The Man from Swift Current
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Chapter 99: Cancun

Duane sat, staring out across the football field, with Mason at his side.   He sat in silence, as he watched the game.   Normally, he was very much engaged in the game and shouted until he was hoarse.   However, he was in a contemplative mood, after their quick trip to St. Catharines, Ontario, to get married.   They had flown into Buffalo, New York, then rented a car to drive to St. Catharines.   Duane had taken Rick’s recommendation to stay at the Charles Inn.   It had been a good choice.   He smiled at the memory of how excited Mason had been, when he saw the inn and their room.  

Mason exclaimed with wonderment, “I love this place, Duane.   How did you find this place?”

“Rick and Glenn recommended it,” Duane smiled, as Mason looked around the room, then turned to give Duane a monster hug and kissed him.   Duane laughed, and asked, “Do you want to eat out, or do you want to dine in?”

Mason grinned, and said, “Dine in, of course!”  

Duane found Mason’s excitement contagious.   He was like a little boy at Christmas, trying to decide which present to open first.   For the first time since he had proposed to Mason, Duane felt his anxieties about getting married slip away.  He had expressed his nervousness to Mason, who had lovingly said, “You are completely normal, Duane.   Most people have a case of the jitters just before they tie the knot.”   He gazed into Mason’s eyes, and said, “Thank you for being so patient with me.   I know I’ve been a nervous wreck these last few days.”

Mason laughed.  “Yes, you have been like a bear with a sore paw.”

Duane cupped Mason’s cheek with his hand, and asked, “Can you forgive me?”

Mason’s expression became serious.  “I forgave you long ago.   I understand why you were so cross with me; and, given the magnitude of the step we are taking tomorrow, I’m very happy we’ve made it this far without one of us backing out.”

Duane nodded his head, and tenderly kissed his lover.   “I’m sorry to put a damper on your excitement; but, I wanted to make sure I apologized, before I forgot to do so.”

Mason held Duane’s gaze, and said, “Thank you for remembering to be considerate of my feelings.”

Duane sighed with relief, then asked, “Shall we get something to eat?”

Mason grinned. “Yes, I want dinner, then dessert provided by one very handsome man who will become my husband tomorrow!”

They ordered room service and settled in for the evening.   It was very cold outside, but the room was nice and cozy.   They sat on the carpet in front of the fireplace to eat their meal.  When they finished, Mason sat between Duane’s legs, with Duane’s arms wrapped around Mason, as they watched the flames.  

“Who said I wasn’t a romantic?” Duane asked, in a whisper, as he put his hands under Mason shirt, running them over the smooth skin of Mason’s chest and abs.

Mason laughed as Duane nibbled on his ear and gently bit his neck.   Mason leaned back against Duane’s chest, as he caressed Duane’s thighs.   He said, “You aren’t romantic at all!   You’re just horny!”

Duane lifted Mason’s shirt over his head and began giving him a back rub.  Mason moaned in ecstasy, as Duane moved lower down his back, easing off his pants and underwear.   Mason turned around and helped Duane out of his clothing, and pulled Duane down on top of him.   Duane looked deeply into Mason’s eyes, and said, “I love you.”  

He didn’t give Mason a chance to reply, as he captured Mason’s lips in a passionate kiss.   Mason’s moan was muffled, as their tongues battled each other for supremacy.   The flames of their passion mounted, until they mirrored the flames in the fireplace!  

Later, they lay exhausted in each other’s arms in front of the fireplace.   Duane rested his cheek on Mason’s chest, as he stared into the fire.   He thought to himself, “I love Mason so much, and to think I almost let him walk out of my life!”

Mason stirred from his endorphin-induced stupor and started caressing his lover’s body, tracing the outline of each of Duane’s tattoos.   His soft caresses intensified Duane’s desire for him.  

Duane raised his head and looked into Mason’s eyes.  “If you keep that up, we will have to plan on a second round.”

Mason took Duane’s face between his hands and kissed him.   He pulled back with a wide grin on his face.  “That’s the intent, sweetheart.”

Duane wasn’t one to use terms of endearment, and he had discouraged Mason from using them; however, it seemed appropriate, at this time and place.   He smiled and said, “I am only too happy to satisfy my lover’s needs.”

Mason smiled, “It makes me happy that we can finally call each other sweetheart and lover.   I have wanted to tell you how much I love you for a long time now.”

“I knew you had fallen in love with me long ago; but, I wasn’t ready to admit that ours could be the kind of permanent relationship I had always dreamed of having,” Duane said.   “I was afraid that we would start to drift apart, if we started thinking of our relationship as something more than friends with benefits.”

“I’m glad you finally realized that it’s okay for us to speak of our love for each other,” Mason said, smiling.

“I guess my fears came from watching my parents.   I remember how my parents showed a lot of affection for each other, when I was young.   When I was a junior in high school, they got divorced.   One of my worst memories is of my parents yelling and screaming at each other; calling each other names and my mother telling my father he had lied to her.   He never had loved her, and all of those words of love, etc., weren’t real.   Since that time, I have never used those kinds of words with anyone.   Until now, I haven’t trusted anyone enough to even begin to think about using those words,” Duane said.   His eyes were bright with unshed tears as he spoke.  “I’m so afraid, Mason.   I know I need you in my life.  I love you; but, I’m scared that somehow I will lose you, now I’ve actually spoken those words out loud.”

Mason ran his fingers through Duane’s short dark hair, then cupped his chin as he looked into his eyes.  “I am NOT going anywhere, Duane!   I am here to stay.   The day I tried to leave you was the worst day of my life!   After I left you that day, I went over to the gym and worked out.   I kept trying to get you out of my head and it only made it worse.   I was sitting on the bench trying to decide whether to continue lifting weights, or go find you, when Lynn showed up.   He asked where you were.    When I told him I’d left you, he told me I was totally off my rocker to leave you.   He told me to go find you, and do whatever I had to do to make things right.”

