The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 89: Treg and Kelvin

I opened my eyes to see Rick watching me, while his fingers played with my hair.   I looked into Rick’s beautiful blue eyes, and smiled.   His smiling face showed his happiness and contentment.  I’m glad we had worked out our differences last night.  There had been some intense moments, as we both expressed our feelings.   But, we managed to get all of our cards out on the table, and we found that we agreed on almost everything.   We both felt that our partner had heard our point of view, and understood why we felt way we did.   More importantly, we agreed to the ground rules we would use for working out any future problems, and promised each other to always give our soul mate the benefit of a doubt.   Of course, we sealed our renewed commitment to each other in a very physical way!  In fact, we enjoyed each other most of the night!   Just thinking about it started things stirring below.  

“Good morning, Babe,” I said.   I kissed him, and Rick pulled me closer to him.   I felt Rick’s steel pole against my stomach.   I grinned, and said, “It seems like you’re ready for a repeat performance of last night!” 

Rick didn’t answer me, but put his thoughts into actions.   I love waking up to great sex in the morning!

Later, I looked deeply into Rick’s eyes.  “I’m so glad I found a man who loves to have sex, as often as I do.”

Rick grinned, broadly.  “I’m only too happy to be of service.   You know that I can’t have you looking for sex with other guys.”   He ran his fingers through my hair, and kissed me.

I laughed, and said, “There is no one that can compare to your sexual prowess, Rick!”   I placed my hand on his cheek, looking intently into his eyes.  “You are so wonderful to me.”

Rick kissed me again, then said, “Are we ready to get showered, and ready for the day?”

I responded, with a mischievous grin.  “Yes, if you think you can better your performance in the shower.”

Rick rolled his eyes, and groaned, “You are a sex-crazed man.”

“If you aren’t up for it, I think I can manage to take care of you, this time,” I said, laughing.

Rick smiled, stroking my already erect cock, and said, “Come on, then, show me your stuff.”

“Gladly,” I responded, and helped Rick to his feet.   I led him to the en suite, and turned on the water in the shower.   I pulled Rick into the shower with me, and began my assault!

We dressed in our favorite khaki cargo shorts, white sleeveless muscle shirts, and cross-trainers.   We had spent enough time in the sun that we both had healthy tans that really popped against the bright white of our shirts.   Rick’s hair was just getting long enough that he could use hair gel to style it.   He looked so ‘hot’ standing next to me, as we looked at ourselves over in the mirror.

Rick stood behind me, and put his arms around my waist.  “We look pretty good.   Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, I do,” I replied, with a wide grin.

“Let’s grab breakfast, then we can walk over to catch the Whirlpool Jet Boat tour,” Rick said.

He took my hand, and we left our room.   We ate quickly and made our way outside.   The day was bright and sunny with the temperature hovering around 25 C. (77 F.).   There was a light breeze coming off of the lake that ruffled my hair, as we walked hand and hand toward the boat dock.   We arrived 45 minutes before our tour, as requested, and joined our fellow tourists for an orientation meeting, and photo shoot.   We stored our shoes and valuables in a locker, and donned the gear provided to us (ponchos, life jackets, shoes, etc.).   We climbed aboard and, started our tour.


I sat next to Rick who gave me a quick kiss, before we started out.   We started down the Niagara River toward Niagara Falls.   Our tour guide explained the geology and history of the river, as we went.   We got totally drenched!   The air wasn’t as filled with mist, as when we were under the falls on “The Maid of the Mist,” however, it was much more fun.   It was like being on a log flume, where you hit the water at the bottom of the slide, and practically drown from the wave of water that hits you in the face, especially if you are in the front seat.   Of course, Rick picked the front row, so we got it every time we hit a wave.  

When we returned, we changed back into our regular shoes, and returned their equipment.

We walked back to the Charles Inn, hand in hand.   We couldn’t have been happier.   Once we reached the Inn, we found a message waiting for us.   Rick read the note out loud, “Your massage has been scheduled for 2 PM this afternoon.”   He grinned at me, and said, “We’re going to learn how to give each other a massage.”

“I think I already know how to give you a good massage, but I’m always willing to learn new techniques,” I said, giving Rick a provocative look.

Rick laughed.  “I can’t wait!”

“Let’s take a picnic lunch to Fort George,” I said.   “We can tour the old fort, and eat lunch.”

Rick said, “That sounds like a great idea.  You told me all about going there last summer, and I wanted to be there with you so badly.”


Fort George

“Let’s ask the front desk if they could arrange for a picnic lunch for us,” I said, excitedly.

We approached the front desk.   I asked, “Is there any way we could get a picnic lunch put together?”

“Yes, I can arrange to have a picnic lunch delivered to the front desk in about an hour.   Here’s the menu,” he said, handing me a brochure that outlined several choices of sandwiches, fruit and desserts.   We made our choices, and returned to our room to relax, while we waited.

The room had been cleaned, while we were out.   We stripped out of our damp clothes; and pulled back the coverlet, and got into the bed.   Rick pulled me close, and kissed me gently on the lips.   He looked deeply into my eyes, and said, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I replied.   “I love showing you around one of my most favorite places on earth.   Our family has come here every summer, since before I was born.  Aunt Hannah and Uncle Carl’s home is like a second home to me, since we spent so much time there.”

Rick said, “St. Catharines is a really nice place.   It nice and quiet, but yet it is close enough to the big city that you can have that, too.”

I looked into Rick’s eyes, and asked, “Can we go to a dance club in Toronto, tonight?”

