor Wilson.”

“I understand.   Just remember that when the time is right, God will be there for you.   Mrs. Hurst, thank you for dinner.   I must be going,” Pastor Wilson said.   “My husband is waiting at home for me.”

Greg looked at Pastor Wilson with an expression of total amazement.   “Do you mean to tell me that you are gay, too?”

“Yes.   Gerald and I have been together for many years, now,” Pastor Wilson said.   He stood and walked over and shook Greg’s hand.   He said, “You can call me anytime you want to talk, young man.”

Greg replied, “Thank you.  I’ll remember that.”

We stood and shook his hand, and followed him to the front door, where he turned to Mrs. Hurst.  “Thank you, again, for inviting me to your home.”

Mrs. Hurst smiled, and said, “Thank you, Pastor Wilson, for coming.   I hope to see you soon.”

He smiled and walked to his car.   Mrs. Hurst closed the door, and we went back into the front room.   Greg said, “I am so amazed that there are so many gay people around.”

“You shouldn’t be, Greg,” I said.   “There are many more of us than you think.   The problem is that we have to be careful, because of the prejudices of the society in which we live.”

Greg asked, “Rick, aren’t you afraid that the military will find out you are in love with a guy?”

“Yes, I do have that fear.   Glenn and I were just talking about that a little while ago,” Rick said.

Mrs. Hurst said, “You don’t have to worry about us giving you away.   I hate the way the military has caused so many families so much heartache with their ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy.”

Greg smiled, “May I tell Cory?”

Rick laughed, “Thank you for asking, Greg.   I know that even if I had said you couldn’t, that you can’t keep any secrets from your lover boy.”

Greg grinned.  “I don’t dispute that.   He is pretty wonderful you know.”

Rick nodded, and said, “Glenn told me you are going to attempt to visit him tomorrow.”

Greg’s excitement was obvious.  “I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

Mrs. Hurst said, “Then you had better get to bed early.   I don’t want you to wear yourself out.   You need all of your energy to get yourself better.”

Greg said, “I know you are right, Mom.   I am a little tired.”

Greg wheeled his chair back out into the hallway, and into his room.   Rick and I helped him with his toilet, and put his pajamas on him.   Greg said, “Thank you.   I’m so glad to know that you guys are my friends.”

I said, “You’re welcome, Greg.   We’ll see you in the morning.”

Rick said, “Good night.”

“Good night, Rick,” Greg replied.

We turned out the lights, and went to our room.   Rick pushed the door closed, then took me in his arms.   He looked me in my eyes, and said, “I love you, Glenn.”

“I love you, too,” I replied. 

“What do you think about repeating last night’s performance?” he asked, huskily.

I looked into his eyes and said, “I think that would be wonderful.”   And we did.

The morning sun was shining through the window, as Rick held his lover in his arms.   He had turned off the alarm before it went off, so it wouldn’t wake Glenn.  He looked into Glenn’s peaceful face, and a warm feeling of tender affection spread over him.    He marveled that Glenn was so strong, yet so vulnerable.   No wonder this boy man had managed to capture his heart.   He thought about how Glenn had known exactly what to do, when Greg started to lose his emotional control.   He took him into his arms and just held him.   He remembered Glenn’s response when he had chided Glenn about risking being discovered.

“Rick Lernier, I am not going to stand by and let someone suffer because of my fear of being found out.   I’m gay and proud of it.   I know that I have to be careful not to endanger your career in the military.   However, what was important at that moment in time was helping Greg to understand that it was okay for him to let his feelings show.”

Rick had agreed that Glenn had done the right thing, but he still worried about being outed, especially now that Greg and Mrs. Hurst knew he was Glenn’s boyfriend.   They had tried to reassure him that they wouldn’t cause trouble for him with the military, but he couldn’t help thinking that his risk of discovery had just increased geometrically.  He was glad that Pastor Wilson had visited with them.   Rick was still astonished at how long Pastor Wilson and his husband had been together.   He had always thought that there weren’t very many gay couples; or, at least, that there weren’t very many “older” gay couples.   But, then, the thought hit him that maybe the reason he didn’t know about them was because they were so used to having to be careful.   It wasn’t that long ago that there was so much hatred towards gays that being openly gay was dangerous.   He knew that in some areas it was still very dangerous, like in smaller communities, and places where the religious right had preached violence and hatred toward gays.   He and Glenn had spoken often about being left in peace, so they could live their lives without fear of attack or injury.

His attention returned to his sweetheart’s face.   He loved the way Glenn’s long eyelashes brushed his cheeks.   He couldn’t resist brushing Glenn’s blond hair back from his face.   Glenn stirred at his touch, and his eyes fluttered open.

I opened my eyes, to see Rick staring into my eyes.   I smiled, and lifted my hand to his face.   I cupped his cheek in my hand.  “Good morning, handsome.”