“You never told me about that,” Duane said.   “I will have to remember to thank Lynn for standing up for me!”

Mason said, “More than anything, I want you to always remember I love you.”   Mason kissed Duane, and rubbed noses with him.

It was at that moment in time, when Duane let go of his last reservations about getting married.   It was like a huge burden had been lifted from his shoulders.   Now, he could finally relax and enjoy Mason’s company.

Mason noted the change in Duane’s expression, and asked, “What are you thinking?”

Duane smiled, “You have finally unlocked the cage around my heart, Babe.   I have tried to keep you out, so I wouldn’t ever be hurt by you.   I have worked hard to maintain a certain distance between us, despite our physical closeness.   I guess we were meant to be together, after all.”

Duane’s thoughts returned to the present, when Mason jumped to his feet to cheer as Georgia Tech scored their third touchdown of the game.   When he sat down, he turned to Duane and said, “A penny for your thoughts.”

Duane looked into his husband’s eyes, and smiled.  “I’m just remembering our trip to Canada.”

Mason took Duane’s hand in his, and said, “It’s a memory I will always treasure, Duane.”

Duane squeezed Mason’s hand. “It’s the same for me, Babe.”   The crowd came to its feet as the game ended, with a win for Georgia Tech.   Duane stood and pulled Mason to his feet.   “Let’s go home.”

As they were exiting the stadium, they saw Glenn and Rick ahead of them.   Duane said, “Let’s catch up to them.”

They moved quickly through the crowd.   Duane called out, “Hey!   Rick and Glenn!”

Rick and I saw them, and waited for them to catch up to us.   “How are you guys doing?” I asked.

“We’re great,” Mason said, enthusiastically.  

“We missed you in our Spanish class this week,” I said.   “How did it go in St. Catharines?”

“We had a great time,” Duane said.   “Thank you for recommending the Charles Inn.   It was perfect.”

Mason grinned.  “Duane scored a lot of points with me our first night at the Charles Inn.   The fireplace was wonderful!”

Rick laughed, “I just can’t imagine what you guys were doing in front of the fireplace.”

Duane retorted, with a wide smile, “You were the one who suggested it to me, Rick; so, it shouldn’t be a heavy lift for your imagination!”

I looked at Rick and blushed.  “You didn’t tell them, did you?”

Rick took one look at my face, and said, “You are so cute when your face turns red.”

I punched his shoulder, and said, accusingly, “You DID tell them.”

Rick nodded his head, and smiled.  “Sure, I told them.   I think they did the same thing we did, when we stayed there.”

Duane said, “Don’t worry, Glenn.   We had a wonderful time.”

I smiled, and asked, “How is married life?”

Mason exulted, “It is everything I thought it would be.   Duane is such a wonderful and loving husband!”  Now, it was Duane’s turn to blush.   Mason continued, “I thought Duane was a superhero before, but now, I know he’s much more than that.”

Duane said, “Now, you have gone and embarrassed me, Mason.”

Mason took Duane’s hand.  “It’s all true.”

I looked at Duane, and said, “Mason is right, Duane.   You are so perfect for each other.   Congratulations!”

“Thank you, Glenn.   We are very happy,” Duane said.   “We need to get together with you guys to work on our Spanish assignments.   When would be a good time?”

I looked at Rick, who said, “How about tomorrow?   We don’t have anything planned, right now.   Later, we could hit the gym and get in a good workout.”

“That sounds good,” Duane said.   “I need to get some exercise.”

Mason laughed.  “You don’t need to worry, Duane!   As many times as we have sex, you’ve burned off every calorie you ate this week!”

“That’s true,” Duane acknowledged, with a wide grin.

At that moment, a couple of guys came up to us, and one of them said, “We don’t like faggots at our school.”   Both of them were pretty good sized and looked like they were in pretty good shape.   They both had blond hair and blue eyes.   They looked like they could be brothers.   The one who had spoken to us had a big scar across one cheek.

Duane looked the guys over, and responded with an edge to his voice, “Is that so?”

“Yeah, that’s so,” the guy replied, with a sneer in his voice.  

Then, two more guys joined them.   One of them was an Asian kid and the other one was a red head, with lots of freckles all over his face and watery blue eyes.   The red head asked, “Hey, Jimbo, what’s going on?”

“These two faggots were holding hands and I think we need to teach them a lesson,” Jimbo said, as he moved forward with an evil grin on his face.

Duane stepped forward and in a flash had the guy’s arm bent behind his back and brought him to his knees.   Jimbo was screaming, “Don’t hurt me!”

Duane looked around at the other three guys, and asked, with an icy edge to his voice, “Do any of you wish to take his place?”

They all shook their heads, and backed away.   Duane said, “Jimbo, I think you owe me and my husband an apology.”

Jimbo shouted, “I won’t apologize!   You’re faggots and should be killed for going against God’s laws!   It ain’t natural for a man to have sex with another man!”

“Well, then, I guess that we need to see just how natural it is for you to endure pain,” Duane responded, and started to apply pressure to Jimbo’s arm.

“You’re going to break my arm!” he screamed, as he tried to get loose.

“Yes, I will break your arm, if you don’t apologize,” Duane said.

Jimbo’s eyes started to bulge out of their sockets, as the pain increased.   He finally gasped, “I’m sorry.”

Duane asked, “What are you sorry about?”

“I’m sorry I bothered you guys,” Jimbo responded.

