The Man from Swift Current
© 2011 Russ Nielsen
All Rights Reserved




Chapter 96: Greg and Cory’s Wedding

The week before classes started, Rick and I made our way over to the music department to meet with Dr. Bigelow.   I had to get his sign off to get into the classes I wanted.   We found his office, and knocked on his office door.   I was nervous about meeting with him.   Rick took my hand and squeezed it.   I looked over at him in surprise, because we had just talked about keeping a low profile; and here he was, holding my hand, our first day back on campus!

Rick grinned, “I know, I know!   I’m the one who admonished you not to be overly affectionate in public; but, we aren’t on the street, and I know you need my support right now.”   He leaned over and gave me a quick kiss.

Just as Rick kissed me, the door came open, and we were standing face to face with Dr. Bigelow.   Dr. Bigelow smiled, and said, “I’m sorry if I am interrupting you.   I thought I heard a knock on my door.” 

I blushed a deep red and tried to speak; but Dr. Bigelow held up his hand to forestall any comments.  “Please don’t be embarrassed.   I’m happy to know that the two of you feel comfortable letting people know you’re a couple.   Please come in, and take a seat.”   

He backed out of the doorway to let us come inside.   He closed the door behind us, then walked over to his desk.   He stood, looking at us for a moment, waiting for us to speak.   I felt uncomfortable, as he seemed to be giving us the once over.   I was even more surprised to see his pants start to tent, as he stood there watching us.   I looked up from his obvious hard on, and met his eyes.

He grinned, and said, “Yes, I’m gay, and I think you two are very good looking.”  

He adjusted himself and sat down on the edge of his desk, his package on prominent display, directly in front of my face.   He grinned and winked at me, “I would like to know more about you.”

I smiled, and introduced us, “I am Glenn Nielsen and this is my life partner, Rick Lernier.”

Dr. Bigelow said, “Yes, I thought that I remembered you from the music festival.   You are the one Dr. Nohr mentioned would be an excellent addition to our music program.   Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?    Things like, where you are from, and what your musical background is.”

“I’m from Swift Current, Saskatchewan.   I have been playing the violin and the piano since I was about two years old.   My mother taught me to play both instruments.   My mother’s family is from Georgia; so, when I was looking into which college to attend, I visited Georgia Tech, with my cousin.   I attended Georgia Tech for my freshman year.   I started in the mechanical engineering department, because I wanted to be in the same classes as Rick,” I said.

Dr. Bigelow looked over at Rick, who still held my hand, and asked, “Are you still studying mechanical engineering?”

Rick replied, “Yes, I am.   I had to take a year off from school, when I was called to active duty for 12 months.”  Dr. Bigelow’s eyebrows went up, and his mouth dropped open in surprise.   Rick smiled, and said, “I’m in the Marine Corps.”

Dr. Bigelow asked, “Aren’t you afraid to be so open about being gay?”

“Yes, I am, but Glenn was so nervous about talking to you that I couldn’t resist trying to comfort him,” Rick replied.

“You won’t have to worry about me calling the Marine Corps about you being gay,” Dr. Bigelow.   “I have a great deal of respect and admiration for you and every other gay military man, who is serving his country, despite Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.   It needs to be repealed, soon!”   He looked back at me, and continued, “Glenn, you don’t need to be nervous around me.   First, I’m gay, and proud of it.   In fact, I was hoping that we could become friends.”   When he said this, he was looking directly at me.   His look caused things to stir down below.   I looked over at Rick, who squeezed my hand.

“If you were a freshman here at Georgia Tech, why are you a transfer student from the University of Minnesota?” Dr. Bigelow asked.

“When Rick went on active duty, I decided to attend school with my cousin, Ben, at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities,” I replied.

“Was there any particular reason?   I mean, were you having difficulty, academically?” Dr. Bigelow asked, his eyes narrowing with suspicion.

“No, my grades were good, but I didn’t want to be alone here,” I said.   I glanced over at Rick.   “I love Rick so much, I had difficulty letting him go.   Going to school with my cousin, Ben, helped me make it through the 12 months of separation from him.”

“How long have you two been a couple?” Dr. Bigelow asked.

Rick answered, “It’s been a little over two years, now.   I was a year ahead of Glenn; but after being off a year, we are both juniors.”

“That means you will get to graduate together,” Dr. Bigelow noted, with a smile.

“Yes, we’re very excited about that,” Rick said.   “I was afraid I would find a job out of state and that we would have to live apart for a year, while Glenn finished school.”

“Well, it looks like the military did you a favor by calling you up to active duty for a year,” Dr. Bigelow said.

Rick nodded his head and said, “It did, in that sense, but it was the hardest year of my life in many ways.”

Dr. Bigelow’s eyes focused on Rick’s handsome face.   He noted the military haircut and the well-muscled body.   His thought to himself, “I would love to get these two into a three way relationship with me.”   He smiled at the thought.