Rick returned my smile.  “Good morning, Babe.   Let’s get a shower together.   I really want you near me this morning.”

I grinned, and said, “Translated, that means you want to fuck me this morning!”

“Absolutely!   I am so horny right now from waking up next to such a hot stud, it won’t take me long to cum,” Rick said, as he bit the nape of my neck.

I moaned in pleasure, as he continued to caress my body.   There is nothing better than waking up to your boyfriend’s hungry kisses and demanding hands!    Soon, Rick pulled me up out of bed, and we slipped across the hall to the bathroom, where Rick succeeded in his mission of making me his!

We dried each other off, then wrapped the towels around our waists to return to our room.   I helped Rick get dressed.   “You look so handsome in your fatigues,” I said, as I kissed Rick.

Rick grinned, “Thank you, Babe.”   He looked me over and said, “I love seeing you without your clothes on, Mr. Nielsen.”

He pulled me into his embrace.   He kissed me, as his hands roamed my body.   When he released my lips, I said, breathlessly, “If you keep that up, you won’t be going to work today.”

Rick laughed, as he squeezed my bubble butt.   “I wish I didn’t have to work, but Lt. Col. Bachman has a lot of things for me to do, today.   Sgt. Mason has invited us to help him with the boy scouts tonight.   Are you okay doing that?”

I rubbed noses with my sweetheart.  “I’m happy to be with you.   If you are going to help the boy scouts, I’ll go with you.”

“Maybe Greg will feel up to going, as well,” Rick said.

“I don’t know about that.   We’re taking him to Cory’s house this afternoon, so he might not be up to doing that,” I said.

Rick released me from his embrace.  “Thank you for taking him to Cory’s.   I love you, Babe.”

“I love you, too,” I said.   “I hope you have a great day at work.”

“I will, because I know you will be here when I get home,” Rick said, smiling.

He turned and left the room, closing the door behind him.   I turned my attention to getting dressed.   I chose a form fitting white mesh shirt and my tightest pair of jeans.   I knew I was overdoing it a bit, but I thought that it would be good for the guys to see that it’s okay to be gay.    I slipped on my flip flops and left our room.   I went down the hall to see if Greg was awake.   I tapped on the door, and heard Greg call out, “Come in!”

I opened the door and walked into Greg’s room.   Greg was sitting up in bed.   He looked well rested, and his color looked better than it had yesterday.   When he saw me, his eyes widened in surprise, and he wolf whistled.   “You’re so ‘hot,’ Glenn!  I’ll have to tell Rick that he has competition.   Man!   Now I understand why Rick thinks you are so wonderful.”   I walked over to his bed, and sat down next to him.   “Glenn, I am so horny I would jump your bones, if I could.  Do you always have that kind of effect on guys?”

 I grinned, and replied, “Only on gay guys!   When we go out clubbing, you should see the looks the guys give Rick, when they discover he’s my boyfriend!   More than one of them has told Rick that he was fortunate to have found me first.”

Greg laughed.  “I can relate to those guys!  Does he know you jerked me off, yesterday?”

“Yes, he does.   I always tell him everything,” I replied.   I smiled, and answered his unspoken question, “And no, I won’t jerk you off, again, this morning.”

Greg pouted, “Why not?”

“Because you don’t need me to do that, since we are taking you to see your boyfriend later today,” I said.   “Are you ready to get cleaned up?”

Greg grinned, “Yes.”

I got out his bath gear, and filled up the tub with warm water.   I washed Greg down, and helped him with the rest of his toilet.   Clean and dressed, Greg smiled and said, “Thank you, Glenn.”

I put away his gear, and went into the kitchen to find Mrs. Hurst cooking breakfast.  She smiled and said, “I’m almost done.   Will you get the plates out and some silverware?”

“Sure,” I replied.  I retrieved the requested items from their places, and put them on the counter where she could reach them.   She plated the ham, eggs and hash brown potatoes.   I added the toast, and poured each of us a glass of milk.

I placed Greg’s breakfast on his tray and carried it into his bedroom, placing it over his lap.   Mrs. Hurst followed with our plates and milk.   “Good morning, son.”

“Good morning, Mom,” Greg said, smiling.   “Thank you for making breakfast for us.”

“You’re welcome, dear,” she said.

We chatted, as we ate.   When we finished, I helped clear the dirty dishes and returned them to the kitchen.   “May I help you wash up the dishes?” I asked.

“Thank you for helping,” Mrs. Hurst answered, smiling at me.

I filled the sink with warm soapy water, and washed and rinsed the dishes.   Mrs. Hurst dried and put them away.  The doorbell rang and Mrs. Hurst left me to answer the door.   She returned, with Michael following behind her.

Michael grinned, when he saw me.  “Good morning, Glenn.   You look mighty fine this morning!”   I posed for him, and Michael laughed.  “You are such a tease!”