Rick responded, “Yes, I think I can handle that now that you seem to be rested.   I didn’t want you to go last time you asked, because you had just come home from the hospital, remember?”

I nodded my head.  “Yes, I do.   I have heard a lot of good things about Zipperz/Cellblock.”

“Okay, let’s plan dinner and dancing in Toronto, then,” Rick said smiling, at my excitement.

“I want to get you out on the dance floor, Rick.   I learned a few new dance moves from Zach and Todd the last time we went out dancing,” I said, practically bouncing up and down with enthusiasm.

We heard the room phone ring.   Rick got up to answer it, “Hello.”

“Sir, your picnic lunch is ready.   You can pick up at the front desk, when you are ready,” the gentleman informed Rick.

“Thank you.   We’ll be right down,” Rick said.   He hung up the phone, and turned to me.  “It is time to go, Glenn.”

When I didn’t’ get up, Rick came over, and started to tickle me.   “If you won’t get up, you will have to endure my tickle torture,” Rick said, laughing, as I tried to roll away from him; but he climbed on top of me, and tickled me, until I was crying from laughing so hard.  

I gasped, “Stop….my sides….are starting….to hurt!”

Rick laughed, and said, “I’m not stopping, because you haven’t surrendered yet!”

I immediately said, “I surrender.”

Rick stopped tickling me.  He leaned down, and kissed me.   He wrapped his arms around me, and rolled with me, until I was lying on top of him.    I cupped his head between my hands, and kissed him passionately.   When we surfaced for air, Rick asked, with an inviting grin, “Do you want to eat our picnic indoors, or do you still want to go to Fort George?”

“I want to do both,” I replied, as I kissed him again.  

Rick laughed, and said, “I think you are too horny to take out in public!”

“It’s your fault, Mr. Lernier, not mine!” I exclaimed.   I held his head between my hands, and kissed him even more passionately.   I love the feel of my man under me.   The fact that we were fully clothed (minus shoes, of course) made it that much more sensual.   Rick was definitely aroused!  

I released his lips, and looked into Rick’s eyes, as I grinned, mischievously.  “I think we should go eat our lunch now.”

Before Rick could react, I rolled off of him.   I jumped up off the bed, and grabbed my shoes.    I headed toward the door, laughing, as Rick’s look of surprise turned to one of determination.   He sprang out of bed, and said, “No, you don’t.   You aren’t leaving me in this state.”  

I grinned, and stuck my tongue out at him, pulling the door open.   I was half way out the door, when Rick caught me around the waist, and lifted me off my feet.   I love how physical Rick can get, when he wants to be!

“I’ve got you, Babe.   You’re not escaping me that easily,” he said, as he brought me back inside, and shut the door with his foot.   He set me down, but didn’t release me.

I laughed, dropped my shoes to the floor, and turned around in his arms to face him.  I looked into his eyes, and said, “I don’t want you to overdo it, old man!   I want you to be able to take care of business tonight.   You’re so much older than I am, I didn’t want to cause you to have a heart attack, or something.   It would be a shame if you couldn’t get it up, because you’re all worn out from too much sex!”

 Rick scowled at me, and growled, “Do you think you are funny?”

I gave him my most innocent “who me?” look, and said, “Me?   Funny?”   I put my arms around his neck, and nibbled on his ear.   I whispered in his ear, “Actually, I’m totally enjoying myself.”   I pulled back, and looked him in the eyes, giving him a lecherous grin.

Rick slowly smiled, as he said, “Just for that I will make you beg me to fuck you, tonight.”

I looked contrite, and said, in an obsequious voice, “Oh, please fuck me, Mr. Lernier, I beg of you, please fuck me, until I can’t walk straight.”  I batted my eyelashes at Rick, then kissed him passionately on the lips.

Pulling back so I could see his eyes, I said, “I love you.”

Rick grinned, “I know, but I think you’re right.   Let’s wait until tonight, because I’m getting hungry.”   He released me, and picked up our shoes, handing me mine.   We put them on, and headed down to the lobby to pick up our picnic lunch at the front desk.   Rick paid for it, and I grabbed backpack with the picnic lunch, as we left the inn.   Rick tousled my hair, as walked down the sidewalk.   I looked over at him, and he smiled at me.   He looked very happy and carefree.

We decided to drive over to Fort George, so we jumped into our car, and drove the short distance to the fort.   We sat on the grass near the parking lot, and ate our lunch.   It was delicious.   We threw the empty backpack into the back of the car, then toured the fort.  

“We used to come here every summer.   It is such a great place to explore,” I said.

“There is a lot of history here,” Rick commented.

We walked around the grounds, and enjoyed being with each other.   We climbed up on the ramparts to look out over river.   Rick said, “This reminds me of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland.   The British tried to invade Baltimore during the War of 1812.”

“I’ve never been there,” I said.

“I’ll have to take you there, sometime,” Rick said.

We joined a tour group, and listened to a docent, dressed in period costume, explain about the buildings and their functions.   Then, we watched the 41st Fife and Drum Corps march and play, giving us a demonstration of what it was like to see them marching, as they would have when they went to war during that era.

When Rick heard that the United States had captured the fort to launch an invasion of Upper Canada during the War of 1812, he grinned, and said, “I knew we invaded Mexico several times, but I never knew we had invaded Canada, as well.”

“That’s because you guys can be so aggressive sometimes,” I said, punching Rick in the shoulder.

Rick grinned.  He grabbed me, and picked me up off my feet, then sat me back down.   He asked, “Whatever gave you that idea?”