Rick had noticed the change in Dr. Bigelow’s expression, and wondered what, exactly, the guy was thinking.   He thought he saw a look of raw lust cross Dr. Bigelow’s face, before he replaced it with a smile.

Dr. Bigelow returned his attention to me, and said, “As for letting you into our music program, I’ll gladly sign your paperwork.   You don’t need to audition, since I witnessed one of the best performances I have ever seen, a few weeks ago.   You did a fine job.”

I smiled, and said, “Thank you for your compliment, Dr. Bigelow.”

Dr. Bigelow frowned and said, “Please call me Maury.   When we are in class, it will have to be Dr. Bigelow, but not here in my office.”

“Okay, Maury.   I love the piano, but I also love playing the violin,” I said.

Dr. Bigelow smiled, and said, “I know.   You told me a few minutes ago that you play both instruments.   I would like you to start working on the Beethoven violin concerto for our fall concert.”

“Are you sure you want me to play the violin solo?” I asked.

“Yes, I do.   We have many fine musicians here, and many of them could play the solo part; however, I want to see how well you do since I haven’t had the opportunity to hear you play the violin,” Dr. Bigelow said.

“If you have an instrument here that I could borrow, I could play for you right now,” I replied, eager to demonstrate my skills on the violin.

Dr. Bigelow walked over to far side of his office, and retrieved a violin from its case.   He returned, and handed the instrument to me.   “Okay, play for me.”

I looked at Rick, who smiled encouragingly at me.   I asked, “Rick, what should I play for him?”

Rick replied, “I like the one you have been practicing lately.   The one Grandpa had you play for him.”

I smiled, “The Tchaikovsky concerto, then.”  I started playing the first movement.  

Dr. Bigelow watched me very carefully.   I almost felt like a bug under a microscope.   He was making me extremely nervous!   After about four or five minutes, he stopped me, and said, “Good.   Now, I want you to sight read something for me.”   He walked over to a cabinet, and pulled out some music.   He handed it to me, and asked, “Have you played this piece before?”

I read the title out loud, “Sibelius Violin Concerto.   No, I haven’t.”

Dr. Bigelow said, “Good.   Go ahead and play the first movement for me.”

Again, I got about four or five minutes into the piece, and he stopped me, “I want to hear you play the Beethoven violin concerto.”   He handed me the music, then sat down to listen.

I looked at the music, then placed it on the music stand.   I had heard my mother play this one many times, but I had never learned to play it, myself.   I had attempted to play it, when I was in elementary school; and my mother had told me I wasn’t ready for it yet, and had redirected my attention to other pieces that were within my reach, at that time.   I plucked the strings to make sure they were still in tune.   I lifted the instrument and placed it under my chin, then I put my bow on the string and started playing.   This time, Dr. Bigelow didn’t interrupt me.   He let me play the entire first movement.   At the end, he applauded my performance.   “I think that will be a good piece for you to work on, as I said, earlier.”

Rick smiled, and said, “You did very well, Glenn.”

“Rick is correct.   You did very well, for sight reading.   However, I expect you to perfect your performance by the time of the concert.   I look forward to seeing you in my classes next week,” Dr. Bigelow said, with a smile.   “Please feel free to talk to me, anytime.”

It was obvious to us that the interview was over, so we bid him farewell and left his office.   Rick put his arm around my shoulders.  “You were fantastic, Glenn.”

I smiled and turned my head to give him a kiss.   We walked down the hall and out the doors, before I said, “He was really weird, Rick.  I got the feeling he was really lusting after us.   At one point, I thought he was going to ask us to have a three way with him, right there in the office!”

Rick laughed, “I think he would have, if he thought he could have gotten away with it!”

“I think I will need to keep a close watch on Dr. Bigelow,” I said.

After leaving the music department, we touched bases with a couple of Rick’s professors.   We then stopped by the campus bookstore.   We dropped some major cash in there!   As we drove home, I looked at Rick, and said, “Why is it that we always spend a small fortune at the campus bookstore?”

Rick laughed.  “Someone has to help the professors make money!”

“You are so right!   Dr. Bigelow’s textbook set me back nearly $100.   I looked for used ones, and found out that he changes the textbook every semester so no one will buy your used book,” I said, in disgust.

“I wonder why Dr. Bigelow doesn’t put his book on-line.   It would make it so much easier to update, and you wouldn’t have to haul that heavy book around,” Rick said.

“You would think that a technology school like Georgia Tech would require all of their professors to use the latest technology,” I said.

Rick pulled into our parking lot, after passing the guard’s shack.   We got out and took our load of books upstairs to our condo.

As we were opening our door, Keith and Kerry came up to us.   Keith smiled, and said, “We were wondering if you two could watch Egan, while we run over to campus?”