Michael wore tight fitting jeans and t-shirt with an unbuttoned long sleeved white shirt.   He looked very sexy this morning.   “I’m not the only one who looks good this morning!”

Michael laughed, again, and continued down the hallway to Greg’s room.   We heard Greg whistle, when Michael entered his room.   I laughed.  “I think Greg is returning to normal.”

Mrs. Hurst smiled.  “I’m happy he is finally paying attention to what is going on around him.   He has been so depressed, since it happened.  We have had him on a suicide watch, because of some of things he has said.”

“I hope we can get him to share more of his feelings, so he can let go of the anger and hurt,” I said.

Mrs. Hurst said, “You’re such a wonderful person, Glenn.   I can’t thank you enough.”

She left me, and went to her bedroom.   I went into the family room and turned on the television, to see if there was anything of interest.   Finding nothing, I returned to our bedroom, and I pulled out my laptop.   I started chatting with some of my friends.   The morning passed quickly.  

Michael walked into my bedroom, and said, “Hey, sexy!   Let’s get this show on the road.   Greg is anxious to see his boyfriend.”

I looked up from my laptop.  “I thought you were his boyfriend.”  I laughed at Michael’s expression.

“It would be wonderful, if that were true.   Greg likes me, but not enough to leave Cory,” Michael said.   He laughed.  “I did give him another blowjob today!”

“I know.   That is why I said what I did,” I said, grinning at my new friend.

Michael said, “You know me so well, already!”

I shut down the laptop, and got up from off the bed.   “Let’s go,” I said.

Michael put his arm around my waist. “Can I have a hug from you?”

I didn’t answer him; but pulled him into a close embrace, and held him close for a moment.   I kissed him on the lips, then released him.   “Was that what you wanted?”

“Yes, thank you,” Michael responded.   “You’re so sweet, Glenn.   I wish I had found you first.   Rick doesn’t know what a treasure you are.”

I laughed, and said, “I think he does.”

We walked into Greg’s room.   Greg was practically bouncing off the bed with excitement.   “Okay, cowboy, let’s get you into your wheelchair,” Michael said.

We helped Greg into his chair, and he drove it out of his room and out the front door.   Mrs. Hurst had the van door open, and was waiting for Greg.   We helped him into the van.   Mrs. Hurst drove the wheelchair up its ramp and into the back of the van.   She turned to us.  “Michael, will you take Glenn with you, and you can follow me over to the Stetson’s home.”

We followed the Hurst’s van, and soon arrived at the Stetson’s.   As we were helping Greg back into his wheelchair, Mrs. Stetson came out to greet us.   Mrs. Hurst introduced us, “Darla, this is Michael, Greg’s tutor, and Glenn, Rick’s friend.”

Mrs. Stetson shook our hands.   “Thank you for bringing Greg over to visit Cory.   Cory is so excited!   Mr. Stetson built a temporary ramp, so Greg could get his wheelchair into the house.”

Greg grinned, and asked, “Is Mr. Stetson home, so I can thank him?”

“No, he is at work, Greg.   Go on in.   Cory is waiting for you,” she said.

After Greg maneuvered his chair up the ramp, we followed Darla inside the house.   She directed us to the kitchen.  “I promised we would let them have some time alone.   Please sit down, and help yourselves.”

The table was set for lunch, with several kinds of sandwiches, coleslaw, chips and sodas waiting for us.   Michael and I each chose a turkey club sandwich.   Michael looked at me in surprise.  You like the same kind of sandwiches I do.”

“What kind of soda do you like?” I asked, smiling at him.

“I like ginger ale,” Michael said.

“So do I,” I replied.   We kept quizzing each other about what our likes and dislikes were.

Michael said, “I have never known anyone who liked almost all the same things I do.”

“Me neither,” I said.   “It is almost like we are twins that were separated at birth!”

Mrs. Hurst laughed.  “But you two don’t look anything alike!”

“No, we don’t, but we have kindred spirits,” I said.

We heard Cory call from the family room, “Mom!”

Mrs. Stetson got up to see what was needed.   She returned and asked, “Michael and Glenn, can you help Greg?”

We looked at each other, then we stood up, and followed her into the family room.   We looked questioningly at Greg, who smiled.  “Can you guys lift me up onto Cory’s bed?”

“Sure, but you have to introduce us first,” I said, smiling at Greg.

“Sorry about that.   Cory, this is Glenn, Rick’s boyfriend, and Michael, my tutor.”

Cory smiled and reached out his hand, “I am glad to meet you both.   Greg has told me so much about you both.”

I said, “I feel like I know you already from what Greg and Rick have shared with me.”

Cory said, “You are just as gorgeous as Greg said you were.   You should be a model, or something like that.”

I blushed.   I have been told I was good looking before, but no one had ever told me I should be a model.   “Thanks, Cory.”