I laughed, and said, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s the rough, raw sex we have, sometimes.”   I kissed him, and enjoyed hearing the gasps of some of the people in our little tour group.    I didn’t care what they thought.   I loved my guy, and had a right to show it  

Rick looked at his watch, and said, “We need to go.   We have 15 minutes to get to our massage appointment.”

We jumped into the Land Rover, and drove to The Shaw Spa.   Rick parked the car.   We got out, and entered the building.   We were greeted by a receptionist, who checked off our names on a list that she had in front of her.   She led us back to the massage room, where our masseur waited for us.  

I looked at the handsome young man, in surprise.   I looked into his eyes, and recognized the same vivid green eyes I had seen in the ambulance.   Only this time, he was clad in a white tight-fitting muscle shirt and black shorts that clung to him in all the right places.  His dark brown curly hair was held back from his face with a blue sweat band.   This time, I noticed how well built he was.   The dark hair on his arms and legs only served to emphasize his tan.   He saw my appraising look, and smiled, “Hello, Glenn.”

Rick raised his eyebrows, and asked, “Who is he?”

I replied, “This is the paramedic that rode with me in the ambulance.”

“My name is Treg Warrick,” Treg said, introducing himself to us.   He shook our hands.   “I’m a paramedic, but I also work as a masseur to supplement my income.   I work here on my days off from working with the ambulance crew.”

“Why are you working two jobs?” I asked.

“I’m trying to earn enough money, so I can attend the university.   My parents don’t have enough money to send me; so, I’m trying to save as much as I can,” Treg said.

Rick smiled, “We’re here for you to teach us how to give each other a massage.”

Treg said, “You can get undressed behind that screen over there.   There is a locker there, for your use.   Please wrap yourselves in a fresh towel.  Then, I need you to climb up on these tables, and make yourselves comfortable.”

I gave Treg an appraising look, and said, “Do we have to go back there, or can we disrobe right here.”

Treg looked doubtful, and said, “I’m supposed to have you get undressed behind the screens.”   He paused for moment, then smiled.  “But if you won’t tell the management, I guess you can get undressed out here.   Just let me lock the door first.”

He stepped over to the door, and locked it.  He turned back to us, and asked, “Are you two a couple?”

Rick put his arms around me, and kissed me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth.   He turned to Treg.  “Does that answer your question?”

Treg’s smile grew broader.  “Yes, it does.   I’m gay, as well.   I hoped you were gay, because it makes it much easier for me.   I have to try to hide the fact that I’m gay, when I give straight guys a massage.   They get kind of upset, when they see how turned on I get, as I massage their muscles.”

I laughed, and said, “We don’t mind if you show off for us.”

Rick agreed, “You’re certainly welcome to get comfortable.”

We quickly stripped out of our clothes, as Treg watched us.   Treg’s happy grin showed us that we had a very appreciative audience.   Rick and I looked at each other, and silently agreed to show off for Treg.   We started goofing around, posing for him.

Rick asked, “Okay, which one of us is the best looking?”

Treg didn’t respond, being mesmerized by the sight of two good looking guys showing off for him.   Rick repeated his question, and waved his hand in front of Treg’s face.

Treg responded, as if in a trance, “I can’t decide.   You are both so beautiful.”

We looked at each other, then back to Treg.   We advanced on Treg, whose eyes grew as big as saucers, as he realized what we meant to do.  We started kissing him, and running our hands all over his body.   He moaned with pleasure.  He closed his eyes, as we pulled his shirt over his head.   He opened his eyes, and stared directly into my eyes, and said, in a husky voice, “I have always dreamed of being with a guy, and, now, I have two of you making me so horny.”

Rick wrapped his arms around Treg’s waist from behind him, nibbling on his ears and neck, while I hugged him from the front.   I kissed him, and played with his nipples.   I ground my groin against Treg, feeling his hardness through the fabric of his shorts.   Suddenly, Treg went stiff, and filled his shorts with his jizz.   He collapsed in our arms.

We walked him over to one of the tables, and sat him down.   Treg looked up at us in wide-eyed wonder.  “You guys are totally awesome!”

I grinned.  “We thought you would enjoy that.   Now, it is your turn to show us how to properly massage each other.”

Treg stripped off his shorts and briefs.   I looked him over, and said, “You have a nice package there, as well, Treg.”

Treg blushed.  “I’ve never been with a guy, before today.   I have always wanted to, but never had the courage to do it.”

Rick said, “We won’t go any further with you, because we are in a closed relationship; but we do enjoy playing around with other guys, from time to time.”

Treg nodded his head in understanding.  “I can tell you two are very much in love by how you look at each other.   I wondered why you were willing to have a make out session with me.”

Rick said, “This is only the second time we have ever made out with another guy, since we became a couple.”

“The first time was with my cousin, Keith.   Keith is married now; so we haven’t done anything like this, since that first time,” I said.

“Then, why did you make an exception for me?” Treg asked, looking confused.

Rick answered, “Because we both feel a special connection to you.   Glenn said he felt connected to you, somehow, when you were in the ambulance.   I felt it here, as we talked.”

Treg looked from one to the other of us.  “Thank you for sharing with me.   I’m not sure how to react to you, now.”

“How about you show us how to give a massage, then we can talk,” Rick said.

Treg nodded, and got up.   He said, “Please lie down on your stomach, Rick, and I will show Glenn how to give you a massage, then you can switch places.”

Treg said, “You position yourself like this.”   Treg showed me, and moved out of the way.  “Okay, you do it.”