I smiled, and replied, “We would be delighted to watch the little guy.”

Keith brought in the portable playpen he had brought with him, and set it up in our front room, while Kerry handed me the baby and the diaper bag.   Kerry had already given me and Rick a few quick lessons on how to change a baby’s diaper.   She smiled, and said, “Thank you so much for babysitting for us.”

She gave me and Rick a quick kiss and a hug, before she left with Keith.   I turned to Rick, and said, “I love watching this little one.”

“I know you do,” Rick said, with a smile.

Egan was wide awake, and looking around.   I walked into the front room and took a seat in the rocking chair.   I was fascinated by the little tyke.   He seemed equally fascinated with me.   Rick followed me into the front room, but he stood across the room from me.   He was holding a camera in his hands.   “Smile,” Rick commanded.   I smiled, and he snapped a photo of me, holding Egan.

The morning sun was shining in the window, when Greg heard Zach and Todd in the hallway.   Greg and Cory had arrived at the house the night before, and were shown to their room by a very excited group of guys.   The memory of their warm welcome caused him to smile.   The two youngest, Robbie and Adam, were seniors in high school.   He had been surprised to find that their parents let them live away from home.   It surprised him even more to know that they were a couple.   Having the younger guys living there, gave Greg an even greater sense of belonging.   Not that the older guys weren’t friendly and all, but having someone younger helped him feel like he really belonged to a family – a huge family of brothers.  

His thoughts were interrupted by a disturbance in the hallway, which caused Greg to gently disengage himself from his lover.   He got up and padded across the floor to the door.   He opened it a crack to see what was happening.   His eyes went wide, with surprise, when he saw eight totally naked guys in the hallway.   He opened the door, and stepped out into the hallway.   He stood there, trying to take it all in.

Finally, Zach pointed at him and said, “Get him!”

Before he could react, they were on him.   They picked him up and carried him into the shower at the end of the hall.   They put him down and turned on the shower.   Fortunately, the shower was huge, with four shower heads at regular level and four at waist level.   It had a bench, with a couple of hand-held shower heads nearby.   Greg finally asked, “What are you guys doing?”

Zach laughed, “We are taking a shower with you!  So, you had better lose the boxers.”

They proceeded to wash Greg and each other.   Cory walked in a few minutes later.   He looked at them, in surprise, then asked, “May I join you guys?”

Todd said, “Come on in.”

Cory dropped his underwear and entered the shower.   He stood next to Greg, who wrapped his arms around him and kissed him on the lips.   “Relax, Cory, and let the guys take over.”   Greg was grinning from ear to ear.

The guys did just that!   By the end of the shower, it was determined that Zach had won the cum shooting contest, since he had shot the farthest.  Cory was totally mesmerized by all the naked male flesh in the shower with him.   He said, “Where were you guys, when I needed fantasy material?”

Mark laughed, “We have been here all along.   It’s just that you finally showed up to join the party.”

Greg said, “Are you guys this crazy all the time, or is this something you only do when new guys move in?”

Brian said, “We are like this all the time, Greg.”

Justin seconded his statement, “It’s true, Greg and Cory.”

Brandon put his arm around Cory, and said, “You don’t have to worry about anything, Cory.   You and Greg will fit in just fine, now that we have introduced you to the shower!   Are we making you guys uncomfortable?”

 Greg said, with a big grin, “Hell no!”

Brandon looked at Cory, who blushed.   “No, I’m not uncomfortable.   I’m still trying to process the fact that I have so many handsome guys in the shower with me, right now.”

Greg said, “What he is trying to say is that he loved every minute of it!”

Cory laughed.  “Yes, I love it.   Can we shower together, again, later today?”

They all laughed.   Zach said, “Yes, if that is what you want to do, Cory.”

They dried each other off, then paraded down the hall to their rooms to get dressed for the day.   Cory and Greg stood arm in arm at the door of their room, and watched the guys go by them.

Greg pulled Cory back into their room and closed the door.   He pushed Cory onto the bed, kissing him, passionately.   “Cory, I need to fuck you, right now!   Thinking about all those guys in the shower with us has really got me horny!”

Cory smiled up at Greg, and said, “I’m feeling the same way.   I’m ready when you are.”

When Greg and Cory came downstairs to the kitchen, they found Zach and Todd waiting for them.   “We fixed breakfast for you guys,” Todd said, as he put their plates on the table in front of them.

Greg smiled, and said, “Thanks, Todd.”  

“I’m so glad we decided to come here for school,” Cory said.   “We particularly enjoyed the shower this morning!”

Zach said, “We wanted to make sure you both felt comfortable being around us.   We may be married, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.”

Greg grinned, and said, “I’m glad to see that marriage hasn’t cramped your style.”