Duane released Jimbo, picking him up off of the ground and holding him by the front of his shirt.   Duane looked him in the eyes, and said, “Your apology is accepted.   Don’t make the same mistake again.”  Jimbo nodded his head, and Duane released him.

Jimbo’s friends came forward and grabbed him by the arms.   “Let’s go, Jimbo,” said the red headed guy.   They pulled him along to their car.

“He will probably run to the campus police saying you attacked him,” Rick said.   “He had the look of a coward and cowards always try to make themselves out to be the victim, when they lose.”

Duane nodded his head and said, “I agree, but we have plenty of witnesses to what he said and did.”

“Well, let’s hope nothing comes of it,” I said.

Duane nodded his head in agreement, then said, “We will see you guys in the morning.”

They headed to their car and we managed to find ours.   I say “managed” to find it, because Rick forgot to write down where we had parked.   I didn’t pay much attention to where we parked, since I thought Rick had written it down as he has many times in the past.

The next day, the guys arrived, and we hit the books.   We went over all of the reading assignments and started on the essays.   We were sitting around the kitchen table working on our laptops, when I got a call from Zach.  

I answered it, “Hey Zach!”

Zach said, “Hey yourself!   How are you guys?”

“We’re good.   What’s up?” I asked.

Zach said, “We wanted to know if you guys wanted to join the rest of us for a vacation in Cancun, Mexico.   We found a great price at a nice resort through a gay travel agency.   They told us that Cancun is a gay friendly place.  What do you think?”

“When would we go?” I asked.

“In December, right after school gets out.   We’ll spend a week there.   The price includes airfare and a week’s stay at the resort,” Zach said.

“Would you mind if we invited some of our friends from here to join us?” I asked.

“That would be great!   Go ahead and invite them,” Zach said.   “Here are the details.”

He gave all of the specifics to me, then I said, “Thanks, Zach.   We will let you know how many more are coming.   When do you need to know?”

“By tomorrow, at the latest,” Zach responded.

“Cool!   I will get back to you,” I replied, and ended the call.

Duane didn’t wait for me to ask him, “Yes, we would love to go.”

I grinned.  “Great!   I’ll call Cordell and Michael.”

I got Cordell on his cell.   After telling him the details, he said, “Count us in.”

I called Zach back, and said, “There will be six of us joining the crew from Minneapolis.”

Zach said, “Okay!   Give me their names and I’ll make the reservations.”

I gave him our names and cell phone numbers.   He hung up and called back ten minutes later.  “We’re all set.   I’ll send you an e-mail with all the flight information and our itinerary.”

“Great!   I’m really excited about this trip!”

“Good!  Talk to you later,” Zach said, and ended the call.

Mason grinned, “I think we should have a contest to see who can come up with the most outrageous swimsuit.”

“I like that idea.   Let’s put together a list of crazy things we can do, while we are there,” I said.   I began the list with the swimsuit competition.

 The rest of the semester seemed to drag on forever!   Finally, the big day arrived!  We packed our suitcases and headed to the airport.   We checked our luggage and met up with the other guys.   Duane, Mason, Cordell and Michael were all just as excited as we were.

When we arrived, we took a taxi to the RIU Hotel Caribe.  We checked into our rooms.   Before we split up, I reminded everyone, “Meet back down here in 30 minutes with your swimsuits on.   The swimsuit competition will be held poolside as soon as we have everyone gathered together.”

Robbie laughed, and said, “I’m going to win this competition!”

Adam said, “Don’t be so sure, Robbie.   The rest of the guys look pretty good, too.”

“We’ll see,” Robbie responded, and followed Adam to the elevators.

We changed into our swimsuits, then met up in the lobby to explore the place.   As we were stowing our gear at a table by the pool, I saw a group of guys giving us the once over.   I nudged Rick and nodded toward them. “I bet they are gay.”

Rick looked over and grinned. “I think you’re right.   Let’s go over and get acquainted with them.   Maybe they will agree to be the judges for our little swimsuit competition.”

As we approached them, they got out of the pool and waited for us to reach them.   I returned their look of appreciation.   All of them were absolutely gorgeous!   In a word – studs!   They all wore their dark hair short.   Three of them looked to be about 6’2” and the fourth was an inch or so shorter.   He also wore a dark brown mustache and had a sunburst tattoo around his navel.   He was the first to speak to us, “Hey guys!”

Rick said, “Hello, I’m Rick and this is my partner, Glenn.”

He smiled and replied, “I’m Jeff and this is my partner, Scott.”   He turned to the other two and introduced them.   “This is Mike and Troy.”

Rick turned to the rest of our group, and began the introductions.   He pointed to each guy as he named him, “This is Zach, Todd, Mark, Brandon, Justin, Brian, Adam, Robbie, Greg, Cory, Cordell, Michael, Duane and Mason.”

Jeff grinned, “I’m glad you guys showed up.   We were just wondering if there were any other guys around here.”

“Do you mind if we join you guys?” Rick asked.

“Hell no, we don’t mind!” exclaimed Jeff, grinning broadly.   “How did you manage to find 14 guys to join you for a trip to Cancun?”

I laughed.  “Actually, it wasn’t our idea.”   I pointed to Zach, “It was Zach’s idea.”

Zach grinned.  “I found a great deal on the internet, then called everyone to see if they wanted to go.”  

“But still, how did you manage to get everybody here, at the same time?” Jeff asked, amazement showing on his face.

“We’re all college students,” Zach replied.   “We’re on break for the holidays.”

“That explains it,” Jeff said.   “Where do you guys go to school?”

Zach said, “Most of us are at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.”   He said, “Todd and I are on the hockey team.   The rest of the guys are our roommates, except these six guys.”

“We’re at Georgia Tech with Cordell, Michael, Duane and Mason,” I said.