I moved into the same position that Treg had shown me, and started massaging Rick’s shoulders.   The session continued, with Treg showing me the correct positions to take and the proper methods to use to massage Rick’s muscles.   We finished giving Rick his massage, and we switched places.  Treg repeated his instructions for Rick.

When we were finished, Rick was very hard, and I could see he had blue balls.   I asked Treg, “Do you mind if we have sex in here?”

Treg’s eyes bugged out of his head.   He stammered, “No…no, I don’t mind.”  

I looked up at Rick, who grinned and said, “Are you ready?”

“Yes, please,” I said.

Rick proceeded to make me his.   The fact that we were being watched really turned me on, and seemed to heighten the experience.   (Now, don’t go off thinking we like to be watched having sex, because we don’t; but this specific situation was an exception!)

Rick collapsed on top of me after reaching his climax.  We lay together like that for a few minutes when we heard, rather than saw, Treg shoot his load again.   I looked over to see Treg’s cum hit him in the face, as he kept pumping up and down on his cock.

Treg had that glazed look that comes after the wonderful release of so much sexual tension.   Rick lifted himself off of me, and reached down to help me up.   “Is there a place to shower?”

Treg didn’t respond, until Rick touched his arm, and repeated his question.   Treg answered, “Yes, there is one through that door.   Do you mind if I join you?”

Rick grinned.  “Sure.”

We all got in the shower, and helped clean each other up.   We finished showering, and dried each other off.   We got dressed, as did Treg.   I looked at Rick, and asked, “Would you mind taking Treg with us tonight?”

Rick laughed.  “I knew you were going to ask that question.   Yes, he can come if he wishes to go.”

Treg looked at us, and asked, “Go where?”

I said, “We’re going into Toronto to Zipperz/Cellblock to go dancing.   You’re welcome to join us, if you want to go.”

Treg said, “I would like to go, but I can’t leave until later.   Let me call my friend, Kelvin; and ask if he wants to drive over with me, so my parents won’t freak out.”

I looked at Treg, in surprise.  “Does Kelvin work at a music store called Thorold?”

It was Treg’s turn to be surprised.  “Yes, he does.   How do you know that?”

We explained how we met Kelvin.   Treg smiled, and said, “He is gay, too.   We have been friends, since grade school.”

Rick suggested, “Call Kelvin and invite him to join us.   We plan to leave between six and seven.   We’ll catch dinner, somewhere, then go to the club afterward.”

Treg said, “That sounds great!   I’ll call him right now.”   Treg pulled out his cell, and called his friend.   He explained the plan to Kelvin, who readily agreed to go with us.   Treg hung up, and turned to us.   “Thank you for inviting us.   Where are you staying? “

“We’re at the Charles Inn.   Meet us there, when you’re ready.  We can drive over in our car, so we don’t have to take two vehicles,” Rick said.

“Cool beans!” Treg exclaimed.

We said our good-byes, and walked back to the hotel.   We entered our room.  We took off our shoes, and sprawled on the bed.   Rick pulled me close, and wrapped his arms around me.  We soon drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened by my cell phone ringing.   I pulled it from my pocket, and answered it, “Hello.”

“This is Treg.   We’re outside in the parking lot,” Treg said.

“Come on inside,” I said.  “We’re in the Newark Room.”

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door.   I opened it, and let Kelvin and Treg inside.   Kelvin grinned.  “Hi!   I had hoped you would call, but I didn’t think we would be double dating!   You guys sure had an impact on Treg.   He came over, and we had a great make out session, before coming over here.   He has never even let me touch him, before today.   I have you guys to thank for helping us finally get together.”

 Treg nodded his head.  “Kelvin has wanted to be more than friends for years, but I was too scared to take that next step.”  He took Kelvin’s hand.   “I’m just glad Kelvin waited for me.”

Kelvin grinned, and said, “You’re very lucky Glenn and Rick are a couple, because, if they weren’t, I would be throwing myself at them right now.”

Treg blushed, as he remembered what had happened earlier in the day.   Rick laughed, and said, “Treg knows what it’s like to have two awesomely handsome guys decide they want to have a make out session with him.”

“That’s because Treg is truly a stud, and needed our attention today,” I said, with a grin.   I punched Treg in the arm.

Treg grinned, then asked, “You guys aren’t going dancing dressed like that are you?”

“No, we just woke up, and still need to change,” Rick said.   “You don’t mind if we get dressed do you?”

Treg grinned, and said, “No, we don’t mind.   I want Kelvin to see how great you guys look.”

I laughed, and said, “Okay!   Let’s give the boys a show!”

We both stripped out of our clothes, and posed for them.   Kelvin’s eyes were plenty big, by the time we were done.   He asked, “And you guys made out with Treg?”

“Yes, we did,” I responded.

Rick smiled, “You will have to wait, until we are the dance floor, Kelvin.   I think we can help you out.”

Kelvin didn’t get it at first; but, as he thought about it, a big grin crossed his face.   “I can’t wait.”

We got dressed to go dancing.   We decided to wear our tightest fitting jeans and bright white muscle shirts.   I looked Rick over, and nodded approvingly.   His package was slightly visible, and his jeans hugged him really well everywhere else.   Rick smiled, and asked, “Do I pass?”

All three of us said, “Yes!” at the same time.   We looked at each other, and laughed.   Rick looked me over, and pulled me into his embrace for a kiss.   I wore the same outfit, as he did; so I must be okay, since he kissed me.   “You look great!”

We left our room, and went to find our car.  We climbed in, and Rick asked, “Where are we going to eat?”

Kelvin suggested, “How about the Harbour Sports Grille?  They have good food, and it’s not too far from the dance club.”