“It’s never been a problem for us, Greg,” Todd said.   “In fact, it has done the opposite.   We are closer now, than we ever have been in the past.”

Zach said, “Getting married to Todd was the best thing I ever did.”

“Why do you say that?” Cory asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Todd brings stability and saneness to my life.   I would be totally lost without him,” Zach said.   “Being married has added a degree of happiness and contentment to my life that I never even dreamed existed.”

Cory frowned.  “If that is the case, why do people oppose gay marriage so much?   It would seem that they would want to encourage gays to get married.”

Zach said, “There is a lot of fear that has been injected into the equation, by people who hate us.   Any reasonable person would want society to be strengthened, by encouraging marriage, no matter who was getting married.   However, our opponents use fear to control the unthinking masses.   People mindlessly follow them, like lemmings.”

Greg said, “We want to get married as soon as possible.”

Todd said, “It’s about a six hour drive from here to Thunder Bay, Ontario, where you can get married.”

Greg looked at Cory and said, “Let’s drive up today, so we can get married tomorrow.”

Cory grinned, “I am with you all the way, Greg!”

Todd looked at Zach, “Do you want to go up with them?”

“Why not?” Zach asked, in return.

“Okay, it looks like we are driving up with you.   Let me ask the rest of the guys if they want to go,” Todd said.

He went into the recreation room.   He soon returned with a big smile on his face, “Everyone is up for the drive.   Let’s get our stuff packed and get on the road.”

Greg and Cory went back upstairs and packed an overnight bag with the clothes they needed.   Grandpa had taken them to get new suits, before they left Georgia.   They were grateful to him for his generosity.   While Cory finished packing his things, Greg pulled out his cell phone and called Grandpa.

Grandpa picked up on the first ring.   He said, “Hello, Greg.”

“Hi, Grandpa,” Greg said.   “We wanted you to know that we’re going to get married, tomorrow.”

“Congratulations, Greg.   I’m glad you decided to go ahead and do it now, instead of waiting,” Grandpa said.   “As soon as you are married, we can start the paperwork to have your names changed.”

“You were right to tell us to wait until after we were married, because we want to have our last names to be the same.   I want to change my name to Greg Stetson Scarborough, and Cory wants his to be Cory Stetson Scarborough.   We will drop our middle names, in favor of using Cory’s last name as our middle name,” Greg said.

Grandpa asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to keep your middle name, and just add Stetson?”

“Yes, we’re sure,” Greg answered, firmly.

Grandpa said, “If you are absolutely sure, I’m happy you have decided to become a member of the family.   We’re planning to visit you in a couple of weeks.   I will bring the paperwork with me, for you boys to sign.   Have you thought of going on a honeymoon, son?”

Greg thought for moment, “No, because we don’t have any money to go on one, and I don’t want you to pay for our honeymoon, Grandpa.   You already are paying for our college tuition, books, rent and giving us a generous monthly allowance.”

Grandpa said, “We have already discussed how you will repay the college expenses, Greg.   I want you to drive up to Thunder Bay with Zach and Todd.   I will have airline tickets waiting for you at the airport.   Where do you want to go?”

Greg looked at Cory, and asked, “Where do you want to go on our honeymoon?”

Cory looked at Greg in surprise, “Why?   Where are we going to get the money for a honeymoon?”

“Just answer my question first, please, sweetheart,” Greg said, smiling.

Cory thought for a moment and then said, “Mexico.   Let’s go to Cancun, or Cozumel.   I have heard good things about Cancun.”

Greg said, “Grandpa, Cory says Cancun, Mexico.   We have our passports with us.   We got those before we left Texas, so we are all set, in that regard.”

“Good.   I’ll make all of the arrangements.   All you need to do is be at the airport to catch the flight,” Grandpa said.

“Okay, I’ll call you, after the wedding,” Greg said.

“Good bye, son,” Grandpa said.

“Good bye, Grandpa,” Greg said.   He ended the call, and turned to Cory.   “I’m so happy and very excited.”  

Cory said, “Let’s go.”   They picked up their gear and headed downstairs.

Greg saw Zach in the hallway, and asked, “Can we ride with you and Todd?”

Zach looked surprised.  “Why?   I thought you two would want to drive alone.”

“We’re leaving from Thunder Bay on our honeymoon,” Greg said, with a grin.

“Where are you going?” Todd asked, as he came up behind Greg and Cory.

“We are going to Cancun, Mexico,” Cory said, with a wide smile.

“That is so cool!” Todd exclaimed.   Todd looked at Zach, and said, “We will have to take my car since the Toyota won’t hold six people.

Zach nodded, and led the way outside.   After they threw their stuff in the back of Todd’s new Ford Explorer; they went back inside, and helped the rest of the guys get their things together.   They shared their honeymoon plans with them.  