“Then how did you guys meet?” Scott asked.

“While Rick was on active duty last year, I attended the University of Minnesota with these guys,” I replied, pointing to my former roommates.

“It must have been a lot of fun having so many great looking guys as roommates,” Scott remarked, looking us over appreciatively.

Mark said, “It was and still is.”

Scott said, “I can just imagine!”

“Where are you guys from?” I asked.

“We’re from Salt Lake City,” Jeff said.

I nodded my head.  “Isn’t that where the Olympic Games were held?”

“Yes, it is,” Jeff replied.  “Mike and Troy are from Austin, Texas.”

Mike asked, “Where are you from, Glenn?   You don’t sound like you’re from Georgia.”

“I’m from Saskatchewan,” I replied.

Troy smiled. “We’ve been there.  We drove the Trans-Canada Highway from Vancouver to Montreal a few years ago.   We stopped for gas in Swift Current.  We drove on to Regina, where we stayed overnight.”

“I’m from a small town south of Swift Current,” I said, amazed at finding someone who knew where Swift Current was located.   “I went to high school in Swift Current with my cousins.”

Troy flexed his bulging pecs.   He grinned, when he saw me watching him.   “Do you like what you see?”

“Absolutely!” I responded, with a wide grin.

Rick came up behind me and slipped his arm around my waist, as a gentle reminder I belonged to him.   “One thing you will learn very quickly is that Glenn loves to flirt.”

Troy nodded his head.  “He’s not alone in that department.   Mike does, too.”

Mike, who had been talking to Zach and Todd about their hockey team, turned his head and asked, “What are you saying about me, Babe?”

Troy laughed.  “I was just telling the guys what a big flirt you are.”

Mike nodded his head.  “I love to flirt, and fortunately, we have an open relationship, which allows us to mess around with other guys every once in a while, as long as we both agree.”

Troy looked at us with raised eyebrows, and asked, “How about you guys?”

Rick looked at me, then responded, “We are in a monogamous relationship.”

Troy looked directly at me, and asked, “Don’t you find it a little confining?”

“Well, to be honest, there are times I’ve wished I could mess around with other guys; but on the other hand, I love Rick so much, it’s been a good thing we have made a commitment to remain faithful to each other,” I said.   “I know it may sound old fashioned, but it works for us.”

Rick said, “It has been extremely important for me, because I used to play the field.”

“Rick used to bed a different woman every night, before I met him,” I said.

Troy’s eyes almost popped out of his head.  “What?”

Rick said, “I used to be quite a womanizer, before I met Glenn.”

“It’s a good thing he rescued you from that kind of life,” Troy said, smiling.

“I agree with you, Troy.   I have been much happier, since we have been together,” Rick said.

Jeff said, “I’m glad you saw the light, Rick.   You two look good together.” 

Scott looked us over, again, and said, “I like your swimsuits.”

“Thanks.   We told the guys to pick out their sexiest swimsuit, because we are having a swimsuit contest.   Would you guys like to be our judges?”

Mike grinned.  “We would love to be the judges.”

Jeff agreed, with obvious delight.  “What are the criteria we are to use for judging?”

“Okay, here’s how it works,” I said.   “There are three parts.   First, each guy has to walk past the judges, then back.   The judges are to give points for overall appearance and how sexy each guy looks in his swimsuit.   Second, each guy has to swim across the pool and back, then has to repeat the stroll in front of the judges.   The same criteria apply for the second part.   Then we will go inside to our room where the final part of the contest will take place.   We will set you up on the balcony of our room.   Each guy is to get hard, then has to model his swimsuit for the judges, making sure his hard on is clearly visible; but he will be disqualified if it escapes from his swimsuit at any point during his time before the judges.”

Jeff was practically drooling at the thought of seeing so many great looking guys, showing off their packages for them.   He smiled, and asked, “When do we start?”

Rick responded, “Right now.”  

I handed each of our judges a pen and a pad of paper.   I had asked for them at the front desk when we checked in.   I had already written everyone’s names on them, before we came down to the pool.

Jeff said, “We will sit here.”   He moved a couple of chairs, so the four of them could watch us.

Zach said, “I get to go first.”

It didn’t take long for each of us to stroll in front of the judges.   Then, we began the second part.   I had my camera out and snapped pictures, while Rick used our digital video camera.   When we were done, Jeff said, “Wow!  You guys make it really difficult to decide who is the best looking guy!”

Zach replied, “The next part will surely show that I’m the best looking of the entire group.”

Zach’s statement brought a chorus of protest from the rest of the guys.   He raised his hand for silence.  “Wait a minute.   I’m just saying that I’m sure our judges will surely see, with their own eyes, who is the sexiest man here.”

Mark said, “Yes, they will and it won’t be you!”

Zach grinned, “Okay, let’s go upstairs and we’ll see.”

Rick and I led our friends back inside the hotel, and up to our room.   The room was a little crowded with all of us in there.   I opened the sliding glass door to let our judges go out on the balcony.   Once they were seated, I said, “Okay, guys.”

Zach said, “I get to go first.”

I looked at Zach, and laughed, “You can’t cheat like that!”

He had grabbed a banana from our bowl of fruit and stuffed it into his swimsuit.   “Why not?   No one said it had to be my own dick,” Zach said, grinning at me.

Brandon said, “We know how small you are; so you don’t have to be afraid to show us the real deal.”

The rest of the guys laughed.   Zach replied, “Okay, okay, I’ll get out the real thing.”   He stroked himself, until he was fully erect.   He looked around the room, “Better?”

Todd grinned, and said, “Yes, that’s much better.”

Justin said, “Now, we know why Todd loves being fucked by his husband.”