“Sounds like a great idea,” Rick said.   He turned the key in the ignition, and pulled out onto the street.   As we travelled around the lake towards Toronto, we got to know Treg and Kelvin.

I asked, “Treg, why did you decide to become a paramedic?”

“I started out working with the local fire department, on a volunteer basis, when I was 16.   I liked helping them out, and the guys started to teach me a lot about emergency medical stuff.   I, eventually, took the training to become an EMT.   Later, the fire department paid for me to become trained as a paramedic.   I like doing the job, but I want to eventually become a medical doctor, but medical school is so expensive,” Treg replied.

I replied, “That is really cool!  I would never become a doctor, or a nurse, because I pass out at the sight of blood.”

Rick laughed, and said, “Glenn is such a wimp, when it comes to needles!”

“I am not a wimp,” I protested.

“Then, why did you faint, when they drew your blood when we got tested for HIV?” Rick asked.

“I didn’t faint!   I passed out!” I exclaimed.

“What the difference?   You ended up on the floor, totally unconscious from the sight of someone drawing your blood!” Rick responded.

“There is a difference!   I just don’t know what it is,” I said, laughing.

Rick nodded his head.  “That’s because there isn’t any difference.   And not only that, Glenn is just as bad about needles!   He faints dead away at the mere sight of a syringe!”

“I do not, at least, not anymore!” I declared, in protest.

“But you have to admit that when we first met, you had a phobia about needles,” Rick said, quickly glancing at me as he drove.

“I will admit I was scared of needles, emphasis on WAS!” I replied, defensively.

Kelvin said, “It’s okay, Glenn.   I am scared of needles, too.   That is why I started working at the music store.   I play the guitar, and I get to teach guitar lessons, as part of a package deal when someone purchases a new guitar.   I love music.   I play bass guitar for a local rock band.   I wish there some way to make better money at making music.   I don’t make much money playing nightclubs with the band.”

“Do you have any plans to go to college,” I asked.

“No, I’m not the studious kind of guy.   Academic ability is not one of my strong points,” Kelvin said.

Treg laughed, and said, “Kelvin barely graduated from high school.”

“That’s true,” Kelvin said.   “Once I got out, I never looked back.”

Treg asked, “What are you guys studying at the university?”

“I’m studying mechanical engineering, and Glenn just changed his major from mechanical engineering to music,” Rick said.

Kelvin said, “I knew Glenn played the piano.   There aren’t many people who can play that concerto.   Your mom was pretty amazing, Glenn.”

“Yes, Mom is pretty good on the piano and the violin.   She started teaching me to play both instruments, when I was about 2 years old.   My first violin was really tiny.   It looks like a toy, rather than a musical instrument,” I said, laughing.

“Do you still have it?” Treg asked.

“Yes, I do.   In fact, I still have all of the violins I have ever owned,” I said.

Treg asked, “Do you two plan to get married?”

I looked over at Rick, before answering Treg’s question, “We have discussed it, but we have to wait, until Rick gets out of the United States Marine Corps.”

Kelvin looked at me in amazement.  “How did you manage to snag a military guy from the United States?”

I laughed, and replied, “I used my good looks and charm to seduce him.”

Rick snorted, “No.  That is not how it happened.   Glenn practically jumped in bed with me the first time we met!”

“That is not true, either, sweetheart,” I said, rubbing the inside of Rick’s thigh.   I related our story to them.   When I finished, I said, “When Rick came back from active duty, we went home to see my parents.   Then, we came to Toronto for my cousin’s wedding.   Now, we’re relaxing and enjoying being with family.”

Rick asked, “How do we get to the restaurant?”

Kelvin gave him directions, and we managed to find parking not very far from the restaurant.   We had a nice meal, then we drove to the dance club.   We paid our cover charge; and made our way to the CellBlock, where the dance floor was already crowded.   I grabbed Rick’s hand, and pulled him to the center of the floor.   Kelvin and Treg followed us.

We started dancing.   I watched Treg dancing with Kelvin, and had to laugh.   Treg was so self-conscious it was almost painful to watch.   I leaned close to Rick’s ear, and shouted over the loud music, “Let’s help Treg out!”

Rick looked over at Treg, and nodded his head.   We moved over, and with Kelvin formed a circle around Treg.   We both ran our hands over Treg’s back on either side of him.   At our touch, his head swiveled back and forth, to see who was touching him.   When he saw us, he grinned, and gave us the thumbs up sign.   Kelvin moved closer to him and wrapped his arms around Treg, and kissed him.

When Kelvin released him, Treg was blushing furiously.   I looked over at Rick, with a questioning look.   Rick smiled, and nodded.   We each kissed Treg.   We reformed our ring around him, and continued dancing.   Treg was smiling from ear to ear, and seemed to relax.  The music came to an end, and we put our arms around Treg’s shoulders, while Kelvin pulled Treg into his embrace.

Treg looked into Kelvin’s eyes.   “I love you, Kelvin.”

“I know,” Kelvin said.   “That is why I have been willing to wait for you to decide who you were.   I knew that, eventually, you would figure out that you were gay, just like me, and that we would become life partners.   I have loved you for a long time, Treg.”

The music began again.   This time it was a slow dance.   Kelvin held Treg, even closer as they danced.   Rick took me in his arms, and nibbled my ear, as he danced with me.

 We danced until the club closed.   As we drove back to St. Catharines, Kelvin and Treg fell asleep in each other’s arms in the backseat.   I looked over at Rick, and asked, “Are you okay?”

Rick glanced at me, and said, “Yes, I’m fine.   Just keep talking to me, so I don’t fall asleep.”