Robbie and Adam brought out their gear, and threw it in the back, with the rest of our stuff.   Robbie smiled at Greg, and said, “Congratulations, Greg.   I wish Adam and I could get married with you, but we have to wait a couple more months. “

Adam said, “Yeah, Robbie has to wait until I turn 18, and that isn’t until December.”

 Robbie opened the door and said, “Adam and I get the back seat.   That way we can make sure you and Cory don’t get out of line!”

Greg laughed, “It’s more likely that you and Adam will start making out, because we can’t see you!”

Adam grinned, “Darn, you have us figured out, already, and you have only known us a few days!”

Cory laughed, and said, “It’s because we are almost the same age as you, and we were thinking of doing the same thing!”

Robbie swatted Greg on the behind, as he climbed inside.   Cory laughed, and said, “Hey!   Hands off the merchandise!”

Robbie grinned even wider, as Adam joined him in the back.  “I have to make sure that you aren’t getting damaged goods, Cory.”

Cory laughed.  “I think I can assess the fitness of the merchandise for my purposes, without any help from you.”

Robbie pouted, then grinned.  “But I will be a willing volunteer, if you do happen to need any help.”

Greg climbed in and closed the door.   He turned around in his seat, to look at the two young guys in the back.  “I think Cory and I should enlist your help tonight.”

Adam’s eyes widened, and he said, “Cool!   Can we make it an all-night orgy?”

Zach looked around, and said, “No all-nighters!   We have to drive home to Duluth, tomorrow, after the wedding, while Greg and Cory jet off to Mexico for their honeymoon.”

Robbie asked, “Why are we going to Duluth?”

Zach turned around in his seat to get a better look at Robbie and Adam in the back seat.   He gave Robbie an exasperated look, and asked, “Did you forget your parental units live there?”   He looked over at Adam, and said, “And yes, both sets of parents asked us to stop in on our way back.”

Todd chimed in, “Adam, Mom wants you to be measured for a new suit, while we are home.”

Adam rolled his eyes, and asked, “Why?   I don’t need a new suit.   I never wear one, so why do I need to be measured for new one?”

“I don’t know.   I am just passing on information, Adam,” Todd said, glancing in the rear view mirror, to see his brother’s reaction.    Seeing Adam’s look of horror made Todd laugh.   “Adam, it isn’t that bad!”

“Why doesn’t she bother you about such things, Todd?   It seems she is always worrying me about this and that thing,” Adam said, in exasperation.

Todd laughed, and said, “It’s because you are her baby boy!”

Adam stuck out his tongue at Todd, who saw it in the rearview mirror.   Todd laughed, again.   “Adam, just face it, Mom worries much more about you than she does about me.”

Robbie spoke up, “The same thing happens to me, too.   Mom is always ragging on me about keeping up with my studies, and everything else.”

Zach smiled, and said, “Well, Robbie, you are the baby of the family.”

Robbie grinned.   “I love being the baby!   I just don’t like Mom hovering over me, that’s all.”

“Maybe after we get married, our Mom’s will back off,” Adam said, hopefully.

Zach glanced over at Todd.  “Well, they have kind of let us do our own thing, since we got married last January.   You might be right, Adam.   I think that our parents still worry about us, but they don’t seem to be bothering us about it all of the time, like they used to do.”

Greg said, “Adam and Robbie, you should be grateful you have parents, who love and support you.   You could be in my situation with a father in jail for attempted murder; and a mother who is so mentally and emotionally unstable, she is lucky to keep herself going, let alone trying to worry about me.”

Robbie frowned.  “I am sorry, Greg.   I know we shouldn’t complain, especially around you and Cory.”

Greg looked at Cory, and said, “It’s not a problem, Robbie.   I’m just a little sensitive about it, right now.   Hopefully, things will improve, over time.   You and Adam are great guys, and I’m glad you guys came with us.”

While the guys were chatting, Zach made a quick call to the Valhalla Inn to see if they could get rooms for the night.   When he got off the phone, he was grinning widely.  “Guess what guys?”

Cory asked, “Okay, what?”

“Grandpa took care of the hotel reservations, already.   Apparently, Rick and Glenn are coming, as well; because Grandpa booked a room for them,” Zach said.

Greg’s face brightened with a huge smile, when he heard that Rick and Glenn were going to make it for their wedding.   He turned to Cory.  “I love being part of this family!”

Cory leaned over, and kissed Greg, “Yes, we are very fortunate.”

“That includes the rest of us, as well.   Glenn’s family has been very generous with us, as well,” Zach said.   “I am very grateful for everything they have done for us.   Grandpa has made it very clear that we are all part of his extended family.   It has been a real comfort to know that we not only have our biological parents, but we have Grandpa, who has adopted us.”

Hearing Zach talk about being part of Grandpa’s extended family helped Greg to realize that Grandpa could be trusted, and that he wasn’t just trying to make Greg feel better about himself.   He decided to call Grandpa and thank him.