Michael said, “See, Glenn, even Cory thinks you are ‘hot.’   You need to learn to accept the fact that you are totally our dream guy.”

Cory said, “And so are you, Michael.   I like your cute butt!”

It was Michael’s turn to blush.   “Thanks, I think.”

“Cory is right, Michael.   You have a very cute butt!   We think you should join us for a threesome when we get the casts off of our legs,” Greg said, smiling wickedly at Michael.

Michael returned the smile.  “Thanks for the invitation, Greg.   Let’s wait on that, until after graduation, okay.”

Cory replied, “Okay, but we are going to hold you to that.”

Greg smiled. “Now will you please lift me up next to Cory?”

Cory scooted over to make room for his boyfriend.   Michael and I lifted Greg out of his chair, and placed him on the bed.

Greg put his arm around Cory, who snuggled up to him.   “Thank you,” Greg said.

Mrs. Hurst and Mrs. Stetson returned to the kitchen to chat, and left us guys to ourselves.   Michael and I sat down on the couch across from Cory’s bed.   I asked Cory, “How are you handling things?”

“I am much better, now that Greg is here,” Cory said.

I said, “Rick and I would like you two to visit us in Atlanta, after graduation.”

Greg looked at Cory.  “We would love to do that.   I have been thinking that we should check out the colleges there.”

Cory added, “We have agreed we do not want to stay anywhere near here.”

“Why?” Michael asked.

“It’s because we don’t want to be reminded of what happened here,” Cory said.

“I understand,” I said.   “I know I wouldn’t be able to stay in a place that hates gays so much that they would allow a preacher to advocate hatred and violence toward innocent people.”

Michael said, “But there are those kinds of people everywhere, even in Atlanta.   Have you forgotten that the Ku Klux Klan has its roots in the South?   You have to be careful everywhere you go, because there are hateful people everywhere.”

“But they can’t be quite as totally evil, as what we have seen here,” Cory said.

“Yes, they can.   Rick’s family tried to kill us when they found out we were together,” I said.   “Religious bigots are everywhere.   They claim to follow the teaching of their God, but yet don’t really live by their professed religious principles.   Even their religious leaders, who claim to have so much piety and righteousness, do not live by their religions’ chief tenants – ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’   They claim that gays are not their neighbors, so they are justified in treating us as second class citizens, or worse.   Even better yet, they claim we are all God’s children ‘except’ those they don’t agree with, or who don’t abide by what they deem to be acceptable mores.   Theirs is a changeable God who loves only the righteous, who belong to their particular church, or brand of religion.”

 “It’s amazing how religious people twist their own doctrines and religious beliefs to suit their own ends,” Michael said.

Greg shuddered, “You mean like my father?”

Michael nodded.  “Yes, and the reverend at his church.   I’m sorry if I have offended you by mentioning your father.”

Cory said, “I’m glad we are talking about this, because it has really bothered me that someone who professed to be a believer could do something so terrible to his own son and to me.   We attended that same church, and we heard the reverend’s sermons.   We ignored his cries to rid the world of gays by violence if necessary.” 

Cory’s face was contorted into a mask of agony and pain, not physical, but the emotional and mental anguish brought to the surface by his memory of what happened that fateful evening.   “I can’t get what happened out of my mind.   I keep reliving it every time I close my eyes.   I have nightmares every night!”   His hands were clenched in tight fists.   “I tried to save you from his attacks, Greg, but I couldn’t.”  

Greg put his hand to Cory’s face, and turned his head to look him in the eyes.  “I’m so sorry for what my father did to you.   You did the best you could, my love.”   Greg was crying, as he looked his boyfriend in the eyes.

Cory wiped the tears from Greg’s face.  “Greg, it’s not your fault.   Don’t blame yourself for what your father did.   He did it completely on his own.   I don’t think we will ever be able to completely understand why your Dad did what he did to us.”

Greg said, “I don’t want to understand why he did it.   I just want him to stay as far away from as possible from me, and those I love.   I never want to see him again.”

Michael said, “Maybe you should wait to make that decision.   You are still very angry and hurt by what he did.”

“I think your dad will have plenty of time to reflect on what he did, since he is more than likely going to spend some time with in jail, or in the mental hospital,” I said.

Greg said, “Good!  It is the best place for him right now.   After what he did to me and my mother, it is the very least he deserves.”   His voice was full of anger, driven by the deep emotional wounds he had suffered at his father’s hands.

I changed the subject, diverting their attention to other things.   We chatted for a while longer, before Greg’s mother entered the family room and said, “Boys, it is time to go home.”

Greg kissed Cory, and said, “I love you.”

Cory responded, “I love you, too.”

We lifted Greg back into his chair, and he drove himself out to the car.   When we returned home, we found Rick was already there waiting for us.

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