“Rick, I want to help Treg with his schooling,” I said.

“I figured that you would.   You have a habit of helping out every guy we manage to befriend,” Rick said, with a smile.

“That is true.   I feel like I have been extremely blessed.   As a result, I feel that I should reach out, and help others,” I said.

Rick said, “I agree, but where do you draw the line?   You have to take care of yourself and your family first.”

I nodded my head in agreement.  “You are right, of course.   I don’t know where we should draw the line, between helping everyone who needs help, and those we should help learn to be self-sufficient.”

“So far, we have been very fortunate that you have chosen your friends wisely.   Each of the guys has been true to his commitments, to do his best to earn and keep your trust in them.   But, what happens when one of them tries to rip us off, or steal us blind?” Rick asked.

 “I think we will know who to trust, Rick,” I said.

“I don’t know, Glenn.   I thought I knew who to trust, and found out I was wrong,” Rick said.

That made me remember Sam’s murder at the hands of those he trusted.   I shuddered to think that it could have been Rick, who was murdered in cold blood on some military base overseas.   “I guess we need to do a good job of screening who we invite into our home, and who we trust to be our friends,” I said.

Rick nodded his head.  “Yes, I think we need to be more cautious.   You lucked out with Kelvin and Treg.   I think they are both good guys, and seem like they are trustworthy.   However, we have only known them for a few hours, Glenn.”

“I know.   Let’s wait, and see how things go,” I said.

We moved on to other topics, and we soon arrived at the Charles Inn.   I turned around in my seat, and reached into the back to shake the boys awake.  “We’re here.”

Kelvin woke up, and rubbed his eyes.  He stretched, then leaned over to kiss Treg, who was still asleep.   Treg’s eye fluttered open, and he looked into Kelvin’s eyes, and said, “I love being kissed.”

Kelvin said, “Good.   I intend to keep on kissing you, until I have you in my bed.”

Treg laughed, “Let’s go then!”

The two guys climbed out of our car, and stood holding hands, while they waited for us.   Rick and I gave them a hug.  I said, “You have our cell numbers.   I expect to hear from both of you.”

Treg smiled, and said, “You will definitely hear from me.”

“And me,” Kelvin said.

We watched as they climbed into Kelvin’s car, and left the parking area.   We walked, hand in hand, back to the inn.  We entered our room.   We stripped down and jumped in bed.   It wasn’t long before we were both sound asleep.

The next morning we ate breakfast, then packed up our stuff.   We drove to Aunt Hannah and Uncle Carl’s place, and pulled into the driveway.   Aunt Hannah came out of the house, and asked, “Did you eat breakfast already?”

“Yes, we did, Aunt Hannah,” Rick replied.

“What did you have?” she asked.

“A light continental breakfast,” Rick said.

“I thought so.   Come inside, and have a real breakfast,” Aunt Hannah said, with a smile.

We took our things to our room.   We washed our hands, and joined our parents in the kitchen.   We greeted them with a kiss and a hug.  We sat down, and Aunt Hannah handed each of us a heaping plateful of pancakes, and a second plate full of scrambled eggs, sausage and fried potatoes.

While we ate, Dad asked, “Did you do what I asked you to do?”

I nodded my head.  “Yes, Dad.   We worked out our differences, and we are okay now.”

Dad looked over at Rick for confirmation.   Rick said, “Yes, we’re good.   Thank you for making the arrangements, and paying for everything.   We needed the time alone to help us concentrate on fixing what was wrong between us.”

Dad smiled, and said, “Then, it was money well spent.”

I said, “Thank you, Dad.   We owe you big time!”

“No, you don’t owe me anything.   You owe it to yourselves to make sure your relationship remains on firm ground.   Don’t ever take each other for granted,” Dad said.

Uncle Carl said, “Listen to your Dad, boys.   He knows what he is talking about.   Your Aunt Hannah and I went through a rough period, right after we were first married.   I was working two jobs to make ends meet, and spent very little time with my sweetheart.   We started to grow apart, and I nearly lost her, due to my own stupidity.”  I listened closely, since this was the first time I had heard about this.   I had assumed that my aunt and uncle had always had a happy marriage.   Uncle Carl continued, “It took me a couple of years to earn back her trust.”

Aunt Hannah reached over, and took her husband’s hand, “Yes, it took a long time, but it was worth it.   We both learned a lot about being patient with each other, and how to overlook the other’s faults and shortcomings.”

“Please tell us what you did, while you were away,” Mom requested, with a smile.

Rick narrated our adventures, while I added in a sentence, or two, to clarify something he said.   When he finished, Dad looked over at Mom, and said, “I’m glad our boys figured it out.”   He paused, and looked at me, “Let me guess.   You want to help them go to college.”

I blushed, and nodded my head.   Rick smiled, “Yes, he does.   You see, Glenn, we all know how tender-hearted you are.”  Rick put his arm around my shoulders, “I told him that we need to know more about these two guys.   We hardly know them.”

Uncle Carl said, “Rick is correct to advise you to be cautious with your money and generosity.   There are too many people in the world, today, who will be your friend, as long as you spend money on them.   When you are run dry and have no more cash, they disappear, just as quickly as they came on the scene.”

I was a little frustrated by their statements.   I didn’t understand why they were telling me not to help these guys.   Seeing the look on my face, Mom said, “Sweetheart, we aren’t being critical of you.   We want you to continue to be whom you are; but, you need to learn to be more discerning about who you trust.   We don’t want you to get hurt.”

I protested, “I don’t think Treg and Kelvin would take advantage of me.”