He pulled out his cell phone and called Grandpa.   Grandpa answered, and said, “Hello, Greg.”

“Thank you for making the hotel arrangements for us,” Greg said.

“You’re welcome, Greg.  Rick and Glenn will be arriving late tonight.   They are headed to the airport now, to catch a flight to Duluth.   They will drive up from there.”

Greg said, “Thank you for telling them.   I’m glad they can make it to see us married.”

“It’s the least I could do for you, Greg,” Grandpa said.

Greg eyes misted over, as he tried to keep his voice steady, “I love you, Grandpa.”

“I love you, too, Greg,” Grandpa replied.

Greg ended the call, and turned to Cory.  “I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming all of this.”

Cory smiled, and said, “Greg, it is all very real.   We are going to be married, tomorrow, and our friends will be there with us, to help us celebrate.”

The next morning, Greg and Cory went down to the town hall, as soon as it opened to get their marriage license.   Greg and Cory returned to the hotel with their marriage license.   Greg called Zach on his cell phone, “Zach, we’re back with our license.   We’re all ready to go.”

Zach said, “Come on down to the Scandia room.   We have already set everything up for the wedding.   The hotel staff has been very cooperative.   Apparently, Grandpa has already paid for us to have a nice lunch.”

Greg said, “We will be down as soon as we change into our tuxedos.”  He ended the call, then turned to Cory and said, “Grandpa is so wonderful.”  

Cory said, “Yes, he is.”   Cory remembered his surprise, when he had opened the door to his hotel room, and found two men waiting for them.    They turned out to be from a local wedding shop.   Grandpa had arranged for the tuxedo people to come to the hotel to get their measurements for their tuxedos.   The two men had left, and returned first thing this morning, with the tuxedos, ready for them to wear.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how much money Grandpa has spent us,” Greg said.

“I’m not complaining about it, Greg.   I think that Grandpa knows we need this, to help us get started out right,” Cory said, smiling at his future husband.  Greg’s eyes were bright with unshed tears.   Cory walked over, and pulled Greg into his arms.  “Greg, Grandpa knows that you are very special.”  Greg nodded his head in agreement, as a single tear escaped, and ran down his cheek.   Cory reached up and wiped it away with his thumb, as he cupped Greg’s cheek with the palm of his hand.   “It’s okay to cry, Greg.”

Greg said, “I am crying because I am so happy, Cory.   I am just so overwhelmed by what Grandpa has done for us.   Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever expect to have complete strangers take me into their home, and treat me as one of their own, especially after everything that has happened to us.   Just when I think things couldn’t be better, Grandpa surprises me with something else.   It has been one mind-blowing thing after another, Cory.   I still keep thinking that I’m going to wake up at any moment, and find that all of this is just a fairy tale, a dream of my deranged mind.”

Cory smiled, and said, “It is not a dream, Greg.   It is very real.    I’m sharing this real life fairy tale with you, because we are going to prove that two gay men can have their own ‘and they lived happily ever after’ story.   I love you very much, and I know you love me, and that is all that counts, right now.”

Greg smiled, and kissed Cory very passionately.   When they surfaced for air, Greg said, “We need to get dressed.”

Cory returned his smile.  “Yes, we do.”

They helped each other get into their tuxedos.   As they made their way to the Scandia room, Greg held Cory’s hand tightly, as if to reassure himself that this was real.

When Zach saw them enter the room, he went over and hugged each of them.   He asked, “Are you sure you’re okay with Reverend Joynt performing the ceremony?   We can still look for a justice of the peace to perform the ceremony, if that would be better for you.”

Greg said, “I am okay with Reverend Joynt officiating at our wedding.   She officiated at your wedding, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she did, and we were very happy with the way she did it.   Of course, we used the wedding vows we wrote, ourselves,” Zach said.

Cory said, “We looked up some vows on the internet and found a couple we like.   We modified the ones we’re going to use today.”

Todd came over, and said, “Hi guys!”  

He gave each of them a big hug.   Soon they were surrounded by the rest of the guys.   Rick and I hung back, to let the rest of the guys give Greg and Cory hugs.   Greg saw us, and grinned.   He pulled Cory free from the group and walked over to give Rick a big hug, while Cory hugged me.   Then they traded places.   Greg hugged me, then pulled back and looked me in the eyes.   He said, “Glenn, I can’t thank you enough for befriending me.   Your family is so incredible, I don’t have words to describe how grateful I am to you and Grandpa.”

I cupped his cheek with my hand, and said, “You don’t have to say anything, Greg.   Your actions will do all the talking.   I want you to be happy and that will be reward enough for me, Greg.”

Greg’s eyes were bright with unshed tears.  He nodded his head, then released me.   He took Cory by the hand, and said, “Please excuse us.   We need to talk to Reverend Joynt about our wedding vows.”