We all laughed.  Todd wrapped his arms around Zach, and said, “Yes, it’s true.”

I beckoned to Zach and he walked out onto the balcony to show off his stuff for our judges.   Next, Todd strutted his stuff, followed by the rest of the guys, in turn.   This part of the competition took a little while, because of all the goofing around going on.   When we were all finished, our judges came into the room.   All four of them sported raging hard ons that were barely restrained by their swimsuits.   Zach laughed and said, “I think we succeeded in getting our judges extremely horny.”

Jeff grinned.  “Hell yeah!   You guys are so well hung that we couldn’t help but get horny.”

“Okay, who won?” I asked.

Mike said, “It’s a tie between Cordell and Brandon.”

Cordell high-fived Brandon, and said, “Great job, Brandon.”

Brandon said, “I’m glad the truly handsome guys won.”

Mark leaned over, and kissed him, “Yes, and you’re all mine.”

I said, “Thank you for being our judges.   We are having different competitions all week.   Would you guys like to be our judges, as well as participants?”

Jeff looked at the other three guys, who nodded their heads.  “Sure, if you don’t mind adding us to your group.”

Brandon said, “We don’t mind at all.   In fact, I’m glad we found you guys.”

Robbie looked them over, and said, “We tend to attract good looking guys wherever we go.”

Adam agreed, “Yes, we do.   Robbie likes to flirt, just as much, or more than Glenn does!”

Mike laughed. “Good!   At least I’m in good company, then.   Maybe the three of us should get together!”

Robbie’s eyes sparkled with excitement.  “I’d love to do that.”

Adam smiled. “You’re always up for goofing around.”

Mike looked at Adam, and asked, “Are you guys a couple?”

“Yes, we are engaged to be married,” Adam said.   “We wanted to be married in January, but our parents have asked us to wait until we graduate from high school.”

Mike looked surprised.  “High school?”

Robbie giggled, and said, “Yes, we’re still in high school.   We are both 18, but we’re seniors in high school.   We live with our brothers, Zach and Todd, in Minneapolis.”

Troy asked, “Zach and Todd are married aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are,” Adam confirmed.   “And so are Mark and Brandon, Justin and Brian, Duane and Mason, and Greg and Cory.”

Robbie said, “Rick and Glenn might as well be, since they are in a monogamous relationship.”

“So, Cordell and Michael are the only guys who aren’t married, besides Rick and Glenn?” Troy asked.

Robbie said, “That’s right.   How about you guys?”

Troy said, “Mike and I have been together for a couple of years; but, we like playing around with other guys.”

Mike said, “We’d like to invite you guys to join us, if you’re interested.”

Adam looked at Robbie.   Robbie shook his head, and replied, “Thank you, but I think we will have to say no.”

Mike looked disappointed, but said, “It was worth a try.”

Robbie grinned.  “Yes, it was.   You could ask Cordell and Michael.   I think they might be open to getting with you guys.”

I said, “Guys, remember tomorrow is a free day.   We will meet tomorrow night for more competitions, and to confirm our plans for the next day.”

The guys started drifting off to their own rooms; many of them still very much aroused.   There was no doubt what would be happening behind closed doors over the next hour or so!  

Mike approached Cordell and Michael.  “Hey guys!   Would you be interested in a foursome tonight?”

Michael grinned.  “I think that would be really fun.   Cordell, what do you think?”

Cordell looked at Michael, and asked, “What exactly is a foursome?”

Michael laughed, and said, “Just say, ‘yes,’ and we’ll show you.   I think you’ll like it.”

Cordell didn’t look too sure, but acquiesced to Michael’s desire to join Mike and Troy.   Mike and Troy followed Cordell and Michael out of the room and they disappeared down the hallway.

Jeff grinned at Scott.  “I guess we won’t see them for the rest of the evening.”

Rick nodded his head.  “That’s for sure.   What are you guys doing for dinner tonight?”

“We don’t usually eat much for dinner, since we are planning to go clubbing later tonight.   Do you want to join us?”

“Sure.   I have to warn you that Glenn doesn’t drink,” Rick said.

“That’s okay.   I’m sure he can get a soda or something, so he doesn’t feel out of place,” Scott said.

“Cool,” Glenn said.   “What time should we meet you?”

Jeff said, “Let’s meet around 10:30, since the bar doesn’t open until then.   There are a couple of them, but the best one is the Karamba Bar.”

Rick said, “Sounds like a plan.”

They left us, and we were finally alone.  Rick pulled me into his arms, and said, “I think we need to take a shower together.”

I hooked my fingers inside his bikini swimsuit and pulled it off of my boyfriend’s perfect body.   His steel pole popped out and slapped against his equally hard abs.  He pulled off my swimsuit and guided me into the shower.   He turned on the water and adjusted the temperature, before drawing me into the shower with him.   He kissed me passionately, caressing my skin as the water cascaded down my back.   I wrapped my arms around his neck and molded my body to his.

 After our shower, Rick dried me off and I returned the favor.   As I finished drying him off, Rick picked me up and carried me over to the bed.   The look in his eyes and his very obvious state of arousal sent a tingle of anticipation to my groin, as he leaned down to kiss me.

We ordered a meal to be brought to the room, since we had worked up quite an appetite from our favorite form of nocturnal activity.   We set an alarm for 10 o’clock and climbed into bed for a quick nap, before going out for the night.   When the alarm went off, we got up and put on our tightest fitting jeans and matching white muscle shirts.   While I tried to get my hair to stand up straight with the gel I was using, Rick came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.  

He grinned and said, “You look fine, Glenn.”

I looked into his eyes in the mirror, and said, “I want to make a good impression.”

Rick started nipping my earlobes, then moved to the nape of my neck.   I finally said, with a moan of pleasure, “Rick, you aren’t helping me.”