“They probably wouldn’t, but you don’t know.   It would be better to do things the way Grandpa does,” Mom said.   “He carefully analyzes the situation, before he makes his decisions.   To you, it appears he is spontaneously handing out money to fund this project, or that.   I think you need to speak with him at length, about how he determines which projects to fund, and those that are to be avoided.”

Dad said, “Glenn, please look at me.”   I turned my gaze to meet my father’s eyes.   “Your Grandpa talked to us about your grades, your attitude towards school, your willingness to work, and who your friends were; before he offered to pay for your college.”

Mom nodded her head in agreement.  “Yes, Grandpa asked me frequently if you would follow through with your studies, and finish school, if he funded your education.”

Rick asked, “Then, why did he agree to set up things with our friends in Minneapolis?”

“He hired a private investigator to check out your friends.   He had a complete background check done.   They talked to everyone they could find about who your friends were, and what kind of people they were,” Mom said.

“Grandpa never said anything to us about checking things out so thoroughly,” I said, a little bit miffed that Grandpa had sent people out to check out all of my friends.

Dad said, “Don’t get angry, Glenn.   Your Grandpa was making sure that they weren’t taking advantage of you, and that they could be trusted to deal honestly with us, as a family.”

My head was spinning with this new information.   I couldn’t believe that Grandpa had done such a thing.   Rick looked at me, and said, “Glenn, its okay.   Grandpa wasn’t spying on you.   You made a request of him to help your friends.   He didn’t all of a sudden decide to pay someone to spy on you.   Think about it.”

I nodded my head, and said, “I guess you are right.”

Aunt Hannah said, “That’s correct, Glenn.   Listen to us, please.   Be very careful who you trust.”   She smiled, and asked, “Does anyone want pecan pie?”

I looked at her, in surprise.  “For breakfast?”

“Yes, for breakfast.   And, if you don’t want any, that is just fine, too,” Aunt Hannah said.

I turned to see a big grin on Rick’s face.   “I know who wants some,” I said, laughing.

Aunt Hannah handed a large piece of pecan pie to Rick.  “There you go.   I remembered how much you love pecan pie, Rick.”

Uncle Carl said, “I would like a piece of pie, as well, Hannah, dear.”   She handed it to him, and gave him a quick kiss.   He turned to us, and asked, “Would you boys be interested in going camping and canoeing?”

Rick, looking up from his pecan pie, answered, “Would we be interested in camping?   Yes, we would.”

“Good.   We have made plans to go to the Pukaskwa National Park on Lake Superior.   We’ll go paddling along the coastline from Hattie Cove to Michipicoten Harbour.   The guide said it could take between 8 to 14 days, depending on the weather conditions,” Uncle Carl said.

Rick asked, “When are we going?”

“Next week.   The six of us will be going along with some friends of ours from Hamilton,” Uncle Carl said.

“That’s pretty close to Thunder Bay,” I said.   “We could drive back through Duluth, and down to Minneapolis on our way back to Atlanta.”

Rick smiled, “That sounds like a great idea.   We’ll have to make sure that we take all of our stuff with us; so we don’t have to come back this way, after we make our trip on the lake.”

Uncle Carl got up, and walked over to the kitchen counter.  He retrieved a couple of pamphlets.   He opened one, and said, “Here is one estimate of the distances between points along the way; and, if the weather is good, we should be able to complete our trip in 8 days.   This other brochure has different distance estimates.”   He handed us the information to look over.   He looked, pointedly at Rick, as he said, “The distances listed are in kilometers.”

“Thank you for reminding me.   I’m still getting used to everything being in kilometers, here, instead of miles,” Rick said, smiling.   He studied the brochure, before continuing, “This looks fun.   Are we doing it in kayaks, or canoes?”

Uncle Carl said, “We will be taking canoes.   That will put two of us in each canoe, along with our camping gear and supplies.”

Distance Estimates
by Day (in km.)
Day 1

Hattie Cove

Fish Harbour


Day 2

Fish Harbour

White Gravel Beach


Day 3

White Gravel Beach

North Swallow River


Day 4

N Swallow River

Bonamie Cove


Day 5

Bonamie Cove

Ganley Harbour


Day 6

Ganley Harbour

Tamarack Bay


Day 7

Tamarack Bay

Minnekona Point


Day 8

Minnekona Point

Michipicoten River




We spent the next hour, or so, making our plans for the canoe trip.   My parents were just as excited as we were to be going on a canoe trip.   Dad has always been a fan of the outdoors, as is my Mom.   That is the awesome thing about having great parents like mine – they love doing all the same things that I do!  

The days flew by, as we made our preparations for our trip.   Mom made me practice the piano concerto for hours.   I protested that I knew it, already; but my complaints fell on deaf ears.   I know she had my best interests at heart, but I was sure tired of playing it over, and over, and over again!   She said I needed to have it so well memorized that I could play it, without even thinking about it.

I was ever so glad, when the day arrived for us to leave.   Rick and I had packed all of our gear the night before; except for a few toiletries, and a change of clothes.   As we left the house, I kissed Rick, and declared, “I am finally free of Mom’s tyranny!”

Rick laughed, and said, “You know that your mother was only getting you prepared for your concert.   You wouldn’t be ready, otherwise.”

“I know, but it sure felt like I was chained to that blessed piano!” I retorted.

I opened the door of the Land Rover, and climbed inside.   Rick got in, and put the key in the ignition.   He leaned over, and kissed me.  “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I replied.