Rick turned and pointed her out to them.  “She is right over there.”

The two of them left us, and walked over to talk to the reverend.   I turned to Rick and put my arm around his waist.   “I think they will be very happy, Rick.”

Rick agreed, “Yes, I think they will.”

We joined our friends at the back of the room.   Justin said, “They look so love struck, don’t you think?”

“They do at that,” Zach said.   “I think I remember that we looked like that on our wedding day.”

Mark looked at Brandon, and said, “I know we looked like that, as well.”

Greg and Cory approached Reverend Joynt, who was sitting at a table, reading a book.   She looked up from her book, and smiled, as the two handsome young men approached her.   She stood and extended her hand.   “Hello, I am Reverend Joynt.   You must be Greg and Cory.”

Greg said, “Yes, I am Greg, and this is Cory.”

Reverend Joynt said, “I am happy to meet you both.   I was thrilled when Zach called me and asked if I would be willing to officiate at your wedding.   Do you have your vows memorized, or do you need me to provide you with a printed copy?”

Cory smiled, and said, “We have ours memorized, but we printed off the ceremony we want you to conduct.”   He handed her a piece of paper that outlined the ceremony, along with the vows they would be reciting.

She read over it, and smiled.   “Thank you for thinking ahead.   It always makes things much easier, when the celebrants know what they want.   When do you want to start the wedding?”

Greg answered, “As soon as you are ready.”

She nodded her head.  “Okay.   Give me a few minutes to read over this a few time, then I think we can start.”

Greg and Cory sat down at the table with her, as she reviewed the ceremony.  She smiled, and said, “Let’s get started.”

She walked over to the podium, and said, “Can we have your attention, please?   We would like to begin the wedding ceremony.”

When we heard her announcement, we quickly moved to the front of the room and took our seats.  

Greg and Cory stood up, and took their places in front of the podium.   Reverend Joynt said, “We are gathered here together to celebrate the marriage of Greg Hurst and Cory Stetson.   I would like to say a few words before we begin.   I want to congratulate these two fine young men for their willingness to take vows to love and honor each other.   I want to emphasize the importance of always putting the needs and wants of your companion above your own.   Learn to always say, “Yes,” when he asks you to do something for him.   Remember that your love for each other will grow stronger and more vibrant, each passing day, as you learn to serve each other, as spouses.   And most importantly, never go to bed angry.   Take the time to work out your problems.   Talk to each other and learn to compromise.   Express your love for each other, frequently, both in word and in action.”    She paused, then she said, “Greg, you may make your vow.”

Greg said, “I, Greg Jamison Hurst, take you, Cory Kelson Stetson, to be my lawfully wedded husband.  I promise to strive always to consider your needs, in addition to my own; to be a source of strength for you; to accept your strength for myself; to share freely my thoughts and feelings; to listen, when you share yours with me. I make these solemn promises, to keep, in times of plenty and in want; in joy and in sorrow; in sickness and in health; from this day forward.”

Reverend Joynt said, “Cory, you may make your vow.”

 “I, Cory Kelson Stetson, take you, Greg Jamison Hurst, to be my lawfully wedded husband.  I promise to strive always to consider your needs, in addition to my own; to be a source of strength for you; to accept your strength for myself; to share freely my thoughts and feelings; to listen, when you share yours with me. I make these solemn promises, to keep, in times of plenty and in want; in joy and in sorrow; in sickness and in health; from this day forward.”

Reverend Joynt said, “You may exchange rings.”

Greg and Cory exchanged gold wedding bands, then kissed.   We applauded and stood up.   Reverend Joynt said, “By the authority vested in me, I pronounce you legally and lawfully wedded.   I present to you Greg and Cory.   Please come forward to congratulate the newlyweds.”

We formed a line and each of us hugged and kissed the newlywed couple.   When we were finished congratulating them, Reverend Joynt said, “Please join me at my table, so we can sign the marriage certificate and the requisite paperwork to be submitted to the provincial government.”

When they were done, Reverend Joynt stood up, and said, “Thank you for allowing me the privilege of participating in this singular event in your lives.   Please keep in touch.   I always love to hear how couples are doing.”

Greg smiled, and said, “Thank you for being here for us.”

She smiled, and said, “You are most welcome.   Enjoy your honeymoon.”  

She left us, and Greg turned to me, and asked, “Did Grandpa say anything about our honeymoon to you?”

“Yes, he did.   Rick has your itinerary, along with your tickets,” I said, smiling.   “I am really excited for you guys.   We loved Mexico, and we are sure you will, too.”

Rick pulled out an envelope, and handed it to Greg, “Grandpa wanted me to give this to you.”