He laughed, and said, “I’m helping you get in the right mood to go out clubbing.”  I stuck my tongue out at him and he immediately responded, “I want that kiss, right now.”   He turned me around in his arms and got his kiss.   At first, it was a quick kiss; but it soon deepened into a very passionate one.   Rick pulled back and said, “Wow!  That was a pretty good kiss.   I wish you’d stick out your tongue more often!”

I looked into his eyes and said, “You can have a kiss like that any time you want one, Mr. Lernier.”

Rick responded by kissing me, again.   This time we were interrupted by my cell phone.   Rick released me and I fished it out of my pocket.   I answered it, “Hey!”

Jeff asked, “Are you guys coming with us?”

“Yes, we’ll be right down,” I said.  I ended the call and took Rick by the hand.   “Let’s go Prince Charming.”

Rick laughed.  “That’s who I am!”

We joined Jeff and Scott in the lobby.   Rick whistled, when he saw them.   “You guys look great!”

Jeff grinned, broadly, “You bet we look good.   You guys look great, as well.”

Scott said, “Our friends seemed to be having a great time with Cordell and Michael.   They told us to go ahead without them.”

We walked out the front doors, and caught a cab into the center of town.   Jeff paid the driver, and we walked into the bar.   We were shown to a table and Jeff ordered a Dos Equis beer as did Scott.  

Rick looked at me, and asked, “Is it okay for me to have a few beers?”

The question caught me by surprise.   Rick usually didn’t ask me if he could have a beer, or any other kind of alcoholic beverage.   “Sure, Babe,” I responded.   “Get what you want.”

He ordered a Dos Equis, and I ordered a cherry coke.   Jeff asked, “Do you always ask Glenn if you can drink?”

Rick shook his head, “No, I don’t but I thought I’d surprise him tonight and ask.   I don’t usually drink very much, especially since Glenn doesn’t drink.”

Scott said, “They have some really good entertainment here, most nights.”

“Our favorites are the go-go dancers,” Jeff said.

“With all of you guys at the hotel, we don’t need to come here to see great looking guys,” Scott said, with a smile.

“That’s true,” Rick said.   “If you want to get a look at them, you should join us, tomorrow.   We’re taking a boat to a remote beach, where we plan to have a great time swimming in the nude.”

Jeff’s eyebrows shot up, his eyes sparkling with interest.  “That sounds great.   Do you mind if we invite Mike and Troy?”

“I think they would make a great addition to the group,” I said.   “We made arrangements for a charter boat, a couple of months ago.   The boat captain assured us he knew of a great place to take us.   Of course, he is charging us double his normal rate.”

Jeff nodded, knowingly.  “That sounds normal.”

At that moment, the first act of the night began.   We stayed out, until 4 AM.   We managed to find a cab to take us back to the hotel, where we fell into bed and were asleep in no time.

I woke up with the phone ringing in my ear.   Rick was still out like a light.   I picked up my cell phone, and answered it, “Hey!”

Zach asked, “Are you guys going with us on the boat?   We need to be there in about 30 minutes.”

I looked at the clock, and said, “We’ll be right there.”

I ended the call, then rang Jeff and Scott.   “Hey!   We’re meeting downstairs in about 15 minutes.”

Jeff grumbled, “I’m not so sure we’re up to going.”

“Okay, we’ll catch you tomorrow,” I said.   I rolled over and shook Rick, “Hey big guy!   It’s time to go.”

Rick opened his eyes, and groaned, “Glenn, do we have to go?”

I replied, “Yes, we have to go.   We planned this outing, remember?”   I got up and padded into the bathroom.   While I was standing there, Rick joined me.   He put his arm around my waist as we relieved ourselves.

We quickly brushed our teeth and combed our hair.   We threw on some clothes.  I grabbed our bathing suits and a few other things, throwing them into a beach bag.   We joined the rest of the gang downstairs.   We were just about to leave, when Jeff and Scott joined us.  

“I thought you weren’t going with us” I said.

“Scott insisted we go,” Jeff said, glaring at him.

“You know you would have been mad at yourself for missing out on such a great time,” Scott said, defensively.

Cordell and Michael walked over with Mike and Troy.   Troy said, “I’m glad you changed your minds, guys.”

Jeff’s expression didn’t change.   “I have a splitting headache.”

Mike reached into his backpack and pulled out a bottle of aspirin and a bottle of water.   “Here, take a couple of these, and you’ll feel better.”

Jeff reluctantly took the pills and the water bottle.   “Okay, you guys win.”   He took the pain reliever and drank down the water.  

Zach had made arrangements for a van to take us to the dock, where the boat waited for us.   We climbed on board and were met by the captain.   He was an older gentleman, with streaks of gray in his jet black hair.   His dark eyes didn’t seem to miss anything.   He grinned at us, showing two gold capped front teeth.  He stood about 5’6” and had a wiry frame.   Next to him stood a handsome young man, who had to be his son. 

He said, in heavily accented English, “Welcome aboard.   I am Captain Jose and this is my son, Juan.   We will be your tour guides, today.”

Juan smiled at us, and said in perfect English, “Thank you for choosing us.   Let me show you where to stow your things.”   He led us below deck, where he showed us a row of lockers.   “You can put your things in there, until you need them.”

I asked, “Where did you learn to speak English?”

“I went to California to study,” Juan said.   “I graduated from college last June and returned home to help my father.   I’m glad you came onto our boat.   Most of the tourists are couples or families.   I’m gay and I assume you are, too.”

I laughed, “Yes, I’m gay, as are all of my friends.”

A great big smile brightened Juan’s face.  “I’m very, very happy you guys came today.   I promise you will have a great time with us.”