Rick started the engine, and backed out of the driveway.   We pulled over to the side of the road, to wait for my parents and Uncle Carl and Aunt Hannah.   They soon pulled alongside of us, and Dad shouted through the open window, “Follow us.”

Rick nodded, and pulled in behind Dad’s car.   I smiled at the memory of my Dad going over every detail of the trip with us.   He kept emphasizing the importance of staying together.   I have to admire Rick’s patience with Dad; because after the third time, I had heard enough, and got up and left Rick to fend for himself.  

Later, Rick asked, accusingly, “Why did you leave me alone with Dad?”

I answered, “Because he was starting to drive me crazy, so I left before I said something that would have started an argument.”

Rick kissed me, and said, seriously, “You owe me big time.”

I smiled up at Rick, and said, “How can I ever repay you for your kindness?”

“Hmmm….let me think……Oh, I know.   You can let me ravage your body, and have totally awesome sex for the rest of our lives.   Sound good to you?” Rick asked, giving me a lecherous grin.

I pulled him closer to me.  “I’m more than willing to pay that price.”

The memory of what happened next had things moving down below.  Rick looked over at me, and saw how much I was tenting my shorts.   He laughed, and said, “Are you thinking about last night?”

I grinned at him, and replied, “Yes.   How did you know?”

“One look at the tent in your shorts told me where your thoughts were,” Rick said, with a broad smile.

“I love thinking of you fucking me,” I said, as I rubbed my hand against the inside of Rick’s thigh.

Rick lifted my hand off of his leg, and said, “You can’t do that while I am driving, Glenn.   I can’t concentrate on anything, when you touch me like that.”

I smiled, wickedly, and said, “I know.”

Rick grinned, and gave me a quick glance.  “You’ll have to be patient, Glenn.   We have a long ways to go, before we get there.”

It took us little over 14 hours to drive the 1190 km. (740 miles) from St. Catharines to Pukaskwa National Park.   We checked into a hotel for the night.   The next morning we were up early, and drove into the park, where we met our guides.   They had the canoes all ready to go.   Uncle Carl’s friends were already there, and we were introduced to them.

Uncle Carl said, “Fran and Jason Hansen, these are my nephews, Glenn and Rick.”

Fran said, “Nice to meet you both.   Carl and Hannah have told us a lot about you.”

Jason said, “All good things, of course.”

“Nice to meet you, as well,” I replied.

Rick shook their hands, and said, “I’m glad you will be going with us.”

The guides introduced themselves to the entire group, “I am Stan Jessup and this is my son, Chaz.   We’re glad you are coming with us on this expedition.”

He explained the itinerary, rules, safety tips, camping guidelines, and what to do in an emergency.   Then, he demonstrated how to paddle a canoe, and made sure everyone had the proper equipment – life vest, gloves, etc.

When he was done checking us out, he said, “Okay, let’s get paddling!”

We climbed aboard our canoes, and we started our little odyssey.   The wind came up for a bit during the day; but, by and large, the first day was uneventful.   We made camp that night at Fish Harbour, as planned.   Rick and I slept in our own tent.   We zipped two sleeping bags together, so we could sleep in each other’s arms.   We were so tired after the first day that we were sound asleep, as soon as we climbed into our sleeping bag.

The next morning we were up early, to find the fire already started.   It was quite cold.  I pulled on my hoodie sweatshirt, and snuggled next to Rick for warmth.   Rick put his arms around me, as we warmed ourselves by the campfire.

Chaz sat down next to us, and asked, “How long have you two been together?”

Rick looked at him, and answered, “It will be two years next month.”

“That’s great,” Chaz said.   “I’m glad that there are some guys, who can find their soul mates.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

Chaz said, “Too many of my gay friends haven’t been able to find that special someone, who loves them for who they are.   It makes me sad to see them living such lonely lives.”

“Are you gay?” I asked.

“I’m bisexual,” Chaz said.   “I like being with both sexes.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages.”

Rick looked at Chaz, and said, “In other words, you are confused about who you are.”

“No, I know who I am, but I don’t know which side to land on, when it comes to finding someone, who will want to spend the rest of their days with me,” Chaz responded.

“Do you care whether it’s a guy, or a girl?” I asked.

Chaz said, “I don’t have a preference.”

“I hope you find that special someone, soon,” I said.

Chaz’ dad came out of their tent.   Stan said, “Good morning, guys.”

“Good morning,” we responded.

“Chaz, do you have breakfast started?” Stan asked.

“Yes, I do,” Chaz answered.

“Can we help?” Rick asked.

“Sure,” Chaz replied.

We helped him with the camp stoves, and soon we had pancakes, eggs and bacon ready to be eaten.   The smell of breakfast had everyone up, and out of their tents.   We ate, and broke camp.   We were soon on our way to our next camp site.

The rest of the trip went smoothly, except for day four.   A storm rolled in, and caused us to beach the canoes for a couple of hours, until it blew over.   When we reached Michipicoten Harbour, we were met by Stan’s wife and brother.   They drove us back to our cars.   We stayed in a local hotel for the night.  

I was so glad to have a hot shower, and a real bed!   We were tired, but very happy.   I looked into Rick’s eyes, and said, “I love you, Babe.”

“I love you, Glenn.   I’ve enjoyed this trip very much.   I’m glad we came,” Rick said.

“I am, too,” I said.   I snuggled closer to him.

Rick asked, “Are you up for having sex?”

I grinned.  “What do you think?”

Rick laughed.  “I thought I would just ask first.”

We enjoyed each other, as if we had been apart for weeks!   It is wonderful to have a partner who loves me like Rick does!  

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