Greg opened it, and gasped, “Cory, look.”   He pulled out the itinerary, the airline tickets and some cash wrapped in a note.   He opened the note and read it out loud, “Dear Greg and Cory, I am sorry we can’t be there in person, to celebrate your marriage.   Please accept our wedding gift.   The airfare and hotels have already been paid for, as well as your meals at the resort.   Please use the enclosed cash to pay for incidentals, and any tours and activities that interest you.   Love, Grandpa and Grandma Scarborough.”

Cory asked, “How much money is there?”

Greg counted it out.   He looked at Cory and said, “There is four thousand dollars here.”

Cory’s mouth dropped open, in astonishment.   “Greg, we can’t take this money!”

Rick smiled, and said, “Not only will you take it, you will do so with a smile and a thank you.   We want you to enjoy your honeymoon.   What money you don’t spend, you can keep as a rainy day fund.   However, we had better not find out that you two did nothing but sit in your hotel room the entire time; though I wouldn’t blame you for fucking each other’s brains out!”

Greg laughed, and said, “Believe me when I say we will do plenty of that!”

Cory leaned over to look at the itinerary, and asked Greg, “When does our flight leave?”

“It leaves at 5:30 AM, tomorrow morning,” Greg responded.

I grinned, “Good.   That means we are on the same flight out of here, in the morning.   We will be flying with you to Toronto, then catching our flight to Atlanta.”

Greg nodded his head.   “We do the same, except that we have another flight, from Atlanta to Cancun.”

Zach stepped over to us, and said, “The lunch buffet is ready if you are getting hungry.”

Greg grinned.  “I am always hungry.”

We all stood up, and headed to the buffet tables.   The rest of the afternoon, we spent relaxing at the pool.   After dinner, we said our farewells to our friends, then headed to our room.   Greg and Cory followed us, their room being next to ours.   Rick stopped in front of our door and opened it.   He turned to Greg and said, “This is how it’s done.”   He picked me up in his arms and carried me across the threshold, and laid me on our bed.

Greg laughed, “I am glad to see you can still do it, Rick.   Not bad for an old man!”

Rick flexed his muscles, then grinned.   “Did you forget that I am a Marine?”

“No, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to tease you, Rick,” Greg said.

Rick fell on the bed, next to me, and pulled me to him.   “You see, Greg, now that you’re married, you need to learn how to treat you husband properly.”

“And how is that?” Greg asked, grinning at Rick, as he took Cory’s hand in his.

“You have to romance him even more than you did before you married him, so he won’t withhold himself from you, when you want to have sex,” Rick said, laughing.

“I have never withheld myself from you, when you have wanted to fuck me!” I protested.

Rick gently bit my earlobe.  “No, you never have, but I have always made sure to treat you well.”

I nodded my head.  “Yes, you have.   Cory, the same goes for you.   You can always guarantee that Greg will be there for you, if you always look for ways to make him happy.”

Cory laughed.  “He is happiest when we are in bed.”

“So, who fucks whom?” Rick asked.

Greg answered, “We fuck each other.   We both like to bottom for the other.”

“That is the way we have always been between us,” Cory said.

I nodded my head.   “I prefer to bottom for Rick.   I have fucked Rick, on occasion; but I like it better when he fucks me.”

Greg smiled, “We know.   It’s not hard to figure that out, Glenn.”   Before I could say anything, Greg went on, “I’m not trying to be offensive, Glenn.   It’s just that you aren’t exactly shy about expressing your preferences.”

I looked over at Rick, and smiled, “I guess I am pretty open about what I like.   Rick is always trying to get me to be the top.”

Rick smiled, and kissed me, “Yes, I do keep after you, because I love it when you fuck me.”

The color rose in my cheeks, because I am not used to being quite so candid with anyone about our sex lives.    Cory, seeing my reaction, said, “Don’t be embarrassed, Glenn.   Now that we’re married, we’re curious about what other couples do to keep their relationship fresh.   We’re especially interested in the sex habits of married couples.   My parents never seem to have sex, anymore.   I just don’t understand it.  I can’t imagine not having sex with Greg, every night.”

Greg said, “My parents were pretty sexually active until Dad ended up in jail.   I sometimes feel sorry for Cory, because I have such a heavy libido!”

“Let’s get real, Greg.   You don’t feel sorry at all!   Admit it!” Cory exclaimed.

“Okay, I don’t feel bad for you, because I know you love it!” Greg shot back.

We laughed at the two newlyweds.   Rick said, “Enough talk about sex.   It’s time for you guys to consummate your marriage.”

Greg smiled, and responded, “Yes, it is.   Come on, Cory.”  

He took Cory by the hand and led him out of our room.   We soon heard them next door.   It wasn’t hard to imagine what they were doing.   Rick and I looked at each other, and grinned.   “Let’s join them in our favorite nocturnal activity!”

Prev To be continued . . .

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