“Does your Dad know you’re gay?” I asked.

“Yes, he does, but he does not approve,” Juan said, with a troubled expression on his face.   “I wish he weren’t so unwilling to accept me for who I am.”

“Some of us have the same problem with our parents,” Rick said, sympathetically.

Juan nodded his head, “I have heard of the horrible things parents do to their gay sons.”

“Believe me, we know about that, as well,” Rick said.   “Where do you want us to stay, until we get to our destination?”

“You can go anywhere you like,” Juan said.   “Let me take you on a tour of the boat.”

He took us around and showed us everything.   We returned to the cabin and relaxed, until we arrived at our destination.   Captain Jose cut the engines and dropped anchor.   He inflated a couple of rafts.  

He said, “Juan will go with you to the beach.”

We climbed into the rafts and rowed ashore.   The beach was beautiful and completely isolated.   As soon as we were all on the beach, I said, “Guys, we have several competitions for today.   The winners of today’s competitions will win an all-expenses-paid vacation to the destination of your choice.”

The guys cheered, then Zach asked, “What are the competitions?”

“The first one is to determine who the best kisser is.   The second is to see which couple has the sexiest make out session.   The third is to see how long a couple can have sex without having an orgasm,” I said.   “Juan, will you be our judge today, so, everyone can participate?”

Juan’s eyes were already as big as saucers, upon hearing what the competitions were for the day, and when I asked him to be our judge, his eyes practically popped out of his head!   “Yes, I’ll be the judge.   What do I have to do?”

I explained the rules to him and the guys.  For the kissing contest, each guy had to kiss Juan.  “Who wants to be first up?”

Greg said, “I want to go first.   Does it have to be hands free?”

“Yes, because it’s about the kiss, not the roaming hands,” I said, grinning.

Greg grinned, “Okay, Juan.   Are you ready?”

Juan excitedly nodded his head.  “Yeah, I’m ready.”

Greg pulled Juan into an embrace, before dropping his hands to his sides and leaning in to kiss Juan.    We watched as Juan closed his eyes.  

When Greg finished, Juan opened his eyes and looked in to Greg’s eyes, “Thank you,” he whispered into Greg’s ear.  

Greg grinned.  “You are most welcome.”

Cory said, “It’s my turn now.”  

Greg turned and kissed his husband and said, “Go for it!”

Juan closed his eyes, as Cory kissed him.   Juan told each guy, “thank you,” after each kiss.   As the last one kissed Juan, we could see he was very much aroused.   We waited for Juan to announce the winner.   He adjusted his package, before he said, “The best kisser is Justin.”

Justin whooped, and turned to Brian, “See, I told you I would win.”

I said, “Congratulations to Justin!   Okay everyone!   It’s time to start the second competition of the day.  Which couple wants to go first?”

Mike raised his hand, “We do.”

Troy looked at Mike, then laughed, “Okay, Mike.”

We all stripped out of our clothes.   We applied sunscreen and then began the next competition.   By the end of the day, we were all very tan and very tired.   The marathon sex session had taken its toll on all of us; and we lay exhausted on the beach.  

Juan announced the winners of the two competitions, “Everyone was very sexy but the sexiest couple was Robbie and Adam.”

Robbie jumped up and cheered.   He pulled Adam to his feet and they hugged Juan.  Robbie turned to the rest of us, and said, “Leave it to the youngest guys here to show up you old guys!”

That comment earned Robbie a dunk in the water from his older brother, Zach!  Juan had shed his clothes, as well, at some point during the day, showing off his great looking body.  Mike and Troy had invited him to have sex with them now that the competition was over.   Juan accepted with a big smile.   The three of them soon put on a show that got all of us extremely horny!

We took a last dip in the water, before putting our clothes back on and rowing back out to the boat.   Captain Jose smiled, as we climbed back aboard.   “Did you have a good time?”

“We sure did, Captain.   Thank you for bringing us here,” Zach said.

We helped Juan and the Captain deflate the rafts and stowed them back in their lockers on deck.   We went below deck and collapsed, as we made our way back to Cancun.   When we arrived at the boat dock, we disembarked and turned to Captain Jose and Juan.

“Thanks for a great day at the beach,” Zach said.   He paid Captain Jose and turned to Juan.  “Keep in touch with us, Juan.   You are a great looking guy and I’m sure you will find the right guy for you.”

“Thank you.   I plan to visit you guys in the summer.   My Dad really needs my help, right now,” Juan said.   “But I will never forget you guys.”   His dark eyes were bright with unshed tears.

Each of us hugged and kissed him.   I watched his father’s face as the parade of guys embraced his son.   “Captain Jose, your son is a fine man.   Please accept him for who he is,” I said.

Captain Jose replied, “I am trying; but Juan is so different from when he left me.   He was just a little boy, and, now, he’s a grown man who loves other men.   I don’t know what to do about him.”

“Love him and support him, Captain Jose.   You are his father and he needs you, right now,” Rick said.

“I will try.   I have seen how happy you guys made him,” Captain Jose said.

Juan said, “We will work things out between us, Papa.”   He turned to us.  “Mom died last year.  Now, there is just me and Papa left.   That is why it is so hard for him to accept me as a gay person.   He says our family has come to an end, since I won’t be getting married to a woman.”

“You can always adopt,” Duane said. 

Juan agreed, “Yes, I can, but I’m not ready to start a family.   I want to find someone who loves me for who I am, then we can adopt a child to raise together.”

Zach called to us, “The taxi cabs are all here.   It’s time to go!”

“Good-bye, Juan,” I said, hugging him, again.

Rick and I walked hand in hand down the dock, to where the rest of the guys were waiting for us.   It was a quick ride back to the hotel.   We returned to our rooms to get cleaned up from our day at the beach.   We had agreed to meet everyone back at the sports bar.

As we entered the sports bar, Greg and Cory waved us over to their table.   We joined them and a waitress took our order.   Greg and Cory both looked very happy and content, not to mention extremely tanned from our full day in the sun!

Greg said, “Thank you for organizing the games.   It’s been really fun to watch all of the guys compete.”

Cory’s eyes sparkled from the lights of the sports bar.  “Yes, today was the highlight of our trip.   We have lived with these guys for months now, but we’ve never had so much fun together.   I definitely will never forget watching Zach and Todd making love to each other.”

“That was pretty amazing,” Greg agreed.   “I think today brought all of us closer together as a cohesive group.   I think, after today, we really are a ‘Band of Brothers.’   I have never felt so close to anyone other than Cory than I did today with the guys.”

“I guess we never really felt part of the group, until today,” Cory said.   “Don’t get me wrong, Glenn.   Everyone has been very nice, but we just didn’t seem to fit in.”

Rick grinned, and said, “After today, I don’t think there is any doubt that you guys are one of us.”

Greg replied, “You’re right about that.”

Cory laughed.  “I think the moment that became crystal clear to me was when Justin, Brian, Robbie and Adam attacked us in the surf.”

Greg nodded his head, in agreement.  “It’s more like they made love to us, Cory.   Just thinking about it turns me on!”

Cory asked, “Were we the only ones who messed around in the surf?”

Rick laughed, “No, but what happened on that beach will stay on that beach, Cory.”

Greg nodded his head, “Yeah, I guess you’re right about that.   We shouldn’t have said anything to you guys about it.”

“I’m sure it’s okay, but I wouldn’t talk about it with anyone else, unless everyone involved agrees to it,” I said.

Rick, changing the subject, asked, “How are you two adjusting to being married?”

“We’re doing really well.   It has taken us a few months to remember what our new last name is,” Greg said.   “At first, when they called out ‘Mr. Scarborough,’ I thought they were looking for Grandpa, but we have adjusted pretty well.”

“The best part about being adopted by Grandpa is that he calls us practically every day,” Cory said.   “He calls us even more than my parents do.”

“He is just worried about us,” Greg said.   “Grandpa said he would stop calling us so often, if it really bothered us; but it is so comforting to know that someone cares for us enough to call us every day.”

I looked at Rick, then back to Greg and Cory.  “Do you want us to call you more often?   I know I haven’t been very good at that, since school started.”

Greg smiled. “It’s okay, Glenn.   I would love to get to know you better.   I feel like I know Rick pretty well, because he lived at my house for so long.   Since I guess I’m technically your uncle, I think I need to make an effort to call you, as well.”

“It does seem kind of weird when you think about it,” I said.   “I’m really glad Grandpa adopted you after all that you have been through; but, I haven’t had time to adjust to calling you Uncle Greg and Uncle Cory.”

Cory did a double take.   “Why would you call me Uncle Cory?”

“Because you’re married to me, Cory,” Greg answered, before I could respond.

Cory looked at Greg for a moment, before it hit him what Greg meant.   “Oh, I hadn’t thought about it like that.”

Greg said, “Glenn, I would rather not be called Uncle Greg.   That might be how it is, because Grandpa adopted me; but, I want us to be friends, just like we were before things changed for me and Cory.”

I nodded my head.   “I think of you more like my brother, or my cousin, than an uncle.”

Rick said, “After today, there is no way I would admit you’re my uncle.”   He laughed as Greg and Cory blushed.   “I’m just kidding, guys.   I think we’re closer than brothers, don’t you think?”

Greg smiled. “Yes, we are definitely more than just brothers, after what happened at the beach today.”

Cory said, “We’re part of something very wonderful, Greg.   This has been a watershed day for us in many ways.”

The rest of the guys showed up at that moment, and we asked the wait staff to help us rearrange the tables, so we could sit together.   Jeff and Scott sat with us at our table, while Mike and Troy joined Cordell and Michael.

“It looks like Mike and Troy have found kindred spirits in Cordell and Michael,” I said.

Jeff laughed, “You could say that.”

Scott said, “It’s more like they found someone who wants to have sex as much as they do.”

The waitress took their orders, then Jeff said, “Thanks for inviting us today.   We had a great time.   Not only did I get to be around a lot of sexy guys, but I got rid of my tan lines!”

Scott smiled. “It was pretty amazing today.”

“We plan to take a trip to Tulum tomorrow,” Rick said.   “You guys are welcome to join us.”

Jeff declined, “Thanks, but we’ve already been there.   You guys will enjoy it.”

We relaxed and enjoyed a nice evening with our friends.   It was late, when we finally got to bed.   Rick stripped me out of my clothes, then removed his own and joined me in our bed.

Rick said, “This has been a great day.”   He pulled me close to him and kissed me.   His kiss was only the beginning of the end of a perfect day!

The rest of our vacation was just as fun and exciting for us.   As we were waiting in the hotel lobby to catch a cab to the airport, Jeff and Scott joined us.   Jeff said, “Thanks for a great time.”

“Thank you for being our judges,” Todd said, smiling at the two good looking guys.

“We will have to do this again, next year,” Scott said.   “I loved having so many hot studs around me.”

Jeff nodded his head in agreement.  “Yes, it was pretty good I have to admit.”

“We’ll stay in touch,” I said.

Jeff said, “I’m not good at writing, but you can send me an e-mail or text me.”

“Gotcha,” I said, smiling at my handsome friend.

We waved to them, as our cab pulled away from the hotel.   Rick put his arm around me and said, “I’m glad we came.   I have really enjoyed being here with you.”

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